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2 to 7 July 2018

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  1. Obama administration granted citizenship to 2,500 Iranians during nuclear deal: Iran official
    July 2 2018

    The Obama administration granted citizenship to 2,500 Iranians, including family members of government officials, while negotiating the Iran nuclear deal, a senior cleric and member of parliament has claimed.

    Hojjat al-Islam Mojtaba Zolnour, who is chairman of Iran’s parliamentary nuclear committee and a member of its national security and foreign affairs committee, made the allegations during an interview with the country’s Etemad newspaper, cited by the country’s Fars News agency.

    He claimed it was done as a favor to senior Iranian officials linked to President Hassan Rouhani, and he alleged the move sparked a competition among Iranian officials over whose children would benefit from the scheme.

    He claimed that the deal was made during negotiations for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which was reached in July 2015. President Trump announced in May that the U.S. would withdraw from the agreement.

  2. A whole array of new articles start today. Our gift to you to keep Americans and the world, Independent. Exposing the real threats to you all.


  3. OWON: China has now developed a new Laser Rifle which can burn you alive from half a mile away.

    A whole new meaning for "Go Burn In Hell" for Politicos and Bankers.

    China says it has developed a 'laser AK-47' that can hit targets from half a mile away


  4. OWON: The hackers never cease to try. Crypto guys be very, very aware and wary.

    Israel will hack the world.

    ‘Clipboard malware’ monitoring millions of Bitcoin addresses

  5. Any minute now the next big one goes up for you. It's key to America's future and your being- Free! A must read and share.

  6. Ignorance is no state of Being- Fit for anything.

  7. The new one is up for you. Right hand side. Turning the ride.

    Saving America- ns!
    We have your back. Restoring the good Anglo American Alliance. Better together.

  8. The most senior clergyman in the world to be convicted of concealing child sex abuse, Adelaide's Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson, has been sentenced to 12 months' detention.

    ... but don't get confused. George Pell's case is still pending.

    A small win, but the acid test is "Will Phillip Wilson be sacked as an Archbishop? The Pope has the ability to hand down his own sentence. Will he?"

  9. There are some interesting tidbits in this audio. Dave Hodges of the Common Sense show wonders outloud if President Trump has been compromised because it appears that he embraces the Industrial Military Complex.

    Mike Adams tells Dave that he doesn't think so. He believes that Trump is playing 4D Chess and working with the IMC because he knows he will need them when the time of mass arrests arrives.

    Listen here -

  10. Another cabal stooge down:

    Former Malaysian Prime Minister Razak Arrested

    It is happening, and I think accelerating.


  12. Note the music we interjected as a Tribute of goodwill to you for Independence Day. We may disagree, and hassle your misdeeds, but can you have finer real friends when needed?
    God Bless the USA is a Tribute to ALL OF YOU. Watch it again, it's moving. It's all you can be. Our tribute to all of you.

    1. Soon we will expose the CRAP behind Trump, and the next possible REAL President of America to come, who does not have a background of Sleaze and mass failures.
      We argued for Trump to keep the Hag out,but America HAS much, much better,and hopefully soon things will play out with a real President Fit for Office. One is moving already. Not a Zios Shill!

      A step at a time. 2 years he's not done squat on the Arrests. That clock is ticking, and time runs out. The Buck STOPS with him. Real Leadership, or a Crock? We want Good Americans to come through You DO have many. Next week we will release more in stages. Put up time. Or gone!

    2. JOHN The arrests are forthcoming; believe it! This is not Kabuki. This is a choreographed series of events with many pieces working together in very rough seas. Patience Sir! .... We know who is doing this and why-when. Timing and focus are moved around to expose and entrap these dumbass ziorats. Sun Tzu makes it understandable. For those who may not know POTUS has their Playbook and intel-data in real time. These people (ziorats + zr minions) are stupid and evil .... very stupid and evil beyond comprehension. We will soon be getting more good aha moments. We all need to Pray and support our President ... it is happening!!!!!!!!

    3. I agree Bob. I don't think there rats have much longer, that's the reason for the uptick on attacks directed at our President.

      John, you will see when the rats are out, Trump can fix more unfettered.

      Trust the Plan

    4. HOPE you're right Bob, because it's been awhile. I will admit that it must be difficult to round up all the criminal politicians because they've all got dirt on each other, plus others and most likely including Trump and his sons, so I'll grant that the set up has to take awhile. I'm not buying 4D chess though. Sometimes I think he's far more of a scrambler. My biggest fear, however, is that they all turn out to be in the same club once you get to the top of that inverted, subterraneean pyramid.

  13. Bob,

    He's enclosed and smart players have real game plans . His clock is ticking. 2 years Bob and zero real scalps .Was he ever prepared or up to it? So far Netinyahu has his hand right up his kilt and multiple Zios all through the WH.
    The Dutch Prime Minister just admonished him like an irrascible fool.
    Respect? The judgment of his Peers? Talk is cheap. What Benny wants, Benny gets. Action? Show me the money?

    1. JOHN Keep stoking the coals and flames will manifest on our behalf. Our Blessings are ready to manifest for the Benefit of Mankind less the ziorats and their minions!

      I believe you keep a few people on their toes. We will help you!

    2. Between now and November... if nothing by midterms I would say there won’t be anything. Keeping the hopes high to the sky.

    3. I wouldn't call 40,000 indictments nothing. Coming. Timing.

    4. From twitter...
      Seeing so many people losing their sh** today re: Awan plea deal & naysayers saying "nothing is happening". Q JUST reminded us of fired FBI/DOJ brass, elected reps resigning/not running for reelection, 1000+ CEOs stepping down, 40K+ sealed indictments. Has POTUS let us down yet?

      11:16 AM - 3 Jul 2018

  14. We have real things in play but not for Cabal sight.

    Bob, you think Trump's playing on 4 boards? We are playing on 10! Plus 3 shifts! Next week we will feed you more re Zio Rats.

  15. In the mean time ALL have a good July 4th

  16. I have one final comment for today.

    How many years have these crooks been allowed to run amuck ? And some expect Trump to fix all in 1.5 years?

    1. No just to get some arrests on the board by now and stop funding nutter Yahoo

    2. We were told arrests coming by one who knows - in person. We are monitoring closely. Also, we see strong evidence of significantly increased Gitmo traffic.

    3. From your text to God's Eyes Bob. Happy 4th.

    4. TINO We are winning - really winning! Our heavenly Father weighed in for this Epic Battle .... Our Victory correlates with our Faith .... This Independence Day has the Makings of an Exceptional Event!

  17. Bob
    If we want real affirmative actions reattaching pig bladder foreskins to Zios using cattle barbed wire will get positive handovers. Think smart when dealing with vermin .

    1. JOHN You should write the script for the choreographed demise and punishment of ziorats!!!

    2. Hell Bob I want to do the barbed wire stitching! You hold them down?

    3. Please ignore any MSM false news if a few of our low life's demo against Trump in will not be the nation just Offal with time on their hands who we really should be using cattle prods and cattle bolt guns on. Lice is our price for Democracy.
      In my time with riot control overseas I would not not hesitate to turn the SMGs loose once they crossed the Rubicon line. Our dog food factories need a product boost . Or season it and sell it to the Zios as Kosher. Give them an inch ?

