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10 to 15 September 2017

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  1. Do not worry. Obamacare will save all the people of Florida. I see no tears spent for the thousands that died on the other side of the globe with that massive cyclone which I posted about. Millions of human beings are stranded, and so many died, probably much more that was reported to "save face". Boyz with toyz killing innocents worldwide as the silent insane war continues on all sides. DISGUSTING! No wonder we are NOT allowed to be in the Galactic Community.

  2. From Jon Rappoport:

    Hurricane Irma as a symbol for America
    (To read about Jon's mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)
    Hurricane Irma as a symbol for America

    By Jon Rappoport

    For the last year, I've been watching a phenomenon I can only call a covert op, because that's what it is.

    Its purpose is to make people retract their energy and shrink their concerns down to a level of basic survival.

    Protests, riots, wilder and crazier statements from the press, attempts to divide the country along racial lines, a stepping up of censorship by tech and social media giants, the opioid medical drug can fill in other blanks yourself.

    I am seeing all this from the point of view that carried me into launching this site 16 years ago: THE INDIVIDUAL is the fundamental reality and the force and the power and the creative center of consciousness and action.

    The individual rises or falls on his determination to surpass the status quo, and invent the adventure of his own future.

    This is not only a physical adventure. It is mental and spiritual and emotional. It is a totality. In mythical terms, this is the knight on his ultimate mission.

    If the individual can be led to believe he must cease all that and, instead, see his future as a battening down of all hatches and inner resources, as a boarding up of all his windows of perception, as a shrinking back into a cellar of waiting and bare survival, then he evacuates his position of strength.

    He is a hurricane victim, even when he is not in the path of the storm.

    He is shrinking and redefining his soul-ambition into a smaller and smaller confine.

    This retraction is, of course, what the elite self-appointed planners of society and civilization are aiming for. This is their war on the individual.

    As you can see, I'm not talking about the real victims of the hurricane and earthquakes; I'm talking about the mind of the individual and his irreplaceable Vision. Only he can keep that Vision alive.

    It takes a village to make the individual believe he must fall into despair about the future he most deeply desires. It takes a village to make the individual believe he is, at best, weak and fearful. It takes a village to assert a collectivist future is the only future.

    Beyond all that, when the individual demeans his own efforts---there is where the ultimate surrender is staged.

    The new dawn of a greater life is always within the individual. He can step aside and allow the rain of "the group is all" to carry the day and swallow him up---or he can say NO.

    The clarion call of his own choice is always there. It never goes away.

    That's why I'm here. I made my choice. It brought me to this moment.

    If that is true for you, you are whom I write for. I write for myself and for you.


    The question comes back, time and time again. A great orchestra plays that question. And it is louder and more enveloping than any storm or wind or rain in the soul.

    All bets are on the table. The croupier waits with a smile. You have the dice in your hand. It's time to roll them.

  3. The planet is fine the people are fucked 
    George Carlin - Saving the Planet

    The nearer we draw to the Summit, the more we touch the Depths.”

    A major point about “climate change” that is not understood (and basically disregarded) relates to how human consciousness and levels of Being (frequency resonance vibration) affect the Earth’s vibrational field, especially in this day and age of “upheaval”…for nothing is separated when it comes to our Mother and her offspring. Climate changes/extreme weather occurrences also reflect the chaotic inner life of humans, as we (as a species) find ourselves cut off from Source, believing in lies (i.e., out of alignment with Divine Will and personal intuition), acting out pre-programmed/unconscious shadow aspects, buying into social/cultural/religious conditioning programs, and ultimately externalizing all of these factors, causing more friction and polarization (liberals vs. conservatives, Christian vs. Muslim, etc.) which then, in turn, manifests itself in the external world – including the climate.

    The Earth’s climate and Her nature are not “broken”, nor will any external/mechanical/technological attempts to “fix it” do anything to reverse what we are currently experiencing. The planet doesn’t need to be “saved” – never has, never will. Nature’s Will shall always override human’s petty ‘urgencies’ (which are, after all, based upon humanity’s disillusioned/illusory – and quite arrogant – anthropocentric view of itself in relation to the world)…as if “we” ever had any control over Nature whatsoever.

  5. During a time of so much turbulence, even if only when consciousness is raised because so much Global instability awakens the masses, at least it opens doors to so little used minds.

    Spare a thought for those whose voices are not heard, but suffer in horror.

    Yesterday was a Story of a Burmese 14 year old girl who was raped over 40 times while her parents worked nights as rubber tree tappers. She was drugged, raped and every night men came to her home. Filthy, disgusting swine. The child was terrified and an Uncle pimped her.

    Hundreds of German choirboys we raped over decades by their entrusted Church. The excuse now is we can't prosecute because time has passed. What????***** Yet we can jail now a 90 years old Dachau bookkeeper even though he got away with it for 70 years.

    Girls are raped in the EU on Tourist beaches. Children and women across the Middle East and Asia are raped daily in tens of thousands. Pakistani filth are being convicted in hundreds in the UK for child Sex Trafficking and rape. Why not executed?

    Muslims rape children by the millions. Disgusting, depraved filth!

    Yet we do nothing. A monster in North Korea bestrides a brutal Empire, where rape and genocide goes unchecked. Yet we invade nations for mineral rights, or oil. Just not for life? Human life. If life has no value, what has?

    Women are raped daily in developed countries, not just Third World. Women are raped by brutal husbands or boy friends, and the system does nothing.

    Children are raped or molested. Has mankind become Bestial. What is going so wrong?

    Where is the voice of non existent Leaders screaming for this to be stopped?

    Neutered as Politicians and the Deep State now rapes nations?

    6,000 years of so called Religious Institutions, Godless, the lot! Centers of Depravity Vice and Bestiality. Have we learned nothing? Clearly no!.Because we abdicated original thought, and Soul values,to Usurpers of faith posing as Religious beings.

    Where are the voices of Global Leaders uniting to stop this? The media voice of the people? Oh, sorry the MSM is Jewish owned, and that as with Hollywood, is a fake Blood Cult depravity faith. Expect no values there. Goyim are expendable. They created Hollywood and all its filth and depraved Standards. No moral consciences in the Souls of the damned.

    6,000 years,and still no candle of light in the winds of so much despair.

    Where are Leaders of Humanity? Who will Think for Humankind? Where is our heart, to be Kind? 7 Billion as a Roach pack of a species? Where is a God here?

    1. That's why, although I've never aimed and shot at anything other than a paper target, I will have no hesitation to use otherwise...if needed.

      Why has the Queen allowed the filth into your country? Why have politicians turned a blind eye to what has happened in US over decades? Why do the pedophiles get a pass? Because they're ALL INVOLVED with pedophilia? Why are humans starving across the planet when there is bounty so many places? Many questions...who can answer?

    2. Texian, I agree. I took my stand when still in mid school reporting a father sexually abusing his daughter. Then another and another. Yet, still the the problem goes on. Largely because it's accepted behavior with the victims often being accused of inviting the bad behavior.

      I won't get into some of the horrible things I have personally seen or had to do to protect myself from a predator. But when does this harming of another human being stop?

      It's doesn't matter what country one is in or from, none are exempt from the horrid behavior John has mentioned above. I think I was 9 when I saw my first broken jaw and arm a neighbor woman bore after her husband came home one more time drunk. Mom got her help and made the call to the sheriff.

      The shaming of victims and often a death sentence in middle eastern countries where such ones are blamed for causing the rape. Or as mentioned above about the girl pimped out by her uncle, women and girls are considered less than human beings.Males having the right to do as they will.

      When does it stop? If we are to go forward, then there must be a massive re-education plan put in place globally, with stiff penalties for return to the prior abusive behavior.

