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18 to 25 April 2018

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  1. OWON: Bloody good job, now let the hunt begin!

    Time to hound down these treacherous vermin. They merit fully, nothing less than the rope. Bushes 41 and 43 with them!

    Let the games begin!

    AND THEY'RE OFF!!!!!

    Criminal Referral Issued For Comey, Clinton, Lynch And McCabe; Rosenstein Recusal Demanded


    1. The time has finally come. Thank you God(dess)!

      Also, the SES looks to have been repurposed. Please see attached:

  2. Brought this over from the previous comment section - might get missed with comments being closed.

    With the discussion here recently around healing the body, transhumanism, etc. I found Kryon's message (delivered last weekend in Berkeley) so very timely.
    Kryon April 2018 - healing in the future

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    1. You are most welcome AJ & Monkey (and all who take a listen).

      Will take the opportunity here to correct the location: Berkeley Springs, WV as opposed to Berkeley CA.

  4. april 17 2018 Nikki Haley mad at white house

  5. SergeiE

    Please,by all means use the site to build a better rapport between the West and Russia, but don't let's have it based on a naive and adolescent projection of Putin being a second coming. That he's not!

    Reality check!

    1.Vlad now has vast personal wealth from his corrupt kickbacks where he, his ex KGB cronies and the Jewish /Zionist Oligarchs have between them raped Russia, its wealth and its freedoms. Get Real!
    2. Putin has a number of the Zionist Oligarch sets as Bagmen acting for the KGB machine of indoctrination and control. Bagmen Jewish Oligarchs such as Roman Abrahamovitch who launders and fronts B's for Putin, gifting him Yachts and villas hding away in London.
    3. Putin is no Second Coming. He was a only a Minor State KGB attache in London,not high ranking and struggled with English schools in London. His personal charisma is such that bonding with him is like watching paint dry on a wall. He was in the right place when Perastroika happened,and managed to keep his head when the real KGB Policy makers where going down like flies. As a non intellectual threat he was left standing. Fact!

    Almost ALL the crooked Russian Oligarchs are Jewish / Zionists. Does that not worry you?
    Most of the Russian Mafya crime money being Laundered is Jewish /Zionist.
    The drug money, people trafficking, extortion, racketeering and corruption is Russian Jewish Zionist. For which Vlad and his lot get their cuts.

    How can you re build Russia while the Oligarch Zionists own the pot? They stole the lot!

    Try moving oil and minerals across the Urals or from Siberia and see how many bribes are demanded. Extortion. Doing business with Russia IS Russian Roulette. Corruption is endemic. Life is cheap.
    Russia saw its Arse in Afghanistan,and got shredded by Regan in an Arms race it could not sustain.

    Yes to welcoming you into a better League of Nations, but please, based on reality.
    Russia developing the Silk Road? Please, be serious. That IS China and London! Russia is not even sited in Iran where China is forging ahead. I talk with the Republican Guard.

    Elders money is key to all, and that is via Trusted London associates. Politicos have a 5 to 15 year shelf life. Most can't even get out of their own way.

    May is a match swirling in a raging torrent. Syria was a wrong move. Trump is also being played by the Cabal. A transient player. What experience has he got, of anything?

    Reality is run by higher entities. Unfortunately in the US the Deep Doodoo State.
    We WILL help Trump and the good American people fight that.

    But who helps the Russian Midget Dweeb control the Oligarchs? Who frees up their stolen vast Billions?

    Quoting London Politicos and the Royals is just debating Puppet plays.

    Reality is many levels above. Tiers you do not know exist and Yes, we DO have Glass Ceilings for these Zio Buggers. Our families landed here from the 12th century onwards and this is OUR town. The rest are just tourists passing through.
    Inner families control the inner boards, with game plays you will never see.

    Yes London IS the Financial Super City for good reasons. To know is all.

    But Sergie E, we do offer Russia a hand of goodwill, and rapport with wise heads, but keep your bloody poisoning mischief off our Island,and don't believe your own Propoganda shit. We KNOW your games! And shills. No more Shit here!

    I deal with the Elders daily. You don't. I deal with the US PPs hourly. You don't.
    I deal with Asia daily. I have real and good Jewish friends. But no Zionists by choice. I do not eat with Rabid Dogs! I am NOT Anti Semitic, nor is the site. Just anti Zio trash. Also anti Political jerks of any trash. Including ours!
    We have time for Lavrov. A brain behind the Dweeb.

    SergieE , we ARE players and realists. Elders have made choices now. Stages are set for this century and Yes, London is right up there, and you WILL be part of Eurasia even if we have to bag and tag you. This is the Big Game Board. With hunting licenses.

    1. JOHN Your synopsis makes a lot of - insightful - sense. The design challenge is full of barriers, moats, vipers, mines and all sorts of roadblocks. My professional experience tells me Eurasia will work and work well in my Vision. Make it happen!

    2. And I appreciate both Canauzzie's comment (end of last comment section) and John's comments above keeping things in here real and factual. Thanks.

  6. Sergeie,

    I'd like to change the subject.

    Can you please tell me what happens to a person who is out of a job in Russia? Is there free healthcare, social security, free transport or other stuff like that?

    Do you pay for a university education or is it provided by the state?

    What is the average basic wage in Russia?

    How much does a 2 bedroom apartment in a city cost?

    Do men and women get paid the same?

    Is free child care available?

    Are schools free? Is there a choice between private and public schools?

    What are the rules for LGBT people in Russia? Is there a tolerance for them in society?

    How many children does an average couple have?

    That'll do for starters.

    Thank you in anticipation.


  7. What I really like about Putin (apart from his smoooth chest, lol) is that he has an amazing level of tolerance for whatever gets hurled Russia's way, and he plays the loooong game.

    How are those US PP's playing out, John?

    That's a good game to play. He's more of a chess player than a bridge player.

    1. Tolerance is a quality of the under dog. Also knowing you will get Arse whipped if you step up to face pack mongrels beyond your size.

      We are NOT anti Russian and welcome working together.
      That said, their bloody Mafya need to stop their criminality,and for Russia to work with us, in peace, building both Global harmoney and trade. Putting back and get rid of these Zio Oligarchs. Total bloody Crims! Animals!

      Yes will will accord Russia respect where due, but for Gods sake control each Oligarch Jew! When will they be removed from the equation to save the nation?
      Lavrov is a good front for a Wolf pack!


  8. AJ,

    Speaking of trans humanism operating techniques ... is this what you mean?


    1. Haha. I bet he walked around saying

      'Quello non รจ un coltello, questo รจ un coltello.' ๐Ÿ˜

  9. Pdf of letter of referral....

    Members of Congress – Refer criminal matters to DOJ Sessions

  10. Could this be the infamous DOJ Asset Forfeiture Fund???

    Sessions investigating ‘slush fund’ used by left-wing groups

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions is investigating up to $6 billion in legal settlement money that the Obama administration steered toward progressive causes and allies in left-wing advocacy groups.

    A memo sent to US attorneys on July 28, published Friday by Breitbart news, ordered a review of a decade’s worth of payouts that Congressional Republicans have called a political slush fund.

    Former Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch regularly arranged for major corporations to make large “donations” to left-leaning groups like UnidosUS — formerly the National Council of La Raza — and NeighborWorks America during settlement negotiations to end banking, environmental, civil-rights, and other federal lawsuits.

    1. TEXIAN Last time I checked the AFF had >$8B.... Barry and crew have been using it for payoffs, as many as 50 737 or larger type aircraft with dubious records, schedules and worse = False Flag Inc for starters. I bet they find more skeletons than Auschwitz!

  11. hello john

    you previously shared there will be two (2) new dollars

    an international one, and a domestic one

    can u share if the international dollar has new owners/ managers yet?

    has the responsibility for the new international dollar been transferred (assigned/ deeded/ conveyed / whatever legal terminology is appropriate here) to new ppl yet?


    1. Internationals still under discussion. Who funds it? Hegemony is finished!

      New PPL cases are all lined up waiting while that F!!!!! Wookie Soetoro and his Deep State crap. aligned with the Bush /Clinton crime families keep pulling strokes to keep use.

      The problen is Trump has no idea how this all works, and the Deep State Gatekeepers in all his key roles, won't tell or help him.

      He is still a very large one legged man in an Ass kicking contest.

      Who will help him, and who will unleash his collar to let him?

      As ever, it's a mess. Busting that F Wookie would be a start! Clinton too. Both!

    2. JOHN I have gone through parts of various Plum Books; 1984 - 2016. These files are ginormous! Plum Books have data on SES and SEA et al going back to 1980 ish. This private corporation virtually runs the USA with 500 attorneys under Department of Justice. There are supposed to be about 10,000 of these whores (JB Sessions Member from 1984) get automatic top secret security clearance without vetting. The Report done in 12/2009 showed over 51000 members. Now there could be >100000. They are the PROBLEM of Obstruction and worse. They take Oath to SEA and NOT USA = TREASON. This was developed by Carter and Kristine Marcie in 1978-1979 and modeled after a UK operation that is similar - so they say. Cut their pay and they shrivel up fast.... or just MT them on fast forward. I am not a politician but this is so outrageous I cannot believe it is real.

    3. Wouldn't get your hopes. Trump will probably be impeached and hell will freeze over before these guys release anything.

