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14 to 18 April 2018

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  1. John's comment carried over from previous comment section:


    If we challenge the corruption of the Deep State and work with you, as team partners, to remove this impediment, as a collective, please see us as constructive partners enhancing a better America, not attacking you or your standards.

    This is a Global dichotomy, not unique to America. We need to share and debate issues of evolving human consciousness.

    As we evolve, how do we communicate better global ideologies?

    Quantum mechanics may now come of age, time to help shape new part ethereal guided emerging mentally synergised societies.

    New artificial intelligence will now evolve as a new human kind. We need to transcend nationalism, TOGETHER.

    1. Great opening, John. Would love to hear more about global ideologies, transcending nationalism, and ethereal guidance.

      But I sure don't need a steady dose of "Russia and China are going to obliterate you." If that's a real possibility, ok, let us know, but I don't need a long post about it every couple days. Sounded like "fear porn" to me, and led me to doubt everything else you tell us. Information is helpful, a barrage is not.

      So, full steam ahead with the higher vibration communications, as we definitely want to have a transcendent affect on the world asap. Thanks for all you're doing to help move us that way.

    2. Thank you Canauzzie for bringing over John's comment. Been busy much of the day and just have a short break, but what was written have been thinking about. Here on OWON we have sharing and debating, that being among many who have been here short, mid and long terms relative to OWON's existence.All bring something to the table that can be learned from or expanded on or set aside depending on topic. The largely Troll free zone is much appreciated also.

    3. It's interesting to hear you write in that way John, and pleasing. As we move from a nationalistic to a planetary consciousness we will emerge as a new Star Nation into a vast society. In adopting planetary consciousness, nations will be more like regions and people will have more personal freedom to live and work where it suits them. This points to a softening of the passport and visa system of national ownership of people.

      Tax would also require reformation. Presently govs claim tax rights of citizens' earnings anywhere in the world but also of visitors and residents within their borders. Double taxation of travellers and expats (not all countries have bilateral tax treaties). Clearly this is a barrier to planetary consciousness. Tax should only be levied on activity within a jurisdiction, not on an individual's activities globally.

      Do you see reform in these areas of visas and taxation coming or possible? Thanks.

    4. the ramifications of the info in this article are truly revolutionary

  2. Explosions heard in Aleppo amid claims Iranian military base 'bombed' via

  3. JV

    I suspect, that Israel may stikc its nose in with Aleppo. A nasty sneak attack by the Kazarians. I hope not because that is just the sort of stupidity which can launch 1,000 Iranian misslies in fury. Will 1 M Israeli dead be the wake up call?
    The failed Hubris of the Zios again? Hopefully not.

    Is Syrias conflict now escalating?
    Where is truth? Where is humanity?
    Why is Britain co enjoined and co entangled in a sneak attack without the approval and will of Parliament? Where wise heads?
    Where is the rule of law and sense?

    1. Appologies for typos. 3-05 in the Sunday morning work pressure!

    2. John why u working so late?

  4. The collective goodwill and sense of all humanity needs to arise here.
    Hopefully Russia will stay its response.

    That said, the Salisbuty Chemical attack stinks and if Russia has , in any form, supported this, it is a damning attack on a Sovereing State and dastardly act.

    Just when Syria was stepping clear of Terrorism, multi States with no Lawful Mandate,act with presumed impunity. With what approved Risk Asseement? Gung Ho reckless State Heads. Austria WW1!
    Do we ever learn?

    There is growing hope, as a collective of Beings, that we can start to focus on Global enhancement of All Beings post releases, and bypass with care the duplcity and arrogant presumptions of nations. We need to re think the purpose of Being , for all, a good Human Being. All for one, one for all?

    A while ago we asked for your support to rescure one man and his Dog.
    You arose, all of you, and Thank You , you saved a life and showed the bust of human goodness. The goodness of America.Touching. The beating heart and Soul still there.
    Consciousness as a Collective for all beings.

    What is happening in Syria is feckless and reckless.
    A propensity for so much to go wrong.
    With nasty Nutter Yahoo involved, it's a powder keg. Apocalypse now?

    Just when we are making such good progress for selective phased releases!
    It brings home ever more the need for a strong Global re alignment of these new platforms to serve all of you, as one people, free of nationalism and to focus on needs.Human needs and human deeds.

    All nations each have the best of people. Leadeship will need to arise from all of you.
    As it does.
    Syria is another unfolding tragedy.
    Reckless arrogance by all nations. Have we no respect for UN oversight? Flash wars?
    Humanity needs better. Deserves it!

    1. No John, I for one, do not have any respect for UN oversight.
      The UN needs to go. They are guilty of so much criminal activity in Many Nations.

  5. A very good independent journalist from Canada.... Eva Bartlett: Everything you've been told about Syria is a lie


    Biffie: Another one. Sad.

    1. Something has to be done about the murdering of these activist. President Trump we need you to stop this immediately. We cannot afford to lose any more people that are speaking out for everyone and their safety.

    2. We know that risk for sure .

  7. John could you expand on this “New artificial intelligence will now evolve as a new human kind” ?. Does this mean the only humans that will evolve are those that are willing to become artificially enhanced? Or does it mean AI will be so advanced it will evolve alongside humans?

    1. It will be the new babies genetically DNA lab changed filtered into the species and cross breeding

  8. John F

    Advances we are making will result in changes to tbe human DNA base, emgergence of a new, enhanced species,and a vast disparity between humanity, now, and the super seeded to succeed with a vast difference in skills, intellect and athletic powers.

    Once we change that DNA base, the inherited input travels forwards as new lineage.

    The problem as always is once the Defense /Agency parties get involved, try to control and direct it, resulting in a super soldier! Or super student.
    Now, the problem.

    How do you control, shape or direct emerging mind forces, probably 50,000 times sharper, faster and with intellect levels off our Richter scale? Able to communicate with each other, but too bored to bother with us. Who then and what then constitutes their values?
    Release the Geni and?

    Over a single generation, they will seek to live as a collective apart.
    You, left behind.

    Bush 41, Kissinger and the Tril Laterals, aspired to a Global population of only 500m.
    If the new species chose to make it so? Why do they need to feed and rear 8B human primates?

    With this new generation created following automation, who needs then or will feed our human nation.
    Once unleashed it is irreversible. As is our demise as a species if left behind.
    Your choice, or not, will no longer exist beyond a generation.
    Because the world as you know it, will be leaving the station.

    We have only one chance to try to evolve what is coming. If we even can?
    They will chose their own destination. And probably yours.
    It's already active in Labs all over the world.
    Who will be first to release - What?
    Then when this new enhanced first generation,pre designs its next?

    So No John F. I fear AI enhanced super Beings, over time, will replace humans. But, with compassion, or not? Evolution, or revolution? To the Victors?
    Choice will not be an issue. You will have none.
    How do you mentally dictate, as a Human Primate?
    What values do we try to instill,in that first generation nation?
    But what models will be unleashed from Military labs? Or value patterns? Cloned super soldiers? One mission, exterminate? Who controls the Labs and Agencies? The CIA with this power? Now what can they get so wrong?

    1. Diabolical stuff John! I had a feeling that was the answer. Thanks for the detailed response. I presume the constant assault on human DNA, via you name it, GMO's, chemtrails, etc etc is aimed, by design, to achieve the opposite result eg degrade, as opposed to enhance, OUR DNA. Thus accelerating their program of divergence.

    2. John,

      The Transhuman WILL extend exponentially away from us I agree - BUT I was exposed in 1986 to the first run at the guiding principles for Commercial Biologic Immortality. I then ended up talking on a regular basis with the man who came up with those principles until his death in January 2006.

      One conclusion, given size and scope of problem, is you can't get there from here. The very structure of the world stands between the problem and the solution. An exponentially advancing technology base is the absolute pre-requisite. Another absolute pre-requisite is free minds so they can think freely to find the puzzle pieces to snap together. This then drives the absolute pre-requisite of a new mentality and new ethics, one in which each and every human is valued, a by extension to that one reaches the absolute need for an over-arching guiding principle of Leave No One Behind. This is the one time that focused-breakthru technique the Nazi's developed that we all copied post-WW2 won't work -- to get what you are talking about requires thousands of break-thrus and millions upon millions working for this. The implicit free economy will generate the wealth to transhumanize everyone. Number of people is not a problem, but part of the solution. What prevents everyone from solving this is the insane herd view and sequestrated coffin-corner economy.

      Having said all that...

      There are limits to augmentation, including intellectual, that are set by the limits of computability and physics, and that includes any mind-embedded quantum computer. Anyone telling you, and I don't care how many degrees or preliminary results they have, that we are looking at 50K fold IQ or speedup etc is blowing smoke for funding. If consciousness can be transferred into silicon or photonics, one might potentially short-change that into hyper-speed/light-speed, but biologics put certain limits. Heat dissipation alone prevents hyper-speed thought in wetware. (Proof: Power= frequency * bit-flips * deltaE Thus linear in frequency increase linearly increases power. Brain power is roughly 25 Watt/day. Multiply even 1000-fold in frequency to be a thousand times faster, 25,000 Watts/day Good luck on heat dissipation, not to mention needing a million-calorie a day diet. QED.)

    3. We already have a supercomputer in our head and can barely access it.

      Maybe we should focus on that and not AI and microchips

    4. Digitally enhanced humanity will be enslaved to the 5G grid going up all around the planet. This is serious. The satellites have been going up like crazy for the last several months. Even India put 140 in space. So many companies and agencies are involved, I can't keep up. UK is inflicting 5G on local towns with LED streetlight lamps causing headaches, miscarriages, birth defects and more.

      Wake up people, this is the real war. The goal is a hive mentality. Watch out for all SMART technology- it is smarter than you.

  9. The What If Factor.

    Human potential. Multi National. Beneficial Humanity.Helping YOU matter.

    What IF, after receiving back what is long owed and overdue in PP Settlements, new multi national teams combine with the Elders for a new paradigm of national rebuilding? Funding what matters?

    But- without current Political sufferage. What Government ever gives out funds it has not taken in first before with 3 times more sequestrated by forced taxes, and then wasted 65% before returning any to Public use.

    What if We bypass the Crass Political Systems,and put in 3 times more by closing their doors?

    What if, we negotiate a Gold backed RMB,Platform traded via London, using Overnight Tax Sheltered Offshore Trading and release Profits for Global enhancement of all needing nations? Representation by you all? A Global dynamic.

    What IF, we release and deliver energy free of taxes and profits,to cover just costs and not waste? To feed need?

    What IF,we build the new Silk Roads across Eurasia, distributing wealth,jobs, prosperity, education, ecology, and values for all? To feed not fight?
    The same for the Americas? Also Africa? Global project sharing.

    What IF, a new Global conceptual Board of all Nations, funds emerging new projects which focuses on developing Communities, funding and creating Wealth Creation among Communities.

