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One World of Nations
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4 - 7 February 2018

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  1. 1,000 bases In 80 countries

    "The Pentagon spends hundreds of billions of dollars maintaining some 1,000 US bases overseas — in every corner of the globe. The rest of the world combined maintains a total of 77 military bases outside of national borders."

    An excellent Ron Paul Liberty Report video of 21 minutes

    1. This has been the basis for the collapse of every empire,when the cost of maintaining it is greater then you get back.

      55% of all US taxes go to maintaining this gross US Hegemony system, hated by the world,and mass murdering humanity to protect Cabal assets. All the while sold to a seriously gullible public as Peace Keeping. The lot is - Ugly!

      We are now entering an era where more nations are developing Nukes, and it only needs one to fire off. What a way to experience first hand new real attacks on the US mainland. To suffer as others have at your hands, and Oh sorry, that Real Estate is now toxic for 20,000 years.

      Little North Korea could get 15 or 20 through. Russian and China would get 1,000 through. A total cinder bowl.
      Time to rethink Global hegemony?

      Empires all end- Badly.

      North Korea will take out the US Jap bases, as well as the West Coast and possibly further inland. Every chance they will reach NY, Florida and DC.

      For Russia and China it won't matter they will take the lot and the 1,000 bases.
      We really need to get the US bases out of Europe and Australia.
      The Big Dogs will go for it one day. Whose left standing and what size nuclear fall out? China and Russia will just go underground and unleash. Each will take their chances and will combine for an all out US attack. Shock and Awe x 10,000 as Reciprocity comes home. Then nuclear Armageddon.

      The world needs to be rid of US bases to have a chance. Any chance.
      Please, save the cost, and get lost.

    2. Yeah, the Seppo's base at Pine Gap really ticks off many Australians. NO Australian can enter that underground facility without permission from the United States government.

    3. They have to be cleared out everywhere. The UK has 2 of their bases which will be hit, as well as the Yorkshire early warning station. It will take only 4 nukes to erase the UK and that is 3 to start. Madness. No more being the front ground for US wars. They kick off again and this time the US mainland must get the lot. Time for the US to see what war is really like. No more F Hollywood heroes, real world. Where were the heroes in Vietnam when they ran and left the poor Vietnamese to pay? That shame sticks forever in the real world. It's time the Empire folded.

      Trade not war. American trade bases not war bases. Lets ALL live as one race of Human Beings. Any nukes for Israel only. That will focus US Zios on reality. Such a truly ugly and predatory Cult lacking compassion for humanity.

      It all started with following a ranting Paranoid Delusional Schitzo Abraham. An Egyptian trained Con Man Moses who got lost for 40 years in the desert without a God compass, then an insertion of Genghis Khan cross breeding and look at what the hell came out. Cross breed mongrels and? Money changers in the Temple, to today's lot? Same species.

      Time now for Thinking Man Kind to be kind. Stop this Religious Crap look at the Muzzies. The persecutions of Christianity, their Inquisition, predatory Churches, and the sheer Devilment of the Vatican. Ugly, ugly, ugly the lot!
      There is NO God in Wars!

    4. "There is NO God in Wars" Worth repeating. Amen.

    5. John- I agree with your suggestion that we replace all the military bases with trade ones. For a minute I though you were advocating that only Israel would HAVE nukes, but I realized that you meant we would reserve our nukes for Israel only. Or was I wrong?

      However, I don't agree at all with your summation of Abraham. Abraham was not a Jew, he was Sumerian. He was not schizo but was an important descendant of the original Sumerian offspring and was entrusted with a military effort to protect Sumerian bases in the Sinai. I'm currently reading a fascinating book entitled "Jesus the Phoenician" by one Kamel Koussef. Anyway a lot of his research supports other material I have read concerning the extension of the Sumerian culture into Canaan and Phoenicia. Abraham was not Egyptian trained, it was, in fact the Sumerians who instructed the Egyptians. He was not the same species at all. I'm not sure where you got your info from. Be careful.


  2. OWON: So now, Wells Fargo gets attention.

    Very interesting! But where has she been for the last four or five years? Why dump all this correction the last day of her term???? Bet there is more to this story.

    - John

    Responding to widespread consumer abuses and compliance breakdowns by Wells Fargo, Federal Reserve restricts Wells' growth until firm improves governance and controls. Concurrent with Fed action, Wells to replace three directors by April, one by year end


    Biffie: right along with Ben Bernanke.

  4. p: It looks like the DeepState is punishing SC for it's Governor for issuing a proclamation declaring Feb 4th Stand for The Flag Super Bowl Sunday.

    2 Amtrak workers killed, 116 hurt in South Carolina crash
    Feb 4 2018

    CAYCE, S.C. (AP) — An Amtrak passenger train slammed into a freight train parked on a side track in South Carolina early Sunday, killing two Amtrak employees and injuring more than 110 people, authorities said. It was the third deadly wreck involving Amtrak in less than two months.

    Amtrak’s Silver Star was on its way from New York to Miami with eight crew members and about 140 passengers around 2:45 a.m. when it plowed into the CSX train at an estimated 59 mph, Gov. Henry McMaster said. The wreck took place around a switchyard about 10 miles (16 kilometers) south of Columbia.

  5. I am now seriuosly considering getting a gun permit.... never thought it would come down to that. Hard to believe that it has come to that point in our secure Canadian area. So much is developing around us that it would seem that protecting our families has taken on a whole new meaning as reluctant as I am to admit.

    1. What has been the catalyst for this decision, Kermit?

    2. Living next to the US? Lol.

  6. Obama Appointee Rudolph Contreras Was Removed from Flynn Criminal Case – But Why?
    Feb 5 2018

    Two Months Ago FISA Court Judge and Obama Appointee Rudolph Contreras was removed from General Flynn’s criminal case. Today it is still unknown why Contreras was removed.

    TGP reported on December 8th that U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras recused himself from former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s criminal case. Emmet G. Sullivan will now oversee over the trial.

    Judge Contreras was appointed by Barack Obama in in 2012 as United States District Judge for the District of Columbia.

    Judge Rudolph Contreras was also appointed to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) court in 2016. We asked the question in December whether Judge Contreras was also the FISA Judge who signed off on the application[s] to spy on the Donald Trump campaign — including General Flynn?

    Some information came out over the weekend that Judge Contreras was the judge who signed off on the FISA warrants for the Obama Administration in 2016 and 2017, but this is yet to be confirmed.

    1. Because he knew it was all horse manure and would have had to dismiss with prejudice?

    2. The Obama, Bush and Clinton operatives pretending to be judges must jail! And virtually every federal courthouse in America is like this! Despicable!

    3. There lies the problem Texian.

      But also the solution. Without prejudice sweep the lot out like stable manure.

    4. Correct John... that's the only answer.

  7. This Should Scare Everyone, Flynn Never Lied
    Feb 3 2018

    Republicans and Democrats alike should be scared about one overriding fact in the Flynn case. The FBI said Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn never lied, yet he had to plead guilty to lying in order to avoid a protracted fight he could no longer afford.

    Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s son, also Michael, wants justice for his father. He reacted to the release of the FISA abuse memo with hope but he might be underestimating the level and extent of corruption in both the media and the administration of our intelligence agencies. He went on fire on Twitter with several tweets.

    1. Another example! Actions/cases of each “judge” will have to be reviewed. At first corruption found, ticket to jail! The “high and mighty” deserve the fate that they caused to so many innocents.

    2. That may just come to pass Texian. Flynn's case may help open the door to help other wrongly jailed people like the Hammonds. FBI cases, including those with FBI forensic evidence, going back decades will need to looked at by honest investigators.

      Jon Rapport had a good synopsis this morning about all that.Possibly innocent people on death row put to death for crimes they didn't do.

    3. P,
      Jon Rappaport is EXCELLENT!

  8. Changing Human History: The Amazing Paracas Elongated Skull Results
    Feb 2018

    After 5 years of hard work and negotiations with federal authorities, the DNA results of 12 of the Paracas Elongated Skulls from the coast of Peru are now in. Originally 18 skulls were tested, but the DNA of the other 6 was too badly degraded. These people died out 2000 years ago. 58 samples were tested, but many did not yield results…

  9. #ABetterWorldForAllChildren

    Study Shows Kids are Born Creative Geniuses But the Education System Destroys Imagination
    Feb 5 2018

    Dr. George Land and Beth Jarman were commissioned by NASA to help the space agency identify and develop creative talent. The two were tasked to research school children in an attempt to identify creative individuals from which the agency could pick to help with their many products. In a recent TED talk, Land described his team’s surprising findings on the education system which are nothing short of shocking.

