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  1. The theft continues in USA Inc. Update from CAF: Dr. Skidmore and his team have now reviewed additional documentation for the Army, Air Force and updates for the DOD general fund, adding $2.6 trillion of undocumentable adjustments. The table below is updated to include these staggering amounts.

    By Catherine Austin Fitts

  2. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a Washington, D.C. grand jury for his probe of Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

    On "Your World," Judge Andrew Napolitano explained that grand juries are powerful investigative tools that allow prosecutors to subpoena documents, put witnesses under oath and seek indictments, if there is evidence of a crime.

    "It doesn't mean they have a target. It doesn't mean they think somebody's guilty. It just means they need this tool, this instrument called a subpoena, in order to gather more information to decide where to go next," Napolitano said.

  3. Streamed live on Aug 2, 2017

    This morning President Trump signed the Russia, Iran, North Korea sanctions bill, which restricts his ability to improve relations with any of the three countries absent explicit Congressional approval. Is the deep state in total control of US foreign policy? - Ron Paul

    1. The new law imposing sweeping sanctions on Russia, North Korea and Iran will bring the three countries a lot closer together and complicate the United States’ ability to conclude good deals, US President Donald Trump said in a statement on Wednesday.

      “By limiting the Executive’s flexibility, this bill makes it harder for the United States to strike good deals for the American people, and will drive China, Russia, and North Korea much closer together,” Trump stated after signing the bill into law.

    2. #1 Why would Pres. Trump sign this bill knowing it was potentially unconstitutional?????

      #2 The EU will not be dictated about who they will do business with. The US Congress will not set foreign policy for the global community. Who gave them the right to do that?

      #3 China does a lot of business with Russia. Does anybody actually think that the US Congress is going to stop them from doing business with China?

      #4 The US Congress has just shot themselves in the foot and this will backfire on them much sooner than later. If you think the US economy is having major issues now, just give it a few months and see what happens when fewer and fewer countries will want anything to do with them.


    3. Tim4123: You just commented on your own repost. Please stop reposting. You are creating clutter. Stick to your personal knowledge or links to verifiable primary and secondary sources svp.

  4. One of the biggest buyers of US military equipment in the world, Qatar, has decided go in a different direction for its next purchase of combat warships. Spoiler: Russia didn’t get the contract either.

    The second-richest country in the world by GDP per capita ($129,700) agreed to a deal with Italy "to acquire seven warships" for $5.9 billion, the Qatari Foreign Ministry announced Wednesday.

  5. Original Hunters: The Humble Beginnings of Russia's Submarine Fleet (PHOTOS)

    It’s hard to believe that the powerful Russian submarine fleet started as a disparate collection of small, cramped and often extremely unsafe vessels.

  6. National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster has fired yet ANOTHER Trump loyalist who was originally brought on board by former NatSec Advisor, General Flynn.

  7. The film that environmental organizations don't want you to see!
    I just watched this documentary and it was a real eye opener.

  8. For months conservative investigative reporter Mike Cernovich has been reporting that National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster is with the globalists and not with Trump. Cernovich claims McMaster has been secretly working against President Trump’s ‘America First’ plans.

  9. Senate confirms 65 Trump nominees on last day before August break

    "The Senate has confirmed more executive branch nominees this week than all of the executive branch nominees confirmed this year combined..."

  10. This latest Congressional grandstanding with Russia and Iran is more Cabal madness.

    The world has now passed that epoch moment where it will allow any more US aggression or interfering. We have Asia in pieces and illegals in millions. ALL no thanks to US Cabal aggression to usurp nations and steal assets. Trump was trying to build bridges. He is now sadly a prisoner to Congress whims. As useless a collective as it gets. We sympathize to Trump on this. And his team. Congress at its worst.

    This now simply takes us forwards and closer to needless confrontation. The innocent and so gullible American people have no concept of a Pre Emptive strike which could come if so.

    Russia and China now agree, as common policy, that if confronted, they have to unite and go for it full on. A warning missile won't do, it just gives America time to open their silos and kill more.

    If this goes, what will happen is that 20 or 30 Chinese and Russian Subs will launch off the US coast and on all US Global target bases. c600 nukes incoming! 5 to 7 minutes warning. The lot will go.

    Britain as the US Bomber base and radar early warning base will be mass nuked along with Israel. Iran will mass rocket pound Israel. Russia will annihilate it and neutron it. So will Iran. The Zios rat home is right up there day one.

    America at best will get 5 minutes warning and 7 minutes later the big ICBM's will also come down in hundreds and multi warheads, followed by the Bombers over the pole. All US Major cities and bases will go.All infrastructure and power grids. All US satellites will be knocked out.

    Russia and China by then will also have launched vast invasion fleets with hostile armies and thousands of Paras will be dropping in. A combined mass sweep will start. No Prisoners. Rape and kill. Mass population reduction. The Mountain underground bases will have their access doors nuked off. They will be ripped out. Both Russia and China now have advanced laser weapons capable of frying the telemetry on incoming missiles. US fleets will be sitting ducks. Hegemony is now passe'. Pearl Harbor will be nothing if this lot goes. It will also probably be about 4 o clock East Coast time on a Sunday morning when all are asleep.

    This mad, arrogant Cabal, are out of touch with human reality. Be assured, if this kicks off, while the Elites may be bunkered down,they will be rippled out of their safe holes, and mass rendered hard! Even neutron bombs slammed down shafts or drilled access. They will be found and mass exterminated. THEY are the people, the world does not need. Cabal and Zio rats need to go. But why must innocent civilians and nations? The US Military Cabal and Zios are the worlds biggest enemies.

    Why can't Tillerson start Deep State closures? Neuter them. Trump needs to fragment and disrupt their nets of power. Exposure and closure. Starve the beast.
    Who gave Congress the right to dictate to the world?

    This is all so far removed from the wishes of the Founders and Constitution. America is now captive to a Feudal force far worse than any it tried to escape and it came from within. Global cooperation is key,and with the best of American ingenuity,in cohesion with all, what a new destiny is possible for all mankind.Clearly now Congress is refusing to support the will of the people for self interest owned by Lobbied forces.

    1. Hey John, in your strike plan scenario you forgot to mention that the first U.S. base to be hit will be the listening base at Pine Gap in the middle of the Australian desert.

      If that underground base is knocked out, it's game over.

    2. No

      I said the first strike will be via 20 to 30 subs taking out all bases. Pine Gap will go, along with Israel, and all key US forces will be vaporized. UK early warning sites will go and all UK bomber bases. We are toast. But I think only our bases will go and all in a 30 miles radius.

      However, if that happens, 3 UK Polaris Subs carrying each 30 nukes, will head to launch coordinates, and will unleash 90 multi headed missiles of which at least 20 will get through. That is Russia's Achilles heel. They KNOW the Brits WILL launch and are ready. But having space for 40 M Russians in bunkers they will sit it out. America has built only for 1 M Elites.

      These could become crazy times. Cabal thinking confuses logic.
      Don't worry you Aussies are all factored in. Including all US Coast Port bases. They will nuke the lot.

      If only they could Test Run with Israel now, what that alone can do to save the world. The Zios Hole in the Wall Gang HQ gone once someone reams them a second hole in their Butt. If only we could persuade Russia to just erase that Rat Hole as the warning shot ultimatum. Peace could follow.

    3. Good Fear Porn. You left out the whole launch-on-detection aspect where Russia-China die a brutal, total death. 40MM in survival centers... 1MM Elite in bunkers, what a joke.

