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24 to 30 March 2018

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  1. to fully step into one's mission here on earth, one must experience an inner shift that cannot be merely willed upon oneself. It does not normally happen through the gathering or receiving of information, but through various kinds of experiences that reach deep into our unconscious minds.

    A Gathering of the Tribe Charles Eisenstein

    Once upon a time a great tribe of people lived in a world far away from ours. Whether far away in space, or in time, or even outside of time, we do not know. They lived in a state of enchantment and joy that few of us today dare to believe could exist, except in those exceptional peak experiences when we glimpse the true potential of life and mind.

    One day the shaman of the tribe called a meeting. They gathered around him, and he spoke very solemnly. "My friends," he said, "there is a world that needs our help. It is called earth, and its fate hangs in the balance. Its humans have reached a critical point in their collective birthing, and they will be stillborn without our help. Who would like to volunteer for a mission to this time and place, and render service to humanity?"

    1. We are here now. Most have forgotten why we came. We are awaking now to the need to be of service. Some are here to love and assist and comfort others as we awake, others warriors, all are needed. I can feel the shift occurring now. I am anxious to assist. I don't think this is our first rodeo for many of us.

  2. How does one chip off the marble that doesn't belong? ... That comes about through five things: humility, reverence, inspiration, deep purpose, and joy. No great man has ever wise-cracked his way to greatness. Until one learns to lose one's self he cannot find himself. No one can multiply himself by himself. He must first divide himself and give himself to the service of all, thus placing himself within all others through acts of thoughtfulness and service.
    Walter Russell

  3. You meet people who forget you. You forget people you meet. But sometimes you meet those people you can't forget. Those are your 'friends
    Mark Twain

  4. Tino, thanks for the War of the Worlds update in the last comment section. Interesting.


  5. OWON: Putin will feel the EU blow back soon. A step too far for the Commie Tzar?

    EU recalls ambassador from Russia as leaders back May over Salisbury

  6. SOS: Q-squared Delivers a Set of Serious Messages About the POTUS

    "The Obama People Better Start Packing Their Shit" - John Bolton Expected To "Clean House" At The NSC

    Biffie: And then there is the article on Zero Hedge today. So which is it?

  7. Why President signed the Bill

  8. p: And yet another look at the why our president signed the Omnibis Bill. Tracy Beanz seems to be a pretty good researcher from recent viewings of her work. From Twitter today.

    "Ok. I am just going to start an "Omnibus Mega Thread" and keep a record of significant findings here that I will then detail later on. Bookmark this if interested. ONWARD."

    1. this will make you feel much better about Trump signing the bill...:)
      Mar 24 2018

  9. Police Raid Multiple Catholic Church Properties in Sweeping Child Sex Abuse Scandal
    Mar 23 2018

    Saginaw County, MI — On Thursday, the residents of Saginaw County looked on as dozens of police officers raided two Catholic Diocese of Saginaw properties and the home of Bishop Joseph Cistone. The raids were carried out as part of an ongoing investigation into apparently rife sexual abuse in the church—and their history of covering it up.

    According to Saginaw County Assistant Prosecutor Mark Gaertner, the police raids were necessary because the church was refusing to cooperate with the ongoing investigation into a torrent of sexual abuse allegations.

  10. In case anyone thinks Hogg is going to lead a crusade against the 2nd Am, here is the meme that will be going most viral in the next week.

  11. Texas School Triples Recess Time, Solves Attention Deficit Disorder
    Mar 3 2017

    Higher quality nutritious and organic foods, rather than processed snack foods and fast foods, when served in school cafeterias are another part of creating an environment more conducive to the needs of children.

    The most common sense, natural solution to inattentive behavior in school children, however, may be the basic idea of giving children more time to free play and to engage their bodies in physical activity.

    It’s such a simple notion in such unusual times that it actually sounds revolutionary, and several schools in Texas are being hailed for trying a new program which solves behavioral problems by doing nothing more than allowing children to play outside more often during the school day.

    1. Thanks p. We compress learning so much for young people and then churn them out like sausages. As a culture we could begin allowing school to extend into the 20s with a lot of life breaks.

  12. Frustration mounts as Dodd-Frank rollback stalls
    Mar 25 2018

    Banks and credit unions desperate for regulatory relief are ramping up pressure on House Republicans to quickly pass a bill easing Dodd-Frank banking rules.

    The Senate earlier this month cleared a bipartisan bill that would exempt dozens of lenders from stricter federal oversight, sending it to the House.

    The measure is a longtime goal of Republicans and the financial services industry. But Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is keeping the bill off the House floor until senators agree to add on a slew of banking reforms that have passed the lower chamber.

  13. John, what would be the purpose of Trump visit with Philippines' Duterte in Asia next month ? Would it be for the use of that Country Gold as a basis of the TRN ? If that is the case, then an RV cannot be realized until after that visit ? Thank You.

    1. There is nothing left to steal or rape.
      1.The Leader is seriously P with America.
      2.How about more PR BS to buy time on Redemptions owed.

    2. John so we are then back to where we were, the past couple of years with Obama and Bush being able to stall as much as they can , buying time on Redemption owed, which takes us way past silly season once again ? Any end in sight ? Please feel free to elaborate. Thank You.

    3. Although we can only hint, a lot is playing out. The world has needs and failure to act will forfeit all US Ok readership. Just watch .

    4. John did you mean US UK leadership?

    5. Sorry dam mobile phone typos interjecting, no it means all US Leadership.

  14. Thought all the gold was stolen by the japanese & USA during ww2.


  16. john

    On March 26, 2018, the Chinese will start trading oil with their oil/gold/yuan futures contract.

    how long do you think it will take for these new chinese gold backed yuan based oil contracts to kill the dollar?

    can you please discuss your thoughts and understanding of what we will see here.


    1. Morning Unknown. Thanks for reminding. I just woke up on the 26th and I realised 26 3 2018 is 11:11. 😊 11 is illumination. Has anyones else had spates of seeing 11:11 on their clocks? Global wakeup calls..

    2. A new report coming out will help you all.

    3. I have been catching the clock at 11:11 this morning and then 1:11 this afternoon. I thought it was strange

    4. AJ - YES!! I've been seeing 11:11 very frequently the past two weeks. :)

  17. Ortel examines the Clinton Foundation and the UK donations to it...

    Sundays with Charles Ortel ~ The Spies Who Materially Misrepresented Me

  18. Multiple Ballistic Missiles intercepted over Saudi capital. Yemen claims responsibility.

  19. An interesting paragraph is making the rounds. The original source is over at Vox Day though original author is hidden. The paragraph has the benefit of consistency, whether it is true or false, is another matter. Take with the usual Himalayan-sized grain of salt:

    The President signed the bill because the military needed to be funded. They're going to have some big jobs this year: war with Iran, rounding up most of the Obama administration to stand trial in front of military tribunals, and keeping domestic order when the roundup happens. The midterms are going to be utterly irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. That means the roundup will happen before then and the DNC will be struggling with things other than running for office.

  20. Tolerance cuts both ways.

    This isn’t an easy pill to swallow, I know, but that’s the way free speech works, especially when it comes to tolerating speech that we hate.

    The most controversial issues of our day—gay rights, abortion, race, religion, sexuality, political correctness, police brutality, et al.—have become battlegrounds for those who claim to believe in freedom of speech but only when it favors the views and positions they support.

    “Free speech for me but not for thee” is how my good friend and free speech purist Nat Hentoff used to sum up this double standard.

    This haphazard approach to the First Amendment has so muddied the waters that even First Amendment scholars are finding it hard to navigate at times.
    It’s really not that hard. The First Amendment affirms th======

  21. FLASHBACK: Hitler Also Used Children to Promote Gun Control
    Mar 24 2018

    Here’s a history lesson for young adults in America – Hitler’s regime took away guns from people in Germany and then herded those they did not like into boxcars and shipped them to concentration camps where they were enslaved, beaten, raped and murdered. The victims didn’t fire a shot in self-defense because their guns were taken away.

    Hitler said –

    “These boys and girls enter our organizations [at] ten years of age, and often for the first time get a little fresh air; after four years of the Young Folk they go on to the Hitler Youth, where we have them for another four years . . . And even if they are still not complete National Socialists, they go to Labor Service and are smoothed out there for another six, seven months . . . And whatever class consciousness or social status might still be left . . . the Wehrmacht [German armed forces] will take care of that.”
    —Adolf Hitler (1938)

    1. Obama: I Would Like to Create ‘a Million Young Barack Obamas’
      Mar 25 2018

      Former President Barack Obama told attendees at a conference in Japan on Sunday that he is looking to shape “a million” young leaders in his image to help the human race.