    4. Trump impeached? Still not likely, but I agree, danger exists. He needs to arrest the lot of SOBs. For some reason he is accepting Deep State in the inner circle and he really doesn't have to. Simply "j'accuse!" would be enough to neuter most of them. For example, Nikki Haley at the UN should simply be crucified and removed.

    5. My guess is they'll find something in those law files to impeach or pressure to resign. Enough of something to twist the knife just enough.

    6. As I am fond of repeating, the guy files tens of thousands of documents per year. If there was something impeachable it would have already been found. And even as I type, the Other Side is realizing the mistake of what they did with Cohen. Every single lawyer-client veil can now be pierced via the asinine reasoning they used with Cohen. The praetorian guard of lawyers around Hillary now have no cover, the lawyer guard around Bill Clinton is now worthless, same for Bush, same for Shrub, and unintended shrapnel blows up the legal guard around McAuliffe, who now is on the hook for the Clinton Foundation.

      Lastly, unless Trump has actually murdered someone, the easiest way to take power from these SOBs is simply to cop to it when it comes up. We, The People, will forgive and excoriate the bastards.

    7. YA'LL Trump will not be impeached and will go for 2nd term unless someone like JFK Jr comes out of the woodwork .... possible and they will work a deal! an legal deal. Our network of marines + SF + Rangers etc including Patriotic Navy, Army, USAF CG, Family and Civilian know many that are in the shit as they say. We have been discussing SES for several years and now we finally got a quality drilling rig and sample gathering sorting - data mining w relational database stuff - some of it working better than others. There are so many of us regular folks that love our Country and get along well with our Friends in Japan, China, Russia, UK, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. The MAIN POINT = Last time I dug into Plum Book a few days ago a came across a detailed Memo stating there were 51,000 turds in SES and not 10,000 ... DEcember 2009. There were less than 10,000 in 2008. BArry stacked the deck. To fault our President - having done your research ... I suggest you consider this. 50,000 or so growing by as many as 10,000/ year net = >120,000 loyal Barry-Hilly turds in SES. They say UK has something similar to SES. These people or sub human Traitors take an oath to satan essentially, are not vetted and lots of yada yadas. No vetting or screening gets them a top secret SC. Hello; if I am wrong call me stupid but we are finding the actual files. The more eyes we get on these files the better POTUS has had to work through this crap every minute of every day. One of my best Friends, A Marine CH53 help Pilot answered my Q today re why they don't want Pompei approved .... they know he has the files and does he ever. These treasonous monsters need to get MT'd. They say 500 prox lawyers running DOJ and our entire govt under Director Jeff Sessions who has been on SES rolls since 1984 is a bit scary. He could be making an extra million or so a year and President may not be able to fire him since SES is cirtually untouchable and takes oath to SES-SEA. CArter and Kristine marcie set up SES in 1978-79 and turned it on in 1980. To a great extend DoJ runs the Country. I want to be proven wrong tomorrow. This crap will change because they know we are after them and know more than these stupid treasonous sataniic ziorat arses. Sorry; I am wound up. WE are all over this. People like JOHN and his folks need to figure out how to work with us by receiving our info in organized format and we can kick some but. They are listening in DC and the ears are multiplying. As a former manager type in a Multi multi B company I learned the people at the top are politicians. They could not fine their arses with both hands and had to be spoon fed. Govts are similar but have larger populations within their locus of control. We are running on all 8 cylinders and getting stronger.

  12. p: Not for Children warning

    Bush Family Secrets Exposed
    Jan 25 2018

  13. What do Lawyers us for Birth Control?

    Their personalities.

    2. Whats the difference between a girlfriend / Boyfriend or wive and husband?

    About 50 lbs!

    3. Why is it so difficult for women to find men that are caring, sensitive and good looking?

    Because those men already have boyfriends!

  14. Now Iraq is carrying out air strikes on Syria. I wonder who is paying for that? CIA, maybe?

  15. End the Fed...

    The Critical Post

    Support HR 5404 to bring back the people’s control of our own currency

  16. Man linked to 9/11 attacks on U.S. captured in Syria: Pentagon
    Apr 19 2018

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A man linked to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States, who was said to have praised “violent jihad,” was captured in Syria by U.S.-backed forces more than a month ago, the Pentagon said on Thursday.

    “We can confirm that Mohammad Haydar Zammar, a Syrian-born German national, was captured more than a month ago by SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) partners as part of their ongoing operations to defeat ISIS inside Syria,” Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon said, using an acronym for Islamic State.

  17. On why it's taking a while:

    Apr 19 2018 16:54:59 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: d24602 1105115
    We have everything.
    How can we use what we know?
    How do you ‘legally’ inject/make public/use as evidence?
    What are you witnessing unfold?
    Trust the plan.

  18. German police launch crackdown on human trafficking, organized crime
    Apr 18 2018

    Germany's Federal Police have started a nationwide crackdown on forced prostitution and a "network of organized crime," officials say. The raids mark the largest police action in the decadeslong history of the force.

  19. Not a single specific facts or evidence. No surprise on that one. One has to ask, why would only slander be coming out. We do not do that.

    Regarding Russia economy: check why German families or American farmers are moving to Russia. Secondly, does it mean anything at all when Russia becomes number one wheat producer? Probably not. Why would Orthodox Christian Church flourish that much in Russia upholding family values, moral values and old Christian values if lead by a crook?

    What values Hillary upholds and her followers.

    I said: oligarchs were picked in early 90s by US and UK agencies. Putin had nothing to do with their coming into rich men world in UK and US. They are owed and they are to deliver Russia under West feet. I said, they will not succeed. We do not need anything from what you have, we have it all. You need our resources. It might be probably too difficult math for some.

    I said, two levels of leadership. Structured national elite and unstructured global elite, might be intermingled from case to case.

    To ascend to highest unstructured leadership one has to do at least two things:
    First - to betray his nationalistic roots. They have to betray their own country to ascent into higher level what is over national identity passed from forefathers. (Europe sees this hugely, US might also) They have their rituals and their brain cleansing and emotional cleansing of attachments. Islamisation of Europe is a visible sign and proof of betraying national identity.

    Second highest ascension: to become over humans, to become like a higher level of un-man-kind. Otherwise you can not govern same level peers. You have to be higher then them. That's why we had always in Egypt or Babylon or even Rome ascension of emperors into god-like status. They you can tend the flock so to speak.

    One has to betray humankind to ascent such levels by their kind of rituals. One of yours just said it even very clearly: Jim Stone about Hillary how fat she had to go to betray humankind. And it is a human sacrifice, which shows that the one who sacrifices despite human race as a flock and thus is elevated to level from which can oversees lower level of flock. Human kind. It is a sign of degrading human species. In this way they think they are free from human boundaries and being elevated into higher sphere.
    Another level of betraying humankind we see would avoid sacrifice ritual but preferring or getting onto level of trans-humanism which would degrade human beings. As long as humankind is betrayed and dealt with as a lower flock of species - ascension might be valid and acceptable.

    This is what we have learnt about West and it works there.

    Now: you were given info that should inspire you to think and analyse. Nobody can say that you were not given key hints to search for truth. We came in silence and we leave in silence.

    1. SergieE

      Sadly, you seem divorced from the reality that is Russia today. I don't know where your head is, but the Sun is clearly not shining.
      Putin, low grade KGB Colonel.
      State employee. Limited income!

      Now a Multi Billionaire. How? Wake up! ?????????????????
      I gave you one of the bagmen in his entourage. Roman Abrahamovatich Zio Oligarch. So do the research, follow the audit trails, see the money laundered,and drop this adulation of False Gods. FF sake, get real? Then talk.
      Your Gulags are not holiday camps. Your Drugs and HIV problem is very real. Sorry, I forgot, YOU don't HIV do you. Not in Russia. Some comics heh?

      Putins B's fell off a Lorry? Sure. Hello???????

    2. Sergeie

      Your suggestion that the zio-oligarchs of Russia were picked by the US/UK makes a lot of sense especially since this crowd was likely drawn from the mass of the diaspora that converged on Russia during and in the direct aftermath of the Russian Revolution and WW1. Anyone who's read any Russian history froma reliable source knows that that revolution was instigated and financed by the usual "disruptors" as a regime change tool and designed to put certain preferable peoples into positions of significant authority from which they profited. While STalin did clear house during his tenure, many of the financial wizards remained and, doubtless, the US/UK axis dictated policy there through these oligarchs.
      The unraveling of the USSR was programmed as well.
      I don't think Putin is an angel, maybe he's done some of what he's done to preserve Russia at the core. If he can manage his zionist bankers and/ore circumvent them- more power to him.
      My bigger fear is that he's actually just following a script for a much bigger, global event and we've all been played.

  20. Be peace your guide, we leave in peace and offer prayers for all. Yet we defend our right to live, right given us by God as to everyone, that's why we live. We do not need anybody's permission to have a right to live.

    We understand your statement:

    We have supported Russias right to co exist. We have defended your rights to self determine your future. To co exist We have defended your right not to be surrounded by invasive US bases. Not to live in fear of US Hegemony

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

  21. Today we see a new down turn in EU Stupidity!

    The Socialist CRAP in Brussels just has the audacity to tell the UK Brexit negotiators they dont accept any of our proposals, and to go away and reconsider. It's their way or the Highway. Really?

    Now, if only limp wrist May had a Real Pair, as Maggie DID.she would tell this Jesuits Zoo,you had our offers, so F off!!