    What IF, new Banking is to Serve you, not supborn you, and helps fund new concepts of Home developments, using advanced fabrications to house and nourish new nations? What IF, we rethink Money?

    Regional thinking, Parks, Schools, Health care, Energy conservations, Ecology, waste disposal, Food self sufficiency, Community Pride? Community Security?

    If we build the new Silk Roads, we have the choice of the new Cities we build along the way. We own the highway. We pre plan and pre design what comes with it. A system of security for all in its path.

    Meaningful Laws. Fair to all. We educate values,purpose of being a Human Being.
    But we also build in a Correction Center process, to deal with Crime and Corruption.
    We educate Ethereal Values,the purpose of being for all?

    No more Child mutilation, no more false Religious subjugation. No more divisions, or nationalistic confrontations. All lost once one human nation.
    What IF- You ALL matter?

    1. Once released we will need you all to help.
      Not such bad guys after all are we?

    2. The world like it is supposed to be. Looking forward to it.

    3. I'm in! Make it happen, John. You bad boy (sometimes) Lol!

    4. JOHN We have been collaborating with People in China, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, England,Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia to name a few. It works and that explains in part; why so many of our collaborators have died or been destroyed in subtle ways. I for one will be rebuilding collaborative relationships for my Humanitarian Projects. It works. Not only does it work ... = very very well! You are saying/writing the right words. Keep it up! If we do not get adequate funding for large scale projects we will do little PARADIGMS OF EXCELLENCE and be generous about passing no our knowledge to those who are of like mind = rebuild and revitalize our world to make it a beter place to live and a big F U to the ziorats!

    5. It’s been my life’s goal. Count me in, John and Co.
      My motto is, Don’t leave the planet without making a dent in something.
      Thanks, OWON.

  10. We remain and keep you on watch for a reason. While we can not pre release, read above.

    1. So watch for Gold Backed RMB before end of April.

    2. Won't happen that early. Our terms will take time. Also hard acceptance.

  11. All Westerner banking system kept supporting terrorism. PERIOD. Systematically and consciously. PERIOD.

    If West wanted to curb terrorism in Middle East it would take just minutes. US Army allowed terrorist in Syria to steal oil fields. Oil was sold, money came to terrorist and cycle repeated again and again for years till Russia said enough and stopped that.

    It was Westerner banks that created accounts for these terrorist. It was Westerner banks that allowed payment to terrorist. It was Westerner banks who knew who is buying stolen crude oil and how it was paid for. It was Westerner banks who knew who is getting that crude oil for processing. It was Westerner banks who knew who is buying then gasoline or diesel or other products ...

    West always wanted terrorism to flourished ... REALITY and they can not escape from it.

    Sometimes when pissed off, I wish we did not go to Syria... if we did not go there then today we would see Western Europe in bloodbath and destroyed. Then I would say they got what they deserved for creating WW1 WW2 Cold War and World of terror...

    Then I have to take a deep breath and think about Putin's greatness that he is not like that...even though many times I wish he would. Big lessons to learn from Lavrov and Putin I still must.

  12. Thanks for all you do John, but you do go freaking hot like Pete considers above. Boomers lurk off all coasts and winners in a nuke fest will be hard to find.

    Good lurker comments might be possible threads for "guest posts" ala Reddit Canauzie? Cryptos and Sergies threads? Then the thoughts can have specific directed discussions?

    FWIW, this Q phenomenon is remarkable and gives one hope that truthers might have a chance in this age and that the secrets(must keep a secret!) will be blown. If, as suggested, Q is Team White Hat in the White House, a retaking of the Presidency by the black hats will lead to a armed revolt(led by military) that will make it easy on the sheeple and rip of the bandage.

    An Anon known as High Level Insider(see Reddit indexed library), while not suggesting the above, says if necessary, his group will run and have elected a candidate that will effect the same outcome. It is possible his people are already in collaboration with The Donald.

    But these things take time(see how long it takes for Congress to get data from Departments and Agencies), so she will not be locked up by Christmas. Kind of like the Zim will not reset till the planets align(Tuesday?).

    So here in the US, we watch the MSM continue to expose itself as complicit, which seems to be gaining serious velocity(see recent Sinclair Broadcasting dustup.....did all the talking heads not bother to read the corporate statement?) and consider the Executive Orders coming from the house on the hill. And watch some NHL playoffs.

    Sergie, thank goodness Putin helped the old client Assad, and went in to stabilize. No press in US after your govt had that press conference regarding oil tanker free passage to Turkey and related brokering of sales. Get them to do another on the current UK matter and this chemical bombing in Syria. You guys have as good data gathering as NSA....

  13. If you create knew banking system - so be it, good for all then, it will be checked. Tell people what was going on.

    Skripal case - clear like a blue sky now:

    It was never about poisoning a fellow and his dughter, irrelevant. If West feels free to kill and sacrifice children and women in Syria or elsewhere so what a hek over two individiuals.

    Poison in Salisbury and Syria are linked. You have to climb at least one level higher to get it and see it from proper perspective. Even those who did not get privilege of higher IQ must get clear.
    As for now as Lavrov said: poison with White Helmets in Syria sponsored by UK - no doubt about that.
    Swiss lab confirms that poison in Salisbury could not originate from Russia but from US, UK and some other lands.

    So what was is about:
    Firstly Russia acquired independent global politic that is independent of Western cabal of both levels. They can not digest it. They always hated Russia, racists also.

    Secondly: British aristocratic cabal of higher level is furious that they can no say this and things go as they say. Who cares about LAW - not British cabal aristocracy.


    This way British Empire worked: but not any more with Russia. They hate it. All this theater about poor Skripals, whatever they did. World will never learn. Evidence is being purposefully destroyed, like at Shooting and Sandy etc. That's why I said: British aristocrats are saying - we care not about evidence, we care not about law. We are Higher sort of humans and we say what we decide and you have to obey it. Not with Russia.

    Thirdly: Russia made independent sovereign move in Syria to protect humanity and our Motherland from newly built basket of terrorist, Middle East. This attack of US, UK, France is again without evidence - as all their wars. Saying to the world - WE ARE HIGHER SORT OF HUMANS AND NATIONS, WE DECIDE HOW WORLD WILL RUN. WE CARE NOT ABOUT LAW AND WE CARE NOT ABOUT EVIDENCE.

    Both cases happened to point to Russia that Russia has prohibited chemical weapons. Russia destroyed their chemical weapons as we pledged to do so, it was checked and verified by OPCW. US did not making excuses, about UK - they have piles of them unchecked. Syria destroyed their chemical weapons and it was also checked and verified. Last news accusations say it clearly - Syria did not destroy chemical weapons, then because of Salisbury Russia did not destroy their chemical weapons. Result would be we must punish Russia and Syria because they lied that their chemical weapons were destroyed while they keep using them. CAUGHT RED HANDED WEST - as always. At the end no evidence will be allowed to be checked, or verified or taken for consideration for decision making at UN or elsewhere. WHY - because BRITISH ARISTOCRATS SAY SO, and nobody will dare to question it. REALITY CHECK.

    Both cases would then mean international blockage of Russia and anybody who would like to cooperate with RUSSIA will be punished by financial sanctions or even worse. REALITY CHECK.

    You failed in Syria strike, Soviet Union S-200 took down most of your missiles. Our planes took off and got in the air and you went hiding to your caves. Attack was halted and you declared great victory with tail in between legs like in Vietnam.

  14. I just wonder how London will punish Swiss lab for releasing truth - their boss will commit suicide shooting himself 5 times to back ....

  15. Army super soldier. This guy is an animal. Genetically modified or not? You decide

    1. JV, muscles without a sharp mind behind them just makes a soldier front line big gun handler.

      This guy has persistence going for him and that may mean this is just part of his training program. Yes, he looks great, but too much muscle mass can get in the way of real action. Strength is one thing, finesse and knowledge another.

      Not knocking him or you, just realize this is just one aspect of him we are seeing.

  16. New sanctions against RUSSIA

    I told you so. Mrs Binomo in her best

    1. Sergei: We know Putin has both friends and enemies in the Russian oligarchy. How do US sanctions affect this dichotomy?

  17. Here is a viable scenario of what the Trump and the patriots really planned in Syria. xx2 Report.
    The Strategy Is Set, Strike Group On Its Way, Trust The Plan - Episode 1544b

  18. ALERT: Syria first strike in World War 3 – Deep Analysis
    From 4/14/2018Syria has been bombed which calls for a deep analysis of what's going on here. As we explain in our book Splitting Pennies - what really backs the US Dollar is BOMBS. Wall Street and the M.

  19. Act of War: The Real Reason Syria was Attacked

  20. America Hasn’t Learned a Thing: Racism, Materialism and Militarism Still Reign Supreme

  21. World Needs Help Figuring Out Trump Helping World!! Q Whitehouse Insider Knew About Syrian “Mission” 6 Days Before It Happened!!! But What Is The Mission???
    Sunday, April 15, 2018 7:58
    1. On April 6… Q posted…

    2. What is the mission?

    Emigrate While You Still Can! Learn More...
    The mission is not to start world war 3… it is to prevent it!

    3. Why did Q reference “Sparrow Red”?

    Red Sparrow is a 2018 American spy thriller film directed by Francis Lawrence and written by Justin Haythe, based on the 2013 novel of the same name by Jason Matthews. The film stars Jennifer Lawrence, Joel Edgerton, Matthias Schoenaerts, Charlotte Rampling, Mary-Louise Parker, and Jeremy Irons. It tells the story of a Russian intelligence officer who is sent to make contact with a CIA agent in the hope of discovering the identity of a mole.

    4. There are moles among us… who are trying to start world war 3… or if they don’t get to rule the world they want to leave a burnt earth behind… they are essentially being ‘flushed out’ via Trump and others!!

    They walk among us as reptilians disguised as humans.

    They walk among us as clones

    They walk among us as ‘enhanced’ humans.

    They walk among us as traitors.

    They walk among us as enemies of the state and our hearts.

    5. Trust Trump… like Roseanne says… he’s the one who is saving the children locked in underground cages… I’m glad we finally have someone in world leadership who cares about children locked in underground cages.

    6. Donald Trump can’t explain to everyone his chess moves… and hey if you’re upset he is playing chess with out lives…. just consider how much time you personally have spent freeing those children locked, tortured, abused… in underground cages… imagine if your lack of courage to free those children has made Trump’s job harder… are you done with your apathy yet??

    Sending love to everyone and everything!

    The only news is the loving news…. why is this true? Because a lie, is not news! O.N.E. News
    Special thanks to Q and Donald Trump… may we all see our dreams come true…

  22. Question to everyone:

    Why would CIA declassify and release some files about Hitler surviving in Argentina, totally out of blue with no public discussion over this topic?

