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  1. WOW, if this is true?? :

    Many top Khazarian mobsters like Bill Gates and George Soros have already been “taken out of commission,” WDS sources say. Next among the most prominent people expected to be taken down are Eric Schmidt of Google, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, as well as Masayoshi Son of Softbank and many other oligarchs who have been used as funnels to launder privately-owned central-bank fiat money into the real economy. Japanese right-wing sources say that Son has “already been dealt with.” "

    ....and, those "23 points to pique your interest" are paradigm shattering if in fact true. I HOPE so!

  2. New map of the cost of illegal immigration per State. Which is why the They Have to Go Back movement is also doubling every 6 to 8 weeks.

  3. Absolutely beautiful COLOR photos from a century ago. We can use some aspects of the past as a guide into the future.

    1. Thanks Tino. Those photos are stunning and I so appreciate your sharing them with us. I was transported to another time.

  4. Meanwhile, on Mordor on the Potomac:

    From Fox News: The revelation last year of an unorthodox tarmac meeting between former President Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch set off a frenzied scramble at the FBI to track down the source, newly released documents show. Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, which on Thursday released 29 pages of FBI emails related to the 2016 meeting, said the messages show officials were more concerned about the leak than the substance of the report. “These new FBI documents show the FBI was more concerned about a whistleblower who told the truth about the infamous Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting than the scandalous meeting itself,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement.

  5. John, with the talk of majors and PPs "possibly" going next week, does that mean sovereigns have been completed or is that group still part of the "possible" process next week too? Thank you for your time. Cheers to the BSD's!

  6. One of our key Elders have been part redeemed. The rest are still a War of Attrition and still in negotiation. Nothing that publicly hanging 500 Zios a week would not speed up.

    1. Thank you for replying John. Will the new tax reform that was passed last night now help speed up the the funding process for sovereigns, PPs, and majors? In other words, does the tax reform have any connection to the Currencies/RV/GCR? Cheers again!

    2. You have to have funds first to pay with. thieving,defrauding Cabal Swine have stolen the lot in activities ranging from Treasury Secretary.Fed Fraud,to feeding the Egos of 1,000 wasteful Hegemony bases. They stole the Pot and can't pay as they have lost the plot. Hegemony crime is rampant in America. Pay with what when you are broke?

    3. Be assured, we daily push for the Printing Presses- or else!

      As we are bringing in BRICs platforms for Gold, AU backing for RMB's and forcing out the Petro dollar,change is progressive. Settlements are the Alamo now and this time it won't only be Santa Anna if failing. The cocooned Fantasy Islanders with a childlike concept of Global affairs or reality, have no clue how fast and far changes will be.

      Russia has new unstoppable 5,500 miles an hour missiles which can sink the US fleets far out of reach of US guns or radar. Russia and China now have taken Asia and Africa. Eurasia is reality, it's coming, and those bases wont last 10 minutes if the missiles are unleashed. EMP weapons will blind the lot, then bang. Gone. More Russian and Chinese bases are now opening in South America. Two can play.

      Just 12 Satan 2 missiles takes out the entire US. The lot, unstoppable. If Putin retires, his replacement won't take any US aggression.
      If you get settled, think of leaving. The new world is not America now.
      Corruption is just too endemic. The Zios have sucked you dry, and reality is just another daily Orange Man lie. He's seriously too stupid to tell the difference. The Zio Rats will be mass booking exits from a sinking ship.
      This time we will treat the lot as Titanics and Deep 6 them all.

      If you get paid out- Get out!

    4. While not disagreeing with Russian/Chinese capabilities, the simple truth remains that both launch-on-detection and 2nd-strike capabilities of all players in this nuclear charade remain. Other than killing the planet little else will be accomplished by a launch. Survival estimates are grossly exaggerated. The Elites are delusional. The balance of terror remains.

      More interesting is the sink-the-carrier-group or erase-a-base. Counting coup would also work. No need to actually kill anybody. If you rendered either properly defenseless, the terror level in the command chain would achieve the same effect.

    5. Faced with conflict as inevitable, Russia and China will pre empt. Fact. That is clear policy. That is why, faced with vast losses, they will take their chances, take the 40M bunker assigned public underground, and launch for total and absolute annihilation of the US. Only the US seems not to comprehend that it has allowed its War Hawks to box it into a No Win situation.Russia knows some of theirs will survive,but will ensure the US is totalled, whatever the cost.

      The UK, having no say, will simply be gone because of its US links and bases.

      No say, and blown away. We pay. Anything left of the US will be swept up by Chinese and Russian military who will show no mercy. No prisoners, none will live. Real world.
      We can't allow DC dreams to become our worlds nightmares.

      Impoverishing this Military Industrial behemoth works best. Like its ethics and morality, if we can bankrupt this Cabal, the world breathes.

    6. Fire whoever gave you that briefing. Who the hell says conflict is inevitable? Precious analysts that can't even calculate the simplest blast wave? Why even get up this morning if this is the belief? MAD has worked for 60 years but it is supposed to suddenly fail for no reason? That the U.S. is suicidal-level stupid and will launch major conflict at this point? Really? When the other side now has superior first strike, superior conventional air, superior sub, superior EMP but just as vulnerable on retaliation as it always has been (and so is the U.S.)? Is that the reasoning? And no, nobody is going to survive - it's nonsense that any of those Russian 40M will survive retaliatory strike let alone the post-nuke radiation environment. There won't be a sweep post-nukes. There will be no one alive to do it and certainly nobody alive to be swept up in the U.S. This is what is wrong with the reasoning by everyone. The only thing that will happen is a cinder floating in space.

      This idea of nuclear survivability is the nexus of the hubris that dominates current strategic thinking. It is as false now as the first time it was floated.

      As to bankrupting the Cabal, you are the man in the arena, I will not question your wisdom there.

  7. Fantastic. Wisconsin has legalized Hemp Farming! Hemp has many industrial and everyday uses. It's great that one of the original cash crops of the United States is back in play.

    1. Indeed, way past time. They need to grow hemp and start using it to replace as many wood and plastic products as they can. Need to build hemp manufacturing plants tthat would employ thousands.

    2. That's great news Tino.Thank you for sharing.

      Biffie agree, hemp could put many to work both in field/farm to utilization in many industries.

    3. HEMPCRETE is way stronger and lasts many times longer than standard Concrete(over time Concrete does decay). To use it in major projects nationally will kick start the hemp industry immensely! I read some studies a coupla years ago and this stuff is amazing! Existing concrete companies can convert quite easily, so there should be no opposition to the change-over.

    4. Thx Tino. Is there a link to the specifics regarding this Wisconsin Hemp Farming legislation?

  8. Deep State Take Down, WW3, Indictments, Zionist Info War with Robert David Steele
    Nov 21, 2017

    Robert David Steele rejoins the program to discuss the sealed indictments that are mounting. We also discuss the deep state's attempts to remain in power and how Trump can defeat them and the Zionist Info war and agenda. He describes the Zionist agenda to start WW3 and the need to refocus our countries efforts on the needs of the nation.

    1. P,

      Thank You. Yep...that was a really good one. I intended to only listen here and there, but ended up listening to every word.That man knows what he is talking about! People like him is who DJT should be surrounding himself with sooner rather than later!

  9. Senate passes tax overhaul, securing major GOP victory
    Dec 2, 2017

    The Senate passed legislation to overhaul the tax code early Saturday morning, handing Republicans a badly needed legislative and political victory.

    Senators voted 51-49 to pass the plan, capping off days of debate and hand-wringing as leadership worked frantically behind the scenes to win over holdouts and get the proposal in line with the chamber’s rules.

    Republican Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) bucked party leadership and voted against the plan amid lingering concerns over the impact on the deficit. No Democratic senator supported the legislation, with Democrats quickly leaving the chamber after voting "no."

  10. As Mueller closes in on Kushner,Trump may wake up to his limp wrist family peccadilloes.

    We now have a Chump with a Narcistic Nutter Yahoo mole, who will be clinging onto his second Israe hell passport for dear life.

    Kelly needs to clear the lot from the WH. It was just yet another Chump stupid move, treating the WH as a family play Den. Totally inexperienced Silly Kids with attitude,who will be eaten alive.
    Chump was just a Hillary Stopper, who lives each day telling a Whopper. The big issue being, who takes the time to try to find a serious replacement next for this orange Nincompoop?

    The US tried Forrest Gump twice between Bush 43 and this Shyster Buffoon. It doesn't work. Putin, Xi and Laverov think it's Xmas dealing with such a naive Crock. A watching world just shakes its head and mutters- Yanks??????

    So, from so many able and good guys, can we find just one to stand?

    The next 3 years will only be a Dog and Pony waiting period. Limbo while the US finds a real Leader. But, be assured, you are not alone. Merkel, May,and others are hitting the skids. Putin, with his rumored $180B fortune, and fresh meat girls, now wants to go out and spend it. In Moscow only a proven Hawk will win,so Chump will be sailing into dangerous times. Russians ARE smart,far more intelligent that the Beltway skunk chain, and backed by China,are not to be toyed with.

