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IN THE NEWS | 3 September 2017

One World of Nations
3 September 2017

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OWON: Major new Nona technologies can kill cancers.


OWON: Ouch!

Wife chops off sleeping husband's penis for 'playing too much golf'

'Violent' husband's genitals mutilated by wife after ignoring her and not providing enough 'money to live'.

A 50-year-old Korean woman cut off her husband's penis with a kitchen knife while he was sleeping, claim reports from the region.

The wife, referred to only as Mrs. Kim, confessed to police during their initial investigation that her husband had been violent towards her in the past, while also stating that he "never gave her money to live" and spent "a lot of time out and playing golf."

The incident occurred in Yeosu, a port city located in the South Jeolla Province in South Korea. According to statements made by locals, the pair had what appeared on the surface to be a "good relationship," reports Jeju Weekly.

The victim of the attack was discovered after a neighbour heard a pained groaning sound coming from the married couple's apartment. Upon investigating the unknown noise, the neighbour found the husband lying on the floor...


OWON: Be in no doubt, BRICS will never stop until they have removed the US from Global governance. 

Bound to bring the wrath of the US.

Not only economics: 'BRICS nations have set their sight on global governance'

Political experts have told Sputnik that the nations comprising the BRICS platform are gradually switching from purely economic issues to global governance.

The BRICS countries are looking to have a stronger common voice in global governance at the 9th BRICS Summit scheduled to take place on September 3-5 in China, in addition to developing economic cooperation which brought them together in the first place, experts told Sputnik.

Leaders of the BRICS countries, namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, are expected to take part in the international conference, along with leaders from Egypt, Guinea, Mexico, Tajikistan and Thailand.

Politics and security

Chinese experts closely following the progress of the BRICS mechanism argued that it has evolved from a platform for emerging economies to strengthen their economic positions in the global economy to promoting new orders in global governance...


OWON: When a nurse works within the Law, and a Thug Cop abuses her and it, time to Jail this thug Swine. Way too many slimebags in law walk free. Sack him. Jail him!

Nurse cuffed in Utah blood row says cop 'bullied me to the utmost extreme'

As the mayor and police chief express regret, the nurse says an officer attacked her and "nobody stood in his way".

A nurse dragged out of a hospital and handcuffed after she stopped officers taking a patient's blood has said she was "bullied... to the utmost extreme".

Alex Wubbels refused to let officers take blood from an unconscious patient at Salt Lake City's University Hospital because of official rules.

Bodycam footage shows her telling Detective Jeff Payne he could not get a sample without a warrant or consent from the patient.

The patient had been injured in a fatal car incident and police wanted to determine if he was intoxicated or not.

Ms Wubbels told officers "I'm just trying to do what I'm supposed to do".

But the dispute ended with the officer telling the nurse "we're done, you're under arrest" as he bundled the screaming woman outside and handcuffed her...


OWON: For sure terrorism sentences of 5 years are a joke.

Life and throwing away the key makes more sense. Scum!

Maximum terror prison sentences 'may be too low'

Maximum prison sentences for some terror offences may be too low, the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation has said.

In an interview with the Press Association, Max Hill QC gave the example of someone who failed to alert the authorities to possible attacks.

It is an offence that is punishable by a sentence of no more than five years.

But he said he saw no need for fresh legislation in the wake of the terror attacks in Manchester and London.

'Terrorist mindset'

Mr Hill said: "With the benefit of experience and hindsight it may be the case that some offences have insufficient discretionary maximum sentences, which should be reviewed."

He cited Section 38B of the Terrorism Act 2000, under which an individual commits an offence if they do not inform police when they believe someone is preparing acts of terrorism.

"It seems to me that that should be reviewed for a decision on whether that is actually sufficient," he said...




  1. 'Major new Nona technologies can kill cancers.' I am very excited about this new technology. Of course, it is best to try not getting cancer in the first place with clean life style. But, if you do get it, now there will be a non-toxic way to kill it instead of using chemo and radiation poison.

    And thanks for the funnies:)


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