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One World of Nations
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7 to 9 July 2018

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  1. Sadiq Khan is an Arse and I love the idea of a Khan blimp flying over London. What comes around goes around. Let the Socialist Bum eat that! Lesson for the UK. This is what happens when you let the Dogs in. That Blimp if released will mass humiliate him.

    Trump by the way will not be resident in London so protest marches are pointless . He will meet the Queen at Windsor, protest there and we will let the tanks loose. He will go Golfing in Scotland and generally a pleasant, incident free break is being organised. Why should 1% Left wing Buttheads be allowed oxygen. Assholes are best covered up.

    Trump will be fine it's not just the UK he's got a Global poor image problem but nothing real arrests and releases will not cure.

    Do the job he promised, clear out the trash and watch his image change. We are 100% pro active to give him a good break here clear of adverse media. Diplomacy will rule and Mays husband will be taking Trump's wife around with full protection to give them a nice break. Our Diplomatic Protection Squad won't tolerate Radicals or Soros Rent Mobs. Nor will we allow extremists to soure UK/ US relations. Trump IS welcome here and if you don't like it, Sod off to Bongo Land!

    Trump WIlL have a nice break, mongrel free. As it should be.
    Maybe we can put a backbone in him for those arrests.
    There will be Council of 300 meetings of which HM is Head and fiscal issues will be discussed. Like please, can we have some of our Taxes back? Joking!

    1. You know John, how many times have you yourself said things were off-radar, or not for public to know? You don't the same applies with issues that Trump is dealing with?

      Do you think that Trump is going to pre-announce? Why should He?

      I don't think you need to give him a backbone.

  2. Re Trump

    Expect progress on Trade Agreements. Why not.
    The UK and US will discuss Russia and the new poisoning outbreak.
    There will be Bi Lateral Defense discussions.
    Trump will NOT be eating Burgers here!
    He will NOT be meeting that Gobby Scott Pm Sturgeon who dissed him while he Golfs in Scotland. Serves the ugly dog right.

    It WILL be a good visit and both will gain. Melania needs this break also. Good for both of them.
    I saw how fast they raised 10K for a Blimp of Khan. Offer to strap him to it and cut it loose and we would raise 10M Million in a day. Offer to deport all the Pakkies with him and it would be the biggest fundraising ever.

    Trump will raise the $15T issue. We need to insist Extradite Herzog and we will give you access.

  3. He will get the 15t. Don’t you worry!

    1. Not unless you agree to our terms. You tried coming to the Lords. I cut you dead. Our fee- or Kiss my " Knee"?

    2. Better than kissing the Pope's ring.

  4. Tex, very pleased re the school, if only all were able to be so conscientious towards their students. (Ditto their grandmothers!)

    I've just been playing with Thunkable which is a drag and drop app builder suitable for those who don't (or don't want to) code. It's also great for young enquiring minds! I just completed a simple botanical quizzing app in a few hours for example. I'll be writing a review on the homeschool blog but I'd recommend a look-see if this kind of learning activity is suitable. I wouldn't learn ABOUT thunkable but get my students to USE it to build an app that helps them engage with something of interest.

    For all gearing up for projects, Thinkable might help you get going. It's free.

    1. AJ,
      What a coincidence you mention coding. Same grandson went to a couple coding classes this summer at a coding center near their home!

  5. John do you know if
    the RV will be handled through the Quantum Financial System ? If so, can you elaborate . Thank You.

    1. John, what follows may be on your agenda next week,?

      The RV will be handled through the Quantum Financial System (QFS).

      The QFS is "alive" with consciousness. Gifted to us by the Galactic's.

      The QFS knows how much currency you're holding at this very moment. It reads your mind and knows your location at all times through frequency waves.

      You will be compensated by the QFS for holding currency (IQD, VND, ZIM, and other currencies set for revaluation).

      Those without currency will receive less than those with currency.

      The QFS currently has accounts for each and every human being on this planet.

      The compensation funds given to you will be deposited into your account on the QFS.

      Technology will be released in order for you to access your funds.

      Instructions will be given via a website that will come online during the time of the event.

      The 800#'s will no longer be used to make an appointment, but rather numbers you can call for instructions on how to access your funds.

      Your account on the QFS can only be accessed with your DNA.

      All funds under the QFS will be digital.

      This must be done in order to introduce a cashless society which will pave the way for certain technologies to be released such as replicators and med beds.

      (Replicators could be used for money laundering. Therefore, we must have a cashless society to prevent such issues. Hospitals and factories will become obsolete. People must be compensated for the loss of jobs. There will be a drastic change in the global economy.)

      All stolen assets/wealth will be rightfully returned to every human being on this planet via the QFS.

    2. Seriously...

      What about the purple kool-aid and our free space ships?

    3. Speaking of outlandish matters, I highly recommend UFOTV: The Enigma of Flying Spheres. There is an excellent sequence from British Airways on a Concorde test flight where a classic foo fighter ball does a great circling maneuver around the Concorde.

      The spheres clearly run the gamut from probe to ship to Entity. The relationship to crop circles makes one wonder what's the point of them (the circles, not the spheres).

  6. Trump eyes higher tariffs as China trade war escalates
    July 6 2018

    1. We will face a few years of trade hassles. Positions to fight.

  7. Does Blockchain tech couple with this Quantum Financial System?

  8. Hello John and everyone else. I had a question for John. In your honest opinion, do you think everything will be delayed again into next year? I know we have not been told to stand down as of yet, but I don't want to get my hopes up again. And if this Quantum System will be used for the RV, how will we be able to access those funds? Once again I am truly thankful for what you and the Elders are doing.

    1. I finished detailed discussions again today, Saturday, with US links. There are so many over lapping interests. Answer, nobody knows it's a by the week issue with complex dynamics. All cogs have to fit..We have to get the systems to interact and fit.

    2. Thank you for your hard work John!

    3. Yes, thank you for your hard work. So it's no longer by the day thing.

      Looks like this is going into next year.

    4. Arizona, I agree!
      Realistically no matter what is said, this is a complicated thing and if you think it was back in November we were by the week/day? And here we are towards the mid of July already. But seems that there’s always something. I’m no keeping my hopes high. I’m already thinking 2019.

    5. That said, I wonder if liquidity doesn’t come through those PPs (as an example) the good things that could have been achieved with infrastructure projects or for the better of our society, etc it just may not move until 2019!

    6. GT, right and if memory serves me correctly, there were a few times it was by the hour.

      Now no one knows. Amazing but what a rollercoaster.

      Oh well, we wait.

