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14 to 18 May 2018

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  1. p: Got a note from my German friend with a little more additional information. Steroids injected, creams spread on skin that left severe burning, etc. often leaving children damaged for life. Many have already passed as a result of the testing.

    The overall age of institutionalized children tested
    were between 2 and 21 years old.
    My German friend was 17 years old at the time of being tested. The
    institution gave permission.

  2. john Monday, May 14, 2018 at 3:02:00 PM MDT

    Tino there are many cases increasing. Including Mother ships. They have beyond powerful Shielding defence, and so far have not attacked first.

    Manned or AI? Greys appear to be AI. Nordics, but from where? Their propulsion systems defy all gravitational laws. Purpose? So many under sea cases. Where better to hide? No traffic wardens there! Or Speed Cops.

    John, your comment is apropos. To keep tabs I joined almost every UFO/USO group I could to be fully in the grass roots. Traffic increasing across the board. Lots of peri-lunar sighting in the mix as well.

    Greys, AI huh? I guess if one is advanced enough why bother with the primitives? Send the AI to handle it!

    So, Nordics, this the same bunch that helped the Nazis? Good? Bad? Indifferent?

    Incidentally, any news on the Arcturians?

    I'm very impressed on the whole shielding thing. Given publicly known physics, short of engineering space-time, shields are considered sci-fi. I assume that with them controlling the high ground and inevitably advanced weaponry it would be a short confrontation. Is that why we seem to have way too many nukes for war-among-ourselves purposes?

    1. Arcturians. Dimensional guidance.

    2. We have (too many) nukes bc we are yet to grow out of adolescence. Anecdotally this stage is common throughout galactic societies. We are at the stage of moving to young adulthood - the mass vibration of humanity is allowing this.

      I'd say though some humans (military and gov) thought the way through was use of force against them, which I consider childish folly. The galactics' restraint and respect of our free will has been noted by many, including me. We (aka our governments) invited collaboration with darker ones. Eisenhower 1953. When we say 'no' they must obey as per universal law and nick off. We (aka The People) on the other hand have by and large invited peaceful contact and peace on our world - this gave the evolved types an entry to our situation as well.

      I'm sure the Tall Blondes are not the same as the Pleiadeans. The P's are mentors.

      p is right in the sentience of higher D craft. This is why I talk about consciously using our consciousness - it's how they are flown.

      Arcturians are highly evolved and nurturing us. All higher D ones are interdimensional.

  3. P MONDAY, MAY 14, 2018 AT 3:37:00 PM MDT

    Tino, that is really cool. A daytime orb. See them here fairly often. I've seen other ships/craft and many would fall under the living category. They are sentient and carry their crews with pride. Big difference between AI and sentient. Will take a sentient craft over an AI one any day!

    Elaborate, please! And where are you located that orbs are a more common thing?

    1. Tino, in central NM for now. Orbs can show up in so many ways! ) Sound asleep and you wake up to a room full of orbs playing. Yes, Tino, if you're aware you'll find them more often if they know (yes, they are sentient) you would like to see them. It takes persistence, but once they recognize you would like them to be part of your life, they are.

      The craft are pretty neat. Not fond of AI, but sentient craft can be a real joy. Had a chance to pilot a bigger craft and in doing so, the mental link up with the sentience is something. You become aware of space in a different way, and that awareness lends itself well for piloting. You can "see" well out and all around your given point/place your craft is. If you express an interest in something the sentience will often accommodate such interest if such benefits the community at large or allows for expanding knowledge of the crew member.

      The walk/jump comment comes from an atmospheric illusion as well as a limitation for the human eye to observe. Craft often will blink out when traveling in a "speedier" way. It's actually a shift of dimension and what we often see is an image, but the craft has already moved on.

    2. Tino, had to think about how to describe how one viewed what a sentient ship shared with it's pilot. You get a daylight view so all things are clearly seen that may affect a ship's passing.

    3. Tino
      All I can tell you is there IS now emerging cooperation between key nations re the UFO and USO's escalation as the scale and quality of verification is so high, deniablity loses credibility. Public awareness is increasing, so much that even Dope Politicians are now disussing it. None are thicker than Politicos or Bush 43. Naval tracking of submersibles is increasing with speeds of up to 200 notts recorded. Way beyond our technology. What better places to hide? Interesting times.

    4. It is because the political machine/elite/deepstate/cabal denied for so long what the ancient people knew as a daily experience. That being interaction, direct for the general population.

      This most recent in these last decades does not serve the greater good. If our planet is to become a part of the galactic experience then much needs changing. Open interaction with the population is a must.

      With our continual movement into a higher dimension there grows a greater need for that interaction.Planetary governments interfering with what is for the greater good is not acceptable. As John said that is changing, mainly from increased public awareness.

    5. Thank you John,

      I realize you let us know what you can. I had to ask, and am glad that events are beating the Usual Suspects into submission. Perhaps the British MoD can lead with those 13 or so files that got reclassified?

      On the USO, I will try a FOIA to the U.S. Navy and see if some of the high-speed tracks might get released.

    6. P,

      Well, that's an experience you had there! Given the description I see why you prefer a sentient ship. Did you lose sense of self, or is more like an expansion of senses and awareness?

    7. GET Herzog to the courts here, then sort this all after!

    8. Tim, really, we can do both... plus mind-broadening experiences like Disclosure help people accept things like 25 quads worth of written Federal Reserve obligations...

    9. I accept that the Federal Reserve has many obligations. I do NOT accept that these obligations belong to the American people. We’ve been duped for over 100 years by the Federal Reserve. Why would anyone think the American public owes the FED interest on what should be our own “money” that the FED created out of thin air? This “money” should have been created by our own Treasury. So take those IOU’s and create a bonfire in any place some people need the warmth!

    10. Tino, sorry for being late getting back to you. You don't lose yourself, but the expanded awareness and senses stays with you. It's pretty cool. Has much to do with why I'm so comfortable with the varied sentiences that have worked with.

      The sense of calm, acceptance, love that envelopes one, but doesn't overwhelm. It's a very gentle merging/touching of consciousness.
      When the Guardians came back, it was really nice. Something familiar.

  4. It's an absolute mindset game changer for Mr and Mrs Average. I've been waiting for public acceptance of disclosure nearly all my life! It's just so exciting to be right here right now.

  5. Dimensional beings sound cool and all that, but I'm waiting on Trump to get rid of the crooked judges so the "Do you plea guilty or not guilty" plead-ian can begin. Lots of evidence, but a crooked judge will let them off.

  6. Lots of sightings in my home state, just this past March over the desert.

    A friend swears they see them all of the time in Sedona. I have been told to look to the mountains.

  7. The Strzok-Page Texts and the Origins of the Trump-Russia Investigation
    May 14 2018

    It was July 31, 2016. Just days earlier, the Obama administration had quietly opened an FBI counterintelligence investigation of Russian cyber-espionage — hacking attacks — to disrupt the 2016 election. And not random, general disruption; the operating theory was that the Russians were targeting the Democratic party, for the purpose of helping Donald Trump win the presidency.

  8. Protect yourself and your children with education about this tyranny...

    Two huge vaccine scandals the press is ignoring
    by Jon Rappoport

    But let’s dig even deeper. Sanofi saying is saying the vaccine might be dangerous for those who haven’t been exposed to the Dengue virus before getting the shot. What on Earth does that mean?

    It means a child who had naturally come in contact with the virus would have developed his own antibodies to it. And later, those antibodies would protect him against the Dengue virus IN THE VACCINE. Otherwise, the virus in the vaccine could give him a case of Dengue or cause some other form of damage.

    This is saying, “If a child is ALREADY immune to Dengue Fever, because his immune system has successfully dealt with the virus, then the vaccine won’t damage him.”

    And THAT is saying, “If the child has naturally developed an immunity to Dengue, then the vaccine, WHICH HE DOESN’T NEED, won’t harm him.”

    Of course, the press isn’t getting the picture. If any reporters are seeing the light, they’re keeping their mouths shut. The scandal is too big and too crazy.

    Between the lines, a vaccine company is admitting their vaccine is only safe for children who don’t need it.

    A tree just fell in the forest. Who heard it?

  9. Hallo come back to reality, there is Sergeie was your trip. I will not ask if you used anything for getting our of reality to your dream world of ET's. Some take this or some that that.... Who cares, I do not.

    But reality is calling back..

    John promised that he will tell openly how come that Westerner banks made all possible that ISIS terrorists could use their banks to swindle money back and forth for stolen oil and not only that.... and there was no SHOUT...How dare you...we will go after you. We will take your assets, it will hurt you etc.....Ten of thousands atrocities unspeakable was happening in Syria while your bank in London, Switzerland, NY etc made that happened. And then over a case created by your agencies, Skripal, you thunder on Russia that you will make us to feel pain of your just revenge, you will take billions from us and crush us..

    So, reality is calling - TELL US WHY? Oh you did not promise it. Maybe you will promise it when I ask you nicely.

    So, please John tell us truth. WHY such double standards. Why you banks covered unspeakable atrocities in Syria making sure that jihadist had always fat accounts and over a case when nobody died you hurdle on Russia all curses and waging war?