    4. Infowars just did a special report and said their sources said Trump is getting ready to drop the hammer on Bush, Clinton's and Mueller for 911.

  18. p: A recent peaceful protest in Portland by Trump supporters is interrupted by Anti-fa members wearing masks and carrying batons. From Face Book. Thank you for sharing Jordan Sather. Not for children.

    Antifa Knockout High-Quality Video -

    1. Good knock out. Lesson- don't under estimate Patriots

  19. Lee Stranahan@stranahan
    BREAKING: I’m at the federal courthouse, and it seems that Imran Awan’s Plea deal says that he cannot be charged with any previous non-violent crime.

    1. Id say he's being co-opted as a prosecution witness in coming indictments of bigger players. I wonder what else is in the plea deal.

    2. This may be pre rigged so he can walk without bring down others. Weevils pre plotting?

  20. Thanks Tino for the links regarding Silent Spring. Nice to know the other points of view.

  21. I hope and pray BOB is right about DJT. But, realistically JOHN is correct. ZERO arrests in his column and the ziorats still have not been jailed then tried by Military Tribunals, so he has no excuses. He has had enough time, and this "QGUY" smells like a cia disinfo campaign just to bring false hope to patriots.NOTHING of any substance has occurred which he promised in his election campaign.A few marginal advances, but seems the deep state bastards have dirt on him so his hands are tied to act.The Weiner laptop ALONE should have jailed thousands but what? A few scapegoats and it never makes national news even for those low level scumbags? Reagan should have jailed oldman bush, and we would not have the mess we now face which that old diaper-filler created!

  22. Happy 4th to all my fellow Americans

  23. Happy 4th to you all from Non Americans, but also good Fellows. Your Fellow beings worldwide.
    Soon we will try to get your real Independence, not the enslaved Sham you have.
    Thank you, all of you, for your support to get Truth free.

    Where are the arrests? Why is Clinton free?
    Why has America not moved on Michael Herzog?
    Who is really running America right now?

  24. BOOM! Trump’s DOJ criminally charges 76 doctors, 23 pharmacists, 19 nurses raking in billions in medical fraud to push toxic drugs
    June 29 2018

    President Trump is draining the “medical swamp.” The U.S. health care system is plagued by rampant fraud, abuse and profiteering carried out by dishonest doctors and pharmacists. In working to combat the rampant fraud, the DOJ has announced an unprecedented crackdown on medical fraud, charging over 600 people with criminal activities that involved over $2 billion medical fraud.

    U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions delivered prepared remarks, saying, “This year we are charging 601 people, including 76 doctors, 23 pharmacists, 19 nurses, and other medical personnel with more than $2 billion in medical fraud. In this latest operation, with the help of our fabulous partners at HHS, we have charged another 162 people—including 32 doctors—with the illegal distribution of opioids. This is the most doctors, the most medical personnel, and the most fraud that the Department of Justice has ever taken on in any single law enforcement action. This is the most defendants we’ve ever charged with health care fraud. It’s also the most opioid-related fraud defendants we’ve ever charged in a single enforcement action.”

    1. F*** You Sessions traitor! This is just a scapegoat hunt to deflect AWAY from the endemic problem:
      SATANISTS selling/killing/torturing/raping CHILDREN in this country and worldwide!!

      Just a HOGWASH misdirect, like this a**hole is doing something good for the country. Besides the fact that opioide crimes number in the millions annually here in:

      America, so this is NOT even the tip of the iceberg of this specific national/international epidemic! Do a google an see the horror....

    2. Thanks P. Glad to know that this is being done.

  25. Happy Birthday AMERICA...and Bix Weir!
    July 4 2018

  26. p: A good site for current or near recent weather and volcanism events as well as other more natural weather/space occurrences.

  27. Echos of Paul Revere

    Listen America, hear loud and clear
    the bellowing echos of dear, Paul Revere.
    An American hero, he rode through that night
    To sound the alarm of our enemies might.

    Sev'teen Seventy-Six, on the 4th of July,
    As Liberty rings, our flag's high in God's sky.
    Philadelphia a buzz, our Republic was founded,

    Natural rights are our freedoms, Americans resounded.

    What happened you ask, how'd we end up here?
    Manipulative conditioning, a weapon used called fear.
    In their parallel world, serving their master,
    By inflicting on mankind unnatural disaster.

    While false flags abound and threats ever loom,
    With fighting, corruption and nuclear doom.
    Some continue to follow and trust and believe
    Their lies and malarky with intent to deceive.

    Diversion, confusion to push revolution
    While media ignores, we choose resolution.
    The Chemtrails, the toxins, abuses galore
    As Zio-Kazar infect, cease, stop it, no more!

    They came here by land, the air and the sea
    To steal, own, control the Land of the Free.
    Minutemen , Patriots, Jural Assemblies, too!
    Committees of Safety, our Common Law renew!

    The wars were all planned, WWI and War II,
    Were funded on both sides by Rothschilds, who knew?
    Standard Oil and Ford Company are equally vile
    Deceptively acting in real 3rd Reich style.

    Set down your weapons, strategize, end their reigns,
    It's time humanity break free from their chains.
    The matrix entraps His unknowing creations
    with shadows of secrets and greedy inflations.

    The evil inflicted on global society,
    Wreaks of cruel ills with such impropriety.
    The boundaries they've crossed in their push to divide
    through races, religions and misguided pride.

    Kidnapping, raping, collusion, control,
    Illusion, deception, enslavement their goal.
    Sacrificing children, these murders unearthed,
    Organs of babies whose souls were unbirthed.

    Incorporate us each at the time of our birth,
    Give book-entry value as though that’s our worth.
    Convert us to stock, trade us for their gains.
    They’ve stolen our assets, they’ve stolen our names.

    How evil is using America's trusted
    The ones we elected, the ones so encrusted.
    For they are the turncoats who sold out their souls,
    Now fearful they scramble to plug up their holes.

    So, stand up America, in Oneness unite
    In peaceful equality, champion the fight.
    Set aside your 2nd, our numbers are strong,
    Remove the corrupt, we must, they are wrong.

    The cabal are of darkness, so shallow, a shell,
    Soon they shall be banished, exiled to hell.
    Their theft and deception, despicable greed,
    Is finally exposed. No, they will not succeed!

    by: Pennsylvanian

  28. No flag waving at my house. Not till we/they have cleaned the place up.

  29. John is it "possible" or even highly probable for a private group (let’s say a legit group for argument sake) that collected Dong years ago from people to have triggered a PPP by purchasing a 5M IBoE (perhaps more) and multiplying these funds ever since the asset was collected? Since the PPP world is very small and you most likely know all the players involved, would you know if this was being done? I know the minimum is generally 100M to enter a PPP, but I had heard of an IBoe of as little as 5M as well. Another question : are there PPP’s currently dealing with an aurum yield equivalent to the worth and value. So since the yield is aurum, would this bypass the powers that control only fiat?

