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  1. JUDICIAL WATCH: New Hillary Emails Reveal Classified Documents, Clinton Foundation Pay-to-Play
    Apr 25 2018

    On Wednesday, conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch released 281 pages of newly discovered emails found on Hillary Clinton’s private server.

    The emails, dated 2010-2013, contain classified information and show more Clinton Foundation pay-to-play with the State Department.

    Via Judicial Watch:

    Ten emails contain classified information redacted “in the interest of national defense or foreign policy,” including confidential sources, and concern Israel and the Middle East. Most of the emails include exchanges with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The emails show Hillary Clinton conducted classified and sensitive negotiations about the Israel-Arab conflict on her unsecure, non-governmental server.

  2. So why is it decided to close a comment section when we do? I realize Canauzzie does it and it's his/her site, just wondered if there was some formula or is it entirely random or when you don't want to continue a thread? I like responses to my posts because I am interested in real exchange and understand that we don't all agree or, at least, have questions. Sometimes it feels like the comment changes just shut down the conversation. I realize sometimes posters carry over posts from previous dates. Just wondering

    1. About every 200 posts because the response time craters. Blogger was not written for this amount of comments.


    2. SESHETTE,

      There are several reasons for swapping out the comment section.

      The first being, Blogger does not like going beyond 200 comments. It requires the user to select "show more" to go beyond 200, this becomes problematic and slows the response time. It also is small and could easily be missed.

      Second, it is a bloody nightmare as is for mobile users as comment count gets higher. One has to consider that 45%, at any given time, of OWON's volume is on a mobile device.

      Above are the two main reasons. There are plenty others, like finding a specific comment is much easier, but theyare insignificant compared to the first two I provided so I will not bother to go into this further.

      We endeavor to make the website as responsive as possible, with ease of use in mind. As always, we appreciate all feedback.

    3. Seshette

      It is because of technical limitations to the size a blog can scroll out to and also because with its global following of live, alert and challenging minds, 200comments of global exchanges are surpassed between you in a matter of days.
      No blog out there comes close to such dynamic information displays , it is leading as cutting edge and challenging real democratic and political consciousness. It's the true voice of you, the thinking people. Your collective success and unparalleled information shared.

    4. Hi Seshette,

      Just clarifying SA refers to Saudi Arabia. Q wasn't talking about regime change, but was referring to liberation from c1a control. I think q was referring to israel when rogue nuclear states was mentioned. It was Q's way of saying Israel is on the list of clearing.

      Yesterday Q mentioned that DJT's strategy is one by one as clearing the whole world of swamp creatures is a gigantic job. First it was SA. Then NK. Then Armenia (I have no idea why). Now Iran is next. That's just my interpretation.

    5. But AJ- Saudi Arabia has hardly been cleared of swamp creatures as the current regime is staunchly pro Netanyahu since it is angle drilling into Yemeni oil deposits and bombing that country. They are playing footsies with the Russians and Chinese over their Aramco offering but they're hardly the good guys. NK is a big black hole for me because I odn't believe anything about it since we put the Kim dynasty in power there post Korean War. Armenia? little Armenia? come one- a swamp? Iran is hardly a swamp, they've resisted the US debt slavery system for decades, have partnered with Russia and are fully cooperating with the Silk Road initiative- is THAT what makes them swamp? If that's your criteria then your swammp is not my swamp.

    6. You raise good points Sechette.

      North Korea is a cheap labour vassal state for China. As is Vietnam.
      Iran was a vibrant highly educated progressive old culture until the US F off the Shah and let Khomenie and raghead fanatics in to mass murder.
      Saudi is a repressive state.
      Israel a terrorist pariah state and a disgrace to humanity. Yet America condones all?

    7. So it would seem with no improvement under Trump. We'll stay in Syria, we won't improve infrastructure, we'll waste more and more money on useless, defective military tech and embezzle it out to dark ops under DARPA and the CIA. We have no industry- which Trump promised, no secure borders- ditto, and no gold!!! What can possibly happen next? Another war won't fix any of it just line the pockets of the cryptocracy.

      One thing we never mention here is the excruciating loss of so many ancient monuments, artifacts, and important places which have gotten the bejeezus bombed out of them in the Middle East. Don't think that's just collateral damage- it isn't.

  3. Q Posts are unveiling bodacious info +++ Up to to 1273 MOAB of info starting to flow!

    1. They sure are Bob. A couple from tonight.

      Apr 25 2018 20:18:54
      Q !xowAT4Z3VQ
      What happens to the special counsel?
      Rudy met w/ Mueller today.
      Public announcement.
      End of POTUS investigation?
      Continue w/ other investigations?
      Stage set?
      Support growing?
      We have it all.
      Welcome to the WH.

      and a jpeg with the last line before the Q sign off being "These people should be hanging"

  4. “If patience is worth anything, it must endure to the end of time. And a living faith will last in the midst of the blackest storm.”
    ―Mahatma Gandhi

  5. Gillibrand unveils bill to offer banking services at post offices
    Apr 25 2018

    Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) will offer a bill to establish retail banking services at every U.S. post office, her office announced Wednesday.

    Gillibrand will introduce a bill that would make the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) offer checking and savings accounts, small-dollar loans, debit cards, cash withdrawals and money transfer services in each of its roughly 30,000 offices.

    The proposal has been popular among liberals for several years, but has earned recent mainstream support from prominent progressive politicians. Supporters of postal banking say it could give millions of Americans in areas without banks access to essential financial tools.

    U.S. post offices offered banking services in the early 20th century, and supporters of bringing back the practice say it would help undercut predatory lenders and short-term, high-interest “payday” loans.

    1. Absolute yes for all of you.

    2. Bank@Post is the Australian Post offices offering for banking. As the link shows, it supports a large number of banks and transactional types. It's a highly valued service in small country towns, because most banks have closed branches.

    3. Yes, this would really be handy. Thanks for posting.

  6. Sounds to me like the controllers just want to be able to get their hands on money that currently escapes them via the predatory lenders who aren't part of the shyster banking cartel. The Fed gov't will have direct access to people's money through such a bank and that's not necessarily a good thing. Kirsten Gillibrand- swamp creature I think.

  7. Breaking News: As of this morning, we are excited to announce that we have officially secured over 1,000,000 petition signers in favor of calling a Convention of States to propose amendments that drain the swamp.

    There’s never been stronger evidence that the American people are fed-up with business-as-usual in Washington, D.C.

    At Convention of States, one of our missions is to return power to the people and elevate the voice of the grassroots. Thanks to the support of one million petition signers, we’re one step closer to doing that.

    But now we’d like to take it a step further.

    This week, we’re launching a five-day polling blitz to get your thoughts on a series of critical issues. Over the weekend, we’ll compile the results. Then on Monday, we’re going to hit the media hard to make your opinions known -- nationwide.

    In order to get the attention of large national media outlets, we need to show strong polling numbers. So please be sure to open each email we send out from Monday to Friday of this week and participate in each daily poll.

    We look forward to learning from you and reporting the results of our efforts to you next week.

    For now, please click on the link below to take our first poll!

    Mark Meckler
    Convention of States Action

    Copyright © 2018 Convention Of States Action, All rights reserved.
    You are receiving this email because you wanted us to send you updates on the Convention of States Project.

    Our mailing address is:
    Convention Of States Action
    5850 San Felipe
    Suite 580A
    Houston, TX 77057

    "Convention of States Project"

    1. The above PLEASE needs ALL OF YOU to Help!
      Help us give back America to its People!
      Drain the Swamp, deal with the Zios, and restore The Constitution Dam it!
      Millions did for YOU!
      Save Americ- ANS!!!!!

      We ARE with you, all of you!
      We will fight for you. Will will fight for YOUR rights and to be free!
      No Zios, Bush /Clinton Crime families or Vatican Knees!

    2. john

      many of us are involved in the financial reset va foreign currencies

      we read Qanon wherein we are told to trust the plan to MAGA make america gr8 again

      we are educating ourselves

      any thoughts you have john on the Qanon phenomena ??

    3. We are fighting along with Qanon to take our country back. As is said "Where we go one we go all."

      There are more patriots in the U.S. than you know.

      The problem WE have are those who are not awake or just choose to be ignorant repeat MSM talking points, this helps no one.

      In addition, slamming President Trump does more harm than good. He has only been President just short of 11/2 years. To have crazy expectations of him being able to fix things with a snap of his fingers is childish. The problems- ALL of them were 40+ in the making.

      In addition, while he tries he gets a curve ball thrown at him every day. Damn globalists!

      In other news the ho who no one cares about will be in another porn movie! Trump still eats 2 scoops of ice-cream, and he tweets.

      Thank God for President Trump.

  8. p: About the 1st 7 minutes footage of geo engineering planes, inside and out as well as a manufacturing facility. Many planes carry the US flag and some crew look to be air force. Remainder shows many memes on the topic of geo engineering.

    Chemtrails Geoengineering Finally See Inside Aircraft Spraying Airplanes
    Apr 21 2018

    1. P, I also read last year, where a lot of these planes are retired from passenger flights, etc., remodeled inside and flown as a drone to spray the poisons.

  9. John,
    Please use your influence to get this baby released to his parents immediately so they make take him for further treatments. It’s hard to imagine what is going on here; however, one must surmise there are ££££££ involved. Have the doctors or hospital already sold the baby’s organs? The release should not even be an issue. The parents ARE the authority for their baby and are doing the correct thing. Under what contrived logic does the hospital think they can condemn this child to death?

    Alfie Evans’ Dad To Prosecute Three Doctors For Conspiracy To Murder His Son

    1. Texian

      I have just had to take the horrible decision to take a very close relative off oxygen life support. There is a point where what you have is simply zero brain reading and all life has gone.

      The medical staff are caring, humane and do not act lightly. No one ignored grieving relatives and I can not thank and respect our NHS enough.

      Please don't get caught in media hype. The facts will be very different. The NHS would never make such a callous judgment there are many checks and cross referal. A vegetative state is impossible to reverse, as most suffering married parties will tell you.

    2. Texan, that is the 2nd child and family in the UK that has had this experience in the last year, looks like a pattern to me.

    3. Charlie Hard was the other that passed in July 2017. Looks like the UK govt isn't too keen on allowing one to get a second opinion. Thankfully, the U.S. govt doesn't deny us that right.

    4. Charlie Gard...correcting spellcheck.

    5. John,
      I comprehend what you’re saying. Perhaps there is no good outcome in lthis case, but it should be the parents’ decision...not hospital. They have another facility willing to try so why not release the baby to his parents?

      So sorry for your recent loss and the need for you to make that decision. I had to do the same in 2007 and it still bothers me. But in our cases, it was OUR final decision for our family member.

      Let the parents do what they want to do for THEIR child.

    6. John, just came in from chores and read about your loss. It is always a tough decision to make one that likely will end the life of a loved one. God Bless you for your strength and caring.