      Mutual Assured Destruction has worked for 70 years and there is no new scenario to play out under the sun. (And yes, in an off-the-record war-game yours truly in the 90s defeated the twice-victorious Inman scenario of WW3. So I'm not exactly a slouch at the Fear Porn.)

      How any of this is supposed to transpire when there are sonar nets in every damn ocean of the planet? No-one, and certainly not us, are going to allow that number of subs to park off either coast. It will simply kick off if tried with no first strike advantage for China Russia.

      Second, all sides have enough nukes in a launch-on-detection scenario to devastate the surface of the planet. No-one is coming up from the bunkers, neither here nor there. It's a fantasy that those bunkered down will survive this. Closely integrated recycling my ass. The precious bunkers are nothing but tombs to be dug up by alien archaeologists. The Russian 40MM, if they survive, will have no food, no air, no water. Same here. The radiation-neutralizing biotech will not scale to that level. Nobody, least of all the Chinese and Russian, will be deploying troops into highly radioactive zones to ferret out anybody. That's another fantasy. Nobody will have any military left. The post-nuke survived troops will be countable on one hand. There won't even be a coordination and comm system intact enough to get one airplane or ship half-way across the world.

      We call this delusion in the field "the survivability delusion".

      Second-strike retaliation scenarios are interesting, but of no consequence, there will be nothing left of either Russia or China to nuke. The high probability scenario is that the 3 UK subs will head for the Southern Hemisphere in hope to find someone alive in a former territory. I realize you want to think that after the End-of-the-World that they will be duty-bound, but there will be no UK and no enemy to destroy, and the pointlessness of the orders will be all too evident. I'm sure your people ran the scenarios just like everyone else. You know this to be true.

      This, if it kicks off, simply ends humans. There. I said it. Now who is the Fear Porn champion?

    4. If this is the case John, than let's get it over with. Kiss your loved ones goodbye. No sense in talking about it. Evolution needs another chance anyways...Cheers!

    5. Tino

      We learned nothing from Napoleons campaigns, nor WW1. So then WW11. Vietnam, Korea, Mogadishu, Iraq, Syria and still it keeps kicking off.
      Since when did logic contain wars.

      WW1 was horrific.

      So we launched another. Even worse. Then we nuked Japan - twice.

      Military don't think big picture,just Boys with Toys. Mine's bigger than yours? Cabals don't do joined up thinking.

      When Russia fried the US Cookes radar as a threat to Syria, Putin said publicly to Obuma,you have your plans, we have ours, your move. The US Cooke, a sitting Duck, ran for its life in terror. Just like Cuba. Who blinks first?

      Tino be assured, we WILL nuke Russia, then try to find anything left alive. Fact. Subs know the rest.

      Wars start from stupidity and mad monarchs. Now Cabals.

    6. john

      why when it seemingly gets close to some sort of resolution on the currencies

      we then hear about war war war?

      is there a correlation here?

    7. @ John,

      I hear you. We are only disagreeing on the moment of total death. And I'm certainly not talking logic. There's nothing logical about the present state of the balance of terror. I'm counting on fear. Pure, unadulterated, "we aren't going to survive this" fear. Lately because the PTB talk about a 'winnable' WW3, or a limited exchange, they are talking themselves into terminal stupidity. The Cabal has the same Nazi superiority mentality and has lost touch with reality. 2x4 to the head time. There are zero winnable or limited exchange scenarios. It's not a maybe this or that. It's ZERO. Escalation happens every time. Everyone dies, every time, in every simulation.

      If we ever needed proof that in the modern world it is a small group of crazies (NWO,CFR, Trilateralist, Globalist of every stripe and all the useful idiots that make common cause) that ARE the problem, it is the current global situation.

      There is no scenario where the Anti-Life Anti-Freedom forces can come out ahead. Death, particularly theirs, is the end scenario no matter what they do on the violence front. It only gets worse if the next-generation of sci-fi weaponry you alluded to comes online. The best way forward is to accept the end of hegemony and re-bolster the United States and hold a power bloc going into the Long Future. Especially if Transhumanism goes into play.

      Even there, it will be hard to not go the Commercial Biologic Immortality route as opposed to TH for the Elite. The number differential is too large and We, the People, will tear them to pieces if they sequestrate the most important health and performance advantages.

    8. Unkown

      NO we juggle a lot of balls, just hope not yours.

  11. Thanks for the clarification. Now I feel sooo much better. We Aussies hate being left out of anything big!

    1. Last I looked there is no scenario where you are left out.

      Obligatory WarGames scene...

    2. Actually, I've known that for a very long time.

      One of my sister's married an American scientist who, in the very early 70's worked on a U.S. research vessel for The Nuclear Under Sea Centre.

      They married in Australia and then moved to Kaneohe HI, where he worked on a marine base training dolphins to carry nuclear warheads and discover the secret language of sonar.

      Then they moved to San Diego in the early 00's and he worked on the SPARWARS programme, which resulted in the undersea sonar net you mentioned earlier.

      Believe me when I tell you that I get it, very clearly.

      I won't mind one bit if someone hits the button and we're all wiped out.

      We probably deserve it from the day we split the atom.

    3. We don't deserve it. We are basically the victims of that 0.1% of humanity that is sociopathic. We need a test at birth and certain individuals must be, based on their sociopathy status, completely banned from holding any kind of power over anyone. And if they don't like it, they can eat a bullet. Think about how irrational it is to desire power over anyone let alone masses of people. Yet here we are, with relative idiots in charge because they are charisma or silent genius manipulators... on the verge of global conflict and a desire for Agenda 21.

    4. ..... which is what we are all here to achieve. We need to turn the tables on those sociopaths.

      They hold the money, so they hold the power. There is an enormous dam of good will waiting to burst forth and flood the planet with kindness and thoughtfulness for it and each other.

      The way forward is to reset the currencies, tip the balance of power and watch hundreds of thousands of grass roots projects spring forth and become the change.

      A man's mind, once stretched, NEVER returns to it's original dimension.

    5. monkey,

      do they hold the money?

      in reading along w john, what i have gleaned is that w a structured payment approach per john,

      it does not really matter if they hold and block the money

      since smaller yearly or twice yearly settlements do not require huge sums of money to light the fuse.

      e.g.: 1/30th the sum is required at 3%/year 30 year Bonds etc

      so, imho john's past multi-month posts helped me revisit that assumption.

    6. What I'm thinking is that there are stacks of people holding currencies that may pay out in a short windfall window. That's one type of funding. I have a gut feeling that many of the currency holders are exceptional people, with various specialised skill sets. We've honed our projects and are ready to make a difference for the common good.

      What I think you are talking about is the other type of funding, being a bond issue from the private placement programmes. Those hedge funds have (generally) been rolled over and over on 40 day intervals for many years. Those bonds should be worth plenty.

      Some of those funds/bonds are held by Mr and Ms Average.

      Utilising those bonds at say 3 percent on say 1M will preserve the capital and fund small community projects like veggie gardens and food banks, shelters for homeless and shoes for kids, jobs for disabled and disadvantaged people, land care projects and stuff like that.

      Simple, powerful transformation.

      As a collective or as individuals we can and will easily achieve glimmers of joy like that.

      Btw, I'm on my phone, it's freezing cold and its 1.30 am. I'm going to bed.

    7. monkey

      i am simply reflecting what john has shared

      it is easier to jump start movement w $10T rather than $300T.

      that is what new bonds at 3% for 30 years would accomplish, avoiding many sticky wicket issues john has already shared.

