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18 to 24 March 2018

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  1. 5 years of suffering over’: Thousands safe after fleeing militant-occupied E. Ghouta (VIDEO)
    Mar 18 2018

    More than 25,000 people left the militant-occupied areas of the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta on Sunday, with the Syrian and Russian militaries providing families with aid after what they describe as years of suffering.

    Those fleeing the area are receiving hot meals at field kitchens, set up by the Russian military at the checkpoints along the humanitarian corridor. They are also distributing mattresses and bedding to the civilians.

    The fighting in Eastern Ghouta has seen tens of thousands of civilians flee through humanitarian corridors in search of safety. People told RT’s Ruptly video agency that the militants controlling the area made their living conditions unbearable.

    "We spent the last month underground, like mice. We spent an entire month in a room, we did not dare to go out of the basement for even a second,” one woman said.

    “We suffered a hard life for five years, the [militants] were treating us horribly, they were unjust to people, they formed a court. They would execute whoever caused a problem the next day according to their wish, and the people involved in nepotism were not held accountable. As for food and aid, we were starving,” one man recalled.

    “Life was unbearable in Ghouta – no electricity, no water, no aid…Three-quarters of people were not getting any food and water. [People’s] health was bad, people were unable to walk due to the lack of food,” another resident added.

  2. Replies
    1. Canauzzie, you're absolutely right. Our country has become so accustomed to being at war, that most couldn't tell you where our military is active or for what reason(s).

  3. p:Twitter this afternoon Dated Feb 16 2018 linked to Clinton Cartel

    New Witness? Former WWE Pro Wrestler @BillyJack4Real Claims to Have Seen "Boys on the Tracks" Murders

  4. So apparently John Brennan is upset at Trump.

    Big F Deal! Can't wait until Brennan hangs for Treason.

    1. And Brennan needs to remember he has ZERO credibility outside the Beltway.


    1. Very glad they chose Putin again. Thank you for sharing Biffie.

    2. Me too, P. Like the two articles above, at least Russia is doing good and helping other countries.

    3. Yes, more because he is a well-known quantity. This gives more predictability to the insanity we are in.

    4. But but but Putin interfered in the Russian election . . .😎

  6. Terrific article found at Larouche Pac painting the logical picture of what the Skipral poisoning truly was. After being duped so many times by our politicians and presstitute, I think this article says it like it is.

  7. The President can reverse almost any previous law or Executive Order.

    1. Laws, no, power is delegated to Congress. Executive Order yes.

  8. Sorry he can reverse any EO not laws.
    Congress then has to approve any change in laws.

  9. Putin is Daniel. They will always vote him in. Russia is Karistus and will be forever.

    Now you know why you like him so much.

  10. Please explain what you mean by "Putin is Daniel".

    1. That is a very long and complicated story. There is a reason Russian Orthodox stayed away from the Vatican; its sworn enemy.

      Look at St. Petersburg square. Your answer is in the middle of it.

  11. Say No to “Hardening” the Schools with Zero Tolerance Policies and Gun-Toting Cops [SHORT] By John W. Whitehead March 13, 2018

  12. p: From Twitter
    Mar 18 2018

    1. Let's go over some basics about the OPR, and exactly how high their standards for recommending employment termination are, shall we? First we learn that it appears the transgressions McCabe was fired for occurred outside of the scope of the OPR.

  13. D.C. FBI Insiders Fear: “General Flynn Might Take a Flamethrower to this Town Before He is Done”
    Mar 19 2018

    The biggest, baddest dude in Washington D.C. might be President Trump but Gen. Mike Flynn is running a close second, according to FBI insiders who fear he may start talking soon.

    And talking about the FBI and what exactly went down during his ordeal with the Bureau’s Andrew McCabe-infused investigation of Flynn. Those unflattering details, insiders reveal, would bring more unwanted turmoil and public scrutiny to the embattled agency. Especially the FBI’s actions wielded against Flynn which likely involve illegality and corruption.

    Worry quickly swept through the Beltway this weekend after Flynn appeared at a political rally days ago to support a California underdog running for Congress; Flynn’s first public appearance since he was sacked as national security adviser in 2017.

  14. RIGGED: Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Was on Payroll of Joe Biden, Rahm Emanuel; Previously Sued Trump & ‘The Apprentice’ Reality Show
    Mar 19 2018

    Porn star Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenetti it turns out, worked for Joe Biden and Rahm Emanuel, two Obama pals.

    Small world.

    Especially when you’re trying to railroad and smear the President of the United States in return for cash and fame.

    In fact Avenetti worked on the political campaigns of over 150 Democrats, including national campaigns; When he wasn’t busy suing Donald Trump and The Apprentice producer Mark Barnett for alleged intellectual property infractions.

    Could Avenetti have an anti-Trump grudge? Do the math.

    Per the lawyer’s biography:

    “While in college and later in law school, Michael worked at a political opposition research and media firm run by Rahm Emanuel (who later became White House Chief of Staff and is presently the Mayor of Chicago). During his time there, Michael worked on over 150 campaigns in 42 states, including multiple gubernatorial and congressional campaigns (i.e. Joe Biden’s U.S. Senate Campaign).”

    There’s certainly a thin line between porn star and an ambulance-chasing lawyer.

  15. Secret Empires: How Mitch McConnell and Ellen Chao Used Political Power to Make Their Family Rich
    Mar 18 2018

    In 2004, current Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his wife, current US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, had an average net worth of $3.1 million. Ten years later, that number had increased to somewhere between $9.2 million and $36.5 million.

    One source of the windfall, according to a new book from Peter Schweizer, was a 2008 gift from Chao’s father, James Chao, for somewhere between $5 million and $25 million. But this gift could be seen as more than just a gift. It may have been acquired, according to Schweizer, thanks to the couple’s fealty to China, the source of the Chao family fortune. And that fealty may have occurred at the expense of the nation they had pledged to serve.

  16. p: Highlands Forum using tax payer dollars to create weaponized open sourced tools by stealing patents.SES members in Congress, both sides of the aisle. All predictably "legal". The reason we need MT's and GITMO.

    Shadow Government is Collapsing
    Mar 18 2018

  17. Let's try that again, subscribed,,

  18. The purge at the very tip top of the U.S. secret power structure is nearly complete, meaning a much larger purge is now about to take place, according to Pentagon, CIA, and other sources. The top leadership of the White House, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, the Pentagon, and other U.S. agencies is now composed almost entirely of white hats. This means that a systematic purge of the lower ranks is now possible. The result will be that in coming months people are going to find out just how horrific the crimes carried out by the Khazarian mafia really were.

  19. WTF ..... FROM BREITBART ... The United Kingdom will agree to follow all European Union rules after Brexit and keep the nation’s borders open for the duration of the transition period to 2022, with further bad news for fisheries and communities in Northern Ireland as a new agreement was reached in Brussels Monday.
    The European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier made the announcement in a joint press conference with Britain’s David Davis in Brussels, where the pair presented what was introduced as a “legal text which constitutes a decisive step” towards a final agreement. Revealing the enormous extent to which Theresa May’s government has sold out the Brexit-voting British public, Barnier and Davis spoke on a number of key policy areas including immigration, British control over British laws, and regaining control over British fishing waters.

    Speaking first at the meeting with journalists, French politician Barnier said Britain had agreed to continue following all Brussels laws for years after the offical Brexit date of March 2019 under the guise of a transition period, but would not be able to challenge or make decisions on that law itself.

    1. Bob,
      Knew May would be a disaster after reading about her history...and lack of needed action on pedophiles plus her STAY position on BREXIT. That was quite the sleight of hand maneuver at the time....replace the STAY guy (Cameron) who lost the election with another STAY tool. Wonder how much £££££££ her back account got padded with? And all these people seem to think US is the only stinkpot government? LOL

    2. TEXIAN We just keep exposing these clowns and one day a WOKE Force will terminate them - one at a time is better that the past 40 - 50 years of stupidity and tolerance of TREASON AND SEDITION. We know the Fed is OTW out ... SES has Yellen and Fed BOG on Payroll.... They Steal $2.3T/month and We The People pay them. Their greed will be/is their undoing. We need aggressive ROEs for Law enforcement-Military - as in Arrest and MT them and if they flinch; squeeze the ....

    3. Good luck getting that through Parliament.

    4. And I wonder who pads her bank account?...

      "Lord Rothschild, Prime Minister Netanyahu, Chief Rabbi, distinguished guests, Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am so pleased to be here with you tonight..."

      May’s speech at Balfour Declaration centenary dinner

    5. JOHN It looks like Breitbart (notso bright perhaps) is overstating their case. T May must be living in a dream world.

    6. Bob, Theresa is just a party Plonk, not on the take, but inept as a Leader because political trash brings out the worst .