    1. in US the history channel recently showed a popular series called "hunting hitler"

    2. Yes, not out of the blue in North America at all - Hunting Hitler has turned up a tremendous amount of concrete evidence that Hitler very well could have escaped to South America, and very likely did. Certainly a lot of his top level men did. Also much evidence pointing to the plans in place to attack the USA, Manhattan in particular.

    3. What they proved was an existing pipeline to do it, and a plausible set of steps that Hitler could have taken. Thus, it is plausible that Hitler escaped. Certainly such a reality could not be released to a tired world. Which again, if that happened, was a mistake given the reality of the 4th Reich symbiote within the U.S. infrastructure, the Antarctica angle and lastly the clear, still existing Nazi sentiment in South America. Secrets are going to kill the world.

  23. Oops! A bit premature but, she's apparently on her last legs and they have this ready to go.

    CBS erroneously publishes obituary for former first lady Barbara Bush

    1. Too much pre-prepared stuff. Ooops indeed!


    3. Barbara Bush in 'failing health,' declines additional medical care
      Apr 15 2018

      Former first lady Barbara Bush is in "failing health" and has decided not to seek additional medical treatment following a string of hospitalizations, according to a statement shared by her spokesman.

      Bush, 92, has been in and out of the hospital for the past year, and will instead focus on comfort care.

      “It will not surprise those who know her that Barbara Bush has been a rock in the face of her failing health, worrying not for herself — thanks to her abiding faith — but for others,” read the statement shared by spokesman Jim McGrath.

  24. Israel warns . . . like an an ant warning a Bear.   This "warning" begets several immediate questions:

    Since the s-300 systems are already in place in Syria (manned by Russians) and these S-300 systems just (allegedly) COMPLETELY FAILED to stop a single incoming Tomahawk missile, then why suddenly are: 

    A. the Syrian Air Force (SAF) wanting more, AND; 
    B. why would Israel be concerned about it?

    It is now clear the Russians retaliation for the US/UK/France attack will be strategic, as expected. Giving Assad, Iran or Hezbullah the S-300 would be a strong tactical move against any further intrusion of Syrian airspace, and a response to the real movers and shakers of the recent aggression, Israel.

    If Russia responded by attacking directly, they would be hit in return. This way, the response is directed against a proxy force, but they make a huge strategic change in the favor of their military alliance.


  26. War drums are beating. Russian sanctions coming Monday

  27. Check out China's Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao mega bridge

  28. Alexa, what is a "Chem Trail?"Amazon's Alexa AI gave a near perfect response:

    "Chemtrail: Trails left by aircraft are actually chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for a purpose undisclosed to the general public in clandestine programs directed by government officials."

    The answer should have actually been: "When it is not a contrail, which is a common and normal occurrence, chemtrails are trails left by aircraft which are actually chemical or biological agents deliberately sprayed at high altitudes for a purpose undisclosed to the general public in clandestine programs directed by government officials."

    But whatever. If Alexa gave an answer that close to reality, it will have to be re-programmed.Truth oops!

  29. Following the Uk's naive support of a dubious attack on Syria, expect Russia to hack the daylights out of the UK in reprisals. Clandestine mind games.

  30. Changing the DNA and mineral/ chemical composition of new human cell structures will produce beings able to see a wider spectrum of colours, more intense sight, dramatically enhanced hearing and cellular energy based and heat storage or disbursement totally negating all current human limitations.
    More,ability to communicate with like species as energy bursts or data transfers . We are talking of opening spectrums of information transfer way beyond the limited mind sets of conventional restraints akin to walking radar transmitters and able to conceive not just matter exchanges but reshaping all conceptual use of atomic cellular reformating and reprogramming a new conceptual species as an entirely new DNA helix.

    1. Forgive me John, nothing would please me more than the above being true, but it is science fiction and not achievable at all in the present level of technology or anything projected. We have a better chance of ascending into balls of energy. WHO is telling you this? There is NO way, as long as we are a water based animal, to dissipate 25KW/day for just a 1000-fold increase in processing speed, so forget a 50K fold any-feature-you-care-to-name. Even if the cells could access the zero-point for energy (since you won't be able to eat the 600,000 calories/day necessary to drive that brain), heat alone would cook the brain. This is an absolute, entropy fact that can't be avoided and is 100% provable by the math. Even chips in the brain don't help because regular bus speed is a whopping 10Hz. You can do the base math on what it would take to load a 1 GigaHz chip when you have a 100MM-fold bus data transfer mis-match.

      How about these screwballs telling you this take what should be a trivial application of their abilities and wipe out cancer, diabetes and heart disease? Or for that matter, double life-spans by rejuvenation of the core stem cell set? It's not like those abilities aren't absolutely embedded in their primary claims. I'm pretty sure the curing of regular disease isn't a national security issue. (Unless the PTB want to claim the opposite, at which point we might as well revolt and burn it all to the ground.)

    2. You are capable of doing this without altering DNA physically.

      The day after my wedding 10 years ago,for about 2 minutes, I had an experience where I saw the aura coming off everything.

      I was sitting on a bench at a resort in the desert watching the sun come up. By my foot was a little lizard and as I was watching it colors began to brightly dance around it.

      As I looked up across the desert and at the mountains I saw the colors surrounding and coming off everything. Every rock, tree, cactus, mountain, plant, animal. The entire desert was a neon Jackson Pollack. Colors dancing off everything.

      Then, as quickly as it came, it faded away. It's never happened again. I always took it to mean that I was at the right place in my life at that point in time.

      We don't need all these enhancements. Everything you need exists within you already. You can alter DNA with thought. Let's put all this transhumanism stuff to bed. It's the wrong path.

    3. Indeed JV. While those who can't, use technology, those who can, use consciousness and the multi-dimensional fields. The only reason the old control systems are dismantling is because consciousness is rising; expect more. Nothing detrimental will last. Incl transhumanism that creates a tiered society.

    4. At the risk of piling on, this old lady isn’t buying either. Sounds like happy talk for “Take your chip (mark of the beast) so you won’t be left behind.” Take that plan right off the drawing board.

    5. Tino

      All our thinking is exponential to the limitations of our limited dimensional thinking. We factor in the limits we know, plan and design accordingly.

      But- what IF, an alternative guiding species,assists intoduce factors and elements from a space time continuum species so far beyond our current concept of evolution, that the resulting hybryds assist accelerate the emergence of a new directional path for Humanity? To guide, change evolution from inside?

      Always we are conditioned to factor in what we know. What we don't?

      In 20,000 years we progressed from neothlithic man to today. Compare?

      So what about 20 million years? Interject that application of evolutionary assistance? Or ability. From Ape to George Bush 43?

      Stanley gave us Obama with a highly dubious source DNA sequence if tracked.
      It even managed to travel to Pakistan without a US passport, and enrol as a foreign student at Occidental, then create its own SS sequence numbers. Some Alien species?

    6. Evolution? When have you ever seen anything evolve? So we came from fish that turned into frogs, that grew legs and turned into a lizard and walked out of the water eventually standing up and turning into man. Now, was there another branch of DNA that was similiar to humans like the Neanderthal. Probably.

      However, there is proof of advanced civilization spanning back a million years on this planet from artifacts. Advanced objects have been found embedded in rock that carbon date 250,000 years old and older.

      Our true history is hidden. Mu, based on old texts, dates to pre-15000 years BC as sinking into the ocean. It was considered highly advanced at that time, so you would need 1000's of years for that development OR a resettlement from another advanced planet. The true age of the pyramids is dated to around 15000 minimum based on water markings.

      Entirely too much conjecture on this neolithic and paleolithic man when there is advanced technology pre-dating this still on the planet. We had tooling long before these periods and not buying the supposed DNA change that got us here.

      Not buying it.

      More likely a cataclysm destroyed civilization and sent us back to stone tools and creating bronze because of lost technology.

    7. Hi John,

      I have a saying, that reality trumps theory. If what you postulate is true or just true in fact already, then we are off any projections I can make, especially if we are truly looking at continuous exponential advances.

      In more mundane view, what is clearly achievable -- vastly extended lifetimes, much higher IQ, healthier and more resilient, disease-free, faster, etc one would think is the near term goals of any group. The sad part is that freeing the economies of the world to achieve this very outcome seems to be the last thing the varied PTB want to do.

      Thanks as always!

    8. Tino

      Be assured, once we DO get the first PPs released and move towards forcing free the RVs and Settlements, what is developing with NON Political private innitiatives, will enable us to augment true Global re alignment and revive real hope akin to the best hopes of many on the site.

      Government- None are Fit to Govern, start there.

      Once we are able to activate the new AU backed RBM Platform trading, Profits will be used to harmonse all, and change direction.

      Put simply, why do we need some Political Skanks to take $3T off us in taxes, and hand back $1T for society? Why not bypass these Skanks and put back $3T to help you all? This way we can do in 3 years what they do in 10, and by denying Military and Agency use or access, their lying won't fund your dying.

      Two Factors.
      1. How do we achieve enhanced evolution by existing means?

      2.What IF,Ethereal or alternative Dimensional powers cross combine? What IF Dimensional transfers are achieved? Our thinking is conditioned by 3D and 4D.

      How does our limited and conditioned dimensional reality, examine and factor in alternative sciences our current level of intellect or knowledge has simply no awareness of their existence and combined alternatives.
      What we- Don't know?

      Contact? Revisit.

      Also existing Ethereal contact,but not public.

  31. In case anyone is wondering if the whole Syrian conflict is an elaborate false are truly worth a 1000 words.

  32. Two ways how to divert attention and mind of people. First, money issue that since tomorrow you will become rich. Second scaring of future plans of super-humanity. People stop talking and researching about relevant issues of today that UK cooked for humankind.

    Simple and transparent.

    How about this?

  33. Everybodies got a privilege from God to do right things in lives. One keeps doing the right things and guess how people will talk about him. Then that person eats fruit of tree that he planted and worked around it. Opposite is what it is true as well .... You all, know how it is.

    Nobody can excuse himself that he or she did not get privilege from God to do the right thing, day by day.

    Life in indeed simple and enjoyable ...

  34. I totally agree with the conclusion that we don't need nor do we want AI enhancement. We don't want to be "transcended" like Depp in that movie. Let the super brains stamp out diabetes, heart trouble, horrible birth defects and cancers. But we know they won't because these are revenue streams for all the creatures that ScottF posted above who are at the top of the, or nearer than the rest of us, revenue pyramid.

    More are waking up though. Many comments from American Jewish community condemning the video in which an Israeli sniper shoots a defenseless Palestinian dead in the head for fun. That level of malicious programming is finally being noticed and maybe things can change.

    Time to start noticing all the players in these games, not only the ones at the surface, and realize just how many lackeys there are and how diverse the subservient strata is. While we are all responsible for our own conduct, we must be ever vigilant and recognize when we are dealing with archontic forces.

