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6 to 11 April 2018

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  1. Trump signs memo ordering end to 'catch and release' practices
    Apr 6 2018

    President Trump signed a memorandum on Friday ordering agencies to "expeditiously end" the practice known as "catch and release" that allows immigrants caught in the U.S. without proper documents to be released from detention while their cases play out in court.

    The memo signed by Trump orders the Department of Homeland Security, in coordination with other agencies, to submit a report to the president within 45 days "detailing all measures that their respective departments have pursued or are pursuing to expeditiously end 'catch and release' practices."

    The report instructs departments to share information on any contracts to construct or operate detention facilities along the border as well as steps taken to assign asylum officers at detention facilities, among other measures.

    As part of the order, Trump is requesting "a detailed list of all existing facilities, including military facilities, that could be used, modified, or repurposed to detain aliens for violations of immigration law at or near the borders of the United States."

    1. P.

      BRILLIANT FIND!! Our country needs THIS!!

  2. Any facts, please. Do not even try it. It worked with 9/11. No facts please era, this age to be called, at least in the West. No truth, no fact, no reality. Oh, might be it is a Reality Show. We need to train people to live without facts and reality, without questioning what authorities or guru say.

    And those who question, to be called “not wanted.”

    What happened to Skripal? Crisis that can spark a war and no dialogue, only slander-without facts, interesting. Reminds me Manchester bombing reaction. Just an order, do not discuss this, and sheeple follow.

    So we learnt that mighty MI6 identified some labs in Russia that produces such agents, of course without any facts provided, news outlet good enough. What a farce, especially when Porton Down speaks laud that no chance to verify and pin-point at Russia. Mighty Boris must be super-human at least.

    Why nobody can beat Russian people?
    Because they are so strong physically, mentally and spiritually that even if they are being poisoned with a nerve-agent 5 times more powerful then VX, then they recover without any problems. Of course especially when they are treated by UK medics who without any lab proof know exactly what one is poisoned not forget no blood samples taken, it took 18 days blood samples were treated. Helllooo.
    And they managed to identify novichok as agent? UK miracle workers and UK prophets as at BBC forecasting collapse of WTC 7.

    Miracle medics identified novichok and prophet Boris Johnson announce publicly that it was Russia who did, and it took only 6 hours since poisoned. No Russia really fears UK. This time Boris manage to be behind BBC and their famous broadcast of WTC 7 collapse about 22 minutes before it collapsed in fact. On the other hand we expected that Boris would forecast Skripal poison like 6 hours before it happened, then he would enter history not like an lying idiot but like a prophet, real walking UK prophet in blood and flesh, not on paper. What a celebrity could he be?

    Would anybody be so kind here and do research on VX and “novichok” what those nerve-agents do to people once exposed?

    Of course their pets died on novichok but Russians recovered without no problem. Pets were not of Russian origin, that’s why, pets were British breed.

    Please, just no FACTS and no REALITY and no TRUTH and if you can ignore any international law and treaties and standards of conduct even better then. Only slander and accusation without facts, it worked so far well in the West, so it might continue that way if properly enhanced and managed.

    1. ‘UK’s loudspeaker diplomacy, Skripal mantra & arm-twisting’ exposed by Russia’s UN envoy
      Apr 7 2018

      "Why did we have to wait eight years and then decide to do it two weeks before the presidential election in Russia and several weeks before the World Cup? Why did we have to wait eight years and then decide to do it two weeks before the presidential election in Russia and several weeks before the World Cup? Why did we release him from the country in the first place? Why did he/they have to be killed in a way that was extremely dangerous to the perpetrators and the public and would cause such an outcry? Any fan of murder mysteries like The Bill TV series knows hundreds of clever ways to send a person into the next world."

  3. Investor George Soros prepares to trade cryptocurrencies as prices plunge

    "George Soros called cryptocurrencies a bubble in January - and now his US$26 billion family office is planning to trade digital assets....Since the billionaire investor made his comments, bitcoin has fallen 41 per cent."

  4. Kudlow: Trump Admin May Provide List of Suggested Outcomes to China on Trade Practices
    Apr 6 2018

    National Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow revealed Friday afternoon that the Trump administration is mulling over creating and providing China a list of suggestions that the United States would like to see come out of negotiations over trade practices and tariffs with the country.

  5. Want data privacy? You’ll have to pay for that – Facebook COO
    Apr 7 2018

    Facebook’s chief operating officer has said that if users aren’t comfortable with their data being shared with advertisers, they would have to pay to use the platform.

    Sheryl Sandberg, second in command at Facebook, told NBC News that the social media platform runs on user data, and the only way users would be able to completely opt out of sharing any of their data would be if Facebook implemented paid subscriptions.

    When asked why no opt-out button exists already, Sandberg said “that would be a paid product.” Sandberg insisted that facebook does not sell or give away users’ personal details to advertisers, but maintained that the company’s business depends on that data, and on using that data to target ads at users.

    1. Report: Facebook Donated to 46 of 55 Members on Committee that Will Question Zuckerberg
      Apr 5 2018

      Facebook and political groups associated with it have reportedly donated to 46 of the 55 members on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which will question Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg next week.

  6. Fear and Lying in Las Vegas — Parts 1 Thru 5 — FBI Series on Las Vegas Shooting Investigation
    Apr 6 2018

    The “official” narrative you’ve been fed by the FBI and Las Vegas officials about the massacre at Mandalay Bay that claimed 58 lives is purely fiction, a polished story contrived to cover up the disturbing facts surrounding the worst mass shooting ever in the United States, according the FBI insiders and high-ranking intelligence officials.

    The FBI maintains that Stephen Paddock — the reported lone gunman — was a mystery man and his motive for killing dozens and injuring over 500 people still has not been pinpointed. Those assertions are simply untrue, FBI officials confirm. Lies. In the coming weeks, True Pundit will detail various parts of its investigation into the shooting and more importantly, paint a detailed portrait of the events leading to the shooting and Paddock’s likely accomplices and associates.

  7. BREAKING: Dept of Justice Grants House and Senate Intel Committee Full Access To Review FISA Application…
    Apr 6 2018

    Until today the only people allowed to review the full Title-1 FISA application were Trey Gowdy, Adam Schiff, Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte and Rep John Ratcliffe.

    In an interesting development, the Department of Justice has responded to HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes notifying him the DOJ will allow all members of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees full access to review the unredacted FBI/DOJ FISA application used to gain a Title-1 surveillance warrant against U.S. citizen Carter Page.

  8. SKRIPAL case -
    It happened 100 days before football World Cup
    It happend 10 days before presidential election ...

    100+10= 110 That means 11 in numerology, it means 9/11 architects did Skripal and not only Skripal
    Number 11 is a code of numerology of one of cabal national elite signature ....

    Another numerology code signature is 22 ... is appears to be greater of 11. 22 is a signature of cabal elite that is behind Manchester bombing

  9. Manchester bombing happened May 22 - at 22.22 (due to logistics of a real live event in went of few minutes later.)

    First announce casualties was 22. The fact that later it was specified to actual count makes no difference. What matters what was announced at first according to a script. Not sure what you were allowed to discuss it here though.

  10. Nice terror attack by a truck, in France. Happened at "L'Promenade des Anglais - The English promenade"

    I will not detail analysis only if interest. Only this reality fact. Message of that terror attack was: The English walked here. If you can understand.
    It happened at Bastille Day - Eve of revolution.

    What was planned for Europe was revolution via immigrants. Russia stopped this bloody Islamic revolution in Europe that Obama announce at Westminster Hall in 2011...And that's why BREXIT. Who then sponsored in fact immigration, was it only Jezuits? Russia stopped this process entering Syria and defeating US-UK army called ISIS. Now the project of European Islamic Caliphate is blocked. Catalonia in Spain should usher this, because of effect of momentum of inertia works those structures set by cabal in leadership (to set leadership in political positions and media and relevant post like,police,army etc takes time..) of European nations did not know what to do, they were kind ready but now abandoned, because Hillary did not win. Project postponed, they did not understand a fianl outcome, they did not need to know. Final outcome was Islamic Caliphate and breaking of nations in Europe. They would just participate on establishing Caliphate even though they would not intend so. Their revolution would be taken over by Islamic leadership like in London. London mayor was set for this. So Catalonia went on as it was planned by it happened in vacuum because Putin blocked all processed in Syria.
    Brexit either wanted to avoid this since they knew the outcome announced by Obama or they simply participated. To break down Europe continental and stay aside (as they did many times before..) and when bleeding Europe in tatters UK would step in to solve the problem and thus getting victory hands over Germany and their economy machine and thus all Europe continental.

    Personally, we believe that UK was part of this plan, since they did this tactic in Napoleonic wars, then again in WW1 which they set because Russia established First SILK ROAD, connecting China East with Europe by Trans-Siberian railway finished 1904..1916 since UK made Japan to invade Manchuria and thus block Silk-Road from East. Of course FED in 1913 played significant role attacking Austria-Hungarian empire in heart of Europe that was also an obstacle for UK to control Europe continental.

    To sacrifice few thousands of soldiers is just a cover up, to wipe out traces of suspicions in case thinking people might uncover UK hand. Might say Global UK leadership of CITY.., more accurate though. Poor Brits have no idea what had been done in their names.

    The same tactic UK performed also in WW2 - Hitler was set up, sponsored by UK and USA to go after Russia. Once Hitler initiated war against Russia, then he was abandoned by UK and France. That would mean Russia and Germany would get engage in exhausting war that would weaken them to such extend that it would be difficult to get losing control of Europe Continental. WW2 was project UK, France, Italy and UK and they used Germany to do that. That's why Hitler survived having documents that kept him safe in Argentina. Of course it is necessary to mention Crimea War without that Palestine would not fall eventually into hands of West so easily, Russia Orthodoxy had to step aside there. Then it needed only 1917 and Balfour to have it set well.

    War against Russia and Russia resources did not stop. It began in 1853...

    Check this announcement:

  11. Announcement: Nikky Haley pranked about Binomo: this was done purposefully, pranksters were given her number by cabal Establishment of 22 numerology number. It was to announce publicaly incompetence of US and end of USA in international matters.

    View this video and mention numbers on the screen at the beginning:
    Published 1853 .... Updated 1938

    What happened in 1853 - Crimea War
    What happened in 1938 - UK, France and Italy gave to Hitler Czechoslovakia with her developed heavy industries because when they gave him in 1934 heart of German industry West of Rhine river it was not sufficient for build quickly army that would wipe out Russia. So Hitler got Czechoslovakia industries to finalize his militarization fast as possible. Done by UK, France, Italy...

    Peace, changes needed.

  12. From Justice Anna Aug 6:

    Dear Mr. Trump, Don't Be a Chump!

    Death to Democracy

    Capacity - The Root of Confusion

  13. Wisconsin Governor: Nullifies Jeff Session’s Asset Forfeiture Rule

  14. As Skripal-Gate Collapses, Will May's Government Be Next?

  15. Running from gas in Gaza: Palestinians resort to DIY protection during Great Return March (PHOTOS)
    Apr 7 2018

    With plumes of smoke blanketing the Israel-Gaza border, Palestinians rallying for a second week have resorted to makeshift gas masks. They burned tires as cover from sniper fire. The IDF responded to the protest with tear gas.

  16. Well, we'll see about Trump's orders since it seems that no one is being forced to obey them and there aren't any sanctions or prosecutions if states don't abide by them. Look at California. Don't forget that he's super supportive of zionist efforts against the Palestinians and a great friend of Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia, both perpetrators of atrocities in the Middle East.

    The efforts to overrun Europe with sociopathic rejects from muslim countries seems to have succeeded and Merkel herself refuses to end it all. The Visigrad group; Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia ( I think) have all be subject to rebellions in their own countries and only Orban is still in power, the other leaders have been compelled to step down. I don't see how anyone can insist it wasn't successful. Sweden is a mess.

    No one talks about all the outrageous legislation wiping out free speech in England and on the continent. No one is allowed to criticize Israeli policies vis-a-vis the Palestinians, and any attempt to do so will get you serious jail time in Germany, and lots of aggravation in UK. Progress to end free speech here in the US is proceeded apace with the destruction of Facebook and the whole mind game around hate speech and self-censorship.

    Private armies, private cybertechs, private financial resources and a global web of informants, operatives and agents are making sure that the agenda moves forward, despite appearances to the contrary. Open your eyes.

  17. How $37 Million from the Clinton Foundation Disappeared in Baltimore

  18. From Hal Turner...

    Forty-eight hours ago, President Donald Trump held a meeting with US Military and other personnel in the Situation Room over ongoing US Operations inside Syria. President Trump made it plain he wants US troops OUT. Despite the Situation Room being the most-secure place on earth, details of that meeting leaked to the media almost immediately, because some of the men in that meeting are TRAITORS to America and are trying to get us into a war.  The military and Intelligence men at that meeting took issue with the President's approach, saying the US leaving Syria would be bad. 

