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  1. Interesting comment from Ben Fulford:
    "It has become obvious we cannot wait forever for these global collateral accounts to work for humanity so we are bypassing the old system using asset backed crypto-currencies. We will use assets that the Khazarians cannot possibly claim as theirs."

    If the claws don't come off they'll lose the lot. We'll lose the RV opportunities but I say good and stuff those dracos and their human bondage elite puppets. Humanity will have a new KM-free financial system come hell or high water.

    1. John can I ask a Fact Check on this please:
      I can add from my own sources, that Kissinger arranged for me to visit Bougainville where some mercenary troops tried to kill me. While I was there Kissinger managed to convince or blackmail the Japanese Emperor into signing off on a 4.3 quadrillion yen bond (actually it was 5 quadrillion yen but 7000 trillion had been paid out in advance)."

      Both from

    2. AJ

      Fulford is visibly disappearing up his own orifice. His income is down because people are tired of paying for his worthless spiel and fantasies.
      Like they care if he's alive or dead? He's lost all credibility.
      If they wanted him dead, he would be gone. Fantasist. Of no importance.

      Yes, the US has had the squeeze on Japan, but that's been for decades. And still no one funds Fukashima. Instead they let it poison the Pacific and Indian ocean. An ignorant mass public has no idea, nor cares, of such consequences. We could be cleaning up Fukashima. Instead the Kikes and Cabal only want to grab a dime. No one cares, it's Dog Eat Dog.

      But, if we can only get just the PPs out,I know from the site how much good can be done from Projects and the quality of so many here.

      I spent the week end discussing in part with a key PP client,how much they will settle for, as there just in not the money in the world to meet rabid expectations. The world will NOT be disgorging cash in vast Trillions. The question is how much, who and when? Then- Who pays? Who gets paid? How do we position ahead of the yelping packs? Self help.

      This week demands will hit them Monday again.

      There are 2 majors lining up right now, and a lot of false flags.
      All we can do is push on daily. As is. It's a day thing. But we ARE zoning in.

      The US is just running out of blackmail victims as Russia,China and the EU grows, with Eurasia coming to scoop all.

      The entire future is ONLY Eurasia. Smart money sees that. The US will disintegrate under the sheer pressure of Hispanic Afro breeding growth and impossible employment dynamics. The only US expansion will be the Ghettos. From that- crime. Security Ring fenced housing estates, the Barbarians at the gates? No place to be. Trump was simply sidelined this week. The world has moved on from Colony Hegemony masters. One's who renege on their debts.

      Way too much fantasy talk again of the Elders bailing mad currencies, they will NOT! We are focused on Global projects. Real help.Sustainable investments. I just can't see how parties with Airport Hangers of overprinted Dinar shit think anyone with half a brain is going to pay Trillions for toilet paper. It will be how much, how and when, and in what form? Money IS finite.

      First we have 2 major PP issues to see this week what Weasel Clause will be played,and who now gets rich, or is life just a bitch? It's a day thing. Intense.

    3. Ok. And thanks. Common sense.

      The benefit we on this site bring is that we are at the coalface. We know the issues and the simple remedies needed.

      I can't conceive of trillions. Waste of money. Many of us here could get global solutions going for 5-10M. But if we cross-pollinate each other's projects we can leverage. But to be able to work on a global game changer is worth much much more. Godspeed.

    4. So, from reading, I suppose RV's are out and off the table. Not good for folks wanting better lives OUT of USA corp cesspool Paluckaville... Sad day indeed.

      John, don't try waving the hope for us thingy.We appreciate it, but from your passion these two postings, at least to me I see, we are much less important, and that is what selfs have always been, secondary to what the big players are playing at.If you decide to "play on" in our favor, then of course we will accept what small crumbs drop of the table for us to pick up, run(if smart)....Sorry, but extremely discouraging over the top posts to read this AM.I believed hope was brimming and this week may be the one.It just keeps going like the Energizer Bunny, ON-n-ON-n-ON-and-onnnnnnn....LOL. :-(

    5. How about we watch the market moves? Of course our key focus is the PP's. More money and channeled for good works.

      Currencies as always are a separate issue. Non deserving, war looted, racketeered or bogus printed to an unsustainable level. The questions are how much and when? Anything is a gain. No one is Owed.You have what choices?

      How many times have we told you to "Get a life" while thus is all sorted?

      If you can't take the heat, leave the tracks. We are pushing on daily.
      My focus is key to the PPs.
      I can't spend every day day as a Soother to some Camel riding S*** fly desperado who is "owed".

      We will bring in the PP's.

      The currencies are a highly specialized Geo Political nightmare.
      Why are YOU in them unless clearly understanding what is in play?
      Invest in Energizer bunnies.

      No one has said that RVs are off the table. Just how much and for who.
      Real world issues will be how much and when.

      There is not the money in the world to pay the fantasies of some. Iraq is a c$5T economy with c Quad T's of paper out there. Hello? Many times we have said this. Vietnam has real issues and Zimbabwe is so far beyond bankrupt it has no economy base.

      These are realities we deal with. So knowing this,why have you bought in without thinking out the game plans?

      For the rest, they will cash out as soon as it starts, you are free to go grab a soother Bunny.

      Tim, most people are in F up lives,because THEY got themselves there, and the rest have the drive and focus to dig out, not whine. Self achievers. People mainly tend to end up where they deserve to be.

      I work from 04-00 upwards 7 days a week flat out. I MAKE my luck. Out work and outperform to win. Whiners don't make winners. No one is owed.

      Of course the PPs were first. Real money, real players. Real use.
      Next the currencies and DC scammers to get rich. Most- get it.

    6. Checking in time to time, you were the person that stated here repeatedly that the dong was the least problematic.It's called trust, john. I am sure many trusted that opinion you stated is all.NO NEED to get all defensive and getting all upset, really.Consequently after you made supporting statements to go far to state an actual rate "possible" for the dong.Nobody here that I have read said anything about anybody owing us sidelined small people anything.You stated you would try, and we are appreciative.My expression of dissappointment at what I believed I saw I know now was a mistake to do.You are undr so much pressure, yet I never thought my small little mans comment would cause this and for all of that, I do gracefully apologize for my misadventure into that arena. just, PLEASE, stop bashing Trump so mercilessly with such insults.It really does hurt us to the heart reading such, because he does not deserve that because he's not producing on your timetable(I assume this is why). Bowing out now.

    7. Dongs are an actual currency. As such the lesser risks. Correct.

    8. Thank you so much for clarifying, John!!

  2. G20 Reports

    The consensus coming out is that Trump was felt to be isolated,out of touch with emerging Global realities, and pushing a theme no one wanted do hear, or concede. He is now possible the last American President to have had an opportunity to lead with a Global voice and failed. He isolated America.In turn the world has moved on realizing they can't do business with the US, so leave. Billy No Mates has gone home.
    They just lost the Baton.

    The US MSM will just print propaganda Guff. He spent half his time talking up Ivanka for the next President.What a Zio curse win if so. They then own the Zoo. Unreal. Only in America for sure.

    Trump was generally considered my most to be out of touch with Global realities, just a Ginger hulk trying to commandeer from a position of ignorance. America can not keep sending such Buffoons as Bush 43, Obama and Trump out. Where the hell are the JFK's now? Real Leaders. America misses Jack.

    Trump in English is a word for exhaling Anal gas. A perfect description of the Ginger Minger. He left a bad smell behind!

    America just vacated the world stage. His report card, poor!

    Now we just attack, attack and attack on releases. A major PP was lined up for this week. We will see. Currencies we push again now. Billy No Mates will now have to buy back in. Forget the US propaganda garbage. The US lost the plot and pot at G20. Putin played him. and China dissed him. Merkel rolled her eyes at his guff, and apart from Press interest when he met Putin, he achieved little. He left only the impression of a Trump!

    1. JOHN,
      I guess you missed my post about how europeans don't believe this about Trump and actually support him, because I assume DEEP STATE is just as DEEP(!!) in Europe as here? You read rags, MSM #FakeNews there, too, sir, and bring it here. Wrong. Do your own research instead of propelling the same old lies as if true. PEOPLE want with all his warts and problems because of his message to WE THE PEOPLE. Yet, you refuse to support that, stating you will only support when he produces.Well, your choice of strategies I suppose. But, I propose you are supporting negativity by choosing such strategy.

