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  2. For those interested, an excellent article and podcast!


    During this week’s episode, Preston and Stig talk to leading crypto-expert, Tuur Demeester. Tuur is a world-renown economist and investor that focuses on Bitcoin and other blockchain technologies. During the discussion, Tuur explains some of his opinions on why some technologies and protocols are more advantageous and secure than others.

  3. Is this for real?
    Actual common sense coming back to decisions made about educating our children in the USA?
    Yet, Naples, FLA is a VERY rich community, way above the national average household income.So, this technique will NOT be coming to a community near year in the future, I am sure....

    Mason Classical Academy, a charter school in Naples, Florida, prides itself on providing a classical education, which it believes brings about “superior educational results” – and leading the county in English Language Arts is proof they’re on the right track.

    They have rejected the backward approach of Common Core, which sees kids memorize entire words in kindergarten before later being introduced to phonics once they are in elementary school. By that point, their brains are already used to whole words, which makes grasping the concept of phonics and applying it far more difficult than it needs to be.

    1. TIM4 Totally understandable if you see or read Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt or similar stuff = about "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America" Thanks for the info!

    2. So true about phonics. Learning the sounds first goes a long way in spelling and pronunciation. My Mother was a grade school teacher and that is the way I learned.

  4. Like she said in the Matrix film, "This will really twist your noodle!". 5000+ views already.....

    ...... (161mins)

    Published on Jul 3, 2017

    Displaced Voices: Episode 1 with Ileana
    Corporate Off-world Slave Trade, Interplanetary Human Trafficking, ET Contacts and Empathic Healing

    Headlines stemming from recent disclosure by former CIA case officer, Robert David Steele on the Alex Jones show that "...a colony on Mars that is populated by children who were kidnapped and sent into space on A 20-YEAR RIDE."
    NASA, provoked by the remarks, has released an "official" disclaimer of any such venture, stating there are only rovers on Mars.
    Meet Ileana, a participant and discloser of projects under the umbrella of the SSP/ICC (Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate), a joint venture of major earth corporations including Boeing, Merck, Monsanto, and other tech and industrial concerns, who finance and deploy active human assets onto bases of Mars, as well as operations on the Moon and other worlds.
    She discusses early childhood ET contacts, her heritage as a being from a galactic civilization; her early abductions by reptilians; being taken into underground bases near Rostock, Ukraine; the experiments she underwent, infected with 36,000 nanobots that localized in her uterus, later corrected by surgical hysterectomy.

    Her project participation in SSP/ICC beginning at age 15.
    The corporate structure of ICC: long list of cabal corporations: Boeing, Merck, Monsanto….all involved in ICC; offplanet ICC: bases on Mars, several bases on Moon; 11 identified bases on Mars.
    Describes the offworld bases, facilities, work schedules.
    Testing, waterboarding, drugs used to enhance abilities; intensive pain conditioning.
    How time works with involvement with ICC programs: 60 years; time jumping/quantum leap technology; age regression and overlapping time lines with “real world”.
    Connections between contactees/abductees/star seeds with special access projects.
    Her work with past life regression and soul retrieval, holistic and naturopathic healing modalities in her work of healing.
    We also discuss pre-life profiling/soul tracking and identifying subjects utilizing technology held by the covert corporate-military conglomerates.
    Memory recall, perfect memory, sensory details in early life trauma events.

    1. Thanks Tim. Interesting parallel here, as Never A Straight Answer (NASA) actually came out to deny this. Same with the disclosure of ETs.

  5. Seems to me that President Trump has Anonymous on his side. What do you all think?


    Jim Stone

    4chan posters have declared war on CNN for threatening the life of the Trump body slam video poster

    I’d take this seriously. CNN has irrevocably proved itself to be a cancer that needs to be excised, and this action is well justified:

    “Sirs and madams,
    Herein contained in this post is /pol/’s formal declaration of war against CNN. Your news agency has for years produced propaganda designed to brainwash the public at large into your sick worldview, and has non-stop endlessly harassed the good men and women of our website and in the right-wing at large. Your latest threat to dox an individual for creating a harmless meme is just another example of your malignant nature and the urgent need to shut your organization down for good.

    That is why the ascendant nation of /pol/ has unanimously agreed that all of our resources will be put to the goal of ending your reign of terror. Do not take this lightly. We have the best cyber hackers in the world. We have access to memes that will forever damage the psyche of your company and its employees. We could bring you to heel with zero casualties if we so wanted. As such, we are offering you a chance to surrender now by our terms.

    -Total surrender/ dismantlement of CNN and its sister companies and investigative organs
    -Criminal prosecution by an impartial tribunal to accordingly sentence everyone involved in CNN and its crimes
    -Immediate retraction of all hit pieces and false stories against the President of the United States along with an apology
    -Cede all of CNN’s current economic and fiduciary assets to a private fund organized by representatives of /pol/ to be used for the development of new, alternative media organizations which will replace CNN
    -Well-written apology to the person CNN threatened to dox
    You have one week from the time of this posting. Our people will make certain that you see this message. Remember, we are anonymous. We do not forgive and we do not forget.

    We’re waiting.

    The original post has been moved from 4chan to 4plebs and can be seen HERE

  6. Finally, some sanity coming from Congress?? Will this die and never get passed? SEEMS like there is a glimmer of hope with this new bill!!


    After 16 Years, House Panel Takes Step To Cancel “Blank Check For Endless War”

    JULY 3, 2017

    A House committee on Thursday took a surprising—yet welcome—step towards canceling the “blank check for endless war.”

    That’s because the Republican-controlled House Appropriations Committee passed a repeal of the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), which has been used justify ongoing military actions in regions around the world spanning the George W. Bush, Obama, and now Trump administrations.

    The amendment to the 2018 Defense Appropriations Bill was put forth by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.)—the sole member of Congress to vote against the AUMF passed in the wake of the Sept. 11 attack—and would repeal the AUMF 240 days after enactment of the appropriations bill.

    On Twitter, Lee said the vote “was 16 years in the making,” adding that “a floor debate and vote on endless war is long overdue.”

    “At long last, I am pleased that my Democratic and Republican colleagues supported my effort to put an end to the overly broad blank check for war that is the 2001 AUMF,” Lee said in a statement Thursday.

    “If passed into law as part of the DOD bill, it would repeal the 2001 AUMF eight months after enactment of this legislation. That would allow plenty of time for Congress to finally live up to its constitutional obligation to debate and vote on any new AUMF. It is far past time for Congress to do its job and for the Speaker to allow a debate and vote on this vital national security issue,” she said.

    1. Presidents become just rubber stamps for the Cabal. The Deep State has to go. Endless wares for these disgusting Whores. The body bags of nations? Millions of illegals. Total US cluster F's! Close the bases and get the F out of the world.
      Stop funding Israe Hell. Look what they are doing in the Arab World and America.
      Unchecked Kazakh spawn. Is their control of America a mirage? World suffering is not. Clean up America first. Help its own suffering. Each day how many must die for a US lie? Time to reflect on home truths?

  7. MANY blogs are stating Judge Anna stuff is REAL.What do you all think? It does bring me hope, because it all seems legit....


    Judge Anna Von Reitz says:

    The Americans are the actual Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of the UNITED STATES and all its various franchises.

    The plot to take over the entire world and enter it into a new era of enslavement and Commercial Feudalism—- a New Dark Ages—- could only succeed as long as the Americans failed to come forward and claim their due. And how could they come forward? They had all been carefully stripped of standing, insurance, equitable title….

    We overcame all that and on June 29, 2017— we claimed our rights as the Paramount Security Interest Holders of the UNITED STATES. That makes us the Paramount Security Interest Holders in all the various franchises and rolls over the title to FRANCE, the UNITED KINGDOM, and so much else to our control.

    Today, the Fourth of July, it is my great pleasure to declare that the forces of darkness, deceit, and evil in our midst have been defeated. A new day of freedom and abundance for all Mankind is dawning.

    We will not turn back from the Great Work that our hands are set to. Washington, DC will be cleaned up and cleaned out. Restoration of the government that the people are owed will sweep across this country from one end to the other, with your help. Here and throughout the world, there will be peace and kindness and plenty for all.

    1. Hello Tim4123,

      They float in a hyperspace of their own creation. I am old enough to have seen this all before during the Clinton Administration. Back then we referred to this bunch as the Mystical-Patriot-Axis. IF only the right combination of legal pleading is done ALL these criminals will waste away in the daylight of Truth like the Vampires they are. Like the bunch that went before, the current crop is going to land in jail.

      This doesn't mean they are wrong intellectually. This doesn't mean there isn't a lot of T(t)ruth in what they say. There is. But in REALITY, they have no power to affect matters. There is no Sword behind them, and to paraphrase a former President, let us see them enforce their liens and Special Interests. If they try they will end up in jail or dead or both.

      A solution will not come from these folks. Perhaps if at some point the U.S. returns to its libertarian Jeffersonian Constitutional roots, they may have a point. Meanwhile, we are in a really simple reduction: How does one deal with the Mafia masquerading as your Constitutional Government?

    2. TIM AVR is accurate on many of her articles and her overall ideas appear to be sound. However, she advocates Common Law and other ideas that even though correct can get her followers in prison if they are not careful. Understanding her principles is helpful in navigating the US litigious jungle.

      I have worked my way through several issues or legal battles with US 3 letter agencies. From my experience, CIA FBI, IRS, SEC and FDA are worse than criminal. They use implied authority to intimidate and ruin. You say or do the wrong thing when they have you under the microscope they will take your $$$$$, your assets, your livelihood and your freedom without you ever having broken a law .... that is where AVR is spot on overall. They will also lock you up and torture you. Right again AVR

      Most of these agencies have a system of administrative law judges (ALJ) who are compensated on the $$$$$ stream into the system in which they are included. I have been screwed out of million$ by these satanists but learned how to fight and win. You only win by mitigating your losses but that could be much worse.