    Here we are, 48 hours later and there has now ALLEGEDLY been a massive chemical weapons attack upon civilians in eastern Ghouta, outside Damascus.  Reports are claiming 1000 injured and 161 dead SO FAR.

    This comes just ONE DAY after Russian news service TASS reported that US "coalition partners" Al Nusra Front and Free Syrian Army, were planning a Chlorine Gas attack upon civilians so as to blame the Assad government and trigger a massive US attack.

    It is now clear that some of the men in the Situation Room with President Trump 48 hours ago, had something to do with this Chlorine Gas attack.  It fits THEIR agenda to induce or  force the US to attack Syria and, if the US actually does so, Russia has made it crystal clear they will shoot down US Missiles, then sink the US Navy ships that launch them. 

    This Chlorine gas attack is the exact incident necessary to spark an immediate US strike upon Syria, which will trigger an immediate Russia strike upon US forces, which will trigger an immediate war between the US and Russia. 

    MORE: A three alarm fire erupted on the 50th Floor of Trump Tower in New York City today.  RUMORS from my former Intel Community colleagues was that this may have been a warning to President Trump: Approve a war in Syria or they can get to his family and burn them to death!

    Right now, as you read this, things are in-motion which could see us at war within 48 hours.  I hope you have the "preps" I've told you for months to have.  If you don't have them right now, it is too late for you.

  19. Elon Musk: AI could become ‘an immortal dictator from which we would never escape’

    Among his many warnings about the rise of artificial intelligence, Elon Musk has said that autonomous machines are more dangerous to the world than North Korea and could unleash “weapons of terror.” He has compared the adoption of AI to “summoning the devil.”

  20. Vatican's former top diplomat in US is arrested over 'child pornography allegations’
    Apr 7 2018

    Vatican police have arrested a clergyman and diplomat who has reportedly been identified as a suspect in a child pornography case.

    Monsignor Carlo Alberto Capella was detained by Holy See security officials on Saturday, the Vatican said. The suspect formerly worked as a Vatican City diplomat to the US, reported La Republica, but was suddenly recalled from his position in Washington last year.

    The US State Department identified Capella as having possibly violated child pornography laws. It’s alleged the monsignor downloaded and disseminated child pornography during a visit to Canada.

  21. Russian Embassy in UK seeks meeting with Boris Johnson, says it’s ‘high time’ to talk Skripal case
    Apr 7 2018

    The Russian Embassy in London has requested a meeting with UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, saying that discussing the Skripal case and other issues regarding Russia-UK relations is long overdue.

    With the saga of the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter unfolding and London not backing down on claims of Moscow’s guilt, the embassy bemoaned the level of communication with the UK Foreign Office. Calling it “utterly unsatisfactory,” the diplomatic mission called for the situation to be reversed.

    “We believe that it is high time to arrange a meeting between Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in order to discuss the whole range of bilateral issues, as well as the investigation of the Salisbury incident,” the embassy said in a press release.

    1. P

      Not really - Russia initiative is about something else. This is a cover.

      True reason for that we have evidence that UK burnt children in shopping mall of Kemerovo .... UK leaders love to sacrifice children, it was focused so that children will die there the most.

      They, UK agencies, mapped territory namely in September 2017 with series of phone calls threatening terror attacks namely in shopping malls, they were checking weak points of securities and areas where they have their people set up... Kemerovo was then hand picked. We warned all governors of each region that they are mapping territory for future terror attack.

      They, UK, hate Putin because he does not want UK to destroy Russia and plunder it, which they try to do so for 150 years without break. All so called OLIGARCHS were hand picked by UK and US agencies in 1994-95 - ALL. So that they would have Russia economy in their hands. Few of them turned to be patriots and this is what UK and US hate. The rest were given open haven in UK so that would do all possible to bring Russia on her knees in front of London. They buy traitors.

      Kemerovo was set to create coup de etat in Russia, because Putin won elections with majority, which they did not like and did not plan. With majority Putin can focus to rebuild Russia and set firm foundations.

      He fired 11 generals who were bought by London..

      All this will be presented to Boris Johnson, namely burning children in Siberia.


    2. Sergeie,

      You are welcome to bring your view. Don't you think "UK leaders like to sacrifice children" is a bit much?

      I certainly hope this is not going in the direction that the Queen is a lizard doing child sacrifices.

  22. Calling off Russian diplomats had to be done while fires where not fully extinguished in Kemerovo to make a point that war against Russia and Putin still is burning. One has to fathom many symbolic steps to weave a net of lies and murders from London and Washington.

    Germany got a strong rebuke from London by a strong terror attack, planned and executed by London because some politicians began to doubt London and their Skripal lies and plot.

    Armin Laschet, head of the most populated German state, North Rhine-Westphalia, has criticized the actions of the UK and its foreign supporters in the Skripal poisoning case, reproaching the expulsion of diplomats without sound evidence.

    Muenster is a big city in North Rhine-Westphalia, exactly were the politician is from. London's reply to Germany is terror. 2 dead, 20 injured. It makes number 22. London cabal behind, 22 is their signature, it is double of greatness then 11, from 9/11 signature of cabal group.

    Nations were forced to ban Russian diplomats. Former Czechoslovakia were PM owns major stakes in petro-chemistry industry got reminder from London how to behave and was force to kick Russian diplomats from Prague.

    Peace, be smart like a fox and innocent like a dove. You know who said that one, or?

    1. Sergeie, Thank you for sharing. There's a grand chess game being played and I simply pick out the parts to show it's in play that we can see, we little people.

      With the level of corruption and the wanton desire to hurt and cause harm even a "mass extinction" event, as our dear friend John says, much can't be said.For all of our good.

      Have a wonderful day with family and friends! )

      Matthew 10:16 perhaps?

  23. Syrian envoy Last week, US President Donald Trump announced that the United States would leave Syria “very soon” and let other countries “take care of it,” however, the US Defense Department did not confirm these withdrawal plans.On US Withdrawal Plans Syria’s Envoy to UN Bashar Jaafari stated that Damascus had not received any official information on Trump’s plans to pull out US forces from the country.

    No one's in any hurry, hey!

  24. 99-Page FISA Court Report Finds James Clapper’s NSA had Institutional “Lack of Candor”
    Apr 7 2018

    On April 26, 2017, an unsealed FISA Court Ruling unveiled a number of criminal activities that Barack Obama’s FBI, NSA and DOJ participated in during his time in office. The report to date received little attention. Now interest is brewing due to the recent actions of Congress.

    As reported previously, the FISA Court Ruling shows widespread abuse of the FISA mandate. According to the report, Obama’s FBI, NSA and DOJ performed searches on Americans that were against their 4th Amendment rights. This went on for years. One paragraph in the report states that 85% of the Section 704 and 705(b) FISA searches made during the time of the audit (a few months in 2015) were non-compliant with applicable laws and therefore criminal.

    In addition, Obama’s DOJ and FBI were illegally searching Americans against their rights. Unbeknownst to most Americans, Obama’s FBI was providing this information to outside contractors who had no business or legal cause or claim the information.

  25. Possible New Source on Discovery of Frozen City under Antarctic Ice
    Apr 8 2018

    A possible new source has come forward with corroborating information about the discovery of a large frozen city two miles under the Antarctic ice, located roughly 16 miles from the geographic South Pole. The breakthrough to the city occurred in August 2016, according to this latest source, and it was visited a few months later by VIPs such as John Kerry and Buzz Aldrin.
    Source: by Dr. Michael E. Salla

    1. Yeah, Buzz Aldrin had a heart attack over it as far as I am concerned. (Yes, brethren physicians, antarctic temps would certainly induce a heart attack, but I have met Buzz Aldrin -- say what you will -- he was in perfect health for an 88 yr old.) My favorite quote remains when asked about aliens and the moon, respecting that damnable security oath, "... You don't really think we went to the moon for a bag of rocks did you?"

  26. Sergeie- interesting intel on the diplomat, Skripal and other incidents which are all connected. Maybe Trump does have a white light inside. It's got to be hard though.

    Clear skies this am, no trails. Let's see what comes down with the April showers.

  27. Urgent...Thirteen and a half hours ago, at 9:07 PM eastern time on Saturday night, I warned my Subscribers that a Chlorine Gas attack had allegedly taken place in Syria, injuring over 1,000 and killing 161. I outlined why this appeared to be a FALSE FLAG attack designed to put blame on Syria President Bashar Assad, and justify a massive U.S. military attack directly against Syria.  I warned that people in the US government have been planning for a direct war with Russia and would use this alleged attack to induce/force a US military response DESPITE warnings from Russia that US missileS would be shot down and the shipS launching them would be attacked. 

    As of 10:42 AM Sunday, it appears President Trump has "taken the bait."  It appears that the US and its allies are speeding toward a massive military attack and that Russia is speeding toward a massive military response against the US.  Russian military assets are being hastily removed from Joint Bases in Syria - not because they might be targets or collateral damage -- but rather to be used for a COUNTER-ATTACK against the US.

    Russian air defenses in Syria, AND IN THE WESTERN MILITARY DISTRICT OF RUSSIA ITSELF have been placed on high alert.  US Military analysts have been up all night at the Pentagon and President Trump confirms he has been in discussions throughout the night with his National Security people.  It looks like we are quickly moving toward actual war this morning, which is Orthodox Easter for Russia.

    1. UPDATE 11:15 AM EDT --

      UK military in urgent meetings

      Saudi Mohammed Bin Salman has landed in France to meet Macron. 

      Literally every Israeli politician is ordering the US to strike Syria ASAP. I have never seen the Israelis like this before.

      Something's cooking for sure.

      It appears the American MSM is still awaiting instructions on how to report on this situation. Nothing yet. We have to watch how it gets reported to better understand what we should expect.



      The president’s senior national security cabinet have been talking with him all throughout the evening and this morning - Homeland Security Adviser, Bossert


      UPDATE 11:23 AM EDT --

      Reports from my former Intelligence Community Colleagues inside several governments are telling me that if Trump goes ahead, the response will be much bigger than an airfield strike (LIKE LAST YEAR) and will aim to severely weaken the Assad regime, with shock and awe level strikes right across Assad's locations and range of assets.

      I am being told by very credible military people that this is on the table.

      Whether Trump attacks or attacks at that level remains to be seen. He may not attack or make a token response to save face given his statements. However, the military have been ordered to prep for something huge should the red button be pressed.

      I am getting more and more worried as his tweets seemed belligerent this morning.


      UPDATE 11:30 AM EDT --

      There are changes now in alert status to some US and UK forces in the Middle East theater (US CENTCOM). Not going in to details for obvious reasons.

       If you do not yet have the "Preps" that I have been telling you FOR MONTHS to have, it is now too late for you.  Here's the list of suggested preps in case you have some chance to get some of them.

    2. UPDATE 11:55 AM EDT --

      Breaking: Multiple groups of Russian warplanes - fully armed -- now taking off from Khmeimin Air Base in Syria.

      All Russian personnel in Syria and Russia's Western Military District on high alert.

      S-400 anti-aircraft systems are ALL fully activated throughout ALL of Syria.

      Russian air defenses are manned and ready across Syria for upcoming US attack.

    3. UPDATE 1:05 PM EDT --

      Sources in contact with the Pentagon tell me Target Selection for Syria is complete.  List transmitted to the President for decision.


    4. I hope the Russian Ambassador tell the US touch us this time and F you your skies will rain nukes. It's time Americans woke the F up to reality. You let this happen. It's time YOU share Shock and Awe. Share the dying F Hollywood heroes. Welcome to hell. Leave Well Alone and F off home!

    5. U.S. think! Would Assad do a provocation on the eve of the withdrawal of troops even while a fleet is offshore? Assad is not some stupid politician. He is a generational ruler that was highly educated and has been on the receiving end of endless chicanery and a full all-out regime-change effort going on years. And since when does Israel care about 100 cannon-fodder deaths by a chemical weapon if true? Unbelievable. Trump should simply say that no interest of the United States is at stake in Syria, and that the Russians can handle it without us, with our Troops home by May 1st. Most of us when we voted Trump in was to avoid these very "foreign entanglements"!

  28. I have warned you what will happen.
    Russia will put 40M in Bunkers, start by atmomising the US fleet, and if these Silos open you WILL get the lot Statesides. Total F annihilation this time. Yes, we all know the fall out. But you dont know how powerful Russias weapons are way beyond what you imagine. Maybe it IS time for the whole world to take down this evil F Cabal and take our chances. It's gone too far.So we are dead OK,as long as the entire US warmongering core goes first. Do we want the NWO State?

    For the first time now, the entire US will be erradicated. But the rest of us with it.
    Back to cosmic soup again. Giving the Cabal more time will just allow them to arm. Maybe the instant wipe out of 25% of the US and a 10 minutes ultimatim is key. Surrender or! 7 minutes from launch the first nukes will smash reality in. The world has had enough of the F brains who destroy us from far. F the mainland and see how long it lasts.
    9/11 blubbeing like babies.
    50M hear us now?

