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  1. So You Took An Oath to Defend and Preserve the Constitution.....For All Members of the Military and Police Forces

    Most of the people we talk to who say that they "took an oath to preserve and defend the Constitution"----including many military officers---- : (1) don't know what a Constitution is; (2) never seriously sat down and studied or thought about any one of the three Constitutions Americans are likely to encounter; (3) don't know which Constitution they took an Oath to.

    This article is for all those people.

    The greatest enemy we face every day is ignorance. The second greatest is sloth-- which leads to the careless "taking for granted" of things which should never be taken for granted.

    A "constitution" is a debt agreement.

    It lays out services to be provided, who is responsible for providing these services, how they will be administered, and who pays for the services.

    Even a cursory glance at any one of the three (3) Constitutions Americans are likely to see reveals that, yes, indeed, all these matters are covered--howbeit, in different forms and by different parties.

    No doubt it is a surprise to many that we have three Constitutions. Let's start there and review the facts.

    There is "The Constitution for the united States of America" written and adopted in 1787. This is the actual Constitution forming the union of unincorporated organic land jurisdiction "States of America" into a union (a form of association) of sovereign states, doing business as the unincorporated United States of America. Notice that this unincorporated entity was created "for" the States of America. These "States" are also unincorporated entities. Notice that "unincorporated" is a synonym for "sovereign".

    It was necessary to create and form this union of states first in order to have a central body responsible for exercising all the "powers" of the sovereign states in international jurisdiction BEFORE those powers could be exercised in common or separated out and delegated to any other party. This is the actual Constitution from which all other Constitutions (debt agreements for services) are derived and upon which they all depend for their existence.

    So, the unincorporated United States of America was formed first, received the responsibility for exercising all international powers in 1787, and two years later, delegated nineteen of its enumerated powers to the British Monarch and His Proxy Government known as The United States of America as described and organized under The Constitution of the United States of America adopted in 1789. Notice that this foreign British-controlled "district government" was created "of" the United States of America --meaning "apart from, outside of, or belonging to" the United States of America.

    Whereas the first Constitution was an agreement between the national governments of the individual sovereign states to form a union and to mutually operate both their international land and international sea jurisdiction powers under a supra-national union of their states known as the unincorporated United States of America, the second Constitution delegated nineteen of those international powers to a foreign territorial government run as a proxy government under strictly delegated powers by the British Monarch. The District of Columbia was carved out as a base of operations for this proxy government and it was also granted the ability to own and operate dock yards, arsenals, and similar facilities needed to exercise its delegated powers.



    1. To continue reading this article in full visit live link below. I may change link if a more suitable one comes available.

      So, You Took An Oath to Preserve and Defend the Constitution by Anna von Reitz


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      By me providing a live link is NOT in any way to be taken as an OWON endorsement.

  2. MW&P Thank you for sharing the footage of Houston where the flooding was bad. That looked to be thousands, if not more homes mostly under or partially under water. Will be happy when things happen so can help.

    Canauzzie, Thank you for the live link on MW&P's shared video.

  3. p: excerpt from article

    Obamacare Just IMPLODED With Sudden Second Move Trump Just Made Overnight – Libs Are FURIOUS
    Sept 23, 2017

    The American people have been forced to pay for Obamacare and punished for it if they don’t or can’t participate. That’s not acceptable to our president who is for the people and not special interest groups. The government should have never gotten involved in an industry that’s part of a free market and getting it back to what it should have always been is going to take something major. President Trump was the man to make that happen and just did with this latest sudden move.

    President Trump threatened to end all government payments to lawmaker health insurers if Congress does not pass a new health care bill. He’s saying that bailouts for Insurance Companies are on the chopping block if they don’t fix this fast, as a second move to ending bailouts for members of Congress.

    He also made it very clear to call to attention the fact that Congress lied to the American people for seven years by saying that if they would elect the GOP they would, in fact, be repealing and replacing the failing Obamacare law.

  4. p: A reminder of why we don't need nuclear bombs or the like (from Desert Storm where they used DU bombs). We need peace in our world. Warning Graphic images.

    NATO and USA weapons containing Depleted Uranium (D.U.) expose everyone near them to toxic doses of radiation. It is enough radiation to cause mutations in the developing unborn. Birth defects are the result. Even the sperm and eggs of adults are affected, such that any future children may be born deformed.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Texian.

      I couldn't get either of the videos to play. Is there a YouTube link perhaps?

  6. Russian General Staff to US: 'You're Only Pretending to Fight ISIS - Get Out of Our Way'

    "Russia continues to accuse the US of effectively fighting them as they mop up ISIS in Syria.

    Attacks are coming from areas where US special forces are based. The Russians suspect, with good reason, that the Americans are helping coordinate the attacks.

    Another accusation is that somebody opened the upstream dams to raise the water level of the Euphrates, complicating getting troops and equipment across it. This could not have been done without American approval, as they control the forces who control the dams"

  7. Harry must think he's cool flashing Satanic hand sign...NOT...what we've come to expect from the band of reprobates. It's a shame "the family" put out a hit on his mother. I would like to think she would have reared him much better given the opportunity. 😢

    Awkward-looking Prince Harry becomes first Royal Family member to meet a Trump since the election as he greets Melania at the Invictus games

  8. Physical Gold Being Reintroduced Into Global Monetary System In A MAJOR Way

    With major oil exporters finally having a viable way to circumvent the petrodollar system, the U.S. economy could soon encounter severely troubled waters.

  9. Stunning breakthrough reached in
    Nebraska satanic pedophile case
    by Allen Doug

    (4 page PDF)

    1. Child Abuse & Paedophilia By The Elite (13min)

  10. William Tompkins - A Case for the Secret Space Program July 18, 2017 (68mins)

  11. Pop Fizz: Madonna Released a Live Album This Week and Only 3,848 People Bought It

    (Satanist high priestess)

  12. Currency updates.

    First, we can only comment with strict limits on information flow.

    However, there still seems to be an illusion base out there who just don't get it.

    1. Major, organized groups only are tracking so far. Banks are simply not going to go setting up expensive Forex Desks for low volume Third World currencies to service only the vacuous graspers of the Western wannabes. Those in the syndicates have the best chance to feed,handled as Private Placement volume trades. No one has time for these little multi M ambulance chasing broker holdings.

    2. There are certain controlled block currencies being volume negotiated right now.

    These will be in multi B blocks with such amounts as are credible to finance. Not the hot air of the mindless T Blocks pontificated by the currency site Boiler Room Pumpers.

    However, once those PP do get cleared,it MAY create opportunities for the ambulance chasers to find an exit. We are cross involved in a number of negotiations right now. The West Coast teams are also active. But none are for the multi T blocks pontificated by moron medias. Capital reality rules, what is affordable!

    3. If such PP negotiations do succeed,such settlements will leave for a new London Safe Haven,not to fund Cabal hooks. Projects will be funded with Global vision and prioritized. Suitable site members have already demonstrated than many can assist with Global development, implementation and distribution. OWON is a World Agenda. As such, a new Collective force for good will emerge. Can do people, who will move their Butts and go with the flow. A Global agenda.

    4. That so far is the finite progress in reality. Private initiatives are in active negotiation, the Can Do's doing. There is no Public desperation policy nor interest in mass supplying small holdings. Nor likely to be. Crumb policies are just not of interest to the majors, nor an issue of interest. Self Service only applies. Settlements will come to the London Capital Markets for safety and to trade. Non will wait for US implosion. It brings a whole new meaning to Running Money! Smart money moves, and the smart with it.

    Until the PP's break first,nothing will happen. All this talk of fantasy multi T's is just vacuous Gobshite delusion. Paid from where and by who? The US IS broke! Bankrupt! China can't bail it, and the UK won't! So Get Real thinking, who can? Way too many fantasies are running off loose lips. Money IS finite, and managed. The agenda now is how service 8 billion. We can afford to let an overstocked few million of the herd go into the night. Self help and creative thinking needs to be applied. Mental application not desperation obfuscation. Be smart , think outside of the box and find and angle or service to promote. The internet is awash with Global opportunities, just focus the time. Most readers having got this far, are smart enough to do it. Reach out and find markets. Self help. Share collective ideas and progress together. Brain storm? Self motivate, don't stagnate. You CAN do it.Market intellect.

    1. These are great news Big John!
      Thank you much for your tireless efforts.
      Let's hope that this process is almost in the ready to start helping humanity.

  13. Community and Sustainability: Homeless Solutions
    Sept 24, 2017

    Seattle has a project going to place homeless people in small dwellings in the back yard of homeowners who have opened up their property and their hearts. This is an idea any community could do.

    These little dwellings come with rules and regulations and provide safe, clean, warm homes to people who need them.

    1. And here, we have little villages of these homes. Very well organized and accepted with more being built. No one should have to sleep outside in the weather. So much kindness goes into helping those in need.

    2. P,
      I've seen this idea before more similar to what Biffie describes...little villages. As I recall the project was in a major city and utilized land under highway interchanges for example that are located near grocery and other needs. There were also rules about trash, etc. to keep them looking nice.

      As a former real estate broker, can't say it's a great idea for a back yard. Think it would be a problem when putting home on market. We enjoy our back yard being private so don't want anyone living in it. I don't particularly want the armadillo, Ollie, who lives under a bush either. 😂

  14. I thought of a PERFECT solution to the Deep State and the US having been infiltrated by lying, scheming, psychopaths.

    One single law would do it.

    The law would read: Anyone who is elected to ANY position of local, state, or federal governments MUST submit annually to a full financial audit and the results will be published.

    Joila...only people who are NOT on the take and truly want to serve will run for office. All campaigns will receive the same time slot allowance for commercials and the EXACT same amount for the campaign paid by taxes.