    8. Agreed, which is why the bond is a good idea. It protects the capital from being either fluttered away or used for evil (although no me mechanism was determined as an assessment process when I asked the question).

      Anyway until the funds flow, it's just a creative thinking exercise.

  12. This is hard to digest....(This is hell-world scenario.)

    1. That's the reason I was in the commercial healthcare operations at SAIC with only the occasional consultation role in the DoD aspects of the CIA-founded beltway bandit. And I made sure to have a nice white-and-pale-blue badge so I never had to be sucked into black projects. Occasionally folks would ask me a question or two in the abstract, because I was clever, but I dodged all the national security stuff. Who needs the hassle?

    2. Plus, in all hell-world scenarios you are dead. So fret not. The new life after the usual period of examination will beckon.

    3. Tino,

      I agree with you when you say that there will be no land invasion after a full scale nuclear attack, but I disagree with you when you talk about Mutually Assured Destruction. Prior to Bush 43, the Anti Ballistic Missile Treaty of 1972 limited the number of ABMs the US and Russia could have, thereby assuring mutual destruction. Bush succeeded from that treaty.

      Since then Russia and the US have gone about developing and deploying ABMs. It is reported that Russia will fully deploy the S-500 Anti aircraft system by this time next year. Reportedly, this system can shoot down low flying cruise missiles, stealth aircraft and incoming ICBMs. This system may be a game changer. Putin does not want a war with the West, but he will launch if provoked. Currently we have troops in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and we have advisors in the Ukraine. We have ABM systems in Romania and we are planning on putting ABM systems in Poland. Putin can not win a conventional war against the West. The Russians lost over 20 million people in WWII. Putin will not allow his country to go through another war like that.

      In one interview, I heard Putin say "growing up in the streets, I learned one thing, If a fight is inevitable, throw the first punch."

      Here is a 12 minute video of a Putin speech. It's from last year. If you haven't seen it already, it's worth watching.

    4. Perhaps Terry,

      ABM tech, while much better than before, isn't all that it is cracked up to be. The reason is that ballistic speeds are high, even a slightly erratic dodge in trajectory makes a hit a near impossibility, and roughly 1-in-3 are guaranteed to get thru. Given the radius of destruction of one 10-megaton warhead, as the old saying goes, close is good in horseshoe throwing and nukes. And this is just classic scenarios -- John's sci-fi weaponry is coming online and that only exacerbates the situation.

      Yes, Putin will go asymmetric, but in the end, there are still way too many nukes. Throwing the first punch still kills us all. So brinkmanship to the end this all is.

    5. Tino,

      If we were still developing 10 megaton warheads, I may agree with you. But as accuracy has increased, yields have decreased. That's part of the reason people believe a nuclear war may be survivable. The yield on our W88 warhead which is used on our Trident submarines is reportedly 475 kilotons. The yield on our W78 warhead which is used on our Minuteman III ICBM is reportedly 335-350 kilotons.

    6. Tino,

      I know you are busy, but if you have time, watch the video and give us your sincere thoughts. Your input is always appreciated.

    7. Of Course Terry!

      I'm on travel, but at the next TSA endless wait I will check the video out....

      How many "terrorists" has that program caught exactly? One?
      ALL that TSA is TERRORIZE AMERICANS! #realDonaldTrump

    9. TSA = GESTAPO. TSA = USSA(United Stasi States of America)
      Does this make America great #realDonaldTrump ?

  13. I apologize...godlikeproductions did get one right for a change:

  14. Heavy stuff for a friday, nukes and what not. In other news, water is wet..

  15. Kelly could be the making of Trump now. Game changer.

    1. Thank you John. DJT did need a wise butler to advise him properly. I am thinking in terms of the show GOTHAM. Equate DJT to the young-Batman, the butler, Alfred a seasoned veteran SAS paratrooper, I believe. Gotham City equated to Washington DC cesspool filled with corruption.One man, the young Batman against ALL of that, with his advisor, trainer and said butler ALFRED=Kelly. Seamless parallel, actually.

  16. Well apart from even young Bruce having intellect and class. It helps. It shows. The world sees and knows. All see a Faker, and form opinions fast.

    But Kelly may carry this one. Hopefully.

  17. John,

    Here's a question you may or may not be able to answer. Who is pulling the Deep State's strings?

    1. Many special interests from the Vatican, to Kissinger, Bush 41, Skull and Bones members, CFR, Tri Lats, and the booted , suited Boys with Toys manipulated by the Agencies. Key names need exposing.

  18. I just heard a report that the White House will be emptied out for the next 17 days in order to repair/replace the heating and cooling system.

    Trump is on holidays for the period.

  19. The link will take you to an article about Anna VR ... ... I believe there are many solid points and a few that could be a little off. Many of us have seen enough evidence that the UK has had a very strong voice before, during and after 1776 and in continues to this day to some degree. In 1860 Lincoln started a process toward a USA Corp or affectionately USAC as I call it. 1871 was the big year for USAC forming. More importantly, Lincoln put forth a 2nd try at what resulted in disappearing the original 13th and replacing with our current 13th Amendment. The real 13th is real and prevents lawyers and royal etc titled persons for holding public office. When the Republic is officially restored we would like to seal WDC Federal Govt-USAC buildings and contents and set up the new Republic in the center of the Real united states of America - let's say within 400 miles of Kansas City - ideal for proper safe transportation and design it properly - Congress live in barracks and work 3 days a week 12 hours/day = no show no pay and no pay for any travel anywhere - no lobbyists within 400 miles - . (I may be making a few errors so please consider what I am attempting to express in this short posting)
    We could spend 100 years going backwards and prosecuting HRC + 41 - 44 + ziorats. We want (I am taking liberties with what I believe my colleagues want but this is close) Trump needs to do an EO Declaring any acts against USAC or usA Republic will be treated with swift decisive action for Seditious and Treasonous acts. Set up Courts - grand juries and all that stuff to fast track all felonious acts within 30 days or less. Store the offenders in Military control in all these FEMA Camps I keep hearing about. Most of us are over 60 and mostly Veterans of similar with education credentials or exquisite skill sets. Our collective intelligence is staggering when I think about it. We are one of many centers of expertise the exchange information informatively and it keeps growing is several dimensions.
    I have NEVER seen this lever of dis-mis info or leaks EVER. We can just watch and arrest. Once they switch over to Republic they can fire most govt employees and have a hiring process that includes high standards in all areas including language, work related skills and experience, security clearances and all elected officials have to go through the same stuff before they run and between election and appointment with serious vetting. A lot of this can get done now. I see volumes of lies and obstructions thrown at President trump. He may not have enough class for many who see themselves as prominent but prominent doesn't increase jobs, save lives, pass laws etc. TINO continues to hit the nail on the head as do several others on this site. I am grateful we can post and offer.
    The reality of who is running the deep state or ziorats is that the ziorats are running the show and are opposed by a small % of military, CIA-Intel, most bureaucrats and lobbyists, >90 of congress. The names do not matter as much as their behavior which proves they did illegal acts so pick them off and do not fall into the Saul Alinski trap of letting the ziorats foment chaos and 0 accountability and bury every system and process so nothing can get done. Nail bad behaviors as they happen and dispatch justice resulting in death or imprisonment in 30 days or less and quit screwing around.
    The 3 Marines comprise the real leadership in USAC and us of AR and with General Kelly in WH he has activities at hand and things are going to change. To the extent we all support our President and help him do his job the better off we are and the faster evil will let their stupid arses be exposed. Go get em in AU, UK, NZ, CA and usA!