    1. Vince

      If a Bush, or Cabal Group wanted to use Dongs as a Credit line Asset backing to enter trading and had a bank willing to play, Yes, it can be done. Also the Banks would probably issue a BG as a front to mask it.

  30. Replies
    1. Thanks OWON. That was fascinating.

    2. Nice. Telepathy as well. The base 60 and elegance of 12 and its factors makes me wonder wht base 10 was introduced. Was it to keep us managed?

    3. David Wilcocks "The Synchronicity Key" is a good extension for this topic.

    4. I really enjoyed this information too Canauzzie, thank you for sharing the link. Certainly thought provoking.

      I'm with you on the telepathy subject AJ, it just seems like the more natural, meaningful and honest manner to communicate. This verbal form we use here seems so inadequate, incredibly frustrating and extremely limited. It is a regular experience for me to find it absolutely impossible to put into words what I am feeling or desire to express and it irritates me enormously. Maybe just another form of intentional limitation.

    5. Nice to see you Aurataya! I was just thinking about you yesterday.

    6. Thank you sweet AJ, I appreciate your kindness.

  31. p: A pretty good opinion

    So you want to know what really happened with the JetBlue plane at JFK? I will tell you. Buckle up.
    July 1 2018

    1. Wow P. Good article. I bet there were many planes that ended up in controlled crashes before they were fixed. Then we had all those train crashes.

    2. None of the recent, and I'd say that covers at least the last 5-10 years, transportation accidents, be they planes or trains (sometimes even cars) have been bona fide accidents. The upper management of the authorities involved (from police, to courts to coroners) have been told what conclusions to draw despite massive evidence to the contrary. In some cases we've uncovered who was on certain flights (like all the state government of Poland, or software programmers crucial to NWO machinations). The trains wrecks have been sanitized and blacked out much better. I never believe "accidents" anymore except at the lowest local level. Once it's reported by the MSM, something is amiss.

  32. p: Sara Carter on the job today

    BREAKING: Strzok Subpoenaed for Public Hearing

    By Sara Carter, July 04, 2018, 2:42 PM EST | Updated on July 04, 2018 2:43 PM EST

    Congress has subpoenaed embattled, anti-Trump FBI official Peter Strzok to appear before a public hearing next week.

    and a radio interview

    July 4 2018

  33. In case anyone missed it on the new report page:

    john Wednesday, July 4, 2018 at 2:29:00 PM MDT
    Huge bombshell about to hit Clinton's, Obama, Biden and all the compromised parties as all the Disapeared Files have been recovered and are about to go public. We will update tomorrow.
    Including named Clinton murders!

    1. Thanks Tino for bringing this over.

    2. Interesting. Here or should I tune in to FOX tomorrow?

    3. Watch here it's with Canauzzie now to issue.

      If Trump is going to be even half a President, he should be ordering Military Tribunals right now. If he doesn't know, why is he acting as President? He has more then enough Advisors. Just clear the Zios out and get real ones! Start with Bennys Boy! Mossads plant.

      The files coming questions why is Clinton walking free now?

      Why is that phoney Kenyan crock allowed to cause mayhem in DC? Why is the F not in a Rendition centre right now? Jarret with him!

      In the next week or two we will expose the whole US Israeli Zio Jewboy disaster dragging America down. Russia, Israel, and the US are all intertwined being ripped off by these loathsome scumbags.

      Real Jews, good Jews, are facing real risks when the lashback comes. They must share the blame for letting Zios operate in their name

      Zionists are NOT Jews. Get that! The Zionist NWO plan has to be stopped dead. Every Zionist needs an altercation with a 44 magnum hollow head. A barrel rammed between their teeth will get attention. BUT, protect and do NOT harm the good Jews. Do NOT blame good Jews. They have good families and contribute to nations. Zionists are Roaches,and sadly, so ae voracious Jews who lose the plot. Religions and famtics heh? Once you become "Special", you become the enemy of your fellow man.

      Special? 40 years wandering adrift with Moses. Albeit for a few weeks real journey but lost.

      Had the idiot turned left they would have had the Oil lands of the Arah kingdoms.
      Instead they turned right and got the Sand/ Rock shithole that is Israel.
      Guided by who? Lost causes. Only education saves them.
      Remove that and you just have another Raghead with attitude.

      Educate your own children and deal with this infestation posing as nation.
      Education is the bedrock of each nation.

    4. Did you guys read the Makow post? Russia and China in league with Israel? And by extension Chabbad which is viewed as extremist by many mainstream Jews here in the US and supposedly Netanyahu hates them because they make a mess in Israel so he's setting them up in the disputed territories. This whole scenario is far more complicated at the surface than we've been lead to believe. Many disparate groups are connected below ground that appear contentious above. Tread carefully. Just in case:

  34. Diane Sawyer: A Hidden America l Why Thousands of Low-Income Americans 'Donate' Their Blood Plasma
    July 15 2018

  35. p: Something that children shouldn't see. Language ok, but violence in fights break out quickly. Our country truly needs change in a more positive manner.

    A Hidden America: Fear and Hope at Strawberry Mansion [ORIGINAL REPORT 2013] | ABC News
    June 19 2018

    Diane Sawyer spent months inside one of the country's most dangerous schools. [Original Air Date 5/30/2013]


    JFK. They don't speak like this anymore. 70 years and look what the brotherhood have done to our daily language. This speech almost sounds foreign. We have to take back control of our schools and get rid of the mind destroying toxins in our food. And eliminate vaccines.

  37. no hope.....DJT has let the filth prevail.... NO MAGA..... just another liar.... Barry BathHouse wins and Americans lose. Happy Fourth

    1. Epitome of what I feel. Sound Of Silence - S and G ...neon god they made

    2. Hello darkness, my old friend I've come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains Within the sound of silence In restless dreams I walked alone Narrow streets of cobblestone 'Neath the halo of a street lamp I turned my collar to the cold and damp When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light That split the night And touched the sound of silence And in the naked light I saw Ten thousand people maybe more People talking without speaking People hearing without listening People writing songs that voices never shared No one dared Disturb the sound of silence "Fools," said I, "you do not know Silence like a cancer grows Hear my words that I might teach you Take my arms that I might reach you" But my words like silent raindrops fell And echoed in the wells of silence And the people bowed and prayed To the neon god they made And the sign flashed out its warning In the words that it was forming And the sign said "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls And tenement halls And whispered in the sound of silence

    3. Breathe Tim! We are nowhere near the final act. If one is surrounded by crazies and duplicitous folks, one moves slowly. Plus did you see John's little bombshell that documents have been recovered that put the whole Usual Suspects in a dire situation? Wait, let it all play out.

    4. WOW! Thanks Tino. Air is good to breathe. Folks usually just punch me in the face first and never ask me to take a breath after I open my mouth to speak! LOL. If your perspective and view is positive, then so is mine. Much respect to you reading all your input here, etc...