    1. P,
      Quite an interesting article, but don’t think I’m for blaming “lack of child creativity” on teachers...or even the horrendous curriculum entirely. There’s plenty of blame to spread around. Fluoride, chemtrails, chlorine, glysophate, GMOs, hormone and antibiotic laced meats, and the biggie...VACCINES and other PHARMA POISONS!

      The last couple hundred years children had much to overcome in the school system, but still it produced some of the best creative thinkers of all time during the industrial revolution before the NWO crowd came along.

    2. Yes, the Germanic approach that is used to create ants and unhappiness needs to go. Time to go back Renaissance-man style education.

    3. Thanks Texian. There are plenty of dullards in education and the curriculae leave much to be desired, but we don't stifle creativity. If anything, we put way too much emphasis on it to the point that the kids have trouble learning when it matters. You have to have some fundamentals before you can move on. You must be able to read, write, express yourself clearly. You need a certain level of math to function in the everyday world, balance a checkbook, know when you can and can't afford something, realize when you're being fleeced. That's not rocket science. People forget that the adolescent mind actually doesn't want creativity, or imagination, it's very concrete oriented. It likes routine and formula. Tell me what you want, maybe how to do it, and when you want it. The kids hate it when assignments are open-ended, or when there's a creative element. But you need some basics before you can be creative, otherwise it's just a random mess.

  10. If you ever need to shut down an SJW-Obamanite-Clintonite hit them with this: Why are the principals in "the most transparent administration in history" suddenly so concerned about maintaining secrecy about their actions?

  11. p: It's interesting to see who the players are involved in the background.

    Jury to hear opening statements in Waymo-Uber trial over autonomous car secrets
    Feb 5 2018

    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A jury in a trade-secrets lawsuit will get its first earful Monday as opening statements begin in a bitter legal battle between Waymo and Uber Technologies Inc that has captivated Silicon Valley and could help determine who emerges in the forefront of the fast-growing field of autonomous cars.

  12. It's interesting to see experienced Legal Opinions advising Trump to stay well away from the Mueller road show as it's proving to be baseless and will rebound on the lot of them.

    Also we are getting Political reports that Trump is achieving a number of High Level breakthroughs, and if, so that needs to be site advised.
    We need to give any credit where it is due.
    The site is, and will be fair. Both sides views will be reported.

  13. Courtesy of Vox Day:

    Take #6 on the Nunes Memo?

    I'm working in DC, and the tiny pieces of the Swamp I get to see are concerned, as are the residents who work here. The Media is in full "shovel mode". As an example, WTOP radio (which is owned by Hubbard Broadcasting of KSTP fame) on a daily basis has WaPo, USA Today, NBC/ABC/CBS, etc reporters as guests feverishly pushing the Narrative. The current drill is that Page wasn't the original target of the Russia investigation, so the Nunes Memo mox nix. The comedy writes itself.

    A pity so much future hangs in the balance in draining the swamp...

  14. Interesting tidbit...

    "In the last Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll, we read people a list of recent facts that have come out and almost all of them were unknown to the public, even when prompted. A majority did know that Comey had drafted the memo on the Clinton investigation long before the investigation was over. But most people did not know who paid for the dossier, and most had not heard about the text messages and their reference to an “insurance policy” in case Trump was elected. After hearing this information, 75 percent said it was significant and 63 percent said the FBI needs to be investigated."

    Heaven help them [Deep State/Shadow Gov] when the lateral news networks start to outpull the MSM. The tipping point isn't that far off...

  15. JOHN A few Friends are getting important info to President Trump. Included of course are OWON items + WhiteHat stuff. We know this and will continue. Freedom = Sotu - chanting USA USA, Freedom train etc. 200 Passengers were to be taught to stick with cabal ziorats .... sorry friggin ziorats they like their get out of jail free chits. There are times when intuitive forgiveness works for Truth and Justice. We know the perps of the crash are discovered/being discovered. More Memos OTW! Cockroaches and rats really freak when surprised by light on them = Nancy Botox, Schiffty-pedo, zio-dual citizen Chucky cheese Schumerat! Tribunals for some and OJ type trials to educate the morons with lemming genes as well as those who want to see evidence of those who commit Treason, Sedition and herm women and children should be very public and use qualified judges who abide by our Constitution = we are gaining on it.

    1. Bob

      Thanks good work. Have no doubt we have so much more, but hold some back for future litigation and hopefully a Nuremburg type trial. Time to take down the lot.

  16. How the West was Won Again. Exclusive interview with Larry Klayman, part 1.

  17. Hmmm... hearsay on the street in Mordor-On-The-Potomac suggests our Usual Suspects were illegally using the normal intercepts to check up on the Trump Campaign until April 2016. Adm. Mike Rodgers, NSA head, got tipped off there was some serious abused and dropped a hammer on the entire system. (It seems they were using some pre-approved Contractors for unapproved operations. Also explains how Hillary was getting extremely quick NSA information.)

    Which explains the switch to Carter Page, as it gave them access to all of Trump Tower. But looking retrospectively, the sum total of the evidence now shows that Carter Page was never a spy ergo, the original warrants were probably as fraudulently obtained solely to spy on the Trump Campaign. The post hoc legalization that expanded the warrants target(s), needs to be seriously looked at and Carter Page has a full all-out claim of violation of rights under color of law and 4th Am violations.

    1. you really mean April 2017?

    2. April 2016. Remember this whole spying thing began on candidate Trump

    3. So, the bastards DID brand Carter Page under Title 1 FISA as a Russian agent, out of whole cloth using manufactured and leaked evidence. Heads need to roll. Perp walks. And a massive civil suit to follow as Page's rights were severely violated. And from there, both criminally and civilly, everyone involved in this FISA fiasco needs to go down on seditious conspiracy to treason to violations of rights under color of law to 4th Am violations to perjury. Those who truly acted as domestic enemies -- and I am looking at you Comey, Mueller, McCabe, Lynch, Hillary, Obama -- we need to have the courage to ask for the death penalty -- hang them by the neck until dead. No easy way out like a firing squad or life in prison.

    4. Carter Page has never actually been accused of any criminal activity, including spying. And the FBI knows he's not a spy oor agent of the Russian government, because years ago when the Russian government tried to recruit him, he went directly to the FBI and reported it.

    5. In completely related news, the central figure — Carter Page — that the FBI claims was the impetus for getting a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign and transition team was an FBI employee in 2016 before he was a Russian spy in 2017.

      From a reader: “Worse, Page was employed by the FBI in March of ’16, and was used to obtain the FISA Warrant by the FBI in October of ’16.”


      The Swamp is about to be drained bigly.

  18. Replies
    1. Hi there Mygirl,
      How is hubby doing? Hope everything is going well with his recovery.

    2. Hey there, Aurataya - he's doing VERY well. Thanks for asking. We see gains every week. He will be heading to a long-term rehab centre in about a month's time for more extensive rehab to get that arm and hand more functional plus strengthen his walking ability. He is determined to be well enough to travel again, and play golf - a friend is working on modified clubs for him. Might not be this summer but it will happen. It's all good. :)

  19. Thanks...guess I’m still misreading...looks like they’re trying to say illegal intercepts lasted until _____ date. And it continued until well after inauguration. Don’t recall when it was Trump moved out of WH when a sweep was done. Could still be going on for all we know!

  20. p: Q Thank you for your postings, it helps. Jesse at BP, sadly, the human hunting debacle is too often ignored. It with the other horrid activities need to come to an end. Maybe Q will mention a certain ex VP of the US and his part in human hunting.

    NEW Q/NEW MEMO Info/DOW Down -500 [666]
    Feb 5 2018

    1. The Rothschilds Sell Property That was 143 Years In Their Family, Why?
      Feb 5 2018

    2. Why?

      That's easy enough. Just think of the dan-dreadful atrocities that could have occurred there with unconsenting adults and children, and there's your answer. That place should be seized and a forensics team sent in, together with a couple of sniffer dogs and diggers to check the surrounding and forest for bodies.

      Plain and simple.

    3. I absolutely agree with you Monkey. Just imagine what the energy field would feel like there. I'm getting shivers just thinking about it.