      “If I could do that effectively, then—you know—I would create a hundred or a thousand or a million young Barack Obamas or Michelle Obamas,” Obama told the attendees. “Or, the next group of people who could take that baton in that relay race that is human progress.”

    2. History trying to repeat itself and not in a good way.


  23. Well, at least on Italian TV, the Stormy Daniels story got exactly 60 seconds of play.

    Tracking here, it's clearly a staged event and nobody is falling for it when her whole back-up team is an A-list of Clinton support team. Plus, the Deep State doesn't get it, attacking a putative alpha male for alpha male behavior doesn't stick. It plays as "In 2006, he slept with a pornstar... and..." with the comeback that she was threatened in 2011! Really? Come on Deep State! You can do better!

  24. US and 17 Other Countries Expel Russian Diplomats; Ambassador says Relations with the USA are "Destroyed" Congress gets "EMERGENCY BRIEFING" as talk of war

    1. UPDATE 10:31 AM EDT --



      Hungary to expel Lead Russian Diplomat

      Spain to expel 2 Russians


      UH OH . . .



      Hal Turner Comment

      I am 56 years old; been around a long time.  I have NEVER seen anything like this take place on the world stage.  This is an unprecedented collective action and it is leading to outright war.  You cannot have war until relations are destroyed and the destruction of relations is taking place right now.  Today.


       UPDATE 10:42 AM EDT --


    2. This all about spies and spying. There are plenty of channels and they will continue. Yeah, there is a march towards war, hopefully saner minds will prevail.

    3. UPDATE 10:49 AM EDT --

      My sources in the Intelligence Community (IC) are saying this may be related to the "PetroYuan" launched by China to buy and sell OIL in Yuan instead of Dollars.  The "PetroYuan" went LIVE last night, and in the first hour of trading, TEN BILLION DOLLARS of notional trading took place.

      For decades, all oil sales in the world HAD to be performed using Dollars.  This meant that countries around the world needed physical US Dollars to buy oil.  With a new way to now purchase oil using the Chinese Yuan currency, a whole slew of US Dollars are going to flood back into the USA from countries that don't want our currency anymore and who have resented having to use it.

      When all that cash starts coming back into the USA, it will cause almost immediate hyper-inflation, wrecking the value of the Dollar, and collapsing the US economy.

      THAT is something countries go to war to prevent . . . 

      This fits the situation when one sees that the US has been deliberately conducting "freedom of navigation" exercises in the South China Sea, ignoring the artificial islands created by China and the new "territory" claimed by those islands.

      Last week, China's President Xi Jinping, said "China is ready for a bloody battle" over what they claim is their "Sovereignty" in that region.

      China is part of the BRICS economic group: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.  Those countries collectively equate to a HUGE economic force and if they are now all going to swith to the PetroYuan, then the US may not survive as an economic power!

      Hence, "trouble" with the two biggest players in that BRICS group: China and Russia.

      We could see the actual start of World War 3 before the month ends. Expulsion of ambassadors is always the last step before the bullets start to fly. Diplomats getting expelled or leaving is one of the first signs of war.This means all enemy assets are being removed so they cant do anything from within.


    4. Even if we take a hit, there is a hell of a lot of GDP associated with us. First phase may be hurtful, but the net will be to do things here as opposed to imports. A good kick to the head might be just the wake-up call.

    5. Lotsa sabre-rattling is making my ears ache between these two...

      Lotsa fun nonetheless, no? LOL.

    6. No respect for elders: China's new oil benchmark crushing old-timer Brent
      Mar 27 2018

      China's launch of yuan-backed oil futures has sparked huge interest among investors with initial trade volumes of the contracts outpacing overnight transactions of rival Brent crude – a globally recognized benchmark.

      The first trading session saw a total of 62,500 contracts with more than 62 million barrels of crude traded for a notional volume of nearly 27 billion yuan ($4 billion), Zerohedge reports.

      The new contract reportedly attracted foreign investors including Glencore and Trafigura, as well as Freepoint Commodities, BOCI Global Commodities and North Petroleum International. Domestic firms, including Unipec, Chinaoil, Cnooc, and Sinochem, as well as independent refiner Shandong Huifeng Petrochemical, also joined trading, which started on the Shanghai International Energy Exchange on Monday.

    7. Death of US dollar? China launches petro-yuan to challenge greenback’s dominance
      Mar 27 2018

      The highly anticipated yuan-backed crude oil futures have been launched in Shanghai. China is the world’s biggest oil consumer, with eyes on rival benchmarks Brent and WTI as well as the US currency.

      Trading of the new oil futures contracts for September settlement started on the Shanghai International Energy Exchange at 440.20 yuan ($69.70) per barrel, reports Chinese daily the South China Morning Post. Some 18,540 lots have reportedly been sold and purchased so far.

      The long-awaited step evoked a surge in global prices for oil with Brent Crude soaring to $71 a barrel for the first time since 2015. US crude benchmark West Texas Intermediate (WTI) reached the highest level in three years at $66.55 per barrel, before retreating to $65.53.

      Experts see China’s yuan-dominated contracts as historic as the new futures symbolize the first time that foreign investors can access a Chinese commodity market. The launch ends years of setbacks and delays since the country’s first attempt at listing the securities in 1993.

      At the same time, the petro-yuan launch is seen as a blow to the US dollar that has been weakening in recent months. The US dollar is the predominant settlement currency for oil futures contracts. On Monday, the greenback slipped to a 16-month low against the Japanese yen, but remained steady against a basket of six major currencies.

  25. And a little reminder from Billy Meier...

    168. Millions and even billions of people will be killed by acts of terrorism, by wars and civil wars; and finally, in some parts of the world, every third human being, and, in other places, every fourth human being, will lose his or her life.

    169. The nations of the East will rise against the nations of the West, the West against the East.

    170. Many deaths will be inflicted upon the people by fighter and bomber aircraft, and bombs and rockets will destroy and annihilate smaller and larger villages and cities.

    171. The people will be completely powerless against all this and will live through 888 days of Hell on Earth, suffering hunger and plagues which will claim even more lives than the war itself.

    172. The time will be severe as never before experienced on Earth. Ultimately, nothing can be bought or sold any longer.

    173. All provisions will be rationed; and if a human being steals even a small piece of bread, he/she will have to pay for it with his/her life.

    174. Many waters will mix with human blood and turn red, as once in the past the Nile in Egypt turned red with blood.

    1. I've looked into Billy. It seems he was ahead of his time and there was no obvious source of his knowledge. If he is to be believed, it is a very interesting intervention. Just about to read the Talmud of Immanuel.

      I would speculate a couple truthoids (yes, I made that up, same idea as factoids):

      1. We are still loosely on the same damn path, although we have clearly kicked some of the cans down the road decades.

      2. Given the whole Soul Journey idea, are we post-Pleiadian souls? Otherwise why so much Pleiadian interest? Or am I too provincial in thinking against a backdrop of infinite conscious beings?

    2. The Pleiadeans provided us with some DNA c200k years ago. It was to allow the humanoid stock to feel and be aware of the ethereal consciousness. That jump is the reason for the missing link and also the beginning of our knowledge of good and evil ie awareness of duality. Since then, a number of human civilizations have risen only to destroy themselves. We are the only one to have reached the point of evolution into higher realms. It's just that the old consciousness of control over others is kicking and screaming as most of humanity breaks the surface into new higher consciousness. We are in the transition phase. This is the reason for intense galactic interest at this time - we are birthing as a galactic society, just as the Pleiadeans have hoped.

      ^^This is a summary of many years of reading and triangulation by me from many different sources and my understanding of 'the situation'.

    3. Thanks AJ for this. It makes sense.

    4. I feel that Billy would have been correct if humanity had stayed at the level of consciousness it was at the time of his writings/visions. Because the collective consciousness has risen dramatically over the past few years, this outcome is no longer the path we are on.

      AJ - I love the way you explain things - so clean, clear and concise. I have been listening to Kryon the past couple of weeks and this aligns very much with what he has shared. Thank you.

  26. The times are changing. Don't mistake this for a racist rant. It is based in statistics and is why populist resurgence will have components of "They have to go back" and "They are not of us". It's coming, regardless. And it's preferable to ethnocide, genocide and civil war.

    1. That article, the website from which it came, the comments, links and attached links to other articles and websites are truly disturbing, Tino.

      Let's all pray that Eduard Meiers works broaden your insights.

    2. 100dth -- Meaning no disrespect, please reign in the judging. My insights are not the articles. The articles are in fact, the parallel to WW2 trend identified by John that is building and it can veer libertarian or it can veer Nazi/Fascist. It is, as I pointed out, that the times are changing. Racism, is and remain, the irrational hatred of another for their race. It's deplorable but it exists. Also, its existence doesn't change the fact, that the different human races have different time preference, IQ curves, criminality rate, and almost any other factor you can name -- which are objective measures with consequences.

