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Archived Comment Section | 6 to 11 June 2018

One World of Nations
Comment Section (archived)
6 to 11 June 2018

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  1. Soros Veteran And Former CIO Quits Firm

    Another one bites the dust? Recall David Koch stepped back a few days ago.

    Looking forward to 6/11.

  2. AJ until those warrants start getting served and witnessed arrests made, expect no releases. There is chaos right now.


    1. Wao, what a roller coaster! First a daily thing, then at the front end, now nothing until arrest are made. So it’s a yearly or monthly thing?
      We’re doomed.

    2. I'm cool John I heard years back there'd be no releases until thhe rats were removed. I'm expecting unsealed indictments on the 11th and give a few weeks after for things to begin.

    3. I still am confused. Last week it was, WF bankers. Now it's arrests.

    4. Last year it was Sessions testimony and Ramadan

    5. It's not a 1 dimensional problem. I'm not a millionaire because last year I didn't get a promotion. Last week it was becaue I didn't win the lottery. This week it's because the government introduced more red tape for my small business. Etc. We also can't assume that a notification from John contains all information about everything. Thhe cabal's stalling is also evolving so responses do as well.

    6. John, for clarity. The releases you speak of, does that refer to all tiers or just public release? Asking for a friend. Cheers to you and all the BSD's working on this!

    7. Releases are daily multi faced dichotomys. Huge complexities with so many snouts seeking access to the trough.if one heavy pig pushes it reverberates round the queue . Some pigs want it all and won't give way at the trough. Daily!

    8. Yup, been hearing about the pigs and the trough for almost a year. Sounds like the farmers are incapable to control the commotions in the corrals.

  3. Robert Mueller and Project Pelican's 35-Year Lease

    Biffie: And more on Project Pelican. Mueller, your past is very muddy. And check out what may be in those containers.
    7 minutes

  4. p: Veteran's Choice Health Care

    President Donald Trump Signs the most CRUCIAL Bill of his Presidency into Law at The White House
    June 5 2018

  5. DEBBIE'S DISASTER: Schultz' Shady IT Staffer to Make a PLEA DEAL with DOJ
    June 6 2018

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz found herself in the hot seat Wednesday after her shady IT staffer who attempted to flee to Pakistan announced his plans to reach a plea deal with American prosecutors, reports Fox News.

    Schultz’ IT aide, Imran Awan, rose to national headlines last year after he was arrested at a DC area airport while attempting to flee to Pakistan; raising serious questions over his access to top secret DNC emails and documents surrounding the Florida congresswoman.

    “Awan and his wife, Hina Alvi, were charged last summer with bank fraud. They now appear poised to strike a plea deal with the Department of Justice. A plea agreement hearing is set for July 3 before U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan in Washington,” Fox News reported Wednesday.

  6. Fantastic news. Actually for me at least this is so much more important than an RV or GCR

  7. “Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.”
    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  8. a44191, interesting quote. Seems like you nailed it.


  9. OWON: Russians care enough about the Soul; to scan and picture it.

    Scientist photographs soul leaving body

    1. Thanks canauzzie. I hope this is a precursor to visualising quantum interdimensional fields.

    2. Thank you Canauzzie,

      This needs to be looked at, combined with thermal imagery globally to help indicate imminent volcanic and other like activity. It may save lives.

    3. Hi P,

      Seismographs do a fantastic job, the signatures are quite clear, the satellites in this very particular instance aren't all that helpful.

  10. <a href=">Ex-Navy sailor pardoned by Trump says he's suing Comey and Obama</a>

    A former Navy sailor who is one of five people to receive a pardon from President Donald Trump is planning to file a lawsuit against Obama administration officials, alleging that he was subject to unequal protection of the law.

    Specifically, Kristian Saucier, who served a year in federal prison for taking photos of classified sections of the submarine on which he worked, argues that the same officials who meted out punishment to him for his actions chose to be lenient with Hillary Clinton in her use of a private email server and handling of classified information.

    Ha! Exposing the 'we are above the law' BS.

  11. Military Tribunals is what they are causing all the chaos about which JOHN speaks of happening right now. Its all bluster & Bullocks! June 11th is coming fast and let the smart ones make their deals and start arresting the rest on that date to get this all started! #realDonaldTrump #EXTRADITEHERZOG #MAGA

    JOHN, Please encourage people to keep up the pressure on social media and perhaps suggest exactly how. Thank You for all your hard work!

  12. Thousands of equations factor in and any single wrong step has knock on consequences, it's live, it's hourly and it's a cobweb crawling with special interests and the husks of those who got entangled and eaten.
    It's a 25 hours day and 8 day week believe it. Pressure cooker settings .
    The Zios have lost the plot and the Military fear losing the lot. Every special interest has a hook thrown in, and a Global tectonic change is adding to pressures. The following implications will be collapse if done wrong. There will be key dependencies, and every mindless Gibshite howling I was promised, in a world of bottom feeders as Leaders and bottom feeders with votes and the minds of Scroats . See how many are so seriously demented they scream Hillary was cheated. I scream how dare they vote?
    A new Global autocracy is evolving. There will be chaos for 15 years then Eurasia will take over, both Fiscally and militarily.
    When so, I just think many may miss America, warts and all . Because, be assured, when Eurasia takes over , he who rules will not tolerate fools .
    Forget Democracy, did that work?
    For 8 billion and rising Autocracy will evolve to simply coordinate the human dung heaps and stop the ensuing chaos.
    None today are fit to lead. We need Eurasia to simple flat line the chaos, degeneracy and avoid it increased by the swine.
    We need Eurasia to educate .to feed and lead the masses. To deal with crime and retrack humanity .AI will be fast tracking and the pointless sent packing. Today you pay to say or get swept away .
    We need with like minds to find a better way .
    OWON is a great site of like minds .
    Valued concepts and values worth living for .
    Tomorrow's world is evolving today. It's not what you want as Freebies it's what we dont say . Any day that release can unlock . We are playing a 20 board tier chess game . Those who scream daily, Aaahh want Maaahh money, what's coming for them will be finite, and for sure won't be funny.
    We need to retrack and to pick up the slack. Its a human herd. Those who matter will be first to be heard .

    1. Chaos. The perennial Monster under the Bed of the Elite, never looking to themselves as the actual source of Most of Their Problems. Always striving for an artificial Order that has never existed and probably never will. How about we aim Society as opposed to control it? And how about realizing that all these nutjob Elites who think they are the Source realize once and for all that they are nothing but King Canute trying to order the tides? Their power is insufficient to actually control any tides, all they do is get wet and then they blame the water instead of themselves and in their child-like tantrums cause economic destruction. Get out of the way. For your own sake.

      So, does EurAsia want to be the next mass system of blind injustice in the name of the next Oligarchy of Order or does it truly want to break past the circular anticivilizations that have been built so that we can get to an exponentially expanding New Ethereal Values into that Starchilde future?

      So long as the Elite keep thinking in terms of the herd, instead of individuals and families and greater and greater networks of humans with appropriate goals, the promise of EurAsia will elude them and fail. Offer them greater and greater constructive challenges, without the endless bullshit of legal and regulatory constraints and having to bend knee to the latest pointless dictates of "he who rules not tolerating".

      It's an unfortunate sickness of the human race that we have repeatedly scaled the simple, and appropriate for 100-human tribe hierarchical behavior , to hundred million human polities. It was stupid before, it is stupid now, and will be even more stupid in the future. We need to get self-leadership going. Hell, one rule would suffice: Do nothing to hurt a fellow human being.

      Already the destruction of liberty seems built-in. The death penalty doesn't prevent alcohol use in Saudi Arabia, the same will not prevent drug use in EurAsia. The premium increase caused by illegality will fund it and the draconian net to fight the New Drug War will simply obliterate the very spirit that could drive EurAsia to great heights. This is 100% predictable. It has played out 5 times that I can count in history. Technology will not make a difference. It's only a matter of time before every surveillance circuit is ripped out, every camera trashed, those who man the telecoms quietly executed by their fellows with a tear in their eye. It's coming. When the panopticon takes an active instead of passive stance, when sister, brother, father, mother, grandchild, gets punished because of the endless non-objective law dictates of "those who rule not tolerating", it will begin and eventually, the resulting jihad juggernaut will unwind this insanity. How do we know? Because a North Korea on the scale of EurAsia will not amount to a hill of beans. Because the flaw is there and it will play out because humans are categorically incapable of rolling back power once acquired. But panopticon+drug war is a match made in Hell and it will hurt the goal.

      And if we get down to the true brass tacks, why do folks use drugs anyway? Except for a few self-medicators, because they are bored. The endless army of Oligarchs of Order, in putting humans in specialized ruts to service someone elses Order, create nothing but boredom. Offer a Society that would be exciting to live in, with generalized integrated jobs instead of specialized ruts and watch folks thrive, watch the New come about in ways never anticipated in the damnable Think Tanks.