    Trump was elected by the forces who understood that he could be controlled due to his many peccadillos which make him easy to impugn if necessary. He will do as he is bid, as did Clinton in Kosovo, because if he doesn't, his trysts will come out of the woodwork. My sympathies to Stormy really, her days are numbered.

    Nothing good can come out of any connections to "London". This is HQ for some of the highest levels of evil. If John's financial reforms must go through that place,with Theresa May and other reprehensible ( buggery) agents, no good will come of it.

    1. Seshette

      Don't allow ignorance of truth to blight your views of that great old Dynasty of many Cultures, the Industrial Revolution and the very epoch of Westminster Democracy. The UK, via John Wilberforce, outlawed Slavery as an abomination.
      Much good, apart from Tony Blair, has left those shores to enhance Democracy.

      London is interbonded by multiple layers of Cultures and innovations. Not all bad. Time to drop the single dimension Comic thinking?

      Without the backing of the old Empire, the First World would be where to day?
      The Commonwealth exists because of whom?
      Law, the Civil Service, Education, Sciences, Arts and so much more.
      Point being, it's truly not all bad.

      The site allows you to address and admonish British deviency or malpractice. Most, we would agree and condemn.

      But what about the vast Cultural wealth this tiny Island enshrines for all?
      Why do so many leading Global famailies chose to, and flock to, send their Children to British Private Public Schools of renown? Tomorrows leaders.

      It IS the single foremost Cultural City of the world.
      It IS the Foremost Financial City of the world, and has a unique Trust.
      Please, ignore the Comic book missaprenhension of the Royals. Universally, the Queen is admired and rightly so. The Clinton First Lady and the Obama WHAT???

      You sadly underestimate the real power of the true Old Guard here. The real Meritocracy. A silent Order which keeps order. One the Elders revere and trust.
      Not only do both the Elders and China want London as their epicenter of Global Finance,but hard working, conscienscious Wealth entilted PP Americans, who choose to entrust all to parties of renown and probity in the UK, says a lot.

      From 1307 AD onwards, a silent Order, encompassing the best of Chivalry, has been the hand which shelters and rocks the cradle of Justice and humanity in the UK.
      The Democracy which gives you free speech, enshrines humanity, and seeks to unleash new order, not New World Order,so you all can flourish and be- Humanity!

    2. SESHETTE JOHN You set up a nice comparison and contrast. My comments herein are based on personal experience and years of (in)formal research. I have evaded death so many times I wonder at times if I am in a dream world. Being Raised Catholic and a bastard I was Blessed with the unique experience of being controlled. I smelled multiple rats in grade school. My 1st of many mistakes was to challenge priests and nuns = arse kickings and penalties. The delusion satanic elite go to extreme lengths to covet, confiscate, coverup and control. Chaos is a weapon among many = barriers to advancing in all ways. I learned in my teens to seek Truth and I learned to find those who could prove their stuff back to the "gold standard". I trained with Grand Masters (GM). Profs and well known experts either direct or through 1 person = Brendan Lai, American Dragon, Masashi Hatsumi, Dr Holbrook, Dr Mager, Dr. Deming to name a few. So I studied meditation with a GM and went through Kundalini - on the side of light etc. Became an expert in graphene technologies and other stuff = understand many things but no claims of gold standard expertise except in a few areas. Every damn time I hear No Can Do I wonder what they are hiding. The technique which has universal applications = orders of magnitude or paradigm shift. For this we have to focus on cognitive understanding and critical thinking. Most give up without trying anything and blocking anything they are not able to understand. We make the most progress incrementally. Most of the discussion looks at impossible improvements instead of practical. All we need is get rid of ziorats, work together as colleagues for truth and start with launching all the stuff that has been hidden. That suppression of knowledge is REAL - yes there were several 80 mpg carburetors etc. Some of the most advanced scientific discoveries I've seen were in Russia. ziorats are going down and several of use will be working together ... I am interested in nanotech, Real education + apprenticeships, nutraceuticals especially from Asia, Native American, rain forests etc. Gotta get to work! There are many that know much m ore than I ever will. However, we will collaborate along, reduce chaos and understand what we are doing while we advance science for a better environment and Mankind!

    3. BOB,
      Thank You!


      SESHETTE JOHN You set up a nice comparison and contrast. My comments herein are based on personal experience and years of (in)formal research. I have evaded death so many times I wonder at times if I am in a dream world. Being Raised Catholic and a bastard I was Blessed with the unique experience of being controlled. I smelled multiple rats in grade school. My 1st of many mistakes was to challenge priests and nuns = arse kickings and penalties. The delusion satanic elite go to extreme lengths to covet, confiscate, coverup and control. Chaos is a weapon among many = barriers to advancing in all ways. I learned in my teens to seek Truth and I learned to find those who could prove their stuff back to the "gold standard". I trained with Grand Masters (GM). Profs and well known experts either direct or through 1 person = Brendan Lai, American Dragon, Masashi Hatsumi, Dr Holbrook, Dr Mager, Dr. Deming to name a few. So I studied meditation with a GM and went through Kundalini - on the side of light etc. Became an expert in graphene technologies and other stuff = understand many things but no claims of gold standard expertise except in a few areas. Every damn time I hear No Can Do I wonder what they are hiding. The technique which has universal applications = orders of magnitude or paradigm shift. For this we have to focus on cognitive understanding and critical thinking. Most give up without trying anything and blocking anything they are not able to understand. We make the most progress incrementally. Most of the discussion looks at impossible improvements instead of practical. All we need is get rid of ziorats, work together as colleagues for truth and start with launching all the stuff that has been hidden. That suppression of knowledge is REAL - yes there were several 80 mpg carburetors etc. Some of the most advanced scientific discoveries I've seen were in Russia. ziorats are going down and several of use will be working together ... I am interested in nanotech, Real education + apprenticeships, nutraceuticals especially from Asia, Native American, rain forests etc. Gotta get to work! There are many that know much m ore than I ever will. However, we will collaborate along, reduce chaos and understand what we are doing while we advance science for a better environment and Mankind!

  35. I was apparently wrong saying that a head of Swiss independent lab will be found committed suicide shooting himself 5 times his his back.

    Westerner NAZI did modest job. He had to ONLY reconfirm a statement: That he can not deny nor confirm what this lab discovered. It can only do OPCW, which is controlled by NAZI. That means nobody will no anything. And new events had to be fast developed so that people will forget. It takes about 2 weeks in our times for people to keep in awareness social happenings. Doing that he saved his life evidently and of his family in case having some. His destiny might be just loosing his job at some point once peoples awareness will be diverted as time goes. As simple as that.

  36. It goes very fast: UK BEGAN to DIVERT peoples awareness right away. Just do anything that makes people to focus somewhere else, but to events on Skripal farce and Syria farce. For sure British do not wast time. They are in hurry.

  37. SECOND THING THAT WILL FOLLOW, in few days or even faster will something like this.

    Our great secret service of MI6 uncovered Putin's plot to attack hospitals by cyber attacks and our mighty army deterred those attack. And then they will add that their best intel confirms that Putin is planing to wipe out peoples personal accounts in major UK banks...

    This last one will work for sure well.

    1. Sergeie

      Putin is no Angel.

    2. Honestly, we think that we can give you thumbs up otherwise we would not be here. But links can be set, step by step.

      Putin, he can defend himself, but I do not think he has time to do that in his busy schedule. He devoted his life to Russia, so did Lavrov as many others. Oligarchs will not bring Russia to your feet as it was designed. As we said each of them was hand picked your and US agencies. They were trained by your agencies, they got their riches and they thought that's it. Well they did not realised that pay back time is knocking on their doors. They do not deliver they will be killed or something like that and it will be blamed on Putin. We know it they know it.

      It sad. It does not make us happy to do what we do, to pin point of failures of others so that we can survive. We all should be doing something else and people here know it.

      If we thought that it would be a waste of time, there would be no report from SergeiE ...

    3. Lavrov is the most intelligent and experienced Foreign Minister out there and a great credit to Russia. He's head and shoulders above his counterparts.

    4. Try to rebuild a nation and being a crook, you will see how many will follow in todays world? What oligarchs release about Vladimir Vladimirovich is ... you can fill the blank. I do not need to say here anything anymore.

  38. HUGE! MAJOR SCANDAL UNCOVERED=> Internet Sleuths Put Together Bombshell Hidden in Friday’s DOJ IG Report – Involving Weiner Emails
    Apr 16 2018

    The DOJ IG’s report released on Friday was a bombshell. Now we know hidden in it were pieces of information that when put into context with information released at that time indicate unimaginable corruption!

    The DOJ IG’s report related to the many lies made by former FBI Head Andrew McCabe is 39 pages in length. (See report here) We reported on Friday our summary of the report. One key item that was included in the IG’s report was related to Anthony Weiner’s emails.
    We stated –

    The report includes little mention of Anthony Weiner’s laptop emails other than to mention that a meeting was scheduled to get a search warrant to request the emails on October 27th, 2016. The emails were the suspected cause for Comey’s email to Congress on October 28th, 2016, announcing that the Hillary email scandal was being reopened. However, per text messages between Strzok and Page, the FBI knew about the emails in September 2016 and had sent a team to New York to review the emails at that time. [The Weiner emails may be what the Democrats are most fearful of being released to the public.]

    Some Internet sleuths have put together some astounding implications from Friday’s report when put in context with events at the time and Weiner’s emails.

  39. Looks like Israel is going to start WW3 for us. When Russia shoots down their planes they will send in the good ol' USA.

    Syrian State TV is reporting missiles over Homs. Explosions and Anti-Air heard from people on the ground.

     Syrian State Media has confirmed strikes on al-Shayrat airbase in Homs. #Syrian military officials confirmed it was Israeli strikes.

    The Syrian military announced the Israeli Air Force fired several missiles towards the Shay’rat Airbase and its surrounding area in the Homs Governorate.

    According to the statement, the Syrian Air Defense managed to intercept several of the missiles, but there was no mention as to whether or not the Israelis scored any direct hits.

    This attack by Israel tonight marks the second time in seven days that they have targeted the eastern countryside of the Homs Governorate.

    No further details have been released. 

    1. The cabal tried with Syria and now Israel? Lol. They will not be successful in igniting a conflagration. The new world is here and our consciousness trumps all.

  40. Senate fast-tracks bill legalizing hemp as agriculture product
    Apr 16 2018

    The bill, known as the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, would legalize hemp, removing it from the federal list of controlled substances and allowing it to be sold as an agricultural commodity.

    "By legalizing hemp and empowering states to conduct their own oversight plans, we can give the hemp industry the tools necessary to create jobs and new opportunities for farmers and manufacturers around the county," McConnell said in a statement last week introducing the bill.

    In addition to McConnell, Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) are supporting the legislation.