      Didn't your pedophelia round-up with so many promises of prosecutions die on the vine? Scot;land Yard got shut down recently with that...In case you didn't notice....among so many othe so-called British "authorities" you prmised would clean up UK of this scum-set of non-humanity plague swarming across the globe UNCHECKED & ELIMINATED.

    2. TIM

      Check the growing arrests via the Yard and more. Its in hundreds.
      Shut down- garbage its expanding.
      We don't bring you Fake news. Just truth you can't handle,are you not better off on a Guru rag bleating Aaahh am owed?

      You show clear signs of reality ignorance Sir. This is a Thinkers site.

    3. The "truth" you stated was all of europeans feels Trump is a fool in essence. I gave a link you obviously did not view, so please do at the bottom of last page.You believe I am something other than what I am not, and reality ignorance is farthest from the truth.REALITY is that putting human consciousness into a robot or a clone is stupid folly that hasn't worked before and never will, unless you have a solid alliance with the true nordics.Many posers posing as nordics for centuries.There is failed Atlantean tech that some have dug up after the deluge and it is still , that-FAILED even with SALESMANSHIP supposed "improvements".Trump is no fool. My opinion, allow me that. You keep insulting all Americans here(are also fools) with things you state about him when there is AMPLE truth to contrary if YOU simply look, John......Breaks my heart reading your words about him...

    4. John,
      I can see that European leaders would have that point of view. Trump campaigned on cleaning up America. He campaigned on getting out of wars. He campaigned on bringing manufacturing and jobs back here that have been exported across the planet for last 20 plus years. He campaigned on rebuilding infrastructure here rather than rebuilding/refurbishing/restoring Mosques in Middle East as Soetero/Obama did. That is the focus that the American people are demanding.

      Europe is all in on climate scam as a means of taxing Americans out the wazoo again. We're not falling for yet another "science" scam. So I can see that the EU leaders are not fans. They'll have to find some other suckers to finance their cockamamie schemes.

      American people are all for bringing our military home to defend our borders. Americans were scammed into thinking our military was helping other people to obtain democratic governments. Now that we know our fathers, husbands and sons were merely canon fodder for the cabal and their greed, we're for shutting it all down. Since City of London is a prominent leg of that 3 leg stool of cabal tyranny, deceit and secrets, there's plenty of blame to go around. You also know that the same group "selected" our Presidents while leading us to believe we had elections. Selection criteria #1: who can be controlled and compromised? Your Committee of 300 with Queen Bess as leader, Bilderbergs and others are where vitriol should be focused. To blame Americans who have been dumbed down by all means of manipulation of food, air water, fraudulent medicine and education is a bridge too far in my opinion.

      So let's get on with plans for the future for our respective countries. Anyone ready to host (pick up the bills for and move into your country) the destructive corporation called the "UN"?

      End of rant.

    5. Texian

      Fully with you on moving US forces out! Please ASAP.

      Fully with you on blowing the UN scam apart. NATO also.

      Fully with you on naming and shaming which part of London and who. No point in blaming QE she is just the figurehead not the Queen Bee. Truly- Not!.
      So who do you want in the frame? Yes name and we do it if proven.

      Serve me the evidence we run it - OK? Hard facts.

      I, with respect, see a whole different level of Global reality Intel the Public are not even conscious of. I see Gutless Politicos, bamboozled Fools in office, apologies for Intel Ministers lacking any, the visibly narcicistic Bankers and fools like Trump,all enmeshed in this Witches covern of politics.

      You want us to mass expose London guilt - please name them? The floor is yours. You name and we shame. But prove please.

      What I see is a menage of lost Politicos enmeshed in the tail spin of a failing America, spinning into the oblivion of irrelevance. Suckered by the Zio trash and Bush types. Who are these mythical City entities? None are in government for sure. Theresa is not one. Nor QE.

      Bilderbergers are a Global talk shop. Our own Royal Institute for Foreign Affairs is a high level Think Tank and a good one. Open forum. All on record.
      The Committee of 300 is now down to 15 of merit. Gone!

      Where is reality here? Who?

    6. John,
      Thank you for your gracious reply. Who does run the City of London? My guesstimate = Masons. You ask for proof. That's the tricky part. There's evidence, both circumstantial and in form of treaties, etc. although the real proof of who exactly is involved I believe is held tight in secret Masonic archives and files, Vatican libraries closed to the public, etc.

      Anna VonReitz has compiled an impressive array of evidence through 30 years of research with over 650 articles to date. Anna VonReitz I know you have called her a "paper tiger"...not doing anything. IMO she's done more than any one grandma can be expected to do. I know she's done much more than this grandma. Her books, available at Amazon nominally priced are an excellent reference of what happened long ago up to almost present time that created the monstrosities we are dealing with now. DISCLOSURE 101 YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG WHEN....An Affidavit of Probable Cause

      As to the Queen and monarchy, that is entirely the prerogative of the Brits to support "figureheads" or not. Since I have a life experience in the business world, I realize the signature at the bottom is where the buck stops!

      The politicos are all rotten no matter where it seems. And they were selected by hidden powers for that reason! All out with the trash!

      Appreciate your good heart and devotion to this humanitarian project. <3

    7. Texian

      The Masons have a small trade power, but nothing like you may surmise. Property scams yes for sure. Legal shelters yes. Just not the scale for this mythical inner Cabal. It just is not there. Not the scale envisaged. But, you expose them we will run it. No favors here. We will go for them.
      We ARE on your sides. We want Blair and others on trial.

      Regulations here are very tight. We try to do a good job. At best we run 10% of the chicanery of Wall Street. If that, transgress here and your away. It's pretty straight, all of it.

  3. I've checked in on Elon Musk's philosophy and I like it. He said on an interview that making a big difference for a small amount of people is as good as a small difference for a large group of people. Perspective. I'm excited for our future.

    1. Correct. With just the PPs we can help millions. Intentions are so good.
      It is a caring group. Good people.

  4. As emerging new man achieves higher consciousness, the reality of self help and self awareness of emerging realities, will negate the controls and impositions of Political deviants, and propel new thinking, new society changes, and cosmic awareness of greater orders.

    Man has to leave the dark age of false religions and Cult Oligopolies like Zionism, and Judaism simply have to transcend or perish. Man must become as one without divisions,or delusions of being a Special people. All delusional and simply hindering Spiritual growth. A good application of the Twat stick works wonders when heavily applied. Otherwise,intellectual reason and base cradle to grave education of true realities. Which?

  5. The Illinois lottery just imploded, declaring it can no longer pay large winnings

    The state now owes $130 billion in unfunded pension obligations, and is sitting on a pile of unpaid bills exceeding $13 billion.

    1. So, As I keep telling you, the crash is coming and you can NOT keep expecting to tax others for your shortfalls. Self help means that. The party has to end. I am owed no longer works. Tax is NOT the answer.

  6. "No serf's (sorry for self's typo) getting outta these gates with an etxra plate of extra beans!" So is the order as I ee it still for 1800 years now.

    GUYS!! THANKS for the July 3rd Leo Zagami link broadcast and link here, though.
    Gave me hope, though false as shit on stick as meal for us small ones below which they despise so, eh....NOTHING for the peasants has been their their 1800 year long CRED, as they toast wine and laugh! Right? Of course I am...Just saw it, again...

  7. This shocking map illustrates how much land the Federal Government really owns

    Today, they hold approximately 640 million acres of land or 28 percent of the 2.27 billion acres of land in the United States. Around 92 percent of all the federally owned acres are in the West.

    Biffie: Eye opening to see where they own the most land. Must be something more valuable in Nevada than we realize.

    1. That is underground cavern & bases domain central, yet so is Arizona, Utah, etc....So many states entrenched under our sleeping little feet as walk about ignorant....Phil Schneider warned us, giving his life for that pleasure to deaf ears.