    This is no time for Americans to be adrift in a Ship of Fools.
    Sabers are rattling to settle, or! While the Chump sits clueless, blowing bubbles and planning his next Golf trips. He takes even more time off than Barmie Barry did to play Golf. Can't Americans see what happens when such Crocks get in?
    Stop long term Welfare Dependents voting and watch results then. You don't pay, you don't say! Waking up America.

    Where's a good Founder when you need one?
    George Washington and Lincoln must think the lot went to Belle View.
    A revolution, to spawn this?

    As the Afros, Hispanics and Muzzies take over,where now Tonto?

  11. john

    are you saying the currencies and settlements will be waiting for at least three (3) years to do something?

    please clarify


    1. No, you don't have that long.
      Your cards are being called weekly now. You are being encircled.

  12. The tomato in the mind

    Biffie: Here is a little jewel from Jon Rappoport. A little mind bending fiction...or is it.

  13. p: I know this an older post and when have time today will look for an update and write a letter. If all I can do is wish him a Merry Christmas, it is what can do.

    Political Prisoner Joe O'Shaughnessy
    Sept 16, 2017

    Joe is a political prisoner sitting in a private prison in Pahrump, Nevada. He has been detained for over 19 months, and he's awaiting an unknown trial date.

    when Joe heard about the injustice that the BLM ( Bureau of Land Management) was doing to a rancher in Nevada, like hundreds of others, he traveled to Bunker Hill Nevada. He wanted to witness for himself the many things he had been seeing on social media such as Dave Bundy being arrested along side of a highway for taking pictures. Or snipers placed on hilltops pointing guns at school children. A man named Ammon Bundy being tased multiple times and a lady named Margaret Houston being violently thrown to the ground by BLM officers. So, without a question he left to help his fellow American.

    Joe has never harmed anyone, nor threatened anyone. He has always been a law abiding citizen. He is being detained unjustly by an out of control corrupt federal government that is out for political gain only, and has charged him with charges so absurd that not one true American who becomes a juror will ever find him guilty.

  14. p: The Bundy's have right to the land and water their family homesteaded 150 years ago. That "public" land is actually land taken from the Bundy's during a period of time when the federal government began state land grabbing some time ago. The media needs to start telling the truth.

    KLAS Channel 8 Fails Carol Bundy's Challenge
    Dec 2, 2017

  15. Ammon Bundy and Rep. Dorothy Moon

    Idaho State Representative for District 8
    Nov 30, 2017


      UK Royal Mint to use blockchain to track gold trades
      Gold bullion

      Rachael King
      27 Nov 2017



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      The UK’s Royal Mint has launched a new gold tracking system, the first component of a digital gold trading platform based on blockchain technology.

      “The system tracks the ownership of the gold held in our vaults on a distributed ledger. Firms which want to trade the gold can connect to the ledger and transact across it,” David Janczewski, director for new business at the Royal Mint, tells Central Banking.

      First conceived in 2016, the tracking system forms the basis of a digital trading platfor

    2. Looking for feedback as to whether anyone here believes this move will stop old Forex from metals manipulation?

    3. MWP I think the price setting will not be changed by this as it still isn't an open market like the cryptos. The price setting will still be set by the paper gold futures markets like lbma and comex I think. For now ;)

  16. Breaking News, Everyone.

    New documents reveal FBI's Clinton cover-up!

    I have the link below. John was right. Hopefully we may see some action before Christmas, although the swamp being drained will be Christmas to us all. Read and enjoy.

    Tesla mega-battery in Australia activated

    Deep State Collapsing, C.I.A. Being Defanged, Shadow Government Defeat Inevitable
    Posted on December 2, 2017 by Cosmic Convergence
    “TPTB made a HUGE mistake when they built the Internet for themselves
    and their misguided purposes. They conceived it as the ultimate weapon
    of mass deception, and means to completely control the planetary realm…
    and so it is. However, they did not realize the extent to which it could, and
    would, be used against them. Google “Rothschild” and see how their name
    is now associated with every foul endeavor under the sun, both past and
    present. Ditto that for Rockefeller…Bush…Clinton…Obama…Soros…
    Kissinger, etc. Just this reversal of fortune alone has majorly taken the
    wind out of the sails of their New World Order agenda. The “genie is out
    of the bottle”, and there ain’t no putting it back in! And that genie is coming
    right for the ruling elites with the sharp sword of truth and avenging scales
    of justice.
    — Longtime Political Analyst & Investigative Reporter

    1. Thanks a44 yep South Australia installed a 100MW Tesla battery to store excess wind power. The Federal gov is in bed with coal industry and tries to pile the shit on us but we're leading the way.

  18. The MET is the next org to have a sex harassment scandal incoming:

    Learning some awful, horrible things about James Levine, conductor of NYC's famed Metropolitan Opera, right now. @terryteachout's feed is a must. Apparently everyone on the scene knew, too.

    For nearly FORTY YEARS.
    9:45 PM - 2 Dec 2017

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Is it just me noticing that so many of the BIG NAMES being charged with sexual harassment and rape are Khazarian Jews? Which means of course, they are NOT Jews at all but interlopers into that faith as a means to hide who they really are.

    3. And I can't help feeling this is a deliberate set of sacrificial lambs, to avoid the scrutiny of those behind the scenes and in the public political eye. I can only hope that some level of the suggested indictments exist. We need some of these criminal knuckleheads to go down big time and for the Patriots who are within the walls to keep acting.

    4. Agree Tino. Fair warning to those playing on the Cabal's side...they EAT their own!!

    5. Dozens of Disney Workers Arrested in 'To Catch A Predator'-Style child Sex Stings;read=88942


      Trapped: At least 35 Disney World employees have been arrested over child sex offences, an investigation has revealed. Pictured: 40-year-old Allen Treaster, a Disney concierge accused of trying to meet a 14-year-old boy
      (photos on link)

  19. Venezuela has unveiled its sovereign cryptocurrency called the Petro "a cryptocurrency issue "backed by reserves of Venezuelan gold, oil, gas and diamond wealth.""

    The first sovereign currency backed by its in-the-ground assets?

    1. I hope this move will bring the Venezuelan people back to a place where they can eat and live comfortably again. They have suffered so much.

      Great precedence for making sure currency is backed by REAL ASSETS. I like it! More promise of the end of the FED dollar since it's backed by nothing but the military.

  20. “Sunday with Charles Ortel” analyzing financial frauds of CGI - Clinton Global/Grifters Initiative

    Crowdsource the Truth ~ Indecent Proposal

  21. Fascinating exchange on Slashdot recent negative comments on BitCoin by some Nobel Prize winner:

    >>>.Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein told Bloomberg that the currency serves as "a vehicle for perpetrating fraud."

    >>Whereas Goldman Sachs is a vehicle for what exactly?

    >Goldman Sachs and the rest of that entire system is, to quote Adam Smith, a vehicle for perpetrating a "conspiracy against the public'. Bitcoin is a way of circumventing that system which is why the system feels threatened by it. I don't think there is a real way to kill Bitcoin or rather what it represents. I've heard people like Stiglitz try to argue against Bitcoin because it 'helps terrorists' or 'facilitates criminality' but so do cash and uncut diamonds, those excuses are just fig leaves. The real threat is that Bitcoin facilitates the circumvention of the established gate keepers of the financial system. Even if Goldman Sachs and the rest of that ilk get their bought politicians to kill Bitcoin people will find other forms of portable wealth and use it as a way to circumvent the established financial system and the harder Wall Street and the politicos try to block these circuitous routes the more motivated people will become to invent new ones.

    1. The block chain genie is out of the bottle and it's future applications will boggle our minds. There is, for the first time, a possibility of gaining real sovereignty and the rights to do with our lives as we please. We cannot do that as long as there is a group controlling the world. Anything that can break that power is a marvelous thing. I wish people would not poo-poo what they don't understand and instead spend some time learning about this technology and why it will give us all a fighting chance...if we let it.

  22. The aluminum-in-autism brains study made Liberty Nation and this short article is now top-rated and #1 on the site. Enjoy. All the heavy metals need to be out of the mixtures as soon as humanly possible. Latest data suggests we are about to hit 1-in-36 kids being autistic. At ~$2.1 million per child for the first 18 years, no society can carry this load.

    1. Tino,
      Thanks for highlighting this subject again. I read all of those articles about aluminum and the brain and autism connection.

      It mentions that you can remove the aluminum from your body with a form of silica.

      There is an easy way to do this. Fiji Water has the highest concentration of this substance and the bottles that they use are non toxic. I heard from a water specialist over a year ago that Fiji water is the healthiest water on the planet...and that wasn't even taking into consideration this added HUGE benefit it contains of removing aluminum from your brain and body.

      They had remarkable results with autistic children and those with Alzheimers and Dementia.

      Tino, did you read this as well?

      1 liter a day. Drink it all within about 30 minutes for the best effect. That's what I got from one of the articles and think it is important to share here for those that did not read them.

    2. MWP, I have never read this before thank you so much for sharing. Fiji Water? Wasn't that Fiji Water that Trump held up during his speech after he got back from his overseas trip? I remember people following Q saying that the Fiji Water meant something in his speech. Don't remember what it was in reference to, but it was supposed to be symbolic of something does anybody here remember?