      I wish it could be easier, but for men across numerous cultures many, many generations of treating women, girls and children as less than human and at the pleasure of men to do as they will is the norm sadly.

    3. For OWoN, John, Canauzzie...and anyone else who likes it....

      Killing Me Softly With His Song

    4. Thank you Texian, after a long day, a great song! )

    5. Texian I absolutely love that song. Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

  6. From Jim

    Red Cross is a scum sucking money pit

    Houston city councilman, in official session, begs people not to donate to Red Cross

    "Now, my last rant will be on the Red Lost... I'm sorry the Red Cross. Because the Red Cross - if anybody wants to donate to the Red Cross, please call me. I beg you not to send them a penny. They are the most inept, unorganized organization that I've ever experienced. I've been in Kingwood fighting this thing and we have not seen one person - not a single person from the Red Lost, yet every time I turn on the TV they're receiving multi, multi, hundreds of millions of dollars. What are you guys doing with it? How many contractors are you helping us with? So, to this day, many days after the hurricane hit, I have not seen a single person in Kingwood or Clear Lake that's a representative of the Red Cross. You know who opened our shelters? We did. You know who sent water and supplies? We did. People didn't have cots - we got them blankets, we didn't get a darn thing from the Red Cross. So, if anyone wants to send them money, don't waste your time, don't waste your money. Send it to other causes."

    My comment: SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. The same goes for any charity that is owned by scamming liberals. Watch the video with him saying this (and a lot more about others he's not happy with) HERE

    1. By the way, "My comment" above is also from Jim Stone....not me.

    2. Texian, I truly hope that organizations like Red Cross are shut down or re-organized in such a way, they actually are helpful and audited semi-annually by CPA certified accountants to keep them on the up and up. Otherwise, it will just continue. Jail time for upper management for fraud would also be a good place to start.

    3. P,
      IMO, we must get rid of corporate structure which allows this behavior to fluorish with no liability on the perps/officers of the corporations. Everyone in business should be accountable for their actions and bad behavior. Nothing wrong with a "for profit" business, but they should not be able to skate by as charities while operating as big profit centers for....what is actually going on there? Human trafficking? Organ harvesting? Drug running? And then there are these charities like Susan Comen Foundation, March of Dimes, etc that claim to raise money for a particular purpose. When you look into their financials, they're sending money to Planned Parenthood, their leaders are paid outrageous salaries and more outrageous when you look at "benefits and perks" for organizations claiming to be charitable.

    4. Texian, I think you're on to something there. Just look at the Clinton Foundation as a good example. Their global initiative? There's just too many so called charitable organizations that are anything but charitable. More like a club that takes care of their own and buddies while flying a charity-do good banner. They need to be shut down and exposed if involved in the nefarious acts you mentioned.

    5. Gates Foundation is another one that needs a microscopic examination. They've been banned by some countries...probably for very good reason...Gates and his poison needles.

  7. With Goldman predicting 3q GDP down 30% due to this rebalancing event, maybe it'll force a withdraw of global power projection and refocus activities at home? Bases closed? Force the claws to capitulate and proceed with the GCR?

    1. With Jim Willie forecasting a drop in value of $ by an initial 30% followed by several more reductions to a total of about 75% overall. Perhaps the hurricanes are cover for that initial 30% plus the rest? Have to have a scape goat you know.

  8. Flashback: ‘Father of Weather Weapons’ Exposes Secrets to Climate Warfare
    Ben Livingston reveals government techniques to controlling the skies - October 5, 2015

    Veteran weather modification expert Ben Livingston is a former Navy Physicist who briefed President Lyndon B. Johnson on the effectiveness of weather control back in the 1960’s during the Vietnam era when he was involved in cloud seeding programs that worked to slow down the advance of Vietnamese and Korean troops. Livingston asserts that hurricane control was a national priority of the government more than 40 years ago and that the technology was fully operational to control the weather at the time.


    p: Cloud seeding Vietnam and Korea for strategic advantage and more

    Ben Livingston: The Father of Weaponized Weather
    Feb 13, 2011

    1. Wow. Incredible. I did not realize this went back to the 1960's!!

    2. a law against anyone, but the government "controlling" or manipulating weather passed in Congress in about 1971.

  9. p: This may be just an irregularity in operating equipment, but still something to be aware of. The scouring action of Irma has displaced huge amounts of water and it has to go somewhere.

    Tides' site calling for 82ft offshore significant waves as IRMA eye passes!
    Sept 10, 2017 2:15 pm EST

    September 10, 2017: MIAMI/NAPLES ***Possible 82 foot waves (OFF SHORE) predicted for off shore Miami as IRMA eye wall passes South Florida!*** **28.8 foot (OFF SHORE) significant waves predicted for off shore Naples, FL.


  10. In Gold We Trust: How the 'Entire Western Monetary System is a Fraud

    1. “Both the ruble and yuan are 100 percent covered by gold, so this is just a part of a larger, fairly advanced scheme of the de-dollarization of their economies,” Koenig said.

      He further said, “The entire western monetary system is basically a fraud. It is privately made and privately owned. All international transfers have to transit through Wall Street banks and that is the only reason why the US can actually sanction as they say ‘countries that do not behave according to Washington’s dictate.’”


  11. AccuWeather predicts economic cost of Harvey, Irma to be $290 billion
    September 10, 2017, 8:55:16 PM EDT

    It has been a destructive and costly hurricane season, following the historic impacts from Hurricane Harvey and now Hurricane Irma.

    This is the first time in the history of record keeping that two Category 4 or higher hurricanes, Harvey and Irma, have struck the U.S. mainland in the same year.

    "That is extraordinary by itself," Dr. Joel N. Myers, AccuWeather founder, president and chairman, said.

    "And also unprecedented is that this particular storm, Irma, has sustained intensity for the longest period of time of any hurricane or typhoon in any ocean of the world since the satellite era began," Myers said.

    Hurricane Irma is so strong it's pulling water from Tampa Bay's shores


    2. It happened in the Bahamas yesterday, too!!

      Bahamians terrified as Hurricane Irma ‘sucks away’ miles of ocean (VIDEOS)

    3. the article at the following link as an introduction to the topic:

  12. President Trump Delivers a Statement on Hurricane Irma

    President Donald Trump delivers a statement on Hurricane Irma & upcoming response efforts upon arrival at the White House with First Lady Melania Trump.

    1. P Thank You!


  13. Archaeologists work on mummies found in the New Kingdom tomb that belongs to a royal goldsmith in a burial shaft, in Luxor, Egypt, Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017. Egypt has announced the discovery in the southern city of Luxor of a pharaonic tomb belonging to a royal goldsmith who lived more than 3,500 years ago during the reign of the 18th dynasty.

    The tomb is located on the west bank of the river Nile in a cemetery where noblemen and top government officials are buried.

    Antiquities Minister Khaled el-Anany said the tomb is not in good condition, but it contains a statue of the goldsmith and his wife as well as a funerary mask. He said a shaft in the tomb contained mummies belonging to ancient Egyptian people who lived during the 21st and 22nd dynasties.


  14. The serious ramifications of blocking Lee Wanta’s access to his money

    By Preston James, Ph.D on September 9, 2017

    Had Bush1 and Cheney had not prevented Lee Wanta from access to his vast fortune, the US Maglev Railroad System would have been built and folks in Texas and now Florida would have easily been able to evacuate.
    by Preston James

    1. It’s a simple fact, The Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) which hijacked the CIA, has continued to block Lee Wanta from access to his vast 27 Trillion dollar fortune (before interest earned).

      The estimated value is now in excess of 32 Trillion USD.

