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  1. BREAKING: Judicial Watch today released hundreds of pages of Justice Department documents showing strong support by top DOJ officials for former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates’ refusal to enforce President Trump’s Middle East travel ban executive order. In one email, Andrew Weissmann — who is now one of Robert Mueller’s top prosecutors and formerly the Obama-era Chief of the Justice Department’s Criminal Fraud Section — applauds Yates writing: "I am so proud. And in awe. Thank you so much. All my deepest respects." Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton: "This is an astonishing and disturbing find. Andrew Weisman, a key prosecutor on Robert Mueller’s team, praised Obama DOJ holdover Sally Yates after she lawlessly thwarted President Trump. How much more evidence do we need that the Mueller operation has been irredeemably compromised by anti-Trump partisans? Shut it down."

    1. The emails, several sent from official Justice Department email addresses, show strong support for Yates, who was fired for disobeying a direct order from the President:

      Thomas Delahanty, then the United States Attorney for Maine wrote: “You are my hero.”

      Liz Aloi, a career service employee and Chief of the Justice Department’s Special Financial Investigations Unit told Yates she was “Inspirational and heroic.”

      Emily Gray Rice, then the U.S. Attorney for New Hampshire and an Obama appointee said: “AAG Yates, thank you, as always, for making us proud. It is truly an honor to work for you.”

      Obama appointee Barbara McQuade, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan told Yates, “Thank you for your courage and leadership. This is wonderful news.”
      DOJ Civil Division Appellate Attorney Jeffrey Clair wrote: “Thank you AG Yates. I’ve been in civil/appellate for 30 years and have never seen an administration with such contempt for democratic values and the rule of law. The President’s order is an unconstitutional embarrassment and I applaud you for taking a principled stand against defending it.”

      “This is an astonishing and disturbing find. Andrew Weisman, a key prosecutor on Robert Mueller’s team, praised Obama DOJ holdover Sally Yates after she lawlessly thwarted President Trump,” stated Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton. “How much more evidence do we need that the Mueller operation has been irredeemably compromised by anti-Trump partisans? Shut it down.”

  2. Thank you John for the news about Putin once again running for Russian President. His calm and chess master skills are still needed by the world.

    I know it doesn't matter coming from a shepherdess, but the elders have already been propping up these Unites States. Without their help this country would have already tanked.

    With that said, for the people of this country, not of Asia, Africa or anywhere else a flat 10(and maybe 1 or 2 % more for the states)% tax at time of redemption, to go directly to the Treasury. A portion of that can be allotted to the states where the transaction for exchange occurs. That also means those contractors who received their pay(currency) from a US client in payment for services rendered will also be held to that 10%. Country of origin doesn't matter in this case.

    For the others who have already been harmed by our corporate government and the hand is being held out for them to pay withholding taxes, there should be no taxes, instead payment to these damaged countries for harm done. That can be done with some of the funds the US Treasury receives from exchanges in the US.

    The elders have historically held AU and other assets and acted in a way that benefits the world. As the intention has and is to do good for the world,the US has a choice. Hands off the elders assets if you want continued help. Otherwise the elders must stop funding the US and expect payment for debts that have been continually reneged on by the US corporate government.

    1. P

      Thank you , those are kind thoughts.

      The Elders work each day in close affinity with London. Detailed Global thinking evolves each month.
      1. We WILL empower Eurasia.
      2. No Religions will dilute mankind any more. They will all be sanitized out. Hard calls will be made. Religions are divisive, destructive and an escape home for Pedos to flock to. We will rethink education for each nation. No Churches will run schools.
      3. We will start by providing funds for real Community development. Meaningful, sustainable employment. Drug running and crime will be dealt with. Corrupt Politicians are executed in China by the hundred each year. Touch State funds, touch a child, the Law will strike. We will not allow limp wrist Jackasses latitude. To protect a societies freedoms,we have to remove the freedom of vermin, and will.
      4.When ready, we will raise the bar.
      5.China and Russia are real powers. Nuclear and Political. They understand we need a transient period, even an illusion of detente.until the time is right.
      6.The Elders have 5,000 years of Culture, Russia and Britain Millennia. As does India. Eurasia has great resources and collective might. Together unstoppable.
      7. Great dialogue is in place. Elders understand and have a depth of affinity with lineage. Such meetings as matter, are behind closed doors,accountable to no one bar those of substance, Culture,good standards, good humanitarian ethos, intellect, depths of experience, and a depth of Global chivalry only those so educated and born can know. What the Zios have done over 3 centuries will be ripped apart and replaced. There will be new power Elites,but with a difference. The Might of the new Collective will be empowered to protect the weak and poor. Philanthropic community care, not Communism, but with an almighty iron fist where needed. Corruption thrives where power is weak. Freedom is an unsustainable absolute without force.
      The greatest force will be the mind. Sustainable evolution of an Ethereal man to be kind. Or fast resolution as occasioned.

      Many of your comment are read. Also, appreciated. We do not release 5% of real strategy, that time will come. The posturing of sycophants means nothing to us. Meandering diatribe. What is coming will be unstoppable. Forces too powerful are evolving and arming. Trade will replace war, and Trade will be War!
      We are thinking over centuries. DC and Wall Street think only of a fast Buck,with no concept of true reality. True- Barbarians!

      These are turbulent times, but only transient.Real power is planning and positioning. Control has already been lost. US power now is just an illusion in a web of confusion. They are not even in the real game talks.

    2. Thank you John for your answer in what know is a very busy time for you and others.

      It was just a suggestion, it makes no sense as to why those who have shared so much should be penalized by the global bullies we know as Zionists. Or those who have been victims to the same lot.

      Freedom, something that is much looked forward to.

      Yes, I am glad you took up the banner trade for peace. It is far kinder to planet and residents than the alternative which has been, the ancient remnants still can be found of those devastating battles for control of the planet's resources. The more recent history is little better, DU still an issue in Iraq, unexploded bombs in Cambodia and near countries, and more reminders of what hasn't worked for any but the bankers and Wall Street.

      The view in the Now shows how transient what is now. It "will" quickly pass thankfully.

    3. Well, if that's the case, be really careful on that whole malum in se vs malum prohibitum in #3. Trying to ban plant derivatives (drugs) has failed the world over because humans consume them regardless, and it's the very repressive regime on the topic that drives the price to profitability for the drug runner and the bribes for the corrupt uncaring functionary. The War on [Some] Drugs is always short-sighted and the unintended consequences is the destruction of liberties, as can be seen by the history of said behavior by the U.S. and other Western Governments. It will be no different in EurAsia.

      It is a U-shaped curve. The correct solution is freedom to consume, which in turn, sits at the bottom of the U-curve, thus minimizing the total number of drug addicts, which lets it then be handled properly, as a simple medical problem of substitution and step-down.

    4. Tino, I hear your case, and am aware of the variances - But -
      Believe me, the Drug Pushers will be whittled down fast. Kangaroo Courts same day,instant retribution. Take out a thousand and see how long it lasts. In China, transgress and see what happens. Eurasia will be tough on crime, and the causes of it. What is 10,000 lobotomized traffickers in a month if it stops the rot? Smacking dealers on the wrist just puts them back the street. In Eurasia you will be under 6 feet! No protracted timewasting trials.

      Military Courts, it's a war on crime. Deal and pay. Traffic and pay. Get caught money laundering and God won't help you. Or care. We can take Dealers down faster than they can be replaced. It will take at most a week to rip out of them their networks. 6 months will clean most countries. Dealers and Traffickers will cost only $1 Dollar. The Bullet which kills them. Eurasia will be one vast land mass, nowhere to hide. One common law for all. Execute a clearly guilty Rapist, or Child Molester, he does not rape again. A good Court can clearly determine the grey ares of rape. With retribution for false claims.

      But the key case is dealers. We can and will remove them en masse. China tops the lot. Eurasia , one land mass, one common law for all. The drones will find you, and the labs and retribution will follow. Tough love, merciless on crime. Addicts will be picked up, treated and will hand over their sources. Eurasia has no time for the society polluters. They will be expendable. Drone warfare and defoliation will sort most. Afghanistan will be defoliated. Also the Burma triangle. Thailand, its drugs and sex trafficking will be brought to heel.

      Eurasia will protect and nurture the children. Their freedom is key. So expect a lot of upheaval for a few years. Remember what happened to the Vietnamese Sex Traffickers when the Viet Cong swept in after the US ran away in terror? .

      The parents of the poor kids Sex Sold to GI's were all dealt with. The Pimps and Madams paid. The kids freed.