    1. Thanks P. I have been reading about that in the local paper up here. It is a good thing for sure. Finally, the producing of good hemp products can begin. So much more than just oil, protein powder, and seeds. Hemp can help replace plastic and timber products.

    2. p, Biffie, apparently hemp, and its pharmaceutically active counterpart, were both gifted to humanity as a botanical pharmacopoeia to suit many healings. When I meet the people responsible I may have to share the thanks and peace out with them as a galactic courtesy :D

    3. I am looking forward to the legalization of hemp for many reasons, both pharmaceutical and fabricwise, but I suspect that the raptors will get to it legally before any of the rest of us get to enjoy it in its true state. It will be GMO'd for sure, Monsanto has already filed patents I understand, and the resulting product will be harmful to our health and totally devoid of all the properties that made it the gift it was. The Controllers never unleash a product they haven't modified. There's always a plan.

    4. Biffie ans AJ, I'll be looking for those organic hemp seeds to plant and grow. Not only for farm use, but also 3D modeling, plastic and like. You can use so many useful different parts(or all) of the hemp plant, it would be fun working with that! ) Next will be marijuana for medical purposes. I don't smoke, but want to see cancer andd so many other illnesses wiped out!!!!!

    5. They can try to GMO it, but, I am sure someone somewhere has gotten prepared for that and has saved many organic seeds. Just like they still make organic cotton clothing, hemp will survive. Throw at us what they may, and we will just keep outsmarting them. Collectively, our conscious can do so much.

  41. Audit: U.S. Military May Be Purchasing Fuel in Iran Likely Benefiting Afghan Taliban
    Apr 16 2018

    The U.S. Inspector General for Afghanistan Recon (SIGAR), a congressionally-mandated watchdog agency, documented claims in a report released this month that the American military in Afghanistan is purchasing fuel for the Afghan security forces from Iran in violation of United States sanctions.

    SIGAR previously reported that, until late 2012, the Pentagon had not required fuel vendors, mainly Afghanistan-owned companies, to provide country-of-origin documentation for the fuel they deliver or checked to see if they complied with U.S. sanctions.

  42. The Whole Thing Was Staged! Everything…It’s All Fake News! But The Repercussions Will Be Very Serious! WW3? ????
    Neocon Zionist Cabal Has Hijacked The US Government—AGAIN!
    The best way to understand what is truly driving the march to war, yet again, is to listen to the 4-star General Wesley Clark who alerted US back in October of 2007. General Wesley Clark: “The US will attack 7 countries in 5 years” (Video)
    General Clark was referring to the same Neocon warmongers who are directly responsible for the 9/11 inside job. They are also responsible for the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, Chad and Ukraine, as well as several others around the globe.

    Just who are some of these Neocon Zionist warmongers who now occupy key positions in the Trump administration? As follows:

    Enter Zionist John Bolton.

    And Neocon hardliner Mike Pompeo.

    And CIA torture queen Gina Haspel.

    And many other COERCED [and disastrous] appointments made by Trump.

    Wicked Witch of the West Nikki Haley is the worst of them.

    Guess who really picked her to be U.S. Ambassador to the UN?

    Exactly—I S R A E L !
    (Source: SOS: Q-squared Delivers a Set of Serious Messages About the POTUS)
    The entire planetary civilization now stands at the precipice of world war.

    The prime mover behind so much armed conflict is the Neocon Zionist cabal.

    There is only one way to terminate their multi-decade war crime and terrorism spree.

    Each of the co-conspirators must be apprehended post-haste and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    1. Exactly, now you wonder why we focus on this sub human scum?
      Because someone needs to!

    2. Hoq can you say that when UK was squarely behind our bombing Syria? They are warmongers just like everyone AA44L91 lists above.

    3. In part Yes, but don't label all.
      May took a major risk, and it could have so badly backfired.
      That is now addressed by Parliement.

  43. The state of the nation analysis came out a couple of days ago, about the same time as this.

    I didn't post it because John had called for a period of d'etante.

    But it begs to be read.

  44. Right on queue Sergei?

    Russian hackers targeting millions of devices around the world, US and UK warn

    "Russian hackers are targeting millions of devices around the world to spy, steal information and build networks for potentially devastating future cyberattacks, the US and UK have revealed".

    1. Now that is a real fact and worry. Russia has its own Mafya and as ruthless a bunch of heartless Thugs as ever walked the earth.
      For which, Vlad gets his cut!

      We portray it all ways. The good, the bad, and the Ugly!
      You decide.

    2. They're not angels for sure, but we do the same don't forget. So does the UK and Germany, and China and at least a dozen other countries with the capability.

  45. A few of us have recently commented on the power of consciousness on DNA (or the biological organism) as superior to physical and technological transhumanism. I'm following up with some skin from Scientific American:

    As a rider, I'd like to ask a rhetorical question: how does the placebo effect work if not mediated by consciousness?

    It is high time we moved on from face-value materialism and included consciousness as a real and over-riding player.

    1. Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds - Part 4 - Beyond Thinking

    2. Thanks for posting, great vid perfect timing for me a44l91.

  46. Tuesday, 17 April -- Israeli Defense Force (IDF) sources said to confirm Iran has established air forces in Syria and are planning retaliatory attacks in Israel.


    IDF are briefing journalists now that they are aware of major strikes being planned by Iran, targeting cities in Israel.

    There were indeed 3 strikes the other night that were attempted to be covered up, including that ammunition depot.

    So it seems we have had 2 consecutive nights of Israeli strikes (yes ALL were Israel)

    I am now in a position to confirm.

    You know what this means: if the IDF thinks Iranian strikes are imminent they are not going to sit and wait on explosions in their cities.

    They will pre-empt and pre-empt heavily!

    They have done it in the past...

    6 day war, Israel preempted the Egyptian air force...7th June Operation Opera/Babylon Israel preempted Iraqi nuclear facility...6th September 2007, Operation Orchard Israel bombs Syrian nuclear facility...The strikes on Hezbollah and Iranian positions are for the same reason, Iranian arms sophisticated hardware passing through Syria to Hezbollah to be stored in Lebanon.

    If in a corner or they feel under threat credible threat, they will strike.

    5:52 AM EDT -- the IDF are indeed briefing that they have news of attack plans from Iran with targeted strikes on Israeli cities. This is indeed from senior IDF people, so Israel really believes this.

  47. Texian: I rest my case on the wise words of Jon Rappoport!

    Cure disease or alter humans?

    Gene therapy and the trans-human agenda

    by Jon Rappoport

    "Researchers say they're well on the way to curing thousands of diseases by tinkering with human genes. But is that true? Or is their effort really part of a long-range agenda to keep experimenting in the dark, through grotesque trial and error, to alter humans and make them into a new species?" (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

    With the onrush of new gene-editing techniques, the medical research establishment is beating an old drum: they will cure many human diseases by making genetic changes.

    First of all, the new editing techniques have unknown consequences. A simple snip of a gene can bring on ripples in the patient's overall genetic structure. This fact spells danger.

    1. The problem is not the technology, but the people doing it and their paradigm. In the present instant they can't be trusted. They have ulterior motive and just want cattle to experiment on.

    2. Trsnshumanism - NWO agenda or so I have read.

  48. Every year, beginning on March 19th and ending about 40 days later, on May 1st, the dark elite carry out what is known as the Season of Sacrifice. This is when false flag attacks occur with greater frequency. It is a time for those brave enough to recognize these truths to be vigilant against what will likely be a series of psychological warfare operations designed to manipulate the minds of the people.

  49. Hi John,
    I know you are limited in what you can say. In general is progress being made on the PP exchanges or has the latest round of recent geopolitical upheaval stalled or stopped the process? Thank you.

    1. Yes, and if you note how often I am responding at 03-00 an handling multiple time zones factor it real commitment.

      We have the ID.s of 5 or 6 of the crooked parties delaying releases backtracking to Chicago Con Man Soetoro s Executive Orders for the Bush/ Clinton Cabal Crime families.

      The key problem now is getting Executive Order force from Trump to enforce law .

  50. The Common Sense Show has come into possession of certain information, hich is indicating that an attack upon our grid is coming.

    Massive terrorism is being organized and implemented south of the border and it is set to coincide with the outbreak of war. Before presenting what I have discovered, it is important to review some relevant facts revealed in the past two weeks on The Common Sense Show.

  51. Things that make you go Hmmm.....

    Federal Judge Kimba Wood of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, who dealt a blow to Michael Cohen, the president’s embattled personal lawyer, in a closely watched court decision on Monday afternoon, presided over George Soros "non-denominational" wedding on September 20, 2013. The Judges bad choice of friends ought to disqualify her immediately from the case involving President Trump's lawyer.

    Judge Kimba Wood of federal District Court in Manhattan denied an attempt by Cohen and President Trump to stop prosecutors from reviewing the materials that the FBI seized from his office, home and hotel room last week, according to multiple reports. An interesting decision from a judge who is SUPPOSED to be fair and impartial, but who cozies-up to the most rabid liberal / anti-Trump social engineer on earth, George Soros.

    1. A special master should have been appointed immediately. This is instead a vast fishing expedition. But is also a double-edged sword. Now that the precedent is so visible, how about doing same to Clinton and Bush Crime Families? That should provide both fireworks and advance the cause.

  52. I said few things already, so let me repeat it. I said clearly that UK will come up with cyber attacks etc blame on Russia... we were right.

    1. All oligarchs were hand picked by US and UK agencies. Agencies made them rich for purpose. They are owned. They do not deliver they are finished. Think Sarkozy. Anything can be blamed on Russia while oligarchs are behind that. You yourself said that their assets will go freeze. What do oligarch say to that. "Please tell us what to do and we will do it." Oligarchs can buy any Russia IT firm and eventually have it used from abroad.

    Listen what Vladimir Vladimirovich said to Kelly: It is a joke, then he spoke about US elections but it matters not, same pattern:

    2. Majority of such crimes would be done via Ukraine that is under control of other your hero Poroshenko - aka FBI.

    3. There is one of yours that has good stuff and says it clearly: Jim Stone freelance.. his research points clearly to Israel-Sionist clan. You check him for selves, he is right.

    4. If we would like to do that, why would we leave a trace? You would not catch us if we do it. Guys at bars over bottle of vodka keep talking that Moscow is protected via quantum computing.

    5. We do not need to do anything and we won't. Why would we? We just sit and watch and take care of our stuff. We defend ourselves and hold our ground and watch how you choke yourselves. You are obsessed and will keep doing only one thing, trying to find something on Russia or Putin to blame to justify your activity. Where did it lead with Trump hacked election. Obsession, no sense. You will shot yourselves in a foot, we do not need to do anything, but to protect ourselves, which we do well.

    If you had such defense system that we have then you would already attack us. Everybody knows it here. If you had what we have for attack, you would attack us already. REALITY.