    1. If you dont accept, we accept your badwill. So F YOU.
    2. We give YOU a month to retract, and take it or leave it.It's enough.
    3.Failing that, as your badwill and arrogance is clear, there really is no point in continuing talking to half wits with your rag bag agendas. So, forget Brexit we will NIXIT and go now. We will WALK and F You!
    4. Fail to accept we WILL slam a hard border into Ireland. Watch trade in that Republic Shithole collapse.
    5.We will stop all payments to your EU Zoo, total! See how you get by you Shit for Brains rabble. Pay your fat salaries with what? Run aground you arrogant Bastards!
    6. You want to play Hardball? Please! Do!
    7.We will round up all 4 M of your lot here, and bang the lot back home over 3 months. Out! It will free up our housing stocks, Hospitals, schools and Social Services. Huge budget wavings. A drop in crime!
    Good luck funding that lot back home.
    8. Your cars, wine, exports to the UK, kiss the lot goodby. See how half a million car workers take that. Start closing the Champaign vinyards as we buy over 65% of all of it. We can do without. You?
    9. Illegals. Our Problem goes away if we shut the Ferries and Tunnel on you F's!. So, please DO!
    10. All your Med hotels and planes. Good luck as we bankrupt the lot in a year. Do we care? Not a lot.

    Yes Theresa May, F F Sake now Man Up or get out of the way! You ARE the problem.
    Hardball not No Balls!

    Wimps rule fools! Man up May or Go away!

  22. Replies
    1. John, picking on you a bit, but you Brits have a real backbbone.Theresa may just be a poser in the moment and with no real balls, but she may just get her legs under her and grow some.Guidance, a hand in friendship came make all the difference.

  23. She's had a lot of support but it's a ditsy chick floating rudderless in a duckpond. P , truth is, she's endemic of politicos today. Clueless, no compassion, just losers. Nincompoops don't succeed. Look at the husband. Jeez!

  24. This lawsuit by the DNC vs DJT, Russia and wikileaks

    will, according to Q, allow admission into evidence of details around Seth Rich. As Q said previously they need LEGAL avenues to introduce what is known, and the dems just fell for the bait:


    Apr 20 2018 12:45:09 (EST)
    Amazing. They are literally opening the door for you to drop all the information as evidence in a court of law.

    Apr 20 2018 12:47:29 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 5a1150 1116309
    They fall for it every single time.
    How do you ‘legally’ …….

    Apr 20 2018 12:43:14 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 5a1150 1116248
    Answer Q re: SR.
    SR June JA.

    1. WikiLeaks Seeks Donations to Counter-Sue the DNC: ‘Discovery Will Be Amazing Fun’
      Apr 20 2018

      WikiLeaks has announced that they are seeking donations so that they can counter-sue the Democratic National Committee, saying that discovery is going to be “amazing fun.”

      “Help us counter-sue. We’ve never lost a publishing case and discovery is going to be amazing fun,” WikiLeaks tweeted, along with the link to donate.

      Trump has shared a similar sentiment about being excited for discovery, specifically the server that the Democrats have previously refused to turn over to the FBI.

      "Just heard the Campaign was sued by the Obstructionist Democrats. This can be good news in that we will now counter for the DNC Server that they refused to give to the FBI, the Wendy Wasserman Schultz Servers and Documents held by the Pakistani mystery man and Clinton Emails."

      — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 20, 2018

    2. Popcorn machine warming up again. BTW Tolec's M and MsM revealed the northern Fall/autumn will correspond with the fall of the cabal. It has since been taken down from YT..


  25. OWON: Make sure you watch to the end. How far should we let AI go?

    Rest assured, if you are a threat to them, they will use any means available. 'Them' being your Masters if not stopped, the NWO is still in play....


    Add this to the wonderful drones sent to eliminate you based on what appears to be .. once technology is out of control ..

    Palantir Knows Everything About You

    1. Sad that folks in the video (and others) were cheering on this type of killing machine.

      All the more reason to get off social media and watch what you type, tweet, or email.

      There is no privacy! Especially since they can read your mind.

  26. Q = on fire last 2-3 days especially tonight. OMG the HORROR. Exposing torture and murder of children - Barry in it with madam spirit cooking and Hwood ziorats. I Pray for the Child victims .. this pot is about to boil over!

    1. Bob, if we don't expose these monsters for the sake of the world's children, things will never change. As awful as what these evil ones have done, for all future generations sake, it must be exposed. For some of Hollywood's children years of abuse were the price for fame sadly.

      Agnes Nixon, Who Created Popular Soaps ‘One Life To Live’ And ‘All My Children,’ Dies At 93

    2. P My Fear and Belief is the situation is far worse than we can either see or imagine. Having said that, many are now exposing the evil satanic monsters. I help as best I can but I hear so often; "change the subject - I cannot bear to hear about that". The hall of it is .... people have to be WOKE if I have it right. We all have to get our of denial. The Q Posts are helping with awareness. We all need to figure out what each and every one of us can do and do it.

      I have been following Cathy O'Brien for a few years after seeing a utube with Cathy telling how she was abused/raped by Gerald Ford + several other politicians including the Clintons. I Pray they get the death penalty-sentence over this. The second video was introduced by Rosanne Barr in a Church. She looks like a Champion of exposing this epidemic and taking risks as she does it. There are thousands digging up info, facts etc and the cat is so out of the bag and overcoming Mockingbird suppression and obfuscation-distortion. Now I think of the thousands/millions of Children sacrificed for satanic evil intent to the ziorat monsters. OMG what horror!

    3. P I believe you are knowledgeable on this subject. If I was ever a witness to someone harming a child ... or a woman; the evil perpetrator would not ever do the crime again .... We must protect our Children first. We must protect women also starting with education and serious training in self defence aka combat martial arts. My good friend the Dragon (Kung Fu Dragon) .... trained a woman = she was a good student. An amimal raped her 16ish sister and called her to brag. without hesitation she and her 45 hurried to the scene in tome to see #1 going out the window ... she drew 45 and shot 1.5 ass cheeks off .... 45 cal hps are nasty. #2 perp stopped smiling as she put the barrel in his underwear, fired a round at his male appendages. With a boom .... his voice went up a few octaves as he squealed like the pig he was. He was suddenly missing everything that could do harm. No harm came to Lady Shooter ... BTW she did not need a weapon and if the doors n windows were locked I know what would have happened to them. A move; enough with J-Lo shows an abused Wife's revenge but it was mild compared to Lady Shooter. Another student was assaulted by an Army Drill Instructor as She was in the last days of Boot Camp. He was 6'4", 230ish and Mz H was about 5'8", 150 with beautiful figure but very strong arms and legs. Sgt DumbAss started to grope and She ignited emotionally setting off her adrenals. Had Sgt DumbAss known what he Awakened he would have ran away ... but .... Mz H proceeded to beat him to a puld and broke a few of his bones in the process. He spent several weeks in hospital .... This is TRUE. I have been a witness to bad people crossing well trained individuals. I make this point because we all need a mind set that we can do something hoge or something small. Also, the sicko that tried to rape my youngest daughter when she was 18 got his arse kicked and she got away. He was out of prison (out on good behavior) for rape of an 8 yr old girl. I asked authorities to allow me to interview him; Felon R Love, for an hour - no weapons. I can assure he would have lost all ability to harm another. I said too much but let me say this once more ... We can all do something including Prayers. Educate, promulgate, learn discuss and even take a risk now and then but always protect Women and Children; and remember there are Lady 45s and Mz Hs out there and they know how to take action when it's needed. Dear God this needs to be stopped.

    4. Bob, Thank you for sharing. I really just want the harming of women and children to stop. The other side knows that and when a child or someone who left things unsaid reach out, I do my best to share that with those left behind. Other times when a bad exit is shared with me, it can take me years to put the pieces together.

      An example is the few of the boys under ten from the Nebraska Boy's Town that were brought through hidden passages into the WH for Sr. Bush and his visitors. Most these boys died that night, although one did live on.

      The fear those young ones felt,the terror.

      These dark ones need to be stopped and I'll keep exposing as long as I need to.There's just been too many cries for help. I know this life is for experience and development of soul and connecting souls, but when does the harm stop? When do we leave this 3D experience behind and move on to something where the hurts are all behind us and we have learned to honor/love ourselves and each other?

    5. P I have a Ministry planned as one of my Humanitarian Projects. We will have thousands helping us educate, network, teach, train, communicate and promulgate the horrors and help remediate and provide resources for change. The change model in my minds eye will work. There is no room on this earth for these monsters. The many pieces of the puzzle are coming together.
      I see a lor of exposure coming forth. Thanks you!

  27. Your Drugs and HIV problem is very real. Sorry, I forgot, YOU don't HIV do you. Not in Russia. Some comics heh? Putins B's fell off a Lorry? Sure. Hello???????

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    Well we did not rely on your intel about Salisbury gas, did we? Well we did not rely on your intel about Syria gassing in Duma, did we? We did not rely on your fill the blank.
    When I say things are this way, then they are that way, at least regarding our affairs.

    Accusations must be some British hobby or what, it does not work with us. We have different moral and spiritual ground. You could have notice that just observing Putin and Lavrov, how they deal with baseless accusation from your developed democracies and morale.

    Anyhow, it was said the way as it was. We depart in peace. Be well, all of you and my personal blessing. May you all be blessed even those who spit false accusation around them. This is what Christ command us to do, to bless those who hate us.