  10. cannauzie:

    MI5 is in deep water, or deep over the Skripals, scientists had enough and speak... what he can do is only one thing...LIE MORE. He has no other chance or he will lose his desk fast. Or do you expect him to say: Hallo British, this is me a guy who wrote a script for BBC about WTC building 7. Now, I screwed you all up setting this Sripal case and as usual. We aimed for good and it turned the other way as usual because people who can still think figured out our lies.

    1. This is propoganda twaddle not worth a response. Clearly just a Pleb.

  11. P

    Do you really believe that when vassals are commanded to bow that they will do anything else. In numbers is truth? From when?

    1. The quandary currently is due directly to how things came together over many years. The good, the bad and the very ugly. This needs to be sorted and it is better seen as one thing as that sorting is done correctly and honestly.

      Time frame beginning most recently at least from my perspective,The Bolshevik Revolution. This ties directly to current events through family ties, generationally.Cossacks.

  12. Hostage rescue with Iran was blown up last minute on tarmac by Hillary Clinton, new report reveals

  13. Russia's social media efforts in 2016 were not just false but inflammatory

    "Nearly 15,000 people would view ads promoting the events. Then, on May 21, followers of the Heart of Texas group took to the Houston streets to mount a protest in front of the Islamic Center. It was met with a counter-protest by followers of the group The United Muslims of America.

    Unbeknownst to attendees, the dueling events had been orchestrated by the Internet Research Agency, a Kremlin-linked "troll farm" located in St. Petersburg, Russia, that operated the accounts of both Facebook groups, according to findings presented by the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee."

    1. John F

      You got it.Dangerous varmints aren't they? Each day a new Gremlin from the Kremlin.

  14. We start from today releasing names blocking the releases.
    Do any of you know them? Let's hunt and track them, then expose and close them.
    RICO Rats! Scum who are bribed to destroy their fellow Americans. Not one is fit for the Alamo. From today we name and shame. Then we crank it up, and Justice can take them in.
    Corrupt Rico Racketeers, Bagmen for the Traitors. Shame on all of them and more to come.
    Each needs to be interrogated, and if judged to have commited offences, charged and tried under RICO.

    1. Thank you John. I actually was going to ask you.

      Does that still impact the mechanics of the PPs? If no that's great, but if so, and these bagmen keep playing illegal games, no redemptions? That means PPs at WF leasure?

    2. While this sounds good in print, what will releasing their names accomplish, (make NO mistake I encourage this).

      But I think what is lost here is we "think" publically shaming them would make them grow a conscious.

      One only needs to look at Comey,Clinton, Mueller and the rest to know it would not affect them in the slightest.

      I don't want to be negative, just a realist.

    3. We have enough yet to release to drown a Gypsies Dog. The sort Trump seems to chase?

  15. What does that even mean? What are the releases and how are individuals blocking them, also you didn't share any names and what are we supposed to do about it? Does judiciary have this info? Too cryptic for me.

  16. John, since releases are being blocked, PPs are not progressing, this being silly season MAY 15 2018 ! Then it would be only logical to accept as fact that there will be NO currency revaluation (THE VIETNAMESE DONG) in the year 2018 ? Thank You.

    1. Not so, read what comes out any time, and names who will have a rapid bowel movement when exposed. Let us crank it up in stages.

      Lets see if Trump will work to give back whats lawfully to Americans, instead of giving Jerusalems land UNLAWFULLY to his to sickening, gloating Kazar Mad Bennys Poodle, and the posing Shickster. A sad day for the Middle East. How many will die today? When the Pandemics hit America, you may question this. You intercepted 3. Next 3,000? Beats suicide vests. Far more deadly.

  17. Sergeie,
    I hear you and agree that governments can’t be trusted. I don’t believe the story I’ve read about the Skirpal case (among many others) either. Why would MI5 & MI6 be trusted any more than FBI & CIA? They’re all CON-trolled. These days it’s rather easy to spot the propaganda. How? When anything happens, it rolls out like a theater production. Immediately a bunch of politicos and police are assembled for a “press conference” where their script rolls out. Within minutes they know who did it and begin to speculate also on the why and how so as not to allow time for the average person to think it all through. They “plant” the story, along with carefully edited video to promote the narrative they wish to instill. It’s just when the school play gets screwed up that their plot is unveiled for all to least those who still have eyes.

    Maybe at some point the controllers will be gone and the fine people can live as intended around the planet. I know Russia has fine people as most countries do. We’ve known several very nice Russians as neighbors, doctors, etc. through the years. They all seemed to want the same things that we do....well being of our families. We have very much in common.

    1. Texian - from you it feels it is from your heart...and that is something.


      Easy way to be number one Russia hero here.

      Three things I needed to say and keep repeating:

      1. Putin has a link to mafia and owns 25 yachts each worthy 100 mil dollars and all was donated to him in secret Vatican accounts by his buddies oligarchs for services he does to them and to formal KGB friends who run now mafia stationed in St. Petersburg, Paris and L.A.

      2. Each fifth full Moon Kapustin Yard opens a portal and ET ships make contacts with us, that's why Putin makes such success in all he does

      3. London is the best city in the world regarding culture, justice and keeping money safe in just and fair banks and democracy and we all must accept their rule because their bankers want our best and make us rich once we put into their hands all we got

      If I keep preaching this mantra I would be praise and I guess John would say: Sergeie, why don't you come down to London, I will buy you a glass of whisky.

      When it is not me....I say things as they appear to be ....

    2. Maybe he'll buy you a glass of whisky, but with no whisky in it?

    3. I will give him a glass free, but help him understand the real world by Charging him triple rate for using Russian Mafya money in the first place.
      Lol. The UK was renting out Skirpal
      For foreign Office mischief to wrong foot Russia in the influence arena which rattled Russia enough to rattle his cage. Real world,Russia DID it so accept we're on the ball and not swayed by naive conjecture. Moscow messed up.

    4. I gave you a chance to give to these people account of facts about Skripal ... you ignored to inform people. So I will do it.


    5. SergeiE,

      This constant badgering is getting tiresome.

      You do not provide facts either, only theories. How is that any different?

      Everyone here has been critical of their own government at some point. No one country has clean hands. However you are never critical of anything Russian.

      You speak of Lenin and Stalin like they are heroes. They killed more of their own people than Hitler's death camps.

      We enjoy having someone with a Russian perspective around here, but you are either a propagandist, or the most naive person I have ever met.

  18. Actually I will say it this way to make it clear.

    All of you here including your leadership would be hailing Putin with praises if he accepted offer given to him slightly more then 12 years ago from " we call them unstructured ancient leadership - aka Globalnij Prediktor" ..

    He needed to do only one thing: to allow them to take full hand on Russian resources that were needed to accomplish final moves in establishing NWO....

    Then all your media, all; all your politicians and bankers and actors would be praising Putin for his greatness ... AND SO WOULD YOU....

    THIS IS TRUE..but then you would have no freedom any more, actually you would not ask for freedom any more, because you would think that you live it.

  19. Sergei

    You clearly have no idea of Putins Swiss and other Nominee accounts, his real Yachts, his Dacha and his Portfolios. You simply ramble on naively about a non existent man. You have no idea about his accomodations, his Oligarch web and his Global special relationships. Why dissolusion you. Live your fairy tail. But when the hood drops, and the Wolf stares back, I show you, Putin!

    But, we do keep him in power, because if not, the Monsters take over.

  20. John, just release those names so we can out them across social media. There is enough PO'd folks out there just happy to help speed things along by eliminating human speed bumps.

    1. Here here!! Let it roll, brother John. Many fingers on their triggers, ready and waiting.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


  21. John,
    Will Iraqi elections and Ramadan have an impact on the timing of a Dinar RV?


  23. Releasing the names of the ones blocking redemptions and revaluations may just work. Operating in secret is how they get away with this for so long stealing other peoples money! RELEASE - YES!

    1. Today read what will be sending some not so happy Bunnies straight to Stall One.

    2. It's up, and UP THEM right now.

      For the next few days emails will hit them, calls will be made, and a bunch of Double Crossibg Bastards will be very afraid.

      The Internet is a powerful weapon. Exposure is Disclosure.

      Now they know fear, as each just took it up the rear. The price of corruption. Each will be disowned fast. As fast as each can blink, a Cut Loose Fink!
      Next we start a new series of secrets coming back to haunt so many compromised people. Truth will not stay buried. We have a mass vault of evidence to unleash.

  24. Be assured, for those who just made the S list today, none will be sitting in Stall One now reading,

    Hear I sit, broken hearted,
    I just paid a quarter and only Farted.

    1. Lol!

      John, I think you may have missed my question in the last comment section, so I'll ask it again.

      A few weeks ago, you said Trump signed off on something and Tens were imminent.

      What happened there?

      Are they just ignoring his orders yet again?

    2. Arizona

      1.See the new article.
      2. Yes they tried, but there is a massive Global exposure operation in play right now. Sorry, at this stage we can not elaborate. But, "Assume" formal discussions are taking place, discreetly between Parties of Real Power,and once concluded,as "Global" powers, the follow up will be a shock revelation to some. A F UP ex Colony will be getting a full on Colonic Probe, and the depth of what follows, will be seismic for some.