      Eurasia will be very tough on serious crime.
      Eurasia will be no soft touch and has a real agenda. It WILL keep its society safe. Dealers need many clients. It only takes one to inform. Rendition centers will do the rest. Rodent control, vermin.


  4. Is there an easily found list of the morons that just voted to impeach Trump and failed?

    1. Here's that vote you want the no

      On Motion to Table: H RES 646

      Click CVS
      Notes: The Speaker’s Vote? “Aye” or “Yea”?
      Download as CSV
      Statistically Notable Votes

    2. Just to make it’s the list of morons

      CA 30TH Sherman, Brad
      CA 44TH Barragan, Nanette
      CO 2ND Polis, Jared
      FL 21ST Frankel, Lois
      LA 2ND Richmond, Cedric
      MA 6TH Moulton, Seth
      MN 1ST Walz, Timothy
      MS 2ND Thompson, Bennie
      NV 1ST Titus, Dina
      NJ 1ST Norcross, Donald
      NJ 9TH Pascrell, Bill
      NY 13TH Espaillat, Adriano
      NY 26TH Higgins, Brian
      NC 12TH Adams, Alma
      OH 3RD Beatty, Joyce
      PA 1ST Brady, Robert
      SC 6TH Clyburn, Jim
      TX 35TH Doggett, Lloyd

      In addition here are the “present” votes

      AL 7TH Sewell, Terri
      NH 1ST Shea-Porter, Carol
      TX 20TH Castro, Joaquin
      TX 33RD Veasey, Marc

      Not voting:

      CA 26TH Brownley, Julia
      IL 4TH Gutierrez, Luis
      MA 4TH Kennedy, Joseph
      NJ 10TH Payne, Donald
      OK 1ST Bridenstine, Jim - Republican (all others in all categories are Democrats)
      WI 2ND Pocan, Mark

    3. I tip my hat in gratitude.

    4. You’re welcome! *curtsey*

    5. Sorry, Tino, above is not a complete list of the morons. The separate list was determined “statiscally notable.” These additional (apparently not must be added:

      AZ 3RD Grijalva, Raul
      CA 2ND Huffman, Jared
      CA 9TH McNerney, Jerry
      CA 11TH DeSaulnier, Mark
      CA 13TH Lee, Barbara
      CA 32ND Napolitano, Grace
      CA 33RD Lieu, Ted
      CA 34TH Gomez, Jimmy
      CA 37TH Bass, Karen
      CA 43RD Waters, Maxine
      CA 51ST Vargas, Juan
      FL 20TH Hastings, Alcee
      FL 24TH Wilson, Frederica
      GA 5TH Lewis, John
      IL 1ST Rush, Bobby
      IL 2ND Kelly, Robin
      IL 7TH Davis, Danny
      IL 9TH Schakowsky, Jan
      ME 1ST Pingree, Chellie
      MD 8TH Raskin, Jamie
      MA 2ND McGovern, Jim
      MA 5TH Clark, Katherine
      MA 7TH Capuano, Michael
      MI 14TH Lawrence, Brenda
      MN 4TH McCollum, Betty
      MN 5TH Ellison, Keith
      MO 1ST Clay, Lacy
      NJ 6TH Pallone, Frank
      NJ 12TH Watson Coleman, Bonnie
      NY 9TH Clarke, Yvette
      NY 16TH Engel, Eliot
      NY 25TH Slaughter, Louise
      Ny 26TH Higgins, Brian
      OH 11TH Fudge, Marcia
      PA 2ND Evans, Dwight
      TN 9TH Cohen, Steve
      TX 9TH Green, Al
      TX 18TH Jackson Lee, Sheila
      TX 34TH Vela, Filemon
      WA 7TH Jayapal, Pramila
      WI 4TH Moore, Gwen

    6. Great response site helpers. Thank you.All

  5. On house site usually a few hours after vote complete

  6. The phrasing recognizes that the political class are “bought and paid for.”
    The basic premise seems correct:

    If you listen to Trump, he is hitting many of the hot buttons of the electorate. But you have to listen to him and not be distracted by his showmanship.

    I like the list of 13 things that I, as a senior American citizen, want.

    Trump is at least talking about issues that most Americans are concerned about.

    My mantra about Trump is this: Truthfully, we are usually in agreement with most of what he says, but wish someone else was saying it. We are offended by his brash manner.

    The important thing is that he covers most of the 13 things we as seniors want.

    1. Hillary: Held accountable for her previous wrongs!

    2. GOD: Put “GOD” back in America !!

    3. Borders: closed or tightly guarded!

    4. Congress: On the same retirement & health care plans as everybody else.

    5. Congress: Obey its own laws NOW!

    6. Language: English only!

    7. Culture: Constitution and the Bill of Rights!

    8. Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before & during Welfare!

    9. Freebies: "NONE" to Non-Citizens!

    10. Budget: Balance the thing!

    11 Foreign Countries: STOP giving them OUR money! We need it here!
    Charge them for OUR help!

    12. Fix the TAX CODE!

    And most of all:


    We the people are coming! Only 86% will send this on.

    1. Bob, I like this list and feel that these are things that are needed to turn this country around. I know this may sting, but I just can't get past the word 'god' meaning gold, oil, drugs, and that 'they' laugh every time we praise that word. Love, caring, kindness, empathy, compassion, gratitude, helping, sharing, giving, truth, honesty, justice, and forgiveness are what goes through my heart and mind. Thanks again for your list.

    2. We will circulate it Bob. Good points.All read worldwide. Evermore in power read. Ever more in Asia and Russia. OWON IS Global. One world view for all Nations. Caring and sharing.

    3. Thanks JOHN Genius exists within simplicity. These points by someone (not me) with insight are easily understood by many and part of our fiber.

    4. Bob

      Although I criticize the obnoxious points of Trump I find concerns with, I DO credit him for any good moves, and it's as important you continue to publish gains we need all be aware of. You have an open forum Bob, and a voice to be heard.

    5. JOHN Thanks ..... I view our making points as FORMATIVE - I put my point out there seeking feedback. I am human and like + feedback but I learn from constructive feedback and adjust according to my understanding. I explained to my nuclear/engineer-physicist hard headed Son today. Always seek formative discussions. If I preach to you and you do not contribute to expanding our knowledge the time not well spent. Conversely, we should know more at the end of a formative discussion if we wish to learn from each other = A man is never a profit in hei own land and a Father has challenges with his kids! I learn from you and I hope you all pick items of Truth and Value from me. I have a few good pieces of info that are in the oven and will be ready soon!

  7. U.S. House Passes Taylor Force Act to Cut Funding Over Terror Payments
    Dec 6, 2017

    The Times of Israel reports: WASHINGTON — The US House of Representatives passed on Tuesday the Taylor Force Act, legislation that would cut US funding to the Palestinian Authority unless it discontinues its practice of paying monthly stipends to the families of terrorists who kill Israelis.

  8. Replies
    1. The money quote (and remember, he can't go the whole way without being ostracized and attacked out of existence, but the logical next step is obvious):

      “Perhaps equally important if not more important were the microscopy studies. The microscopy studies enable us to identify where the aluminum was in the brain tissue. When we looked at our brains of people with a diagnosis of autism, we found something completely different and something we’ve never seen before as yet in any other set of human brains. We found that the majority of aluminum was actually inside cells, intracellular. Some of it was inside neurons, but actually the majority of it was inside non-neuronal cell populations. So we found that these cells were heavily loaded with aluminum. We also saw evidence that cells in the lymph and in the blood were passing into the brain, so they were carrying with them a cargo of aluminum from the body into the brain. This is the first time in any human brain tissue we have seen this so this is a standout and as yet unique observation in autism. For myself, it very much implicates aluminum in the etiology of autism. That doesn’t mean aluminum causes it, but it’s almost certainly playing a role in the disease.”

    2. Tino

      DNA transmission issues?

    3. Hi John,

      Thank you for asking the question.

      In a word, absolutely NOT.

      We know this from several facts, arguendo from the bleeding edge research:

      1. In 2014 Dr. James Bradstreet, Dr. Marco Ruggerio, and independently, Dr. Bradstreet and myself, put an ultrasound probe on the temple of children with autism. What was seen was consistent with a severe frontal meningitis or encephalitis, with scarring in the meninges, focal drop in density in the cortex and increased supracorticalar space. No way in hell is that a genetic impact. No way in hell was it in-utero insult. It IS, however, consistent with an environmental toxic (bacteria/virus/toxin) insult.

      1b. The distribution of the damage is consistent with the aluminum brain distribution AND is consistent with an immune system activation upsurge. Aluminum particles (as used in vaccine adjuvants) are extraordinarily neurotoxic as opposed to ions. Aluminum ions in the gut are 99% not absorbed, and whatever is absorbed gets well excreted by the kidneys. Not so with particles, which get literally shuttled to the brain. (Not to mention that aluminum and mercury are exponentially synergistically neuro-toxic.)