      Despite the fact this is Wanta’s money that he earned through honest money speculation; despite the fact he has offered to pay all taxes due and use the money to build a huge state-of-the art high speed Maglev railroad connecting most large US Cities; and despite the fact that Wanta promised President Reagan he would use this vast fortune made through Operation Stillpoint that he ran to get rid of the US National Debt; the BCC (using the CIA) continues to prevent Lee Wanta from accessing his rightfully owned funds now kept in a trust illegally.

    2. What would have happened if federal and state laws had been followed instead of the BCC and the CIA being allowed to commit major RICO crimes?:

      1- If Wanta had been allowed to gain access to his vast fortune, he would have actuated his plan that was approved by President Reagan and Wanta would have proceeded to build the inter-coastal state-of-the-art ultra high speed Maglev Railroad System and paid for all of it by himself.

      2- This high speed Maglev railroad system would have provided fast emergency transportation for all the citizens in the path of recent hurricanes who need to evacuate. He had plans for citizens to park along the Maglev Railroad in such times of weather disasters and be quickly transported to safety. Automobiles would be parked on the highest ground and Shuttle buses would be used to transport evacuees to boarding points all along the Maglev System

    3. 3- This Maglev System was all set to go, with a workable disaster evacuation plan, construction contracts ready to be signed and activated, and construction could have began immediately upon access to his funds. This would have provided an immediate 2 million good paying job opportunities with free travel for any veteran, or any active service soldier and their family.

      4- Construction of this Wanta designed high speed Maglev railroad in America would have resulted in the re-industrialization of America, and would have brought America into a new found economic prosperity.

      5- Small towns along the routes would have been transformed into economic dynamos with new hotels, resorts and lots of spin off business. Whole new business corridors with millions of new jobs would have quickly risen up.

      6- Wanta’s plans were based on his strong commitment to provide inexpensive high speed transportation for all Americans who could then afford to take vacations without having to fly or drive.

    4. 1,000,000 construction jobs to build estimated. Then, once in operation 50,000 permanent railway jobs, and 500,000 new jobs from all the new small business that would pop up all along the railway system! ZERO taxpayer funding, and would have renewed the American economy. Stopping this IS the CRIME OF THE CENTURY.

  15. John you ask "still no candle of light in the winds of so much despair.

    Where are Leaders of Humanity? Who will Think for Humankind?"

    I keep saying that WE are the light. WE are the leaders of humanity. WE are saying "enough!". Stop looking for power outside ourselves - that is the biggest con. The light we collectively are shining on nefarious activities is turning the ship. How else did djt get elected? We are in transition. More to go.

    1. AJ,
      Spot on! "We are light; we are one!" We are also sovereigns of our own domain. So trying to hang onto paradigm that someone has to think for us is not going to work. That's how we've been enslaved forever and in the mess we're in now. Once people are not pummeled with fluoride, vaccines, GMOs and all the other crap, they'll be able to think also.

  16. Lee Wanta seemingly used to post on the Fulford site where he shared lots of dire, religious warnings. No one was sure he was genuine. I found out quite some time later that he was a real person and I think the poster was actually him. Gone now. He took a beating on the site.

    1. Actually no. He stated numerous time that "she" was the real Leo Wanta and the one whose face most of us know is NOT the person who was Reagan's aide and confidant.

      Intuition tells me that poster on BF blog was a bit deranged.

    2. I have corresponded with Leo W. I sent him the postings at The Cafe' and he said that they were not he.

  17. 175 U.S. patents prove that geoengineering and weather control technologies are REAL… see the list here

    The U.S. government confirms that hundreds of technologies exist to control and influence powerful weather systems

    Biffie: Wow! When you read down through this list of U.S. patents that starts in the year 1891, there are some real eye openers.

    1. Thanks for posting. I sent to my sister who has told me I am nuts to believe there is weather modification. Of course, she won' open a single link because she is more interested in being RIGHT than being INFORMED and EFFECTIVE...the sad plight of most human beings.

  18. RMB & Ruble seem to be already gold-backed.

    Now, let's hang them from the lamp posts.... as Shrub, Sr predicted that we would do when we found out!
    (Henry ford basically said the same thing almost 80 years earlier.) LMAO.

  19. p: This phenomena has been occurring without hurricanes or tropical depressions around at least South America for the last few months. It may be occurring in other places, just haven't found the reports. Giant sink holes suddenly developing on the ocean floor?

    INCREDIBLE! Bay completely drained of water by Hurricane Irma, Key Largo - FL
    Sept 10, 2017

    WOW, INCREDIBLE! One of the first videos we've seen out of Key Largo shows a bay completely drained of water by Irma, allowing people to walk where there would be feet of water.

    1. P,
      Perhaps inner-Earth humans are now showing what they can do because they have taken an interest? I am speculating, but no hurricanes have displayed this stuff before! See my post of same thing happening elsewhere, too.

    2. The Inner Earth & Realm of Aghartha (????)

    3. P,
      Suppose sink holes are related to video from Anna VonReitz regarding the removal of enormous amounts of sand from ocean floor? It would seem that disturbing that equilibrium might bring this result.

      Perhaps some of the scientists here can weigh in?

    4. Texian, that may have something to do with it, but also we may be dealing with large fissures opening up, helping release some of the building pressures from the stress the planet is experiencing in her climb to higher energy areas.

  20. "...they must be made horizontal when they stop fulfilling their contracts..." -Anonymous.

  21. Hi Big John,

    Just checking in to see if any of the PPs have been successful.

    Thank you!


    Job #1:
    Establish Regional Development Banks
    for Industry and Infrastructure

    Job #2:
    The concept of Job/Remuneration Evaluation
    already exists, as it has done for 70 years.
    The establishment of a national standard,
    applicable at all levels
    and incorporating a maximum remuneration differential
    between top and bottom earners
    would create a climate of economic stability,
    and the industrial peace of social justice.

    Job #3:
    Reforming Government: Transparency, Productivity, Accountability.
    Separate Education, Healthcare and Pensions,
    maximizing service quality at minimum cost.
    Submit all departments of government
    to immediate scrutiny and analysis by independent accountants,
    identify programmes and grants for elimination,
    identify all possible cost savings in what remains

    The Rocky Road to Prosperity
    INFLATION or DEFLATION: Good or Bad?
    GROWTH or STAGNATION: Inflation is inevitable. So is recession.
    PRODUCTIVITY and PROSPERITY: It's all possible.

    How much Government
    Left, Right, and Centre,
    Liberty and Law.
    The degree of control exercised
    by government over governed.

    The Common Law of England
    The European Union claims to protect the Rights and Liberties of its citizens.
    England has been doing the same thing for a thousand years,
    more effectively, more openly, and with a lot less verbage.

    Britain and Europe
    Liberty and Regulation
    Presumption of Liberty
    or Presumption of Regulation
    We should be clear as to the difference.

    Regional Development Banking
    for Jobs and Productivity

  24. “The purpose of Government
    is to prevent men from injuring one another
    Thomas Jefferson

    1. A good question! I would say it's to coordinate a common infrastructure.

  25. Full Employment. Zero Inflation. And a Fair Day's Pay.

  26. In a family, a business, a community or a nation,
    if everyone is working
    to the fullest extent of their desires and capabilities,
    and if everyone working is doing so
    as efficiently and productively as
    current techniques and technology allow....
    prosperity will not only be possible,
    it will be inevitable.

    This is not a matter of economic science;
    it is simply commonsense.

    1. A44L91, Thank you for sharing. Simply put, what you put your attention to and your actions continually support the intent, success is assured.