      My 2 cents. Back to earning a living in the clinic.

    2. Tino

      You see the problem
      But, with the wanton social abandon of the gathering swine, viewing social degeneracy,collapse of values and families, collapse of Industry and infrastructure, how do we retrack politicos to think beneficial evolution as the solution, not increased bottom line by removing the swine?

      Power corrupts and those most undeserving have it.
      Tino we don't differ on views or ethos just the practicality of replanning and phased implementation.
      China's solution is a 1 dollar bullet and you family pays for the bullet. America's is Vietnam, Cambodia, Syria, Iraq and Hegemony. Britain's, like Rome was Empire. Both collapsed. Neither saw it coming and each at peak became degenerate. Sound familiar?

      Change is not an option,the question is how?

    3. Ok, now that I finally got the frame of reference right, I will start thinking about how we retrack morally without Agenda 21 bs. Technically, inverting every idea propagated by the Elite should do the trick, but I will look to specifics. China's solution won't work and the TriLateral approach won't either. The 5 million leading 500 million Utopia was always just an insane dream.

    4. Tino Agenda 21 has enormous Elite power support. Their Final solution to remove the pollution called human kind.
      They have the power, wealth and weapons .Moreso, the commited intent by stealth. We have time and the need to ensure non succeed

      That threat comes from Tri Laterals, Jesuit powers and Bilderberger Zio sectors. The Zios expect to rule the earth, and dissent to be 6 feet under .

    5. Education in TRUTH. People need to Understand their learning and apply it as the Basic Foundation. Remediation for those of us is essential and equate that to replacing defective bricks in our foundation while we replace bad mortar (that's the very simple version) and this truly works.

      Today, in a long meeting with a bright Colleague we discussed a regenerative and revitalizing curriculum starting at about 5th grade for PhD types like me who have been dumbed down a bit and need skills regenerated. The model I used in Industry was to test people from K - 12 and let them test through any section to prove competency. Competency based model. We have at least 75,000,000 Americans with sub-standard reading and comprehension level.
      we tested a major industrial company several years ago and proved 53% functional illiteracy. Leaders should earn their way to election with skills - experience - education & training - psychological profile and competencies to name a few. I would require a cognitive - critical thinking IQ of 140 for a senior leader and 150 for a national leader. Pay them well and regulate wealth accumulation and hang those who violate that. This archaic BS system was victim to entropy almost before it started. Our Leadership programs are all way tooooo political. We can do this and JOHN, I say it could be functional in 5 years with another 10 for continuous improvement. We can do this and there is a lot of talent to make it happen .... Just eliminate ziorats and continue to harvest and MT the residual ziorats indefinitely!

    6. Bob, the Fed is propping up a vast array of failing EU banks with your money. Australia is a Fed Laundry.

      Correct re the IQ pre qualifier .Neither Bush would have made it and the blatant robbing Presidents from Bush to date would have been avoided.

      The key to Leadership is ONLY top people can be entrusted,and so far None qualify .EU also.

      There can be no waiver with Zio Rats. I would have more qualm squashing a Rat!

    7. John said... ...That threat comes from Tri Laterals, Jesuit powers and Bilderberger Zio sectors. The Zios expect to rule the earth, and dissent to be 6 feet under.

      In the immortal words of a WW2 Veteran -- "Do they now? We'll just see about that..."

    8. JOHN The Fed must be repurposed, owned by USA Republic and comply with Global Treaty for Gold Backed currency and exchanged. We have no FREEDOM until ziorat currency printing is eliminated.

      Starting with LBJ to current; only Nixon the current POTUS would pass. Barry was clever but is brains rested in the skull of VJ. $@ may have had some intelligence at one time but has been fried foe several years. He was certainly limited in discernment ... as in what kind of sadistic idiot would marry Hilly. His drugs and STDs have taken their toll but 42 and most POTUS after Andrew Jackson were inadequate by my standard. Another point we discussed in a meeting with my $$$ guy .... After A Jackson, they always sent more than one assassin to terminate a high value target. Also, we believe the news media has been guilty of treasonous propaganda since day one of USA. I say we need IQ, morality, love, compassion, honor, mathematics, civics, real history, anthropology, religion-realistic, archaeology, critical-cognitive thinking, skills, experience etc and NON POLITICAL as in a Pledge (enforceable) = government leaders that earn their jobs by testing through various well designed screens continuous evaluations. USA is loaded with human garbage and so are 5 I's and most other countries. If Truth were known the imperfect VP and DJT are the best we have currently. However, they are transitional leaders that need a meritocratic process for those who follow. I believe under the implied guidelines herein or leaders of 2050 would likely be leaders to respect while holding accountable - properly. There is so much warped information and down right criminal historical records.

      I say leave DJT, VP, XJP there to make the changes in process and start the Plan to change to Meritocracy on the fly with a Global Treaty to participate. Borders can ensure more accountability and culture should grow and not be forced. Also and very importantly reverse this illegal migration BS and send their scum back to where they came from. Forced migration created chaos and minimized accountability and eliminate it with serious consequences. I will never forget sliding into China by accident trying to stop with a rifle aimed at the bridge of my nose - safety off. I got the message and walked it back never to try that again. In USA we freakin feed, cloth, house, provide healthcare etc. Take a walk in Dearborn MI at any time of day or night and see how long you live. You will be killed or enslaved and repurposed. Horseshit = I am with you = send them back from where they came now! If Eurasia does this they will be the Model for excellence - assuming they follow other elements of a good Plan.

      ziorats should go through catch and release = catch where they are and be released in gulag. catch and release a few million of these scum and some others may get it and go back where they belong. This is not a Game!

      We all have to believe in what to do and help get it done. The 3 leaders, DJT, VP and XJP and those who support can help accelerate Transition process. All so called Royals must be dna checked and have to get their wealth revalidated. There is a need to rework royals wealth and privilege that should be handled by their respective country. In USA many of us see evidence of royal control here since day one until now and that needs to be proven true, false of iffy and then managed away.

    9. Bob,

      Wonderful to see you back and read your valuable input/perspective.

      You probably know about the freemason flight that happened in this country, and all lodges shuttered for a generation and the story behind that, right? Yes, so much is not all American history is false as taught! Abysmal! China banned them, why not same worldwide? They are a large part of the problem we face which they created. NOBODY rises above the rank of seargent in any single part of the American police forces unless they are a mason. What does that say?

    10. Excellent discussion above. I believe that unless we get the real truth taught to our youth, any future leader will still fail to lead this country properly. Clean out the criminals, drain the swamp, and teach the truth in the schools.

    11. Absolutely cracking conversation ^^^^ exactly Tino here here and Bob I loved hearing your training/learning/assessment/curriculum framework.

      Already the cracks have appeared in the obsolete autocratic model and they will only grow. The new emperors will find themselves in a similar chaotic node as the current ones do if they proceed per script.

      Personally, I believe an ascension is underway = change of octave of human thought, awareness and being. Nothing in this universe is not frequency. Our carrier wave is modulating to a type where autocracy and oligarchy is not supported and less so the further we evolve in this direction.

      Proof this is happening is the current exposure of and breaking down of the control and political systems employed for the last 2k+ years.

      Even power hungry and lustful china will pale in comparison to the influence that our introduction into our lively galactic society will bring. Physics dictates that humanity's collective consciousness IS the substrate of power in our society. We are awoken/awakening. Autocrats have no longevity. It is simple physics of consciousness, and Bob this is what I'd add to your excellent curriculum (as well as a large serving of astrophysics :).

    12. It’s that time again! The Bilderbergs, a secret club of people who consider themselves elite, are meeting starting today in Italy and have divulged their agenda topics and attendees list. Of note, the Vatican is sending a Cardinal this year.

      According to the ultra-secretive group’s official website, key topics for this year’s discussion will include:

      Populism in Europe
      The inequality challenge
      The future of work
      Artificial intelligence
      The US before midterms
      Free trade
      US world leadership
      Quantum computing
      Saudi Arabia and Iran
      The “post-truth” world
      Current events

      I notice a topic missing in above list ~ How we managed to muck up the planet and civilized society

    13. TIM Most Masons are regular souls who love God and work for a living.....One of my best Friends, a retired navy Commander was a 32nd Degree. I also worked with an equivalent Scottish Rite. Both of these guys loved God and Country. WE believe levels 1 - 32 inculcate, MK and nurture future 33 - 45 levels. I hear there are levels above 45 but do not have confirmation from reliable sources. Those working their way up to 32 are observed and tested continuously for satanic traits and other factors important to find, select and process candidates into the capstone for synagogue of satan. Those elevated are sworn to secrecy and may likely reveal to brothers that they are no higher than 32 ... or other messages for obfuscation.