    If UK forces get erased, ?????
    Why does Syria have to die for a Cabal lie?
    Why does the world? What's the point of the DC bullies at what point do we say no more?
    If the USs sees the Silos light up and 500 missiles on their way unless you surrender right now, will you die for the Khazarian lie?

    It is what it is.

    Has man now reached this point?

    1. John, this is exactly why the many of us are on here on OWON, to hopefully keep such events from happening. We want a world that works for everyone and in peace.

      It's been made difficult by the widespread corruption at all levels, international boundaries and laws, and a system that is badly tarnished as the deepest and darkest rabbit holes.

      Please, let cooler heads prevail. So much theater and the real potential for harm to all, but also the goodness that still exists in the unknown many and often called deplorables.

      Know you're spread thin John, but could the Lord's pitbull please help in this matter where none would win and make into a winning proposition for all? Please.

    2. Apr 08 2018 11:29:24
      Putin is Russias President.
      His job is to look after the Russian people.
      Put yourself in his shoes.
      He wants to win why not take advantage of his enemies.
      Trump comes along.
      Russia/Putin becomes our Ally
      Xi becomes our Ally
      Xi and Putin are also underattack by the deepstate which is rooted Globally

    3. Apr 08 2018 01:48:59
      Q !xowAT4Z3VQ
      They are trying to start a war.
      Public interest shift.
      Pullout announcement.
      Chem attack.
      These people are sick.

    4. Well, we seem to reach the threshold of WW3 every few months these days.

      In simplest terms we are here because we never finished WW2 properly, and those who knew better should have acted in the 1945-Kennedy Assassination period. But the reality, with the obvious exceptions, Elites made common cause with the 4th Reich symbiote within the U.S. because of the NeoFeudal fantasy and the continued idiocy of one world under one banner. It must have been a shock when in the last 5 years the Elites around the world discovered they were just Useful Idiots in the context of what the Cabal(s) were going to do.


  29. OWON: Give these fools these Tools and YOU will lose your family Jewels.

    Even your thoughts can be used one day against you.

    Imagine trial lawyers wanting witness testimony with such headgear to know the truth. But then again the truth may hurt in certain instances.

    Imagine all sorts of authoritarian questions whether police or civilian.

    Now if we had this on politicians, life would be better, as lies would readily be known.

    Imagine employers and the like employing such devices.

    A changing world where less and less of life stays private.

    MIT's wearable device can 'hear' the words you say in your head

    1. Let them try it. 5th Am. Silence. Or I guess I will start repeating supercalifragilisticexpialidocious mentally. That should fill up the transcript paper fast enough.


  30. OWON: The unasked question is where the money will come from to back this up. More looting?

    Whether it is possible to accommodate this, in the real world as it is, is debatable as the US faces many internal priorities from infrastructure to the creation of jobs to remain competitive in new technology as it moves forward. Never mind the wholesale problem with pensions or rotting inner cities.

    The risks to trade are not really examined as no doubt neither China nor Russia are unaware of this approach. And while America remains the primary consumer driver of global consumption, it is becoming clear that investment by China is clearly no longer North American centric. That is nothing to say about other Asian capital pools who are quickly turning to Eurasia for growth and safety of capital.

    Russia for instance has for some time now planned on fighting a 3 front war against the US as necessary for it’s own survival. No doubt some of the moves by China acknowledge similar concerns.

    Debt financing will have its limits without an emphasis on new trade, which can only occur with capital investment in new technologies.

    The ageless struggle between “guns and butter” is very much in the forefront, for better or for worse, and does socially and economically affect the Globe.

    It seems history teaches little.

    The Pentagon Is Planning a Three-Front ‘Long War’ Against China and Russia

  31. ***** BULLETIN ***** 1:23 PM EDT --
    Russia is deploying seventy-seven thousand (77,000) regular army troops to the border of Ukraine along with almost one-thousand (1,000) tanks, 2,300 BMP armored personnel carriers and hundreds of pieces of self-propelled artillery.

    Ukraine’s Defense Minister considers it likely a full-fledged war by the Kremlin is imminent.

    “At our border, it is concentrating 19 battalion tactical groups of the first and second echelons of more than 77,000 troops.

    The deployment order includes about a thousand tanks, 2.3 thousand combat vehicles, more than 1.1 thousand artillery systems and about 400 systems of multiple launch rocket systems,” – the minister noted.

    The message seems clear: If the US attacks Syria, Russia can attack Europe.

    UPDATE 1:47 PM EDT --

    (EDITOR'S NOTE: That likely means no military action tonight, but I could be wrong)

    Russia: Foreign military intervention under “far-fetched, fabricated pretexts” in areas in Syria where Russian servicemen are deployed “might lead to very severe consequences.”

    1. All good moves. Hopefully we dodge conflict again.

  32. Canauzi ..

    It is only sad to witness atrocities. We keep our emotions out of the game. Can people on the West do the same? You be the judge, when you read their words in public, not mentioning in private.

    We know street people are cool, such Intel does not take a long time to obtain.

    If we intimidate UK or US the way they do intimidate us then life here of Earth would be over a long ago.

    We took 11 bribe generals down who would be happy to dance to song of West music. We are not interested.


    1. SergeiE,

      Interesting that you are responding in a way we can have some common ground.

      Your use of "numerology" as proof or evidence and claiming "child sacrifice" as desired among the UK leadership is mendacious propaganda. To speak of this with such temerity just further obfuscates the facts.

      Like I said, you are free to share your views. But let's keep it in the realm of reality.

  33. Paladin

    LV shooting:

    Think two layers event.
    Officially planned one layer only. Intel was broke and second group secretly hijacked in and made real killing ....otherwise it might had been only crisis actors show....

    Official first number of killed was 50 - meaning 50 states of US are considered or will be considered soon dead if direction continues. More to it of course to analyze, this was for sure the message to be delivered ...

    Think of sheriff of LV - his name is Lombardo .... old Italian family of black nobility: Venice and Genoa. Lombardi - Lombardini. Not cool at all. Complicated for big players.

    Sorry about that or anything like this. Any killing is a tragedy.

    Today, we would say. To late now, do not chase a dead horse. Sorry, we might be wrong and it may still change something, but I would not put a penny on it. Focus to tomorrow tasks...

    1. Sergeie

      You bring up so salient points.

      I will be on Jason Goodman's new channel, Crowdsource The Truth 2 tomorrow at 6PM Eastern time to talk about the results of my analysis on the autopsies of the 58 Las Vegas shooting victims. It should be VERY informative as I've got some revelations that exceed evidence standards and enter in the realm of PROOF.

      Its a process doing this and am investigating several different areas at once and this investigation will take some time.

      Hopefully, by the end, I'll be able to put it together.

      Which reminds me, don't we have a poster here who claims inside information through a source at the LVMPD?

      Why the hell are they staying silent?


  35. p: Not fear mongering, but with our planet and her companions traveling through a more energetic place in space, the potential is significantly increased. This is something as planet of communities need to be focusing on together, to protect and better build "support" infrastructure.

    If the Massive Solar Flare of 1859 (the "Carrington Flare") Happened Today...
    Jan 11 2018

    Would all our devices crash?

    Let me preface this Chicken Little article by noting that I thought the Y2K hysteria was silly, and most solar flare hype is silly too. Enormous solar flares and CMEs happen nearly every year without mishap. Earth shields us, just as she's been protecting life on this planet for billions of years. We are in no danger of being cooked by our own sun any time soon.

    That said, solar flares concern me. We weather most of them — even quite large ones — without serious disruption. However, we could be in trouble the next time there is a massive solar flare on the scale of the 1859 "Carrington Flare," because our technology is more vulnerable than we are.

    1. Thanks p. This author seems to ignore the changing nature of the field both in terms of strength and direction of its dipole moment.

      "The direction and intensity of the dipole change over time. Over the last two centuries the dipole strength has been decreasing at a rate of about 6.3% per century."

      So his comment "CMEs happen every year without mishap" is of limited use. The field strength is decreasing making us more vulnerable to solar effects (and how does that influence climate???).

      As an aside of a cosmic-spiritual nature I have read in a few places that this decrease in magnetic field is ahl huge part of our emergence as a species into lighter densities (ascension). See Kryon's material for eg.


    2. AJ, you're right, however with the part of space we are heading into, outside influences not including our sun become a stronger possibility. Solar minimum in this case could lead to damage we are not prepared for.

      It's a balancing act between ascension and tech. I'm familiar with info you mentioned, but also recognize the potential for events that bring the population together. We have a window opening for such events and know China and Russia are far ahead of us on being prepared.

  36. McAuliffe has tossed another trial balloon on him being President.

    NO, HELL NO!

  37. Hal Turner UPDATE 4:15 PM EDT --





    UPDATE 4:32 PM EDT --


    From Turkish sources:
    Russian defense officials quoted as saying Syria situation worse than Cuba crisis and Medvedev warning Russia at edge on war with the U.S

    UPDATE 7:27 PM EDT --

    Russian Navy, Air Force and Air Defense Force are ready to employ extreme measures against US Navy in case of any other cruise missile attack against Syrian Military bases.

    Reuters news agency: Russia has put all the air bases in Syria into a red alert. The moment the U.S. fighters enter the Syrian lands, they will be shot. 

    French Warplanes off the Syrian Coast at 2:24 am Syria time (Syria is 7 Hours AHEAD of U.S. East Coast)

    They are there because the US wants to test the s-400 system manned by the Russians. Any French warplanes that challenge the Russians most probably will be fired upon.

    (COVERT INTEL: My former colleagues in the intelligence Community told me moments ago (7:50 PM EDT) "Get cash out of an ATM as fast as you can."  When I asked why, the reply was "The US electrical grid is compromised by malware from a soon-to-be-hostile nation. If fighting erupts, the power grid will LIKELY be taken out very early in the conflict to cause civil unrest here in the US.  Credit, Debit and EBT cards won't be usable because there won't be electricity anywhere to process the transactions. Power could be out for weeks. Cash will rule.  No cash=no food.")

  38. p: We had heard the tunnels on Epstein's island were being filled very recently, so a fire to further hide criminal behavior would not be surprising. Haven't found this on a major site yet, so diligence is required.

    Massive Fire Reportedly Seen On Private Island Owned By Billionaire, And Sexual Predator, Jeffrey Epstein
    Apr 7 2018

    Sources have reported that infamous billionaire and registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's private island located in the Caribbean has recently caught on fire:

    The cause of the fire is unknown, but some are speculating it may have started as the result of a relatively small 4.9 magnitude earthquake that struck yesterday just off the coast: Apr 6, 2018 4.7 mag GMT/UTC Time : 2018-04-06 21:21:14
    Depth (Hypocenter) : 40.88 km

  39. UNSC to meet on ‘threats to peace & security’ in wake of Syria chem attack reports – Russian mission
    Apr 8 2018

    Russia has called a UN Security Council meeting for Monday, about threats to international peace and security, in the wake of reports of a chemical attack in Syria’s Douma. It will be followed by a meeting on the alleged incident.

    “A UN Security Council meeting is to be convened, at the initiative of Russia, at 3 p.m. (19:00 GMT) and will be immediately followed by the second UNSC meeting,” a spokesman for the Russian permanent mission to the UN, Fyodor Strzhizhovsky, said. He added that the Moscow-initiated meeting would be dedicated to threats to international security.

    Earlier, the UK mission to the UN said in a Twitter post that nine countries, including the UK and the US, as well as France, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Kuwait, Peru and Cote d’Ivoire, have called “an emergency meeting … to discuss reports of a chemical weapons attack in Syria.” Both meetings have been scheduled for Monday.


    Syrian state television confirms that military airport in Homs is being bombed from the air.

    Pro-regime sources are reporting aerial attacks on military installations in the center of he country (#Homs governorate), claiming air defense systems are engaging "hostile targets in the sky"


     Reports now that the Syrian Arab Air Force & /Russian Air Force is engaging aircraft over the skies of Homs in Syria.

    CONFIRMED: Assad's T4 airbase in Homs is under attack

    Syrian regime sources report attacks on their airforce assets near Homs

    Syrian television reports military attack in Syria. Claims United States source of attack.


    "Massive Explosions" Heard Above Syria Amid Reports Of US Fighter Jets, Cruise Missiles Aistrikes


    Russian warplanes from Tartus airbase are heading towards the Mediterranean sea where several unknown warships are stationed.



    1. Syrian media says #Israel was responsible for the attack on the T4 Airbase.

      Syrian news agency: Air defenses confronted missile attack on air base in central Syria, shot down 8 missiles.

      Over 12 Syrian troops killed and 30 injured in cruise missile strikes on T4 Airbase

      Regarding the air strikes on Syria: The U.S has not (as of yet) taken responsibility, meaning Israel has potentially conducted the strike, possibly with, or without USA support. There's still the potential for future unilateral / coalition strikes from USA & possibly France.