  20. A point of interest for Ambulance Chasers with currencies.

    We are currently handling a sensitive transaction with a major PP client. Even to establish accounts for them will be a major issue unless via our own Trust Group to start.

    If this transforms to Public later, expect a lot of issues. No Details!

    Fortunately for the US, opening standards are so much lower.

    But you will almost certainly need a key bank account with a Forex Division and a Securities Division. It's up to YOU to KNOW what that means.Educate up.

    If the Public are allowed in, still yet to be qualified as none have true title, it can only parallel to what we are doing.

    You will almost certainly only be paid in part cash to a nominated account, ( If even that) and the rest in Bonds, Securities of one long term issue or another. You will not be hitting the streets with large cash. Get that straight. It does not exist. Any Funds will only be wired to your account. Not got one- Why the F not, why are you in this market?

    Nor will you leave with Bonds, it will be bank to bank transfer only as a secured system. If you don't even have a suitable major bank, you will just be bypassed and lost. No one has time for such nonsense. Nor interest.

    What at best is likely to happen for the public, if allowed in, is that maybe some cash will be allowed ( but bank to bank wired ) and the rest will be deferred notes, which may be 25 year notes giving you only 5 to 7% cash out value until they mature, or season more, if you can place them. YOU find out what that means, do the work to learn.

    You will only be allowed to be paid to a bank,one able to handle Securities, or you may be given an SKR for the notes, and just forgotten.

    All funds and securities will then be kept securely within the Banking system and recorded.
    We have seen so many parties with some limp HillBilly Bank or Credit Union thinking just take em to Bubba. So not going to happen. Don't even have a bank account, at what age,but they have wild paper?

    Get a REAL bank for Gods sake if you want to do this business. One with Securities Divisions able to handle your paper for you. One who can Credit Line you for projects so you can work for it like the rest. There is No Money to feed the Grunt fantasies. Phased paper, deferring debt will almost certainly be tried. Stumble in with a box of notes and some Hick Nickle and Dime state bank or Union and expect real problems. They will give you an SKR and kiss it goodbye. They can't send Securities to a Hillbilly or Grunts Bank who can't handle it.

    Why get into this mess and know so little?

    Simply go to a bank of real standing and get a real account they can wire to. Yes you have to make an opening deposit and stay in Credit! Get-Real. We have parties saying, but they want $100 dollars to open an account? Jeez where's the Bull whip.
    A nightmare is coming, batten down the hatches.
    I think some are coming on 3 legged ponies.

    Welcome to the Real World. Are you ready if it triggers off?

    1. Thanks John. I'm hoping that we at least get up to 40% part cash, I would be satisfied with that. But at this point, I will be happy with any cash we are able to get. Thank you again John and the Elders for everything that you do.

    2. Good deal Big John. And great advice!
      Thanks much.
      As there're a few donkey Hillbillys banks in my town still! Watch out!

    3. JOHN:
      "A nightmare is coming..."

      Kindly elaborate please?

    4. The Grunt Queues trying to storm the Bastille's of Banks armed with their Jungle Bunny Papers, and seriously expecting to walk out with Vast M's or B's in cash. At best they may be allowed a few % as cash, but even that only wired to an approved account,once the compliance check is confirmed not to be a person of criminal background charge, and showing no arrest record. Watch these Bubbas freak. How many are capable of Projects, or even handling regulated Securities? For them, a true Nightmare.So near, yet missing the boat. Ugly is coming to town.

    5. John,
      That sounds like bad news for Shrubs, Clintons, Obozos, et al with their decades of criminal activity, right?

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.


  22. These are the Largest Banks that Deal in Securities
    Hope this Helps

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch
    BNP Paribus
    Credit Suisse
    Deutsche Bank
    Goldman Sachs
    JP Morgan Chase
    Morgan Stanley
    Commerzbank AG
    Societe Generale
    The Royal Bank of Scotland
    Well Fargo
    Bank of New York Mellon

    1. John,

      Amazing to see the potential fruit of your efforts and the team as well.
      So very exciting for project possibilities, ready to amp up the work we
      are already doing, woooo hoooo !

      Per, Derby Girls post above, which would be your "favorite" bank(s) to
      engage in this process ?.... as so many have past integrity issues.

      Appreciate your feed back on this, not sure you can even engage the ?.

      Cheers !

      Always & regards,

  23. Makes sense John, thanks. Vacation time in uS, never know what storms come through while on holiday.
    Bob,Need one more actionable leak from a compartamentalized patriot to get this going. Tino,maybe one of your saic chums has a key and doesn't know what to do this holiday.
    If some ass tosses a nuke there goes the summer season in Nantucket and the Hamptons and that might be too much to bear for these cons.

    1. CB Most of that is in motion or being considered with a few things I see as essential. There is a chance most of this is real .... we Pray! However, I do want to see some serious arse kicking and prosecution of treason and sedition ... sooner rather than later!

  24. Thank you Derby Girl let hope a few mount up fast when needed.

    I gave one Mutt the money for a passport and some cash for a holding deposit.

    The Mutt lost its bank account because it went OD'd buying cigarettes and booze money for Friday nights. Welfare trash at its worst. It had to have a weed rammed down its mouth, before a future. Welcome to Welfare America. That sub species holds notes!

    GT whip some asses and clean out those spitoons. The Grunts may be coming to town.

    Griffonred at 40% you are dreaming high. We are clearing a large PP at a few % cash and the rest Bonds. Sorry, no details. Cash is too tight to blow on Wannabes. Serious Project Traders can trade out and build on it. They won't unleash a Bums rush. If allowed in at all, be prepared to show real plans if even allowed to play.
    It is NOT a right! Millions have died for this crap, no rights. Just present Right if called.

    1. Thank you for the update John. Question, if you can answer, the 5-7% cash payout on the deferred notes you spoke of, is that per year? Cheers!

    2. One question. Am looking at my NM DL and realize although recent, not compliant with DHS. Will be getting that done this week. Can this affect our ability to be able to exchange? Passport week after next.

    3. Wonderer

      Hell no they will be zeros. No one is being given an income to sit on Butts. Probably a zero 25 year note. It grows in value each year not cashed. It would be worth 5 to 7% of face to sell now. Or borrow X % and do a project to earn money. At least its a start.

    4. john

      so, zero coupon, eh? noted

      do you feel or believe or know the tier ones 1s or and tier twos 2s or and tier threes 3s will also have zero coupon?


    5. Without money, what else? Some cash and the rest paper. There - is- no- - money.

    6. Thank you John, appreciate the answer.

    7. Scratching my idea what is meant here. Code breaking is not my forte', lol. Yet, I understand that John does not want to reveal things here, but tries. His "curve-ball" analogy is still quite difficult to comprehend. Silly season now, well I understand.

    8. Thank you John for the clarification. I'm going to go back outside and keep building my bunker for the end game. LOL

  25. Well, Terry, I apologize for not seeing the video. Total trip from hell as flights across the Northeast seaboard were cancelled ostensibly for weather. So ended up driving 360 miles to destination. The kick in the head is that they, the airlines, were lying. Not a damn bit of anything wrong weather wise from DC to the Hamptons... and showed a pretty tranquil USA. Hmmmm.....

    1. Tino,

      Thanks for getting back to me. Whenever you have 12 minutes, check it out and give us your feedback. It may change your perspective.