      Know you have other responsibilities, but give yourself a moment to smell the flowers and be grateful for the one passing for having been in your life. The smiles, laughter, lessons shared and earned together and so much more that makes for fond and love filled memories.

      Take a moment for you, John. The guy that does so much to help the world be a better place.

  10. NOON in the east now, and no word here, so looks like we wait another year for any RV hope....Here we go again, silly season rules rulers I guess. Easter Bunny bitch slapped us all once again. LOL.

    1. Tim4123
      Please share the coronation. What was to happen at noon ET today?

    2. 3 more hours so I may be premature, which is 5pm(banks close)EST-USA. Window then seems closed for the public currency RV, because silly season starts MAY 1st.

    3. TIM423 Global Reset I said to be a part inside the Paris Treaty; emphasis is on maybe. Fiat money gives ziorats ability to print money out of this air, by the US Fed and other Rothschild ziorat banks. They print out of thin air and collect interest on it. They say that 209 Nations agreed to a Treaty to go goldbacked according to a formula. Given a Real Treaty-Agreement; several thing should be in place or known to happen to give the green light. Fed has to go and Fiat $$$ ziorat fake dollars must be buried. I theorize that most of the debt is created by ziorats and our World sould be best served if their hard assets would be confiscated to pay the Fiat debt and why should we regular Folks pay of what they stole. Stock markets are rigged as are commodities ... all based on Fiat BS and lies-fraud. We are reasonably certain US Goldbacked is live but not announced. I cannot give details but I do believe large payments in GB$$$ have been processed. Their Tiers = 1-2-3-4-Public etc. Most accept this as true. Those who get paid are expected to take care of a % in Humanitarian Projects. We see another biggie as nailing feet of ziorats and minions to floor. Info out there says texts and emails of HRC, BHO, FBI, DOL - SES-SEA et al contain discussions and Plans to assassinate POTUS. The Human Trafficking and child torture is the common bond of ziorats and they are being rounded up. I know from my dot connections (with several colleagues) that several are going down ... soon. EO;s like 12/21/17 and 3/01/18 + a few others enable MTs and asset confiscations of evil persons. The data trails are likely following rat lines of ziorats and minions. Several have turned and that is why you see people working with POTUS that we believe are guilty of crimes .... getting some know of atonement package = Vague Get Out Of Jail Free Chit = VGOOJFC! If FEd is part of UST and changing systems and procedures, bad actors being rounded up, 209 Treaty signed bu relevant parties + US, UK, Iraq, VN, CH, Zimb & RU + a few others like FR and DE (Germany) This thing could be close. We see nearly all ready except for releasing killer texts - especially FBI and DOJ conspiring and ordering assassination of a sitting US President + HRC and BHO involved +41 42 .... MT Time and Gitmo Vacation with UST modified FEd withour Fiat .... Announce GB$$$ and we are off plus a few important things that guys like JOHN know and we do not = a Glorious change where many of us will network and do Humanitarian Projects that will fix US = Republic etc. I believe our culture is such that we will build Paradigms of Excellence ahd pass them back and forth to RU and CH for instance as well as others to eventually include collaboration with the 209. This is complex and of Biblical or galactic proportions. A few have had us enslaved since the beginning of recorded fake history.

      NOTE ... I speak positively with a few caveats because I believe words are Prayers and God Prefers winning to whining. We work hard for Him and he Begets Grace and Rsources ... just sayin!

    4. Bob

      Just watch what is unfolding. Then all will be clear.
      Let's unite the excellence in all nations.
      Together, all is possible. One race, Human!

    5. JOHN Several people I know are interested in networking and fixing this mess. We have been learning more and more about ziorats and how we have been enslaved. Their level of greed and evil is beyond comprehension. We feel (most of those I discuss this intervention with) do want a stable life without ziorat debt slavery and evil but more importantly we can see pathways for collaboration for those willing to put forth effort. We will do this = Paradigms of/for Excellence and pass them around. We only have to eliminate ziorats and vampires!

  11. Arizona,

    The UK does not deny them a second or even third opinion.

    But when multiple highly experienced and caring Consultants all consider after thorough testing, (that like with many Exes, a party is totally brain dead)who then funds pointless ongoing procrastinatings where such wasted funds will be at a cost of care to others in critical need? Funding IS finite. A Duty of Care is a fine balance.

    I only 2 weeks or so ago had to make that same call. Switching off that oxygen and letting them go is not easy, and I feel for them,but when no responses are clear, and everything has been tried,what is the point in the cost of maintaining a brain dead mass? ( Save also irresponsible, unjustified Divorce costs in similar circumstances!)

    We may be switching the wrong ones off!

    Joking apart,the State can not fund feckless demands so who should ?

    Understanding the anguish, sometimes the time to let go has come. Who funds if not?
    No one stops them. It's a hard call when it's head on, and personal. But when it's the right call?
    I found the NHS nothing but highly motivated, compassionate and caring even in the High Dependency Unit. Truly,fine people.
    Sometimes we have to let go. When does grieving start?

    Medical staff do not take this course lightly. They are even sustaining Cadavers dressed in Suits or Dresses in Congress or the Senate. Now switching those off?

    1. John,
      Apparently, in this case, the parents have obtained funding. They want to take the child to Italy. That’s where Keshe is...maybe his protocols are involved. Don’t know.

      The parents alledge the hospital is keeping them from taking their child. This is still not right. It doesn’t matter how fine the hospital or doctors are, the parents want to try something else.


    3. Texian

      We have a duty of care to avoid needless suffering of a life form,and if only a vegetating mass,who calls it? Where does hype stop? So why does Keshe not come to London if he can prove up? Or he fears his Butt if not?
      Solution Keshe come to London. He then can show or blow out.

    4. John, I am sorry that you had to make that decision for a loved one. However in the case of Charlie, I understand that it was a British Court that ruled he should be put in hospice.

      I for one, as a mother, don't believe that any Court, government, or hospital staff have any right to determine if my child should live or die.

    5. John,
      As I said previously, I don’t know if Keshe is involved or not although it would make sense to me to try his protocol since the child has been condemned to die by conventional practice. I fully comprehend the UK socialist medical system determines what treatments will be done and paid for. The parents claim to have funding and transportation to go to Italy. Why should there even be a question of releasing the baby to them?

      Why are you blasting Keshe?

    6. Im not blasting im suggesting a fast way to break the log jam be offering to fly to the UK and prove the solution by whoever is the Lead

      Call our cards. That would get a fast resolution.

    7. John,
      There should be no “logjam.” The child should be released to the parents post haste. Uk medical system has declared they’ve done all they’re going to do. Since baby organs are worth a lot of money on the black market, it must be that is reason hospital is keeping parents away from this imprisoned child.

    8. If truly believing a credible solution exists fly to England and treat the child. Now?

    9. John,
      I must be writing jibberish.

      1. I don’t know if there’s a credible solution. It’s not my call.

      2. The parents want to try something else and have made arrangements.

      3. The parents have funding.

      4. The only decision should be with parents at this point.

      5. The UK should get out of their own way and release the child to the parents NOW.

      6. The world is watching.

    10. The UK won't want to look stupid by getting caught as gullible fools releasing a child to a fantasist who fails raising questions why we got sucked in. Let them fly to England and explain to a medical group what they propose if allowed Lab and Op room time and facilities. It's difficult for the family, very, but a vegetative state is a cruel irony.
      How can a family make balanced decisions it's a desperate stress for them. So cruel . So hard .
      Life can be so raw.
      Live well, love all, and try to get out before the husband gets home.
      Lol. Joking folks .

    11. Infringing on the free will of another is the utmost violation of natural law and people who engage in this act or reason why It's ok have zero understanding of spirituality and reincarnation.

      The parents are legal guardians and responsible for the freewill of this child. This is their DNA and as long as they are not doing harm they should have the final say.

      It doesn't surprise me though. Great Britain and the USA are both captured states equal in their depravity.

      Medical tyranny abounds in both.

    12. This judge sentenced the child to death basically.... the parents should have the say!

  12. Texian, This might be the problem

    Prime Minister Issues Friendly Reminder To UK Parents That The State Owns Their Children
    April 24, 2018

    LONDON—Upon the news of a high court ordering life support removed from 2-year-old Alfie Evans, English Prime Minister Theresa May issued a brief, friendly reminder to citizens of the U.K. that the all-powerful state actually owns their children.

    In a video circulated online, May informed parents who were “getting a little too attached” to their children that they need to keep in mind that the United Kingdom is the actual legal parent, and the kids are simply on loan to them until the State decides it’s time for them to die.

    “Yes, we’re gracious enough to allow your kids to reside with you and for you to make lots of the decisions in their day-to-day lives, but when the rubber meets the road, we just want you to remember that the Almighty State straight-up owns your kids and will do with them as we will,” she said. “We make all the big decisions, and you have pretty much zero say when it comes right down to it. Just keep that in mind and stay in your place.”

    The Prime Minister further reminded Britons that they gave up their right to make major decisions for their household when they decided to hand over control of healthcare, social security, education, guns, and free speech to the government.

    1. This is a satire news site, so I'd be cautious.

    2. This is a false report the State has no such powers and Parliament would be torn down if even attempting it. Look how Blair lost his job. How the public threw Labour out if office . How the public voted for Brexit and how finely balanced power is. The MSM would tear any Government apart who even tried it. This is not America. News is free here and the press guard rights. The Judges are QCs and would never allow it .

    3. Well it wouldn't surprise me if it's true. Here in the United States it's the same situation with her everyone knows it or not. Your children are yours until the state steps in. It has been a chronic problem in this country for a long time to DHS can sweep in and take your children. It was a huge problem in Georgia for many many years and I know it's going on in South Carolina. What hospitals can do the same thing I watched it happened to two different people here simply because the hospital decided with the children's health issues might be caused by the parents. I watch them throw parents out of the hospital with their security policeman that actually are posted and have an office at these hospitals. The police escorted parents out and they ended up in court. Their children were taken from them and put in foster homes, when they had other family like grandparents that were willing to take those children. I went to court my personally with the family, and I watched as the family members were not allowed to say one word in the court hearings. The hospital attorneys we're the only ones allowed to talk. I watched as I would not even allow the attorney for the parents of these children 2 have any say-so at all. Folks is a very huge problem.

    4. Correction above. I meant to say I watched as the attorney for the parents of the children we're not allowed to say one word in the courtroom.

  13. Former Head of HSBC’s Global Foreign Exchange Cash-Trading Sentenced to Prison for Multimillion-Dollar Front-Running Schem

    The former head of global foreign exchange cash trading at HSBC Bank plc, a subsidiary of HSBC Holdings plc (collectively HSBC), was sentenced to prison today for his role defrauding an HSBC client through a scheme commonly referred to as “front running.”......Mark Johnson, 51, a United Kingdom citizen, was sentenced to serve 24 months in prison by U.S. Distict Judge Nicholas Garaufis of the Eastern District of New York. In addition, Judge Garaufis ordered that the defendant pay a fine of $300,000. A federal jury convicted the defendant on Oct. 23, 2017, following a four-week trial, of one count of wire fraud conspiracy and eight counts of wire fraud."