    7. FYI (Pipe Dream) lol
      RV/Intelligence Alert: "Alive" -- July 7, 2018
      7/07/2018 02:17:00 AM Dinarland, GCR, RV, Secret News

      Operation Disclosure

      RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - July 7, 2018

      (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on rumors/leaks from several sources which may or may not be truthful or accurate.)

      The RV has evolved beyond a simple revaluation and currency exchange/redemption.

      The RV event is not going to be the way everyone imagined it.

      The RV will be handled through the Quantum Financial System (QFS).

      The QFS is "alive" with consciousness. Gifted to us by the Galactic's.------------


  9. Anyone know anything of the 1941 UFO crash 6 years prior to Roswell?

    In the spring of 1941, at about 9 p.m., Baptist minister William Huffman of Cape Girardeau was asked to deliver last rights to the pilot and passengers of an aircraft that crashed about 15 miles outside of town in the direction of Sikeston, according to a letter from Huffman’s granddaughter Charlette Mann to UFO investigator Leo Stringfield.

    When Rev. Huffman arrived, police, fire officials, the military, and the FBI poured over the crash site of a disc-shaped craft. The pilot and passengers were “little gray people” with large, almond-shaped black eyes, according to Mann’s letter. Huffman was sworn to secrecy. So, it seems, was everyone else.

    1. There are incidents reported world wide even in the 1600's.

    2. Also sky battles witnessed by the Cossack plains tribes even in 22th century. Complete fleets attacking each other as air battles

    3. Sorry should read 11 th century. Mobile phones!

    4. Too many years ago I read the testimony of a nurse who had assisted the surviving Roswell traveller. She had written her recollections after leaving the Army and tucked them away for safe keeping until she was close to her death (or something like that). Within the nurses testimony there is a brief reference to a previous crash. I tried to search it, but there was no reference on the net. Lots has been published since so there might be info available now.

  10. Can someone pls point me to where the QFS was first mentioned? I missed it and can't locate it. Cheers.

    1. I think it was a term used on a guru blog, maybe Dinar Chronicles or Intel Sitrep.

    2. Ah ok cheers. I heard it on Tom Williams's THI channel. So it corroborates? Great thanks.

  11. UFO the Movie: Soft Disclosure?

    A new film coming out looks about as boldly at the attempts to hide the galactic presence as any to date.
    Trailer at the ^^ link.

    1. Tino, then one more video below the trailer. That trailer makes the movie look interesting! )

  12. *UFOs*
    Look up William Tompkins book. I believe he was killed because he was ready to release his second disclosure book. Yes, he was quite old, but in fine health when he died mysteriously....

    1. I have it Tim. Tino had brought that up sometime ago. I looked at the dates and testimony in it and was just astonished. There was a very heavy cover up on one hand and on another it is apparent the deep state was active openly. That may sound at odds, but at least some of the craft like the cigar shapes and even discs were by then re-engineered.

  13. John,
    earlier you mentioned an interesting Treasury PP may be breaking next week/s. Does this mean certain PP’s are at an advanced stage and imminent, while it’s the timing for a public shot that is the unknown quantity? At least the PP’s would be a start.

    1. John F.
      There are sensitive PPs at a very advanced stage and when they go, the taxes alone will get that thick animal at State, to understand the advantage of following with more and boosting the economy. For every T released the receiving Banks will leverage up many times.
      But it means one pig currently free riding at the trough will have to be cut back to feed many

    2. John F

      There are so many parasitical swines interwoven as much time is wasted delousing as negotiating redemptions of what's fundementally long overdue owed.
      Only America has no Central Bank owned by its people and obligated to follow the laws and ethical conduct beneficial to its host nation. Add to that the scurrilous Agency and Deep State interests, plus the vomit special interest families and webs of corruption..
      You have no idea how bad it is and how many have vetos.
      We had to work via an Agency Head himself acting for Bush 41.

      This is a truly sick bitch of an infrastructure plus a bonfire of vanities to be torched .
      Why is that criminal Usurper allowed to run interference against the elected appointee of the people. Why is he not in a rendition center with a hot poker up his Butt and getting daily waterboarding debriefing every aspect of his coagulated slime life?

    3. Trump will be kept clear of protest groups and will be given a warm and rapturous welcome at Blenheim Palace , Churchill's birth place, and a sumptuous meal and memorable momentos for he and Melania.
      Your President will get a royal accorde and within highly guarded forums, a welcome response. A big YES to rebuilding the Anglo American Alliance . Better together!
      But is a week long enough to put good manners on the Bugger? Lol

    4. Thank you John. Your detailed replies and your time are appreciated as always.

    5. Hopefully he does not bring Bennies Boy as Zios don't get in below a tight glass ceiling here. With that vermin we have no hesitation to confront a ****!

      He's a pointless Dweeb holding key roles and postulating. Two thousand years of culture here will put Bennies Boy in his place and I don't think Melania will want the Shickster strutting it ahead of her. A grand itinery has been planned for both Trump's and he can have a few relaxing days golfing in Scotland. It's rumoured he's asked Prince Andrew to come up for a game. Share Epstein memories together? What a world.

  14. Will we hear from you when your with the Elders this week for updates? Will you let us know if a Bamk gets hydrated?

  15. Roger

    I multi talk on so many levels and always find time for you all.

    With the Elders we are breaking so much new ground it takes tine for them and the State parties cross linked to comprehend our vision and plans. Selling it takes time.
    Elders families have just as many Mongrels with grasping hands who need Brain Fragging!
    Elders are by Dynasty birth, not age or intellect.
    Our having built sound platforms with Temple Heads and key Dignitaries helps.
    This is a long haul journey.

    Our agenda is to cross permeate Global solutions free of Politicos or Zio trash.
    But, if successful, once the metals are removed to London safekeeping, we can over just a few years create Gold Backed RMB trading platforms, only allowing China Beneficial Use of the AU providing they stick to the agenda,or if not pulling it and the great Wall crashes to earth. Our way, the Rotts and Zions will be history. US and DC Hegemony is overfaced, and peoples needs become priorities.

    Once we RMB trade we remove the Rots and Agencies from the trough. Our Trading will be cross Project linked. A purpose for the people.
    Also whilst respecting Global cultures, a Global education and resource planning for all. No more Health Care Profit rackets.
    No more ZIO MSM or Zio Bankers.

    Our way weapons will only be needed for planetary defense, or rounding up Rat Packs like ISIS, Criminal and Drug Traffickers.

    Be assured, re educating the kids will then happen, and the crass ignorance of Zionism, Islam and Todger cutting will end. We will not tolerate Cult insanity. Leaders WILL Lead! Crime will not pay.