    This solution would solve another HUGE problem with politics in the US...LOBBYISTS would go away because the audit would show WHO is on the take, yes?

    1. And, in fact, a transparent assets and interests register must also be maintained, together with a list of any gifts received over some very minor amount - about two hundred bucks, from memory.

      Pecuniary interest is dealt with via a share registry and directorship declaration, and extends to partners or wife's and immediate family.

      It keeps the politicians accountable to the electorate.

      There have been several root and branch investigations into politicians over the last few years, some with jail as the final consequence.

      Even the use of travel expenditure is rigorously checked. A former Liberal Speaker of the lower house, Bronwyn Bishop, was forced to resign because she hired a helicopter to attend a Liberal party fund raiser.

      That's how it's done in Australia - because the rules are enforced on our politicians.

      Might be a lesson in that somewhere.

    2. MWP, would definitely help make things right.

  15. Well, the "Biden Presidential bid" is being floated out there again. Talk about stupid. First, the man is incompetent to begin with -- the system doesn't select for competence but for Oscar-winning acting performance by puppets. Secondly, I am sure those with the details on the $200MM bribe won't hesitate to push that narrative out there and make him fail what little vetting process there is. Third, his family has both tragedy and screw-up in it at the mythic level. If he isn't unhinged yet, he is certainly on the road. Retire Biden. Go Away. Eventually you will be arrested anyway. Enjoy what free life you have left.

    1. Tino,
      IMO Biden is so far down the list of possibilities that we probably shouldn't worry now about him. I think Dems will most likely run a Communist since Sanders would have won nomination but for fraud. Perhaps notables like Fauxchontas, La Raza operative Julian Castro, Obozo's minion CA's black Sen Kamala Harris, or another Obozo minion NJ's black Sen Cory Booker. Do you notice a consistent theme here?

    2. Yeah, I hear you and agree. But Kamala Harris can't make the grade at all. A black woman has no chance given the advance of the Alt-Right. Already the vote structure is skewed. A hispanic pretending to be a white conservative with a proven track record, male, is the only playable card for the Right. The DNC, if it is to survive, need to play someone white, male and statesmen-like with a Bernie Sanders theme of socialism. Otherwise they will be blown-out so badly they won't recover for a generation.

  16. Tino

    We had hoped Trump may be man enough to take down Biden, but hes just a Koch Shill and little more. Sad. Only in America heh? Miss JFK? Sleaze and all?

    1. JFK might have been sleaze, but at least wanted a functioning Constitution and none of the NWO/Globalist bull. So hell yeah, I miss him, even though they murdered him a year prior to yours truly being born...

  17. OPINION.

    There exists a type of human who has no connection to the higher centers of universal love/awareness by nature of a birth ‘defect’. He/she is simply not genetically wired to embody empathic kindness; while not being able to access these qualities in this lifetime, he/she still possesses the ability to emulate and mimic these higher characteristics quite well, and can even distract us from our personal evolution by sapping our energy and feeding off them.

    This type of “human” is the psychopath (comprising about 6% of humanity, most often found in positions of power), who is hiding behind a mask of sanity, creating misery and chaos which he/she “feeds of off”. It goes way beyond mere greed and the pursuit of power. Psychopaths have no neuro-biological capability to experience anything close to love, compassion and empathy.

    It’s not a psychological disposition but a genetic one. This is a very misunderstood and ignored topic, especially since most psychopaths can appear as “normal” through their “mask of sanity“ deception. They are not necessarily criminals housed in prisons (nor the Hollywood version of the “crazy serial killer”), but can be CEO’s, politicians, spiritual leaders, husbands, wives, or the child or the neighbor next door. They can tell you exactly what you want to hear, and appear compassionate, empathetic and understanding…without meaning or feeling one bit of it. They’re also pathological liars who never feel any guilt or remorse.

    1. DNA is a transmitter. It continues to function after death for a while as does the brain (new study on this topic that I just read). The Soviets found that beaming certain frequencies at DNA cause the production of a holograph. I believe that sociopaths are set to a very different frequency.


  19. Replies
    1. TEX The video link presents an interesting view with scientific basis. I am sending this to my Chief medical Officer .... I will let you know what he says .... I Pray he says what I want and we can pursue this when I get funded. I have suspected this for a while but the ziorats have kept my funds and starvation level for a few years .... Thanks!

    2. Bob,
      Don't recall if I ever sent Hulda Clark's book to you on frequencies and healthcare. If you want to browse it, would be happy to email.

    3. TEX I am not sure but please send it and I will get on it. I Plan to build holistic health care clinics with funding and we are going to do what I know can be done. Pharma is more of a criminal empire than we realize. I've been majority shareholder of a biotech company for 25 years and we have been torpedoed below the waterline several times. Now we are invisible and will do technology roll outs very carefully and with the right strategic partners. We will provide diagnostics and healing - not for profit .... We will always need Prayers to make it fully manifest!

    4. Bob, If you have real interest in holistic health and frequency/voltage, you MUST check out what Dr. Jerry Tennant is doing in Grapevine, Tx. My husband and I found him about 3 years ago and have personally attended a 3 day seminar that he taught.

      His biomodulator is Rife on STEROIDS!

      Here is a link to his work:

      Here is a link to his speech given in 2015 on is in written form making it easy to print and make notes rather than audio/video form:

      I live in the Houston area if you ever want to ask Canauzzie how to get in touch with me, I am willing to have him give you my e-mail address. My husband and I would be so pleased to meet you and share about this truly amazing technology and of course, our shared desire to leave the planet a better place than when we entered it.

    5. Bob Richard Gerber's 'Vibrational Medicine' is a very good source of information on this topic. I have a copy. He makes a good scientific case for how sound and light work as mediators plus other things. To me it's the basis for quantum healing, using consciousness and entanglement to reintroduce back into the body the healthy state.

      Oh I just remembered an account of how the Lemurians rejuvenated using this. A pregnant woman and subject were laid and separated by some kind of crystal. The crystal acted to quantumly entangle the developing foetus and subject so that the latter's DNA would remember and revert to the pristine state that existed in the foetus. Pretty neat idea.


    6. Bob,

      I would also be very interested in hearing the findings by your medical team. I have been using equipment that was developed based on Raymond Rifes work for approx. four years, and found it to be very effective. Fortunately neither myself or family suffer from any severely debilitating diseases but have found that treatments have been very effective for many ailments including high blood pressure, colds & allergies, eyesight, psoriasis, and infections.

      I strongly believe in the principles of Rifes work, and will include it as a portion of my projects list too.

      BTW, I have been severely criticized by my family physician and other friends for using this instead of the traditional med. community and pharma recommendations, but I'm good with it.

      Thank You MWP and Texian for your post on the subject.

    7. MWP - AJ - TEX Thanks for all the pathways! My lab is in AggieLand currently. We will move the main lab As soon after funding as is OK for our Team. WE have a few MD's etc interested in getting into this. The spend as much as 1/2 their time with paperwork and govt BS. WE plan on building paradigms of excellence in healing and prevention +++ much more ... allopathic, homeopathic, naturopathic, reflexology, iridology, massage, sonics, raw food + real nutrition, herbal - Asian and Native American etc +++ Also useful and accurate measurement and diagnostics. Several collaborative relationships will get us quickly to Best Practices and more. We will package what we learn to enable others to learn and do it where they wish. I only need to live another 100 years or so! LOL

    8. Hulda Clark was, is, and remains a fraud of preposterous proportions. There are no basis in fact for any of her claims. And she died of cancer - PDF - Death Certificate That should put the kibosh on curing cancer claims.

      In terms of Royal Rife, there was a fascinating case report which I replicate below:

      3 DC – ALBUQUERQUE – NM – US
      We present the case of a dramatic treatment response to a diagnosis conundrum which, after 32 years and more than 60 surgical operations, was cured in less than 3 hours by the radiation of a plasma tube.

      However, it is unclear how to replicate the findings in a predictable and reproducible way. But there is gold (medical and regular) in those plasma frequencies. Existence proofs are important. It is an arena that needs to be explored fully.

    9. For those of you Rife

    10. Tino,
      OMG! Thanks for the head's up! I should have researched her before I sent that PDF to anyone. Too many rabbit holes...

    11. TINO et al I just got blasted by my CMO .... He referred me to quackery etc. The way I work .... approach this issue with proper resources and apply sound (no pun intended) scientific method and let the data speak loudly .... it will get a solution. I am always ready to see the wait a while until more research comes forth but I believe thare is something huge in sonics that is just waiting to be discovered and applied to healing and more!

    12. DCC,
      Thanks for posting very interesting info! The last one also mentions Dr Keshe. I'm currently using some of his technologies....pain pad and most recently GANS packs. Pain pad does provide some relief. It's certainly a better option that opiods! Too early to tell about GANS yet.

    13. Bob,
      Of course allopathic practitioners want that to be the only method of healthcare. It certainly has it's place, but there are many therapies that are workable for various maladies and diseases. The perfect world would analyze and use the best of each in a complementary fashion. Let's also clean up water, food and air and perhaps we wouldn't have so much need for healthcare!

    14. Bob agree we should correspond as we are doing that also holistic centers a teaching and research and others already have sites and plans ready to go. Some out of country and some here. Can't wait to get funding to get it started.

    15. @Bob -- I made no comments about sonics. Rife has basis, Clark none. Nor have I blasted anyone :)

      Technically, your Chief Medical Officer is correct but not necessarily about each detail. I have been forced to live on the fringe of medical research for a while. Certain things have value, and some great therapies are laying dormant for all the usual suspects and reasons. But the vast majority are not on the Internet. And if we do have some serious med-tech in the DUMBS, they haven't seen the light of day, one can only hope the next round of the wheel brings them up.

