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  1. Pres. Trump really shouldn't shame his own staff publicly. Not a classy thing to do JMHO.

  2. Relating to the posts on Charles being surpassed for William, those are from blog speculations and untrue. There is a line of succession and it's a statutory law. The Queen will not break such protocols, albeit most Brits would approve. Charles, for the record, is a pampered, spoiled and feckless nincompoop. As are his 3 siblings. 4 total Tossers each of them. All the power, and what a shower.

    So hope the Queen outlives her first line dope. This, apart from The Queen and William, is our Adams family. The Queen has done a great job. Neither Charles nor Camilla are fitting.

    William will be a good Monarch but Kate was not raised for this,and her family are ?
    He has a heavy burden to carry. Marrying down has its problems, as he is finding.
    Nobility is a lifetime of commitment, and not to play catch up.
    Williams time will come.

  3. John,

    Excuse our side of the pond, but isn't the UK Monarchy the centre of global Pedos?

    1. Not at all that's stupid Blog chatter of limp brains who write that crap. Nonsense. Most of our lot don't have a good F in them! Lol
      True! No, ours are not that. It's stupid blog crap.
      The Queens very straight. Philips been a good consort. Williams good. The rest are Tossers. Without William it would all be heading for the rocks. Charles is a nincompoop.

    2. Thanks John wasn't sure about source

  4. Interesting and good today to see nations starting to revolt demanding US bases are closed down. That will release vast B,s back to the US in waste costs. Cut the budgets. 990 US bases is a disgrace! A disgusting waste of a nations money,and Stop funding Israel hell! Let the Arabs deal with the lot of them. It's only time. 5 M Pariahs to go! America is now done as Global attack dog. Time to leave. ASAP!

    1. Game playing this out a little... do we really need 5MM Jews being spread to the wind again in another distributed diaspora? Can Israel not reach an accommodation? Plus another Final Solution is hardly a solution, merited or not.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Have you ever seen the brethren do that in 6,000 years?
      Want to ask a Palestinian?

      That part, humor. Yes it's too much and I despaired of the Nazis.
      Allow a little humor, they deserve it to get some humility and stop their inhuman games. But not to the winds they will just spread again.

      However be clear, Israehell WILL go,for sure. That was OUR fault, we are to blame! Shameful British arrogance at the time. We had no right to do that and those Kazakhs have no rights to that land. None! They need to be disbursed and we all need to help. The Arabs will never accept them there and they will only want more. Look at the now. What they took! Kazakh marauders. Genghis Khans bunch. Nothing but. The Sahara is spare?

    4. There are plenty of deserts! Embarrassing number of choices! LOL!

    5. I vote send the buggers to Mars OK?

  5. Well, all the sci-fi authors with novels with ships going to Tau-Ceti can now rejoice. Four planets detected, two in the habitable zone.

  6. Amazing moment boat carrying dozens of African migrants arrives on Spanish beach in front of shocked tourists and scatter before police arrive

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

  7. Funny viral meme today revolving around the kerfuffle around the firing of the engineer that wrote a manifesto tearing into the insane internal diversity/SJW culture of Google:

    Google is creating more SI than AI - Superficial Intelligence.

  8. Speaking of race-specific bioweapons, I assume given the overall biotech advances, that the specific milestone was probably reached in the late 80s. The problem is going to be mutation. If there is an area of hubris in science, biology is it. They (biologists) keep thinking they are as good as physicists. Uh no. If they likely go after the Semitic races, the odds are they will in fact kill a big chunk thereof. The problem is that each infected person is a little incubator, with DNA to mix into the bioweapon. It will mutate. And what happens when it boomerangs...?

    1. Correct, but we have space in Siberia. Gulags ready. In the Eurasia to come we will deal with them starting with education and integration. We will break it with the Children. Shivas to the Gulags. Russia sees what they have done not contained. China knows what is to be done. But DNA Yes, that wont stop the Muslims trying. Or us responding.

      Will we think instead? Tino, we will try.
      But just 2M Zios for some sport? Bankers?
      Humor Tino!

  9. Seems to me we don't have any time left to wait anymore. With China digitizing land in Texas, as well as the SDR becoming a digital coin = ACC and the IMF accepting Bitcoin and Ether, connecting those to the ACC, it's now either join their system, or try to survive on your own without being able to buy/sell.

    1. Which raises the perfect way of going forward monetarily. Money can be issued only against a physical good, human productivity excluded explicitly. This will get us out from underneath the C'est Que Vie trusts which I gather is mostly attaching the productivity of each copper-top human to government issued notes...

    2. This speaks of those points
      John is this something you can speak to are there plans to shut this down?


      Published on Aug 9, 2017The new Chinese-created ACChain crypto currency blockchain will be the SDR-related world currency that will allow the international banking elite to digitize every tangible asset on earth, and they will then exert total control over all of it.

      Lynette Zang explains:

      "The goal is to capture your wealth, and when the say this is the LAST wealth transfer mechanism they mean it because they want it all. All of it."

      Intel Software designer Brad peters takes it one step further, saying:

      "If a global crypto coin controlled by the Bank For International Settlements (BIS) comes to internationalize PROPERTY onto their crypto blockchain, they get their one world government and one world currency all in the same stroke. This IS your 1988 (2018 prediction) Economist magazine cover."

      Here's the original video Lynette posted on August 8, 2017:
      The Global Unit of Account is now shifting from the USD to the SDR - Lynette Zang


      Join ACCHAIN.ORG become super node

    3. John, you just say it's coming in. For the advantage of the people of the world or the advantage of the Ziorats?

    4. This article is from FEB,, but it is very interesting to me and my little pea brain.... would say the PTB are way ahead of this article....

      "Cutting costs is an obvious benefit, but the impact of shifting to blockchain-based digital money from the current payment structure goes beyond that," said Larry Cao, director of content at the CFA Institute in Hong Kong. "There’s a potential you can pay anybody in the system, any bank, and any merchant directly. Blockchain will change the whole infrastructure. This is revolutionary."

      "Talking about the impact of digital money now is like trying to predict how the Internet would transform lives in the 1980s," OKCoin’s Duan said. "We know it’s going to be huge. It has the potential to change the entire economic infrastructure. We’re just not sure about when and how."

    5. John if this is coming in it goes to the one world currency. And benefit the central banks. And imf and world bank stays. So how is this helping free the world again
      How can those who hijacked the system be allowed to stay in control.

      I'm not liking the one world currency at all

    6. How do we protect to make sure the current has no control

    7. This is a H]
      Jesuit Zio Rat initiative. NWO, One religion, one power base, world control.
      But Russia and China say no.
      Will that hold?

    8. Ok confused thought you said is coming in.

      Or is the one coming in but not going to be allowed good guys they have another type of block chain



    August 09, 2017
    JD Heyes

    (Natural News) A former Navy SEAL and founder of self-defense training firm Tactical Insider is warning of a “gruesome massacre” of far-Left ‘revolutionaries’ and corrupt Deep State operatives loyal to the political establishment if they attempt to remove President Donald J. Trump from office unlawfully.

  11. Scott

    We all hope so.It's overdue. The French need a Revolution. America is beyond overdue.

  12. Replies
    1. Did you see the producer has now been banned from Australia


    2. Brilliant article Texian. thank you so much for highlighting the absolute idiocy and corruption in Australia.

      I wish they would stop speaking for the so called "public" and actually ask the public for their opinion of these matters. As far as I'm concerned Polly is absolutely welcome any time she likes in my country. This is the type of education that is so desperately needed in Oz and the faster is happens the better off we will all be.

      I must admit, I never thought I would see Oz become like it has. It is totally out of control with manipulation and corruption in so many areas. Geez, I think we all need chip in and buy and island somewhere and start our own mini Venus Project.

    3. The public must speak up and demand changes or nothing will change. It's like we're in a pot and they keep turning up the temperature.

    4. The fall of OZ really sped up after they took away private ownership of guns.I believe all that is allowed now is shotguns only....

    5. My thoughts exactly, Aurataya. A few like minded friends and I had our eyes on Norfolk Island because Australia, although claiming sovereignty, refused to pay Medicare or social security, but insisted on collecting tax. That changed about 18 months ago, probably because Australia did a risk assessment on a similar scenario.

    6. Texian, you are spot on there. I have lost count of the amount of emails I have written to those moronic government reps that have not even had the decency to responded to me. But I will still continue to annoy them and have my say on any topic of my choice if I feel it is warranted.

