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9 to 14 May 2018

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  1. John and WHA,

    I'd be eternally grateful for some well-sourced help to enter the bitcoin market.
    About $1,500 is about all I can risk, but if the investment path is clearly determined and concise I'll be the best student you could possibly have.

    Thank you for the offer. It's a godsend. Will you issue the advice on the sites or via private message?


    1. I will see what can be safely issued for you let's see what both sites can contribute there is a clear need.

    2. 100% in. Need more to stay afloat

  2. George Pell: Catholics asked in newspaper to chip in for Cardinal's legal costs

    George Pell has pleaded not guilty to the historical sexual offence charges against him.

    Supporters of Cardinal George Pell are being asked to contribute to his legal fund through a series of advertisements.

  3. Baizuo! Excellent so useful.

    Sergeiee: I was pretty intrigued by your suggestion that Trump pulled out of the Iran accords to force Iran and Russia to blow Israel off the planet. Normally, I would consider that too sophisticated for our clowns, but everyone says Trump is playing multi-dimensional chess so who knows. I still think Trump was coerced into pulling out because Iran is doing deals in the euro and bypassing the dollar for oil payments. Iran has joined the Russian axis and good luck to them. We will be left in the dust.

    Jim Willie says we're losing contracts left and right with our idiotic sanctions and no one in Europe is honoring them anymore despite what they say. Even the UK is angling to become a clearinghouse for gold-backed anything, rubles- yuan, you name it. Never forget, the Rothschilds always play both sides of the game; they really never lose.

    HenryMakow has an interesting take on his site:

    check it out all and give me your take.

  4. Trump says US detainees in North Korea have been freed
    May 9 2018

    President Trump said on Wednesday three Americans imprisoned in North Korea have been freed and are on their way home with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, a major diplomatic breakthrough with a longtime U.S. adversary.

    Trump took to Twitter to make the announcement, which has been expected for the last week.

    “I am pleased to inform you that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in the air and on his way back from North Korea with the 3 wonderful gentlemen that everyone is looking so forward to meeting,” the president wrote.

  5. Saudi women hit out at costs pricing them from historic chance to drive
    May 9 2018

    Saudi women are up in arms over the cost of driving lessons - a financial hurdle that many believe could stop females from taking to the roads for the first time ever when historic legislation passes.

    Women were banned from the roads in Saudi Arabia up until September last year, when a royal decree declared that females would legally be allowed to own a driving licence.




  7. Benny is so stupid to poke the Russian Bear. Israhell will be rubble now. Russia is very effective at de-lousing! LOL.

    1. Sooner the better. Putin needs to level the place. We drown fleas on a dog. How about those riding on planet Earth? There can be no peace until this human pestilance is removed. Ask Palestinians. Ask Lebanese. Ask Jordanians. Ask Syrians. Live in peace with your neighbours- Kazar SCUM. Get real.
      Look at the US infestation and their crime levels. A truly sick, depraved and sub human species. Would you adopt a Bubonic plague infected Rat as a pet? Yet they run the Banks, Justice, Law, the Media,and the White House is riddled with them.

    2. The new report may be out today. Just doing final changes. It's Damning!
      It needs all YOUR help to get it out to Trump, Congress, Guilliani, Kelly and others. If enough light up the WH with it, we can see a Bubonic Sewer Rat bring down the Deep State. Herzog in the Dock and Mueller will have a lot of questions re the Florida FBI and FBI itself as Falcones Attorneys were denied Justice. This was another FBI disgrace. Shame!
      Biden will do time for it and the Kenyan Indonesian Usurper has a lot to fear. Deep State will become Deep S***!!! fast. Unload Trump!
      Let's give the guy his chance. Deep Six the Deep State. Water Boarding THEM IS Justice! It will intern the Clintons forever. Bush 41 will be exposed, and his proceeds of vast crime? Take the lot back for America! Let their Greed feed US need.

    3. Donald J.Trump

      White House Contact for the President Trump

      General John F Kelly WH Chief of Staff

      Mayor Rudy Giuliani

    4. p: One more quick one, need to look for more later. Nunes may also have other social media accounts.

      Devin Nunes

    5. Good work thanks to both

    6. Update to list. Know there's more, but for now this is what could do.

      Sara A. Carter

      Rep. Matt Gaetz

      Mike Pence
      Vice President Mike Pence

      Jeanine Pirro

      Sarah Sanders

      Sean Hannity

      Gov. Mike Huckabee

      Rep. Steve Scalise

      Rep Jim Jordan
      Rep.Jim Jordan

  8. Thank you for touching base John, much appreciated. I'm so pleased you have not forgotten me lol. Not much of a slayer these days but I'm sure the cap will still fit if needed. Take good care of yourself.

    1. Auratayer, think sensual, it's free.
      But fortunately I'm not yet at the stage where I have to take care of myself. Lol.

    2. Oh I can assure you I'm doing plenty of thinking these days lol. Happy to know you are still smiling under that mirrored ceiling too LOL.

  9. WHA

    We offer a polite suggestion to extend intellectual cover into the Cryptos and mass panic they assume we are abandoning currencies and RV's? Says who? The Road to hell with good intentions. Why not both?

    Jeez. Tony, the Twatting stick! Some need to grow a pair.
    Aurataya already has Lol.

    1. John,

      First, let me acknowledge your earlier comment regarding your group's interest in the crypto markets. I look forward to hearing more from you and your group concerning this and am eager to see how you all decide to implement it if you choose to.

      WHA will do what it can to assist any readers who wish to get a started. We will point them in the right direction and I will work on some preliminary guidelines for beginners. Based on some of the questions we get, it is clear that many are starting from square one. And yes, there are sharks circling.

      I just posted the new report at WHA and it's well done. What a den of vipers. It's clear to see why so many "prosperity programs" that may have had legitimate ties at the start never did fund and pay. With those types behind the scenes, it's no wonder none received a dime.

      Well done. Press on.

    2. Thanks Tony. This nightmare of Cryptos is full of Boiler Room sgarks. Be very, very, very careful, but if hopefully safe routes can be found, comments can be raised. Many are in need.

  10. Nobody needs to die ...THINGS CAN BE TURN AROUND. Just stop casting sticks under our feet - aka Skripal. It takes only extra energy.

    USA - needs to withdraw from Middle East.... Trump is doing it in such way that Pentagon gets defeated does not need to be bloody battle to get defeated. Trump will just tell them, Penatagon and CIA, this is your victory that you wanted, NOW EAT IT AND VOMIT IT.
    Why do you thing that Trump said - OUR BEAUTIFUL NICE AND SMART missiles .... HE KNEW THAT it will be fiasco. Pentagon needed to swallow a bitter pill. It is the same tactic with Iran nuclear deal withdrawal .....

    Nobody needs Iran in Syria ... in a long run....but they were needed there FOR CLEAN UP. Nobody needs US troops in Syria - THEY WERE NOT NEEDED THERE.

    Another level of cabal league is promoting Iran to become a guarantee in Middle East and eventually in Europe with muslim caliphate forming there. IT IS NOT OUR PLAN NEITHER OUR WORK.
    We needed even to work with Turkey in complex issue to fight ISIS and they support..even though they stabbed us in our back downing our jet and having kill Karlov in Turkey ...

    So we need to work also with Israel ... everybody know that Netanyahu is gangster number one. At the end it is aimed against Netanyahu ...let him cook himself in front of whole world.

  11. Sergei
    Israel has only a tiny Jewish population. The rest are Kazar scum, the vermin seed of Gengis Khan. Raping, pillaging trash. Now in Banking or Israel hell. They will stop at nothing until they have stolen half the Arab lands. Look how they have taken Palestine breaching the Balfour agreement. So let's rescind it and throw the lot out.

    Iran is an Intelligent nation who see Kazar trash out of place there knowing they have ability to threaten nuclear Armageddon. Look at what they have done to America? Almost every thieving, corrupt Rodent in Finance is visible Khazarian vermin. Never mind roses can no one smell the rot?
    Syria is in play as the vermin seed want the land. When the Middle East get nukes Israel will get IT! They are an unwanted boil on the Arabs Butt needing lancing. Sew vermin Seed, what grows?

    They will not stop until stopped! China and Russia are game changers now . Russia is scooping up interest all over the Middle East . Winning!

    Kazars are out of place in the Middle East. They have no place by right. These are not gentle Jews assimilating.

  12. p: From about 4:32 discussion about the Russians actually showing up in court and demanding discovery! Judge denies Mueller's request for delay.