    5. We are no different. I have a shade more insight on some topics (from the school of hard knocks!) but I am not "connected" in any way. Just the privilege of meeting a few Patriots all on the same road. Be positive. Those in the know and on the move are still there and haven't given up.

  38. Mysterious Encounters with Bigfoot at Military Bases

  39. Kelly 308: Franchising The Truth, Rothschild MKUltra Patents, Serco’s Pig Farm Con Air SWAT
    July 4, 2018

    General John F. Kelly
    White House Chief of Staff
    Washington, D.C. 20528

    Open letter from the Cloud Centric Crime Scene Investigators of Abel Danger

    July 4, 2018

    Dear General Kelly:

    Please accept this Independence Day Brief 308 from Field McConnell – United States Marine Corps whistle-blower and Global Operations Director of Abel Danger (AD) – wherein he describes our proposal to ‘Franchise the Truth’ through a network of ‘Cloud Centric CSI Theater Clubs’ where injured communities can stage the real/true story behind the funding of the MKUltra mind control program by Serco‘s (formerly RCA GB 1929) investment banker NM Rothschild & Sons Ltd. and the associated development of various patent-pool devices to elicit rage patterns and hallucinations in victim with Eli Lilly and Co Ltd (GB)’s Lysergic Acid Amide US2997470A (1961-08-22) Priority date 1956-03-05; to deploy contract killing Con Air SWAT Teams with Jerome H. Lemelson’s Prisoner tracking and warning system and corresponding methods US 6054928 A; to kill up to 100 First Nations prostitutes at B.C. pig raves between 1983 and 2002 with Darren Rubin’s Dum Dum-derived Biological active bullets, systems, and methods US9200877B1 and to destroy evidence of an attempt to overthrow the government of the United States on 9/11 with MagicFire Inc’s Precision pyrotechnic display system and method having increased safety and timing accuracy US9400159B2 Priority date 1998-03-30 2016-07-26 Grant.

    We refer you to the Abel Danger Patreon page which outlines our invitation to donors for funds needed to prepare presentation treatments for up to five injured-community theater clubs and we list below the names of individuals whose roles at selected crime scenes will be played by actors based on information and belief of the Cloud Centric Crime Scene Investigators of Abel Danger.

    Oliver ‘Buck’ Revell – Former Senior Executive Service (SES-6) and FBI Director deputy in charge of Criminal Investigative, Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Intelligence activities. Appears in Act 1 using Motorola’s Dynamic encryption key selection for encrypted radio transmissions US5222137A to coordinate a raid on Starnet premises at 425 Carrall Street with where evidence of LSD fuelled snuff-film production from the pig farm is taken by Customs and IRS to the 25th floor of WTC Building 7 in New York.

  40. FINALLY! Robert Mueller’s Secret Past EXPOSED Now He Could Be The One Going To Jail(VIDEO)!!!
    May 16 2018

    Finally! Robert Mueller’s secret past exposed now he could be the one going to jail. After more than a year of investigation into President Donald Trump, a Russian connection to the case has finally been found. The Russian connections lead directly to special counsel Robert Mueller.

    It now has him in this conflict of interest that could destroy his entire investigation into President Trump.

  41. No one is going to jail and anyone who does will not be there long. You are watching theatre every day, 24/7.

  42. I'm assuming that everyone is tied up in planning on the bombshell re:The Usual Suspects. Let's hope it is a good info-nuke!

    1. It will be in stages, We will link in the full rotten Bolshevic and Global Zio trash for you. Exposure and big questions.

      Canauzzie has part one,so we wait on him. Big daming new info will take into next week. But, when unleashed be prepared to see what a breeding Rat Colony can get up to left out of control for decades. However the vehicles used will shake a few. Next week will raise real worries. We need a Rodent Exterminator. What the hell do you think they have done to America? Smell the roses. Who put Americans to sleep? Look at the history of these Mongrels for 6,000 years. Wars, conflict, deaths like a slime trail. Now the world has an infestation problem.

      Hello? Vast millions have died because of them. God's chosen? What God would want them? Moloch only!
      Molochs bollocks!

    2. Well, I've put my popcorn away. This isn't what I expected from this post

      Huge bombshell about to hit Clinton's, Obama, Biden and all the compromised parties as all the Dissapeared Files have been recovered and are about to go public. We will update tomorrow.
      Including named Clinton murders.

      I thought we were getting some new infor.

    3. LOL Arizona. Patience. I guess my expectations to the reveal were lower. I actually expected a somewhat phased rollout for maximal effect.

    4. I suppose you are right Tino. I guess we wait. We have waited so long on so many issues. They say patience is a virtue.

    5. Enough is there to keep you updated overnight. Events are moving fast. Its just needs the Guts to do it and the lot comes down.
      The problem is of course, what do they hold on Trump? With his past?

    6. His past is nothing compared to Clinton/Bush/Obama. Whatever they hold, can it eclipse fellatio Billy or home server Hillary or even Epstein's guest lists?

      Trump is no angel, but he knows how to win. He is most likely playing this out to get as close to mid terms as possible. Big Democratic arrests and indictments at that time will ensure House and Senate stays in Republican hands, and that he is a shoe-in for 2020.

      He will need more of a majority to do away with Democratic Bolsheviks. It's high time western alliances actually fought against that kind of thing instead of supporting or aligning with it. Europe is starting to fight back, and Tovarish' Soros is probably having Hershey squirts.

      Trump's past is pretty benign compared to that of the screeching harpies he is up against. We have not had a major scandal since Watergate wherein a chief executive was forced out. They had the goods and used it. They have nothing usable on Trump, or they would have used it by now.

    7. Oh come on John repeating Trumps past, geesh! I personally do not care about his personal life when he was a PRIVATE citizen!

      I voted for him, obviously and so far imo he is doing the best he can.

      Russia! Stormy! And around and round we go.

      WE live in the here and now. No one believed him to be a saint, but many believe him to live our country and her citizens as much as we do. That is what is the key.

      His past? Like Lisa Bloom arranging to have women paid if they came forward with sexual assault claims?

      Stormy the washed up ho, who's attorney now thinks he is going to run against Trump?

      Don't you see what this is? A witch hunt with washed up nobodies looking for 15 minutes of fame.

      Stormy is still trying to figure what to do at the border, the bimbo is desperate to stay relevant, nothing more.

  43. My patience is wearing very thin also! Spill the beans already. We’re not children and don’t need to be spoon fed.

    1. It's not about us... yet. We are caught on the outside. Let them leverage it for best advantage.

  44. Hmmm... Pruitt out at EPA. Not a disaster but not good news either.

  45. Right now watch daily as events unfold.A collective group of Congressmen have demanded the arrest of the Clinton's and Investigation of the Obamas. Mueller knows he's being looked at. You tube will be breaking it soon

    1. [Insert broad based laughter]

    2. There is a time zone delay between us delivering reports and waiting while Canauzzie finds time after the day job and other issues. All have lives and own priorities. Also opinions on what to publish, or not.
      So much is evolving now by the day. Interesting times

    3. Aaargh. Please add line...

      Comeuppance at last!