      Pentagon: At this time, the Department of Defense is not conducting air strikes in Syria. However, we continue to closely watch the situation and support the ongoing diplomatic efforts to hold those who use chemical weapons, in Syria and otherwise, accountable.



      Did Israel just pre-empt Trump’s decision by making it for him?

      Will Russia misconstrue this attack as an extension of US Policy?

      Will Russia now attack Israel?

      This could go sideways faster than a virgin with a condom on prom night

      CNN, FOX, ABC NEWS, AP have all said it's not the United States.

      Must be Israel starting things because they know we move a bit more slowly.

      Regardless, it's on. Stay alert, stay alive. 

      Russians were hit during the attack tonight too.

  41. May give some context to current developments in the Middle East...

    “Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

    "The “Greater Israel” project consists in weakening and eventually fracturing neighboring Arab states as part of a US-Israeli expansionist project, with the support of NATO and Saudi Arabia. In this regard, the Saudi-Israeli rapprochement is from Netanyahu’s viewpoint a means to expanding Israel’s spheres of influence in the Middle East as well as confronting Iran. Needless to day, the “Greater Israel” project is consistent with America’s imperial design."

  42. More murderous actions reported from the Kahazarian filth in Israel ( Palestine!!!) posing as Jews.

    Is Trump really so dumb as to get sucked into this for the Zio filths agenda?
    Greater Israel IS the Cabal and Rotts agenda.

    With that will come one religion, NWO and the end of all hope.

    Here's hoping.

    1. Russia needs to wipe out the entire Israeli air bases and total their entire Military.
    2.Wipe out the Israeli fleets.
    3.EMP Israel.
    4. Hack the hell out of the place and crater bomb all Airports. Mine their harbours.
    5. Wipe out Israeli radar systems. Put a cruise into Mossad and Nutter Yahoos home.
    6.Top 10 Israeli targets take out the lot.
    7.Locate and destroy Isreali Subs. Total their fleet. Track and Atomize this filth.
    8. Atomize their Wailing Wall,leave nothing standing. The message then is Right You F's any more and you ALL go!
    9. Russia needs to review ALL Zios within Russian borders, confiscate ALL Zios assets,and decide if any are worth saving. Arrogant, treacherous criminal Zio Oligarchs need to be taken to the Gulags. Their Lawers with them. A total round up.
    10. Russia needs to snatch Soros, and Trump needs to help them. Deliver Soros to Moscow.

    Trump needs to decide. Take down the Cabal and Zios networks, end all Jewish Fed and Treasury roles, get refinanced from Non Jewish sources,remove them from the WH,no more for the Supremes,and cancel ALL Oaths of Loyaty for Israel. End this Mind Game right now.No more US funds or Arms for Israel. Stop feeding these nasty SH Rats!
    A missile into the Wailing Wall asap. Message, Right You NASTY F's You Want This?

    Russia to destroy the Israeli walls and towers bordering Gaza. All Isreali border posts need to get a missile. Smash the Knesset. Atomize, hopefully with the LOT inside.

    If we remove the Zio trash the world is a better place. Israel gone in entirity even better. They will not stop until Stopped! America must stop feeding them.
    America needs to see the lot gone, and decide, you next? Israelis will never stop until gone. The greatest cause of all Middle East Wars IS Israel. Americas worst Spies are Israelis. Who are the worlds worst Financial Criminals?

    If Israeli planes kill Russians, please, Putin, do the world a favor. 6M of these roaches gone will show the world we CAN De Louse! It will also send a clear message to those in the US, If this goes full head on Russia and China will combine and follow up with invasion forces, if invading. Then will sanitize the lot. 6M organ donors.

    FEMA processing centers.

    Putin and China need to make it clear to trump, one wrong move and it's your last.
    Tump was NOT elected to take the world to war, just to stop the Whore.

    1. hello john

      ..."...Trump needs to decide. Take down the Cabal and Zios networks, end all Jewish Fed and Treasury roles, get refinanced from Non Jewish sources,remove them from the WH,no more for the Supremes,and cancel ALL Oaths of Loyaty for Israel. End this Mind Game right now.No more US funds or Arms for Israel. Stop feeding these nasty SH Rats!
      A missile into the Wailing Wall asap. Message, Right You NASTY F's You Want This?...."

      why does US need refinancing? why not just continue as is?

      what does Trump miss out on if he ditches the FED RESERVE and selects non-FED refi deal? what keeps Trump doing nothing? what rewards does he seek NOT going for the non-FED non-jewish refi? why not go for the non-jewish non-FED refi deal?

      please explain


    2. Douma ‘chemical attack’: ‘It would be stupid for Assad to commit war crime amid landslide victories’
      Apr 9 2018

      It would be illogical for the Syrian government, which previously seems to have acted strategically, to suddenly launch a chemical attack on Douma amid its successful recapturing of territory, experts told RT.

      Two F-15 fighters targeted Syria’s T-4 airbase in Homs province on Sunday night, shortly after Western powers accused the Syrian government of orchestrating an alleged chlorine attack in the militant-held town of Douma.

      The alleged chemical attack was reported by the White Helmets, a controversial group repeatedly accused of having ties to terrorists. RT discussed the allegations with Middle East analysts.


    4. Re: Item #'s 1-8... Would need to get it done before USA knows about it because they yet believe that "they" are God's special

    5. F in the head and arrogant pap! Israel exists because no one else wanted them back at any price. Now look what they do-,Again!

    6. In the Garden of Eden, God used "fruit trees" to test man's From the A.D. 70 and beyond He's used what? to test his allegiance? The Scriptures are clear that "that" nation broke their covenant with Him and He declared "they" would never be recognized as a nation again...forever! He said only if Sodom would return to it's former state, then, "they" would return to their former state. Are there any "hearing ears" today? Smile...

    7. Opps! Need to make clear: God said He would never again recognize "them" as a nation again. He didn't say that man wouldn't recognize them as a nation. There's a vast difference!

  43. For those that follow Q and rely on Jerome Corsi's analysis, this is on eye opening expose on who he REALLY is....

    Chapter 5. The Poland Connection

  44. p:Exactly what the US does not need!

    Twitter CEO Shares And Raves About Article Calling For Dem Victory In Second ‘Civil War’
    Apr 7 2018

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey aroused controversy after labeling a Medium article “great” that claimed there’s no “bipartisan way forward” in the United States and that the country is engaged in a “fundamental conflict between two worldviews that must be resolved in short order.”

    Dorsey shared the Medium article on his personal Twitter account Thursday night, with the accompanying acclaim that it was a “great read.”

    Author and media consultant Peter Leyden and political commentator Ruy Teixeira argued in the article titled “The Great Lesson of California in America’s New Civil War” that America is already in the midst of a second major domestic conflict of sorts and the way out is for the rest of the country to imitate California.

  45. Giddy Up ! U.S. Attorney John Lausch Assigned To Document Production…
    Apr 8 2018

    Tomorrow Attorney General Jeff Sessions will announce the assignment of U.S. Attorney John Lausch to facilitate the production of documents from the DOJ (Horowitz/Huber) to the House Judiciary Committee, and Chairman Bob Goodlatte.

    Mr. Lausch is a Trump appointed U.S. Attorney from outside Washington DC. John Lausch currently heads the Northern District of Illinois which includes Chicago, and this specific U.S. Attorney has extensive experience in complex cases of conspiracy and political corruption; a key skill-set given the issues within the Horowitz/Huber investigation of potential politicization of the FBI and DOJ offices.

  46. BREAKING.......

    I am again receiving reports of additional aerial bombardment of Syria taking place RIGHT NOW (10:47 AM EDT). Specifically, a place called al-Mayadin in eastern Syria is reportedly being heavily bombed.

    These local reports are claiming the aircraft doing the bombing are AMERICAN but this is **NOT** confirmed.   All lines into the Pentagon Press Office are ringing "busy."  

    I am reaching out to my former colleagues in the Intelligence Community for info.

    Updates to follow.  Check back.

  47. Unknown

    The Trump organisation and his campaign owe the Zio Lenders and backers favors and those Kike claws are locked on. He's been in their pockets a long time.
    He knows he has to de claw the Kikes, but won't?????????????
    He's promised to De Kyke America, then fails.Why? Who pulls the strings?

    1. john

      those are my Qs to you! lol

      i was hoping you could shed some light on the rewards and possible aversive punishers Trump has on his head for not doing the deal to which you have mentioned before, numerous times

    2. Unknown

      Read again those ARE the answers you need and the questions are, WHY won't the Chump Man Up and take them down?
      Faced down with this does he act Statesmanlike, or run for the hills- again?
      Because the Kikes have faster bikes?

  48. Honest clarification, as we see it.

    Why would Russia wipe out Zio-Israel? Why UK does not do that? UK created it, sustained it till it was handed over to US and eventually it became piranha state and sucks US dry.

    Why should Russia clean up what West messed up. You clean it yourselves. Who gets side money from Rothschild's, UK, not Russia. That's probably why they keep sustaining it.

    What would Russia gain from tramping up on Israel? I tell you what would follow in case Russia goes hard on Israel.

    It would be first London that would start shouting, "Russia is Hitler multiply, they attacked innocent Israel." And more would follow from D.C., shouting, "More sanctions on that evil Putin, who attack innocent Jews."

    This would be in all of your mass media 24/7 ... and maybe even from you, here.

    Why would we do that then? Let those who made mess clean it after selves.

    We clean our stuff, and if would be long clean now if you do not constantly attack us. We would have perfectly functioning democracy and stability. But this is what West does not want for Russia, to have stability and prosperity.

    You fix your mess and all that you created on your side, including Israel and Vatican and we clean our stuff at home.

    It sounds fair to us.

    100% count on this, Russia will not clean up mess that UK made in the world and US then just multiplied it. We protect ourselves. You cast sanctions on us based on bias accusations, just day ago to blocked finances to weaken Ruble and the same day you demand that we clean up what London messed up?

    Think about that? If we demand something similar from you, what would you think about us?

    Honest reply.....time to cooperate on different level.... clear up sanctions first, do not attack our currency as you did days ago ...

    This demand is for us really amusement, we just laugh.

    Do not take it bad, but please think about that for a moment. Step backward and look from another perspective on those statements and think over reality how you behave constantly toward Russia. Why would Russia fix something that West keeps messing up from day to day?

    And as we said, in case we go after Israel, then London and Washington would be first shouting evil Russia worse then Hitler, Russia deserves to be wipe out for their unjustifiable aggression.

    The other day somebody wanted to sent 10 Tridents on Russia, well send them to Israel.

    1. !0 Tridents on Russia, far rather 100 on Israel.

      But, correct, the UK falsely set up Israel, and this is the mess we have. It was WRONG!!! Worse no real UK Leadership to take it down.
      Worse America is totaly owned by the Zios so no Justice there.
      So, if Russia does nothing, Greater Israel will win, and in time with the Oligarchs inside, they will come for you using US body bags.

    2. p: A false flag and Israel takes the bait looking to set off another war.

      No trace of chemical weapons at alleged attack site in Douma – Russian military
      Apr 9 2018

      The Russian military has found no trace of chemical weapons use after searching parts of Syria’s Douma allegedly targeted by an “attack.” Photos of victims posted by the White Helmets are fake, Russia’s Defense Ministry said.

      Experts in radiological, chemical and biological warfare, as well as medics, on Monday inspected the parts of the Eastern Ghouta city of Douma, where an alleged chemical attack supposedly took place on Saturday, the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria said in a statement.

      The specialists “found no traces of the use of chemical agents” after searching the sites, the statement said. The center’s medical specialists also visited a local hospital but found no patients that showed signs of chemical weapons poisoning. “All these facts show… that no chemical weapons were used in the town of Douma, as it was claimed by the White Helmets,” the statement said, referring to the controversial “civil defense” group that was among the first to report about the alleged attack.

      “All the accusations brought by the White Helmets, as well as their photos… allegedly showing the victims of the chemical attack, are nothing more than a yet another piece of fake news and an attempt to disrupt the ceasefire,” the Reconciliation Center said.

    3. There must be other solution. Shoigu, I can speak for, would never authorize attack on another country, only if we are attacked by that country. We do not start wars, but we finish them for the sake of many.

      In Syria we are for two reasons, we were asked officially to come and second it was within our interests. Yes we die for our friends, we keep agreements. It was the same in Afghanistan. We were asked, by whatever way, and it was in our interests.

      New solution must be found, new cooperations must be created.

      I do not believe that our army will attack another country. Never, I really do not believe it and I have some stuff behind.

      Oligarchs, all Russians have very clear ideas about oligarchs-traitors and we know why they were picked and whom they serve ...

      New solution must be found, even if it means short term painful sacrifice for many ....Too complicated for me, other play master chess game. But I do not believe Russia will authorize an attack, there might be very unconventional means but it would have to be join with China...but these are just talks over a glass in bars, my guess. Not my level.