      She is in the ball park on how things work and where we should go as a Nation!

    3. Thank you gentlemen. The hard truth is a bitter pill to swallow, is it not? Bottom line still holds true in the end, that is they operate under "color of law", which is absolutely outrageous in my mind.Yet, there it is....No hope at all I suppose. So, all that being said it would seem the only solution is as JOHN stated, that being the whole US financial system must come crashing down to get free of these rodent vermin infestating this country.Bitter pill indeed.It will be a mess- is an understatement of immense proportions.

    4. Technically, I think we have been under varying degrees of Color of Law since the Civil War. With deliberate fraud and various levels of threat to Life,Liberty and Property. Technically, nothing that directly abuts those three matters should be subject to tax. And yes, if you think that takes 99% of the current Federal Government out of the picture, you'd be right. Perhaps one day...

    5. Tim, if this helps:

      “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”

      ― Smedley D. Butler, War is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by One of America’s Most Decorated Soldier

    6. tim,
      Anna is correct as far as I can determine from my own rabbit hole searches. She's brave and tenacious in her quest to inform the public. It's a difficult concept to understand, but once it clicks you can't go back to thinking you have freedom. People will wake up, although it will be a rude awakening when this conspiracy of Satanists/Luciferians is fully exposed.

  8. Hmmmmmm....
    Will Putin "throw down the gauntlet" to Chump Trump in private in Germany regarding this issue?
    This would be an AWESOME development!
    Trump would turn into a No-Chump if he does start exposing, and jailing!! HOPE?

    Ahead of this historic rendezvous, Russian President Putin has made one thing clear; that Trump must "expose pedophiles in Washington D.C." otherwise Russia will begin "naming names".

    Read more at:
    © Neon Nettle

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  10. Damn them to bloody hell!

    WikiLeaks has today published the 15th batch of its ongoing Vault 7 leak, this time detailing two alleged CIA implants that allowed the agency to intercept and exfiltrate SSH (Secure Shell) credentials from targeted Windows and Linux operating systems using different attack vectors. Secure Shell or SSH is a cryptographic network protocol used for remote login to machines and servers securely over an unsecured network. Dubbed BothanSpy -- implant for Microsoft Windows Xshell client, and Gyrfalcon -- targets the OpenSSH client on various distributions of Linux OS, including CentOS, Debian, RHEL (Red Hat), openSUSE and Ubuntu. Both implants steal user credentials for all active SSH sessions and then sends them to a CIA-controlled server

    SSH Credential Hacking Link

  11. Klayman and FreedomWatch enter the CNN Fray.

    Klayman: Freedom Watch Offers to Legally Represent Victims of CNN Pro Bono. Contact us at or (424) 274 -xxxx. See Also

  12. In case anyone doesn't get the size of the CNN fiasco, here is the Open Letter to CNN that is going viral.


    An Open Letter to the Cable News Network (CNN):

    Dear CNN,

    I am an ardent supporter of freedom of speech. I am an ardent supporter of freedom of speech even for those with whom I disagree. "I will defend to the death your right to disagree with you ..."

    Except yours.

    You blackmailed a private citizen for making fun of you, and then boasted publicly how you'd make him behave in the future.

    So, as far as I'm concerned, you're terrorists.

    You, and anyone who still works for you after you've done this, are terrorists, rather than a legitimate news organization. And I have no sympathy for whatever happens to you, indiividually or severally.

    I will do nothing to directly harm you. However ...

    If people beat your employees and executives up on the street, I will laugh. If mad neo-Nazis bomb your company picnics, I will laugh at the wounded and dead. And if Donald J. Trump has secret death squads take you guys for Pinochet helicopter rides, I won't hold it against him.

    I won't hold this morally a crime or offense against the Constitution for doing so, because you're not media. You're not, morally, even Americans any more. I'm undecided if you're HUMAN ... if you are you're "human" the way members of ISIS or Al Qaeda or the Talbian are ... humans whose deaths are FUNNY rather than something to mourn.

    I won't forgive you for this, CNN. And I think a LOT of other Americans agree with me. And I won't watch you, and they won't watch you, and you can forget about being BELIEVED. As far as I'm concerned, your news reports are now about as credible as Axis WWII propaganda broadcasts.

    You might as well close up shop, because your organization is dead. It's just going to be a while dying, that's all.

    1. Perfect letter. CNN is already off on another Russia boogeyman meme. Who do they think is listening and will ever believe them again? Jim Stone has a story on that today and a photo showing all the Jews working in high level positions at CNN...must be over 100 shown. I would expect the other networks have the same. We desperately need a news network reporting REAL NEWS with a perspective other than Zionist.

    2. Stone's piece went equally viral... talk about driving a fact out into the public!

  13. What a great G20 meeting !!! Loved every moment !!!

    1. Well, I don't Know what news are you seeing about "loved moments", at least outside in the street are a diferent story. a lot of people are protesting. look CNN.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. AG,
      CHAMP probably got that Intel from Dave!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. The tide is turning it seems :-) Top Expert: Trump Behind Takedown Of Global Vatican Pedophile Network

  15. Further proof that whatever is happening in Antarctica (melting, not aliens) is not anthropocentric global warming. All global warming comes from adjustments to the data.

    Can I please, please have at some point a death penalty for anyone who modifies data??? I realize we need the death penalty for all those that interfere with the Big Transactions and all the other **** that WHs, John et al, have gone thru. But afterwards, pretty please, death penalty for all the corrupt science too, which is just propaganda....

    1. Sorry, "... modifies data with the intent to deceive or promote a narrative"

    2. TINO According to my statistical mentor, Dr. Deming .... you do not tamper with data. you do your best to measure, plot/record analyze and interpret. You let the data tell you what to do. anything or any one who falsifies data should be prosecuted based on damages caused by their transgressions. It is that simple! Look at the harm and misery caused by these lying satanists!

    3. hi Bob,

      We come from similar statistical backgrounds, familiar with Dr. D and I tend to be very Bayesian in my approaches. At this point, AGW is pure propaganda and the globe isn't heating. So people need to look elsewhere for why a chunk of Antarctica is melting. Could just be a good old ripple in the heat distribution, it is a planet after all. Although at this point it is as likely a consequence of the various weather modification weapons. The heat does have to go somewhere. You can't screw with distributions without consequences. But given data collected to date this idea that you are going to have deca-meter changes in sea levels cannot be ascribed to AGW. If we are to have them, other mechanism must be invoked than the idiocy of CO2.

    4. TINO The entire global warming CO2 issue is pure stupidity based on nothing credible. They can start by locking Gore up for fraud and throw in his crimes as VP and there are many! I let the data do the talking and refine how we measure plot organize analyze and interpred .... always seeking continuous improvement! Thanks!

  16. Limbaugh piles on CNN. CNN is in death spiral. All credibility is being lost. With 4chan barely one day into their Operation: Autism Storm, with memes proliferating like crazy, there's no let up.

  17. Let's see how next week goes. Excuses for DC end then. Never before have they been under such beat.
    What is needed now is to start looking for a real, quality thinking alternative for the masquerading Chump in 3 years. One fit for office not Jew or Cabal owned?

    But first, next week, let's wait and see- If!

    1. If a "cabal/Jew-owned chump" gets a wife like that, I may just move to Washington DC, eat Gefilte Fish, get Bar Mitzvah'd and run for office.

    2. Plastic barbie dolls are boring. Women with Soul, character and commitment are far better. But then, Chump could not pull one of those. He's only into Eastern Block Mail Order Brides or Picture girls. Plastics are what you get there.

      Real women need real men. Either are damned hard to find. Either with wrong partners, or just not visible.
      Stick to Paddington, pay and go?

    3. "Women with Soul, character and commitment are far better."

      That was a beautiful comment John. I like it when we get to see your sweet side lol.

      "Real women need real men. Either are damned hard to find. Either with wrong partners, or just not visible."

      You hit the nail on the head there John, so very true. Flying solo is the way I'm heading for the remainder of my life. Absolutely had enough of the drama of relationships and will never enter another one.

      I actually do not even personally know anyone that is in a happy healthy relationship who love being in the situation they are in. Very strange. Oh well, such is life.

    4. Aurataya,

      I am blessed to be in the "blissful marriage" camp. Almost 30 years now. We are a strong team with deep respect for one another and...we laugh a lot.

      Here is our secret that helps us avoid negative drama...

      In our marriage vows, we agreed to "promise to love each for our INTENTIONS and not for our ACTIONS"

      Here is the power behind that statement...people are human and are acting out their daily lives with a skill set that was taught and passed down to them from parents, schooling, clergy, and simple observance of how people in flawed relationships interact with one another. These teachings and observations, for the most part, were ALL flawed.

      Therefore, our ACTIONS are often not effective and cause pain to ourselves and others.

      On the other hand, INTENTIONS spring from your heart unless you are an evil person. So, should my spouse do or say something that pisses me off or upsets me, I ask myself this question- "did he INTEND to hurt me?" If the answer is no, I tell him that what he said or did doesn't work for me and then I let it go.

      If the answer should ever be yes, he intended to hurt or upset me (and it never has been), I would let go on him in a way he wouldn't soon forget. Then I would, of course, rethink if I wanted to stay in this relationship because if someone INTENDS to hurt you, they've got to GO!

    5. MWP CONGRATULATIONS! I too have 30 years, in my second marriage. Seems no one values commitment anymore. Maybe they should take a better look before taking the plunge. Some are meant to remain single. Marriage takes commitment on both sides! Just sayin 😊

    6. Gosh MWP, your comment was so enlightening and beautiful to read, thank you so much for sharing that expression. Your use of the word "blissful" absolutely blows my mind in wonder of what that truly feels like. I'm actually going to save a copy of your comment as I loved it so much lol.