    1. SergeiE
      Note the site condemed the Syrian attack as a staged phony show because Trump, May and Macon all wanted home publicity and the boys with toys wanted to test defences and give the military a day out.
      It was all pre advised for Putin to let the West play their game and not over escalate.

      Of far more importance will be how we deal with the rotten Cabal ripping Aapart western democracy.
      Putin and Lavrov are far superior leaders than western counterparts.

    2. My god. 'Those who hate us'? Lol. You came with a loaded gun mate. Bye. It will be peaceful.

    3. It's a pity really. Sergei brought some good info. If only he realised we are on the same side and put the guns away..

    4. Sergei
      You will find the site gives you a balance of global views and mental democracy at work as we challenge all boundaries and adverse actions.
      We commend or condem as deserved.
      It's a global truth site opening minds and challenging realities plus exposing false propoganda.

    5. Let him go. We have benefited greatly from his opinion and can be grateful for it. Bye Sergeie. Thank you.

    6. A Propoganda Troll testing the waters and finding thinking Sharks?

      Interesting conjectures, but too much one sided dissinfo Shill worries me.
      This site tells it as it is. Batten down the hatches. Truth hurts.

    7. Nah, he's not a troll. We gave him a "western" soapbox and, to his credit, he took full advantage of it.


    8. 100th Monkey,

      His presentation is clever though. He rants on, then does one reasonable sentence just before a link. This gives the impression that the link will give credibility to all he said. Most won't read the link. When in actuality only the last reasonable sentence is corroborated by the link. Very clever.

      I told him in the beginning to drop the "child sacrifice" BS. He did and has never mentioned it again. It was like he was testing the waters to see what kind of quacks we were. He got us on the NWO, so he uses that.

      I cannot help but feel something nefarious lurks in his modus operandi.

      Mens rea?

  28. Bill Gates backs a $1 billion plan to cover Earth in 'Big Brother' satellites capable of streaming 'live and unfiltered' HD footage of the planet

    Microsoft's Bill Gates is backing a start-up that will provide 'live and unfiltered' high definition footage of every inch of Earth.

    From Jim Stone: This has not been done yet, and no satellite is even built yet, but this could easily lead to "skynet" if it becomes more than a proposal.

    Bill Gates: 'We believe the ability to see and understand the Earth live and unfiltered will help all of us better appreciate and ultimately care for our one and only home.'

    Well does a bear poo in the woods...I guess they will know soon enough.

  29. We only have a few weeks left before Silly Season kicks in. To release or not release redemptions due. Or, as facts pertain, grossly overdue. We live in an era where Cabal thieves determine when or if not to return funds defrauded or stolen in the first place.
    That they call Democracy. Really?

    Daily it's battle on. Nations are focused but, as you see, they bomb Syria ,destroy Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya , following poor Vietnam, Cambodia and so many victim nations.

    We live in a befuddled world, fronted by vaccuous Politicians all worked by Bankers and Agency games responding to Jesuit and Zip prompting.

    Silly Season if nothing breaks before will break a lot of hearts. Powers are volatile and changing fast. Try passing a parcel of unexploded bombs.
    Slowly society is awakening but still not realising the Western Pension shortfall and Health Care costs are unsustainable under current models with no Leaders having the vision or integrity to address it head on. Your coming towards a retirement apocalypse.

    1. Now John,, that is not what I wanted to wake up to this AM!.... " you are fired".... lol.... Trump needs to say that to himself where the redemptions are concerned it seems.... kudos to you Sir John for your never ending dedication!....

    2. Well it was a good try BSD's. Time to celebrate the Summer! Good thing I'm bathing suit ready! Cheers to all!!

  30. John, release of redemptions before silly season will be realized. Thank You. Since "This site tells it as it is. Batten down the hatches. Truth hurts." What are the names , addresses, phone numbers of those six (6) lawyers holding up the process ? Lets put that info here on OWON for all to see.

  31. Well All or Nothing
    Based on what John said a few days ago ( and correct me if I am wrong) Executive Orders from the Barry Soetoro era need to be overturned. Until that happens it looks like we are stuck. The lawyers are not the problem, they are probably doing what their bosses are asking them do. POTUS needs to act.

    1. WELL, Looking for truth.
      Thanks for your astute assistance on this matter, where were you when we needed you oh so, so long ? The names of the lawyers we need to be informed of.

  32. All three of Trump's new lawyers have spent decades on organized crime cases, racketeering, and complex white collar criminal defenses
    Apr 20 2018

    President Donald Trump is entering the next phase of the Robert Mueller probe with a new team of lawyers experienced in white collar criminal defense and complex organized crime prosecutions involving racketeering and other crimes.

    Trump's legal team revealed the changes in rapid-fire announcements Thursday, more than a week after the FBI raided longtime Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

    Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani drew the headlines due to his role as a top campaign surrogate for Trump – though he made his bones in the law through prosecutions of top mob figures of New York's Five Families.

    But another pair of lawyers, Martin Raskin and his wife Jane Raskin, also have experience in complex cases involving mob figures, racketeering, and fraud.

    Read more:

  33. John , Merkel does interesting signs with her hands. Maybe Trump may get a discount. Yeah , now thats a good one. LOL. Trump is a NYer.

  34. Hey John,, just checkin in..... gonna go get a sledge hammer out of the shed and smack myself in the head really hard.... got to get that image out somehow!!!.... ltr

  35. Attempted coup in Saudi Arabia

    COVERT INTEL DIRECT FROM GOV'T INSIDERS: violent clashes ongoing between Salman's forces and other unidentified forces, believed to be affiliated with opposition Princes, who were urged to use rocket-propelled grenades.  Severely bad development, VERY destabilizing.


    My former collegaues in the Intelligence Community have directly confirmed to me the following: "a senior ground force officer led a raid on the palace to kill the king and his son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman."

    Hal Turner...

  36. i don't trust anyone who says we don't have Skynet capability yet. We're very close; they're spraying metals like crazy in the chemtrails, they've been sending up satellites like baseballs, they've contaminated us with mercury and aluminum poisoning. It's underway. The nanochips are next and they are ready because Sweden has them.

    Maybe not this week, or this year, but I'll bet within 5 years. Hang on to your hats, white or otherwise, because we'll all get one.

  37. Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors

    LOL the following is stated in the patent documents for the invention of the actual device...

    "Certain monitors can emit electromagnetic field pulses that excite a sensory resonance in a nearby subject, through image pulses that are so weak as to be subliminal. This is unfortunate since it opens a way for mischievous application of the invention, whereby people are exposed unknowingly to manipulation of their nervous systems for someone else's purposes. Such application would be unethical and is of course not advocated. It is mentioned here in order to alert the public to the possibility of covert abuse that may occur while being online, or while watching TV, a video, or a DVD."

  38. Judith Miller: Trump was right to pardon 'Scooter' Libby
    Apr 14 2018

    Justice deferred may be justice denied. But for I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby – former Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, who was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice in 2007 – President Trump’s pardon on Friday, however belated, was welcome. For me, too.

    Thirteen years ago, as a New York Times reporter, I went to jail to protect the identity of my news sources, and one source in particular – “Scooter” Libby.

    1. Oh Puhleeeeeeeze. Judith Miller is a neocon plant

  39. John, related to your redemption update post, does the silly season delay apply only to the public shot or are the big battalions, sovereigns, PP groups etc impacted equally as well? Many thanks

    1. John F

      Silly Seasons is so fragmented with so many damned Narcissists affecting any commercial cohesion, that eveyrone is afffected. Utter nightmares from Mid May to Mid Septemeber.
      Commercially, it's hopeless.

      Stock Trading in tbe City, we have a saying, Sell in May and go away.

      Most Snr Traders take their families and just go to the Med until 1'st week September. Ignore Broker talk or Bloggr BS,it's hard enough getting performance during full season like now,give them any excuse to delay, and it's done.
      Be assured, we are at them daily.

      The desperation for access to Au is sky high,Trump is just signing the new YR contract extention to continue special use of that, but we have plans for that game which we will not yet show our hands on. But YR is tiny compared to the real Elders power if harmonised. As IS evolving.

      Their worst nightmare is us getting the Elders to allow an AU allocation to underpin the new RMBs from the London platforms, and ourselves alone Bank Platform Trading that.

      In one swoop,by firm non military controlled use, we could start to affect both trade cycles and social cohesion. Pension Funds and Trusts would be forced to spread their Capital risks and that would transform the entire balance of power, simply lobotomising the petro dollar, and our then insistance on the US conforming to Basle 111, would wipe out all Military and Agency funding,all Fed theft via FRB NY, and deny the WH all Slush Funds use for Black Ops.

      America could no longer be a Military Industrial Economy. We would instead,FORCE the US to re assess its core strategies, and help America instead to unleash the huge potential of its industries, true wealth creation,social harmoney and the huge scientific potential with Global Social harmonization as we then address Global Project Sharing, and harmonisation of both Education and Welfare.

      Gold is, and needs to be, our Stranglehold.

      No, we won't sell it to you, but we can allocate Beneficial Trading use, as we do for Platforms now, and it will revolutionise our thinking as a species.

      40 key Familes. Enough Gimme Gimme bloddy rice bowls out once we talk distribution, and our hard pragmatic bargaining to focus on Harmony Principles.
      Enough Elders also have a greed factor, which also is being reigned in,it takes time to stop each Chan, thinking unleash a Gusher, then I can! The battle is not greed but to lead! To focus as one on Human need. For all Mankind.We have to get this right. This is why they are in London, to be fed, and mind Lead!