  13. Eurasia, that's so 1984. Will we be 1 Oceania or 2? No solutions for eliminating the ziorats on the sinking ship I see. That's revealing. Any thoughts on the sonic concussion epidemic at the US embassy in Guangzhou, China? Clif High says the earth is expanding, truth or lies?

  14. John, you said on Monday you were traveling for contracts. Can you elaborate?

    1. No it's beyond sensitive and tenuous right now .we want resolution.

  15. Why doesn't publicly(here)NAMING the ones known by you JOHN that are holding up the process sound like plan of action to stop this logjam they create? As long as they stay un-named they can continue this and delay ad infinimum. Drag therm out of the shadows by NAMING names, and their power is lessened and even neutralized!

    1. I believe every blocker is either a ziorat or an MK Ultra'd POS. The names are coming out and many at the operating level will be proven such as 41, 42, 43, 44, DWS, VJ and all 44's staff, >30% of congress and 50% of WDC admin are in on it. The Swamp is a 1000 X more complex and vast than was expected by nearly all of us. I see one of the most significant blocks will be eliminated by absorbing Fed into UST, announcing GB$, arresting know bankers and financial criminals worldwide = arresting all key individuals and create avenues for turds to turn and not be let out ever. As we take away ziorat wealth and their ability create $$$ they lose power exponentially. How many idiots will demonstrate or create false voter registrations or vote illegally if they are not paid. We see the GCR as in "steady she goes, land in sight (Pray it's not a mirage) hit the on switch.

    2. This change Model is a lot less digital and a lot more analog.

    3. Bob,

      You hit the nail on the head with the MK Ultra and trauma based abuse programming. Most of these people have 10-30 personalities. With a phone call you can trigger a personality and stop the process, then flip them back and they have no idea what they have done.

    4. We are holding back for the Tribunals. What we have will bury them.

  16. Does anyone know about this, a bank down and no deposits will show up for 5 days, nothing will work? This is on HSBC website and they also have a recorded call, saying it could be a blackout for up to 5 days??

    Personal Internet Banking
    Online Banking Updates

    When the updates are happening

    We’ll be temporarily offline while we make updates and enhancements to HSBC Online Banking. During this outage, from 7:30pm ET June 8 – 8:30am ET June 11, 2018 , the majority of your banking services will be unavailable.

    1. could this have some significance we should pay attention to?

    2. Checked my online Chase. They haven't mentioned anything yet, they're waiting to spring it on us. Surprise!!!!!!! But thanks to this blog, you can bet I'll be taking some cash out in the A.M. just in case.

      Thanks NOTTHISTIME

    3. It can't be fortuitous coincidence that 2 major UK Banks are both going to be off at exactly the same time and Credit Cards will NOT be able to pull down cash??????? What's in play here? They are field testing something.

  17. Just had an interesting conversation with a wealth manager at WF. We at a local restaurant and I inquired about the dinar. He said he knew his higher ups were lying to their mangers about their part in the dinar. He said he has even set up trust funds for some of his clients when it happens because they don’t want to be behind the 8ball. He is really pissed that they are trying to keep him quiet. He says he smells fish.
    Just thought I would through that out.

  18. One evil twin has devoured the other....

    Monsanto – Bayer Merger Complete: Monsanto Name Dropped

    1. Ever so tricky. They think that most folks will not realize that monsanto is now combined with bayer. Bayer being a common and 'trusted' name and product and monsanto being this poison. Well, now they are hiding behind a name and both are very poison.

  19. Veteran finds childs skull, bones scattered


  20. Hannity just said IG report will be released next Thursday, 5/14

  21. E-mailed to me.


    President Trump recognizes how much support you’ve given him since our movement began.

    But most importantly, you’ve proven yourself to be a true friend.

    The President’s birthday is coming up on June 14, and we at Headquarters want to give him a card signed by ALL of his friends and family. Friend, his birthday card will NOT be complete without your signature and personal message.

    Wish President Trump a Happy Birthday!

    Each and every day President Trump goes to bat for the American people.

    He takes on the deep state, the fake news, and the Washington liberals who want to see our movement -- built by the hard work and patriotism of Americans like you -- FAIL.

    He won’t let it happen. And he knows you won’t either. That’s why he’s so proud to have you on his team.

    Nothing could make the President’s birthday better than to see your signature and warm wishes for his 72nd birthday.

    Please sign your name on his OFFICIAL birthday card assembled by everyone at Team TRUMP.

    Thank you,
    Team TRUMP

    P.S. Friend -- Remember, this will be the ONLY birthday card the President will see. Sign his OFFICIAL birthday card now:

  22. And here goes the first Domino!
    First public arrest?

  23. so I have read that we are to look to 6-14-18 for some 'big league' things to happen. Why the 14th? Because it's Trump's birthday.

    You have your popcorn ready John? If not, I have enough to share with the entire blog! Drinks too.

  24. Multi key issues, as far as we can accomodate requests.

    Military,Agency and Sovereign interests are pushing Self Interests.A plethora of retired and current Generals,Admirals and Contractors part paid in Dinars, have wives oushing hard for remptions. For many, that bitch indoors carries more fear than the Taliban or ISIS, and her withdrawal, either personal or services,is a cost non wish to innitiate. That's becoming more than skirmishes,and the issues are on Trumps list now. Litigious wives, the American way. To keep them happy, they have to pay.
    RV's now feel the squeeze. So, it's daily! Politics and Banking versus her indoors. Of such , Empires are very afraid. You promised! How much head banging can a guy take?
    So, the Bitch from Hell is on it as well. Military Retirees with that daily?
    Contractors are not the best people to P*** off. They can organise and hit back
    China has it's own highly advanced Tesla energy propulsed test aircraft,and a growing investment in alternative power systems. For China, market changing new breakthroughs are coming.
    But, Oh Hell, Russia is heavily dependent on its Oil and Gas sales.

    For China, collosal savings.For Russia, and the Middle East, impending disaster. For the Petro dollar, goodby!

    Test aircraft can fly at speeds in excess of 1,000 mph. Albeit experimental models still, but the implication are profound. Freeways gone. Railtrack for goods only. Work populations connurbations opended up totally. Air travel halved and more. Fuel costs gone! Big Oil- Gone! Air cars vast growth. Jobs!!!

    So, if 10 million personal craft/car owners, want to visit their relatives for examply in the US, will they wait for Customs procedures, or signal FU!
    Just how will you stop 10 million incoming at 1,000 mph to a yet unknown destination?
    Will 50M US Tourists on vacation to Europe or the Caribbean want this BS , or just go and land? Military, 50M Chinese incoming at 1,000 mph mixed with 50M internal US craft travelling domestically both in and out. No system will handle that. Suddenly all
    known borders will be neutered. The State, will dissintegrate! Free will to lock and go.
    Suddenly Big State Brother is a neutered Mother! As with Eurasia, One State, One Nation.
    One people. Laws for all. Borders gone! And implications? 50M M Mexis incoming fast. Russia will outsell all S400s.

    1. Best news I've heard today -- minimalist but highly enforced law and highly agreed upon law! Once this happens, if it happens, decentralization has to be driven to the max. The ability to FU is the primary driver of freedom. Freedom is never bad. If there is any lesson from the last 500 years is when the nutjob Elite get pushed aside good things happen. Yeah, they reassert control upon fixed (as in physical) assets eventually, but knowledge is becoming more central all the time, and knowledge can move around freely.

  25. Trump now has issues re the pending IG report, albeit delayed a week as advised to water down the Public release version. What is truth? Concurrent to that the Warrants. So many Hos, who knows? How does he sell to the Sheeple it's ALL a Crock?
    So choose, and why so many Zio Jews?
    Can the system take the hit, dealing with so many pieces of ? !!
    How the hell can that get through the crooked US Court system. Many Judges will get rich fast. Pleas for Rat Fleas.

    1. Of course the System can take the hit! The Republic or what's left of it will survive just fine. The Working Class knows it's all a crock, so does the dispossessed Middle Class driven into poverty, so does the ~20% actually unemployed (see Shadowstats). A good shake to the System is the absolute best thing that can happen. I have roughly one thousand people downstream of me that thought I was absolutely batshit crazy for a decade. Now they are beside themselves watching everything I said come true around them. The knock-on effects of the remnant will be felt for a long, long, time.

  26. New Global implications have Bilderbergers "Concerned".Martialling their web is in full drive. If China " Releases" who will pick up the pieces? Bilderberger is Brit run. UK based.Talking heads are losing it. China does not want to play- Our way?

    Eurasia will have no need or role for the Bilderbergers unless as a new Commie comm group.
    How do we factor that? What is to integrate if they choose to coerce the Anglo American Alliance to dissintegrate?