      Tim, that move certainly did usher things along here. They have just had another gun grab in Victoria. The guns keep coming in though. LOL

      100dthmonkey. Great minds think alike lol. I was also looking into Norfolk Island a while ago. It's such a gorgeous peaceful island. Found some good property deals there as well when I looked last. I must brush up on exactly what is happening there and reassess that situation. Thank you for that reminder.

    7. Oops, sorry 100dthmonkey. It would help if what I was reading (your comment) registered in my silly brain lol. Ok, too late for that island then, bugger. What a shame that is. Looks like the search is still on then.

  13. Replies
    1. So does a wife loose with your credit card when the bills come in.

    2. Yes, I know what you mean. Those guys who are let loose with a credit card buy some of the most inane things. Most wives in this modern world have their own credit cards and no longer have to rely on a man for financial assistance. What a great world we live in, right ladies?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. MW &P, I'm not there yet, and have no desire for credit cards after just having the one for emergencies. But am very much looking forward to not being dependent on any man for financial support. Am sure for those already there, the satisfaction of doing it on their own feels pretty good. I know that's what I'll feel. Freedom, but with responsibility and the knowledge that made it.

    5. I guess I'm not the only one that's more than a bit tired of the "good old boy" talking about women like second class citizens. I can only imagine what has happened in his life to skew his view of over 50% of the world's population. So very sad. So much better to have mutual respect and build and work together without the need for anyone to feel superior or in control over another, yes?

    6. MW&P, thankfully wasn't around the uber rich crowd for long, but saw enough, want no part of it. Empty beautiful women, pretty fellas, gold and bling, parties and dancing to dawn, drugs of various sorts on silver platters carried by impeccably dressed staff. Expensive clothes of the latest fad and shoes it might take a groom a month or longer to buy depending on how many win paddocks and horses cared for during the day. Those watches John speaks about will draw the kind of gals that will use a fella until he either gets tired of her or she finds someone else to latch onto. It's sad seeing folks act that way.

      I only met a few that were honestly good people. The one lady and she was a lady, was Miss Dottie S. A Broadway star that married well, but never forgot where she came from, the camps of WW2. Kind and caring she was a friend and guided me well. Her honey, she honestly loved and it was mutual. She told me then, and expects it's true now still how rare it was for people like them to love as they did. She said it wasn't common amongst the wealthy.

      Advantage was what many married for, big corps merged through marriage, and, and, and. Divorce is big business and often times other arrangements are made to avoid such breakups as far more is often at risk. Bitterness is all too common a result by those who let their hearts lead them down the matrimonial path in that world.

      Just my perception after listening to Dottie for some time and seeing what I did first hand. If have offended am sorry, but Dottie really did teach me well.

    7. P, that is a beautiful sharing about your friend. To find love and then share it with joy and supported by mutual respect and adoration is the really good stuff of life. It's a shame that so many rich guys think girls really like or love them them for reasons other than their money. It happens sometimes, but sadly, not often. To love someone, just because you love them, is a gift not all get to realize. I am lucky and I too have seen a lot of years and a lot of fake relationships. It makes my heart sad that they don't even know what's possible.

    8. Peter Stringfellow, a UK Night club owner has slept with over 3,000 women.
      That says what about them? That's only 1 man.

      I've seen it never ending. I've experienced it and turned so many down. So many offers from good friends wives or girl friends, our employees wives, staff wives, clients wives, and others. Some supposedly so innocent they were thought saints. That's only part of it. I've seen as a species how predatory they are. Unbelievable. They have shocked and scared the hell out of me on occasions. All too many so shallow as a species and almost cannibal left to their devices. Good ones? Yes some thank God, but bloody hard to find. Almost always then with the wrong guy, the irony of life. The Gods play games. You find the one, it's out of reach. Or you find her, take it on, and find your Princess Diana overnight became the nightmare Witch. So many buggered illusions out there. Finding that good one is everything, and well worth holding onto if achieved. Life's pursuit. It's all we need.

      Most of my time I choose to stay low profile where possible. Avoid the shit flies.
      But yes, sure a few good ones exist. My settled associates, male and female are on their Third marriages now, or settled but marriage never again. How many did it take for most? I grew up respecting the female species.Some culture shock.Far and away the most duplicitous and devious of the species. Female scorpions all too many. Oh what a tangled web too many weave. Marriage is a NO No. Relationship yes. First sign of trouble street wise, out with the ejector seat. If the relationship is good, fine,first stroke pulled,thank God for the ejector button.

      Peter Stringfellow , it's a sad attribute of reality. 3,000 plus climbing. It says what? In the meantime, product sampling is OK if you carefully check it's not loaded and toxic. The US is rotten with HPV, and STDs all over Europe. Sample with care guys. HPV is forever. One night stands are
      Russian Roulette.
      Just find that one with care. I focus on higher ideals.
      But keep them happy, and gag the squeals. LOl

      Humor but life's paths from sides. Not bitter, bloody cautious and no illusions. Panning for Gold is easier. Then we find the good and battered Wives. Where the hell is sense in any of it? But we try. Really, really raise that bar, and product sample from afar. Do good, and at least we mix with a better species. It's 2 side's we all know. Just one simple guys real experience perspective. Yes there are good, but why are so many so bloody defective?

    9. OMG Johnny, you are really heading for the wooden spoon now sonny. LOL

      Firstly, who is the real sl*t in the instance you speak of? Stringfellow or the women? As far as I'm concerned it's him. Who the hell would want to go within ten miles of a sleaze bag cheap thrill seeking superficial bloke like that. And I do not give one crap how much money he has. He obviously has no moral decency to behave in that manner. And I don't care how much you men drool over sex, that is disgraceful. You speak of it like it's something to be proud of from a males perspective. Disgusting.

      The environment you speak of in your second paragraph is an utter disgrace. Cheating behind a partners back is one thing I will never forgive. It is a disgraceful act. The ultimate betrayal in my opinion. I honestly do not understand how a person can be in a marriage/relationship and then go off and sleep with someone else. What the hell is the point of being in the relationship then? It's all just a game of pretend, lies and cover ups after that has occurred. The trust has completely gone never to be found again. If people wish to have sex with others then what the heck are they doing in a relationship?

      What I find interesting here is your general perspective of women even though you try to sweeten it at times with some lovely little touches lol. Now I do not doubt you have seen and experienced what you have but I could also share with you some rather horrid details about men and some of their sicko depraved behaviour. I won't of course in this arena but I could, is the point I'm making. There is always two sides to every story.

      To be honest though, I do not believe this is a case of male vs female. It obviously boils down to our own experiences in life and those that have crossed our paths during that time. Our perspective beyond certain experiences can become rather tainted in general terms if we allow that to happen on a broad basis. Good to always be alert and aware but a sad state of affairs if we taint everyone of the opposite sex with the same brush.

      I agree that the good catches do seem hard to find but when you think about it, if the state of being "in love" is so magical then maybe that's why. Maybe it's a rare gift that only a few will know. I'm honestly not sure.

      Some of the ladies here and at WHA seem to have found wonderful partners to share life with and that is truly magnificent. To know that what I refer to as the elusive state of love has actually been experienced by a few people in our immediate vicinity pleases me enormously because it proves that it actually is a possible reality and not some made up fairy tale that never actually existed.

      I think for me it was only ever being with someone who was kind. caring, respectful, trustworthy and morally decent. Although, now at this point in life I would add, a good level of intelligence and a good sense of humour and a tad cheeky lol. But hey, life deals the cards it does and I'm cool with that.

      It's not all about the money for some women John. I was in a long relationship with a very wealthy man who turned out to be a totally evil nut case. I could have walked out of that relationship with millions if I had wanted to but I just wanted out so I walked without taking a single cent off him. I was more than capable of making my own money and did not need a man to do that for me.

      Anyway John, I have babbled way too long again. I know you say some of the stuff you do to stir the pot with the ladies here just to gain a reaction, which is what I'm sure you already have and will continue to achieve when the gals pop in tomorrow morning. Hope your day is free cause your bum is going to be a bit sore when MWP gets her wooden spoon out. LOL Have a nice day Johnny.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. Smiling and- Yes, but son of a bitch Stringfellow is,what the hell does it say about the 3,000 plus women who came running? Think it out, my case?
      Flies? Which is more deplorable? 3,000 poor Sods then married them.

      1 bad guy or 3,000 women - hello? I defend neither,but the 3,000 appall me and the Sisterhood can't get it. We see them drunk in bands at the week ends, Praying Mantis hoards. Little femininity, all on offer. Something bad has taken over. Ladettes, bloody hard to make a lady out of those.

      I just see so much of them. Totally agree, find a Keeper, but how many marriages did the girls go through? Interesting what the other halves would say also if asked.