    1. Good that someone will pay at HSBC Bank. This is the bank where the Americans money it was stolen was deposited and good faith, when suddenly the money disappeared. The Americans that were retired lost all of their Investments, when John Dali living in Malta, convince them to invest their money. The Americans thought it was a good cause and was going to help that poor little orphans off the streets. They lost their life savings. What did the FBI do? Absolutely nothing. And Daphne was murdered in her car bomb. How much corruption does this world have to continue to bear? And how long before these Crooks are brought to Justice?

  14. Senate Confirms Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State
    Apr 26 2018

    The Senate on Thursday voted to confirm CIA Director Mike Pompeo as secretary of state in a bipartisan 57-42 vote.

    In a departure from what has historically been a rubber stamp vote, the majority of Democrats voted against Pompeo.

  15. Watchdog: U.S. Spending Billions on ‘Dysfunctional Projects,’ ‘Ghost Workers’ in Afghanistan
    Apr 25 2018

    The World Bank is allowing Kabul to use the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF), financed by American taxpayer money estimated in the billions, to pay for “dysfunctional” projects and possibly even “ghost workers,” a U.S. watchdog agency announced Wednesday.

    In an audit published Wednesday, the U.S. Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) identifies the United States as the largest contributor to World Bank-administered ARTF.

  16. BOB, Thank You for your explanation.Much gratitutude for such an elaborate explanation for all to read. Yet, JOHN confirms mostly none of it, which is his call of course.

    I just try to discern as best I can what posts he makes and try to make the most simple obvious conclusions of late. Which is that from what he has stated that "silly season" is upon us, and my conclusion is that no Public currency RV happens during that time.

    No offense to anybody at all with these things at all.
    Zero anger, nor judgement.
    It is what it is.
    Little guy won't be getting any crumbs off the big boys table any time soon is my read...

    1. Tim4123,
      I don't know why you think Silly Season begins on May 1st. Silly Season represents the time when a lot of people in the US take summer vacation. That period begins Memorial Day weekend and ends Labor Day weekend, so we still have a few weeks. Ramadan, which runs from May 16 - June 14, may create an earlier Silly Season for Dinarians.

    2. TIM JOHN gets it and is saying what he can as I see it. The word out there is .... Tier 1 = sovereign 2 = paymasters 3 = whales 4 = groups .... Public and politicians next (many politicians are in T 3 and above but face restrictions) We hear that politicians may get in on what is called public or T5 with a tight window. It is believed widely that belonging to a group is essential. I have followed this stuff for years and things change and very few really know more than I just posted and when they are told they do not believe. Feel free to contact me through Canauzzie. I have very little time but I will try. I have 2 projests for folks herein that need attention.

    3. There will be no let up for Silly Season for the PPs or Global national or Elders redemptions. Currencies may be affected for public issues but majors are actually discussed daily. Once released we can start phased projects and nation building. There is no need for negative energy we are 24 X 7 focused. The US needs the taxes for these funds as do nations. Banks need use. Jobs are paramount and supply chain trade will gain.

    4. Bob

      You have it right and as I operate with many from Tiers 1 to 4, you see why I keep it off radar.
      Also why I will keep many strictly confidential and secret when done.

      Need to know.

    5. JOHN Thanks The roll out I see and partially understand makes sense. So much needs to be managed to minimize Chaos. WE also hear that several ziorats will not be able to prove source and legitimacy of their paper. This is interesting and getting more interesting.

    6. Forcing the US to adopt Basle 111 will be catastrophic for Zio spawn. Whole empires will now meet history of funds criteria's and those funds will then be sequestrated.
      But more importantly, under Basle 111 rogue financial operations such as the US Fed, will be prohibited from issuing currency volumes beyond the GDP balance to sustain economies.

  17. Any thoughts on the Drone HQ going up in Nigeria Weren't we caught with our pants down in Niger by the local militia a few months back? Seems Niger is selling its oil to the Russians, seriously, who isn't?

    1. Russia has a highly intelligent Leadership. Putin is smarter than the last 5 US Presidents put together. Russia is building trade relationships. The US is bombing them.
      Who would you rather work with?

  18. Deutsche Bank fired 300 U.S.-based investment bankers on Wednesday

    "Deutsche Bank (DBKGn.DE) fired 300 U.S.-based investment bankers on Wednesday as part of a broader overhaul of the global unit, a person with knowledge of the matter said on Thursday.
    The bank will lay off another 100 U.S. bankers by the end of the week"

  19. As Cryptos grows and IT / AI grows,the need for these posing, overpaid Plonks will diminish.
    It will spread.
    We have to rethink Banking, and money!
    We also need to rethink Pension/ Retiree funds and factor in Health Care because as we get older, new ailments cost. New Life Planning is needed, the Public Purse cant and Won't!!, fund it.
    These hugely overpaid Jerks all need to go.
    Time to manage your own money. No one does it better!
    Why feed their greed?

  20. Replies
    1. The midget knows his time is up if not.
      It's now time to end the Slave Camps.
      Use them only for the midget, his family and repressive entourage.

    2. "The two agreed to work towards advancing the reunification of the divided nations"


    3. It also signals the end of the need for US troops in the Koreas, out we go!!!. How will that go over, I wonder. You could see it coming from the Olympics. Reunification is only a matter of time and we have lost our foothold in East Asia especially since the Japanese are refusing to assist with financial troubles: gold reserves.

      What's next? I can't wait but the bloodsucking cryptocracy here has set the US up for some serious pain and anguish I'm afraid, what with our financial system in near complete meltdown. What can we do with a trade deficit in the $$trillions?

  21. John,
    I realize that the comments I posted above supposedly said by T May were fiction as she would not come out and expose what is really going on in our society, but those words ring true and its worldwide I`ve read the patents with which this is being done, its there business model.
    government that treats its citizens like faceless statistics and economic units to be bought, sold, bartered, traded, tracked, tortured, and eventually eliminated once they’ve outgrown their usefulness.

    These are a governments that treats human beings like lab rats to be caged, branded, experimented upon, and then discarded and left to suffer from the after-effects.

    These are a governments that repeatedly lies, cheats, steals, spies, kills, maims, enslaves, breaks the laws, overreaches its authority, and abuses its power at almost every turn.

    These are a governments that wages wars for profit, jails its own people for profit, and then turns a blind eye and a deaf ear while its henchmen rape and kill and pillage.

    No, these are not a governmenst that can be trusted to do what is right or moral or humane or honorable but instead seems to gravitate towards corruption, malevolence, misconduct, greed, cruelty, brutality and injustice.

    These are not a governments you should trust with your life, your loved ones, your livelihood or your freedoms.

    These are the face of evil, disguised as a democracy, sold to the people as an institutions that has their best interests at heart.

    Don’t fall for the lie.

    The government has never had our best interests at heart.

    1. Unfortunately this is a Global reality, but it's only a continuation of Feudal Lords

    2. Scott,
      It’s even worse than that. Body organs are big ticket items on the “red market” as it’s called...even more so for small children’s organs than this chart shows:

      Apparently this child went into a coma with seizures. Truth be told, the poor baby is probably vaccine damaged. Alternative doctors are having great success treating seizure cases with cannabis oil and other natural things. The body is designed to heal itself as long as it has proper nutrients and avoids toxic substances. Many people are having success treating various serious brain injuries, broken bones, cancer and other problems with Keshe plasma technology including me for some much less serious problems than shown in this video.

    3. From

      The story of Alfie Evans

      Alfie Evans is a little British boy who has a brain wasting "disorder" probably caused by tainted vaccines. The family probably does not know vaccines likely caused it, but in relation to what is going on what actually caused it is not very important. The important part of the Alfie Evans story is that it shows how horrible it is when the state gets too powerful. Alfie Evans has been on life support for most of his life, after for unexplained reasons his brain began wasting away at an early age. The british medical system kept him on life support for the past 9 months, and finally decided to pull the plug. In addition to pulling the plug, the doctors got the judge to put out an order disallowing Alfie from being taken anywhere else for treatment.
      The Vatican became aware of Alfie, and a fundraiser was launched that produced enough to fully fund medical care in Rome. In conjunction with this, Alfie was given citizenship in Italy to help him escape England. But it was not to be -

      Rather than allow Alfie to go to Italy for treatment, the doctors took Alfie off life support, saying he'd die in minutes. That did not happen. Alfie continued breathing and stayed alive and is still alive, but has been denied food by the hospital to force him to die from starvation, rather than a need for life support.

      RATIONAL CONCLUSION: Alfie was never sick or dying. He was instead an experiment into brain wasting afflictions fronted by three doctors who don't want him taken elsewhere, where their crimes may be discovered. The British government is in on it, because the courts keep ruling that despite the fact he's fully paid and has citizenship elsewhere, he can't go anywhere else for "treatment".

      So they are killing him on purpose with methods that would kill any baby, sick or not. That's what tyranny brings people, not only does this speak out against nationalized health care clearly, it proves that in Britain, the state is a tyranny that does whatever the hell it wants with anyone. Obviously they destroyed this kid themselves, and the don't want what they did to be revealed by a legitimate medical team.

  22. UPDATE: Text messages have been delivered to Congress

    Recovered FBI Strzok and Page Texts Expected Today
    The IG's recovered FBI text messages are expected to be explosive
    Apr 26 2018

    The thousands of missing text messages between the embattled FBI lovers are expected to be delivered to Congressional investigators Thursday afternoon, after a long drawn out battle behind closed doors between the Department of Justice and Congressional leaders, this reporter has learned.

    In January, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced that his team of IT experts recovered the Samsung 5 cellphones of FBI Special agent Peter Strzok and his paramour FBI Attorney Lisa Page, both now at the center of numerous ongoing Congressional investigations. The pair is being investigated for their involvement in the Bureau’s investigation into President Trump’s campaign and alleged collusion with Russia during the 2016 election. The agents were also involved in the FBI’s investigation into former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her use of a private server to conduct government business while she was Secretary of State.

    1. It's about time, all of them were rounded up. How much evidence have they now destroyed?
      Once Trump is cleared by Mueller, time to go after the lot.
      But also, Mueller needs to be reeled in now. The Deep State Goffer has had long enough.
      After this, who investigates Mueller, and the Bush, Clinton, Biden, Romney cover ups? Complete perversion of Justice.
      The FBI is a sad criminal autocracy nowadays. Shameful.

  23. Kim Jong Un Makes History, Crosses Border to Meet with South Korean President
    Apr 26 2018

    GOYANG, South Korea (AP) — With a single step over a weathered, cracked slab of concrete, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made history Friday by crossing over the world’s most heavily armed border to greet his rival, South Korean President Moon Jae-in, for talks on North Korea’s nuclear weapons. Kim then invited Moon to cross briefly north with him before they returned to the southern side.