  27. Story at-a-glance

    The smart grid is part of a clandestine surveillance network that violates privacy rights. Following the installation of smart meters, many also report devastating health problems, and there have been numerous fires and explosions
    “InPower Episode #1: A Mass Action of Liability” reveals a new method of how you can take back your power, “balance the scales” and prevent or reverse the installation of a smart meter in your home
    Phase 1 involved 200 homeowners in three cities. Having achieved strong results, phase 2 is a call to mass action, with the goal of stopping the smart meter agenda and ensuring safe, noninvasive technology

    InPower: A Mass Action of Liability

    1. Thanks, important information. I don't have a smart meter and feel for those that do. Nasty things.

    2. Biffie,
      Indeed...nasty. We don't have one either, although it isn't easy to decline. Doctor's letter, fill out forms PLUS a monthly fee to keep the meter we've had on this house for 15 years.



    The Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD), formally the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques is an international treaty prohibiting the military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects. It opened for signature on 18 May 1977 in Geneva and entered into force on 5 October 1978.

  29. One does not require a treaty for something that does not exist.

  30. Replies
    1. There are so many toxins out there and in our homes. Figured that out years ago and have gone back to the basics with natural, old fashioned products. There are several great articles about these toxins some use on their bodies and in their homes on that site also. Besides sunscreen, hair conditioners and tooth paste were an eye opener too.

  31. I remember that so many things were discussed openly BEFORE Kennedy died. An interview with George Van Tassel about time travel, bases on the moon, etc.

  32. Replies
    1. Texian Thank You.

      Mr. Steele speaks about things nobody else is about how deep the opposition against is in his administration. He has a solution to every single problem DJT is facing, and I do NOT comprehend why DJT has not hired him at the very least as an advisor! Mr. Steele has a very bold Plan Of Action for DJT and our country. #realDonaldTrump must listen & implement ASAP.

    2. Tim,
      That video is not promoting fact, to contrary. It's reporting the #UNRIG campaign as a scam. RDS does not appear to be playing with a full deck in my observations of him. Of course everyone must decide for themselves after considering the evidence.

  33. White House Seeks DOJ Probe of James Comey for Perjury; Accuses ex-FBI Boss of “False Testimony”
    Sept 11, 2017

    The White House on Monday accused James Comey of giving “false testimony” and suggested the Justice Department look at whether he perjured himself, as Republican lawmakers stepped up pressure on the former FBI director to clarify apparent discrepancies in his public statements to Congress.

    “Since the director’s firing, we’ve learned new information about his conduct that only provided further justification for that firing,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said, citing “false testimony” among her examples.

    Asked to clarify whether she thought Comey perjured himself or at least misled Congress, Sanders told Fox News’ John Roberts: “I think that’s something probably for DOJ to look at, not me. I’m not an attorney.”

    1. "false testimony" = PERJURY. Do NOT need to be an attorney to know that...

  34. President Trump Amazing Speech @ Pentagon 9/11 Ceremony

    President Donald Trump commemorates the 9/11 anniversary with a speech at the Pentagon 🇺🇸 September 11, 2017

  35. Tony WHA

    Clearly the Robot Slayer was stressed about Austrian action and sound effects. Hmm, if we stick her in a 3 some, will stereo sound effects from 2 sides send her off the Richter scale? Mental visions. Ya, Ya, Ya raise the bar? Metal Mickey never pulls a sickie. Viennese coffee and to go?

    1. OMG Johnny, I could really go to town on you for that comment but I'll try to behave. And NO, not go to town in that manner cheeky. LOL

      No, not stressed just thought it was super funny because each client enjoying such offerings would not have to wonder how their personal skill level measured up in such a situation and whether the sounds effects were fake or not. LOL Seems to confuse some. Haha.

      Oh and Johnny those sounds effects had better be coming out of a pair of Nautilus model Bowers & Wilkins speakers if you don't mind. And yes, they most certainly would contribute nicely to the ambience with regard to the approach toward the higher levels of the Richter scale but may not secure a successful landing that easily. You'd have to work a hell of a lot harder than that buddy. LOL LOL LOL

      And I'm not going anywhere near the "Metal Mickey" comment.

  36. And I bet she even takes bitcoin.

    1. OMG Tony, your comebacks are absolutely brilliant lol. And you bet your booties she takes bitcoin. LOL
      OMG, you two are killing me here, can't stop giggling. My stomach hurts now from laughing so much.

    2. Jeez
      Imagine if she bites the working parts first to check if genuine? Bit by Hannibal's sister. Ve haff ways of making U squawk?

    3. Ok remind me not to drink coffee while reading updated post John you had me laughing to hard i I was choking on my coffee

    4. Teeth filing program complete Sir. Robot Slayer ready for duty Sir. Density checking phase now commencing Sir. I vill make you squawk. LOL.

      OMG, that was fun. Just love having a good giggle session. Ok be a good boy now Johnny and don't get yourself into too much trouble before I get back tomorrow. I'm off to bed for some beauty sleep now, mad day tomorrow. Keep smiling & sweet dreams lol. Watch out for those sharp edges. Hey, want a date big boy? (said as she vigorously grinds her teeth together) LOL LOL LOL LOL

    5. Tony please explain to her the real intent and meaning of Blow, and with the rider, this time for Gods sake- Please don't let go!

    6. You two are doing just fine without me. I am desperately looking for my passport, and Viennese phrasebook.

  37. Chicago Mayor Busted In Pay-To-Play Scheme…
    Sept 10, 2017

    According to a stunning exposé by the Chicago Tribune, it appears Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been engaging in a massive pay-to-play scheme.

    Upon a review of more than 500 contributions made to the Chicago mayor of at least $5,000 since July 2015, the Tribune shows today that nearly 70% of them came from people who have received, or are seeking, lucrative contracts with City Hall.

    [Note: It’s worth reminding people that Emanuel served in the Clinton White House, so this standard of behavior should not surprise anyone.]

  38. We have some people for Florida staying with us in north GA when we lost power yesterday AM. Had an interesting conversation one of them was at the world fair in 1933. they explained the entire fair was powered off a star.
    So it fot me wondering why necular powee plants and need for electric grid if we all had free Energy not need for the grid and no mass outages most wouldn't loose power
    Oh yea they couldn't control us so they suppress it. Not for much longer One of my products to help those companies with free energy bring them forward and train those who need to install them
    As well as bring it to those countries that desperately need it

    They have the booklet in FL that when they get back they're going to send to us

    1. Kimber,

      Can you give more details of what this "old-timer" said? It sounds like TESLA tech at the 1933 Fair he referred to...

    2. Some how it was pulling energies from a star and converting it to electricity the star they think that was used was Arcturus but not sure when they get back they'll send me the booklet from the fair

  39. Rich People From These Nations Hide the Most Offshore Wealth
    Sept 12, 2017

    One-tenth of the world’s total wealth is held in offshore tax havens, but that share jumps to as much of 15 percent for Europe and as much as 60 percent for Gulf and some Latin American countries, new research shows. When it comes to total offshore wealth as a share of GDP, the United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Argentina lead the pack, while Germany, the U.K. and France all have above-average holdings. The U.S. is slightly below average.

  40. Why American Workers Pay Twice as Much in Taxes as Wealthy Investors
    Sept 12, 2017

    Let’s also say we both report $300,000 in income to the Internal Revenue Service this year. Who pays more in taxes?

    You do, by a lot. You owe the IRS about $38,500 more, assuming each of us pays the maximum with no special deductions. I also have more flexibility to lower my burden with tax planning strategies and other tricks, and I get to skip about $24,000 in payroll taxes that you and your employer must fork over each year.

  41. Replies

    1. Everyone is talking about the "Shadow Government" and "Dark Government" and "Shadow Forces". Let's peel off all the cloak and dagger nonsense and shine a bright light and see what is really hiding under the bed and how it got there.

