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UPDATED | WHR #15 | The Dewhurst Files – Part 2

White Hats Report, Bush, Clinton, Herzog, Dewhurst, Fraud, Theft, Falcone
White Hats Report, Bush, Clinton, Herzog, Dewhurst, Fraud, Theft, Falcone

One World of Nations
Exclusive / WHR
30 May 2018

The Molotov Snot Trail which runs America

Bush and the CIA’s Fraud Conspiracy Exposed. Today, the TRUTH they all thought would stay buried. As Trump and the US Military Teams now reading see such sickening truths revealed of America’s so called Icons, many of these treacherous reprobates now know their treasonous past is coming back to haunt them. Worse, with the power of the internet, the whole world now knows. We need to start by extraditing Herzog to face trial and bring them all down.

Forensically track Dewhurst, Nevin, Bush and all. The corrupt CIA agents money laundering for tens of millions each for helping Bush. Arrest them.

We will name and shame all of them, with a Global village of tracking readers, how dare they do this in America’s name? Hhhmm, never saw the Internet coming did they?

They Steal, Bribe and Corrupt with Impunity. Who are these Criminals who thought they had got away with this? Time to trace it all, seize it all back, expose the rot and Jail the lot.

The Dewhurst Files – Part 2

Just when he thought they had gotten away with it. Bush won’t save them from this.

Truth won’t stay buried.

White Hats Report, Bush, Clinton, Herzog, Dewhurst, Fraud, Theft, Falcone

As part of the ongoing saga of scheming perpetrated against so many trusting investors like Edward Falcone by Bush Senior and his cohorts, and the cover ups involving the likes of Mueller, we are now exposing again ever more new information as prosecution evidence is being assembled, and the case moves towards the first writs being served and potential arrests being made. Mr. Falcone now via Interpol and his Attorneys, has the signed Bush contract with Don Nevin, representing Bush in the contractual undertaking. A bonfire of arrogance may await them when the punitive damages are assessed. Aligned to the missing TARP Funds and crooked Bankers, all mishandled by Obama (Soetoro) and all indications of key failed Infrastructure Projects which should have been funded had they not been misappropriated by the Deep State. A lot of questions are already now arising with the growing awareness of the unelected, unconstitutional Deep State Political control of DC and unbelievable vast scale misuse of State funds. Your Tax money, to fund America, siphoned off. Stolen from you and the world by the Banksters of Never Pay.

The criminal actions now unfolding will end a few careers. Not before Time. Is it now Trump's time to bring this bonfire of vanities crashing down? Obama has now signed a new deal with Netflix. Is he now playing his true role, The Lying King?

Having stolen vast Billions previously from Falcone, Bush Sr, operating via Don Nevin, fronting for his half brother David Dewhurst Lt. then Governor of Texas, who was instrumental in setting up the contract for Bush using Don Nevin, then tried to induce trusting Edward Falcone to put up yet a further $500 million dollars into a joint Monaco Bank account. Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, operating through his brother Don Nevin, then assured him it would facilitate the immediate release of the long overdue funds owed to him. Can you believe their gall?

White Hats Report, Bush, Clinton, Herzog, Dewhurst, Fraud, Theft, Falcone

Who in Revenue and IRS will now investigate them all? It brought Capone down.

One alert IRS Inspector. Go make your bones! Because - They deserve it.

This was against their original Settlement agreement which they had also treacherously and callously breached 2 years previously. An agreement negotiated and signed by the Crime Family ex-President George W. Bush before he left office and then recorded with the CIA for Leon Panetta to perform against as Crime front Bagman for Bush again. So, the CIA acting as Bankers for proceeds of Crime, fronted by Panetta. Note the names, and depth of conspiracy. Usual games with Bush and Spider Webmaster Greenspan, never pay back and steal everything. Of such America is governed. Time to call time on all of them.

This is what has to change if Trump is to clean up the system. We need a Military Team of Enforcers in. Loyal men of integrity. The new Untouchables to take down the lot. It’s so long overdue. How will Dewhurst face a Congressional inquiry if Herzog is indicted and extradited? How will they all? They will tear him apart. What a huge break and chance for Trump to enforce Justice. Help us recover America.