  27. So, IG report, plus the Real One behind.
    Who acts. who pays? Who goes, and who was linked? How do you investigate corruption and Treason with a Bent Judiciary? No one can even get Soetoros Birth Cert for Gods sake, then does Jarret go down? How many knew and did nothing? Demo Rats?

    1. John in reference to the birth certificate just for instance, I have been reading/hearing this ALL will be revealed.

      Trump has a lot to inform the country and world about. Can you imagine having to disclose that EVERYTHING has been a lie? Easier said than done in my opinion.

      I say he needs some support.

    2. This is Politics. How much will he release, and is this HIS HOUR? Hit time?
      I hope so.

    3. When the time is right, release the Real One. Compound the storm. It needs to happen.

    4. Near the end of WWII Operation paperclip was vacuuming up nazis and other valuable people and relocating them. Some close to AH were shipped to Argentina and on to Paraguay by the Bush-Scheff masters of ziorat $$$$. Now is when we need ACCOUNTABILITY or deja vu. MTs are essential.

    5. Bob, have heard 100,000 Nazi's came to the US with Project Paperclip. How many were next door neighbors to the masses? The brightest and best ended up with deep state's space program. Just what did they develop?

  28. How long can Trump hold back the warrants?
    Who will organise the arrest groups and hold them where? Freed on Bail evidence tampering will be rife. The Demos and Soros will instigate mass riots. Who will arrest Soros?
    Why does Trump not issue an Executive Order, in a deal with Putin, to arrest and ship the Bastard to Moscow that day. Military rule. The world will love it. Concurrent with the Warrants.

  29. So much is in play, by the hour, by the day. So much evidence is held back, so as to ensure key Prosecution only have it first. NO cover ups. No evidence pre warning. We will dump it all for maximum Prosecution impact. It's all a game. Cards are stacked, and we want all Zios and Cabal crooks racked! Never mind Fracking we want them all fragging!

  30. The Anglo US Alliance between Trump and May is tense right now. He can't stand her imperious School Marm attitude regarding him as an uncultured Klutz, and she finds it hard to deal with Trump, dissorganised and wilful as he is. Difficult personas? May just soon May have her day. She's on borrowed time and Vultures are gathering for the kill.

    1. So Trump next week, does he blink, or release a truly unholy stink? Time to do the paid day job. If so, massive Good for Him!
      Let FEMA rip. Gitmo or Rendition Center the rest. It's time to round up the Swine!

    2. I can't imagine the position Trump is in. For pete's sake, if he screams run in Hawaii because lava is rushing toward them, some snowflakes will scream, it is a dstraction/coverup re: Russia, Stormy, Melanias health etc

    3. Ten more Stormies smelling pay offs. He promised?

      I've heard old Hawains say the only way to stop the Lave is a human sacrifice of prominence for a Hawain of standing. Jeez how fast Obama just found his Mombassa birth cert.

    4. Staking out 10,000 on the warrants list? Beats the ducking stool. If your innocent, God will steer the lava round you? Catholicism practised this shit for 600 years. Can't we test run 10,000? 6 M Zios also, don't worry YOUR God will save you, He promised, your special? Surely the power of 6 M of their focused minds will hold hack the lava? Or give Mother Earth a Pompei Zio solution.

    5. Pele the Goddess does NOT protect any ziorats!

  31. This thing is crowning at 10cm it's about to blow and it will be messy! Suck back the NO2 and push Trump!

  32. John re the Sino Mach 2 Tesla craft..

    Now we have answers. Publically, China pursued the fossil fuel angle to wrestle hegemony from the US. Simultaneously developing tesla tech. Gambit revealed. I knew it.

    Russia still on the fossil fuel train, if true, I am incredulous. Idiots if true. Even I as blind freddy can see the writing on the wall and would have directed my country to massive new energy tech as the way to shake the petrodollar troll off my back.

    As for half the time in the air: Airbus and Boeing, if not in on this, are done for. Qantas is masturbating over the prospect of 18hr non-stop flights from Sydney to London, New York and Rio from 2022 with the A350-1000 or B777X. They act like a 40 yo hooker who thinks she's 20 - damaged goods and obsolete with the new tech. So.. China will have a monopoly on this tech?

    So many 'intelligent' CEOs who are not smart will be blindsided and all because their world view is formed by Channel 7 news.

    But. China is being disingenuous. They KNOW of tech that does Mack 8-10. But release Mach 2 tech so they retain control.

    They will fail. I am just one guy and if I can see through their ploy others will rout them easily. They won't succeed in their slow disclosure agenda. Nice try.

    1. You can bet your bottom dollar that China tested airlines by insisting that Taiwan, HK and Macao be listed as part of China on the airlines' booking systems instead of being listed separately. The US airlines who refused per DJT's orders will not be offered the technology.

    2. Yeah, but it wont matter long term. The moment you show the Existence Proof, the rest of the 150+ IQ folk will look into the issue and the tech advantage will evaporate. Those of us watching the USAP world know electrogravitics has been developed to max capacity. If the rumors and equations are to be believed, we are talking 90% weight reduction and massive propulsion power. Ben Rich's "Act of God" to see a technology released will be realized.

    3. That's why I'm scratching my head Tino. Their gambit doesn't make sense.

  33. By: Jim Willie CB,

    50 98 1 Google +2 7

    -- Published: Monday, 4 June 2018 | Print | Comment - New!

    TIMBER!! That is the standard cry in the forest industry among loggers who cut down giant trees, the warning to step aside for the great impact. GET READY FOR THE SIMULTANEOUS BANKING CRISIS IN THE THREE BIGGEST EUROPEAN ECONOMIES: GERMANY, FRANCE, ITALY. The United States and the London Centre will not be able to avoid the crisis.

    Try that again. TIMBERRRR !! An event of monumental importance and impact is on the verge of occurrence. The largest bank in Europe is Deutsche Bank. Its credit default swap is rising in cost, while its stock price has entered single digits in a powerful decline. The great D-Bank, site of the European office in management of the multi-$trillion derivatives, is on the verge of financial failure. It is the largest bank in all of Europe. All of its business segments are impaired and losing money in a hemorrhage. Furthermore, it is a big bond holder for Italian Govt Bonds. The Italian banking system is in the death throes, which has finally been recognized. Their recent elections openly debated pathways in the face of banking system failure, which the Jackass has been expecting for over a year in steady coverage with analysis. However, the bigger bond holder for Italian debt is France. Expect a massive bank crisis to emerge very soon that wrecks Societe General and BNP Paribas, its two largest banks.

    Back in 2016, the Hat Trick Letter warned of very high Non-Performing Loans among the Italian banks. The HTLetter warned of rising government bond credit defaults swap rates. It is the insurance rate on a standard government bond, in coverage for default of the bond. It was this CDSwap rising rate which warned at least three months in advance of the Lehman Brothers failure (killjob by JPM and GSax). But the contagion for the Italian banking failure is the main point. Notice that back two years ago, the French big banks had triple the size of exposure to Italian debt, versus the German banks. The Spanish and US banks will also suffer from the impact. The graph below is from July 2016.


    The Global Currency RESET has begun, hardly with fanfare and parades, or even formal public statements by the main players. Many are the events and steps toward the planning and execution of the RESET, which will be very disruptive, and make the Lehman failure seem rather minor by comparison. The Jackass has consistently called what comes to be the Systemic Lehman Event, since major sovereign bonds have become subprime in quality, kept sustained by central banks with their QE. Another better name for Quantitative Easing is hyper monetary inflation with debt monetization of the unsterilized type. See Zimbabwe and South America for the wondrous outcomes in national economic wreckage, poverty, and bank insolvency, just two examples. The Jackass has been preaching for several years that the QE monetary policy has saved the big banks, or at least through bolstered official liquidity having bought them some time. But the consequence has been to render severe damage to the tangible economies. QE has essentially killed the economies. The feedback loop has struck the banks, which suffer great damage from the chronic recession which has never stopped since the year 2006. Business failures have combined with lower energy prices to cause a wrecking ball to hit the big banks. They also have been hurt by the rising bond yields for the USTreasurys. The lie on economic growth has been about 5% to 7% every year, from severely gimmicked price inflation. See Shadow Govt Statistics with John Williams for proof. Therefore, the true inflation adjusted GDP has been minus 2% to minus 4% every year since before the Lehman failure.

  34. The RESET is in progress. Many are its elements. Like the Gold-Oil-RMB futures contracts in Shanghai. Like the Cross-Border Interbank Payment System (CIPS) which will function as the SWIFT alternative for Eastern nations. The entire Belt & Road Initiative forms a massive $6 to $8 trillion conference table of projects, mostly construction, all in the Eastern Hemisphere, and none conducted in USDollar terms. Many are the non-USD platforms under development, some of which have been around for a while like the BRICS Development Bank. Lately, a new piece has been put in the picture, with the BRICS Gold Platform. My suspicion is that Turkey might soon play a role with it, in conversion of sovereign subprime (toxic) bonds like the USTreasurys and EuroBonds. Keep in mind that Italian Govt Bonds deserve a 10% yield, like the Greek Govt Bonds, except that the Euro Central Bank has been subsidizing these toxic (in)securities.