      This all began with Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his corporate office as "President" of the United States of America, Inc.

      He bankrupted a territorial corporation that infringed upon our unincorporated Trade Name "United States of America" --- simply named itself after our unincorporated land jurisdiction government, and then created franchises for itself named after our states --- "State of Michigan" for example. The fraud artists even created franchises named after all the living Americans by arbitrarily "redefining" their Trade Names as U.S. Foreign Situs Trusts operated as corporate franchises--and all without consent, disclosure, or equitable consideration, all based on false claims of authority and non-existent battlefields and wars and emergency powers never granted to these charlatans.

      John Maynard Doe = the Given Trade Name of an American baby, but....
      John Maynard Doe can also = the name of a Territorial United States Foreign Situs Trust

      Which is which? And who is to know the difference? It is an obvious constructive fraud based on deceptively similar names.

    2. Another TIDBIT, and can read more at TEXIAN's hotlink for full article well worth reading in entirety, imho:

      " U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin are hereby fully informed that the American states and people are alive and well and that as the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors, we own all the bankrupt Territorial and Municipal Corporations and their franchises, including the banks which have been organized under their auspices worldwide, and the Credit Unions which have always been ours.

      This is our enchilada, not yours, not the Queen's, and the Pope has already admitted that it isn't his, either. "

      TEXIAN, Thank You Dear Heart.

    3. Tim,
      You're very welcome! 😘

  42. p: Not just farmers or ranchers, but those just needing a little push towards following their heart.

    Rules for Starting Your Own Farm/Ranch, Or For Making the One You’ve Got Work Better
    Sept 11, 2017

    You’ve dreamed of becoming a farmer, growing food not just for yourself but for your greater community. You yearn to work with the soil, and are prepared for a life of physical toil, intellectual challenges, and uncertain finances. All that’s left is to trade in your suit and tie for sturdy boots and a dilapidated hat.

    1. Great article, thanks P. After many years of other things, I realized that what I really love is farming and gardening. Grow it, consume it, share it. Don't have the means for large farm, so just have to make do.

    2. You're welcome Biffie. Sometimes, you might be surprised about where your dreams lead you.

      Maybe I'm just being silly, but this song has been kind of lurking as of late. Follow your heart Biffie and look for your rainbow.

      Kermit the Frog - Rainbow Connection
      Sept 4, 2010

      1980 Academy Awards

  43. Kimber, I found it! The 1933 Worlds Fair was powered off the star Arcturus!


    The selected site was the land and water areas, under the jurisdiction of South Park commissioners. It was located adjacent to the shore of Lake Michigan between 12th and 39th streets. Located south of the Navy Pier in Chicago, the site of A Century of Progress had 424 acres of lakeshore and was within walking distance of Chicago's downtown. The Fair Grounds comprised of two man-made lagoons and Northerly Island.
    The fair was opened on May 27, 1933, when the lights were turned on with energy from the rays of the star Arcturus. The rays were focused on photo-electric cells in a series of astronomical observatories and then transformed into electrical energy which was transmitted to Chicago.

    Unlike any fair before it, A Century of Progress celebrated color and lighting. The architecture of the fair was drawn was influenced by great depression of the time. Rather than focusing on architecture, the fair focused on scientific and technological progress and the manufacturing processes behind them.

    The "A Century of Progress Exposition" was a unheralded success and hosted over 48 million visitors in two years it ran. It provided an uplifting glimpse into a future of embodied by technology while honoring the achievements of past.

    1. Wow thanks Mwp Can't on internet much as saving phone till power comes back on hopefully tonight

      Had some mind blowing discussion re ww2 Philippines and few others based on at the time
      Also civil war was about $ and taxes not really about salves that was a minor issues as they were going to be released. 3 that are with us are in thier 90s

    2. Kimber, from what I can tell, ALL WARS are about money and power...nothing else, ever!

    3. "Carpetbaggers" combined with "post civil war" should be an eye-opener done on a search-engine like . To hell(!!) with google, they probably are covering that whole story up, especially what happened after Sherman's March(who was an insane psychopath, btw).Just like they are covering up the child abductions, human slavery, blood sacrifices, etc... Google = EVIL

    4. MWP

      Don't forget Helen of Troy!



    "FBI insiders used the word “forged” to describe the process of what happened to the Awan files. Federal law enforcement sources with knowledge of the case divulged:

    Either someone with clout in Congress, or higher, made sure the Awans received their security clearances despite glaring problems or the investigators pushed their files through for approval as part of a systemic breakdown.
    Many assertions in the Awan-linked applications and files could not be verified by subsequent FBI vetting as part of the criminal case now pending against Imran and Hina. The files are problematic, FBI sources said.
    The FBI did not conduct the background checks on members of the Awan family who were granted security clearances in Congress..
    A former FBI section chief and security clearance expert said this type of malfeasance is commonplace in D.C.
    The Inspector General found widespread fraud in firms conducting Congressional and government background checks, often cutting corners to approve files without vetting the applicants."

    FBI: Awans Security Clearances “Forged;” Granted Access to Congressional Intel Despite Falsified Vetting

    1. THIS should go VIRAL on twitter. Do TWEETS people!

  46. White House on lockdown for second time in 2 days (VIDEO)
    Sept 12, 2017

    The White House was locked down for the second time this week, due to reports of a suspicious package. Media waiting for the daily press briefing were told to stay indoors.

  47. Replies
    1. Watergate was a child's scavenger hunt compared to what's going on now!

    2. Texan. John may have been referring to Webster Hubble taking the fall and going to prison for a year instead of a Clinton for their criminal activity in Whitewater Arkansas. Of course Hubble was paid well after his release from prison with a million dollar per year job from 'friends' of the Clinton's. For doing so Being Chelsea's father has probably been why he isn't among the trail of dead bodies that follow them.

    3. Yes, that would be really kill Chelsea's dad...wouldn't it?

  48. p: It's already started with some banks, just not announced.

    Federal Reserve to Start Processing ACH Payments for IMMEDIATE Withdrawal (9.15.17)
    9 12 2017

    In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports Federal Reserve to Start Processing ACH Payments for IMMEDIATE Withdrawal (9.15.17).

    1. link please.

      Cut/paste into duckduckgo gives no results that match this story. Thank you!

    2. Here's the more direct link, sorry I'm pretty awful at posting live links.

    3. MWP are we really at the point where everyone has to cater to our personal whims? DDG doesn't show either of these links. If you choose to use it then aren't the consequences on your shoulders?

    4. It's a YouTube link and it works fine!

    5. Andy, not sure what to make of your comment to me? Was it meant to be demeaning or what are you talking about?

      P, thank you. Your more direct link worked fine.


    6. MWP,

      Here you are:

      Federal Reserve to Start Processing ACH Payments for IMMEDIATE Withdrawal (9.15.17)

      Texian and AnjaAndy,

      MWP asked me for a live link and I do not mind doing it. I help all if needed and able.

      It is a very minor thing to do and instead of helping you both chose to ridicule MWP over it. Frankly I expect more from our community and it saddens me to see this, especially from long standing contributors.

      I know there has been heated exchanges before, but if we can't get along here how do we expect the world to.

      I have helped each one of you at some point and I asked nothing in return. Now I am asking, can't we all get along?

    7. Thank you Canauzzie. You have always been very kind to our requests and I know it takes your time and energy and I truly appreciate what you do to support this blog.

      I don't reply or comment to certain contributing members here in an effort to avoid the very conflict you mentioned. I will continue to do my part in this way in the future so as to avoid conflicts. I am hopeful they will do the same.