  26. As long as the Deep State Oligarchs can continue to use the Citizens United supreme court case to bribe the entire U.S. Congress and Senate 100% and shut out completely the American citizen voter with hundreds of billions of dollars to one, President Donald Trump will never be able to accomplish anything for the American People
    by Rahul Manchanda


    The Yinon Plan was a continuation of Britain’s colonial design in the Middle East:

    “[The Yinon plan] is an Israeli strategic plan to ensure Israeli regional superiority. It insists and stipulates that Israel must reconfigure its geo-political environment through the balkanization of the surrounding Arab states into smaller and weaker states.

  28. Though I don't listen to any calls, a friend sent this message to me this am:

    citizens bank, south carolina is exchanging IQD according to the mazonix matrix call
    not at the rate we seek
    they send the iqd off to be verified
    that is all i know

  29. p: Something that have followed for years. Proud for them what they have accomplished and the things they have made possible for others.

    He's Growing BANANAS at 7,200 Feet (In COLORADO)!
    Published on Aug 5, 2017

    I thought it might be a rumor… This guy’s growing bananas (and other tropical fruit) a mile high, in COLORADO. Yeh, it’s NOT true… He’s growing them at 7,200 FEET (over a mile high).!

    Jeromes website:

  30. Documents released on Lynch’s tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton
    Aug 4, 2017

    American Center for Law and Justice’s Jordan Sekulow discusses the newly released documents on Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton’s tarmac meeting.

  31. John,
    Please don't scold me but, should this come to be, do you recommend us taking a little cash and walk away and leave the rest in Securities or bonds and hope for something bigger later? Or keep it all in Securities/ Bonds. I'm afraid should I ask someone else then their answer might be self serving.

    1. Derby girl, relax.

      1.We don't know yet if the Public will be allowed to trade out, or if part cash / part paper. For sure, no one is walking with all cash. Broker fantasy.
      2.What you are offered - take.
      3. If part or all paper, we will explain to you then how to do it. You can.

      Derby Girl 99.9% of all our people are great, truly. I only let sideswipes go at Gobshites. We get occasional outbreaks of them seeking their minutes of fame. Sad Bottom feeders.

      If you get Zeros, all you need to do is get Credit line loans against then and develop revenue generating projects. But over say 5 years a zero will increase in value from a few % to up to 10% then higher each year. It's a source of project money for you. They may allow a few % free cash also wired to your account.

      I'm always respectful to our site, Even Canuazzie, Must correct that! Lol

    2. John,
      Thanks, that was sweet! Maybe I will entertain a dream about you! LOL
      I was more concerned about when you said get in and out quickly. No worries. I trust with your information and guidance we will in the best position possible.
      Thanks again

    3. It's only Tony at WHA who gets in and out quickly. Lol.

    4. Only when someone knocks on the door and tells me that we are settling c3-5% cash.

    5. I think your right!
      John, I've all of a sudden started a secret fantasy about you.
      You scared me before.
      I'm starting to like your off color and crass verbiage
      I know you have a thing about Dolly. But I can dream.
      Thanks for all you do for all of us.
      Thank you so much again even when you call us Americans jackases.
      You are the bomb

    6. Hmm, do Tony and I need to discuss positions?

    7. Derby Girl,
      Now who wouldn't wish to be first past the post when the reality exceeds the fantasy?
      Sensuality starts as a state of mind.

  32. Myself & mine ,well we always wait for updates on currencies, as most here are doing. Bonds and securities are what is behind that is my understanding. Could be flawed thinking on my part, though....

    1. Or, could it be they are just shaking the tree to see what falls? Hmmmmm

    2. Karen
      Way too delicate to go public yet. Very sensitive Chess board moves.
      We have to get all our clients through first. Huge amounts.

    3. I like the sound of "huge"
      Guess clients will support others.
      Thanks John for the response!
      Relax, you work much too hard

    4. Sounds like John is taking care of business and is very close.

    5. Close? He best not be sneaking up on me. 😉

  33. John do you think General Kelly will clean things up around Trump?

    1. He certainly is trying, but its hard managing an Orang Utang in a suit able to tweet.

    2. Hopefully some stability and control to make this thing go

    3. First is getting the genuine PPs redeemed. These are funds the US has reneged on for decades. Genuine deserving cases of trusting Investors cynically manipulated. Those are funds for real projects. They have to come before any public jamboree.

    4. Tell Trump chop chop..I'm not getting any younger.

    5. Champ we have a certain $2.4T client somewhat ahead of you, and major Elders Trust funds needing redeeming in vast T's. The Public are the least of the issues. US liquidity is zero, and the Debt showing is staggering.
      Pay, with what?

      This issue is way beyond Trump, he only signs when it's placed in front of him. These are multi facet issues. Many heads, many claws. So close- But?

    6. Yet so far. I'll keep my dong and dinar in safe. Let us know when those bsd are done with those battalions

    7. Champ
      Always keep your Dong safe for use after Dinar.

    8. What?/?/?

      Dinar is now superior to Dong currency?(Dinar is first?)
      I thought Dinar had over-printing problems.
      How could Dinar RV prior to Dong?
      Very confusing....

    9. You clearly missed the joke!
      Could someone explain for him please. A play on words?

    Published on Aug 5, 2017


  35. Today, the mainstream media has a self-inflicted credibility problem. In 2006, about 65 percent of the general public believed what they read in British newspapers in and in little more than ten years this high level of trust has crashed to little more than a quarter. In fact, trust in the four institutions of government, business, media and NGO’s has taken a dramatic dive in just the last three years alone.


  37. Right now the key focus is on the major Selected PPs first. As it needs to be. Negotiations are focused around settlement logistics. What percentage cash and what paper. Type of paper and term. These are mainly Bond redemption's. Only a few % cash is achievable. That is progressing daily. Once released it will help economies.

    Realistically it would need at least 2 weeks for currencies to follow, if not more.
    The Chump taking 17 days off to expand his already rumored 46 inch Golfing pants
    ( and I think that's ambitious, clearly if so even they are stretch version!!) is perhaps indicating a relaxation period for the currencies until afterwards.

    Street chatter about pending multi banks freedom and Bongo land 0800 centers is frankly Muppet garbage. Nothing a good Rhino whip can't sort.

    2 weeks to relax seems indicated now for Currency desperadoes,although checking every few days just in case is advised. It may need AF1 or a large Cargo Jumbo carrying plane to bring the Fa(s)t food Chump back for a few days if needed to sign where he's told, if currencies are then back on with a Dinar resolution.

    There seems a growing belief the Chump may resign in future to avoid impeachment, post the Mueller investigations. They seem to believe they can get him on multi fronts. He is visibly running scared on a probe of his finances,and we have seen how very dubious Kushner's are. Under pressure before, he's always cut a deal and ran away. Often!

    Who knows with this Chump? It's just growing chatter that's all so far. But smoke and fire? So much dirty laundry, it's amazing he ever got so far. But then there are the Clinton's and this is America. Standards are non existent nowadays. Visibly.

    Creating needless conflict with Russia is tragic. Congress as a tool of the Cabal.

    Watch Nutter Yahoo with his own corruption issues in Israe hell. Is that Zio trash heading for a crash? So much dirty baggage. As they always carry so much.