      No time now to show our hands, but understand it's a by the hour thing!

      There are layers and levels the Public have no awareness of, and Dynasties who want Action! Even today, a formal written request from our Top Parties,once responded to On Record, will open the door for massive actions.

      The last 2 days,Chump has allowed his attention seeking Brat, and Bennies Butt Kissing Zio Poodle, to do what even the Crusaders failed, to keep Jerusalem. This was an act of Mindless Pig Ignorance, questioning yet again the completle lack of US Cultural understanding of sophistication with Global affairs in a fast changing world. If the vast then power of the Crusaders, yielded to Salahadins forces,a bunch of twisted Kazar inbreeds will simply be swamped as vengeant forces hit home. The naive arrogance of assuming to hand over Jerusalem, the holiest of Muslim reverred sites, to Kazar usurpers, shows profound ignorance, as with Vietnam. It will end- Badly, and the Kazars will be no more. To see the preening Ditsy Blonde and Bennies Mugged Butt Kisser, was abhorent. Forces of Millenia will dissarange that.

      It is symptomatic of the profound inept stupidity we deal with. Posing, Pompous Buffoons. Trying to make sense of them.

      The question, as always with Trump is, "Is he for real?" We hope, but? Jerusalem was naive stupidity. Foul Isaraeli snipers ruthlessly mass murdered as the ruthless swine they are. While Kazars, Zios and a Stupefied Bible Belt eulogise an impossible dream. Handed over by Trump, or a Chump? It will not stand.
      It's time to hand over what IS owed, and actions are now playing out to crack it wide open. Good forces! Rome was not built in a day, but Cabal forces WILL get blown away.

  25. This is as important as the change in the Korean peninsula:

    Anwar Ibrahim released after years in prison in 'new dawn for Malaysia'

    Basically Mahatir and former enemy Ibrahim are now friends and worked to boot Zio Razak from power in Indonesia. Aussies are going huh? But now they're mates! Zio rats are gone from Indonesia.

    Will Mahatir now give the deal on MH370?

  26. It has been suggested to us that these reports need to be forwarded also by concerned Americans to Gina Haspel.Can you all- Please? Let's crank it up.

    1. John, we're going to have to get creative as Gina Haspel does not use social media.

    2. Then please, get creative. Let's get- Them.

    3. Hi John, I used the contact page at the WH. you can either message the President or use the "help with a Federal agency". I used the latter and wrote a simple note asking that the report be sent to the new head of CIA, Gina Haspel.

    4. Thank you P, it all helps. We do this for all of you.

  27. I'm on the edge of my seat. More of the same though, I expect.

  28. Reading todays exposures, I suspect a lot of named parties will be on the edge of theirs!

    1. I am excited that now finally this can help bring down these criminals.
      Will help spread this exposure far and wide.

  29. Re the Royal Wedding Saturday.

    It will be sunny, about 70 degrees, and all well orchestratated.A massive TV spectacular.

    Contrary to vicious tabloid dirtbag media, Mega IS going doww well here, she has great support from the Brits. We look at Megan, not her F up dysfunctional family, good training for the Windsors anyway.
    The adverse media need to shut up. F off!

    Megan will get a huge warm reception, and the support of the nation.

    Let it bring the US and UK closer.
    Wake up Yanks, this is now YOUR Royal Wedding! Civilising you F's. LOl.

    Watch it, you won't see another with a US national. Thsi is a massive accolade for America. Huge! Megan is trying hard and showihg great style. I hope her Dad's still able to go. It's only a stent op. Fingers X, but she will have the nation with her anyway. Just not the gruesome O's! She's flying the Flag for America. It's not easy she does a great job. Watch YOUR girl, live the dream. It's YOUR Day also now. Import some class for a day. It's an accolade for America also. Fly the flag, unlike Charles he's not marrying a hag.

    All, let's wish her well. Enjoy the day, it's for both nations now. Real Royalty,not the Clinton trash. This is YOUR day also now.

    1. I’d rather sit home and shave my head with a cheese grater, while chewing on tin foil then watch those pompous phony’s parading around like they’re gods gift to the planet. No thx

    2. You'd rather watch Trump?

    3. Never said that, but I’m not gonna subject myself to some bullshit $100mil wedding for someone pretending they are Royalty to some almighty kingdom when people are suffering and barely making ends meet living day to day while some glass menagerie wedding is supposed to make us all feel Prideful and patriotic inside, like I said no thx

    4. I would prefer to watch Trump, yes. The Royal Family lost luster with me when Princess Di was killed.

      Congrats on having a bi-racial LIBERAL onboard- one less for us.

    5. Just to clarify, I am not a racist, just pointing out that you are in for a surprise as she considers herself quite the activist. Surely once she gets that ring on her finger and the honeymoon is over, she will be out there.

      And who could forget...she used her celebrity to support Hillary.

      Again, good luck!

    6. Harry's only the distant spare going nowhere. His new Bi Racial toy beats the Washington Bi Sexual closet phonies, it's just a day of different TV watching the state strut it's stuff and just be as one for a day. A B movie actress and the 5th level spare won't set the world alight it's just 2 harmless kids play acting life, just a TV day to chill and watch the colour trooping. Then they dissapear back into the goldfish bowl of stark entrapped reality. Just kids . Live and let live it's just a day.

    7. True. Of course I will watch.

      John, did you think kindly about Di?

    8. JOHN We are working on EXPOSURE = 4 = Herzog et al and beyond. We do not have precise data but believe we passed the 50,000 reads ...Twitter + UTube. We know that some key people are following. Keep posting and we will keep expanding the relay system. Thanks!

    9. Ahhh. The "SO CALLED" elite. How nice.

      Let's focus on the billion year old energy being inside and less on the decadent parade of nothingness.

      Besides you'll die and what will you have learned? Nothing physical comes with you. Only what you have done and learned.

      An ascetic in the mountains of Tibet has probably done more spiritually that this family.

    10. Arizona

      Di was a human tragedy. A naive kid entrapped by the Windsors, used as a broodmare, and dispursed while that Charlie saddled up on a mare. Tragic.
      Di was a life lost, but she left us William. Without him the lot would be toast. The nation hopes the Queen outlives the idiot son. Camilla as Queen, YUK x 1,000! No one wants that clown and his mare on the throne. But, hes so worn hes may not last long. A poor gene pool for him. She's just a crocodile handbag now. A Wizzened Hag. To wake up to that?

      Di was a human tragedy.

      But when Megan rocks the Windosr cradle once, she WILL be reminded of her low birth state,and as for Royal customs and protocols, Harry will be picking up the pieces for 30 years.
      The Queen wanted a Pre Nup because all know she's a Bolter,and it will get messy.

      But it's TV for a day.Then we put them away.
      Or watch the Monkey -Trump.

  30. p: John, You said it well and it needs sharing. From Jan 14 2015.

    George Bush Pedophile Sex Ring and Blackmail of Congress | cathy fox blog on child abuse

    Albeit a repeat of an old artlcle, is there ever a better time for a truly filthy old human reprobate to own his Dynasty and be exposed, along with his evil Cohorts, for the disgusting, depraved piece of human garbarge he is? Why allow this perverse piece of filth to depart as a false Texan Hero, he deserves exposure to carry the accolades of disgust he and his family need to be exposed to. This is HIS Book of LIfe, let him carry it for all to see. Atonement in Eternity.
    A Hero - Never ZERO value Sub Human Pervert, Traitor and Low Human Filth. End his False Patronage as an Icon. Let Truth carry his shame. A Bush Fire awaits HIM!

    1. Conspiracy of Silence, a documentary listed for viewing in TV Guide Magazine was to be aired on the Discovery Channel, on May 3 1994. This documentary exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies. Many children suffered the indignity of wearing nothing but their underwear and a number displayed on a piece of cardboard hanging from their necks when being auctioned off to foreigners in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Toronto, Canada.

      At the last minute before airing, unknown congressmen threatened the TV Cable industry with restrictive legislation if this documentary was aired. Almost immediately, the rights to the documentary were purchased by unknown persons who ordered all copies destroyed.

      A copy of this videotape was furnished anonymously to former Nebraska state senator and attorney John De Camp who made it available to retired FBI Agent Ted L. Gunderson. While the video quality is not top grade, this tape is a blockbuster in what is revealed by its participants involved.

      This is a site created by the mother of a boy that was kidnapped by me growing up. Most likely disappeared into this Franklin Scandal cult. Some later said that he was the homosexual lover of George Bush, Jr., Jeff Gannon. Scroll through the site and imagine being a parent receiving those photos.

  31. When counting was reaching 64% for Trump there was a global panic because he would make about 72-3%.... Slashing down count on order of Globalnyj Prediktor (GP) began so it looks more like even BALANCE in country between reps and dems...

    So you can be sure that you are about 75% in your country and you do not know about it ....

    They did the same in France with Le Pen so that islamisation of Europe can continue...