      IQ drop alone is why the society is getting dangerous. You might have noticed the pedestrian bridge collapse in Florida which was caused 100% by diversity being substituted for IQ and experience. Half-way around the world the same: (MOSCOW — With anger, sadness, and confusion, Russians struggled to come to grips Monday with a shocking failure of fire safety that allowed a blaze to storm through a crowded shopping center in the Siberian city of Kemerovo, killing 64 people.)

      No matter which way it breaks, the push is "they have to go back" and "they are not of us". True. Disturbing. Coming nonetheless. Now, I'm reasonably good at this prediction business. The history of the world is replete with ethnocide, genocide and civil war -- all bloody. Repatriation can be done peacefully -- there is precedent, but it requires accepting it is coming and setting the law to unwind the 1960s Immigration Act.

    3. Well I'm glad you're so good at predictions, Tino. How about a response to how "Great America" will look in, say five years time?

  27. American Intelligence Media ~ Q Exposed as Psyop

    1. If Q is a psyop then so is Trump.

    2. Q1 was semi legit - Q2 not so good and Q squared is poopski. That does not mean that some good stuff comes out of Q. POTUS is our President and if we all do our part to help him Success will be faster and easier to achieve. I see lots of kabuki .... + progress on many fronts. I am in the 4th quarter of my life and I have seen a lot = Trump is getting more done and faced with more challenges than anyone EVER.

      Indicators forthcoming ... Arrests of big names, MTs, GCR, Fed closes down, SES fully exposed ... I we/expect to have a lot more on that soooon.

    3. Some good stuff flowing from Q anyway!

    4. Come on John, chime in with some good news like our Best Buddy Bob just shared!! lol

    5. Bob, according to Jerome Corsi Q is very legit and in fact is military intelligence direct to Trump himself. I kinda believe Corsi is the real deal and has actually mentioned he knows who Q is.

    6. SCOTT - TEXIAN I swallowed the hook on some info re Q that may have been NOT SO GOOD. Corsi is close to the Truth ... I am going to keep eating the cooked chicken but spitting out the bones as they say.... I am pretty sure there is more than one Q and a fake Q or 2. Corsi is hopping mad about someone stepping on his toes. It is playing out in front of us and we learn more every day. Sorry if I goofed!

    7. No worries Bob, it's so GD hard to discern the truth on this monstrous web you kinda have to go with what your gut tells you, we've been lied to for so long on so many fronts trust is a lost value.

  28. Nevada's 2nd U.S. House District Rep. Mark Amodei, R-Carson City, said on Nevada Newsmakers Monday that Rep. Paul Ryan may soon resign as Speaker of the U.S. House.

    Amodei said he was repeating a rumor that's around Capitol Hill.

    "The rumor mill is that Paul Ryan is getting ready to resign in the next 30 to 60 days and that Steve Scalise will be the new Speaker," Amodei said.

    1. That would be nice. Never did like that one. Looks like he is smirking all the time. Never trusted him.

  29. John,

    Is China going to gold back the RMB quickly now that they have their Petri Yuan futures trading?

    1. Our terms need to be accepted. Restrictive covernants prohibit the use of AU to invest in or be involved in warfare, weapons or any actions detremental to humanity or ecology. Tough- stuff. Thinking time to toe the line.
      They want complete freedom, but with no gold.
      They need to expand, but with no gold.
      They need to compromise and model with no wars.
      But- the US is forcing conflict. Sailing into Chinese contested waters is all the ugliness of the Hegemony Pirates, with the same snarky attitude we long know from DC. China knows the US wants war. They and Russia ever more gear up for it.
      If those nukes smash into the US watch views change fast then when their lying leads to the millions then dying.
      The Military are devoid of consciousness and a Muppet brigade marching to the Kazarian Tri Laterals meddling modelling. Remove the Rodents, remove the conflicts. Sanitize out the Zios snout and the world can progress. DC has become a sewer they chose to habitat in. Like the Pide Pier, they lead you all to the Cliff Edge.
      China is NOT the cause of what may come, nor Russia.

    2. Looks like we are in a rough patch that needs time to work out. Silly season time.

    3. The uS Warhawks need to be picked up for their crimes against humanity. Don Diego and a rapid MT for them.

    4. Second that! Military Tribunals ARE THE FINAL SOLUTION! #realDonaldTrump

  30. More War preps...

  31. I'm afraid I think Trump is a psyop, more of a Trojan Horse I think. Slipped in like the gift from the Gods but full of assassins. He always threatens never to do the reprehensible thing again, but it doesn't matter anymore, because he's done the important deed. He answers to Israel, grovels for the Queen, funds the US fighting machine to the hilt. He can't do enough for the UK/Israel axis; gives them money, pledges our boys and now our GIRLS! don't forget. France is considering reinstituting the draft, we won't be far behind.

    I don't understand how you guys can make jokes about it? Where's all that money John was promising? Everything was lining up, we just had to be patient. Is it coming after the war? When there's no one left? Maybe none of you have kids, is that it? Maybe it's all just noise, $700 Billion worth of noise. That's not a pay increase number.

    I thought preparations were going along swimmingly, that's what I kept reading here. Nothing to worry about, everything was falling into place, big money was coming to everyone. Maybe I missed something. What is Trump doing? he's still surrounded by Goldman-Sax. Who's been arrested? Hillary's running around in India. I haven't heard of any arrests, pedo or otherwise. Healthcare is still completely unaffordable, all efforts are being made to replace jobs with AI, retail is drying up, maybe Steel is back- what else?


    Ditto for me too. How Can DJT allow the aggressive behaviour with the USA, French and UK navies just off the Syrian coast? Is the tail wagging the dog? Give me a freaking break! Who is fooling who? For all the Trump lovers out there, isn’t it time to question who DJT’s puppet masters are? Just a simple question since I’m Canadian and have our own issues with our own Child King Trudeau (Turdo).

  33. John, given your comments above would it be fair to conclude that redemption progress, at any level, is now on hold, or significantly delayed, due to the increasing geo-political tensions between the super-powers? Just difficult to get a fix on things from our vantage point here in the stalls. Many thanks

  34. Redemption is actually progressing right now, but if some Asshole releases from the fleet surroundibg Syria, Russia will RIGHTLY annihilate the entire fleet. These Morons on their 4 squares a day, all found and no thought required, are all being used as disposable cannon fodder to help expand Greater Israel for the Khazarians. Mugs!

    Not even 2% of Israel is Jewish, it's a Con game for the Khazars. Genghis Khan's filth.
    Same slime as are running and looting the US banks etc.

    One one hand, real progress, on the other dealing with the Zio Wrecking Crews. Balance.
    In the middle a truly Dumb, naive mass population, believing in a Patriotism which simply does not exist, but used up as bullet stoppers with a naive belief it matters. Or them.
    Real world as if!

    In the middle we try to conclude, with a semi Literate Mutt focused more on his 18-30 deliveries of his 3 or 4 McD's delivery of his Whopper burgers, a wife who with Good Choice, sleeps in another room,( Escape the Mutt) and an ever changing guard playing pass the parcel in this rabid Zoo. An illusion of normality in a sea of bilge.

    We wait on The Chump.

    1. Thanks John. That's balanced, encouraging and gives hope.

    2. Real progress would occur in the Middle East if America stops funding, arming and supporting these rabid and nasty Khazarians. Jews have always lived at peace with Arab neighbours in the middle East. In turn they lived and ran businesses in Arab nations. Respected and valued. These bloody Khazarians are the root problem and cause of the wars. Nutter Yahoo and his Mossad thugs.
      If the US sods off home,Arabs can deal with Israel and nations will co exist again. America will take the world to war for their Khazarians paymaster ridden by these Zio jockeys. If the US causes this hopefully Russia in a heartbeat totals Israel so this Khazarians escape route is gone then the world can deal with the rest. Time then to focus on what's left in the US and London and bring them all to account .

    3. JOHN This video I rec'd a few minutes ago We have been foollowing the story - Israelis tried to sink the USS Liberty in 1967 and Johnson was POTUS Remember, he was in the middle of JFK assasination - then ..... Mockingbird media and Israel ADL et al covered it up. Several American Sailors were murdered on that day. When will we ever Wake TF up! Our collective stupidity and laziness .... perhaps not ... we are catching on ... 500 SES lawyers in DoJ run US under orders from TLC, CFR, 41 - 44 = the cumulative number of SES making over $280,000 per year is multiples of 10,000 since the are paid for life. We are learning Yellen, Feinstein, Huma ++++ many names we know are double/triple xxx dipping. algorithms are forming to unlock this sh^thole SES and its EVIL friend and ally SERCO. WE are perhaps taking unstupidification RED pills! Military Tribunals forthcoming.