  21. So Comey says "That's it?..."

    Thomas Paine: Your signature is on ALL the FISA applications, bro. YOU hired Steele to fabricate Intel to use as a basis to obtain the phony warrants & NEVER DISCLOSED [4 times] the source was a paid operative by the FBI. You're cooked...

  22. I look forward to helping free kids from prison schools like this. What a boost to home schooling!

    Brisbane school sends 'hundreds' of students to detention over shoes

    1. AJ, Thank you for sharing. That is truly sad detention over shoes. Am glad you'll soon be able to help children like these with real education.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Good god AJ, they have to be kidding. This is utterly ridiculous.

      I was always getting into trouble for my unofficial version of the school uniform. Each time I advised them to basically get stuffed as it was not compulsory and that I could very easily make myself much more flamboyant if I chose to do so lol. They never dared put me on detention for it either. Not that I would have attended anyway. LOL

      If I were these children and their parents I would stay at home, stop paying school fees, sue them for affecting the children's well being and then see how fast they wanted to crumble. I bet I know who would cave in first. Stuff them.

    4. My five sisters and I attended a private ladies college (!) where full uniform including hat, gloves and matching hair ribbons was required if we were not on school property together with a full array of other items from underwear to aprons.

      We also learned to wear suspender belts and stockings at that school and between us we can count many men who were endlessly appreciative that we did.

      Just joking!

    5. I sent one of my kids to a private Montessori high school and the other two won scholarships to the state's music school. I marvelled at the difference in their education compared to mine, although my own children are opting for private common core schooling for their kids.

      Go figure!

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. God Guys miss suspenders. Tights became barriers.

  23. p: From Twitter and Rep. Steve Scalise
    ‏Verified account @SteveScalise
    1h1 hour ago

    American workers have received over $3 BILLION in bonuses so far from over 300 companies thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. That's a lot of "crumbs." Check out the growing list at

  24. p: Gunnie some of us have stood up in the ways we could for fellow Americans. Many on this blog we call OWON.

    An Open Letter to the FBI
    Feb 5 2018

    "When Finicum got out of his vehicle with his hands up, within seconds you gathered around him and shot him in the back…You shot him in the back…Who would carry out such a cowardly deed?"

  25. ROGER STONE: Gen. Michael Flynn to File Motion for Dismissal of ALL CHARGES Against Him (VIDEO)
    Feb 5 2018

    According to legendary political operative and InfoWars correspondent, Roger Stone, lawyers for Gen. Michael Flynn are preparing legal action to have all charges against him dropped.

    STONE: “Lawyers for General Mike Flynn will shortly file a motion to dismiss all the charges filed against him, based on reports now confirmed by The Hill, Circa News and Infowars, that Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe told a teleconference of law enforcement officials, “first we f*ck Flynn, then we f*ck Trump.”

    1. McCabe committed treason and sedition. These people thought they were untouchable, but will find out differently if Military Tribunals actually do start once those 13,000+ Indictments get unsealed and served! YEAH!

      FULL SUPPORT TO #realDonaldTrump efforts backed by our good military!

  26. PALADIN,

    SGTReport h a huge base of rgular viewers/readers, and he is a darn good interviewer. Perhaps you can find time to schedule an interview with him to discus your and JOHN'S latest articles soon? Perhaps include some tidbits of what will be in the next reports, too? Just an idea....THANKS for all you do!


    images of all fallen ones involved in FISA, deep state corruption,with comments.

  28. p: Grassley-Graham Memo released today! Will see if can find a copy to post, even if it's heavily redacted.

    Clinton Associates Fed Information to Dossier Author Steele, Grassley-Graham Memo Says
    Feb 5 2018

    Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Crime and Terrorism Subcommittee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Monday released a memo referring Trump dossier author Christopher Steele for a criminal investigation that revealed that a friend of Hillary and Bill Clinton fed information for the Steele dossier.

    According to Grassley and Graham’s memo, which is heavily redacted at the request of the FBI, a foreign source gave information to friends of Bill and Hillary Clinton, who then gave it to an Obama State Department official, who then gave it to Steele.

    1. After House GOP Memo, FBI OKs Release of Unclassified Steele Referral
      Feb 5 2018

      The below link brings us to the pdf and heavily redacted Grassley-Graham Memo

  29. Monkey, can confirm dong still selling in my parts. So must have been a local CBA thing.

    1. Could be, AJ. I went into the same bank yesterday with some IDR to cash in (about $AUD200) which had been in my stash for quite a while. I asked again about the VND and she said she did not want to handle the currency in the bank. I asked if currency exchange was at the discretion of managers at CBA and she smiled and said "technically not" , whatever that means! She did however exchange the Indonesian rupiah. Sorry, I should have posted that last night.


  30. ON DRUDGEREPORT.COM tonight:

    CIRCUS 'CHILD SEX RING' Seven circus school members ‘performed sadistic blood and sex rituals on three boys under eight in shocking child abuse ring’

    ‘I wake up ... from nightmares:’ Why Whole Foods(owned by AMAZON!) workers are hating life

    Eagles’ 1st Super Bowl Win Draws 103.4M Viewers, Smallest Audience In Nine Years


      Muslim Cop Killer To Judge - I Answer
      To No One But Allah

    2. Heroic Slovakia Will Build Border Wall - PM Says
      'We Will Never Accept One Single Muslim'

      At least FOUR countries in Europe now got it right, and figured it out that Muslims do NOT want to integrate!! Look at all the links at showing how they are butchering(literally)Europeans daily, raping at will and nobody gets prosecuted, ALL going unreported by MSM whores covering up the failed policies! EU policy-makers are the ziorat TRUE CRIMINALS!

  31. A timely reminder how stock markets are artificially manipulated by the Plunge Protection Team. Can they not hold this ship together any longer?

    Asher Edelman Talks About The Plunge Protection Team

  32. Presenting The Exchange Stabilization Fund In 5 Parts: Is This The Real "Plunge Protection Team"?

    "It is impossible to understand the world today without knowing what the ESF is and what it has been doing. Officially in charge of defending the dollar, the ESF is the government agency which controls the New York Fed, runs the CIA's black budget, and is the architect of the world's monetary system (IMF, World Bank, etc). ESF financing (through the OSS and then the CIA) built up the worldwide propaganda network which has so badly distorted history today (including erasing awareness of its existence from popular consciousness). It has been directly involved in virtually every major US fraud/scandal since its creation in 1934: the London gold pool, the Kennedy assassinations, Iran-Contra, CIA drug trafficking, HIV, and worse..."

    1. No wonder they(deep state) have so much power. This should be immediately shut down with an EO by #realDonaldTrump.

    2. Trump and all Presidents use it, as do the Agencies. This is how they pulled off the $15T scam. Albeit denying YR officially, yet using Pureheart and HS to cover it up and run it. Economic viability with deniability. Tangled webs?

  33. Listening to renseradio right now live about DJT's SOTU speech reversals done with/by David John Oates.First 3 thus far are quite negative...

    1. Rense said that because these reversals are so bizarre & quite negative and opposite to his reversals done during his election campaign that he thinks that his subconscious is being messed with with meds or electronic mind control of some sort...

  34. Make America Great Again???

    Here's an interesting article from Nexus News Feed, which demonstrates the sentiments of other nations, in this case China, towards the US defence strategy.

    he U.S. has vowed to expand its nuclear capabilities citing concerns over China, although it has 20 times more nuclear warheads than China.

    The Chinese government has criticized a Pentagon document known as the “Nuclear Posture Review,"

    Defense Ministry spokesperson Ren Guoqiang said “we hope the U.S. will abandon a Cold War mentality and earnestly shoulder its special and prior responsibility for its own nuclear disarmament.”

    Any thoughts?

    1. The Pentagon and Agencies have to stay in fat paid jobs and Pensions. Basically have never earned a Dime, they are useless for anything else. So we live in a world where these Whores cause needless and cruel Wars, and you only wake up when payback hits US Shores.

      It happens because the US people, and WE ALL, let it. Indifference is no defense.

      What pointless waste. How many times does the US want to overkill the planet. Who gave them the F right????

      The real enemy of all of us,worried Monkey, is within. The Military Industrial Cabal.