  20. WTF #2 What's going to happen when Leader technologies' case wins proving IBM-Eclipse Foundation, Clinton attorney J Chandler III misled LT and set up loss of patents to FanaziBook and Zuckingruber. Zuck-zio must be bionic since he claims to have written facebook code in less than 2 weeks when Leader Tech spent - verifiable - 125 manyears doing the real code. By Munsif Vengattil

    (Reuters) - Facebook Inc's shares fell more than 4 percent in premarket trading after media reports that a political consultancy that worked on President Donald Trump's campaign gained inappropriate access to data on 50 million Facebook users.

    The move would knock $23.8 billion off the social network's market value of $538 billion as of Friday's close and shares in other social media companies including Twitter Inc and Snap Inc also dipped in early deals in New York.

    One Wall Street analyst said the reports raised 'systemic problems' with Facebook's business model and a number said it could spur far deeper regulatory scrutiny of the platform.

    The head of European Parliament said on Monday that EU lawmakers will investigate whether the data misuse has taken place, adding the allegation is an unacceptable violation of citizens' privacy rights.

    Facebook was already facing new calls for regulation from U.S. Congress and questions about personal data safeguards after the reports from the New York Times and London's Observer over the weekend.

  21. Excellent UFO footage from MUFON. Probably one of our reverse-engineered craft given behavior, but who knows?

    1. Taking samples from the central plane

    2. Doesn't look like a chemtrail, but they have gotten so clever, whether it is contrail or chemtrail would be in doubt, except for the obvious.


  22. OWON: The new American Syrian regression takes us fast to a head on face off and Russia will NOT back down. If you ever wanted the madness of WW III looming this can be all it takes. Who the F gave America the right to stick its nose in again as idiot body bags for the land grabs of Greater Israel roaches?

    CONCERT: Russian pyraylofora ships, submarines and strategic bombers get battle locations for Syria

    1. Somebody is lying to the President. It is the only explanation. There is absolutely no reason for this at this time. It serves no national interest whatsoever. The Presidential mandate from the Election is simply "Drain the Swamp" and "Build The Wall".

      Would someone on the relative Inside remind the Crazies that they need a Declaration of War in Congress? All this can be instantly brought to heel by going public in Congress. I assume the last 10 Congress critters that still hold some desire to live don't want WW3...

    2. Law is no longer enforced. The US is effectively run by several international factions of criminal, feudal warlords masquerading as constitutional government.

  23. With the United States massing guided missile ships in the eastern Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, and rumors swirling of a "massive" attack against Syria by the United States (allegedly over poison gas use), Russia has said it is considering imposing a "No Fly" Zone over Syria.  Such a decision would mean that any US, coalition, or Turkish aircraft would be subject to being shot down!

    This comes as Britain masses more than 2300 troops and CHallenger Tanks at the U.S. Base at Al-Tanf, Syria.  There is now talk of "invasion!"

    Since Saturday, word began spreading the US was massing guided Missile Cruisers and Destroyers in the eastern Mediterranean, the Red Sea and Persian Gulf, along with 13 NATO ships finishing exercises near Italy and Greece, and six NATO submarines.

    Moreover, the US has three Amphibious Assault ships loaded with US Marines, off Syria's coast, leading folks in the region to conclude the US plans a massive attack and a small scale invasion of Syria "imminently."

    Yesterday, this web site published a story about the 13 NATO ships and Subs, HERE.

    Over the weekend, this web site covered the ship build-up and rumors of a large US Attack against Syria.

    Story continues below....

    1. Who gave the Cabal the right? Hopefully Russia sinks the entire fleet with hypersonic missiles.

    2. None of this makes sense. There's no reason for it. Trump would not authorize this. Say what you will, he is NOT this stupid. The Russians should institute the NO_FLY zone over Syria. Those with a lick of sense in the Pentagon will understand the move and hopefully saner folk can prevail. Where's Britain in all this John? I think a few choice British aphorisms need to be shouted into the Red Phones...

  24. p: European DNA found in Florida mummies 7 to 8,000 years old and with well crafted woven fabric.

    DNA Results of Ancient Native American Mummies - ROBERT SEPEHR
    Mar 18 2018


    1. If attacked Russia needs to destroy the lot

  26. The Ancient Pyramid Discoveries They Tried to Hide from the Public
    Nov 29 2017

    There are ancient pyramids all around the world, you haven't been told about this because it does not fit with recorded history. From the famous pyramids of Egypt to Mesoamerican pyramids, Chinese tomb pyramids, South American step pyramids, Mesopotamian ziggurats, North American mound pyramids and even Roman ceremonial pyramids, these ancient structures pop up across the globe right through the centuries in cultures who often have no connection to one-another.

    While some examples of the pyramids of the world are accepted by all to be pyramids in the classic sense, others are the subject of debate. It has been claimed that the biggest pyramids of all are found in Bosnia, the discovery of this huge pyramid has been suppressed by mainstream science.

    1. Watch series Ancient Aliens on the History channel. They talk about this

  27. Replies
    1. China doing stuff like this is insanity.What is wrong with those people?

  28. From a Russian listener to show....

    The authorities here in Rostov-On-Don, Russia, have just now done a massive nuclear attack drill. They not warn us about drill just suddenly there is massive military and helicopters and some type vehicles not seen before."

    "They give us leaflets and tell us to prepare for nuclear attack. The leaflet not give much instruction just say to stay in if attack happen"

    1. Is anyone other than Hal Turner tossing this stuff around?

    2. A quick search with DuckDuckGo drew a blank. Anyone else have any luck?

    3. He was one the first and one of the only people to break the Marines at Langley story. He was with the FBI from 1993 to 2008 and work in national intelligence. He still has well placed sources in the FBI

  29. Expect a big market correction before the TRN's come out.Smart money has cashed out and will wait.

    1. Thanks, John. Curious to know your thoughts: is there a (geo-political) nexus between the TRN's introduction to the world and the petro-yuan futures launch?

    2. ....okay, I am pretty much lost.

  30. Absolutely and a power correction battle, which China will win.
    Only tbe TRN's can dig the US out now.
    Big moves are imminent, but we can not release anything.

    1. John, does the Saudi visit to the White House today play any role in the timing of the TRN roll out?

    2. Not really they want US aid now. Their economy is leaking. They need jobs or social unrest will take out their Puppet Regime.

  31. Military action in Syria timed to coincide with/ distract from the petroyuan launch around 3/26? Wouldn't surprise me. They do it all the time. Interest rates are rising, food prices have been for some time. They've got to be crazy to truly challenge Russia. I do believe that even if Trump knows, he can't say anything. He is, however, surrounded by snakes and traitors. They will get what they deserve. Too bad for the soldiers there.

    1. It won't just be Syria.

      Russia has a finite window then. If the US attacks they will atomize the fleet and US bases. WILL!

      But unlike Saddam who sat on his Arse and let the US build up, Russia and China know the US response will be awesome if allowed and will total them first.

      So, to have any chance, they have to smash 95% of all US capablity in minutes during the thinking gap and be prepped and ready do just that.
      Even then 5% US capabilty will still be awesome,but it's their only chance.

      First they must, and WILL wipe Israel instantly. Total wipe out. Neutroned.
      Israel IS behind so much of this. None will live.

      Then they will unleash on the US with the Mach 20 Hypersonic missiles, the Fleets and bases will go. Collosal US death rates. ICBMs coming.

      Of course the risk to humanity is almost total. But their choice is what?
      Subjugation to the US? Where did that take them with the Nazis?
      Russia will die before that. Pride!

      No one gives the US the right to invade or meddle. Nations have had it with America. From Vietnam upwards.
      Iraq smashed. The world has had it with America.

      Russia blames the US major league for their collapse. Deep issues.
      If Syria kicks off it will be face off. They have no option either cinderize America or be slaves. Their mind set! It's like poking the Bear right up the Butt with a red hot poker. Believe it!

      Rome collapsed the same way. Empires end, and this arrogant madness in Syria asks for WW111. Most Americans are clueless about Geo Poltical realities.
      Or the propensity of redress. These are very dangerous times and no time to be dangerously stupid. Hardball as a fireball could be the price.
      Putin will not back down. Their Hawks will not let him. This will not be be confined to Syria.

    2. Pretty bone-chilling indeed. Time to party I'd say. Best laid plans of mice and men all the way. The US obviously realizes that we're toast even if the Ruskies and Chinese are as well. Is the Cabal bluffing? Will they risk the Rothschild homeland? I know they don't care about the sheep but will they really be safe in the DUMBS?

      Some of the more expansive contributors to Fulford maintain that the aliens are involved and won't allow total destruction and it does seem that something has been taking out Musk missiles and other space trash. Some US explosions have been blamed on space source alien beams. It is my favorite explanation but not the most reliable. What of the Chinese Elders I'm always hearing about? Will they allow total destruction? What powers do they have?