    Robert Mueller FLEES Court After Russians Show Up! - ALEX JONES INFOWARS
    May 9 2018

  13. Interesting to see how he handles the needed Herzog extradition. Huge questions of probity for many.

  14. More theatre, more circus. Only activity in the Mideast is relevant.

    1. The vast Military parade Bad Benny saw in Moscow would have unnerved the phsycho son of a Kazar Bitch,and left him in no doubt of Russia's true contempt for he and his kind. The Politboro knows how to skin a Possum. Minus anaesthetic first.
      If this garbage in Tel Aviv hit the wrong Russians, even Putin will get run over in the Kremlin as the real Hawks hit the buttons. Bad Gypsies Dog Benny and his Mossad Thugs are viewed by Sr Russians as no more than fecal turds to be scraped off shoes. With American money and arms, whacking Arabs is one thing. Russians another. One step too far and Bennies scrotum will end up in a Petri Jar. Highly recommended.

      It could derail so fast if the Kazaars overreach. 6,000 years, they always do.
      Good Jews have caused none of this. Arabs know this. Arabs just want the Kazar Pariahs removed. Hhmm, so have over 100 countries in history. Still they dont get it? The Balfor Agreement was a shameful abomination in history. British Imperialism at its worst, conspiring with others to dump millions no one wanted back, callously removing poor Palestinians, not dissimilar to Native Americans.
      Who can assimilate a Pariah State? America tried, look at it now!!!!!!!!!

      What of the good Jews who want only to live in peace and harmony with their neighbours? What people of any God domicile devastated Palestinians in Gaza Ghettos? It never had a chance of working with Weevil spawn unleashed. Once the Kazar scum poured in, brutality and genocide started. True history denied. Russia has to decide. There can be no peace with Pariahs. Leave, or level it.

      Be assured, forget DC wish lists, when Eurasia takes over, the Kazar spawn will face Karma. Good Jews need to effect a clear split. Also to be respected and protected. Zionism is a Schism of humanity.

  15. Can anyone give a personal opinion or thumbs up on DigiByte?

    1. It may be worth waiting for a short while longer and checking out the post that Tony from WHA shares, as noted above notthistime. I personally feel he is the best person that I am aware of one could listen to as far as the crypto world goes. The guidance he has offered so far over at WHA has been brilliant as far as I'm concerned. Definitely worth heading over to WHA and reading through the comment sections. There are pieces of gold sprinkled everywhere there. All the best.

  16. The new article will be up any minute. It needs all to help all to smash it out. Lots of helpful coordinates are already shown on the new comments section.
    Let's smash it out and let YOUR voices be heard. Set America FREE! If enough forward mail it they will act! Karma, Guilt can not stay burried. Atonement for the Bent!

  17. It's up, your voices can make this happen and save America.
    This we do for YOU! Get those mails blasting out.
    You helped us save Mike. Help us now save America. Help us help YOUR President.
    Let's get Herzog in cuffs on that plane. Justice! He WILL take the lot down.


    2. JOHN We have over 40,000 1st reads est and that is multiplied by something good. We just keep dripping and red pilling ... not with drops tough. We drip with buckets and are working our way up to barrels (55 gal). Great article!!!

    3. Bob
      Thanks for your good work we have so much more to issue as needed. Including hard evidence from right inside Deutsch and Barclays
      There are serious questions for the FBI failure to act . Mueller! Serious questions for why Obama covered it up for Biden, but the Chicago bathhouse boy has form.

  18. It is everywhere I can send it...

    1. Thank you it needs all of us for Justice now. Let the voice of the people carry. No more! Crime must not pay!
      Shame the lot of them, then JAIL the lot of them.

  19. Cabal: a private organization or party engaged in secret intrigues; also, the intrigues themselves.

    In England, the word was used during the 17th century to describe any secret or extralegal council of the king, especially the foreign committee of the Privy Council. The term took on its present invidious meaning from a group of five ministers chosen in 1667 by King Charles II (Clifford, Arlington, Buckingham, Ashley Cooper [later earl of Shaftesbury], and Lauderdale), whose initial letters coincidentally spelled cabal. This cabal, never very unified in its members’ aims and sympathies, fell apart by 1672; Shaftesbury even became one of Charles II’s fiercest opponents.
    ——Encyclopedia Britannica

    1. Interesting to know where the word 'cabal' came from. Thanks.

    2. Texian

      Smiling, Yes, absolutely, our lot would have been right up on the front line, and queued for seconds, for all of it. Scurrilous they did well. But the society has now changed, and stringent checks are now in. Albeit slippery little Bastards like Blair , -B-Liar got through, but by and large it's much more scrutinised. That said, our Intel Agencies ARE as corrupt as ever, far too close to the CIA and NSA, and need much greater ethical control.
      But us leading the Pig stampede, Yes, believe it! In our time, but times have changed. Now you lead it.

    3. John,
      Not much has changed May and Cameron are also cabal lackeys as much as any US Corporation lackey. Please understand that when I call out Britain it’s as a cousin to all of you. One branch of my ancestry tree has three at the Magna Carta signing so I have deep roots in England. We all must correct what has taken place. Not just tinker around the edges....correct it all!

  20. Q !4pRcUA0lBE 74 📁 NEW
    May 10 2018 21:43:20 (EST)
    Fellow Patriots:
    What you are about to learn should not only scare you, but intensify your resolve to take back control [Freedom]. The information that will become public will further demonstrate the criminal & corrupt [pure evil] abuse of power that the Hussein administration undertook in joint efforts w/ domestic and foreign dignitaries. The snowball has begun rolling - there is no stopping it now. D5.
    Stay the course and trust the plan.
    Protective measures are in place.
    Remain BRAVE.
    We knew this day would come.📁
    United We Stand (WW).
    We FIGHT.
    Conspiracy no more.

    1. BOB,
      Hope you have found a way to get the Herzog/Falcone info from John's team over to the Q-ANON readership, and ideally to Q-ANON himself. Thank You sir, for all your hard tireless efforts and work!

    2. TIM People in my network are in communication with LEADERS. We put forth info is crazy ways - multiple origins - and know we are heard. This is the largest operation in World History and I Believe the Hand of God is helping significantly. The Real Power-brokers know who we are + have discernment! I do what I feel and Believe God wants ... call be crazy but our combined work including yours' gets into the right System for our Republic and Truth.

    3. Thank you Bob for sharing

    4. Interestingly, Corsi and Alex Jones, are reporting today that qanon has been compromised.

    5. Tino, a matter of the kettle calling itself black?

  21. We are getting close to starting the phased releases naming the people holding back the names of the Gatekeepers for the Cabal. Treasonous SCUM, be ready, YOUR name is coming out. Once we get the Corruption Inquiries started, you will be summoned and RICO plus Treason charges will follow.

  22. RICO and treason charges is a Wonderful start!

  23. P and others have given you all a lot of email contact points this section.
    Men died at the Alamo to give life to America.

    Can all parties give us just 5 minutes to email the article to Trump, Kelly , Guilliani and others so we can re build America and recover the Trillions they stole.
    Doing nothing is why they end up with everything.

    You can help make a difference. If enough hit the sites they will read and act.
    You will have made the difference.

    1. I have tweeted and emailed to many
      Including some white hats that are meeting on other issues that agreed to review and forward I also advised them to look for more reports forthcoming. Do we know approx timing of the new reports?

      Also Facebook deleted my posts to this article anyone have suggestions around it?

    2. Absolutely big J. I'm on a roll tonight. Thanks everyone for all the contact points.

  24. New platforms and new visions with hopes and purpose must be created for people - intellectual work that can be done by those who understand old, present processes so that they can develop new framework for societies....

    Past is past - it is good to know the past but those who are not emotionally balanced and grown up and reconciled with different wrong-doings will not be able to handle past truths full of lies and deceit media can stir up negative emotions of hate .... and this should not be allowed.

    Nations must be healed for greater progress....not sure how it can be done. Hate emotions were built up in Ukraine without any reasons but only those built on lies .... how to heal that wounded nation led by deception.

    Chechen Kadyrov did it for all nation - great example

  25. Can parties get the new article to Ryan Grim at Huffington Post.
    That can ramp up the heat. We all need to trap and cage these Rats.

  26. WF have just failed YET AGAIN to release Redemption money today, hiding behind old Obama Executive orders, and keeping funds in Ledgers as Reserve accounts claiming it's to be compliant with Basle rules,and do not link it to Client accounts or a Transfer can be forced. Just blatant crooked Casino Bankers again. Gaming hard pressed Beneficiaries.

