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IN THE NEWS | 9 October 2017

One World of Nations
9 October 2017

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OWON: Downright scary as to how this can be used in future. For sure the Labs are on it already.

Synthetic biology “breakthrough” could allow your body’s cells to be hacked with BIO-MALWARE that takes over cellular function

It seems like with every modern scientific “breakthrough” we become more vulnerable as a species. The latest such leap for mankind was announced recently in the journal Nucleic Acids Research, and involves programming cells to fight diseases like cancer and the flu. The research team, led by Professor Alfonso Jaramillo of the University of Warwick, claims that this new technology can also be harnessed to reverse agricultural issues, while strengthening plants against pest issues and making them more resilient in general.

While this all sounds good on the surface, all genetic engineering carries an element of risk, and this particular type of meddling could make us vulnerable to being hacked with bio-malware that could take control of all the cellular functioning of our bodies.

Just like computers, cells can be programmed to respond to specific codes and instructions...


OWON: What a Clown, exposed naked in the wind as just nowhere near up to it. She made a complete Tit of herself and that Saddo husband coming to her afterwards looked a complete stumbling Wassock! Out! Out and go Quick!

Theresa May flunks British leadership test as 'dream' speech turns into nightmare

It's hard not to feel a little sorry for Theresa May.

Overnight, the British Prime Minister had probably her most important day at work for the entire year and it went so badly that her future may now hang in the balance.

Ms May's speech to the Conservative Party's conference in Manchester was meant to reset her premiership after a fractious few months, which have been dominated by divisions over Brexit and leadership jostling.

The address, it was claimed, could have even kick-started a Tory revival with new policies on power bills and plans to spend billions on council houses.

Things actually began OK.

The crowd seemed to appreciate Ms May's apology for her role in the disastrous election campaign in June that saw the Government blow an enormous lead in the polls and lose its majority in stunning fashion...


OWON: So hear we have it. A PM too disorganized to follow the wishes of the people who may now cut and run to save her sorry Ass. A country for sale by this not up to it She male? Britain will riot if so.

Theresa May under pressure over ‘secret advice’ on halting Brexit

Prime minister is sent FOI request to publish legal guidance thought to argue that UK can stop EU divorce process at any time.

Theresa May is under pressure to publish secret legal advice that is believed to state that parliament could still stop Brexit before the end of March 2019 if MPs judge that a change of mind is in the national interest. The move comes as concern grows that exit talks with Brussels are heading for disaster.

The calls for the prime minister to reveal advice from the country’s top legal experts follow government statements declaring that Brexit is now unstoppable, and that MPs will have to choose between whatever deal is on offer next year – even if it is a bad one – or no deal at all.

Disquiet has been growing among pro-remain MPs, and within the legal profession and business community, about what is becoming known as the government’s “kamikaze” approach. Ministers insist that stopping Brexit is not an option, as the British people made their decision in last year’s referendum, and the article 50 process is now under way, however damaging the consequences might turn out to be when negotiations are concluded...



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