    2. Biffie,
      There are incredible untapped mineral deposits in those areas. That's why the cabal has been harassing and bankrupting the ranchers in those states and have taken over the public lands from the states! And the ranchers who managed to hang on in spite of all this have been imprisoned---Bundys and Hammonds to name just two.

      Mining in the United States

    3. The DUMB's that Phil Schneider talked about are not only in the US. These things spider around the world and are connected with MAG LEV trains.

      Ever wonder why a hammer was $500 and toilet seat was $700. Not waste...just reallocated to the special access programs for the brotherhood.

      I would encourage you to read about the DULCE WARS that Phil Schneider talked about in his you tube videos. Very interesting stuff.

    4. Good call. I first read about Dulce Wars in hard copy along with VCR tapes of his talks given in Idaho in the pre-internet days, arriving here my snail-mail.Cools story about the car he had when they tried to run hi off the road, RECALL that one JV??

      Hey, guys, its official, Phil Schneider offed himself by suiciding with piano wire!!
      In coroners report.

    5. Yes. Those old tapes are good. I would have loved to been there in person so I could have seen all the metal samples and photos he had physically.

    6. That single death is on Shrub sr....BURNING in hell already, I know it. I believe he has already been offed.Next his withch wife barbara should fall soon if she didn't get taken out already along with that piece of damned trash.... Trillions to build DUMBS and secret space programs.What an arse-HOLE=BlACKHOLE!!Kikes just went along getting their cut laundering money for that insane bastard.Bribing officials is just the tip of the iceberg as far as how much this insane PUNK stole since offing JFK.

    7. TIM Now your on reality and see the links. The inner links with him and Greenspan are sickening corruption. They attempted to murder their book keeper when she tried to go public with their Frauds, and fed her a water bottle on a plane which was a CIA lab rat toxin which fried her lymph nodes. She was on emergency care for 3 months and it took 9 months to get back, but damaged for life. We have the Toxicology reports. Direct assassination hit.
      He is the worst US Traitor in history the things he has done. Human filth. Nazi family, criminals the lot.

  8. The spin machines are working OT on the G20, over all not a bad weekend spent. Now if behinds closed doors in the secret wink wink world any agreements were made, time will tell. Trump team says he visits UK soon, Munchin says China team into DC this month.
    My birdie says the ink is almost dry on the currency deal(s), interesting Iraq claiming the bad guys are out.
    All the same I'd like to see David Crayford chime in here. I pointed him over here but.....

    1. CB

      Partial sure are agreed. Partial.

      Now we sort the ink on Zimbabwe which is totalled out. If you know the inner track you will know whats plying out from Zurich now, we are just not going public yet.

      Other currencies will be majors first for ease of control and synergy. There is still NO infrastructure in place for the public ambulance chasers. Nor interest by the Banks in timewasting with them. Majors first, then how to control the grunt feast? The big pallets do enough. The rest is a mess. Who, how and why? The majors are for projects. The public will be a nightmare to contain and track.Then tax!

      Next week some may move. Some majors are on standby. Once the log jam breaks the me, me, me's will be heard loud. How do the Contractors get out? They were promised. Murdering scum with IOU's to collect. Solutions are needed just to appease DC.
      First the big battalions. That is a big step. But PPs first to trade up and fund it.

    2. Hello John, I had a question. Last week was G20 and you said that next week attempts will be made to get the PP's out. And now in your post above today you are talking about next week some may move, did you really mean this week as Sunday is the start of a new week?

    3. If a bank can make a spread...they will find a way.

      Pigs at the trough.

      Not to mention, they have your money in their account so they can lock in down for this collapse that everyone keeps talking about.

      Help them fund those derivative trades they are all cross collateralized with each other on that get paid out first when the banking system goes down.

    4. Griffonred

      Yes this coming week we try again.
      Once we start the PP's we break the log jam.
      Then the taxes can be traded up and currencies next.

      But that first step? Unlocking Zio claws!

    5. I got my dinar and dong wipes locked and loaded in my safe. Thanks for the info!

    6. Always keep your Dong protected and ready for use.

    7. Haha dong locked and loaded

    8. John,

      It seems like you are saying that the currencies will get done after the taxes from the PP settlements are traded up on the London Platforms. That process will take time, if that is what you are saying. Just trying to read between the lines.

    9. Ok. Thanks for your reply. Is this before or after sleep?

    10. Last night I got 3 hours. a privilege. Time zones, Global needs and having to contain or activate information flow before formal meetings means being prepped to go whenever that consensus comes. Life on a treadmill.

  9. Smashing ISIS in Iraq will help you all. No more safe passage out, they need to wipe the lot out. Zero tolerance. It then needs America and Israel to stop arming and funding them. ISIS DEAD is a start for Currencies.

    Lets see by Wednesday where its at.

    1. I'm pretty sure I also read last week that Iraq made their final 5 Billion payment to Kuwait for war reparations.

      Which, if I am not mistaken, was required to get them out of the sanctions that stripped their currencies value originally.

      Seems to be a lot of steam at the head of this locomotive.

    2. Yes and we have to stay zipped until.

      There is a LOT going on.

    3. Hello JV, can you provide the article for that? I would love to read it. I saw an article online about this but it was from 2015. Thank again.

  10. Trumps next(unless he has other trump-cards up his casino sleeves) step will be to veto the bill if passed about Russian new sanctions.
    I suppose that is just gonna be another trump-fart?

  11. There will be no resistance here about positive Trump progress. We welcome it and if pertinent will commend it. Lack of progress is our concern. Clinton,Wiener, Pedos, Agency corruption, the Deep State? Success rate of Zero so far. Why so? Allegations he was a "Guest" at Epsteins island if true?

    1. Maybe that is the NEW meme to replace "Russian interfered to get Trump Elected" meme? It sounds quite ridiculous, but they did float a story on NYT that Trump raped some girl and killed her or some crap.

      You did say, "....if true?". WHY are you even repeating FakeNews here within conjecture context? Support the bastard, hey? Repating bullshit is negative. I understand you are miffed he has not delivered within 100 days.SO ARE WE! Yet, construction of the man is better tha destruction of the man, is it not? If he gets pushed out in within say 120 days, what then? Huh????He is the BackStop, per your own words, so stop back-peddling of support of the backstop, please.SOROS and companions needs jailing first, that includes all the pedophiles.How about giving him supporting documents about that via UK network of unhampered spying hack networks to help that along the way? Please, give the Chump a Chance, and a break.....If your network is able, destroy Kurshner, okay>
      Yes, that would help, and many, many here who see what is what in USA corp would be grateful to UK for that bit.

    2. "Going for the Jugular" can be achieved this way. Slamming the man does nothing positive for "moving forward". WE THE PEOPLE see what is going on, thanks to you and your team. UP the "GAME" as I have crudely, yes, and which was "off the cuff"outlined and see what happens.Won't hurt, right?Uk hacking network now can do anything, so let's see if that violation on privacy can be used in a positive fashion, no?

      Boton handed off via description(by me here) of new
      VAULT 8.0 here.
      Will humanity(requesting UK assistance) respond to the call?
      Probably not....

  12. Hertzog is what busts everything loose by your own words. Why not publish right in this current threat pertinent details? FULL name, aliases, specifics of what he will reveal upon extradition? Make it small and compact so a SCREENSOT can be taken of the post at this website BY MEMBERS, so WE THE PEOPLE make this VIRAL?

    No? Big secret, still? (You must have a secure website that holds ALL info you can include in this theoretical host site here, by you, John, complete details and documentation there to jump to by people typing that in because it WOULD NOT be a live link, yet visually seen within the said theoretical post for viral distribution my, again US MEMBERS). Game on. Put up, man.

    Instructions have now been forwarded.Done right, it will get to Drudge, etc...

    HERTZOG, HERTZOG, HERTZOG, HERTZOG.....(am I alone in the wilderness?)

    1. Well, maybe zero-hedge will pick it up IF done right....

    2. Read the White Hats reports all you need is there.

    3. You may indeed be alone in the wilderness if you keep misspelling his name.


    4. That site is not secure as a source for something going viral. It is made with minimal protect, though protect is there, of course. I am proposing somthing bigger & better. Men , well LIKE being "bigger & better", no? Or, am I completely a loon? I see my logic is flawless. Point out my flaws where you see them, of course.