      In our Uber Feminist world today,it's become a polarized media on a one way street. No balance. The Yapping hens peck. How many are the cause?

      On balance between the 2 sides,obvious low life and loser guys aside, most guys spot them so obvious a mile off and are beyond disappointed how many women can't.

      But they sure as hell can spot a buck or diamond. My late teens taught me Car Tarts were the shape of things to come. The screening even then of the species. Not all but way too many.

      No support for low life guys at all - None.
      But balance it out and which merit trust? You may be shocked at truth.

      I often feel shocked at how girls cope with being hit on, it's ugly and low. I truly sympathize. It IS ugly. But it also pulls sadly.

      But have you seen the reverse? God it's bad. And with an agenda.

      Dam right I support the good ones, but balance the real truth % wise, and it's raw truth. My reality is look at what's between their ears and hearts, and take no crap. No justifying bad guys, none. Zar Zar Gabore,Liz Taylor, Jane Fonda???? Plus the rest. Vast.

      Adam and Eve, sadly way too many times Eve makes good guys want to heave!

      My case is simple. 1 bad guy, or 3,000 loses preying? Good ones are bloody hard to find. Crap is not.

      But yes, I do activate some comments to tease, but with a good case. Only those of the wrong side would truly be offended. How many guys went Broody and ended up with Hen Peckers? Look at the Reality Soaps, Hollywood wives, LA Wives, New York Wives, Even Melbourne Wives. What a bunch of plastic material scavengers. Dope husbands.Enough to scare a guy to become a Monk.
      Look at those clacking collectives. Yuk. Reality TV maybe but sadly all too bloody real. They are crossing not only the street, but the line.

      Again, good one 100% support. Why so few? Shakespeare, the Taming of the Shrew. Even he knew! Is Sodom and Gomorrah to become Tomorrow? What is being lost? Way too many predatory ball busters with attitude out there. Most on the shelf or locked on a Dweeb. Smiling.

      Yes, good ones are true value. Why so few? Good guys are looking.

    12. I most definitely have more to say regarding this subject and your response above but have an extremely busy day today so will come back later this evening to share. Enjoy your day John.

    13. No wooden spoon Aurataya. Anyone who thinks so little of women doesn't even deserve a response. It is so very sad indeed though. I guess all that money he has really can't buy what I have and I think he is honestly jealous. Without love and joy with another adoring person, why bother being alive? There is nothing that money buys that means one nit to your spiritual being or your true heart center.

      Long hours of work is a good, albeit, empty substitute but it is a distraction so it is good to have at least something to distract a loveless life. It seems being a part of this lovely OWON blog community means we women must endure thoughtless and pointed comments on a somewhat regular basis. This has been going on since I started reading and sharing here. I wonder if he ever stops to think how sad he sounds or if he cares that his comments shoot pains into my heart and probably has a like effect on most women who frequent here...probably not.

    14. John, you may think I'm a bit thick in the head and not understanding the points raised but I would have to ask you this. Would it not be quite easy to find 3,000 men who would gladly and quite swiftly step up to offer their services to those same 3,000 women? I say yes and you could probably very easily quadruple that figure in a flash as far as male takers are concerned. It takes two to tango and every single time a heterosexual woman has sex it involves a heterosexual man, so in such cases they are both doing the same thing. Yes?

      "3,000 poor sods then married them." And how many casual sexual encounters did those same 3,000 poor sods each have prior to such a marriage? Do you see my point?

      The behaviour of women, I agree has changed quite a bit in recent decades. Many have decided to shake off the stay at home housewife role and explore the world and themselves in any manner they so choose. Some have decided that exploring their own sexuality in a rather free manner is their right and state that it is no different to what the majority of men have always done. You and I may not agree with that type of behaviour but the choices made by others is out of our hands.

      The "Sisterhood" you speak of does see it and I'm sure there are varying reactions to it. The response would depend on what woman you ask that question. Many may not see anything wrong with such behaviour, others I'm sure do. Personally, I do not like to see women handing it out as freely as it seems to be getting handed out these days but I have no control over the actions of any other woman. I can only be responsible for myself and my personal behaviour in such instances. Just because I view such behaviour in the manner in which I do does not make me right in anyone else's eyes.

      The "praying mantis hoard" behaviour you speak of, I am aware of but have no respect for whatsoever. To me, this is a type of superficial conquest type situation that I find rather cheap, shallow and distasteful. I believe this situation could also be reversed as far as gender is concerned and one may see the very same reaction if Cindy Crawford or whatever hot celebrity men fancy these days, was placed in a room full of men. They also would be all over her like flies in my opinion.

      With regard to the "bees attracted to the honey pot" where some bling/material items are concerned I would say that I personally have no issue whatsoever with anyone that has worked hard and made their riches honestly accumulating a level of wealth which has allowed them to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Those that are attracted to such a person for that superficial reason alone is a sad state of affairs in my opinion. I know such people can become targets for the gold digger types of both genders. But I also know that anyone of good character seeking a deeper connection would not be swayed too heavily by that and would take the time and place the effort into discovering what is beneath the exterior layer.

      Part 2 to follow.

    15. Part 2.

      In my earlier comment (yesterday) I spoke out rather strongly with regard to my opinion concerning the behaviour of others noted in your comment. Thinking about my reaction today I realised that no matter what my opinion is of the manner in which others behave, I have no right to judge them or consider that they have behaved unacceptably. My standards and beliefs are mine alone and each person has their own version of that which may be drastically different to each of ours.

      John, in the establishments you frequent you are obviously seeing/experiencing behaviour of a nature that appears to be quite extreme and dramatic. I do not doubt that and understand your level of alarm. I no longer socialise a great deal at all and live a rather hermit type life as I find this world a little too harsh and superficial for me. The current night club type scene is a foreign environment to me and I have no desire to witness what's going on there these days but have a feeling I would probably be quite shocked by it.

      So where do we go from here? Has our society become morally bankrupt? Are we correct in our personal view of where society is heading, or maybe already reached? How can we be fair and allow personal freedom and expression but at that same time retain an acceptable and decent code of conduct? Is it even possible to reach agreement regarding this? Have things gone too far now to reverse/adjust? I do not have these answers as far as the entire human race is concerned, that will take someone or many with a great deal more intelligence and vision than I possess. I can only live my life based on the values and beliefs I personally hold and hope that those standards meld acceptably on the paths I choose to walk upon. If not, then some serious Slayer action may well be necessary lol.

    16. MWP, I absolutely respect your right to your opinion and feelings and appreciate you sharing them so openly.

      I am saddened that I sense your frustration, disappointment and personal discomfort as you have described by your experiences here. I honestly don't really know what to say to you to assist in easing the discomfort you are feeling. From my perspective it seems only peaceful calm dialogue between yourself and John could bring ease to this specific situation if you both feel inclined to move forward and achieve an outcome that is productive.

      I do hope you wake to and enjoy a magnificent day MWP.

    17. Aurataya,

      Your are an eloquent woman who has a gift of sharing ideas and I always appreciate reading your commentary here.

      I am having a MAGNIFICENT day. It is a choice and I choose wisely :)

      It is even more magnificent since I did not awake to more women bashing comments. The air is clear this morning and I wish John no bad intent. I honestly don't think he even stops to think about his cheeky comments that he thinks are funny and are not. Perhaps teaching moments are the best moments?

    18. MWP, I sincerely thank you for your most generous words. I am pleased to know you have enjoyed a wonderful day and feel a little more at peace within.

      Texian, you are a funny lady with your cheeky little sparks of energy on this blog.

    19. Aurataya,
      Well...whatever do you mean? 😉

  14. p: Something different. With so many legends around the world, where is the truth?

    Amazing! - Dragon Found Frozen in Romanian Mountain Cave! (True Story -Overcome)
    Aug 24, 2016

  15. NBC's Brian Williams -
    'Our Job Is To Scare People
    To Death' Over North Korea

  16. West should sustain aggressive engagement abroad, Kissinger suggests.

    International criminal! Evil. Him and George Soros are pure evil.

    1. Shock Report confirmed: H.R. McMaster working directly with George Soros to take out President Trump.

      Additional sources confirm bombshell revelations.
      By Alex Thomas.

    2. Seems Roger Stone broke this story: (20min)

  17. GoodFellas and Armageddon

    August 11, 2017


    Ahuwah Zeus

    Prince Nicolo Boncompagni Ludovisi is a top authority in Rome and an owner of the Italian Mafia.....