    The next few years do not profile well. Liquidity and the Pensions / Welfare markets are simply unsustainable. They are grossly under capitalized, Retirees are not only living far longer than models predicted, but ever greater health costs are impacting.
    Within a decade up to 40% may be unemployed, and with Immigrant Welfare breeders????
    Who funds and feeds who in this growing Zoo?

    If the currencies do cash out for the public, you may well want to rethink your personal life styles, and secure a self sufficient, energy efficient property with its own water supply and think hydroponics. What's coming, is ugly!

    1. john

      you seem fairly confident the currency stuff will take the bond approach

      further, you seem adamant the bonds will be zero coupons

      what is left to settle is term and type of bond.

      do you know yet what currency the bonds will be denominated in?

      so, in sum it appears like here has been a consensus reached, just waiting for a few more details to be able to ratify.

      is this a good or fair understanding of current process?


    2. Probably dollars, no one else is picking up US debts.
      Lets see what next. Best to wait.

    3. Hello John, in light of your recent post about the public, do you think things can change? Is the Bond thing set in stone for us? Things have certainly changed over the years on this website. I can't wait for all this to be over. I can say for a fact that Okie, TNT Tony and the other gurus will be hunted down like animals when the truth comes out. Thanks again.

    4. Or the Mutts go back to sleep again.

    5. Are you going to set up another pp for us 2 weeks after those others are done?

    6. john

      FYI for US citizens:

      "....Even though zero coupon bondholders receive no interest payments, bondholders are required to pay federal income taxes on their accrued interest as if it had been paid...."

      would be nice to have some sort of tax treaty to avoid or minimize these yearly taxes.


    7. Zeroes only get hit if you cash out. Or on project profits.

    8. So is the PP the way you going to get the public through after all the other major Tiers are done?

    9. No different, but only after the PPs are clear. That is the major league first. The Public will be pain in the Butt time. Or buried. No one has the appetite for this Public jamboree. A costly nightmare. At best it will be a week or so and ram the doors shut. Exchange with an SKR,convert the crap to new notes, cash those and burn the left overs. The big battalions can be done over 2 weeks. We just need a week for the public and then call time. It will just be the last 10% of paper which no one needs. All those notes will have to be re cut. No one- cares! You will at best get a window, and if so, go for it. Ignore Gobshites pontificating. No one wants this crap shoot. Get in, get out, leave the Gobshites to figure it out.

    10. John,
      In my view, the "Gobshites" are the Shrubs, Clingons, Obozos, Zionists and other crap you all are allowing to exchange their ill-gotten gains...AGAIN! What good for humanity will those creeps be doing in your wildest imagination? Nothing! If the Elders wanted to keep these monies clean, they wouldn't be allowing those proven devils a place at the table.

    11. Nice will us public go with the other people who exchanged years ago if we make the window or will it be a couple weeks after?

    12. Texian

      Agree but this is lawless America. Who will stop them?

    13. Texian

      Just hope the PPs go through. If so, the Creeps won't clear London. then a lot of good can happen. Keep faith. I can't say a lot yet. Just- Trust.

    14. Unknown,

      That is correct. It's called imputed interest.

      However, there are some ways around dealing with taxes on this accrued interest.

      You could exchange in a Charitable Remainder Uni-Trust. This is a great vehicle to defer taxes. I have used one for over 15 years. You can make the charitable entity a family foundation so the funds will always be under your control. Alot of reporting requirement, but you can put entities inside these, real estate, stocks, etc.

      Or, theoretically, you could exchange as an individual then gift this bond into a vehicle like this and receive a deduction for the gift. The CRT would have no tax liability and you would get a deduction against current income.

      Also, some bonds are tax exempt. There are municipal bonds or corporate tax bonds that are exempt.

      Just make sure you understand what a zero-coupon bond means for you, if this is what is given. The last thing you want is a large tax bill with no income, except a note against the bond to pay.

      If this is on the table, make sure you have done research and know what you are taking responsibility for.

      And probably confer with an accountant that understands these investment vehicles.

    15. JV

      "... The last thing you want is a large tax bill with no income, except a note against the bond to pay...." <-- this is exqactly my concern

      maybe john is saying he is making sure we in private currency groups have a tax treaty wherein we owe no FED taxes, since they will have already been paid???

    16. John is talking mostly about stolen funds being repaid. These are different from exchanging currencies.

      Honestly, I really don't see how bonds could be implemented with public exchanges. As he said, it would be a nightmare. Even the large banks would have very few branches set up to handle this. The privates, maybe, behind the scenes, but still chaos on such a huge scale.

      Best to just wait and see. This entire process has changed and been delayed for so many years, I don't think anyone knows what the final outcome will be.

      Best to wait until the fat lady sings!

    17. ... And stash some small denomination shiny metals, a couple of sacks of salt, flour, sugar, oil, tea, seeds, a colloidal silver generator, an electric vehicle, an electric fence, a crystal radio set and a comprehensive tool kit.

      Job done.

  38. Made my plans last night in my sleep. I'm coming to live with you. I won't require much. I will be loyal and work hard. I kinda like my new plan!

    1. Dam there goes another set of bed springs.
      Life is somewhat different. A meagerly 1% Fiscal fees from $500B accounts leaves sleepless nights how to live. Breakfast in Paris, or Zurich, lunch in Monaco. So many decisions. 18 hour days are the norm. Sure about that?


    2. Derbygirl,
      Watch he'll be flashing the diamond Rolex. 😂

    3. John, I am a little short for the 500B account requirement. Can I send you some now and some later? You can hold my dong for security.

    4. John,
      Let me repeat. I am very loyal. I'll be sitting at home waiting for your arrival. I will listen to your foul cracks on Americans. I will never tire of your jokes ( which I don't always understand). I will defend the Lord of the Manor. Hehehe

    5. Tony
      Auratayer will stick Juju pins in a doll image of me if I jump her place in that queue.

      Also note, I played down the real numbers. But as most will be in zeros, the cash will be far less. You know the size of what is in play. Not for site blogging. It all needs a sophisticated Project hierarchy and leveraging up. Then compounding each month.

      With that we can reshape nations, not greed.

      It's all in play right now. We just have to stay flexible, like some of their wrists?

    6. Derby Girl, most is humor, see past it. Some are so far up themselves it's fun to take them down.
      But, as your offering?

    7. John,
      I'm not offended. Still Loyal though!

    8. I can't even respond to that (3.21) without being crude so I had better stay quiet. Anyway, must dash, I have heaps of tool sharpening to do. LOL.

  39. Steppenwolf - Monster (9min sleeper)

    "America where are you now!!?"

  40. Loretta Lynch just caught bang to rights using family alias with DOJ for dirty work.

    Wake up Chump hang her out to dry.

  41. Special Note:
    What the nation is now experiencing is a full-blown C.I.A. black operation. The U.S. Intelligence Community knows that the purposefully planted ISI espionage cell (i.e. Awan brothers et al.) has been outed. These black ops are routinely executed in any country that is about to become the victim of a full-scale color revolution (now known as the ongoing Purple Revolution). Everything about Awangate smacks of the CIA’s well-known MO—contract out the most precarious espionage work to foreign intelligence agencies (e.g. ISI) so that the C.I.A. possesses plausible deniability should the op be exposed. Now that this critical piece of the CIA’s unlawful surveillance of the US Congress has been revealed, The Company is desperate to quash an investigation any way they can. This is why the fabricated “Russia collusion” story simply won’t die, and seems to get even bigger with each bogus non-story. Because the C.I.A. literally owns and operates every major MSM organ of propaganda, they completely control this utterly fake narrative. However, given the CIA’s flagrant criminality in spying on Congress utilizing foreign intelligence agencies, they will not – cannot – relent in pushing the many transparent falsehoods about ‘Russia hacking’, etc. The Company (as the C.I.A. is known within intelligence circles) knows that it would go bankrupt in a day and night should the true back story be widely disclosed about Awangate.