    Key Beneficiaries have offered to retain good balances for the Treasury, but the Stock Market Racketeers and Treasury have gone deaf. For the likes of Buffet this could cause a shit storm if Other People Money can not be used for their Ponzi trading.

    How now do they get access to Trump and Which Side will he take?
    Obama was and is nothing but a dirty Chicago Gaming Skank!
    Clearly WF will continue until lifted and placed in Custody.
    Has Trump got the knowledge and ethical character to enforce releases?
    Who will break WF strangleholds? Necks even better.

    1. John,
      Will this affect the currency negotiations with the Majors, or are those negotiations still ongoing?

    2. Terry,

      That's what I was going to ask, since I thought some of those funds were not with WF. I may be wrong though.

    3. It IS affecting negotiations because when we agree phased steps WF go into obstruction mode. While we keep it off Public Radar, we can go Public!

      What none have yet had is a Global firestorm of Personal Exposure, as is starting with the Slag Herzog.
      WF Bankers, exposed with all their dirt for Global view, is a Goldfish Bowl they will never recover from. If we Deep Six them in the London Capital Markets, it would unravel them in public. Collapse! Controlled and responsible steps first. As they see us ripping Herzog to pieces, it will sink in. Next week we may let a few Bagmen hang out to dry by named exposure. One fears we will get him killed. Really? Only one? Silly Season is now Hunting Season. No Money- No Reason! We WILL use the Big Stick!

    4. Wow! And to think, just a few weeks ago you said Trump signed off on a few issues and TRNs were forthcoming.

      Now you know what our President is up against.

      At this rste5, sadly I don't think we will see anything soon. I hope I am wrong.

    5. Should have read at this rate.

    6. John,

      Is there hope on the horizon for a redemption or will this continue ad infinitum? Trying to get context towards your efforts. I sense all our concerns are shared in the fact this has no end in sight and stuck in this do-loop much like other prosperity programs. Will there be an end?

    7. AB IRATO

      It's unchartered territory. Bring9ng down the Cabal. All Empires End!
      We never supported so called Prosperity Programs, that was Gullibles traffic. This is different. Just watch as we peel it away. It's going to get ugly if not paid. Very!

  27. The New WHR#64 is out! Spread it far and wide!

    1. Just sent tweets....will continue couple times/day

      A Case Study in Financial Fraud (RICO)…


    2. Here are a few that might work....












    3. Thank you Texian for taking the time to develop this list and sharing.

  28. Thanks Texian .
    Also thanks to all helping.

  29. I put the link on Judicial Watch

  30. Thanks All the world owes you.

  31. p: I know this is off the current topic, but it's too important not to share. Dr Shawnfost shares 30 years of UFO research and some of what has been hidden. In this case the truth is a comfort to me, nothing scary. Just acknowledges what can be down the road for humanity.

    LISTEN To This! The Truth May Scare You !! (2018-2019)
    Apr 17 2018

    1. Never off-topic for me. I'm sure we can manage to walk and chew gum at the same time.

    2. Thank you Tino. This came in my email today and I needed it. It bought back many fond memories of some really cool people, not all human looking, but each was very fond of. For me there is no fear and that said, have also seen the not so kind of advanced ones, who are by no means God's.

  32. Good info coming out of 24/7 - a utube streaming site with loads of interaction - just outed Alex Jones, Corsi and possibly the Kid. 24/7 = They are doing incredible work - interacting with their followers. Pamphlet and Raddix are Host n Hostess. Dedicated Patriots!

  33. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


    1. You were previously banned from here and for good reason. You are disruptive with nothing of benefit to offer.

      So sod off.....

  34. From

    New Study Confirms Fluoride Harms Fetal Brain; Lowers IQ

    I originally found this at PR News Wire, However, Newsweek also covered this the same way.
    NEW YORK, Sept. 22, 2017

    The results of the first ever US government funded study of fluoride and IQ have just been published. A team of researchers found a statistically significant association between fluoride exposure in women during pregnancy and a lowering of IQ in their children, reports the Fluoride Action Network.

    The study was published in Environmental Health Perspectives by scientists from the University of Toronto, University of Michigan, Harvard, McGill, and the national public health agency of Mexico. It was funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, with over $3 million in grants.

    The study was conducted in Mexico City using a long-running cohort of women-infant pairs that have been studied extensively for effects of environmental neurotoxins such as lead and mercury. It found an average loss of 5 to 6 IQ points among children of mothers with urine fluoride levels of 1.5 ug/L compared to those with 0.5 ug/L. For an entire population, such a loss would be expected to halve the number of geniuses in society and double the number of mentally handicapped. For IQ measured at 4 years of age, there was no apparent fluoride exposure threshold below which the effect leveled out.

    The mothers in this study had a range of fluoride exposures similar to that found in fluoridating countries like the United States.

    According to the lead investigator and professor of environmental health, epidemiology and global health at the University of Toronto, Dr. Howard Hu, the study "also suggests that the pre-natal nervous system may be more sensitive to fluoride compared to that of school-aged children."

    Experts in the field of environmental toxicology have said the results are a huge red flag:

    "This is a very well-conducted study, and it raises serious concerns about fluoride supplementation in water. These new insights raise concerns that the prenatal period may be highly vulnerable and may require additional reconsideration," says Dr. Leonardo Trasande, a pediatrician who studies potential links between environmental exposures and health problems at New York University Langone Health. (Newsweek, 9/19/17)

    Chris Neurath, research director for FAN agrees, "The loss of IQ is very large, as large as in previous studies from China where fluoride exposure levels were typically higher. The study was meticulously done and controlled for a wide range of potential spurious factors such as lead, mercury, socio-economic status, smoking, alcohol use, and health problems during pregnancy. The study was able to largely rule out confounding by these other factors."

    Proponents of water fluoridation such as the American Dental Association (ADA) have responded to this study with the erroneous claim that the mothers in Mexico had exposures to fluoride higher than found in the USA and other fluoridating countries, and is therefore not applicable. They even make the nonsensical claim that if fluoride in the Mexican mothers' urine came from a mix of sources that differs from women in the USA that the study would not be applicable. Once the fluoride is in the women's body, it does not make any difference with respect to toxicity where the fluoride originally came from.

    According to Bill Osmunson, DDS, MPH, director of the Fluoride Action Network, "The dental lobby is confirming what we have suspected for some time, they are more interested in protecting the outdated program of water fluoridation, than in protecting the brains of future generations. Supporters of fluoridation have not refuted the key finding of this study that fluoride harms the developing brain."


    1. Cont’d....

      Jim Stone’s comment: The end conclusion is that the only "safe" level of fluoride is ZERO. No matter how low the levels were they tested, any fluoride at all caused brain damage at the same level as higher levels of fluoride.

      Mexico is not a backwards country, it is at present #17 in the world, regardless of what CNN might tell you. Mexico is perfectly capable of hosting a study of this type, especially when funded by the U.S., with the help of the U.S.

      It appears the prevalence of fluoridated salt in Mexican stores is diminishing after this study, (I will now specifically check this.) Let's see if Mexico goes the whole way, and takes fluoride out of tooth paste. By the way, using soap to brush your teeth is not bad tasting at all. using too much soap tastes bad. If you use the right amount, the soap gets used cleaning your teeth and does not leave a bad "soap" taste. Avoid fluoride. Brush with a clean soap like the original Ivory. I brush with Zote.

      Obviously the people running the fluoridation problems know this. And that is precisely why they do it, fluoridation is in fact an act of war. Sabotaged vaccines. Sabotaged baby formula. Fluoride sabotage. Weaken the resistance of the population against tyranny.

      They claimed legitimacy and "caring" by getting lead out of everything while they pushed vaccines and fluoride. GUESS WHAT? Lead, even at low levels, gives people a bad temper. The last thing elites want in any population is people with a temper, because anger causes people to take action against oppressors. So they got rid of the lead but you can have all the fluoride you want!

    2. Use rain water. Problem solved.

    3. Thanks Texian for posting this. I read it yesterday. I was in Mexico a couple weeks ago. Good thing I bought Fiji water to drink!! I hope they come to their senses and stop the fluoride.

    4. Actually... This was published in 2006 and is quite explicit on the deleterious effects of fluoride on the entire body.

  35. Humor dept: If you have not been keeping up with Zap, you should catch today's post. Over the top, even for him. Next week he will be back writing with a golf pencil on the back of a losing lotto ticket while having both legs eaten up by rabid crocodiles.