      2. Genetic diseases have constant incidence. This is accelerating madly. We have gone from 1 in 10,000 in 1980 to 1 in 36 (2106 data, just reported). Are we to believe, over 3-4 generations, literally, that the DNA transmission mechanism, that has worked for the better part of 500,000 years, has suddenly gone sideways? Strains scientific credibility.

      3. The geneticists are reversing cause and effect and forgetting that all gene expression is always, always a coupling with the environment unless the gene failure blows out a fundamental mechanism. What they are identifying is a genetic profile of someone who is vulnerable to toxic insult by heavy metal. In the absence of the heavy metal insult, these children would develop normally. How do we know this? Because in 1980 these kids MUST have existed but were not exposed to toxic doses of aluminum in the 6 vaccines of the time.

    4. TINO Your approach makes a lot of sense. Metal in the bloodstream/body. There is another metals issue running in parallel - iron - but after 25 years of research the best we can do is hypothesize it as a marker .... it gets into the brain; possibly with the help of bacteria. We will nail this down after funding improves. Symptoms of MS, CFS, RA, Fibromyalgia and Lupus associated. We got to a point of predictive MS exacerbations 30 ahead. This crude overview is a good as I can do now.

      I got into this because of USMC duty on Bases that are now Superfund sites. The common element is poisoning or damage to humans by foreign substances and my case it is toxic chemicals like AO and TCE-Solvents. They sprayed and lied about it - for defoliation/weed control, insect control and God knows what else. I have serious CNS damage like many other Veterans. Fortunately, I know I have it and that has been verified by all sorts of tests over 10 years - than the criminal VA.
      They get us to join because many of us love our Country and want to do our part and they knowingly poison our minds and bodies to a point whereby we can make it to age 60 or so and then die a horrible death and act like we are stupid. Sorry VA rats, some of us went to school after active Duty. I recently learned TBI has about 4 causal factors and the one that cause me to understand is the chemical item = SOLVENTS - TCE ant its toxic relatives. I am not whining because my experiences will help thousands of Veterans and many other people. BTW; I supposed to be dead ... sorry VA but I have work to do and I intend to get healthier continuously and work through this by the Grace of God. I still have to improve my literature sources and take Nexus letters + evidence and got to the next Hearing loaded for bear. This system is a mockery but according to H Kissinger, we are only good for stuffing body bags. We will learn how to counter this scourge which also harms non Military so run for cover ... Monsanto, Dow, DuPont and all you globalist ziorat POSs because "We the People" did not get the memo that says we are dumbed down!
      You should understand that a lot of what your write inspires me and many others. Stay healthy and keep on keepin n!

  9. Bitcoin energy consumption - the true current Achilles heal. It will, including the blockchain, crash and burn, because it is too energy inefficient.

  10. It has hit the Fan/Federal Charges/Rico Act!
    Dec 6, 2017

    Weinstein/Clinton/Mirimax/TWC/Pro Basket Ball Owners. Going Down.

    Harvey Weinstein, TWC, Miramax Hit with RICO Lawsuit from Six Women
    Dec 6, 2017

    Six women filed a lawsuit Wednesday against Harvey Weinstein and current and former executives at both The Weinstein Company and Miramax accusing the disgraced movie producer of sexual misconduct, and a coverup by his associates.

    Filed in New York’s U.S. District Court, the suit says the women encountered “credible and objective threat of being blacklisted by Weinstein and major film producers such as Miramax and TWC if they refused Weinstein’s unwanted sexual advances or complained about his behavior.”

    The civil suit says the women were subjected to “flashing, groping, fondling, harassing, battering, false imprisonment, sexual assault, attempted rape and/or completed rape.”

    1. P, they all need to be heard. Retribution must be hard. Mind rape is tough. No mercy. Hard time for a long time!

    2. Why is CLINTON in the headline?

  11. On the embassy kerfluffle:

    1992: Bill Clinton vows to move the embassy.
    1995: Congress approves the relocation of the embassy by the year 1999.
    2000: George W. Bush bashes Clinton for failing to move the embassy and promises to do so.
    2008: Barack Obama says, “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.”
    2017: Trump fulfills another campaign promise announces U.S. embassy is moving to Jerusalem.

    Wise or not, it's not like this thing didn't have a 25 year genesis

    1. And the idea that the location makes a difference to the Peace Process... ROTFLOL!!!! Good grief.

    2. Jerusalem is NOT Americas to give! Butt out! Arab land for 3,000 years not Genghis Khan Zio trash for 70. Arabs will never accept it and the Zios will be dealt with in time. Since they were given stolen land, they have expanded.
      No Israel, no Zios base. Time and technology will sort it.

  12. Replies
    1. (7min)

    2. " Grant Jack
      Grant Jack
      6 hours ago
      Hang 3 blonds on one gallows, Clinton, Merkel & Warren. "


  13. NEW: Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton: “President Trump is following Judicial Watch’s investigation & litigation over corruption in the FBI – namely about the behavior of Andrew McCabe, the number two official at the FBI, who has been in a conflict of interest scandal as a result of his wife running for public office with $500,000+ assistance of Hillary Clinton friend Terry McAuliffe – the outgoing Governor of Virginia. The President tweeted about this issue over the weekend. We’re glad that at least one person in the administration is paying attention to this scandal that is engulfing the top leadership of the FBI.” Learn more about our ongoing investigation into this FBI scandal here: LINK

  14. p: This just isn't in the US, but often seen in most countries of the world. Leveling the playing field in trade hopefully someday soon will help these children with so much potential become who they can be.

    America’s Lost Einsteins
    Dec 4, 2017

    Millions of children from poor families who excel in math and science rarely live up to their potential—and that hurts everyone.

  15. Sundays with Charles Ortel (Special Wednesday Hammer Drop Edition)

    Crowdsource the Truth ~ Bonnie and Clyde Clinton

  16. Cause for celebration!

    Russia Announces The Complete Destruction Of ISIS In Syria

    In a historic moment, ignored by much of Western media, Russian military officials have announced the complete and utter defeat of ISIS in Syria. The Russian General Staff issued a statement Wednesday declaring that all territories previously under terrorist control were liberated in a final push by the Syrian Army this week, and with the support of Russian forces.

    “All terrorist units of ISIS on Syrian soil have been destroyed, and the territory is liberated,” Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Valery Gerasimov said in comments translated and published by RT. "Therefore, as of today, there’s no territory controlled by ISIS in Syria,” he added.

    1. Thank You AJ!

      Nov.23rd broadcast by Jim Willie he stated that "...ISIS was out of Syria already and has fled to Northern Iraq.".

      So, do we now send more American men to Iraq to find them, while with the other hand support covertly ( via CIA ) ISIS who are now hiding in N.Iraq?

    2. Treaties have been signed to allow them a Turkish border corridor to escape through and re group to attack again. Correct, CIA, to keep arms sales going. CIA!!!!!! and the Pentagon are all in on it.

    3. And why in nether Hell, has the whistle NOT been blown on this? Why isn't this a Wikileaks?

    4. Tino

      Because Truth is F!!!!

  17. Just to let OWON know that the Royal Commission into child abuse is starting to claim scalps. There has been a noticeable uptick in abuse arrests.

    Newcastle Anglican Archdiocese had 'do-nothing' approach to child sex abuse claims, royal commission finds

    The royal commission into child sexual abuse has found powerful paedophiles in the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle were operating under weak church leadership.

    Inquiry topples Archbishop
    Former Bishop Herft quit as the Anglican Archbishop of Perth in December last year after damning evidence about his leadership came to light.

    The commission found former Bishop Herft as well as another ex-Bishop, Alfred Holland, showed a distinct lack of leadership and alleged perpetrators were not called to account.

    Bishop Greg Thompson also resigned this year.

    The commission has concluded a powerful network of insiders were operating in the diocese under Bishop Herft, including the defrocked former dean Graeme Lawrence.

    More to come.

    1. AJ

      We are taking them down in hundreds now each month. Hundreds. 3 Key Politicos died before actions could be taken, but the Police reports have damned their memories and left the Estate of one under a seige of litigation for damages.

      Pakkies are, and continue to be a serous high level scale of sordid filth, and once we leave the EU,we WILL start deportation of this scum.
      Our own entertainment industry has many doing time now,and more to come.
      Church Homes had many and they are all coming down. Many now wait for the knock on the door. Churches are full of this scum. Eurasia WILL sweep them away.
      We have full specialist Police units on it, and even with Child Internet Crime,we catch hundreds each month.

