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Proferet Occulta Veritas | Report #5 | Shadow Government

One World of Nations
Proferet Occulta Veritas Series
6 September 2017

It's time you saw the reality of the Deep State and its total control of your lives.

Unelected, out of control and with no interest in serving you or the rule of law.

You are the Slaves of a Zionist Oligopoly and too stupefied to know it.

Wake up from their Matrix. Can you take an hour of truth?

CIA agent whistle-blower risks all to expose the Shadow Government


  1. Tough viewing, welcome to reality. At least your awake and asking.

    1. John,
      Thanks to you and Canauzzie for posting this as a special feature. Thought it was HUGE when I posted in Comment. It's well-organized and easy to understand. Hopefully it'll help with the wake up.

    2. Canauzzie. Here a better video of Kevin Shipp the graphics he uses are viewable in this one same presentation
      I saw both of them

      Kevin Shipp - Former CIA Officer Explains The Shadow Government - The Hagmann Report
      The Official Hagmann Report 19,398 views

      Published on Sep 2, 2017The best breakdown of the "Shadow Government" given by a former CIA officer.

    3. Here's Kevin Shipp from 10/2016
      Great one also

      CIA Whistleblower Speaks Out About Climate Engineering, Vaccination Dangers, and 911
      Dane Wigington 402,452 views

  2. Thank you
    Few I've sent it too have now started down rabbit holes and don't think I'm so crazy anymore.

    1. I sent it to my brother-in-law. I'm sure he questions my sanity.

    2. I hope everyone snaps a photo of faces when the friends and family learn what we've been reporting is TRUE!

  3. There is so much more to come when the time is right to release what we hold.
    First we have to get the RV part done. Part funding is needed to turn it all upside down.

  4. Can't wait for it to come out


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