      That website is being blocked by all the big names, John.Algorythms and AI, bots and crap stuff to stiffle progress.

    5. #herzog @herzog

      To get things started for the bots, which will likely block there. We need MEMEs, by concerted effort from members if this is even a consideration, which seems like you guys don't like it...So...whatever.

    6. Tim, the entire article is o the White Hats site as John said.
      Our US Congress knows. They just close their eyes.

    7. OMG! Really? I didn't know this.... So, maybe some rumors are true about Donald J. Trump, regarding his deep Rothschild connections.

      Godschild, thank you for the clarification. Though, this fact is completely disheartening at best....And, worst case is he is being blackmailed and its in fact true about rape & murder. This is extremely hard to take right now. (literally in tears right now considering all of this....)

    8. Tim, I'm confused. I didn't say DJT knew the story regarding Herzog. I really don't know.
      I doubt your 2 sentence is true. But who knows?

  13. Putin Exposed the Plot to Destroy America and Pedophilia & What Body Language Reveals [videos]
    July 9, 2017

    We actually have TWO interesting videos in this post.

    If I heard the below referenced talk from Putin earlier, I don’t recall it, but he didn’t mince any words. He said, “pedophilia” (in Russian, of course)—and a lot more.

    Who are the globalists and their propaganda machine telling America are public enemies number one and two? Trump and Putin. Does that tell you anything?

    I’d say public enemy number one is the public. They don’t have a clue.

    I believe Putin knows precisely what’s going on in our little water world, and I think he filled Trump in on the details when they had their little tête-à-têtes in Hamburg and weren’t being surveilled by the enemy.

    1. P,

      Thank you for this sliver of a ray of hope....

  14. p: An RT Documentary, subject matter adult. It was found on Facebook. I truly hope this practice stops and boys learn trades that benefit them and their culture.
    7 9 2017

    In Afghanistan, cruel wealthy men enjoy organizing parties with ‘bachas’ – boys who dance in women’s clothes.

  15. p: An act of kindness and CNN's contract at airports expires in 90 days.

    Published on Jul 9, 2017

    President Trump attempted to do something very kind for this Marine as he boarded the Marine One Presidential helicopter upon returning to the United States after the G20 summit in Hamburg Germany.

    With history as prologue, we know it's something President Obama never did when he had the chance.

  16. Replies
    1. Texian, great music, Thank you for sharing! )

  17. Very much worth the read below are only parts but whole article worth understanding

    The Federal United States has been operated as a puppet by the British Government which in turn has been operated as a puppet by the City State of Westminster aka Inner City of London which has been operated by international banking cartels and the Bar for generations. In turn, these organizations have been influenced, led, and perpetuated by what Frank O’Collins calls “the Roman Cult” within the Roman Catholic Church.
    Americans, like the British People, have gone along trustingly and been abused and enslaved.

    Let it stand before the American People and the entire world who the guilty parties actually are: the administration of Queen Elizabeth II, her corporation, ELIZABETH II, the British Crown Corporation and its franchises worldwide, the Lords of the Admiralty and the City-State of Westminister together with all its Successor Organizations and franchises, and the Holy See doing business as FRANCISCUS are directly and personally responsible for all this injustice and mayhem and mis-administration of the Public Trust in Britain, America, the Commonwealth, India, Japan, all of Western Europe and most of Eastern Europe, too.
    The populations of all these countries have a grudge and many, many claims against these perpetrators; the People of China would be well-warned and advised not to accept any “gifts” from Jacob Rothschild or the World Bank or QEII, either. Gold and silver are not food, not fuel, and not the raw resources that China needs. Apart from being excellent conductors of electricity and photo emulsions, of what use are these so-called “precious” commodities?

    It is time to recognize these criminals for who and what they are and to bring a stop to them and their predations upon the entire world. The most expedient way to do this is for everyone worldwide to cease operating as any form of corporation—simply dissolve them all, nationalize their assets in the case of “government” corporations, demand that the Pope acting as CEO liquidate those corporations that have acted as criminal syndicates—-including the major banks. Apply the Icelandic Answer.

    Salesmen in tweeds, they will conclude as we have that we have all suffered from a single malady which has its world headquarters in the Inner City of London. And then we can all take appropriate action—like enforcement of the:
    $279 trillion dollar International Commercial Obligation Lien which the Americans have placed against the American Bar Association, the International Bar Association and the misnamed Department of Justice which matures tomorrow

    If we, the people of the Continental United States are forced to take up arms against those operating the Federal United States, it will be a clarion call for your joint understanding and assistance in removing this source of criminality from our mutual midst. Let the Federal United States and the Governments of Britain and the City-State of Westminster and the administration of the Vatican stand revealed as crime syndicates that have created and which are responsible for much of the poverty, misery, injustice, and conflict that have infested our planet for generations—-and not as they would portray themselves as enlightened philanthropists.
    PETTY CROOKS OPERATING on a giant stage is much closer to the truth of it. (e.g.Hillary Clinton, George W Bush, George H.W. Bush, Dick Cheney)
    As each person reads this and knows that we can choose global peace or global war and that it is not negotiable that innocent victims should again bear the brunt of this criminality, don’t be afraid just because you are suddenly aware that you are “just one person” in the midst of a universe. Become aware instead that you are the universe.

  18. Tino,
    Just saw this and couldn't resist posting for amusing.

    Mark Dice: CNN App Downgraded to One Star

  19. John are gold - backed currencies a myth that the online gurus talk about. Something to do with Basel 3.

  20. John are gold - backed currencies a myth that the online gurus talk about. Something to do with Basel 3.

    1. No they are coming. They often mean Gold backed bonds.

    2. Do the gold backed bonds and/or currencies have anything to do with the GCR/RV?

  21. Julian Assange @Real_Assange

    Sources confirm that Clinton email investigation to be reopened later next week. FBI rank and file are ecstatic and morale is up.

    1. But will it bring back in Wiener, the Clinton's, Huma and all that sordid Set? Trump was elected to put Clinton in Jail - Well??? Clinton Foundation?

    2. He may be onto something.

    3. In thinking through reasons why there have not been arrests of high level players that we know of as yet, could it be that there are not law following judges appointed as yet? US attorneys were asked for resignations so replacements are in progress? The judiciary are among the most corrupt with some appointed and most "elected." All we have are what Obozo appointed and GWB before him...all deep state operatives. So how does it help to arrest and bring a case only to have a judge dismiss with prejudice?

    4. US globalists are collapsing on their own accord. Trump has a facility for laying a trap and Trolling the opposition into it, and he uses this projection of himself as an utter fool as bait.

      CNN destroyed itself in a series of overconfident attacks. Trump appointing his enemy Muller as "special investigator" of what Trump knew was a snipe hunt made him look good while disabling the opposition.

      Trump is not a fighter. He is a hunter. He does not battle but rather waits in cover until he has a clear kill shot.

    5. Good observation.

      “If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.”

      ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    6. It was a masterful takedown of Clinton News Network! As soon as I heard Trump say to Acosta "I've changed my assessment of CNN is fake news, VERY fake news," it was like saying "game on." Acosta will have a hard time finding a job even in Palookaville."

  22. Post G20, the epitaph.
    Trump, by lack of determined inclusion.effectively renounced US Global Leadership.End of an Empire. No opinion, no voice, no lead.

    He spent time isolated,not up to speed on Global issues, transfixed and out of his depth. Delegating his seat at a key meeting to his even more inexperienced daughter offended many delegates. Again the sophistication and culture of a Klutz!

    The world is changing, and picking up speed. Trump appears like Tiger Woods, his vehicle out of control, crashed at the wheel and on Meds of reality doses. Not sure where he came from, how he got there, or where hes going. So much for the man who promised the world, as the accomplished liar he is, only to find he's just not man enough.

    He just vacated America from the key spot, in an ever changing world,so hopefully with his IQ limited attention span he now can focus on the GS and PPs, and at least get one thing right.