      You say US has super capabilities, but I read, forget where, that TRump WH was blown away by Putin's arms and defense statements. No one was prepared for it. God knows we put way more money into regime change revolutions than arms development. Pompeo and his sidekick Hamster seem to be bona fide psychopaths so no concern for humanity there. A dire situation unless it's all for show. I guess we'll know soon enough.

    3. This has been war-gamed so many times. Mutual Assured Destruction works only when the strategic situation is equal. All other scenarios are unstable. And we are in a scenario that Sun Tzu warned about. Namely, leave your enemy a way out, lest he turn and fight with fierce spirit unknown and win the day. (Paraphrased. Better Googlers than me can find the correct quote.) You don't have to be John to see that Russia-China would have to launch.

      As to DUMBs, they are nothing but sophisticated tombs that alien archaeologists will dig up one day, wondering about the civilization that annihilated itself here. As I'm fond of saying, assuming launch on detection and of course, second-, third-strike subs, the rubble will bounce, we will all be mostly dead and the fifth or sixth evolution of Man on the planet will begin.

  32. Just nuke the ziorats.Russia knows where they all live.BOOM.This si what, 300 old men behind all this madness, right? Take them out, NOT destroy the earth to prove boys with toys in Russia are smarter and faster with 10% of humanity to rise from the ruble, which is madness and insanity.

    1. I'm afraid they'll have to do something to the UK. I fear that Israel, while seriously instrumental in much of the pain and suffering is NOT the top of the pyramid. Everything I'm reading these days is pointing to the UK calling the shots, seconded by Israhell and the job always falls to us in the end. Apparently the deal was struck during the US Revolution, and modified during the plans for the establishment of Israel sometime in the late 19th century.

      Don't suspect anyone will nuke the City of London. Will they? That would do a lot, including Buckingham, Balmoral, and a few other choice sites. And what do we do about the child trafficking centers? States of Indiana, Virginia and Arkansas from what I've read. Can they focus the death beams? Can anyone take out Big Pharma and most of Silicon Valley while leaving the rest of the country intact? Too bad something surgical can't be arranged- drones perhaps?

  33. Re Brexit

    What the MSM are not telling you is what happens if the MPs vote down the current limp wrist capitulation of Mays IDIOT bunch of Wets!
    If that happens the UK will walk with no deal.

    No $70B pay off to this Socialist rabble.

    No giving away our Fishing Grounds.

    Massive Self Help funding of our own Health Care.

    No more uncleared immigration.

    No more EU Laws BS!!!

    No more 20% Sales Tax VAT on top for EU costs.

    Food 20% cheaper.

    And a 30% Trade inbalance corrected as We make THEM pay!

    Liking it - A lot!

    1. You know how I feel about this, John....the US is behind the UK all the way in extracting yourselves from the unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels. Time to get rid of May and get a real leader at Downing Street.

    2. Heh Paladin don't you get behind .me you bugger go off to San Francisco Lol
      Re May the only decent leader left is William Hague and he quit. Like yours almost all ours are useless

    3. Uh....John

      Don't flatter yourself...perhaps the fruit loops in London like an old man's backside but I don't swing that way.

      Slack Alice on spring break????

    4. You're both old farts. Ever looked at your wrinkly ass in the mirror?

      Slack Alice might demand hazard pay! The San Fran click definately will.

      Then again....look at Trump. Playboy bunnies and porno stars.

      Might be hope for you yet.

  34. Also, do you think the Chinese will put the petroyuan on hold? That's really what this is about isn't it? What of the GCR?

    1. China is chosing its time and it's time to think "Assets" not just Petro. That includes certain metals. The GCR can only be resolved after the TRN's come out.
      There are certain Geo Political key issues in dialogue right now, not least of which Russia is now field testing its Nuclear launching and Defence drills in case these Desk Jockey lunatics in the Pentagon launch on Syria which Russia, backed by China will respond on.

      Step one needs to be the instant annihilation of the US fleet, and for the good of the world, the immediate neutroned, atomised removal of Israel. Sorry for the Collateral damage, but a small price to deal with this pestilence and send a message to the Zio Kazarians left in the US. Close one Zoo, then next Cabal it's you!

  35. Pilatus Bank Chairman arrested in the United States
    By Manuel Delia | 1 hour ago
    Reuters report that Ali Sadr Hasheminejad, chairman of Pilatus Bank is under arrest in the United States accused of participating in a scheme to evade U.S. sanctions and funnel more than $115 million paid under a Venezuelan construction contract through the U.S. financial system. The United States have indicted Ali Sadr, 38, in a six-count …

  36. I post this in honor of my friend, Daphne Caruana Galizia.

    Pilatus Bank, subject of an ongoing investigation of the European banking agency, has tonight been decapitated by a personal action by US prosecutors against Ali Sadr, who personified this bank.
    But before pointing fingers at the European institutions that so far failed to shut down Pilatus Bank, let’s speak about the European institutions that first licensed him: the Malta Financial Services Authority and the government of Malta.
    We have spent the last four years asking one simple question: how does an Iranian with more passports than years of experience in banking get granted a license to operate a European bank?
    It was followed up with the questions: why does a less than 100-account bank process billions of dollars? Why does the ruling family of Azerbaijan clean its money in a Maltese bank? Why does Keith Schembri hold an account at Pilatus Bank?
    The journalist who asked these questions, Daphne Caruana Galizia, was deemed a traitor, a witch, a mad woman. Her source, when outed, was hounded and feared for her life. She still does and she is now on a cold hard cell floor in a Greek prison where she walked in last night fearing she would never see her children again. She is there on the request of Malta’s government that is using the pretext of Ali Sadr’s complaint that she robbed him of a few hundred euro. Oh how quick criminals are to seek justice.
    And Ali Sadr sought justice against Daphne Caruana Galizia as well. Protected by Joseph Muscat who shelters criminals and empowers them to SLAPP journalists as a matter of policy, Ali Sadr filed a 40 million dollar lawsuit against Daphne Caruana Galizia in Arizona.
    Oh how quick criminals are to seek justice. He sought it in the United States where Ali Sadr felt the journalist that was on to him would hurt most. And the United States were watching him all this time.
    This is a strange night. Maria Efimova and Ali Sadr are in different prison cells half way across the world: the former chased by the latter; the latter chased and caught by the United States government.
    I think of Michelle Muscat on whom multiple sources at Pilatus Bank revealed the secret of owning an offshore company set up by the same Brian Tonna to accept 6-figure bribes. She cannot resign from being the prime minister’s wife. But she can choose whether to benefit from his corruption or step away from it.
    But she relied on Pilatus Bank to hide her secrets. She relied on Ali Sadr to slip away in the dead of night and hide the evidence against her.
    I think of Joseph Muscat, chief architect of a syndicate that has taken over our country. And of what he must be feeling knowing that a major buttress in this edifice of crime is now in the hands of law enforcement officers he does not control.
    He will be fighting for survival now. He will fight from the corner mobilising all those that benefited from his largesse. The fury and fire at the “traitors” will reach unprecedented levels. Daphne Caruana Galizia’s great treason will get just the backlash you can imagine now, and worse. If you thought they were being cruel and crass disrupting and mocking anything that reminds them of her, brace for much darker days to come.
    Because even Joseph Muscat’s most loyal supporters understand that Ali Sadr would be a free man tonight had Daphne Caruana Galizia not given her everything to uncover what he was up to. And even Joseph Muscat’s most loyal supporters understand that Ali Sadr’s arrest will start a chain of events that will be hard even for their great leader to avoid.
    Joseph Muscat should have resigned when reports of his own family’s corruption where published. He should resign tonight.
    Meaning well, many say we must ensure that Daphne Caruana Galizia did not die in vain. Daphne Caruana Galizia did die in vain. There is nothing we can do about that now. But we can make sure her life’s work is not in vain.
    Tonight I think of her too. If she was here, I would like to think, she’d allow herself a bit of a smile tonight.

    1. Godschild,
      You just hit a real worldwide audience.

    2. Hi John. I hope that is not considered a bad thing???
      Was not sure how to take your comment.
      The article I posted just opens a whole new can of worms IMHO.

  37. Texian

    This might be of interest to you.An aquantance of mine sent me this info about cell phone,
    computer emf dirty energy in home:

    "Also I don't know if this applies, however I use GREENWAVE FILTERS. I spoke at length with the owner a few years ago as I was debating between some other products. He said that many of the products have nothing inside, or a few small crystals. Greenwave sell meters to check the dirty electricity with and w/o the meters. If interested:

    Also this other link about dirty energy:

    1. paintbrushinwinter,
      Thank you so much for posting! I’m very interested in the subject and finding appropriate measures to correct.

    2. Yes, I'm definitely interested. Thanks for sharing!


    At 3:20 and 5:42, Sather says Podesta has likely been taken to Gitmo .....

    Can't find any other reference on the net at this stage.

    1. If only, because if Podesta goes,the Clintons follow, then Bushes, Rahm, Greenspan, Soros, the lot. Hoping! It's long overdue TIME!