    4. Tino

      It's looking like up them soon. This will encourage the release of more incrminating files and evidence .When today's report gets to you it avails you of how deep and extensive it is plus how long back it goes

      So much is playing out the time zones and priority focus issues impact on occasions
      With what I heard today I've held back on certain names now so as not to compromise what's coming down.

      We need a week to get the Bolsheviks Zio exposures out and our people need to review the depth of criminality and unauthorised access of this vermin

      It's clear the Clinton's face imminent danger and as for the Bathhouse Boy and his Dog, it's time the mongrel is off to the Pound .

    5. Well, you probably figured out I am a Q follower. There is another guy who has claimed to work for a govt agency who says July is going to be sizzling.

      Interestingly, he talked about HUGE bombshell on the verge. And he mentioned those that John has.

      WE will see.

    6. John, will any of these new releases have any affect upon the timing of the currency releases we seek? Will it speed them up, or slow them down?

    7. Many different battles for many different's a daily melting pot. All conflicting special interests. All with self agendas.

  46. John McCain’s 1969 Tokyo Rose Propaganda Recording Released
    July 29 2017

    1. Not his finest hour, but he was coerced. I will not judge his limits there. Of course, the carrier incident is infinitely worse and should be relegated to Hell on that alone. I know Bob has the whole McCain thing nailed, so I won't rehash what we have all read.

    2. Tino, I didn't share what came with that video as it didn't have a web link other than the video.It was pretty damming, but unverifiable as was. I'll need to look for that info this afternoon.

  47. this representative of the class and culture in London that you write about? πŸ˜‚ Approved by London mayor no less...

    London mayor OKs giant ‘Trump Baby’ balloon to fly during President Trump’s UK visit next week

    1. I forget who said it -- "Good or bad, let them talk about me!" A Trump Baby balloon will simply rebound in his favor.

    2. Toni you do have a point. The more his haters hate, the higher his approval goes.

    3. Texian
      The Labour party mayor is what happens when Socialist trash get into political roles and misuse their office.
      Agreed, it's a dreadful, offensive and wrong thing to do. Against our wishes, the Labour party let the Dogs in. Mongrels loose?
      If we had a strong Leader, not May, this would have been squashed by Downing Street. It will not help him for re election, and will remind voters what trash they are for the General election..
      It's wrong to allow this. It's offensive and insensitive..
      Don't I bash you enough for misdeeds?
      IM with you on this one please let fly at them. It's read.

    4. Fight fire with fire....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Brilliant! Online Campaign to Raise Cash for ‘Baby Khan’ Blimp During Trump Visit Smashes £10k Target

  48. p: Various techs involving magnetic fields. Free energy?

    World Changing Device Locked Away by Illuminati
    April 14 2018

    1. Med beds too. Mag fields are quantum, as is dna (and consciousness πŸ˜‰)

  49. Now is the time for Trump to step up, Man Up and use the full power of his office to bring down Clinton. Expose her and Close her.

    But, do understand he's beyond indebted to Adelson, and Molochs mobsters, and the times he was rescued by the Zio / Jew Mafia, all came with hooks. They ONLY saved his unbankable Butt from Bankruptcy because they saw the chance of Political opportunism and the gain if so. He sold his Ass, they bought it, and these Shylocks are devoid of conscience or humanity. What we don't know, is how many Markers he carries round his neck, and how used. Be assured, he IS Dog Tagged. But aren't all of them? And that- Is the problem.
    He promised, but the Molochs say No, and he is surrounded by them. Not least Bennies Mossad owned boy pushing the Shickster to go get Daddie to help the Cause? ( Zio- Whores).
    Can he break free of the package deals? About time don't you think?

    1. Next week is key for many things. TRUMP GET IT DONE!!! Lock her up!

    2. John,
      It seems that Trump will be in the UK while the Elders are there.Is there any significance to that?

    3. Terry
      No we are planning a century ahead. We are looking at real Beneficial Use of vast amounts of AU to be held in their own London safekeeping,free from Political deviants and us self trading our own AU backed RMB programs to create and underpin Eurasia. Chancer Politicos have no invites. Zio and Bolshevik Zio free. Look what they did to 60m in Russia. As they do in Palestine. British Bulldogs facing down a Feral, half bred, scavenging homeless Zio Rat.
      Time for the waggon trains to come home? Keep an open mind. A society of Culture or the NWO Zio~Vulture?

    4. Terry

      Trump is also WELCOME in London, and 90% will support him here. Ignore a few Socialist rented Rats. We need a better Anglo American Alliance.
      He will be well received and treated,and we may give him a high quality comb over and re dress him to help him look the part. ( Joking!!!)
      But key is he's welcome here.
      He will have a few good days here, and the Queen will put manners on him. Lol

      We bring a lot to each other.

    5. Thanks for your response. I hope everything goes well next week.

    6. Well, if it is just money indebtedness then why not just refloat him with a different set of banks. It's only a couple billion...

    7. Why refloat him Tino, once I get the Elders issues all resolved, why not buy his Markers? Then make better use of him holding the tag for all the planets sake.

      Nothing is personal Tino, I have just asked the Elders not to accede to a Chinese AU purchase request. Eurasia can only work for all if we control it on Ethereal value grounds. I don't care a dam if the Chinese use all the Zios as organ donas, but for real humanity no.

      Sanitising the Zoo of sub-humans works. I suspect most of us want a Zio free world in truth.
      The real question with Trump, is how deep is he in, real world? These filthy F Shylocks will have claws in everywhere. A truly disgusting, UGLY, parasitical low breed lot. Time to invoke the Colosseums and put 50,000 to fight for their lives each week end, allowing only 10 to walk free, but only to fight again. Or the mines for life.

    8. It would be a beautiful thing if the real bad people were exposed, chraged and arrested for all to see!.... seems corruption runs so deep it may cause chaos.... do it anyway!

    9. Ah, enlightening - didn't realize one could buy Markers. Truly a price for everything.

    10. Tino
      They never turn down a fast Shekel

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. Deleted my previous post because I put some wrong information in there.

    Do you remember that guy who threw soda in that teens face and stole his MAGA hat? Well, not only did he lose his job at the bar Rumble where he was employed.

    Not only that, he was charged and arrested with Felony Theft.

    That idiot, in those few moments when he thought he was such a tough guy may have ruined his life, resulting in being a felon if convicted of the charge. And honestly I don't see how he couldn't be convicted as it's all on tape. Sadly, there will probably be some plea deal.

    1. Thanks for the update Arizona. That's what he deserves for being an aggressive bullying wanker. Good result. He might think next time before he acts like such a moron.

    2. He’s probably an illegal so there might be even more consequences to his nasty actions.

    3. Hey there my beautiful Hula Sister, hope you have been well.

      I was just reading an article over at ZH about this case and found out this thug has an extensive criminal record. If you check it out read the comments as well, some of them are brilliant and raise some excellent points.