    4. SergeiE
      Kill or be killed,the Zios are leading you to the slaughter and care nothing about how many you lose, the ONLY hope for peace in the Middle East is Armageddon for that Ashkenazi roach farm.
      They covet everything and will come for you in time when all else is despoiled.
      It's good that Russia defends Syria and Iran and good Iraq gets help from.Russia. Britain built puppet states and look how it ended up?



    6. reinemarguerite emond,

      Refrain from using all uppercase text, that is a violation of OWON's TOS.

      What you provide is no more important than anyone else.

      Upper case should be used sparingly and as emphasis per word only. I know it is only a simple short statement. This is simply advice for future posts.

    7. Sergei Russia won't invade?

      Crimea, Ukraine, its Bay of Pigs Afghanistan?

      It's an imperfect world, but the site calls it as is.

    8. Others are reading too, I am not making calls....

      Read constitution of Ukraine....carefully. Think about difference between republic and regional county or what you would it, district or what. Crimea was a republic with its own constitution. Doneck is not republic, it is a regional county within Ukraine, Ukraine constitution applies to Doneck. We do not cross it. Crimea was never part of Ukraine territory and not under Ukraine constitution per ce. Crimea republic only accepted Ukraine administrative status for itself. This is how Crimea was linked to Ukraine. When taken by nazi barbarians Crimea voted for a change of administrative status. They never left Ukraine because they were never part of Ukraine as Doneck region is. Big difference - read constitutions, both. (If Ukraine says in constitution that "Ukraine *javlaietsa* -/which has a range of meanings, like APPEARS, SEEMS, IS, PRESENTS SELFS/ was put in constitution for a good reason." If Crimea was part of Ukraine then it would be written differently. It would be written JEST - which means IS. Then it would mean that UKRAINE IS A UNITARIAN STATE. But it says that UKRAINE APPEARS, SEEMS, PRESENTS SELFS, IS - a unitarian state. Then Crimea would be probably part of Ukraine and would not have their own constitution. Ask lawyers.

      Ukraine - we do not have there army and never will. If we went there in 3 days we would be in Kiev. Ponimajte. 3 days... US would do nothing, wiped on the way. 3 days and we would have no causalities.

      Doneck will lead restoration of Ukraine from illegitimate government that took the power illegally. Legal president according to Ukraine constitution is still Yanukowych, whatever he is.

      Afghanistan, I said by "whatever means" we were invited, and we were. It was US in 1973 that cross the boarder of international conduct. My uncle was there, and they did not kill Afghanis as US does today. Many soldiers found there wifes and lived and stayed there freely.

      These are not my calls, others reads and makes calls but we have all common ground, just different levels over the ground. Who am I.

      Go to Crimea and talk to people, you can go to Doneck also and talk to peopole...

      We do not seek to fight, we got everything we need. War is always fought for resources, any kind of resources. It was never different.

    9. If I makes calls, I would not be here ... what else can I saying. What I say is common knowledge that can go out .. anywhere. Tuns can say what I say...

      Others reads .... land make calls ...

  49. Avoiding a nuclear conflict, and seriously P at Trumps game play on tarrifs, China has just ceased buying US Treasuries.

    Why mass sell and escalate the drop faster, just stopping buying will bring Washington to its knees within 6 to 9 months, and leave the Kikedom like Old Mother Hubbard.
    Game on. Fund War with what? Redeem all coming due with what?
    An empty Counting House feeding the Kazarian Louse? Roaches, Rats and Sinking Ships.

  50. UPDATE 3:07 PM EDT --

    Sources tell me the US Central Command has been ordered to set Defense readiness Condition (DEFCON) --  'DEFCON 3" throughout their Area of Operational Responsibility (AOR).

     UPDATE 3:21 PM EDT --

    RUMORS are now seeping from inside Syria that President Bashar Assad has ordered his forces to directly attack American troops inside Syria if the United States attacks Syria again.   This is UNCONFIRMED, but rumors that have come out of these sources in the past have turned out to be true..


    UPDATE 3:34 PM EDT --

    UN Security Council has been meeting in New York for several hours over the Syria situation and the UN Special envoy made clear he now "FEARS WORLD CONFLAGRATION."  As if those words weren't clear enough, he continued saying there is now "DANGER OF UNCONTROLLABLE ESCALATION BETWEEN ALL PARTIES."

    People in a major, global Diplomatic position like him, do not use words like that lightly or flippantly.  Readers should understand that when Diplomats begin using phrases like the one quoted above, we are REALLY in trouble.

    War could start within hours


  51. If Crimea did not get under Russian administration, there would be much blood at first, much innocent blood, and it would be shed not because of Russia, it would be bled so anger Russia so that Russia would go there to protect children and women from being killed by US and their nazi Ukies servants, then it would be war. We stopped that, but only because Crimean wanted it and agreed and voted. Go and talk to people out there.

    Other alternative was blood on streets organized by West with hopes that Russia sends there army to protect civilians, West hoped for a big war could be called. This was the plan and of course with NATO base planned in Crimea as it was in Georgia 080808. In Georgia Sarkozy was on knees begging Putin not to step in it with army after US covered agresion in Osetia. On knees, crying - well it was on the phone, but literlly crying like chicken. Georgia, it was Sarkozy project. Today's affair with Sarkozy and 20 mil EUR from Gaddafi has nothing to do with Gaddafi and Sarkozy, nobody would ever bring that up at that level. His own club cabalian nazi punished him because he did not deliver what he was assigned for in Georgia and he promised to deliver it, first NATO base, and then in years more would follow. Now we understand why he was on knees before Putin begging him like a little boy, (Medvedev was week, did not understand) Sarkozy knew that if he does not deliver, he will be punished by his own peers that he drinks whiskey with, and they did it to him now, his own people or boss, just to warn today others servants who serve cabalian. Once you get into mafia you can not escape. Oligarchs face today the same fate from their own boseesin West. They did not deliver coupe de etat. Putin does not need to do anything, their own bosses in West will punish them that theydid not deliver, or will not deliver. They know it. Each one of them, now they live in fear day and night. Putin can only laugh, for him is enough only to protect Kremlin and Russia from them. They do not deliver, they will be killed, after Sarkozy, they know it all. And that's what they deserve.

    1. SergeiE,
      Thank you for posting your views. We’re over here in the dark trying to survive...much like mushrooms....with very little access to what is actually going on. Only thing we do know is whatever the cabal media is spewing is not true. Praying that cool heads prevail and stop all of this posturing.

  52. What You Should Know About the “Five Eyes” Intelligence Community
    May 19 2017

    Here’s what you should know about the partnership that has been described as the “Five Eyes,” the “world’s most exclusive intelligence sharing club”:

    1. The Five Eyes (FVEY) is an intelligence community consisting of Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and New Zealand. The FVEY group is a cooperative, complex network of linked autonomous intelligence agencies from each of these countries.

    2. The FVEY partnership began with the UKUSA agreement, first called the BRUSA Agreement. This agreement, signed in March 1946 and still in effect, was the basis for cooperation in signals intelligence between the two nations. The agreement was later extended to include former British Dominions—Canada in 1948 and Australia and New Zealand in 1956.

    3. For most of FVEY’s existence, the details about the existence of the arrangement have been kept strictly confidential. The partnership was so secret that Australian prime ministers were reportedly unaware of its existence—or their country’s involvement—until 1973. The program was also not acknowledged by the U.S. or UK until 2010 when both countries declassified documents relating to the partnership.

    1. Whoo hoo! Here we go! China has built a new wharf and upgraded the international airport on Vanuatu, which is an island of the Australian east coast, just 3,615kms from the Five Eyes head quarters at Pine Gap.

      And there's talk of a military base on the island.

      "Fears over China's growing influence in the Pacific have increased after reports Beijing wants to establish a permanent military base on the island of Vanuatu, in what is considered Australia's backyard.
      Initial talks have already begun with the small island state, which could result in China establishing a major military presence and upsetting the delicate strategic balance in the region, Fairfax Media reports.
      Chinese money has already helped finance a new wharf on the north island of Espiritu Santo, alongside an upgrade to the international airport.
      The ability for China to dock warships and refuel on what would be their first Pacific base has rung alarm bells among Australian security chiefs, as well as New Zealand and US officials, who are said to be monitoring the situation, the report says.
      The Lowy Institute's Pacific islands expert, Jonathan Pryke, says the new Luganville wharf development had "raised eyebrows in defence, intelligence and diplomatic circles" in Australia.
      But Kalfau Kaloris, Vanuatu's high commissioner in Canberra, was quoted as saying his country's foreign ministry was "not aware" of China's determination to build a permanent presence on the island."

  53. Biffie: from Jim Stone today. Gee, what is really going on.


    Time to say it: What happened in Syria
    A David Hogg style "wag the dog" was launched with actors and (possibly) old footage from other events, or old footage from previous drills, so the media could publish reports of gassed babies. Only, nothing happened at all.

    It was all staged by Israel, to hopefully get a knee jerk reaction out of America before any facts were checked. Pumped by the presence of Trump's new war hawk Bolton, Israel had a giddy fit and fired a few missiles at an Iranian supported base in Syria, fully expecting a bamboozled Trump to go along with it and perhaps follow up. That's not what happened. Instead -

    Russia had too many people on the ground where the supposed attack "happened" and the medics there said "We are not seeing anyone come in with gas attack related injuries". So Russia blatantly called the attacks fake. And that would be a big time fail, because it is one thing for alt media to call david hogg BULLSHIT, and entirely another for a nuclear armed Russia to call a Hogg style "Wag the Dog" BULLSHIT, yes folks, as it turns out, the attack landed on CNN's cutting room floor as a BIG FAT MEDIA FAIL. A fabrication from start to finish.

    "It's not what happened, it's what you can make people believe happened" is now a failing strategy, people are simply too awake now. "Wag the Dog" has run it's course - unless, of course, you are willing to eat a nuke.

    Russia: Douma Medics Receive No Patients with Signs of Chemical Poisoning

  55. UPDATE 6:43 PM EDT --

    Emergency Action Messages (EAM's) to the United States Military worldwide are being transmitted via the United States Global High Frequency Communications System.

    Messages were each repeated FIVE (5) times.

    An Emergency Action Message is the highest level communication in the US Military.

    1. Yes. And for nuclear forces. EAM can direct both Major or Limited attack options or Holds. I hope this is just hearsay.

    2. At the UN Security Council meeting in New York, the Russian Ambassador just said this:

      "USA, UK and France, are stoking tensions with a confrontational policy against Russia and Syria and we are now at the point where Russia is unpardonably threatened.
      Things have now gone beyond what was even acceptable in the cold war"

      The words and tone the Russian Ambassador is using . . .He's telling the West their patience has just run out. Claims disarmament in Syria isn't on the US agenda.

      Russia is laying it all on the US. The terrorists, the deaths, the conflicts inside Syria, the chem attacks, the tortures, the jihadists...everything. The Ambassador is absolutely not backing down; he's giving a war speech. This guy is burning with anger.  He just said flatly about the US and NATO  " They have no plan to de-escalate anything. They WANT war."

      It's getting worse.  The Russian Ambassador just publicly blamed GERMANY for supplying the chemical Chlorine used in the gas attack inside Syria last week!

      US Ambassador Nikki Haley replied simply "'Either way the United States will respond."   (This tells me, we're going to attack.)

      Haley is speaking to the history books, sounds like she is justifying what will come next.

      She didn't ask for anything...

      That is what struck me, she didn't ask Russia or Syria to do anything or call on the UN to do anything.

      It all boiled down to "this is evil and a decision has been made." It was a speech of US action not a speech calling on diplomatic responses.

      As the UN Security Council Meeting continued, Syria and Russia responded to the situation . . . but US Ambassador Nikki Haley WALKED OUT. 

      SHE LEFT THE MEETING!!!!!!  Didn't want to even listen anymore. 

      The French Ambassador then said "The time for talk is over."

      The UN Security Council Meeting ended a short while later with NO resolution being offered by anyone and NO VOTE taken at all.

      Diplomacy appears to be over.

      Make sure you have your preps!

    3. JV, no offense, what is the source? I am updated to 22 min ago (7:10 PM EST) and there is no corroboration for the above story.


      scroll through. updates as received.

      I might also say he has been reporting for days about this ahead of Everyone. His intelligence sources from his work in the FBI have been ahead of the media on this one.


    6. Thank you JV. This is in direct conflict with reports at UN requesting investigation even though the Israeli jump-the-gun strike muddies the water. I assume time will tell. Hopefully we don't become puffs of nuke-based smoke.

    7. Yes. Agreed. Hopefully cooler heads prevail.

  56. No trace of chemical weapons at alleged attack site in Douma – Russian military

    The Russian military has found no trace of chemical weapons use after searching parts of Syria’s Douma allegedly targeted by an “attack.” Photos of victims posted by the White Helmets are fake, Russia’s Defense Ministry said.

    Experts in radiological, chemical and biological warfare, as well as medics, on Monday inspected the parts of the Eastern Ghouta city of Douma, where an alleged chemical attack supposedly took place on Saturday, the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria said in a statement.