    KEY POINT: C.I.A. spying on Congress is not without precedent. The American people were treated to a disastrous CIA spying scheme against Congressional leadership in 2014. Even the ever-compliant Diane Feinstein expressed her strong misgivings about having been spied on by the C.I.A. (A Brief History of the CIA’s Unpunished Spying on the Senate) Likewise, Deep State often arranges for collusion between foreign intel agencies and secret services to do their dirty deeds like the C.I.A. and NSA did when they “wiretapped” Candidate Trump’s campaign headquarters. In that recent criminal case, Great Britain’s GCHQ was employed to conduct the illicit espionage. (Trump Wiretapping Mystery Solved: G C H Q)

    AWANGATE: A CIA Black Operation That Used Pakistan’s ISI To Do The Dirty Work While MOSSAD’s Inside Woman Directs

    1. Correct UK SIS is way too down and dirty deep in with the US agencies. Hugely compromised.

    2. So your "classy" PM isn't cleaning anything up, eh? It's very difficult for we dumb Americans to understand how Cameron is out after BREXIT vote because he was stay proponent, and yet another stay proponent is appointed? Just to slow walk the process obviously...and continue to protect the really high placed pedophiles? After her snap election fiasco, why is she still there?

    3. Rocking a boat before Brexit is not smart. Politicos? Dumb or Dumber?

  42. Good news
    Now that Nutter Yahoos top aid is turning States evidence against him, he can be indicted. Long overdue he needs to be jailed. Send him to Palestine!


  43. Heh MYGirl 56 any progress?
    We all wish you luck, hang in there.

  44. Hey there! First time I've been in since my last post here, whenever that was - days tend to run together when you basically live in a hospital. Took the opportunity to fire up the computer whilst Wayne watches the Blue Jays & naps after a busy morning.

    Yes, we are making gains every day, thanks for asking! No muscle movement on demand yet, but some reflexive. Speech is clearer every day. He now willingly transfers from bed to chair twice/day minimum, and started reminding us a few days ago when it's time to do physio. Unfortunately for us, we live in the only province in Canada without a dedicated stroke unit so the physio and speech therapy Wayne receives daily come from his son and I, with input from the professionals on a weekly basis. The good news is we're doing okay with it, and we hope to have placement in a rehab facility by the end of the week. Meantime, I run through physio exercises 3xday and we try to get in a total of 90 minutes of speech therapy. He can smile, and laugh! also as of a few days ago. Started shaving himself the past couple of days and does very well considering he's been right handed the past 60 years or so and is now learning to use his left again.

    Thanks again for thinking of us. We're hanging in there. Knowing we have so many people sending love and healing our way has been a huge support. We know we're not alone. Miss being here daily - always an education!

    1. Mygirl56 that is absolutely awesome news. Know it's gotta to be tough on you and your son doing the rehab, but it sounds like you all are doing just fine. Proud for you doing what you need to do! )
      Continued prayers and blessings to see your Wayne back with you at home, healthy and happy.

    2. OK Tell him he is cleared when the real muscle moves.

    3. Mygirl,

      Thanks for the update. We are still sending healing energies for your beloved Wayne. Hang in there buddy and just thinking of us will send healing your way.

    4. Brilliant news Mygirl. Thanks for the update. Seems like everything is heading in the right direction, may that continue. Very best wishes to your all.

      Oh and by the way. You had better not stay away too long as there is some serious seat hopping going on here without your presence. Johnny is getting himself into a total tizz without you. His behaviour was extremely erratic today for some odd reason, not exactly sure what's going on. ;-)))))) LOL. Keep smiling beautiful.

    5. Mygirl56, so happy for you all. Sounds like with the good care and love Wayne is getting, he will come out of this ok. Wishing you all the best.

    6. In the meantime the seat is spare? Lol

    7. Look out Johnny, you may get more than you bargained for in a couple of hours. LOL

  45. Update: Awan Brothers Helped Wasserman Schultz Take Out Bernie - Make Disguised Calls
    July 27, 2017

  46. Note Wiener is up for sentencing soon,but has copped a plea for only c 20 months. Disgusting! Huma married a Schtoomer! While Hilary sings- My girl!


  47. Texian,

    I did not want to remove your comments, but all replies to a comment will be removed if I remove the original comment. The original comment belongs to a dumb ass who has lost his privilege to comment here.

    You were right though, satire and fake news.

    1. Canauzzie,
      Thanks for the consideration, but remove it all is fine.

  48. WHA advises we are at Defcon 3 until 21st (being the new moon eclipse). Good. I'm off to dig cow poo through my garden.

    1. I guess the PP top tiers are taking longer than expected. Couple more weeks won't hurt

  49. Being in Silly Season all it needs now is more key parties off for holidays and chaos rules. Its madenning when so close. What chance is there for closing coordination when the Chump takes 17 days off to go play with his balls?

    1. As you know, he can sign anything, anywhere. If it's important enough, he will.

      Stick to handling dongs, and leave his balls to Melania.

    2. Those I leave to you and Aurataya.
      I will just focus on dragging them over the line. Cave men used a club. God I miss my shambok.

    3. John,
      Trump isn't "taking off." The White House is undergoing renovations replacing the 27 year old air conditioning system, rebuilding 64 year old stairs on South Portico, painting, recarpeting and getting rid of rats and cockroaches Obozos left behind. He will be working from New Jersey.

  50. Debt bubbles always burst, and chaos ensues. The dumbed down clueless inside never see it coming until recession implodes.
    Right now the 3 high risk countries are China, Canada and Australia. Expect real consequences when this comes down. When Chinese spending stops, it will play havoc with real estate prices as the top tanks.

    1. Hopping over to see mates in Sydney last week, 2 bedroom apartments are now c1.2 million in the inner regions. Let them drop. It'd be about time. If be sorry for those holding a mortgage worth more than their property, but a bit of due diligence before they bought would have sorted that? It's also our fault for allowing negative gearing tax breaks.

    2. Excellent timing for a self sustaining tiny house project though. Tradesmen in Australia were lured off to work in the mining industry over the last decade and those who stayed behind were charging heaps.

      Electricians and plumbers @ $85.00 per hour plus travel @$2.00 per km, carpenters @
      $65.00, tilers @ $120.00 per hour.

      Unprecedented rates. They're the nouveau rich of Australian society, commonly known as CUBS - cashed up bogans.

      And yes, government policy has created the overheated property market. It won't take much to send the property market into negative equity.

      It's on the verge of MESSY right now because the FIFO (fly in fly out miners) have either lost their jobs or have been forced into pay cuts.

      Brazil will also feel the pinch from a slow down in China.

      China can "punish" Australia for being the USA's bum boy any time it feels like it. I'm not convinced the government here, on either side of politics has figured that one out yet.

  51. I would have to say the treatment of Trump is un Presidented!

  52. There is a light at the end of this VERY LONG tunnel we've lived in and through...

    Latest from Carl Boudreau's August astrology forecast-


    Combine, the powerful and powerfully transformative Kite formations and the spiritually transformative power of Sirius clearly and strongly suggest that August’s eclipses will usher in a period of global spiritual uplift.