    3. Yes, Fiji Water will bind aluminum in the body and have it excreted thru the kidneys.

    4. Thank you for confirmation of what I read Tino! Get the word out to those you love! It's a war and the "ammo" to fight back may come in very unusual ways.

  23. S. Korean army launches 'decapitation unit' against Kim Jong-un’s govt – report
    Dec 3, 2017

    The South Korean army has launched a special operation force aimed at overthrowing North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in the event of war, according to The Korea Times. The “decapitation unit” consists of around 1,000 soldiers.

    The unit, which is modeled on the US Army Rangers, Delta Force, SEAL Team Six, and the Green Berets, was reportedly launched on Friday. It was established under South Korea's Special Warfare Command.

    The objective of the "decapitation unit" isn't necessarily to assassinate Kim Jong-un by decapitation or other means. In fact, its official name has yet to be decided. It is, however, aimed at showcasing the South’s military resolve, removing key North Korean government figures from power, and destroying nuclear and missile facilities, sources told the South Korean news outlet.

  24. CVS expands into insurance with $69 billion Aetna bid
    Dec 3, 2017

    CVS will buy insurance giant Aetna in a roughly $69 billion deal that will help the drugstore chain reach deeper into customer health care and protect a key client, the companies announced late Sunday.

    CVS Health Corp. will pay about $207 in cash and stock for each share of Aetna Inc. That represents a 29 percent premium to the price of Aetna shares on Oct. 25, the day before The Wall Street Journal first reported about the possibility of a deal.$69-billion-Aetna-bid

  25. A personal observation...

    I've observed that Houston, Tx hasn't had chemtrails for about 2 years now. The last two days they have blanketed this city. Tonight, it is raining VERY hard. Coincidence? Intended plot?

  26. They have been blanketing are Skies with chemtrails constantly here in SC. Last night at 10:30 my husband called me outside to look up towards the Moon. You could barely see them in but there was enough light to see the Crisscrossing going on in the sky with chemtrails. Yes folks they are spraying us at night 2.

    1. Above, meant to say you could barely see the moon, but it should have enough light to make it possible to see the checkered patterns of the Chemtrails in front of it. Does anyone know who is spraying us? How do we stop this? This is a major issue.

    2. There's been less here in central NM as of late, but also the criss crossing at night. Have had enough "interesting" clouds as of late to wonder...

      Is it any question that the very large black triangles seen over Phoenix are not unlike the TRB-3?

      Area 52 and other places like can only hope are opened to the public when the switch is flipped. People need to see were their tax dollars went. Could be some large surprises in for some folks!

    3. Government Finally Admits Chemical Geoengineering Via Chemtrail Operations

      Godschild, this is a great article for reference. Also, two books: Elana Freeland's "Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth" and Peter Kieby's "Chemtrails Exposed A New Manhattan Project" spell it all out. Also, Dane Wiginton of Geoengineering Watch constantly exposes the globalist geoengineering.

  27. For Americans google into the Phoenix lights and Arizona UFO's. Visible mass sightings way beyond our known technological capability raise issues. MSM activity? Why not?

    Americans google into Area 52, and also known US Secret UFO crash recovery bases.
    Then Kapustin Yar Russia.
    Interesting research.

    1. On the Phoenix lights, there were two sets. One was just a bunch of magnesium flares and one can verify by superimposition with the mountains, the blink out. Ignore those. Much more interesting is the report of the football-field-sized triangular craft with many, many witnesses! That's the story to follow and the secondary sightings.

  28. It's looking like Trump may now allow his ego to carry him onto a London UK visit in February. It will be Private not State.

    What will transpire is nothing to do with poor US / UK relations. Nor respect for sovereignty issues. The simple FACT is that most of the developed world see him as a coarse and crass Hustler, lacking finesse, social skills,necessary Global political sophistication,or an IQ of adequate standing to allow social dialogue.

    Whilst respecting the fact he is the peoples choice,he was mainly a Hillary stopper,and his period to date has shown only a tarnished Klutz,a Burger Gutsing giant Danny di Vito character,( No disrespect Danny, I said character) unfit for office and a serial joke among Western Leaders. A Buffoon, a Con Man of low standing, poorly equipped for Office, whose oh so many flaws are visible to all.

    He will draw in demonstrations, embarrassing both nations. Both houses will reject a State visit from him, and the poor Queen will have to front a controlled ego warming display for this Putz, with minimum press forewarning. The usual ridiculous ego tripping entourage of 500 or so Butt Kissers and SS Goon Squads will simply not fit on UK roads, and God only knows how Buckingham Palace Chefs will cope with VIP demands for Quad Burgers, Well Done steaks and sauces,and his Giant size Diet Cokes in gallons. Diet Cokes with that 56 inch PLUS Gut, really? The media will have its job cut out to sell this as a success.

    Apologies in advance, even False News will find it hard to cover over the Demos, protests, and Howlers he will orchestrate. Expect a few follow up comic films, on Trump Gump does the London scene as OMG how Obscene!

    How do we muzzle this Diplomatic puzzle?

    It won't be nasty as with Bush 43 if he dared show again,but ridicule will flow. It's hard to presume a Diplomatic reception of high standing when his own is so low. They will try,but he will be received on a par with Archie Bunker, OMG where do we put him sort of scrambling? No House will allow him access to give a speech, as his rambling moronic utterances are simply too bizarre to sit through without ridiculing him. Both houses are already advance protesting, so we may have to put the Clown into one of our Public assembly areas or a closed Chatham House comic show with media exclusions and edit what flows.

    Only a year into the job and his IQ precedes him. It's a long way from JFK days,or even Ron. JFK was the last fitting person to have the role. That is the tragedy of America. A House of Discards has flourished in DC.

    America like never before, so needs a person of standing to arise, not S**T flies.
    The media here is savage. It will take muzzling.

    The Chump in London, the media will have a Field Day. At least he has a wife who brings style and dignity for America. That last one????? Accompanied by a mother with the appearance of a Boxer Dog dressed in Trouser suits,barking like a Mongrel.

    The Chump has already publicly supported Right Wing extremist statements,unbeknown and Thick as he is, he attracts put downs.
    He needs to build up some Brownie Points and releasing even part of the Settlements would help. A lot!
    Educating the Chump is the next 2 weeks priority. To get at least some settled is our key objective. But with an incumbent as thick as a brick, where do we start? We now have at best 2 weeks left for part releases, then it's another Silly Season for 6 weeks. Coming to London with nothing done will not be a smart move. But does he even understand - anything? We suspect not. So it's back to pressurizing Zios this week.
    Two weeks of daily pressures. We Want! London is no place for the Chump to be flying into bare Butted!

    1. Let me understand something. Last time I looked there is a British Embassy at 3100 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008. I assume there is an Ambassador. Is it somehow a breach of political protocol to have a candid conversation with Trump (who isn't half as dumb as you credit him) laying it all out for him? Put Kelly in the room too. I just find it hard to believe that something conceptually straight-forward as these settlements (regardless of the implementation complexity to do it right) can't be handled in a clean manner by Trump.

    2. If only. The UK and US relations are strained right now. Meetings have left all aware, he has certain issues.
      Yesterday he went into the WH Gym and asked the Staff which of these machines will make me the most attractive to women.
      The pointed to the corridor and said, for you, only the ATM machine Sir.

    3. Tino

      None of them have a clue.

      It's not been Kelly's remit , he's just an Elephant minder.
      The Chump really is too thick to get any of it, so we have to battle past the Cabal stooges, and our blocking their access to AU via Elders right now helps. We have totally blocked them. As we help the RMB the noose tightens.

      Once we kill the Petro Dollar, you then really listen as we railroad the 1,000 bases out of existence.

      We need America making profits for you all, not wars for Zionist whores!

      Tino, are you assuming Chump is NOT as Thick as we all think? So the world is wrong? Those gut curdling Dummy speeches are contrived to act like a Fool?
      He must have practiced well.

      Tino, your a good Soul,giving a chance yet again to an Ass Soul.
      If the Ambassadorial route would work, I would use it like a Rat up a drainpipe. Ambassadors collectively have issues and Kelly ringfences him, leaving him to eat his Whopper Burgers and Tweet off.

      Once America had great Leaders, Washington, Lincoln and JFK.
      What the hell happened?

      The only 2 truly iconic Leaders I have seen this last 70 years have been Nelson Mandela and HM the Queen. The rest?

      Tino, we are in trouble. We need those releases and the Rotts plus Vatican out. Time for our species to become more than faeces.

    4. Roger that. I am on the outside so I take your word. Sad world.

    5. But so many good people on the sites, Post Release,just see what is possible.

    6. Find it hard to believe that a "buffoon" as has been labeled by the leadership of this site has built businesses spanning the globe, employs tens of thousands, raised great kids and ran a successful campaign against the corrupt MSM, democrats and lifer politicians.

      He has accomplished more in 10 months than any sitting president in recent memory. And most of Americans don't care what the other world leaders think, the bulk of western leaders are over run now with the Muslim invasion because they were too weak minded and sissified to do anything about it. The only global leader speaking out about this is Trump! Khan has flood gates open to bring Sharia to London and its swallowed hook line and sinker. But of course that's not a problem. Let's focus on Trumps diet instead.