    We are rethinking real priorities.
    With a heart and compassion for the sick and old.
    With insight and ethereal values for the young,and special needs.
    But, with an Iron Fist for Cabal trash and crime. We will be no soft touch.
    Replace one rule of law with another, Yep Fundamentally.

    Of course there will be rejection and I don't like,

    Our case will be, who are you, on your bike!

    Someone has to make hard calls, and it's no bad start taking Zios by the *****!

    Our case will be wealth to enrich the lives of the people.
    Education and vision, and remove the blinkers from the Sheeple.
    Together, united we can be more,than just a Tax Herd for the Zio and Papist Whore!

    1. Big John,

      This is a huge effort with great purpose and vision. But within, this is not a few weeks away from PPs execution in my view. This is months or years away. This is a huge holistic overhaul of many things. Can’t see this months away. But I’m not at the table of conversations, so it is only my opinion.

    2. The PPs can be days to weeks away. Some appear imminent. One bunch sent us a Conditional Swift. Our response, drop the conditions, wire the funds,!

      We are multi tasking. Today's, tomorrow's and Dam it yesterday's failed promises world.
      These are layers of issues and some ARE daily

      Any breaking benefit many. Majors benefit generations and comprehensive plans are needed.
      This Elite raddled cauldron of special interests with be given no tacit acceptance from us.

      As much as MLK had a vision, so do we and we dare dream, that one day you will all be free as Ethereal Conscious HUMANITY.

      Unlike Moses you will not be mislead up Shit Creek for 40years.

    3. I completely missed this post. No wonder I was confused.

    4. It's truly mind-boggling. Millions and millions of moving parts, add avarice and human nature, the odds of probability reduce exponentially. My two cents is that it would be best to start with the reinstatement of 1 country due war reparations, use it as a beta test. I like Vietnam... Just saying.

  16. So John, is this the plan I'm supposed to "trust"? Haven't actually had Q's plan spelled out yet. Lot's of motherhood statements and "patriotic" music, but no plan! Is this it?

    I really like that you mention weapons will "only be needed for planetary defense, or rounding up Rat Packs ... " which makes me think this isn't Q's plan at all.

    1. Monkey, who and what is Q? Reality, not a Blogger team dreaming.

      1. We HAVE the assets. They alone as assets determine the future.
      2.Today I talked again with Elders parties before arrival. Dialogue is ever live and ongoing.
      3.MLK went Public on his dream. How did that end? JFK? Joan of Arc?

      Q, with respect has no funds to plan. So?

      Ours are Global. Ultimately one family of man. But, allowing AI and Transhumanism. A quantum jump in human consciousness. But phased. Imagine those battles as the first new species join the Zoo?
      In the next 25 years, the Quantum leap will be the start of the new Cyber Human.

      How we fund and develop it is key. Eternity or the Papal knee?

      But, YES, we have an Ethereal base of Trust values to accorde for Humanity.
      And Gorilla Snot to deal with who do not fit.
      We only go Public when it is done. Why risk derail a Holy Grail? What happened to the 12?

      With cautious awareness we move. The key is the Quantum leap, and the High Ground. Then the board is taken. Then we help awaken.

    2. I know the question wasn’t for me and no intention to hijack anything, but we need to be careful who decodes this Q as the great majority (Based on what I’ve seen) are not doing a good job interpreting Q’s messaging. Regardless, all the intentions mentioned by John above are fundamental for this to work with the plan ahead of us whether there’s a Q or not.

  17. GT I don't think you're hijacking anything. I agree with you 1000% about who to follow for decoding Q, Jerome Corsi was one fine example. He got really hot when Q mentioned that people were jumping on the Q wagon only to enrich themselves monetarily. Funny part Q didn't mention him by name, seems the guilty out themselves.

    I have read Q on the platform where he/they post. if I can't figure out what the heck he was talking about, then I would look to see what everyone who decodes said to see if I was on track.

    With all this said, I don't think Q is just a blogger. I do believe Q is very close to President Trump; if not, then he is one hell of a blogger who has been pretty accurate on predicting events, McCabe was an example, with General Flynn another, Mueller still is dragging his feet with him. Why?

    So in a nutshell, if Q is "only" a blogger, he has accomplished more than any other site out there; kudos to him/them. They have awakened more Americans and people worldwide than I have seen done in short-order.

    To be fair and how to put this delicately? We don't know who I am, I say I am a woman, wife, and mother, but I could be a big guy smoking a cigar while I type this. Same with John or anyone on this blog.

    Anyway.. I will trust the Plan.


    1. Forgot to add, Q has said that eventually they would reveal who he/they are. Q has said that we will all be surprised

    2. Well,
      I’m a big fat guy that happens to like moonshine and cigars, anything wrong with that?

  18. Trying to re track the entrenched Turd State won't work. Evolution is the solution as we help re track, we wont look back.
    Tinkering with a failed system is pointless . Redesign and relaunch new .

    1. Trying to retrack the convoluted mess we have won't work trying to tinker with the bones they even throw you .
      Reality, they see it as their funds, they stole it first .Factor in that mind set.

      As Asia rejects Western controls and hierarchies, a new system will evolve as a whole new tier vision taking a quantum leap .
      We are setting the core values, assessing the technical. Breakthroughs and from that alternative models will emerge. We will sacrifice the middle ground to take the higher .
      All other views are improvised to work within existing malpractices .We don't!

      Without the core assets and vision beyond , allowing existing Elites models to define paths loses sight of blue sky alternatives .

      Once we establish entirely new generations the momentum and game plan will be to the market leaders .
      Enhanced, or Drone?

      No one will stop the appliance of science. But appliance of humanity and Ethereal values needs to factor in, and I work with valued Temple Heads who in turn determine boundaries.

      We don't consult with the failed Superstates . To us, they are just yesteryears failed Barbarian misfits Time moves on. Nobody is owed . Time to retrack will not evolve humanity going back.

      Time to question how now, and who merits to progress first in the human Zoo . Who gets the selection pass, and who authorises you?
      OWON has value . Selection of the species.

    2. John to be clear Q doesn't talk about and has no interest in the RV/GCR so to say no one is owed doesn't pertain to Q. And yes, we are owed. We are owed the ability to have a government free of the globalists.

      If you want to talk money stolen- Hillary stole from US taxpaying citizens and the world, as did the Bush's, Obama etc, so yes in part WE ARE OWED at least in part.

    3. That we are helping you with and ever exposing it.

  19. Freedom
    By Valerie Donner

    Freedom from fear,
    Freedom from debt,
    Freedom from control;
    It’s the freedom we will get.

    Freedom from the dark,
    Freedom from the past,
    Freedom from enslavement;
    It can no longer last.

    Freedom from creeps,
    Freedom from criminals,
    Freedom from churches,
    Freedom from their hymnals.