    Prince Niccolo married Rita Jenrette and she is an American actress and real estate executive who sold the General Motors building to Donald Trump. Her family is from Texas and they own an oil company and are considered ancestors of the American Founding Fathers. Prince Nicolo Boncompagni Ludovisi has been given authority over Texas through Rome's network of power and is the one running Infowars and Alex Jones. Alex Jones "former" father in law is Edmund Lowe Nichols who worked at the US embassy in Rome and was knighted by the Italian president. Alex Jones is an FBI COINTELPRO agent operating under the FBI's Project Megiddo which was a report about apocalyptic cults and militias and their response to Y2K. Alex Jones did a live video broadcast on Y2K claiming that the Russians were attacking, nuclear plants were being shut down, and basically claimed that society was collapsing. Former FBI Director Louis Freeh wrote Project Megiddo and is a devout Roman Catholic and US-Italian dual citizen. Prince Nicolo Boncompangi Ludovisi is pure evil and he is using Infowars and other COINTELPRO controlled Alternative Media to try and cause a civil war in the United States and bring about Armageddon.

    Oh Alex! Did you really sell out? :-( So, so sad, if true....

    1. Infowars Launches, Your New Source For Bombshell News (3min)

      To Alex's defense, he does reveal a BUNCH of truth and did split with his jewish wife a couple years ago. Plus,he regularly has guests like

      STEVE PIECZENIC, who seems like a genuine White Hat to me: (26min)

      He talks about N.Korea and says that India/China "are at war now"!

  18. Stunning Timeline Breakdown of Lynch-Clinton Docs Shows Crisis Management Panicking Within ONE MINUTE After News Broke of Tarmac Meeting
    Aug 11, 2017

    An attorney for Trump, Jay Sekulow read the stunning timeline breakdown of the Lynch-Clinton tarmac docs on his radio show Friday morning.

    Sekulow pointed out that upper level crisis management stepped in and responded to an email inquiry within ONE MINUTE of the news breaking that Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton met on the Phoenix tarmac in June of 2016. The internal panic is very telling. The Obama administration along with Lynch and Comey were doing everything they could to get this under control by creating talking points to deceive the public.

  19. Judge Andrew Napolitano on Paul Manafort Raid (4min)

    RED ALERT: Retired Navy Commander Files Treason Charges Against Robert Mueller.

    1. Fitzpatrick(Navy Commander) just painted AG Sessions right into the corner with this filing.

      This is not a legal "filing", but is a letter with details which was sent to the A.G.

  20. Jodie Foster: Hollywood Execs Tried To Rape Me When I Was A Girl.


    British PM Theresa May: Pedophiles Should be Allowed to Adopt Children Too Claims it's 'unfair' on sex offenders to 'breach their human rights'

    1. I just minutes ago found out that this originally appeared in the UK Telegraph news in 2010.

    2. Theresa May should be a big embarrassment to the U.K. She has a long history of protecting pedophiles and spouting outrageous views on the subject. It would seem that she may be a pedophile herself. At the least she has certainly enabled them. IMO, anyone with those views is mentally ill.

  21. Scientists call out New York Times for incorrect claim about climate report

    By Alex Pappas

  22. Replies
    1. I meant for this comment to go under the posting by Tim about Teresa may above.

    2. Biffie, yes it was. Article seems to be based on a UK Telegraph news article from 2010(which I only right now found out), so it is deceptive reporting found here:

      The proposal was scuttled, but it is interesting to note that she actually did initially support it apparently.

    3. Well if May did support this at any time then she also deserves to be sent to Siberia with a good swift boot right up the arse to get her there.

      That is a disgusting thing to suggest. Who gives a crap about the human rights of a pedo? Not me. What about the human rights of the children they molest. Bullshit. You touch a child in that manner then you should get a bullet right between the eyes.

    4. LOL 100dthmonkey. Sorry to be so loud and vulgar but I just cannot help myself where this subject is concerned. It sends me into a rage.

    5. Definitely character building. No need to apologise.

      And my friends call me Monkey.

    6. OK Monkey, thank you :-))) Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    7. The Robot Slayer sure ain't no moderate prayer. Lol

    8. You can bet your booties on that John, particularly when it comes to religion and pedo's.

    9. As I said before, if anyone noticed, is that #PEDOGATE is the Primary story here and ->everything<- else is a Distraction.

      Why is it all a distraction, you ask?

      -->>Because TUGGING AT THE Pedophile "STRING" and it/this ALL WILL unravel is that ALL centers(of power) of the last 6,000 years of their so-called EVIL POWER. CRUMBLE FAST! Using exposure on ALL fronts that have been investigating this shyte sine DJT got in. It never stopped, but gets hi-jacked across the board as DISTRACTIONS manifest, then re-manifest, then pop-up again, and again like the BUGS that they ARE!!

      WHEN is enough enough? STRIKE while the IRON is HOT!! SO MANY men know the truth(Weiner computer, then spread to FAMILY men across FBI) now, but are UNABLE to carry the ball across the final LINE to make this all happen...Just my humble opinion.

    10. HINT:
      Putin himself stated he WANTS them exposed!
      You know how they deal with pedo-sKum in Russia, right?

      My humble opinion, again is that NK IS a distraction, also.

    11. {Lets get this pedo-frying party started, then we move on to the muslim fanatic hoards infestation that bunch is causing in the west}

    12. Can somebody please put a hot poker under General Kelly's arse to mobilize him into ACTION! LOL(not)
      1/2+ of the WH staff must get sacked to help out the Donald, no?
      I believed Kelly was the man for the job to get started with this mess clean-up...

    13. Tim4123, General Kelly is a good and honorable man. We may not be hearing much truth these days what he's doing, but it seems Trump and family soon took a vacation not long after he became chief of staff. Why would that be? WH wire tapped quite thoroughly perhaps? Too many leaks just for staff and or others to be responsible. With that issue attended to, the who done it and why? Next clean up of other matters and onto the the hot topics of Pedogate, Hillary and the take down of the Deep State.

      Kelly knows his job and won't let this country down. We may not hear about it until afterwards by some time, but he is not playing any games. He's about getting the job done.

    14. P,

      Thank you so much for that reply. It helps so much(felt like I've been pissing in the wind here), and makes much sense to me from all the reading I have been doing this last week, including archives here, too.

    15. I agree P. Trump can't do anything in the WH that isn't recorded somewhere so he needed to get out, plus they're renovating the place so he had to go anyway. However, it's important to note that DJT has extensive financial entanglements with the Chabad line of orthodox judaism. Most of Putin's financial advisors are from this group and they have provided all manner of monies to keep Trump operable. Kushner is one of them as well and heavily indebted. They are judaics who believe that all non-judaics are lesser humanity designed to serve them, that women are second only to dogs, that Rabbi Schneerson may have been the Messiah, and that they will one day rule the world once they totally control the US. Mainstream judaism condemns them as heretics and so do other orthodox groups because they believe in a coming messiah if Schneerson wasn't it. They are against pedophilia and for total employment so I guess that's something. Check out, good stuff there. Essentially there are 2 warring judaic factions in the US pulling the puppet strings of the WH and Congress and anyone else of any significance. That cannot be good no matter what.

  23. We are going to give you a big new report about the brutal reality of the rape and oppression in this vast North Korean Stalag State while the West and China, sits on their arses and does nothing. Read it and see. Read and weep that mans inhumanity can sink so low. Our answer is more toys????? The MSM whines about the Holocaust. This is far worse and we do nothing.

  24. When ready we need all your help please to get it out. Our Elders will help in Asia and China will freak!

    1. john

      anything you can share on the private currency groups?

      what about the public currency?

      what about the PPs?


    2. I hope to hear some good news too. But brace yourself if they drag this into September/October. The way John was talking, it sounds like they are urgently trying to get this matter resolved very soon. I hope it happens soon myself. Bless John and the Elders.

    3. Now is not the time, there are delicate and very challenging issues in play.

  25. And exposure of the corruption in Oz continues. A must read for all from the land down under.

    Open Letter to the Australian People and Others

    "The facts referred to in this correspondence constitute a formal Complaint.



  26. p: What is the reasoning for this misunderstanding? Inflexibility, or something more? Bhutan is it's own country. Although there is a border disagreement with India also, perhaps a reminder such things may not matter so much in the future with peace needed globally. That means negotiation needs to be upfront and foremost in disputes of this type. Try to come to an understanding of what is important, truly important. Work to make this a win win for all concerned.

    India-Bhutan To Hold Bilateral Meet On Doklam Standoff
    Published on Aug 10, 2017

    India and Bhutan will hold a bilateral meet to discuss the Doklam standoff on the disputed territory with China.