    2. John I'm astounded how common this is. I went for chrissy drinks with two workmates yesterday. 2 out of us three were fiddled with by family at age 10. Can you believe that? It cannot be that common.

    3. JOHN,

      I have not seen any links to what you have stated above.Kindly provide links that we can spread them far an wide from here! Twitter, youtube, AssBook, etc...

    4. Just google into Pedo Pubic/ Church/ Political prosecutions and Police actions on IT sex sites UK. Hundreds are being prosecuted and jailed, thousands are in process. No one is spared.

  18. JUDGE ANNA INTERVIEW 15 hours ago posted:

  19. There’s “a time to love, and a time to hate; a time for war, and a time for peace”. — Ecclesiastes 3:8

    Corral the 50 wealthiest jews and there will be no wars.
    -Henry Ford

    1. Old man Bush(Shrub,Sr) actually repeated what Ford stated decades earlier about the public finding out and the reference to the lightposts!! LOL.

    2. There are actually only about 150 presently that if "corralled" the world will be much different!

      THEY are all old men. WTF. Hanging is too god for them.

    3. Need to include all the techn companies gated Z Bizo Schmidt

  20. The swing away from the US "Petro Dollar" is accelerating. Qatar is now accepting Yuan in payment of oil and gas per Jim Willie interview from yesterday.


    LONDON (Reuters) - Central bankers are expected to give the green light on Thursday to a set of capital requirements for banks, a decade after taxpayers had to bail out lenders in the 2007-09 financial crisis.

    The requirements complete the Basel III accord, much of which is already in force to increase capital buffers.

    They have been drafted by the Basel Committee of banking supervisors from the world’s leading financial centres.
    Modify message


  22. I found many great quotes by Henry Ford at the link below but this is my favorite...especially the last line:

    "War is not a matter for the professional pacifist or militarist. It is for the unprofessional people. They finance and fight it, they bear its losses. Therefore, they should have the deciding voice concerning it. To do this, they require all the information upon which decisions are made. They should know in a difference, whether it is soluble by rational intelligence, or inevitable by force. Not once in a thousand instances would our people (this may not be true of all peoples, however) approve an offensive war. Never would they be lax in defensive action. For this is their country. However, most of their enemies are within it."
    Subject: War
    Source: Ford News, p. 2.
    Date: 12/1/1925

    1. Tim,

      Henry Ford was much maligned. He was brilliant. Think twice. He helped forge a manufacturing revolution that brought much wealth to the common man. Had we continued capitalism a la Ford, masses upon masses of people would have been pushed into maximal prosperity.


  23. OWON: This is for all of you as we are now so close to getting resolutions. In a world of labyrinths of deceit, hold the dream, hold your values high, with determination for your values family, and nation, go for for this. The message is in this song for us all. Touching you.

    I cannot release the details, or the scale of chicanery unleashed daily, but as by the hour, we deflower the Zio SCUM and Cabal, hopefully SOON, is all I can say.

    I know how important it is for many of you.

    I have not forgotten how many of you rose up from both sites, and helped us when we called to help Mike when the time came to man up. We saw the best of all of you step up.

    For you, all of you, the best 4 minutes you will invest today. We may need many of you again soon, once the releases start, and we step in to make a difference.


    Dana Winner - One Moment In Time (live) | Liefde Voor Muziek | VTM

    1. Thank you! Definitely very beautiful, inspirational music! ❤️

    2. Beautiful! ) Thank you for sharing!

    3. Wow amazing voice. Thanks for the message ๐Ÿ‘

    4. Wow, she is good. loved it.

    5. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. And for your message too.

    6. Thank you for your faithfulness John, by keeping the peeps here "in the loop" as best you can.
      Hope is alive !!! Wonderful weekend all ;)

  24. No way to get out for us "ambulance chasers" stuck behind. No crumbs from the table for the unwashed with no hope for a better life.

    Sorry for being negative, but John said in no uncertain terms there will be no public exchange because it is just too much of a bother because of all the problems such will cause.No Hope for common man who tried for themselves and their families sake by buying currencies.

    1. 100% of nothing is what we get. Figures. I believed there was hope but there is none for common folks that tried and get called ambulance chasers for their efforts. SO MUCH good could have come from my hoped for exchange.

      On the off chance I am wrong with my words, kindly forgive my negativity and correct me. But, this all seems quite clear now from what I have read, barring trying to interpret codes here...Sad day indeed.

    2. Tim, keep hopeful and never give up. John also said that there are projects that will need good and dedicated folks to help with.

    3. Tim, I don't consider myself or others here ambo chasers.. many of us have plans to help make amendments for hundreds of years of cabal dastardliness.

    4. OK. Thanks. I misunderstood. My mistake.


  25. Multiple issue overviews on Global positions.

    1. The current pressure to get delinquent Bankers like the US into Basle 111 Compliant standing is preceding the Currency settlements. That, final US Tax agreements, and split Taxes plus which priority block sectors are to be settled first, will be key. Iraq is close to the printing/ relaunch and release of their new Dinars. Whose in, whose out? When?
    Decisions. Now? Will they wait for the Basle 111 Accord? Of course.

    2. Dongs and Zims ARE coming right behind. Huge pressures for decisions now. Daily!

    3. Internal PP Settlements are imminent. They have priority. US PP's and the Elders will be first. Once released they will be used to fund a number of key new projects, and where possible, we will try to create suitable new career opportunities for numerous inter site parties able and willing to support substantial new Global operations, Turnkey developments and installation. Assistance with re training can be given where merited. Many good people need a new start.

    Now UK Problems First.

    Brexit is becoming a complete Pigs breakfast. David David, Bonking Boris and Theresa May are being run around like imbeciles by a pig trough of European Socialists. Uppity Bastards who need an Anal boot interjected. Aided by a bunch of Self interest Irish about to cut their own throats by usual Mick stupidity. It may be time to think the unthinkable, offload Northern Ireland and Scotland and frankly,sod the UK as united Basket cases. The price of this baggage to keep Monarchs egos inflated is of no value to an Industrial England.As always, supporting these Losers is at great cost to England. They drain the coffers and confuse the political map, allowing in vast combines of Labour Votes holding England to ransom. A pitiful consequence of UK Political naivety. Give the English a vote whether to keep Scotland and Ireland, so the resulting 90% Sod them off vote will boot the Socialists out of English power for 100 years.This situation has occurred again because May, with a 12 seat lead, tried to be another Bodicea, resulting in her losing the lead and she ended up taking it up the rear! Never trust an Electorate! Or a Ditsy Chick in the London Political scene. Maggie got knifed! May over reached.

    Now the Micks want to play hardball. England gains nothing with the thankless task of mediating with Irish. Ingratitude and indifference is scant recompense for the Troops lives lost and subsidy costs. Walk away and sod their votes. The Scots also. England has no need of Alkie seed. We can produce our own Whisky, why not?
    If the Irish pull the Plug and the Scots get Gobby next week, Brexit will hit the buffers. May has boxed herself into this mess. It could see her gone fast.

    If she gives up much more to this bunch of Eurocrat Socialists,the party here will revolt. She is fast betraying the Brexit mandate, and the party will move to a vote of No Confidence in her. Jacob Rees Mog sits waiting to pounce,as a staunch Right Wing Conservative, as does David Davies for EU hardball. If the Preppie Girl plays this wrong, she walks the plank and a party vote of no confidence will trigger a Leadership election. Rees Mogg is electable. He will tell Europe to shove it and walk,what's to lose? These Clowns can't afford to lose Exports to the UK,so why do we worry about their threat to tax us 10% for EU Imports? Their export advantage to us, so much more to us, is so great, if we tax that 10%, cut of their request for a £60B UK pound pay off, saving all of it, and with our the net tax benefit charging the EU 10% more to sell here, it's a huge inbalance Trade benefit to the UK. Win , win, win to the UK. Why are we running around Butt kissing these Buffoons, we need to be Kicking Ass!

    1. Tim

      What I said was others will be first, NOT the public will fail. Don't bottle at the first hurdle. These are 3 card shell games. This is a complex series of stage games.

    2. Well, John, I do believe you have it figured out! How May (or any STAY proponent) got in there after Cameron is a huge mystery to me. Since when does it take 2 years or more to leave a stinking agreement?

    3. Here's hoping the UK can get untangled from the unelected, unaccountable cabal of thieves in Brussels. This is why we praise Trump for getting us out of the Paris Climate Scam, the TPP and NAFTA, all tools of the One World Order crowd.