    Freedom from service to self,
    Freedom from corporate jobs,
    Freedom from mind control,
    Freedom from nasty slobs.

    Freedom from lies,
    Freedom from harshness,
    Freedom from bullies
    Leads to kindness.

    Freedom from despair,
    Freedom from drugs,
    Freedom from depression
    Healed with lots of hugs.

    Freedom to live from your heart,
    Freedom to have all that you need,
    Freedom to live on planet
    Without any greed.

    Freedom to look in the skies,
    Freedom to set your destination,
    Freedom to connect with the Galactics
    To create your manifestation.

    Freedom to follow your bliss,
    Freedom to do what your heart calls you to,
    Freedom to live much longer
    If that’s what you want to do.

    Freedom, freedom is the most important thing.
    It allows you to express your creative being.

  20. Oh it's so tiring... can we arrest them yet?

    1. Not in America it seems. Whores set and Judge the Laws.

    2. Presently true. All she deserves is the death penalty for murder and treason.

  21. All comments enhance thoughts and consciousness.only by your creative thoughts can mankind evolve. You are alive, you are read. Why follow the masses,brain dead?

    You live, you die, why?

  22. 'Learn' is in the middle there somewhere.... why I hang around anyway

  23. To me the best news of the week is that 4 of the boys trapped underground in the flooded Thai caves were brought out by Divers leaving 9 or 10 behind. If the floods hit as expected tomorrow the lot could be gone. It's a story of the best of humanity battling a week, the trauma of terrified parents, a Naval Diver who died taking oxygen in, and the vast coming together of so many nations to rescue these kids.
    Hope and the Human Soul.
    If we can do that for the kids, why not for each other?

    Spend 20 minutes real time study live drama right now and hope for the rest. They gave to try to get terrified 9 to 13 year olds through half a mile of flooded tunnels and strong currents which could sweep them away. It's now night so postponed again until tomorrow then try for the rest. There is a chain of 90 good Soul Divers stretched out risking their lives in 6 hour chains getting these kids out.
    The best of human kind.

    Forget reality TV, study right now real life the best of human kind and let's be the best of humanity. Caring and sharing and hope no more Divers die reducing them. Be a mental part of this and shared prayers all matter.

    I see the richness of the best of so many of you. Hope for our species.
    Hope for these kids each night is major terror for their parents. The nation is giving all.A torrential no soon tonight could take the lot. 4 out and 9 or so to go. Half a bike pitch black and some sectional tight to even get tanks in on their backs. How do you teach kids diving swaps in days? Every diver is risking it all for those kids.
    Please, Google in and follow this and load to the site. Their lives are precious. Humanity must save our species . Real world right now.

    1. Thankyou those poor kids I've been following and for what it's worth sent energy for calm and hope. Please guys help on the quantum plane and visualise all being freed.

  24. Dam mobiles.should read half a mile and monsoons. Time is key. Enrich human compassion by tracking this. Real need.

  25. Gimme, Gimme,gimme gets nowhere .real values are Soul. Wealth is only good Karma you take with you.
    Bad sticks like Teflon napalm
    This Thai disaster is .take of human courage and the 60 unsung Diver heroes risking it all for these died already. Tragedy.

  26. As ever allow typos and phone word swtiching

    1. I must be misreading this. Having Patriots inside who are willing to reveal all to clear out scrum and recover stolen US money to use for the greater good of the country does not equal give me, give me .

      That said, I digress. Something is being lost in print.

  27. Patriots are welcome and supported. No issue.

    The issue is the Grunts who only surface with grasping hands for a free ride.
    Never the core issues, just gimme gimme I want. Now!

    Dany De Vito has a lot of offspring out there.
    If it's not you, why take issue?
    This an WHA is the joint site which saved a life and more. I don't forget, or value those who rose up and helped.

    Kids are at risk of dying in a deep cave in Thailand right now. That matters, not can we RV tomorrow.
    No one is disrepecting those trying to remove the Deep State and Zio trash.
    So Yes, it's lost in print.
    Is it prairie weed in Arizona or Whakkie Bakkie? Lol.
    Teasing Arizona! Take a joke.

    1. Lol John. I wasn't looking to Q for an RV/GCR. I look to them to help clean out the b*states.

      And yes getting those kids is number 1

  28. So John, did I read you right; the new wonder world will involve transhumanism and AI and this will result in enhanced humanity? So we're looking at a hybrid humanoid/android creature? Brave New World?

    1. Nothing will stop what is coming. Nothing. How we control and manage it is key. What happened when cars challenged the horse? Let's boost the best and be rid of the Zio beast.

    2. The globalist/luciferians push trsnshumanism don't they John?

    3. Some pushed the car over the horse.but all became users.
      Enhancement refined will also enhance humanism. We can do great things. What about enhanced consciousness?
      All has to pass Elders scrutiny to access AU. Do you think a Luciferian would get past me. There is already a safety block in place.

    4. John thankyou for giving a heads up and allowing us to etherically steer the direction that AI takes in our society. Consciousness is quantum and when many focus on an outcome it does come to bear. Many dark plans are faltering due to current energies and nefarious uses of technology would also given our diirection. I trust.

    5. If we are not enhanced how can compassionate parties compete

    6. I'm enhancing my consciousness instead of using an external technological tool. Because of this I (and others) are already effective. It grows.

  29. JOHN,

    Respectfully who exactly is the source of this transhumanism technology you keep touting as being inevitable?Specifics please.

    1. Great documentary Dragons Deception

    2. It has been said by many that trsnshumanism is the end game of the NWO

    3. Or the start game of new humanity .

    4. The end game of the NWO is population reduction by up to 90%. As clearly documented on their Georgia Guidestones.

    5. We are gearing the planet apart and how many creatures become extinct no thanks to us?
      Under current systems how long before WW111,? Be assured,if it kicks off any excuses will be used to lop a few Bs off the gene pool.
      We can't go on as is for sure.

      Theoretical new money free societies are fine aspirations,but who keeps the masses until then?

    6. Understood John, but none of those factors are excuses for population extermination. There are other elegant and more ethical paths that can be taken.

      Alleviate the causes of poverty and population growth stabilises on its own. A major cause of poverty is personal and national indebtness to the bankers. Species extinction is a function of land clearing and over fishing. Again, this is often a poverty related issue.

      Also, the carrying capacity of the planet is not a constant. Many technologies are available increase the carrying capacity of the planet but are blackshelved. These are blackshelved on purpose because it’s in the business interests of the ruling elites to maintain the status quo.

      We need to deal with underlying causes not symptoms.