      I'm going to share some info here, please excuse the length of my comment and non relevance to normal site topics, if some see it that way, but what I share may be helpful to someone else in this world at a difficult point in their own life. Sorry in advance if I'm annoying anyone with my personal chatter.

      I believe you most certainly have a point there regarding skill sets taught and passed down MWP. My early days, and to be very honest most of my life, has been quite a mess with many mistakes and being raised in several unhealthy environments with some truly messed up nasty people that should never have been around children. But I am responsible for my life as an adult and cannot place blame where it should not be as I sit here now in this moment.

      I was in a relationship for a very long time that was highly manipulative, abusive and quite wild on many levels which truly had my thinking warped and emotional stability in turmoil. Believe it or not, at that time, this is what I thought. "The more of this abuse and pain I can take the stronger it will make me for the rest of my life." I also thought during this time that I may have deserved this treatment for some reason that I was not too sure about at that time. I endlessly wanted to show this person that he had partnered with a person who was good and who did honestly care about him. Then one day it hit me, many years later. I realised that I did not deserve to be treated in this manner as I also had value and that I did not have to have pain and suffering inflicted upon me to make me a better and stronger person because I was already a good person with a kind and generous heart. Prior to this I had only considered my partner had value, I did not recognise that I also had value. Told you I was messed up. So I left, not easy to walk away because I still cared so much believe it or not and felt I had failed in my attempt to make this person's life happier. I find it extremely hard to stop caring and wishing to protect and help someone in that situation, even after everything that was and had happened.

      Coming out of that situation was like being let out of a long term prison sentence. So stupid, messed up me went into party mode to catch up on all the fun I felt I missed out on during those years. I felt like breaking those chains in the biggest manner possible and that I certainly did. I tend to be quite extreme with my behaviour sometimes unfortunately. Then the next mistake commenced. A new relationship based solely on that mindset of that specific time. I knew fairly soon this one was not going to work either but stayed and tried to make it work. But, many years later decided the break had to come as I was utterly miserable and not heading in any direction that was good in any way, shape or form. So another chapter commences.

      MWP, I really am so very pleased to know you enjoy such a wonderful relationship. It actually makes me smile knowing you have such a magnificent beautiful element in your life. My heart actually feels good and quite comforted knowing that such real treasure exists in our world even if it's not in my own life. Thank you again for sharing and uplifting me as you have MWP.

    7. Karen Over: Congratulations on your successful marriage, I am very pleased for you. You are most certainly correct about one being more aware before "taking the plunge" as you put it. I absolutely admit to being guilty of that and they are wise words.

      I sense a bit of an unpleasant tone in your words above and feel they are directed toward me. Not sure if I am sensing you correctly or not but please allow me to say this.

      Would you make a lifetime commitment to a person, that after a few years of being together came up behind you while you were sitting on the lounge quietly reading a book and after he had consumed too much wine decided to hit you across the back of the head with an unknown object and then proceed to place his hands around your throat not permitting you to breathe and then threaten you never to leave him? Or maybe, one night when you decided to spend a quiet evening in, he gets the local paper and calls some male perverted sleaze bag in the adult column adverts to come over for a threesome without you knowing anything about it until you opened the door of the apartment and were informed by the hired visitor of the intention of his visit? Yeah, it sure was a surprise to me as well. Just sayin.

      I know your answer is NO to the above Karen because I'm sure you would never find yourself in such a situation, not many would and I am so very pleased to know that. But I did. It is what it is, can't change that now. And I am certainly over that portion of my life and am much wiser for it in some ways. Yes, it was my mistake being with and staying with such a person but please always consider every aspect of such a situation before applying, what feels like to me, obvious distaste and judgement for and upon me as a person. And maybe I am one of those people you speak of that should remain single.

      I will add this. At the age I am now and been through what I have I know some things for certain. I am a good, moral and decent person, I have a very kind heart, I possess a soul that is tender, loving and generous but extremely fragile. On the other hand, I have a great deal to learn, much wisdom to gain and more lessons to experience. But I suppose that's what life is all about. I can only take each step forward as wisely as I can with the wisdom I have in each of those moments.

  18. Let's beat'em good! Cheers to "hope" John and to all you BSD's out there!

  19. It seems that WE THE PEOPLE in America have all been "Chumped"!! I had a feeling he was just too good to be true....

    1. Hurts when reality comes? We only pushed the Dope to block the Hilderbeast. He's still a Dope! An embarrassing Klutz on the Global stage.
      Too stupid to see, they see he's stupid!

    2. Trump is obviously a narcissist with borderline personality disorder, definitely sexist, undoubtedly a misoginist, a bit sneaky, has two sets of values - business or politics -, not remarkably intelligent or refined or well read or in any way appealing to me EXCEPT that he's not a Clinton or a Bush and for that I am VERY grateful.

      What absolutely blows me away is that the U.S. system is sooo twisted that only a guy like Trump can beat a Bush.

    3. Compromised, sordid, bought people all with strings attached. Shylocks hold the strings, they all have to vote to support Israe hell, and march to Zio trash dictates. So much very rotten rules, when good people of integrity can't get seats. America has no Democracy. No real law.

      Bring in campaign spending limits, sort those bloody Media licences,rid the US of the Fed, stop funded Lobbying,and remove Zios from Banking.Bring in independent screening where candidates have to clear a mixed independent panel to ensure no more trash like the Clinton's, dummies like Bush 43, illegals like Soetoro ever get in. As for Trump, think, if this was the best, what the hell are the rest??????

      Stop by LAW and more Roaches funding Politicians. Bring in new Media licences,but you can't unless in a Democracy. Mussolini ended up as a training run for for millions of Zios. Time to see the Roaches and stomp!
      Once it was lawful to hang Horse Thieves. Zios?
      One big crash will remove the Zio trash,and America can rebuild like the Phoenix. Use the Zios for fuel. Bacon roasts? Russia fell, look at it now. So did Iceland. So did the old British Empire. We all had to rebuild. Rethinking America is key. Zio free! Put the lot in the Coal mines. Roman system, nothing but Coal and guards ever then leaves except in bags to the slag heaps. How many FEMA camps are wasted waiting for them?

    4. RV first, then crash USA Inc.?
      (....we hope so, anyways....)
      I forgot the figures, but its crazy
      how poor Americans really are, like 83%
      don't even have $1000 in the bank?

      My point being how can we even prepare for
      this USA Inc. financial collapse without
      a solid RV first?
      no way to prepare with stockpiles
      of food, money for that....

      We got our guns and bullets, though.

    5. TIM

      If you don't get a public RV dip,what then? 83% don't even have $500 in the bank. But the rest live in La La Land. No leading nation has ever been so utterly dysfunctional. You do need to think the Third Way also. What IF no public RV,because the Kikedom is going to bleed you dry to the last man if not. Looking on, looking in,its like watching a Roach infestation feeding off a live farm animal, clueless its being eaten alive. So few have a clue about well,anything?

      Of course we are trying to help you, but the only way you will get access to a mass unrestricted Cash out is if the Kikes have a grab back policy between withholding taxes, and Bank SKR control. You really think these bloodsucking Zio Kikes will let you fight back to escape their Slave colony?

      Collapse first and remove the vermin hoards may be the last way. If you do cash out run before the crash coming. Last chance for a new life. The impossible dream is just that. Cash out, get out!

    6. Hello John, I just wanted to say that if we are able to get in, I will gladly pay the withholding taxes on mine. I was planning on it actually. We here in the States have to pay a Capital Gains Tax on any profit we receive. So I don't think that this will be any different. I hope you are able to get us into the sty next week. I have been positive since you have told us to stay on watch daily. Thank You John and the Elders for all that you do.

    7. That figures more true, that 83% have no more than a $500 surplus. It is like my mind does NOT want to recall such an appauling fact! JOHN, I LOVE your resolve and straight talk, sir and am most grateful beyond words for your attempt to get this done for the little people of the world.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Caution: Never believe what they say.... pay special attention to what they do.

  21. REVIEW

    Again, keep an eye and ear on the hallowed halls of the United Kingdom as the exposure and pressure mounts.

    It is difficult to believe the Bushes have gone undetected for 50 years with a hidden agenda that is so deep they have compromised every American virtue.

    Working in conjunction with FRB NY, Saurin and corrupt Bankers have been instrumental in assisting cross wired bogus asset backed SWIFTS, which have been used to generate MTN’s and to participate in substantial inter-bank trading.

    To start, the Banks involved and the Bank auditing firms will be officially put on notice to respond to their obvious negligence in enforcing international banking regulations and money laundering laws.

    Why have Bill Bonney and the Argo Trust still not been settled? Just these two elements of the Global Settlements represent Trillions of dollars for American Projects, jobs and the elimination of the US national debt of 15 Trillion dollars.

    Americans have no idea that the Shadow Government and the Military Industrial Complex take not only 55% of all known accrued U.S. Tax income, but also works in conjunction with the co-owned Cabal Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which maintains a vast unauthorized Ponzi Pyramid Cash Machine hidden from Congress.

    to cause the issuance of $15 Trillion dollars’ worth of MTN’s. The MTN’s are not only re-credit lined, but capital used to reverse MTN and Euro overnight spot trades via London and other EU banks. All these players work hand in glove with these crooks. This fraud inquiry is now under way.

    As we reported previously, there is a solution to regenerate The American Economy, American Jobs, and American Wealth. RELEASE THE MONEY TO REFUND THE GLOBAL SETTLEMENTS and SAVE THE WORLD!

    Those funds can be recovered in a deal with the United Kingdom! If you do not have the ability to step to the plate, The White Hats Do! Let us get the deal done.

    Remember to keep a close eye and ear on the inner sanctums of Great Britain as the exposure is delivered to that great Sovereign body.

    1. Bill and I talk daily. Often. We are united and determined. He is truly OWED!
      Yet so many thieving Varmints has fed from it.