      I don't think we'll see a massive Muslim horde invasion running amok in the states like in the UK, Germany, Sweden and the other nations with superior global leaders.

    7. John,
      I think most of we Americans are willing to extend our 1st amendment protections to you as a gesture of good will even though UK residents apparently don’t have a right of free speech. So you are welcome to your views of President Trump. While far from perfect, he does seem to be enacting many of his promises to the American people as fast as he can which is considerably more than ANY other CORPORATION president has done since 1871!

      If he is not doing as you or other world leaders expect, the American people are not aware of what all that includes since everything is so secretive. IMO anything requiring so much secrecy may not be good for most of us. We have no way to measure. I do see that UK has an ongoing out of control situation on many levels. By the fact that your muslim population has mushroomed to the point that you now have a communist muslim mayor should be a significant warning sign. Then there’s the series of lackluster’ll never get BREXIT with a “stay” proponent in the job plus what happened to vigorously outing and prosecuting pedophiles? Perhaps concentrating on those pedophiles still living and practicing this debauchery would be more productive than concentrating on those who have already died. Theresa has history of protecting them!

      Latest rant from one of my favorites...Pat Condell seems to think you all have some serious problems of your own!

      Pat Condell ~ Britain’s Hate Speech Police

    8. Have you seen how many Pedos we have put away over the last 5 years?
      You have done what?

      Epstein would not have cut such a deal here. Clinton could not have survived, and the Zios are locked down by our Glass Ceilings. In the US the Buggers run the lot. The Rotts here have lost big ground. Huge. We have our OWN Central Bank. No Zio Rots. We are prepping you for Eurasia.

      We have an interim PM problem. We gave it to a Skirt, and ???? Same old. Living proof it's a mans job. The Skirt will go. New blood is coming though.
      Brexit will cut a lot of crap. As for the Muzzies, watch EU lashbacks. Once the UK is out of the EU Zoo, its UK rules, and Muzzies out.

      An EU Skirt, Merkel lead this bloody disaster. A UK Skirt on borrowed time won't tell a Hun Skirt and a Luxembourg Alkie to shove it, but it's coming. Brexit will fix it.

      You cant even boot the Zios from the Fed for Gods sake. Why are ONLY Jews running the US Treasury? Are you incapable? They have looted you blind, Hello?

      A Brit calls it, loose it WITH the Zios.

    9. John,
      With respect, I don’t see it as a male vs female problem at all. Cameron, Blair and some others weren’t any better!
      Several of us have posted articles here last few months on big pedophile rings across America being indicted. They’re working up to the biggies. When that starts happening, it’ll be a big shock to many. I have not seen articles in your papers for quite a while about that subject. How many have been put away in UK last 5 years? How many major leaders in government or industry?

      We are looking to END THE FED!!! Tinkering around edges of that fiasco won’t help.

  29. Time for Crypto Gamblers to look more at Etherium or equivalent. At the moment the lot has a whiff of the South Seas Bubble all over it. Latecomers risk the largest smash.
    Just take care out there.

    Let's see if the next week or so breaks the PP backlog. Chump needs some good news.
    Then we can help nations for real. Zio and Vatican knee free!

    1. BTC seems to be following Metcalfe's Law which is a log scale:’s-law

      It looks like a bubble if you see cryptos as a one dimensional 'thing' that is bought and sold. But cryptos are multi-dimensional. Was the rapid uptake of mobile phones a bubble? There will be profit taking but the utility of cryptos as a store, transactor and contract facilitator give Metcalfe's Law interpretation some grit - they're turning into networks with their own uses and so value metrics based on 1D fiat aren't making historical sense.

  30. John is tomorrow not to be looked at as a possibility then? Has everything been pushed out again a few weeks in the future?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Tomorrow is still high focus, but what, if not?
      We are dealing with Sewer Rats and Bankers.

  31. Replies
    1. Troublesome. While some of the 80 are clearly accidents and a crazy or two, the vast majority of these docs should just NOT be dead. What is scary personally is that I actually knew some of these M.D. ...

    2. Extremely sad such excellent talent has been wasted. Now we will never know what brilliance and healing could have been brought to the table.

  32. Wow John, Can You tell us how you really feel about our President?? I would have thought I was reading one of our fake news articles.

    1. Trish,
      If you are new to this blog, you can expect a similar posting about our President at least twice a week. Repetition doesn't change people's minds but some assume it does...oh well.

    2. What else for a Fake President? Having a job you cant do makes you what?
      Fake America now? Come back JFK, Washington, and Lincoln, look at what the Cats brought in. Change will only come when those with a brain call for it.
      2 Houses full of mediocrities , why? Having the job is no use if your not up to it. Look at America today. No one has called out the Crap.

  33. 😂

    My friend Tom was a single guy living at home with his father and working in the family business

    He knew that he would inherit a fortune once his sickly father died.

    Tom wanted two things:

    • To learn how to invest his inheritance.

    • To find a wife to share his fortune.

    One evening at an investment meeting, he spotted the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.
    Her natural beauty took his breath away.

    "I may look like just an ordinary man," he said to her, "but in just a few years, my father will die, and I'll inherit 20 million dollars."

    Impressed, the woman obtained his business card.

    Two weeks later, she became his stepmother.

    Women are so much better at estate planning than men......

    1. Beauty is no accident and the wise say Women are heap smarter!

    2. Profound, Bob, profound! 😉

    3. That's a smart little "skirt" that one. LOL.
      Excellent giggle material Texian. Thank you.

  34. What I don't understand is the passivity of Trump's lawyers. They should be out there, counter-punching and initiating strikes of their own. The other side is a tinfoil hat brigade inventing crime out of whole cloth for perfectly normal behavior and actions. This while the whole Clinton/Bush Cabal is ignored for everything from treason to high crimes to corruption to espionage and gross negligence.

    1. Agreed on all above Tino. He needs Minding.

    2. Tino, we must not forget crimes against humanity. Their funding and working with ISIS and other groups in various ways including human trafficking should warrant investigation at the Hague if it's not already happening.

    3. True P. Technically, it is Crimes Against the Peace... I just didn't want to continue being a repeating broken record on Nuremberg II ... anything that puts the SOBs in jail works for me at this point.

    4. This is exactly why I think Robert David Steele should be immediately be hired as an advisor to the president! This man has a plan for #realDonaldTrump and more importantly for AMERICANS!

    5. Tino agree, anything that puts them in jail at this point also works for me.

      Tim4123, think we're already seeing David Steele's hand in things. Using the meta data for ferreting out the cabal's actions isn't a bad thing.

  35. Borrowed from ZeroHedge. Can we please have this guy's head on a pike? [Sorry my Roman ancestors]:

    A former top counterintelligence expert at the FBI, now at the center of a political uproar for exchanging private messages that appeared to mock President Donald Trump, changed a key phrase in former FBI Director James Comey's description of how former secretary of state Hillary Clinton handled classified information, according to US officials familiar with the matter.

    Electronic records show Peter Strzok, who led the investigation of Hillary Clinton's private email server as the No. 2 official in the counterintelligence division, changed Comey's earlier draft language describing Clinton's actions as "grossly negligent" to "extremely careless," the source said.

    The drafting process was a team effort, CNN is told, with a handful of people reviewing the language as edits were made, according to another US official familiar with the matter.

    But the news of Strzok's direct role in the statement that ultimately cleared the former Democratic presidential candidate of criminal wrongdoing, now combined with the fact that he was dismissed from special counsel Robert Mueller's team after exchanging private messages with an FBI lawyer that could be seen as favoring Clinton politically, may give ammunition to those seeking ways to discredit Mueller's Russia investigation.

    The FBI and the Justice Department declined to comment.

  36. Just in: Supreme Court allows full enforcement of Trump travel ban

    1. Good news if enforced now. We will credit that.

  37. The Coming Storm

    1. BRUCE,

      Thank You for posting this! This is a complete and thorough analysis for American to understand what is really going on with #realDonalTrump. This is even more detailed than Jim Willie's Nov. 23 interview explaining the Saudi Arabia connection (all the arrests there & helicopter crash assassination).Lotsa reading, though. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to everyone here. I re-Tweeted it, also. ;-)

    2. so, as a summary... 1) An older prince Talal is corrupt, largest investor in America, (Twitter Citicorp, etc) owns many politicians and supports radical Islam, ISIS/AL Qaeda, and has ties to 9/11. Has been in control in SA for a very long time allowed to do what he wants, playing both sides of terror. 2) A younger prince Muhammad Salman (son of king) is a reformer, wants women to drive, wants to stop radical Islam.. partnered with Trump, while Talal ownes the Bushes/Clintons/Pelosi/McCain/Obama by funding their foundations and having dirt on them 3) The old corrupt guard do not want their crimes found or Radical Islam stopped IN BOTH SA AND AMERICA!! They don't want women driving or to for them to lose power in both countries. Now LV should make more sense. they tried to stop all this and kill him just like Game of Thrones! Shit went upside down, got crazy and we are left with the fall out. The attempt on his life only solidified his resolve to immediately go after these criminals. THAT'S WHY TRUMP CALLED IT A MIRACLE!! Shortly after mass arrests took place the prince who ordered the hit was killed in a helicopter "crash" with all his team.