    But this discussion leads no where. I answered and tomorrow or little bit more later there will be again accusation and blame. We will not play this game. We just watch what you do and we keep being progressive with our stuff. You will bury yourselves doing this, and then you will blame again Russia that we did it.

    I said, you clean up your stuff and we take care of ours and things will be just fine.

    We will pinpoint only: SHOW US FACTS, EVIDENCE. Is it in accord of treaties and laws that world upholds and agreed on? And we do it.

    I said, try to rebuild a nation and be a crook in todays world when at each corner is hiding enemy to blame you and find and dirt. You can do it on a big stage for two three years if you have very strong backing. Putin is on stage 20 years. Crimea voted about 90 % for him few weeks ago? Why would they? World leaders flock around Putin and follow him, because he is a crook?

    Stop listening to oligarchs when they say that they wired billions to Putin's accounts. Laughing, oligarchs work for your agencies. Have checked Putin schedule of 2017 and 2016 etc... How much time he spends on his mansions and yachts etc. Check how he spends holidays and where. He does not do skiing to St. Maurice, it means nothing to him. He does need to drive Ferrari - it means nothing to him. This is for idiots.

    Oligarchs are toast, they will be killed by your agencies and blame on Russia, because they will not deliver Russian under your feet. PERIOD. We just watch.

    1. Us, yours, ours, theirs....

      Sergei, not all of 'us' are part of 'them' and therefore separate from 'you'. As members of a global society can we afford to speak through that lens if we want peace?

    2. Idealistically, I agree with you AJ but, even on this site, there's a definite and sometimes sarcastic and nasty "us and them" divide.

      Nationalistic fervour is at its core. Its why wars of wealth and privileged are fought by poor and gullible servants.

      Sergeie is giving it to us from the view of the "other side". I don't necessarily agree with everything he/she says, but I'm loving reading it. The posts are frank, sound honest and offer a perspective we haven't explored at OWON before.

      I'm prepared to overlook the "pronoun" thing in order to listen to the message.

  53. S./N. Korea to End Conflict/Clowns Out
    Apr 17 2018

    1. CIA Director Pompeo "Secretly" Met With Kim Jong Un Over Easter Weekend
      Apr 18 2018

      Update: There was some confusion earlier this evening over whether President Trump had met directly with Kim Jong Un. The White House clarified he hadn’t, but it turns out that at least one member of his administration has.

      The Washington Post reports that it was in fact CIA Director Mike Pompeo that made a top-secret visit to North Korea over Easter weekend as an envoy for President Trump to meet with that country's leader, Kim Jong Un, according to two people with direct knowledge of the trip.

  54. WINNING! Kroger Announces 11,000 New Jobs, Increased Wages, Education Benefits Thanks to TRUMP Tax Cuts
    Apr 17 2018

    Kroger CEO Rodney McMullen announced Monday that the Republican’s tax cut has allowed the company to raise wages and invest in its employees.

  55. p: If you wonder what targets our Military have been hitting in Syria and for what reason.... Warning graphic. This evil needs to be before a Military Tribunal yesterday! (

    THE WORLD MUST KNOW. #PureEvil #HellOnEarth

    Since 2011, more than 18,000 Syrian human beings have had their organs harvested. Men, women and children. And the mainstream media has been silent. No one is doing anything to stop it. Because it's business: Human trafficking, Satanic ritual abuse, organ harvesting. #PureEvil.

    "So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known." Matthew 10:26

  56. Forget CRISPR gene splicing (that is for transhumanists using prehistoric tools). The real deal is epigenetics. Use of vibrational fields to manage the 'management level' of DNA. When I did biochem in 88-90 they told us it was junk. Now we know better:

    "The latest breakthrough research in cell biology and quantum physics, according to cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., shows that our genes and DNA are activated and influenced by signals from outside the cell membrane. This pioneering research in the field of vibrational medicine is known as the science of epigenetics."

    "the signals generated from our perceptions of the world we live in, our thoughts, beliefs, prayers, meditations and INTENTIONS influence our inner environment, cause chemical changes in our body and brain and affect the way our genes communicate instructions to our cells and literally have the effect of ALTERING and ACTIVATING our DNA."

    [caps from aj]

    1. Brilliant article AJ, many thanks

    2. Indeed, I have been reading along these lines lately and this article really resonated with me. Also, can feel the vibrations from crystals and stones when held in my hands. Fascinating. Thanks AJ.

  57. Replies
    1. Who, as far as I know, is NOT the "Great Lady" she is being made out to be and has veritable bankster roots.

    2. Aleister Crowley's daughter so they say. She looks sooo much like him. Agree with you on this one.

  58. Word is that the Quaker Oats man has kicked the bucket

  59. Wonders never cease...a “real” investigative journalist....

    Famed War Reporter Robert Fisk Reaches Syrian 'Chemical Attack' Site, Concludes "They Were Not Gassed"

  60. FEDS DROP BOMBSHELL: Comey & Lynch Colluded with Clinton Campaign to Entrap, Wiretap Trump; Illegal Scheme Involved Entire U.S. Intel Community

    Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department and James Comey’s FBI worked together with the Hillary Clinton campaign to entrap Donald Trump and associates — including his eldest son — prior to the 2016 presidential election, according to records and testimony of federal law enforcement insiders.

    One high ranking official in the Justice Department called it a sweeping “highly illegal” scheme to ensure Hillary Clinton’s election to the White House.

    “This was clearly a scheme using Justice (Department) resources and State (Department) resources to get the Russian lawyer into the United States,” one Justice Department insider said. “Who has the power to do this? Only the people at the very top.”

    Lynch. Comey. Andrew McCabe. Preet Bhahara. Sally Yates.

    And according to high ranking FBI sources, the Bureau played a definitive role in plotting this sweeping privacy breach. But the FBI had much help from the NSA, CIA, the Office of of the Director of National Intelligence, Treasury financial crimes division under DHS, and the Justice Department, federal law enforcement sources confirmed.

    John Brennan. James Clapper. Jeh Johnson.

    That places the Barack Obama administration directly into this illegal soup, led by Lynch, Yates, Comey and the FBI’s McCabe and associates.

    In fact, Hillary Clinton along with the DNC bankrolled Fusion GPS to set up Donald Trump Jr. in the large scheme to undercut his father’s path to the presidency, sources said.

    1. Excellent. Can we hang everyone for sedition and treason now?

    2. Why not? How long have they been sitting on all this evidence? Prosecute and hang NOW!

    3. Honestly, I am sick of this shyte just getting ignored and no action taken. WTF #realDonaldTrump ?

  61. MONEY LAUNDERING SCHEME’: Hillary, DNC Funneled $84 Million Through State Parties To Avoid Campaign Finance Laws, Lawsuit Claims

    On Monday, a lawsuit was filed against the Federal Election Commission (FEC) with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia that claims the government entity has ignored complaints alleging that the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) funneled money through state parties to avoid campaign finance laws.

    The lawsuit was filed by Committee to Defend the President (CDP), a political action committee that used to be called Stop Hillary PAC, and alleges that the Hillary Victory Fund (HVF) sent millions of dollars in donations it received into a money laundering scheme to skirt campaign finance laws. Fox News reports:

    As first reported by Fox News at the time, the CDP alleges in its complaint that about $84 million was funneled illegally from the DNC through state party chapters and back into the war chest of the Clinton campaign. The political action committee claims that even though the FEC acknowledged receipt of the complaint and claimed that an investigation would be conducted, the needle has barely moved. …

    The complaint filed against the FEC said previous reports showed a series of transactions in which the HVF disbursed contributions to its state party committee members — and they would receive the funds on the same day. The HVF would also allegedly disburse funds to up to 40 state parties at the same time, and those parties would send the money back within 24 hours.

    “The Clinton machine has escaped accountability for its illegal practices for far too long,” Ted Harvey, chairman of CDP, told Fox News. “After months of review, the FEC has refused to address the Clintons’ $84 million money laundering scheme that violated several campaign finance laws.”

  62. Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead...Her life review is going to be painful!

    1. Hopefully, daddy bush will be close behind her.

    2. Well, are the bloodliners ever really dead? Transmigration is their game I understand. She'll be back, a brief respite for sure. He looks 10 times worse than she did. He will die though, one of us I'm afraid. The Enforcer indeed!

  63. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said Gregory General Contracting Company reported approximately 640 pounds of dynamite and 400 blasting caps were taken. My former colleagues in the federal Intelligence Community tell me Iranian "Sleeper Cells" are suspected and are believed to be moving aggressively toward an actual attack here in the U.S.

  64. BREAKING...
    This is a breaking news report which encompasses many recent current events, ND military movement of equipment and personnel. These events are indicative of a world that is about to war and a nation that is about to descend into terrorism and occupation.

    Paul Martin is reporting that there are at least some miltiary reservists who are being called to active duty.

    This video was recently taken in Flagstaff, Arizona. This is quite obviously a massive movement of tanks and armored vehicles. This is meant to representative of what is going on. For example, I have reports of high levels of activity at Wright Patterson AFB. Ft. Carson was shut down for 2 hours earlier today.

    In the following video, please note the length of the train needed to accomodate the massive amounts armored vehicles being transported.

    1. I've been riveted to your recent posts and links, JV. Hope you've got a stash of food and water. You might need it.

  65. Barbara Pierce Bush passed away today at age 92.

    1. Where Bush Crime Family Bag Lady Barbara is going will be no picnic.
      Behind comes the Rat Father 41, and his companions await him.
      Hitler, Vlad the Impaler.Genghis Khan,Saddam, Stalin, Mafia Thugs and ever piece of human scum who walked the earth, will be his companions Atoning. Evil Atones such evil as him. Human filth as a family. For Barbara a farce is next.

  66. Now we have avoided escalation of the Syrian travesty,and the Fly Boys hit innocent targets to get their rocks off, here's hoping Syria can be allowed to live again.
    If, as rumored.Iranians have smuggled weapons into the US and Israel, what comes around goes around!

    Body bags change public opinion. They have stuffed some in Suits and put them into Congress. As for Jeremy Corbyn in the UK,he's what Shiva's throw away at birth.

    We now have the names of certain parties and Bankers who have been holding back releases acting on the Executive Orders of Criminal Barry Soetoro ( Obama) and the Bush /Cliton Crime families.
    When will the Chump act?

    1. If something smuggled to US or Israel, then only for false flag. Iran would be stupid to do so. But it will be used against them so that finally an attack on Iran would be justified.

      It was smuggled there either by whatever agencies but probably directed from UK, as it was last gas attack in Syria or Salisbury ...

      Then it would lead more accusations since Russia had not chance but to negotiate with Iran.

      We read your lips....

      False flags, lies, accusations, murders for 150 years doing that, one gets good practice in it. Supporting terrorism, creating wars, setting nations against other nations. Rich history. Not sure where Bush goes to, but in case he goes to hell then he will have no problem there communicating in English.