    16. I personally have seen hundreds of Hulda Clark parasite cleanses assist the most difficult health issues that allopathic diagnostics/treatment could not help. Living in Fla perhaps there are more exposure to parasites, regardless, those specific herbs which are the primary ingredients in the cleanse has historical use for just that...parasite cleansing.

      Having an herbal store in the 90's I had some unique apprentiship with an elder holistic practitioner and what I witnessed and learned just saved my life. I am personally am recovering from a bout from an exposure through a foot wound which went systemic, lung/sinus infections, rashes...after 6 months of trying several allopathic and holistic protocols...including UV/IV...nothing worked. It was not until I did a full parasite cleanse with homeopathics specific to the organism, did I recover. I have learned that first hand experience and historical data outways modern "studies" over and over again. "Our food is our medicine and our medicine is a food" used to be basic common knowledge.

      I've doctored myself for 30 years and have learned to trust the plant people, while balancing with modern diagnostics and allopathic intervention only when needed. Here is a good example of what I am speaking of...

      Great information everyone, thank you for sharing!

      Sunshine Native

    17. Sunshine Native,
      Thank you fir this information. We have several brilliant MDs who have been close friends...most went through medical school in 1960s. They say they didn't even have one nutrition course. What they later learned about nutrition was all on their own. They went to what would be considered top schools. Surely this isn't still the case, or is it? Since Big Pharma started the allopathic med schools, I guess they didn't want to confuse their propaganda with other facts.

      Doses of high quality vitamin C will cure many diseases!

  20. Bob, A holistic health center is what I too have envisioned. A place where one can come and get the entire body healed as a whole and do it using what mother earth had intended.
    My sister has had a rife machine for several years and she swears by it.

  21. Jon Rappoport and Jim Stone both have interesting articles out today. Am on phone at work so difficult and to post live link, but they are worth checking out. Jim Stone on Puerto Rico and Jon Rappoport on medical symbols.

    1. From

      Puerto Rico may be facing crisis for several reasons.

      1. The power company was negligent and did not keep the system maintained, as well as installing it poorly to begin with. They filed for bankruptcy this year also, before any hurricane was an issue, so funding is all messed up.
      Downed trees broke wires everywhere and caused problems everywhere (this happens in ordinary thuder storms) but the problem is that unlike in the U.S. where this is planned for and trees get cut back if they could be a problem, the power company in Puerto Rico simply let everything grow in like a weed patch which turned what could have been a small problem into a huge problem. The big problem in Puerto Rico is power outages because the hurricane was not strong enough to wreck anything that was constructed half way decent. Puerto Rico is not having problems housing people, the problem is food distribution and power.

      2. The second huge problem is that the leadership of Puerto Rico basically runs the country like the Clinton Foundation and steals everything it gets which should be given to the people instead. So there was no emergency plan, only a 0.000001 percent top of the pinnacle fat cat club that sucked all the state energy into a black hole. There are no emergency food supplies, nothing whatsoever on hand to help people out with. Everything was drawn down to zero and running on nerves.

      3. The third problem is MASSIVE CORRUPTION in the charities like the Red Cross, which now use crisis donations to pump up the wealth of a few individuals rather than actually using the money to help. Since organizations like the Red Cross are the only way average people can lend a hand, average people get eliminated from the equation when their help goes into a new luxury hideout rather than a loaf of bread and bottle of water. But the Red Cross can at least spend $5,000 out of 300,000,000 to make a great commercial with a few mud soaked volunteers off loading a van somewhere, put that on TV, and fake a presence. It works, so why not use misery to turn a profit?

      It seems at this time that ports have re-opened and the U.S. government is arriving with gasoline to put the cars back on the roads Which are being cleared of branches a lot slower than they should be getting cleared but they are predominantly open by now. So people are not likely to starve. But there is another issue at play -

      Puerto Rico is NOT MEXICO. If this type of problem happens in Mexico, roads get cleared in hours and power is back on quickly, no matter how bad whatever happens is. I went through Mexico City yesterday, after the earthquake, and it is already completely and totally business as usual. Things were built so well and repaired so quickly I did not see any damaged buildings, it really was the 1:1000 ratio as I originally said. There were some large collapses but overall the city handled a large earthquake amazingly well, and whatever problems did happen got taken care of with amazing speed.

      Unlike Mexico, there is a people issue in Puerto Rico even at the basic level, where problems have been created where there should be no problems, and things are slow to be corrected. However, There will probably be no major crisis in Puerto Rico, only inconvenience, because all it will take is for America to arrive with gasoline so food from America can be distributed. AMERICA, not the Red Cross or Clinton foundation. Puerto Rico is an American territory so help that arrives from an official level is not foreign aid. Contrary to what has been claimed, aside from a huge mess made by trees the island was not devastated. Almost everyone still has a home so recovery ought to be fairly easy.
      We will have to wait and see what actually happens.

    2. Ya'll This is a wholesome exchange. My career is filled with risk taking. My CMO is like many colleagues with subtle humor. They love it when I come out with something like sonics .... I did not explain it properly. Then Dr CMO loves to bust my chops and says little when we advance in new territory. He puts Dilbert cartoons where i can see them indicating I am a quart low but no worries. We have been working together for over 25 years and I enjoy the game because I know he is dedicated to the truth. Deming was much the same way. I believe with every fiber in my being that a hybrid model will work beyond our comprehension and will work until I draw my last breath to improve what I can to improve the treat the problem, find the root cause when possible and understand the symptoms ! Resources will be welcome. When I think of our achievements with a few million; just think of what we will do with more adequate resources working in pursuit of Truth!

    3. Sadly, there was once a major project to bring Puerto Rico's infrastructure up to date and greatly improve its harbor and provide for a train for a more speedy transport around the island. Friends had put that together about 20 years ago. Even as recently as 5 years ago it looked like it would finally go forward, but it looked liked the funds developed went poof, like so many funds have to do much good.

  22. Putin: Russia Is Ready To Show Proof US Hurricanes Are Man-Made
    Sept 23, 2017

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has named the date he plans to release proof that the US government engineered the recent spate of hurricanes that devastated large parts of the U.S.

    Like a boxer confident in his own strength, Putin has been observing footage taken from the Russian Elektro-L No.1 weather satellite – and has been biding his time, waiting for the right moment to go public with his findings.

    According to Kremlin insiders, this Christmas Putin will release the satellite footage that conclusively proves Hurricane Irma and Harvey, as well as other extreme weather observed around the United States recently, was engineered by people within the U.S. intelligence agencies.

    “The destruction caused by those storms was orchestrated by the Deep State who, like on 9/11, wanted to inflict suffering and pain on the American people.”

  23. Russia To Shoot U.S. Special Forces In Syria Supporting ISIS: Russia Reveals Footage In Deir-ez-Zor
    Sept 24, 2017

    Russia has warned the United States that its troops will fire at U.S. Special Forces in Syria if they see evidence of collusion with ISIS.

    Moscow issued the warning Thursday, claiming that its forces had come under fire from U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) who seemed to be protecting ISIS. reports: Russia’s Ministry of Defense said mortars had been fired at its own special forces from positions held by U.S. troops and the SDF on the eastern banks of the Euphrates.

  24. Hoping those Zims PP are successful this week and set the "precedent" JOHN spoke of which in turn should move the VND $ IQD RV's for a small window of opportunity. Then, so much good work can be done at least within family circles to remove so much strife and suffering. So many great grass-roots projects would get needed funding like Craig Sawyers documentary series exposing the pedophiles child slave market.Hanging is too good for them.

  25. As Chump has been warned off war against NK by both Russia and China, the Cabals options are limited.

    However, any semblance of a brain for the Grifter in office, would enable this Mutt to see that simply orchestrating world opinion to shame this appalling NK regime for its heinous and inhumane treatment of its own poor citizens is the real way forward. In turn uniting a world backlash, for a multi national force to then go in together and close the Camps, free the people and unite Korea, as we did in 1945 crushing the Nazis. What accolades then for America?

    These poor people are living in disgusting and brutal Slave conditions, not dissimilar to those imposed upon poor Afros on US Plantations for centuries but conveniently forgotten by America and its Ghettos.Americas own history? Ask the natives.

    Or those imposed on the trusting Vietnamese when the gutless American military cut and ran leaving those poor helpless Souls to the murderous Viet Cong. That act of shame and US cowardice will last forever in the minds of Asia and Europe. Shame!

    Is it too much to ask that some of the stench of Washington is offset to coordinate a united effort, cross trading a guarantee to China not to leave US bases in the north, and to leave once that murderous Slag and his regime are crushed by a multi national force. Germany was re united. Why not Korea? Is it not time for the US regime to get one right without hegemony gain? Simply for the nations to unite, free an enslaved people,and show humanity can work for all. Two obese, egoistical lard arses saber ratting will get us nowhere. Leadership is about vision,not derision.

    Millions live in daily horror and degredation in North Korea. As with Zimbabwe. No one does a thing. Tyrants rule. Brutal thugs. OWON is a Global site, with Global views. Nowhere to hide, and no place for egos. Such a vast global readership gets it. Why not Foggy Bottom and the WH? No profit? What is the value of a human Soul to be freed? Millions of them?

    Is it not possible for this lard arse Ox to think outside the box? Is the lump capable of Statesmanship? Remember, he was only railroaded in as a Clinton blocker. Simply because of the dearth of quality standing,and the public resistance to so many grubby, compromised Beltway suits. Stopping Clinton was good thing. Well done for that. But was the Chump ever destined for more? His Bio is gruesome. When he purses up and opens that dysfunctional mouth, most of us are transfixed at what gibberish will follow. Few expect cohesion. Whilst he insults the NK Troll calling him Rocket man,for sure the Oval Office has no Rocket Scientist ensconsced at this time. Nor has there been since JFK inspired and united nations. Then America was reaching for the stars. Now its diminished to groping for your R's!