    Those small steps must be seen in the context of the last year — when the United States, its ally South Korea and the North seemed at times to be on the verge of nuclear war as the North unleashed a torrent of weapons tests — but also in light of the long, destructive history of the rival Koreas, who fought one of the 20th century’s bloodiest conflicts and even today occupy a divided peninsula that’s still technically in a state of war.

    Expectations are generally low, given that past so-called breakthroughs on North Korea’s weapons have collapsed amid acrimonious charges of cheating and bad faith. Skeptics of engagement have long said that the North often turns to interminable rounds of diplomacy meant to ease the pain of sanctions — giving it time to perfect its weapons and win aid for unfulfilled nuclear promises.

    Advocates of engagement say the only way to get a deal is to do what the Koreas will try Friday: Sit down and see what’s possible. (p: Exactly, face to face and working out in person, knowing that what is accomplished can really benefit both nations and beyond.)

    1. Another failed US war game. 60 years and no solution. Vietnam.Cambodia,run out of town.Mogadishu. Iraq, a disaster. Syria a new disaster. Libya a disaster. Afghanistan a disaster.

      While 50 m good Americans are struggling, who stops this crap?
      When does DC get they are NO F Good at Wars? Time to quit and give life?
      Re Track America. The nation is capable of great things. Post the PPs we will start.

    2. The two meeting is encouraging. Hopefully, it wil progress and be better for all and long lasting.

    3. John,

      "Another failed US War game"? Success isn't always measured in whether our "army beat their army". Regime change, stealing natural resources, etc. These politicos are only interested in increasing their personal wealth at the expense of others, not just in the countries you listed, but our own fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. I agree it is time to stop the nonsense by getting these people out of power.

  24. Sad and shameful when you have to go out of your own country to get holistic and affordable health care. Thank goodness I found a quality place. Not even billing my health insurance as they offered to pay such a piddly amount when I got quotes in US.

    1. Biffie, can you share this quality place you refer to?

    2. As long as it is ok with Canauzzie as far as abiding by sites TOS.
      I came down here for extensive dental work. Their clinic has several treatments. So i will wait for Canauzzie before I answer you.

    3. I've been going to Bangkok and/or Phukhet for years for dental work, derma-brasion, skin checks, exhaustive health screening and stuff like that. Lots of my friends go there a well.

      Bumrungrad Hospital is said to be one of the worlds top 10 hospitals and its CHEAP (and for Australians its very close).

      I use the public health system for basic stuff (although I cant remember the last time I went to a doctor) and go overseas for anything I really need or want. I don't pay for monthly health care policy.

  25. My heartfelt thanks to the reader who sent me the video through the gracious effort by Canauzzie of Naomi’s road to healing. It’s amazing what is happening now in the medical field. Why can’t these therapies be embraced as complementary by the allopathic practicioners? It’s time for the medical community to work together on healing. Medicine is not just supposed to be for profit! Sharing this video with everyone here:

  26. Replies
    1. He and his team of admirals and generals deserve credit for blocking a nuclear WWIII. Huge achievement.

  27. ‘No collusion’: Redacted US House report on Russia released, officially clears Trump (DOCUMENT)

    "The US House Intelligence Committee has released a redacted declassified version of a report on alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, which officially clears President Trump of any collusion."

    Next step: Mueller ends probe. Continues HRC, DNC etc. Claws off one side, net closing on the other.

  28. First Macron, now Merkel. Trump is turning the EU methodically and effectively. Q indicated Iran is next for de-clawing - underway. 1-by-1.

    Merkel, who arrived in the US to hold talks with the US President Donald Trump, has apparently given in to Washington’s pressure and changed her stance on the landmark nuclear deal with Tehran.

    PS Right on the heels of Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop acknowledging that the NK peace is due to Trump it's clear the cabal are losing power everywhere.

  29. "Each editor of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology received, on average $475 072 personally and another $119 407 for ‘research’. With 35 editors, that’s about $15 million in bribes to doctors. No wonder the JACC loves drugs and devices. It pays the private school bills. Mo money = we’ll publish your crooked studies for you. Mo money, baby, mo money."

    Written by a nephrologist.

    The Corruption of Evidence Based Medicine — Killing for Profit

  30. Yes, my pension dropped from being very nice monthly sum to WAY below even poverty level line, and have been informed the whole fund will be empty with zero payments to anybody after 2021...These currency RV for the public is all I ave to fall back on, as I live daily like a pauper. Sorry if folks here think I am what it is.WE THE PEOPLE get nothing but the shaft always.

    1. This Time is what we forewarned for everyone. Pension Fund managers line their pockets at every turn. Stocks and Shares are churned for fees . Plus fees and commissions . A giant rip off . Mug punters. Most life expectancies were planned for mid 70s.You are simply living too long. Too many pigs at the trough.

    2. Crazy. It's not like the actuarial tables aren't updated every year. Everyone asleep at the wheel and/or deliberately ignoring the long term for the short term.

    3. Tim, isn't there an Age pension in the US?

      This is Australia's system:

  31. Q: When is a Drugpusher respectable?
    A: When he wears a suit.

    Bill Gates Warns "Millions Could Die" If US Doesn't Prepare For Coming Pandemic

    "So what should the US do according to Gates: the nation needs to prioritize the development of better vaccines - including a "universal" flu vaccine"

    1. How does he know it's coming anyway? 🤔

    2. Probably because he had a university lab create it, he owns the patent and can deploy it at will. That’s what has been happening across the planet for decades.

    3. Actually, just for the record, it has NOT been happening for the last 5 decades. (You can check Wikipedia or Infogalactic.) The last one of significance with uniform global mortality was 1957. The 1968 one shouldn't be counted as a global lethal pandemic because its lethality was confined to the West Coast of the U.S. even though the virus did go around the planet. It didn't cause the projected death rates across Asia, or Europe. We have not had a real pandemic for 50 years.

      There was clearly an attempt to trigger a global pandemic a few years back via Mexico City using it as the epicenter via it's airport which, mathematically speaking, is a superbly connected hub. The virus fizzled. Probably a dry run.

  32. Intelligence report defends Trump, draws attacks from Dems
    Apr 27 2018

    The House Intelligence Committee on Friday released a GOP-authored, heavily redacted report that found no evidence of collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Russia.

    The document also aims to rebut a series of claims about the campaign’s ties to Russia, devoting an entire chapter, roughly 20 pages, to challenge such points.

    The tome provides a defense for many of the incidents that have drawn scrutiny as evidence of potential collusion between Trump and Moscow, including the claim that attempts to set up a back channel between the campaign and Moscow “suggest the absence of collusion” because colluding with Russia would’ve rendered such a channel “unnecessary.”

    1. BOMBSHELL: Group of Wealthy Donors Paid $50 Million to Fund Trump-Russia Investigation
      Apr 27 2018

      A bombshell was revealed in the House Intel Panel’s much-anticipated Trump-Russia report which was released Friday morning.

      A group of wealthy donors shelled out $50 million to fund the Trump-Russia investigation according to a footnote in the Russia report.

      Link for Trump-Russia Report, 253 pages and dated March 22, 2018. 62.5 MB to download

  33. The question about s when will basil 111 being forced upon us? MAY 1st?

  34. Sadly, Alfie Evans has now died and a storm of protest follows.

    This may lead to a Parliamentary challenge over families rights and lead to a change in the law.
    Heartbreaking for the family, but the end of life was innevitable. Quack solutions are rarely real and just prolongue the innevitable.
    However, the families right to the body is the key. It will be debated now.
    As it's been a point of interest for many of you, we will issue more later.
    Your views are heard and respected.
    A loss of any life is hard.

    The deaths in Palestine daily?

    But not to Pariah Khazarian Israelis who injure and slaughter Palestians daily.
    Time for Russia / China to arm Palestine fairly. Speed up the Iranian nukes. The Khazarina vermin seed needs to be reigned in. So much for a Holy Land where a Sub Species massacres humanity, steals land and wages war on neighbours for gain. A truly disgusting sub human species.

    It's sad for the true decent Jews who live among them and seek non of this. All they seek is to live in peace with their neighbours,but Nutter Yahoo and his Mossad Thugs, are the Khazarian Zazis of the Middle East.
    This will end badly, its only time now.

    1. John am glad the possibility of Parliamentary change is possible. Little Alfie's death may just serve to open that door for others like him. It's needed.

      Palestine's solution isn't more guns, but the removal of the Zionists from Israel. Perhaps seeing the Balfour Agreement rescinded would be a beginning as would growing exposure of Israel's leadership for who they really are.

      There's no doubt that War Crimes have been committed nor the seemingly endless atrocities endure by the Palestinian people.

      Israel's many sorties into other countries as seen very recently almost must be considered. It's time their War Bird mentality was caged and put out with the trash that it is.

    2. We in the UK are guilty as hell for taking Palestine's land

    3. It's not only Alfie. The state thinks it owns the citizenry in every way.

      What would you think if a small group of people got together and controlled:
      1. How much money you have to give them under threat of imprisonment
      2. What medications you can have, when and at what price
      3. Where you can travel in the world, and for how long (even whether you can travel)
      4. How much money they skim from the commerce of your society and at which points, multiple times on the same dollar
      5. How much of your estate you give them when you die
      6. How much you pay them if you park your car somewhere for too long, walk across the street the wrong way or at the wrong time, drive at the wrong speed or put the wrong thing in your garbage
      7. The parliament (themselves)
      8. What they tell you about how they spend the money you give them
      9. How your children can be educated
      10. How you may negotiate with your employer
      11. Which airlines can fly to your city's airports and how many at what times
      12. What you can do to your house
      13. What you have to pay to your ex-spouse when you separate and for how long (if you're male)
      14. Whether your spouse from another country can live with you
      15. Whether you can get married
      16. Whether you can visit or make decisions for your loved ones who are ill or dying
      17. When you go to war
      18. When you nuke someone
      19. Whether or not you know about other life in the universe
      20. Whether or not you were able to know about and use clean free energy
      21. Whether you can go off the grid
      22. Where you can live or have a business
      23. Whether you can conduct business and under what terms
      24. How much you can save for retirement at favourable tax rates
      25. When you can retire
      26. When you can access your own retirement savings
      27. What self-agrandizement they engage in at your expense.

    4. Well said AJ.Sadly, seen around the world often times.

    5. p: From Wikipedia. John, I believe this may have something to do with your pitbull mentality concerning the Zionists. Am glad you are that pitbull. It's needed.

      Balfour Declaration

      The Balfour Declaration was a public statement issued by the British government during World War I announcing support for the establishment of a "national home for the Jewish people" in Palestine, then an Ottoman region with a minority Jewish population (around 3–5% of the total). It read:

      His Majesty's government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

      The declaration was contained in a letter dated 2 November 1917 from the United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Lord Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland. The text of the declaration was published in the press on 9 November 1917.

    6. RIP Alfie. Perhaps his sad situation will create a storm of change. Good. It must happen. People will not settle for being chattel...slaves. A person’s body is sacrosanct. Period. In the case of a child, the parents must have the right to choose what they feel is right.