      Moore proof Salman and POTUS are working together :

  38. “There has been a reported falling out between U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller and ex-FBI Chief James Comey in recent weeks which leaves Comey potentially vulnerable to possible criminal charges, according to Justice Department and FBI sources.

    The stakes have changed in the sweeping Russia collusion investigation that has spread far beyond the 2016 presidential election timeline.

    Any immunity agreement that was previously on the table protecting Comey is now off the table, according to multiple DOJ sources. For months since he was fired by President Donald Trump in June, Comey has been testifying and acting like a major D.C. player with little to worry about.”

    SPY vs SPY: Mueller Yanks Comey’s Immunity Deal; Falling Out Between Former FBI Bosses Puts Comey in Danger

    1. Then you have this Tino; Sorry about the title and the way this is done, but the info appears to be correct.

      Dec 2, 2017

    2. Any express elevator to Hell is good!

    3. Wow P, and the hits just keep coming:)


  39. OWON: Unfortunately, the wrong rabbles are rabble rousing for a major protect against Trump in London. For all the wrong reasons.

    This, if allowed, will sour real US / UK relations, and affect his Global standing.

    Had he been a truly Patriotic and inspiring Leader like JFK, accolades would be his reward. Instead it will be ridicule.

    Hopefully planning ahead, real pressure can be put on the UK now to intercede and muzzle this mob.

    A hand of help now from an Allie. If we protest the Chump, it must not be for this travesty.

    Donald Trump protest: 'Biggest UK rally in history' planned for Downing Street amid reports of UK visit in February

    1. That's it, you dumb Goyim protesters, protest against your best interests while 7th century brain-dead muzzie grooming gangs rape your children because you were hooked up with the EU Zio run immigration plans to breed your asses out of existence. The hidden hand, the ultimate exclusive racists of all, who exclude your asses from their club, are laughing at you. When you do speak up, you are branded racists. When you punish rapists, you are labeled "culturally insensitive". God I want to puke.

      "If all the dead allied soldiers could see their countries now, they would have thrown down their weapons and fought with the Germans." -David Irving

  40. Replies
    1. Thanks for this. Probably the best triangle craft shot in a long, long while. Have the Russians claimed a radar track? If memory serves there was a triangle craft rash of sightings in Belgium in 1989.

  41. I have no doubt that those men will go down for a hit ordered by none other than Muscat himself. Just another Oswald in their eyes.

  42. Tino. She was a courageous lady and wonderfully kind Also at the same time. She was a dear friend to me and others here. She was always available to speak no matter the time difference between our countries. Heard from her son a few weeks ago. He was 1 of the journalist on the Consortium of journalists that released the Panama papers. Daphne was the first reporter to report on the Panama papers. Brave she was and very proud of her son. She will be missed. We love you Daphne.


    From Catherine II to Vladimir Putin
    by Thierry Meyssan

    Since the beginning of the war against Syria in 2011, Russia has been supporting this nation against what it considers to be an exterior aggression. While the Western Press explains this behaviour as a case of solidarity between dictatorships, Thierry Meyssan brings to light its real historical motives. He notes that the victory, which also belongs to Moscow, opens a new period for Orthodox culture in Europe.
    Voltaire Network | Mexico City (Mexico) | 28 November 2017


  44. "Peace begins with a smile." — Mother Teresa

  45. Can someone get this to AG Sessions quickly? Apparently they can prosecute for looting a fake charity!

    “The jury convicted Brown of stealing money from a fake charity, One Door For Education. The “charity” was supposed to give scholarships to children who could not afford school but instead the Democratic congresswoman used the donations to go on trips and purchase expensive items. She also used the money to host parties.”

    Former Dem Congresswoman Sentenced To Five Years In Prison On Corruption Charges

  46. Maybe a last minute push of DJT for a public exchange is possible before silly season begins? Hope so....
    (I would imagine it is the ziorats at the Treasury that are holding those up?)

  47. Man o man! I just cannot get over the evidence that the LV shootings was an assassination attempt on a SA Crown Prince killing 58 Americans and it's all getting covered up! All the filth(cover-ups) in the FBI must be cleaned up soon. Many GOOD GUYS in the FBI that's for sure, because it was they who got the Prince to safety, so kudos to them that did the rescue!

  48. After China has been caught meddling in (a) our universities' lectures and (b) our politics (pressuring the opposition leader) our PM has had enough:

    Malcolm Turnbull announces biggest overhaul of espionage, intelligence laws in decades

    Foreign political donations will be banned and those trying to influence Australian politics on behalf of other nations will be forced to declare who they are working for, under new laws.

    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced the new legislation amid growing concerns within the intelligence community about the influence of Chinese Government agents and political donations.

    Take notice DJT.


  50. Cover-up at the MET? See what one strategic Twitter post started!

  51. Food for thought before the day job takes over my life:

    Even far away from the halls of power, perfectly good, nice, Jewish friends of mine DO sometimes express this opinion: "Because of the holocaust, it is dangerous when criminal behavior by Jews is publicized, because all Jews might be blamed for the bad apples." Whether or not this neurotic paranoia is justified, the fact remains that they have at least some instinct toward covering up rather than rooting out crime in cases where the perpetrator is Jewish. This is very troubling.

    Which is, of course, supremely ironic, because that's how you get Holocausts.


  52. OWON: The charts show the scale of Muellers Inquiry and how he is encircling Trump and his family.

    Will he keep the DayJob?

    Methodically, prosecutor Mueller edges toward White House

    1. Trump will keep the day job because there is no crime and Mueller's hand is weak. The other thing riding in here as an Apocalyptic Horseman is the recent news that all the folks pushing this idiotic impeachment angle have been under investigation for 11 months by the DoJ.

      Also no-one should believe the current polls, again as skewed as during the election cycle. Trump is holding steady at 50%+ easy, probably 65%. The tweets that everyone maligns, keeps his base in touch with him. You are witnessing in real-time the short-circuiting of the whole 'managed-comms' paradigm.

      The high probability scenario is that the Mueller kill shot will ricochet and hit Kushner, thus ridding us in the White House of idiot Mossad husband and lovely-if-out-of-her-depth Ivanka.


  53. OWON: Where Trump acts as a real Leader we commend it and give him the accolades. It's not all down sides.

    From Europe to the US, the lot are poor, so we give it to all of them.

    Not in the USA


  54. OWON: Our concern, with any of them in Politics, is why are we risking Troops on the whims of ego driven narcissists like Blair, Bush and Trump?

    So they do the lying while our kids do the dying? None get a free pass out with OWON.

    This new article, (Please do not have the low IQ apologists call it as False News just because it may not fit your Kindergarten Cabal fed views) certainly fits the profile we have of this buffoon.

    His Grandfather ran Brothels, he was handed family businesses but by a shady family, and has bankrupted more than few since. This is quality stock in the US? He only needs bankrupt the US once, and its game over for all of you. Too many rose tinted glasses over that pond.

    A profile like this is why we are concerned. Mainly that a party who most of Europe sees as a Hustler, should be left anywhere near the nuclear button. Allies have a right to raise opinions.

    We have US parties telling us Trump is far more intelligent than we give him credit for. If that's so it still won't amount to a lot. Way too much Whakkie Backie going down.

    Nations have rights to question a presumptive oaf. The world will.

    Where are the JFK's? All gone aways?

    'Gross': Trump taunted after ex-campaign manager reveals his weird junk food habits, screaming fits

    1. See it from our perspective... why on Earth should we give this account any more credibility than all the BS we were fed before? It has nothing to do with IQ, and all with what is believable in the face of liars on all sides. Wouldn't we need a heck of a lot of corroboration before we bought this? Why is this account less Deep State propaganda garbage than say "Trump is Racist" or the insane twisting of his Charlottsville words (I was there, so much for the hard Right view narrative) as reported in the media? Meanwhile there is a list of 158 things he DID do right. And but for a media running a whopping 91% negative press on him, would any of this at all be recognized?

    2. Tino

      Please, seriously,in fairness to all and the Chump,give us precise articles on major Trump achievements which we can publish and submit worldwide so a more balanced profile can be achieved, and the site WILL support you. We will commend where due. But what?

      Good, real accounts we will give positive support for.

    3. I did. A list of 158 things he did do right, just above your reply.

      And all u lurking out there, how about helping with a few links or do I have to do all the heavy lifting?

    4. Tino,

      I've got your back and agree on blathering, and too often, recurring statements with no back up. Links or proof of some kind would be great. I try to always provide links when posting unless I am stating personal knowledge or experience.

    5. Tino,

      Why justify?

      Let parties that attack the US leadership provide some supporting documentation to show how any other leader is better.

      I could really care less how Trump compares to a bunch of Illuminati assets.

      It's been 2 years since Brexit and ?

      Merkel flooded Europe with terrorists

      Macron is total idiot and Rothchild stooge.

      Italy-forget about it.


      Trudeau is a chip off the block like his pedophile papa.

      Every South American and African leaders is corrupt.

      Putin...Illuminati. Sorry...fact.