    1. The Doklam Standoff Is The Beginning of a Troubling New Era in India-China Ties
      July 20, 2017

      The basic facts of this dispute are now clear, even if the precise geography is not. In June, Indian forces crossed an established border between the state of Sikkim and the Tibet Autonomous Region in reaction to China building roads through territory claimed by both China and the Kingdom of Bhutan. Besides a longstanding commitment to guiding and defending Bhutan’s interests, much has been made of India’s larger domestic motivation in this conflict. Chinese expansion in the area pushes the country ever closer to the Siliguri Corridor or “Chicken’s Neck,” a narrow strip of land that serves as the only connection between Northeast India and the rest of the country. Despite it being perhaps the primary motivating factor in a dangerous and complex crisis, little attention has been paid to the region of the Northeast itself. Understanding its unique situation is key to understanding the forces behind Doklam.

    2. Top natural resources in NorthEast India
      Oct 23, 2016

      North East India is a hidden mine of natural resources…. most of which still remain unexplored. Recently the region has been under the scanner for its immense potential in economic terms. Here is a brief account of some of the prominent natural resources in NE and their scope in terms of economic output.

    3. Truths Mapped Out: India Cannot Afford To have China Controlling Doklam Plateau
      July 5, 2017

      As I write this, India finds itself in a border stand-off with China. But unlike other times when India and China squared off due to difference in ‘perception’ of Line of Actual Control (LAC) along their vast border from eastern Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, the present stand-off is because of Chinese incursion in a region which is disputed territory between China and Bhutan. India has gotten involved because development in this area has serious security ramifications for India.

      However, none of the reports barring one gives correct information about the geographical region where this stand-off has taken place and the likely reason for this new conflict. Even the report by Manoj Joshi only gives a broad outline of the area.

    4. p: The why behind all the hullaboo about the narrow strip of land that connects India to its NE state.

      Tourism in North East India

      Ministry of Development of Northeastern Region

  27. Blithering idiots of the MSM. The Charlottsville chaos was antifa getting in the way of a perfectly peaceful bunch of white nationalists (far cry from 'white supremacy') who were excersizing their First Am rights. Then add a #NeverTrumper driving a car into the crowd and you have an Alt-Right victory of major proportions. And Trump is on the wrong side of this... it was antifa that showed the bigotry, violence and hate not those peacefully assembled... we have literally reached the point that inverting the MSM news guarantees accuracy...

    1. I suspect Soros was funding both sides, just like the Ukraine. Even the stupidest white racists don't dress in sheets and carry confederate flags. Soros is funding both sides just like the Ukraine where his snipers were shooting at both sides.

    2. Unknown.\,
      Plausible & probable, but is it provable the way things stand now? THAt bastard should have been in jail 30 days after DJT was inaugurated, so there is much in this war that is unseen and unknown wtf is going on. Yet, I stick to my guns that THIS IS ALL about deflecting from #PEDOGATE and DJT seems like a bloodhound ON THAT SCENT! Maybe I am looking through rose-colored glasses I admit.

    3. IMO, Charlottesville has Soros written all over it and agree that he/his organizations funded both sides...a "school play." This is their "purple revolution" playing out. It's instructive that this took place in Macauliffe's state...once of dirtiest politicians. He's always been a Clingon toady. Disgusting! It will come to a revolution/civil war unless AG Sessions gets off his duff to pursue the evil doers and open up the festering boil to drain the swamp creatures. He should not have taken this job unless he intended to do it.

    4. There are so many possible trajectories for the Charlottesville theatre. While I accept that there was originally just a White Equality march planned, they had to realize that they would be used by various others groups to promote alternative agendas most of which would be construed as antiTrump. The White Supremacy meme is front and center now with the MSM in overdrive. There's always a car driving into a crowd. How people don't recognize this stunt as planned is beyond me. I suspect that most of it was Hillary/deep state/ anti-trump financed. Their efforts to derail his presidency are unprecedented, including the assassination attempt on Sen. Scalise at the ball game. Heaven help that poor guy. We hear little about him these days and we know he was ferociously writing legislation to lock up human traffickers. Too bad Trump is connected to Russian criminal community; it may be his undoing.

  28. I had a personal friend last name Kelly. Then, also Kelly's Heroes(FILM) also comes to mind. Something I really like about this new general for this leading to having internal reasons that have nothing to do with the man.Just putting this out there.

    Reality is said to be a malleable thing, metaphysically. NO ET's are coming to help!

    Yet, I know there are ways to get them to help personally from so very many accounts, so THIS is the way on a personal level in my estimation. My conclusion is they are not ET's per se, but inter-dimensional s.(which is what each & every one of us have potential to BE)

    Can YOU DIG IT? LMAO.(John always says to inject humor, and this was the \first point I even considered humor for at least a week because I have been so MAD/furious)

    SAD SATURDAY NIGHT HERE. Please excuse me if I got too nutzo....I try my best.

    1. Tim4123
      I spend as much time "doing" as possible when frustrated. Tonight until dark thirty tearing part pallets that once made a fence. The only reason this is mentioned is we need to find things that matter. I'll do more tomorrow, as it can drive you nuts waiting, find something that helps you deal with the feeling of "pissing in the wind". Believe me, I do know the frustration of things going wrong. But if you view it differently, why not stomp on that ole devil's antics and do something positive that helps in some way. Just a suggestion.

    2. P,
      secret nobody knows, I stomp on "devils' as a hobby.My problem is that it bites me in the ass when I least expect it.Why? These evil bastards are everywhere like locusts or cock-roaches quite Literally.I do my best, though. health is shot to heck, yet I persevere amongst the "walking dead" here locally with secret society a-holes posing as helpers to the walking dead.Sorry if this seems so negative, but is what it is around my area...fwiw. Remember, I am crazy.

    3. Tim4123, you're in good company. You're not alone, just remember that. And crazy, that's what they call us that stand for the truth. If you can forgive, something I still have trouble with, do so. It makes life more bearable in the face of the idiots. You'll find your health better for it! )

  29. Aug 12, 2017
    Trump tonight:
    We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence in America. Lets come together as one!

    1. And bomb the shit out of North Korea! Praise God!

      LOL. The Rhetoric out of these fools is palpable.

    2. It is JV, but why bomb a people already suffering? Instead, open the eyes of the world to see what the North Korean people live like. Shame the leadership there, but don't punish a people in desperate need of freedom.

      North Koreans have no ounce of freedom, says undercover journalist in Pyongyang
      Aug 13, 2017

      North Koreans are raised to be soldiers and “have no ounce of freedom”, according to a journalist who lived undercover in Pyongyang.

      “Their lives were completely mapped out according to the great leader,” Suki Kim, who spent six months undercover in North Korea in 2011, told CNN on Saturday. “Any information from outside is forbidden and not shown to them in any way. It’s really a system of absolute control.”

    3. p: Or think about the "cheap" labor North Koreans provide for textile companies in border areas

      North Korea factories humming with 'Made in China' clothes, traders say
      Aug 12, 2017

      DANDONG, China (Reuters) - Chinese textile firms are increasingly using North Korean factories to take advantage of cheaper labor across the border, traders and businesses in the border city of Dandong told Reuters.

      The clothes made in North Korea are labeled "Made in China" and exported across the world, they said.

      Using North Korea to produce cheap clothes for sale around the globe shows that for every door that is closed by ever-tightening U.N. sanctions another one may open. The UN sanctions, introduced to punish North Korea for its missile and nuclear programs, do not include any bans on textile exports.

    4. I thought China put an embargo against NK because of all its hostility and threats against USA in an effort to de-escalate all their aggression.

  30. ONLY hope for Americans is that DJT actually IS going after #Pedogate sKum.

    The SINGLE STRING to "pull on" that unravels ALL these zionist dirt-bags. #realDonaldTrump

  31. I DO NOT anybody to bomb the crap outta anybody let me be clear for the record.

    HUMANITY first. Ziorats LAST!!

  32. Many folks don't understand the significance of Charlottsville and the incoming identity politics of rage that WILL come. Remember: Real wages have been stagnant when adjusted since the late 70s. This killed upward mobility. Then the actions of the central bankers hit us with multiple bubbles and Great Depression II with 95MM out of work here.