      To think, not like a Chan, but Yes, because we can! Do better, rethink Humanity,and help introduce that Quantum leap, the Power of the New RMB Buck, but Elders to be focused for purpose, not DC and Wall Street strategies of just gorge it all and who gives a F!

      Cohesion takes more than season. It means rethinking policies imbued with reason.

      It means rethinking the whole Global political dynamic. And purpose of money!
      And believing Yes we Can, if backed now by a Chan.
      Try to re channel 40 families smelling the redeemed Rice Bowls.
      But more, taking that trusting step, the step into the unkown,to let a London Round Eye, rebuild their Global profile,to enter and control Global markets and not be ripped off. These families have been abused, lied to and deceived for centuries. Trust takes time. Belief needs to develop.

      But when the key Buddhist Temple Leader has already advocated, we CAN Trust ****
      the humour is zany but the Soul is good, small steps for Mankind are now being tested.Seeds of hope. Seeds grow and germinate. Allow us time. We seek only to harvest for humanity.
      Your site is at the forefront of Cosmic thinking. Reason takes more than a season. It's taken 7,000 years to get us this F up!
      All us time to eject the Zio Fox out of the box.
      As core strategy, non of us matter. Achieving does. MLK had a dream. As did Mandela. It's a lonely road. But hope is a great motivator. Pursuit of an ideal.

    2. Sorry for typos, 'work pressure and no time. But it gives you core update.

    3. Thanks John for the glimpse into what’s truly going on behind the scenes and the realistic progress on things. Looks to me like unless a miracle occurs over the next few weeks, which appears unlikely, all participants are looking at Sep at the earliest. BTW I had originally thought from earlier updates that Trump signing off on the YR contract extension was a good thing, but this sounds like it just buys the Fed more time, if I’m understanding that correctly.

    4. John- I'm positively tickled to have understood your message. I usually find them confusing, largely because I'm not up on your references. What is a YR contract? Is US gold confiscation a possibility? Will other metals be valuable when it all rolls out? So there ARE positive financial forces in London? Is this different from the City of London? I'm feeling relieved. Thanks

    5. Sechette
      The positive Elders are who the Chinese Elders link to. Old family UK forces with true principles. Above corruption and of true integrity. Dolly excluded!

  40. Rumor has it things are kicking off in Florida right now but could be a load of BS broker dreams, but he’s let’s me optimistic. ๐Ÿ˜

    1. Hello Roger, I hope things are kicking off. And you are right we need to be optimistic. Where did you hear that things were kicking off in Florida, if you don't mind me asking?

  41. Roger and John F

    Yes there ARE moves but my lips stay sealed UNTIL after its reality. Nothing worse than false hope it's enough we carry it for you all.

    John F

    NEVER underesitmate a Bulldog savaging your ankles because just a short jump above and we really will have your attention!

    Tino, Bob, P and all do NOT give up.
    There is much I will not say yet, but be assured, jokes apart, the heart is strong,belief moreso, and focus is bang on.

    For the first time EVER, the Elders believe, Trust is growing, and every request for AU now refers to London for a No!
    Now key Elders legals just call London first to avoid the face loss of a case loss.

    Plus I make the time to correct typos for the Elders LOl. But, you get the case.
    John F.
    Work out who YRs real Advisor is in London and why Trump is in trouble if London cancels that contract on him and it all unravels! Harball!

    So, leave us to play it all out. The Zio trash have F up the world (America!!!! Palestine , Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt) for 7,000 years. Give us time to rebuild it fit for purpose. Zio Rat Free and No Vatican Knee!

    1. Ah got it John, thanks. Power over that contract vests in London. Leverage! Nuff said.

  42. Another country's people are waking up:

    Thousands rally in Tel Aviv to protect Israel from turning into ‘Netanyahu state’ (VIDEO)

    Alarmed and angered by a draft bill that would strip Israel’s Supreme Court of the power to overturn laws, thousands of activists have staged a protest in Tel Aviv, accusing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of a power grab.
    Chanting slogans against the Israeli PM, hundreds of anti-government activists marched down the streets of Tel Aviv holding banners. “'Bibi take your hands off the supreme court', 'Corrupted, you don't have a mandate' and 'Bibi, organized crime, leave the supreme court alone',” they shouted.

    1. It already is, aren't they a little late? What does the Supreme Court matter in a country whose Deep State calls the shots, much like US. It's just a rubber stamp. I thought Bibi was under investigation anyway and about to go down, no longer true? Corruption it seems! Ha. Apparently there have been more than a few protests throughout Israel lately, especially after that shooting video, but before as well.

      There was an exodus a while back, it may even be ongoing as the number of Israelis stateside seems to be increasing. H1B visas for sure- which Sessions supposedly stopped. Got any swamp land in Florida?

  43. We will give you something to contemplate and maybe even help.

    Trump versus the Deep State is expanding. At last!
    The Deep State is now pannicking.

    Do they sacrifice the lot, Obama or the Clintons? Rats and sinking ships?

    For the first time, as the King Rat Buush 41 has lost control, and 43 is a Muppet!!, they are seeing the lot could come down. Taking who with them?

    Expect to see a lot more now from Clapper!
    But this now takes Your Real President, into increasing danger.
    These are murderous groups who will do anything to retain their power. Treasonous.
    For the first time they can see the risk of the Clintons going down, and then?

    So, do they sacrifice Obama, or the Clintons? Who is their safest Defence shield left?

    A lot is reaching boiling point now.
    So, as Trump has failed to back down to them, a Face Off is coming.
    Which means heads and Crimes!
    Linking then those who colluded and betrayed America and all of you.
    Many names. Not least Clapper!

    We will expand it as it is. When it blows, the SHTF!!! big time!!
    So we WILL protect and encourage Trump, but he's got to follow through now.
    The Lying, Shyster, Untrustworthy, Reprobate took the Day Job and now must do it. Time for the Sheriff to tool up and fire!

    1. Listen John, this is not true. Trump has been supporting the Cabal at every turn. We hear constantly about all the great legislation behind the scenes, down with the rats, etc. But he's surrounded by neocons, does exactly what he's told by Sabbatean elements, gives Israel a blank check and free reign in Middle East, and we see nothing that would lead us to believe that any progress is being made whatsoever!
      Where are all these arrests? He's given a fortune to the super rich with his new tax deals. Bombed Syria for no reason, has military amassed in the Mediterranean and has forces embedded now in southern Syria where most of Syria's resources, i.e. oil, some water and more are located and we're not leaving despite what he says.

      Barb Bush has ascended, as they say, she'll be back and maybe the boys are on their own, but that doesn't mean Trump is a good guy. Hillary is still at large, as are so many and for so long. California is in meltdown. Corporations are buying up rural property like crazy and impoverishing an already impoverished underclass.
      I'm not convinced at all. Not seeing it at the surface. He's backed down too many times.

    2. Completely agree with this assessment. Trump is a childish, criminal fool who is surrounded with neocons like Bolton who is SOOOOOOOOOOOO bad that Bush Jr. could not get him past Congress and had to do a recess appointment.

    3. Trump is far worse than that. Why do you think he's such a misogynist? There's a reason. It's standard psych really. Think about it, think about Barron and Melania and think about all of Trump's close friends. Do your homework. Research all the photos of him and Liberace, Cohn, Michael Jackson and more. Connect the dots.

    4. Perp Walks LIVE! Thank You JOHN for your details.

  44. Sesshete

    Points made which have concerned me from day one, but I'm giving him a chance and support to prove up. With him or Clinton, our choice?
    Did we buy a chance or a Dog? All will be clear this year.

    This year the attention is on him. Reformer or Rat?

    1. I think he's just severely damaged and therefore easy to manipulate. His offenses against humanity are surely jailable and they aren't limited to peccadilloes with porn stars. Does he want to do the right thing? who knows. Undoubtedly he wants to protect and further his own financial interests and maybe he was the best of the lot, but his weak links are very weak and his supporters are often damaged just like him. People with bad habits are not reliable.

  45. Breaking: BOMBSHELL Nunes Interview!
    Apr 22 2018

    1. p:A better, more straight forward version of the above.

      Apr 22 2018

  46. We are following events closely. A few unknowing that have a jaundiced view are way off the mark. The Financial World is changing. People are getting exposed. Red Pilling is gaining steam ... even on MSM (which I despise) telling me PROGRESS. A few that we want arrested are likely "Booted" or the = ~.

    The govt players are US, RU, CH and UK. All of these are infiltrated by ziorats-cabal-nwo et al. ALL OF THEM! The strongest Leader I know is VP with DJT either a close second or equal. We see events and behaviors not visible through OTC lenses. Many positive changes here are delayed by peeling the onion. Our largest mystery set coming into visible light are SES/SEA, SERCO, foreign controlled FED, Visas, Patent Office, OPIC, USAID and afew more. Mauny of these are funneled through London. UK had as many or more controlled ziorats as does US, CH and RU. Every damn one of our Presidents after Andrew Jackson; with the possible exception of JFK should be executed for treason if they were alive. The 4 living are working together for certain! One of these must be replaced and that one was named after a calendar month. The others are working miracles. Let us help them be successful. I believe with every fiber of my being that these 4 Countries are fully capable of destroying the 7,000 year old ziorat movement whose leaders have no souls = monsters. Thousands of us are not afraid of death and we are not going to do anything stupid. The TRANSFORMATION is gaining in strength and we all can do some little something and others can do a lot. Our time is NOW!