    4. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin’s Statement on Basel III

      Washington – U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin issued the following statement on the completion of Basel III Capital Standards:

      "The consensus agreed to by the Group of Governors and Heads of Supervision (GHOS) completes nearly seven years of work on the Basel III bank capital standards. The reforms standardize the approach, improve the quality and consistency of bank capital requirements, and will help level the playing field for U.S. firms and businesses operating internationally."

    5. I would still love to know how the 50T and 100T zims are coming back online after being demonetized in 2015.

    6. Mnangagwa says "We are building reserves of gold and diamonds which if they reach a certain level I will not tell you here, it will then allow us to introduce our own currency that will be backed by those minerals.."

    7. Understood. My mistake/error. Apologies. Thank You for the details.

  26. I will add more overnight. We led with a UK exposure. That lays off Trump for a day.
    tomorrow more. You have the inside track on risks May now faces.

  27. Thank you, John. Please comment on Trump & Jerusalem if possible. We see no motive here and it all seems abjectly silly, but it must mean something to someone. A simple display of independence, perhaps?

  28. I will. It's a STUPID move, but tomorrow.

  29. Pyongyang on the Prairie, Part I
    Dec 6, 2017

    A criminal justice system that operates in the dark is arbitrary, unjust and criminal.

    In Oklahoma this year, a Kafkaesque set of sealed motions, secret orders and closed-door hearings completely shut out a criminal defendant, his public defenders and the public. A trial judge served as handmaiden for the prosecutors, even failing to notify the defendant and his lawyers of the kangaroo court proceedings until after they had occurred.

    The defendant, who is appealing his convictions and maintains his complete and actual innocence, was denied an opportunity to challenge the state's legal arguments for hiding information about a crime lab analyst's shoddy work on his case that could be exculpatory and key to his exoneration. His public defenders were also denied the opportunity to cross-examine witnesses -- all government employees from Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma City Police Department.

  30. Replies
    1. Tino

      Now wont this be interesting. Muellers links to Bush 41, his Ringmaster, will become public soon.

  31. Dr Christopher Exley’s video “Injecting Aluminum” can be viewed free this week Dec 7-14th.

    We are excited to announce that "Injecting Aluminum" will be FREE to watch starting NOW until December 14th at 12pm PST! We are giving free access to the film for a full 7 days, so share the link with your friends, legislators, educators, and medical professionals who need to learn about the risks of aluminum in vaccines!

    Cinema Libre Studio is working with several health freedom/vaccine safety non-profit organizations on this event, so you may have already received a link to watch for free from one of our partners. For those who still need a link to watch, you can watch for free until December 14th at 12pm PST using this link:

    Please note that the free screening event is only open to those living in the US, Canada, Australia, & New Zealand.

    1. Texian, thanks for this. I will watch and add link to my vaccine folder for future reference.

    2. You’re welcome. This is regarding big study Tino has been posting about!

    3. Told you it was coming [the study] and it was going to shake things up. There are a lot of us that know the adjuvants and the immune activation at the wrong time in development are the two factors that are triggering autism, pdd-nos, and all the other weird disease that are manifesting. The case hasn't proven beyond all doubt but a juggernaut of core studies and questions has been triggered. What would break it wide open of course, would be a Big Pharma leaker that would drop a few docs on what Big Pharma actually knew when.

  32. Pro-Doug Jones Super PAC ‘Misleading’ Ad Removed By Google ‘at the Request of the Alabama Secretary of State’s Office’
    Dec 6, 2017

    Late Wednesday, the Alabama Secretary of State’s office issued a statement claiming what it described as a “misleading” ad from the Birmingham-based pro-Doug Jones super PAC Highway 31 was removed by Google at its behest.

    According to the release, the office headed by John Merrill required “several intense discussions,” but resulted in Google removing the ad.

    1. Looks like prior restraint to me... and censorship.

    2. Tino, here is the ad that was pulled. Around the 12:43 mark it starts. Much discussion about it in the video plus other things discussed.

      Deep State Storm Strengthens/Q-Anon
      Dec 4, 2017


    3. Fascinating! Thanks for the extra detail. They might have acted correctly. Intimidation is out of bounds.

  33. Oh good grief --

    Former Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey has pled GUILTY to felony child sex trafficking after police discovered him in a motel room with a 17-year-old boy




    1. Very interesting information if true.

      This excerpt is just a taste and got my attention!

      Bezos’ grandfather worked for the Atomic Energy Commission and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, 1948)—both rogue C.I.A. fronts for stealing whatever technology they thought they needed and could profit from among their “public-private” insiders.

      In 1988, Bezos went to work for Banker’s Trust as a product manager. Banker’s Trust is a well-known rogue C.I.A. money laundering operation.

      In 1990, Bezos went to work for a new hedge fund named D.E. Shaw. He eventually became vice president in 1994. Tellingly, ten years later, Lawrence H. Summers left Harvard as President (after being Zuckerberg’s godfather to create the fake Facebook Harvard origins narrative) to become managing partner at Bezos’ D.E. Shaw hedge fund, before becoming Barack Obama’s director of the National Economic Council in charge of the so-called “bank bailout.” The totally fabricated crisis gifted $100’s of billions of dollars to globalist banks including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and others.

    2. And it just never do the Clintons keep track of all the crap they do.

    3. That's a great article and click on the yellow highlights for more links background

  35. CFPB Reportedly Funneled Billions Into "Secret Democrat Slush Fund", Consultant Claims
    Dec 7, 2017

    A consultant who worked with the highly politicized Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) claims the organization funneled a large portion of over $5 billion in collected penalties to "community organizers aligned with Democrats" as part of a giant slush fund, the Post reports.

  36. You think you guys have issues....? We have our own special Yo Yo...

    Canada concerned about returning ISIS fighters, Justin Trudeau says

    Canada is concerned about the national security threat posed by citizens who joined the Islamic State group, returning to this country, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday.

    In parliament, Trudeau pledged to prosecute those who broke Canada’s anti-terrorism laws by joining the ISIS group, but also said his government would try to reintegrate them into society.

    1. No one reintegrates mindless terrorists, Slot them! Lead!With lead!

  37. “Politically bulletproof” Brexit agreement - no hard border for Northern Ireland
    Dec 8, 2017

    Speaking at a press conference in Brussel, early on Friday morning, British Prime Minister Theresa May said there will be "no hard border" between the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom, along the Northern Irish border. She added that would preserve the "constitutional and economic integrity of the United Kingdom".

    Ireland’s Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar hailed the agreement as “politically bulletproof” after Britain promised to “maintain full alignment with those rules of the internal market and the customs union which, now or in the future, support north-south cooperation, the all-island economy and the protection of the 1998 [Good Friday] agreement”.

    1. What's in the Brexit divorce deal?
      Dec 8, 2017

      BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission said on Friday that enough progress had been made in Brexit negotiations to allow a second phase of talks on future relations to begin.

      The following is a summary of a joint EU-UK report showing the agreements on three key topics:




  38. Honduran Police Refuse Government Orders to Crush Pro-Democracy Protests
    Dec 8, 2017

    Amid widening violence and ongoing protests, members of the Honduras National Police force—including those within the U.S.-trained units known as the Cobras—say they are refusing to obey orders from the right-wing government of the incumbent president, Juan Orlando Hernรกndez, who has used the security forces to crackdown on demonstrators and imposed a curfew amid allegations of voter fraud in recent elections.

    “We want peace, and we will not follow government orders – we’re tired of this,” a spokesperson for the police told reporters outside the national police headquarters on Monday. “We aren’t with a political ideology. We can’t keep confronting people, and we don’t want to repress and violate the rights of the Honduran people.”

  39. Jason Goodman on InfoWars - BUNDY TRIAL Corruption & Private Prison Torture
    Dec 7,2017

    This video originally appeared on InfoWars Real News with David Knight.

  40. 12.8 - End of Q?/Pentagon Audit/Sex Scandals/INFOWARS WAR ROOM ANNOUNCEMENT
    Dec 8, 2017
    About 26 minutes long

  41. Breaking: report on global COOLING! South Texas awakened to a blanket of SNOW! ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜‚

  42. NOTE: ALL current FISA court judges were appointed by Obama!

    “The case against former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn has taken a strange turn, as U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras abruptly recused himself Thursday night with no explanation. Contreras is an Obama appointee who also sat on the FISA court while the Trump team was under surveillance by the Obama administration. Judge Emmet Sullivan, an Bill Clinton appointee, was randomly assigned to take over the case after Contreras' recusal.
    Of note, Contreras was appointed to the FISA court on May 19, 2016 - before the warrant to surveil one-time Trump advisor Carter Page was issued "in the summer" of 2016. It is unknown whether or not Contreras was involved in the decision, or whether he was involved in surveillance on Michael Flynn.“

    Zero Hedge ~ Obama Appointed Judge Mysteriously Recuses Himself From Michael Flynn Case

  43. China Will Run Trade Tests for Yuan Oil Futures This Weekend, Hopes to Roll Out Contracts by Year-End

    'The Chinese government plans to roll out yuan-denominated oil futures that can be converted to gold on a domestic exchange by the end of the year. If this becomes a reality, the US dollar will no longer be the only common currency for settling international oil trades'.