    We note from new reports they are looking to re open Gitmo to handle Bad Dudes.
    Really, they are moving Congress and the Clintons? Bankers too? Room for the Agencies?

    1. Does the dong RV depend upon him, too along with GS & PP's? (sorry if thats a dumb question)

    2. As President he's a factor when the UST needs permission to move exceptional amounts, except when your a Clinton, or Obama, and Bush 41 or his CIA rogues impose their will. Panetta regularly interposed for Bush 41 and Cheney looted the store for Bush 41 while the Family Chump was boozed up on watch.

  23. Monday morning opening market positions on PPs- Zero. Currencies - Zero.

    So Tuesday, pre advice or not? Determined questions are in. Where is their money?

    A question- IF Trump had to announce a US Bankruptcy- Which it IS!!, how do YOU cope? With what? What reserves,what form? Paper will be worthless. How will YOU survive, trading what?
    Just think it forward if needed. What if?

    1. John
      From your update, if I’m understanding it correctly, there was an expectation that funds were to hit beneficiaries’ accounts, at least for the PPs, this Monday morning. Clearly, that didn’t happen. Do you think the transactions were made and funds are still in transit or clearing due to the weekend, or that promised transactions were never made in the first place because they reneged again?

    2. Promised and now we check. Aggressively. Their BS excuses wont wash any more. How many times to repeat a lie facing an ever more enraged Creditor?
      So now, G20 BS over, it's a day thing. Which means slamming into the Treasury and Fed hourly. All the above we check, then get very shit faced if not. No more Mr Nice Guys left,now they get daily harassment. It's hardball now daily. Hearing Zio Rats and Zio trash is not a good place to be if your a colluding and conniving Kike being called out with hate, disgust and venom. Their party is over, and its dawning.

      Time to trial run a few new techniques on them down in Gitmo? Sharing a cell with Hilderbeast for 6 months? Huma as a 3 some?

    3. Thanks for the update, John. I had a couple questions for you.

      1. You mentioned in the previous blogs that things have never gotten this far, how is this the case when they keep BS'ing?

      2. Is it safe to say that we should stop watching daily now in light of this? It seems that they are never going to pay.

      Once again thank you and the Elders for everything you do.

    4. When the heat turns up, you run?
      The heat is on THEM now. Nowhere to run. Now if they even try to interbank switch it we are on it, and them.
      We have guys inside watching.
      BS can only go so far.

    5. I don't think anyone wants to run, but it seems that they are never going to pay, and there is no way to force them to pay. I have only been following this for four years. I'm sure others have been following this a lot longer than I have. We seem to get to a point where it's almost done and it doesn't get done for whatever reason. I though people were working on a workaround to bypass the US, but it looks like the Partial RV will not happen without the cooperation of the US. It seems like it's the same as it ever was. They delay.

    6. You cant bypass a Debt the US owes.

    7. imho, you terry and red are not asking the appropriate Questions to contain your emotions.

      i believe we are only getting part, and probably a very small slender view, of what is going on. believe me, we appreciate all the info we can get lol

      so, a group of Questions at this juncture could be how much of this whole thing is john involved in? are there other activities outside john's purview? does john represent all the clients in the known universe of clients there are to represent in this activity?

      then for each Question, do a binary analysis:

      if the answer is yes, and if the answer is no

      and then in each case, let your mind take you to its logical end ("if yes john represents all the known clients in the universe in this thing, then what does that mean?", alternatively "if john does not rep all the know clients in the universe of clients in this thing, then what does that mean?")

      please try and understand what is going on here through your own powers of logic before you let loose your discomfited misgivings inside your minds. hope this helps

      we probably won't know the ending until we get there.... stay strong

    8. Terry

      If you saw the sheer size and scale of what they have stolen,you would see the growing pressure cooker for America.
      Their debts are off the planet now.Creditor queues are growing, as is anger and deep resentment. There is too much anger to walk or hide much longer.
      G20 is the start of the slide.

      A Global Creditors meeting will be forced on them soon.

      Crime catches up, and you could grandstand only when top dog. New bigger Dogs have arrived.

      Germany and the EU were signing deals with China. So are India and others. No one seeks US deals now. No one wants US paper. Credit is imploding for freeloading.

      Whole nations are going to call it. Asia is offloading US trade to swerve the impact when it comes. All are reducing exposure now. Declining trade, zero trust,loss of the Top Dog slot. Power to say no is draining. The world will say No More!

    9. I always thought the goal of the zionists, nazi, illuminati, brotherhood, dirtbag consortium was to collapse America.

      If their goal was to keep it going they wouldn't be killing and bankrupting it's citizens.

      Seems to me they haven't failed. Quite the opposite....they are succeeding.

      For the NWO to come in to existence, AMARIKA must be destroyed.

    10. John,
      The US CORPORATION owes, not America or Americans. The families who own the FEDERAL RESERVE OWE. You're barking up the wrong tree. Most of them are in your own back yard.

      That 100 year "experiment" is over. Serve up the bills to the Rotts, Rockys, Queen? and others.

    11. Texian

      When it hits it won't matter. It all goes the way of the Dodo. At some point relief happens because fraud vitiates every contract and reasonable if punitive terms will come about.

    12. Tino,
      Intellectually I do know that....however conflating Americans with the foreign-owned US CORPORATIONS FEDERAL RESERVE creates a burr on my saddle.

    13. Until we repudiate them, it's a cross every man in the Republic will have to bear.

  24. Appears White Hat Report 35 brings forward Herzog, but states documentation and proofs were forwarded to authorities. Not the same as bringing a Civil Action of course. So none of the relevant proofs are in the public domain, so nobody could follow it forward. The thread NEEDS a George Webb type character to chase and pull the metadata together since the injured parties appear not to have a capable counsel in their corner.
    Trump IS an old pal of Jeff Epstein, so he certainly has exposure there. And he was NOT elected to put Hilary behind bars. He was elected to drain the swamp, which given the depths of the waters, will not happen in 6 months.

    1. Any of them??????? When does it start? And its 8 months with Bugger all to show.

  25. Turn up the popcorn machine..

    Trump: "Comey Leaked CLASSIFIED INFORMATION To The Media. This Is So Illegal"

    1. This is going to get large and nasty. Good!

      Long overdue the Bonney and Clyde Clinton's of US deviancy got an anal probe.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Live: Theresa May & Malcolm Turnbull Press Conference

    British PM & Australian PM hold news conference

  27. Really? Criticism of George Soros is stoking anti-semitism- Israeli Ambassador. So, let me point out something that is not evident. Hungary doesn't give a rat fart about Israel's opinion on this topic. Given the actions George Soros has taken, it is natural, normal and indeed just, that people in the EU and elsewhere should hate this man and what him taken in for justice and punishment. Additionally, many of us, no longer care if you label us anti-semitic, Holocaust denier, Jew-hater, or any other rhetorical gambit. We are done. A Jew in Brooklyn that labors like any other dog and salutes the U.S. flag is no concern to me or others. We do recognize good Jews and will stand against violence at any time. But the rest of the Zionist crowd, the ones that are clearly insane enough to think that George Soros needs defending, are in for a rude awakening. Watch now in real-time Hungary politely tell Israel that the anti-semitic concerns are over-blown, and thank you very much, we will still hunt down Soros.

  28. Time for some theatrical entertainment..

    "Pope Francis has weighed in on the matter of religious bread-making by reminding his flock that the Body of Christ is not gluten-free."

    Hello! It's a bloody biscuit! Bloody cannibal shite. 'Eat his body and drink his blood'. A, they believe it makes a difference and B, it's pure satanic ritual. And then they send their boys. Can anything be more luciferian?

    1. Yep, 21 st century, can you credit anyone following this Guff?

    2. Speaking of Lucifer ... and boys ......... THE DICK STICKERS BACK IN TOWN.

    3. Here's a classic example of the Guff from a popular blog with a pot calling a kettle black. Maddening for those of a more rational bent:

      Zionist Knight wrote:Do I stand with Israel? If you do not, then you are facing God's curse/. Pure and simple, right out of the Bible.
      Even if so-called Jews were not Edomite-Canaanite-Khazarian imposters they rejected Herbrewism and the Abrahamic Covenant when they adopted their Satanic Babylonian Talmud (which is basically an instruction manual on how to circumvent the commandments of the Old Testament) and Pharisaism. Not to mention their central role in the killing of Christ.