The demand again from Nevin for more money was then increased now to $550M. Part of the new $550M now being demanded, involved a fee of $275M from these funds, to be split equally between David Dewhurst and his brother Don Nevin. A Payoff demanded in writing from Nevin. Having been a previous victim of 5 broken Bush promises, Edward Falcone wisely declined. The last agreement was also approved for payment by President Obama and the CIA, but defaulted on yet again. Why would parties failing to perform on so many occasions then expect a further $550M from Mr. Falcone to perform what was already contractually committed as their responsibility? Complete Rattlers! He refused, as he and his Legal Advisors saw it as another dangerous fraud scheme move by these dubious operators. They then agreed to release his money without the $550M now being demanded, but again failed to pay what was long overdue. Their intent was clear. As with all ruthless fraud operators, it was to steal another $550M from Mr. Falcone. A clear, criminal conspiracy. Who now investigates and prosecutes them? Where is Justice? All will come down once Herzog is extradited as merited. Trump needs to unleash the dogs on Herzog and more.

Trillions can be recovered for America with so many cases. Vast Trillions have been stolen, take it all back! Yes - You - Can. Obama’s too!

Bush Sr, his associates and the CIA, had previously ordered the release of settlement money to Mr. Falcone by sending out 5 CHIPS (Clearing House Inter-bank Payments System) allocated in his name for trading as the beneficiary, for payment owed to him which he also never received. His CHIP funds were diverted in delivery and used by the conspirators to circumvent him, directed instead to multiple bank platform accounts of their own for trading Medium Term Notes, using his named CHIP funds for their own benefit. The attorneys and investigators hold this evidence: records, Traders’ names, amounts and trades.

White Hats Report, Bush, Clinton, Herzog, Dewhurst, Fraud, Theft, Falcone

They stole his lawful entitlement of profits and continued to further utilize his cash accounts and CHIPS in conjunction with HSBC, Josef Ackermann Chairman of Deutsche Bank, Bush Sr, Bush Jr, the CIA, Paulson and Greenspan, time after time. There were also further parties participating in addition for each of the individual CHIPS. A Den of Thieves acting with blatant impunity. Will Trump help America expose and prosecute the lot? Justice! It’s time!

Take these funds back as proceeds of Crime. Rebuild America, their crimes must not pay.

Other banks were also used for Cash deals. Parties such as George H. W. Bush Sr, George W Bush Jr, Mitt Romney, Michael Herzog, Paul Guinette and others were cross involved in cash platforms, in conjunction with the CIA yet again and again. What a Crime Syndicate.

They blatantly stole $650M from Mr. Falcone’s account, using his cash funds criminally for their own benefit, including in conjunction again with Josef Ackermann of Deutsche Bank, a renowned banker of questionable repute, since now removed from Deutsche Bank, who had also previously been fined heavily and publicly admonished for his wide known conduct unbecoming of a Banker. Ackermann also set up the key Credit Lines at the Bank of Austria for the non-CHIP cash program element for the first year of trading for all the group of names listed above.

We exhibit for you below just some of his CHIPS utilized in their blatant deception:

  • CHIP 1) Wachovia Bank & Bank of America $4.3 Billion
  • CHIP 2) Wachovia Bank & Bank of America $4.3 Billion
  • CHIP 3) Wachovia Bank & Bank of America $4.3 Billion
  • CHIP 4) Bank of New York $10.5 Billion
  • CHIP 5) Citibank Singapore to Tyler Texas $12.5 Billion

Over and above the parties declared above, further benefiting parties also include Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden being Treasonously bribed for $200M by Criminal Clinton to delay the Falcone settlements, Geithner and others we will expose and name when due.

Obama knew and covered it up. He was given a letter from a Congressman exposing it all. He did nothing, knowing on record Biden was a crook!