  44. For Unknown- Israe Hell Your response requested.

    Basically, no such State of Israel exists in truth.

    Judaic Jews lived in peace with fellow Arabs throughout the Middle East.Left alone in the Middle East, each nation was theirs to reside in,causing harm to no one.
    Post WW1 the Rothschilds were constantly pestering the UK Govt and EU Leaders for a mythical State of Israel, then peacefully occupied by Palestinians who had been there for thousands of years.

    But the Rotts wanted their own mythical Hole in Wall Gang territory for their Khazarian Plains Mafia marauding assimilated Zio Shit! For centuries most nations exiled them as a Pestilence.

    Post WW11 Europe had a real problem. When camp victims were released, no nations anywhere wanted them back.
    Rothschild's and other leading Jews of the time, offered the nations and the City of London, substantial Post War special terms money to assist them relocate this flotsam and remove a pestilence problem if agreeing to use UK Military might to remove innocent Arabs from their Homeland of Palestine and create a Rotts type NWO State.

    The Balfour Agreement was struck with Britain. Illegally, unethically and with no respect for Cultures, or heritage, or Human Rights, British Crown Moguls agreed to ruthlessly and shamefully sequestrate the homelands of of millions of harmless, innocent Arabs, for a price! Imperial Empire treachery at its worst!

    On arrival in Palestine, if Arabs refused to leave their own homes of generations, the new Settler Rabid Dog Locust swarms took over ruthlessly. Arabs were beaten savagely, or live grenades thrown into their home sitting rooms to exterminate them for ready vacant possession. Reverse Nazis! Inhumane vicious brutality and we did Nothing! Zionists!

    Drop not a bunch of harmless Jews, but vile and rapacious Khazarian Mafia thugs unleashed into that, and it's a melting pot for mass genocide. Jews have caused none of this. Good people, and generous Jews. Doctors, Scientists,Artists, Accountants, Lawyers, Teachers, they have contributed so much. Good Jews, are NOT the problem. They suffer and protest as much to be assessed with Zionists. I know and have known many first class, honorable ethical and humane Jews. The best of mankind and many are kind!

    The Arab world is a fundamentalist nightmare of ignorant, backward, 7th Century Despots for whom life is cheap and children expendable. That apart, they have sacred sites, revered places and their key Holy locations are to be respected. We have decimated their nations,made millions homeless, destroyed old civilizations, and now we have the arrogance of an ignorant, naive Orango tan, pompous Ass, encouraged by his Zio Groupies all over the WH dancing to Benny Nutter Yahoos strings, to help them sequestrate the holiest of Arab shrines and Cities to build the next NWO Ampitheatre for the Zio Rotts fantasies.

    Salahadin took it back from the Templers. It has been Arabs land ever since. It is NOT Chumps remit to give.
    Deep in the Bekaa valley,sit the worlds most advanced and learned extremist Muslim leaders. They have the Global knowledge, intelligence, money, power,contacts,and reach to strike at will. The power to unleash a Jihad the likes of which you have not seen before.

    Jerusalem is NOT the Capital of Zio crazy land. You want Armageddon? An Orange Chump played by the Mossad thugs. Be assured, as with 9/11 there will be a price. The Bekaa boys are far smarter than all of you. For them, this insults Islam and offends all. It can only be a step towards the end of Israel. A step too far. They will now plan, plot and strike. Anything is possible. Nukes plus! What if Quid Pro Quo they use the Mexican border tunnels to carry their WMDs in and mass strike within the heart of the US? They will be heard, for sure. If they go for Jihad, anything goes. Salahadin took Jerusalem. You chose to give what is not yours to give? Hubris is not a Chump quality. Chose your battles with care. The Bekaa boys will, and it will end badly.

    Dec 7, 2017

    I interview Paladin, a forensic financial investigator and member of the website known as about the history of the whitehats and their investigations into financial fraud and deception at the highest levels of government.
    Their investigation leads to high yield trading programs used to finance the secret space program and black projects. ...

    "We are a group who have banded together to assist in the world’s awakening by reporting truth and exposing our fraudulent corporate government. We bring forth information that the mainstream media (MSM) refuses to report, and our news comes from high level “inside” intelligence sources."-- from about us page

    1. Project Camelot Youtube video.

    2. Best explanation of the high yield trading programs I have heard.

    3. Thanks, P, and Paladin. I still don't grasp why any institution is willing to pay 1% to hold money overnight, much less night after night as some must be doing. Maybe it's the Big Secret and will never be revealed, but it sounds a little fishy. As in "a way to dodge some large regulatory fine", or maybe just a high-level chain letter deal. "Send $1 to ten friends, and you'll get $100 next week!"

    4. Short Term Bridging loans, credit card monthly gaps, trade deals, commodity short term bridging loans,Capital markets bases to leverage up, deposits to secure large scale discounted securities blocks, many reasons. Look at Derivatives and Leveraging. MTN and BG spreads. Buy and flip.

    5. Pete, it is an incestuous relationship between reserve requirements and the fact that capital must be at 100% utilization under leveraged situations to maximize profits. This creates a situation where, due to occasional or predicted or routine shortfall, you have to shore up the account with a short-term loan. This occurs across the spectrum of financial activity as John listed right above this post. Think of a situation where say you leverage up ten to fifteen fold. Are you really going to worry about 1% overnight?

    6. It's all credit, Pete. No money; just credit. Loan out $1 and create $9.

    7. P,
      Thanks for posting this great interview!

      Paladin...thanks for kicking over all those rocks!

  46. Busted/Roy Moore Accuser Admits Forgery! Comments Hidden?
    Dec 8, 2017

  47. Bombshell: Roy Moore Accuser Beverly Nelson Admits She Forged Yearbook
    Dec 8, 2017

    Beverly Young Nelson has finally admitted that she forged a portion of the infamous high school yearbook that she and attorney Gloria Allred used as proof of her accusations against U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore.

    And in yet another blow to the credibility of ABC News, the disgraced, left-wing network downplayed the bombshell by presenting this admission of forgery as adding “notes” to the inscription. Worse still, the reporter actually coaches Nelson, puts words in her mouth, downplay the enormous significance of her deceit.


    2018 predictions...some seem VERY plausible!

  49. Iraq declares war with Islamic State is over

    Iraq has announced that its war against so-called Islamic State is over.
    Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi told a conference in Baghdad that Iraqi troops were now in complete control of the Iraqi-Syrian border.
    The border zone contained the last few areas IS held, following its loss of the town of Rawa in November.
    The Iraqi announcement comes two days after the Russian military declared it had accomplished its mission of defeating IS in neighbouring Syria.

    Now if only those taxes can be sorted..

  50. More proof of the cheating of US citizens by the government

    The money was not used to create jobs or to fund investment but to pay for share buybacks, dividend payments, M&A activity and executive pay

  51. $220K in taxpayer funds used to settle harassment case involving Fla. Dem: report
    Dec 8, 2017

    The Treasury Department doled out $220,000 in taxpayer dollars in 2014 to settle a sexual harassment lawsuit involving Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.), Roll Call reported Friday, citing newly obtained documents.

  52. Justice Official Demoted as House Investigators Subpoena Records of His Fusion GPS Meetings
    Dec 7, 2017

    A senior Justice Department official was demoted on Wednesday amid an ongoing House intelligence committee investigation into his contacts with Fusion GPS, the firm responsible for the Trump dossier, according to Fox News.

  53. p: Brietbart was accused of a fake story on the Roy Moore yearbook forgery story(poltifact). Blocking of like stories across Facebook, youtube and twitter. 3 days to the Alabama election. 5 days until the net neutrality vote.