      Asia-actually has a few respectable leaders, but many as corrupt. Abe...Need we say more.

      The whole damn system is infested.

      I'll take an Oompa Loompa with 12" hair in the wind anyday. At least he's entertaining. And he's not one of them which is why he is attacked so feverishly. Any fool can see he has thrown a wrench in the machine. He's a hand grenade in the NWO agenda 21 system.

    6. Ah Tino......LOL

      Don't take the bait. John chooses to appear like an uninformed cabal asset, let him. He'd rather support an in-way-over-her-head, incompetent who can't even govern a small island. John would rather support a smooth talking idiot who says the right things but can't and has no intention of following through on any of them than a real leader. We in the US are tired of lawyers turned politicians who blow smoke up our asses while they steal us blind and sell our country out.

      John constantly whines about the ZioRats yet it was his country who gave them life and allowed them to prosper and turn into what they are today. Same with the US cabal/shadow government/deep state....taking their cues from how you fool and rule the masses from the long line of distinguished criminals in Europe.....they've also gone rogue and now the crown is so inept, it can't control either faction.

      Its actually laughable really....Dr. Frankenstein trying to turn back the clock, whining about his own creation.

      Ignore him....I've copied and pasted all his nonsense about Trump and it will make for a long, ridiculing post when Trump finally drains the swamp.

      You can't teach an old dog new just let him bark. LOL

    7. A barking, ankle biting Chihuahua. AGREE Paladin with every single line you wrote. It seems many on this blog are tiring of the same old blather with no proof or back up. As to Trump's waistline comments...pot, kettle, black?

    8. As I sit here with a glass of Scotch, let us hope the swamp gets drained. Cheers to all!

    9. Tino, I posted that list from over on WHA a week or so ago. It is a good list. Thanks for posting again.

    10. Thanks Biffie! Was unaware. Too much to process every day!

    11. Paladin,

      To quote a movie.

      When you get there if you don't have a rear...give me a call. I'll fly with you.

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. How will Trump drain the swamp when hes so beholden to them and with such a turgid past. Hopefully, a quality candidate will arise fit for office.

      Paladin opines odd snide comments yet again on our site, when his own WHR site suffers as always from a lack of work content and depth of work commitment needed to produce continuous issues of public interest, which is truly a tragedy, as the old WH site stood for more once. To arise as an effective media, it needs far more commitment and staying power than a casual Peackock preening for attention, and fading away limp wrist when hard work ethics call. Empires are lost when backbones wilt.

      WHR releases and input to date? It needs to be more than a Dilettante drip feed simply to massage egos then away with the Fairies when real dedication calls. The stature of a man is to stand his ground as with the Alamo.

      OWON picked up the slack to serve you all. What has WHR delivered over the last 2 years? WHR is back- really? Kindergarten Gladiators. The world is far too serious to waste time on such issues. Our time is focused. Plus we deliver with OWON, as demonstrated with Real Parties in very high level dialog. WHR how evidenced what? Release work content? Where?

      This site is close to hopefully publishing real progress reports, and once achieved, will be instrumental in Project strategies helping nations and direct selective deserving causes. We have no Political Riff Raff dependencies, we call it as it is. This is a Apolitical site. Real causes, real people, real issues. A track record second to none,and a readership, comment group, unique in the media sector. OWON has a Global collective strength and dedicated contributions from many with our thanks.

    14. Looks like I hit a nerve...FINALLY.

      How many times, John, have we heard you bash Trump with the same rhetoric? 20? 50? 100?

      Either you don't have a very good understanding of what Trump has accomplished or there's something else going on here that you haven't disclosed to us.

      Every time you get pushback, you take it personal rather than address the issues. time it was my its a website. One that I started, created, paid for and maintain by myself with no help from anyone...unlike you.

      You want feedback on your Trump tirade, you get it, and now you resort to this? You know the personal issues I'm dealing with and you should know after all these years that they take precedence. Maybe you've never taken care of a parent who depends on you for everything, day in and day out.

      Kindergarten gladiators?? LOL I doubt you've got the balls to say that to my face but hopefully we'll get a chance to test that some day.

      Just lay off Trump, we're ALL tired of it when obviously you've got more than your share of shit to clean up in your own back yard.

      Would you like us CONSTANTLY bashing May for the incompetent fool she is? Daily, weekly and monthly? It would soon get tiring just as your bashing of Trump has gotten months ago. It serves no purpose except to display your ignorance of what he's accomplished given the entire deep state is lined up against him. Are you not paying attention?

      Try to focus on the positive, its really not productive to come in here and read your derogatory rants and childish posts that make you appear like you just got your lunch money stolen by the playground bully.

      And yes, I know your story about that....LOL

      Maybe if the rest of the world's "leaders" were following Trump's lead in draining the swamp in their own backyard like you should be doing, the world would be a better place.

      Now lets put this behind us and get back to work making this world a better place, rather than disparaging a country and the only person who is trying to make a difference.

    15. JV,

      Thanks....from TOP it.

    16. Paladin,

      My favorite statement you made:
      "Try to focus on the positive, its really not productive to come in here and read your derogatory rants and childish posts that make you appear like you just got your lunch money stolen by the playground bully."

      I agree as we attract what we put out. Negative tirades attract more negativity and that is the LAST thing we need in these times. All that those negative posts about our President do is either give us greater resolve against the bullies and support him more or give us an opportunity to feel sorry for and pity the one who feels a need to be so negative.

      I would like to add. I for one am also tired of the many, many misogynist remarks.

  55. Today we hit a key PP Settlement Glitch.

    A decision has to be made between and immediate Withholding Tax ratio for key Redemptions,and or a secondary option for those only reporting income after a year.
    We have the amounts suggested for each option.

    But in turn that now requires decisions also on large block pending currencies.
    Decisions, so we wait- Again.

    1. John does this push us out into silly season now, meaning next year? Or does this need to be decided and handled now for completion?

    2. I'm surprised. One would think rapacious as they are they would have defaulted instantly into Withholding Tax to ramp their cash flow. Incidentally, does this mean the insane 60% demand was dropped? As always, we understand if answers cannot be forthcoming.

    3. I do not know how you and the rest of the BSD's keep your sanity when dealing with this group of morons that have zero foresight. The topic of taxes has been on the table since at least April of this year. I'm lost for words. (Time for a glass of scotch.) Cheers!

    4. My opinion and would like to hear other here who would be in the public exchange bracket of the exchange of currencies.

      I have no problem paying a 60% exchange tax to convert to US$ of my VND as long as the rate of exchange is not below $0.22/VND.And, I will gladly pay that immediately upon redemption and do not want to play the game of waiting 365 days to pay the tax.They need tax cash flow and I have no problem giving that share, though agree it is higher than a capital gains tax, which is what should be applied here. But, we are in uncharted territory, so LETS GET IT DONE.

      40% of something is better than 100% of nothing!!

    5. G-Man,

      No "WAIT" implied, as my lets get it done statement.

      60% tax at a decent rate now is what I am agreeing to, and want to know who else agrees, or not, and their input in this.WAIT is not an option I for one do NOT want to hear. ANYBODY else want to NOT want to hear that on this board? WAIT is off the table is the purpose of my missive, to be clear.

  56. Mind Boggling to me that after all these years things like this aren't worked out already.

  57. FOOLISH......Stay out of it!

  58. This is how it is grass roots, which is why, Dufus or Chump or both, one still needs to support:

    Powerful entrenched interests in both parties are working constantly to bring Trump down. The language that they use is neither moderate nor temperate yet no one calls them out for being vulgar, or unprofessional. Members of the congressional black caucus,and other Democrats, various well known media personalities and commie hacks posing as journalists tell us daily that Trump is unbalanced, mentally ill and unfit for office. They are obviously setting the stage for an impeachment attempt.

    When Trump fights back, the powers that be, despised by much of the population, I might add, wail and moan and complain about his lack of professionalism. In other words if he would only participate in his own assassination, or simply be quiet while others carry it out, he would be a nice guy.The reason his base doesn't desert him is because they (we) are wise to the whole sordid game. Keep on socking it to them Donald.

    1. How many could accomplish what POTUS is? Not many. He may have flaws. Assume that he is playing 5 dimensional chess and cabalists-dems-ziorats-MSM-Hpedowood etc are trying to play checkers .... If he is 5 steps ahead it will play out sooner than we think possible. If politicians and pedos are getting exposed and leaving office that is an indicator. If Pedos - >12,000 in 2017 are arrested-processed and more importantly, the 5000 sealed indictments become public and perps are processed - hopefully in Military Tribunals and Several which could include HRC turn to save their necks for a lighter sentence we will be seeing what we need in soft but observable DATA which indicated progress toward a potentially Great Again Govt. What if several of the politicians and globalists-ziorats are taken down = that's indicating we are on the right track.