  22. The French Police have just had to clear another 3,000 illegals sleeping on the streets of Parish. Their filth is everywhere. Cities and nations trashed because of US Global hegemony. We pay, you rob and walk away. 7 nations destroyed, millions dead,tens of millions displaced. Democracy? The whole world needs to stop this Pariah Cabal. Where are the Leaders needed?

    1. Love the Freudian slip..."streets of Parish" (perish). So truthful!

    2. Work pressures started after 3-30. Phones manic and BSDs freaking it's Funny Friday!

    3. Hello John, I hope it all goes well. We are all rooting for you and the Elders. We hope to hear some good news.

  23. Next week we go head on for those Kike claws to get the PPs started. We are scathing in our contempt for them with the Elders and Chinese. If the US does tank, the lot need to be rounded up, Vermin controllers, collecting the lot in million batches deep in the deserts, with a Neutron blast to process them quicker. Let their Souls go find Moses for a new planet as Roaches next time?

  24. So John, my take is that The Donald is the best thing that ever happened to this RV/GCR business. Your asking for his "party" replacement for the next election? Are you nuts? When was the last time we had someone step forward as a "public servant"? Trump didn't need a bigger Company car or expense account. The guy is ripping the guts out of the crony secret wink wink racket. 6000 unfilled gov't posts under Trump? I bet he told the "agencies" to put the next qualified staffer forward and forget about an expensive figurehead replacement.
    Let the Chump get his sea legs, give him some print screens that his side can vet, and copy The Guardian or whoever you like. Frankly I thought those guys at Anonymous would have sourced some of this dirt and helped the cause.

    1. CB,
      I was fully on board with Donald J. Trump until I did a bit of vetting of my own, and its not pretty at all.Rothschilds have their hooks into him since at least 1987.Nathaniel himself used to date his current wife!Info like this makes the Kurshner question obviously answered.....I thought Kurshner was an aberration until I smelled the coffee waking up doing my own research!

      JOHN him self has railed here about so many fucking kikes all around him, no? I believe JOHN is correct, and Americans have been hoodwinked ONCE AGAIN by a poser imposter sell-out!


    2. Maybe, but he threw TPP out, and other actions are inconsistent with this view. A morn rational view is that he is well-meaning, out of his depth and in to his neck with Traitors. However I don't have an intelligence service watching his every move and 50 years in the Big Game. Until recently I simply viewed government the way I view the weather, staying out of the way of government-induced hurricanes [catastrophes]. Now I view them as pure pestilence which we need to replace with Self-Leadership and hopefully some flavor of John's entelechy of Ethereal Values.

    3. CB

      He's done what so far?
      Deep State?

      Yes CB it will need 2 years looking just to try to find one not corrupted and owned. Try!

  25. CB

    This Chump is tanking at the G20. Count on nothing from him. Sea legs on a sinking ship?

    1. John does the RV/GCR depends on a decision by President Thrumph? Can it move forward without him?

    2. No hes handled it can move, it needs a top Zio Kyke on his bike.

    3. LOL. "Kike on his bike" LOL....LMFAO!!!
      Sounds like Blankfein to me, folks.

      HOPE is he like the feeding trough, so we get a break soon.

  26. MACHO MACHO MEN Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have a VERY intense handshake as they meet for the first time at G20 summit and vow to ‘repair ties’ between US and Russia
    July 7, 2017

    The powerful pair are expected to discuss hot topics such as the Syrian conflict, North Korea and Russia’s annexation of Crimea during the event in Hamburg.

    Both men have said they want to try and repair relations between Russia and American which Trump recently described as being at an “all time low.”

    In Washington, Trump’s critics on both side of the political divide will be hoping that he raises the issue of Russian meddling in the presidential election.

    US intelligence agencies agree that the Kremlin interfered in the American democratic process by launching cyber attacks against Hillary Clinton’s doomed campaign and promoting fake news on social media.

    But while visiting Poland yesterday, Trump again refused to accept the conclusion by the 17 separate US spy agencies that Russia interfered to try to help the firebrand Republican sensationally win the presidency last November.

    He said: "Nobody really knows for sure."

    1. And TRUMP is RIGHT about the 17 agencies. 4 colluding agencies led by the CIA pushed the meme. The other 13 said "what are you people smoking and can I have some?".

    2. Just proves we have at least 16 TOO MANY agencies!


  27. Secretary of State Tillerson “Some of the Most Devastating Examples of Sex Trafficking are Brought on by Authority Figures”
    July 3, 2017
    By Liz Crokin

    Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said this week that some of the most devastating examples of sex trafficking are brought on by authority figures that should be working to protect members of society especially the most vulnerable such as children.

    Unfortunately, when most people think about the business of kids being sold as sex slaves they assume it only happens in distant Third World countries. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only is it happening in our own backyard — it’s rampant. To understand how a sex trafficking ring could possibly exist and flourish in this country, one should look no further than Netflix’s new documentary, The Keepers, which exposes a Maryland-based sex trafficking ring from decades ago and it’s ties to an unsolved murder case.

    Tillerson and Ivanka Trump both addressed sex trafficking issues at a press conference on June 27 to unveil the State Department’s annual human trafficking report. Tillerson emphasized that law enforcement partners need to know how to identify and respond to those who dishonorably wear the law enforcement uniform or the military uniform by allowing trafficking to thrive. “The most devastating examples are police officers and those who we rely upon to protect us that they become complicit through bribery, by actually working in brothels themselves or obstructing investigations for their own profit,” Tillerson said. “Complicity and corruption that allows human trafficking from law enforcement officials must end.”

    Trump said at least 20 million people around the world are trapped in human trafficking situations including in the United States. “They’re in terrible circumstances of exploitation including so many young boys and girls who are victims of unthinkable tragedy of child sex trafficking,” Trump said.

    Again, one might ponder how the trafficking of children for sex could possibly happen here in the United States. To understand not only how this could happen here but also how it prospers, I strongly encourage people to watch The Keepers. The seven-part hit series focuses on the rampant sexual abuse at Archbishop Keough High School in Baltimore that thrived over four decades ago and the unsolved murder of Sister Catherine Ann Cesnik who taught there.

    Jean Hargadon Wehner, a Keough graduate from 1971, alleges in the series that Father Joseph Maskell had repeatedly raped her during counseling sessions with him when she was a student there. Wehner also claims in the series that Maskell brought in other men during their sessions and allowed them to rape her too. A distraught Wehner confided about the ongoing sexual abuse with Cesnik. Shortly after she revealed her nightmare to Cesnik, the nun went missing.

    Wehner claims Maskell took her to see Cesnik’s decomposing body after she was bludgeoned to death with a hammer in 1969. Wehner said Maskell insinuated to her that Cesnik was killed for trying to expose the massive sexual abuse scandal. However, the murder remains unresolved to this day.

    Over the past six years, the Archdiocese of Baltimore has paid $472,000 in out-of-court settlements to Wehner and 15 other people who accused Maskell of abuse, according to the Baltimore Sun. Despite the settlements, the series exposes how the Archdiocese protected the priest even after they were informed about the sexual abuse. That complicity allowed him to continue sexually abusing children for many more years.

    Since the series has exploded, more victims have come forward claiming Maskell sexually abused them. Teresa Lancaster, a lawyer who was abused by Maskell as a child, said that two more of Maskell’s victims have come forward in recent days. “There could be as many as 100 victims,” Lancaster told the Daily Mail. However, the pedophile priest was never criminally charged and denied the allegations before his death in 2001.

  28. Yet, who knows? Is it possible the Trump we voted for actually WILL com forward to do the RIGHT thing, namely going after ALL the sick pedophiles to start a clean-up? MIRACLES do happen, but I am not holding my breathe.

    Chemtrails & their poison spraying programs have not stopped here.How about in your neck of the woods?

    1. TIM4123, no the spraying hasn't stopped here either IL, we get blasted twice a week

    2. Hand me a champ fly swatter,please. WhoTF are you to tell me to be patient? Name Champ is very close to Chump(a la JOHN), which is what kind of miniker here? Get your game face on and start CONTRIBUTING properly.This is NOT the little boys play pool.Never adress me again until you get your act together, okay?Your hap-hazzard comments are offensive, and I am expressing simply that here.If you care to clarify, yes, I am open to that.But, you shape up as non conversive in this environment here, so generously provided by John & WH, & Canauzzie, etc...

    3. No chem trails here in the last week in central NM. As I'm outdoors so much they are hard to miss when present. NM's blue skies are what drew me here years ago and those chem trails blot that out.

    4. I got rather excited. But, they came back. We had 12 of last 14 days chemtrail-FREE, and saw BLUE SKIES and BIG Cumulus clouds like I have not seen in YEARS here!! I cannot express what I felt seeing BLUE, TRUE BLUE skies after so many years of their spraying when it is such a dull blue, if we see blue at all because s the chem stuff they release.

  29. If you wonder why regular TV still seems to have good ratings, well... it's because they cheat!

  30. Trump got her done. ✅ finally a tremendous success.

    1. What "tremendous success" are you referring to? (this isn't twatter, sir)
      You can post all the info you please with no limits upon volume.We can each be relevant in this way. Your comment is actually irrelevant because you have no reference.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. A third partier is equivalent to the outside, unelected "families" with the backstop, looking for the US to "do the right thing" for the last 70 years. The ship may be swaying, but none of the guests is likely to take a header, rather I suggest they will pick up the nearest harpoons and point them on the very actors that hold the planet hostage.
    This GCR is underway, and as the cracks keep splitting on these deepest of secrets, there will be a rush of clear air/clarity. It is the truth that sets you free, and the comedown of the Talking Head "experts" seems to be showing some green shoots of objective discourse.