      They murdered a million people,destroyed thousands of years of Civilizations, unleashed ISIS for more arms sales, caused vast millions to invade Europe, and created a Global Muslim nightmare,all because a then Texan F Brain of a President, launched an ILLEGAL War for WMDs', that did not exist. Why are He and his cohorts, including Blair and Campbell, not in the Hague facing War Trials?

      Are a million dead not cause? Which clown tried to create illegal Regime change in Syria supported by Israel?

      Sadly, it may take a few nukes to be brought in via the Mexican tunnels and unleashed as others have suffered before with bullying Shock and Awe campaigns on defenseless Civilians, so a crass , ignorant low IQ Texan semi retard could show his Daddy hes got power. As thousands of innocents died each hour.

      There is only one real enemy of mankind, and it's the vile, bullying Cabal,who will bring mass death to Americas shores because no one reigned them in.
      Why is no one on trial for the WMD lies?

      Who takes responsibility for the 1 million dead? Dam right Bush 43 will face arrest if he touches down in the EU,citizens will mass take him down.

      It's time Hollywood shuts the F up with Disneyland heroes posing as Soldiers killing humanity. WMD's Hello? The body bags? Iraq still in pieces? Who gave you the right, ever? As a nation, please, respectfully- Butt out!
      Close these 1,000 bases and F back off to where they belong.
      China needs to say simply, it does not matter how many Nukes you have, we and Russia combined can still kill you a hundred times over, and WILL if you start any more crap there.

      A bankrupt economy, a bankrupt moral society, the worlds largest Drug users, how about cleaning up the Homeland first. Societies are only evolving badly because of Global US aggression. Close down the CIA and watch change. Close those 1,000 bases and see people re emerge. We all face on truly Vile common enemy, it is what has become of the US Military Industrial Cabal, the Wars they cause, the lives lost,and nations betrayed. The CIA is a Global Pariah disgrace. The Pentagon, a flatulent beached whale.

      Think what we could all do if we threw the lot out of those 1,000 bases and re staffed with with Trade, Culture and Education missions instead. Putting back into a world you have so badly F up. At least with Eurasia, we will be rid of the lot over time. Failed Empires end. Badly! We do badly need to be rid Globally of this evil Empire. The Whores who cause the wars to keep the Yobs in Jobs. People die for the Mockingbirds lie.

    2. OMG. IRAQ.

      I clearly remember all that. I was furious. I walked the streets to protest along with hundreds of thousands of other Australians. Only 6 percent of Australians supported going to war with US into Iraq.

      I felt so ashamed to be an Australian. I had a winter trip booked to Bali that year and I told anyone who asked my nationality that I was a New Zealander because of the shame I felt (sorry, cousins).

      In June of 2016, the British Chilcott report came out which clearly identified that Blair and Bush had been in this huge LIE together, so I wrote to the ABC and asked them to determine what our PM Howard had been up to at the same time.

      Here's the article regarding that:

      And here's the Chilcott report, which states, among other things, that Britain and US agreed to go to war before alternatives to war were investigated and that the threat of weapons of mass destruction were presented with a certainty that was not justified.

      The leaders of United States, United Kingdom and Australia were Bush 43, Blair and Howard. Those men are WAR CRIMINALS.

      And we are complicit in their treachery because we let them do it in our names. The only saving grace for Australians is that we really bitched about it long and hard and Howard and the Liberals were tossed out at the next election.

      Were there demonstrations in the streets in US or Britain?

      And you are absolutely correct, John. Imagine how far and fast we would progress if all the money and all the men currently engaged in the business of war were set to peaceful tasks?

      The business of China is building China up for the benefit of its people. China has pulled more than a billion people out of abject poverty in the last forty years and recently stated that no one will live in poverty in China by 2020.

      And I believe them! They will achieve that goal.

      Conversely, the deliberate economic gap gouged between rich and poor in Australia, Britain and United States has grown larger with each passing year. That's the plan! Our nations waste money on war and nasty power games to benefit a slimey few - the Military Industrial Complex - rather than on infrastructure needs to improve the lives of us, the tax paying citizens of the country.

      I'm over it.

      Collectively, we can do better than this.

      So, I'm asking the forum again - What will "Great America" look like at the end of this necessary political purge?

      What's the plan?

      Envisage an improved outcome or there wont be one because there'll be no direction to work towards. Make sense?

      What would our countries look like if we gave up war as our first and most important business?

    3. John,
      A couple of points.

      1. The Bushies are not Texans. They are carpetbaggers. Not born here. They are from northeast. Not even close to actually being Texans and most certainly not Texian.

      2. As you are well aware, the Vatican, City of London and D.C. set up D.C. to be the military leg of the 3 legged stool with City of London the financial and Vatican religious/spiritual to control humanity. You can bash that arrangement as much as you want and the bashing is truly deserved. But that is not the American people. The American people have been duped from the beginning. Those are the corporations causing all the distress. When was there ever a war that City of London was not involved in at the outset? The City of London and Monarch have harbored the Rottenchilds from the beginning! So looks to me a fair assessment would have blame to spread around...

    4. Well said JOHN. Thank You, and fully agree. Their insanity must STOP!

    5. How about we of like mind just go into the underground hive-nests of reptilians and KIL KIL KIL? Can we agree on that? Delta forces tried years ago...Enough is enough.WE KNOW.Conspiracy TRUTH.They exist.NOT tinfoil hat theories, but fact.UNDER NYC is a huge one and would be a start.Bastards are all over the place below ground, hiding like the cowards they truly are.

    6. "So looks to me a fair assessment would have blame to spread around..."

      Fair call Tex. We've done the blame game conversation plenty of times on this site. A few insults and inuendo's are thrown about and we all go off to our nationalistic, patriotic corners and lick our wounds.

      Why don't we agree that nationalistically we are all guilty to some extent of bad choices and fanning the flames of war and chaos and move on.

      We still need to find a resolution that will work.

      United States is currently going through a purge that has the ability to change the shape of the power base forever. What truly concerns me is that it may create a vacuum and anything could slip into place. We still haven't had the "scare the pants off the world, alien invasion holographic false flag event" but I think it will come. The uninitiated will flip out over that and who knows what social unrest will follow. Particularly if nuclear retaliation is deemed the appropriate response.

      Change is just around the corner and from what I can tell, there's no plan.

      What, in your opinion will a new "Great America" look like Tex? Tino? P? Paladin? Bob? and all the rest of you?

      I'm begging you, pile in and please share your thoughts.

    7. ‘great America’ will include a real education for all, opportunities for those willing to work and apply themselves, safety net for the infirm (no hammocks), working as a community to solve common problems, and restoration of the Republic and how it was intended to provide a fair capitalism system. It will also involve minding our own business which should keep all of us busy enough! The American people are generally a compassionate lot which is how we were duped into thinking our military was providing assistance around the world. A new America will only include proving assistance when asked!

      A new ‘great America’ will provide residents with truth of all things. Businesses depending on secrets of their wares will necessarily fail. I see much more in my dreams, but this is good starting point.

  35. Day 3 of the economic collapse. Will we recoup or plunge further?

    1. No economic collapse at all... yet. I agree we stand on a precipice.

  36. Was the DOW's closing at 666 down on Friday a message?

    1. Yes, Seshette it was. The stock market like so much else have been used for the benefit of a few. Manipulated and rising/crashing/falling etc at the whim of the cabal. Just look at the Crypto currencies, good example of how they do things.But, that control is rapidly being eroded and we'll see a number of corrections in the near future.

      I expect we will see things that actually are closer to the truth, greater transparency and elimination of high speed trading.

    2. And last night NIKI closed 6.66% down

  37. Mark Levin on FISA Memo Revelations: ‘Hillary Clinton Paid for a Warrant — That’s the Easiest Way to Put It’
    Feb 5 2018

    Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” conservative talker Mark Levin laid out his case arguing the release of a FISA memo by the House Intelligence Committee last week raised questions about the previous administration. That included some of those holdovers involved in the day-to-day operations of the Department of Justice, including Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller.

    Levin argued those were the questions that should be asked and summed up the circumstances as 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton having “paid for a warrant.”

  38. Benjamin Fulford: February 5, 2018

  39. Replies
    1. Tino,
      Your wife is very lovely and more than that her resumé indicates she’s a very accomplished and good soul on the insisde!

    2. Before the spelling 👮 show up... **inside

    3. Thanks Texian, she is truly wonderful. These days she is my inseparable companion and work partner. Amusingly, she doesn't get paid for her articles as a guest contributor -- yet she has some of the top 10 articles for that virtual rag!