    8. It is not my intention to choose sides.

      Let's just all remember what we are fighting for and that we fight for everybody. We may have different opinions, but we are united against a common enemy. united we stand, divided we fall. That's half the reason we are where we are.....

    9. Canauzzie and MWP,
      Apologies, and yes Canauzzie you guessed correctly, and it stewed. Tone on texts or blog comments can be frequently misconstrued and whether or not it was meant, I did feel ridiculed a few times while assessing the merits of blockchain and BTC.
      Humans and their emotions huh? I'll be more restrained in the future, especially as now the cause is in the open it's off my chest.
      Cheers to you both.

    10. Plus I'm home with the flu so prob a bit cranky. I'm only half Vulcan, my human side is always getting me into trouble..

    11. canauzzie,
      Noted. My comment this time was for P since she's so often the target of complaint about broken (which aren't broken) links. I will be careful to address each comment to intended recipient in the future.

  49. The Officially Ignored Link Between Lyme Disease and Plum Island

    In this video, Melissa Dykes of Truthstream Media breaks down the origins of Lyme disease and how it appears to be linked to Plum Island secret government biowarfare research done with ticks and other animals.

    Biffie: Here's is a thirteen minute eye opener for you. Yep, even dropping poisoned ticks from airplanes. And now they want to move this facility to Manhattan, Kansas? Right in the middle of hogs, cows, and GMO's.

  50. p: It's more than just the spreading of this disease and others through the country. Close to where Manhattan is was my entry point all those years ago through a first builders gate. They are trying to contaminate the time line of the planet with their diseases. Deer and birds readily use these gates to find sanctuary or better birthing/ nesting places.


  51. Posted on 2017/09/13
    Mongoose: Steve Bannon Against the GOP – Wrath of the ‘Grim Reaper’ on Enemies Within
    Commerce, Commercial Intelligence, Corruption, Cultural Intelligence, Government, Peace Intelligence

    Steve Bannon Unleashes The Wrath Of The ‘Grim Reaper’ On Enemies Within – ‘Absolutely’ Going To War With Establishment Republicans

    STEVE BANNON: Well, first off– OK, the swamp is 50 years in the making. Let’s talk about the swamp. The swamp is a business model. It’s a successful business model. It’s a donor-consultant K Street lobbyist-politician– seven of the nine biggest ca– most– wealthiest counties in America ring Washington, D.C. The permanent political class, as represented by both parties. You’re not gonna– you’re not gonna drain that in eight months. You’re not gonna drain it in two terms. This is gonna take 10, 15, 20 years of relentlessly going after it.

    Steve Bannon just did what no politician has done, he actually, finally, defined the “swamp.”

    Phi Beta Iota. com: Robert David Steele, WRONG WRONG WRONG. Bannon is giving the Rothchilds, Vatican, City of London, and Wall Street a free pass. We must destroy the two-party tyranny, they are the enablers of the Deep State, but if Bannon is not willing to talk about Zion, the Vatican, the Rothschilds, the Freemasons, the Knights of Malta and more, then he is being duplicitous and not properly serving the public interest.

  52. Deep state, could this be the end, of just wishful thinking?

    1. I have to say that this seems HIGHLY unlikely...I'll believe it when, and IF, it happens. For now, I call BS on this story. However, I would love to eat my words but don't expect I will have to.

      I haven't checked but is the site this appeared on one of those "spoof sites"?

    2. Don't believe it is a spoof site, but I did see that the domain name is for sale. 😳 Makes ya wonder doesn't it. I find it very hard to believe anything any more. UGH


  53. Rogue Mornings - Awan's Plea Deal, Post Dollar World & Bankers Fear Crypto (09/13/2017)

  54. When will Trump admin can the Obozo holdovers???

    "The federal judge in the Awan case has President Barack Obama’s back. His cohorts Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch are likely covered too. No worries in The Swamp.

    U.S. District Court Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is presiding over the Imran Awan and Hina Alvi fraud case, was appointed to the federal bench by Obama after she kicked thousands in campaign donations to his presidential campaign when he was a U.S. Senator in Illinois, records confirm.

    Obama also appointed Chutkan’s husband, Peter Krauthamer, as a judge to the bench on the District of Columbia Superior Court in 2011.

    Krauthamer’s mother, and Chutkan’s mother-in-law, also contributed campaign cash to Obama, records confirm.

    And Chutkan’s former law firm, where she worked until her appointment to the federal bench in 2014, currently represents Huma Abedin, the wife of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner. The firm also is stacked with Democratic lawyers who worked for Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and Barack Obama’s White House, just to name a few D.C. insiders."

    More at link:

    ‘Rigged’ Awan Judge Appointed By Obama After Giving Thousands in Campaign Cash; Her Husband Appointed a Judge by Obama Too

  55. The CDC, Center for Dis-Ease Control.

    In their name, they are telling us the truth, as they are required to do.

    They support and CONTROL Dis-Ease with all the prescription medicines and vaccines.


    1. Actually, a good friend just pointed out to me that the CDC CREATES the diseases!

  56. -Time's Special Witness -

    During the height of the Classic Maya civilization, Lord Pacal Votan ruled the empire of Nah Chan Palenque (in present day Chiapas, Mexico), for 52 years. He is revered as the chief engineer who guided the Mayan mission of inscripting stone monuments with precise astronomical and astrological information during the 10th Baktun (435-830 AD).

    Known as a magician of time, he understood mathematics, or numbers, as a type of language that transcends the subjectivity of human verbal experience. His sentiment "All is number. **God is a number. God is in All." is an intriguing way to catalogue the Maya's message that we are intimately linked with and informed by the Galaxy. All of life is ordered by the same basic, re-ocurring patterns.

    Pacal Votan's prophecy speaks of the Closing of the Cycle. This is the phase we are in now, ever approaching the long-awaited synchronization point of December 21, 2012 AD.

    As we say to one another, "IT IS DARKEST BEFORE THE DAWN." Pacal Votan knew that humanity would forget their link to nature. He knew that we would be put to the test to see if we can regain our conscious connection to Time as the universal frequency of synchronization, not the illusionary wristwatch time.

    Pacal Votan, Yellow Galactic Sun (8 Ahau), wanted to alert us to the closing of this cycle of cosmic amnesia, and the dawning of the new creation (2013 AD). He wanted to clearly demonstrate the mathematical code ratios of both natural and mechanical time so that humanity would take note of their discrepancy and get back on track with the evolutionary program!

    natural time: - 13:20
    (13 annual moon cycles, 20 fingers and toes)

    mechanical time - 12:60
    (12 month calendar, 60 minute hour)

    What better way to alert us, than to leave us CLUES IN STONE!

    Lets's check the numbers -

    Pacal Votan died in 683 AD, yet 9 years passed before his tomb was dedicated and sealed in 692 AD. His tomb was not discovered and re-opened until 1952.

    Between 692 and 1952,
    there is exactly 1260 years.
    (12:60 man-made time)

    Between 692 and 2012 (the closing of the cycle)
    there is exactly 1320 years.
    (13:20 universal time)

    His prophecy is said to be radiantly transmitted through "Telektonon" - the talking stone of prophecy. This actual, physical telektonon tube can be found today right where it was constructed long ago - at the bottom of the 9-storied Temple of the Inscriptions, Palenque - Chiapas, Mexico:

    "He knew that we would be put to the test to see if we can regain our conscious connection to Time as the universal frequency of synchronization, not the illusionary wristwatch time."

    "universal frequency of synchronization"

    1. Thanks a44 that's very intetesting. I do feel we are going through a phase change.



    - As the covers are lifted, the dirt is visible and skid marks clear. Who investigates their corruption?

    The Deep State Coup Trap

    - Trump has the silver bullets. Has he got the guts to load them and fire?