    In short, if I am right, August’s eclipses will trigger a complex, long-term process that spiritualizes global social, cultural, economic and political values. Presumably, this will lead to a decidedly progressive shift in global politics.

    Essentially, the combination of Kite and Sirius energies that come together in various ways in these charts repeatedly suggests a deep transformation. This suggests a transition away from a global status quo dominated by a mundane value-system to a new global status quo dominated by a spiritualized value system.

    1. I like my idea that crypto-currencies are spiritual.
      Etherium is my favorite. Crap-shooy.

    2. Tim,

      If you like Ethereum, you'll LOVE NEO...the Chinese Etherium with much easier usage of their technology than Ethereum. It's up almost 30% in the last 24 hours because of announcements being made about their new roll out phase.

      See interview with the founder here:

  53. Many know and follow Dr. Jim Willie. I thought I'd share his latest musings on cryptocurrency. This is a collaboration piece with one of his team:

    “For Gold & Silver to reach their exalted levels, an overdue event, what is required is the end of the USDollar dominance in trade payment and the merger of crypto currencies with precious metals as core. Both events are coming, and neither can be stopped. The former is inevitable from the deep corruption and baseless vessel that has been produced from the King Dollar’s wake of ruin. The latter is inevitable from the evolution of pure entities of form.

    The financial masters cannot stop the natural process, which has received gigantic motivation from the hyper monetary inflation so heretically called stimulus, and from the abuse of sanctions and war to defend the dying decrepit USDollar. The only stimulus evident is toward dismissal of the USD as global currency reserve, and the generation of the new secure age honest money form. To be sure, the developments are still early, with many twists and turns, full of risk and some confusion. However, smart contracts are honest contracts, which can tend to quickly displace the standard fraud embedded in the current system led by Wall Street banks.

    Their MERS property title database for linkage to mortgage bonds is probably the biggest example of big bank corruption in modern history within the asset backed bond market. It was exposed following the Lehman failure as a database accomplice. Furthermore, the cryptos could evolve to become the new public forum for matters beyond the financial sector, like for official elections and other global consensus issues. These promising areas must be developed, as well as the financial integration of cryptos, so as to further the honest evolution of conducting business and managing transactional politics.

    The key is to create honest reliable systems, free from elite fraud with an evil agenda and zero accountability. The key is to administer ourselves with integrity via encryption, without gatekeepers and corrupt overseers. Imagine a US nation with blockchain ledgers for military weapon procurement, appropriation, delivery, and payments. The $6.5 trillion in missing Pentagon funds since the 1980s (not under investigation) would never have happened.” ~ Jackass & Sky Crane

    Jim Willie publishes The Hat Trick Letter

    1. Now you see why we keep quiet on our real agenda?

      Why the Elders now ONLY work with London, and why?
      This is not the time to expose real agendas.

      Once cleared, we WILL do good, and ALL the Cabal and Zios will be excluded.

      America WILL end as the Global power, and the rest is up to us.

      London, the Elders and China will be focal. Eurasia IS coming. Zio free! Gulag processed if need be. Israe hell will be "Sorted" and gone! Eurasia will sanitize the vermin out. No mercy. Zero tolerance for Roach infestation Zios. None!

    2. John,

      May I assume your comment is a direct reply to the Jim Willie piece?

      Thank you! Your reply is indeed MUSIC TO MY EARS AND HEART!

    3. Of course, and the inner heart is strong and very much focused. With fury when ready to unleash. There will be a "Reckoning".

  54. The United States has declared a war of sanctions on Russia and continues putting trade pressure on China. It is not ruled out that the USA will restrict supplies of steel products from China. In return, Moscow and Beijing intend to abolish the US dollar in mutual settlements within the scope of the BRICS organization. The move will mark the end of the era of the undivided financial domination of the United States of America in the world.

    1. A44,

      Sounds like someone else is agreeing with Dr. Jim Willie's outlook on the future of the USD??


  56. PEDOGATE: Downright Dangerous To Be Young And A Beautiful Model
    Model who was ‘drugged and kidnapped to be sold as sex slave’ recalls terror by Emily Saul New York Post

  57. Replies
    1. Bloody right we are NOT! It will NEVER get through Parliament.

      We are Brexiting because we are sick of paying out £20B UK pounds a year to these Socialist parasites,and open borders to the scum of the earth draining our resources. We want the buggers out, and if we have to lose markets, bunging 5M of these Sods back home will soon get them begging us to stop.

      There is bugger all we can't source worldwide, and if we have a few Whingers crying liked a smacked Arse because we cut off their cheap Holidays to the Costa Less Bucks in the bottom end of Spain, or Greece, who gives a Rats ass. Stay home, holiday as a F Patriot you Assholes,or Go! We need Leaders! You have the whole world to go to! Open those minds. Hello Florida? Hello America?

      Start Taxing the bloody Vatican for their tythes via their Churches, and fine them off the planet for child molestation. Billions! Seize their Churches and land, and take over ALL Catholic schools. Stop that rot.

      Let's get the best of Americans and Brits into a Think Tank together. Create and share major new University led projects. Lead the world! Expand the Commonwealth. Less Tanks, more working Yanks! Dynamic Industries together!
      We will! We do NOT need Politicos to lead and feed. Hands across oceans we can do it all. And cut off their grabbing. 200% MORE will get to you our way. Together,we can take you all to the Stars! Make all lives matter. Educate! Teach Real Values. But teach compassion, teach Ethereal truth.

      Let's combine our Industries. Start producing high quality cars together and let's bugger off the Germans. New energy systems! Create jobs and take markets together.

      So we close off French Champagne doors. Also French wines. Mama Mia. Hello California. Cut deals together. Goodbye France. Miss us now?

      Britain and America working together can blow the socks off it all. What can we NOT conceive and dominate? We just need a War on Socialism, not Humanity.

      Let's EDUCATE all our kids from birth. Planned help for all. Give all new Souls a chance! Create a better human kind!. Which means rounding up the Shivas en mass,and saying to all, touch another child,and we WILL cut both your hands off at the wrists Asshole. This child does NOT give you the right to mutilate it! Teach all children at school what a complete Nutter Abbraham was. Truth will set them free. Nothing a God almighty Shamboking will not do to help Cults see the light about children! Children have Rights not to be mutilated or Cult brainwashed. Stop this crap now. Plan values, good Ethereal values. Stop all arranged marriages to girls, no more 9 year old brides to bloody Pedos!!

      Rethink Excellence. Lead. Leaders fit for purpose. We don't need clueless Politicos filching our wealth. Nor their taxes! We don't need imposed Federal laws and their imposts. All are Imposters!

      We need to co enjoin like minds, expand the Commonwealth, and let's - Go get em!

    2. John, I am happy to help in any way I can. Not exactly humble, but willing to help bring things forward for all to benefit from between our mutual countries.

    3. Agree! What's going to take until March 2019 to exit? Just leave them stomping their feet in a temper tantrum. Who cares?

    4. JOHN Count me in. WE must do this to survive and much more. WE can accomplish so much with the blood sucking ziorats detached from us and stuck in quicksand of their own evil. Let's get it moving!

    5. Can't say publicly. Just watch. Teams arrived back in the US today. No comment, just watch.

      Do we need Politicos? No! Nor the crap that comes out of their mouths. Empty headed clueless Wombat's the lot of them.
      A whole new world is coming. Be encouraged. You have - Hope! OK?

    6. Bob

      We will need all of you when ready. We need NONE of them!

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