    4. Tino,

      Very nice interview by your wife. I'll plan on reading her other articles also.

      iSynchrony is a much needed alternative resource for so many suffering from neurological difficulties. Kudos to her!

      Thank you for posting!

  40. Scientists heal wounds without scarring
    Feb 6 2018

    Only a few of us can brag about having the perfect skin, with no scars. Some of the rest of world’s population might think about removing nasty-looking scar tissue if they had a chance. Alas, for existing scars, science has no proper solution yet.

    But, for scars which have yet to form, there might be a chance. Researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, in connection with the Plikus Laboratory for Developmental and Regenerative Biology at the University of California, Irvine, found a way to heal wounds without scarring. Their secret? Hair follicles.

  41. p: Roy potter discusses Chem trails with Pam Jones

    The Hidden War
    Feb 6 2018

    Pam Jones For Liberty joins us to discuss chemtrails and wifi poisoning.
    Live at time of posting, an hour long

  42. Hi John,

    Could you share if those PPs are being redeemed? Would be great getting our economy kick started and help our nations.
    Thank you much dear!

    1. Its in daily focus and teams just back from Zurich.

    2. John, re: PP, and currency revaluation. We have been at this for some time. Silly season is (Extremely) fast approaching. Do you see any realistic hope that 2018 before silly season we will see the end of this, or maybe even hopefully 2019 ? Thank You.

    3. Silly Season is June. I can't release delicate details, just watch daily.

  43. Replies
    1. As bogus as the first? Spies and Lies?

    2. Probably. His credibility is zero. However, there may be some paydirt in there: [The newly-released document is an unclassified and heavily redacted version of the criminal referral targeting Steele filed on Jan. 4 by Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley, of Iowa, and Lindsey Graham, of South Carolina. It appears to confirm some level of coordination between the extended Clinton circle and the Obama administration in the effort to seek damaging information about then-candidate Trump.

    3. Tino

      Criticizing the President for performance is one thing.
      Assisting Clinton and Obama to unseat the Lawfully elected REAL President of the US another.

      Be assured, if not already. Steele will have booked himself a visit to Whitehall where the Riot Act of the damage he risks between Anglo American Relations will be rammed up him so far he won't need another Anal rebore for another 500 years.

      Right now I can assure you this guy will be semi incontinent.

      Don't worry about any of his suspect reports, they WILL be redacted, and he will see the gross error of his ways over the next few weeks.

      Trump and May have an accord, and we will honor it.
      Steele may well have been royally set up. Lie down with Dogs?
      Trump has the right to come down hard on them. Very!

      Dirty Politics. Steele is in way over his head. Clintons?????

    4. Thank you John. The craziness never seems to end with this crew!

  44. As it all falls apart:

    1. apparently just 2 cars de-coupling, no injuries.

    2. They shouldn't be decoupling at all... This is the kind of event that proper 6-sigma training eliminates. Amtrak has had 3 fatal accidents in as many months. And now an Acela decouples? The trendline is scary. Either incompetence or sabotage -- take your pick.

  45. Replies
    1. Hackers of the world unite! Let's see how many secret bank accounts CDC management has....

  46. Just in. Massive pressure now on Rosenstein with latest developments. Will he fire Mueller since everything is now Fruit of the Poisonous Tree?

    1. Mueller has left himself wide open to redress now.
      There are major past allegations on him. Serious ones. Hubris, or a step too far? They thought they were Vulcan's! Reality - Bush Turkeys!

  47. What awaits Sen. John McCain now that his true history has been disclosed?

    1. John McCain Killed 134 Of His Fellow Sailors Aboard the USS Forrestal Aircraft Carrier In 1967
    2. John McCain Is Funded By Muslim Terrorists
    3. John McCain Is a George Soros Puppet and Is Directly Funded By The Evil Billionaire Globalist
    4. McCain Led Massive Government Cover-Up Of The Vietnam POWs Who He Was In Captivity With And That President Nixon Left Behind
    5. After Being Released As a POW, McCain Discovered His Wife Had Been Disfigured In a Car Accident and Dumped Her For a Younger Prettier Woman
    6. McCain Committed a Felony and Worked With Foreign Government Spies to Overthrow Trump
    7. McCain Met With ISIS Terrorists During The Obama Administration and Funneled Money To Them
    8. McCain Is a Neo-Nazi Supporter and Is Funded By Radical Nazi Groups
    9. McCain Tried To Get An Entire Class Of Newly-Commissioned Officers To Defy Trump
    10. McCain Cheated On His Wife Of 35 Years With His Hot Young Lobbyis
    11. John McCain Funded The London Bridge Attack Bomber
    12. McCain Busted For Being On Hillary’s Payroll To Take Trump Out

    1. I am not ascended jury. Given the brain tumor, he will be before the Higher Courts or God[s] soon enough to pay for the bad behavior.

    2. A44L91 And that is only the tip of the McCain iceberg of Treason. He needs to be Nuremberged!

    3. He won't live long enough Bob... I'd still perp walk him for Treason and try to get him to confess. Should he confess, just hang the SOB. But by the time the current machinery of Justice gets around to just arresting him, he will probably be dead. If it is any consolation Bob, his exit will not be pleasant.

    4. TINO I know 2 Marines I served with who could have been KIA due to this dirtbag traitor's actions. Vietnam, Japan Philippines etc are laced with tunnels. I would bet every dollar I have the Johnny boy loved solitary and when he went there he just opened the tunnel trap door and left for fun anywhere he wanted to. He destroyed 5 or 6 Navy aircraft - dumb ass POS ahd Admiral daddy or Admiral gramps get him out of it. 41 is no different by the way he killed his Crew while he bailed out of a perfectly good Avenger and into a waiting sub ... Naval Records were different than honest witnesses. We will clean this rot. I am not after vengeance as that is God's turf. I am however, wanting Justice! I Pray he suffers 1000x that of all POWs, Forrestal Crew + others he harmed during his miserable tainted life of TREASON. Yup; I am PO'd but will put my PO Energy to good use!

    5. AlwYsA knew he was a scum ball

  48. IT’S A SET UP=> Report: Adam Schiff Purposely Put “Sources and Methods” in Dem Spin Memo to Force POTUS Trump to Make Redactions
    Feb 6 2018

    On Monday, suspected leaker Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) announced the House Intel Committee voted unanimously to release the Democrat spin memo.

    Fox News reporter John Roberts reports sources are telling him Schiff’s spin memo purposely contains information pertaining to “sources and methods” which will force POTUS Trump to make redactions. This was done tactically to make Trump look like he’s censoring the Dems since he made no changes to Nunes’ memo.

    1. P If that is true POTUS could give Schiffty a painful enima by yellow highlighting all the parts needing redaction ..... just say rewrite and rewrite and rewrite until you can do your job correctly you POS ziorat.

    2. Bob, that would be truly awesome with yellow highlighting on the Dems to be retracted areas in their Memo. Trump may just do something like that after making sure what the Dems wrote about is exposed fully for all to see. In all fairness we need to see what they wrote, but it may just backfire on them.

      Just like the Hammonds were deemed "enemy combatants' we've heard President Trump refer to some within the Deep State as such. Let's see what he does here, our master Multi-D chess player! )

  49. This is the absurdity we deal with.

    Your stomach will turn, but it is educational to read. Never mind the FISA Memo is a summary of FISA Court findings. Never mind Adm. Rogers properly reported to the President-elect the spying. Never mind the whole context of the Memo and the supporting findings of fact make the Dossier a proved fabrication. The inability to think and to ram conclusions into the brains of the lemmings are the hallmark of the current approach to brainwashing. It's just Goebbel's Big Lie.

  50. Funny you mention the holographic staged invasion Monkey. This from Montague Keen:

    "It looks like the Cabal is going ahead with Project Blue Beam. They intend to project pictures on to the sky, as they did when they projected the planes on to the twin towers in New York, to create the illusion of an attack. This will be done to scare the masses into submission. However, our friends from Andromeda, will actually show themselves and come to our assistance. They are our friends. They confirmed this in 2010: it is recorded on tape. Blue Beam will be the last ditch attempt by the Cabal to retain its power. Do not be fooled by them."