    An astute and very well-informed source with solid connections has provided important direction on the development. Timing is always difficult. He looks toward two key events that soon will trigger a global financial crisis, complete with a wave of reforms and solutions sought, all amidst great changes in financial markets. Expect a complete restructuring of the financial world we know it, as in debt restructure. The result will be a gold-centric financial structure, with central banks honoring finally the Gold Standard and the gold asset in banking reserves. The shift will be seen toward not only implementation of the Gold Standard, but also the Chinese RMB and possibly a key role for crypto-currencies. Confirmation is coming from the mainstream media. During the Systemic Lehman Event, otherwise called the bust of the Everything Bond Bubble (from QE squared), some sovereign bonds will be defaulted upon, with painful consequences from the failures. During the upcoming bust, certain entire national banking systems will collapse.

    At the same time, next-generation technology will be unleashed. It will be both disruptive to monopoly corporations, and society also. It will act as a wrecking ball to many energy companies who have suppressed the technology. In the RESET expect some hardline rules (if not games) exerted by the banker cabal, with respect to war on cash and negative rates. They will attempt to maintain their centralized power and absent transparency. The Elders of China are driving the RESET process, after having abandoned support for many key institutions of power in the West. A gold-backed Chinese Yuan is anticipated as part of the new framework.

    In the upcoming chaos, tremendous changes will come, as part of the Global Paradigm Shift. In the reforms and much needed solutions, the suppression controls and shackles for Precious Metals will be shoved aside. The source has expectations of key events unfolding rapidly, with no prospect of much delay or favorable outcome for the USDollar, since Gold cannot hold back any longer. Bear in mind the gigantic Egyptian gold investor, where something like 50% of his wealth was invested in gold bullion metal. The shrewd investors expect only PM to survive the big burn that comes, and not much else, surely not paper assets when the King Dollar suffers its fate. The source is not certain how much longer the suppression of price and news can be maintained. It surely will not last another year, more like at most several months. Events are picking up in accelerated speed and breadth for the non-USD platforms. By the way, the source is not Santa himself, Mr Sinclair.

  35. Then the source emphasized this. He awaits two key globally important events, which are set to occur. Nothing can stop them, and both will be powerful. He knows what they are, but is not at liberty to offer further details, very clear events in development. They are near-term triggers, which will release Gold & Silver prices. Once gold is released, silver will take flight. He stressed how the Global Currency RESET will have some very visible unexpected aspects in a complete restructuring of the financial world versus its present form. He seems to be part of the planned restructure, planning, testing, and implementation, if not the upcoming crisis management.

    The Jackass tried to guess on the key trigger events with Saudi oil sales taken in RMB payments. He was evasive but admitted that is a certainty already to occur between the Chinese and Arabs. My next gambit guess was to describe the development of non-USD platforms. He repeated that two key events are in the near-term schedule in progress. Before the Jackass could mention the near-term chaos with Deutsche Bank and the entire Italian banking system, he offered more details, but still somewhat general.

    This will unfold as an event schedule sequence. He gave emphasis that silver metal was in dire shortage, the deficit growing worse with each passing month. Upon further reflection, the Jackass believes a widespread shutdown of principal globalist cabal banks might occur, which would alter the entire global financial framework, and unleash the gold demand. The remaining banks could then replace a large swath of their USTreasury Bonds, EuroBonds, UKGilts, and JapGovtBonds in favor of Gold bullion for the formally held assets in reserves. The RESET would then dictate how global banking systems must migrate toward gold and away from sovereign debt in their reserves management systems. The rising Gold price in the following years would ensure the banks of healthy solvency. Or at least gold will aid the central banks in their struggle toward survival, which have made disastrous decisions in the accumulation of $9 trillion of toxic sovereign bonds just in the USFed and EuroCB.

    Here are several potential key events to force a grand grotesque disruption. The others pertain to deep impact events, also certain to continue the disruption. The Jackass guess on the two events are first a combination of Deutsche Bank failure with Italian banking system collapse. The second guessed event would be the introduction of the Gold Trade Note, designed to sit atop the Shanghai Gold-Oil-RMB futures contracts, with a possible announcement of interchangeable Chinese Yuan with the Gold Trade Note in a caretaker temporary transition role. Be sure to know that Jackass conjecture on the two key events is a much better descriptor, since guess seems flimsy flighty and conjecture seems educated calculated.



    Deutsche Bank failure, talk of restructure, with rupture of derivative complex
    Italian banking system collapse, complete with numerous bank runs
    Italian sovereign currency announced as new Lira currency in EU exit
    London Metals Exchange launches RMB-based metals contracts
    COMEX & LBMA rupture from lost control of integration with oil & currencies
    Formal launch of Gold Trade Note atop the Shanghai G-O-R contracts
    Saudi oil sales in RMB to China, adopted by other Arabs and other Asians
    London flips East, with RMB Hub development, following their AIIBank membership


    Flourishing non-USD platforms, led by Chinese design and efforts
    Germans and French formally end Russian sanctions, thus flipping East
    CIPS bank transaction system gains wider adoption, even among Western nations
    BRICS Gold Platform announces conversion of sovereign bonds to Gold
    China pre-announces gold-backed Yuan in form of convertible Gold Trade Note
    China announced Yuan backed by basket of currencies, Gold, other commodities
    Introduction of a new IMF SDR basket that includes gold, crude oil, iron
    EU opens door to Euro payments in external trade with trading partners
    Emerging Markets rupture on debt defaults, due to currency crisis
    NATO fractures in the open and EU pursues independent military security


    The Global RESET has already begun. The USFed has brought about a chronic slowdown in money velocity, which reveals the horrendous chronic recession. Damage has been done for over six years during the heretical QE monetary policy. The chart is only through end of year 2018. The malinvestments are hitting the wall. Add to the discussion on the bond market, aside from the USTreasurys, where much distress is seen. The USFed cannot manage the entire asset backed securities (mortgage bond) market and the corporate bond market, let alone the high yield (junk) bond market. Far afield is the Emerging Market arena, with scary damage. The Quantitative Tightening has caused severe problems already. It all seems like a scuttle project. Thus the new chairman of the USFed is certainly not a banker cabal player, with no Wall Street experience.

    1. Is this from a Hattrick report or in the public domain?

  37. 1-877-472-2249

    This is the HSBC number you can call to hear the outage message if you want to hear it. I find it interesting that they make note for you to track your balances and there may be errors after the upgrade.

  38. hello john

    can you address what this UN press release means:

    Security Council Sanctions Committee concerning Iraq Removes One Entity from Its Sanctions List

    1. One poor Sod who crossed the US has now Plea Bargained off the Blacklist. Someone was sold out!

    2. The "entity" is the Central Bank of Iraq. Sounds like a MAJOR step forward to bringing their economy back to the world's financial system.

  39. We are going to add a new report as a comment. A succinct article, exposing the subterfuge, arrogance and corruption of DC,and the viperous treachery mounted against Trump by these disgusting, self serving Super State miscreants. We need to expose and rid America of the lot.

    When Trump erres we go hostile. But when he does the job elected for we WILL support him to the hilt.
    Read the comment when it goes up please. I have a vast daily reading library. You need to read this when it comes up. It needs you all on side. Armed to argue for what is right. We will not stand by and see you sold out. We all are one world. Diss united together.

  40. Now, details of which I can not release. YOU work it out.

    Certain major Trading Banks, are going to have a Network Black Out for 5 days.
    Those with major banks, the likes of HSBC, Barclays etc, may not be able to use your Credit Cards to withdraw cash, Cash Transfers may take over 5 days, and transaction records may be " Not available" for 5 days. An "arranged" technical glitch.

    Certain key banks look to be about to start a major series of compounding Bank Platform Trades to crank up as much On Balance Sheet Capital as possible selling forwards 40 weeks of trades, and rolling on multiple occasions. Plus all gearing it off the charts.
    Using Other Peoples Money is par for the course. Yours!
    Trump needs major funds soon. Work it out! Then phased steps can be taken. We need to raise vast Capital Fed and Cabal free.

    A whole new meaning to Creation!
    We will say no more.

    1. So you lock up clients money, trade those funds vigorously forward for 5 days out 40 weeks. Generate Trillions on or OFF balance sheet and THEN?

      Use this to fund a.....NWO, RV's, Elitist Fantasies, Stormy Daniels visits?