  47. Apparently English paedos are not inclined to interfere with Pakistanis who share their interests:

    Social services chief is one of three politicians exposed as paedophiles as Telford child sex grooming scandal grows. County councillor Graham Bould groomed 15-year-old he met at a church group. He chaired Shropshire social services department when abuse in town was rife.

    The shocking revelation comes just a week after authorities in the Shropshire town voted to commission an independent inquiry into child abuse after years of inaction. Up to 1,000 children are feared to have been groomed and abused by predominantly Asian paedophile gangs.

    Now it has emerged that former county councillor Graham Bould groomed a 15-year-old boy in the early 1980s after meeting him at a church group. The 60-year-old is the third politician to be exposed as a convicted child sex offender in the West Midlands town.

    Borrowed from Vox Day.

  48. Replies
    1. Too bad the youth of today are not taught this at a young age.

  49. p: The Plan A that didn't happen thankfully, and 9-11 was Plan B. Major red pill! David Hawkins from AbelDanger interview that touches on Serco, Jon Benet Ramsey and more.

    Jan 12 2018

  50. IMF Blasts New Zealand's "Discriminatory" Ban On Home Sales To Foreigners

    Does this include the fleeing so-called elite (and a reason for it)? Or against the Chans.

  51. Russia's New Energy Gamble

    Look at how Russia is dividing Eurasia. It's a mistake.

    Just as they never thought HRC would lose, the Russians and Chinese think free energy won't come for decades.

    They are wrong. They should know this too since VP gets briefings and strategic help from galactics to stay one step ahead.

    So the deal must be to use the Eurasian gambit to legally dethrone the global cabal hegemony, and once that's done they will convert to free energy.

    Or they really do think their sh$t don't stink and are expecting fossil fuel trade for decades to come. Fools if they do.

    As Stephen Greer says, when we do have official public disclosure people will ask how they got here. Is there a gas station on Pluto? Lol. No. Besides free energy tech we already have pollution cleaning tech.

    Conclusion and possibilities:
    1. Sino-Ruskies are using the set-up of Eurasia to boot the US and keep using fossil fuels as the new PTB. Ie Rotts/soros et al retain emperorship of Earth using Russia and China as puppet states.
    2. Sino-Ruskies use Eurasia to boot the zio cabal, then they will switch to free energy.

    Which is it?

  52. AJ

    First PP releases are the game changers.
    How the AU is then handled is key. Very delicate tax and refinery plans are progressing.
    London WILL then be focal, and Eurasia WILL be on our terms. Austral Asia will be included. No way are we losing you to the Pakkies!

    1. The Cabal will have no chance.
    2. It shocks a certain species in Finance meetings discussing future Eurasian strategy when I join groups, look at a certain sub human species present, and say YOU- out! I will not tolerate Zios or their inclusion. Nor their roles in our banks. We will not allow Zios ANY roles in Eurasia nor Banks with them in senior roles. Nor law roles, nor any roles. Zios are something we scrape off our shoes. Zero tolerance. I am clear with Elder or Chinese counterparts. Non negotiable, all abominations. No need for Demon seed. Head on- Out!
    3.Forget weak EU Political leaders. Money will rule, and once we restructure certain markets, Eurasia will roll out. China and Russia know we need strong leadership and clear vision. The EU is a failed Vatican NWO grab. The UK does not fit with Socialist S***!
    4.Eurasia as it rolls out will have a core agenda. Yes, we ARE thinking a century forward, with all inclusive rules,humanitarian but firm, and intolerance of corruption or fools.
    5. You see how China deals with corruption. Organ donars! Who cares?

    These things can not be left to Politicos. Greasy pole clueless Chumps. We need to think for the chattering masses and clueless classes. Effective use of real power. Money must be redefined and wealth managed.
    A velvet glove to care for humanity, and an iron fist for buggers off the rails. Such issues can not be left to Politicos, is the US not glaring proof of endemic corruption if left unchecked.

    The real rethink is starting now. Defining Eurasia. Deserving supply chains for the Gulags. Rodent control. China knows how to deal with corrupt Bankers, and Korea has just sentenced ex President Park to rot and die in Jail. Eurasia will not be soft on crime.
    Nor allow Lawyers to pevert Justice.

    We are rethinking reward and all inclusion. Think outside the box for money.
    What the US has done via the Fed for Off Balance Sheet Gray Screen Trading to fund the Military Cabal, we will re structure to fund humanity. Eurasia, ONE Nation, all matter and no place for crime. No soft Political seats, first you prove your worth and commit to a clear project task agenda. Fail and out.
    No Misfits like Obama. Where's his Birth Cert? Birth records for his kids? Social Security application for his number? Passport application. Birth checked? So his bogus declarations? Eurasia he would be fast tracked!

    Eurasia will be inclusive. Laws also. Nowhere to run or hide. Clean up time for the Zoo.

    1. John you know what'll happen if we meet the Pakkies at the MCG. Ducks one side 6's on the other.

      Glad the Motherland still has us close to heart. We both share our love of fish n chips and butter chicken so nothing else for it really.

    2. John it sounds like the elders AU has been analyzed and tested with varying hallmarks(across many years/centuries) and consistency in AU percentages(.999 as opposed to .9999). Remelting and stamping are refinery objectives.If I'm understanding things the new higher value and new known hallmark would make for a taxable event. It makes sense. Thank you for sharing.

    3. John " We will not allow Zios ANY roles " Thank You.

    4. As Chair of the Think Tank, good luck with trying!
      I'm like a Dog with a Rat Cat! Just on sight, YOU - Out!
      Consternation but backbone in our nation.
      Zero tolerance.Zero inclusion. It shocks the vermin to see such vehemence.
      Elders have a nickname for a certain guy. Any no doubt of his position.

    5. "No soft Political seats, first you prove your worth and commit to a clear project task agenda."

      How refreshing - a gov that is project oriented.

    6. You are SUCH a good ratter, John. Perhaps we should call you Jack, in honour of the best ratters ever. Jack Russells are tenacious, courageous, brilliant, tough as nails when needed and loving companions when not tearing vermin & snakes to shreds. Works for me! Whaddya say, Jack? :)

      Have a good week, everybody. Have to be away for a few days. Hope I don't miss the party.

  53. An encouraging way to start the week. Many thanks, as usual, John.

  54. Agree! Great traction. Many blessings and thank you John and team.

  55. AJ

    I would rather bowl them live grenadaes!

  56. As MSM tries to get in front of the avalanche: The 'deep state' is real. But are its leaks against Trump justified?

    My favorite comment about this article to date:
    This is just a Stage One admission. "Yes, it's real, but it's not that bad, and besides, it means well." That means we still have a few stages to go before everyone understands that the Deep State is the Praetorian Guard of New Babel, acting to preserve the secrets and the rule of the the elite Satanist pedophiles.

  57. Republicans Have A Plan For 2018 — It’s Terrible News For Hillary Clinton
    Apr 23 2018

    The Republican plan for the 2018 midterms is not good news for failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

    Fox News reports that Hillary is “starring” in their strategy.

    “We’re going to make them own her,” Republican National Committee spokesman Rick Gorka told Fox News.

    Republicans are planning to marry Democrats to Hillary Clinton and force the party to be associated with their failed nominee.

    1. Greedy, greedy Grandma. That was always the last taunt before fists started flying in primary school.

  58. The Last Cowboy at Pine Creek Ranch
    Apr 20 2018

    Watch this video and see for yourself the sad and frightening saga of the destruction of the old west – and the American dream.

    Wayne Hage, Sr was a friend of mine, as was his second wife, the late Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth. Both were courageous leaders in the battle to save private property from the tyranny of government takings.

    Wayne was one of the first to stand up and fight back against federal efforts to remove independent ranchers from the range lands. That fight is now best known through the desperate efforts of the Bundys. Years before, there was Wayne Hage. In similar fashion to what the Bundys would eventually face, Wayne endured outrageous harassment and intimidation from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). His fences were cut and livestock stolen. His life threatened. His ability to run the ranch made nearly impossible.

    But Wayne Hage fought to his dying day to save the ranch and life style he loved so much; the independent American rancher taming the wild frontier, romanticized in so many old western movies. Now they were being reduced to victims of a corrupt and dangerous government out of control, determined to destroy an entire way of life in the name of “protecting the people’s land.”

    He won his case in court numerous times, proving his grazing and water rights were his legally, not publicly owned and controlled as the government insisted. Yet each victory was appealed by the heavy hand of government, moving the case to the next court and the next judge in the system, forcing Wayne to spend more and more on legal fees. The government plan was simple and obvious. Destroy him financially until he was forced to give up.

    Now their viscous tactic has finally forced his family to give up the fight as they prepare to move off the ranch and let the tyrants of government have their spoils in the war over the rangelands.

    And so, we are witnessing the end of a way of life of the strong, independent, free thinking cowboy who will now have no choice but to be herded into the Smart Growth hell holes of the easily-controlled mega cities where private property is never a consideration.

    Wayne Hage once said, “If you can’t own and control property – then you are property.” Welcome to the utopia of government control where never is allowed a discouraging word.