  30. OWON: Just for Tino and parties tracking UFO issues. Key into Russia and the US receiving detailed messages from identified stars.

    NASA and Russia Received Three Detailed Messages from Alien Planet

    1. Thankyou. Here is the info but I highlight that it is a veritable twin of Sol. 0.99M. G type (same colour as ours) and same age as Sol as well.

    2. AJ, I never forgot if found the video about the moon possibly being hollow and created. Just released not long ago. Beginning at 14:38 discussion about it being hollow and then not long after that mention made of the processed metals including Titanium and non rusting Iron being found on its surface.

      What's Inside the Moon Documentary Most Shocking Secret Ever Discovered
      June 30 2018

    3. Thanks p. I really need to learn to do the calculations myself of the orbit and density to see how they match ie is its orbit powered or simply natural. But by 'hollow' people may imagine there's nothing inside, when it could mean it has caverns that are occupied. It appears made of rock and dust, so again what are people imagining when they say it is artificial? I think people need to explore these questions.

    4. PS just heading to work now but will check out the vid tonight. Cheers. Nanoo Nanoo.

    5. AJ, my bad, they did mention caverns quite a bit. But the cool thing is about the 2 soviet scientists/engineers that came up with a wild hare idea about why the densest materials are at the surface of the moon. It makes sense.

      Found another article that may be relevant about our Milky-way being run into by a dwarf galaxy 8 to 10 Billion years ago. Our moon may have come from that collision.


  31. OWON: Whichever Way Theresa May tries to move, her wet cop out will blow back. Out means OUT with the Brussels Snout!

    Theresa May to face angry Brexiteers amid leadership threats


  32. OWON: This is real news, the lives of these kids, their families and the brave Divers risking all for them.

    But No, we are owed matters more. Humanity? The world cares!

    Thai cave rescue: Four boys freed but rest must wait

    1. Thanks. Been following this. When all these boys get rescued and well, I hope they get to take swimming lessons. It surprised me to learn none of them knew how to swim. Thinking positive thoughts for them all with a safe rescue.

  33. Thai rescue updates. The Guardian is updating as frequently as news occurs it appears.

    Thailand cave rescue

    Graphics of treacherous rescue path.


    Divers must squeeze through

  34. Replies
    1. So many brave and incredible people helping out there, and millions there in spirit praying and meditating for continued success with no additional losses. So tragic for Sam Kunan, Thai Navy Seal. May he RIP and always be remembered for the hero he was.

    2. CalGirl agree. Bless those who have already given their life and those that continue on to rescue those boys before more rain falls. Many prayers for all and that all can go home when this is done.

  35. Humans lived over 1000 years millenia ago. Why mess around with transhumanism crud, if we are by design meant to live MUCH longer than has been happening since these ziorats took over everything by snakey means? Transhumanisms SMELLS like reptillian control technology, which is draconian, and thus ziorat based. Just my opinion. Spinning it otherwise is not being objective, because objectivity is our most valued human based asset as a species.

    "GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH" was quite a popular truth not so long ago!
    Transhumanism is NOT LIBERTY. but is CONFINEMENT, and is not evolution.


    1. How can people not see the technology evolutionary process. Started with steel plates and screws to dental repairs. Evolved to mechanical hearts and nano technology. Where do you think the technology was heading. This is just a technological evolutionary process.

      As with ALL technology, it is never the tech that is evil. It is how it is used that makes it nefarious or not.

      Is being in a photograph cause a theft of part of your soul?

      Technology should never be feared, same for all science. Who controls it and how it is used should be feared.

      Reptilians are not coming to get you. That is David Ike, a.k.a JC, territory which is not part of reality or fact.

    2. Correct . Enhanced ,500 times we can do 500 times more. Yes please. So many need help.

    3. Incorrect Tim. "Give me liberty or give me death" was a line used to rally troops to the cause in the American Revolution of the mid 1770's. It had nothing to do with truth.

    4. You know this hate for the USA is getting really old.

    5. It's simply a correction of the facts. Your gaslighting behaviour is unacceptable to me. Its a form of bullying. Kindly stop.


    6. There is no bullying here. Nor do we provide 'safe spaces'. In order to evaluate concepts freedom of speech is not stifled here.


  36. “The Constitution is not neutral. It was designed to take the government off the backs of the people.”—Justice William O. Douglas

    For those still deluded enough to believe they’re living the American dream—where the government represents the people, where the people are equal in the eyes of the law, where the courts are arbiters of justice, where the police are keepers of the peace, and where the law is applied equally as a means of protecting the rights of the people—it’s time to wake up.

    We no longer have a representative government, a rule of law, or justice.

    Liberty has fallen to legalism.

    Freedom has fallen to fascism.

    Justice has become jaded, jaundiced and just plain unjust.

    And for too many, the American dream of freedom and opportunity has turned into a living nightmare.

    1. Very interesting viewpoints and well reasoned arguments expressed on that website, A44L91. I'll read every document. Thanks for sharing it. Monkey

  37. This doesn't look good for May.

    Brexit Ministers Davis, Baker & Braverman Quit In Blow To Theresa May

    Update: A second junior Brexit minister has resigned - Suella Bravermanm MP for Fareham. This leaves just two of the five person Brexit team remaining.

  38. Another article

    'couldn't sell out his own country'

    Brexit Secretary David Davis dramatically resigned late last night, sparking a Brexiteer rebellion over Theresa May's plan to make a soft exit from the EU - leaving the Prime Minister fighting for her political life.

    Mr Davis quit the government last night telling the PM that her policies could leave the UK in a 'weak and inescapable' negotiating position, two days after ministers had finally agreed a plan for Britain's departure from the European Union.

    1. Honour among thieves. She's a wet, clueless Muppet, endemic of the species. If she's forced out real Brexit will follow and a hard walk out. Bloody Socialists!

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. This is a pretty good interpretation of the lyrics from “American Pie”...Don McLean’s iconic song. In 1998 we attended his very entertaining concert at the newly restored 1913 Empire Theater downtown San Antonio. He said he had always been asked what the lyrics meant to which he replies “it means I didn’t ever have to work again unless I want to.” 😂 For those who lived through this era, no explanation/interpretation is necessary...

  41. Do you see your life as a transaction or series of transactions by your physical body in a physical space? Or, is your life emergent from your soul's being and presence in a multi-dimensional matrix (which includes, but is not limited by, the physical)?

    Your answer will determine whether you're attracted by tech implants to make you 'better', or realise that your own presence effects your situation and surroundings. When I was a white witch (another time) I felt myself as part of the universal presence; modulating myself was all it took to achieve changes in the world. This is high technology and quantum - we are in an entangled state all of us. I am reawakening to this. My consciousness was not a part (apart) of the universal field but it was the field itself. Unity consciousness. This is how galactic societies operate. It is how p could pilot her ship.