    We are just laughing ... however we are getting prepared that one day Europe will be Islamic Caliphate...or civil war down there between factions....

    Then Europeans will cry: Why is Putin not coming to help us...we never said anything against him.

    1. Get ready for my Skripal report, people deserve to have right and correct information so that they can properly decide on their own where to stand on things..

    2. There are two things that convince us that May's cabinet was set to fail and Brexit also:

      First: She is not of right blood, so are most of her cabinet ministers except of the one who holds the cash in hand. Johnson's behavior as proven when he was Mayor was just to offend anyone at any level for not particular reason...

      Second: If you understand really who global management of supper social systems work you will never accept steering wheel of government when you can not really control clearly majority. If it is tight vote as it was in Brexit, wise thing of those who want to win is to leave steering wheel even when you win to other party and let them cook alive because they will not succeed in their matters because they will never gain majority....You back to opposition,mobilize and then you smash them for their failure....

      I am giving this info for free am I not?

    3. Oh, I forgot, nobody speaks to the British aristocrats as I do?

      This line is to begin explaining people what lies behind Sripal case.

    4. Sergei

      We gave you the facts on Skripal. We cross rented HM out for Dissinformation projects. It gave you problems so you hit him on our soil. Our land. Big mistake. End of . No Dissinformation fantasies. 28 countries have booted you because of facts. Stick to reality.

  32. So that you understand how to interpret events and things:

    Your shill communist Zhirinovskij on Larry King when asked about election support he said.

    Of course we would appreciate Trump to win.

    First of all he did not speak for Russia, he is not part of our administration of course.

    Secondly, you have to understand the social climate in the USA to fathom an impact of his words. In global US media hate toward Russia before election impact of his words were these:

    Russian communist Zhirinovskij says Russia wants Trump....We do not want Russia communists = WE VOTE FOR CLINTON

    What Zhirinovskij intentionally and well prepared with L. Kind it was open support for Hilary for those who were not decided. This was trick of reverse logic. People's mind have no choice but to go for Hilary..

  33. It's going to be 70° in London Saturday? Next thing you know they'll be Trooping the Color with aluminum flagpoles.

  34. Heh AJ 70 degrees here brings out millions of hot chicks and I promise you the flagpoles won't be drooping!

  35. It's a Saturday, sun, pageantry and chance for the world to switch on and be united as one. Pomp and pageantry a billion will watch.
    Megan will soon find she's shackled by protocol and she can kiss goodbye to any opinions in public of any contentious nature . She's already finding that and her Dog ugly crass family trying to sell themselves via TV programs embarrassed her and everyone .

    She must be cringing and im sure the Queen is. Wallis Simpson did not end well and no one looks beyond the big day for this one, so let them have their big day it harms no one.

    Funny buggers the Windsor's Edward gave it up for Wallace and Charles for a horse's Ass?
    At least William is sane and Di left a good legacy with him. The alternative is Presidents and look what trash they are .

  36. Well, we know Harry's a "better bred than the Windsor's" Spencer, but he sure looks like James Hewitt. We'll never know what the true story is, but I'd put money on the likelihood that Harry did a quiet $100 DNA check as a teenager and worked it out for himself. So think kindly towards a young, well intentioned man, in love with a beautiful, talented and pro active young woman. I think they're perfect for each other. I'm looking forward to them blossoming as a couple and championing good in the world.

    Party hard Britain!

  37. Monkey. Hard fact is Hewitt was not even on the scenes before or when Harry was born. He came later. Di too! Lol.

    But Yes, good luck to both of them I hope for each they make it. Life's ruthless enough and they will be shackled by intense protocols unless she bolts, which is probably likely. Fairy tales versus chipping away reality?
    Who knows, it's down to the unity, care and commitment of 2 people there for each other. There is no higher value or enrichment . For each, I hope.

  38. Jerusalem, the holiest of Arab sites, for which even Salahadin forced the Crusaders out,
    come the 21st century, a grossly insensitive, uncultured ego obnoxious Prick deigns to grant Jeruslem a province of Kazarville, to a bunch of cross brend Mongolian plains Genghis Khan marauders, the scum of the plains, who in 70 years of illegal settlements,have STOLEN 80% more of Palestine, increased their land theft in surrounding nations, and now when an obvious protest riot breaks out to protect the cultural rights of Palestinians,is it policy to sit back doing nothing while Israeli scum sit mounted on roofs, Snipers firing willingly into protesting crowds, murdering over a hundred, and injuring many more thousands? Jesus, will the US EVER learn? The Cultural sensitivity of a Klutz. Did Vietnam teach nothing?

    Jerusalem will NEVER be given up. NEVER! It was a grossly insensitive ,naive move by Trump, AGAIN!!!, as his attention seeking truly obnoxious daughter and her simpering Dweeb Wimp of a husband,preened themselves with Brutal Mad Benny Nutter Yahoo, as new assembled self presuming Royalty of the Kazar Kingdom of invading Zio Trash.
    This WILL end so badly.

    Even if only a Lab created virus, it's only time before Arab forces fund and create the cocktail response to rid themselves of this accursed pestilence brutaly murdering their neighbours, and continuing a process of land theft and Middle Eastern meddling. True Jews, innocent real and harmless well meaning Jews, will be paying for this as payback comes. As will the US mainland. Vietnamese UA forces collapsed under the incessant volume of attacking Viet Cong Forces, as will the Kazars. This Kazar site, is nothing but a pestilence Boil on the butt of the Arab world and it WILL get lanced.

    To presume so arrogantly to gift it to this Kazar trash, is the naive arrogance of a foolish Peacock. Reckless, insensitive, Stupid! Set up by Mad Nutter Yahoo and his preening Zio Boy, the child Bride of the Shickster. Where Angels fear to read, Peackocks preen and leave their dead. There will be blood.

  39. I am ALL FOR a DEEP COLONIC PROBE! Expose those rats hiding in the shadows helping the cabal steal and loot Americans blind for so long now! DEEP-SIX the lot!

  40. Lets look at emergent realities now.

    1.We thankfully avoided a face off over Syria. A No Win all lose madness moment. Israel left alone may well trigger WW111 for these F Kazars! Time to say No to the Zio Ho!

    2. Major, deep and serious moves are playing out for real behind the scenes.Way over and above cheap Politics or the cheap posing low IQ hustlers found there. With real people who don't associate with such Political trash. Real visionaries who care, for all of you.

    3. Crytpos will get beyond the Wild West Klondyke games and new orders are coming.

    4. All major natinns have abundent qualities of good intellectual talent, and we need to cross pool it, and you all, for common good. To think as ONE People, commited to our small fragile planet, where YES, you ALL are special and each life, like ecology is precious. To start to think and transcend the greed and grubbyness of Nationalism,pointless religions, and to explore the true boundaries beyond. Lifting the veil ( Oh God yes yes yes, Lol) and taking the next step for the evolution of our species.
    Because it's time and your time is coming now.
    Look beyond and across the pond. Together we are more.

  41. Reports just out say Trump is now eating only half of each bun to stay healthy.

    I think it's because Trump has just found out it costs him 130K to grab a full Bun!

    1. That was funny....but better keep you day Job Sir John.... don't want you to go broke trying to make it as a comedian...
      haha... :)

    2. That one is really funny..... thumb up....makes anyone to laugh

  42. Hell' marrying does it faster

  43. “I’m privy to the information that the EU is going to shift from dollar to euro to pay for crude from Iran,” said the diplomatic source.

    Blowback Begins: EU To Ditch Dollar In Payments For Iranian Oil

    And so the USexit begins. The cabal world moves to cut off America as she re-forms out of the ashes of a decaying US Inc. As America pulls from the corrupt Iran deal the globalists regroup together as a smaller baitball.

    Will this trigger the TRNs as a counter move against the EU two finger salute?

    1. AJ correct and it's going to get much worse.the TRNs will only start for external trade to meet Basle 111 accords . The eternal dollar to feed Buster Gutts will sink and a35% come to Poppa lesson will hit the masses and Welfare classes. The world is recoiling from the DC zoo be greatfull it's them, it won't hurt you

    2. I understood that France has already switched as well as Germany so it was just a matter of time. How are the Saudis doing with their Aramco deal? Will they be switching to RMB anytime soon? Word is that will be the death blow.

    3. Saudi desperately needs China's infrastructure and job creation funding as production declines .
      Iraq will go with Russia as will Syria and Iran will go with Russia and China. Soon kazars hell will be surrounded by empowered nations and China is signing long term deals with Iran. No one wants the dollar or the US in the Middle East or Asia. Diplomatic skills Zero! America within 10 years will be a shadow of today with bases closed and fleets rusting. Time to rethink and use trade not threats. Just simply dump the Military Industrial economy, be not afraid rebuild with trade . Put back or get a bullet in the back.

      America can retrack and don't look back. Re empower, not deflower!

  44. John,

    Since you're a Queen Mum kissass, will you be attending this ridiculously stupid and wasteful spectacle of a wedding tomorrow?