    2. Or?
      JV, work it out. Way too much focus is on these banks to try NWO right now.
      A weeks real push. Then?

    3. John, wondering if you could answer any or all of these questions regarding this post

      What screen? grey?
      Is it 10 year 7.5%?
      What bank is it on?
      What is fresh cut price?
      Why not an "Evergreen" contract?
      Size of first tranche?

    4. Grey screens are special interests bank screens used by the Military,Agencies, UN and special interests for vast and staggering money trading and capital raising .
      Most trades are 10 year notes with interest varying from 3.5,% up to ,7.5%.
      Major authorised banks only issue.
      New issue prices can be as low as 17.5%. Evergreen contracts run but are normally specified in contract blocks and tranches. Franchise sizes are multiples of 500m blocks.

  41. I have a headache from all of the unraveling,but, and didn't see this here.

    During his meeting with FEMA, President Trump, for no reason in particular, puts his water bottle on the floor. Not two-seconds later, Pence does the same.

    Many people believed that this a message to bad actors- NO DEALS on the table.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. John Wells, Caravan to Midnight, interviews Craig Sawyer about child trafficking site just discovered by Veterans on Patrol looking for homeless veterans in Tucson.

  44. Although some cards are expected to be played next week,it could take weeks for the hands to play out. A start is game on.
    That it's happening is all. Those who can't take the heat,leave the market.
    Hands need to play out, and priorities will emerge.
    No one has time for Wimps or Whiners. Or interest.
    Empires are not built by Muppets,and New Dawns are rising here. Be part, or Depart.

    1. Are the banks going down this coming week as described in past post?


  45. OWON: Many are asking what's evolving within the Russian Chinese Game table.

    "Putin and Xi’s declaration is a symbolically enormous step in the formation of multipolarity. This move’s practical manifestations will soon be seen in this already climactic period of Atlanticism in crisis.

    This says it all as events and currencies wars combine in to a battle of global influence which will no longer be Solely USD centric. Like it or not shared hegemony will result and one can assume that each participant will fight for a larger piece of the pie. What will really drive their longer term success will be real economic strength in sectors that matter, and that does not mean what is in vogue. As credit bubbles and waste losses will all be fair play in coming days, it will be new technology and remade industries with the future in mind who will call and rule the day of each hegemony participant."

    Wrong cards? Retards!

    NEXT LEVEL: Putin and XI Sign HUGE Declaration on Russia-China Alliance


  46. OWON: This is a key and very insightful article of what is being unlawfully perpetrated against the US President and the nations people.

    Truth you ALL need to read, absorb and act on where possible. It defines the horror story that is the beltway, and the clandestine treachery of the Agencies. As such, we will give Trump ALL the support possible to expose this.

    Truth is the key foundation building block of all.

    Many of you have orchestrated this report in parts. I hope this serves you all. Note how much we do read, and know. How our judgments are formed. How yours need to be.

    Please read this report. We seek only to help and serve America and all its people well.

    The Swamp Strikes Back

    1. Please read this above article for a balanced views of your Presidents so unfair treatment by the treasonous and treacherous Deep State .

  47. KEY EVIDENCE GOES MISSING: Server Belonging to Wasserman Schultz IT Worker Imran Awan Is Physically Stolen from Congress

    1. It figures. Business as usual.

    2. Yes but I wonder if anyone had the foresight to clone it / back up.

  48. If you don’t follow Neon Revolt, you really should. He’s connecting the dots on “suicide weekend“

  49. China and Russia's new greater Alliance warns Trump get out of Asia.

    It also gives us a big step towards the creation of Eurasia as building blocks drop into place. India will come in via BRICS also,and the EU will just run up the White Flag.
    Aus will fall to China. Britain, as with HK for China, will be the Banking outlet.
    Big problem, where to put the Pakkies? Give it all 15 years, then see.Economies will follow the money.6 Billion will go to Eurasia and Trade. South America and Africa? China is flooding Africa for minerals and energy. Scooping up. As the Global Chess board settles,the US will be ring fenced. A few pawns left and a battered Queen defending He Who Would be King.

    The US needs to use its vast abilities to grab real technological leads while it can for its own sake and skin in the game. A tiny UK, a quarter the size of Texas, plays a Global role. The UK has the Leadership of the vast Commonwealth. Cultural trade relationships. A Global power. The UK has the Queen. The US had Barnie Frank.

    Every chance over the next 6 months the Crypto bounce back will start. You all need to position and cross help each other. Speculate only what you can afford to lose.It makes sense to test this market. Little to lose, a lot to gain. Lots of good info daily is live between the sites. It is becoming its own Intel mine. Many helpful tips to prosper.

    The next few weeks will be interesting for Trump. Iraq is positioning and China won't let Vietnam lose out in the Pig trough.

    The UK has months to fix a deal with the EU or walk with none. If the UK walks, be assured, with the Brits Global relationships, if borders get blocked the EU will get hit hard. How about the US and UK getting their act together and producing a Joint Venture high quality up market car range, taking it back from Germany? New technologies and quantum leap the Germans and Japs. Or China WILL! Time for the UK and US to JV, innovation can save each nation. The UK and US together are as Machiavellian as it gets. Devious buggers don't need Tree Huggers.
    Mind power.

    Once Mueller is gone, every chance Trump will get a second term. With only possibly Romney or a Demo Rat Cross Dresser left, who opposes? Interesting times. Fail now and where does Mueller go?
    He drank from the Poison Chalice. 6 years hard time with Paladin and Slack Alice.
    ( There goes his coffee this morning). Lol.

    Next 2 weeks , major Trading Banks platforms are running flat out. What then?

    1. "Aus will fall to China."
      Jeez you really know how to cheer a guy up John.

    2. 2B chinese and Indians. 4B Asians overall . Your sitting targets . Of course they won't let 40m Roos hold them to ransom .

    3. In my opinion, it's time we (being Australia), embraced the pivot to Asia that our Government's discuss with spit forming in the bottom of their mouths.

      Australia has 24 million people and lots of assets. I think we need to work on our friendship skills with Asia.

      Everyone on this site knows that the days of US supremacy are OVER. The US I'd a spent force with a failed economy and out if date military infrastructure.

      Australia needs to cut it's ties to the US. Into longer has any good thing to offer us in exchange for our past uncompromised loyalty.

      And in case you haven't noticed, China is just about to win the "war" that has been washed by them in the South China Sea without firing a single shot. When North Korea throws in the towel on Tuesday, the US will l
      have lost. BIG.

      BTW, I have a single line of text viewable in the message box on my phone so apologies for any typos.

    4. Monkey, foreigners or asians arent the problem. China's monoculture and gobbling up our farms and real estate, is. IMO, unlike others who migrate and become Aussies (viet, thai, phillipino, malay etc) the Chinese gov wants to turn Oz into an overseas territory like Taiwan by stealth and own our farminf land and best real estate. That is the problem. Colonization.

  50. John, sorry for the ignorance, but what does this mean?

    "major Trading Banks platforms are running flat out"

    1. It means as hard or as quickly as you can. Like fast and furious!

    2. Good question. Curious as Chase doesn't appear to be going offline as is HSBC and Barclays and ??

    3. Chase is NOT a major MTN / MTD BG Trading Bank.
      Who ARE now working this 24 x 5. It WILL run again beyond compounding Profits accrued, having created a major Free New Platform, it will run again to re Compound many times over what we next need out of Public or Auditors sight.
      Wheels within wheels, within wheels.

    4. hello john

      can you share what currency the trading is being done in?


    5. John, WOW! Learn something new everyday, re: Chase.

    6. Unknown. Euros but profits are then converted to buy US Dogshit where needed, or to redeem US PPs in Euros . Profits cover both.

    7. JP Morgan are the only US Bankers able to trade in London, in Euros and out of US oversight.

  51. yes, but what is the goal to do that, whats going to happen because of that?

    1. The Big Dogs who use their heads and position, Feed .
      Who is paid will be decided. Whose who, or not in the queue? Of the top 3 tracking we are in 2. Of the next Tier it all comes via London. I work almost 24 X 7 so I make my own success. That's what it takes.

    2. Rumor is JP Morgan has full trading authority for the UST.

    3. As far as US Banks allow access you still have no exits without us and we wont give them unless via us. You rob the world ruthlessly .We stiff you .That's how it works .

  52. I have stockpiled some foreign currencies in the event of a dollar collapse and now I'm wondering if I should unload them. I find it hard to believe that the controllers will allow the collapse of the EU and the euro, it's a crucial revenue stream.