A question, at what stage should these so guilty Trading Banks also be held complicit and accountable for the clear and amoral Duty of Care and their Compliance Diligence failure? They have misappropriated vast Trillions! Multiple bank accounts around the world are being closely monitored for use of prosecutors. This is going to create serious problems for the Capital markets.

The profits accrued from Falcone funds for the CIA had been predominantly directed to Barclays Bank and Citibank, Singapore. The Bank of England’s own cross involvement will also be exposed in this sordid chain of events. Bush Sr and the many guilty parties have multiple bank accounts around the world which are currently being monitored, ready for Congressional oversight and Inquiry, to process Prosecution and develop mainstream media exposure.

On every occasion, Edward Falcone was denied his rightful and lawful investment share. They got rich using his money by fraud, theft and deception. He received nothing. As with so many others.

Bank Officers will attest all this to Congress and the Courts. Worse, so will numerous parties now cross entangled to save themselves, as we will display. Michael Herzog, a since Interpol arrested associate of both the Bush and Clinton's, has already threatened on record, that if he is made to pay back his share of what was stolen from Edward Falcone alone, he will expose all his records of multiple Bush and Clinton conspiracies he fronted for them over many years. When thieves fall out? Nuremberg will pail beside this. So many will be in the Docks.

Herzog is currently being sheltered from prosecution by Merkel at Bush's request. That has to stop.

White Hats Report, Bush, Clinton, Herzog, Dewhurst, Fraud, Theft, Falcone

Bush commandeered United States Government planes using CIA agents to fly around the world over 10 weeks. The sole agenda of the Bush directed Agency team was to move money from bank to bank, changing their offshore bank records to attempt to hide and falsify the trading records from Falcone’s pursuing investigators. All now identified with incriminating records waiting for Prosecutors to confront and indict this CIA Agency laundering team.

Why won’t the FBI, then under Bush's Gatekeeper Mueller, act? Because, who owns the system? They thought they were Teflon.

But not now, Trump can and should act. Bring them in, bring them down. No Statute of Limitations. The FBI declined to act. Why? Corruptly protecting who? Again!

Prior to the last election, Public approval rate for Congresses had slumped to only 9%. That means 91 out of every 100 Americans had lost confidence in their Congressman and considered 'The Hill' not fit for purpose to execute the Constitution and the Laws of the United States. If we allow endemic abuse of one American, then we all lose. By taking this campaign up to Congress to investigate, it will restore America’s faith in 'The Hill'. We have offered Congress a Prime example of corruption, endemic abuse of privileged positions by Senior Government and CIA Agency Officers, Bankers and the failures of Regulatory Enforcement agencies such as the FBI, Homeland Security and the US Federal Reserve, to uphold the law and investigate clear abuse. These agencies, who are dominated by the same people, are sadly compromised, denying justice for the Bush's, Obama, Clinton's and their associates and their transgressions. What we are portraying is happening live, it is happening today, it is happening in our America, and it is happening to our own people... our fellow Americans.

White Hats Report, Bush, Clinton, Herzog, Dewhurst, Fraud, Theft, Falcone

Key issues for Congress and the media to consider and pursue on Public record:

  • Who authorized the use of these planes used by Bush to attempt to protect Biden and the Bush's from pursuing Forensic investigators? Who paid? Who knew? When will Congress or Trump ask for the names of these agents and organize their arrest? Dewhurst, Nevin, Herzog, Romney, Bush 41, Biden, Clinton, Ackermann and more.
  • Who authorized these CIA Agents, who we know and will name, to be used in such a way? This is a moral imperative being closely followed now by world leaders who all know. The Global media knows and won’t be muzzled forever. Trump needs to unleash an Investigating team. Recover the money. Jail the lot. Be a Hero! Make America proud.
  • How much money from each use of these trading CHIPS, and the cash in addition, has the CIA now made? What has been taken in illegally for personal wealth? Who by name?
  • Please consider this is just one case alone. This is a small but easy-to-indict criminal corruption case. How many more? Yohannes Riyadi, Tropos, Thousands of trusting and betrayed, Chinese Elders accounts, the list is never ending. Vast Trillions have gone missing. Betrayal of Trust by these Public officials is endemic. We can and will evidence also many more. Vast amounts have been sequestered which should have been helping our people, our economy and our trusting GLOBAL Investors. Our Leaders, instead of helping our people, they have helped only themselves; denying recovery and project investment aid for our nation as a direct result of their arrogant orgy of financial greed. It’s CRIMINAL and they need to be jailed!
  • David Dewhurst and his brother, Don Nevin, are both now being investigated with so much about to break regarding incriminating signed contracts and letters. Mitt Romney has been monitored. Joe Biden was being protected by Obama and the Bush's, but it won’t stop the wrath of the Global media which is building. When the dam breaks, just remember Watergate! This is so, so much bigger! Does Congress even understand what has happened to Edward Falcone is happening on a vastly larger scale perpetrated by the same players?