    2. Podesta is fake news. Sadly.

  39. Yeah, exactly. Could be a good sign.

  40. Right now, what's going to hold all back is the face off over Syria. If only Israel were dealt with, it all goes away. Deal with them as they dealt with the Palestinians.
    Britain was very WRONG to have stolen a nation just to keep this Kazarian filth out of the EU. Israel ONLY exists because no one wanted them back post WW11. Every nation wanted them gone. Including America who wanted no more. Look at the infestation issues now in the US as they spawn and mass corrupt all they touch. It truly is a Pestilence spawn which society has to deal with or!

    Israel can not and WILL NOT survive, it's only when? Greater Israel is a Nuclear Armageddon in play. How many millons must die for the Zio trash lie? Russia need to stay clear of the cunning Zios. Make Syria a No Fly zone for all, and move missile Silo sites within reach of Israel. Defended by S400s and S 500's. There can be no peace in the Middle East while Israel plays hell with its neighbours. Give back Palestine from the Zio Swine. Or let a nuclear armed Iran deal with them. Level the playing field and Israel. End this fantasy, or Humanity?

    1. Heard Trump talking about his upcoming meeting with Putin.... sounded like to buds getting together for a beer or 2....

    2. War will always stop progress. It's the cabal go too.

  41. John, why would Trump call Putin and congratulate him on him being re-elected
    with all of this supposed military movement being talked about to invade Syria,
    something doesn't smell right. Do you really think that this mass military operation is going on behind Trumps back.

  42. This is my favorite cartoon so far this year! 😉

    1. Thank you for the LOL Texian. You always find good things go post! )

    2. P,
      😂 That one is so spot on—-literally and figuratively. Happy you enjoyed it. We have to find some comic relief somewhere while wading through the muck.

    3. Texian, you're right on. Guess me losing yesterday about a good friend being harassed for investigating pedophilia locally, was a rude awakening to some of those church going "ladies". Embarrassed my friend badly sadly, but you can be sure people will be wondering when it's broadcast on local news just what Hillary and crew had been doing while the sheeples slept and they had heard it in the local grocery store first. Not proud of myself for that by any means, just want to see that IG report out.

      Have a big mess will be starting to clean up on the 1st. Heavy work is good for what ails you. In my case that's a good thing! )And because it will soon be my place, want my ewes to not stepping on nails or whatever.

    4. P,
      Excited to hear your news about the place soon being yours! That’s wonderful and a big incentive to start arranging and improving to your standards. Congratulations!

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. To get People to vote in the recent election, Putins Mafya buddies were offering an apple watch.
    It confused many a hand was still attached to it.

    Putin just won by 76% of the electorate.
    24% are now heading for the Gulags!

    1. Q: What's The Difference Between Hillary and Putin?

      A: Putin Can Win An Election Rigged In His Favor!

  44. Fascinating. I'm not sure about the Brits wanting all the khazars out of England though. My understanding is that there are still plenty of them in the City of London and they have very strong anti-defamation leagues there. David Icke keeps getting shut down, recently in Leicester for his purported anti-semitic presentations.

    My research indicates that Rothschild wanted a home base from which to command his worldwide web of spies, infiltrators, financial snakes, media moguls, and psychotic assassins. WW2 was orchestrated to scare the european Jewish community into fleeing to Israel because they weren't initiallly interested. Of course this contrasts with reports that not much happened during the "holocaust" so you've got to choose. Maybe it was a big psyop to chase them out.

    Maybe it was a plan by the Windsors to park a Buckingham satellite in the Middles East along with Sauda Arabia thus achieving one foot in each extremist camp: Muslim and Jewish. Who knows? The speculation entertains me but doesn't actually amount to anything. I doubt we'll ever know the truth.


  45. OWON: The true history of evolution is withheld from you all. Your entire belief pattern is wrong. What is truth?

    Expert Decodes Babylonian Clay Tablets and Immediately Leaves Historians Speechless

    1. Just viewed it. Nice. The lecturer is a little off on some matters of science, but the whole thing stands together very nicely. Thank you!

    2. Thank you Canauzzie, good video.

    3. He's talking about the work of Zecariah Sitchin- a mastermind but also quite curious because he had offices at Rockefeller Center and lived to a ripe old age. Surprising, because you wouldn't think the Controllers would want this kind of info to get out. Still, he was active during the time of Von Daniken and Chariots of the Gods. His books are fantastic and available at Amazon and on Kindle. The Earth Chronicles. Definitely will change the way you view the world.

    4. By the way, there are cylinder seals in the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Amazing, exactly like the ones he shows here.

  46. A few issues more for you all

    Above 2 artcles worth reading. Very!

    A large PP Client " May" be on the verge of getting his Capital releases part via TRN Instructure funding. No, No more explained yet. Those who understand will get it. Clients! But a good potential step.

    The system never sleeps. Nor does a Speedy Gonzales London S/H rat who scooped and collated the lot in 3 minutes tonight. We are so on every angle.

    1. Anxiously standing by, John. Intrigued by the March 26th chess moves laid down by China and potential U.S. response, in kind.

  47. Question.

    Third paragraph, second line, first word. Is that meant to read "infrastructure"?

    1. Sorry, Yes, work pressure dam keys.

    2. No worries. I see you are on the ball at 3am GMT, as usual.

      I am sure there will be no mercy for SH rats. Good hunting.

      Standing by.

  48. Tino

    As with JFK, assume the Military run the show excluding the WH, and he is only seen if a rubber stamp is needed. The line up against Syria is madness. The world is tired of US aggression and be assured, if the Russians sink the lot, no one will shed a tear.This is not 9/11. This is the nastiest of America. Ugly and Pariah fashion.

    Who the hell is funding all that hardware when millions of Americans are on the breadline, and who gave America the right to be creating more regime changes? When an illegal Kenyon Usurper can run the Oval Office with impunity, surrounded by Muslim and Commie aides, it's time someone brings Democracy to America. Where is Americas Mueller for Soetoro?

    Media. Since when did the MSM print truth?

    The only good thing that may come out of a full on conflict over Syria, will be the entire US Pirate Fleet sunk, all surrounding US bases nuked, and Israel gone. It's time for a Global face off now with the Pentagon Dogs being told, back off or the lot goes.
    Trump has no idea how sophisticated and determined the Russian military is. Laverof made a monkey of Tillerson, and if Trump gets coerced into supporting a face off over Syria,he will be your last US President. It's time this nasty Israeli Empire is taken down. Iran needs Soviet and Chinese Nukes. Level the playing fiald. How about the US forces Democracy on Israel? These nasty Whores are the cause of the wars. After the US are defeated in the Middle East, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey will move as a united front to end Israel. American Imperialism has to go. As with the Vatican, its time is up.

    1. Look forward to Tomorrow’s big day!

    2. Assume that 30% of the military are Illuminati as it is 1 of 6 teaching disciplines in their families. The brotherhood is MUCH deeper than you can imagine.

      That is why we are in Syria.

    3. Make the world a radiation wasteland. Cheers to the BSD's! LOL

    4. Thank you John.

      Well, I can only hope saner minds prevail. Why anyone would let the Pentagon move without orders, without removing everyone involved for treason is mind-numbing. A faction boxing in the Presidential authority is also treason. As is lying to the President. The silence has a function here, and it's not operational security. We haven't moved a chopper without a press release in 40 years.

      I still think the quiet is essential to getting this one pulled off, therefore it behooves us to get the message out. Why the UK isn't screaming bloody murder over this boggles my mind, but in a world where a D-notice is considered a rational idea, let's hope the silence is not followed by that ka-boom of a nuke.

      I've said my piece. Back to my clinic where I will at least try to keep a few people in good health before they vanish in puffs of smoke under a nuke or two.

    5. john

      if we are to assume the US mil can act autonomously from US pres

      how long will it take for the US mil to get the message the paradigm has shifted?

      what will it take?

      do we have to endure another year or two or five years of these misguided crazy tense standoffs?

      you know how big top down autocratic discipline even into death organizations work, what are the time frames here?

    6. That's a good question Unknown, assuming the institution survives. Apropos, you might find this link interesting.

    7. You assume the Pentgon factor in the Moral or Economic imperative?

      Wrong- It's Boys with Toys, body bags for the Agency, and Grunt resources for the Defence Contactors and fat profits.

      Yes,D notices, and limp wrist subserviance to the DC monstrosity. At best, we are a token butt kissing appendage today.


      Move on any Russian military position now in Syria and either Putin hits the button or his Hawkish Kremlin Command will, and he will be swept aside if he even blinks.
      That vast Flotilla of US Taxpayers shit threatening Syria is at best 10 minutes before Hypersonics take them out and the US too.
      There is a 4 minutes thick moron factor where Russia and China both know, if they are to respond they need to take out as much US capacity as possible while the Thicks make a decision because even a 30 % surviving US capacity, will render Russian and China inopoerable. There is no testing step.
      Only absolute havoc.