    When you're in that space you don't need technology as your agent. Tech is not bad, just a tool. Its use by those who live as a separate being transacting in a 3D construct is vastly different than those who live consciously as part of the One universal field. In the latter, it is the tech itself that is conscious and which partners with the conscious human. Quite different to the transhumanist perspective I think is being discussed here.

    I am offering a choice.

  42. What’s the Elders plan this week? What items are on the menu?

    1. 1. Visiting intended AU safekeeping Depositories, checking safe doors, construction, security, resident holding company licenses, LBMA and Brinks shipments and Customs procedures. Bank discussions, Insurances, compliance , assay testing procedures, new refinery site. Capital holding banks, Safekeeping Receipts, trading programs retaining and credit lining asset and contractual returns .
      Primary projects, banks for profit retentions, meeting Sucitors, Law Firms, senior politicos, University Heads for student programs, heads of target charity commissions where we will supply no money but fund directly agreed essential supplies . Plus so much more.

    2. Solicitor typo. Word switching on mobile. Android.

    3. Speaking of which, time sure does fly doesn't it? It seems as though it was only yesterday when Monica was crawling around on the floor putting everything and anything in her mouth.

    4. Copying JFK who brought the whole family in and showed his families values with Chiapaquidick.

  43. Now we may see the worst of Politics as the power play starts to oust Theresa May. Every chance she may be gone before the year is out. If so, a hardline Tory MP will be PM, and Europe will be met head on with a Hard Brexit. Those Socialist bastards will have brought it on themselves if suddenly the Uk refuses more capital subsidies and the Brussels Gravy train hits trouble. A million jobs lost in the German car industries, a huge drop in English tourists on the Med, and a big cut back in EU exports.

    Merkel if so may well follow Theresa May as many Germans want to be out of the EU.

    The Euro could be in real danger, and Illegals will face what the people want, Detention Camps, and forced returns. Europeans will vote for them out, and the Armies may have to move into the Ghettos. For the Afro and Islamic Ghettos, this may be a repeat of the WW11 Warsaw Ghettos all over again. Many troops will have itchy trigger fingers. Will camps boom again? History repeats, if May goes Merkel faces it fast.

    Be assured, if May goes, a firm Right Winger will get in. Even Bumbling Borris or Rees Mog will contest. Rees Mog would be far better, but has the charismatic appeal of a dead sheep. Boris Johnson may swing it but is a Buffoon. Hairy times. Theresa Mays Dweeb husband will be loading bricks in his handbag.

    The Illegals may be key to Europe's future.Most nationals want them out. It's a never ending horror story. With gangs trafficking, Rape is rife. A cruel world. The EU could erupt if this play out as is.

    The UK and US may be drawn closer together in conflict against the EU, as the US imposes Tariffs,and the UK goes for world trade imports, taking with it EU Agricops and Meat exports. There will be tears,and blood. As with WW11 when the Jews got the blame,Illegals next? Dark times may be coming, and the Illegals will for sure. Where is the breaking point? It's all a mess and getting worse. Blame the Politicos. Defend the borders. Nations will defend their lands. How much now the Europeans will wish for the Right to Bear Arms. Most would cut down the Illegals on sight. Who then clears out the Ghettos?
    Thieving, failed, corrupt Political Leaders caused this. No foresight, no planning.
    Europe has form for Right Wing revolutions.

    You worry about RV's? I can see 50M Illegals, Africans or Muslims on their knees, facing shoot to kill agendas. This could get ugly. Europeans are angry. Itchy fingers!

    It beats Reality TV. We need the Right to Bear Arms,then Sorted! 10M armed Europeans on a mass Turkey shoot? Ugly? They just want their own countries back. Free!

    1. Simply removing welfare for them plus a ticket home, the vast majority will expatriate on their own. If not, then I certainly agree that a shoot-to-kill agenda may very well take place.

    2. Repatriation is the only answer or they will forever be trying to dominate you with their laws. Just like the Socialists, they aren’t happy until they make every country into a 💩hole.

  44. John, I've been here a while and I think I've 98% respected your postings (I had trouble as a noob). Each has a voice here.

    I gotta say that sometimes the picture you paint sounds pretty bleak and coloured with things like war, nukes, exterminations, ethnic cleansing and so on. I also see Chinese as the new Emperors, a caste system resulting from transhumanist tech and other things.

    However, you tease with your ethereal experience and knowledge. If I didn't know better I'd wager that you have a foot in each reality.

    Most of the nefarious stuff you bring in is not possible in an increasingly ascending world, which I think is what we are transitioning to now to join as a galactic Star Nation. So that's the rub. Something's not adding up. It makes me wonder if you bring these war/etc elements in as a contextual tool to focus discussion. Because they are incongruent with ethereal awareness and knowledge of where we are headed.

    You know what I'm saying? I know you're a good man. Maybe the London clouds are so grey and are the cause. Or the d$%kheads you have to deal with.

    1. Include above your visionary work to lay out the humanist agenda with the Elders and others!

    2. AJ

      My whole point of being is the Ethereal. Only that has won the Elders support. The rest is staged Poop Scooping.

      No greater vision, no purpose and it's no deal. But how to deal with the transitional crap shoot is key.

      We need the POWER of Eurasia to deal with the crime,and cut down the Swine.
      We need the coming Laws of Eurasia to sanitize out the Vatican. Muslims and Zios. Iron fists! Gone!

      We need uniform Education and Health Care policies.

      We need to deal with Political corruption. Organ harvesting works for me.

      We need to focus on integral group employment integration. Project sharing and caring.

      The vast infrastructure highways.

      Removing the Zio Oligarchs from Russia. Gulags will fit them with sharged electronic head collars. No need for fences. Walk outside the marked radar zone, it triggers the detonators and the heads gone. Bad attitude Zios line them up and throw them over the lines like Dwarf tossing. Boom!

      But clear policies how do we deal with crisis human needs? Emergency aid to the point of need. Think like a Tart with a Heart? The Elders and I talk daily. We are clear. Plus, they now get the macabre humour. Irony!

    3. Thanks John. "We need the POWER of Eurasia to deal with the crime,and cut down the Swine." <-- I suspected so. Ok. FYI 屁股灵魂 means Ass Soul in Chinese - might help you out.

  45. With the clock ticking now towards Brexit withdrawal the party needs to look at what the Silly Overpromoted Leader failed to secure.