    1. Well, the peek into the backdrop of the present U.S., with all the rigging, corruption and insanity, is the great value of the Trump Presidency. The middle 60% recognize now they have been had. They don't know exactly how, by which way and when, but they know now. The game is up. And what was "conspiracy theory" is now "conspiracy fact". The Fed is in their sights. The Criminal Jews are in their sights (unfortunately when the wrath hits 6 million U.S. innocent, regular Jews will get tossed out too). The Trilateralists, the CFRists, Bankster, and everyone that doesn't toe the American People First and Freedom Movements, is going to get torpedoed. People are again asking why people with no experience, no track record, have high causeless incomes. Really, Mika Brezinski? Really Joe Scarbrough? Really Anderson Cooper? Really CNN - 100 Jewish executives? What's wrong with this picture? With every blogger north of Antarctica cataloging fake news, how soon does the upswell happen? The age of Identity Politics is upon us, and along with Identity, will come a new Blame Politics, where Blame will be put on the right Parties.

    2. Tino,

      I share your optimism. Do you have an inside track on this most positive post you just made, or just optimistic conjecture? I truly mean no disrespect at all, unlike this Champ fellow who pisses in the wind.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Yes, I run a clinic and I listen to my patients....

    5. Tino,

      You are a healer, and that is absolutely AWESOME!! thank you for the reply my friend. You make some spectacular and revealing posts every day of the week which I highly appreciate.Thinking men appreciate all that you contribute here, surely....

    6. hahaha... no praise... I just report from my small perch outside D.C. with the occasional foray into the belly of the beast. Like everyone here, just integrating and applying and working tirelessly at my level in this crazy, crazy times...

    7. Tino,
      All praise is due. You're a doctor with a special passion to actually heal which is dangerous business these days...enormous respect for what you're doing!

  32. And here is a perfect real time example of how screwed we all are. So this guy, Craig Murray posts this July 3rd on his website/blog and also via twitter. If you don't know, Murray is one of the key participants in the transfer of the Podesta/DNC files to Wikileaks. In the post, which is about 6 months since he last posted on the subject, he reiterates the facts of the matter.
    Now if you google his name and Russia, there is NO reference to this four day old post and also no follow up press story by anybody, Mainstream or far far out fringe. Now what does that show you? Amazing. And we think some thinking party might actually have an interest in the truth.

  33. US, Russia Agree On Ceasefire In Southwest Syria and ISIS being totally defeated in Syria
    Getting really close to the end day, waiting no more

  34. OOPS, meant to say ISIS being totally defeated in Iraq

    1. Do you have any articles to support this? All the articles I see are from last year.

    2. Griffonred, been following things (ISIS elimination) in Iraq and much seems to be recycled with some new real info. Been busy but will see what can find. G-man may be more right than wrong. The Syria ISIS issue has been fairly quiet with most focus seemingly on Iraq.

    3. One America News is reporting that Putin and Trump agreed to a cease fire in part of Syria.

      U.S., Russia, Jordan Reach Ceasefire Deal For Southwest Syria

      Texian: Hey guys...just. Cease. Fire. Everywhere! We all know it's a scam.

    4. Thanks P, and Texian. We may be smiling next week.

  35. See that Angela is still flashing Satanic hand signs whenever the camera is on her at G20.

    1. I have full respect for you as I have followed yours and everyones posts for some time. Yet, you know better, no? (You made a statement with no pictorial proof)Even a Youtube link to her doing so? LIGHTSHOT is an easy screen capture FREE program.

    2. My reference was television footage, but it's everywhere Angela has a camera on her. Here's a link that uses Angela as an EXAMPLE of Satanic hand signs!

      Satanic Hand Signs

    3. Texian,

      I would have preferred to see an image of Merkel doing the image as you stated.This link is problematic because people do that stuff all the time mostly, except for the "bullhorns" fingers that is. Hand over ones heart means some satanic gesture, for instance seems far fetched and common for most people to do.There is a guy in Australia who does reverse speech analysis, and if he would dovetail that stuff with when people make thee types of hand gestures I would be completely on board to become a believer in this type of stuff (conjecture at this point). So many of these scumbags have come out in recent years publicly proclaiming themselves Illuminati, etc, so nothing is too far fetched at this point on our present path in this malaise-world-fiasco.

      If in fact true, this finger stuff these scumbags can all stick their collective fingers up their own collective asses!!

    4. Tim,
      You can certainly go into YouTube and find Angela on film flashing the same sign as shown in link above. Did you even scroll down far enough to find her? She does it all the time when on camera at a meeting or whatever. She did not put a hand over her heart. Even if I had taken a photo of my TV screen, surely you realize we are unable to post photos here.

    5. Texian,
      To post pic/images, there are many and this is only one:

    6. Thank you, but that is a Windows application. I only have Apple products. If you know of one that works on iPad, I'm happy to give it a try.

    7. For example, here a pic file:

    8. Ipad is not my bag. I only use a PC with windows, sadly.Sorry about that.

    9. I saw it too in a news item yesterday Texian. Everyone with their hands at their sides except AM doing the all seeing eye thingy.

    10. AJ,
      Only mentioned it as a message to ol' Angela that we all already know she's a Satanist. We don't have to see her flashing seeing eye all the time. LaGarde usually flashing that stuff too, although they stuck her in last row so could barely see her head.

    11. I don't want to see La Garde's eye whether flashing, winking or whatever.

    12. Texian. Thanks for this summation of hand signals. I see these used on shows and news. Surely most of them know what they are signaling and the rest have no clue. Sheeple.

  36. p: Although what is described occurred in 1996, it still is soft disclosure. Those found in the interior are not alien, but have developed separately, particularly spiritually, well beyond where most are now the surface. It really gets more interesting at the 18:00 mark. And yes, I would dearly like to see what has our gov so freaked out. First builders tech is often sentient.It can self build. What that architecture could tell those that can hear and understand would be our history, real history up to at least the point they were buried.

    Did You Hear What Was Just Spotted in Antarctica? Get Ready!
    Published on Jul 5, 2017

    It has been a secret for years but the secret is now getting out. Did you hear about what they just saw?

    1. Fascinating! Anyone heard what happened to Buzz Aldrin that may have caused his heart attack when he was down there last few months?

    2. Texian, seems it's been quiet on that front, but the truth can really be hard on those who think they know better. For someone who is not used to quieting his mind, the impact of coming into contact with those who are very used to levels of telepathy most humans are not, could be stressful for the human(s)involved. Liken it to finding yourself naked in front of an important person you are seeking favor from.


    1. Godschild,
      Thanks for posting this! Received the email earlier, was waiting for a link from Paul, then distracted doing other things...

    2. I know she's on it and correct. Now, how many will help make this happen?
      Yes the judges are on the sea and nothing more than magistrates...
      It can be done though. Takes too long to teach people how to play by 'their rules' and word definitions.
      I personally appeared pro se on 2 issues. I knew enough to hold my own pretty good....They passed my case around and changed the hearing judge 4 times, before they literally stold my home in their fraudulent foreclosure hearings. I knew they would win by hook or crook, so I decided to at least keep it going for 9 yrs and 11 months. In which I refused to make a payment until it was settled. They refused to answer my pleas and rights to Common Law court. Once u go into their jurisdiction you lose.
      So, I played their game, and decided that in those almost ten years I recouped my investment into my home that I lived in for 20 years.
      It was quite an education and though I lost when they through it into the jurisdiction of the MASTER OF EQUITY, I must admit I enjoyed watching those so call judges squirm with bewilderment, as each hearing they worked to corner me into entrapment into their maritime laws.

  38. Replies
    1. Thank you for sharing Texian. Had heard that on the radio at noon and thought was an awesome bust that could only benefit the world's children.

  39. All birth certificates issued to Americans between the years 1837 to date are suspect and may be fraudulent documents representing false and undisclosed claims of settlement entered into the public record.

    Absent proof of actual and factual federal municipal or territorial employment or actual federal dependency, no presumption against the standing or identity of any American born within the borders of one of the organic states can be made on the basis of having a Birth Certificate, licenses, participation in the Social Security System or any similar documentation.

    In the majority of cases, all such documentation is null and void for fraud.

    All such non-federal, non-resident Americans are to be presumed free men and landlords on the land and as peaceful American vessels engaged in international trade on the sea; their names and other assets must be removed from all federal bankruptcies and held harmless by all federal bankruptcy trustees. Their copyrights, trademarks, patents, titles and deeds must be promptly returned and all presumptions against them must be dropped.

    All claims of federal person hood are open to rebuttal and full notice and disclosure must be given to those affected. All promises of Equal Civil Rights are extended and remain in effect. All federal employees who do their jobs in good faith are held harmless and provided full amnesty pending debt forgiveness.

    All members of the American Bar Association must file their Foreign Agent Registrations no later than September 1, 2017.

    --- James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

    Public and Judicial Notice -- Number One

  40. One thing has become clear at G20 this week. Neither Trump or America are any longer seen as Leaders of the Free World. Putin, China and Merkel have played them off the Board. Trump is simply and visibly far too THICK to hold such a role,and a figure of respectful bemusement.

    The real action has been Putin, China and Merkel. The rest are side shows and photo shots for the Klutz to show the Sheeple he's a Statesman. Failed!
    What the hell did they expect from a Casino ( Failed at that) Sleazebag fronting for his so,so many Zionist and Jewish handlers? What, you expected a brain as well? He's a Putz for Gods sake. No more.Clear to all. Not a lot of lights on upstairs.

    So Yes, start looking in hope to try to find a real one in the next 2 years, because this is just a permatan Dog Poop put in as a Clinton and Bush stopper and coherently unfit to lead. Europe just smiles,acts politely and thinks, Oh God, not another vacuous Yank trying to give it large.The last 6, pitiful. Only Clinton had IQ but riddled with sleaze. A degenerate walking. Look at him now.

    So for America, this G20 is a bust. It signals end of Empires and the game's up. Dead men walking. New Dogs now control the block.
    This is a new era. Send over a Mental Midget,you are lunch as a figure of ridicule.
    Trump, no class bar low! Will DC ever get that a refined, sophisticated Europe ridicules them? That we laugh not with them, but at them? A delicate nuance too sophisticated for their antennas? Americas standing is now way lower than ever. Quit before eviction. The parties over.