    (Also this from the same message: "There is a battle raging on Earth to control the minds of humanity. Time is running out for the Cabal. They now find themselves exposed and unable to defend their evil actions. They have only ever had one fear: that the man on the street will wake up and realise just what the Cabal’s plans for him are, and will turn on them. Soon, those within the Cabal will find themselves at the mercy of those they seek to destroy, and it terrifies them. They are totally dependent on us to serve them, to ensure their continued existence on the Earth. Money alone will not suffice. This is a tough lesson for them, for though they loathe and despise us, they cannot exist without our help. Not a good position to find yourself in, is it?")

    1. I haven't done a Monty for quite some time. I created category of light workers some time ago called "Soon Sayers", popped him in there, closed the lid and saved the download time for other info.

      Thanks for bringing him back to me. I think "soon" is about to be "now". Whoo Hoo!

  51. Hot damn! (Excuse my French) It looks like we may be turning the corner in this war!

    “We also know that when we talk about “Medical Boards,” we’re really talking about the stalking horses for pharma. These are where the great battles are truly fought, among relatively small groups of people, having an enormous impact on the rest of us. The good things are killed in the dark, away from the prying eyes of the public.

    From the work I did covering the Autism Omnibus Hearings, and my later work detailed in the book, INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, it’s clear that if the CDC whistle-blower, Dr. William Thompson had just a little more courage, or if Dr. Frank De Stefano or the head of the CDC at that time, Dr. Julie Gerberding were really interested in public health, we would be living in a completely different world with much more hope for our children.

    That’s why the recent news that Dr. Mark Geier, one of the truly courageous people involved in the Autism Omnibus Hearing who was unfairly sidelined, had won a $2.5 million dollar suit against the Maryland Board of Physicians, is so deeply satisfying.”

    Court Awards $2.5 Million to Vaccine Critic Dr. Mark Geier…

    1. Hot damn! You're absolutely right on many levels. Change is palpable. It's here.

      The question is where are we going to take it?

      Thanks for your comments above. Broad brush strokes of a plan for the way ahead.

  52. IG poised to reignite war over FBI’s Clinton case
    Feb 6 2018

    Few people have heard of Michael Horowitz, but that’s about to change.

    Horowitz, the Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general, is an increasingly critical player in the controversy surrounding the FBI, President Trump and the Russia investigation.

    With little fanfare, he has been conducting a sprawling probe of the FBI’s handling of the 2016 investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. His full report, which could set off shockwaves, is expected by the early spring.

  53. Senate leaders say they're zeroing in on two-year budget deal
    Feb 6 2018

    Senate leaders on Tuesday said they are close to a two-year budget deal that could avert a government shutdown and set up a debate on immigration reform next week.

    The deal would set spending levels for fiscal 2018 and 2019 and avoid the prospect of a second government shutdown Thursday when a stopgap spending measure expires.

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) touted their progress after meeting in McConnell’s office Tuesday morning.

  54. Report: Bill Clinton Offered Lynch Scalia’s Seat During Tarmac Meeting – QAnon
    QAnon hints WikiLeaks has tape and/or transcript of Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting
    Feb 6 2018

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Tuesday morning QAnon dropped two posts that suggest in their famous tarmac meeting, former President Bill Clinton offered to then-Attorney General Lynch the Supreme Court seat of murdered Antonin Scalia, in exchange for Lynch making sure the FBI investigation into former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s email server be stopped, exonerating Clinton of any criminal charges.

    1. Bang to rights.Why is she not banged up?

    2. The rumor is the Cabal is threatening a nuclear terrorist event if any major players are arrested. Speculation, but plausible.

    3. Nuclear security is very tight. A missing nuke outside of control authority is virtually impossible. Perhaps a dirty bomb or other major explosive laced with toxin, yes, that can be plausible.

  55. Nunes: We have an active investigation into the State Dept.
    Feb 5 2018

    House Intelligence Committee chairman goes on 'Hannity' to react to the new details in the Grassley-Graham memo.

  56. Replies
    1. Damn good question. If a ballistic missile was launched, it would have had to have been at a distance from the South Pacific, but also outside where most of the radars are looking. East of Japan, north/northeast of Taiwan and out at sea. This means a sub. It was probably also intermediate range since I am not sure a space-based platform could either acquire or nail a shorter range missile. Then its a question of all the usual suspects that have launch and sub capacity. The list of suspects is few which means either false flag (U.S.) or Israel. All the others with capability have no desire for Armageddon right now as waiting is all in their interest.

  57. DEVELOPING=> Sen. Grassley Releases ‘MUCH-LESS REDACTED’ Version of ‘Memo 2.0’
    Feb 6 2018

    On Tuesday, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) released a “much-less redacted,” version of this week’s criminal referral — also known as memo 2.0 — of former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.

    As Breitbart News report Kristina Wong points out, the FISA application did not disclose “that the identities of Mr. Simpson’s ultimate clients were the Clinton campaign and the DNC.”

  58. LOTS must be happening behind the scenes.JOHN stated there was.FEB. 8th according to Fulford the federal government is due to make some massive payment to China. That's what is called "down to the wire"! I suspect Fulford will update us on that outcome in his next report. Yet, before then if things do not go well, we could likely see a bank "holiday" Friday morning, at which point nationwide ATM will get drained, IF debit cards even work.

    1. Be assured, if the decision to pull is given, those ATMs will get locked down before hand and your home computer or mobile linked transfer capability will be blocked. Lock out will be first.

    2. If such were to take place there would be no government standing anywhere within a week to ten days. This isn't the 1930s. And if an escalation by controlling water and/or electricity takes place, 1776 will happen all over again. Let no one imagine they can get away with it.

  59. About new Fed Reserve Chair Powell

    Nomi Prins: Trump's New Dark Money Man Takes Over

    "Don’t expect Powell’s policies to differ from Yellen’s. He also won’t change from her predecessor, Ben Bernanke, as his voting record shows us, aside from pressing for more leniency for Wall Street."

  60. Replies
    1. And probably not all that warranted. It is Vegas, after all. He should have held on and ignored the storm around him. Another 6 weeks and nobody would have cared about him specifically.

  61. What's a Billion?

    This is too true to be funny.
    The next time you hear a politician use the
    Word 'billion' in a casual manner, think about whether you want the 'politicians' spending YOUR tax money.

    A billion is a difficult number to comprehend,
    But one advertising agency did a good job of putting that figure into some perspective in one of its releases.

    A billion seconds ago it was 1959.

    A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.

    A billion hours ago our ancestors were
    living in the Stone Age

    A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two feet.

    A billion dollars ago was only
    8 hours and 20 minutes,
    at the rate our government
    is spending it.

    1. While this thought is still fresh in our brain...
      let's take a look at New Orleans ..
      It's amazing what you can learn with some simple division.

      Louisiana Senator,Mary Landrieu (D)
      was asking Congress for 250 BILLION DOLLARS
      To rebuild New Orleans. Interesting number...
      What does it mean?

      Well .. If you are one of the 484,674 residents of New Orleans
      (every man, woman and child)
      You each get $516,528

      Or... If you have one of the 188,251 homes in
      New Orleans, your home gets $1,329,787.

      Or.. If you are a family of four...
      Your family gets $2,066,012.

    2. Washington, D.C.
      Are all your calculators broken??

      Building Permit Tax
      CDL License Tax
      Cigarette Tax
      Corporate Income Tax
      Dog License Tax
      Federal Income Tax (Fed)
      Federal Unemployment Tax (FU TA)
      Fishing License Tax
      Food License Tax
      Fuel Permit Tax
      Gasoline Tax
      Hunting License Tax
      Inheritance Tax
      Inventory Tax
      IRS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)
      IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
      Liquor Tax
      Luxury Tax
      Marriage License Tax
      Medicare Tax
      Property Tax
      Real Estate Tax
      Service charge Taxes
      Social Security Tax
      Road Usage Tax (Truckers)
      Sales Taxes
      Recreational Vehicle Tax
      School Tax
      State Income Tax
      State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
      Telephone Federal Excise Tax
      Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
      Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Tax
      Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
      Telephone Recurring and Non-recurring Charges Tax
      Telephone State and Local Tax
      Telephone Usage Charge Tax
      Utility Tax
      Vehicle License Registration Tax
      Vehicle Sales Tax
      Watercraft Registration Tax
      Well Permit Tax
      Workers Compensation Tax

      (And to think, we left British Rule to avoid so many taxes


      Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago...
      And our nation was the most prosperous in the world.
      We had absolutely no national debt.
      We had the largest middle class in the world.
      And Mom stayed home to raise the kids.