    How do we re establish a new Global Accord to reach for humanity?
    America, if so minded, could inspire and unite nations to co enjoin and end this monsters reign, earning the respect and goodwill of nations, freeing millions from their pitiful existence, and lifting the bar on Washington Statesmanship.
    If only we had JFK or Ron back? Since Bush it's been downhill all the way.

    1. John,
      Good points, just one small correction. Remember Jimmy Peanuts...wasn't he supposed to be a rocket scientist? lol. Look at how that worked out! We have to be careful what we wish for. ��

    2. John,
      Do you realize that you are daily putting Americans down? That includes a lot of people that contribute and support this site. You use the phrase "you", not Cabal, not Khazars, not deep state but "you".

      I guess most, not all, Americans contributing to and reading this blog are here hoping to get some crumb of information so they can be in the golden circle and cash in on currency information and that is why they don't seem to call you out for your constant put down of Americans. I have no problem calling a spade a spade and would love to see how you will try to wriggle out of the contemptuous comments toward members of this blog and ALL Americans for that matter.

      If you want to go on and on about Trump, so be it. As Shakespeare says "he protests too much". However, every time you choose to put me and other Americans down I will speak up. I've given you three other terms you can use if you wish to continue the tirades...please use one or all three (Cabal, Khazars, Deep State) because THEN, I would agree with many more of your posts. I'm sure, of course, that you could care less if I agree with your posts but thought this was an important subject to bring up as UNITING wins the game...calling names only DIVIDES us more and helps THEM win.

      Canauzzie, I have re-read TOS and I see no problem making a truthful post as being a problem to the rules...please advise.


    3. MWP,

      "Canauzzie, I have re-read TOS and I see no problem making a truthful post as being a problem to the rules...please advise.

      I am not sure what you are referring to?

    4. Canauzzie,

      I just wanted to be sure that my comments would not be censored or taken down because I called John out on his American bashing...that is why I posted that to you. I guess I'm good, yes? Appreciate your quick reply.


    5. MWP,

      Comments cannot be censored in anyway. That is a Blogger limitation. Only removed.

      Your comment does not violate OWON's TOS.

      Questioning that I may "censor or remove" does make me uncomfortable though. Your question was very cleverly crafted, but putting the cart before the horse.

      There have been plenty of comments posted like this that have never been removed. The ones that were, were in direct violation due to the total lack of respect in the way it was worded towards another contributor.

      Freedom of speech is practiced here. Always has, always will be....

    6. Good to hear Canauzzie. There was no intention to be "crafty" as you say and I apologize if I have made you uncomfortable. It was not my intent.


    7. It makes me uncomfortable because any newcomer to the site would read that and think you and I either have a problem or have had a problem. With "truth" and OWON's "TOS" being highlighted as possibly conflicting either by censorship or removal of a comment(s). The fact that you asked me to advise could easily be interpreted as a challenge that our actions do no mirror our policy.

  26. p: When this 8 year old girl's mother asked for help in supporting her daughter's love of bugs, the Entomological Society of Canada did their part. Great job! )

    8-year-old teased for her love of bugs is the co-author of a scientific paper
    Sept 25, 2017

    The biggest challenge for girls interested in science is that they don’t get enough encouragement. This is why we have fewer women who make it in science and technology fields. Luckily for Sophia Spencer, a budding 8-year-old entomologist, she has gotten overwhelming support for her passion. She loves bugs and brought them to school but was teased for it. A Twitter message sent by her mother to the Entomologist Society got her in contact with “bug” researchers. The precocious bug-lover is the now the co-author of a published journal article. Take that bullies!

    1. p I love this! I'll take it to work and show my group.

    2. P and AJ,
      Yes! Yes! Yes! Children will excel when allowed to follow their interests. The eldest grandson who I've referred to before, has proven exactly this theory to me. The little kid who did his own study units just like this young lady is exceeding our expectations. At 19 now and in 2nd year at a top tier university has signed himself up for extracurricular consulting group which led to a paid internship last summer (rather unheard of as a help from anyone), also a gig as a camp counselor for last part of summer. Now he just heard he's on an internship team during fall break for a week (400 applied, 20 selected). He's also in a standup comedian club and got a performance spot last week...he's most excited about this 😂. The point is he's engaged, excited about learning new things and doing his best.

      This all has to start with little ones to encourage them to excel, make learning interesting. We have a severe problem with education models now. The basic model hasn't changed since I was in school and that was too long ago to even talk about.

  27. "We are in the process of re-venuing the governmental services back to the land jurisdiction states and new federal service providers have been named. We will not be renewing any contract with the American Bar Association or its members, with the result that anyone wishing to retain their Bar Membership will need to de-camp and remove themselves from our courthouses and public buildings no later than January 1, 2018.

    Those who wish to provide honest service to the American states and people at the County and State level are invited to study American Common Law. We recommend reading Brent Winter's book, The Excellence of the Common Law, as a starting point. Take up the necessary task of re-populating the local and state courts with competent Justices of the Peace.

    Those who wish to serve or continue to serve at a federal level will be serving Federal Postal District Courts and Circuit Courts. Any need for "US District Courts" will be greatly reduced.

    All maritime, admiralty, and 'special admiralty' courts are now required to fly the actual Title 4 Flag and may not operate under color of law via the display of National Colors. All civil courts on our soil are required to fly the U.S. Civil Flag and to operate under the provisions and presumptions of the peacetime Public Law."

    Justice Anna: A Message for Bar Association Members

  28. Jon's on a roll lately. He also could have mentioned the Pope with his walled off city, the Queen and her many castles, the Rottenchilds, et al with more castles. All these NWO folks aren't living what they preach! When will they realize the most helpful things would be to help them develop their own countries for survival? Technology assists!

    Jon Rappoport: JK Rowling, Clooney, Trudeau: put immigrants in your homes

  29. "However, any semblance of a brain for the Grifter in office, would enable this Mutt to see that simply orchestrating world opinion to shame this appalling NK regime for its heinous and inhumane treatment of its own poor citizens is the real way forward. In turn uniting a world backlash, for a multi national force to then go in together and close the Camps, free the people and unite Korea, as we did in 1945 crushing the Nazis. What accolades then for America?"

    So, John...why doesn't your country do this?

    1. Oh, and if memory serves me correctly, wasn't it YOUR country that was responsible for the Balfour Declaration? Hmmm...more pot calling kettle black?

    2. We were guilt of the Balfour agreement because no nations wanted the Jews back at any price, and we were also guilty of the poorly designed Iraqi borders where we gave them no designed Ship Offloading land, and allowed the breakaway Kuwait which took it. Bad tactics by the UK.

      But pre WW11 we gave you a vast Industrial Revolution, the Common laws, A Civil service, and Global standards. We civilized most of you. We left a lot for societies to emerge. You left us the Clinton's? ( Tongue in cheek guys).

      Post WW11 you stole our Gold holdings reserves, blackmailed us with war debts,assumed Global Leadership, saddled the world with Wall Street, Fed corruption, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mogadishu where you got your ass shot off and ran, Vietnam where you also got shot to hell and ran. You became the worlds major Dope snorters, the cause of the mass spreading of HIV,your nation has HPV second to none, and Hollywood more than any other source, has destroyed family values.

      Apart from mass Sleaze, corruption,endemic Political rot,you will have left what? You had your window and time to make your mark. Did it have to be a skid so large on the planet?

      Eurasia will lift the bar. Americas time is now ending. As its failed economy already has. Tiny Britain can show its face. It has the worlds largest Financial city.Why? Also respect and trust.

      Why in NK? Because it's the US- again- creating the conflict. America does not do, or get,Diplomacy. Only Hegemony. Feeding like tapeworms off the back of South Korea, step up, or step away.

      My comments were to enable to enable the US to redeem some saving grace.
      Lavrov is doing the rounds between nations using diplomacy. Iran told you to to shove it. And won! The world is disconnecting from you. Akin to Nero fiddling as Rome burned, you see Nothing? Geography has zero basis in US education. Was a leader ever so poorly equipped? Iraq is a complete F up again. ISIS? Funded by? Still! Which whores are the cause of most of the wars? End of days soon for DC. Then?

    3. Ok John as for country's responsible we need to look a the real issues behind the the atrocities
      Which is City of London Vatican City D.C. city and all central banks including the bis. We need to take down all theses to resolve the problems world wide

      As we all know we did not steal the gold American people but the 3 above did. D.C. Follows London and Vatican orders

      So I'm thinking we need a coordinated effort to stop all 3 and mass clean up

    4. Kimber

      No, the US did steal the gold because of weak, unworldly British PM's who simply did not know how to tell these uncultured US vandal thug Presidents to shove it. Class bowed to crap. We paid a heavy price. As you will do next. Empires end,but we kept our cultural relations worldwide. That alone saved us.

      That is your Achilles heel. There simply is no goodwill for the US. Sorry, but when payback it will be merciless. Its been a dreadful century of immoral marauders.

      The Vatican is coming apart. The London City is based on Pension Funds, Trusts and Forex. The aura of a Special Elite is simply unfounded. If only!.
      Eurasia will ream the Vatican and Judaism. Neither will survive. Asia will assimilate, or exterminate as the Cultures clash. There can be only one winner. Native Americans will tell a tale?

      Afros and Hispanics will out breed Americas Anglo's. Then payback will be a bitch. With real attitude. Eurasia is unstoppable. As is the decline of America. Dreams become nightmares.

      To survive, we need to become one nation of all mankind.If not,payback won't be! There are so many good people on the site from all the nations. Worldly and cultured. Caring, reaching and tolerant. They are the future. Smart money also with a seeing all eye.

