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UPDATE | Where is Justice?

Wells Fargo, Private Placements, Elders, Fraud,

One World of Nations
15 May 2018

As the failure to pay long overdue, long promised Redemptions continues, it's time to lift the covers. While we still have Diplomatic restraints as to how much we can personally step into National entities activities where Enforcement SHOULD instead be active, we need now to at least start pointing fingers. Naming, shaming and advocating for action.

Just who are these parties conspiring with the Deep State?

We will provide you with the cryptic messages in formats we have received, from Elder's Beneficiaries, parties directly linked to us. Including ex-Agency parties and in the verbiage as it comes to us.

Relating to a series of major PPs obstructed yet again the Person who signed the order to not pay was a Danielle P. Wainwreit or Danielle P. Wainwright (likely associated with Josef Ackermann, Alan Greenspan and Michael Herzog who are known to be Cabal Associated, etc...).

Allegedly, a further person has admitted to having been following instructions under the Executive Orders of Chicago Con Man Usurper Barry Soetoro / Obama as directed by the Bush / Clinton Crime families.

This other reprobate's name is Wayne Clevanger and he is believed to be in hiding between San Diego or San Francisco.

Two retired 'Bankers' are also cross implicated. These being Terrance Procter and Rodney Bails, along with an active Banker by the name of Lyle Tomlinson from the San Diego area, who gets a perverse kick out of doing now what Clevanger’s job included. That is to call Payees and give them a date for Payout, which they know will be still stopped by Danielle P. Wainewreit.

We need US Enforcement with INTEGRITY to come on board and stop this. We need an Executive Order now from Trump himself Directing it to end and Funds to be PAID to all Trusting Beneficiaries as Due. Long OVERDUE!! We need a new Elliot Ness.

This information is provided to us directly, by long overdue owed US Patriot Payees, stressed, and sick of the treachery and abuse of their Trust. Sick of the failure of the seemingly nonexistent American process of Law to address such grievances. The ongoing failure of US Law to activate and fund critical Infrastructure projects or to redeem to trusting allies. THEIR funds are owed for over 35 years, all intended to help US recovery. With their own funds back, Yes, They Can and Will do better!

So who are these people named above disrupting the Settlement process, who are frustrating the payment process, who by name is directly gaining from the unauthorized use of Lawful Beneficiaries funds, and who in the Law Enforcement Community can assist us get it stopped?

FBI? How did that help Falcone? His own Attorneys provided them with volumes of Interpol arrest records, but the FBI Muzzled it from the top. Allegedly Mueller acting for Bush 41. As with Comey and the Clintons. Obama covered up the Biden bribe. Justice in America? Who will really clean the swamp? Sound Bites?

Who are the parties named above, who can bring them into a full spotlight to explain their actions? Vince Foster wanted to explain his part of the Clinton corruption activities, but Loretta Lynch claims she was told directly by the Clintons they killed him. Such a claim, and nothing is done? Why not?

Trump claims he will clean the Swamp. Yet Clinton walks free, BOTH!! Pizzagate has gone where?

The sheer scale of corruption is beyond Endemic, it's a Pandemic. So where do we start?

How about with the above names being delegated by the White House to a Highly Empowered Public Named Official to go after them each. Bring them to Justice and get long overdue Redemptions settled, so key Projects and Infrastructure can be funded. Vast proceeds recovered as Proceeds of Crime, bringing the Perps to Justice. Rebuilding an America fit for Purpose.

Start by Extraditing Michael Herzog.

Follow by bringing in each of the above named parties. A Full HEAD ON Forensic investigation. Recover ALL the money. RICO Charge all responsible.

Start when? Who will Extradite Herzog to bring them all down? Ackermann too?

Wells Fargo, Private Placements, Elders, Fraud,


  1. What an amazing disclosure.

    The harm these worms are causing is hard to fathom. It takes a very diabolical mind to repeatedly advise that they are agreeable to release, and then repeatedly fail to honor your word. Only the slime of humanity would do such when the stakes are our very country.

    Shared at WHA.

    1. Now they enter Stall Politics.

      Be assured Tony, with a vast catalogue of evidence all being assembled, history will come back to haunt many.

      Extraditing Herzog alone will bring the lot down because it will bring each can of worms to a Public Trial.

      But, does Trump want to be a True President, or just a Made Man?

      A question many will ask, as each runs for the can. Secrets do not stay buried, but now each will fear they might!

  2. Tag, they’re it. Happy hunting.

  3. They need to answer to an angry public. Why cast a stone when a Howitzer will do better. Each will get serviced a copy today. Brown trousers time.

  4. Do you have mugshots of these people?

    1. We have asked, also for Butt shots!
      Parties are lining up now to take shots. They will all be getting copies, and an angry WTF??? Bank.

  5. Kool , love it !! the browner the better and even their socks yes mugshots names addresses thank you all for the beautiful work you do ,, what an amazing bunch of Patriots with the right tools all are blessed

    1. Hhmm, pity we have such a bunch of Tools in politics isn't it?

  6. I hope Herzog has a dead man switch. I can't imagine him surviving extradition without it.


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