  36. p: Not sure, but it looks like #EXTRADITEHERZOG maybe trending on Twitter.

  37. Right now we are drafting a brief but VERY VASTY article with graphics naming and shaming some the the Bagmen re directing Redemptions long overdue, for the Deep State to keep trading it.
    Named and Shamed worldwide,the heat will go on. One is allegedly worried it will get him killed. Only 1? We will try harder!

    1. JOHN Rim ram ree, kick em in their knee. Rim ram rass; kick em in their aaaaaooother knee!

    2. Thank you John, couldn't happen to a more worthy bunch. And I was hoping an EO would be used concerning enemy combatants, with those bankers losing it all to our US Treasury. Just seeing them locked out of the weekend bank sweeps trading platform would have been great.Better yet the door locked and trading desk closed for that weekend sweep they profit so much from, but never share with the owners of the accounts used.

  38. Very encouraging. I'm pumped. There's hope.

  39. p: From a German friend concerning the 800,000 institutionalized German children used for medical experiments post WW2. This series has just begun on German TV albeit not a major station, but still the documentary by a investigative journalist. Only in German, sorry no English version yet. Sadly we see this scenario replayed around the world to often.

    Germans post war children in Institution were used
    for medical experience.
    "Bayerischer Rundfunk" (language German)

    More on postwar institutionalized children in Germany.

  40. SEKULOW: Deep State Admitted to Having 16 MORE PAGES of Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Docs That it Will be Forced to Turn Over by Month End
    May 11 2018

    An attorney for Trump, Jay Sekulow celebrated another victory against the Deep State in federal court.

    After twice-denying their existence, the Deep State admitted to Sekulow in court it has magically found more Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting docs and will be forced to turn them over to the ACLJ by the end of this month.

    These Clinton-Lynch tarmac documents were located after a THIRD ‘search’.

  41. Sitting behind enemy lines with many Democrats and Terry McAuliffe. It's a crazy world. I really don't want this man in the Presidency. Don't have any real access, but seeing these dynamics first hand is educational. A deep dive on McAuliffe is sure to turn up skeletons.

    1. OMG, be careful. Hopefully you’re there incognito....they’re all so unhinged and violent these days. Do you need a SWAT team? 🙃

    2. LOL! Quite safe. We are at a party thrown by a third-group. All very civil.



    ORIGINAL POST sent 05/10/18:

    Now you will know the "Scope" and "Size" of the Federal and Local Government "Collective". The following very eye opening "official" information was posted at the top of the front page today. Please share and it is being sent to you FYI from,

    Walter Burien - CAFR1

    ** POSTED: 05/10/18 **

    Let's start off with taking a look at the Big Picture of: "Government Wealth vs. Private Sector Wealth"

    I have been actively looking for this "Collective" consolidated data for the last 20-years and found it two-days ago. Obscurely entitled the: Z.1. report.

    The following two documents are put out by the Data division of the Federal Reserve.

    The 1st link is the category listings of wealth held for years 2011 through 2015. This covers total Federal Pension Funds; Local Government Pension Funds (L; 119. a, b, and c. L120 a, b, and c); Federal and Local total investment wealth held; same for the private sector (L.118.a, b, and c); financial institutions; insurance Companies, Brokerage; Banks, etc. Also included is Worldwide wealth held by all of the above. The categories also cover the "Total Debt" held by all of the above AND who is the investor holding that debt. After digesting the numbers you will see that the private sector; corporations; etc. are primarily in debt to government via government's investment capital.

    When you look at the data, I note two things: 1. the data is in billions of dollars. So when you see a figure such as 6457.23, that is six trillion, 457 billion dollars. 2. After you pull out your calculator and add up the category listings on a specific issue, (I suggest to do this with Federal and Local government pension accounts), the total there is in excess of 16-trillion dollars of wealth held. Now compare that figure with the same for the private sector. Who do you think wins out on that comparison?

    Then find and take a look at home and commercial mortgages by investor category. Who is funding the majority as the "investor"? Between Government and all others, who do you think is the primary investor, (L.124 Government Sponsored Enterprises, 6.4 trillion dollars just there) So is it: Government or every one else that is the investor in that 24-trillion dollar private and commercial mortgage collective market place?

    1. ** On one last very important note that you could miss, if not told to you here: When it lists "Private Sector" wealth in all respects, and in all categories, past and present government employees are part of the private sector in those totals shown. So, with the millions of government employees, what percentage of that wealth in fact was accomplished by government funds passed on to government employees compared to everyone else???

      The data section starts off with L.100. Here it shows total wealth of "Non Financial" Domestic. For the end of the year of 2015, it shows total wealth at 98.7 trillion dollars and total liabilities at 61.14 trillion dollars.

      Also when you see "Liabilities" especially for government Pension funds, keep in mind that is liability "projected out 35 to 45-years. The "Standing wealth" held today is the reality of the situation..

      One last cute note: In most cases for government investments, the accounting used: investment wealth held is offset for the same as a "liability". A 100% default is the only thing that would make it a 100% liability. Seems like a cute tactic to show a diminished "net" worth...

      The link for the data, L.100 to L.234 is:

      The link for the definitions of the "L." categories is:

      Please share these two links above with all you think would want to know the "Big Picture" of: Government Wealth vs. Everyone else


  43. A CIA Operation To Discredit
    May 11 2018

    "I believe I know the name of the informant, but my intelligence sources did not provide it to me and refuse to confirm it. It would therefore be irresponsible to publish it. But what is clear is that we’ve barely scratched the surface of the FBI’s 2016 behavior, and the country will never get the straight story until President Trump moves to declassify everything possible. It’s time to rip off the Band-Aid."

  44. McCain Defends Giving Trump Dossier to Comey: ‘Duty Demanded I Do’ It
    May 9 2018

    In his new book, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) defends his decision to give a controversial dossier about President Trump to former FBI chief James Comey.

    “I agreed to receive a copy of what is now referred to as ‘the dossier,’” McCain writes in the upcoming book, titled The Restless Wave, referencing information compiled by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele. “I reviewed its contents. The allegations were disturbing, but I had no idea which if any were true. I could not independently verify any of it, and so I did what any American who cares about our nation’s security should have done.”

  45. Replies
    1. Thanks. And what a beautiful day it is here in Oregon. Enjoy ladies.

  46. p: A good explanation of what geo-engineering is about

    You Might Wanna Watch This Video Right Away! (2018-2019)
    April 12 2018

    1. p: This maybe what many people have been seeing globally and reported on many youtube channels.

      HAARP Rebranded ‘LDAL’ Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens
      Nov 20 2017

      National Geospatial Intelligence Agency ~ Directs the Global Information Grid (GIG)

      HAARP reopened is under new ownership, the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF), and the UAF Geophysical Institute is preparing HAARP for a new sponsored research campaign. They have also changed the name of HAARP it is now called ‘LDAL’ Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens, HAARP has evolved it now can melt mountains like wax. The tech rebranding is Force Shield Unveiled Combat.

    2. p: Short sweet and well documented.
      BAE Systems' Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens is HAARP Tech Re-branded 01/16/2017

  47. Here is an interesting video as it relates to the Iran Deal

  48. Iran and China were picked to become centers of global cabal governance - from UK and Europe this governance is being systematically moved. It is a issue of global elite. There are two levels of elite. Structured and unstructured. For example each government of company or corporation is structured management leadership ... Unstructured leadership is an art that basically can be undetected because there is no visible structure down the line. This unstructured leadership had been perfected by millennia...

    Your Deep State that Trump is facing down is a structured national elite, it does not mean that they are not globalist, but they are national elite not global historical unstructured elite. Trump as Obama are backed by unstructured elite....

    For example Netanyahu, he plays both or even we would say triple role - national elite, global elite and Zionist ideology elite ... or maybe just two.... Obama might play today double agent role also...but he started as backed by unstructured global elite... But in case unstructured global elite loses then he made sure that he will be fine and covered also by national elite of Bush clan.....

    Now, Iran is to become a center of global governance once Europe is down by islamists. Then Iran would openly say that we can solve the problem of islamist in Europe making them peaceful and cooperative..... China was given role to take over US police state...

    Now Iran is not ready build up for this role, neither China is.... Neither of both have any experiences with global issues ... There is vacuum. Russia is the force that has history and ability to solve problems.

    I believe that none of you remembers how Putin solved problem between Pakistan and India. It was a brink of nuclear conflict, unsolvable. Then Putin stepped in and solved that. Those people could not meet face to face. We put Pakistani in one part of the city and Indians in other part of the city where negotiations were taking place. Putin and his team drove back and forth and back and forth over few days between Pakistani and Indian negotiators until agreement was made....