    Unravelling a Secret Network of Child Traffickers and Pedophiles

    - We have the keys to the lies and cover ups of Deep State.

    Years have been lost we have done what?

    Deep State Spying

    - Please, let us share our pain and abhorrence with you...

    How worldwide can we save these children? Not one of these traffickers should be left alive. Not their customers.

    Why are not all of the Epstein's guests not on trial? Clinton! Prince Andrew? Why is this cover up allowed?

    Who, in Gods name, speaks for these Children?

    Post the RV's OWON WILL!


  58. As to the "breaking news" the Fed's position regarding same day ACH withdrawls, I found this...unless I am misreading it, this has been around since 9/28/15 so not sure what the sudden alarm is all about?


    The Reserve Banks' current FedACH SameDay Service is an optional service that allows ODFI participants to originate same-day payments to all RDFI participants that agree to accept such payments.[5] The Reserve Banks began offering the service in 2010 to address growing market demand for intraday ACH processing and settlement. In the five years since its introduction, the FedACH SameDay Service has experienced limited adoption; 78 depository institutions (less than 1 percent of FedACH customers) are currently using the service. A number of factors may account for this low adoption rate. RDFIs typically need to upgrade internal processing capabilities to post same-day transactions. Although ODFIs may be able to realize value from the service through enhanced ACH product offerings, such as emergency bill pay, these services may be unappealing to originators because of low RDFI participation and corresponding limited receiver reach. The current FedACH SameDay Service does not have an interbank fee.

  59. 911 Perpetrators Revealed Published on Sep 13, 2017 Our job was to do the research and present you with a Citizens Intelligence Report and an easy-to-follow audio story. Your job, as TRUTH WARRIORS, is to engage and activate the messaging throughout your social network and request that they do the same. We call this INFORMATION RAPID DEPLOYMENT. Do not let the lives and honor given by our fellow Americans who fell on 9-11-2001 and thereafter be in vain. Rise up and educate others. The TRUTH will set us free.

  60. De-Dollarization Spikes - Venezuela Stops Accepting Dollars For Oil Payments

    "And today, as The Wall Street Journal reports, in an effort to circumvent U.S. sanctions, Venezuela is telling oil traders that it will no longer receive or send payments in dollars, people familiar with the new policy said.

    Oil traders who export Venezuelan crude or import oil products into the country have begun converting their invoices to euros.

    The state oil company Petróleos de Venezuela SA, known as PdVSA, has told its private joint venture partners to open accounts in euros and to convert existing cash holdings into Europe’s main currency, said one project partner."


  61. Guys why is djt chumming up with the dems all of a sudden? Is it a strategic move against the barnacles of the GOP or something else? I can see his bird from here.

    1. Coz he's out of mates?

      Go figure!

    2. When the dollar gets whacked, the lot jumps the tracks.

      Once the new Gold backed RMB's hit, backed by Russia's moves on Middle East oil and gas fields,the US Hegemony bubble will burst and spew its bile. Those 990 plus war making Cabal protecting bases will be unsustainable and the cause of 90% of all Global wars will collapse.

      It took 5,000 years to develop Middle East and Asian nations. Americas vile Cabal mass bombed Vietnam,Laos,Cambodia, North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya off the map. Entire nations and cultures destroyed. Then the Agency bastards funded, trained and armed the likes of ISIS to create more mass devastation.

      The US Military Industrial complex is killing more than world wars achieved. America IS a false flag, boots and body bags for Israeli Zionist Global hegemony. Mugs! But the collapse of entire civilizations is a price too big to pay.

      Who rebuilds these poor nations? Syria and Iran stood up to this Thug machine and won. Now China and Russia have moved into the Middle East Oil fields and are selling weapons to them, the playing field is changing. Turkeys new Russian S400 missile shield will stop Israel blindsiding Iran. Syria needs to be provided with a full Russian shield, and Palestine with armed protection from this Kazakh filth. The Gaza blockade needs to be smashed by force. Why won't our world send a flotilla of supply ships in?

      The sheer volume now of Jewish Senators and Congressmen tells you that answer. As does the White House "Advisers" list. Who runs America? The history of Genghis Khan is Israels.

    3. AJ,
      As I see it, DJT is attempting to get his agenda legislation passed. He needs at least 8 Dems in the Senate to accomplish anything so it will require a deal with some of them. A few Democrats are still moderates although most are Socialist/Communist. If he can roundup those votes, a few things could pass. The GOP is also trying to block him at every turn. He's a populist, not ideologue, so will look to "make deals."

      Another major problem for DJT is that he can't get his appointees confirmed. Obama holdovers are everywhere and Senate is VERY SLOW ROLLING new.

      Alternately, the GOP can reduce the required number of votes in Senate to a simple majority. They are very unlikely to do that.

      So sorry you're 😷. Here's some 🍜 (chicken soup) for you!

  62. Hello everyone, I wanted to put something out there. I came across the following video called "The Swamp is Not Being Drained". In that video, they talk about the debt ceiling being raised and we are now at 20 Trillion dollars, and how the US will do the same thing in December. Long story short, they will continue this debt fiasco forever. If this is the case, I fear we may never see the PP's getting paid. Unless there is something going on in the background that I don't know about. John or anyone please enlighten me.

  63. Read the many new adverse risk comments on Bitcoins and the like.Pyramid bombs? Just take care out there.

    1. Yes, I've read quite a bit about it. They can be manipulated as has been proven. End of story for me as a "currency." It's another bubble to pop. I can't imagine using as a real currency for everyday transactions. Read a few days ago transaction fees are about $25 each now. What???

      I love this recent Anna VonReitz article exploring values. The Magic Beans Phenomenon

    2. Above comment is addressed to John.

    3. love the Magic Bean article Texian. So true.

  64. Robert Steele: Healing the Self & Healing the World – The Open Source Way (Trump


    As a professional intelligence officer, I approach all challenges from an information-centric perspective. My approach to healing the self and healing the world is rooted in what I know about the corruption – the lack of integrity – across all information domains. We lack both intelligence and integrity today – it is not possible to produce authentic, truthful intelligence if you lack integrity.

    Corruption, fake news, false flag events, lies, and misinformation impoverish the 99% while benefiting the 1% that owns and operates the Deep State as a means of control and legalized looting of the commonwealth. Predatory capitalism, virtual colonialism, and unilateral militarism including elective wars, regime change operations, false flag operations, torture & rendition, and drone assassinations all rest on weapons of mass instruction and mass deception.

    Individuals are poisoned both mentally and physically – the food & drug complex is a deliberately contrived means of profiting by first poisoning people – to include the multiplication of cancers as well as obesity as a planned population policy; and the sterilization of women as well as the imposition of autism on young children – creating an endless cycle of profit for the 1% from poison and dangerous or ineffective medicines sold to the 99%.

    At the same time, for lack of holistic analytics and true cost economics, every Western industry from agriculture to energy to health to security to water management is easily documented as 50% waste compounded by the introduction of chlorine, nano-plastic, and other toxins to the environment. Furthermore, it can be posited that the Western economic and engineering paradigm is 90% profit for the few at the expense of the many – Dr. Marcin Jakubowski has demonstrated that The Open Source Way allows for the creation of all key Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) elements at 10% the cost of the prevailing Western paradigm that legalizes various forms of technical, legal, and financial crime.

    Corruption – the corruption of information, the corruption of morality, the corruption of process – is the fatal cancer that could lead to what some call “the sixth extinction.”