The Falcone story is only one of the many stories just like the ones that we are tracking and waiting to present to Congress and the Court system. Our case is simple. It’s not about one man, it’s a basic case of American Law needing to encompass all.

Each have been and are - Arrogant and Criminals destroying America and deceiving the world!

George H. W. Bush has a long history of public service starting in the early 1960’s. Is it a stretch to think that 50 years in politics is too much for one person? What we see from the inside is a man, although perhaps still acclaimed by many as an Icon, who has spent his life learning the pertinent government systems and the methods and procedures to then unscrupulously subvert the entire system for his own crime ridden benefit.

White Hats Report, Bush, Clinton, Herzog, Dewhurst, Fraud, Theft, Falcone

It is an issue when likes of Bush, Clinton's and Obama personally turn from moral to amoral in their dealings and the treasonous acts they associate themselves with. It is a problem when they each desire to be the wealthiest and most powerful families in the world and are willing to do anything to accomplish this. When the oath of the President of the United States means nothing to you and you believe, because of the office you once held, you can operate illegally with impunity and without consequence... in this case, there are consequences and it starts with a much needed full Congressional Inquiry. America needs its own Nuremberg, nothing less.

Will Trump and Congress do the right thing for America and all its Allies? Start with a Commission of Inquiry and extradite Herzog.

"Be you ever so mighty, The Law is above you!"

Get this right and the US economy self fixes fast. Because we CAN, starting with the $15T scammed using the Riyadi platforms, the Falcone Funds, the Tropos Funds, over 4,400 Chinese Elders accounts. Go after the Fed Programs and Grey Screens. Go after The Fed!

6th May 1836 just 180 men stood for America at the Alamo. Who stands for America now? Much as we all try to help you, when will American Patriots stand up and help themselves? Have the Zionists and Deep State sucked America dry?

Is Trump for Real? When will we see real arrests? Or is talk just cheap? Israel has his collar.

Herzog, Clinton, Biden, Romney, Bush, Soetoro and so many more. Crime pays in America.

Only by terminating the roots can we stop it re-infesting. But where are the Patriots to do it?

Then we have the true ugliness and perverse malpractices of AIPAC, corrupting all it touches with its arrogance Zionist and Israeli Mossad agendas. More to come on this Rat infestation.

White Hats Report, Bush, Clinton, Herzog, Dewhurst, Fraud, Theft, Falcone
White Hats Report, Bush, Clinton, Herzog, Dewhurst, Fraud, Theft, Falcone


  1. Sending this to Trump, et al.

    These articles are getting better and better.

    Love this part: "David Dewhurst and his brother, Don Nevin, are both now being investigated with so much about to break regarding incriminating signed contracts and letters. Mitt Romney has been monitored."

    Let's get this done, OWON readers, and spread this far and wide.

    1. We need you all to help. Volume gets them active. Numbers drive action.

  2. John, you mentioned the elders and I truly hope that the CIA agent posing as Eagle 1 for the US "Treasury", is exposed for his related frauds/thefts. His laughing at them at the time needs remedy as well as return of what was stolen.

    1. As we build Eurasia we will take back all.

  3. Thanks for this report. Unbelievable how the Bush's, Clinton's, Obama's have been promoted as credible people and are the biggest crooks in the Nation, if not planet.


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