    Dec 9, 2017

  54. Directed energy weapons used to start California fires?
    Oct 14, 2017

  55. @zerohedge: Veteran Disney Executive Arrested On Child Sex Abuse Charges

  56. John, my take is the Bekka gang should be pleased soon as I'd wager Trump's new embassy will straddle the east/west boarder as the US via the Donald will recognize Palestine and which will lead to the end of the cursed conflict. Look at the map....except for Europe Japan and North America, all recognize Palestine. US Dems and Repubs will be forced to reach across the aisle by the INDEPENDENT crude and crass rookie politician in the Oval Office. If you hadn't noticed, the "rule book" has been thrown out and the game is to expose the corruption that has perpetuated the conflicts. The daily undressing in the US of our systemic defects and the facilitators is a thing to behold.....if only there was objective reporting here. But there is too much to loose.
    To that point, Paladin, nice interview. Puzzled why you didn't specifically mention this site and "John" as a compatriot. Because what might help would be a new site, that Identifies "whistleblowers" that have a part of this compartmentalized reality that interested newbies and skeptics might explore. I've at least 15 such sources that can outline or detail parts of this wacky reality that the majority would call conspiracy. Because as you said Paladin, much of the trade profits might end up in black tech off planet schemes, I can understand why an objective observer would be skeptical. But the paper trail of ancient families, partially buried massive assets, trade programs etc is so compelling, a jump to black tech and off world relations(and associated whistleblowers) can be tied together nicely.
    So a site with such resources, that also real time feeds the dissection of the US Deep State, could be an interesting resource. This in lieu, since nobody seems to have a pot to piss in in this circle, of the purchase of a recognized US Media outlet.(BTW, one of two daily newspapers in Boston just sold for 4 million bucks. How the mighty have fallen) So a website that would then pound the largest student newspapers and radio stations, Independent TV, newspapers and then the majors with feed, and then historical points in a Truth assault on the hearts and minds of the US sheeple. If the majority of US voters are Independent, they care not if political parties are gutted. They care about justice and equality, which it is clear is in short supply. The MSM is stacked with Dems or Republicans so feeds lack objectivity and it perpetuates for decades. No MSM has appealed to the majority Independents which as Q might say is the Keystone.(btw, I suggest MegaAnon is the real deal whistleblower not the Q gaggle of interns.
    So back to the twenty or thirty basic whistleblowers/insiders and there readers who would be called on to coordinate with a master site to push an independent truther movement to support the draining of the swamp that is DC. Such readers already know much of the back story and would help to further the knowledge, supported by such real time DC actions.
    So my issue is I'm no computer wizz. I struggled to make a four page website for SCENAR type hardware. And others have put together such linked sites, but I think there is an opportunity for a proactive site that is grounded in the documented financial footprints of how the swamp was built, to report independently the draining. The tech tools are there to campaign via twitter and facebook, to an independent public looking for the truth. Pound hard enough and cracks appear. See them?

    1. Good points, but Pal is a little off aim just lately. Sometimes he just "Talks" a half game.Doing?

      Lets see if next week breaks then OWON can fire and crank it up. It needs focused full time writers.

    2. To continue my weekend AM rant, Zero Hedge is a preferred source of reality(a fake news source per the MSM) that recently published David Stockman's to hot to handle essay that should be the talk of the town/swamp. I'd suggest Stockman knows a thing or two about off budget funds.

      Another interesting dot is to yesterdays publishing of the email to Donald Jr. with a wikileaks key, as pointed out by MegaAnon. See the address of the docs(previously disclosed). Tie to Kim Dotcom/Assange and both parties willingness to testify on such matters. Who sourced this email? I'm not clear but recent leaks(there had been MUCH fewer since Trump went after internally) clearly giving Meuller a bit of heart burn. Probably more to come to neutralize MSM noise and bias

  57. I think the writers might be the easier part, tech and tech defense perhaps more difficult. Because of the quick connection to all things tinfoil, the need to pound through steadily to outlets with 10K at least viewers or followers seems the trickier part to a non tech like me.

  58. Trump has only ONE response to the ongoing soft coup being run by rogue elements within the U.S. Intelligence Community A Military Response

  59. Here's the text of: MegaAnon says the "gang" etc. arrests going on now in DC etc. are about PEDOGATE - MUST READ:
    Dec 7, 2017

    The entire thread this appeared in is at this link:

    Two items from other anons to which MegaAnon responded are included in italics below. Everything else is MegaAnon.

    Lots of use of the "F" word.

  60. BREAKING: President Donald Trump Swears In NEW Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen
    Dec 8, 2017

  61. How hemp saved a steeltown (in Italy)
    Nov 22, 2017

    The road into Taranto is dotted with 100-year-old olive trees and low stone houses. The town, in the region of Puglia, is in the heel of the boot-shaped Italian peninsula. “The city between the two seas” straddles the southern Mediterranean, known as the Mar Grande, and a small inlet, known as the Mar Piccolo. The air has a heavy metallic scent.

    “We found ourselves at a crossroads. We had to decide whether to leave or to stay,” says Fornaro. “We decided to stay to defend our land.” To do that, he turned to marijuana plants, which can absorb toxic substances from the soil and neutralize them. The first time hemp was used for environmental rehabilitation was after the 1986 nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, Ukraine.

    1. Hemp will be the answer to clean up soils here from decades of pesticides, ROUND UP, & GMOs.

    2. Was hoping to jump into the hemp conversation last week, no time. Have been researching for a couple of weeks now, to hopefully launch an industrial growing project in the spring. Processing infrastructure is a great need at this point as it has to be done in state.

      Industrial Hemp is amazing with all the applications, never thought I would hear myself say that, especially with the adverse effects recreationally that we are suffering on the RM front range.
      Zombies, high on marijuana, roam the streets and are even behind the wheel endangering their own lives and others. It's really a bad deal.

      While on the other hand, from an industrial hemp harvest, the plan is to generate funds for humanitarian aid projects stateside and overseas. Stay tuned ;)

      A two edged sword no doubt....

    3. State Industrial Hemp Statutes
      Oct 26, 2017

      State legislatures have taken action to promote industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity in recent years. A wide range of products, including fibers, textiles, paper, construction and insulation materials, cosmetic products, animal feed, food, and beverages all may use hemp. The plant is estimated to be used in more than 25,000 products spanning nine markets: agriculture, textiles, recycling, automotive, furniture, food/nutrition/beverages, paper, construction materials and personal care.

    4. Well, it is about time. And just in time for the big corporations to take over the industry and keep the little guy out. Same old thing.

  62. Russia Reopens Criminal Case Into The Murder Of Tsar Nicholas II And His Family As Part Of A ‘Zionist Ritual Murder’

    Dec 9, 2017

    Anti-Semitism was created, made illegal, and punishable by death, and the only time Lenin’s voice was ever recorded was to make a widely distributed record denouncing anti-Semitism as “counter-revolutionary.”

    This was done for Rothschild [Lenin’s employer] who was neither a semite, or a jew, but rather a German Khazarian cabalist who used the created scheme of semitism to hide his protocols of zionism behind.

  63. It seems the sharks are circling Tom Hanks as the next actor to be hit on Hollywood Values...

    Sarah Ruth Ashcraft‏ @SaRaAshcraft
    Everyone loves Tom Hanks. I can't stand him after what he did to me. He's worried about @realDonaldTrump for good reason. He knows trump is going after pedophiles.

    1. Sarah,
      If Hanks Tanks it will open a lot of doors.
      If the allegations are true, it's open season on Hanks.
      Nowhere to hide, career died?

  64. Also, speaking of “pedos,” last week Hollywood star, director and actor Mel Gibson said Hollywood elites “Harvest the blood of children. They eat their flesh. They believe this gives them life force. If the child was suffering in body and psyche before it died, they believe this gives them extra life force.” Gibson said, “This isn’t some kind of artistic abstraction… I was personally introduced to the practice in the early 2000s. I can talk about this now because these people, the execs, they’re dead now.”

    This writer can also confirm he has personally met two Khazarian mobsters who admitted to eating human fetuses. These are the people who are being actively hunted down now by the white hats.

    Taken from here:

  65. David Icke Exposes George H W Bush
    12 4 2016

  66. 43 U.S. Presidents Have Carried European Royal Bloodlines Into Office

    Did you know all 43 U.S. presidents have carried European royal bloodlines into office?

    34 have been genetic descendants from just one person, Charlemagne, the brutal eighth century King of the Franks. 19 of them directly descended from King Edward III of England.

    In fact, the presidential candidate with the most royal genes has won every single American election.

    1. Bar Obama. Apart from possibly the Royal Corgis.

  67. First Ever Pentagon Audit Begins Will This Lead To Disclosure of The Secret Space Program?

    This is interesting news, it seems that the White Hats are forcing an audit of the Pentagon budget. If you recall Donald Rumsfeld told the world that they had lost $2.3 Trillion dollars the day before 9/11 False Flag event.