      John, the hospital, doctors and court got it WRONG. Sadly that child should have had alternative treatment immediately when he went on life support some 9 months ago. Perhaps you choose to call it “quackery;” however many lives have been saved by using cannabis oil, proper nutrients, herbs and other natural elements. I have watched it first hand in my family.

      Let us come to the place where the most efficient methods are used to cure. It should not be a contest or that the state sponsors only one form of treatment. This will bring together all types of therapies. In my mind’s eye I see hospitals and clinics with experts from all medical technologies working together for humanity. Isn’t there room for aromatherapists, herbalists, allopathic, chiropractic, on & on to work together in a complementary fashion? Let’s call it THE CENTER FOR COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE!

    7. The decision locus is wrong. We need to go back, back, back, to when doctors and patients made the decisions.

      Doctors must be restored to being in absolute charge of the treat/don't-treat decision. Parents must be restored to being in absolute charge of being able to transfer and seek care (or no care) elsewhere, anywhere. The role of the courts in these cases should be solely the autonomy of the doctors and parents. The courts must be absolutely prohibited to substitute in-locus-parentis when the parents are actively and sanely part of the care plan. The parents must again be the sole determiners of the welfare of the child.

      Administrators need to be put in their place. Policy? PTUI! Here's my policy - Any administrator that does not facilitate and make possible the absolute highest standard of care, up to and including, properly routing donations to care, or doing everything possible to secure care for the child worldwide, should be summarily fired. In these cases, cost shall not be a consideration. Period. Otherwise we lose our humanity.

      If this had played out rationally, the parents would have exhausted their last shot at the Roman Catholic hospital, the child would have died in their loving arms, and they knowing they tried everything move on with their lives in a healthy grieving process. Instead their future mental health is compromised by emotions ranging from hatred of those involved and in the way, to guilt from failing to do everything.

    8. Tino,
      I was hoping that you would weigh in on this situation! Can remember way back when those decisions were made privately between doctor and patient. It was a somewhat kinder, gentler, more common sense time in many ways.

  35. Now Trump has been cleared of Russian issues, when does the Deep State Mule recant?
    More to the point, focus on the Bushes, Clintons and Soetoro?

    Is it not sad that a paid off Ambulance chasing SORDID Stomy Daniels and her shameless Attorney still create havoc taking up key State needed time, to lubricate filth.

    Pay a Blackmailing Whore and trust it's over? Why is she condoned? Clinton's would have "Dealt" with her. Muzzle this Mare! Or lock her in a cage with Slick Willie for a month.
    STD's will do the rest.

    1. Not so fast, that report was Republican, the Dems will not give up. In fact, liberal TV was having a field with Trump's FOX interview where he insisted that Melania doesn't need gifts on her birthday at all. They went crazy. His misogyny is so blatant and it never helps him.

      But the Russia investigation just like Stormy Daniels are all designed to distract us from the ever-worsening financial situation here in the US AND continually remind Trump that he needs to play ball with TPTB or he's out. I'm not sure why he cares really, although I expect his life has been threatened repeatedly.

      More of it is to keep us divided I suspect. I'm not convinced Trump is really a good guy. Some of his moves; tariffs, pulling out of Afghanistan, the wall, could easily be spun in a positive light, but his connections to reprehensible individuals has to make you wonder, which is why I'm inclined to think we're all being played.

      The US position on the eve of the end of the petrodollar is pretty bad and the zios would rather inflame another war and fleece what's left of everyone's money than find a way out of this mess. It's not clear how much Trump can do and much of what he does do often looks quite bad -like abandoning environmental standards, even though we'll need to to produce IPhones here because we won't be able to by them from China as the RMB gets stronger. Of course, we could abandon the junk, but we're so addicted to reptilian tech, we'd probably collectively convulse without them.

  36. 'WTF did I just capture?' 3 mystery objects filmed dancing past moon (VIDEO)
    Apr 28 2018

    A space enthusiast who was recently filming the moon was left baffled when three mystery objects floated past it. He posted the video on YouTube, asking viewers a simple question – “WTF?”

    The video begins with the camera focused on the moon and its signature craters. However, at the 1:18 mark, three strange objects can be seen dancing past the moon.

  37. Is the U.S. Government Evil? You Tell Me By John W. Whitehead April 23, 2018

  38. “Goldman Sachs has outdone itself this time. That’s saying a lot for an investment firm that both helped cause and then exploited a global economic meltdown, increasing its own wealth and power while helping to boot millions of Americans out of their homes.

    But now Goldman Sachs is openly saying in financial reports that curing people of terrible diseases is not good for business.

    I wish this were a joke. It sounds like a joke. In fact, I’ll show you later that it used to be one of my favorite jokes. But first, the facts.”

    Wall Street Admits Curing Diseases Is Bad For Business

    1. link still not working!

  39. We ARE working in house with the names supplied to us, Q style, by our own Top Tier Clients, all relating to the Deep State Bag Men who are withholding or derailing their Lawfully Owed Redemptions,and commiting acts of blatant criminality, using the excuses of a now defunct Executive Order by an Illegal Usurper who trully belongs in an orange Jump Suit in a cage in Gitmo. No question a few Cheney inspired Water Boarding sessions with Pig Urine would soon get the full list of Conspirators and enough Wookie Confessions for a Military Court to pass sentence.

    It's sad 41 will evade justice but there's enough time to take down the rest and seize all assets as proceeds of Crime families! Some fear for their lives if we release these names. Really??????????? Cash their Chips?
    Time to sell a few policies?
    And take a weeks discharge for the Pig farms?

    Hopefully the Mule will back off Trump soon,enabling us to focus in the real arrest needed. Trump is small change to the real Villains here. Albeit that damn mouth of his, and Galectic Ego,needs muzzling when facing Stormy issues! Truly, a Client from Hell no Attorney wants. It's time now the Mule takes his Dog and Pony show to focus on the real Perps, his own F Funders, the Clintons and Bushes. How can a man so personally compromised head this so flawed Cut and Paste Phony investigation? From Comey down the rot was deep. Why is Comey not charged?

    1. Biggest Sting in History! Qanon April 27 - Mueller a White Hat?
      Apr 27 2018

  40. From Justice Anna VonReitz, 28 April 2018

    Settlement of USA, Inc. Bankruptcy Imminent

    Reminders for President Trump.....

    In order to occupy the actual Office(s) --- plural --- that George Washington occupied and to do what is lawful and right by this world and this country in particular, it is absolutely imperative that you (1) reclaim your natural birthright political status as a native of the land and soil of New York; (2) re-convey your Trade Name to the land and soil of New York; (3) acknowledge, accept, and take the Public Oath of Office to act as The President of The United States of America; (4) be bonded by the actual land jurisdiction government ---- the States and People --- provision of which has already been made with Mr. Mnuchin at the Treasury.

    Your Bond Number is: AMR10005 - RE 162 242 150 US

    The land jurisdiction government established by our ancestors requires a Management Team comprised of the President, the Head of State and the Chief Public Fiduciary Officer. Any change to that structure has to be initiated via a properly convened Continental Congress.

    All the assets owed to the States and People are claimed by them, including their soil and land assets, their intellectual property, and all derivatives associated with them and their states.

    There is no escaping the validity of their demand to be set free of all Odious Debt and to receive back all that rightfully belongs to them.

    If necessary, their claim will be honored by force initiated by the Galactic Command Superstructure. In other words, it's time for everyone at the Hague to wake up and do what is right instead of trying to initiate yet another scam.

    This is Public Notice and shall serve as the Final Public Notice owed to anyone, anywhere, alive or dead, here or elsewhere.

    1. Texian, Judge Anna has it right. The Initial filing which occurred in 2011 was in Maryland. File # 000000018142576. The odious debt she refers to and included in that filing is as follows:

      Name and Address of a RECORD OWNER of real estate described :
      The United States of America

      Description of real estate:
      [As all real-men with hands and legs, and all real-land in the United States of America 14,000,000,000,000,000,-WITH GOD IN TRUST, this real-estates is with the PUBLIC-

      No website for this, this actually comes from a UCC1Ad (Addendum) and UCC3 (Amendment)documents I've been trying get filed to remove myself from the corporation and debt. These documents need to go to the Maryland office named in the original filing back in 2011. Hopefully saving someone some grief on where to file other than the state they live in.

    2. P and all Americans,

      The documents to execute and instructions to come back to land jurisdiction are at this link:

      This will work unless you are a current employee, military or civilian, of the US Federal government.

    3. Thank you Texian, been also been working on Asset for Value. Have had some success, but need to keep on it.

    4. Texian,

      What exactly does this do for you?

      Give you free property?

      a new passport?

      keep you from paying taxes?

      keep you from going to jail for not paying taxes?

      And who recognizes this? UN, State?

      I'm not understanding what this does for me if I go through this process?

    5. JV,
      There’s not a quick answer on those questions. The Republic of Texas has had this process available for a long time to remove yourself back to land/common law jurisdiction. It involves deregistering your birth certificate which made you chattel of the corporation and your estate confiscated since you were presumed dead, lost at sea.

      Yes, it does mean you don’t have to pay the voluntary IRS (another private corporation having nothing to do with the land jurisdiction) taxes unless you live in DC or one of territories or are a corporation.

      It has to be recognized everywhere if it is properly recorded, not “registered.”

      Bottom line is the UNITED STATES CORPORATION has gone bankrupt again. This is the mostly British-owned corporation that has been providing government services. They are now in process of trying to leave the American people holding the bag for their debts. In some areas, people have been getting notices out of the blue that they’re being “assessed” huge sums. The legal system has screwed us to the point that you don’t have clear title to anything....just a leasehold interest. So people are also losing their homes through fradulent foreclosure processes. Anna’s Living Law Firm has developed a process for this and has been helping many of these people for a modest fee that covers little more than the actual court and filing fees.

      In addition, Anna found 2 volunteer men from each state whose ancestry in America dates back to founding times to step forward and reclaim each state as a land jurisdiction that has been continuous and not abandoned. Procedures for each state were a little different. The entire process undertaken has been filed with everyone including the Vatican, UN, and many other parties. You will grasp it all so much easier if you start with book below.

      There is much more information available at and in her books that will explain the situation and the process. The book entitled “You Know Something Is Wrong When...An Affidavit of Probable Cause” available on Amazon.

  41. FBI NIGHTMARE: Supreme Court orders release of audio, video from Las Vegas shooting massacre
    Apr 27 2018

    The Nevada Supreme Court on Friday ruled that the Metropolitan Police Department must begin releasing body camera footage and 911 call audio from the Las Vegas mass shooting.

    “The speed with which the Supreme Court made this decision reflects the complete absence of merit in the Metropolitan Police Department’s arguments,” Review-Journal Executive Editor Glenn Cook said Friday.

    A Clark County judge ruled in February that Metro had 30 days to hand over all the records, which were requested days after the Oct. 1 shooting. But Metro contested it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and take much longer to produce the footage and audio.