    4. Bob

      The next report will say a lot.
      Attack Syria and it will end the US failed experiment.

      Russia and China HAVE to pre empt.It's all academic then.

      The arrogant naive stupidity of those 4 square muppets will end if Russia unleashes, and 50m die on the Homeland coasts in the first 10 minutes before the ICBMs arrive. The bombers and paras will follow. Then you will KNOW war.
      Only the Zios want this nation grabbing war. Stop arming and funding Israel. That is the Luciferian source. Boys with toys Gung Ho to go.
      The Chump needs to stop this now.

    5. JOHN POTUS needs to get MTs moving and remove those who are trying to force WWIII. I have been going through SES data with only limited success. However,I know from prior experiences with forensic analysis that the SES glob is the root of the PROBLEM. I suggest UK has a similar Problem since Kristine marcy copied a lot of the UK System similar. There are SES - Unionized and LOYAL SEA - who are in every one of >75 Departments - 10,000 of them making more than 4 star generals and many making more than VPOTUS. I hope this new Group of whistleblowers = JTF MAGA who are turned and after those inside NSA ets betrayed USA. There are super synergies growing like a forest fire of Truth. You UK guys need someone who will Get in a meeting with POTUS once you understand the SES situation and help. WE can work together and really fix this. SEveral of us Nobodys have figured out the basics and see those with the right connections digging deep into the details.

      Smart Guys need to build a spreadsheet = 1. year by year roster of SES-SEA et al 2. With each name insert pay by year. (Janet Yellen is paid by SES! Yikes! as if the Fed is not stealing enough) 3. their security clearance and vetting = usually TS but not vetted - how can this be allowed. 4. cumulative pay from SES and other USG sources. 5. All sources of income for SEA et al year by year. etc etc etc. This data is available. Hang these lying criminals by their heels until they talk. Consider the cost of paying over 100,000 Arseh%^4s >$500,000 per year for life since 1979 divided by 2 to be conservative and what to you get = $$$$$$$$BILLIONS$$$$ paid to Traitors who are Evil beyond anything we can conceive in thought.


      WOW!!(Thank You BOB) #MAGA

      #realDonaldTrump READ above!

  35. My innards are telling me it is WAY past the time when we can take events at face value. So much of the old system is collapsing and who knows what where how the next 'thing' will occur?

    The only move is to not play. Let it play. We expected this. The new will come quicker if we simply don't get involved in the drama. Don't engage. Don't feed the animals. I hope my innards are making sense.

  36. Borrowed from Vox Day


    John Paul Stevens makes a strong case

    The retired Supreme Court justice makes a strong case for his arrest.

    Rarely in my lifetime have I seen the type of civic engagement schoolchildren and their supporters demonstrated in Washington and other major cities throughout the country this past Saturday. These demonstrations demand our respect. They reveal the broad public support for legislation to minimize the risk of mass killings of schoolchildren and others in our society.

    That support is a clear sign to lawmakers to enact legislation prohibiting civilian ownership of semiautomatic weapons, increasing the minimum age to buy a gun from 18 to 21 years old, and establishing more comprehensive background checks on all purchasers of firearms. But the demonstrators should seek more effective and more lasting reform. They should demand a repeal of the Second Amendment.

    Concern that a national standing army might pose a threat to the security of the separate states led to the adoption of that amendment, which provides that “a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Today that concern is a relic of the 18th century.

    Rarely in my lifetime have I seen such a rancid diaper-load of rhetorical diarrhea as Justice Stevens presents in The New York Times. He piles falsehood upon falsehood, lie upon lie, in a futile attempt to build public support for a direct assault on the 2nd Amendment and the unalienable American rights it was written to protect.

    And since he observably has no respect for those rights, the God-Emperor would do very well to order the old man locked up for high crimes and treason on the evidence of his career on the court.


    1. #realDonaldTrump #MAGA * ^^^

    2. And it is treason. The retired Justice knows all too well that all weapons of any use, in the home, in self-defense, typical hunting and other situations, are semi-automatic. Essentially, this would ban all weapons, which is a prima facie ban of weapon ownership. This is also offering comfort to enemies of the Republic. I realize it is a minor home front skirmish compared to the crisis building in either Syria or the South China Sea.

  37. Sweden is in dire straits on the immigrant front

    1. Liberal lunacy run amok. Very smart lady to get the H out! We have plenty of that same lunacy in America also as does UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and more. We have areas the police won’t go...hello Dearborn, of Minneapolis, Minnesota....and others. UK has had that situation for years even though John is not aware of it. My husband learned of it back in 2007 when on a business trip to England and the locals were telling him why they were all moving their families.

    2. TEXIAN Do you think we can Redpill JOHN to get him on the right track! LOL

    3. Hahaha...NO. Maybe he’s part time spokesman for Chamber of Commerce. It’s not good for business to be talking about rapes and assaults on every corner and pedophiles running the country.

    4. TEXIAN Maybe we just keep trying ... There is a glimmer of hope!

    5. Texian / Bob be 100% assured there are zero no go areas for police in the UK. Attempt it and we will arrest any parties involved . Zero tolerance it's fanciful fairy stories tourist twaddle . We have certain policies here towards terrorism or armed gangs. I won't elaborate but how many get out alive?????

    6. Well, the divergence between reported news (and not necessarily Alt-Right) and John's statement is problematic at best, it may be technically correct but the trends are horrible and it is clear that some folks aren't going into 'Muslim Enclaves' for the same reason you won't find me in South-Central Los Angeles. Situation not as bad as France and Sweden, but that is only a question of time:

      This says different, with dangerous trends.

      And this says different as well...

      And this too says different as well...

  38. p: From Twitter earlier today. Interesting collage of events and information concerning S. Mateen

    Seddique Mateen, father of the Orlando terrorist who killed 49 at the Pulse night club, was an FBI confidential human source between 2005 & 2016. Search at his residence found receipts for money transfers to Turkey & Afghanistan. 2nd transfer occurred one week before the attack.

  39. Rosenstein subpoened for failing to produce Clinton docs

  40. Why Is DARPA Researching Time Crystals? That’s Classified
    Mar 26 2018

    DARPA has announced it’s funding research into pushing the limits of quantum mechanics and is looking into one of the strangest scientific breakthroughs in recent history: time crystals. Time crystals made headlines last year when scientists finally made the bizarre objects in the lab, four years after they were first proposed. Time crystals are made up of atoms with constantly oscillating spins. These atoms flip-flop, or “jiggle” in the presence of a regular force, such as an electric field keeping them ticking along – just think of it like a plate of Jell-O wobbling when you tap it. But what’s very odd about them is that the oscillation doesn’t necessarily line up with the tick of the field. For example, the time crystals made last year flipped only half as fast as the tick driving them.

    So what could DARPA want with time crystals? That’s classified.

  41. Evidence first: Several European countries refuse to follow UK lead in Russia diplomat expulsions
    Mar 27 2018

    As Western countries expel Russian diplomats over the Skripal case without any evidence that Moscow was responsible, other nations are being more level-headed, refusing to act until the investigation has been completed.

    On Monday, 18 European Union nations, other European countries, the US, and Canada announced they would be expelling Russian diplomats from their territories in solidarity with the UK's recent decision. The US expelled 60 Russian diplomats, while other nations in Europe only expelled between one to four. The move was made after the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, in Salisbury, UK, earlier this month, which Western nations have blamed on Moscow.

    However, there have been some dissenting voices in the sea of uniformity. On Tuesday, Switzerland noted that it would wait for the results of the investigation before taking any action. Its Foreign Ministry said that the country "supports mechanisms and institutions that can independently clarify facts and security evidence."

    Austria, an EU member, said it would not be taking any "national measures," while noting its desire to "keep the channels of communication to Russia open."
    Cyprus also declined to expel any Russian diplomats without any further evidence. "Our country is not in a position to take measures against countries that are permanent members of the UN Security Council," government spokesman Prodromos Prodromou told Cyprus News Agency (CNA) on Monday, as quoted by the Independent Balkan News Agency (IBNA).

    Slovakia was not eager to jump the gun either. "The development of the situation, as well as Russia's response to the calls addressed to it by the EU countries -- including Slovakia -- will influence the next steps that we are prepared to consider in this case," the Slovakian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday. However, the country said it was summoning the Russian ambassador "without delay."

  42. Good Evening group, do you have seen any evidence or news about the new gold stndr currency from China or US? Please no comments about any gurus or other sites.