  30. Slimy Weiner just got 21 months in jail. Good!

    1. Anyone else it would have been 5 to 10 years with time off for good behavior.... but at least there is jail time.

    2. I'm going to start asking for ID when I get chat requests.

  31. Trump is not going to save anyone. Having some background on him that others did not, I never understood why anyone believed that such a flawed tool could pry certain hands off the steering wheel of the country. There was an interesting post from Ben Fulford on this topic: U.S. President Donald Trump becomes Obump with Zionist Meltdown at UN

    Something has gone seriously wrong with U.S. President Donald Trump, as was obvious to any aware person who listened to his speech at the UN last week. By threatening to “totally destroy North Korea,” he was the only world leader threatening war at a venue designed to promote peace. Trump did this because he is being blackmailed by the Khazarian mob with videos of him having sex with an underaged girl, CIA sources say, confirming what Pentagon sources have previously said. The CIA sources add that there is also a video of him killing the girl that was faked using computer graphics, something the Pentagon sources were not aware of. In addition, “Trump is trying to stay alive and keep his family from harm,” the CIA sources say.

    If you look at this picture of White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly burying his head in his hands as Trump veers away from the agreed-upon speech text, you can tell the U.S. military had no part of this travesty.

    North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un’s counter-threat to “definitely tame the mentally deranged U.S. dotard with fire,” just added to the same Khazarian theatrics that are designed to fill the world’s people with fear.

    You do not have to dig very deep to show that North Korea and Donald Trump take orders from the same Khazarian mobsters. The trail, as we shall show, leads to the Rothschild complex in Zug, Switzerland.

    1. Why do you continue to allude to having information "that others do not" without stating what you are referring to and providing sources? That is the tactic of trolls.

    2. Texian,

      This is the latest tripe from Ben Fulford's weekly offering.

    3. Here's the thing: All world leaders have kicked the NK problem down the road for decades. And still, all they do is talk a bunch of shit and no action. Trump is the only willing to do something about NK. No one wants war, certainly not the American people but when you have a fool with Nuclear weapons, threatening to destroy your country on a daily basis is BS.

      If this is a global site, where the hell are the European leaders? What are you doing to curb nuclear war? Why doesn't someone put a leash on this fool? If he oppresses his own country, fine, so be it. When he starts threatening others, let those he threatens, stand up to him and handle it!

      But no, instead, Trump gets put down for saying he will deal with this idiot. Why didn't the UK "help" NK decades ago, if such was your heart and your concern? Unfortunately, no one did anything, and war looms. Thanks Global leaders. You had your opportunity, now Trump will deal with it.

    4. LG indeed. I think that this whole US vs NK palava is really the one deep state attempting to orchestrate ww3 as a gambit to remain in power. The WHs have made significant progress and the looming loss of power of the petro$ introduces multipolarity. Ergo ww3. This is not NK against US - the deep state is in both. One hand up two puppets' asses. To say one country is good and another bad plays right into their game play.

  32. Dear John:

    Thanks for the intel you provide on things leading up to both private exchanges and a possible public exchange. Knowing you are well connected, I have a question for you that can benefit not only myself but others who are reading that have their money in forex investments such as managed forex trading accounts or automated forex trading accounts etc. I do not want to use your knowledge in GCR and RV happenings to benefit in the leveraged forex trading markets but rather to avoid any losses as a result of sudden currency changes. My question boils down to this: Will there come a time when some traders are likely to suffer massive losses as a result of sudden currency changes, or is there something built into the RV and GCR process, by the people in charge of the process, that will prevent leveraged traders from having their forex trading accounts suddenly blown to bits by sudden changes in currency values? Any insights or recommendations will be appreciated in order to prevent the worse from happening. Thanks so much again for your help.

    1. Any Western currencies carry risks. If cashing- Go Offshore, buy Gold- fast! Then you are safe.

    2. I have lost my hiney in gold over the last 10 years. Bought most around $1500/oz. In that time the stocks I sold have tripled. Real Estate quadrupled and Bitcoin would have made me Warren Buffet with the amounts I have in Gold and Silver.

      I sure hope you are right.

      A cheaper play for those that want to hedge would be the yuan wouldn't it? If China is asking and the elders are giving. At 7 yuan to the dollar, that's nice leverage.

      After watching this thing for 8 to 9 years now, I don't see this transition happening overnight.

      Even with gold backing, China's political system is still suspect. People will ease in slowly.

      I give the entire transition another 5-10 years.

    3. John

      I have the same Question as JV....

      What is the timeframe we are looking at here?

      From initial start deal that you referred to on sunday currency update post, to moving thru all the organized groups

      Approximately how long will that take to complete the organized grps?

      Then what happens after that?

      What happens to the historical bonds? To the derivatives in the old system ?

    4. There are certain major PP deals in play by the day and week. Private deals.

      Then there are the groups and that is building again now. Now without hope now.
      Time frames are evolving weekly, it's up to each to stand their ground or fold. No one is owed. This is a week on week battle. We fund our own play. We owe no one.

      Historical bonds are selectively stolen each year by the Cabal and Zio trash, but China is now taking stand.

      Derivatives are Dog crap needing to crash and burn. They have no out. They are a Con! Stay clear.

    5. Sorry should read not without hope now. Limited response time!

  33. Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson has put together a remarkable timeliness. Looks like plenty to PROSECUTE. What you waiting for Attorney General Sessions? Either step up to your job or get out of the way!

    Sharyl Attkisson~Obama-era Surveillance Timeline

  34. Looks like Oath Keepers is really stepping up and making a difference. In view of quite a few reports of Red Cross and FEMA actually stealing donations (particularly cases of water, boxes diapers, etc.) from church steps and caught selling them in Houston area, this seems to be a more worthy option.

    Funds Needed for Florida Everglades Disaster Relief Expansion

    1. Thanks Tex I rather give locally have given to individuals. and haven't found one I could trust. Will use this one. Thanks

    2. Kimberly,
      That's always been our policy also. We typically don't give to organizations preferring to directly help where we see the need.

  35. Replies
    1. It states that “U.S. intelligence obtained a 250-page file on the attack by a UFO on a military unit in Siberia,” and it goes on to describe something extraordinary:

      " The file contains not only many documentary photographs and drawings, but also testimonies by actual participants in the events. One of the CIA representatives referred to this case as “a horrific picture of revenge on the part of extraterrestrial creatures, a picture that makes one’s blood freeze.”

      According to the KGB materials, a quite low-flying spaceship in the shape of a saucer appeared above a military unit that was conducting routine training maneuvers. For unknown reasons, somebody unexpectedly launched a surface-to-air missile and hit the UFO. It fell to Earth not far away, and five short humanoids with “large heads and large black eyes” emerged from it.

      It is stated in the testimonies by the two soldiers who remained alive that, after freeing themselves from the debris, the aliens came close together and then “merged into a single object that acquired a spherical shape.” That object began to buzz and hiss sharply, and then became a brilliant white. In a few seconds, the spheres grew much bigger and exploded by flaring up with an extremely bright light. At that very instant, 23 soldiers who had watched the phenomenon turned into… stone poles. Only two soldiers who stood in the shade and were less exposed to the luminous explosion survived.

      The KGB report goes on to say that the remains of the UFO and the “Petrified Soldiers” were transferred to a secret scientific research institution near Moscow. Specialists assume that a source of energy that is still unknown to Earthlings instantly changed the structure of the soldiers’ living organisms, having transformed it into a substance whose molecular composition is no different from that of limestone. "


  36. Anyone else have a fascination watching the NFL and NBA owners shooting themselves in the proverbial foot? Certainly a crazy distraction going on. Did they actually think it would be a popular move with the people who actually buy the wildly overpriced tickets? To perpetuate the Soros-created race war? And the players? Quite a few are among the biggest thugs anywhere with more arrests per year for domestic abuse, DUI, fights, and even murder. Finally this farce may be unwinding. It's mostly all rigged anyway, right? Never thought I'd see the day hubby and son would both stop watching NFL and NBA! If you have withdrawal symptoms, support your local high school teams. 😂

    1. Texian,

      I wrote a letter to our sports editor today because his article in the sports section this morning was about the protest rather than the game yesterday. Rather then retype my letter to him, I'll repost it here to save time but pretty much covers my opinion on the matter:

      Gregg,(sports writer's name)

      I hesitated writing this email because this issue is so divisive but I suppose as a subscriber of the Star, I'm allowed to voice my opinion since my paltry contribution to your employers every month and that of other subscribers, does help pay your salary.

      I've commended you on many articles that you've written, not because of the subject but because of the insight you bring to the sports page, something the former jerk never could, it was always all about him. I'm disappointed about today's article, not about what you wrote but about the subject matter. I'm sure you're being deluged today so I'll try to keep this short but its difficult to express thoughts on such a complex subject.

      As a reader, if I want to delve into politics, I'll read the slanted opinion page. If I want local, I'll read that section and when I want sports, I'll read the sports section. Yes, I know, Trump brought this into the sports arena by his comments on Friday but the bottom line is, no one really cares about what athletes think....or movie stars....or anyone else in the entertainment business.

      Why? Because their life is so much different than the person who pays to watch the games or go to the movies. They make more money in five years than the majority of Americans make their whole life. No one cares about their political opinions because we're not paying or watching to hear those, we're watching or paying for the entertainment. If not for that venue, they'd be flipping hamburgers at McDonalds or delivering mail or.....writing a sports column. (Smile)

      I'm not sure how disrespecting the flag and the national anthem of the country that provides an opportunity for most of these athletes to have a better life brings anything positive to the discussion, rather, it just creates a bigger divide. If these athletes feel so passionate about it, why don't they quit their multi-million dollar a year job and run for office? Why don't they join a police department and see the other side of the issue and get some perspective? Or why don't they quit football, join the military and put their life on the line for this country like Pat Tillman? It smacks of hypocrisy and the color of your skin doesn't blind you to that fact.