    The system has marginalized a lot of people over the past 20-30 years. You used to be a loser, an outcast, if you graduated from college and didn't get a full-time, white-collar job with benefits. Or didn't buy a house by 30. Or got fired or laid off. Or couldn't seem to find a girlfriend and get married. All of those things used to mark you with the scarlet L for loser. Well, a lot of these guys [and many white!] have done everything right -- gone to college, worked, led respectable lives -- and they're still stigmatized as losers. You can assume rightly that frustration is building into rage. Yesterday a bunch of white nationalists with a handful of white supremacists plus smattering of alt-Right, peacefully assembled, were supposed to be protected by the Police, all on a judges order. They were met by Soros antifa and BLM. And it cascaded into violence.

    Now that they have made it impossible for the right-side of the spectrum to peacefully demonstrate, how long before the counter comes in extreme violence to the Left, as it will... and is there any way to avoid what is coming?

    1. Tino, are you implying that a civil war is on the horizon?

    2. No, no civil war. Merely noting that identity politics will be marred by violence and that the violence will simply move the center-of-the-way into alt-right and further identity/group demographics as political factions. The 'white' faction is now coming as a reaction to every group dumping on it for two generations. And if history is any guide, defections from other groups will put it in power. The alt-right curve continues to accelerate. My worry is it will probably overshoot into right-type authoritarianism. V for Vendetta anyone???

    3. V for Vendetta is my vote, no hesitation here. None. Then, Hill-billy justice to clean out the rats that came on these shores. How about that? statistics say private owners of arms in America is about 8Trillion bullets stored. How many does the gubermint have when this party starts?

    4. Sorry, CORRECTION:
      8-BILLION stored by individual patriots that love America, and push comes to shove they will get this party started.

  33. There won't be any war in North Korea and no threat of nuclear weapons. The latest revelation is that they don't even exist. See the New Nationalist for more. So what is North Korea about? There's has to be some Chinese involvement, maybe the whole thing is a smokescreen for the Russiagate nonsense to buy time to get all the child trafficking legislation together. That's what I'm hoping. Threats of war are always fodder for the MSM.

    1. Seshette, the article I posted above suggests these exact interesting read.

    2. Biffie- I checked it out and it's definitely true, although it doesn't actually say that nuclear weapons don't even exist, which is a much bigger revelation because the various Parasite Control groups have been threatening us with Armeggedon for decades now. Much going on behind the scenes as we know. I am concerned, however, about Trump's connections to the Chabad community. This group has tentacles like an octopus. They take over townships, trash public schools, and defraud government agencies. Israel is sending them here, trying to get rid of them. Funny, the socialist/progressive Jews hate them. This is the real war.

  34. Why They Need ‘Freedom’: North Korea Sits on Trillions in Minerals US Corporations Would Kill For

    1. Why don't they develop these natural resources themselves? They certainly have the manpower to do that. It seems it can be a very wealthy country if it did that. Mining isn't all that high-tech. Very odd.

    2. Read the article, as it has to do with why the US wants war with NK to steal their resources.

  35. Fired NSC Aide Reveals Political Warfare Operation Targeting Trump
    Higgins memo warns of Marxist, Deep State subversion

    BY: Bill Gertz
    August 11, 2017 4:37 pm

    A White House National Security Council official has charged that leftist opponents of President Trump are engaged in political warfare operations designed to subvert his presidency and drive him from office.

    Rich Higgins, until recently director of strategic planning at the NSC, revealed the program in a seven-page memorandum produced in May that warns of a concerted information warfare campaign by the Marxist left, Islamists, and political leaders and government officials opposed to the populist president.

    "The Trump administration is suffering under withering information campaigns designed to first undermine, then delegitimize and ultimately remove the president," Higgins states.

    1. More proof #realDonaldTrump must move to stop all Moslems from entering this country. #NATIONALSECURITY threat!

    2. POINT:
      These military age male muslims are the threat to National Security.
      See my point #realDonaldTrump ?

  36. p: How many times across our country was this repeated?

    College student gets 100 days in slammer for registering dead voters for Dems
    Aug 10, 2017

    A Virginia college student was sentenced this week to 100 days incarceration for submitting fraudulent voter registration forms listing the names of dead people and other faulty information for a political organization connected to the Democratic Party.

    Andrew J. Spieles, 21, was sentenced in federal court Tuesday for knowingly transferring false Virginia voter registration forms during the 2016 election, according to the Justice Department.

  37. Charlottsville is an inflection point.

    This is what happened in Charlottesville, since media is incapable of reporting:

    -American Patriots, white nationalists, white supremacists, alt-right, alt-lite organized a peaceful assembly in Charlottesville called Unite the Right to save the Confederate monuments.

    -The organizers lawfully obtained a permit to host this event

    -Wes Bellamy, the Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville, illegally revoked the permit for this event. Wes Bellamy is a known Leftist and is affiliated with the Black Panther Party, a Black supremacist organization

    -The ACLU successfully sued Charlottesville for violating the First Amendment, and a Federal judge ruled that the permit must be reinstated and the right to assemble honored

    -Unite the Right was scheduled to take place at 12:00pm. At 11:30am, a heavily militarized police force illegally shut down the event, physically assaulting peaceful protesters with batons and tear gas. Several people were illegally arrested

    -While evacuating, many protesters were illegally assaulted by counter-protesters from Antifa and Black Lives Matter as the police stood by and did nothing. Antifa and BLM members were recorded throwing bricks at people, using pepper spray, and throwing molotov cocktails and tear gas

    -An unhinged 20-yr old drove his car straight in to a crowd of people, killing at least one. The state of Virginia irrationally declared a state of emergency with the National Guard on standby, and Charlottesville became the #1 news story in the world

    -The lying media intentionally portrayed this all in a way to make it look like the peaceful protesters were the perpetrators of the violence, rather than the victims, despite heavy video evidence to the contrary

    And there you have it....

    1. MSM outlets should have all their licenses revoked for promoting lies.

    2. Isn't it interesting and instructive that police only shut down peaceful protests of conservatives and let any leftist rioters burn a city down with police standing by watching? Look at Ferguson, Berkeley, Charlottesville and many more. The rioters are being bussed in and paid by puppet masters. The narrative is directed by the puppet masters. It's all FAKE people. You are being manipulated.

      And the feminist "chip on shoulder" meme is definitely not helping the synergy here. The most successful marriages I know of are partnerships without either party dominating decisions that are best made together. The most successful work environments that I've observed follow along same lines. Respect for each other is key.

      Thanks, Tino, for your commentary on Charlottesville although I can't get too incensed over it since I truly see it as planned, manipulated and very fake news.


  39. Abbas, Israel Pull The Power Plug On War-Torn Gaza Strip
    Aug 12, 2017

  40. Another canard being floated about post-Charlottsville that it is 'white men' that are responsible for most of the mass shootings in the U.S.. Because Columbine. Never mind Columbine was two Jewish boys, but reported by the media as 'white'.

    Just for the record:

    2017 - San Francisco (California) UPS shooting of three Americans - Asian male.
    2017 - Bogue Chitto (Mississippi) shooting of eight Americans - African-American male
    2017 - Fresno (California) shooting of four Americans - African-American male (probably Islam related).
    2017 - Fort Lauderdale (Florida) airport shooting of five Americans - Puerto Rican male (probably Islam related).
    2016 - Los Angeles (California) party shooting of four Americans - Jamaican male immigrant
    2016 - Burlington (Washington) Mall shooting of five Americans - Turkish male immigrant (probably Islam related).
    2016 - Baton Rouge (Louisiana) shooting of three American police officers - African-American male
    2016 - Dallas (Texas) shooting of five American police officers - African-American male
    2016 - Orlando (Florida) shooting of 49 Americans - Afghan-American male (2nd generation) (probably Islam related).
    2016 - High Point HS (Maryland) shooting of three Americans - Asian male
    2015 - Inland Regional Center, San Bernardino (California) shooting of 14 Americans - Pakistani-American male (2nd generation) & Pakistani female immigrant (probably Islam related).
    2015 - Umpqua (Oregon) Community College shooting of nine Americans - half-Black male immigrant
    2015 - Chattanooga (Tennessee) shootings of five American military men - Kuwaiti male immigrant (probably Islam related).
    2014 - Alturas (California) shooting of four Americans - Native-American female
    2014 - Springfield (Missouri) shooting of four Americans - African-American male
    2014 - Marysville (Washington) shooting of four Americans - Native-American male
    2014 - Santa Barbara (California) college killing of six Americans - half-Asian male immigrant
    2014 - Fort Hood (Texas) shooting, four Americans killed - Puerto Rican male immigrant
    2013 - Washington Navy Yard (DC) shooting, 12 Americans killed - African-American male
    2013 - Hialeah (Flordia) shooting of six Americans - Cuban male immigrant
    2013 - Boston (Massachusetts) Marathon killings, five Americans died - two Chechen male immigrants (probably Islam related).
    2012 - Miami (Florida), three Americans shot - Haitian male immigrant
    2012 - Oikos University (California) shooting of seven Americans - Korean male immigrant
    2011 - Permanente Quarry (California) shooting of three Americans - African-American male
    2011 - Carson City (Nevada) IHOP killing of four Americans - Mexican male immigrant
    2010 - Hartford Distributors (Connecticut) shooting of eight Americans - African-American male
    2009 - Fort Hood (Texas) shooting, 13 American soldiers killed - Palestinian-American male (2nd generation) (probably Islam related).
    2009 - Lakewood (Washington) shooting of four American police officers - African-American male
    2009 - Binghamton (New York) shooting of 13 Americans - Vietnamese male immigrant
    2007 - Virginia Tech (Virginia) shooting killing 32 Americans - Korean male immigrant
    2007 - Salt Lake City (Utah) shopping mall, five Americans killed - Bosnian male immigrant (probably Islam related).
    2005 - Red Lake (Minnesota) shooting of 10 Americans - Native-American male
    2004 - Birchwood (Wisconsin) killing of six Americans - Hmong male immigrant
    2003 - Windy City Core Supply warehouse Chicago (Illinois) in 2003, six Americans killed - Mexican male immigrant
    2002 - D.C. Sniper (Washington DC Metro Area) killing of 17 Americans - two African-American men (probably Islam related).
    1993 - Long Island (New York) Railroad massacre, six Americans dead - Jamaican male immigrant
    1993 - 101 California Street (San Francisco) shootings of nine Americans - Ethiopian male immigrant
    1990 - GMAC massacre Jacksonville (Florida) 11 Americans killed - African-American male