    In March, District Judge Richard Scotti gave Metro a total of six months to fulfill the request, but ordered the department to immediately begin releasing the records on a “rolling basis.”

  42. here's the truth- finally!!!

    1. Truth? Only truth I see is Gordon Duff can finally be declared senile.

  43. From


    WHITE MALE="BADLY VACCINE DAMAGED"="INFERIOR". Alfie was killed on purpose to cover this up.

    Alfie Evans is dead

    Last night, before he died, I posted something similar to the following and then got trolled out of it. Well, as it turns out this is true so I re-typed it.
    If you see anything to the contrary, it is British government trollage.

    Alfie Evans was born perfectly normal, and got his condition at a year old, after receiving six vaccines in one doctor visit. The vaccines triggered an auto immune disorder that caused his immune system to destroy his brain. They are saying he had defective genes which caused him to waste away but that is the unilateral universal excuse fronted for vaccine damage every single time. They always blame it on "defective genes".
    UNDENIABLE FACT: The British government really does not pay out if the kid dies before age 2, and for Alfie, age 2 was coming up in 14 days. British trolls are desperately trying to assert there is no two year minimum. They are lying. HERE IS THE CAPTURE OF THEIR OWN POLICY, FROM THEIR OWN STATE WEB SITE:

    FACT: Vaccines screwed up alfie, caused a brain wasting disorder, (all kids get knocked down by vaccines now, which are eugenics weapons) and the ones who take it worst die like Alfie. Only Alfie did not die from the vaccine itself, he died because they cut off food. They cut off food, because once he hit age 2, he had rights! They could not have that happening.

    I don't think the British government was worried about the payout for damage, and they probably will pay out because this is such a high profile story. I believe the british government was in fact worried because this was such obvious vaccine damage, and they don't want anyone investigating a weapon they want to keep on using. If Alfie hit 2, he'd have crossed that threshold.

    (with the story at is a photo of the UK government website where payment rules are listed)

    1. Texian

      This would not have been the case for poor little Alfie, but you do raise the spectre of a genuine worry which is certainly possible for volume.
      But, be assured, as Governments are run by idiots, it will not have been planned.

    2. The world-wide autism rate is approximately 1-in-50. It can be easily proven[1] that it is not genetic in nature but everyone avoid the simple clinical trial[2] that would prove it. With British scientist Christopher Exley's Nobel-level work in the physiology and pathophysiology of aluminum the preponderance of the evidence has shifted massively back to vaccine adjuvants as the cause. Throw in that saline safety studies for most vaccines were never done, that the CDC-NIH base data has been hopelessly corrupted, that CDC-NIH whistleblowers ADMIT they screwed with the data -- what the hell are regulators world-wide waiting for? Nota Bene - a 1-in-18 autism rate will bankrupt health and government systems world-wide.

      [1] Placement of an ultrasound probe on the temporal region of autistic children will showing scarring in the meninges and focal apoptosis ("swiss cheese effect") of the cortical layers as opposed to 6 nice layers. Not a ghost of a chance that this is in-utero. It looks exactly what you would expect to see from a severe meninigitis/encephalitis and consistent with the idea of a selective toxic hit.

      [2] Actually DO the trial as opposed to the fake/innaccurate one relative to Japan. Let all parents that don't want vaccines exercise their right of informed consent. (Mandatory vaccination is a violation of self-determination and Nuremberg informed consent/human experimentation principles.) Follow them for 6 years. The autism rate will baseline in at 1-in-10,000 like it used to be. Regarding the concern that some will die from infectious disease: 96% of childhood disease had been eliminated by the time vaccines came on the scene. With today's med-tech we will lose some but very, very few. Every time you read the scare stories, you find the kid(s) had other conditions or other factors, and these kids would never be part of the experimental group.

  44. North Korea promises to close nuke test site in May – South
    Apr 29 2018

    North Korea plans to close its nuclear weapons test site in May and give South Korean and US experts and the media access to the process, South Korea says.

    The closure was apparently decided upon when North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in met for a historic summit on Friday. They also agreed to make the dismantlement public, Moon's chief press secretary Yoon Young-chan said.

    "Some say that we are terminating facilities that are not functioning, but you will see that they are in good condition," Yoon quoted Kim as saying. The North's leader said he would invite security experts and journalists. He said his country won't need nukes if the US promises non-aggression, Yonhap reports.

    The Seoul spokesperson also said Kim will change the North Korean time zone to match that of the South. Currently, Seoul is 30 minutes ahead of Pyongyang.

    1. 60 years on common sense? What kept the rest?

    2. Trump officials heading into North Korea talks with 'eyes wide open'
      Apr 29 2018

      Trump administration officials said on Sunday that they will remain vigilant as North Korea comes to the negotiating table, pushing back against criticism that they are naïve in the face of Pyongyang’s apparent willingness to participate in talks over its nuclear program.

      Both Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and national security advisor John Bolton insisted the administration is looking for concrete actions from North Korea, which reportedly said it would dismantle its nuclear program if the United States vows not to invade.

  45. From Justice AnnaVonReitz...

    Bunko and Bad Bookkeeping -- Public Notice of World Court Liability - April 29, 2018

    Let's look at the facts.

    The United States of America (Unincorporated) is owed $4,778 Trillion.

    The British-backed Territorial USA, Inc. owes @ $30 Trillion and is bankrupt.

    The rats are trying to confuse one with the other---and also claim at the same time that we "abandoned" our assets --- so that they can glom onto our land and our $4,778 Trillion credit and use that to pay off all their other "collective debts" and stage an "RV" and do all this other crazy stuff.

    In order for President Trump to represent us in this matter, he needs to reclaim his own birthright political status as a native New Yorker, take the actual Oath of Office to become The President of The United States of America, and accept our bond which is already posted for him and on file with Mr. Mnuchin.

    Now, strictly speaking, we don't need Mr. Trump to speak for us, because we have already lifted our hands and The United States of America (Unincorporated) is the only competent international government for this country still standing.

    As such, under the Last Man Standing Rule, we have already spoken for ourselves and given plenty of Notice to the entire world.

    There can be no doubt how our government is structured. The People own the Republics, the Republics own the States, and the States own all the States of States at every level --- National, Territorial, and Municipal.

    It doesn't matter if all three levels of "States of States" fail. The actual land jurisdiction States are still here and their Federation of States known as The United States of America (Unincorporated) is still here.

    We delegated certain "enumerated powers" to the States of States, but upon their incompetence, those delegated powers return to those who delegated them in the first place --- to us, to our States, and to our union of States.

    If the World Court takes any action contrary to our interests in this matter, the World Court and all its members will be liable for it.

  46. The problem is, when they do NOTHING, who enforces it?

  47. It can now be reported that President Donald Trump is now tied together with the Bush-Clinton-Obama-Wells Fargo Ponzi Scheme, which continues to block the final implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterand Protocol Funds that returns $433 TRILLION to the American and French People’s treasuries.

    Trump, who recently pardoned Iraq War co-conspirator and Patrick Fitzgerald patsy, Scooter Libby, is now covertly working with DEEP STATE operatives including former FBI Director James Comey who hired none other than former U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald to represent him.

    Wells Fargo, which continues to illegally use the Wanta Protocol Funds in a money laundry in foreign currency counterfeiting operation tied to the Central Bank of Japan and North Korea, recently paid a ONE BILLION fine to escape IRS scrutiny and SEC prosecution for bank fraud.

    It should be noted that former alleged U.S. pResident Barack Hussein Obama-Soetoro, as well as year 2000 illegal White House occupant, junior George W. BushFRAUD, former BushFRAUD Treasury Secretary Henry “Hank” Paulson, former U.S. CIA Director Michael Hayden and former CEO of Wells Fargo David Stump have all had criminal referrals sent to the U.S. Justice Department and the IRS fingering the aforementioned individuals for bank fraud and refusal to implement Judge Lee’s Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol implementation order.

    For the record: It was then Vice President now year 2000 DULY ELECTED President Albert Gore Jr. that saved Leo Wanta's life in a Sayre, Oklahoma prison aka gulag before the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and their stooge, then Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating, could have him assassinated.

    Read More at...

    1. The above is more Turkey gobbling.

      Where is the competent authority,with POWER, to do anything?
      Simply Non Existent. Spoof Dreamers.

      It's not a question of whose right. It's who's got the Might!
      The same crooks control the board. So it's just another P contest!
      Where is a True Patriot with Power?

      This Gore the Bore regurgitation is old flat hat!

      Thisis self elected Judge Anna, well meaning dreaming against will armed and highly placed scheming.

      Will they give up the Golden Goose? To Snow White?

      So you have the Turkeys who will tick the box for Thanksgiving? Show us?
      We just has to stand down optimists today from the US.

      These are Crack Blogs! For Crackers!

    2. Where Trump is concerned, he never shows his hand. Things aren't always as they appear. I hate to say it... be patient and all will be revealed. IMO of course

    3. John,
      I’m sad about your point of view. Clearly you view the people spending so much time to correct problems and all manner of fraud as unworthy unless they are born to the purple. I realize in the UK one is born into certain “classes” and forever remain there regardless of whether they are idiots. Everyone else is a subject.

      America was never designed to be like that. Unfortunately fraud from Brit banksters, City of London and the Vatican changed our direction. Now there are many people here attempting to turn the ship back to the structure that was intended. I can see that it may be at cross purpose to your vision of being in charge of all humanity around the planet with the Chinese least being in charge of all assets.

      I know that you have denied all along that it is New World Order, but it sounds very much like that with a different boss structure. Isn’t it time to outline what all of this involves? In every situation you default first to government being right, the end authority for everything. As you have admitted they are idiots, but you still want them to control and decide everything for everybody? What we have are big corporations deciding everything and giving orders to government idiots to implement.

      Look at Big Pharma for example. They decide and have the government idiots mandate. Problem is they’ve decided on a depopulation NWO agenda that is being mandated AGAINST the interests of the people trying to maintain the health and well being of their families. They have no desire to cure anyone of anything. All effort is just to “manage” the slow death at great expense for profits. Another example is the military industrial complex fomenting wars everywhere to sell gear to both sides.

      People have decided they’re sick and tired of following along this path and are working to make changes. I will always support them in these endeavors.

      Your enduring efforts for humanity are very much appreciated. Many people have ideas of how all of this should happen. Given that governments are idiots and the cause of massive waste and abuse, the entire structure needs rethinking.

    4. Note, I gave you a clue before,Rethink money?
      Fit for purpose?

      But the Elders will only deal with certain lineage families. Look what happened to the US once the Vatican and Zios coerced control. Worse when they entrusted the US. How did that end up?

      Yes it is a Class UK/ Elders system, but there is also a very discrete lineage of lines truly working for the common good. One which will never allow Vatican or Zionist redomination once activated.

      Think of a 10 layer level Chess Game active. But truly for Humanity this time?
      So why are we not in agreement?
      Only re gearing those hard wealth assets can work.
      As long as, like The Constitution, a true Charter is drafted, do you care how we enforce it to remove corruption and enforce Justice? Eurasia will.