  45. I have offered to do a total service job on Markel and get her fully tuned up for the day. Can I do more?

    Jeez Paladin did you see that gut churning spectacle with the Benny Butt kissing Dweeb and his parrot faced Shickster posing in Jerusalem opening g the door to hell. How many shot dead and how many thousands injured. Ours is a harmless day yours is Hegemony again.

    1. Let 2 harmless kids live a day. Ok let one question. Would you?if not off with you to Rykers Island for 3 months as Bubba's Bwoy, live and let live.
      Let America and the Commonwealth have a harmless day of pageantry. We will make .Billion boosting tourism. And let Meghan make you all proud .Better than Trump's Eastern Block Mail Order brides. These 2 actually communicate. Ease down she's flying the flag well for you, be proud. At least the kids got a brain , even if off your track, she's trying. Now paladin, answer the question, would you?

    2. LOL

      I noticed in all your rhetoric you didn't answer the question. Will you be attending? Perhaps servicing Lizzie at the reception since Philip is obviously unable to perform????

      Look, this is nothing but a wasteful display of privilege that the rest of the world despises. But the other countries of the world who aren't free are only too quick to get on bended knee for the bloodline rulers whose ONLY qualification to rule over the masses is to be born.

      Look at Chuck....a pathetic excuse for any kind of royalty yet, if the Queen Mum kicks the bucket, he's next in line.

      I rest my case.

    3. Someone over here likes the royal wedding... coverage starts at 5 am on Fox and lasts till?... crazy!... maybe its every woman's dream wedding

    4. John! Our First Lady Melania IS beautiful, has loads of class and grace, and very intelligent. To say Megan is better?! WOW! I beg to differ.

      You guys keep Megan, we will keep Melania

    5. Melania has brought class to the WH agreed as the Chump has none . Let's go be them both a thumbs up .
      Meghan won't ever rise n pecking order above the now grade 5 spare so just let them both have a chance to be, happy humanity.

      I heard after her minor kidney check Melania was told it's OK to go back to the WH today but responded heh Doctor let's not be hasty now . What's in a week, I need a break from that freak.

  46. Pal we all want the Queen to outlive him. Same page but it's really a President or a Monarch. We had a test referendum and we chose the Queen. Her or the Clinton's .
    Now answer the question dam you. Would you?

  47. LOL.

    I asked my question first....will you be attending?

  48. She says I have to leave before he gets home

  49. Heh Paladin I did not miss or forget the slight. Poor little Harry. Don't be a spiteful bitch,she looked good in a suit, and unlike you at least Harry was delivered from the right chute!

    Relax folks it's our day banter this is kind.

  50. I don't blame you, I wouldn't admit it either...LOL

  51. John, will we see any movement on the TRNs, etc., once the China/US trade parties currently meeting in the US through Friday, conclude their meetings?

  52. I think they are weeks away yet. Ready, but for what use? Do the Military Thugs get free use, or trade? Who is going to muzzle this seriously F Up US Milatary Whores army?
    Their 4 squares and all found will make any new progress rebound. Put these F'S to making money! Kissinger said it all.Brainless body bags for US Foreign policies. Hegemony bullet stoppers. Expendable crap. Bred for it. Seen any Elites kids serving front line? Zero! Muzzle the Military, make money. Stop listening to Propaganda for Dummies.
    China is deciding how much to take up with the RMB's. A negotiated take up.
    Changes are evolving.

  53. John, reading your comments about the Royal wedding made me smile actually.

    I will watch knowing you are enjoying it.

    *lifts a glass of champagne to toast
    the bride and groom.*

    1. The world is watching who cares what lefties sourasses say. Poor Megan is getting crucified here by the media for the state of her appaling family. Harry is not marrying her bloody family and it's easy to see why she ran. So Cinderella gets to go to the Ball . Let the girl have her shot, they really are a bloody awful lot. What the harm in a fairytail every 50 years. Half the Windsor's secretly want to marry the Fairy.
      It's good for America and England to share .Who gives a dam for some stick up their Butt left wing opinionated mare? Most are not worth 3 nickles between them. Airheads from La la land.

      Only one thing you need do to increase their despair , your wicked grin and 2 fingers Inthe air!

  54. Two guys pissing on each others shoes is NOT what I come here to read about.

    Besides, it deflects what this forum is all about and is counter-productive.

    I respect BOTH JOHN & PALADIN, but please do not say this is just comedy banter.
    Reading the words, it is much deeper, so do private emails or something, please.

    1. Hell' you want to see the private ones? Lol

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. Fore run for Skripal - this week am very busy, see my kids only for bed time...

    1. Suppose somebody tells you that he happened to survive a nuclear bomb blast that blasted hundred meters from him... let say nuke 5 times bigger then Hiroshima. And you would ask. How come that you survive. And he would answer. I wore my new sunglasses that I bought few days before and the blaze of light could not kill me. What would you think of such man.

    So it is with Skripal. If POISONED with the strongest known nerve agent as it was claimed by big mouth Johnson that it was sprayed on them.... then such people sprayed in face of such agent would be dead within hour max two hours... REALITY. Of course dead would be also that one who sprayed it on them, unless he would walk towards them in total chemical suit and oxygen bottles on his bag...
    Beside that if sprayed that way then hundreds people or thousands in surrounding most likely dead or seriously disabled with their inner organs in tatters and pieces mashed tissues

    2. Policeman who found them would be next step ..

    3. Why would be John's, as his first reaction to announcement of Johnson, do not think or search for any alternative interpretation as that one I provide to you.. IT WAS VLAD, no investigation. 6 hours after incident case was CLOSED, before investigation could have begun....

    Think about that in case of 9/11. If your government in the USA says, people do not even try to investigate this case. This case is closed and we tell you what happened and who did it. Would not it be strange?

    1. Im not going into details on this but 4 or 5 Cobra Committee. Meetings with vast resources deployed gave clear guidance shared fully with Global Allies. 28 countries do not boot hundreds of Ruskies without dam clear evidence. That is and remains private, but your Western agencies got smacked back 10 years . All doors now closed. No one wanted this .

  56. UK big mouth said that NOVICHOK can be produced only in Russia and that no other country knows the substance per ce....

    1. On that one - Russia said that there are few countries that produced and can produce NOVICHOK... UK, SWEDEN, CZECH REPUBLIC, USA ...

    2. Czech president Zeman called for investigation of that in his country and announced after BIS - Czech secret service provided a investigation -
    YES CZECH PRODUCED AND STORED NOVICHOK, though small quantities

    3. Germany published this week I guess or week back ... In the 90s German BND secret service obtained NOVICHOK substance and know how and passed this to all Germany allies including UK, US, Sweden etc allies later confirmed that NOVICHOK is 10 times more potent then VX..the strongest known nerve agent known in the West ...

    Published at Süddeutsche Zeitung and Die Zeit

    Conclusion: UK knew for 20 years NOVICHOK that is being produced and tested for whatever kind of reasons in the WEST. Nevertheless, Johnson and all May's cabinet lied consciously about it..keeping accusation by dirt of their mouths

  57. Is it me then that does not want you to be informed? Or even misinformed.

  58. From my perspective; many of us post here to share ideas and data to grow our body of knowledge of TRUTH. I do not see this as a place where JOHN or anyone else is on trial for a trainload of BS. I avoid reading line after line of 1950s - 1960s rhetoric. I put effort into this arena to get critique from those who know more than I and share learning with my colleagues. I hope I am not out of line here but my BS alarm keeps going off. I hope to keep learning instead of filtering out not so original garbage. My apologies to all those whom I may have insulted.

    For all those who contribute, learn, grow and seek Truth for a better world I enjoy this opportunity arena!

    1. For sure Bob. I contain my response to some of it. The site has excellent contributors. This wave of Soviet propogabda drivel will see it's own Butt soon. I leave doors open to explore national minds and to extend consciousness. Some of this is Gulag indoctrination.

    2. Thank you for saying what I am feeling too, Bob. I usually don't read that or just barely skim it. It feels like I am being scolded. Blah.

  59. SES and SERCO ~ Their plan to depopulate and control humanity revealed

    1. Worrying possibilities there Texian but, from a conscious Think Tank position, what are we to keep doing with the now surplus to need Drones and welfare ghettos? Just questions not positions,it's intended only to help you understand the dilemma. Why fund surplus to need. We overstock our breeding herds, we cull. So, who funds surplus to need bodies,a huge change is coming. It won't be pleasant and it will be authoritarian. They - Don't- Care.
      Can't pay- take them away will be the line.
      No one will wear the social line. Feed the deserving need will be the line, only use whats left to feed the swine.

      Elite mind sets,which no one gets. It going to get ugly .

    2. John,
      I do grasp where your concern is. It’s valid. There has been a reluctance to educate for responsible parenting. If you can’t afford to feed, clothe and educate a child, prevent the pregnancy in first place. Planned Parenthood is nothing but an abortion mill. There is much technology now for pregnancy prevention and that should be used. What happens in “third world” countries is where the huge problem is. One of our big welfare problems is that these people are being imported into our welfare system by the tens of thousands. Each family seems to have many, many children. I suspect that culture will not change easily. Suppose they’re even aware of why they have so many babies?