    1. Yes, this IS an eye-opener. Thank you Tino. Islam seems like a demonic religion that teaches killing is good. How insane is that?

    2. I guess we could interpret this information as males are the problem since all of these perpetrators are men?

      There is always an opportunity to point a finger at an entire group of people (in this case men) when looking for a reason to accuse a behavior with a broad brush. This is akin to the prior argument that women are not to be trusted and deserve derisive treatment.

      Yep, another teaching moment!

      Yep, a teaching moment!

    3. Actually women are the problem. Not one of the men in the list had successful romantic relationships and an argument can be made that peaceful males are males that have lots of sex. Every farmer knows how to keep the bulls tractable. The teachable moment is now about over-generalization.... The original premise was white men are the cause of most mass shootings. By inspection, they are not.

    4. Tino and MW & P, what we need to realize is that our society has lead to a breakdown in people knowing how to relate to each other. For at least 50 years we have seen an attack on the family unit and it's showing it's ugly head now. We need to step back and learn once again the basic lesson of taking the time and patience to be family, friends and the many types of relationships that make up a healthy population. There's much more to it than that, but it will only get worse if we can't. It will get to a point as technology advances we'll see people turning to synthetics or like technology for intimate relationships. That would be much of the population, not just a few.

    5. This is a conversation that needs to be talked about across the planet. I agree that THEY have set the world up to cause us to fight amongst ourselves. Whenever I read a statement putting down any "group", it tells me their plan is working and this is a truly sickening event for humanity.

      Tino, are you saying that it is a woman's duty to keep men calm by screwing them all the time? Do you really believe that women are like cows, just waiting for the bull to "give it to us"? Women are NOT chattel or owned and I am confused by your response given you are usually so spot on with your commentary.

      What is your source for the comment "Not one of the men in the list had successful romantic relationships"? Were you just "guessing" that might be the case to make your point or is there real data I, and others, can review? Please elaborate.

    6. Hahaha! Really, MWP, try not to let yourself run away like that. :) The second lesson was over-generalization and I simply did to you what you did to me. Turnabout is fair play. Plus we had a whole decade (the 60s) where deflection into sex worked quite well for many.

      As to the bill of particulars, female hypergamy is a well-known phenomenon, and as a group, the unfeeling God of Biomechanics dictates that a very large number of women is presently chasing a limited number of alpha males with the rest priced out of the market, please see collapsing birth rates, rising divorce rate and the feminist disaster in general. As to the mass shooters, their profile is quite consistent. Additionally, one can say quite easily, non-white, unsuccessful in the romantic and on a anti-pyschotic med. I've been tracking the issue for years.

      As to women as chattel, you said that not I. Nor did I call for a woman's duty. God forbid we touch upon a woman's sacred prerogative! (Methinks women in general protest too much on the topic.) I merely observe that men in successful romantic relationships have little time for mass murder or the impetus. And more than one think tank has suggested, quite seriously, reducing the number of men as a means towards world peace since women, except at the extreme (Russian women, WW2), do not engage in violence. Sabotage yes, violence no.

      Have fun. Toodles...

    7. I like this dialogue. I read an article once that claimed that one of the biggest problems with societies that allow polygamy ( islam ) is, in fact, the unfortunate result that many males simply cannot get wives because they aren't "attractive" enough. The attractive really means wealthy, but other attributes are possible. This creates tremendous social tension and leads to acts of violence that aren't always sexual at higher rates than that of countries without this social structure.
      Men need sex on a different level than women. I'm not advocating hitting women over the head and dragging them around, but I think that women have a hard time accepting this bio/physiological fact. Civilized/domesticated males will wait till you say "yes", but that doesn't mean they aren't frustrated and that tension must release itself. Alcohol, porno, overeating, body-building, drugs,whatever it takes to work it off. The whole point of marriage really is to provide the male with regular sexual activity and he, in turn, provides protection and food, in the most elemental sense. Society has turned the tables on that formula; women work, they are stronger and can defend themselves (not really), get educations, limit births. Some of it is good, but a lot of it has just left the guys ever more frustrated and the need to ejaculate is primal so you can't undo it without serious drugs.
      The younger women today, from what my son tells me, are prepared to happily sleep around, so sex is available, but it isn't reliable and that's still a problem plus in the current feminist atmosphere there's the constant threat that it wasn't consensual. It's done and doing a lot of damage. It's funny, but I often get the impression that only the truly caucasian community suffers from this warp, other ethnic groups are still male dominant: asians, African-Americans, the orthodox, even the progressive Jewish crowd. Argue with me.

    8. Then there's China's one child policy which had the unfortunate effect of aborting female babies. Now there's a generation of mostly males in China. Wonder how that's working out for them...

      Even I can't argue with your statements, Seshette!

    9. Yes, that one child policy did damage. But thankfully there is a surplus of women in India. I think there is hay to be made there bringing those two nations together to solve the mutual imbalance of the sexes.

  41. What They're NOT Telling You About The Charlottesville Race Riots
    Aug 13, 2017

  42. Beijing warns Pyongyang: You’re on your own if you go after the United States
    Aug 11, 2017

    BEIJING — China won’t come to North Korea’s aid if it launches missiles threatening U.S. soil and there is retaliation, a state-owned newspaper warned Friday — but it would intervene if Washington strikes first.

    The Global Times newspaper is not an official mouthpiece of the Communist Party, but in this case its editorial probably does reflect government policy, experts said.

    The stern Chinese warning came as government leaders and politicians around the world urged calm after a series of threats and counterthreats by the U.S. and North Korean governments. The brinkmanship has spread jitters and weighed on global financial markets, which were down Friday for a fourth consecutive day.

    1. 'China won’t come to North Korea’s aid if it launches missiles threatening U.S. soil and there is retaliation, a state-owned newspaper warned Friday — but it would intervene if Washington strikes first"

      .... which makes China the new global cop ........

      Job done. Good bye America. It's been terrifying living under your regime.

      Read more at:
      OWoN © All Rights Reserved

  43. Organizer Of Charlottesville Rally Jason Kessler Speaks On The Aftermath | Virginia Protests
    Aug 12, 2017

  44. Wells Fargo Has a New Scandal-Must Watch for Homeowners
    Aug 14, 2017

    1. ''This has been going on since around 2009. Think they would have cleaned this up by now but noooo.
      All evil banking must be stopped. Oh wait, then there would be no banks! Problem solved! 😊

  45. Blockchain to Fund $655M Residential Community in DFW
    Serene Country Homes Group is the first development company to use an ACCHAIN blockchain tool for digitization financing.


    “Blockchain is a groundbreaking technology that will change the economic landscape and revolutionize industries the way industrialization shaped the 18th and 19th century,” said Serene Country Homes President and CEO Dirk Foo in the release.
    “I am thrilled that our group is at the forefront of ushering the real estate industry with the introduction of RET.”