    4. Aurataya ~ gorgeous soul sister!

      Haven’t seen much of you...hope YOU have been well. Helping on a special project lately, but am well...or as well as it gets these days πŸ™„ “Golden years” are a misnomer!

      Yes, we have a real problem with these thugs becoming more emboldened....actually unhinged...more each day. I have no doubt here in San Antonio this thug would have skated except for the publicity. Hopefully this type of behavior will be pushed back on forcefully from law enforcement when it happens.

    5. Awwww Texian, such kind words, thank you so much.

      Good to hear you have been well. I have just been dealing with a few bumps on the road but getting there. All good.

      And may I say that you continue to glow beautifully no matter what stage of life you are at. XX

  52. Rare copy of the US Declaration of Independence is found in a British archive among papers of an aristocrat who supported the rebels

  53. p: Who profits/controls 5G?

    They're About to Unleash Their Final Phase!
    July 5 2018

    1. And, I just found out that my place will be getting a smart meter at the end of the year. Going to put an aluminum cone around it to deflect it away from the house. Darn thing will be right outside my favorite shower. May even aluminum the outside of the house there. Any more suggestions? As long as it will still work to collect data, I hope this will keep harmful rays away from the occupants. Please anyone, chime in for suggestions on what will work to keep humans and pets safe from this toxic meter. Hope it doesn't set my house on fire as some have. I have already called the electric company asking that they offer an opt out. We shall see what happens.

    2. We did the opt out which causes a fee each month to read our meter. That is fine for the peace of mind. Surely there are some good suggestions on the web if you can’t stop it.

    3. Install a solar system with battery storage and go of the grid.

  54. Our American friends, look up Pauline Hanson. She is an Aussie MP with rough edges but speaks the same language. Many Aussies deride her because she doesn't sip lattes or chatter with a chardonnay in her hand. I'm saying many in Oz would welcome Trump.

    1. At the 2016 election "Pauline Hansons One Nation Party" polled 4.3 per cent (+3.8) of the nationwide primary vote in the Senate. Only Queensland polled higher for the party than their nationwide percentage − the party polled 9.2 per cent (+8.6) of the primary vote in that state.

      So, on those figures, perhaps up to 10% of Australians would welcome Trump.

    2. With Australia, the thinking part, so 10% would be about right. Lol.

    3. AJ,
      Although a different dialect πŸ˜‚, Daniel sounds as much like a Texan as I’ve ever heard! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

      I think many Australians would welcome Pres Trump also judging from the Australians I’ve known through the years and you and Aurataya here. (Two out of three Australian thinkers here comes to 66%...not too shabby. Lol)

      By the way, grandson is enrolled for the fall at school I sent you link to...CTL.

    4. OMG AJ, you had me cringing a tad there with that video. LOL

      Although, you have to admire Daniel for being comfortable in his own skin as well as possessing such a decent attitude in protecting his community and those he cares for. Good on him.

      Texian, I absolutely would welcome Trump here. I honestly believe the man truly cares for his country and people. I don't like some of the things he has done and also not done but he is certainly on a higher rung of the ladder than the crooks we have running the show down here in my opinion.

      I actually feel a bit sorry for him too. Just imagine being in his shoes and being surrounded by the evil mongrels he is with so many people trying to bring him down at every turn. It must be terrible being in the position he is not knowing who he can trust to assist him in achieving what he is trying to.

      And I am absolutely disgusted with the manner in which the world has treated him. I watch the news here and the crap they try and convince you of about him is shameful. Simply brainwashing material for the sleepy heads. I admire him for having the strength to continue standing and facing all that he is. He may have made some bad decisions in his past that now haunt him but we all make mistakes and just have to do the best that we can to correct those situations.

  55. https://YouTube
    Q: the plan to save the world
    13 minute video


  56. A number of both Patriotic and Special Interests groups seeking an end to Cabal chicanery, have been quietly extracting and recovering source data of major communications of data both Criminal and Treasonous parties sought to cover up.

    As the UK and Israel run enormous invasive tracking systems, so does the US.

    To date we have not even exposed 10% of what we hold. But we do! And we will!

    As such we chose our timing and determine effect.

    Caring, Patriotic Groups are as frustrated with the lack of action, and in turn questioning the integrity and real intent of key players now. Sensitive releases start actions.

    We, for example, hold huge archives going right back to the the Clandestine CIA and Cabal takeover of the old reclusive Howard Hughes Corporation, and the vast collations of how it was used to operate and shield its Agency operations from Congressional view. Did you know that? Panic now! Enormous amounts were laundered and traded. The links, files and vast back up data banks exist. OMG for many now!

    Similar Patriots, tired of being neutered, are arms length releasing now equivalent libraries, as in truth, nothing stays buried. Patriots are tired of glib broken Politicos promises.
    Sterile and impotent Justice Departments, and compromised Men - Owned! How many arrests? Get on with it! Not a Puppet, real scalps!
    Show us Results! Play the damned hand. Hardball and Call!

    Files now relating to more than 6 figure volumes of Clinton emails are circulating to shame and force action, as are videos and phone calls taped.

    We can expose old archive hard evidence of corruption naming Financial games involving Bush 41 and KGB Generals. Complicit Bankers and State Officials. This is dirt going back decades in the making. We have it direct from Bankers own, and their PA desks! Deeply incriminating real evidence! Dirty Banks! Even the KGB dropped Bush because his word was worthless and he was deemed a lying, untrustworthy, Treacherous Thief! By the KGB ???

    Similar confused and frustrated parties whose IDs WILL be protected, have used personal initiatives to trace and recover Clintons lost archive files. Some she was not even aware were double backed, as also they have held for good reason. Spies - SPY! Spies LIE! Webs unravel.

    The Wiener tapes and files, Epstein's files, and correlating evidence of Political crimes which DC and Justice have been obfuscating are showing. As the Falcone investigations flushed out Biden, with the most damning evidence, Soetoro who unlawfully shielded him, Romney and others, hard Clinton evidence of mass corruptions, and Global money movements as Money Laundering using a false Foundation front for Racketeering purposes.

    Child Sex Trafficking Groups records held are appearing. Not just in the US either. Police Departments tired of Administrative blocks, are "losing" files to the Public domain. Dirtbags should not be Teflon. With so much evidence Convictions are assured, it's the Conviction of Leadership we need to question. How many promises? Failed! Man up - Put Up! Quit Tweeting Start Delivering ! AIPAC must NOT Rule the Oval Office. The "Shite House" needs a Clean Out!

    Clean. Non Zio Trash appointees. Those with integrity. Fit for office. Out with Bennie's Boy!



    1. Prosecutors are being offered access to lost files in control stages if they can show they can be trusted to act. To date most have failed. How many cases did Bush 41's Gofer BOY, Mueller muzzle with the FBI? Comey with Clinton. All stinks! Disgraceful treachery. None have integrity. None!