  60. Just wait until they segregate which retirees get paid, or not. Which funds get depleted and Oldies deleted. You think you have rights! Really? When the Petro dollar blows, there goes the neighbourhood .

    1. I wonder which retirees get paid. Hahaha

    2. John, I thought the CIPS system was in place to circumvent SWIFT and not allow the Fed to skim/delay payouts. So many good patriots want to move forward with projects to restore our broken countries. Can you clarify for us?

    3. Banking, the Fed,the Zio and Military /Agency Cabals are one collective sick bucket to intercept and fix at will. Changes are evolving above all this, if we are to survive at all. The long Con is moving on.

    4. Lydialasv
      I will release you s copy of our overnight communication. What happened when the Military and President met, the impact of the new OWON article and the drive to get selective releases started
      Also showing how the CIPS system has blocked the Fed juggling with other people's money.
      They are amused how OWON is sticking it right up the Zoo trash and it's coming home.
      It's getting to the point where if they don't move again, OWON unleashes a new overnight swarm of vitriolic S flies which do the rounds exposing each malpractice

      It's getting to them and at them. Worse in cross memos it appears they feel London has so tight a watch the British knows each morning and emails are unleashed before they even get up each day.
      This is merciless retribution.

  61. Can anyone tell me when the IG report is due? Thx

  62. Agreed above now whose got the ethical, patriotic integrity and Guts to take it on and round the sickening lot up. Looking on,looking in, we see all the stench of a Nuremberg trial for the lot of them. Gut rotten, duplicitous
    Scheming criminals and for Clinton's,treasonous . Who brings Soetoro to the Dock?
    Why is Comey not remanded by now? Mueller? Extraditing Herzog will bring the lot down. Romney?

  63. From

    PROVEN: Gardasil triggers the immune system to attack a woman's brain.

    To be more specific, if you study this abstract, Gardasil in fact causes a woman's immune system to attack her brain the same way antidepressants do.

    My belief: Gardasil is in fact given to women for the sole purpose of destroying male/female relationships.
    Not my belief, COLD HARD FACT: Gardasil definitely, without question, attacks the brain, and the end result is depression. An abstract could not possibly make it more clear than this, and no, vaccine trolls won't refer to this "science" while they ridicule all people who question vaccines as "too stupid to understand basic science". When they do that, all I do is troll them hard with science that is over their heads. Not difficult to do against those who were only handed lines to throw out while not understanding a thing about what they are actually trolling. Here's a great one to throw against a troll:

    If the state ever mandates I be vaccinated, at least one person other than me will suffer brain damage of a type you won't get from a vaccine in whatever attempt is made to jab me. I won't go down easy.

    They know damn well what they are doing with vaccines, so when I go after trolls I hit them from the eugenics angle and explain the science behind why and how the vaccines do what they do. After they blat back a few textbook responses, they give up, I have yet to lose that debate.

    Here is how vaccines are designed to destroy people, in one short little blurb:

    No matter what you put in a vaccine along with a pathogen, the immune system will identify it as the pathogen, and will produce a custom antibody for whatever was injected along with the pathogen. If it happens to be peanut oil, a peanut allergy will result. If the pathogen happens to be injected with a squalene adjuvant, you might end up with a fish allergy. and today, many vaccines are grown in human tissue. They can't get all the human tissue separated from the pathogens, (nor do they even want to) and this is what is causing multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, autism, and a whole slew of other ailments at levels we have never seen before.

    Squalene is a common vaccine adjuvant. Squalene is a basic building block of the human nervous system. What then happens when the immune system is tricked into removing this basic building block from the human body wherever it is? A whole slew of neurodegenerative auto immune disorders, and THEY KNOW IT. And it is worse than this now, nowadays a lot of the vaccines are cultured in genetically engineered yeast, that is designed to produce whatever human materials they actually want the resulting vaccine to attack. It can be whatever they want, whatever they tell the yeast to mimic. That makes modern vaccines a PERFECT weapon.

    To sum it up, here is the science behind sabotaged vaccines: Materials are intentionally placed in the vaccine along with whatever pathogen the vaccine is for, and these materials are tailored to cause the immune system to identify key building blocks of the body (usually in the nervous system) as hostile, and the immune system subsequently rips the body and brain to shreds.

    That is the "science". And no vaccine troll has ever been able to respond to it.

    1. So this is why the .Buggers are cross wired to the moon? Lol

    2. Thanks Texian for posting this. I have sent this to my grandchildren's parents in the hopes that they will never fall for this ugly poisonous vaccine. It should also help them understand why some have certain allergies.

  64. Rex Tillerson warns of "growing crisis of integrity and ethics"
    May 16 2018

    Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson argued Wednesday that the U.S. is experiencing a "growing crisis of integrity and ethics" in his first public speech since leaving the Trump administration almost two months ago.

    "When we as people, a free people, go wobbly on the truth even on what may seem the most trivial of matters, we go wobbly on America," Tillerson told the graduating class of cadets at the Virginia Military Institute.

  65. Indictment Unsealing Begins/Wiener's Laptop/BOOM.
    May 17 2018

    Judge Denise Cote Un-Seals the Weiner Indictment.

    1. Thanks where is the action?

    2. p: Although just a draft, this IG is known for his thoroughness. However, the real opening of charges against Clinton and co may be through the Weiner laptop file "INSURANCE". How many videos we haven't heard about show bodily harm and even death of victims?

      How many other videos either on the Dark web or kept as "insurance" by varying parties also show bodily harm by Clinton and "friends"?

      IG Report on Clinton Investigation “extremely long and thorough”
      May 17 2018

      Criminal referrals on FBI or DOJ officials possible after years-long investigation

      The Department of Justice Inspector General has sent what is described as an “extremely long and thorough draft” of the much anticipated report on the FBI and DOJ’s investigation and handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe, this reporter has learned. The detailed report on the FBI’s decision making process into the Clinton investigation could lead to possible criminal referrals for some of the officials involved in the case.

      Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report, which is expected to be released within the next three to four weeks to the public, has been turned over to current and former officials for review, as first reported in The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post.

      The draft, however, does not include any recommendations for criminal prosecution. If there was any evidence collected by the Inspector General’s office of criminality, Horowitz would then refer the matter to the Department of Justice and submit a criminal referral to prosecutors.

  66. Thumbs up to what you try to do in the field of your expertise ....

    However, have you ever heard of Chilcot inquiry, or 9/11 Commission .... Let me think aloud. How m any lawyers they employed to create that crap to cover up and manipulate goodwill of people, HUNDREDS and how much did it cost to pay those lawyers...100 millions ??? For so called BS...

    And you still did not lear anything from that? Why do you try to defend institution instead of truth and justice.

    Why do you try to be a judge? Give people proper information and they will decide. But then it is difficult to control them, since they can decide this way or the other. People are smart.

    1. Sergei we have discussed this, you're a little late and haven't done your homework.

      As you say, people are smart. What do you think we are chopped noodle? We're very good at seeing through BS.

  67. In numbers of vassals is truth? Give them freedom to decide on their own without any consequences and then you will see. Germans showed you a big finger, and published clearly as I stated that from the 90s, West had formula and know how of NOVICHOK and tested it, including UK of course. Does it say anything to you? Probably not.

    Czech vassals. So that they would support UK crimes following had to happen.

    1. Factory where PM has majority of stake, metro-chemical factory, exploded, few injured and dead. Factory never experience any failure of that kind. Next day Czech vassals agreed to expel Russian diplomats.

    2. Czech prezident made an inquiry and confirmed NOVICHOK was produced and tested in Czech...

    3. Because of that he faces indictment charges from number of vassal lawmakers of Senate...

    4. Chief of staff of secret service who confirmed Zeman's confirmation fired without no reasons given....

    Well I thought you are smarter and know how things are being done on the street, difficult to understand from an office high up over the ground where real people live

    1. Following the COBRA meetings, immediately after the attempted assasinations in Salisbury, hard evidence of such strength was given to highly experienced and competent State and Intel authorities. None are naive to be exploited. Based on hard facts, FACTS!!, 28 nations each independently, mass booted Russian Intel staff in each country. A complete wipe out of Soviet cooperation and a Diplmatic shut out.
      Hard facts said.STOP- No More!

      So please, cease this gibberish. It's naive. Russia has been caught and smacked hard. With such a massive KGB type operation, where is their case showing it was not them but a UK set up? Zero, total BS. Bang to Rights.

      Be clear the WMD report by Scarlett and Blair was a UK and US Bush 43 disaster. False, incompetent using a Students hypothetical case, and a million died because these idiots lied! We tell it as it is. The site has hammered both the UK and Bush for this.

      This IS the second Russian poisoning on UK soil, now it's created a Global lashback.Stop protesting with a whitewash. Hand over those responsible or miss 10 years of Diplomatic access, and be prepared as we tear your money chains apart. We will strip it all out. You are minows on our Global Money Market Game Board, and you just P off a Great White Shark. It's now hungry and has you in its sights. You over reached and trust was breached.

      Now bend over and bite on the bone offered. This will hurt!