      What happened?

      Can you spell 'politicians!

      And I still have to
      Press '1'
      For English.

      I hope this goes around the U S A
      At least 100 times

      What the heck has happened to our Country?

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Tim, I can't take credit for this, but it resounded so loudly, just had to post. While Congress is working on a budget, they might want to consider just "who's" money they are working with.

      We don't need a 350 Million welfare state or a global military. We need our country to clean up its act and become the country that works for the least as well as it does for the wealthiest.That means no double standards, rule of law has returned, the deplorables are actually those who have committed treason, sedition, etc. It means an educational system that works, food and fresh water, decent housing, utilities, Internet, transportation... all are withing reach because people were given opportunities to help themselves.

    6. Just as an aside, it's only 51 million on welfare/disability. I estimate that 30 million of these could work if incentives were right. One of the most retarded things we do is that we cut people off when they find work. There should be an overlap so there is transition without extreme hardship.

    7. Tino,
      Do your stats have a breakdown of exactly who is on welfare...such as how many illegals, refugees vs how many Americans? I would expect to see some eye opening numbers. As with so many things, “they” are most likely hiding those calculations. I just know that in our area during Obama administration there were radio ads broadcast in Spanish heard throughout northern Mexico as well encouraging everyone to sign up for EBT cards and other welfare programs.

    8. Unfortunately not. I didn't dig very deep. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't the only person working in the United States. :)

    9. Here's what immigrants send home ie. "remittances".

      Remittance Map Hover the mouse over the country...

    10. Tino,
      Thanks for the articles. All of that is very true from my observations and experience in south central Texas. Those of us who pay local taxes are bombarded with cost of illegals and Obama immigrants. The school, hospital, welfare, food stamp, policing and other costs associated are astronomical. It has to stop. Those who move here from other areas are astounded at the property tax rates.

      If able-bodied people were working instead of collecting benefits, it will bring costs down. I’m in favor of a tiered welfare system also where it’s not all or nothing. As unemployed enter work force, there should be incentive to continue to higher paying, more skilled jobs. People who don’t have mental capacity to progress should be supplemented to a living wage situation. A clerk at a fast food place is an entry level job designed for a teenager...not designed to be a career!

  62. We are listening but why do we want 350M back on Welfare? The US is FAR and AWAY the MOST CORRUPT First World Political System in the world.

    Looking on, looking in, it's a Sewer Pit from top to bottom. Only in America.
    We stepped sway and gave you the farm. Left to it you created a giant pigs breakfast and now usurp nations with Deep State Hegemony. Why screw up other nations exporting your failed crap there? Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Syria, Hello? Close the 1,000 bases, get them ALL off their Arses working, earning real money and rebuild the failed Colony. Fix America first and stop the Drugs.

    Get back to basics and control Hollywood filth.

    All the Deep State has brought is Deep Doodoo.

    Yes we are listening, and looking daily with disbelief as one crackpot after another expounds ever more nonsense.
    You got that sinking feeling? The Welfare ridden Titanic is going down.

    1. The swamp draining is in the beginning stages, have a top man in office who pulls no punches, literally a one man crew and he's getting it done. Those other nations mentioned, they were s*** holes long before the US was a country and remain so.

      Some have existed thousands of years. Still on horseback, no running water, no electricity, no food for their citizens. The US has footprints on the moon, drones on mars. Why? Anyone bother to see why these nations, going back hundreds, some thousands of years have not progressed and still need assistance when they should be leading the way?? Surely we can't blame the Clintons or Obamas for their failures (as much as I'd like to).

  63. Huge Freemason Network Found To Control British Parliament

    February 5, 2018 John White News, UK 3
    A journalist has exposed how three Freemason lodges operate within Britain's Parliament - allowing the secret society to dictate government policy.

    A brave journalist has exposed how three Freemason lodges operate within Britain’s Parliament – allowing the unelected secret society to dictate government policy.

    Those living in Britain today know this is not a happy land. The question of Brexit is still unresolved and Britons know the British State, the politicians, the bankers, the bosses, compose a jamboree for fat cats and stuffed pockets.

    But occasionally we get to peek deeper under the curtain. That’s what happened yesterday, when the Guardian printed an article that blows wide open the big secret: that Freemasonry Lodges control both the House of Commons and the House of Lords at Westminster!

    The article describes THREE lodges that infest the heart of British democracy:

    The NEW WELCOME Lodge

    This is for MP’s, Peers (members of the House of Lords) and Parliamentary Staff (the elected/selected members of the Houses and their civil service staff.)

    GALLERY Lodge
    The Unusual Link Between Alzheimer's and Coconut Oil (WATCH)
    Memory Repair Protocol
    Ads by Revcontent
    Find Out More >

    This is for members of the Political Press Corp, the journalists and reporters who directly cover parliament.


    For “other journalists” therefore, a network of influence over the city of London and the wider nation.

    The guardian also says:

    One current member of New Welcome told the Guardian that its members keep Gallery Lodge masons at arm’s length, on the grounds that while they are fellow members of the brotherhood, they are still journalists, and “they wouldn’t want journalists listening to their conversations”.

    This article exposes something that has been kept quiet for a long time: exactly how the lodge system stitches up Westminster.

    Lords and MP’s are all in it together, shaking hands with rolled up trouser legs no matter their affiliation!

    Small wonder Britain struggled for a cigarette paper between the parties from John Major, through New Labour, Blair and Brown, onto Cameron/Clegg and now May.

    The legacy of the EU on the UK Parliament is a well cushioned bed of cosiness with corporatism and it’s the people who have been getting a rough deal! The Lodge system looks after its own while wealth inequality in Britain has gone stratospheric the last two decades.

    The Guardian also says: “so discreet are the members of Gallery Lodge that few journalists working in the lobby appear to be aware of its existence.”

    I bloody bet! Letting it be known that the top political journo’s were in the same lodge, bound together by secret allegiance, to stich up the reporting of the news. No wonder they keep it quiet!

    Next time we look at that man on the lawn with a microphone we need to ask: whose speaking here? The news channel? Or the Gallery/Alfred Robbins Lodge?

    The Guardian pushed their investigation to question the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE).

    From this, they reported “UGLE said Gallery Lodge currently has 45 members and Alfred Robbins Lodge – which is named after a former newspaperman and prominent mason – has 18 members.”

    Of course, the statements from Masonry want to downplay this revelation. “Oh, nothing to see hear, nothing to worry your little heads about” is just the kind of condescension the British people have endured from the British establishment for centuries.

    But it cannot hide the FACT that this secret network with clear power and influence makes its lair in the bowels of the Palace of Westminster.

    1. Scott

      The trouser lifting Masons are small change.We have much deeper and more powerful entities than that. It works. It helps conserve power. It has for 800 years.

      Sorry, I can't elaborate but the Masons are only foot soldiers and Gate Keepers.
      Whats behind both rocks and protects the cradle.
      It also looks out for all of you. Think true codes of chivalry. Real Standards.

  64. p: This may sound bad, but after seeing so much grief about immigrant workers (many are very hard working people and yes, I have been in the fields with them) it's time the world came up with a solution that works for everybody.

    UK crops left to rot after drop in EU farm workers in Britain after Brexit referendum

    James Orr, whose farm outside St Andrews produces potatoes, carrots, parsnips, broccoli, cauliflower, said his farm suffered a 15 per cent drop in the number of workers between August and November.

    “We simply could not harvest everything, and as a result we left produce in the field to rot,” he told Scotland’s Sunday Herald newspaper.

    1. P

      I hear you. Be assured, once we leave the last of the Welfare scroungers here will get an almighty kick up the arse and taken to the fields, work or don't eat. Why feed those we don't need? We will root them out.

      Eurasia will sort this lot. We are approaching 8 billion so we have enough bodies in the herd. Full food troughs for the workers. Empty troughs for the non workers. It will keep them focused.

      EU workers if needed can be brought in for 6 months contracts and leave.

      Note the farm was in St Andrews. Scots have such a propensity for the Hooch, it's a case of which day they wake up and do a days work, while that Gobby Troll howls for ever more welfare subsidies instead of a new work ethic. No one takes her seriously, or listens. The Scots have enough unemployed for self help.

      A sensible balance will be found for good EU workers. The EU will never turn down a Buck. UK stores are full of produce, and waist sizes to match. Plus we can buy then from the free world cheaper. No vast EU tax grabs.