    Full article:

  57. 7:12 PM --

    RuAF TU-22M3 bombers are being loaded up with cruise missiles, for strikes against ships in the Med. Bombers would be loaded with Kh-55SM cruise missiles ready for a retaliation strike.

    7:28 PM --

    A well-informed source said Syrian regime forces are on alert amid fears of an imminent U.S. strike, resulted in an immediate deploying for its advanced air defenses around the capital and near the Republican Palace.

    Most advanced air defenses were deployed in Mezzeh military airport. The source said six defense systems were deployed.

    Syrian Air Force backed by Iran and Russia has been working on developing its air defenSe since shooting down the Israeli F-16 in February.

    President Donald Trump on Monday threatened a military strike against the Assad regime, declaring that Russia or any other nation found to share responsibility for Saturday's apparent chemical weapons attack on civilians in Douma town will "pay a price," AP reported.

    The White House sharply rejected any suggestion that Trump's own words about pulling U.S. troops out of Syria had opened the door for the attack, which killed more than 40 people, including children.

    Trump, asked whether Russian President Vladimir Putin bore any responsibility, responded, "He may, yeah, he may. And if he does it's going to be very tough, very tough." He added, "Everybody's gonna pay a price. He will. Everybody will."

    7:29 PM --


    7:37 PM --

    RuAF combat patrols up in the air, makes further US plans much more complicated

    7:43 pm --

    President Donald J. Trump spoke today with President Emmanuel Macron of France to continue their coordination on responding to Syria's atrocious use of chemical weapons on April 7.

    7:48 PM --

    Two Russian Early Warning Planes A-50s are now airborne over Eastern and Western Syria, each one is guarded by two RuAF fighter jets.

    GPS SPOOFING/JAMMING is taking place inside Syria with GPS throwing off locations by at least one full Degree. (See live flights HERE) This would tend to throw-off US Cruise Missiles which sometimes use GPS, but they use MILITARY GPS which operates on different frequencies.

    7:56 PM --

    Syrian media is now reporting that Iranian and SAA troops have been placed in full readiness and have begun to more equipment and forces located at vital points like Airbases. Also, very likely Anti-Air installations have been placed at full-alert.

    8:20 PM --

    Trump’s meeting with military leaders just ended, which means it lasted less than an hour.

    When new NSA John Bolton left the room and walked past a pair of reporters, who asked him how first day was going.

    “What could go wrong?” Bolton said.

    8:31 PM --

    INTEL NOW SAYING EXPECT RUSSIAN STRIKE ON UKRAINE IF US STRIKES SYRIA. 77,000 Troops, 1,000 tanks, 2300 Armored Personnel carriers and 400+ pieces of self-propelled artillery within 60km of Russia/Ukraine border as of tonight.

    2hrs 45 mins till sunrise in Syria

    8:41 pm --

    Reports from sources that the Syrian Arab Army has begun to evacuate key locations and bases in and around Deir Ez Zor city in Eastern Syria

    9:08 PM --

    Washington is considering a collective military response to Syria's attack . . . This likely means no action tonight.

    9:44 PM --

    The next 24 hours will be pivotal. Outside of long range bombers, the pro-US coalition has more than enough assets in place to deploy numerous strategic strikes into dozens of important sites within Syria.


  58. Rosenstein Gave Mueller Permission to Request FBI Raid Office of Trump’s Lawyer Michael Cohen
    Apr 9 2018

    FBI agents raided the office of one of Trump’s personal lawyers Michael Cohen on Monday at the request of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

    Since the Stormy Daniels documents are outside of Robert Mueller’s scope of the Russia investigation, Mueller is required to consult with Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein before he is allowed to expand his mandate.

    This all rests on the shoulders of AWOL AG Jeff Sessions.

    According to the Washington Post, FBI agents took Cohen’s computer, phone and personal financial records as part of the search of his office at Rockefeller Center.

  59. US or Israel Terror-Bombing of Syrian Airbase Follows False Flag Chemical Weapons Incident By Stephen Lendman Global Research, April 09, 2018
    In the wake of accusing Syria of using CWs in Douma, Russia’s Foreign Ministry called the allegation “fake news,” the latest “fabricated information,” adding:
    “The goal of these false speculations, which are not substantiated by any facts, is to cover up terrorists and irreconcilable radical opposition, which opposes political settlement, and to simultaneously try to justify potential external military strikes.”
    “It is necessary to once again caution that military intervention under false and fabricated pretexts in Syria, where the Russian servicemen stay at the request of the legitimate government, is absolutely unacceptable and may trigger the gravest consequences.”
    Head of Russia’s reconciliation center in Syria Gen. Yuri Yevtushenko also refuted reports of CWs used in Douma, calling them fake news.
    According to Syrian Arab Red Crescent Dr. Seif Aldin Hobia and other organization medical staff, no evidence suggests use of CWs in Douma. Reports suggesting otherwise are false.
    Overnight Monday, Syria’s Homs province T-4 airbase was terror-bombed. According to AMN news,
    “(a) large number of Syrian military personnel were killed or wounded this morning after several missiles struck the” base, citing a Syrian army source.The attack was likely either carried out by the Pentagon or Israel. Syria’s army source believes the latter, AMN saying “20 missiles were fired from the Lebanese border.” The IDF launched earlier attacks on Syria from Lebanese airspace.
    At least 8 incoming missiles were intercepted and destroyed overnight. Israel almost never admits responsibility for these type attacks.
    Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen television said (US-supported) ISIS terrorists attacked Sebaa-Bair in Homs province following the T-4 airbase terror-bombing – their fighters repelled.Al-Mayadeen reported an Israeli reconnaissance plane overflying Syria’s T-4 airbase when the attack occurred.
    Missiles also may have been fired from the Mediterranean Sea through Lebanese airspace toward their target – by US and/or Israeli warships.
    The false flag Douma incident is the latest example of escalating conflict in Syria. Washington, Israel and their rogue allies reject diplomatic resolution.
    Incidents like Douma suggest more of the same coming, anti-Syria hysteria fueled by inflammatory Trump tweets, similar neocon remarks, and Western media reports, backing the official narrative.
    On Monday, John Bolton succeeds HR McMaster as Trump’s national security advisor.
    On February 7, he tweeted:
    “It should surprise no one that the Syrian government continues to develop new chemical weapons.”
    “(Assad) has a record of killing (his) own people and the international community hasn’t done enough to deter this continuing behavior” – a bald-faced lie.
    It doesn’t matter. With him as perhaps Trump’s most trusted geopolitical advisor, a lunatic fringe extremist, the worst ahead is likely in Syria and elsewhere.


  60. U.S. Navy Destroyer Armed With Tomahawks Arrives Off Syrian Coast, "Harassed" By Russian Warplanes by Tyler Durden Mon, 04/09/2018 - 19:56

    As the situation in Syria continues to escalate, guided missile destroyer USS Donald Cook has weighed anchor off Syrian territorial waters, and is reportedly being "harassed" by low-flying Russian warplanes, which have buzzed the "Arleigh Burke" class warship at least four times according to CNN Turk.

  61. The massaged conflict in Syria is messy. Our key issue needs to be how do we minimize deaths and avoid a Global escalation.

    Sorry, BUT, most of this traces back to the Kazarian Zio Trash wanting a Greater Israel, and left unchecked, with the same arrogant indifference towards Palestinians, nothing will stop them until they ARE! Wake up the Zoo!

    Again the US is dragged into this by the cunning and devious Mossad group. Greater Israel and Jewish voting power in the US to subjugate, procrastinate and obfuscate all to their will. This malevolent sub species has been so for Millenias. A nasty Roach infestation of humanity. Time to call it, and de Ball it!

    Now the US tries the shimmy sham of a UN vote. Bought and paid for.
    Enough of their games. Times have changed.

    Russia needs to decide appropriate actions and re visit history. Always when faced with a determined foe Americans go screaming to their Mammies. Vietnam, Moga Dishu.
    Wham Bam, where's my Mam? Whaaah, unfair they hit back!That hurt me. Foul, I'm an American.

    If this kicks off:
    1. Instantly Russia needs to wipe out the Israeli warships. Total the lot!
    2, Take out the US Flagship right away. Warn the rest fire another missile and you follow in minutes. Launch and die You F's!
    3. Let the US see it's game over for any more of this crap. Escalate we annihilate YOU!
    4. Signal to Washington cease or the entire US fleets on both coaste will go in minutes. 5.Give them then a choice, retaliate, escalate and DC plus NY will go, totalled in less than 7 minutes.
    6.Take out every Global US base, and the Aussie tracking bases.
    7.China must then step in. Enough of this aggressive Cabal. Game on head first.
    8. Let America face the consequences of arrogant indifference to their neighbour mankind. Where is the Rubicon line for peace?
    9. Last chance Saloon. The fleets go. America then faces reality. Stop the charade or the lot goes. What's to lose?
    10.Faced at last with the hard reality that if this escalates further, within minutes or hours the US will end in a total fireball,the gutless will vote and run to their Mammies. Defeat the Bully Cabal.Don't pontificate, annihilate! Only a hard bloody nose will stop this lot. Phased Armageddon. Faced at last with real world consequences,the US Joe Publics will get off their arses and stop it. As with Clinton, you manned up and spoke up. Full credit to you. Now once more, shut the Cabal door and deal with the Kazarian Zionist Whore! Or pay the price of subjugation to these Lice!

    Use your head, or settle for dead. You ARE the cause of most of it! Sorry, but is this what you want? Do you have a clue what is coming for you? Was so thick a nation ever so empowered to deflower the world? Better dead than Red, you will be!
    Hopefully wise heads will prevail,but will that Tweeting Twat have a clue of consequences?

    1. ... but it will make America Great Again!

    2. John I'm not an expert by any means. But this from what I saw and heard over the past 2 weeks with my own eyes and heard from the Vietnamese themselves.

      Re: "Russia needs to decide appropriate actions and re visit history. Always when faced with a determined foe Americans go screaming to their Mammies. Vietnam, Moga Dishu."

      1. The Viet Minh were a nationalist group of Vietnamese governing Viet Nam.
      2. Commies from China overthrew them vie Viet Cong and took over the South who did not want them. Despite peace treaty.
      3. Sooo many Russians in Mui Ne the town has only Cyrillic and Vietnamese. The Russians fly in direct from Moscow and Vladivostok to Nha Trang. When I asked the locals about it they said, "Vietnam is now communist, they are communist so they feel comfortable here". Seriously we were lucky to be in a german run resort. Rest were Russian only.

      From what I see Chinese and Soviet commies took over a nationalist Viet Nam government and country.

      Why malign only the US for defending the South? Call out the colonialists to be fair IMO.

    3. Our own FBI/DOJ raided Trump's personal attorneys offices and home.... how can he rid the filth that is running the show if this can happen? .... they now have all info from the time that lawyer started working with Trump and anyone who he dealt with!

    4. That shouldn't be an issue, should it? Trump protests loudly that he has nothing to hide.

    5. He has nothing to hide BUT it is a problem for Americans and him. They just conduct witch hunts in your part of the world by KNOWN criminals?

    6. I have no doubt Trump has some things to hide..... but so would anyone, especially O And Hitlary and many others, and way way worse than Trump..... the issue is, who is really in control....

    7. Well I agree, he is no saint BUT in respect to Russia, he has nothing to hide. Mueller focusing on that Tramp Stormy now, why? And Rosenstein authorized This, the Hillary stooge? Unbelievable

    8. This isn't about any other country. This is solely about the internal political machinations of America.

    9. The US won't attack Syria alone. It will be a Coalition just like Iraq. And all of the players will be there. UK, France, Israel, Germany....on and on.

      They are ALL up to this neck deep. It's not just America.

      Again...for the cheap seats. This about THE BROTHERHOOD. Not Amarika (Correct Spelling)

      Multiple bloodline families working in tandem to rock the cradle of civilization back and forth toward the end goal of total enslavement.

    10. 100th monkey if you think this is "just" about American politics, you are sadly mistaken. What you are seeing is a fight against globalism by our President. If you think somehow you and your country are immune to this, you are sadly mistaken.

    11. Arizona,
      You can lead a horse to water, but can’t make him drink!

    12. There are people behind the scenes aka puppet masters - satanic ziorats with battalions of minions. $$$$ drives their efforts. Who's in charge .... Vatican, Jesuits, UK Royals, 13 Families, cabal, 13 Families, P2 Lodge, Banksters-Rothschilds-Rockefellers, US-UK-Mossad/Israelis. $$$$ is paying the bills and that is the head of the snake .... one humongous f%^$ing SNAKE(s). The GCR has the potential to neuter the ziorat $$$$$ and Military Tribunals here in US. UK needs to own up to who their bad guys are. We "little people" are putting the treasonous ziorats in the spotlight. Anyone that thinks all the bad guys are US "deep state is smoking dope. Let's fix this by exposing traitors to Mankind-our Earthly Home and MT all we can. While thinking about $$$ All roads lead to Rome/Basil?CoLondon/Fed = Shut them down.