    1. There was a nice story about it on RT

    2. Zero Hedge as well. Nothing on MSM Australia yet. Fulford opened with it in this weeks editorial. I've checked Crikey as well, which is a "pay for it" on line paper in Oz, and Nexus News Feed but there's nothing there.

      Odd really.

  43. Don't expect to hear a thing about it in the mainstream media. Just watching the gold prices and some currencies. I'm not sure why we can't mention other sites if the mainstream isn't covering it. Where else would we get our info? Jim Willie is reporting widespread deals between China and numerous countries, all prepared to take RMB: Venezuela, India, Brazil, southeast Asia, North Africa, Libya, and others. Seems as if the Saudis are even entertaining Chinese involvement in their Aramco offering surely for RMB.

    Why do you think we've lined our destroyers up off the Jordanian coast?

  44. 40 New Scientific Papers Say Global Warming Does Not Exist

    1. Borrowed from a comment over on Vox Day -- lots of interesting stuff on Global Cooling as the probable real scenario:

      There are both Chinese and the Russians scientists -- and a bunch of Western scientists -- who are placing the 'nadir' of the cooling in 2030 or 2031.

      Sit through a YouTube of John Coleman.
      John Casey Exposes Global Warming Fraud In 2017 - 2017 (1 hr)

      Excerpt from a longer interview: NASA Scientist says Be Prepared for Famine due to Global Cooling 18 min.

      Dr. Judith Curry (with Mark Steyn) (5.9min).

      Look at (the weird but brilliant!) Lord Monckton's speeches (

      Dr. Tim Ball's talks (start here? (2min):

      Dr. Roy Spencer. (22 min.)

      Dr. Richard Lindzen (56min.)

  45. Can someone verify if the content of the following is true?

    Hoping this is true:

    This may explain it: 🍺Gunny says:
    March 23, 2018 at 7:42 am
    I seriously do not understand why individuals do not read the entire thread or disregard it.

    Wheatietoo and I spent hours yesterday providing links, researching the laws, the 1974 law and statutes…. Do you know why the Omnibus is not going to get any notice…Here it is..

    It’s not an official ‘Federal Budget’. It’s an Omnibus bill…not a Budget…He outsmarted them again…Congress basically screwed themselves by not passing a Budget…

    Per the Constitution…the President must adhere to a Budget set forth by Congress and direct the expenditures as provided therein.

    This is another one of those big Porkulus Bills, like they gave Obama for 8 years. This is not a Budget..

    An Omnibus Spending Bill may have some ‘instructions’ as to how the money will be spent…but Obama ignored them.
    He spent the money, or didn’t spend it, however he wanted to.
    And Congress didn’t do a thing about it! Because they couldn’t..

    I think our President observed how this happened, year after year.
    He is bound to realize that those ‘appropriations’ for different things in these Omnibus bills…are merely ‘suggestions’.

    So like Obama, Pres Trump can spend this money on whatever he wants to.
    Or…not spend it.

    Planned Parenthood?
    What if our President decided to tell the Treas Dept to ‘slow-walk’ that money to Planned Parenthood…until the Senate gets off their ass and confirms his appointees?

    Sanctuary Cities?
    What if our President decided to ‘slow-walk’ that money too…until those Sanctuary Cities assist ICE in rounding up criminal illegal aliens?

    Splodey heads? From the Dems and the Enemedia?
    Why yes.
    There would be a colorful display of splodey heads.

    But what could they do about it.

    Our President could just say…’What! Congress should’ve passed a Budget.’

    done finished…research was done…and it is so very humorous actually….our VSG..just said just give me money for the military and the wall…put anything else you want in it…and those goofballs did.

    In this case, as per above….he doesn’t have to spend a dime….because it is not a budget…and even if it was…researched….he could still spend as he please…
    Congress appropriates….up to the President to spend it…or not….as he pleases..

    If anyone disagrees, I can go back and get the links and evidence, but if you just read yesterdays political thread…Wheatietoo and I laid it all out for all…Wheatietoo did most of the work and put together the consolidated update as per above….

    Again, that is why Obama never had a Budget in his Presidency…Congress did continual Omibus’s and he just took the money….for 8 years…and no one seems to know where it went…

    1. GB - This is generally what we believe to be correct; not exact but correct!

  46. p: Sometimes, there seems to be a need to remind we have one world we all share.

    USA FOR AFRICA - We Are The World
    Aug 26 2009


  47. The Iraqi Dinar just moved up a bit - about 10%.

    1,000,000 IQD =1,100.670AUD

    1. I bet you were looking for a dong rise too - sorry to disappoint.

      These 3 charts show it's linked to AUD:USD movement as the IQD and VND are linked to USD:

    2. I wasn't actually looking, per se. An alert appeared in my inbox when I was on the blog earlier in the day.

      I have alerts set for a couple of other currencies as well.

    3. Thank you 100DthMonkey and AJ for the info.

  48. House GOP to push balanced budget amendment after recess: report
    Mar 28 2018

    House Republicans will push for a balanced budget amendment after they return from recess, according to a report from Politico.

    The report follows the passage of the $1.3 trillion omnibus package to fund the government through September.

    That bill was ripped by conservatives in the House and Senate, and President Trump vowed to never approve a similar bill again.

  49. American Samoa residents sue for citizenship
    Mar 27 2018

    American Samoa residents are suing to earn citizenship at birth, The Associated Press reported Tuesday.

    Residents of the U.S. territory aren’t considered citizens, but are recognized as U.S. nationals.

    This means the residents are not permitted to vote, sponsor relatives immigrating to the U.S. or run for office. However, they do pay taxes to U.S. officials.

    The lawsuit was filed by American Samoa residents living in Utah. They are suing for the right to citizenship under the 14th Amendment, which grants American citizenship at birth to anyone born in the country, the AP reported.

  50. Nearly 160 countries outside 'Western bloc' want to see proof in Skripal case – Russia’s UK embassy
    Mar 28 2018

    Scores of non-Western countries refuse to take the UK’s assertion that Russia was behind the incident in Salisbury at face value, demanding it present the evidence, Moscow’s embassy in London said. Some 160 states share that view.

    While many in the Western world, save several notable exceptions, united behind the UK as it accused Russia of poisoning the former spy with a military-grade toxic agent, many more countries have not been persuaded by the fiery rhetoric of British PM Theresa May, the spokesperson for Russia’s British embassy told Sputnik.

    “Even if Mrs. May said that she was absolutely sure that Russia was responsible for the incident in Salisbury, she would have to present all evidence to Russia, the international community and the British public. This is the opinion of almost 160 countries which are not members of the Western bloc,” he said. “It is obvious that no one in the wider world would take British words for granted.”

  51. Russian gas pipeline gets green light from Germany as US tries to kill project
    Mar 27 2018

    Germany has issued a permit for the construction and operation of an offshore section of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Germany in the Baltic Sea.

    “The BSH [Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency of Germany] issued the permit for this approximately 30-kilometres-long route section in accordance with the Federal Mining Act,” the company in charge of the project, Nord Stream 2 AG, said on its website.

    According to the company, all necessary permits have been obtained. In January, the Stralsund Mining Authority approved the construction and operation in German territorial waters and the landfall area.

    “We are pleased that all necessary permits are now in place for the German route section, which has an overall length of 85 kilometers,” Permitting Manager Germany at Nord Stream 2 AG Jens Lange said.

    Authorization from regulators in Russia, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark, through territories of which the pipeline is set to run as well, are due to be obtained in the coming month, according to the operator. Scheduled construction works will reportedly be carried out this year as planned.

    The Nord Stream 2 pipeline is projected to run from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea. It will double the existing pipeline’s capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year. According to the operator, the pipeline is the most efficient way, both economically and ecologically, to transport gas from the world’s largest reserves to European consumers.

  52. Americas latest illegal killing base in poor Syria sits in the center of vast new Oil reserves. Blatant illegal Thuggery again! What will stop these predatory Jackals?
    If the US enters conflict with Russia, the Mach 20 missiles WILL! Who calls time on this slime? How many more must die for the Mocking Bird lie?

    1. Oil reserves are estimates, but are counted as firm assets. Estimates are incorrect by definition. Estimates are typically inflated and deflated to manipulate value of the land lease. Another way of friends making money for each other out of nothing.

      The only real limit to estimates is national borders.

    2. What will stop them is the release of zero-point energy technology from Tesla's work.

    3. AJ, when it comes down to it those may be the only options at hand.

    4. Trump says U.S. will leave Syria ‘very soon’ — despite his promises not to telegraph military moves

  53. Innovative inventors, who can revolutionize society for the good, incur risks if they submit their patent applications to the State. Getting trapped in limbo, while outright theft of their research occurs, is one of those risks.