  53. GCR RV 24Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

    “And there’s also ‘To him that hath shall be given.’ After all, you must have a capacity to receive, or even omnipotence can’t give. Perhaps your own passion temporarily destroys the capacity.”
    ― C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed

    “Herein lies the paradox: If you want more of whatever it is you desire, you have to first prove to the universe that you are capable of having it by developing a consciousness that affirms there is no shortage of it. The only way to do this is by creating a vacuum or space for it to be received, and the only way you can create a space for it to be received is by letting go of what you do have, trusting that the universe knows what it is doing. That's the law of circulation in action.”
    ― Dennis Merritt Jones, The Art of Being: 101 Ways to Practice Purpose in Your Life

  54. As we wait for the Bank Play to run its course, our sociopathic Founder of Theranos is actually raising money for a new company. If I could express my disgust at this properly I would be perpetually banned from OWoN and every site on the Web.


  55. OWON - Humour: Home of the UK Prime Minister.

    Have they any idea of the power of words and images?

    Downing Street Thieves


  56. OWON: Culture is key and all. Plus impossible relationships of only the most inner circle.

    The key Buddhist Temples represent the core families and nations. Temple ceremonies are sacred and key in the orders of power. Nothing moves without their blessing and order. To be accepted by their Cultures and invited within, is the step non bar one has achieved. One such party is the London key link, entrusted and honoured by the families and Temple Heads.

    Only the key London link has that access. Also trust. Just a sample for you of the complex plethora of volumes of moves and input needed. Knowledge is power. Culture is knowledge. Acceptance is key. This is part of London's remit. Knowing how to move or pay the cards. Or lose. Face loss is terminal. Trust is all. Earn it.

    유윤순 영산재 불영티비 봉원사

    1. The lady featured looks like the Elder in a "John and the Elders" group shot taken at Whitehall and published here a couple of years ago. Correct?

      What is the significance of this most recent ceremony?

    2. Elders jamboree and celebrating Humanitarian ethos and worshing Buddah. Correct the key female in the ceremony is lead for 26 of the 40 families plus her own. That is why all the dreamers are going nowhere .it's locked down via London and we are thinking Global, no borders and planning models all nations can use.
      Well spotted Monkey .

    3. Were all 40 families represented at the ceremony?

    4. The ones who mattered were. We have all we need.

    5. Thank you for sharing that video. That was a beautiful ceremony. I have not seen something like that before. I enjoy learning about the traditions of other nations.

  57. Too complex coded messages here for me to understand.Not sure what is going on and understand the need for the silence. Just hope a VND RV happens for public.I dumped my dinar when I read in archives that there were real dinar plates making counterfeits years ago, so went all into the dong.Selling the dong to buy crytos now seems even more risky than sitting and waiting for this public rv to happen. (just my opinion with no offense intended.)Much good will come from many people doing good works with a public dong rv.I know I will help many and may even be able to create some organic jobs in healthy food production!Hope the Chinese elders will support a level of an rv of the dong putting that currency back to where it used to be.

    1. China will protect its investments in Vietnam one way or another.

    2. Monkey, see? This ^^^ is the problem I perceive. This is also how they view our country as well and their behaviour demonstrates it. We get on with the rest of Asia well enough.

    3. AJ, I call it the Julie Bishop attitude.

      There was a ripper interview with Andrew Forrest on ABC within the last 24 hours. He's dealt extensively and successfully with China to become the fourth wealthiest Aussie in the country. I'm on mobile so I can't post the link but have a listen to what he has to say. It's sage advice moving forward.

      The world has changed and we have to change with it. As for China protecting Vietnam, I say good on them. I'm sure there are a few G7 leaders scratching for answers as to what they could possibly have done to be kicked in the guts so comprehensively by their mates, The United States of America.

      Seems to me that China and Russia keep making friends by doing good work in impoverished countries whereas the United States is happiest when it craps on it's allies.

      We're no better. Look at how we have reduced aid to small island nations in the South Pacific. China however has stepped right up and is bringing much needed infrastructure to island communities and making friends along the way. The by product of our neglect is that China has now paid for new wharves, communication networks, power systems etc that it could probably use if required.

      Who's fault is that?

      As for spying, accusing China of spying on Australia is probably true but smacks of the pot calling the kettle black.

      We all know about Pine Gap and Five Eyes, where we each spy on behalf of the others so we don't break our own "Queensbury" rules as well as looking in on every other country on the planet.

      Basically it's a repeat of history. The Barbarians are invading and Rome is about to fall.

      I'd rather come through as a winner.

    4. Monkey you make good points.

    5. Monkey we Brits are civilsed. We back both sides. Lol

  58. Hello john

    Are any of the funds you are currently generating earmarked for the sovereign level?


    1. Yes but I am creating a Global. sovereign model where your are ALL .Sovereign free Souls and AlL matter.

    2. A public vnd rv would prove this to be so, no? Yes, it would.

  59. So John, good morning/afternoon. So, This is said to be an interesting and exciting week not only for the US but the world. Any monetary goodies fit into this?

    1. Anyway, I will be over there where all the excitement is currently. Just holler!

  60. Hello john

    In your efforts, are the TRNS in the picture at all?

    If the TRNs are not part of your plan, any idea if and when they will be released?


  61. Arizona

    Don't holler afterwards, low profile and discrete! Lol.


    Correct they are buying you as farm owned new Paddies! Why let 24M of you hold the land and resources 1.5B of theirs need? As you took from the Abos, all will be lifted from you. It's been a good run for a Crim and Grifters Colony. Now Chinese Big Brother is moving in. 24M facing down 1.5B, no Brainer. How well did it go for the Native Americans?


    London sets the pace and strategy for the Elder ethos now. We are now Big Budah!
    Understand multi cultures needs its own depth of cross intellect. They see through it and know.

    This coming week and next, let's see how it all evolves. So many snouts at the trough. I wish I could use a hatchet on most !
    I've already indicated to certain parties today to F off these US Special Interests, ALL People are Special Interests, and all NEED!! Time to control this Swine Trough and allocate judged on need and regeneration potential. Feed pointless Guts or plough it in as seed corn and recover it back 1,000 fold? Who cares if we lose 10M Welfare Grifters? Time to think for the future. No more waste or wastes of space. We need to focus on nations. Political eras are failing. Time to plan without them. Who needs this Political slime?

    Time to think for 8 to 10 Billion! Serving those needs. Educate. Restructure and communicate. How do we become One people removing all that divides us? These bloody STUPID Religions have to go! Rethink not States but backward States of Mind! Each Human is a Sovereign Person with Rights to Be- FREE! Sovereign Nations are a Myth. Invisible lines dividing all for greed. Feed Free- dom, not the Dumb. One world, one people, not Sheeple!

    1. Crims and Grifters, hey? Get your facts straight. You forgot the whores ...
      and my family refuses to be denied!

  62. John, according to Jim Willie who does have a pretty good track record and some credible sources the gold that was stolen from Fort Knox by the Bush & Clinton crime families & and shipped to the Banker cabal in the Filipinos was recovered by Trump. Do you have info to confirm this

    1. He wishes! It was sold.

      But, we had some good news today. Herzog was taken to a Polish Rendition Centre for De Briefing???? They want to know how much damage can he do? They may be replanting his foreskin with cattle wire right now. Be assured, Herzog is no happy Bunny. Just when he settles down, some swine keeps rattling cages and he gets moved again. A spell in Poland where no one can hear him scream? It worked with Austchwitz. We will screw him to the walls. They know how to help him feel the heat.

  63. As Trump decides policy on the hoof, and seems to upset 90% of all he crosses paths with, let's see where now because he's now at the big table, and needs to wise up fast.
    The Bretton Woods, Zios and Rotts Banks, know he's a wrecking ball with the dancing steps of a Klutz , so interesting times ahead. A wrecking ball and hopefully soon a lot of Zios losing theirs!

    Be assured we have totally poisoned the Zio pot with the Elders. They won't even get an audience. Eurasia will be Zio free. Plus no more kids on a Vatican Knee! We will get the Jesuits and Catholic Churches closed down all over Asia. We will educate our own kids. No more assuming missionaries positions!

    Times are changing. Like Bush 41s Diapers!

    1. The Wrecking Ball is the correct approach, Klutz aspect notwithstanding. Everything needs over-turning so that People and not Insiders accrue advantages. The current coffin-corner economy needs dismantling.

  64. John, I've been reading as lot of posts lately that talk of imminent Gesara implementation. What are your thoughts about Gesara?

  65. JOHN,

    Herzog being moved to Poland seems big. Yet, the question is by who and under whose orders? Is this the first step to getting him onto American territory? Poland seems to be a cabal controlled vassal-state from all I have read. Yet could it be white hats in the military moved him under Trumps orders because our #EXTRADITEHERZOG campaign got the information through to DJT's eyes to read?

    1. More likely to be Agency under Bushes orders. Determine the risk and kill him if a real threat. Herzog knows we will not stop. He's just vermin to us to be bagged and tagged.

    2. This is really bad for Americans if it was cabal as you state! NO hope now. DJT missed his chance for #MAGA. Sad day in history is an understatement.... ALL those supposed sealed indictments then are ALL BS, too..... Gnostic Illuminati should have focused on getting him here. Fools....