      "The return from Babylon and the introduction of the Babylonian Talmud mark the end of Hebrewism and the beginning of Judaism." - Rabbi Stephen Wise, Chief Rabbi of the United States

      "With the destruction of the Temple (70 A.D.) the Sadducees disappeared altogether, leaving the regulation of all Jewish affairs in the hands of the Pharisees. Henceforth, Jewish life was regulated by the Pharisees; the whole history of Judaism was reconstructed from the Pharisaic point of view, and a new aspect was given to the Sanhedrin of the past. A new chain of tradition supplanted the older priestly tradition (Abot 1:1). Pharisaism shaped the character of Judaism and the life and thought of the Jew for all the future. (See Exhibit 264 herein.)" - Jewish Encyclopedia (1905)

    4. On their way to get married, a young Catholic couple were involved in a fatal car accident. The couple found themselves sitting outside the Pearly Gates waiting for St. Peter to process them into Heaven.

      While waiting they began to wonder; Could they possibly get married in Heaven?

      When St. Peter arrived they asked him if they could get married in Heaven. St. Peter said, "I don't know. This is the first time anyone has asked. Let me go find out," and he left.
      The couple sat and waited for an answer.... For a couple of months.

      While they waited, they discussed the pros and cons. If they were allowed to get married in Heaven, should they get married, what with the eternal aspect of it all? "What if it doesn't work? Are we stuck in Heaven together forever?"

      Another month passed. St. Peter finally returned, looking somewhat bedraggled. "Yes," he informed the couple, "You can get married in Heaven."

      "Great!" said the couple. "But we were just wondering; what if things don't work out? Could we also get a divorce in Heaven?"

      St. Peter, red-faced with anger, slammed his clipboard on the ground.

      "What's wrong?" asked the frightened couple.

      "OH, COME ON!!!" St. Peter shouted. "It took me 3 months to find a priest up here!

      Do you have ANY idea how long it'll take to find a lawyer???"

    5. Hahahaha! Will use this one!

    6. Thanks for my first laugh of the day 😂

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. That was brilliant Texian. Thank you for starting my day with a smile.

  29. A good review of the Post G20 meeting....

    The Sirius Report with London Paul (07/10/2017)

  30. Reveals Trump working with Putin to shut down pedophiles and trafficking....and more

    Crowdsource the Truth: DC Bound

  31. Post G20, News filtering in suggests Global acceptance of the GCR, with one dissenter. America!

    It will take all week to factor in what next. Riding the Rapids. How and who?

    1. I wonder what is going to happen now. This is inhuman. John and the elders must be dealing with blocks of wood. It's good that everyone wants to to the gcr.

    2. John,

      It looks like the Big Dogs are gonna have to fight. I don't believe the Bankers will change their method of doing business because of Global Pressure.

      Thanks for all that you are trying to do.

    3. I am NOT going to expose cards or direction, but be assured, we have the AU, Vast T's of US paper and defaulted US debts, plus Eurasia. The US as always has no concept of the consequences if we crash the dollar. Not a base will be left standing. No planes or ships will land or berth without seizure. Wall Street closes. Millions of trees would have Bankers and Deep State hanging from them. Iceland hung 3! NO Fed , no way 2 fingers!

      All Bankers are W!!!!!! they will compromise. They lost their ass at G20. Reality also it seems.
      The world has lined up. Big Dogs wont take crap now,
      This is a time to look the at Banking and ask ???????????????
      The US vetoes? Good luck with that.

    4. I hope your plan works. If the people knew what the elite have done, surely this would already be resolved.

    5. Those of us who have an inkling of the depth and width of the corruption understand. Do what you must.

    6. GriffonRed if they weigh the same as a duck you might very well have witches on your hands :)

      Monty Python witch scene

    7. Good one AJ. Now let's put our energy together and send it towards john and the elders so we may see the conclusion to this very shortly.

  32. Really? Do I even have to comment again about bad polls? [Insert taking multiple Deities names in vain.] Did we learn nothing from the Trump victory? Polls are NOT going to be forward corrals of the People any more.

    1. Polls = scam and they knew it. They were in collusion with Demorat campaign. When Trump events had to be up sized to stadiums and Clinton downsized to small rooms and only show staged people behind her, you knew the polls were a scam. There was also evidence that her events were on a green screen. Lol!

    2. Yes, but clearly the Deep State doesn't get it that the gig is up. Who is going to trust a poll moving forward ever again? Crazy situation. BTW, have you seen the Hamburg in flames from the top of a skyscraper video? Unbelievable.

    3. Yes, saw that. When so-called "protests" are left to escalate to that level, the thugs were hired to do it with full endorsement of the "government." Same thing with Berkeley, Ferguson MO, Sanford FL and others. Sickening.

  33. We selected with care a controlled-access, self-contained safe house

    Every member of the group came with an impressive background, a broad base of knowledge, vast years of experience and most importantly, intelligence networks

    On that day we would sign an Oath.

    It was an oath that put us in line with our destiny.

    It was an oath that would hopefully save the Constitution of the United States of America and the Declaration of Independence.

    It was an oath that would protect the very core of every country in the world, especially those that were the last bastions of freedom on earth.

    Out of the backdrop of darkness, we took this Oath to expose the cancer of our former bosses and the elite. We all prayed to our respective God. And on that day, the White Hats were born. May we live to see this through to the end.

    We have slipped in, completed the recon, evaluated the landscape, developed a well thought out plan backed by hard documented evidence and we have moved in for the duration.

    it’s about telling the truth of what we write and the effect it will have on their careers. They know what’s happening. They know they have compromised America. They know their time is coming to an end.

    Our leadership has no guts, no swagger. They are fading away waiting for someone else to do the job. No Guts. No Honor. No Leadership … just puppets manipulated by the greatest puppeteer. This is quite an indictment of what our system and the people in it have become … no longer the leaders of the free world … with a swagger.

    When Obama roared in the Oval office while beating his chest, he loudly announced for all to hear, “I OWN THE MEDIA … SCREW THE WHITE HATS.” The media knows it and has hung its respective heads in shame, as they have given up the fight for freedom of the press, a right of all free people.

    This story, our story, is an international story that is so significant the other countries cannot contain themselves, as they know the real truth.

    So between the elected officials, our leadership, and the media, a noose has been placed snuggly on each American’s neck … man, woman and child … a noose that is slowly moving across the earth like Hitler’s Third Reich did. It has reached all points in the world, every bank, every banker, every nation. This time neo-nazi’s have figured it out … it only took one hundred years and three tries but the third time is the charm.

    We figure this is our lot in life. We feel that a higher power, God as we know Him, has trained us up for this battle.

    In the meantime, the major news is the British do not care for mischief in their financial markets and have taken great exception to the thought that someone, or some group, has created such a huge deception that it has the potential to take down the British financial markets, British banks and bring such suspicion on the British Government so as to ruin the largest financial market in the world … hundreds of times larger than New York.

    We were able to find one extremely brave man, Lord James of Blackheath, who demonstrated his leadership and internal fortitude by expressing his convictions

    Bonney, Wanta, ARGO, Falcone and Tropos are just the tip of the iceberg. The 15 Trillion dollars stolen from the people of the United States of America by and through the Federal Reserve System and the Deparment of Treasury is deplorable.

    There was a comment in the House of Lords debate last week stating that a new wave of consciousness is emerging and sweeping through Europe.

    The White Hats and Lord James of BlackHeath Deliver a Death Blow to The Cabal –

    Transcript of Lord James 2-16-2012 –

    GAO Federal Reserve $16 Trillion Emergency Bailout Loans Audit Report –

  34. I forgot who posted this video about Podesta & Pedogate. THANKS!! It sounds like they are still killing off people involved in it. Says Ivanka is running the operation to identify the whole network of people involved!! It gets cut off and ends early.