      Trump didn't start this, Kaepernick did. He's the same genius that came out in support of one of the most oppressive regimes in recent history when he extolled the virtues of Castro and Cuba. Perhaps he should go down there and try out for their professional football teams. Oh wait...they don't have that opportunity there. Nor does any other country but ours, yet expressing a myopic view that has absolutely nothing to do with your profession seems to be accepted and encouraged.

      Recently, I've thought the concussion issue would be the downfall of the NFL but now I'm thinking this disrespecting the anthem and flag movement may overtake it in hastening the end of the NFL. If viewership declines again this year and attendance wanes, you can bet the greedy NFL owners will reverse course because after all, its not really about equality or injustices to them, its about money. Crossing sports into politics will be the death of all of it. And lets not forget, the athletes who play this and the majority of Americans have absolutely nothing in common with the elite who run our world and who include most every owner in every major sport in our country.

      This is like the old Roman Empire and the gladiator games and we all know what happened to that political model.

      (End of letter)

    2. Rather like the Airheads of Hollywood, who scripted to talk,want to opine how to think? From gilded cages to a Public opinion forum? That can sway the masses of all too often ignorant asses.
      So there is a point, is this a model to be condoned? An opinion how so earned and how occasioned? Is it collective power with responsibility?

    3. This is backfiring on the prima donna players who are "protesting" as every stadium's fans yesterday booed the players after the anthem. This is Trump at his most engaged and this has already burned the NFL. Guaranteed the viewership and attendance will drop until the owners step in and order their overpaid snowflakes to stand for the anthem or be fired.

      Ironically, the knuckleheads knelt in London and then stood for UK's anthem, essentially backing an empire known for its aggressive expansionism. And of course the elephant in the room is the fact that the UK transported over 3 MILLION slaves to all their colonies and territories. Talk about uninformed, unsophisticated, moronic Neanderthals.

    4. Paladin,

      Great letter!

      What do you suppose the Vegas odds are if the owners are in emergency meetings right now? Appears they're headed to double down on stupid IMO. Jerry Jones is only owner I've heard speak who seems to recognize this won't be a winning meme for the bottom line.

      And ESPN? They and their Jemele creature are also very tone deaf.

      As I see it playing out, we can get along fine without pro sports. Colleges and high schools offer plenty. The serious issue of injuries...primarily concussions must be addressed. Sadly that issue would not have tracked as quickly. Issues surrounding concussions have been known for a long time, but the $$$$$$$ involved in sports have kept it under wraps. Just like vaccines. If there's extra family disposable income, it may have a chance to go to something worthwhile now.

    5. Loved Alejandro Villanueva being the only Steeler with the balls to walk out and stand for the Anthem against his whole wussy team. Army Ranger, 3 tours in Afghanistan, bronze star.

      That tard Tomlin then gets mad because he did. It's ironic when you think about it.

      His shirt is the number 1 seller online today. That should tell you something.

      The NFL needs to go. It's just a bunch of overpaid felons.

      Stopped watching it 10 years ago.

    6. Texian,

      Like I said in my letter, I thought the concussion issue would be the NFL's demise because the number of high school football players is dropping and soon they won't have teams and then it will trickle up to the college level and pretty soon, they'll run out of idiots to play the game. And yes, ESPN has been exposed and is losing viewership, too. This will hit them all in the bank accounts and that's the ONLY reason they'll do anything but I think its already too late on the concussion issue and the anthem one is quickly getting away from them.

      Interesting about Jerry Jones, I have no respect for him as an Owner/GM because he's not very good with personnel decisions but he's the best businessman of all the owners and probably won't allow his players to kneel tonight.


      Yes and Roethlisberger has come out today and says they should've done it different and regrets he stayed in the locker room.

      AND they just announced viewership was DOWN this weekend so watch how fast the owners get their overpaid snowflakes in line.

    7. Love this guy. He sums up this whole event pretty well.

    8. Paladin,
      Jerry Jones isn't near as smart as I gave him credit for. Too cute by half. Drudge headline now. None of that will play well with Cowboy fans...former fans. They all went down on knees before the anthem. Very stupid.

      Cowboys, Cardinals lock arms for national anthem in show of unity

    9. Agreed, Jerry tried to split the difference and ended up getting in his own way.

      Mark this date down...the beginning of the end for the NFL.

    10. Are Professional Sports Fixed?
      Would you leave a multi-billion dollar business up to chance?

  37. Cowardly MSM. All the facts are sitting in plain view.


    Special to One World of Nations - Courtesy of W. Douglas Dechert

    Rui Ma, a 28-year old Hong Kong woman, was allegedly confined as a sex slave in one of Manhattan’s most expensive towers. For more than three years, she says, she was held in a palatial $67.5 million condo in the Sherry-Netherland Hotel. While a personal assistant to a Chinese billionaire, she was humiliated on multiple occasions and forced to perform a variety of sex acts to avoid punishment from her aged captor.

    Her alleged tormentor was a Chinese billionaire named Guo Wengui, according to New York State Supreme Court filings. Guo made his fortune in Chinese real estate. He’s also well connected. Guo’s former political patron was one of China’s highest-ranking intelligence officials.

    Ma is now suing Guo for $20 million worth of damages, according to a report in New York Post.

    But Guo has no plans to visit his homeland anytime soon. Marked as a dissident, the Chinese billionaire fled from Hong Kong after being convicted of fraud charges. China issued an Interpol “red notice” for him in April.

    Guo, who claims to be a whistleblower outing Chinese Communist party officials, has made broad, partially unsubstantiated claims on social media about corruption in China. Guo’s knowledge of corruption is not surprising to Chinese officials who say that he was very much a part of it. Many of Guo’s former associates have been prosecuted by Chinese authorities on similar charges. The Chinese government is seeking to extradite Guo and has filed an aptly named RED NOTICE with INTERPOL as well.

    Guo, a heavy donor to the disgraced Clinton FoundatIon, has retained high priced fixers David Boies of BSF and former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson of Paul Weiss to fast track his application for political asylum in the United States. Boies and Johnson are perennial capos of the Clinton gang's much needed legal Preatorian Guard.
    This comes as Guo works to circumvent a salvo of lawsuits designed to hold the Chinese billionaire accountable for his long history of financial indiscretions.

    A hedge fund, Pacific Alliance Group, sued Guo for $88 million, claiming he owed the staggering sum in April. A New York judge tossed out the hedge-fund’s suit on Wednesday, arguing that New York isn’t the proper jurisdiction for the case. The case should be tried in China, said the judge.


    1. Tino,
      This is a horrendous situation, although not unique in NY with the UN there and everyone having "diplomatic immunity." This has been going on for decades and there have been MANY cases of slavery reported. Even some of the women who have been able to get away have been unable to get much help. The police can't seem to step into it because of immunity. It would be great to get that cess pool out of our country.

    2. True Texian.

      In this particular item, the MSM avoided fielding the piece like the plague and the billionaire in question does not have diplomatic immunity. He's merely a conduit for money to the Clinton's and notice who is defending him.... interesting isn't it? Why isn't Sessions all over it or the NY State Attorney?

    3. So, Tino, my best guess is that he has "Clinton immunity" if NY state attorney and Sessions are ignoring.

  38. Where is our Gold?

    1. 700 TONS of gold stolen! (300 truckloads!)

      " Based on glaring conflicts among the Treasury's own documents, this staggering amount of gold disappeared without a trace from 1961 to 1971."

  39. Replies
    1. Canauzzie,

      Thank you for highlighting this story. I have limited time to keep up with all the articles but this one is near and dear to my heart. My daughter in law was born in China. She is truly brilliant, funny, and engaging. I'm sure that even she is unaware what is happening in the Chinese rural areas. I have forwarded this story to her to share with friends and family. They need to know and China doesn't like to acknowledge anything that about their country that doesn't play well on the International stage.

      Of course, for that matter, neither to the governments of the western world either.

    2. Thanks Canauzzie. Yes I'd say its a global problem. The problem is government imposed time-based curricula and standards that will always produce this. Instead, govs should allow and enable skill-based advancements and individualised curricula. There would still be assessments for signing off for certain entrance exams bit not everybody needs those.
      It's enough to oroduce people who can function and be active and inquisitive. Not everyone needs matriculation.
      Thanks again, sad, but an opportunity for us.

  40. Hope Pres Putin throws the book at them...and the ones that show up to replace them. Terrorism has no place in civilized society!

    Breaking => President Putin Imprisons 130 US Deep State Antifa Activists On ‘Terror Charges’ After Violent Riot

    1. Well Done President Putin!!

      This is EXACTLY what #realDonaldTrump should be doing in USA, because the very definition of what a terrorist is to incite and/or cause violence.


  41. German Election Rigged! Merkel Named Winner
    Of Fourth Term 7 Days Before Vote By TV Station!

    From Dr Leonard Coldwell

    First France, now Germany rigging election! (Bunch of criminals working for the globalist agendas.)

  42. JV,

    Thank you for posting the link about looted gold.

    Dr. Beter was an awesome human being, revealing SO MUCH truth decades before anybody else did mostly about history being re-written exposing all the lies.

    Here are two excellent links for anybody interested: (multiple language translations here) MP3 & HTML

    1. (wow. the second link is gonna keep me busy reading for months!)
      #2 is a HUGE database of related links.

  43. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. As to the above comment, some of us do understand in our own ways about what has been done to the many countries our troops have seen action, sadly.

      Long conversations with a German woman, the generation after Dresden brought more enlightenment. The cost of war is too high to continue the continual loss of life, the tragedy of terror, the sexual, physical and mental abuse that continues for generations.