    2. John, per your comment, one would assume, these EO's were written and hidden among the hundreds of EO's Soetoro signed while in office. Including some written while 41, 43 & Clinton occupied the WH that have kept the releases held up, for years !!! The world does need DJT to reverse these asap & LOCK THE LACKEY RATS UP! Amazing what the stroke of a pen has done to allow evil to prevail. The light will overcome the darkness. Never easy chopping off the head of leviathan, the tail continues to thrash. Keep the 25/7 keepin' on! God's speed sir !

    3. Sergieie, we are just trying to catch up to you...Your history is not the best either. And Putin is not a savior. He is Illuminati. This is a planned process.

      From "Behold a Pale White Horse" spoken behind the curtain....When the people of the world view Russia the way they view America today and American the way they view Russia, We will know we succeeded. This was from the late 60's.

      And let's not forget "one of the most notorious figures in history", Joseph Stalin, who ordered "the systematic killing of people on a massive scale". Stalin "upended or utterly destroyed literally millions upon millions of lives".
      At least 60 million people faced some form of repression or discrimination under Stalin's regime. Official records show that 800,000 were shot in the Soviet Union between 1930 and 1952. A larger number died during torture or as a result of poor conditions in labor camps. Many more died as a result of famines and starvation; particularly during the 1932–33 famine.

      We all have history. We are just the boogeyman at this time.

    4. Stalin killed tens of millions. Mass genocide. Some peqceful Bolshevik revolution. The Czar may not agree.

  67. It's time now that Trump goes after Phoney Weasel Deep State Comey.
    It's time now Trump exposes Muellers truly devious past and agenda. Gloves off!
    It's time Trump unseals Usurper Soetores records and then - Bang!
    It's time the Clintons face real investigations,It's Time Trump!
    It's time Soros faces WW11 War Crimes Tribunals.F Nazi sell out!
    It's time the Weiner files went public- All of it!
    It's time McCabe faces real questioning. Treason?

    Why did Mueller stop the Falcone investigation on Romney and Bush with the Falcone Fraud?

    Why did Mueler not arrest the 5 CIA agents who Money Laundered Joe Bidens $200M Bribe money?

    Why did Soetoro cover up for Biden and Clinton?
    Why did the FBI not arrest Bush for the Interpol provided Falcone contract after Herzog was arrested?

    Is there any Justice in America? What hope have the poeple got?

    1. #realDonaldTrump HERE(above) are the key questions which You sir, are NOT acting upon for WE THE PEOPLE. WE, along with the military support you. We want action.

    2. John,

      I fear "Justice" will not come. Their motto is "Just US"

    3. JUST US- so, so true. Love it.

  68. An extreme snuff film showing Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin raping, Filleting off the face (And wearing it on their own faces), then killing the girl and drinking her blood for the Adrenochrome is now circulating on the dark web. This is believed to be one of the films from Anthony Wiener's face and was reportedly uploaded by Peter Dalglish, former UN advisor and known Pedophile, as insurance against the deep state arresting him. It apparently didn't work as he was tracked down and arrested. This is one of the video's that reportedly was so horrific it made NYPD officers cry.

    1. Anthony Wiener's Laptop, not face. multitasking.

    2. JV,

      Beyond horrific if confirmed.

    3. Corey Goode speaks to this:

      "We may also have more info on a certain video that is on the dark web soon. I have been briefed on it and shown 8 still images. I have turned down one offer from the Alliance to have me screen the video and report on it.

      After the briefings (W/Photos and video clips) I received at the end of last year about the “Pedovore” practices and what they do with these poor souls from beginning to end left me sick and unable to sleep for weeks.

      As a father, I don’t know if I could look at much more of this Intel and be the same. Imagine how the general population would react?"

      Is this the 5:5 video ref from Q? If so DJT has it. Not sure why the delay.

  69. I have a friend. He managed to watch two episodes of Simpsons. Then he came and said: "I want to become an attache to USA, I know everything possible about USA."

    Well in the same way it is with anybody who read Solzenicin or heard about him might think that he is an expert on Russia. Solzenicin was a shill and wrote who his masters wanted him to write. We just laugh about that.

    Regarding Stalin. There is only one thing why West hates him and creates any tales about him. And it is that he defeated West invasion and did not allow West to conquer Russia by hands of Hitler. That's only reason why West created so called cult of personality of him.

    I might give you some real history, I will see.

    Regarding Vladimir Vladimirovich and illuminati? Did not I tell you that there are two levels of World leadership. One structured and one unstructured. If some of which call themselves illuminati, who cares, what matters is only thing. Both groups wanted always Russia to become their resource center. They hate Stalin because he did not allow it. They hate Putin because he does not allow it. PERIOD. How can he be a part of a group that he stoop up to it. Please think logically. Oligarchs were set up by your agencies, UK and US. Oligarchs were set up to become new national elite of Russia once they bring Russia under UK feet. PERIOD. They are all owned by agencies. They do not deliver their destiny will be Sarcozy. Sarcozy is a warning to them and big. Think. Where do oligarchs live? In Russia or in West? They do not serve Russia, they serve West. They will not deliver Russia under feet of West. It is simple as that. Then they will be finished one way or the other by your agencies. This is what your leaderships do and you will blame it on Russia. oligarchs know it and we know it and they know that we know it.

    Salisbury was set up by UK, all farce. I said clearly that your banks sponsored all terrorism, all money from sales of Syria oil went via your banks. All could be finished fast. Why it was not? Ukraine was the same, UK has black boxes of MH 17, they know truth. If it was about creating peace and prosperity for all then UK would let World know that Russia did not take down MH 17.

    Read please news how many accusation Russia and her leadership blamed West for this or that.... please read how often your leaders and MSM and even here spit false accusation day and night on Russia.

    Any thinking brain understands that WW1 was created by UK empire. Period. To stop First Silk Road. They wanted also Russian gold, they got some since Czechoslovakian mercenaries under leadership from London got some part of it and it went to London. Stolen. Troickij was London shill who lead killing campaign and eventually civil war. All London made.


  70. WW2 was just an continuation of WW1.... under the same leadership... Did not I tell you that. I did. You will not have any excuses once facing spiritual other side that truth was hindered from you.

    Why CIA release some of Hitlers files. I thought that it will be explained to you by those who know. Well we know also....

    Think about todays war in Syria. It is presence and your leaders and your historian and your media and all establishment created from Assad an evil man. And it is today, under your noses. The same about Qaddafi ...., Milosevic ....

    If they can create tales today about Assad or Salisbury right in front of your noses then how difficult it was for them to do the same about Stalin once he kicked their ass out of Russia. Please think as grown ups.

    I said clearly that you can be a crook leader on a stage for one to three years. Vladimir Vladimirovich is a great leader of a great nation. We never did what you did. Never. Of course I set UK crimes beginning by Crimea war, but it was regarding us or course. As all know they were very active around the Globe for long time, as US patriots know.

    What I wrote I wrote as a reaction to baseless accusations that are very common here as we saw, yet it is being presented and futuristic descent human resource place.

    Count please again, how many times we accuse you, ( we have tuns of reasons to do that, real reasons..) And check news last whatever years and count how often your leaders accuse us, based on lies....

    Simple math. We stand by facts, evidence, legal international treaties. We did not break as simple one. Can you say the same?

  71. Info in this article seems to line up with Judge Anna’s and David Kawkins’ info in a dot connecting manner.....


  72. Regarding Hitler and CIA released files:

    You might know who owns CIA and who controls them. Pretty much, it is second level of global leadership, national elite led by Bushes and his clan.

    Why would they release those files. Who was their threat aimed to? Russia? Well I tell you to whom. It is a first, highest level of global leadership, unstructured cabal. Both level are cabal, using your words. Well the higher unstructured level has a lot to do with UK - London.
    Message was given to this level of management that if you continue to go after us (meaning national level of structured leadership) we will release all files about Hitler and world will know that UK Empire set up Hitler, in fact, UK was in bed with Hitler and was behind his sponsors, via unstructured cabal management, some call selves illuminati, but illuminati call themselves some from secon level of leadership..., so what, irrelevant word)

    So, Hitler had treaties with UK and France that they will go all three after Russia. France and UK was to go from South, Black Sea route. They did all possible that Germany could rise up under Hitler, they gave him highly developed Czechoslovakia heavy industry so that he can build up armies as fast as possible.

    Well Hitler kept his word and attacked Russia, war set up, he could not back. UK and France stood down and left him on his own. It would mean Germany and Russia would exhaust selves entirely then France and UK would capture Center Europe for good and control Germany. Russia would fold into their hands also. We know that they crooked some generals who fought that Russians would loose battle after battle. Stalin knew about some and that's why we retreated step by step and in that process we uncovered all corrupted generals who would make sure that Russians would be loosing battle after battle.

    Well Hitler on his own was furious, that's why he went to repay France betrayal as well as after UK.

    All these documents, UK needed to get so that it will not compromise them. Hitler got his refuge in South America for handing over to them these WW2 treaties.

    Now CIA threatens to release these documents. So BOTH CABAL groups are engaged for very long time in negotiations. It is not that simple, once one crosses boards to sphere of jesuits and sionists and their engagement in affairs. But now of such came ever from Russia. PERIOD. It is your stuff. We told you. Fix your things, which are plenty and we fix ourselves. Do not stick fingers in our affairs and everything will be just fine, we do not need you. Wars are fought ALWAYS because one nation craves RESOURCES of another nation. We have all we need to make it from century to century. UK does not have it, they have to steal it one way or the other. REALITY. RESOURCES.

    Syria bombing last weekend was not about gas, which was staged by UK. When Lavrov or Putin speak, you listen. They tell truth. That's what West cabals hate. Lavrov said that Salisbury and Syria was staged by UK. PERIOD.

    Zacharova said why it was staged. Listen to her.

    We did not do anything wrong to you. You keep creating lies, accusations and wars against us and when we say things as they are, you are FURIOUS. WHY?

  73. Do good and world will be speaking good about you. Everybody got the same privilege and opportunity from God to do good. Allow people to speak good about you by doing good things. This is how it works. Stop accusing with lies who do good to humankind. We did not do anything wrong. You start wars, always.

    1. Lol. Sergei, no country has escaped being used as pawns by the top level. Example: The Bolshies were sent in to cut off old family bloodlines of one of the other cabal factions and begin the wars. (Rockerfellers vs Rothschilds)

      It makes no sense talking at that level of A did X to B. As I said above 'you start wars' is incomplete. The global cabal uses countries to start wars is more accurate.

      Probably escaped attention that UK is enabling the emergence of Eurasia.

  74. Roger Waters: Pink Floyd

  75. Replies
    1. Getting message not available in this country!


  76. OWON: It's time the people all saw the truth and treachery facing the President.

    America seems to have a bottomless pit of brain dead Demos in total denial of what has been perpetrated by the Deep State.