  47. The big new report has major issues for you all. These issues matter. Real lives lost. Real horrors. Real needs. Real Time.

  48. Ross Kemp: Extreme World ( 2011 )

    Ross Kemp: Extreme World : Ross Kemp travels to Mexico, Congo, Chicago, Haiti and even the UK. In each episode, Ross confronts criminals responsible for drug dealing, human trafficking, murder and rape. He also sees the human cost of these crimes and meets those who risk their lives in the pursuit of justice.

    1. There is hope for mankind among the many, many thousands of you who key in each day, and ask Why? Truth seekers, Peace seekers. Many just wanting answers, and to belong. Some even enlightenment. To ask, what is real in a world of no sense? To ask, how do you find the people who will make the jigsaw pieces of your book of life fit to help the big picture make sense of confusion and illusion. Who are you in the human Zoo?

      You are on a site already of progressive consciousness. To debate, not procrastinate,and to grab those nuggets of Soul dust,lighting and enlightening your journey and time here with answers. You are not alone.

      Life is dimensional. All are just passing players is a Cosmic soup of chance characters of life. Each evolving, each seeking both a reason to be and destiny. Yours? But each enhanced life with each step gained has a new sense of awareness, in pursuit of a place of awareness in the big picture.

      False Gods confuse. Real wealth is not material, but inner Soul values and growth.of your being. Your real gain, is knowledge. Self awareness, confidence and assurance of your inner self and peace to be at one with all.

      The humor of irony,and the confidence to stand alone, as an all Being and know,all will go on, and each life you touch, or save,is the real Harmony of Grace, and sense of being - here. Why you? Why now?

      Just be as one, and be profound, life goes on and it's all around.
      Just seek that gentle Soul mate in kind. One who's got compassion, values,and has left the nonsense behind.

      Can you see and give love to the eyes of a Child, smile at the aged, and make them feel wanted too, because one day that Geriatric in need, is going to be you.

    2. For John ~

      You know John, I would venture to guess that at least 50% of this amazing community of OWoN is of,
      what Americans call, the Baby Boomer generation born between 1946 and 1964. We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly and worked hard for what we have. What we are currently witnessing
      is an insult to the souls that gave their lives for our freedom, and a free press....obviously a controlled press from within. I will not get started on this one, the rhetoric is nauseating.

      We are in the youth of our old age and yes, that geriatric in need one day will be us. In the meantime,
      we hope and pray that all you are currently engaged in, has a beneficial conclusion soon. We all want to be healthy and strong, so those with projects in process or on the drawing boards of our hearts and minds, can at the very least see them enhanced, started and leave a legacy for our kids and grandkids to perpetuate. Not to mention, being models of kindness, gentleness and compassion for mankind. While having joy filled days and fun in the midst of helping others!

      Hats off to you and the team once again for the tenacity it has taken to see this through!

      Cheers :)

    3. EWON,
      Well said and agree. Will not add further as I am inflammatory so will decline further upon your WONDERFUL discourse which is 100% on target.

    4. I read the first paragraph and I replied..... we are all one!

    5. EWON

      I just advised the Elders today that with certain new major initiatives we have just negotiated, we need to allocate 10% of the profits for a North Korean relief fund,and build a solid campaign to restore the 2 Korea's, as we did with East and West Germany and release their poor people from inhumane suffering. This is the first time many South Koreans have seen in graphic detail what is happening in the North and realizing we must help. We can and MUST! That report is now in play across Asia. Not good reading. It will hurt that swine Jong Un a lot. It also needs to be read by US Politicos. What about these devastated people. People?

      A live foetus is cut or smashed out of these poor girls and fed live to the Dogs???!!!!***** WTF are we waiting for? I'm appalled. You are born and then fed to a Dog? Beyond horror.

      This I discussed with Seoul today. We must stop this madness and horror.

      They need SK access to the special AU trading platforms. London!
      They need access to the Sales exit, London.

      They need access to the shipment systems under Special Tax Shelters via HK to London.

      They need special Representative facilities in London.

      Dynasties of Trust. Power.But now London is giving the terms. Help NK. We MUST free those people from this horror.

      Once we asked your help to save a life with Mike and I will never forget how many of you contributed and we did,as a community together. You did that!
      Now I'm focusing on North Korea to save a nation. Because no one else will.Today is a Holiday in South Korea. It's their Independence Day and I just told them, NOT for those poor souls in the North it's not.

      This just blew their MSM. OMG time.
      But now a Bulldog has dug his heels in. We help, they help. Every child has a right to life. Not to be fed to Dogs alive. Or smashed out of rape victims in the camps. North Korea is hell on earth. Time to take down a Tyrant and his henchmen. He's not alone! Our report is shaking SK right now. A hand across the seas just became a fist. Free them.

    6. right in front of your eyes, smiling.
      Go back to posts and it's in the middle. The new feature one yesterday.
      It's tough reading when you screen up those pics. Real life, thank God not yours.

    7. Cheering here for the British BULLDOG!

      Bulldog TEETH in their arses & never let go until it's done!


    9. I read the report, John. Sad but informative article, that animal Kim Jong-un needs to be fed live to the Russian Spetsnaz. They know how to take care of animals like him. That's a great idea you ran by the Elders, and I would gladly contribute 10% of what I get to your cause as well, you will definitely get our help on that front too, John. May you and the Elders bring this into fruition.

    10. Truth is often hard to take, agreed, the atrocities that have gone unseen for so very long, need front page headlines. Your article was brilliant to that point, not to mention creating a relief fund for
      the victims of that NK earthly hell on steroids.

      WAY too much has been intentionally ignored, even to date, by global media. NK for sure has never been on my radar to this extent, other than a flaunting Dennis Rodman & his being "welcomed" in with open arms,...makes one wonder what his true purpose is, he could do so much good himself.

      It will most certainly take intense counseling and restoration programs to mend the hearts and minds of the people, better yet one touch from a loving God and the deep healing is done. It is a prison state with its people being used and abused to the pleasure of a most evil, vile & deranged demon of a leader. No doubt he has to be toppled or have a heart transplant in order for the best & lasting work to be done.

      There is much to be done and many atrocities that OWoN has brought to the forefront that need defanging. I have great hope that the global elite satanic pedophile rings, sex, child & drug trafficking operations are being dealt death blows. Good does overcome evil, we just have to realize that ours is the greater power and take the bull by the horns.

  49. Judicial Watch: Media Ignore Lawsuit Against DNC, Wasserman Schultz
    Aug 11, 2017

    News outlets are ignoring a class-action lawsuit filed by 150 Democrat voters and donors against the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and its former chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, for the “breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, unjust enrichment, and negligent misrepresentation for secretly helping Clinton get the presidential nomination over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders,” according to Judicial Watch.

  50. Roger Stone Says Flynn Has Deep State Pedophile List And It’s Keeping Trump Alive
    Monday, August 14, 2017 9:51


    David Zublick interviews Roger Stone, who says that Flynn, and who knows who else, has the DC Pedophile list, and they are using it as a tool to keep Trump alive, because they are threatening to leak it if anything happens to Trump. Pence’s good friend Jeff Flake is apparently on the list. Some great info!

  51. This guy says a lot of stuff. Up and down, yet gives many hope some just may be true: (9min)

  52. Charlottesville Aftermath. The Truth on What Happened

  53. Read a scathing piece this morning on John McCain's past. What a total slime ball! He left his wife and children for a rich young heiress because his wife has a horrible accident that took it's toll on her looks. That is just ONE of his many callous actions over his life.

    Interesting that his name is Mc Cain. "MC" means 'son of'...and we ALL know who Cain was...a brother killer.

    His name seems to fit him quite well. SON OF CAIN...I wonder how many people have thought of this?

    1. Well done MWP this IS what the sites needs, full head on truth. exposing these shites.

      Totally agree, an accident to looks still leaves the same wife for Gods sake. If that was why he left, it's shameful. He seems a nasty little shapeshifter in play.

      I currently give a lot of help- to an Elder whose father was murdered by the Junta, her brother was tortured and killed by the Junta, and she had an RPG rocket grenade slammed into her car blowing the hell out of them. It took 9 months to patch her up. But every day with humor, I make her feel special over here, and her having been imprisoned also for a year by the Junta to try to get the assets, she knows reality well. Also as an Ex Temple Head, she knows BS peddlers. She knows genuine, good hearts. Also bad. Our agenda is very real. Truth helps. No ego and not afraid to call a Spade a Spade. No this is not about OJ! Lol.

      MWP, there is a lot of deep humor behind the site. But good meaning. Hard nosed compassion. Look behind. Look beyond.


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