      Russia knows it won't be a Tea Party skirmish and allowing the US any latitude is inviting mass response. No Quarter, no mercy, no time!

      London is a Banking City not Political thinking City.

      By and large today, Political players are crap,but the US is far worse.

      So, Crap versus a highly educated, patriotic, motivated and fearsome Soviet Militia with some of the most advanced weapons on the planet today.

      Reverse engineered from Kapustin Yar are weapons the US can still not even conceive of. Annihilation.
      But also from the US Area 52, are Dimensional jump craft which will re appear and wreak havoc. No one will win, but Russia will not wait. They can't. Nor China. Each know, if pushed the instant Pre Empt has to be total. It will all be about who survives. Russia is 4 times the size of the US and China more.
      Each hope they will have enough forces left alive to finish it- or You! Your only use then will be as caged live organ donars. Ripped out of you screaming for mercy. Like Custer, non will be forthcoming.

      Just the Hammer and Sickle and it won't be to tickle.

      DC, their lies for your life?

      At least 20M Hymies will see they are not special as they atomize. Not Mor Ron- Neutron!
      7,000 years of flawed inbreeding to molecular dust, now bust.
      All for a Greater Israel! Neutron 5 million save 8 billion?

    8. Ok, then let's take a page out of Quigley's textbook Weapons Systems and Political Stability which in a nutshell (among other matters) says that Nations act stupidly when the balance of power is not known. Everyone has been so secretive that the balance of power is clearly NOT known by all sides. So rather than WW3 how about Russia and China vaporize some atoll with some new weapon, that should by us 2 years?

    9. Even better if they atomize Zio land

  49. Military plans on bringing Ex military back to active duty....

    The word safe, and the term “safe-spaces” will be a dream found only in your fox-hole when you pass out from combat exhaustion.

    If you believe the new trade tariffs that President Trump is imposing is in fact about fair trade you would be wrong. This is about forcing our steel industry back in the high capacity production game. You cannot fight a war without steel, and you cannot buy steel from your enemy.

    The Red Chinese, the Russians and the Iranians will come together like the Axis force of 1941. I do not know if the conflict will start in Korea, against NATO or an attack on Israel, but it will come and then it will morph into a three-front war. The US cannot fight a two-front war, how the heck do we fight and win a three front war?

    Life is not fair and the Red Chinese are fixing to give the world an up-close demonstration of just how unfair things can get.

    About Major Van Harl USAF Ret.:

    Major Van E. Harl USAF Ret., a career Police Officer in the U.S. Air Force was born in Burlington, Iowa, USA, in 1955. He was the Deputy Chief of police at two Air Force Bases and the Commander of Law Enforcement Operations at another. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Infantry School.  A retired Colorado Ranger and currently is an Auxiliary Police Officer with the Cudahy PD in Milwaukee County, WI.

  50. 3/22/2018 BOOM! 300 old men dead. No-brainer.

  51. REPORT: Robert Mueller’s “Shadowy” Witness Flees The Country After He’s Exposed As Convicted Child Molester
    Mar 21 2018

    Special Counsel Robert Mueller is currently investigating whether George Nader, an advisor to the United Arab Emirates, is influencing U.S. policy, the New York Times reported on March 3rd. A new report by the AP shines light on the “shadowy,” past of Nader, who is known as a globe-trotting “fixer,” who once had an alleged appetite for minors.

  52. But if the Russians take the bait and blow us up, won't that trigger the Grand WW3 that we've been told is inevitable? No one can win that really and the devastation will be vaste and global.

    Monday is the day for sure.

  53. Lets hope something so simple works. Plenty of time to figure it all out.

  54. Breaking: Eerie Video Released of Las Vegas Shooter Assembling Arsenal at Hotel Days Before Mass Murder
    Mar 22 2018

    In an eerie video that was obtained by the New York Times from the MGM Grand Hotel, shows the actions of the Vegas shooter just days prior leading up to the shooting.

  55. John, just curious if the Pres. Trump China trade announcement today that has now dropped the Dow at least 722 at the moment, coupled with the China Petro Yuan launch on March 26, a big 1-2 punch for the big market adjustment you mentioned that was coming in association with TRN action?

  56. House easily passes $1.3 trillion spending bill
    Mar 22 2018

    The House easily passed a $1.3 trillion spending package on Thursday, sending legislation to the Senate that would prevent a shutdown and deliver the largest federal spending increase in years.

    Lawmakers approved the bill in a 256-167 vote on Thursday, with majorities in each caucus backing the measure. Ninety Republicans and 77 Democrats voted against the bill. A large numbers of conservative Republicans were among those voting no over the measure’s massive price tag and the lack of transparency in the bill-writing process.

  57. Fancy gold and platinum from old ICBMs? Russian space agency opens bidding
    Mar 22 2018

    The Russian space agency is looking for somebody to extract precious metals from decommissioned ICBMs stored at its facility. Each missile can net almost 200g of gold, 4.5kg of silver, and a few grams of platinum.

    A commercial bidding website owned by the Russian government has revealed the insight into what happens the country’s nuclear-weapons carriers when they are no longer in use. The offer published by Roscosmos last month was first reported by RIA Novosti in March. In it, the space agency offers about $170,000 to whoever is willing to scrap a batch of nine decommissioned RS-12M missiles, better known as Topol ICBMs.

  58. House Intel Votes To Shut Down Russia Investigation, Release Final Report
    Mar 22 2018

    The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence voted along party lines on Thursday to formally end the panel’s Russia investigation and to release a report about the probe to the rest of Congress.

    The 150-page report will now undergo a classification review by the intelligence community to determine what information must be redacted in the document. After it goes to Congress, the report will be made public. That is expected to happen within the next several weeks.

    1. It's now long overdue time Mueller was reigned in to put up or go away. He's had more than enough time it's beyond time he was faced down, hero or Clown? I

    2. p: It just keeps getting better. From Breitbart! )

      House Intelligence Committee: 70-Plus Witnesses Provided No Evidence of Collusion
      Mar 22 2018

      The House Intelligence Committee voted on Thursday to approve their final report on Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and alleged collusion, sending it to the Intelligence community to be reviewed and declassified for release to the public.

      The vote fell along party lines, with all Republicans on the committee voting to approve the report, and all Democrat members voting against. The report comes after 14 months of investigation.

      Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) said in a statement:

      This report, based on 70-plus witness interviews and more than 300,000 documents collected, provides specific findings and recommendations to improve our election security before the mid-term elections. The report, which will include minority views if the minority submits them, presents the comprehensive results of what the Committee has learned during its fourteen-month-long investigation, and will be useful in thwarting any attempts by Russia or other foreign powers to further meddle in U.S. elections.

  59. p: 500 DOJ lawyers part of SES . Searchable data base, just need to scroll down to "Search SES Employee Rosters in the Table below".

    Mar 16 2018

  60. AIM - American Intelligence Media interview - discussion between Douglas and Michael McKibbin (sp) shows how 500 lawyers in the (British Attorney Registry) BAR run the USA along with Serco. Hopefully our Friends in UK can join in and help us. UK is more likely than not, a mirror of US ... in many ways. The Trilateral Commission and CFR - Council of Foreign Relations set the general direction through the Senior Executive Association - umbrella for SES, SIS et al; a fully unionized herd with near 0.00 accountability and near total control. Where did they get authority ... Stole it. It is possible Mueller gets $100,000,000/year. They set this up Carter and Kristine (hybristopheliac) Marcie such to maximize power and minimize accountability. Anyone in congress who approved this should be prosecuted-MT's. We have been digging into this for a while but AIM and Leader Technologies (Barry Hussein Obozo & Clintons stole their IP with IBM and J Childress III - Clintons' atty) The 5 eyes could work together - we have been stupid stupid stupid and duped and worse!

    1. Here’s the link to what Bob has described above...

    2. TEXIAN Your link is the same as the one I posted above ... I think! I remember Carter's disastrous presidency and the 440 days of the US Embassy siege in Tehran. As for AIM and Leader Tech. .... Huge! The theft by Facebook + Zuk + IBM + Eclipse J Childress III + Clintons et al. I would bet the size of the SEA Umbrella is or could be much much larger than 10,000 union employees. The LT software really helps to delayer SES-SEA et al. This thing is on steroids to destroy ziorats' empire. MT Time!

  61. Trump replaces McMaster with Bolton as national security adviser
    Mar 22 2018

    President Trump announced Thursday he will replace national security adviser H.R. McMaster with former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton.

    The president wrote in a tweet that Bolton, the hawkish former Bush administration official, will take over for McMaster on April 9.