    On the other hand, if a giant corporation has an invention that deploys the genetic engineering of food crops, and adds millions of tons of toxic pesticides to the environment, its patent application sails through review at the Patent Office.


  54. The Russian Skripals have less than a 1% chance of surviving, and even if so, will then be invalids for the rest of what will pass for a dreadful life.
    So many nations have now booted out Russians from Consular services, and more is to come. Combined Intel services all judge them badly. If correct, this was a bad move by Vlad,and the price will be high.
    Every day is now hell for the Skripals. They cant even commnunicate. The reprisals are for unleashing that. Vlad has lost huge Browie points.
    We show both sides of Russia.
    Perpetrate this and ? If the Skripals die,phase 2 will hit big.


  55. To All:

    Some changes were made to the website. Most will hopefully go unnoticed, but the site should be more responsive.

    What you may notice is now OWON carries https certification. This means all traffic to and from the OWON is now encrypted. Also, this certification guarantees you are at the right website. You do not have to change any saved bookmarks. All traffic will be automatically redirected to OWON's https address.

    Let us know if you have any issues with the website function.


    1. Thanks Canauzzie, appreciate all that yoou do here.

  56. 1. We live in a multi facet, multi tasking world. Often without communication or cohesion. Complex Global negotiations are ever ongoing. Many interests compete,
    2. Despite so much progressive hope, we are cursed with the uninvited and wanton threats of the Cabal forces invading Syria, and the real world consequences if these disgusting mercenary forces unleash nuclear havoc by their abysmal failure to understand Russian certain response if provoked.
    3.Within the first 10 minutes of conflict, every EU base will be hit,and erased.
    4. If the idiots in the Cabal epicentre impliment a strike on the Russian High Command, Russia will unleash the lot!. Nothing will survive. Every US base on the planet will perish. But so will the planet. There will be no survival. There will be no humnity left.None!
    5. Is our apathetic indifference worrying only about Free Dinars!! acceptable conduct to say nothing, not using our heads or voices, while all around Cabal Military Yahoos are losing theirs. Is another base worth the human race? Saying nothing, will cost us EVERYTHING!

    Who will stop these accused Cabal invaders. How the hell did we let them get so far?
    What part of 350M American DEAD, will not permeate inside your head.


    1. JohnM,

      Rude? Perhapsb but watch this and please do take the time to let this sink in.

      500,000 dead Iraqi Children

      Now consider that and worse could be coming. What if on American soil?

      If this kind of inhumanity can be unleashed on a country, are we being rude? This was just Iraq, shall we start adding all cases where "freedom" was being spread in other parts of the globe?

      Bringing awareness on the possibility lash-back against Global Hegemony is not rude, it is reality.

    2. 15000 years of history is almost impossible to stop.

      This is not about America.

      This is about the brotherhood and thousands of years of dynastic families and priesthoods. You can't blame a young naive kid making $20,000 a year that came from a poor neighborhood and joined the military because he had no choices.

      The entire planetary system is corrupt. ALL COUNTRIES! We are just this centuries empire that the brotherhood is using to further their misery agenda.

    3. It's now way past time for all people of our planet to think, understand the horrors perpetrated by this vicious Cabal and Zio trash and to lobby useless Leaders to close down every US base in all countries. Get them all out. Give humanity a chance or let the people rise up and remove them..nations need to unite and send this hegemony filth into the night . Let Russia make it clear, any more attacks on Syria and the US mainland gets it. Share the shit you give out . Get out of this poor abused world and take your drug ridden dysfunctional filth with your decent Americans need to recall in horror what is done in your name .Look at Syria. How dare you? Maybe only 20 more 9/11s will bring home the horror your fellow man suffers every day at your hands. Who gave you the right to invade Syria? It's time your role ends. Just-go and take this murdering scum home. Decent Americans need to wake up in shame. This will end badly . Let the oppressed masses unite and hit back. End this ruthless tyranny.

    4. The UK is there too...


      15000 years of BROTHERHOOD!

    5. According to anonymous sources, former British MI6 intelligence operative Christopher Steele was nearing criminal prosecution in the United States for lying to US federal prosecutors about the totally fabricated “Trump-Russia Dossier”. Both the British government and their intelligence services, terrified about Steele’s admitting the UK’s nefarious role in aiding the American shadow government “Deep State” in staging a coup against President Trump, initiated a “false flag” terrorist attack on two Russian citizens Sergei and Yulia Skripal.

      The analysis of the Skripals' case shows that the UK authorities are not interested in finding out the motives and those responsible for the crime in Salisbury and suggests that the British intelligence services are involved in it.

      The British chemical weapons lab in Porton Down is hushing up the fact that the day before the poisoning of Skripals, they, together with the British military, conducted exercises, during which the methods of combating chemical and biological contamination were practiced.

    6. That is a nefarious wild report. 6 would be lobotomised by Parliament. Porton Down would never allow it.The UK have shared key intel which is why so many nations have booted Valds Impailers. A bad move by Russia and it will hurt.
      Chess Masters became Baters here.


    7. JV,

      "This is not about America.

      The entire planetary system is corrupt. ALL COUNTRIES! We are just this centuries empire that the brotherhood is using to further their misery agenda."


    8. If I may extend the thought -- we are trapped in a circular, repeating anti-civilization that grinds everyone into dust. This is why while Etherealism may be part of a way out, EurAsia as presently described merely perpetuates the circular, repeating anti-civ. That's why I am johnny-one-note on issues like income-taxation (form of slavery), panopticon (excessive power, the fear is on the wrong group -- its politicians that need to be 100% spied on), entrenched managerial bureaucracy (future nobility, nothing but a disaster since economies can only be managed badly by individuals, focus on aristocracy of pull), drug war (sure, a 50K year old habit is going to be eliminated by the death penalty and draconian police -- throwing every privacy to the wind in a toxic miasma of checks -- exactly how ignorant of history are these architects?), transhumanism (I can't think of a better route to civil war and societal upheaval than leaving everyone behind... shall we reconsider "No one left behind"?),AI jobs etc (Agenda 21 really? we have robots to do all the work, so instead of simply configuring for 6 billion, lets configure for 500MM, democidal jerks!).

      I could go on and on. It seems even the wisest among us fail to see that you can configure matters to go after a super-civilization only by changing the actual structure. Perpetuate the policy of the past, and round and round with no advance we go. From the abysmal and very wrong thought of "farming" and "herd" which produces nothing but imbecile thoughts of "culling" and "costs" (as if!) you expect to birth a super-civ of self-reliant self-leading humans. The architects can't formulate neither the source problem nor the solution destination, and therefore are incapable of charting a linear way out of the circle. Round and round we go. To the brink of extinction if the latest round of fear-porn is to be take seriously (it should be!).

      But what do I know? I'm just a student of history, human nature, medical doctor, not even licensed to practice these days. Never mind the clinic I own actually cures PTSD at a 99% rate, autism at a 33% rate, alleviates TBI, chemo-brain, and opiate abuse. But I'm the crazy one as opposed to all those in power world-wide who have taken us to the edge of potential extinction, killed 200MM humans in the previous hundred years, and the untold misery induced by and of the Vatican, the Cabal, the Deep States, the Banksters, the Khazar Zionists.

      [Insert profane set of words here as preferred by each reader.]

    9. This is the reaction from Australia for TWO (yes, only two) civilian deaths in Iraq.

      "The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has revealed "two thorough investigations" have concluded civilian casualties were likely when an RAAF Super Hornet fired a GPS-guided bomb at a building in West Mosul where a pair of Islamic State (IS) snipers were engaged in heavy fighting with local forces."

      Every nation reacts with different levels of responsibility for their own mistakes. That is the measure of society.


  58. Can we please start arresting them now? What the F are they waiting for?

    Newly uncovered text messages between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page suggest a possible coordination between high-ranking officials at the Obama White House, CIA, FBI, Justice Department and former Senate Democratic leadership in the early stages of the investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to GOP congressional investigators on Wednesday.

    The investigators say the information provided to Fox News “strongly” suggests coordination between former President Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, then-Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, and CIA Director John Brennan — which they say would “contradict” the Obama administration’s public stance about its hand in the process.

  59. Forget the Conspiracy Theories overthe UK Russian poisoning.
    A massive and intense Police and Forensics investigation is fully focused. Nowhere to hide. This points hard at Russia, no games, a stupid Agency move which will cost.Huge State repurcussions which will hit hard at the Oligarchs assets in London and all Offshore territories.The hits will be big and they in turn will turn on Putin. No mind games,more mindless. Power corrupts.