    Now Iran deal: is double edge and multilevel. It is to help to discredit US...(IT IS NOT RUSSIAN WORK, IT IS WORK OF UNSTRUCTURED GLOBAL GOVERNANCE..) and discredit Netanyahu.. so that US can withdraw from what they screwed up...At the same time it enables Iran to get nukes. THIS IS NOT OUR STYLE, WE WOULD NEVER DO THAT. But we have to deal with all consequences that your leadership kicks under our feet.


  49. We are not sure about position of your leadership - it is not relevant for us. All here play that unstructured governance exists not and that game is against only national elite that rose to power while being on stage. Complicated structure...

    We gave you an example of Churchill, all his life he worked from position of national elite. He led UK in war even against Hitler from that position. It was only after WW2 door was open for him to understand and see unstructured governance. Then he called Cold War and from friends who fought against one enemy became rivals and even enemy. It was not Stalin who called separation. We had to protect our interests and right to exist as a nation.

    Brexit is connected to simple fact. When will Europe fall into Islamic Caliphate or will it be stopped, and when.

    All was set up and even announced by Obama when he had speech in UK in 2011..

    We blocked their efforts entering Syria and destroying their main force -jihadists- that would be used to lead creation of new nations in Europe and collapse of present EU.

    Their project was postponed also namely by Trump - Clinton fight. So UK does not know what to do. They want to be part of Europe but not present of collapse when Europe taken over by ismalists who will eventually be governed by Iran...and tranformed into "peaceful" ISLAM.
    There are more questions to be what role of UK will be when all leadership of unstructured rule of the world moves to China from UK and Europe...etc ... etc ..

    Complicated shift, we see. UK and US has to withdraw from EU ... it may be that once they, US, move out from Europe, Islamists might be activated and then US would say... You see, when we were sitting in EUROPE there was peace. They might be invited back. Israel plays dirty in Europe clearly as well, they will be repaid because those who lead them to play dirty will let people know that it was Jidish who did it...

    Very complicated. All is set for blood anywhere you look...

    What now? We protect ourselves and need to seek those who seek peace and work with those who seek blood on streets to reverse it. First of all they want to see blood on streets of Russia because we obstructed their plans for the sake of our survival and global peace...

    Iran is complicated game and can go any direction...usually all turns bad when it is directed by Westerner hands.

    For example: we work with China and well sealed, only because China can not make it without Russia to rise into global governance role. We saw this game, we set up BRICS to redirect it for a mutual support. Look what happened in Brazil and now in South is a hand of those who stand against us...We had to maneuver and only Putin is capable of doing that, he understood from the beginning what destiny was set for Russia and the world. BRICS was necessary opposition but not ultimate, but it gave us time and we united people for co-operation to avoid hate and war, all against all.

  50. Skripal story was set up to take down May's was clear from beginning...all set up to take down Brexit....

    You find who did it will help you to understand

    1. Brexit IS happening. Only Numpties think otherwise. May has no choice and the EU will just be told to F Off if it does not accept or take our terms. Britain IS leaving and the UK IS aligning with Eurasia.

      Britain will not accept EU terms, as for their Customs borders, who cares? We will just shut the doors. If we simply stop funding Brussels and block German cars and all French, Italian and other wines for a year, plus ram a gag in the mouths of our great unwashed with cheap flights for a year, see how long the Med survives, any of them. A year will crash the lot. Weak Leaders cause our issues, No Balls, what do you expect? Realities will force solutions. We dont NEED the EU, and if out we can pack all our illegals back home. Huge welfare savings and a drop in crime. Packing 200 shackled illegals onto flights is no problem. Thousands into Freighters to go home. Just rid the nations of them. No papers, no place here. Screened and approved fine. No paper, no entry. Straight to detention. Returned in 24 hours. No appeals. No paper, no Entry. We are not a dumping ground.

    2. SergeiE
      The Salisbury poisoning is already tearing apart all your property and business investments in the UK and all Tax Havens. We will now seize funds with any questions of Russian probity. This is going to hammer your global capital and every Tax Havens accounts will be anal probed if funds even flag Russian links. Forget the Global spin you have form for poisoning and you will not get away trying to BS your way out of this . The UK will hit your pockets hard . That will poison your Global trust. Be- Have! Poisoning your neighbours is F uncivilised and will not be tolerated . Stop drinking the Moscow Kool Aid
      If Russia wants to come in from the cold - behave!

    3. I told you that oligarchs will not deliver, though for football championship they are heating things up....

      Putin told them over two years ago ... you keep your money in their banks...they will take it from you sooner or later.

      Think like GROWN UP macho:

      - live in the West
      - have money in the West
      - their management of corporation are westerner managers answering mainly to CIA

      Because they were picked up by your agencies to serve your agencies FOR ONE SIMPLE PURPOSE: to bring Russia under your feet. They failed. Their assets in the West will go boommm - as they were warned....useful idiots nothing else.

    4. Regarding Skripal -

      There are not so many left in the world to believe Johnson's narrative, on the other hand evidently, some still try to hold the ban

      Wonder what zionist trumpet Zeman of Czech has to say about it....

    5. On the other hand, I understand. To steal somebody else assets and money is always temptation that West can not resist, especially covered up by false accusations ... at least it could be done more professionally ....

    6. Sergie

      Every stinking, rotten Russian Mafya thug who thinks they can hide or launder money from drugs, people trafficking, or the vast array of their crimes, will soon find it all matters little because we own or control all the Banking platforms and Tax Havens, and if you cross the line, or P us off, we will take you down.

      Propoganda means nothing to us. Reality and truth does. Just when you are starting to earn some goodwill in the West, you pull a stroke like the last poisoning- again! A step too far. Now we will squeeze you hard worldwide. The Oligarchs will squeal like stuck pigs. Post WW11 you were uncivilised mass Rapists in the Eastern block. Your crimes against humanity unreal. Totally uncivilised. Animals. Which was Germany and France under Napoleons fears about Russia. Look at how you mass murdered the Tzar and his whole family.Ruthless, cruel genocide. Stalin was a genocidal monster. As were many.

      Your women flock here or to Monaco with one agenda,Shaking down men. Ruthless Courtesans. Cold, cunning and ruthless. Easy to spot them. In London the same. The last really silly move will hurt now. Just watch the sanisation of your assets. We will find, freeze, block and lock the lot.

      You will lean one lesson now hard. You can't pay,you can't play. See how we tighten the noose now. The old KGB cant help itself. How do you impose Culture on a Cossack? Russia has a long way to go to civilise. The poisoning has put you well back. A seriously bad move. Putin misjudged this. It will cost him now. Russia will now get Credit Squozen. Look what we did to your Rouble. We bankrupted your Communism, we took you down in an Arms race, and we collapsed your economy. Worldwide your a small economy. If we hit it?????

      Russia is "Tolerated" if you behave. Putin has no advantage with his vast B's if we block or seize the lot. We have the IT capablity to cross wire you to the moon if we wish. Russia needs to step with care Sergie. London is a Class league way too far. All we need do is freeze and fry your money.

  51. Here are few good points made: unhealed past hurts and creates more problems then...must be handled by those who are mature to face it all...

  52. p: Though this was sweet and very appropriate for Mother's Day.

    Hot Mic Catches What Trump Privately Whispered To His First Lady And Leaves Critics Speechless!
    May 8 2018

  53. "....China, known for their shifting stands on cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin, are now the official rating “company”. Yes, we have Weiss Ratings but China snatching this role through their department, the China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID)"

    China to Rate Ripple and 24 Other Coins

  54. US will promise N. Korea's Kim Jong-un it will not seek regime change – Pompeo
    Published time: 14 May, 2018 00:23

  55. Whoa!CDC Officials Blow the Whistle on Plot to Spread Deadly Virus in the US Heavily-armed couple with DoD clearance admit to plot to launch biological attack.

    And surely, you will be shocked to see that they at one time had or still have some sort of affiliation with none other than Obama

    Read more at:
    © Neon Nettle

    1. That couple should be in Gitmo, along with Barry, along with about 25,000 other treasonous criminals.

    2. This we pre warned you was coming. It only needs 2 or 3 to get through and you will have a national pandemic. Obozo unleashed a tidal wave of these mongrels . If you can't even cage a Usurper how can you sift the Rags?