      A question, if Mueller can command an alleged c460 Heads to track Trump, could we have the same to track the Truly Guilty? If so, we can have at least 100 detained within a year and many facing RICO Life! Clinton and the Russian Uranium. Hello? Obama / Clinton and Benghazi? our Special Forces associates will never forget or forgive. Recovery groups ready ordered to stand down. Treason!

      Romney's admitted Offshore accounts. Soetoro's illegal hidden accounts? A full Forensic tracking of the Clintons and Bushes?

      How many thought they had voted for this? Did Trump not say Clinton would be in jail? Why is Soros not facing Nazi War Crime trials?

      When Trump will set up a Corruption Task Force millions of pages of evidence can be handed over by so many sources who care. A far better use than dubious Mueller grubbing about. The Diaper Viper will keep a factory in full production. Traitors are not heroes, and that Rat's signs need taking down in the Agency halls. Shame is not pride! Shame must show its face. When will Trump show Real Leadership and act? He "Promised!"

      Face down Trump, when will he set up a Corruption Task Force and Lead? Quit Tweeting, start Beating the Deep State!

      Expect growing leaks if not. Truth is marching.

    2. BRING IT ON!

      As we go into midterm elections, looks like carpetbagger Romney will now become a Senator from Utah! We could have used a big disclosure dump on him BEFORE the primaries.

    3. Good stuff Canauzzie .... We are passing it around and matching with our factoids + exposing all that we can!

    4. We will be blitzing this out into our NY contacts. Hopefully some will make noise as the leaks get out.

    5. The question behind all of it, empty Political talk apart,is how GENUINE is Trump to follow through, or how compromised. His Zio Rat debts are high, and his arrests to date, Zero!

      From the YOU would be in Jail PROMISE on Hillary, to the Butt Kissing which followed, and the stomach churning blanket giveaways to Israel with Benny's Goffer Boy ensconced in the White house like a pampered, limp wrist Dweeb,the promised Terminator is more like a humiliated $130K Stormy Sperminator and sad Turncoat so far.

      He's another Bennys Boy to me until we see real action.All I see so far is a Carrot Topped Puppet on a Stick with Benny and Mossad working him. Jerusalem, Hello??????

      It's not HIS to give. What is wrong with kicking their ARSES right back to the Balfor lines?
      Where is a Man of Integrity who will Force Truth?
      He is so NOT impressing Global Leaders, but neither did O.
      But JFK did BIG TIME. Regan was respected. None since.

      JFK, we miss you big time!

      Commeth the hour, Commeth the Straw Man?

    6. Indeed John, what about those promises? Even worse, upon assuming the presidency he declared the Clintons "Good people"!!!!! A far cry from his campaign rhetoric. I'm sure he can go even farther but he's practically got his head between his legs, bending over for Nuttyyahoo. His obligations to Chabbad are legion and that son-in-law is there to see that he doesn't stray too far from the script.

      Still I'm not convinced that much of it isn't just distraction theater from a picture involving a NWO of 1984/Hunger Games proportions. You really have to rub your eyes a few times these days to believe what you're seeing.

    7. We have street level information that tells us POTUS is keeping enemies closer than friends. He was read in >3 years ago. ANALOGY .... many years ago I was in a jungle like environment with over a thousand snakes within a few feet of me. I get nervous when they outnumber me and these were all sizes with many poisonous = Kraits, cobras, Russell's vipers pythons and other ugly buggers. I could have started killing but if I started a frenzy I would have endured hundreds of lethal bites. I decided to move without noise or vibration ... when I though I was in the clear i noticed a Krait 3 feet away. I threw my knife and nailed it ... cut a twig and carried it to an area with a container, packed it and took it to sick bay for analysis = it was ID'd as krait 3x nastier than a cobra = skinny dud about 4' - 5' long at best but lethal. POTUS is in the middle of 250,000 snakes in multiple dimensions. My impatience is different than most. Several of us are learning more and more daily. We are helping to expose these evil ziorats who have been in business for 6,000 years .... and we are weeks away from beginning MT's. We learned nobodies like us with collective combined and synergised experience, education, knowledge and intuition are helping. We could bad mouth and criticize but we choose to subsidize with any method we can without breaking any more laws than we have to. Many who read this are doing similar stuff. We learn by sharing and comparing. We have different perspectives and intellect-styles for learning. POTUS was read in years ago and this means he is playing 5 dimensional chess .... and winning. Their ziorat $$$ is drying up and we need to lock them up. MT's are coming .... We will not see or know of all these but when have we ever.
      visualize yourself in a sleeping bag with a 5' d-back rattler .... don't scream, move wrong or startle it .... err on the side of caution. That is what is going on. GCR forthcoming and that will be accompanied by other significant actions. Pray positive and act accordingly. I wish more were done but it is like one wrong move and that little 6' cobra strikes ... oh shite! For anyone else that has been in a snake infested swamp and here to talk about it ... it is HAPPENING! wE ARE NOT READ IN ON EVERYTHING.

    8. Bob, that is exactly what POTUS is doing. Keeps his friends close and his enemies closer. The analogy about the snake filled swamp covers the issues well.

      Had to kill a prairie rattler not long ago so my shearer or his help weren't bothered. That snake was simply looking for shade and a quick grasshopper meal. But, to make people happy did what had to do. The bite is bad, but not any where near what you described. Cobra or Krait that's an ugly death. God Bless POTUS draining that snake infested DC swamp!

  57. Light Disclosure Maybe To The Illuminati from Trump....

    1. Never mind ailing, light a fire under the filthy bastard and ready him for Hell.

  58. The densest element known to science has been discovered............

  59. p: Let's not forget Military Intelligence or NSA's work with so many records of different sorts. My question is how does this tie in MTs?

    QAnon links US Attorney with thousands of sealed indictments decimating the Deep State
    July 2 2018

    It’s worth emphasizing that both current and former Department of Justice employees can be investigated by the Inspector General, who has the authority to refer findings for possible prosecution by a US Attorney. The Department of Justice employs over 113,000 employees (2012 figures), which when combined with former employees, makes an enormous number of people that can be investigated for wrongdoing on behalf of the Deep State.

    This is where the appointment of Huber to work directly with Horowitz’s office in investigating issues raised by Congressional lawmakers was very significant. The Breitbart article cited by QAnon explains why:

    Professor Jonathan Turley, a top national legal expert on government investigations, commented on Thursday about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to bring in U.S. Attorney John Huber. Turley called it “brilliant” to combine all the powers of the U.S. Department of Justice’s inspector general with a prosecutor who can bring charges, seek indictments, and get results for President Trump far more quickly than a second special counsel.

    The Breitbart article continued to elaborate upon how Huber’s prosecutorial powers combines well with the Inspector General’s investigative power:

    As a U.S. attorney, Huber has full authority to empanel a grand jury and to file criminal charges. A grand jury can be empaneled anywhere, which means that it could be a group of citizens from deep-red Utah – in the heart of Trump country – instead of the D.C. Swamp that decides whether to hand down indictments for felony prosecution.