  60. John, what is the probability that China will accept your terms for the use of the AU that’s been offered to gold back the yuan? Is it looking promising at this stage? Of course, only if its something you can answer. Thanks

    1. Weekly they go to one person. So does Japan and DC. That request can't Mrs to London and is flatly refused unless strict adherence to our terms. No warfare or weapons, no harm to ecology or the environment. Humanitarian and sound economic project use only. We will only allow beneficial use .cross the line we pull the use. Goodbye RMB. Toe the line the world benefits.

      But both certain Bonds and TRNs are progressing. Positive!
      Our biggest task now is to close those F bases,get the US out of wars,and rebuild America. Fit for the trust of its people.

    2. Look how long we locked horns head to get a nonnon to head the Fed. Job done.Now we are coming after the banking crooks and military

    3. Sorry

      Above should read look at how long we locked horns to get a Non Jew to Head the Fed. To stop their rackets. Now Trump has appointed a Non Jew. Good!
      Next we are coming after your bases. They have to go. At whatever cost. Shame them out, or blast them out. But out!

    4. That request can't Mrs to London and is flatly refused unless strict adherence to our terms.

      What/Who is Mrs?

    5. Dam mobile phone message switching should read that request comes to London and is flatly refused. Clear via lap top?

  61. I second Kermit's request. Maybe these are codes everyone else knows, but it's hard to decipher some of the cryptic references. So Russia is guilty of Skripal? I don't know, it seems that the drug was developed in Russia but the formula was known to UK and even US so how could that be unless they have it too? Not that I want to defend Russia, but I'm highly skeptical of claims about anything coming from Theresa May- archontic snake minion.

    Also, which new FedHead is this? What about the other Feds (how many 6, 7, 8)? Any progress?

    Finally, so are we trying to flying solo in our rehab of the US? Thus leaving Russia the European sector and China the East Asian? Are we concentrating only on the US or will our influence be broader? I was always under the impression that WDS (White Dragon Society) supporters were for cooperation with both China and Russia in an effort to overthrow Khazarians.

    Please clarify.

  62. We work with the key families. We need no one else. They alone have the real AU.
    We are working to develop Eurasia. The Silk Road and all trade from Beijing to London. We will cooperate with China and Russia, but reserve the right to criticise a blunder like this recent fiasco.
    The most powerful Financial City in the world, is already doing a comprehensive Forensic analysis of all Russian Oligarchs funds held anywhere in our Global domains, and penalties will be severe. Russian Bear Vlad may wanna be,but a very sore Butt is coming soon. London has ways of making him sqwark.

    There will be no US bases in Eurasia. Nor US Hegemony. It ends soon.

  63. Note, we do Focus on abuse and corruption. Any country.

    We want the Fed OUT of the game. Totalled. No one gets "A little bit Pregnant!".

    Americas people need and deserve their own Fed Central Bank.

    Stop the Zios scum stealig the life blood of this great nation. Cease!
    Take it back, and off the Zios!

    Second case the MIlitary /Agency Bandits.
    A report from the Inspector General of the Department of Defense shows that in Afghanistan alone, over $3.1 Billion was defrauded and dissapeared.
    OMG did Clinton serve there also?
    No, on her watch Trillons walked and good men died in Benghazi.

    We want only good for America, to restore the Constitution,and to kick start this great Industrial nation again. Help the world, not Yourselves!

    You can ONLY make America great again when you stop STEALING the life blood of the nation. Who stands trial?
    Get OUT of the War Whores business. How about we all build a better world?
    One fit for purpose?

  64. North, South Korean leaders to hold April 27 summit
    Mar 29 2018

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in will meet for the first time at an April 27 summit in Panmunjom, South Korea, according to multiple reports.

    Leaders from both countries met earlier Thursday to discuss details of the summit, which was agreed to earlier this month. The two sides settled on a date, location and details for the agenda.

    It will be the third ever summit between the two countries and the first since 2007.

    1. Great news p. I can sense reunification. Trump cut the strings and now NK free to act like a normal country. Deserves a peace prize IMO.

    2. Agree AJ. And I still have that Made in Korea label along with the label showing the port of entry was Los Angeles. Don't think it ever be worth anything, but knowing a product created before the country became two did much good in the west US. Peace Prize deserved, a big YES!

  65. p: If Saudi Arabia wants to complain about this ruling then they need to start sharing their evidence as to the who, why and when also involved.

    Lawsuit Accusing Saudi Arabia of Financing 9/11 Attacks Can Proceed, Judge Rules
    Mar 29 2018

    (UPI) — A federal judge on Wednesday rejected the Saudi Arabian government’s attempt to dismiss a lawsuit accusing them of financing Al Qaeda and sponsoring the 9/11 attacks.

    The lawsuit demands Saudi Arabia pays billions of dollars in damages to the families of people who died in the attack that killed more than 3,000 people. The Saudis filed a motion to dismiss, arguing that U.S. courts lack jurisdiction over their alleged actions overseas.

    But U.S. District Judge George Daniels in Manhattan ruled that the lawsuit may proceed, citing the 2016 Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, which Congress passed by overruling a veto by President Barack Obama, who opposed the law because of the possibility U.S. troops and other government entities could be exposed to lawsuits in other nations.

  66. OK John, but the British government has cooperated with the Khazarians for centuries, aren't they part of the problem? British Intelligence (oxymoron) MI5 & MI6 have spread as much pain and bloodshed as we have, frequently in league with us, and the City of London financial independent entity is a den of vipers, so pardon me if I'm not on board with their support/interference. Theresa May has protected pedophiles and the current assault on Jeremy Corbin is disturbing. Many drastic measures have been implemented there including mandatory vaccines, reductions in police forces, crashing health system, and more.

    Maybe there are important, peaceful "families" there but I've never read about any of them, just corruption from Heath through Blaire and up to the present day. All friends of corrupt US puppet presidents. Heck, Bush truly believed he had royal blood. Had a picture of himself with the Queen or a crown, whichever, on his WH desk.

    Perfide Albion, as the French say.

  67. If we are waiting on stock market crash before the TRN and GCR, we will be waiting ahwhile.....

    Martin Armstrong-What I have always found fascinating is just how the markets will avoid our Reversals when they are just not ready to rally or collapse. While the Monthly Bullish in gold has still not been elected since 2015 running right up to the number numerous times and then failing, it has been doing the very same compelled avoidance on the Quarterly Bullish Reversal at 1347. We have been above this number even by $30, yet when it comes to the end of every quarter, gold crashes to avoid our Reversal. Today is nothing new. Once again, we were well above it 3 days ago and have crashed trading right now at 1327.30. This is once again YELLING LOUDLY at us that hey - stupid - we are not ready yet! Get over it!.

    The Silver low also remains also the 4th quarter 2015.Here we are nowhere close to a Quarter Bullish which stands up at 21.65. The Quarterly Bearish Reversal lies at 15.40 while we are trading at 16.27. 

    When we look at the Dow, we are currently trading at 24095. Here a bullish closing technically requires a number above 24880 and we have a minor Quarterly Bearish Reversal still at 20375. So once again, a closing between those two numbers leaves the market neutral.Technical resistance stands at 21529.34.

    The Euro is trading at 12288 and here too the dollar is neutral. The Quarterly Bullish stands up at 13900 and the Bearish lies at 11660.

    There are no indications of a meltdown based on these numbers. As previously forecast, this still appears to be a consolidation period for the first half of the year.

  68. Russia expels U.S. Diplomats and closes Consulate in St. Petersburg, Russia

    Russia announced Thursday it will expel 60 U.S. diplomats and close the U.S. consulate in St. Petersburg in retaliation for U.S. measures taken in response to the poisoning of an ex-Russian spy and his daughter in Britain.
    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said U.S. Ambassador Jon Huntsman had been summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Thursday, where he was given notice Russia was responding quid pro quo to the U.S. decision to order 60 Russian diplomats out and close the Russian consulate in Seattle.

  69. Seshette

    1. Blair- Go for him!
    2. British Government,complicit? In the Heath, Blair eras, YES! Disgusting! But the Police did NOTHING!
    3. Theresa May has NOT protected Pedos. Corbin is an ASS!
    4. The Health Service does a superb job, but is swamped wiht bloody Immigrants and Illegals.
    5. MI5 and 6 are fully tasked tracking Terrorists. But the Buggers got to close to the AS Agenceies, still are!
    6. Cooperation with the Khazarians, not really. Glass ceilings but I will say no more. We keep a Lid on the devious Yid.
    7. Peaceful "Families" who gives you your voice here? Need to know, just Trust!
    8. Bush and Royal blood, maybe 10 generations back, then via the Back Door! All the servants got screwed! No Class, just an Ass!
    9. The Government? Like yours Dimwits, just less crooked. Just stupid! It's a Global pandemic.