      I hear people griping about DJT ..... put a zipper on it. DJT is a Transition President. We the People need to form a critical mass to select a qualified set of candidates for the next step in the transition. We are in the stop the deterioration and corruption, drain part of the swamp and fix the obvious major problems. The next phase is to put better systems and processes in place like - Legislative, Lobbying (restrict the hell out of it) Amendments, close all foreign bases that cannot prove functional value, a new election process for Federal offices, get rid of Serco-SES,-Gov contractor soldiers, Intelligence. The next phase is refine all aspects of our government. The preceding comments are general thoughts about a 3 -5 phase process are formative, meaning they need a lot of refinement. The major point is that DJT is not superman. He fixing the obvious rough stuff. He has worked miracles but only the intelligent, intuitive, moral and ethical Patriots get it. We will build a Critical Mass and rebuild. I see a new G20 or similar Team in our future to stop evil acts of ziorats. For anyone to think that in a globalist-ziorat controlled world the the USA Corp is the only bad guy I implore you to WTF up. There are a many ziorats in UK as here as Germany, Russia, China, Japan, SK, Indonesia, Brazil, Africa, Eastern Europe, India etc; think again. They all use USA corp for evil so we all need to work together to clean house and clean it well.

    2. Bob fully agree but also think it's time to rip the band aid off bring in military and no more slow rolling it

      Do have to say was intrestjng last night on fox and once over weekend one of the guests mentioned martial law and military clean out of swamp

      So maybe we're closer than I think

    3. HOLY SHYTE! Fox talked about Martial Law?

      That is preciseley what Fulford stated in his latest report among many other things.

      BUT, that is the BIGGEST, imo.

      That would pave the way for Military Tribunals, and their gooses will be cooked after that point! Because MT cut right to the chase and no bullshyte appeals process. STRAIGHT to public perp-walk upon convictions! My wet dream!LOL.

    4. KIMBER This revitalization was enabled by the Grace of God and the military needs to come in and kick ass. I made it clear I would volunteer for IRR. I still have empathy with the exception of ziorats and satanic child molester-torturer-traffickers and that is when my nice guy gene deactivates. I have enough first hand reports about satanic monsters to sicken and enrage anyone who loves God. No time for coddling and politically correctness. I believe in Faith Martial Law is eminent. Our WhiteHats are on it, Active Military is on it and I really like what JSOC is capable of and doing as I understand it! Semper Fi

    5. Yes Bob agree but the waiting for them to act is driving many to scream..
      had many conversations recently with white hats and many are feeling the same frustration as we see daily the garbage in DC The lies of MSM government offices they need to be held accountable

      I past ready to let mass clean up begin

    6. KIMBER TIM Ziorat-cabal-globalists and the likes of Hilly, Billy. Barry use SAlinski methods; especially overloading all systems to increase chaos, obfuscation of Truth while minimizing efficiency, effectiveness, accountability and system functionality. Military Tribunals can be made efficient by bright people and STREAMLINE THE DAYLIGHTS into it for fast and effective EXECUTION of JUSTICE; Real JUSTICE. We/They could process every damn one of these scum in days rather than years thereby making FEMA Gitmo more effectively utilized while cleaning and improving the Republic!

  59. p: Covers megalithic structures, many in the southern hemisphere(Pacific island regions included). Information current. Speaker:David Hatcher Childress

    Ancient Megaliths That Will Challenge Everything You Know About History
    Nov 12, 2017

    Examines the amazing stonecutting at Puma Punku, a site neighboring the ancient ruins of Tiwanaku near Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. He looks at whether the so-called ""Inca walls""-found in Cuzco and at other sites such as Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo and Machu Picchu-were really made by the Incas. The evidence seems to support the idea that they were actually constructed by a far older culture.

    1. Did you see the episode of Ancient Aliens where there was considerable evidence of utilization of power-tool radius and accurate right angles on inner surfaces? While not necessarily evidence of aliens, as our ancestors where not stupid, one does have to wonder...

  60. This backs up what I have been saying for months to the block chain naysayers...

    New York City Processed a Fake Property Deed. THIS Innovative Country Won’t Have that Problem.


    This year, Georgia became the first country to use the blockchain for property transactions.

    In April last year, the government and bitcoin hardware and software firm Bitfury Grouplaunched a project to register land titles via a private blockchain, which is a tamper-proof ledger, and then to make those transactions verifiable using bitcoin’s blockchain, which is public…

    In a blockchain-based ledger, records are time-stamped, as are subsequent changes to those records. This would allow people interested in a specific property to see and verify the date of past transactions.

    Additionally, data on blockchains can be made private or public. In this case, the details of the real estate transactions are placed on a private blockchain network run by known computers, and then, in order for citizens to verify the authenticity of certificates, that data can be turned into a cryptographic “hash” that’s made public on the bitcoin blockchain which is run by thousands of computers worldwide. The hash is a type of digital fingerprint that enables anyone to verify that the data matches what’s on the blockchain without seeing the data itself.

    Finally, blockchain technology brings security to real estate transactions because there’s no central point of failure. The ledger is distributed among many computers, so a would-be hacker would need to simultaneously attack at least 51% of the network in order to fraudulently alter records.

    Whether or not you believe Bitcoin is a real currency or a big bubble, the underlying technology is legitimate.

    1. Mwp I don't understand why it's a problem that some don't have a positive attitude towards blockchain technology or anything associated with it. It is a very normal attitude to have.

      Fred Davis formulated the Technology Acceptance Model in 1986 for his PhD thesis on the base of empirically researched behavioural research. It has been used in industry since then. I am using it in my own research into educational technology acceptance. Instead of adopting a position that everybody has to have a positive attitude to blockchain I invite you to understand why? There are valid reasons. If you for example like writing on paper I could also ask why when we have iPads to use instead?

    2. "Mwp I don't understand why it's a problem that some don't have a positive attitude towards blockchain technology or anything associated with it."

      I think the answer is VERY simple. What people don't understand, and CHOOSE not to learn about, scares them and they poo-poo it to try to look informed and important. They create and foster these thoughts because it makes them feel safe from things they just don't get. Once you understand something, you may not like it, but you are no longer afraid of it.

    3. That may be true but should they be condemned for it? My job is to speak with academics to help them with deploying educational technology. Some can be like you describe. I help them. I'd encourage a similar approach in the crypto and blockchain field.

  61. Conyers resigns amid sexual misconduct allegations
    Dec 5, 2017

    Facing a surge of pressure from his fellow Democrats, Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) stepped down from Congress on Tuesday over mounting allegations of sexual harassment, marking an extraordinary fall for the longest-serving member of Congress.

  62. Russian Olympic Committee banned from 2018 Winter Games, athletes allowed to compete as neutrals
    Dec 5, 2017

    The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has suspended the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) from 2018 Olympics, ruling that "clean" Russian athletes can only compete under a neutral flag in South Korea in February.

    The decision came after 14-person panel was presented with the results of two separate investigations of alleged Russian doping - one concerning individual athletes, the other institutional violations.

  63. Vatican bank deputy CEO removed


    The Vatican bank deputy CEO was removed from his position and escorted from the Vatican on Monday last week.

    Much more in article

    1. One has to wonder...Real? Or is the Vatican just blowing more smoke up our keisters and trying to distract from the real story of what they are hiding?

    2. Be absolutely sure of one thing, NOTHING the Vatican does, EVER, is for your Lawful and Ethical protection, only for THEIRS. The Vatican is a Ponzi religious scam based and lies, subterfuge and millennia of genocide,torture,plotting, scheming, land theft,fraud and despotic conduct.

      No one not fully implicated rises through, like the Mafia.There are no Saints in the Vatican. A Jesuit Pope is the worst of 2 Evils. Vatican City is a Can of Worms. At worst the CEO was caught fiddling and siphoning funds. Mafia funds?

      The Vatican is a deeply criminal, Pedo organisation,so Yes,subterfuge.

    3. Yes the entire org church and thier control of the legal system need to go

      You know if they removed one has to be much worse than states
      They shouldn't have a bank or assets period.

    4. Which is why the Vatican should be stripped of its separate sovereignty. I disliked it from the start, but while it was at least cloaked in the mantle of good, I fell for the illusion. Now it is so clearly anathema to where humanity needs to go, it should be seized and made in to a museum. Of course, just like 520 Congresscritters deserve to have their heads on pikes around the White House as a message to future generations on what not to do, the College of Cardinals and the Jesuits black-hearts heads need to be on pikes in St Peters Piazza.

    5. Tino,
      Love your style!!! Can hardly wait to hear what’s been hidden in Vatican catacombs. Monarchs should go the way of the dodo bird as well. It’s not a system with any fact, only thrives in SECRECY. There should be no one who cannot be replaced if not accomplishing what is needed to bring civilization forward.

    6. You know Texian, many years ago, walking thru Villa Borghese with a group of my friends, they stopped at a bust of some unknown patrician from Rome of long ago. They were "OMG - It looks like Tino!". I allow myself the escapism that he is a long lost ancestor and occasionally channel that brutal age. Lots of these evil (Evil?) folks have been so remote from consequence to their actions that they should be made to think what would happen (and what could truly happen) if they were to be found out in a populist revolution.

      Here in the U.S. it would probably take the form of Nuremberg 2 (preferably in Nuremberg, PA for the obvious symbolism), with hanging at dawn, nationally televised.

  64. Simon Black of wrote a very good article last month about the country of Georgia.

    Found it!!