    Let's see if a GS release or an RV can buy favor soon. That clock is ticking. Those owed will not be bowed. New Dogs are circling. This coming week will be challenging, because right in those In Trays, are multiple IOU's called, all screaming where's my F money???? Billy No Mates will end up face down soon, the new world won't take much more. The world is ganging up, and the US is not at the party.

  41. John. Trump will be president for 8 years. It's a good thing we stepped aside. It's a done deal, exactly as planned. China and russia taking over a lot more responsibility. This is the sign of a new era. Good times ahead.

    1. Good times we will go for, but America can not be at the table with a Chump and No, it was Not planned. No one actually expected the Chump to win, nor he himself. It was a public knee jerk to be rid of the Jerks and Hilderbeast.

      Now he has a job he's incapable of ever doing. Only America has refined how to insert a Jerk into the Oval Office. He's as thick as a plank. So thick he's even making Bush 43 look like a PhD.

      You keep breeding them.

      You can't hold a top Global role represented by an Ass hole.

      America is losing the plot and pot. Good times Yes, but how for America as it's Empire collapses with its scam currency and Jew Ponzi paper no one wants any more?

      Having said that, as a population you truly were dumb enough to elect Bush 43 and Obama twice so you may be right. So many Forrest Gumps vote. America just makes no sense where there visibly is none.

      As for stepping aside ????? WTF?? You are being CAST aside like discarded underwear! Does no one understand losing in the US? Vietnam, Mogadishu? You are being thrown aside. Failed!

      The world is sick of your grandstanding, Wars, Fed Fraud, and 990 plus meddling, thieving, Crime Lord bases as body bags for Israeli and Zio Scum Bankers. Right now the US has as much appeal and credibility as a sheet of used Toilet paper after a nights curry and beer.

      We stepped side? With the worlds boot up your asses more like it. Hello??? US reality- Jeez! Even that is Bi Polar. Lost the plot and losing the pot. That is reality. Who thinks reality in the US any more? It's going down the toilet. Hello??

      As will be this coming week when we face them down with where is our F !! money and no more BS?.
      How can you be thinking of better times when your economy is in shreds, The Jews own your asses,your Banks are all Fraudsters, your growing Hispanic and Afro populations will outstrip you all, your Judges are bent,your Politicos rented and owned Scumbags, and you have no MSM worth a dam?

      Sorry, but to me,post RV or GS and smart money leaves. If it pays, go! Stay because of being too lazy, or stupid, and lose the lot. But then stay, if so, we don't need stupid back in the EU. When we sent the criminals, destitute, whores, shysters and low lives off to cross breed in the US, it was for a reason. Bush, Clinton, Obama,Trump we see why.

      We concede your case, please -stay.
      Smiling Champ.

    2. Well, my only objection to the above is the "nobody expected Trump to win". Which means (and your precious Intelligence Service should have known) that the Polls were inaccurate at roughly a 2-to-1 ratio, skewed towards Hillary. If the Polls had been accurately done, Trump would have from the get-go trounced Hillary at roughly 65% to 35%. How much did your Liverpool bookies pay out on their wrong odds again?

      I knew, and so did anyone with statistical knowledge, that the Polls were caca, the moment the 10,000-30,000 person randomized call surveys came in. ALL such surveys had Clinton down by half. I believe I am on record in OWoN having said so at the time.

      Given that the UK Newspapers could have easily been a reality cross-check, and that y'all didn't act so is shameful, (and y'all should have. It is NOT interference in the Election to report the honest state of the Electorate.) Imagine the fuss a set of scientifically accurate polls of the U.S. Electorate would have caused. Such a massive differential would have embarrassed many. Hopefully the next Presidential election will see a little more Truth-in-News everywhere.

      This, of course, is separate from the clear shenanigans that went on in the background to steal States and corrupt the Vote. The Election results are statistically impossible given the true nature of the distribution going in. It is actually physically impossible given the original distribution for Hillary to have more votes than Trump. (Bob, chime in here anytime!) I feared/expected her to steal the Election. In that sense, yes, I expected Hillary in by fraud. Now whether our favorite loyal to the Constitution group stole back most of the States or not, there's no question that a big chunk of us DID expect Trump to win and so should you have.

    3. Tino

      Good points, well defended,but with US Justice and voting as crooked a Dogs hind leg, we all factored in vote rigging etc. As did the Clinton's. When the scumbag Bushes were routing for Clinton, it all looked a fix. As usual!
      To me keeping Clinton blocked out was key. How did not matter.

      To me, whatever, the end game,it was the start to ditch that Tart.
      So after the last 6 wastes of space, whats the risk of anther face?

      Good points but we got that Bitch blown and we will take it.

      Seeing that girly boy Dance Slimy Bill did in their room when they thought she had won was pathetic. Seeing her sickening howls of rage when she had lost was priceless.

      Now Trump, jail time? Why is that Bitch not indicted?

    4. JOHN You are pissing into the wind today! I am sending you a spiritual armor raincoat because you're - ostensibly a white knight - good guy! I see you as a pro,antagonist that gets us talking/writing. TINO YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK .... a LOT OF THE CRITICISM of President Trump is unfounded .... I know Rick Davis and have discussed related issues and strategies. PollMole (Rick's entity) along with certain Marine Generals and a few righteous CIA operatives uncovered the real election issues and disabled HRC bitches'sure thing win. the satanic monster HRC only got about 30% .... do not forget how she got away with using and destroying Bernie. Trump may or may not serve even one full term. He is a transitional President. Consider the labyrinth of evil woven by the synagog of satan which permeates all nearly all institutions on earth ... not all. (One of my best friends is a Dragon - non $$$ type)
      Those of us who dig, study - research - analyze = P, TEX, MG56 TINO Champ the 2 A's etc. have different perspectives that will lead to an accurate read. Americans are not all morons .... In my case a MARINE (once a Marine always ....) I had 40 IQ points over the Harvard average for requirement (Bell Curve) and could not get in ... I was stupid in how the system works at the time. The friggin dumbed me down several points with MK and chemical poisoning ..... and yes I am livid .... betrayal of my Trust .... may all these members of SOS rot starting right now. The system is rigged in favor of SOS. Brits are not any smarter; otherwise how would they let the royals have the power they appear to have ... UK has just as many ziorats and pedos as we do.

      As an expert in manufacturing with an emphasis the People of the US have played a significant role in product development and manufacturing and led the world in many ways. Eurasia as you call it has home run potential but will be better served developing a synergistic relationship with our Republic and by God we will return to the Republic. We know how the SOS-ziorats worked through UK royals, City of London, BIS, Israel and all that rot + CIA + Shadow govts worldwide to rape our People in so many ways.

      Sorry for rambling but ... Trump is imperfect - IQ >150 - and street smarts higher is doing a better job that most can see because we look at the wrong info - very little hard data available. The same people run media worldwide mostly. Having said that Trump is my President and this MARINE = I love my Country but loath the SOS ziorats and all who help them. The Swamp was worse than we could imagine. Barry places several hundred thousand people loyal to him and his SOS-ziorat friends in jobs working for US serving evil. They are dug in and nearly ubiquitous. Also, many star ziorat performers draw several paychecks as did Huma - HRC's lover. There are many who make - not earn over $500k/yr ... where is fiscal responsibility.

      Negative criticism really upsets me. Any moron can criticism. Intelligent people should know better. May I suggest a more positive and formative dialog that leads to ideas and plans that can be used for betterment. We either work together for the common good MERITOCRACY or we allow ourselves to be subjected to another 13 millennia of horror. I have been around a long time and have seen a lot. I know I have been dumbed down but developed methods and techniques (early stages) to rewire and regenerate intellect. No room in my world for negativity and poor pity me BS.

      Trump could very well get the Country turned around and build a foundation for a wise choice leadership to continue. 30% - 90% in WDC are culpable for felonies. That is a wide spread but we see every indication hat the % is closer to the high mark. Crooked judicial, FBI, CIA, SEC, ADL, AIPAC, TLC, Fed, MIC = ubiquitous corruption. WE will fix it if we have Faith and work on it and we - by the Grace of God will!

    5. One more important point .... Working with Dr. Deming helped me recognize bad measurement and improve it. Every measurement used by governments is designed to result in obfuscation of resulting data ..... Global warming BS o meter, unemployment CBO, govt spending, inflation ... you get it! That = chaos and DDDOA or more of the deliberate dumbing down of America!

    6. One more ..... Look at T May as in who put her in place, Macron as in chameleon POS, Merkel as in rusty filament dull bulb; duh, more refugees makes DE stronger - sure. UK needs a better rudder. JP - Abe = ziorat stooge. RU - Putin + CH - Xi and Dragons-Elders + Trump = the beginning of strategic collaboration and we will know more almost daily if we are tracking that way. I see UK doing some purging because you all are not out of the deep end yet AMEN!

    7. John,
      It's amusing that you focus on Trump non stop while with the stable of past (and present) UK prime ministers, politicos and "royal" family, your moral high ground is shakey. LOL! Even if Trump is the proverbial "bull in china closet" and didn't attend the proper charm school, credit is due for shaking things up. I'm loving that he has the cabal minions scared and making big blunders. I'm loving that Trump won't jump on Angela's climate scam bandwagon. I'm loving that he's trying to forge beneficial for America relationships with Russia and China. With some help from the right-minded people and the time it takes to determine who that is, I expect he'll be up to speed in time. And if he didn't do anything else, I love that he's declared war on pedophiles instead of the history around the world of protecting them. Theresa could take a few lessons there. The difference is Trump appears to really care for people by all accounts...even from his employees...and he has a long history of charity and quietly helping people. I also love that he doesn't hesitate to call a spade...a spade. Trump may not be a man of all seasons...quite possibly just a man for this season.