  70. So is posted on every alt- news sites. I happened to see it on Conspiracy Outpost. Looks like we are going to gold-backed currency to some degree

  71. Hillary Clinton Suffers 90% Cut In Speech Fee

    1. That must sting only in public since we know she has private wealth squirreled away.

  72. New US$ will be gold-backed, too? How can that be? Maybe DJT will nationalize all gold mining in the US to get that done? IDK....

    1. Don't know. Maybe partially. Interesting though.

  73. President Donald Trump made a surprise announcement on Thursday afternoon, stating during a speech in Richfield, Ohio dedicated to Trump's infrastructure week, that US forces will be withdrawing from Syria, citing the defeat of ISIS and the need to defend US borders and rebuild crumbling infrastructure.

    Trump: "We're Coming Out Of Syria Very Soon; Others Can Take Care Of It Now"

    1. Thank Gode for above if true.

      All we have said, focus on America.
      Good move.

    2. That seems HUGE if true!.....

    3. Hear from the Donald himself between the 26 & 29 min mark. Btw John now you can cut them some slack on the AU ;)

      President Trump Delivers Remarks on the Infrastructure Initiative

    4. John F
      I give you a lot more help then you realise in other ways. First let's see the arrests and Cabal jail sentence s. We must end the Pariah Deep State .
      You have our support to do that .

    5. Ending the deep state takes ALL the support we can get. Yet, it is an international problem, not just usa problem realistically.

      Thank You for your support with this pandemic problem.We all hope arrests DO START soon.

  74. Attorney General Jeff Sessions names prosecutor to probe FBI, DOJ wrongdoing
    Mar 29 2018

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions revealed on Thursday that Utah’s top federal prosecutor is investigating allegations of misconduct atop the Justice Department and FBI.

    John Huber, is the lead U.S. attorney and top federal law enforcement officer in Utah, having served for two years under former President Barack Obama and reappointed by Sessions last spring.

  75. Please note -- Stormy Daniels has completely crashed and burned 5 days out from her 15 minutes of fame on 60 Minutes.

    1. Good info Tino it's important he gets fair balanced reporting.

  76. Amid the visible confuson of what is unfolding via Russia, it is easy for positions to be taken, and confusion by a generally trusting electorate,with a simplified view of Politics.

    Power corrupts, and balance of power, is aspirational, but like an ever evolving and expanding Chess Game. Good and bad moves.
    It's not the importance of the players, but the recourse risks of one wrong move against many to be taken. Many pawns, many pieces. Consequences.

    Russia has many things going for it and has earned the right of power positioning, especially the way it has succeeded and securing freedom of Syrian cities from ISIS, and faced down the US and multi facet terrorism.

    All Leaders have the question of Hubris, go right back to Ceaser. On a world stage, how did that end?
    The question now is the rapid mass deterioration of Diplomatic relations with Russia and leading Western nations. The scale of Diplomatic Board Game removals, and loss of communication channels is escalating risk.
    The question facing us with Russia, is did they do this? But then define they? Was it on Putins game board, an an Agency hit via one of the Russian satelites without due consideration of the attendant risk.

    One position overrrdies all. Litvinyenko. Russia has form for this. The first they got away with.
    Be assured,Russia is run itself by a major Power Autocracy, via KGB, Oligarch and Mafya sources. It's no Kindergartten by a ruthless Kleptocracy of seized powers and brute force. Russian Roulette is the Body Politic of Russia. A sophisticated but murderous Mafya. All backed by a ruthless Kremlin.It's no Tea Party out there.

    So, with a delicate and fast changing world, has a Player, or part of the Players Team, with a sound Board position in the international arena, unwittingly sacrificed a pawn in vengeance,( With BAD past form) and failed to adequately consider consequential risk on this occasion?
    If so, recklessly using a proven Russian Banned and Illegal Military Grade Chemical Weapon in a Sovereign nation,putting others at risk, would be a question of reckless moves, and a possible game changer. But Politicians? Look at the Clintons and scale of their own crass US Poltical criminality.

    Human moves. Pawns sacrificed. The arrogance of Politics. Blowback!
    Highly sophisticated Diplomatic resources, have assessed the scale of evidence and rapid true Intelligence assessments, and felt this time, after Litvinyenko, it stops here, right now.

    Look at it from a balanced perspective, ignore the frankly silly and truly childlike Cospiracy theories, and ask, would any sophisticated Western nation crank up its hostile retalliatory actions so fast, if not backed by sound evidence of blame?
    Who in Gods name, in todays heightened Nuclear risk game, wants to change a balanced board to Wild West rules? Such an escalation of risk. It makes no sense? The Uk now has a massive highly experienced Police, Military and Forensic Lab investigation team all over it. Forget this talk of UK Intel sources and false cards. Way too off the mark. No!

    It has all the hallmarks of a Soviet hit, WITH FORM, and this time a Sovereign State recoils and says No More!
    Politicos make stupid moves. This is now Russias Cuba move in the UK.

    Remember it's a multi directional Chess Board, many moves. A bad one? A game changer?
    Nation States are not mass recoiling and expelling Russian Embassy attaches lightly. Who wants such and escalation of tensions? The poor judgment of Benghazi? Politicos? Just look at the Barbaric and ruthless Clintons history. Also Russias!
    It's a Russian Lab certified weapon. Post Litvinyenko another chemical weapon. A step too far?
    Of course they deny it. Criminals with form hauled in? Hello?

    Let truth emerge. If it walks like a Duck, talk like a Duck, what is it?
    No No, it's not me says Donald, and its caused a real fracture in Western Soviet Relations. No one wanted this.
    But if Guilty? Solid evidence assessed by sound Intel says Yes!
    Politics is not for the childishly naive. Nasty crocks lurk.

    1. Bob
      Let's hope this tracks to true source so guilty parties can be found. Right now there is too much evidence not to act. Truth? We have to make Judgment Calls.

  77. Very good summation John, so many questions . Why would Putin , at this point in his country's recent achievements in moderation in the face of such continued provocation & dedication to eradicate terrorism, not only do such a thing , let alone use a weapon that could so easily be traced back to Russia . Could it be his own Deep State sponsors in play ?? I'm at a loss on making sense of this .

    1. JK, you may have something there as Russia has her own Deep State outside of Putin's control, but also these same one's would like Putin removed from his Presidency in shame. How better to stall or stop the Gold Standard spreading globally?

      The Deep State has it warehouses full of unmarked dollars, often from questionable endeavors, but with the implementation of a global gold standard those warehouse's funds become the equivalent of TP.Loss of those fund's value means The Deep State is further neutered.

      Is this not a good enough reason to try to frame Russia's Putin?

    2. Putin is so hard hit hopefully if not directly implicated he and Laverov can find out who sanctioned this. Is starts with a full Lab sample check and someone will talk.
      Russia has ways to extract truth. This needs to be traced back. If Vlad was part of it, he's overreached.if not, who,? But key is who? Intense UK detection is all over it. Let's hope the truth is forced out .

  78. Russias top 700 Oligarchs have homes, residency permits,and Banking or Business interests in the UK ,or hidden via the Global Tax Havens.

    Bad news, most Tax Havens are UK controlled.Britain has now started intensive checks on the entire Global Russian interests. Money Laundering, Tax evasion, corruption.
    When the seizures and expulsion orders hit, Russia will feel it. Putins entire base will erupt. Two can play. Oligarchs with assets taken away. It will feel like castration to the Russians. Nowhere will be safe to hide money or assets from London. The UK sequestrates like a Vampire State. As the West closes off Russian trade routes, it will hurt. This has months to go.

    On another note, all purpose, as Israeli jets again are reported to have overflown Iran as a threat, hopefully Russia will deliver their S400s,so they have a total shield against this Khazarian Mafia, and every Israeli pilot can die in the sky. Game changer.

    Iran and the Gaza strip could send 1,000 rockets and hour into occupied territories,and show the future coming. Payback. It's only when anyway. Israel was always a false flag orchestrated by the Rotts, to house Genghis Khans trash. Like themselves.
    These Bandits need to feel the heat of missile implosion under their seat.
    Export the S400s, earn revenue. Do the world a favour.Roach control.

    Israel can start WW111 if not stopped first. Khazarians? Roach infestation. False flag nation!
    Russia and China need to side with Iran fast. The chemical weapon issue is seperate. Don't lose sight of the big picture. The Roaches are mass breeding. Greater Israel must be stopped. Restore Palestine. Good Jews can live in peace in the Middle East, or world, as before. Khazars never will. They are a human pandemic.

  79. Someone managed to upload the the very good Sci-Fi Channel UFO retrospective. Narrated by good ole "Scotty" himself with some absolutely excellent footage all in the same place. Download it from Youtube before it goes bye-bye again.


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