      We tried the pure Political route. How has that ended up?

      Bush 41, the Clintons, Soetoro, the Tri Laterals, Zionist Bankers and Vatican Jesuit domination of the WH and Cabal? Did this give us a better world?
      Class has culture, and that has been missing from equilibrium in the US fiasco of governance. China is now overtaking you. Asia is walking.

      But, there is hope, and real dialogue is evolving.
      Transition takes time. Sometimes these blog projections of imminent resolutions for all, is so naively passe.
      We are not so far part. Hammering the bad is no bad thing.

    5. JV, I truly love the info you contribute here but Hennegans intel is horseshit, I have followed and listened to him and Stew Webb and it seems they create stories for ratings & donations


    Docudrama on the early life of the Apache leader Geronimo into the struggles of war with invaders in later life

    Wisdom and peace come when you start living the life the creator intended for you.
    I should never have surrendered. I should have fought until I was the last man alive.


  50. Mystery Group Of “Wealthy Donors” And Soros Spends $50 Million For “Private Trump-Russia Investigation”

  51. From Justice Anna VonReitz...

    More "UN" Exposure -- Get Your Popcorn! - April 30, 2018

    Ah, well, now my guys are really beginning to turn the pages and dig the dirt.....

    A couple days ago I posed a research project for our readers and researchers about who really owns and operates the "UN" Corp, as opposed to the "United Nations" organization chartered a few years later in 1945.

    Please note that what has been done with the "UN" v. "United Nations" is the same exact kind of deliberate confusion that has been used to promote bunko against this country and its people. It's a confidence racket gambit called "mirroring" and is closely associated with two other crimes --- "impersonation" and "barratry".

    The actual "United States" (union of National level States of States formed under The Articles of Confederation) was confused with Territorial "United States" and Municipal "UNITED STATES".

    The actual unincorporated government doing business as The United States of America was mirrored and deliberately confused with foreign corporations doing business as "The United States of America, Incorporated" and also "the United States of America, Incorporated".

    "The State of Georgia" was mirrored by the Territorial "State of Georgia" and it was mirrored by the Municipal "STATE OF GEORGIA" and now, the rats are trying to pass off a "Regional state" calling itself "GEORGIA".

    It would be funny, if it were not a means of identity theft, fraud, and the cause of tremendous international crime, asset theft, and confusion of authorities.

    So--- no surprise that the "United Nations" organization has also been mirrored by an Ugly Step-Sister called simply the "UN Corporation".

    And who is at the bottom of the dog pile? Again? (Drumroll......)



















    It's the bankers. The Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and the Warburgs. Again.

  52. John, I can't figure you out. One minute you sound as if you're part of an important organization working to resolve global financial issues and make the world right again, albeit out of UK, and the next you sound wild, angry, and powerless. Any clarification possible?

    Are you really part of something and, if so, why the rants if you're already working on the problems?

  53. We simply give you an overview of this diverse hotch potch you think is cogent Global governance.

    It's intended to give you a clearer understanding of why Alice in Wonderland is not working. Why there are no simple solutions. Everything / one is compromised.
    There is no uniform fabrication of anything, bar the Council of 300, and inter bank chicanery supporting Cabal self interest policies.
    The Zoo is owned, and not working for you. Random choas rules fools.

    So, frustration when parties suggest they will just blow over the Cabal with some meaningless Common Law paper backed up by Puff the Magic Dragon?

    Yes, we are trying to get cohesion. Multi nationally,but its not easy to be called on a Sunday from the US asking if I'm aware of this powerful new move to take back control of non Federal America, and reverse the system back.

    To which I answer, enforced by who? A Cabal sitting in presumptive control of hundreds of T's, Banks who collude, with Gatekeepers on every desk, and you will enforce Dreamland with a Pea Shooter? A Self appointed Common Law Judge, however well meaning, is a one legged wannabe taking on City Hall. So,Really?

    But Yes, we do have a credible solution evolving, but not for pre advising the Blogs. Those who know, understand. The history of the site will tell and show you a lot. But reality.
    The frustration is a public bloging with often no idea of the obstacles, and simplistic views towards solutions. Just hands out expecting the Shylocks will give back.

    Long term site members are well up to speed with most of it. Plus, whose who.

    1. John, Thanks for the reply. The “US” = Zios, Vatican & City of London. America = the people residing on the land including the original native Americans. We are not responsible for the US, our government services agency who stole everything while we were living our lives. Our parents were fleeced in 1933 of all their gold and many other assets by US agent Roosevelt and nothing has changed since then. An annual fleecing by the Queen’s corporation named IRS has followed on with proceeds going to Queen and Vatican. When we watch the satanic handsigns flashed by your “royals”....down to the newer generation including even your favorite William and his half-brother, many of us realize we don’t want any part of that. Color me wondering where the class is. Let’s just say that’s UK business that we don’t want to import here. You’ve been asking for years where are the people over here to take charge and change things. We have some now so it’s sad to me that you find it necessary to denigrate them. If you haven’t grasped the situation that Anna reports, why not pick up the phone and call her?

    2. John, listening to the Carpenters right now, but remember well you speaking many times of self help. Although my hands are pretty full with a new crop of lambs, I've got to continue trying. Next week will be speaking about the potential for small flock owners developing a market for our meat lambs. About 2/3rds of what have are rams this year and many won't top 80 lbs on the hoof at 6 months. Yes, I am breeding up my commercial stock, but for most that's not possible without spending serious money.

      On the other hand, without clearing debt, I might as well as just hang it up. I worked too many years on many things and have seen the price paid by many when a job was lost or something else that cleaned out everything and then some. Grant I make mistakes and generally recognize that pretty quickly, but on the paying of debts-not getting cash- will keep at it.

      How many silly seasons have we seen go by, for some of us that's much more than many. Please understand, if we want freedom, we must do what it is we can to make that happen. Self Help.

      So many have done so much and keep at it. Without their and your help much would still be unchanged. More grateful for that can say. How close we came to losing our world, so close, many will never know. But we're still here and it's because of a group of people that said enough. Thank you for that.

    3. p: For the good people that have done so much for us all, often putting their own lives in danger.

      Apr 29 2018 11:33:42
      Q !xowAT4Z3VQ
      Statements today needed to be made.
      Operators have died.
      They approach the field of battle w/o fear.
      They lay down their lives for YOU.
      They are SELFLESS.
      They are fighting for our FREEDOM.
      They fight unconditionally because they hold a core value, a value that we should all live in FREEDOM.
      We HONOR them.
      We must do better to protect them.

  54. Thank you for making America great again John

  55. Well stated, John.

    New readers may find a good primer on your work and station with the OWoN report "Our Last Stand Report #5"

    New readers can rest assured that the photos found on that report are not of John posing with the servant staff.

    Welcome to the real world.

    1. Tony

      The work we are doing has real Global synergy. It is power focused towards a Global constructive resolution. How best to re introduce AU and Redeemed assets to harmonise world recovery, based on Trade not conflict.

      Taking the Silk Road concept, to redevelop meaningful societies along its then self funding trade routes.

      Common laws across integrated territories,enforced where applicable, to protect society,and underdpin real Justice.
      Rethinking wealth an reward factors.

      Too many Blogs are escalatiog false ideologies propogating a naive belief that the totally armed and dangerous War based economies will simply hand over their viperous control when confronted by some Ditsy Wannabe backed up by a Pea Shooter,and no supporting power infrastructure. It's ALL about Power, its misuse and re application. No power, no say. No power, blown away.

    2. Thanks for that directive- will do.

  56. BREAKING....Possible tactical NUKE used on IRANIAN base by Israel.

    About one hour fifteen minutes ago, at around 3:40 PM Eastern US time, an utterly MASSIVE explosion took place at an Iranian base inside Syria.  The photo above was taken from 5 kilometers (about 3 MILES) away, and well-into the explosion which "seemed to linger."  There are now widespread BUT UNCORROBORATED rumors Israel used a Tactical Nuclear Bomb against the Iranian base. 

    The explosion was so intense, it registered as an EARTHQUAKE with the The European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC), which is now reporting a Magnitude 2.6 earthquake at that site!

  57. If Alfie's Law restores informed consent to parents thhen this would/should extend to ALL aspects of healthcare (sic) such as vaccinations. (I'm not anti vax, just anti the shit they put in them and the mandatory nature of the phenomenon.)

    1. AJ,
      Yes, indeed. I’m in the anti-vax column however, until such time there’s a study showing that any of them show efficacy. There’s no study to show that. Most likely because they aren’t. With the “shedding” factor, they may create more problems than they could ever prevent.

    2. I appreciate your point of view Texian and this is why I voice support for choice. Who has a right to negate your choice in the matter?

  58. What the "Federal Reserve System" Did to You

  59. BULLETIN ****6:28 PM EDT --

     Russia has WITHDRAWN it's "De-Escalation" teams from southern Syria.  "There is no need for them anymore; this is now a direct fight."

     Syrian Government has confirmed that bases in Hama and Aleppo have been hit by enemy missiles.

     Unconfirmed, so no official Syrian and or Iranian statement yet: dozens upon dozens of (mostly) Iranian soldiers (of all factions) have been killed tonight.

    Blood of all types needed for the hospitals of Suqailabiya and Masyaf... There's a shortage and many wounded.

    Reports now of nearly 50 dead and many dozens and dozens wounded (majority are reportedly Iranian soldiers) from Israeli strikes on Hama

    SANA CONFIRMS Syrian Army Fire Brigade station has been hit near the attack site at the Iranian Brigade 47 base, in an attempt to kill all firefighters and stop the fire being put out.


    UPDATE 6:55 PM EDT --

    MORE CONFUSING AND CONFLICTING REPORTS. Syrian Army Soldier Says the Strikes came from Turkish AirSpace 


    UPDATE 7:16 PM EDT --

    *Unconfirmed* reports that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his ministers are holding an emergency cabinet meeting at the Kirya military base in Tel Aviv following the alleged Israeli airstrike on an underground Iranian rockets depot in Syria. 


    UPDATE 7:35 PM EDT --

    The explosions at the Hama depot lasted for over an hour and a half, spreading to the nearby area and forcing some of the residents to flee their homes, Sky News reported, citing sources.


  60. From Justice Anna VonReitz...

    Facts of Life - April 30, 2018

    The criminals responsible for creating and running the banking system have been given over thirty (30) years Notice to correct their operations. Three decades. A whole generation.

    For the past two decades, they have been under Due Process and Commercial Lien.

    Instead of correcting anything they have doubled down and right now, they are trying to pull off yet another diabolical fraud scheme designed to save themselves and cheat the American States and People and everyone else on this planet.

    They hope to do exactly what they want to do --- at our expense, again.

    I am openly, unequivocally, without the least little bit of apology, calling for the worldwide arrest and prosecution of the bankers responsible for this. That such a self-serving answer is even on the table is offense enough.

    I am calling for their arrest, the confiscation of their assets, the repatriation of the land titles owed to the States and people of this country and to all the other countries have been harmed by these criminals.