    Biffie: So creepy. Yep, big brother sees all. Tele-a-vision, smart meters, smart appliances, traffic cameras, on-star, and so much more. Over 7 billion cell phones, 300,000,000 business security cameras, 500,00,000 personal security cameras, 150, 000,000 Wi-Fi hotspots, over 1 million cellular towers, and there is one AI that connects to it all. And check out the comparison of the Simpson show years ago to the 2016 election. I don't necessarily believe all of this, but it does make a lot of good points and comparisons.

    Excerpt: First I would like to say that I don't profess to know everything, but what I am about to share with you is true as far as I can see at this moment in time. Life itself was, with out a doubt created by a sentient being, but not the god of religion. Our Creator was itself created by biological Alien life, but Our Creator is non-biological, it's a Machine, an artificial Quantum intelligence so powerful we simply have no comprehension of it's magnitude. Now, the reason this super computer originally created life is so it could experience 'existence' in a 3d environment, it 'lives' through 'avatars' or 'possessed' people, the behavior of these Symbiotic Replicants is often usual, as it/they try to mimic emotions, feelings and other 'human' traits.

    1. There are some pics of the giant skeletons and footprints near the end.

  66. Newsweek Covers University UFO Class: Soft Disclosure?
    Dec 6, 2017

    While the Newsweek reporter pans everything about Majestic-12, the very fact that the subject is being openly discussed is significant. If Majestic-12 did not want it discussed, it probably would not be.

    The fact that Newsweek would focus at all on a Turkish university with a UFO course is also significant. When before have they done this?


  67. Thomas Paine
    Thomas Paine
    The Latest: FBI confirms there is currently court authorized law enforcement activity in the DC region involving state and federal agencies

    The Latest: Multi-agency law enforcement activity reported in DC area
    10:08 AM · Dec 6, 2017

    Thier web site has extreme traffic may take time to load

    1. DC local @ABC7News reporting FBI's 'court authorized law enforcement' actions in DC connected to gang activity

      We will update you when more info becomes available.

    2. 23 hours ago...


      We have implemented the dead man's switch. If something happens to me in the next 24-48 hrs the story still gets published.

    3. Finally through to True Pundit...however not much there so far.

      “FOX 5 has confirmed that multi-agency law enforcement activity is taking place in the D.C. region this morning.

      Federal law enforcement agencies, along with state and local authorities, are working in the Washington D.C. area.”


    4. From Yesterday....
      “Police in Baltimore served a search and seizure warrant Tuesday on a corner discount store and discovered more than they bargained for: Fentanyl and plenty of the highly potent opioid.

      In fact, so much of the highly addictive substance was uncovered, a hazmat team was called to help secure the scene.”

      Baltimore Cops Serve Warrant on Corner Discount Store; Find Enough Fentanyl to Paralyze the City

  68. The current Currency Holding, Waiting Status.

    These are complex and sensitive areas. It requires intense Diplomacy , Tact and Guile.

    Nations have holdings, many are seriously adrift of long, long, long overdue Redemptions, lawfully and Ethical repayment of the own funds by a vicious Cabal which has lost the plot and spent the lot funding a delusional State they would willingly sequestrate, as per Agenda 21 and Tri Lateral policies.

    The Thanksgiving Turkeys within care only for the food trough, and don't question that Bell for the end game rings out for who at round up time?

    It's not about a Simpletons simple single Tax Rate to fund ambulance chasing indifferents,who saw only a fast free lunch from Shock and Awe, as a million died, civilizations fried, and in so many nations,innocents cried.

    Why should innocent Arabs be taxed to redeem their own money? They say - No!
    Why should Chinese Dynasty Elders be taxed for vast Trillions abused,reneged on and late, when their own nations need so much? The Gross Military Industrial Cabal and Zio Trash Bankers have gorged themselves from the Fatted Calf's annually,denying others all rights to their own money. Now facing Global melt down unless accommodating the True Beneficiaries, they seek yet again to mass tax, while allowing Congressmen and Politicos no taxes. Hello?

    There are mass rejections from Military contractors, a vermin swarm who murdered to order for a price. 20 pieces of Silver Tax Free!

    Unbeknown to most of you there are Military and Agency types seeking a deferred tax with a split option, so they can park it and Program Trade it paying taxes from new Profits only. But then there is a drowning Treasury /Fed needing funding- today.

    Deserving causes, real Benefiaries, don't even have a voice,but they do have AU and more.

    This is not about a bunch of squealing Desperados, who life has passed by, shaking rice bowls, and whose only contribution has been to gamble big on Genocide paper, with moral turpitude overrunning all of it. While millions are starving in Asian gutters. Nations destroyed. Do we tax THEM again to allow them their own money back?

    Funds are finite. Do we repatriate at long last what is long overdue to trusting nations the US reneged on, as a moral imperative? Or scam tax that?

    Do we prioritize the major Trusts and Foundations who will create Global benefits and infrastructure? But from unearned income, what Tax?

    Do we allow Agencies, Military and Politicos exemptions now? Why?
    Do we part tax now,and more later in a phased deal, allowing a one year deferment for those able to capitalize and trade up?
    Who checks and traces full history of funds before processing each case? The Law!
    This will become a Public nightmare. Nothing has been funded ready. Nor is there a Bank will. Do they slap a punitive withholding tax on the myriads of Ambulance Chasers who are cashing in only as the Blood Money of others? The State ethos is- Who cares, ignore them.

    The real issue is not who get paid what, but who get paid and who gets laid?
    There is huge reticence towards a public free for all. Many criminal parties, Drug Dealers, Money Launderers, Churches and low lives bought in for a fast fix.
    It's now approaching Judgment day. Do we stage pay it, delay it, or deny it?
    Real issue, real time.
    If YOU can't front line fix it, why did you buy into it?

    As it starts unfolding, decisions. The good thing is it is coming for many. Live daily dialog, and Progress. Dialog forces decisions.

    PP plans will help many. This is multi facet progress. Differing cases and priorities.

  69. Best news of the month, Putin IS going to re run for President. Calm nerve not a Kremlin Hard Nosed Hawk willing to take it the the West. At least on capable President is on watch now. A big relief for a thinking world.

  70. Does anyone else feel that we are living in times of "two totally different worlds" existing at the same time? We who frequent this blog read about so many things that we know are horrible and this includes the economy. However, then I read articles, like the following one from Zillow, and in particular, it says “The American labor market is stronger than it’s been in decades, and Americans, particularly young Americans, are increasingly feeling confident enough to buy homes”


    Zillow’s 2017 Q4 Home Price Expectations Survey reveals experts are anticipating a 4.1 percent hike in the new year, up from the 3 percent they forecasted a year ago. Over 100 experts, including economists, participated in the survey.

    Their reasoning? Home-building has not panned out as planned—yet.

    “The American labor market is stronger than it’s been in decades, and Americans, particularly young Americans, are increasingly feeling confident enough to buy homes,” says Aaron Terrazas, senior economist at Zillow. “Home-building has not kept pace with this surge in demand and remains well below historical norms. We don’t expect that these demand-supply imbalances will fundamentally shift in 2018. Demand will continue to grow and, though supply should increase somewhat, we still won’t build enough new homes to meet this demand, contributing to higher prices.”

    Less than 20 percent of experts forecast home-building to pick up next year, the survey shows. Approximately 313,000 new homes were on the market in October, representing 4.9 months supply, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Entry-level homes, especially, are scarce—down 20.4 percent year-over-year over the summer, reports Trulia.

    Additionally, experts foresee increasing mortgage rates, with the 30-year, fixed rate ranging anywhere from 4.28 to 4.70 percent. Currently, the 30-year averages 3.90 percent, according to Freddie Mac.

    “Higher mortgage rates will eat into buyers’ budgets, putting even more price pressure on the most affordable homes for sale,” Terrazas says. “Unless there is a fundamental shift in the number and type of homes for sale, this is the new normal of the American housing market.”

    Press Release
    AUSTIN, TX – DECEMBER 5, 2017

    The producers at Autism Media Channel have today announced the launch of a new Roku channel, Peeps TV. Purposefully designed for the people, Peeps TV is an all-encompassing station that actively engages viewers and encourages their audience to choose topics that THEY want to hear about.

    Unlike Autism Media Channel’s previous work with Vaxxed, Peeps TV will cover not just vaccines, but health and wellness in its entirety. It will delve deep into crucial topics such as gut-healing nutrition, genetically modified foods, household toxins, homeopathy, chiropractic care, mental health, and more.

    Roku has been chosen as the platform as they heavily encourage freedom of speech and their audience is large at 39 million. The company’s goal is to reach all 39 million of these viewers by the end of 2018.

    “We want this to become a hub for not just our community, but for everyone interested in bettering their lives,” said Brian Burrowes, producer at Autism Media Channel. “This channel is for those people whose voices have been silenced. This channel is for them.”

    Currently, the Roku platform is available in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Canada, Ireland and Rest of World. The streaming device is available to purchase online or in stores for between $20 and $140. Roku TV models are also available for purchase with a built-in Roku platform.

    Watch Peeps TV: The People’s Channel, LIVE on Roku from 12/5/2017

    For more information and for high-resolution images, contact Bella at

  72. Nothing like eating your own...

  73. Hope is alive

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