    3. Yes, indeed. Obozo loved to let his pandemics loose in Texas. I can recall the summer of West Nile virus around Dallas area. Investigation showed mosquitos weren’t native to US. He imported them from Middle East. Several people died from that. Then went all out with the Ebola pandemic....mostly fear mongering.

      There are quite a few like Obozo that would be best viewed hanging from a rope.

    4. Yes, but many of these "pandemics" were false flags. I remember the ridiculous one in Florida, Miami to be exact. We found out later it was done to suppress property values in a certain section of Miami so some zio-clown could either buy up the property or attract businesses to his property.

      Many of these events aren't real. People don't know. The fake media reads their fake news reports about how many people are in the hospital, but it isn't true. They don't know, just read what they're told. I'm not saying they're all fake, but I'll bet many of them are psyops!

    5. Well, this couple seems to be some shared delusional "spy v spy" drama, at least as chronicled. This doesn't change the fact that we are terribly vulnerable to biologics (as is everyone).

  56. Mr John

    So it was all about money evidently, not only to discredit May's cabinet ... well done for opening up.

    So, any educated mind must ask this:

    Skripal case:
    1: Why it was not done professionally? Why there would be a case leading to so called murderer? Any professional hit-man would clean it up 100% clean.

    2: Why the Skripal case was not handled professionally at proper diplomatic channels and big mouth Johnson was led to screw it up in media?

    3: Why the investigation was not done professionally?

    If you can not answer these simple question then think twice if leadership here was well chosen.

    These are simple question and nobody needs to go to WOODS to get the answer. Or do you need to go to WOODS to seek the answer?

    1. Sergie

      This is starting to have the smell of a Russian Dissinfo Troll, so it will be watched. Skripal is a dirty toxic poison, inhumane. YOU owned it!

      The investigation was well handled and is still ongoing. Many intelligent, sophisticated countries, when presented with clear damning evidence, chose to show their revulsion and mass reduce your Embassies, as well as to assess Trade links, your economic participation in tbe West, and to send you a clear Western response saying No More.CEASE or Else!

      You refused to extradite your last poisoning murderer. All the links point only to you. Cause and now consequences. You have done this before and now Western revulsion is the price you pay. No more! You own it. No one believes this could have been done without Moscow's nod of approval. Big mistake. This has set you back a decade now. A Diplomatic disaster. Watch your Global trading take the hits. Global trust?

      Sergei we will debate any Western misunderstanding, or Political errors,and lay blame where it is due. We will also welcome a better Cultural relationship with Russia,but not the way it has been. There is now major attention to your Money Laundering, your Russian Crime ( Mafya) gangs, and your People/Drugs trafficking. All dirty! A serious sanitisation sweep is coming.

      If, in fact a Troll, it won't last long. The scale of Global research now under way will come home with a bang for the Launderers. Crime will not pay when we take it all away. Doors will be closed to Global trade if not behaving better. Money rules fools.

    2. John- I'm curious. Many of the sites I visit, Fulford, Icke, zerohedge, others were pretty damning in their evaluation of the Skripal case. Everyone was dead, then they weren't, in fact the daughter is up walking around just fine. The chemicals were manufactured at a dubious facility down the road from the kill site. Other countries besides Russia had manufactured the drugs in the past. How could British intelligence even identify the drug if only the Russians had it. The guy was a double spy to begin with.

      Way too strange to be believed. The security apparatus of all countries is capable of eliminating people who pose a problem, but in the same way they are capable of framing a country to cause problems. What's the point of Russia taking out Skripal? Did he have big data? Doubt it. It's just like the Syria chemical weapon attack, why would Syria do it? The incident was too random to be believed at face value.

  57. And your timing is we suppose just before the World Cup in football to stir up hooligans ..

    Well, well, well .. we could not come up with that one without your help, could we? Good luck. I wonder who should really learn to behave, anger can take over quickly, especially when truth pops up.

    1. Was this the World Cup with Russian bribery overtones to Third World Leaders buying their votes? We have looked at taking it off you for corruption. You have more than enough Football hooligans. Unleash that lot and it's over.

  58. Hey AJ, whadaya make of the Cobra stories on RMN?

    1. I don't know. It has plusses and questions, but not my path so I'm not engaging with it.
      Preparing for contact: check
      Going down tiny cement staircases: cripes.
      I see it as a sorting hat to spur decisions that they can read.
      I don't think the site was taken over as the site is not just one man, the movement would have dealt with it.
      In any case I think the event is underway. As the water heats at some point bubbles start appearing.

    2. Agreed. Not my bag either but it's the second attack against the "truther" movement in a couple of days. The other one was Corsi/Jones thing about Q. (Not that I have any time for Alex Jones).


    3. 6-12 months back cobra said that disinfo would increase dramatically before the event, and, Q also saying disinfo is important. The only way it makes sense is if reality is not absolute but depends on the person's discernment.

      I'm sittin back and feeling in and out of 3D. Not my circus, not my monkeys. My own inner guidance is taking me to nice places. In 5D I feel 'Ive been here before'. My intention and solution are part of the same thing. In this state you dont need outside 'protocols'. :)

      [Yeah the q/jones/corsi thing is similarly bullwhacky. Aint important. Follow your innards.]

    4. “Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religions destroy spirituality.” — Dr. Michael Ellner

    5. "We'll know our disinformation is complete when everything the American public believes is false." William Casey, CIA Director (1981)

  59. SergeiE
    It was handled very professionally and so many countries given shared evidence correctly chose to work closely together as we all kicked out most of your known or suspected Intelligence attached . This misconduct has set you back 10 years and put the world on serious watch about your Embassies. No question it was a Russian approved job and this time you paid. It's not all about money but because of your reckless and uncivilised conduct, endangering also our public, this time you will suffer deep economic and cultural consequences. Truth is clear and we are having non of your attempt at propoganda cover were caught, now you pay. This has cost you enormous goodwill and is a Diplomatic disaster for Russia .A step too far.
    How many countries booted your embassy embassy staff out? Calm judgment was used, you lost. Behave like civilised human beings or stay out of Western cultures. We see your Russian Mafya thugs conduct in Monaco and London. Primates in suits.
    You are doing a good job in Syria so why cross the line with stupidity in the UK. This time you pay. Hard! Behave!

  60. WF should change its name to WTF so J doesn't keep getting surprised at their behaviour.

    1. Smiling.
      Wait for the new articles.
      But Yes, like it.

  61. Fulford aligns with Q info:

    "However, Pentagon sources insist that, “Trump is pulling out of the Iran deal to take down corrupt EU and U.S. officials who may have been bribed, along with globalist French companies like Airbus, Total, Renault, and Peugeot, as well as German companies like Siemens.” Interestingly, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif backed up this Pentagon claim by threatening to reveal the names of Western politicians who had been bribed in relation to the nuclear deal.

    I loved how DJT is using Bibi. Is rael shot its guns the minute the deal was called off. netanyahu was like a premature ejaculator walking past a brothel. Bibi the useful idiot. DJT will declaw him too.

    1. Doubt it very much. So far he's done nothing to indicate that he is for the people. Maybe it's his chess on so many levels game, but on the surface, the picture isn't good. Neozionists are still holding all the cards and not a single big name has really gone down.

    2. Correct, and beyond worrying.Drain the Swamp starting with the Oval Office?
      Why are none of 50 down? It stinks!

    3. Who's going to be doing the prosecuting? They need to be cleared out first. They ARE being drained. Seen the list of resignations and congress peeps not running? Huge. This has to be done first.

      Does the evidence need to be introduced legally? How do you do that? Positioning.

      Is it not logical that the 3 letter agencies incl the doj needed cleaning first, before the decks are cleared for the big names to be legally prosecuted with due process? It is very logical.

      Douteux and John, it is the same situation as in blocking release of the redemptions. 'Why have there been no redemptions?' Same reason.

      Anyone with constipation will tell you to clear the blockages first. Timing is a secondary effect, not the cause.

  62. Petition to the president & congress to remove the privately owned federal reserve as our central bank
    Created by G.C. on May 13, 2018

    WE THE PEOPLE insist that:

    1) Any authority previously given to the Federal Reserve be immediately terminated;

    2) The President and Congress fully reestablish Congress' singular power to mint, regulate, print, or otherwise control the form, amount, and backing of all U. S. legal tender;

    3) Our U.S. Government undertake all necessary means to assure the ongoing operation and stability of U.S. currency;

    4) Presidential Executive Order #13818 be applied to any Federal Reserve-affiliated person or entity involved in corruption, trafficking, etc., and that all assets thereof be frozen; and

    5) All assets held by the Federal Reserve, and any and all of its holders of value, be nationalized and applied to reducing the federal deficit.