    1. We want out of Free Movement of all, including Eastern Block trash. She failed!
    2. We want to get OUT of the Human Rights act.She failed.
    3.We want and end to EU taxation waste. She failed.
    4.We want to negotiate our own world market deals. The EU does not allow it.
    5.Our own laws. She failed.
    6.Return Refugees.She failed.

    Why is she still IN her job? The Electorate was clear. Get the UK OUT! Boot Illegals. Stop unplanned Immigration.

    She has to be gone by October if not sooner. She needs to go Now!
    She has lost the support of the Cabinet. She is losing the people. The backbenchers want her out. Brexiteers will gang up now,the challenge could come any time.
    The 1922 Group will call for a vote of No Confidence and it's over. When?
    Right now she's sad, badly dressed with a Clowns taste, walking wounded. The Hyenas are gathering sensing a kill. Briefing is starting, deals will be done. Boris has already declared her deal is like polishing a Turd. She's road kill to be in the headlights. Et Tu Brutus. How many knives? How many days, weeks? If Boris pulls she's gone. Her Chief Negotiator has just walked. It's now a farce. Only 2 fingers to the EU will do!
    She still can't get it. Now she soon will- get it!

    1. John,
      Think many of us saw this coming when May was selected. I know Valdi and I did. Bless his heart...where is Valdi? IMO, Nigel Farage could have accomplished the BREXIT and it would be in your rear view mirror by now!

    2. JOHN Remember, you can't fix STUPID = May will be gone in <2 weeks! I would love to see intelligent Conservatism grow across UK,European continent and further. monsters in human bodies need harsh treatment as many are genetically defective and inculcated in EVIL. The mindless progressives and ziorats create incessant chaos as a tool to cover up their evil deeds. Getting rid of undesirable individuals is a 20/80 as in 20% of the overall cleanup effort gets us 80% on the goal. Take away Fiat $$$ and they cannot pay morons to make mischief.


    3. Bob,

      You always need a combination of both Liberals and conservatives.

      The difference is right now, Conservatives have a line that they do not allow you to cross, fascism, and will condemn you if you cross it. The Liberals have no such line and refuse to condemn the radicals that go to far, communism.

      Conservatives like well defined borders (not specific to a nation's borders), rules and organization.

      Liberals like freedom, arts and are dreamers.

      Without Liberals there is no advancement.

      Without Conservatives nothing will run right or last.

      It is the radicals at both ends of the spectrum that need reeducating.

      I step outside the political matrix to see value in both.

  46. So nice to hear this Asian view. And [gasp] people recognizing their race!

    Why we (as Asians) hate the Progressive Left and Cultural Marxism. 12 min vid. Preaching to the converted.

    1. Hmm. Now do you see why I prefer the Chan's and Russians to clear the crap for us without Suits or Politicos having any say .R Ruthless extraction .of vermin needs pre planned focus. Chan's will squash Roaches , Ming the Merciless and 3 fingered Woo.
      We don't want momentum lost by dithering suits.

  47. The Thai teams have just brought a 5th kid out. Amazing work. Swimming 6 Kms in pitch black tunnels and narrow rock gaps. 2 divers guard each child, one front one behind. Facing current and exhaustion. Such goodness and determination. Again we are seeing the best of humanity. As it should be.

    1. That's huge John, Bless those divers through all this. Prayers for them, those needing rescue and those providing support for divers and all connected.

    2. p: 8 boys in total freed, operations suspended until air tanks refilled

      Thai cave rescue operation suspended after four more boys freed
      July 9 2018

      Tham Luang caves, Thailand (CNN)Rescuers working at a cave site in northern Thailand have suspended operations for the day after bringing four more boys out of the flooded cave system Monday, according to a witness working with the rescue team, bringing the total number of rescued boys to eight.
      Four more boys and their coach remain trapped inside the Tham Luang Nang Non cave complex.

    3. Thank God 8 are out. It's an enormous draining effort 6,Kms against currents with rock slippage, narrow gaps and sediment water. Terrifying for the kids and traumatising for the Divers. So much can go wrong and it's a massive multi tank re supply task before each stage can commence. Massive accolades to all involved.
      Be assured when the last come free , the kids team coach is going to get a scale of public bollicking off the Richter scale and he's done forever.
      Right now, hope to hell the last kids are safe and all out soon.
      They are the world's priority now, and if we can do this for the kids,why not for each other? Humans are just BIG kids too.

    4. Up to 90 divers involved now... I'm sure we will get them all out barring unforeseen catastrophe...

    5. It's a massive team job Tino huge supply and handover logistics. A vast distance under very unsafe terrain with flash flood risks daily now. 9 families are safe now the horror goes on for the rest .so much commitment from so many

    6. I think it is safe to assume the coach feels horrible and it will be in his mind the rest of his life. One way to keep ones sanity when feeling a great guilt about something, is to put your experience to work for the greater good and be of service to humanity in that way. As an example, if the coach went to work for one of those cave rescue companies, he could be very sobering in giving a lecture to people wanting to learn how to traverse caves by "here is what can go wrong"! Prayers are with them all, kids & coach, the rescuers, cooks making everyone food, ambulance drivers, hospital personnel, police directing the traffic, family members, utility people keeping equipment powered, people refilling dive tanks, and a whole lot more.

    7. Most of my last year in Marines I was a diver. On ocean training days we snorkeled out about 5 miles before descent and stayed submerges for <1 hour; then we returned to shore.It was not tiring at all but we were in good shape. Tides and currents can offer challenges and even suck you into caves where you really should not be = big ass morey's every now and then. All in all these divers are heros and the Mission is dangerous and at the same time rewarding + Divine adrenaline has to be flowing through their veins. The rescuers are likely on a metaphysical high knowing the importance of thei great Humanitarian Mission!

  48. UNIVERSITY SAN DIEGO take Tissue from Neanderthal remains grow pea size brains in petri dishes and implant into robots.


  50. As the children led astray by a coach in Thailand are struggling to survive and are being helped to safety by heroes, this is a good time to highlight children trying to survive across the planet while being injected with poisons! Where are their heroes? Apparently there is one in Australia who’s forming their own community.

    Australian anti-vaxxers provide new model for the world

    By Jon Rappoport

    As the Australian bureaucrats double-down on their de-facto forced vaccination schemes (see ZeroHedge's latest article "Australia Will Now Fine Parents Twice a Month If They Don't Vaccinate Their Kids"), I'm re-posting this piece I wrote in March as it is a testament to all those throughout the western world who fight for health freedom...

    And, for all the latest on Australian medical tyranny and more, it's imperative you go to "Crazzfiles [dot] com". The talks from "The 2018 Sydney Vaccination Conference - The Censorship of the Vaccination Debate in Australia" are now posted there.


    March 4, 2018

    Out of the ashes of government tyranny comes a solution.