    There are three “cures” – all “alternative” or “natural” in character – that can heal the self and heal the world within the decade:
    1.Holistic Analytics
    2.True Cost Economics
    3.Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE)

    Every public that desires to be free from want, free from tyranny, must get a grip on their information environment and demand that the craft of intelligence be practiced with integrity. There are two implementation aspects: first, the public must demand election reform, and second the public must demand that the economy, the government, and society be based on open source everything engineering. #UNRIG – a grassroots campaign – is the manifestation of a new populist demand for unity and integrity – the integrity of information, the integrity of self and society, the integrity of process that is authentic, inclusive, and truthful. Its goals include the termination of private banking in favor of public banking. An Open Source Agency in each country, combined with the #UNRIG application on inexpensive cellular devices and a free global Internet that cannot be censored or controlled, are the intermediate means by which we create a World Brain able to create peace and prosperity for all.

  65. Only 25% of all Americans have $10K or more in the bank or savings. The Middle Class has been wiped out, so when the crunch comes, it's 90% Bums?
    End of an Empire as the whole Ponzi scam comes down to earth. The vultures are circling now. Where will 7M cross bred Zio's go? No money the fleas will leave fast.

  66. Re Global negotiations.

    For the best of all reasons we can not talk about such sophisticated and sensitive discussions as are in real, live play, daily.

    It's really about creating Global stability, a stable Global currency, AU backed,removing the Jews from Global banking power, and ensuring that the new coming world never again allows such a brutal and voracious, pernicious regime, as the US Zionist manipulated Military Industrial Cabal, which has destroyed the hope and lives as much of Americans as well as the world.

    Americans were also cruelly betrayed by the likes of the Bushes and Clinton's, but as much by the corruption of DC and the guile and duplicity of the mass of Zio TRASH with their dead claws encircling the US Fed and Treasury.Sewer Rats!

    The clean up needs to be Global.No more Puppet Regimes for the Rotts, or Vatican filth, and their Pedo cohorts.

    What is coming needs to be a system respectful for all our world, where new Souls have a new purpose of being. One where Ethereal truth and values rule, and where we rid the world of all this childish Abrahamian nonsense, and its perverse influence upon our children.

    In today's world,would you follow a paranoid delusional schizophrenic, who attempted to kill his own child then mutilated his own testicles? WTF? Are you mad?

    Or a mid 50s married raghead who married a 7 years old girl and had sexual relations with her at 9. Or a Cult which mutilates the sexual organs of your child? Or such lunatics who think they are "Special ?" The dogma of the deranged.

    Time to Grow up! For YOU to Wo- and Man up!

    We don't give a dam about what Freebie currency is needed by howling Wannabes whose lives left the tracks, for whatever reasons. We care about how we take care of 8B. If we lose even 100M from the herd, if so needed as Stock realignment,so what? Big Boy reality. How do we improve life for the rest?

    How do we rip the Churches out of the schools and educate truth? Eurasia will accept none of them. As for the Jesuits and KM's, cards are marked. The EU is rotten with them. As the Western Financial World is also manipulated by Goldman's.

    Big thinking is replacing the lot. A new Global monetary system. But how? Unless we start now, we lose the century. Never again will we allow the Roaches into the food store of life or a single nation domination.

    AU is key. By refusing Zios a place at the table, we create the very schism of their undoing. So much serious debate is in action daily. Real issues, the future and cauterizing their rot.

    We may not have to be kind to save Mankind. But we need to retrack it with a clear vision, and a Global perspective where each new Soul born to Man, comes here as a Carbon Life Force, to share the experiences of this wonderful planet. Protected by the Stewardship of all.

    One where every child has a right to life.

    Every child has a right to love.

    And every Child, (each Soul) has a right to fulfill its potential safe from harm, and the evil of what is today.

    Where there is no system bypass of responsibility and one where we all nurture life, ecology and nature.

    So Yes there is hope, real hope and purpose, and Yes,the entire mess is under review. It's NOT about free Dinars, or lost causes. It's about redesigning a whole new system fit for purpose, and factoring right out,pernicious life forms who are not! It's about manning up, and growing up for all. Values which matter, not the value of a buck! We lived, we did What?

    1. A nice sketch of a galactic society in the making..

  67. Hmmm...are they really just spraying mosquitos??

    I don't trust this program...aerial spraying in the Greater Houston area!

    Aerial Mosquito Spray Operation Scheduled in Wake of Flooding

    The rain left behind by Hurricane Harvey has created large areas in Harris County where mosquitoes can lay their eggs. To address increasing numbers of mosquitoes and the risk they pose to the recovery effort and public health, the U.S. Air Force Reserve’s 910th Airlift Wing flying modified C-130 cargo planes staged out of Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio will be conducting an aerial spray operation beginning Thursday evening, September 14 and may take more than one day. The plan is to spray approximately 600,000 acres by air, weather permitting. (Click here to see map for the proposed spray areas.)

    Harris County is working with our partners at the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and the U.S. Air Force Reserve to conduct the aerial spray operation. The coordinated approach supplements the on-going countywide ground treatment to better protect the health of Harris County residents.

    According to Dr. Umair A. Shah, executive director of Harris County Public Health (HCPH), “The goal is to reduce the effects mosquitoes are having on recovery efforts and the possibility of a future increase in mosquito-borne disease.”

    The insecticide, Dibrom (EPA-approved), is routinely used for aerial spray operations to combat mosquito-borne disease and will be used during the spray operation in Harris County. Dibrom is considered safe for the environment and is applied by licensed applicators, according to the label instructions.

    For residents concerned about exposure during the aerial spray operation, HCPH recommends individuals stay indoors during the evening aerial application in the treated areas, as a precaution. As an extra precaution, beekeepers may wish to cover their colonies to prevent bees from exiting during treatment.

  68. Trump: ‘The Wall Will Come Later’ [VIDEO]
    Sept 14, 2017

    President Trump’s signature campaign promise, the building of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, will remain on the back burner, the president said Thursday morning.

    “The wall will come later,” Trump told reporters as he prepared to depart for Florida. “We’re right now renovating large sections of wall, massive sections, making it brand new. We’re doing a lot of renovations, we’re building four different samples of the wall to see which one we’re going to choose, and the wall is going to be built, it will be funded a little bit later.”

  69. After ‘Secret Server’ Found, DWS Melts Down Over ‘Intimate Relationship’ With Muslim Spy
    Sept 14, 2017

  70. Really tired of destruction of
    History and art like this. If this thing hits I'm going to go buy all this beautiful art and display it somewhere. First it was books. Now these amazing statutes. Entirely too many SNOWFLAKES anymore. Not a social media person, but someone should run with NO MORE SNOWFLAKES! My dad Taught me to hunt, shoot and live on the land at 10.
    Damn pussy society. No offense to kitty's

    Statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee removed from Dallas park via

  71. Barbuda has been left completely devastated by Hurricane Irma. An estimated 95% of Barbuda’s structures are damaged, and the entire island of around 1,800 people has been evacuated.

    “The damage is complete,” says Ambassador Ronald Sanders, who has served as Antigua and Barbuda’s ambassador to the U.S. since 2015. “For the first time in 300 years, there’s not a single living person on the island of Barbuda — a civilization that has existed on that island for over 300 years has now been extinguished.

  72. While the vile Cabal and Kazakh / Mossad scum wage wars for profit and land theft, how about wars on want? Barbuda is a tragedy. But so is Zionism and Kazakh terrorism.
    We must educate out these inhumane Swines snout.

  73. Ken O'Keefe Unveils The Truth About Adolf Hitler (2min)

  74. Seattle mayor resigns after 5th child molestation charge comes from cousin

    Child rape and sodomy should be a death sentence! VILE SCUMBAGS!

  75. Bit coins are down c 35% in a week. Volatile and messy. Its rating is only based on blind gambling. Be careful. You see what China has done to them.


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