  65. Get this straight.There will be NO Free Bail outs for ANYONE, it's fantasy land. No one is blowing $250B on New Orleans. It just is not there, sorry. Reality rules.

    These mass Citizens Keep All Welfare funds are fantasies. Money is NOT made round to go around.There is no Justice, nor caring State.

    NO Government Anywhere will give you $100 dollars unless they first take $300 dollars from you to pay it out. No Governments anywhere have any money not stolen from you. If they break the bank, tough! Think first before electing any. Eurasia is coming and the reign of America is ending. Empires all fail. All you have, is what you make, and KEEP! Be smart, or a Victim.

    1. Oh goodness, why even worry about an idiot Congresscritter blathering about $250B for New Orleans. They can't even pass a full budget, barely limp from Continuing Resolution to Continuing Resolution. I'm even ambivalent on whether I want the gov to be funded. A little chaos might make U.S. citizens remember a little freedom and independence.

    2. Tino

      To give out $250B they will first take out $750B.
      Correct, there are better solutions.

  66. Article also suggests some more natural remedies for pain...

    “Preliminary data suggests up to 65,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2016. More than 202,600 people died from opioid overdoses between 2002 and 2015
    Opioid abuse has been identified as a significant factor in rising unemployment. Data suggests chronic opioid use accounted for 20 percent of the increase in male unemployment between 1999 and 2015
    Use of synthetic opioids like fentanyl is on the rise. Deadly overdoses involving fentanyl rose by 50 percent between 2013 and 2014, and another 72 percent between 2014 and 2015
    With a potency nearly 1,000 percent greater than morphine, fentanyl is very easy to distribute via mail. Chinese drug sellers are exploiting the federal government’s inability to track and identify shipments of illicit drugs sent to the U.S. via international mail
    According to a recent government report, more than 300 individuals based in the U.S. have received shipments from online vendors of fentanyl. The estimated street value is around $766 million”

    Synthetic Opioids Flooding Into US Via Postal Service

  67. To everybody: I'm finding that Google is more and more unreliable and is clearly skewing results leftwards and definitely not reporting on obvious source links. Supplement your searches when you get suspicious results with . You will be glad you did. Duckduckgo Search Engine Link

    1. GOOGLE has been horrible for a long time. DUCKDUCKGO is my #1, plus STARTPAGE is pretty good as an alternate or for an additional check for research projects. Next one is IXQUICK.

    2. Good pointers , thank you both.

  68. 1. BIS are just coming out strong and hard against the Bitcoin bubble. Articles follow.

    2. Also a report on our poor women and kids suffering mass Muslim rape and assaults. These Dogs must be integrated and sorted or mass aborted! You cant outcross a Thoroughbred Western world of refined standards, with sub Medieval SHIT which is rabid trash from the Middle Ages. They can not evolve as a badly tracked Mongrel species, and if our Leaders can't protect our women, Quit!

    20 sets of Gonads hanging from a hook in the Public Square and the dirtbag Rapist remains hanging from a noose next to them will get the message across.

    Chop Chop Square in Saudi deters Thieves, and hard backlash on the Muzzies will bring these dogs to heel. Lead and Back LASH!

  69. You do realize most are cabal hired thugs, ex military and fanatics, paid to created havoc. Not every Muslim or migrant is an idiot, that said weed them out, their is beauty in all cultures a distinction worth protecting, learn from the Polish, get your countries back!

  70. In the organizational development world they often say "Focus on the PROCESS" The change Process-Counter Coup d'etat, or return to the Republic as observed from an out of body analogy. I switch on adrenaline and fire up REMOTE VIEWER. I see POTUS' Team interviewing congressional Dems and Repubs, key 3 letter people, (FBI, CIA, DEA, BLM, DOJ etc) and other Admin people. They are mostly aligned along partisan lines to do the right thing in Truth. Translated = In exchange for FREEDOM from the EVIL CONTROL ARM - Evidence of wrongdoing, POTUS Team protects them. about 200 Repubs agree to do the right thing and support our Government for REFORM. As many as 50 Dems also agreed to tag along but agree they do not have to be too much in the limelight = Dems more mostly stealthy support. BAck up a bit .....
    EO issued 21/21/2017 - Confiscate property of those who commit crimes harming others and
    Out of 239 HoR and 51 Senate Republicans about 200 repent and seek protective Freedom by POTUS and his Team
    During SOTU RIGHT AFTER 1:28 Key words: "FREEDOM STANDS TALL OVER ONE NEW MONUMENT; THIS CAPITAL" key phrase over 200 shout USA USA USA many times. Nancy Botox rebukes Dems and contorts hey ugliness etc.
    January 31, 2018 FREEDOM TRAIN leaves for Greenbriar - special train - all crossroads closed to traffic, helicopter overhead and 3 trucks hidden near tracks - believed 2 trucks hit train.
    Bill Kristol tweets at 11:07AM ..... 13 minutes before the crash Gee, he must be able to see the future! Deep state ziorats including HRC, Bush 41, Barry obama-Soetoro wanted the 200 killed or injured to send a message that they were the ABSOLUTE POWER! BUT THEY FAILED. THE MARINE GENERALS AND POTUS KNOW!!!
    4 Page memo released
    5 - 6 more MEMOS OTW

    The POINT IS ...Those repentant are forgiven and protected.

    From up here and out of body it looks like POTUS' TEAM is giving many the opportunity to repent and help Our Republic while the bad ones who are EVIL-very EVIL are denied FREEDOM. Just saying what it looks like to a creative and intuitive mind!

    1. The repentant may be forgiven, but will not be forgotten. If I don't get to try them for Treason, I certainly believe they should quietly NOT re-up for election. And turn down the cushy retirement package. And yes, that train carrying Congresscritters was clearly attempted murder via derailment, and the worrying aspect is they almost succeeded!

    2. There shouldn’t be a retirement package for Congress with term limits that are desperately needed. That job was designed to be a max few years and return home...not a career!

    3. I’ll forgive after a term in jail...for some of them! They can replace all the people who are in jail for DOING NOTHING WRONG!

    4. Ok, you convinced me. Off with their heads.

    5. TINO & TEXIAN I'm not saying they should be forgiven exactly. I know many were set up and shown videos or the equivalent. This is complex and their crimes are many. I want JUSTICE but we may be settling for delayed JUSTICE. The HRC's, Barry Soetoro's, Poedestas belong at the receiving end of a firing squad or worse for certain. I am seeing an operative PROCESS to get cooperation. I believe this PROCESS requires several dinners with devils = very long spoon (John Toland quote)

      I am analyzing bits and pieces of data and that is about what the data is saying.

    6. must have a French streak you don’t know about 😂

  71. Rep. Louie Gohmert is also in the background gathering and investigating this Uranium One deal. It is not gone nor forgotten. Robert Mueller was the FBI Director then. His investigation was a very botched one; whether intentional or not we do not know at this time. We do know from public records that Mueller earned huge sums of money of his investments. We also know that Adam Schiff had invested $16,000 with Rosatom. The truth is coming out. Each day new information continues to expose the corruption under the Obama Crime Syndicate. Mainstream media may alter stories, not wholly report, or report inaccurately; but it is no longer a concern. Getting all the facts before twelve men and women to hear the facts, testimonies, etc.. is what now matters. This will happen.

    1. p: From Twitter a bit after noon today MST

      The FBI informant who spent 6 years Undercover and documented and has audio tapes exposing the uranium one scandal, has been testifying for the last 2 hours. We have two of the biggest scandals in the history of America, committed by many of the same people, being exposed now.

  72. S & P just downgraded Wells Fargo. Now that will put a fire under their Butts for sure.

  73. p: From Twitter last night

    Former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova: "Now we know that additional Clinton allies...were involved in the transmission of false information, unverified information to the @FBI through State Department officials. Somebody's going to have to go to prison." @IngrahamAngle

  74. Don't think folks aren't getting it... check out this comment on a major alt site:

    Right, because democracy is all about obeying the 2% to have your people and culture replaced by waves of serfs and helots whose children are indoctrinated to blame your race for all the ills of the world even as they leech off your people.

    Btw, what kind of democracy is it that the 2% has more power than the 98%?

    Sounds more like ethno-oligarchy.

    Globalists thinking this is a bump in the road have much more coming their way than they realize.


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