    8. Well...Bob...If I had noticed you were on a roll, I should have just let you speak for me!

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. Champ

      I respectfully request that you cease targeting contributors on this site with offensive vitriol, or your stay will be short lived.
      I have noted others disturbed and offended, so be advised, tread carefully, Bulldogs come with a reputation.

    11. TEX I am always in your corner ... Your Excellence is quite obvious. I have reviewed and worked on many peer reviewed articles, Signed off on several PhD's and DSc's know how to reference sources but you cite when it is appropriate ... nuff said. considering the accuracy of most media dribble; it is hardly worth citing a source as one would in a research paper or quality analysis ..... I try my best to understand what you are up to so I can appreciate it!!!

    12. Bob,
      "I try my best to understand what you are up to so I can appreciate it." That's what my husband says! Lol!

      Only thing I'm "up to" honestly is searching for truth. We're all tired of the lies, obfuscations and secrets. I maintain hope for restoring our Republic, which it appears we may have never had except in our minds. One little voice can't do it alone, but as a determined group, we most certainly can...and will...God willing.

    13. Your right john. Sorry to all. I was goofing around. My bad. Please forgive me my friend.

    14. TEX Well said! I too seek Truth and do my best to respect others while working toward formative dialog = learning while engaging and knowing more and better stuff through these interactions. Lot's of bright minds here .... hopefully, enough in positions of able to repair will use the good stuff and help us get to the TRUTH and to our Beloved Republic!

    15. Champ

      There are no egos here. The site is tolerant and has invaluable contributors.
      We do try to respect all cases, and allow challenges plus expansion of views.

      Welcome to all, just watch that line, we rarely need to act, but do when caused. Voices matter as do causes. No voice is a lonely place to be. We highly value our contributors and readers.

      Once we see Chump taking down the Pedos, Deep State and Zio Bankers, see how fast he gets full commendations. No one is anti, just anti no action.
      This world is a mess, and it's not fancy dress.

    16. I gotcha let's see Trump do some action. Less talk more action.

    17. Now now, John. Be nice to our president, or I will have Hore-Belisha cloned and posted to your unit as an advisor. lol

  42. All of a sudden I'm seeing docos and media on the death/murder of Diana in Oz and America. Any other countries airing ads? Is this a coordinated disclosure by some WHs?

    1. AJ

      Imagine this stupid airhead up the stick to a Coke taking Egyptian Carpet Baggers Playboy Muzzie son, and being the future Kings Mother?????? Bloody fine credibility for the Monarchy. Was it Done??????????????????? Options?
      Not a lot!

    2. It doesn't say much for the intelligence of the Monarchy to use the Spencer stock to produce the future King then keep her in such misery to make her walk. I've been watching a lot of docos on the monarchy back to 1,000AD, so much chicanery, murder, betrayal etc throughout. So, par for the course. Charlie horsing around with CPB was always a cancer to that marriage, the future King's father wanted to be her tampon so not much further to fall, and pushing Diana out. Dodi may have been a carpet bagger's son but obviously a better carpet lover. It's the coordinated tv shows globally that's interesting though.

    3. AJ

      I'm as furious with that Charlie for how he treated Diana, but she was in the most intense Piranha pool in the world, and thinking she could discredit The Firm was inviting only one end game. The State is always deeply involved in protecting that Myth and image. Dina meddling with Muzzies here was a red rag to all.

      I don't defend Charlie, he's appalling, but even poor Diana must have been told you can't strut your stuff like that on a public stage and not expect the Piranha's to bite. Whatever the end truth, for her there was only one end game when she left the rails.

      As I always say, the Queen has done a magnificent job, her life is never easy. Who else could have flown the flag so high? Edward was a disgusting Wimp and Traitor. His abdication put terrible pressure on Liz's father and killed him. Thank God poor Elizabeth saved the lot.
      4 kids, Bloody useless.

      Thank God for William or the lot would go.

    4. There are various documentaries playing in Australia - its the 20th Anniversary of Dianna's death. I had a poke down that rabbit hole years ago. My conclusion is the same as Johns. Its likely her "relationship" with Dodie was the final straw and the matter was finalised.

      The most amazing thing about Dianna's death is that the people of Britain NEEDED the Queen to morn with them. Queen Elizabeth found that really hard because Dianna had been a pain in the arse to the FIRM. There was anger in streets against the Queen and it only abated when Elizabeth flew a flag at half mast over Buckingham Palace (even though there was no protocol for it) offering a mark of respect to the people, and to Dianna.

      And BTW, Cardinel Dick Sticker Pell has been spotted having a coffee with a mate in Singapore, so he's probably on his way home.

    5. Nice rider 100dthmonkey! Imagine if it was Bangkok. But that's very interesting. Francis has probably told him he's no longer protected otherwise why would he? Has he been sacked as Vatican banker so you know?

    6. LOL! He's been granted a leave of absence from the Vatican to return to Australia and clear his good name. The diocese of Sydney has advised Pell will not receive assistance with legal costs and Pell says he'll pay his own costs. At $10,000 a day, that's a lot of money for a man of the cloth. Where did that money come from?

      I'll keep checking "GO Fund Me" and let you know .....

  43. Some good news:

    On Friday, a panel of judges for the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that the First Amendment protects individuals' right to film police officers performing their official duties. From a report:
    The 3rd Circuit now joins the 1st, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th Circuits in concluding that the Constitution guarantees a right to record. No federal appeals court has yet concluded that the First Amendment does not safeguard the right to film law enforcement officers conducting police activity in public. Friday's decision involved two instances in which the Philadelphia police retaliated against citizens attempting to film them. In the first incident, a legal observer named Amanda Geraci tried to film police arresting an anti-fracking protester when an officer pinned her against a pillar, preventing her from recording the arrest. In the second, a Temple University sophomore named Richard Fields tried to film police officers breaking up a house party when an officer asked him whether he "like[d] taking pictures of grown men" and demanded that he leave. When Fields refused, the officer arrested and detained him, confiscating his phone and looking through its photos and videos. The officer cited Fields for "Obstructing Highway and Other Public Passages," although the charges were dropped when the officer failed to appear at a court hearing. Geraci and Fields filed civil rights suits against the officers who interfered with their filming attempts.

  44. So at the end of the day, it appears to be the US Department of Justice and UK MInistry of Justice that throw the scent. Actions are quashed, or evidence not admitted, a payola dance. So Civil Actions by injured parties appear the only recourse. And finding a lawyer to work on contingency for such cases seems problematic. You would think in the City of London or DC/NYC there would be some rich bored barrister that wouldn't mind a tussle. But even they have no interest in this centuries old scheme.

    The 15T wire, if those print screens were legitimate, seems an obvious case to bring forward. Leo Wanta's another. Perhaps actions were already taken and dismissed and I missed that part. So many parts to this(fiction?). Keenan's action at least entered much of the background into the record.
    So many secrets, compartmentalized, unacknowledged, ignored, too far fetched to be worthy of discussion. I think 4 years of some outside dummy, poking around,asking stupid questions, if we are lucky, led to the water by some inside patriots, might be a good thing. Get over the fact that he is a tad uncultured a bit of a bore with his twittering. If the world wanted change in the US, they got it. There might even be a few decent kikes in his rolodex.

    1. The problem CB is what it has always been. We are on the outside and thus can be led by our noses. The simple truth is government should not be allowed to have secrets and due to arrogance and veils, they arrogate to themselves rights, privileges they should never have. Plus, enormous sleights of hand take place. Take a trading platform. So, John and his worldwide equivalents can trade a sum up , say 10x. Here's the problem -- the economy didn't grow 10x. If 5T goes to 50T, there isn't 50T of real economic goods to match the money. World GDP is ~100T for comparison.

      The existence of such structures has given intelligence agencies in the U.S. a way to escape the strictures of Congress, specifically the Power of the Purse. In turn, we now have unacknowledged Special Access Programs and their foreign nation equivalents, that exist now as a multi-national Color-Of-Law masquerading-as-Government-Sanctioned Powers-Unto-Themselves, having sucked $trillions into their suppression and control of technology and their perversion of it into major operations aimed at you and me.

      And it is completely illegal and unConstitutional. In some cases, technically, it is also Treason, because these u-SAP exist completely outside ALL Constitutional chains of control and their purpose(s) are inimical to both the Republic and We, The People.

    2. Tino

      Bush 41, Ackermann and Herzog, operating behind Romney, traded Falcone's $350M up to under $1T in less that 2 years and stole the lot!!!!!!
      The FBI won't act. Herzog is in safe houses. Where is justice?
      How about Trump has Herzog extradited to America to stand trail?
      Bush 41 had Merkel shelter him.So how about as President he directs Justice to go get him?
      That takes out the Bushes, Clinton, Romney, CIA in numbers, Ackermann, the lot!


      Now if we ALL asked for that, it would clean that sewer pit fast.

      Our Jewboy Skank Herzog says he will take them all down if he's made to give his back. Hello??????

    3. Trump extradite Herzog. I see a new T-shirt in our future. Time to go meme.

    4. Get to Bannon. And can you pass it all over to Wikileaks John?


    "Secrecy - the first refuge of incompetents - must be at bare minimum in a democratic society, for a fully informed public is the basis of self-government. Those elected or appointed to positions of executive authority must recognize that government, in a democracy, cannot be wiser than the people."
    - Commission on Government Security, the Committee on Government Operations of the House of Representatives, 1960 Report
    Reference: House Committee on Government Operations, Availability of Information From Federal Departments and Agencies, 86th Cong., 2d sess., 1960, House Rept. 86-2084, 36.
    from Appendix A - "SECRECY - A Brief Account of the American Experience", Section 8. A Culture of Secrecy, in the 1997 Report of the Commission on Protecting and Reducing Government Secrecy, which is US Senate Document # 105-2 of the 103rd Congress

  46. Aurataya,

    I have just now read your response to me and Karen. Your words were clear and truthful. Your journey has been hard at times and no one gets to take this "earth ride" without some scars to show for the often unpleasant trip...myself included. My current marriage of 30 years is my third marriage. I had plenty of learning to do along the way as well.