  35. The vermin really are pulling out everything they've got. A disease that was virtually gone for decades is now infecting hundreds of thousands. THEY obviously unleased this to make it easier to take over Yemen.

    Yemen cholera cases pass 300,000 as outbreak spirals - ICRC


    The situation has continued to "spiral out of control", with about 7,000 new cases every day, the ICRC warned.

    More than 1,700 associated deaths have been reported, according to the UN.

    Yemen's health, water and sanitation systems are collapsing after two years of conflict between pro-government forces and the rebel Houthi movement.

    Cholera is an acute diarrhoeal infection caused by ingestion of food or water contaminated with the bacterium Vibrio cholera.

    Most of those infected will have no or mild symptoms but, in severe cases, the disease can kill within hours if left untreated.

  36. When the US was trading with the UK when we were a new country, Barbery coast pirates were bombarding our ships and taking the crew.
    George Washington wanted to pay the pirates an annual tribute for them to leave us alone but the trouble didn’t stop.
    So Thomas Jefferson, John Jay and Ben Franklin paid a visit to ambassador in Tripoli and they asked him why they are bombarding our ships.

    The Ambassador said they abide by their holy book, the Koran, which instructs them to kill infidels anywhere they are found. (anyone that is not of Islamic faith).

    So for the first time in American history, marines were deployed to fight in the Middle East (Tripoli, Qatar etc.
    This is where the wording in the marine fight song came from
    ‘the shores of Tripoli’).

    The al-Thani family vowed to exact vengeance on the USA from WITHIN after the USSA sent troops to fight in the middle east for the first time.
    A descendant of the original Thani is now a sheik in Doha Qatar – he owns Al Jazeera network and has a foundation called the Qatar Foundation. Michael Bloomberg former mayor of NYC sits on its board.

    Bloomberg (intruth: globalist traitor) agreed to bring common core in to the USA through New York where it was fully implemented 3 years before it was pushed onto the states.

    The National Governor’s Association told the states they had to sign of on common core if they wanted grant money. Sadly, 47 of 50 states signed.


    Streamed live on Jul 6, 2017

    I interviewed Robert David Steele on Thursday, July 6, 2017. We talk about pedophilia, Trump, the deep state, 911, colonies on Mars and the moons of Saturn, underground bases and a host of other topics.PLUS, FINANCIAL COLLAPSE coming this September. (101mins)

    1. The refusal of the US to agree the GCR at G20 will have consequences. The entire world was ready to go, but the Kikes want her Slaves intact- not free.
      So now it comes, Freedom- or Kikedom?

    2. Should read want their Slaves intact. Typo.

    3. John , I'm confused... I thought DJT was on board with all that to help the US avoid a crash unless the GCR is not a determining factor in the Tiers /PPs progressing independently of the GCR...Am i missing something other than a superior IQ,lol ??

    4. John,

      Can you give us an idea of what the consequences will be? Just from reading your comments, it was already understood that the world was moving on without the US. The Gold backed RMB and Eurasia are the future.

    5. My reading of this is that the opportunity to remain dealt in has gone, and events will be dictated to the recalcitrants along with arrests.

    6. I am lost!! Where or how did US refuse GCR at the G20 meeting? I thought that the big deal from all of that was DJP allying with President Putin, and KUTTING OUT KIKE Kursher from 2 hour that meeting.Rumors state that Putin told DJT during that meeting either DJT releases the high level names of the pedogate people or if he doesn't Putin will(Pedos in USA & UK).

    7. Be assured, the Russians have real issues with Zio Kikes. Kushner will get nowhere with them.

  38. 1. The G20 and other nations are now embarking on a Global system which will exclude the US if not back in line fast.
    2. If fairness to DJT, we don't yet know enough about his stance or even understanding, so its too early to respond. The problem he now will know. This is all way beyond his Pay Grade.
    3. Russia will release the Pedo files if DJT does not support key agendas and bring the lot down. Be in no doubt this will reach into the UK too, and so it should. Let none escape.

    Post G20, let the dust settle. Trump has stepped aside from Global Leadership and the costs. Now who steps up? But the US has real problems poor Trump inherited. Decades of budget abuse. He sees the costs. Horrific. Empires end. Can the US avoid a crash?
    So much is in play now. Scattered cards.

    Certain PP discussions are very much in play and alive. Those if redeemed would be a great start. It's hourly now!

  39. Clarification causing confusion.

    The PPs are continuing and private.

    But it became clear the Deep State and Zio Kikes will not unleash their claws on their trapped US Tax Salves, you ARE their feed bowl and they were totally against a Public pay out. THEY don't want the public to feed. Their agenda is clear. 21 plus NWO.

    Now it's the changing of the guard. New rules, new fools.

    1. So, John does this mean that there is a removal of these animals going on behind the scenes? These guys are getting very desperate.

    2. How far has US Justice got with any of these Varmints yet? World pressure is now on.

  40. Wow. Thanks for sharing Tim and MWP.
    Was not aware and this another eye opener to share with everyone.

  41. Texian, sounds like Anna's plan is the only way out for the sheeple here?

    1. Dissolve all corporations! Make every entity PERSONALLY liable and responsible! That should help to clean up the swamps....

  42. No one expected such a blatant US block. Criminality at its worst and ugly.
    It will now be answered by G20 and more. See how far isolation goes.The G20 will now go alone minus the US. Allow time to decide. The world now must move on.

  43. John , is the DONG a dead issue ? Thanks .

    1. Great question in light of this latest update by JOHN.

      Yet, JOHN was unclear from what I read if it was DJT specifically blocking, because is seems the banksters have blocked.Yet, how is that if this was G20 information and results of that G20 meeting?

    2. Really All OR NOTHING?.... Hard to believe you really asked that question in light of all John has posted....

    3. Every minute is live now. What part of NO we will NOT back down did they not get?
      Now events are already moving. You may only get $? per dinar,for a live switch, but if so, be grateful. A certain block is being discussed right now,whereby, thank God,Iraq gets a c$7T fix, which is REAL if so, and not a STUPID , nation tearing debt to feed the greed of the rabid Munsters.

      It's very live but not before after 21st, or later.

      Dongs are LIVE currencies.Hello?

      Zims we wait.

      Just a day and freaking? Grow a pair and watch. It's frantic now.
      I think a few foreskins are about to be transplanted wire stitched!
      Good people are working hard for this

    4. What does "Dongs are LIVE currencies.Hello?" mean?
      Could it be that dong could presumably "pop" to the new SMALL WINDOW higher rate any moment now because of their refusal arrogance?
      (JOHN did state that China owns Vietnam I recall.)

    5. TIM4 VND are live trading. Their exchange value was something like 10,000/$10,00 US. The new and post GCR rate ranges from a penny or two - >$2.00. Some say that will not happen. I believe there will be a VND - USD exchange ..... others do not. THE BIG IIIIFFFFFFF!

    6. XE Currency Charts: USD to VND
      US Dollar to Vietnamese Dong Chart

      This USD/VND Chart lets you see this pair's currency rate history for up to 10 years! XE uses highly accurate, live mid-market rates.

    7. Bob,
      Current quote from XE:

      10 Jul 2017 15:30 UTC - 11 Jul 2017 15:38 UTC
      USD/VND close:22731.51387 low:22725.70773 high:22746.05191

      So it 's no where near 1 dollar = 1 dong

    8. A44 & TEX Please forgive my laziness for not clicking of Forex. My Agent Orange & TCE neurological damage (ND) limits me at times LOL. I was only making the point that ... hand onto your Dongs if you believe since they are trading currently and could go up. I did not mention that I believe they can reach 1:1 or better as part of the hydration process for those in a legitimate group. I am uncertain as to those no in a group but they are swimming up stream for any kind of wholesome return.

      My ND is real and no excuse for complacency .... I am rewiring neurons ... I think! I hope, I Pray! Thanks and please keep providing important feedback; especially when I need it!

    9. BOB,

      How does a person get into a "legitimate group" with self-owned VND?
      Or, is it too late for something like that for us little people?

    10. Bob,
      You're fine! We all misstate accidentally from time to time. I knew that wasn't a quote you would want to leave out there.