    “I am pleased to announce that, effective 4/9/18, @AmbJohnBolton will be my new National Security Advisor. I am very thankful for the service of General H.R. McMaster who has done an outstanding job & will always remain my friend. There will be an official contact handover on 4/9,”

  62. Bob,
    Sorry...wasn’t trying to step on your toes. When I tried to open your link, it wouldn’t open. Maybe there were too many people trying to view at time. 😉 That audio should reverberate around the country!

    1. NO Worries TEXIAN! I appreciate your keeping me on my toes. This infection is the key to our Republic!

  63. p: Who else will be charged with accepting Ghadaffi's election funding?

    Former French President Sarkozy Arrested "Over Campaign Financing"
    Mar 20 2018

  64. Bob

    It's notjust the complete failure of your Republic it's a Western infection.

    1.Bush 41 in conjunction with the Jesuits and Vatican acclerated the NWO program.
    2.Foul Zionist elements such as those in the Tril Laterals combined with the CIA had a field day unchecked for 60 years.
    3.Zionist and Vatican influences created the EU and its Socialiat agenda.
    4.The pursuit of Greater Israel has resulted in perpetual CIA unleashed wars accross Asia, and vast millions displaced.
    5. CIA and Bankers Drug running has created a crime dependent US society, enriching many, but devastating millions of lives for these Low Lives!
    6. The Zionist control of Hollywood and the MSM has unleashed bottomless perversions and created a moral dilemma for all family values.
    7.The abysmally low moral character of all US Presidents since JFK has left America devoid of Leadership values, or Principles, and the impotent low quality choice of EU Leaders followed.
    .The planned Dumbing Down of the US left a society bereft of values or direction.

    But now, the intellect of man is showing and the fightback begins. The Internet released Global contact and Values. You are all living proof as you fight back now for more.
    As you say No More!

    Values are Soul Values and that in inherent in the very Cosmic make up of your being.
    Society is Cosmetic. Souls are Cosmic and all powering.

    An Ethereal consciousness shift is now visible. Collectively you are awakening,and the Universe is with you.Soul Power Empowers, and is greater than all. The empowerment of the Universe is the ultimate dynamic,and one where you all are as ONE!

    End the Fed and end the Industrial Military Complex the US has become. Use the talents of all people to enrich all Societies with values and enhanced Human Consiousness. As a Global society, reject Zionism, remove these foul sub species from Banking, Law and all Government roles. Zionism is a disgusting perversion of Humanity, a Tapeworm devouring all it touches. As are the Jesuits and Vatican.

    One True God is not devisive but inclusive of all. Division of values is bereft of values and missing the point of your Soul Journeys. All are as one, but for many, each a tainted one where Atonement has been long foreseen by Jewish Prophets,and awaits many.
    Humans are awakening and asking - Why?
    Who gave any the right?
    What are Human Rights? What is Right?
    Consiousness of all enriches most your very being. A true Human Being.

    1. Appolgies for a few typos seen above. Work pressures - allow.

    2. JOHN Let me begin this Response by giving you an A++ for your Comments. Having said that; I will expand a few items where I see alternatives. When I was about 10 I had to develop methods and techniques to learn Truth. Being processed by the Catholic System I was lucky to survive intact - I thank wonderful Adopting Parents who gave me a Home... I do forensic analysis by studying data of all sorts and applying my knowledge, skills, expertise, systems, processes, algorithms, formulas etc. All too often, Occam's Razor is the best starting point and measurement of suture success.

      US govt is a giant POS run by >100,000 POSs. POTUS and his People are a mix of good and bad = Friends close and Enemies closer. President Trump has many warts but has many good points also. He will be replaced when the time is right. We know with a high level of certainty that he is peeling this onion of near 0 accountability better and faster than it has ever been done. There are thousands of intellectually bright+++ people who post herein often. Many like me, do not reveal all of our sources. I know of too many who were assassinated (some were colleagues-friends). Anyone who is a threat to 41 - 44 does the Arkanacide tango.

      We are getting info and tools in our hands that is expanding the Awakening+++. We seek TRUTH and we are finding it more and more. SES-SEA-Serco is an enormous gob of opaque evil goo that is controlled by CFR-TLC et al zioscum. I believe this is the biggest money laundry and enabler of money laundering-crime EVER EVER!

      It's not just the complete failure of your Republic it's a Western infection. BY SATANIC GLOBALIST ZIORATS-SYSTEMS
      1.Bush 41 in conjunction with the Jesuits and Vatican accelerated the NWO program. EXPONENTIALLY
      2.Foul Zionist elements such as those in the Tril Laterals combined with the CIA had a field day unchecked for 60 years. ABSOLUTELY
      3.Zionist and Vatican influences created the EU and its Socialiat agenda. YES
      4.The pursuit of Greater Israel has resulted in perpetual CIA unleashed wars accross Asia, and vast millions displaced. YES
      5. CIA and Bankers Drug running has created a crime dependent US society, enriching many, but devastating millions of lives for these Low Lives! WE HAVE MANY NAMES AND THEY WILL MEET MR. MT
      6. The Zionist control of Hollywood and the MSM has unleashed bottomless perversions and created a moral dilemma for all family values. MOCKINGBIRD ON STEROIDS
      7.The abysmally low moral character of all US Presidents since JFK has left America devoid of Leadership values, or Principles, and the impotent low quality choice of EU Leaders followed. ALSO UNTRA LOW ETHICS
      The planned Dumbing Down of the US left a society bereft of values or direction. CHARLOTTE THOMPSON ISERBYT EXPLAINS IT SO WELL - "THE DELIBERATE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA"
      But now, the intellect of man is showing and the fightback begins. The Internet released Global contact and Values. You are all living proof as you fight back now for more. As you say No More! Values are Soul Values and that in inherent in the very Cosmic make up of your being. Society is Cosmetic. Souls are Cosmic and all powering. An Ethereal consciousness shift is now visible. Collectively you are awakening,and the Universe is with you.Soul Power Empowers, and is greater than all. The empowerment of the Universe is the ultimate dynamic,and one where you all are as ONE! End the Fed and end the Industrial Military Complex the US has become. Use the talents of all people to enrich all Societies with values and enhanced Human Consiousness. As a Global society, reject Zionism, remove these foul sub species from Banking, Law and all Government roles. Zionism is a disgusting perversion of Humanity, a Tapeworm devouring all it touches. As are the Jesuits and Vatican. One True God is not devisive but inclusive of all. Division of values is bereft of values and missing the point of your Soul Journeys. All are as one, but for many, each a tainted one where Atonement has been long foreseen by Jewish Prophets,and awaits many. Humans are awakening and asking - Why? Who gave any the right? What are Human Rights? What is Right? Consiousness of all enriches most your very being. A true Human Being. WE ARE ON FIRE IN A GOOD WAY! THE LEVEL OF ENERGY AND COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE IN TRUTH IS OUTPACING OBFUSCATION AND PERPETRATION OF HEINOUS CRIMES ... WE SEE VICTORY AND WILL NOT GIVE UP. KILL ONE OF US AND 100 MORE JOIN THE FIGHT. RED PILL + RED PILL = EDUCATION + LOGIC + TRUTH = NO MORE ZIORATS. WE ARE AWAKE OR WOKE AS THEY SAY!

    4. Good points Bob and what they fear most, awakening.

  65. The Trump Sleaze history is becoming a permanent EU media feature so expect it to reach the US and expand.
    Irrespective of wish list hopes, he's beyond a morally repugnant Oaf and his family are unfortunate to read his true character. No wonder Melania choses seperate rooms and post his WH tour, that looks a stone cold walking scenario.

    Which brings home the joke of the mystery party caught trying to scale the WH fence.
    Being told , I'm sorry Mrs Trump, you have to stay for 3 more years!

    1. what? To blazes with rag rumors, true or not. DJT is doing some HUGE plans no? Or, do we believe that it is all BS, and he just likes playing golf on the weekends and cares not a wit for our REPUBLIC? Crazy hair and all! #realDonaldTrump

    2. Agree Tim4123. And what if Trump snores? Tino, you can chime in that particular aspect?

      Trump isn't perfect, but, he also is very aware of the candy store syndrome am sure. Just like those bright and often shiny bits of candy, once consumed there's always the desire for more. With maturity can come the awareness of the true gems, that cookie made with love at home, chewy and wonderful in taste.

      Melania is that cookie, the good things that a woman can represent. Kindness, caring, warm, resilient, loving and intelligent. Yes, she is a sophisticate, Beautiful, has a wonderful chic and speaks a number of languages very well. They just add to her being who she is, a mother and First Lady of the United States.

    3. It's called standards, and while the US has set the bar ever so low, the world cares, and as America's standing declines ever faster, it matters.
      Irrespective of his failing promises, No wall, No Clintons in jail, No Deep State arrests, while Obama plays him for a fool, leading nations carry costs. Morally repugnant as he is,the world cares. And that affects ALL Americans standing. A turgid Slug on Point Duty. The world is not dumbed down. As he is judged by his nations of Peers. It matters and a joke has no moral authority.