    I thank my first two husbands for being an example of what I didn't want so that I had a reference point to know, and recognize, what I did want when I had that opportunity come my way. I am further blessed that I had no children with the first two husbands as that would have tethered me to them for life. My current husband and I have one son who is a magnificent human being that enriches my life daily. He recently married a kind, funny, smart, and loving woman who has further enriched our lives. I hope that the example his dad and I set on "what is possible" might have had something to do with his choice in a wife. Of course, on his journey, he too kissed some frogs before he found his princess.

    My turning point in relationships is when I realized the power of CHOICE...choice in EVERYTHING. There is nothing I must to do....everything is a choice... I gave up the silly concept of being controlled and manipulated by others through guilt, shame, or because I am supposed to be "nice". If I am going through a rough spot in life because of a relationship, I now CHOOSE whether I stick and see if there is a solution or whether I cut my losses, move on, and return to a CHOSEN blissful state.

    We all must get through this matrix hologram that we CHOSE to experience in a way that works for us. Some love drama. Some love abuse. Some love guilt. However, once you realize the power of choosing your day, your week, your year, and YOUR LIFE, those former negative "loves and choices" simply melt away and life really is a magnificent journey...if you CHOOSE it.

    Aurataya, I wish you bliss and a magnificent journey.

    1. Heavens above MWP, you just made me cry so much I could not even see the keys on my computer properly, had to take a little break lol.

      What you have written/shared above was so beautiful and inspiring to read. You have no idea how much I appreciate you taking the time and being kind and caring enough to share your wisdom and experiences with me. I admire you enormously. I love the strength and courage you exude. You are so together and well directed by your own inner compass.

      For the first time in my life I feel like I am the one finally in control of where I am going and it feels good. I am confident that I will land somewhere where I will find the peace and tranquility I have sought for a very long time. I do believe that does mean not being in a relationship but I am completely ok with that.

      I may be starting a new phase at this later stage in this life but I have chosen to commence that with a positive attitude that I'm sure will offer me many wonderful experiences that show me that there still is a great deal of beauty and joy in this world for me to discover and be enchanted by.

      Thank you once again MWP for sharing your generous heart with me and offering me such beautiful wishes. I also wish that you continue to enjoy a magnificent life that showers you with love and bliss. XX

    2. Aurataya,

      How much I would love to say Aurataya, 8-45, Mygirl 56, 9-30 and bring a friend, Lol.

    3. Aurataya,
      So sorry about your struggles through life. Sometimes I think it may all boil down to the luck of the draw. LOL! So the next time may be the charm. At least you've had some experience with what to look for now and know yourself better. You have a wonderful heart that should not be troubled!

      In my case, I met a very handsome and charming young Air Force officer five years my senior. After dating for 6 weeks, we decided to marry which happened 7 months later....and that was 52 years ago. The marriage has just worked. We love and respect each other, maintain a sense of humor, and just work at it. That's why I think "Luck of the draw" may be a factor. :-0)

  47. Replies
    1. Lol. It's that an amphibian or reptile?

    2. It's Pepe, technically a frog, so amphibian, Holy Uppermost Meme of the MAGA and the Trumpers.

  48. The Gstring20 don't even hide the fact that they don't support the US having its own sovereignty:

    "In the end it was "all against Trump": as the WSJ puts it, "securing Mr. Trump’s support for the G-20 communiqué, to be released later Saturday, as the president threatens to undermine the international order with his “America First” policies, is emerging as a rallying cry as the two-day gathering in Germany draws to a close."
    So there it is kids: everyone marches to Merkel's Roc all seeing eye. Goosestep? 'International order'. Can you say one world government? Whatever you think of the Trumpster he is doing it trumpy style and not adopting merkin's mission position.

  49. 100dthmonkey here's a bit more..

    Leo Zagami confirms on Infowars th at Trump is behind th e spate of pedo busts.

    Also spills more on Pell busted and the factional war within the vatican that forced him out. And yes he confirms that Pell is on the way to Australia to face trial. The fact that he will voluntarily submit for arrest is HUGE! SOMEthing has gone down to force this.

  50. Many disclosures in this one with George Webb, Jason Goodman and Trish Pegron...

    Crowdsource the Truth: The Podfather

    @John-By the way, this pretty and smart lady, Harvard educated with impressive financial management background was recently in London on a research and interviews trip broadcasting while walking around Buckingham, Westminster, etc. and I'll bet you didn't even invite her in for a cup of tea! You're!

  51. "Awan Brothers Just Unfortunate Intelligence Officers Shipping Depleted Uranium Weapons, Caught in the Renamed But Same Iran Contra Maelstrom? Omaha Offutt Air Force Base - Big Dipper, Mena Little Dipper Legacy Ratlines Poisoning Fine Young Mogul Princes in Waiting?"

    Day 259.1 ~ Hillary's Leakers, Hackers and Henchmen

  52. Had to post this for the photo of Angela with her face in her hands. My caption: "For the umpteenth time, Angela, I'm not joining your climate scam no matter how you package it."

    Most Anticipated Moment of G20 Meeting in Hamburg Touted as the Meeting of Vladimir Putin & Donald Trump

  53. ThAnk you for all your good work john. Sorry for if a caused a problem. If I offended anyone I'm sorry. Look forward to your postings.



    Trump Sinks the USS John Podesta with a Perfectly Aimed Torpedo Tweet


    July 8, 2017 2:46 pm
    Trump has Putin ‘over a barrel’ with aggressive energy policy, defense of the West

    Right now, U.S. oil reserves are almost in parity with those of Saudi Arabia. We have the second-most coal reserves in the world. There are enough U.S. gas reserves to last us a century. We have already passed Russia as the world’s top natural-gas producer. We are the world’s top producer of oil and petroleum hydrocarbons. And exports of liquified national gas are surging, with the Energy Department rapidly approving new LNG projects and other export terminals. All these America-first energy policies are huge economic-growth and high-wage-job producers at home. But in the Warsaw speech, Trump made it clear that America’s energy dominance will be used to help our friends across Europe. No longer will our allies have to rely on Russian Gazprom supplies with inflated, prosperity-killing prices.

  57. REVIEW.

    White Hats Report #35
    Romney Camp Dung-Founded: No Integrity, No Ethics, No Honor

  58. Informative interview...just endure Alex and his over the top style...

    Leo Zagami on Vatican Pedophilia Scandal; InfoWars

    1. Thanks for the link, AJ and Tex, There's obviously plenty more to come on this. It's as though a boil has been lanced. I'm really glad and hope it continues until the wounds heal.

    2. Sorry, AJ, missed seeing that you had posted this already!

    3. And he broke the story 3 days prior to MSM here....

    4. No worries Tex! The info needs to get out. Plus I'll always defer to a cowgirl!

  59. Kenny Chesney - Rich and Miserable
    Published on Apr 29, 2017

  60. ABSOLUTE MUST READ: From Pizzagate to Gold Rigging
    July 8, 2017

    The Clintons, Jes Staley, Jeffrey Epstein & Barclays’ Frauds OR From Pizzagate to Gold Rigging

    Students of conspiracy should be well aware of the facts of the Clinton foundation – the ‘charity’ set up by Bill and Hillary Clinton – that received vast sums of money, from China, Russia, Qatar & Saudi Arabia, as well as being bankrolled by the key criminals of the market manipulation cartels. Given that the banks have repeatedly received Quantitative Easing to release them from their bad debts and liquidity issues, they should not have been donating to anyone, least of all to this abomination.

    The Clinton Foundation is accused of raising charity money for Haiti, but not actually spending it on any other activity than the procurement of women and children to serve as sex slaves. Bill Clinton, in his UN role, as some kind of kingpin-ambassador to Haiti, was key to the early release of Laura Silsby, who was arrested for attempting to kidnap children from Haiti, some of whom were not orphans. Silsby’s lawyers were also involved in the sex trafficking of women and children. The exposé of Bill Clinton’s intervention is understood to be the precursor to the #pizzagate scandal.

    Clinton was a frequenter of Jeffrey Epstein’s Island and connoisseur of Epstein’s personal jet, otherwise known as Lolita Express. Jeffrey Epstein is the American financier who served time for soliciting under age girls for prostitution. Famously, Esptein’s ‘Black Book’ was disclosed to the Federal Court of Southern Florida in January 2015. – this contained his contact list, and includes the British Royal Family, the Saudi Royal Family, the Rothschilds, Tony Blair and David Cameron as well as many celebrities, BBC personalities and news anchormen and other VIPs.

    1. Quite a report! Thanks!

      Again, May is reported to be protecting pedophiles and draaagggiiiinnnngggg out BREXIT action as voted by the people in favor of a snap election that was sure to backfire.

      John, please remind us why May was the best choice for Brits? Hello??? :-0)

  61. Forced militarization of Chicago school leavers:

    Chicago's Terrible New Plan To Force High School Kids Into The Military

    "A plan approved in May is set to take effect soon, forcing high school seniors to either be enlisted in the military, have a job, be enrolled in a gap-year program, or have a college acceptance letter before the Chicago public schooling system will give them their diploma. The obvious consequences of this new policy are problematic. Still, Emanuel doesn’t seem to care"
    This is incredibly sad and shows two things. 1. That TPTB think that your life is theirs to manage, not yours as an ethereal being to experience under your own sovereignty, and 2. The nature of the highschool system as a production line producing fodder for the elite's prison planet slave system.

    1. Totally unconstitutional. Involuntary servitude. Where is the ACLU?

    2. Hahahaha...haven't you noticed the ACLU has a very selective outrage? Besides, they're still mourning Hitlary.

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