      War must stop if our planet is going to heal and it will take effort in breaking the abuse cycle so widespread throughout the global community.


    2. John's comment above was removed due to violation of OWON's TOS

      I have removed what was needed to comply and no other changes were made.


      Re the MWP adverse comments again, followed by new attempts at playing a hand for Editorial manipulation.

      As seen by the comments of 1,000 Monkey and others, America has a Global perception just not comprehended by its own naive citizenship. How do we save it, from itself?

      As an innocent Iraqi family sits demoralized and destitute in a mud brick home, while some ignorant, never before traveled Redneck in an armored US personnel carrier, lets rip from its recoilless cannon machine guns using armor piercing shells, targeting the collective homes of the local population to scare them and let them know, the Yanks are here. The all too often thick Grunt does not does to see the effect as those bullets pierce walls, shred families, their children, the elderly, and always the innocent. A million died in Iraq. Why? Their army was conscripted and terrified. Shame on YOU!

      In Basra the British troops were feeding the people, giving medical help, and playing ball games with the children. The Brits quickly dropped their armored helmets, using regimental berets only, and assimilated as one with the nationals. Tensions eased.

      Not so where the US APCs were unleashed murdering and terrorizing. A million dead. Who gave you the right? As ever. Who dies for US lies? The life you live, is a lie!

      But the MSM does not print this. Alice in Wonderland.

      Or the 1 million captured German conscripts Eisenhower let die in the POW camps, or the mass rape of German women by US GI's post WW11. Images? You live in a fantasy world.

      The poor little girls sold by starving Vietnamese to stock the GI brothels.Sex slaves.
      The children born unwanted, cursed to live in destitution as the GI left overs. But no media on our heroes. Impressions of a nation? Gutteral! Vile, a plague on the planet. But who dares criticize the "We are Special?" From such, madness is born.

      Syria torn asunder by US Agency funded,armed and trained Jihhadist's. Another attempt at US Regime change which failed.

      Proud and educated Iranians,subjected to 35 years of US sanctions after the US sold out the Shah, let in the madmen, and walked away from the carnage ensuing. But the Iranians persevered and won. Impressions of America there?

      Try asking the Filipinos of US impressions. Or walk their streets alone at night. See how long you last.

      Yes OWON is a Global site. Most " Get it". Bob for example does.As do many.

      Gaddafi got it after you unleashed the new terrorists, now the nation is in pieces. Gaddafi beheaded. Chaos. As ever.

      30 years on from the Iraqi wars, the main US civilian interest, is predicated not upon a devastated multi thousand year old culture, but a Global parasitical life force whose only concept of Iraq, is to question, when can I cash my Dinars? Free loading, free lunching, free riding and uncaring. Ask the Afros, what is it like to be an American? I DO! Ask the Native Americans who suffered mass genocide. Look at the state of the reservations. Every treaty broken. Lied to.

      Afghanistan where Poppy growth is up 400% feeding a thriving drugs trade. What was the point? How do we change America unless we expose it? Change must come from within. An awakening of minds, of responsibility,and manning up. Closing 990 war causing bases. Wake up!

    3. JOHN Ever wonder where 41 got the nickname Poppy! There are >1,000,000 ziorats and minions infecting and destroying this country from within. Several Veterans - especially me - are learning the mechanisms of mind control used by the Military; especially Marines and Special Forces in other Branches. Many of us are very well educated formally as well as life experience = applications that work! We are forming a critical mass greater than 10,000,000 that will will overpower the synogogue of satan ziorat POSs. Americans are no different than Brits or any other people but we look at things differently. For instance; Brits originated the opium trade and the Poppy people perfected it and the Clintons helped a lot .... CIA-41 et al + senior ziorats funded Walmart, Tyson, Facebook, Google, Intel, Oracle, GE, Serco et al, BAE to name a few. 13 families of ziorats + Jesuits _ CIA, Mossad + MI5/6 use central banks and Fed to print currency (It is not money) and use every sort of treachery to control us = dumbing, MSM, All entertainment, Intel agencies, Human trafficking, organ harvesting, human slavery, blood for evil, torture rituals, satanic rituals. The common bond of elite ziorats and the tiers near the top are pedophiles - the worst kind that maim and torture. This is a global organization that manifests similarly in different countries but most if not all countries are complicit. I am American who served in USMC that learned the hard way about evil that I could not comprehend. I learned because I read and studied for decades. We are Benevolent people seeking Truth and enjoin here seeking FORMATIVE COMMUNICATIONS THAT will lead to plans and solutions to make this a better world. Sorry for length but I am passionate about this save our world issue. We can and we will by the Grace of God! I will be quiet for a while.

    4. Bob
      No need to be quiet, be there to help wake up the masses. Yes, I know the Poppy story. And how much they skim off as a family.

  44. Now, real news.

    RV's are now being delayed into next year. The US is Broke! No freebies.

    Certain PP's are still in play and can help. If they are achieved, we will help by escalating community projects, and a number of key suggestions contributed by so many of you. Helping YOU help many. Every step can change lives. A thinking people, help for all. The PPs are still alive. Ignore the Boiler Room Currency pumping sites and media rags. All is predicated now on the PP's. A step at a time, if possible. We will advise weekly. Fact whatever. Next year there will be nowhere left to hide for them. They ran out of road to free load.

    1. Thank you John!
      Hopeful that these PPs are excecuted before the end of 2017. Our humanity needs this.

    2. GT

      We may get that very soon. There are many excellent people on the site able to help and just needing support. Also many as frustrated good Americans needing a chance to make a difference. We hear you. These PPs are hopefully close now. Projects are ready. We will feed need, not greed. It's down to Legals now. And the horror story of compliance mongrels. Daily battles where some imbecile Attorney procrastinates to change yet another word.

    3. John,
      Are the PP that you are referring to Currency related or something else?

    4. Also, when you say "next year there will be nowhere to hide for them", to whom are you referring?.

      Thank you for your tireless efforts.

    5. Thank you, John! I feel more comfortable planning 4Q2017 now.

    6. Terry
      Yes Zims, but I cant release more. Good US parties male and female,good real Patriots. No neurotic headbangers. They deserve this break. We are protecting all. Their intent is good. It will help many. Also break log jams.

    7. Terry

      I refer to the Zio filth who stole American and the worlds reserves.
      The LOT need a rope or the Chair! And Weiner,linked by his to the mains!

    8. John, Thank You for all your efforts.
      RV's are now being delayed into next year. The US is Broke! No freebies.
      If the US is broke in 2017, and are responsible for funding the US part of the RV, where will the US get the money to fund it in 2018 John ?
      The fact is the US is terminally broke and the possibility of an RV is absolutely impossible ? Plus, how does it benefit the politicians for Americans to have access to that amount of funds at their disposal ?
      I am very much interested in what develops from the PP's which are on schedule to mature soon.
      Thank You for your response.

    9. Yes All or Nothings its a dilemma. The Zio trash control both the Fed and Treasury and block out any no Jews. Disgusting and their duplicity, theft and criminal incompetence has lost Americas pot and the plot. Yet no President has the guts or integrity to take them down. Until you get the Jews out of the US Banking sector, Fraud will take all.

      Agreed PP's are the hope and we are lucky, good, Patriotic and caring Americans are involved and we will do all possible to help protect them and the integrity of their funds. We are moving the capital to London where we run Glass Ceilings to keep Zio turds out,and control and blank out their Fraud. Well managed,many good causes can be helped. Real people can have hope. All of you.

    10. John, for my clarification, does your post imply that tier 1 (sovereigns) & 2 (pp's) are due to be completed now and tiers 3 (groups) & 4 (public) are put off until next year? I appreciate your patience and time. Cheers!

    11. John,
      Thanks for your response. The Zios control more than just the financial sector.

    12. Yes,
      I am ensuring Eurasia de louses the lot.

    13. Wonderer

      No all the Tiers 1 to 4 are sidelined until next year until funds can be rigged to settle any. .

      Only small PP's are moving right now at c$10B to $100B. Finite, but it helps. Zero for the big hitters until next year.

    14. John, The Zio trash control both the Fed and Treasury and block out any non Jews from many other higher paying jobs in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Americans are are left with what ZIOS do not want. Americans need to turn off the TV and all other mass media outlet. However, Its way too late now, way too late.

  45. There once was a Congressman named Weiner,
    Who had a perverted demeanor,
    He was forced from the hill, for acting like Bill,
    Now Congress is one Weiner leaner.

    The moral being,
    You tweet your meat, you lose your seat.

  46. Are Professional Sports Fixed?
    Would you leave a multi-billion dollar business up to chance?

  47. It's not often that I post anything from Veterans Today, although this one may be fairly accurate? Your assessment?

    ISIS now defeated – what’s next?

    1. "Russia’s Defense Ministry has released a video of airstrikes against positions of US Israeli proxy terrorists in the Syrian province of Idlib.

      This video shows elimination of the terrorists’ armored vehicles, car bomb services and underground base in the Idlib province, where a total of 10 airstrikes have been launched by Russian warplanes in the past 24 hours."

      Russian Air Force Delivers 10 Airstrikes Against US Israeli Underground Bases In Idlib, Syria

    2. Hopefully Bunker Busters so this vermin can be exterminated. Both!

  48. This Inspiring True Story of How the National Anthem of the USA came to be. Perhaps we need to remember

    1. Bruce now is time to unite the people and bring hope.

    2. Thank You John. Is my fervent prayer for I am an English, French and Blackfoot Indian decedent. It is better to be reconciled than right.

    3. Some melting pot Bruce. But needed if we are to help lift Americans out of the quagmire coming down.

    4. What does all this mean? Very confusing, we could see an increase on our dinar and dong that we here in this forum, hold in the near future. absolute no until next year? Thank you in advance for any feedback.