  68. Watch Judge Jennine going after Comey now. Plus all the Rat pack.
    How can at least 20 now not go to jail? Comey is openly admitting they corrupted the process, and assisted Clinton attempt to pervert the system. Comey. Mueller, the lot have to do RICO time. No mercy.

    1. Weiner computer to be unsealed today. Could be interesting. I am sure the contents have been known, but are no longer confidential.

  69. Sergeie you really need to take a break from your grueling writing schedule on here (and probably elsewhere) and relax. How about a fine bottle of Stolichnaya elit and a classic Russian movie such as the 'Chekist'?.lol

  70. For you Texian,
    American Intelligence Media
    Published on May 17, 2018
    Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben discuss how Serco companies work with the SES Deep State shadow government to implement 5G, and then manage the societal effects of their coming mass murder program. That’s why Serco runs FEMA camps, owns pathology companies, houses migrants, owns laundries, operates prisons, provides transport and rail, run hospitals and leisure centers, builds ships and space technology—to zap the populace with 5G like a mosquito zapper, then handle the clean up.

    This is important information that citizens around the world need to know about. So get this intel out to your community.
    See intelligence report here:

    This link bundles everything into one easy to share URL:

    1. Scott,’s a blockbuster audio/article. I did post above yesterday, but your highlights may convince more to listen. I’ve been posting about SERCO for years....maybe it’ll get some traction now.

    2. Sorry Texian I always read your posts must have overlooked it

  71. Yes Sergeie let's give people proper information and let them decide. People are smart...

    "Boris Volodarsky was trained as an officer in the GRU Spetsnaz, the Soviet military’s intelligence arm. When I met him while on book research in London in 2007, he was writing The KGB’s Poison Factory, his own book on Moscow’s fascination with murder-by-poison. With his encyclopedic knowledge and understanding of the KGB and its history, he is finishing a new book called The Orlov KGB File. I asked whether Volodarsky would reply to a few questions about last week’s arrest of 10 Russian "illegals," sleeper agents planted without diplomatic cover, in the United States".

    Everything you wanted to know about the KGB but were afraid to ask

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. Sergei, as someone who knows about world affairs, why no mention of this?

    Jack Posobiec🇺🇸

    It’s becoming more and more clear John Brennan ran a Russian false flag operation against the Trump campaign, using elements associated with the DOJ, the DNC, and MI6

    9:59 PM - May 16, 2018

    I'm just doing a source reliability check.

    1. Search for anything you can find ... and it is OK. Try to find truth, on both sides. Do not defend John, defend truth.

      Skripal case was open so I kicked in, you accuse my country and president, I defend my country ... IT MATTERS TO ME.

    2. Again, you haven't done your homework on us SergeiE. I and others here have doubted the UK line and spoke up for your country got it? Look back and you'll see. Put the guns away and talk. We are more divergent than you pretend. But faced with a guns ablazing troll we'll close ranks.

      God you ruskies are hard asses - is this how you make friends? I'm starting to think you got a soft spot for John and this is your way of asking for a date.

    3. Sergeie,
      Your English is very accomplished, but may come across as more confrontational than you intend. I think I understand that you merely want us to ask questions and ask for proof instead of just believing whatever the government says? I agree with that. Too much of the rhetoric from government is just propaganda! We have to try to determine truth...if possible.

      As I’ve written before, I am convinced if the people of different countries could get together a lot of the problems would be solved. Almost all of us want the same things if we could get away from the divisive rhetoric. I agree that Russians have probably been maligned for decades as have many others. Personally have never had priviledge of visiting Russia, although we have found the people in every country we have visited to be friendly if not very warm and welcoming.

  74. So John, do you have your best bib and tucker all ready for this wedding? Or do you have a spiffy uniform to wear full of braid and bangles?

    1. Texian

      He's only a minor Royal. No State occasion.
      It's immediate family, Show Business and Charity associates.
      Just nice PR for the spare. A day out chance to give the horses and troops a work out. We get worldwide TV, spend about $100M USD to promote it,and get back c$1.5B in Tourism. Smart move?

      It's just a fun day for them. No Establishment there. Not needed, merited, or wanted. Just 2 kids for a Fairtale show.
      Then what?

      Just watch the show for the colour and history,it's just nice as Culture. why not? It's nice for both countries. You share it.
      I just hope her obnoxious family Butt out, poor kid. We don't need the media trashing it for them. It's just a low grade B movie set. But good for them. Good for the US and UK . Why not? It's what the world wants to see also. No harm. Just come together as people for a day.

      Although I think Sergie will think it's another British plot to not invite Puking!.

  75. I asked few questions and no answer, so I repeat it.

    1. How many attempts of assassination of Putin UK and US plated - how many Russia plotted in UK and US

    2. How many wars did UK and US created to overthrow Russia in a blood bath - how many wars Russia created for US and UK on their soil to create blood bath...

    3. How many Russian civilian planes UK and US shot down - How many planes Russia shot down with civilians belonging to UK and US

    4. How many Russian diplomats UK and US killed last few years - How many UK and US diplomats WE KILLED ...

    5. How many baseless accusations UK and US spitted at us - How many did we spit on them the same way

    GET REAL AND SEARCH FOR TRUTH ..... do not turn sideway as John does about kind of Mafia ..... it is just scapegoat to avoid reality. Each country has mafia style here or there that control drugs

    MAFIA style UK -

    Rothschilds are were covered and protected in UK and by UK.... wha in Poland or Iraq or Mexico cares that London took away UK bank from Rothschild hands, no one. UK does all possible that Rothschilds keep stealing money penny after penny from all countries and from that few of those pennies go to UK government or agencies or military of CITY packets ... THIS IS REALITY.

    What was done last 18 years or what on the world stage by US and UK that contributed to the world peace and justice. Name one thing and I will frame it and hang it on a wall in my office....

    GET REAL .... words do not kill terrorist that are intentionally created to terrorise nations and innocent people not only in Russia but also in your countries...


    1. Oh my goodness Sergei!

      This is getting so freaking annoying already. Stop this!
      Can you just change the tone? This is getting in a form of attacking instead of contributing with the original purpose of this site!!!

    2. No absolutely no.... just getting better perspective and see things from proper horizon and being more objective ..if possible

    3. Sergeie it is not the job nor obligation of the good people in this group to do your research for you. If you are seeking answers to this constant litany of questions you pose seek them out yourself. No one here is obligated to do that for you. If you are interested in these subjects find the answers and share with the group? why don't you contribute instead of interrogate?

      I helped you earlier with The KGB's Poison Factory and the 'Chekist'

    4. Rotts lost the B of E here and have little standing now. They wish!
      Protected? BS! This is fantasy hype .
      He's reading too many Cukoo Blogs. Conspiracy Nutts.
      If he's only progressed that far, why respond.
      The only thing worse than being an idiot is debating with one.

      I respond with respect for all of you. Also encouraging your views and news.
      You ARE the site.

  76. Regarding US - two things were recorded by media today that YOU ALL should pay attention to....PLEASE

    1. Gunman shooting at Trumps golf resort or what

    2. Two busses collided at LINCOLN tunnel

    This indicate two things -
    1. Attempt to shot Trump like Lincoln style ...
    2. Collision of two busses with injured people .... means civil war threat that happened during Lincoln era ...


    SKRIPAL was release from hospital - my question is. How many witness of 9/11 SPOKE OUT FREELY about what happened there. FBI visited each of them with nice offer, you know what I mean.

    Skripal has broken character, he sold his soul for few dirty dollars .....

    Listen please to father of Litvinienko today....after WESTERNER dirty dollars became not so tasty anymore ...

  77. GT

    You do not understand properly what is happening:

    Russia stood up to NWO that US and UK had almost ready to launch. A project that would ensure rule of elite for-ever.

    We stood up against aristocrats in UK and Italy who consider all lower species - peons. Those aristocrats used to give orders and only that matters for ages and now Putin says - NO. NO. NO. We do things our way and you have to adjust. We build society as we decide and you will not decide what we are to do.

    So GT, tell me how many countries in the world stood up to NWO scheme. I do not mean few groups as it is yours here or there. It matters not. Words do not stop bullets, if you believe that, you go to Syria and try to stand up to terrorist with words. Words can stop only Words. So it is an information war, it is a certain level of warfare that can turn into real warfare if not handled properly....

    Did UK stood up NWO? No, they are cheaters of it. Or did US stand up to NWO? No, they are those who should facilitate it.

    So, I guess this gives a clear indication what attitude you should have towards Russians. I think this is pretty clear.

    That's why SKRIPAL was created and handled that way as it was. UK SAID YOU ARE GUILTY and you have no chance to defend yourselves. We asked for details and facts. Answer was YOU ARE GUILTY BECAUSE WE SAY YOU ARE GUILTY AND WE GIVE YOU AN ULTIMATUM 24 HOURS TO ACCEPT YOUR GUILT... WE ANSWERED, PROVIDE FACTS..


    This is aristocratic mindset of UK .... REALITY. All was about exercising power and submitting RUSSIA under the aristocratic way of handling things....


    We said, pissed off, provide facts. Till this day no facts were provided by proper diplomatic channels. REALITY.