      Next problem is here in the US .... SES is one piece under SEA. I have gone through a lot of the Plum Book Data (received from different sources and semi-crosschecked) .... Holy Sh^te! J Sessions been on SES Payroll since 1984. SEA people are employed by the so called n o profit. congress is up to their ass in this treason!!! The say SES et al has a rolling headcount of 10,000 give or take a few thousand. All SES get Top SEcret security clearance with no background check ... in fact they are not required to be citizens or evel loyal to UG Republic/USG. Really; then why did I read a govt report that stated the headcount of SES December 2009 was 51,000 and about 3000 were eliminated = 47,500 prox. Don't forget many SES'rs are in for life and their charter allows 25% in raises/year and many get paid for 4 different jobs. Their oath is to SEA et al and it is likely until disproven that there are more than 100,000 getting paid and ... run by the DoJ council of 500 lawyers ... btw; the Original 13th Amendment prohibits lawyers and royal titles to be in office as in congress (the swamp main scumpool 2nd only to SES and Serco) Cut SEA pay to $1.00/ year and transfer all to the North Slope Alaska WO electricity = provide barracks just like we Marines had to live in = shitholes on steroids.

      The last point is to take back US patent office run by Serco + Visa-Serco and all the high security electronics run by Serco .... use friggin pen and paper for a while. Why does UK control USPO and have rights to same? Detach US ziorat govt and the new to return US Republic. I had better quit because a simple "little person" and many like me figured this stuff out so We Pray every Day for God's Blessing ti help us restore our Republic to what it was intended to be. We will uncuver and expose = We are at critical mass and strengthening!

    13. Russia - Syria - Russia We the People are doing our Best to expose and eliminate SES, Serco and all the Treasonous ziorats like McCain HRC, Barry n Mike, Bushes, Podesta (2), Lynch - FBI n CIA+ bad actors...

      Us regular folks are mainly a Nation with Christian beliefs and we earned our place with enormous sacrifices ... other Faiths and beliefs are among us and with us with one obvious exception. The military I talk with daily know the consequences of nuclear war and do not want it. We know there are many MIC people pushing buttons for war. We know many of them but here we go again with why .... it is hiding in plain site dammit ..... SES Military and Agencies manipulating. They're going down soon or the consequences of inaction will be catastrophic. ziorats are in scorched earth mode like Hitler tried to do. Any MIC-Military putting us in harms way of nuclear war is a traitor!!!

      I have been in Russia enough to learn a bit. My RU body guards were former Special Forces ... do not tangle with these folks ... they are very good at what they do. RU is a technically advanced Country with a very strong Orthodox Christian Core. Putin is OC enough for our benefit. I was shown who is in power and shown various RU mafia, Oligarchs and MICers. The have factions just like us and the people I know are much like us but the older ones survived Stalin et al and have the scars - visible and invisible to prove it.

      US and RU are the major players and both want peace+++. RU is in a stronger position for peace enforcement than US since Putin has more control than we President Trump for now. Trump needs to start pruning with a flame thrower (my weapon of choice - heavy but effective) This is super scary Kabuki which I Pray is just that. All the ingredients and tools are available if we use them.

    14. Trump needs to start pruning with a flame thrower (my weapon of choice - All the ingredients and tools are available if we use them.

      Yes, and a number of tactical responses are loaded and waiting in the wings, such as the indictments and Gitmo upgrade, and the RV.

      However Trump chooses to act as bumboy to Israel.

      He's just not credible.

      Qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent.

  62. Chinese president vows to 'significantly lower' auto import tariff amid trade dispute
    Apr 9 2018

    Chinese President Xi Jinping said Tuesday he’s willing to further open his country’s markets and reduce auto import tariffs amid the exchange of economic threats between the U.S. and China.

    The Associated Press reported Monday that Xi said at a business conference that he would move to “significantly lower” China’s auto import tariffs and lessen restrictions on foreign ownership in its auto industry.

    Though Xi did not mention President Trump by name, his openness to altering his country’s economic policies comes as the Trump administration and China have traded threats in recent weeks over potential tariffs.

  63. Border Patrol breaking ground on Trump’s WALL
    Apr 9 2018

    (National Sentinel) Barrier: The U.S. Border Patrol broke ground Monday on a section of President Trump’s border wall along a sector in New Mexico.

    “The president has started his project,” El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent Aaron E. Hull told reporters during a press conference at the border in Santa Teresa, N.M., about 10 miles west of the southwest Texas border city

    “This project is underway. This is the beginning, in this sector, of the president’s border wall.”

    The Santa Teresa project seeks to replace a 20-mile sector of three-foot-tall posts and a taller mesh fence with 18-30-foot walls that are built primarily of concrete.

  64. Morning all - a friend sent me this video on the indictments being unsealed. I don't remember seeing this guy mentioned in this fourum and wonder if he's the real deal. I have a friend whose bullshit detector is quite accurate, she says this guy resonates as accurate but wouldn't be offended by a second opinion.

    David Seaman - Sealed Indictments Open

    This was posted April 7. He mentions dying - apparently the cabal tried to poison him. That resulted in an NDE which really woke him up.

    1. Seaman was a well known journalist working for HuffPo fired and perscuted when he broke the Pizzagate story. Pizzagate was his research.

      I think he has become a bit unhinged lately, but when he claims someone has shown him an indictment I believe him. That is a concrete claim and he is an accomplished journalist.

      The other stuff may be influenced by emotional stress. He has been blacklisted by his profession, is financially challenged and it shows, but when he says he actually saw something that is not emotional and I believe him.

    2. Thank you, Unknown. I remember (now that you've mentioned it) that a journalist had been fired for reporting on pizzagate but if I ever knew the name I had completely forgotten it, it doesn't ring a bell at all. It's good to know his background, and that he knows whereof he speaks. Merci beaucoup.

  65. Nothing to say .... but pray and wait what will be decided. Parties know.

  66. JV

    who are these multiple bloodline families of which you speak?

    are you sure it is bloodlines? or alternatively, corporations? and why?

    1. Corporations are controlled through Bloodlines with controlling interest.

  67. What does it mean?

    7And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, 8And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. 9And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them. 10And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. (Gog and Magog)

    1. what happens at the end of the Millennium: “When the thousand years are ended, Satan will be let loose from his prison, and he will come out to seduce the nations in the four quarters of the earth. He will muster them for war, the hosts of Gog and Magog, countless as the sands of the sea. They marched up over the breadth of the land and laid siege to the camp of God’s people and the city He loves. But fire came down on them from heaven and consumed them. Their seducer, the Devil, was flung into the lake of fire and sulfur …” (Revelation 20:7-10, REB).

      Why would God release Satan to again seduce people after the wonderful 1,000-year reign of Jesus Christ? Though no specific explanation is given, a logical reason for this turn of events seems evident.

      During the Millennium people will have the choice of only one way of life—the way Christ teaches them. Many generations will grow up without ever being exposed to any other way of life.

      From the beginning, however, God has always allowed people to choose between good and evil (Deuteronomy 30:19). It would be a mistake to believe that no one born during the Millennium would ever choose the ways of Satan if the opportunity were available.

      We can see from the events described in Revelation 20 that God will make that choice available to many people who will live during that 1,000-year era. It is also reasonable to believe that some of them will respond to Satan’s intrigue and choose his selfish, rebellious ways over the cooperative and loving ways of God.

      Sufficient numbers of people will make this choice to form a sizable army. “They marched across the breadth of the earth and surrounded the camp of God’s people, the city he loves. But fire came down from heaven and devoured them” (Revelation 20:9, NIV).

      God has always tested His people to see what is in their hearts (Deuteronomy 8:2; 1 Thessalonians 2:4; Hebrews 11:17). We should not assume that those living during the Millennium will be treated differently. This will be a test that at least some of them will have to face. No doubt all who live during that 1,000 years will have the opportunity to see whether they will be faithful to God and His ways. The only example revealed to us, however, is that God will release Satan for a time.

      Once this test is over, Satan will never again be allowed to deceive anyone.
      The general resurrection of the dead

      Now the greatest judgment of all must begin. As we read earlier, at Jesus Christ’s return only His faithful saints will be resurrected. Prophecy reveals that “the rest of the dead did not live again until the thousand years were finished” (Revelation 20:5). Another resurrection will take place after the Millennium For all people who ever lived for a first opportunity of salvation. Those who died incorrigibly wicked will be raised to face their judgment and be cast into the lake of fire where they will cease to exist. (My summation is the devil worshiping pedos will be in this category and will be judged and then to taken to the lake and thrown in while all the witnesses see the crimes to children, this will included a lot of priests and clergy. )

  68. Serious developments have taken place overnight concerning the ongoing situation in Syria.  ALL of my former colleagues in the Intelligence Community tell me the United States, the United Kingdom, and France have placed their Middle East military units on ALERT for what most believe will be a SUSTAINED US/UK/France direct attack against  Syria commencing as early as tonight! This article will be LIVE UPDATED throughout today (Tuesday, 10 April 2018).

    British Air Force units on Cyprus are openly being loaded with bombs, missiles and ammunition. The Russian Baltic Fleet has declared a Combat Alert. Russian strategic bombers are in the air over the Mediterranean Sea, loaded with air-to-ship cruise missiles and the Russian Air Force is conducting heavy Combat Air Patrols throughout the region.

    This situation is like a huge pile of dynamite waiting for a spark to explode into direct war between Russia, the US/NATO and regional powers in the Middle East.

    Hal Turner ..

    1. Everyone breathe. Yes, it is tense, but steps are clearly being taken to slow the tempo, which always bodes well historically. Russia is clearly drawing lines inside the Syrian boundaries so as to be ready to counter-punch and historically, we are terrible at initiating when the world is watching. Yes, pieces are being moved and consequences could be... horrifying. Hopefully we don't take action. The wild card isn't Trump here, it is Israel. In the previous encounter that bunch of bastards shot two missiles over toe-to-toe fleets. And in this encounter, that damn strike yesterday was clearly designed to provoke.

  69. seems to me the corporations own everything or nearly everything

    they have interlocking directorates and recycle the same heads in many boards

    where do they (corporations) fit in to this mess?

    1. CORPORATE BoDs interlocking and woven into 13 families. Less than 200 control all important Corporations. A symbiotic relationship. This could be fixed in one week!

  70. Paladin reports he will be on Jason Goodman’s 21st Century 3D YouTube channel at 6:00 pm EST today regarding Las Vegas Autopsy Reports. He says “Don't miss this, it will be revealing to say the least.”

    1. Texiam, Thank You!

      But, it seems youtube has already deep-sixed the broadcast.Nothing shows on his playlist of videos but a 7 second blurb....That CEO should be in jail along with FB and Twatter CEOs!!

      PALADIN, can you post a link here?

    2. Another blog space for our PALADIN:

      Paladin iconic show from 1957-1963:
      Show Summary EDIT
      "Paladin was not your normal gunfighter. He was an educated and a traveled man. A West Point graduate, he served as a Union officer during the Civil War. After the war, he went west and became a high-priced 'gun for hire.' He was based at the Hotel Carlton in San Francisco and enjoyed the finer things in life. He dressed in fancy clothes, enjoyed fine wine, gourmet food, opera, expensive cigars and he could play the piano...."more at link.Wiki has a nice writeup, too.

    3. Tim,
      They could not get a stable signal since Jason was in DC so will have to rescedule the interview. Don’t know when just yet.

  71. GOP Rep Jim Jordan: FBI Raided Trump’s Lawyer and Got Privileged Information Yet They Let Hillary Clinton Destroy Emails (VIDEO)
    Apr 10 2018

    Freedom Caucus members, Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Mark Meadows (R-NC) appeared on Fox News Tuesday morning to discuss the DOJ missing the April 5th deadline to hand over documents on Obama’s FISA abuse and Hillary’s email investigation.

    Rep Jim Jordan highlighted the FBI’s double standards in how they handled Hillary’s investigation versus their raid of Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

  72. John, in an article I posted above exposing Jerome Corsi as an Israeli agent, there was an interesting statement buried within, as follows:

    "...and pre-staged the election eight years later of rightwing candidate Donald Trump whose presidency was produced by a cadre of extremist pro-Israelis from the messianic Hasidic Chabad Lubavitch sect"

    Would this in your opinion explain DJT's apparent willingness to just capitulate and go along with the Syrian crisis and slow walking, if not blocking entirely, the redemptions?

    1. Look also beyond at the Bush/Clinton/ Obama/Cheney Cabal Deep State. They STILL manipulate funds for their own purpose. They still have power over Banks.

  73. 6:14 PM EDT -- I can now positively confirm that "Major Military Strikes" against Syria by the United States and our allies, ARE IMMINENT.  This information is 100% corroborated by people with direct knowledge of planning.  