    It’s vital to understand that in Sessions’ letter to Congress, he said that Huber would be leading a prosecutorial team that would include other senior prosecutors:

    1. P Lot's of Truth in your post! We have to work extra extra hard for every bit of data but we keep on digging .... it is happening! It is not black and white it is many shades of gray!

  60. Its been quite some time since I have had ZERO chemtrails in my skies for 24 hours!
    Very dense population here, and this is highly unusual to see(or NOT see! LOL), Now what I wanna see next is HAARP stopping in the SW and some natural rains to relieve the droughts occuring there now.

    1. Tim4123, I have been talking to myself about posting this info for the past 3-4 days, and have not because I doubted the relevance, but since you brought the subject up... we have not had a single chemtrail in the skies above DFW in Northeastern Texas for the past two weeks. I also travel with my work and have not seen any in the skies between El Paso, San Antonio or Baton Rouge. Crossing fingers that this might be meaningful, because it certainly is not the norm.

    2. DCC,

      Thanks for posting. ALL of our observatons are relevant.Why? Because we ARE awake,living amongst the masses of walking in their sleep bunch of zombies who will punch us in the face if we try to disturb their slumber with hard facts. I thank Canauzzie and JOHN for providing us this forum for open debate(and to vent sometimes without reproach). Maybe that ATT merger will be a good thing if it becoimes more like Fox to get drabs of more facts out to the masses.Fox does have problems, but it is the single MSM outlet that DOES put out facts the others will not even mention for years now. It is a slow uphill battle.Don't be a stranger and post more often! Your views ARE valued, as JOHN repeats to us over and over, and am thankful for him stating that to us.

    3. Great news. I have read that we will know the defeat is near when the chemtrails cease.

    4. p: No chemtrails here today, but in southern CA another story yesterday which affected what should have been a wet day here today. Grrrrrr...

      7-5-2018; Fabio's Moisture Streaming Into Southern CA; Zero Precipitation & Heavy Chemtrail Spraying

      An IDEAL opportunity for cool, cloudy and rainy conditions exist for California: moisture from former hurricane Fabio is streaming straight into Southern California yet zero precipitation is showing on the Doppler map! The people controlling our weather have dispatched the high flying specially equipped jets to spray chemical aerosols (chemtrails) over the top of the incoming moisture. This nefarious activity has capped the atmosphere preventing any chance of precipitation. Meanwhile the mainstream fake news media owned by interests that lean heavily in the direction of the liberal left cover up the evidence being demonstrated in these videos! The reasons that California is not getting rain today are obvious once again, yet nobody on mainstream media says a word. Instead we hear disinformation from Limbaugh that the aerosols are sprayed to block the sun. Utter hogwash.

  61. How are the Elders doing over there John? They happy with the progress?

    1. Roger they don't arrive until next week then im locked down for weeks. Just when an interesting Treasury PP may be breaking.
      Elders will only work in their own comfort zones.

    2. Weeks? Starting Monday John? We will miss some of that British humor.

      Be nice when you came back you'd have good news for us.

    3. Tell them we can’t wait to hear good news!

  62. Roughly 483 years ago (July 6th actually), St Thomas More died for his Catholic faith. Wonder what he would have done had he known what we know.

  63. Bank of England Embraces Distributed Ledger Solutions

    The application of blockchain technology in the financial industry received a boost recently from the Bank of England, which announced plans to make its payment settlement system compatible with payments based on distributed ledgers.

    The announcement came during a speech late last month by Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England. Carney explained that the Bank of England is in the process of rebuilding its real-time gross settlement (RTGS) network, which supports payments within the United Kingdom, as well as cross-border payments between entities based there and in other countries.

    The change aims to provide several improvements. In addition to making the RTGS system compatible with blockchain-based payment systems as part of an effort to “future-proof” the bank’s operations, the overhaul will also enable less costly cross-border payments (in part by using settlement methods based on distributed ledgers) and richer data collection from payment settlements, Carney said.

  64. Okay the baby balloon is one thing, but did this POS just threaten my President and country with his silly Muslim jihadists? AND if he did, where is May John!?
    Only 5 months into Trump’s presidency, London’s new Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan issued a warning to President Trump: Moderate your stance on Muslims, or they will launch more attacks against America.

    1. Link to above

  65. Here are 4 Simple questions from an attorney.....

    Are there ANY logical answers?  Do obvious facts mean nothing even though this is past history?

    You be the judge……(Another question added here:)

    Here's what I would like to know. If the TRUTH ever comes out and it is decided that Obama was never eligible to be president, what happens to all the laws he signed into being and all the executive orders?
    Should they all be null and void?

    Here are 4 Simple questions from a reputable attorney..... this should really get your "gray matter" to churning, even if you are an Obama fan.

    For all you "anti-Fox News" folks, none of this information came from Fox. All of it can be verified from legitimate sources (Wikipedia, the Kapiolani hospital website itself, and a good history book, as noted herein). It is very easy for someone to check out.

    4 Simple Questions.......

    1. Back in 1961 people of color were called 'Negroes’. So how can the Obama 'birth certificate' state he is "African-American" when the term wasn't even used at that time ?

    2. The birth certificate that the White House released lists Obama's birth as August 4, 1961 and Lists Barack Hussein Obama as his father. No big deal, Right? At the time of Obama's birth, it also shows that his father is aged 25 years old, and that Obama's father was born in "Kenya, East Africa".

    This wouldn't seem like anything of concern, except the fact that Kenya did not even exist until 1963, two whole years after Obama's birth, and 27 years after his

    1. father's birth. How could Obama's father have been born in a country that did not yet Exist?

      Up and until Kenya was formed in 1963, it was known as the "British East Africa Protectorate". (check it below) 

      3. On the Birth Certificate released by the White House, the listed place of birth is "Kapi'olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital".

      This cannot be, because the hospital(s) in question in 1961 were called "KauiKeolani Children's Hospital" and "Kapi'olani Maternity Home", respectively.

      The name did not change to Kapi'olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until 1978, when these two hospitals merged. How can this particular name of the hospital be on a birth certificate dated 1961 if this name had not yet been applied to it until 1978?

      ( )

      Why hasn't this been discussed in the major media?

      4. Perhaps a clue comes from Obama's book on his father. He states how proud he is of his father fighting in WW II. I'm not a math genius, so I may need some help from you. Barack Obama's "birth certificate" says his father was 25 years old in 1961 when Obama was born. That should have put his father's date of birth approximately 1936 - if my math holds (Honest! I did that without a calculator!) Now we need a non-revised history book-one that hasn't been altered to satisfy the author's goals-to verify that WW II was basically between 1939 and 1945. Just how many 3 year olds fight in Wars? Even in the latest stages of WW II his father wouldn't have been more than 9 years old. Does that mean that Mr. Obama is a liar, or simply chooses to alter the facts to satisfy his imagination or political pur

      "A pen in the hand of this president is far more dangerous than a gun
      in the hands of 200 million law-abiding citizens.

    2. We are talking orange jumpsuit & long prison sentences.

    3. #EXTRADITEHERZOG #realDonaldTrump GITMO for Obama, Clintons, and Bushes!


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