    For more, Please Visit:

  63. Well I checked few posts and gave them a thought, so that I do not write BS...

    So your wrote:

    Post WW11 you were uncivilised mass Rapists in the Eastern block. Your crimes against humanity unreal. Totally uncivilised. Animals. Which was Germany and France under Napoleons fears about Russia. Look at how you mass murdered the Tzar and his whole family.Ruthless, cruel genocide. Stalin was a genocidal monster. As were many. Your women flock here or to Monaco with one agenda,Shaking down men. Ruthless Courtesans. Cold, cunning and ruthless. Easy to spot them. In London the same. The last really silly move will hurt now. Just watch the sanisation of your assets. We will find, freeze, block and lock the lot. You will lean one lesson now hard. You can't pay,you can't play. See how we tighten the noose now. The old KGB cant help itself. How do you impose Culture on a Cossack? Russia has a long way to go to civilise. The poisoning has put you well back. A seriously bad move. Putin misjudged this. It will cost him now. Russia will now get Credit Squozen. Look what we did to your Rouble. We bankrupted your Communism, we took you down in an Arms race, and we collapsed your economy. Worldwide your a small economy. If we hit it????? Russia is "Tolerated" if you behave. Putin has no advantage with his vast B's if we block or seize the lot. We have the IT capablity to cross wire you to the moon if we wish. Russia needs to step with care Sergie. London is a Class league way too far. All we need do is freeze and fry your money.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

  64. What a spiritual chant or should I say an oracle of a spiritual leadership that seeks peace in the world... or should I say: shameful empty accusations.

    Sadly it is not for the first time: You must believe in London that if you keep spiting false accusations on somebody that it will make him or her to shake and say YES OUR LONDON OVERLORDS YOUR WILL MAY BE DONE...

    It does not work with Russians... we know what we stand for and we know what we defend. Human dignity and our Motherland

    1. Sergeie, more is in play than John can reveal. The Russian mafia has much to answer for. Putin's ties to these ones came as a result of his work with the KGB and business dealings over many years. It is how he knows so well how the dark works, through his own experience.

      Putin loves his country and his people. Where do many of the Russian mafia live and do business?

      And also how amateurish was the poisoning? This was not done by professionals. Low level and expendable thugs however fall into the who done it.

      Let the UK and partners do what they do well. The truth will come out and many here will not be surprised, but also another element of human trafficking(etc.), drug and gun running for profit will have seen the last of freedom to cause harm.

    2. P
      Correct. Be assured I am watching and know far more. We have seen a major unprecedented Troll campaign activated by Moscow attempting to sway opinions. 28 countries joined us to show massive condemnation. Of Russian barbarism. Peaceful be damned. I defend you rights, human and speech liberty, but I defend the right to swat Shit. We will NOT allow all the hard work of all of you to be asswayed by Soviet propoganda machines. The Russian Mafya is as ugly as it gets and the Politicos are little better. How many tens of millions were exterminated by these animals?

      Quoting AJ today, WTF are they trying to sell here? I see the depth of truth daily but keep my counsel .Truth matters.

      The stink of a Moscow approved operation is all over it. Dam right we came out fast and firm.they have no idea how sharp our claws are. We are tracking the chains of truth, and they will own it.

      We will try to build a civil and responsible relationship with moderate Russians but try Trolling us and be prepared for consequences. Moscow will see far worse consequences yet. The cranking up of plateues of their BS is not missed by us. I support freedom for good Russians but their Commissars and Mafya disgust me. Our enemy is perverse criminality and corruption. Truth will be defended.

    3. Apologies for mobile typos. Im travelling and swatting crap flies .

    4. Travelling?.... to WF?.... clean out the rubbish?

  65. The Michael Avenatti Files: Court Documents Show Porn Star Lawyer Reported $8 Million Windfall in Feb. When he Took on Stormy
    May 13 2018

    The Michael Avenatti Files — How did a bankrupt attorney come across $8 million after picking up porn star client Stormy Daniels?

    Porn star lawyer Michael Avenatti is a huge hit with the Democrat-media complex.
    The attorney for porn star Stormy Daniels has held 108 interviews on cable news outlets MSNBC and CNN since March 7th.

  66. Regarding Skripal, I explained how the case done by your people (either agencies or even government, who cares but it was your work) relates to Brexit and of course it relates also to Syria false accusations after which your peace seeking government went to bomb poor civilians there. What a heroic act.

    If you envy our victory banner in Syria, you could have it yourself. Instead of supporting terrorists of ISIS there and making sure that THEY HAVE ENOUGH STOLEN MONEY, you could go there and fight them there. You could walk proud that UK stands for justice and peace. Why did not you do it? Russia did not hinder you from doing GOOD.

  67. Skripal case: Reality check. Should I do it or will you do it here for people. It is your land that claims all handled well. I defend Yulia, who is Russia and wants to go back. If you are not capable to present reality check I will do it. But then do not blame me of being a troll.

    I will give you a chance to go step by step of what happened and what was said and done by your government.
    You have chance to do good if you inform well people. You had a chance to do good in Syria. We did not need to go there, you could have done GOOD DEEDS for humankind. So, now I will give you a chance to deliver serious account of Skripal case. In case you do not do it. I will, but then as I said, you will miss again the victory banner.


  68. Beside that:

    How is this your TOS working? Is it OK to accuse somebody continuously and nobody says anything to it?

    I have been accused of HIV, DRUGS...TROLL, PUTIN WAS FASELY ACCUSED BACK AND FORTH, so was Russian people without any cause from them....

    Continuous threats of bombing and killing somebody....even allowing other nations to exists as London decides?

    Please give to this a serious thought.

  69. No one has accused you of HIV or Drugs but if you do turn out to be a dissinformation Troll it will not end well. Until then your right defend a civilised democracy is supported. Just take off the blinkers supporting a nation whose human rights abuses is as bad as it gets. Russia has a long way to go to be deemed civilised. But you have our collective support to seek it .

    1. I don't know John, the UK pedophilia establishment doesn't make the Queen look too good. Friends of Jimmy Savile, the list is very long. Trump in some very suggestive pictures with skinny 8-10 yr. old girls, big friend of Jeff Epstein- Lolita Express.

      I'd be careful calling the Ruski's uncivilized, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Heck even the centuries old, gender segregated public school system in England has a hell of a reputation. And the UK has spent the last decades since WW2 getting the US to fight wars for Israel because the Rothschild continental HQ is the City of London.

    2. Rotts have long since been declawed in London.
      Saville was a disgrace but blame that and more on Piss Poor Policing. Shambolic.
      We don't need to get the US to fight wars, Israel leads you by tbe Weanie and as gullible body bags, you go. Domestic Zio slags jerk your chains. Sorry, but? Russia lost many tens of millions over WW11 plus. Genocide.

    3. p: Protests on both sides of the Gaza strip, Israel's 70th anniversary and US opening it's new embassy in Jerusalem

      Live from Gaza. 43 Killed/1700 Wounded.
      May 14 2018

  70. Dammit. At this point everyone should be demanding indictments. To borrow a colorful set of phrases:

    Nixon resigned because a loyalist bugged a hotel room used by the DNC. The Gay Mulatto-Clinton-DNC-Deep State axis of weasels surveilled, bugged, tapped, and SPIED on the Trump campaign AND the Trump transition team AFTER Trump had been elected President in an all-out effort to delegitimize the incoming Trump Administration, set the table for impeachment, and steal the votes from the American people who put Trump in the White House.

    Bigger that Watergate? This makes Watergate look like piker’s play.

  71. Tino

    On all this we concure. But with WH power Trump does what?
    Of the top 50 real villains name one whose on trial?
    It all questions reality and stinks.

  72. Obviously we are made of iron from inside out, accusations I leave to fall on bare ground.... we are immune to accusations, we know our personal worth and worth of what we stand for... I could dig and bring it up here from past post...meaningless and fool I would look like.

    However would not mind an explanation of this: ANYBODY PLEASE WHO CAN THINK.

    What does this mean what John wrote:

    Russia is "Tolerated" if you behave

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    Question one:

    Who claims the authority to TOLERATE NATION ... WHAT KIND OF GROUP IS THIS? Who appointed you a judge especially when you come out of your historic background that left anywhere streams of blood....

    Explain this one one to me. What kind of group of people can claim this.