    1. 6:37 PM EDT -- Observes have noted numerous coalition assets airborne near the Iraq-Syrian border. Breaking Heavy flight of US-led coalition aircraft over the #Syria-Iraq border (al-Jazeera)


      6:44 PM EDT -- Al Jazeera now reporting major inbound coalition armada


      6:46 PM EDT -- Numerous US and French aircraft are airborne over Jordan.


      6:59 PM EDT -- Israeli media is reporting that "Israeli Prime minister has revealed during a security meeting that the US will strike a military blow to the Syrian regime."


       7:02 PM EDT -- Russian Defense Ministry public advisory council member Igor Korotchenko: "Trump has to understand that we’re going to be talking about the possibility of nuclear escalation if we have a collision of the U.S. and Russian militaries”

      Russia's UN Envoy warned "If you made a decision to carry out an illegal military endeavor, we hope, hope that you will come to your senses. You will be responsible for it yourselves" -- UNSC  

       BREAKING: The US led coalition is asking all flight companies in the Middle East to change their itinerary in Syria to another country because of possible airstrikes against Syrian Army targets: -- KURDISTAN 24

      ...Hal Turner

    2. 7:10 PM EDT -- *** UNCONFIRMED *** reports from Turkish media claim missiles have been fired at Syria from ships in the Mediterranean Sea.  **UNCONFIRMED**

    3. JV, Hal Turner is not a credible source. Check this: .

      Turner says Al Jazeera is reporting inbound coalition armada. Not so. There is nothing on Al Jazeera about any coalition attacks in progress. Turner is fear-mongering.

    4. Also, nothing on Kurdistan 24 about imminent coalition attack on Syria.

    5. Maybe, but I'm not sure Wikipedia is a credible source. Hal has been at the forefront of this for days. Many items he said didn't reach the papers for 24 hours or more. And now much of this is in the papers.

      When you take on the government as a whistleblower with former government intelligence credentials they are going to slaughter you.

    6. Drudge now linking to articles confirming UK/French missile strike within hours and air space being cleared

    7. Drudge is 100 percent credible source.He vets everything, like great journalism used to be....

  74. "History teaches us that wars – from the first world war to Korea, the six-day war and the Falklands – are often fueled by failures of messaging and interpretation.

    Looking around the Middle East today never has that felt more true. And never have wise heads been in such short supply."

    Israel has misjudged Russia in Syria. The consequences could be grave

    1. If I may be so bold, wars occur because of two factors -- Agenda and Failure to Understand the True Balance of Power. The U.S. has an Agenda and is absolutely failing to understand that the balance of power has shifted. We cannot project power 7500 miles away without consequences.

    2. Argentina misread the UK would NOT stand back.

      The US gave the Falklands nod to Argentina. Seriously STUPID duplicity.

      As with Kuwait, when the UK gave Bush 41 a direct ultimatum, either come in with us, or we remove him alone. Kuwait IS a British protectorate,invade and we WILL kill you.

      Britain educated Assad and his wife is a Brit. We hold all the cards for Diplomacy. It's PP if we can't sort it behind the scenes.
      We, the UK, have no rights to be doing this. The US even less!
      Israel IS the cause, these Zio Whores! Time to Stymie Hymie!

  75. Hi John, what is the status of things being imminent on currency....thanks


    Trade was is insanity. DJT is being played. #realDonaldTrump

    1. HR 5404 "Gold Back US currency backed by asia...". So, why send carriers to the S.China Sea? Also, this aspect of battles raging underwater sounds most plausible to me. DJT must cut his kike ties soon, with the help of the military.

    2. DEFCON4? Jail, then Military Tribunals w/o appeals for the 700 kazarian mafiosos robbing the country blind. BACK to DEFCON1 after that. SIMPLE solution! #realDonaldTrump

  77. Hopefully now, the delay in fast track punitive action, has brought home to the US that any more unwarranted US escalation will involve a full Homeland attack on the worlds most corrupt Hegemony Nation.

    We get daily reports from a Canadian Jewish associate touring Europe right now.
    He is getting first hand nations abhorence with brutal US bullying of nations,and sees the scale of Anti Semitism building up. These are collective consequences.

    If this kicks off NATO will be annihilated within hours.As will the US fleet and bases.
    Be careful what you wish for, because Russia will not let you attack them from surrounding bases, from the safety of the Maccie D kingdom. If this kicks off those ICBMS will arrive in hundreds, and the US will simply be no more.

    All key targets will be hit by Subs and 10 minutes from launch,America will be over. With ICBM's also then coming fast.

    China WILL support Russia, and America WILL lose!

    Survivors wil be taken as Slaves and Organ donors. There will be no mercy. None!Repression will be brutal. Hope not to find out.

    This IS all done in your name. They will process the Semites, the lot and expect zero mercy.

    Hopefully when Trump contemplates reality, he will reign back the Mad Dogs, refuse Gung Ho Boys with Toys, as adolescent noise.

    Why are you still messing in the world now? Have you not F up enough nations already?
    F off home and say sorry to the Native Americans. Settle the Settlements, Indemnify Iraq, Vietnam and all those you heartlessly massacred.

    Take back the Fed,investigate all Political corruption from Bush 41 onwards. and clean up the worlds worst and most corrupt filth pot. Get a Free,REAL Press and wake up to Ugly.

    Get OUT of Syria.Stop funding and arming that Kazarian Scumbag state, and rebuild a new America, one fit for purpose. Revisit the aspirations of the Founders, what great men , what could go wrong has.
    Global dynamics have now changed. Asia is free. Russia too. The world is moving on, and without you.Now Trump sees one wrong move and America will be on its knees.
    Hope reason prevails.
    Why TF are you there?????????????????????????
    Go home and rebuild a great nation. One fit for purpose. Zio Free!

  78. Borrowed from Vox Day:

    Meanwhile, this report is little more than a melange of tragedy and farce:

    Syria MISSILE STRIKE 'within hours': RAF on ALERT for possible launch. BRITISH and French forces could launch an imminent missile strike on Syria within a matter of hours, aviation monitors have revealed.

    The RAF and the Armée de l'Air have less than 500 active combat aircraft between them.

  79. The UK is MAD to get sucked into this. This is no time to ass kiss the US.
    Ass Kicking makes more sense.

  80. House Majority Whip Scalise: “Paul Ryan Is Speaking Today” – Expected to Announce Retirement at 10 AM ET (VIDEO)
    Apr 11 2018

    House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) told FOX and Friends on Wednesday morning that Paul Ryan is speaking today on his future plans.

  81. PEACE MEDITATION 2018-4-15

    Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society.

    We are doing this meditation to counteract the negative effects of the military escalation that is now taking place in Syria.

    We will be doing this meditation at the exact moment of the New Moon on Sunday, April 15th at 9:57 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). This equals 9:57 am CST on Monday April 16th in Taipei, 3:57 am EET on Monday in Cairo, 3:57 am CEST on Monday in Paris, 2:57 am BST on Monday in London, 9:57 pm EDT on Sunday in New York, 8:57 pm CDT on Sunday in Chicago, 7:57 pm MDT in Denver and 6:57 pm PDT in Los Angeles on Sunday, April 15th.

    More at:

    1. Thank you AJ. April 15th is a powerful day. It's the Lunar New Year! )

      April 11th from the Oracle Report

      The Sun was discharging 21 Aries - the Eris Point - yesterday and Mars and the Black Moon, were/still are making conjunction alongside. The Sun squares Pluto today, so whatever develops will be interesting. It's epic.

      I hope you find the report helpful as we move closer to a new energetic year.

      The theme for the New Astrological Year is 27 Aries, "through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained." Do you want a do-over, second chance, or a reboot? How might you fire up your imagination, in preparation? Pay attention to synchronicities of the heart - things that call to your true essence. Spend some time gazing at the beauty of nature. Prime the field with the highest intentions of love and harmony. Then see what happens.

      It's going to be a good year, wise owls! On with Second Renaissance!

  82. The UK doesn't get sucked into anything. They're the protagonists along with Israel and they tell US what to do. We've been doing their bidding for centuries.
    I believe the Syrian debacle revolves around the petroyuan and Assad's connection to Putin who is also on board with the petroyuan. The Cabal is doing everything it can to make sure the GCR doesn't happen and a war will put everything on hold and buy them time.
    Only Russia can stop it all with a solid demonstration of technological superiority and taking out certain places would do it. The repercussions of such an action cannot be overestimated however, and so hopefully it won't come to that.

    1. The best scenario would be to defend the Syrian territory without having to strike offensively. A plane flies in, you shoot it down. Missile comes in, destroy it incoming. Embarrass the U.S. as aggressor. Let the pressure build. The next best scenario is let them come towards Syria and then obliterate something clearly and unequivocally and wait. Trump is moving a carrier group and I'm sure the purpose is to buy time to resolve this. Hopefully we won't do anything really stupid, but it doesn't look good.

    2. Seshette,

      I mean this respectfully, and to help establish reality. Truth.
      Politically do not over rate the UK.

      Historically we have been beyond guilty of Shotgun Diplomacy, land theft, mass genocide, Hegemony of Empire building, Guilty! As hell!

      But even post WW11, our Empire finally collapsed.
      Now we are little more than a US Poodle Fakir! Butt kissing and sad.
      A Circus Dwarf nation posturing on a world stage. 65M of us trying to give it large, Midgets v the Heavyweights.
      Hard Facts!

      Yes, we have the worlds most powerful Financial and Cultural City. Time to make better use of it.
      Politically most are now just Westminster posing Pigmies! Little talent, just greasy and obnoxious wannabes. Compromised- Crap!

      We don't take them seriously. Why should you?

      London has little power over Syria. Sadly so!
      Nor Politically, a Clue!

      As protagonists, again you over rate them. Jerk- Offs!

      Those days are long gone. Look at the mental midgets Governing? All are mediocrities. Sadly! Clueless.

      Yes to Russia stopping it hard, and a big YES to Eurasia.
      Only a vast new emergent united Continent with a common interest, can help us clean house, De Louse the Zios and re think an Empire fit for purpose. We need to restructure, not rupture, the emergent Super Nation to come.

      A Velvet glove of Diplomacy, and an Iron fist to smash the Kazarians and US Cabal Interlopers.
      Maybe , sadly, we may need to lose 50M as a wake up call.

      Doing something Stupid is a standard US Game Play. Was ever such a talentless Klutz nation over faced with failed Imperialsm.
      Time to clear the Zoo?


    1. Hi JV, Not picking a fight but again, no corroboration. This would have ricocheted around the planet if true as every frequency and channel is monitored today. What's Turner's agenda? To stoke the fire? His UN hyperbole as well as attack preludes have both been wrong. We are moving a carrier group which I can only believe is about delaying things. Trump, chump or not, cannot possibly want war with Russia for any reason and cannot be deluded that we can prevail at 7500 miles.

    2. He has a screenshot of Russian TV on his last article showing this.

    3. Respectfully, these guys aren't meeting for coffee...

      Military units in Syria from the Syrian Arab Army, Iranian-backed Hezbollah, and Russia were ordered to begin DISPERSING from several bases, in anticipation of a US/UK/France military attack.Russian Air Force has sortied at least two Early Warning Planes (A-50s) over Eastern and Western Syria, each one is guarded by two Russian Air Force (RuAF) fighter jets.British military in Cyprus has been put on alert for military action in Syria with ‘remarkable’ activity being reported.Russian Black Sea Fleet has declared a high level combat alert for all vessels as US-led trans-national strike force with UK and France poised to strike Syria over chemical weapons allegations. Attack is expected in the next 24 hours. RuAF is highly active over Syria with multiple planes airborne near its coast, a U.S. P-8 POSEIDON anti-submarine aircraft was just monitored collecting signal and electronic intelligence off the coast of Syria and is now currently just off LebanonRussian strategic bombers are airborne over the Caspian sea and over Iran, fully loaded with Kh-55SM extend range to 3000 km cruise missiles.  These missiles are air-to-ship and they are known to be incredibly precise ship-killers.US Warships are reportedly converging in the Mediterranean, with the Pentagon already admitting the USS Donald Cook is on-station near Syria.Surface vessels of the Chinese Navy in the Mediterranean in joint exercises with surface units of the Russian navy have been ordered to join the Russians at the Syrian port of Tartus in case of a possible aggression against Syria. 

    4. JV, the screenshot is ONLY there. Zero reports elsewhere. ZERO. Take that one with caution as with all other reports. They are not necessarily credible. There is a deliberate attempt to fan the flame.

  84. This site has turned into fear mongering propaganda. There will be no nuclear war. Trump does not telegraph his actions so I doubt he will strike Syria. If he does, Russia will stand down.

    1. You're dreaming. This thing could escalate out of control. We have zero interests there and Russia has many. They will defend and escalate if they have to. If anyone needs to stand down it is the United States.

  85. Sure, as Churchill found, ignorance is bliss until the Hun strikes. There will be peace in our time. Followed by WW11.


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