    In the Australian state of Queensland, childcare facilities can refuse to allow unvaccinated children to attend, so…

    Parents there have formed their own community, which has already grown to 800 members. As ABC (Australia) reports:

    “Sunshine Coast vaccine refuser and leader of the Natural Immunity Community, Allona Lahn, said her anti-vaccine network had grown to 800 members and was becoming stronger since the regulations were introduced.”

    “’Out of sheer necessity we’ve created a community base to support families — we’ve had no choice other than to start our own social services’.”

    “Ms Lahn said the network with like-minded families included their own childcare, schools and health services away from the mainstream.”

    “’We organise group childcare arrangements and we’re now devising our own combined homeschooling system,’ she said.”

    “’We use health practitioners within the anti-vaccine networks around Australia and ‘anti-vaccination-friendly’ doctors in the community’.”

    “Ms Lahn said network members were turning away from mainstream health services because they faced intimidation and coercion.”

    This is decentralization par excellence.

    If like-minded parents in other countries take notice and launch their own communities, who knows how strong this movement could become?

    Islands of resistance—but more than that. New answers, new strategies, new victories. And ongoing proof that parents can raise healthy children without vaccinations.

    That proof is the dagger to the incessant lies about vaccines being absolutely necessary. Mainstream media promote those lies day and night—but the truth is, parents can and do raise unvaccinated children with strong immune systems, which is the natural defense against harm from disease.

    The medical establishment has done NO proper, long-term studies comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated children’s health outcomes. And the real reason is: they don’t want to face the results of such studies. They rightly fear the facts that would emerge.

    I’m sure Allona Lahn, the leader of the Queensland network, doesn’t think of herself as a hero. She’s just doing what she knows is right, and she and her compatriot parents are, above all, protecting their children from the well-established toxic effects of vaccines. But she is a hero.

    Every aware parent should salute her.

    1. You have a global awareness stage now Texian..well coordinated all are reading .

  51. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. How so, generally only head cases, Trolls and basement dwellers get booted. The rest are diverse opinions heard and debated.

    2. Paradigm Shift is what you described in your first sentence John and why he is not allowed here. Nothing constructive, just an asshole.

  52. With respect to the cave boys ordeal, at last count 8 are out and it is obviously not over yet, but they are having success so far, knock on wood for the remaining souls, but some on this site have asked...."why did this happen"..."is there some significance to the timing of it?" I would like to offer at least my perspective as to the timing. This site has had extensive discussion, insight, debate and reporting on changes going on in the world with respect to sealed and unsealed indictments, arrests due to in some cases unspeakable crimes, and an overall rejection to the cabal, fear and attack and darkness, by those who choose decency, love, joy, kindness and hold in their mind and heart...peace for all. What we are seeing in the world is a segment of the population saying NO to the cabal, no to fear and darkness, and this is going on all over the world. The cave rescue has brought people from all over the world together. Some in physical proximity of each other be being on scene, and many others by what they can physical send, and even more by sending their prayers. It is a global rescue. Not unlike ending the days of the cabal. You are seeing a mirroring of what we have all been talking about for years now, in a way, exemplified by this single cave rescue experience. It demonstrates that people globally can come together and overcome colossal odds, and scale any dark mountain if done has been said that "We do not enter Heaven alone, but instead hand in hand with our brothers". Therefore hope and encouragement to stay the course. So I find it encouraging and a bit of a sign that where this rescue is going and where the movement around the world to eradicate the cabal is going, is toward the light and a better world.....that's my 2 cents...not sure if the 2 cents should be in USD, Yen, Yuan, Swiss Francs, other....but whatever it takes I am sure we will be shown :-) Peace and prosperity to my OWON brothers and sisters.

    1. The Goddess wants love and love it shall be.

      Thanks TWBD.


  53. OWON: Now this is a right thinking and progressive attempt at truth.

    That's a turn up, and the Zios have no foothold in Ireland.

    Ireland puts in a bill boycotting Israeli goods stolen or made by racial colonists

  54. Seth Rich back into the news:

  55. That would be too bad if it happens, although he would fit right in. My hope is that Special Forces could intercept and prevent that if he isn't already hiding out there.

    Worst case scenario, he is tried in absentia by Military Tribunal on TV for the whole world to see.

    1. Ah, I see you read that transient comment too. I thought I had hallucinated it. (I'm suffering a summer influenza complete with fever right now.) Having OZero confined to a couple square miles for the rest of his life is just as good IMHO. Of course, I want him to hang or face a firing squad, but hey, life is full of compromises!

    2. John, have you been wearing too much Hai Karate again?

  56. above comment was in reply to Obama seeking Vatican asylum. I don't see it now.

  57. Interesting piece by Greg Braden on our human origins. Says science shows we did not evolve from apes/Neanderthals. We are something else entirely! Sorry dont know how to do the live link thing.

    1. Human origins commentary start 15 min in. Other good comments on cycles too.

  58. Update on cave rescue from journalist speaking to Narongsak Osatanakorn, the head of the joint command centre coordinating the operation:

    "There is more work to do tomorrow, but the tension that has marked this past week is gradually starting to clear – with five people remaining in the cave, the end is in sight." Pumping water out has been successful to shorten the rescue time.

    Additional Twitter comments:

    michael safi


    The retrievals are getting faster: "Our rescuers can [now] shorten the operation time by two hours," he says. "Over 100 including 18 international cave divers took part in today’s operation." #thamluangcave
    7:34 AM - Jul 9, 2018

    michael safi


    "Again, we have to prepare equipment that will take another 20 hours. I can’t give you exact timing [for the next operation]," says Osatanakorn #thamluangcave
    7:43 AM - Jul 9, 2018

    michael safi


    Will last 5 be released tomorrow? "I can't tell. I am not in charge of this as it is up to the diving team. Their plan is designed for rescuing four." #ThamLuangRescue
    7:45 AM - Jul 9, 2018

    michael safi


    "the kids (released on Sunday) are now very fine. If you ask whether they have eaten Kow Pad Krapow - no. They haven't eaten that but they can take normal food like diluted porridge" #ThamLuangCaves
    7:49 AM - Jul 9, 2018

    1. Thai cave rescue: 8 kids saved - their football team react
      July 9 2018

    2. p: Much work going into this rescue. Heavy pumping out of water, drilling to open up a better route, etc. Royal family assistance. Recognition of the dead Thai Navy Seal.

      Thailand Cave rescue: What we know so far - BBC News
      July 9 2018

  59. Lotsa stuff given by Fulford this week. QFS(Quantum Financial System) included at the end.I found the cabal going down in Brazil most interesting because it is huge if true what he says!


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