    Beside, I said what I said about Skripal. Now you have a ball to shine light of truth... I will do it as I said. People must have opportunity to be informed. Show me one thing that it is misinformation and I show you 10 of yours...

    1. Read the MI5 Public reports today. Clear!

  73. For the record, MI5 Officially today accused Putin and Russia of a wide range of transgressions in a full Public show of anger in a German Press conference. Putin has been fully called out, his whole hierarchy too.
    So, truth? Suck on that Sergie?

    1. Please post a link to the MI5 reports. Thanks!

    2. Ive sent Canauzzie a copy for you all.

  74. John,

    It's Monday morning and I don't know if anyone's asked this yet, but are we still on track? Are we progressing forward?

  75. MoneyDr

    I can't go public yet. There are " Hard Words" coming accross at the top.
    Trump is mystified at a bare Fed Cupboard. How? WTF is small under stating. Where TF is it now needs to be forced up them. Start with the $15T. Forensic traces will get it all.
    Leader or Dummie, GET the F Money! The WH needs a thorough Clear Out. 6% of the Population so allow only 6% in both Houses. Get control, get a GRIP! Rip them out! Stop the Zio snouts!

  76. Just please ALL Google Daily Mail MI5 calls out Russia and Putin today.
    It's hot, it's real and it says it all.
    Hard Truth, hard facts, it cuts out this simpering Moscow BS and lays it bare.
    Read, feed on facts and truth. Official Agency full accusations. Not Blog whimpers.

    1. p: A couple of links updated.

      MI5 chief slams Russia for `bare-faced lies´ over Salisbury nerve agent attack
      May 14 2018

      Read more:


      MI5 chief slams Russia's 'bare-faced lies' as he hits out at 'cynical and distasteful campaign' over Salisbury poisoning - and reveals 12 terror plots have been thwarted in Britain in the past year
      May 13 2018

      The head of MI5 Andrew Parker took aim at Vladimir Putin in speech in Berlin
      European security chiefs are being briefed over the Salisbury nerve agent attack

      He revealed that security services have thwarted 12 terror attacks in a year

      The intelligence chief also called for close cooperation with Europe after Brexit

      Read more:

  77. Wilfred chronicles his experience as a CIA “asset” in the banking world. When he figured out what was going on and wanted out, his life took terrible turns. He’s now stuck in New Zealand without citizenship anywhere and NZ won’t allow him to leave. He says he has in a very secure location documents, notebooks and everything needed to bring down the Clinton Crime Family and Cabal. Lengthy at 1 1/2 hours, but explosive! Super secret trading programs, Mitshubishi bearer bonds and much more.

    Crowdsource the Truth ~ Harmon Wilfred in His Own Words

  78. John

    Please: settle into reality.

    I told you that your banks, Westerner banks with knowledge of your governments kept reshuffling money for terrorist ISIS jihadists in Syria for years. Full knowledge of what was happening there. Unspeakable atrocities .. Stolen oil thousands of trucks in line selling Syrian oil to Westerner partners. All had to know, and they knew. Money went through your banks...
    How many innocent children killed, raped, women, men crucified, cut their organs while alive, chopped their heads...just anything and everything..


    Now you show your shoulders over Skripal who was used and poisoned by whatever but not anything which is called novichok by your anglo-american agencies or hired agencies like Mossad or French cheese eaters.
    And you can not wait to keep accusing us and threaten us over that. And Skripal's even did not die. Those Syrians died terrible death in ten of thousands and you in your authority that you want to display here JUSTICE.

    Any proportional sense of REALITY????


    How many diplomats did we killed of yours. NONE. How many planes with your civilian passengers did we shoot down last four years or what? How many our planes with civilian passengers your governments took down and killed them?

    Please any sense of REALITY?

    Your governments started Chechen war... then Georgia war.... Did we do anything like that to you? Did you stirred and support Irish or Scots to invade and kill many your innocent inhabitants?


    How many times your governments and agencies tried to plot assassination of Putin... How many times did we do anything like that to you - NONE.


    How many political opponents to your governments we picked in your country, sponsored them and led them in campaign against your democratically elected officials.... NONE TIMES

    How many times you did exactly this to us? All the time.... Navalny is your man, Grudinin, even communist Zhirinovsky is your sponsored man...

    WHY DO YOU DO IT. We do not do it to you....

  79. Killing Russian diplomats - even your sites spills out the truth ... and you have no sense of reality... WHY DO YOU DO THAT.

    It is not us who should start to behave ..... YOU SHOULD START TO BEHAVE ... AND IT IS TIME ABOUT....

    We will not tolerate this for too long any more. You do not get it.

  80. The “Stormi Slime Story” was apparently worth $8 million to somebody (think Soros for example) and a windfall to a very bankrupt lawyer!

    The Michael Avenatti Files: Court Documents Show Porn Star Lawyer Reported $8 Million Windfall in Feb. When he Took on Stormy

  81. Even untrained eye must understand that this is co-ordinated well planned attack on sovereignty of Russia
    1. Sripal - accusations

    2. M I5 - accusations

    3. Money attack on oligarchs thugs who serve West interests

    4. Football championship - for sure some British hooligans with Ukrainians most likely..

    Plus something in between .....

    Why do you do is pure evil. You will not succeed and it will turn against you... when will you really learn to respect other nations rights to live in freedom according to their choosing...

    Evil that you plot against others will eventually turn against you.... this is wisdom of life. Do to others as you want others to do to you....

    Those are simple principles of life...

    1. And the c50M Russian DEAD during and post WW11? Freedom? Hello? By whose hand?

  82. What it will be from MI5 - Steele dossier number 2. Please create at least something that we might be spared from stomach cramps of laughter. Even our children read your moves and you want to face Putin - Shoigu - Lavrov...

  83. P,

    This one for you,

    Multiply confirmed sighting, high-altitude orb - Saskatoon Saskatchewan UFO video 3/3. Rotating Color changing ufo. May 13 2018

    1. Tino there are many cases increasing. Including Mother ships. They have beyond powerful Shielding defence, and so far have not attacked first.
      Manned or AI? Greys appear to be AI. Nordics, but from where? Their propulsion systems defy all gravitational laws. Purpose? So many under sea cases. Where better to hide? No traffic wardens there! Or Speed Cops.

    2. Tino, that is really cool. A daytime orb. See them here fairly often. I've seen other ships/craft and many would fall under the living category. They are sentient and carry their crews with pride.

      Big difference between AI and sentient. Will take a sentient craft over an AI one any day!

      The greys, small are often a subservient class to the taller greys or reptilians. Hive type mind. Can be told NO and they have to obey.

      Nordics have been here a while.Never met them when younger and that says a lot to me. My teachers made sure they introduced me a wide variety of living beings. All I consider down right cool--as is really good.

      Picking a John a little bit, whose gravity laws? As in all things our science is way behind except for the deep state upper echelons that have had access to the advanced tech. Speed is an illusion. Why walk when you can "jump"?

    3. Sorry typo, Picking on John a little bit.

  84. Classic Carlin

    "America is one big lie and you are a fool for believing in it." on YouTube

  85. Read the MI5 Official on the line history of Russia and how many plots we stopped.

    You wonder why we take a reserved but firm line with them? Let the Official MI 5 case made for the whole world to see, say it to all. Far better.

    I have time, a lot of time for Lavrov. Even time for Putin. But he needs to put a stop- to needless incursions. If Sergie can not read why we take such a stance, what is the point? Then clearly he must be a Russian Democrat.

    Sergie, forget the posturing, it cuts no ice with us. We truly are reasonable people.

    Stop the attacks on our Sovereign soil.
    I gave you CREDIT for Syria.
    We have condemned Blair and Bush 43 for their lies and 1 M Dead for their false Lying NO WMD war in Iraq. Lies. 1M died,for lies!

    So Yes, we DO get it here.

    Blair is B Liar and he is viewed with contempt here. The Criminal Bushes poodle.

    This site is NOT for Propoganda, it pursues truth and exposes lies. It is Multi National and A -Political. Meaning- We hold them ALL in Equal contempt!
    Stop drinking the Party Line Kool Aid and read the report.

    We want to see a strong Russia in Eurasia. But not a criminal Mafya Thug operation.
    We have no illusions about Russian corruption and Political realities.

    We are the most powerful Financial City in the world. Now that is not by Stupidity.
    But poisoning on our soil IS! So, behave! Don't bite the hand which rocks the cradle. No Money, no Honey. We are not going to build a strong Eurasia if YOUR Thugs Poison the Well! Cooperation not Confrontation. Intelligent design?


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