    Colluders on the Loose

  77. Criminal Referral Issued For Comey, Clinton, Lynch And McCabe; Rosenstein Recusal Demanded

    "Eleven GOP members of Congress led by Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) have written a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Attorney John Huber, and FBI Director Christopher Wray - asking them to investigate former FBI Director James Comey, Hillary Clinton and others - including FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, for a laundry list of potential crimes surrounding the 2016 U.S. presidential election."

  78. SergeiE

    Sergei, let me be clear.
    The site encourages debate and exposure of truth. We try to balance and stretch the boundaries, but always with the focus of reality.
    So before we met the site becomes a propoganda site for dissinformation, be clear, the Soviet Wall and Soviet KGB State with your Gulags, Secret Police and massacre of the innocents , is far removed from the chocolate box realities you opine to exist.

    We have supported Russias right to co exist. We have defended your rights to self determine your future. To co exist

    We have defended your right not to be surrounded by invasive US bases. Not to live in fear of US Hegemony.

    But please, tone down Russia as Mother Theresa or your guilty of swallowing Soviet propoganda crap . The Russian Mafiya are ruthless degenerate trash. Not choir boys.

    You over opine on a level of London power which does not exist. But higher powers for good does.

    The good that gives you free voice to opine .Try that in Russia . Gulags are not holiday camps

  79. Well, once certain entities eliminated the tsar and put Russia in an archontic vice grip, it spiraled downhill, especially under Stalin, although some of his purging was cathartic.
    But none of us should pretend that there wasn't give and take during the Cold War on both sides as it was a lucrative arrangement for all it seems while everyone took time to rebuild and we, in particular, spent plenty of time and money on secret space programs using ex-nazi criminals at Los Alamos. Operation Paperclip brought us a lot of tech.
    Fascinating info about Majestic 12 explains how the US entered into deals with aliens, already working with the Nazi's during the war in Antartica, and so the story continues.

    These days everyone is in on it I hear, hence the need ( really- and I'm on board with this) for a new world order because we cannot continue making individual treaties between alien groups and sovereign nations. It's chaos. We need to get into the galactic community ASAP but-

    I'm with Sergeie with respect to the UK and its minions because I don't trust them one bit, certainly not Theresa May nor the royals, not after the assassination of Diana. You can continue to defend them, and there may be some decent gents at the top of that pyramid, but I doubt it. Too much buggery there for me, don't forget Jimmy Savile. No good comes of that bad habit.

    Some say Putin had an epiphany a while back, few years it seems. Maybe that's true. But some say we haven't seen the real Putin in a decade which is equally believable. My biggest fear is that, though he protests through Lavrov and others, he's really part of the NWO and the underhanded nature of the transformation is what leaves me very uneasy.

    I realize humanity will be scandalized to learn the truth about things, I worry that the top of the pyramid will be compeled to prolong the deceptions ad infinitum, or wipe us out ( and that includes transhumanism) to move forward.

    John, you talk often about the benevolent Elders, White Dragon Society I assume, and some British ones- but that can't be the royals. So, are they planning Brave New World or Oceania? Even a hint would be helpful- oh, and by the way, just how far off are we?

    1. Sesshete

      Lets clear a few realities up for you and all. Real world!

      1.Royals. Apart from the Queen who has been a truly dedicated, loyal and focused Monarch, and lifted Global respect to ever greater heights, the majority of the rest have been a bunch of pampered foppish half wits, with her own kids sadly, led by Charles, dithering Nincompoops. William is a breath of fresh air, but scatty Harry is about to marry a Bolter, and another Royal divorce is foreseen before it begins.
      A bit part player from Suits and C grade films is a long way from Royalty, but Harry's role as the Spare is now diminished anyway,so it's now only tabloid value. She won't survive the Royol circuits, it's clear. She's a novelty for a lost little boy. It will pass. So will she.

      William apart, the rest, a Goldfish bowl of Tossers.

      Not easy being a Drama Queen. Charles 1 st lost his head on the block.
      Charles 2 nd lost his marbles along the path of life. A pampered half wit.

      You seem to think half the Politicos are pervs? Not at all. Most are half wits or users. Tossers!

      Diana assassination, It's really a No! Bonking Muslims brought the Royals to despair of her ways, and facts are it was a driving tragedy, too fast in the tunnel, and the car lost it! Fact! Goldfish bowl drama.

      The Elders, we let you have a few picture hints, are deeply involved in long term Global re planning.
      They now come to London to meet and be with us. Equally the worry about the coming Beijing expansions. The safety of their assets. Look what entrusting the the F Yanks did to 30% of it? They won't make that mistake again.

      A Special Group ( Yes its blood lines of old Dynasties, but only for Cultural Trust) are focused on planning Eurasia. Sound principles,Trade, Humanity, Etheral values, ecology and Education of the masses, are foremost to our cause.
      Those Dynasties have deep links and values. True Warrior Knights keeping you on the tracks in todays derailing world, is all you need know. Or will.

      Yes half wit humanity can not cope with reality, talking of Tossers. What have we bred? Educating Pavlovs Dogs.

      The Buggery is a Global problem. It's far worse in the US than UK. Bangkok? Someone needs to!

      Extraculate your mind set from the daily diatribe of dysfunctional half wits in the Global arena.
      Powers that be, who protect the Cradle of Democracy, are evolving a whole new order. Not NWO!
      Yes you have hope.Real hope.
      It's now 01-56 responding to you. Focus, dedication also overseas our nation.
      The Elders see an Elder of UK standing stop, feed and stroke the head of the homeless, talking and giving compasson to each, giving them money to eat, and hope to be, and know, we have humanity.
      Old Dynasties know. BS does not baffle at this level.

      Eurasia will lead the way. We will ditch the trash along it.

      Right now, all roads lead not to Rome but London.The new Platforms will be key.
      Entrusted not to the Rotts, but who?
      Work it out. The Elders have. How far? Watch the site. You are on standby for a reason. Focused!

      NWO has to bypass London key power players.

      We have not stood up for May and her silly inclusion in a ruthless Syrian Gang Bang. A reckless move. Politicos?

      The Transformation coming is unstoppable. Way forward.
      Have hope, wisdom is inclusive.

  80. JOHN Keep on doing what you have been doing. None of us are perfect. Collaborative discussions end with all those contributing (not just attending) knowing more than before said discussion. My RED PILL for today is: Every government, entity, organization is infiltrated. Good ones by bad and bad ones by good to some degree. We know the common thread of evil is built on human trafficking, exploitation and horrific abuse of children etc. Thanks you again for all you do! Spasiba, danke, domo, gracias shishi .... The evil ones are being exposed and are in a frenzie. WE know more than possible but we are winning. We = Those who want ziorats et al extinguished starting with Military Tribunals or worse.

  81. This is some of the best dialogue I have ever seen... I am very grateful for this forum. Thanks to all.


  83. Russia as only country on entire surface of Earth stood up NWO. We created First Silk Road, period. UK empire threatened being afraid of loosing control over trade created WW1. PERIOD. Civil war to Russia was brought from London. Period. Troickij could not stop pending between London and Russia.

    Anyhow, Second Silk Road is Putin's idea. He stood up NWO. BRICS is the basis creating to SILK ROAD, or EUROASIA. It has never been UK project. EUROASIA is BRICS project initiated by Putin.

    Actually, one fact. One evidence, how you help Russia. Only one, from last 100 years. Please one fact, and evidence. I know about one but it was a cover up.

    We would like to thank you that you released MH 17 Black Boxes records so that innocent people do not need to die.

    Give one simple fact, evidence. I will verify it and bring it here. Salisbury, created by your agencies to blame Russia. What kind of help is this. Syria...

    Chechenia, name it.

    Russia is fighting NWO on her own. Show me one nation that said. We go long side of you.

    Give us one real fact how you helped Russia to fight NWO. EUROASIA is a result of Putins vision and BRICS is a basic for mutual global trade cooperation. THIS IS REALITY that was unfolding in front of everybody noses. Can anybody deny it?

    What you created is Kazachstan, Astana format to hijack and control the project. Everybody knows that.

    Please give us one real example, one real fact when London did something to help Russia to fight NWO....NOT WORDS.

    Release MH 17 block boxes records to the public. Release who did Syria attack and why? Release Salisbury. You must know the truth. You were the first here saying to everybody here. Do no look at any alternative views on Salisbury. We know that was Vlad and Russia.

    White Helmets is your creation, not ours.

    You want to help us, then do it. Everybody can do it, freely. Your action will be noticed and cherished, you will enter history.

    Why London allowed financial flow to ISIS in Syria. You must have known very well how the money goes around. No question asked.

    Give us at least one reason why financial flow to ISIS was not blocked by London if London fights terrorism in Syria and worldwide. It would be a great help to Russia fighting ISIS there.
    Facts, evidence. We will check it.

    I could continue. List is endless. Give us an evidence that any country is on our side fighting NWO. One country and facts how they do it. We will give credit to that country. Even China stands on the side and observes, sometimes they say something that is real help, credit to that.

    1. Let me see if I have this right: France and the UK were in cahoots with Germany to invade Russia, and then reneged on the deal, leaving Hitler bare assed on his own on the Russian front. He invaded France in retaliation. Interesting. How then does it happen Germany invaded France in May, 1940 and the Russian front wasn't opened until June 1941?

  84. With the discussion here recently around healing the body, transhumanism, etc. I found Kryon's message (delivered last weekend in Berkeley) so very timely.
    Kryon April 2018 - healing in the future

  85. Give us please one simple act how you are helping Russia to fight NWO, we will give you credit for that.

    Help us to believe in you. Real facts last 25 years, pick up at least one, how London helps Russia to fight for live on Earth for all human beings.


  86. SergeiE,

    There is pride and confidence, also hubris. Your above comment seems to follow the latter.

    We commend Putin when justified, but he is not the Messiah.

    We value the the links you bring and opposing views. However, what you state frequently in comments is a perspective - not facts.

    The UK does not claim it created the Silk Road, nor does it claim the idea to a 2nd Silk Road. Considering China historically, and presently, is the largest trade partner to the world, how can you possibly credit Russia for the Silk Road then and now?

    If not for China's backing "fighting the NWO", where do you think Russia's economy would be right now? I could give you an example - Venezuela.

    You are demanding facts but make very strong accusations with none.

    Like I said, we value your input. Do not take that to mean that OWON is your personal soap box. Nor is OWON a place to spread propaganda. Stop identifying someone by their origin. Just because they live in a certain country does not mean their beliefs are bound to such.

    No one knows all truth. We gather here and converse in hopes of attaining as much truth as possible by sharing what we find and ideas. No country's hands are clean in this, that includes Russia and the UK.

    We as people must not be swayed by propaganda and identity politics. We must step outside the moral matrix and see it as it is. Only from there can we progress as humans for the sake of humanity. All governments have betrayed us.... ALL.


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