  59. Senate panel set to approve Mike Pompeo as secretary of State after Rand Paul flips to support
    Apr 23 2018

    The Senate Foreign Relations Committee was poised to approve CIA Director Mike Pompeo as secretary of State after a Republican holdout changed his mind at the last minute, avoiding an embarrassing defeat for the White House.

    Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky had vowed to oppose Pompeo, but Paul tweeted shortly before the vote was scheduled Monday that after speaking to both men, he was convinced that Pompeo now agreed with Trump that "the Iraq war was a mistake and it is time to leave Afghanistan."

  60. Patriots View - Episode 01: Kevin Shipp Presentation Exposes the Shadow Government
    Apr 20 2018

    In this episode we visit Kevin Shipp presentation in Sterling Virginia where he reveals some of the the inner workings of the CIA, including the darkside of its activities and the culture of secrecy and its constitutional implications.

    1. p: Sickening, but Hillary is supporting 9 month abortions in other countries and the bill is/will be covered by US tax payers. Found around 1:30:00 on the above video.

      Apr 23 2018

  61. Posted on April 23, 2018 4:12 am
    OPEC is acting with ‘noble goal’ of rescuing the oil market, says organization’s president
    What Assholes the only Nobel thing to do is bring back the Crusades!
    UAE energy minister: Production cuts have helped market to recover

    The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries is not artificially inflating oil prices but has instead come together with the “noble goal” to rescuing the market, OPEC’s current chairman said Monday. “I don’t think we ever said that we’re targeting a price. We all remember what’s happened two years ago — the market was over-flooded, and it wasn’t OPEC who over-flooded the market. And no one intervened to do anything about it,” Suhail Al Mazrouei, the United Arab Emirates’ minister of energy and industry and OPEC president, told CNBC’s Hadley Gamble. The oil market experienced a sharp downturn after an increase in shale production in the U.S. caused prices to plunge below $30 per barrel in 2016. “OPEC and non-OPEC (countries) came together, they sacrificed some of their production to try and fix the imbalance in the market. So the objective of OPEC was, I would say, a noble goal to rescue the market (from) a long over-supply,” he said.

    U.S. President Donald Trump on Twitter last week accused OPEC of being responsible for “artificially very high” oil prices

  62. The famous French philosopher Denis Diderot lived nearly his entire life in poverty, but that all changed in 1765.

  63. Replies
    1. I told my husband that he was not far behind after Barbara's they say....leaving the youngsters to deal with what's coming....which the mainstream public may never know about.
      Oh what interesting times we live in.

    2. I realize the enormity of 41's crimes, but these kind of joined (potentially) passing, almost makes one believe in Bram Stoker vampirism.

    3. Wellll, you may not be far off, who knows....stranger things, right ?!

    4. Well...they did drink the blood of children.

    5. Even accepting a wider Universe, where to draw a line when CERN is doing dimensional research under the guise of Higgs bosons, Nazis+Antartica+Aliens+Underground Cities, transhumanism of impossible capability, Disclosure, "free" energy, Arcturians, Dugway and dimensional, DUMBs galore, dancing up to WW3 on purpose, Jinn, other Aliens, a South Atlantic rocky secret base, and that's what I rattle off the top of my head. If I start to rattle the "common" crimes stuff -- pedophilia, potential child sacrifice, snuff films, the whole rotten setup of power and sequestration and cronyism up to the highest levels, where all the institutions have failed us... one could really get rattled! LOL!

    6. 41 got into Navy after Prescott had top brass rewrite rules allowing 18 year olds in flight training. 41 got in - according to Prescott "I din't want you near DC when my conviction hits the press". A letter to Barbara was postmarked 3-4 days prior to his being shot down stating he was OK and survived. Truth is .... 41 ditched his Avenger without being hit with bullets of any kind. he ditched a perfectly good plane killing his crew (murderin them) he parachuted to safety to a waiting submarine. Coincidence? He went on to kill millions.

    7. No. Not coincidence. Monsters like '41 are made, step by step. What I haven't been able to find is how, after Prescott consent decreed that neither he nor progeny would go into politics, when and where the consent decree was reversed.

    8. Tino it was probably never reversed. You’ll known that 41 was head of the CIA prior to VP & Presidency, and at that point had enough power and resource at his disposal to blackmail (or worse) anyone that was even thinking about reversing it.

    9. This is a whole family of monsters from Prescott up. Nazis. Vermin the lot.

  64. HaHa, 41 one that is, not my husband :)

  65. Tino
    Dimensions and time travel merit key focus.Logistics impact the rest.

    1. You'd think that time travel would be a malum in se, I would hate to flip into non-existence because the Nazis change the outcome of WW2. Of course, folks might be properly fearful of changing anything lest it disturb present plans...

      I presume that the more ascended may travel anywhere, sorry, anywhen, given that they are not affecting anything as big balls of energy.

  66. AJ

    Look at the scale of visitations and surveillance this planet is under. Study reports of triangular shaped crafts and discs in the 1800s and even 1600s. Surveillance?

  67. Tino

    Be 100% absolutely assured, the Elder Guardians awaiting 41,s arrival, will have an Atonement process fitting for his kind and that will be without mercy.
    I know the harmony and awesome wonder for most transient Souls. Where Sr is going I can't even imagine, but I do know burning by whatever means factors in. His will be for millennia . Earned !

    1. It's called the AKASHIC record.

      Fascinating. Search it.

    2. Monkey - search out Kryon's channellings on the Akash, there are some very recent ones. You're absolutely right, it's fascinating stuff. I have taken courses on the Akashic records and Kryon's information is way beyond what we think we know. He refers to it simply as 'the Akash'. One of the more recent pieces, on YouTube, is "60% DNA Activation". Enjoy.

    3. Thanks guys... will give it a search engine whirl...

    4. It links to what we have advised you.


    6. Thank you Tim4123 for sharing. Just the reminder needed this morning! )

  68. Armenia opposition leader demands snap election after PM resigns
    Apr 23 2018

    Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan steps down amid protests, says he will not be involved in "required solutions" to unrest.

    Armenia's opposition leader has demanded a snap parliamentary election in the wake of former Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan's resignation over widespread anti-government demonstrations.

  69. So sad that the Cabal has been able to overthrow Armenia. Where do they get the support? Is it all trucked in from Saudi Arabia? Doesn't the indigenous population realize what's happening? The archontic frequencies are so powerful.
    John- can we really defeat them? I despair of it all sometimes. And Armenia is a Christian nation.

    1. Maybe the whitehats have overthrown the cabal puppet gov?

    2. My understanding of the White Hats is that they are CIA and therefore not particularly beneficial. I'm disinclined to view any overthrows positively since the precedent is otherwise. The Russian pipeline is going through Armenia at some point so I have no doubt that the president was pro-Russian.

  70. Seshette

    Right now what I can not say is critical to all. We can not give them an excuse to delay. The vast current sytem is programed for the Fed to syphone off to fund the Zios Foreign Owners, the Agencies, Military and Cabal Slush funds. Also the WH Slush funds.
    It is all ROTTEN from the top down. Also Global!
    No one knows, nations don't care, until it's too late.

    Sergie has a lot to learn of Mother Russia. Putin is no Choir Boy. Nor Lavrov.

    Can we defeat them? Yes! and WILL!!!!
    Let us clear our own Agendas first. Beyond delicate. Behind it all, we have the AU.
    The key to the doors of power. We Gold back the RMB and not the Petro dollar. Who then funds the Cabal? 1,000 Bases go Pop!
    Now is not the time to expand on it.

    It's coming, there is no Price! It's coming!

    Hear the ethos of the site, the aspiration of many. The whisper of consciousness.
    The resolute conscience.

    Watch EACH day. Then you will understand, we have an agenda for all.

    1. john

      if the plan is doing the gold bk'd BMB

      what will happen to the supposed contracts for the dinar, dong and zim?

      what would happen to asset bk'd international TRNs? new domestic dollar (in US)?

      help us understand the implications


    2. Unknown

      Whatever we do, unless the good people of the US, are freed from the Zio Spawn, you are just Alien bait for the Elites!
      Dinars won't likely go until after Ramadan now.
      Dongs, China will decide that.
      Zim???????????????? God knows.

      Asset backed TRN's will save your Butts for imports. But Domestic garbage? Expect a c35% hit.
      With coming Robotics,automation and AI, who will emply the new coming unemployed, to do what? The biggest bombshell waiting will be the Retirees, under funded,living way too long, and screaming like bitches when supposed Health Care won't cover unexpected geriatric issues.
      A great country, good people, Rudderless! While they all plot to steal the lot. I feel for you. All!

      Implications, smart money leaves? As the changing Racial Mix takes over,good luck with that. Every Afro and Hispanic kid is owed? Really?
      Implications, not good. Unless real Patriots retrack America,who cares for you while the parasites steal the seed corn?
      Thank God Dollies got a Coat of Many Colours left.

      When is Dumbo taking them down?

    3. Hello John, I have a question. Since the Dinar won't go until after Ramadan, does this mean we are not to watch the site daily anymore? Once again thank you and the Elders for all you do.

    4. The world is not just the dinar. So much is evolving

    5. John- I'm assuming your post above re: currencies like the dinar, is referring to the US under continued Cabal control, but, as I understand you, there is a plan to make a better world for all without them. So is your scenario a possibility or is it inevitable? Some clarification is needed I believe.