    These criminals are responsible for the Civil War, the First World War, the Great Depression, the Second World War, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq 1 and 2, and even as we speak, they are still screwing around trying to get World War III started.

    They've killed millions of innocent people for profit.

    They are criminals on such a massive scale that people are still trying to wrap their heads around the facts, but at the end of the day, the facts of life are simple. They are criminals. Arrest them.

    Now I have had some Weeping Nellies trying to mis-characterize my statements and suggest that I am advocating some kind of political controversy and "start a Civil War" by suggesting that these criminals may need to be gunned down in the streets ----- but it's not because they are Republicans or Democrats--it's because they are criminals and they are unrepentant criminals.

    They may need to be forcefully removed.

    These are not nice men. They have gotten away with crime for generations. They think they have a right to get away with crime. Even when it is brought forcefully to their attention, they continue on as if nothing had happened, as if crime were the normal course of business and as if we all have to stand here and put up with it.

    But we don't. Not really.

    And we don't have to go to war or wait for another election, either.

    All that needs to happen is for these bankers to be arrested, their assets confiscated, all their false commercial claims repudiated for the frauds that they are, and all their diabolical plans up-ended.

    This is a matter of crime, not politics.

    Iceland woke up, realized the facts of life, and cleaned house.

    It's time that we all did the same.

    1. But with what "Organized Power" because without it's just another vaccuous chat room ideology. The Cabal and its well placed corrupt minions control the entire US Dominion. No small thanks to Bush 41 and Greenspan. Forefathers of the corruption of power. Dismantled by Who, when they own the Zoo?
      Only when faced down by Nations, ones of Superior power.
      No power, you end up face down.

    2. John,
      Rest assured there is “power.” Taking down the satanic forces has been in progress and hopefully will be completed without shots fired. I’m not going to list all the groups involved for their safety, but they are large, powerful and extremely well armed. If push comes to shove, there will be many more joining in on the right side of the matter. People are waking up in droves and learning what they didn’t know about our country.

      You are reflecting on the status of the poor subjects in your country who have nothing but their knuckles or a kitchen knife or a cricket bat.

  61. Somebody in Seattle area please keep eye on Gates so he doesn’t release one of his patented viruses...

    Deep State Bill Gates Warns “Millions Could Die” If US Doesn’t Prepare For Coming Pandemic

  62. UPDATE 8:31 PM EDT --
    Russian Military is changing all its radio encryption; no longer communicating with US/Coalition or allowing us to hear what they're doing in Syria. VERY BAD SIGN.


    From April 12

    Putin warns Netanyahu against further Israeli strikes in Syria

    Russian President Putin spoke today on the phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and warned against further Israeli military strikes in Syria.

    In the call, Putin stressed "the fundamental importance of respecting the sovereignty of Syria" and asked Netanyahu to "refrain from any actions that further destabilize the situation in this country and pose a threat to its security," according to a statement by the Kremlin.

    According to the Israeli Prime Minister's office, Netanyahu pushed back on Putin and stressed that Israel will not allow Iranian military entrenchment in Syria.


    UPDATE 11:22 PM EDT --
    In the last hour, there have been at least THREE (3) "Skyking" Emergency Action Message (EAM) transmissions over the United States Military Global High Frequency Communications System.

    An EAM is exactly what it sounds like: It is the highest priority message in the entire US Military. In layman's terms, it means stop whatever you're doing and do this right now.

    All these messages are encrypted in a manner that makes it impossible for anyone other than the military to decipher what the message means. The fact that EAM's are being transmitted on the very evening that so much is taking place in the Middle East, is not a good thing.

    UPDATE 11:25 PM EDT --
    Iranian state-run mass-media outlet PRESS.TV has suddenly gone offline. It's web site has either been taken down or attacked and taken offline.

  63. They are using the excuse of Iranian targets inside Syria when in fact, they are targeting the Syrian regime. and Sputniknews are reporting Syrian Army military bases are coming under attack. Iran is being targeted also. It seems to me that they are trying to kill two enemies with one strike. This is against the Assad Regime. as much as the Iranians.

  64. Various outlets pointed the finger at Israel as being behind the attack as it was also believed responsible for a similar overnight airstrike that killed 14 militants, seven of which were Iranian, earlier this month.A number of strikes on targets in Syria have been attributed to Israel, though it rarely confirms such raids.However, the incident sparked a tense standoff between arch-foes Israel and Iran. The raid was widely seen as its first direct attack on Iranian assets and a worrying sign of how Syria's seven-year conflict could escalate into a wider regional warIsrael has repeatedly voiced concern over the increased presence of Iranian forces in Syria. "We will not allow Iranian entrenchment in Syria, no matter the price to pay," Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman declared this month."Every outpost in which we see Iran positioning militarily in Syria, we will destroy, and we will not allow this no matter what the price," he reiterated in an interview with a Saudi news outlet last week.With Iranian-backed militias entrenched in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, Iran's rivals worry it is seeking to dominate the region and gather forces for an attack on Israel.

  65. pr 29 2018 11:17:29
    Q !xowAT4Z3VQ
    Personal thank you to the BO, Bakers, and Autists/Anons who continually dedicate their time and energy to the GREAT AWAKENING.
    You are all Patriots.
    The hard part is coming to an end.
    The next phase will bring JUSTICE.

    1. Saw this yesterday. Maybe that's why Brennan tweeted to Trump to "stand-by" a few times.

      On another note, it looks like Q isn't happy with Jerome Corsi using this all to make money by pushing his book.

      Can't say I blame Q. There's something about Corsi that isn't right

    2. re Corsi, I posted this article a few weeks back. Many may have missed it so no worries re-posting it. It exposes Corsi and may fill in the blanks for you...

      Jerome Corsi-His Payoff

    3. Clicked, said "Whoops, that page can't be found". I will snoop around

    4. Ooops screwed up the link. My bad! This should work...

      Jerome Corsi-His Payoff

  66. Replies
    1. UPDATE 9:00 AM EDT MONDAY, 30 APRIL --

      Minutes before it was scheduled to begin, the Likud canceled its celebratory Knesset opening faction meeting due to Netanyahu and several other ministers still being in Tel Aviv for a Security Cabinet meeting on the Syria strikes.

      COVERT INTEL   Iran has called-up its QUDS force; a special forces unit of Iran's Revolutionary Guards responsible for their extraterritorial operations. The Quds Force reports directly to the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei.  Its commander is Major General Qasem Soleimani and his deputy was Hossein Hamadani. While "little is reliably known" about the force,  as of 2007, its size was estimated at 15,000 troops. The United States has designated the Quds Force a supporter of terrorism since 2007. 

      Israeli Emergency Cabinet meeting has ended; lasted about 90 minutes.  This was a very urgent, very serious meeting. Not about what has happened but what is planned from both sides. The flames of war just got a bit hotter.

  67. p; Change is needed as well as access to CBD oil or other alternative methods for treating cancer and other illnesses. Sadly whether through purposeful intent or gross negligence this system for testing must be revamped.

    Ireland’s bravest woman faces deadly cancer battle she should not be fighting
    Apr 30 2018

    She is the bravest woman in Ireland, indeed the bravest person in Ireland bar none.

    She is 43 and dying of cervical cancer. She should not be dying.

    As her lawyer said in court last week she should be looking forward to 40 years of life, instead, she has only months to live bar a miracle.

    In 2011 she went for a cervical smear when she felt unwell. In Ireland, there is a national cervical screening program called Cervical Check which she availed of. If cervical cancer is caught early enough it can be successfully treated.

  68. Palestinians should take peace proposal or ‘shut up,’ Saudi crown prince reportedly said
    Apr 30 2018

    While lashing out at the Palestinian leadership and President Mahmoud Abbas, bin Salman nevertheless said there needs to be significant progress in the Arab-Israeli peace process in order to mend ties between the Gulf nations and Tel Aviv.

    It is unclear which peace proposal MBS was referring to. Currently, a roadmap for a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is being completed by Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and a vocal supporter of Israel. Jason Greenblatt, a senior Trump adviser and ardent Israel supporter, is also taking part in drafting the peace plan.

    Little is known about the US proposal, though Nikki Haley, the US envoy to the UN, shed some light on it in February. Haley said the Trump administration chose the golden mean for the peace roadmap, which “won’t be loved and won’t be hated” by either Israel or the Palestinians.

    It is up to the Israelis and Palestinians to decide how best to solve the decades-long conflict, and “if they decide on two states, the United States will support two states. If they decide on certain boundaries, the United States is going to support those boundaries.”

  69. Israeli Prime Minister to Address His Nation at 8:00 PM Local Time Concerning Iran - "Bad Developments"


    In what many are saying could be an announcement of WAR with Iran, the Israeli government has announced Prime Minister Netanyahu will address his nation tonight at 8:00PM local time.

    COVERT INTEL: My former colleagues in the Intelligence Community tell me that Netanyahu will reveal "dramatic" information about Iranian nuclear project. This after urgent session of the Israeli security cabinet earlier today.

    According to INTEL sources, when Cabinet Members heard what is taking place, most of them (not all) respectfully but adamantly INSISTED the Prime Minister alert the nation.

    My sources tell me he will reveal that over 200 large surface-to-surface missiles were destroyed at an Iranian Base inside Syria, and the _only_ purpose for missiles such as that, would be to attack Israel from Syria. Due to the proximity of such Syria=based Iranian missiles, Israel would not have enough time to warn its people or to take defensive action in the event of a launch.

    Netanyahu will tell his people that these missiles are designed for a surprise "First Strike" against Israel. It is not yet known whether the Prime Minister will announce War.

    Israel is about 7 hours AHEAD of the U.S. East Coast in terms of time zone. So around 1:00 PM eastern US time the address to his nation should take place.

    There are further Cabinet meetings planned and senior cabinet ministers are changing their schedules for tomorrow, along with military visits being cancelled.

    This is very telling. It feels like we won't even make it to May 12th or 14th without some kind of major escalation taking place. May is gonna prove to be one heck of a month!

    UPDATES LIKELY . . . . Check back.

    UPDATE 10:28 AM EDT --
    ISRAELI SECURITY OFFICIALS URGENTLY BRIEFING WORLD LEADERS BY PHONE AT THIS TIME -- (Editor's Note: This is waaaaaay not good. If Netanyahu's address to his nation was simply going to be a speech, thee would be no need or reason to "urgently brief world leaders." The fact that such urgent briefings are taking place HINTS that Netanyahu's speech will be to tell his people he has already ordered attacks upon Iran and that those attacks HAVE COMMENCED. Of course, this is NOT CONFIRMED, but rather merely my analysis, and I'm pretty good at this national security Intelligence stuff; which is why the FBI had me working with the on the Joint terrorism Task Force for years. Stay tuned. World War 3 could break out within hours.


    Monday, 30 April 2018 10:18


  71. excerpts from Blue Blood, True Blood: Conflict & Creation

    Reptilians And The Council Of 13


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