    4. Since you asked P... If the UK Daily Mail is to be believed, he had sex at the same event with Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels. While this is possible, it is statistically not believable and physically improbable at a 4-hr event of seen-and-be-seen. One also has to remember that so far every woman preceding these two were paid by the opposition to speak out and in some cases, confirmed that they never met the man. What are the odds these two are going to go up in smoke?

      As to the World not being dumbed down, I beg to differ, as beliefs here are not drastically different than anywhere else. If we are talking solely about leadership, the fact that some are planning on a century-level or more basis doesn't make them smarter. Re: See current mess we are in. What great planning! QED (And I was amused by Xi's mouthpiece YouTube. Really? Command and control (socialism) by better managers [idea as old as Plato]? Did no one read those original Austrian economist papers that show that no small group of managers can ever control an economy except to disaster?)

      But lets take the opposite tack for a second. Let's assume they did sleep with him while married? Except for few Puritans, who gives a f? What politician across the whole of Europe, Russia and China doesn't have a mistress if we looked? I remember a French President's funeral where mistress and wife sat next to one another!

      Moving on to standards and failed promises. Yes, no wall -- but illegal immigration is down 77%, Obama at this point can be arrested at will - 18 U.S. Code § 953 (let OZero over-reach), No Clintons in jail -- FBI has re-opened both CF and Email/Espionage due to Comey malfeasance so that's coming, no Deep State arrests -- you have me on that one, if I was President SF teams would have moved a who's who to Guantamano by now. Which brings us to Nations of Peers: nine nations — the United States, Russia, United Kingdom, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea — possess approximately 16,300 nuclear weapons, in total. Do you want me to print UK-sourced articles showing the depth of corruption and depravity of each and every one of those? Additionally, moral authority does not arise from the person but from the argument. Mandela should have rotted in jail for the great number of deaths for which he was responsible, he had moral authority because he was right about the one issue he properly championed in the face of great resistance. Even there, however, his failure to renounce violence has now destroyed/is destroying South Africa.

    5. TINO MSM gives us Mockingbird BS in gigabytes about - did Trump sleep with Stormy. I for one don't really care. I doubt it - especially when Stormy's lawyers and associates-buds are Clinton-Soetoro-Biden operatives.... Hilly is a witch, spirit cooking participant + human trafficking + organ harvesting + rapist and BIlly = rapist and both are murders +++ Really! Then we have Barry, Mike and pedo Joe - comon world wake the F up!

      Progress is happening. Nearly everything that is blocked to prove and prosecute is managed and detained by 500 SES-SEA unionized lawyers that run the DoJ. That onion Sir is getting serious attention. Progress is happening. The light of truth is shining on them and we are doing what little we can to help it.Now my main point ... We are empowered by knowledge. Truth is our GOAL and it is coming onto our Radar. I have complete and total Faith the evil and those creating and perpetuating it will soon meet Real Justice. Hello Gitmo here They Come ... Thanks; I like your approach, angle and point of view!

    6. This is how the manosphere is dealing with the storm of Stormy Daniels.

      Basically, Zero F Given.

      It gets better by the end

    7. FBI, CIA, DOJ, etc...are all LOADED with corruption, and that hat I see as the problem posed to all Americans that want to see justice done. Why have we not seen arrests already? THAT is why? #realDonaldTrump will emerge victorious, I hope when all unsealed charges can stick! Or, it is all just another jewsuit/vatican charade!I hope and pray Iran will crush Israhell under their boots sooner rather than later.

  66. Senate approves $1.3 trillion spending bill, sending to Trump
    Mar 23 2018

    The Senate rushed to approve a $1.3 trillion government funding bill early Friday morning, sending the mammoth legislation to President Trump's desk less than 24 hours before a deadline to avert another government shutdown.

    Senators voted 65-32 on the measure, well over the simple majority needed to approve it, despite late drama after the bill easily cleared the House on Thursday afternoon. It now goes to the White House where Trump is expected to sign it.

  67. john

    the US congress just passed a $1.3T ... trillion w a T ... budget

    supposed to last until sept 30 2018

    if Trump is really transitioning to TRNs, what does this budget mean? and how is the transition to TRNs supposed to occur? ... seems business as usual....

    what will happen when the transition to TRNs finally does occurs? won't asset bk'd TRNs mean accountable spending, and no more fat in the budget for non-prosocial platforms like mil spending? why is Trump giving the mil so much spending money? .... seems to run counter to what one would expect if he is transitioning to TRNs, and fiscal accountability.

    can you please explain what we are seeing here?


    1. 1.3T is small change compared to US GDP. Or US Global debt. The US will need TRN's to fund its Global hegemony army, and Global trade when China sees off the Petro dollars.

      1.3 T wont scratch the surfaceof US debts.

    2. ty for your response john

      yes, we all get the threat the petro-yuan poses to the USD

      i guess what i am looking for are clues it is happening NOW,

      and therefore leads to the Q of why would the US do any movement toward the TRNs when they can still fire up ye old printing press?

      seems this petro-yuan squeeze is just now starting in earnest on 26th, and had many many more months, perhaps years, before the USD dies??

      where is my thinking and logic wrong?


    3. The US will open a second front.
      The Zio Fed has defrauded the US and world for a century. Its crediblity is now tapped out.
      Opening a second front, the TRN, starts a new Fraud. Back in the game again.

  68. I'm assuming TRN = Treasury Note. Seems to me that the budget is a fantasy and doesn't matter. They can sign off on all the trillions they want because they know it's toast. Goodness knows how it will end. Does lead me to conclude that the big shake up will come sooner than expected. Some posters thought it would take a good 2 years, but maybe not.

    Hard to understand the McMaster/Bolton switch, but what do we know? Trump has been disappointing but I suspect much true intel is hidden and he does have that very disturbing sexual conqueror history so he's an easy target for blackmail and other threats.

    Activities off the Syrian coast are far more frightening. Still, I can't see the system lords risking total annihilation, but perhaps they'd like to get rid of some of their own...

    1. ty d55

      the new spending bill gives the US mil 15$ more money than previously

      seems to be growing more rather than reducing threats.

      from the outside, sure looks like business as usual plus more, instead of any changes in the direction of reining things in

      what is to prevent the US from stalling 2+ more years?

    2. Unknown, Willie explained thus:
      Gold trade instrument introduced
      USD flood back into the US as global reserves diminish
      Rise in inflation within the US
      Devaluation of the USD
      TRN introduced as the international dollar for trade
      USD retained as domestic scheiss currency
      So, expect higher prices within the US from the near future (ie a 30% devaluing of the USD value) as the USDs are repatriated.
      Those who know Willie may correct me.

  69. "In accordance with General Exchange Rules of the Shanghai International Energy Exchange and other applicable rules, INE hereby notifies the listing prices for the contracts on 26 March 2018 as follows: The listing price for SC1809, SC1810, SC1811, SC1812, SC1901, SC1902 and SC1903 will be 416 RMB yuan per barrel. The listing price for SC1906, SC1909, SC1912 and SC2003 will be 388 RMB yuan per barrel.The listing price for SC2006, SC2009, SC2012 and SC2103 will be 375 RMB yuan per barrel."

    INE Circular [2018] No.13 Circular on Listing Price for Crude Oil Futures Contract

  70. Hey Ladies & Gents
    The 'where is the wall/arrests etc' questions and disappointment is, to me, no different to the 'where is the GCR/RV'.

    Things need to be set up
    Cabal road blocks
    Being addressed daily
    All must be done legitimately and legally
    Much happening behind the scenes not in the public eye

    On other matters:
    The trade war, Syria build up - these function to smoke out the cabal mechanisms of power IMO and are not what you see on the surface.

    I reckon there will be no war. Certainly no nukes. Permission to intervene has been given long ago to prevent this. No need for heightened nerves. Trust the plan?

    Our fear and anger adds to the collective consciousness and lengthens the time till resolution. Don't fall for it. Use emotions wisely.

    1. AJ,
      You are spot usual...IMO! 😉

    2. Texian, thought of the day: if the chinese started making westerns would they be noodle westerns with a few wanton actresses?

    3. LOL...I have a great wanton recipe!

  71. Two separate sources report 'Stage 5' activation. Be heartened.

    1. Q:
    Clock activated.

    2. Another anon given the moniker Arthur:

    Arthur: “This is it. What we’ve been talking about, Stage 5 will swill start by this weekend. Satan’s 17 are going to get theirs by Saturday. The whole investigation – Muller, Rosenstein, and the rest of the 17 – all get smoked on or around Saturday. Whitey Bulger, the murderer from Boston, was given immunity by Muller. He’s dead. It’s treasonous.

    Look for the I.G.’s report. It’s all over.

    Are we talking about mass arrests?