  78. Sergeie,

    Please explain why the man who held the title of "Keeper of Secrets" in the brotherhood of the snake (Illuminati) stated that he finds it amusing when people think Putin is the "SAVIOR" (IE: Programming maybe?), when he, who lived and was schooled by one (Cassandra) of the 23 parents and their coven and lived with an elder (not chinese) mentored Putin in 1 of the 6 disciplines in the Illuminati, Spirituality. This was the "Keeper of Secrets" specialty as it relates to the mystery schools training.

    This man is a runaway, unable to be broken by the trauma based mind control, who was allowed to leave with nothing because he was protected by Anu.

    You Sergeie, are being conned by the oldest game in the book....Good Cop, Bad Cop

    I would also add that Donald Marshall has stated that he has seen Putin's REM clone in the centers. This is the dirty little secret no one wants to talk about.

    When the people look at America the way they view Russia and Russia the way they view America the NWO will know they have succeeded...."Behold a Pale White Horse".

    1. JV - I don't know Good cop, Bad cop ... sorry I did not get across, my ignorance that I can not exchange dialogue

      I can no say anything about Donal Marshall ....

      Behold a Pale horse - do you mean outspoken killed US hero Will Cooper? Cooper is hero, that's how I see him. Follow his development from being FBI or whatever agency to a guy who foresaw 9/11.. Listen to his lectures, how he ended up with his can only help.

      Secondly, NWO - I tell you this what is the GOAL ... and goal is simple:

      WHY WE DO NOT CREATE WORLD WHERE PEOPLE VIEW AMERICA AND RUSSIA THE SAME WAY BECAUSE BOTH ARE GOOD ...this is the AIM and let's keep it that way and fight for it...

      Really we want fair co-operation - people would be most happy if it happens that Trump embraces Putin and Putin embraces Trump IN WARM HUG ....

  79. Come on guys, with full respect and no emotions attached....

    I understand it is difficult for you accept simple reality and your brain is in chaos because of a simple thing. You can not accept fact that Russia is good and does not seek war, we always sought peace. You were provided for generations views that did not correspond to reality.

    I am detached from things, trying to give you mirror facts. Take a plane and fly to Crimea and talk to people back and forth of any kind....

    For sure you did not even check that Ukraine constitution as I told you to do so....

  80. JOHNF

    Litvinienko was finished similar way as Skripal, supposedly by RUSSIA only made substances ....

    For god sake: WHY would Russia use only RUSSIA made substances to kill somebody abroad to left clear trails that would lead to KREMLIN....

    This is lunacy ... get little perspective. Check facts. Regarding Litvinienko, French secret agent wanted to talk, he was silenced fast.

    1. Why are you asking me? Have the debate with your own countryman Boris Volodarsky ex GRU Spetsnaz who reported on the KGB murder of Litvinenko in his book The KGB’s Poison Factory. Check facts with him lol

    2. OK wise man ...

      9/11 was done by 17 islamists and Atta's passport found half way burn 100 yards from Twin Tower was not FBI job.

      FED is in no debt and scam, if they were, they would fairly announce that to all people in the USA openly.

      CIA or FBI did not kill William Cooper .. IT WAS IN FACT HIS DOG WHO SHOT THE GUN ON HIM

      Welcome to graduation of brightest analysts

      I really do not know what else to say, it is really entertainment

      In some sense it is probably better if you are kept you in darkness, better for us at the end.

  81. John

    Did I call you an idiot? Why do you do it. Do not you understand one simple thing. Each word we pronounce has eternal bearing. Truth lives with us always, it is present, it does not die or is silenced. On the other hand lies sink to the Deep Shit hole of Hell and wait there for those who consciously created and pronounced and eventually will there confront it with it.

    So, why to sink to such level? I do not understand.


  83. There are those who KNOW, those who don't KNOW, those who think they KNOW, those don't KNOW and think they KNOW and those who don't KNOW and are certain they KNOW. Most who post here are ,1 - 4, of the former and one of the latter herein.

    It is wise to soak while learning a new TRUTH-Seeking METHODOLOGY. People here have suggested this, and good grasshoppers listen, learn, probe and utilize feedback. Wisdom is a Gift we all are Blessed with along with Free Will .... but we must accept these high-level Gifts. My Mr. "He who exalts himself shall be humbled. He who humbles himself shall exalted"!

    There are several who post here who are so good that when we are at our best, we do not KNOW how good they really are. That is why I truly Respect all herein. We must respect and explore. Most importantly; we should pay attention and learn. Good Students who are observant and humble; learn where missing pieces and errors are - then suggest improvements and those are readily accepted. In full contact Kung Fu; irritate Grand Master and feel (not see) foot strike on side of head. Piss off Kung Fu GM and feel bones crushing. When you wake up in hospital Pain reminds us of Respect. These lessons I have witnessed. As a lifelong learner with a few injuries = Pain is my teacher when stupid gene overcomes required Respect!

    So much to learn and share here with collaboration through formative = Respectful exchange of information so reader can interpret for their benefit. I live by this and when I break my rules (less and less as I mature) Pain helps me with wisdom, discernment and Respect. So many talented People here who post = I am Humbled by participation.

  84. This is one of yours: and he asks - Who is then running the show if not Rottens, Nuter Yahoo, Soros can not get treatments they seek...
    The miracle of life extension tech was buried

    There is someone above George Soros calling the shots from an even higher position.

    The problem of human aging was solved long ago. Many people may remember the HGH commercials Art Bell used to run on late night radio. They were for real. And the products Art advertised did not require the abortion industry to provide the HGH, instead, the products Art Bell advertised stimulated the pituitary gland to produce "more of your own HGH". These products Art advertised no longer exist.
    HGH is a hormone your body naturally produces, which regulates it's age. If you have too little, you will not completely heal from even small injuries and normal wear and tear, instead you will age and eventually wear out.

    In the late 90's and early 2000's, the tech had been well developed, and there were many products available to cause your pituitary to produce more HGH, and that would improve your vitality. The best of these products was never advertised by Art Bell, and was instead sold at GNC with the brand name Ultra Lab HGC. That particular product was changed in 2003, and pulled from shelves entirely in 2004, along with all the rest of the HGH boosters that actually worked. The tech was simply too good for people to be allowed to have, unless, of course, you are wealthy enough and evil enough to be willing to pay for direct injections of HGH derived from the brains of aborted babies.

    I actually tried the Ultra Lab HGC, for a short time period of 3 months. I had a back problem. It miraculously healed. It hurt like it had just been injured, and then healed. The same thing with my knees, which I had injured more than a decade before - they hurt like I had just injured them all over again and then healed. I have had zero problems with either since 2003, they were permanently and lastingly healed.

    I was worried about side effects from a product that powerful and stopped taking it, not realizing it would soon be gone. The benefits lasted until now (and are still lasting.) If you look on the web, the product that worked was "500 sub lingual pellets", the 126 tablet version you can actually find pictures of now was not as good, and now the product is entirely gone.

    I know first hand the tech existed and worked. And I know we can't get it anymore, any companies that had anything real were either bought out and shut down, or shut down some other way.

    It is my belief that the natural HGH boosters that triggered your own body to produce more HGH were probably better than whatever George Soros is using to keep his decrepit bag of parts running. He's not in on the big secret if he has to keep injecting himself with whatever is derived from abortions, ditto for Hillary and all the other crap out there. And now, predominantly, many of the HGH reports that talk about what it is and what it does, say you have to use injections to get it. That's B.S, I saw the truth about this myself.

    What has happened with the topic of HGH really makes me wonder who is really in charge of things. There is probably another layer to the shadow government that is above Nut Yahoo, Soros, Rothschield, - the true deep state that manipulates even these people. Certainly, life extension tech is already fully developed and real, and even the elite old kodgers we are allowed to chat about are not being let in on the real secret.

    Here is the ingredient list for the real, (500 pellet) version of Ultra Lab HGC.

  85. I told you upper level is NON STRUCTURED ANCIENT ELITE that developed global management through old ages .. they are cabal also to our view point ... they conspired against Russia in both wars together with lower level of structured elite management .....

  86. John tell

    On which block did I get that Zhirinovskij on Larry King supported Hillary while stating that Russia would be pleased with Trump's win.

    Or on which block did I get that when counting was reaching 62-4% alarm went on and it was necessary to slash the count to make it more even......otherwise Trump would win with about 70% plus Zhirinovskij comment stole from Trump undecided voter up to 2% ... Zhirinovskij is your westerner SHILL, he means nothing to us...

    Give me addressES oF such blocks where I stole informations, YOU MUST KNOW THEM THEN .... WELL WE CREATE ANALYSIS AND WE DO IT WELL ..

  87. Zhirinovskij has no standing here, nor support.

    As key Elders do, real power controllers stay low profile. We do not show who or advertise for good reasons. It is enough that we know- Each other. Then there is harmony. Politicos are just transient, they come and go. Real power is silent and stays for generations. But on a need to know basis only.

    Serious, highly sensitive and sophisticated things are in play, Diplomatically complex,but focused on progressing real issues.
    Canauzzie was given an update this morning to help you all, but as the comments section is heading for 200, it may be best in the new section.


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