    5. At this stage, the majors will see no moves until next year.
      But, as we have with small PPs right now, that does not stop a few private deals moving ahead. Right now, you have some chance, the majors right now, none. Some circus heh?

    6. So only the zim pp you speak of will be the first here?

    7. Circus indeed!

      If that zim pp goes the buyer is going to want their out.

      Any player forking over that kind of dough to arbitrage paper is going to want it liquid and and to have reinstated value quickly.

      Strange days.

  49. There are many people posting on the blog who allude to having knowledge that they do not post sources for. That does not make someone a troll. I happen to have known someone involved with one of Trump's bankruptcy workouts at a deep level. That is why I am not impressed by Trump, because of that. I also had insights of a similar kind on the S&L crisis which was manufactured by the Bush cabal. Just because you don't agree with me, Texian, doesn't mean that I am wrong or stupid. It could very well be that I am a bit more well read and smarter than you suppose.

    1. OK. Your position is now clear. You will not support this president because one person who was involved some way in Trump business bankruptcy at some time in the past had bad things to say about Trump that you won't divulge...just allude to. There's no way for us to test or vet any of that.

      Trump is definitely flawed. Every president has been flawed. Some more than others. Trump was a pragmatic choice at the time hoping for a chance to at long last defeat the cabal. It looks unlikely at this point that he'll be able to do it since Democrats AND Republicans AND lamestream media are against him and working every moment to defeat any initiatives. So perhaps this should make you very happy.

      As for me, I'm a Texian, an American and try to support the president. I do believe he entered this with a good heart. I think it's evident that he suffers from "not knowing what he didn't know." It's no secret that the people who worked for him over the years love him. He's also well known for seeing where help is needed and providing it anonymously. The way it eventually becomes known is from the recipients themselves letting it slip. Pres Trump is now surrounded by a "military junta" which I think are cabal minions. His demeanor has also changed with some symptoms of perhaps drugging at various times. He and his family are in danger.

      There are many well read and smart people who comment here with various world views.

    2. Which is why I always try to post source. Except for protecting the occasional innocent, like lower echelons that are just parroting their superiors when I do the DC party circuit (sigh, not my first choice, but its a political town, and that's where the dirt is) and the occasional insight of my own. To everyone else who has DIA or her Majesty's Intelligence Service or the checkered past of people in low/high places, just let us know. It does really help in evaluating and understanding where one is coming from.

  50. I read all kinds of things from as many perspectives as possible, not just the things that support my world view.

  51. Judicial Watch uncovered 97(!) new email exchanges with Hillary Clinton not previously turned over to the State Department, bringing the known total to date to at least 627(!) emails that were not part of the emails that Clinton turned over. These emails include pay-for-play, mishandling classified info, & much more. Learn more here: LINK

  52. John I do agree there is much to be cleaned up within the USA and also know how frustrating it is to see the crap happening and yes many more are truly awakening to what has been done And yes USA should focus on our home land and get out of all the Other countries unless they request help in taking out the criminals

    Yes my heart breaks to see what the criminals have done in our names. Yes I want it all to end and to work on healing our countries and others countries. It is well past time for this... I also know the frustration of finding the right group/s that have not been infiltrated with the crap.

    Yes I and many others are and continues to bring forth the evil that is being done in our names...

    I know there are many ready to help and have many good plans and projects ready to go forward to help here and abroad. And yes many with great technology waiting to Safely be brought forward...

    And yes I get it that there has been many atrocities done around the world in our names and it is well past time it all ends

    So I will continue to educate people on the truth and will continue to fight through the discouragement as it will break through one day..

    Thank you for all you and your team is doing

    1. Thank you Kimber

      Waking up the good Americans is the greatest need, and challenge.
      Spoon fed crap from birth, how? Where to start? Revolution needs to come from within. As once we had with Vietnam, Hell No We Won't Go? Young ideals stopped that rot.

  53. Roger Stones visit to Congress .... Interesting.

    1. Very. The Roger Stone statement and the MSM Narrative can't both be true. So they are stuck in a bind now.

    2. Love it! Stone didn't mince words..."put up or shut up" is what I read.

    3. Thank you for this find
      Great statement

    4. Bob
      FIrst one he reads his statement



      Here's some of the video today on info wars re Roger Stone
      I've just started listening

  54. Not getting the media play it deserves!!! Back the Prez on this one people!


    Subject: Advance notice of Congressman Gohmert's call for Special Counsel

    Texas' conservative firebrand, Congressman Louis Gohmert announced tonight at a private meeting in the Pressbox on 3rd Avenue that he has pleaded with President Trump to appoint a Special Counsel to "Investigate the collusion between Mueller, Comey and the Clintons". Gohmert told us, "Trump said, 'Can I do that?' and I told him, 'You sure can, you're the President!"


    1. TINO I support our President. I do not agree with everything he does and often disagree with a lot of what he says or how he says it. However, I like many fellow Marines, Veterans and Intel People + regular Patriots believe POTUS is working with Noble Intent and possibly fulfilling a Prophecy (cannot name source - a lot of wht I write about cannot reveal sources WO putting Good Guys in danger) speak only the Truth as I know it; so help me God. I always appreciate your astute and objective opinions and I actually agree with you often ... sometimes I have to soak it in and let it ferment before I get it!

      I am going back Roger Stone's article again .... it is very interesting.

    2. Hi Bob,

      He's all we have to work with. And anything that puts up obstacle to the plans of the Usual Suspects is welcome to me. I am very worried that selective information is what is gumming up the works in the WH. I am NOT positive about Kelly even though overall he has been a stabilizing force. However it is not the respect of others that Prez needs, but simply that of the People to hammer Congress. Also, the Will.

      And glad my comments seem to be of help. Ciao.

    3. If Trump does go after Mueller, Comey, Clinton and the Bushes he has our support. No action is our frustration with him. Act. Man up don't wimp like a Pup!

    4. Tino and's what we have at this time to work with.

    5. TINO JOHN TEX I was livid with a few things in the past week or so. Trump got behind Luther and should have gotten behind Judge Moore. He should have handled NFK differently .... He did succeed in hitting a hornets nest in an enclosed attic space. Then I saw Bannon's Hannity interview and started thinking .... Scary thought for sure. Trump has always resisted control over him as in being bossed around. I first thought he was being drugged and that did not make sense. I realize Barry hired well over 100,000 turds that are still there. the turds = ziorats and their minions employed by our usa corp govt. Then I realize he could be getting worn out. There is more ... Generals Dunford, Mattis, Kelly and Flynn (McMaster could be on the wrong side) laid down the law and the discipline is new to him and he screwed up so many times a day they were on him one way or another. Today I say evidence he is catching on and learning the ropes of working with competent and dedicated Leaders with stars on their collars. There are over 1,000,000 paid ziorats working against Trump and helped by congress; especially McConnell and Ryan + Pelosi and Schumer and all their criminal counterparts. Talk about as quagmire .... Now we need to see some whoopass aimed at Clintons, Poedestas, Huma. Valerie, BArry and Mike, Comey-Mueller, Brennan, the 911 perps (we know who most of them are) let's get on with it. We know how Harvey - Irma, Jose and Maria were started and stopped. It is easy to power down HAARP when yourrrre looking down the receiving end of an M16 or similar persuader. Don't swat the hornet nest .... encapsulate it, burn it, dynamite it, poison it but destroy it and those who put it there to do harm.

    6. Let's hope so Bob. Big, industrial strength cans of whoopass. I want Nuremberg 2 more than most. But will settle for anything that puts them all in jail (Clinton, Bush, and all the others).

    7. By all means don't forget Bushes, Cheney, and all that crowd!

  55. Perhaps a "wall of shame" to keep track of all these perps?

    "A long-time science propagandist for the GMO industry, Henry I. Miller has just been exposed as an academic prostitute for Monsanto. Named a “Robert Wesson Fellow” covering so-called “Scientific Philosophy and Public Policy at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University,” Henry Miller has just been exposed as a science fraud and professional liar who shills for Monsanto, one of the world’s largest producers of agricultural poisons and toxic seeds."

    Stanford University fellow Henry Miller exposed as academic prostitute for Monsanto who peddled fake editorials to

  56. VISION = Build a critical mass (CM) of 10,000,000 with about 7 tiers like a pyramid or trapezoid. Leaders and mentors at the top who understand what is and how to fix things in line with our Goals. Assume all Tiers mentored by the top tier = less dilution. The 10 million CM lead by example and create a positive environment and we accelerate all aspects of continuous improvement and growth!

    Our Goals need to support with what JOHN speaks about re Eurasia. I see clearly, a Vision of UK-RU and CH et al working together for the benefit of mankind and the World given us by God. Add in AUs. NZ, Can etc wherever they fit best. The US Republic has 3 centuries of damage to clean up while we garner resources and commitment form our CM followed by many that may not understand it but like what it does. Just think how much progress and good stuff could be generated here in our Republic WO the ziorats .... JOHN needs to help us disappear them!

  57. John when you say “Right now, you have some chance, the majors right now, none” do you mean folks in this forum will have a chance to get their projects funded this year, or be able to participate in your projects, or both?. I’m also somewhat confused. Many thanks for everything you do.

  58. Canauzzie I think the best thing we can do for education is to separate the instruction from the exams. This will allow mobility and allow a student to take a course here, a course there, and build up a portfolio of knowledge/skills. Once they are ready they could sit an independently accredited exam that confers a level eg matriculation, bachelor, IB etc.

    What is in the way is this paradigm of doing a linear run at one institution who also provides the paper. The student has no power in this.

  59. p: Call out to Alabama voters to get out and vote before polls close at 7 pm EST. Make a difference!

    Alabama Pride/Wake up Call.
    Sept 26, 2017

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