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IN THE NEWS | 5 November 2017

One World of Nations
5 November 2017

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OWON: As we battle the Cabal daily, during Flubber guts Asian tour, part of this reality may just permeate in, what passes for Chump intellect. Our problem is how do we effect reason with a Gross Moron? Jabba the Mutt, Twitter finger on whose hope the world depends on not ridiculing, this apathetic Dope.

"We are in the last lap of the Chinese Ponzi game support as, piece by piece, the whole decrepit system is being exposed. In the end, it will boil down to how many trillions of RMB the PBoC needs to print to make the banks and their shadow banking relatives whole."

Suppose for a minute that this is true. What will be the effect of bailing out the system? What will be the cost in domestic currency value? Perhaps the reason we keep hearing about gold backed Yuan oil contracts backed by gold is simply the value of their internal currency will plummet, while stability is needed to pay for raw materials like oil that would not otherwise be possible.

Having said that, would it not make sense for the US to do the same thing in concert and bailout themselves while lowering the lifestyle internally and having 2 currencies? One internal and one external to pay for imports. The global supply chain is too intertwined for this not to happen, if China does this. One supposes the Chinese would want something more than a fiat payment for their labor, if they Gold back their external currency float.

The problem for both countries is needed verifiable acceptable backing and the absolute nature of real assets backing the external currency to gain support and confidence.

China: Shadow Bank inflows are critical to sustain the ponzi... but they're falling

During the Party Congress, even China’s somewhat watered down versus of the free markets was suspended so as not to disturb the glorification of Xi Jinping as the nation’s greatest leader since Mao. Returning to “business as usual”, some commentators have been disturbed by the continued rise in government bond yields with the 10-year hitting 3.93% earlier this week.

Bloomberg described it this morning as a “tumultuous few days”.

We also noted Huachuang Securities Co. comment that bond holders may be about to get hit by “daggers falling from the sky,” if the Party adopts more aggressive deleveraging policies. In a far less sensationalist way, the Wall Street Journal has attempted a post-mortem on the recent sell-off in the Chinese government bond market.

Catching sight of a chain reaction in China’s markets is rare.

Carrying out a postmortem of a recent selloff in China’s $9 trillion bond market shows how it is becoming harder for Beijing to untangle its increasingly intertwined financial system. In the aftermath of China’s twice-a-decade party congress last week, yields on benchmark 10-year Chinese government bonds spiked to 3.9%, their highest in three years. Government bond futures fell.

Reasons proffered for the sudden rout ranged from expectations of higher U.S. interest rates to general fearmongering.

Having acknowledged the growing complexity of China’s financial system, WSJ provides a valuable insight, noting the relative stability of corporate bond yields during the recent sell-off in the government sector...


OWON: The barbarism that has become ugly America.

Very sad, Russia will rationalize a response.

Washington’s Barbarity Reaches New Heights?

Information has reached me from Italy, Germany and the UK that foreign-funded NGOs in Russia are collecting Russian DNA samples from all over Russia for the US Government. I have found English language verification of these reports.

What is the reason for the US government’s interest in studying Russian DNA samples? What immediately leaps to mind is a tailored biological weapon that only targets Russians. Washington has evaded constraints placed on biological weapons work by maintaining laboratories in Africa.

Of course, there might be an innocent explanation. But why have Western-funded NGOs collect Russian DNA samples? Why not explain the project to the Russians, if the project is innocent, and invite them to work together on the project?...


OWON: As WE keep telling you, 95% of all wars, war related deaths, Global terrorism, tax grabs, and regime changes, are caused by this filth of a Cabal running not just America, but Fed related Banks worldwide. War for those Whores. The death of civilization and Culture. Millions die for the US lie.

These are not heroes marching to war, just Boys with Toys, pawns on a board, propagating more stress, needless death, and the lapse of humanity from any worthwhile destiny.

Release the Settlements, release the world from Washington and NY's Tyranny. Close the Fed!

"For America to advance economically beyond China, it must again unify for the common good, encourage entrepreneurship by reversing trends that favor Wall Street, large corporations and monopolization, and redirecting the nation's resources away from building a bigger war machine and foreign entanglements to investing in We the People on the home front"

That means jobs for Americans and new technology that only real capital willing to Risk it, can bring. And that means the settlements.

This is our daily battle, naming and shaming those who hold back the world.

‘The business of China is business. The business of America is war’ – Gerald Celente

While the United States is concentrated on wars, China wants economic prosperity, according to business consultant Gerald Celente. He predicts the Chinese economy will become the largest in less than 10 years.

“Politicians lie, but numbers don’t. Take a look at the decline of America and the advancement of China. The trend is undeniable. America’s middle-income households had shrunk from 61 percent in 1971 to 50 percent today, while China’s grew from five percent in 2000, just before they joined the World Trade Organization, to nearly 35 percent today,” Celente told RT.

Beijing has pledged to invest in its economic future, which can be proved by President Xi Jinping’s speech at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in October, the analyst notes.

“China’s investing in its future. From high tech to NEVs (new electric vehicles), to speeding up the development of the internet plus advanced manufacturing and innovation enterprises. To foreign acquisitions of ports, industries and airports to the One Belt One Road Initiative, China’s on the fast track to become the master of economic globalization,” Celente wrote...


OWON: So, who died to form the Fed unchecked?

What portion of history do you believe?

Undeniable proof emerges that JP Morgan sunk the Titanic to form Federal Reserve

The biggest false flag in history orchestrated by banksters.

Shocking new evidence has emerged that JP Morgan carefully orchestrated the sinking of the Titanic so that he could form the Federal Reserve.

Back in 1889, a book was written by Morgan Robertson, spookily titled “Wreck of the Titan”, detailed the demise of a luxury liner that hit an iceberg killing everyone on board.

The book became eerily prophetic as the disaster would play out almost to the exact detail of the book.

What was different with the Titanic was the huge political implications it would have after it sunk.

Some of the wealthiest key figures in the financial industry died when the Titanic sunk, all of them had one thing in common; they opposed the Federal Reserve...


OWON: Slime bucket Soros and his ilk. How he uses Sex Victims, trafficked for profit, and nothing is done. When will this piece of human filth go down?

Top Soros Fund Manager Ran Human Trafficking ‘Sex Dungeon’ of Imprisoned Women in NYC—Lawsuit

A scathing and massive $27 million lawsuit was just filed on behalf of three Florida models against a former top investment fund manager for George Soros. Howard ‘Howie’ Rubin, 62—who was featured in Liar’s Poker, a book described as ‘defining Wall St.’—is accused of rape, assault, kidnapping, and human trafficking.

The women in the lawsuit, two of which are former Playboy bunnies, accuse Rubin of operating an $8 million penthouse in Manhattan which contains a secret “dungeon of sex toys, masks, and BDSM apparatus.” In this penthouse, according to the lawsuit, the women would be imprisoned while Rubin had his violent way with them.

According to the lawsuit, Rubin would lure the girls to New York on JetBlue flights after connecting with them on Instagram. Once they arrived in Manhattan, Rubin would drug them, gag and bound them, and then violently beat and rape them while in his sex dungeon. The lawsuit states that he hit a woman so hard that she passed out as he demanded she call him “daddy.”

“I’m going to rape you like I rape my daughter,” he would say according to two of the alleged victims. He would then attack and punch them so violently and aggressive, that one of his blows “flipped” a woman’s breast implant.

As the Mail reports, they say he then covered up the alleged rapes and attacks and hushed them by paying them up to $5,000 each...

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