  66. I have been following this transformation from a corrupted fiat financial system to one of value and integrity
    I have come across numerous gurus, financial know-it-alls, predictions by so call experts who know insiders or claim to be one, and just out right fraudsters
    So I'm very cautious these days of who I read or listen to, and believe
    John was no exception to my caution
    But after verifying our post exchange regarding the post John made on June 8 at 10:26 am. I'm told John is a real player, he knows his stuff
    Now you followers may say "dah" at that comment but for me I can no longer follow blindly, I must verify
    In my opinion, by extension, his partners here have also been verified
    A nice relief

  67. Hey John, so if UK is going to be a big deal on the global scene does that mean we're all going to have to cut down our trees to accomodate 5G? I hear even the railroads are planning to massively cut down trees all along the tracks and they're spinning some myth about bug infestations and deficits. What's really going on there? Recent reports say 1 in 14 Brits are living below poverty line and have neither food nor shelter. How can UK be so important and they can't even take care of their people. Don't tell me Theresa May is the problem because you and I both know she's just a puppet- so who's running place? My bet is still on City of London.

    No comment about holding foreign currencies. Telling. Also, NOTTHISTIME, I have to ask again since you either didn't catch my question or chose to ignore it. Was your Jim Willie post directly from the Hattrick letter or is it in the public domain and if so, where?

    Thoughts on the Monsanto/Bayer merger? Are we worried, happy, indifferent. No comment on the expanding Earth theory either. Hmmmmmmm...

  68. Funny last few times I posted, it automatically went up, now I have to be approved. HMMMMMM...

  69. In Switzerland, a new format for commercial banking is being proposed in a referendum to be held June 10, a format not based on fractional-reserve banking.??


  71. G7 unity torpedoed by angry Trump tweets dismissing Trudeau as 'dishonest & weak'
    U.S. president threatens again to impose auto tariffs moments after PM's closing news conference

    "PM Justin Trudeau of Canada acted so meek and mild during our @G7 meetings only to give a news conference after I left saying that, "US Tariffs were kind of insulting" and he "will not be pushed around." Very dishonest & weak," Trump tweeted.

    Despite Trump's warning that Canada, Mexico and the European Union should think twice before retaliating against the U.S. for levy tariffs on aluminum and steel, Trudeau said his government was still pushing ahead with its plan to impose more than $16.5 billion worth of tariffs on U.S. goods as of July 1.

    "[Trump] expressed to me he thought that would be a mistake and I certainly agree that it's not something that we want to do.

    "We do not want to harm American workers … but the administration's choice to impose illegal and unacceptable tariffs, illegitimate and unacceptable tariffs to Canadian steel workers and auto workers and on the Canadian economy, must be met with an equivalent response."

    Trump said Saturday that the U.S. would win any trade war, vowing to ramp up combative trade actions — even against some of his country's closest allies — or curtail trade altogether if partners cannot agree to more favourable terms for America.

    He said the current system of international trade has badly damaged U.S. interests while giving an advantage to others.

    "We're like the piggy bank that everybody's robbing, and that ends," he said, taking aim at Canada's supply managed dairy sector in particular.

    "We will not be pushed around," Trudeau countered in his news conference.


  72. OWON: The US spends vast Bs on R&D then along comes China who hack it, improve on it and will use it back against the US if pushed.

    What Secretive Anti-Ship Missile Did China Hack From The U.S. Navy?

    1. We will be producing daming articles overnight via the comments section. More details of the scurrilous depth of deceit and treachery of the Government Agencies under Mueller and others, who were hell bent to coerce others, lying, bullying and threatening all in their path to stop Trump and coerce a Clinton free run irrespective of the vast evidence base against her. It behoves little for America allowing this farce to continue. Mueller himself warrants immediate deep investigation and arrest if appropriate for Treason and RICO.

      We will not stand by watching this travesty being hidden from Americans .

  73. Switzerland is planning to release in excess of 600B real money as new liquidity which will boost Capital Markets . Hopefully part of that can help redeem US PPs those treacherous Fed Bastards have sequestrated. Pay back!

  74. We spent Sunday in deep discussions with Elders and others relating to moving Elders AND Sovereign families AU to London, safe from US theft or Chinese aggression.

    Part of these funds will go into trading once approved,AFTER we get it through the Thick Heads of the Politicos, that we are NOT paying their theft taxes, nor allowing their Swine Snouts in the trough, and that ALL profits will go as Offshore Funding into direct Community Financing to develop self sufficient communities, safe from Parasites,with Community lead schools, kicking out the Churches and their Pedo types, but introducing Ethereal Values, to educate values, and a State of Being, a true Humane being. One respecting by understanding the needs of Ecology, and one recognising Soul values, and the true purpose of our brief Carbon life Form visit here to experience life as a physical presence, and the Book of Life we take with us.

    Apolitical Communities. Serving Human needs, not greed. Enriching lives not Mamon. No 95% Funds theft by Clinton Foundations. No Hegemony funding, nor State suppression.
    Our way, 65% of all funds will not be taken out by Federal State Parasites. 100% WILL go to Community Development as a Global fund. No waste, or Corruption. Sleeze free.
    No Barmy Barry Soetoro's or Sleazy Bills.

    No Zios will be allowed any roles in Finance, nor Law, nor will funds go to Zio banks. No Child mutilation, or Blood Cults, nor false Mind indoctrination. None are "Special", all are equal. Communities will have their own inherent standards and rules. Policing Communities will be aided transgressors eviction from the Communities. Transgress and walk the path of life alone. A Council of Peers is all it needs. Common sense.

    Cryptos free from the State may have a role here. We are exploring Crypto bartering. New Communities, a step at a time. Global communities, self sufficient, self sustaining.

    We are thinking outside the box. Multi nations, with a common goal. It can be done. Getting past the barriers of State intrusion, meddling, and parasite taxes is stage one.
    Re building by educating from birth is the start, as is denying Zios or Vatican access.
    Education is a Community responsibility, not a bunch of Head Banging Blood Cult Organ mutilators, or Vatican Kiddie Fiddlers. Terms will be clear. Transgression means OUT!

    We will set minds Free, not impale on a Vatican knee! No one confused by false Church Dogma can be entrusted to educate a child. Education will rebuild each nation. Free of all Abbrahamian BS. Ethereal values,not the Council of Nicea,or the ramblings of indoctrinated Blood Sacrifice Rabbis. A clean sweep.

  75. Lifted from Vox:

    "...a channer claiming to be a paralegal working on the relevant legal matters asserts that the Hollywood sex cult guy, Keith Raniere, is naming recognizable names as possible persons of interest in the ongoing NXIVM investigation.

    Why would a rich, famous, beloved celebrity chef kill himself when he’s about to debut a new show and signed million-dollar contract? Use your brains. Keith Raniere’s lawyers, in order to keep their client out of prison, are starting to rat out the clients who asked for underage girls to the STATE and the FBI!..."

    I’m a paralegal, and I’m not disclosing anything that’s not already going to be public information once charges are filed. Anthony Bourdain would’ve spent life in prison so he chose suicide, but expect other high profile celebrities and politicians to be indicted. His name is still on legal documents, so even with his suicide, the deposition of these documents will prove it.

    They are informing anyone (their lawyers) about this who are listed as clients who requested underage prostitution (sex slaves). The FBI is involved in this. These are names rumored in our office so far:
    Roger Stone
    the Bronfman sisters
    Doug Rutnik
    David Letterman
    Jerry Seinfeld
    Stephen Colbert
    Seth Meyers
    Trevor Noah
    John McCain
    Joe Biden
    Just to name a, pic related. (Max Levchin and Elon Musk).

  76. Jon Rappoport: Fluorides, the atomic bomb, and fake news

  77. We hear growing frustration from FBI Staffers who believe Commey was the worst Director ever and should be prosecuted for his abhorrent dishonesty .
    We also hear if Mueller's not done by September there will be calls for his head and to be lumped with Commey.

  78. Ooooo- what happened to my post from Sunday? Was it rejected? It's very curious to be rejected in a time of journalistic censorship. So what was wrong? No swearing. Was I not deferential enough? It was a pretty meaty post, although not particularly long. Canauzzie are you the moderator? How did I offend? I thought this was a pretty tolerant forum.

  79. test

    did not have any OWoN email this am.... very unusual!

  80. I am puzzled by the lack of posts and commentary today. Has everyone left the building??

    1. I have been over by Qanon, and didn't hear anyone hollering for me to come over.

      Fascinating times we are living in.

  81. Until we see how the NK meeting with Trump goes, it's premature to attempt to predict moves. Switzerland is releasing over 600B to assist Bond settLements and liquidity . Some special PPs may get private goodwill.

  82. This comment has been removed by the author.

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