  71. John, may God be with you, and all others involved in this victory.

  72. Be Prepared For The Entire System To Go Dark For 2-3 Days:Jordan Sather
    X22Report Spotlight
    Published on Apr 19, 2018

  73. John are the outstanding EO'S from the Barry Soetoro era still causing delays to the P.P's or is there any progress on that front.

    Any clues as to why the Zim seemed to be really stepped back now?

    Thanks for all you do.

    God Bless you

    1. The gatekeepers jump to the Wookies orders

  74. If you really want to understand the Akash and what happens after our bodies stop ticking then read "Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of The Soul". It's a channeled book by Jane Roberts.

    It took me weeks to read it the first time because EVERY time I read a few paragraphs I would fall out of consciousness and into unconsciousness, only to wake up a while later understanding what I'd read. Bizarre but true.

    I looked after my mother for twelve months prior to her passing. She had rejected medical intervention and was ready to pass on. She wasn't a particularly spiritual woman but sometimes, as we played scrabble in the afternoons (I generally played both hands), she would let me "pontificate" on the after life, and where I thought we may all be travelling towards. An overwhelming calmness enveloped her in the last weeks prior to her passing. Thanks for that, Seth.

    "Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul" is available on Kindle for $USD4.75.

    Then there's "Law of One', which explains the eight densities, the difference between time/space and space/time continuums, service to self and service to others and other basic principles of understanding required to travel between the densities of time and space.

    As there'll be no progress on the RV for a couple for months it would be well worth your time to read and/or re-read the above texts.

    I'm going to. Thanks for the reminders.

    MyGirl, I'll get to Kryon some time today. Thanks for the tip.


  75. And speaking of piercing the vale,

    Its ANZAC day down under in Australia and New Zealand.

    They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
    Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
    At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
    We will remember them.

    Lest we forget.

  76. For Seshette, Q indicates Armenia was just freed from deep state control:

    Apr 23 2018 14:31:49 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 3b9a43 1158695
    Think SA.
    Order is important.
    SA -> NK.
    NK -> Armenia.
    Armenia -> Iran
    Iran ->
    Any other rogue nuclear states?
    Define hostage.
    Define protection.
    Who is protected by rogue nuclear states?
    Trust the plan.
    Why are border states like AZ/CA important?
    Why is MX vocal against POTUS?
    Those who are the loudest…..
    The Great Awakening.
    Iron Eagle.

    1. I'm not sure I consider Q reliable. Rumors are that it's AI, who programmed it? Your succession doesn't make sense to me. The PNAC listed countries for regime change so we provoke revolts in those countries to install our puppets. SA= Saudi ARabia? No regime change needed there, South Africa- pure chaos and war on whites, perhaps a regime change is necessary since anarchy is difficult to work with. North Korea- change needed, Iran- change needed, therefore Armenia was change needed as well and it has been done. Is Armenia a nuclear state? I didn't think so. Is South AFrica nuclear? I didn't think so, maybe I'm wrong. I doubt that South Africa protects anything. Saudi ARabia just funds terrorists in cooperation with Israel and US. Your dots don't connect for me, sorry. More clarification is necessary here.

  77. This Had to Hurt=> Grifter Mitt Romney Fell Flat on His Face in Second Round Voting at Utah Convention
    Apr 24 2018

    Last weekend at the Republican Convention in Utah former Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Placed 2nd forcing a statewide primary for the Republican US Senate opening caused from Orrin Hatch’s retirement.

    NPR noted that –

    Even with his name recognition and campaign war chest, Romney couldn’t get the 60 percent of the vote he needed to avoid a primary. At the Utah GOP Convention, Romney split the vote with conservative state Rep. Mike Kennedy, who acknowledged that after a long day at convention, the room was getting tired.

    But this is only half the story. According to a reporter in Utah –

    …the results demonstrate how weak Mitt Romney’s performance was with rank-and-file GOP delegates on Saturday, and because the alternative to Romney is a genuine conservative who now may have the upper hand

    Romney actually won the first round of voting but not with enough votes to win the Republican nomination because he needed 60% and he only earned 46%.

  78. Did McCabe issue ‘Stand-Down’ order on FBI Clinton Email Investigation?
    Apr 24 2018

    Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is now facing possible criminal charges for lying under oath about leaks he made to The Wall Street Journal in 2016, in an effort to salvage his reputation and give his account to journalists who were questioning whether he gave a “stand-down” order to FBI agents investigating the Clinton Foundation.

    Multiple former FBI officials, along with a Congressional official, say that while there may have been internal squabbling over the FBI’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation at the time, there was allegedly another “stand-down” order by McCabe regarding the opening of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of her private email for official government business.

    McCabe’s stand-down order regarding Clinton’s private email use happened after The New York Times first reported Hillary Clinton Used Personal Email Account at State Dept., Possibly Breaking Rules in March 2015 and before the official investigation was requested by the Justice Department toward the end of July 2015.

  79. "There is a danger that the Trump administration begins to take Australia for granted.
    Trump has 'not treated Australia particularly well' ".

    1. Think there’s a reason for that! Mr. Turdball may have been able to put a rotten deal over on Obozo; however Pres Trump smelled it and started asking questions. Why would Australia think America should take all the Muslim rabble “refugees” not good enough to enter your country so detaining in prisons off shore? You found them so you keep them. We’re already full up with that bunch!

  80. Replies
    1. The link to the indictment is below the video and makes very good reading !!!

    2. Holy Moley JK!!!! It's huge!


    The government “can’t find” $20 trillion, while pension funds are tanking

    Note: the missing $20 trillion does not refer to the national debt.

    by Jon Rappoport

    April 24, 2018

    Alert to pension fund managers all over the planet—and to everyone else—

    “If 1,000 US and global pension fund managers start asking questions it could change everything – like stopping a nuclear war.”

    That’s a statement from former US Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and now president of Solari, Inc., Catherine Austin Fitts, who is a financial analyst like no other in our time.

    Among other feats, she has identified a giant sucking black hole in the US government. And what has disappeared down that hole is money. Over the years, at least $20 trillion.

    Unaccounted for.

    1. Ahhh, CAF- she's popular. The money is accounted for, NASA, Mars, DARPA, mercenary armies, regime changing. They just don't want to tell us so they claim they lost it. How can we believe any of the numbers from the government? All statistics and financial papers are bogus, doctored, redacted. Nothing is really "missing" though, just hidden off the books and they'll blamd the Pentagon or some other entity.

      It's time we caught on really and stopped buying into the lies. I tell people all the time. The CIA costs a fortune so big even their drug business can't cover the expenses.

  82. UK PM’s husband’s Capital Group is largest shareholder in BAE, shares soar since Syrian airstrikes
    Apr 17 2018

    Philip May, husband of the UK prime minister, works for a company that is the largest shareholder in arms manufacturer, BAE Systems, whose share price has soared since the recent airstrikes in Syria.

    The company, Capital Group, is also the second-largest shareholder in Lockheed Martin – a US military arms firm that supplies weapons systems, aircraft and logistical support. Its shares have also rocketed since the missile strikes last week.

    The fact has not gone unnoticed by some on Twitter, who agree that BAE Systems has done very well out of the UK-US-France allied airstrikes on Syria, which were sanctioned by Theresa May. It has been reported that the UK’s contribution to military strikes was to fire eight ‘Storm-Shadow’ missiles at an alleged chemical weapons facility, each of which cost £790,000 ($1.13 million) – totaling £6.32 million ($9 million). The missiles were manufactured by BAE Systems.

  83. How Colleges Are Ripping Off a Generation of Ill-Prepared Students

    Earlier this month, the 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress, aka the nation’s “report card,” was released. It’s not a pretty story.

    Only 37 percent of 12th-graders tested proficient or better in reading, and only 25 percent did so in math. Among black students, only 17 percent tested proficient or better in reading, and just 7 percent reached at least a proficient level in math.

    The atrocious National Assessment of Educational Progress performance is only a fraction of the bad news. Nationally, our high school graduation rate is over 80 percent. That means high school diplomas, which attest that these students can read and compute at a 12th-grade level, are conferred when 63 percent are not proficient in reading and 75 percent are not proficient in math.

    For blacks, the news is worse. Roughly 75 percent of black students received high school diplomas attesting that they could read and compute at the 12th-grade level. However, 83 percent could not read at that level, and 93 percent could not do math at that level.

    1. Oh yeah, it's really pretty bad and getting worse. As a teacher I can attest to the agenda that moves everyone through and out regardless of how well they're doing. Some of these standardized state assessments catch some of it, but definitely not enough and there are alternatives available to move the kids along.

      The general approach is to make the student's grade the teacher's fault and to compel us to teach 10 different levels in one class period. It's ridiculous. No one fails and no one stays back after elementary and there only once.

      But EVERYBODY gets into college and that's the big problem. The colleges, so desperate for heads and $$, will take underperformers. Especially now that they can demand that the kids make up deficiencies without earning college credit so that the university makes a fortune and doesn't give them anything. Some colleges even have "special ed" tracks. In the 60's you couldn't get in without half a brain, now you can and the parents, desperate to get their kids out of the house, don't want the teachers to get in the way. It's madness, but what a great revenue stream for the (((universities))).

      People don't understand, everything is revenue stream now, including the data. The profiteers are only interested in how much money is generated by the scam of higher education and how long and hard they can run it. It feeds into the debt slavery revenue stream with education loans, school districts get more money for certain kinds of students, etc. I'm not sure what the solution is because we don't have low-skilled labor anymore really. Thoughts?


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