    Arthur: “I don’t know which route it’s going to take, but they’re all fucked, so it’s sort of irrelevant. Everyone of them has been proven now to be the low life Satanic scum that they are. We have the goods on them. All of them. Some for treason, some for high crimes, some for misdemeanors, some criminal, some contempt, some perjury, but they’re all fucked.

    So this is going to have big implications, huh?

    Arthur: “It’s coming. That’s about all I can elaborate on that for now.”

    The set up has taken time. It is happening. Don't be disheartened.

    1. Thank you AJ, really liked the videos. Language aside, truth shines through here.

    2. p: More on the subject of red castle_green castle

      Q-Anon Green Castle - Bad News for the DEEP STATE - MAGA
      Mar 23 2018


    Wow. What an eyeopener this article is on the state of Japan.

  73. 1. Putins really in doodoo now. As a result of Russian chemical weapons use on UK soil,for the second time, he's seen what London can do. 23 Spies out of London. EU Ambassadors recalled from Moscow. Spies being thrown out all over the EU now. London has slammed in new laws to identify all Foreign owners of UK properties and assets.

    London will now start blocking and seizing Russian funds. The combined EU will kick out over 150 Russian Ebassy attaches. This will wreak havoc with their intel. It will set Russia back 10 years. Vlad impaled by his own ego? Fact- Dumb move!

    2. When the USD hits the blocks and devalues c30%, it will hit in energy prices and imports. This can be a c15% plus decline in US living standards. Those Guts will drop 4 inches. Truly, pity the real poor. The homeless. What's coming home, will be ugly.

    3. The so naive ask why we think its a good thing if the US fleets get Deep 6'd. Ask Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea, Iraq,Syria,and Afghanistan how many millions died because the Cabal lied to Dummies who are the body bags for a Cabal who cashes in on Energy, Minerals, Dope etc. You got what? Shafted! It's not about Democracy, it's all about Hegmony. America has no voice or real vote you are played.

    It's OVER! Because hit Syria as the Bully Boys in tin cans surrounding Syria and Mach 20 Missiles will blast those Bully Boys ships to hell in a heartbeat, and with luck, Greater Israel will be no more. That vile Zio trash Vipers nest,will last all of 30 seconds if Russia hits the button. The world will not cry as with 9/11. Views have changed. Nations see- Bully!

    Many in the Cabal want WW111 because it takes redemption pressures off the Fed,and smashed nations are rebuilt with large re construction profits. Population reductions can start, and others blamed. The Zio Zoo is coming for you. Millions off the Welfare base. Blame the war for removing the poor. Solution, in the confusion, if 20M leave the Welfare Registers. All is fair in love and war? So why sanitize mainly only the poor.

    A 5,000 year old nation, Iraq, faced a defenceless Gut Rotten Shock and Awe campaign alone, while the vile Texan Retard glorified in his War Crimes genocide. Millions died. A nation perished.
    Now all we hear is, Can I CASH my Dinars? Like, it's a right? Or the might of Mach 20 missiles if they come in the night.

    Push it with Syria now, and expect it may be between 02-00 hrs to 05-00 hrs on a Sunday morning when payback comes. Truth is- Nobody cares. About You, or the Gentiles Zoo.

    It's all an illusion as you march in confusion,to a false flag and a body bag. Elites don't fight. They draft dodge.

    Put naive suited Boys with Toys into play around Syria, and see if it kicks off as real Toys hit the Goys! Russia won't wait and China too.

    They US are masters of self delusion, as Pearl Harbour showed when all cowered in confusion.
    Only if there is a next time, be in No Doubt,The Bear will come and it has the clout.
    The arrogance of a nation who thinks the world is there's to dicatate too,
    The Barbarians are already inside the gate. Armed and ready, if Syria kicks off they won't wait. EMPs, hacking and just a 7 minutes sub strike from the sea, if the earth and sky cracks assunder, think it's coming for me! And the West Coast will be awash with Chinese planes, Subs and missiles. Play this wrong and it's a long time dead. One death started WW1. We ignored Adolf with WW11.

    Ignore Russia at your peril. That US fleet surrounding Syria is tactical stupidity. Russia will not blink, if the US attacks, the US will find the real cost as the lot comes home.

    Just when we are making real progress with true Global resets, who let the dogs out?

    1. john

      we are taught WWII started in [large] part from the germans wanting to get out of reparations outlined in treaty of Versailles

    2. WW11 started because of a radical Nazi Socialist agenda, a fixated hatred of Jews having taken Germany's wealth, and Adolfs wish to both seize back old German territories and to smash the Russian theat.

      When the US economy collapses, there will be a blame game. America IS unsustainable as modelled. A total Ponzi hype game.

      But for sure, any Zios alone will need a fast svivelling head. Conditions are going to be parallel,and Americans will want reciprocity. Wall Street could become Wailing Wall Street, because if the dam bursts, and the Zio rats try to jump ship, Bubba will be waiting with the nets and implailing hooks.

      The problem for interbred Zip tribes is, they look the same, and in a recession, they will have to travel through Goyim territory.

      America today has neither Culture nor Values. It's all about hustling a Buck. When the Military Industrial Cabal fails, what is left when the Pentagon / Fed Programs stop churning, and all those Defence Contractors jobs just stop earning? The Zionists and Fed have raped America and the world for a century,and whats coming next will be a century as Eurasia builds, and they are syphoned out. The Gulags have a role. Siberian industries will grow with a long supply of free Labour as the rail systems kick in.

      We have to get control of Education to save each nation.
      Abrahamian false Religions,ALL, will go.

      Cosmic Ethereal values need to be taught to encompass all. Wisdom and a purpose of being, a better Human Being. Education and values for all. Eurasia will sort false Religions. Head on! Ability and human consciousness will arise. The worlds largest land mass, will become as one. But also, nowhere to hide. No nations or Zionist subjugation. Israel and Islam will get the Grand slam. When Eurasia rules,there will be no time or place for fools.
      You see how China deals with corruption.

      But, as all borders close to American Hegemony, it leaves scope now for a vibrant, emergent new country to redevelop its own new industries,and become the nation the forefathers envisioned. Free of mass corruption, and in time Zio free. Rethink money, embrace Culture, and rid yourself of the Zio Vulture.

  74. p: Well said Gov Bevin

    Gov. Bevin Responds to Alleged Hypocrisy
    Feb 26 2018

  75. From Justice Anna:

    The only Office that President Trump now has that is fully empowered, is the same Office that Abraham Lincoln held: Commander in Chief. And like Lincoln, he is presiding over a bankrupt government entity in receivership to foreign banks, which are actually Secondary Creditors that shouldn't be naming the Bankruptcy Trustees.

    That's the facts, Ma'am.

    If Trump hadn't signed the smoking pile of Pork Barrel perks and placed the Territorial United States more than another trillion in debt, the military wouldn't have been funded and there is no telling how long it would have taken for the members of this Nasty Congress to gather the votes to either override his veto or support a new budget offer.

    Fancy a month or two with no military? And leave Trump with no power at all to control the situation inside or outside of the District of Columbia?

    Congress doesn't care. They are sitting on their little island, ten miles square, impregnable--- at least so they think. Most of them are either outright traitors to the American cause or so stupid they couldn't light a candle in the dark to save themselves.

    It's a game of Chicken, and the President blinked--- but it isn't lack of courage or resolve that made him blink. It's the fact that he needs the military and he needs his military Office to clean up the Mess, so in this case, it's a matter of losing to win and denying the Congress the ability to leave America open to invasion by UN mercs and others just itching for an excuse.

    You want to know the essence of the problem?

    It's the same problem we have had since 1860: the Territorial Congress. Both political parties. And the mistaken loyalty of the military which has protected these treasonous bastards under the mistaken belief that they "represent" the legitimate National Government when they don't.

    Stupid conservatives have been slinging dirt at Trump all day for signing the Omnibus. Smart conservatives have been silently thanking God for Trump, instead. He knew when to bite it and why to bite it and how to bite it. As a result, you are all safe --- and he and the military have a fighting chance to deal with the bankruptcies, the gross corruption, and the restoration of the government you are all owed.

    Ever had to take a step backward and pivot, in order to take two leaps forward? Well, you've seen him sign the Porkulous Bill, and you've seen him appoint Bolton. Now watch for the two leaps forward.

    1. AMEN Texian. I agree completely.

    2. It seems the bill also prevents feds from monitoring citizen internet usage and defunds abortions. Trojans. Nice play!

    3. AJ that was needed. Texian, Judge Anna said it well! )

      Police Obtained Warrants Demanding Info On All Google Users Near Four Crime Scenes
      Mar 24 2018

      Police across the country have been attempting to use Google data and other information from social networks to help them solve cases. One recent story about the Raleigh Police Department shows how they have been using Google data to track down suspects, but in order to do it, they had to cast a wide net, obtaining information on all active users near at least four different crime scenes.

  76. Catching up....from Justice Anna

    Making Sense of the World - Update March 23, 2018


    Big Picture


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