    (See link at:

    1. A NASA revelation is coming out.

    2. This seems to be the only thing on the docket...

      NASA will host a media teleconference at 1 p.m. EST Thursday, Dec. 14, to announce the latest discovery made by its planet-hunting Kepler space telescope. The discovery was made by researchers using machine learning from Google. Machine learning is an approach to artificial intelligence, and demonstrates new ways of analyzing Kepler data... When Kepler launched in March 2009, scientists didn't know how common planets were beyond our solar system. Thanks to Kepler's treasure trove of discoveries, astronomers now believe there may be at least one planet orbiting every star in the sky.

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. p:Merry Christmas Ammon Bundy and family.

    What is your freedom worth to you? This picture explains it all.

    Mel says he isn’t standing so his children won’t have to. He’s standing so his children will know how to. Let that sink in.

  70. p: From Facebook Dec 5th, 2017 refers to a video from about a year ago.

    The following video was taken from a news program called "What's Your Point?" on Channel 3 in Las Vegas on May 18th, 2014. It's an interview with deputy sheriff Lombardo who was campaigning for the office of Clark County Sheriff at the time. The segment that I have posted here is extremely important. Please watch and then ask yourself "Why are the Patriot Political Prisoners in prison at all?".

    1. Because they defied the Cabal NWO thugs who will follow with Agenda 21. Only in America!

  71. hello john

    i have a Q, re: TRNs or the new US currency.

    jim willie, paladin (recent Kerry Cassidy interview)and many others believe the new US currency will be released INSIDE the US.

    however, i remember you stating the new US currency will be outside the US.

    i can imagine scenarios for both.

    can you please clarify which it will be (inside the US, or outside the US)? and under what circumstances?


    1. There will be a scenario for both. One asset backed to fall in line with Basle 111 and responsible banking for its Global debts.
      A second, worthless crap to meet the Disneyland of internal American needs. Toilet paper to keep the illusion alive as long as the Con can go on before the pot boils over.

    2. John, hypothetically...if a person receives funds somehow through any of this in USD, would you suggest they then convert to another currency or asset? If so what would "you" do hypothetically. (Which currency, what asset, move to a specific country?)

      Thank you for your time and opinion. Cheers!

    3. Safety? Gold, London or the Channel Islands.

    4. Reputation and standards of regulation vary across the range of offshore centres. The 2010 Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) gathers data on all International Financial Centres and lists the following, in order, as the world's five leading offshore finance centres:

      Isle of Man 
      Cayman Islands

      You could throw Singapore and Hong Kong in there too.

    5. Thank you for your reply John.

    6. One thing that one might consider with respect to currency allocation and not keeping all your currency in USD, is per a recent book I read on the subject and the recommendation was to match the IMF world reserve currency basket with respect to the primary 6 or 7 currencies in it and a similar % amount of each...however I would also assume once this all happens...the IMF basket may be due for some adjustments.....just an FYI...any thoughts on it John?

    7. Currencies leave you at the mercy of the banks. Gold, Silver and Platinum travel.

    8. Silver is needed for the new technology that is supposed to come out.They will probably slow-roll it out,imo.Jim Willie says this and for that reason his recommend is 90% Silver, 10% Gold.Zero in Currencies.

      At this moment, per everyone's input strongly influenced by both JOHN and Jim Willie:
      40% Silver
      10% Gold
      22.5% Rouble
      22.5% RMB
      5% US$ has GREAT recommendations on where to invest your foreign currencies. Look under "BLOG" for his past free newsletter posts.Republic Of Georgia is very interesting(Eurasia)!

    9. Local currency (in cash) will be important during the transition. Too little and you will be forced to liquidate your PM's prematurely, and you will also want currency to share with others who are not prepared.

  72. John Lennon Was Right: The Government Is Run by Maniacs for Maniacal Means [SHORT]
    By John W. Whitehead December 07, 2017

    “The people have the power, all we have to do is awaken that power in the people,” concluded Lennon. “The people are unaware. They’re not educated to realize that they have power. The system is so geared that everyone believes the government will fix everything. We are the government.”


  73. OWON: One reporter gets his comeuppance free riding on the anti Trump MSM policies. Lies for a living?

    Trump demands, gets apology from Washington Post reporter


  74. JOHN: Humor for the day for you.

    A blonde city girl named Jenny marries a Colorado rancher. One morning, on his way out to check on the cows, the rancher says to Jenny, "The insemination man is coming over to impregnate one of our cows today, so I drove a nail into the 2 x 4 just above the cow's stall in the barn. Please show him where the cow is when he gets here, OK?"

    The rancher leaves for the fields. After a while, the artificial insemination man arrives and knocks on the front door. Jenny takes him down to the barn. They walk along the row of cows and when Jenny sees the nail, she tells him, "This is the one right here."

    The man, assuming he is dealing with an air-head blond, asks, "Tell me lady, 'cause I'm dying to know; how would YOU know that this is the right cow to be bred?"

    "That's simple," she said. "By the nail that's over its stall," she explains very confidently. Laughing rudely at her, the man says, "And what, pray tell, is the nail for?"

    The blond turns to walk away and says sweetly over her shoulder, "I guess it's to hang your clothes on."


  75. Country Girl: I just ran across this video while researching the fires in California, it makes me sick.

    China Owns California: that's why the Fires are Happening!

    1. The deeper you dig...the worse it gets. Yep, even all the way to china. Outrageous.

  76. As per the Ranch has Weinstein got dressed yet?

  77. "Well, folks, for all those who have pooh-poohed what I have been teaching about jurisdiction and the fact that the American People have been bamboozled and mistreated by their own employees--- the members of Congress and the military--- we now have the definitive proof in their own words: Pamphlet 27-161-1 from the War Department/Department of the Army.

    This "little" document, only 232 pages, was supposed to be widely distributed to the public and to the court system back in 1959 --- and wasn't. Please notice the title, "The Law of Peace".

    This is what the dirty bastards have owed to the American states and people since 1860 and what they have deliberately withheld on false pretenses so that they could justify creating "public trusts" in our names and then raping and pillaging those public trusts.

    It's not just the filthy crooked Congress. It's the filthy crooked military leadership as well. This has not taken place in a vacuum. They knew what they owed us. They knew what they were supposed to be doing. And here is the proof--- published and in their own words, with their own document numbers......"

    Justice Anna: Here Are The Smoking Guns, Mr. Trump

    1. Like I don't have enough to read! Aaaargh! Thanks Texian... added to the reading list.

    2. I certainly hope Trump or a legit team member that has his ear will get this.

    3. Here Are the Smoking Guns, Mr. Trump....

      #realDonaldTrump #realAlexJones #RogerStone

  78. The aluminum avalanche continues... It is very gratifying that finally a causal variable is coming to light in a way that will force medicine to go in and take a hard look at what we are doing with vaccines, in terms of total numbers and of course, a selectively toxic adjvant(s).

    1. Tino, am very glad you have followed this as you have.

    2. THANKS, Tino!

      Folks...even if you skip most of the article, please read the following quote:

      "Dr. Exley just told parents not to get vaccines that constitute MOST of the childhood vaccine schedule. Dr. Exley, a tenured professor at Keele University of Bioinorganic chemistry and without peer the leading expert in the world on the neurotoxicity of aluminum."

    3. Am going to send this to my sons and friends. Thanks for posting Tino. It is such a tragedy what is happening to our children. Along with this poison and the many in geoengineered weather, and other environmental neurotoxins,
      I am glad this situation is getting exposed for what it really is.

    4. The picture that is emerging is that we have aluminum neurotoxicity (possibly synergistic with mercury toxicity (though thimerosol is no longer used) for earlier children) that is at the root of the 1 in 6 spectrum of mental problems we are seeing in everyone under the age of 21. Autism is just the worse aspect. We have pervasive developmental delay, anxiety of all levels, poor focus, poor control. You can't be in the trenches, medically speaking, and not be very worried.

  79. p: The horrible news is that people in Houston still need help and for those who had little begin with, am glad Melania and Mrs.Pence have gone there to remind us all and help.

    Melania Just Abruptly Left D.C. After Getting Horrible News And Brought One Key Person With Her To..
    Dec 6, 2017

  80. Unconfirmed. But interesting if true and parallels other developments.
    Putin To Launch ‘Independent Internet’ Without ‘New World Order Censorship’

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that Russia is launching a new ‘independent Internet’ that will be free from the shackles of the New World Order.

    Putin and the Security Council are developing the new Internet initially for BRICS nations, which will be totally independent of global elite corporations and governments and will continue to work in the event of global internet outages.

    The new initiative was brought forward at the October meeting of the Security Council, with Putin setting a deadline of August 1, 2018.

    It is believed the new independent Internet will be free from censorship, with the likes of Google and Facebook barred from monopolising key functions such as search results and social media communications.

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