      I'm not in a group, just have a very moderate amount of VND so don't expect any miracles. If it does mature into a windfall, it's to secure a grandson's future and hopefully help some others.

  44. Anna Von R. Mentions M1 and Swissnindo are offering up the deal to settle the bankruptcy of US.

    JOHN, IS THIS the same Elders group that you are dealing with?

    Thanks for all you guys are doing to bring this into view of the world.

      Please provide a link for this, or copy/paste all text.

    2. Thus is one article that mentions Swissnindo near end,

      However I am looking for the article that mentions M1 and will post it when I find it.

    3. Here it is.

    4. NO that BS has been around for years. Wannabes.

  45. JUNO flew over Jupiter's big red hurricane today, pics will come in over the weekend. It is now known that it is shrinking rapidly. Climate change on other planets is real and demonstrated, as on Earth.

    So yes, the Sun and the region of space we are passing through are causes. Plus energies. So yes the Earth's climate is changing too, obviously. So climate change deniers are as bad as the marxist left who want to tax carbon.

    This past week my state announced a deal with Elon Musk to build the world's largest battery to support clean energy. It isn't about carbon so much as pollution IMO.

    How nice would it be for the world to support clean energy technology without linking it to this global warming (sic) BS? Let's get on with it and recognise the true causes of natural climate change and reduce pollution in one stroke.

  46. Is what John is talking about that we are a no go, about the currency reval? The US did not agree to reval the currencies? I am sorry if this was already asked.

    1. Last word is they are in the trenches fighting tooth&nail!

      If it is a "no go", such will be ANNOUNCED prominently, I am sure.

  47. With all the online articles posted every day, about the deep s***, the US is in, i find it hard to believe that so many posting over and over about the RV, like they are oblivious to which matters are more important, to our survival in the US.
    I hope for an RV also, but it doesn't take a brain scientist to see that there are much larger issues that we BETTER be more concerned with. Just MHO.

  48. Hello everyone, I wanted to chime in and give some words of positive encouragement. I know everyone is panicking about the recent post from John such as this.

    "Clarification causing confusion.

    The PPs are continuing and private.

    But it became clear the Deep State and Zio Kikes will not unleash their claws on their trapped US Tax Salves, you ARE their feed bowl and they were totally against a Public pay out. THEY don't want the public to feed. Their agenda is clear. 21 plus NWO. Now it's the changing of the guard. New rules, new fools."

    Notice he says that the Zio Kikes WERE against a public payout. Notice the past tense terms used in this post, and notice he mentioned the changing of the guards. I panicked myself after reading this, and I though to myself if there was no way we were going to get anything at this point, John would have told us to get rid of our currencies by now. I know we are all hurting financially, and just want this to get a little break, but remember people this thing can turn on a dime, who knows we may get to cash out still this week. So let's all think positive and believe that we will see our profits from our currencies so we can help those who need it the most.

    Griffon Red Out!

  49. Godschild,
    Read those posts again. Anna is indicating Swissindo and M1 bonds are a scam and don't fall for it. Anna calls them "Obummers buddies."

    And Americans anxious for a currency revalue are aware that our currency is expected, according to Dr Jim Willie and others, to take an immediate 30% reduction with several more reductions rather quickly to total at least 75% reduction? With other currencies escalating, do you see what will happen here? We no longer manufacture much of anything, are dependent on foreign imports which will suddenly escalate dramatically in price? The FEDS, this foreign-owned corporation, has even shut down most ranching and food production in America. They ruined the California fruit and vegetable farms that were feeding us with contrived HAARP droughts, drained the reservoirs so farmers had no water.

    So while you're thinking you may score some $$$ with a little funny money, the situation will be dire. Anna is also pointing out this " Neu Republic" is just another French corporation coming to scam us.

    1. Yeah, I saw REALLY great documentation(pictures,etc) of them bastards DRAINING lakes with water due to farmers in CA all the while claiming a DROUGHT was underway when those dams were FULL. BEFORE/DURING?AFTER pictures!! Believe that happened in 2012.

  50. With all the online articles posted every day, about the deep s***, the US is in, i find it hard to believe that so many posting over and over about the RV, like they are oblivious to which matters are more important, to our survival in the US.
    I hope for an RV also, but it doesn't take a brain scientist to see that there are much larger issues that we BETTER be more concerned with. Just MHO.

  51. XE Currency Charts: USD to VND
    US Dollar to Vietnamese Dong Chart

    This USD/VND Chart lets you see this pair's currency rate history for up to 10 years! XE uses highly accurate, live mid-market rates.

  52. Whhoooohh boy WRH?

    The head of Mt Gox Japans Bitcoin Traders is on trial for Fraud and Theft of Billions.
    Watch your backs out there.

  53. The group did not cite a source, though Agence France-Press reported that the claim was based on high-level ISIS sources. ISIS’s media channels dismissed the account. The news, which comes two weeks after Russia said the ISIS leader was killed in an airstrike near Raqqa, Syria, appears to have been confirmed by President Trump.

    The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights is a London-based monitoring group that is widely relied upon by Western news organizations for information on the Syrian civil war. It is seen as reliable in its reporting.


    1. Of course. Did you know The Economist is a Rothschild publication? They do have an agenda that is the antithesis of freedom. From Wikipedia:

      The publication belongs to the Economist Group. It is 50% owned by the English branch of the Rothschild family and by the Agnelli family through its holding company Exor. The remaining 50% is held by private investors including the editors and staff.[9][10] The Rothschilds and the Agnellis are represented on the board of directors.[11] A board of trustees formally appoints the editor, who cannot be removed without its permission. Although The Economist has a global emphasis and scope, about two-thirds of the 75 staff journalists are based in the London borough of Westminster.[12] For the year to March 2016 the Economist Group declared operating profit of £61m.[13] Previous major shareholders include Pearson PLC.[14]

      The Economist takes an editorial stance of classical and economic liberalism that supports free trade, globalisation, free immigration, and cultural liberalism (such as supporting legal recognition for same-sex marriage or drug liberalization).[2] The publication has described itself as "...a product of the Caledonian liberalism of Adam Smith and David Hume".[15] It targets highly educated readers and claims an audience containing many influential executives and policy-makers.[16] The publication's CEO described this recent global change, which was first noticed in the 1990s and accelerated in the beginning of the 21st century, as a "new age of Mass Intelligence".[17][18]

    2. TEX This Post reminds me why I like your work!!! THANKS FOR YOUR VALUED CONTRIBUTION - ONGOING!


    1. From your link:

      Just to be clear: This is NOT fāke™ news. It is an article from The Economist published 29 years and six months ago, today.
      We are counting down the minutes.

      Get Ready for the Phoenix
      January 9, 1988, Vol. 306, pp 9-10

      THIRTY years from now, Americans, Japanese, Europeans, and people in many other rich countries, and some relatively poor ones will probably be paying for their shopping with the same currency. Prices will be quoted not in dollars, yen or D-marks but in, let’s say, the phoenix. The phoenix will be favoured by companies and shoppers because it will be more convenient than today’s national currencies, which by then will seem a quaint cause of much disruption to economic life in the last twentieth century.


      So, it seems Bitcoin and all others are Rothschild creations!! Well, such can be implied from this article....

      In the end they are ALL a scam EXCEPT for GOLD & SILVER.

  56. Direct-to-consumer drug advertising is illegal almost everywhere else in the world, and it needs to be outlawed in America yet again. With a simple announcement, the FDA could once again decide to outlaw that form of advertising in the United States, immediately denying the establishment media over 50 percent of its revenues. (Big Pharma reportedly provides up to 70% of the revenues for some news organizations.) At the same time, drug advertising serves no real purpose other than to generate more profits for the drug industry. There is no medical justification whatsoever for advertising chemical medications directly to the public. (The practice is highly unethical and rooted in total quackery and deception.)

    I explain all this in the following podcast / video, which people in the Trump administration should embrace as a very powerful strategic weapon against the fake news media. President Trump could literally issue an executive order to halt all TV drug ads, and the FDA would have to comply because it’s part of the executive branch.

  57. Ofc. Tommy Norman helps pregnant homeless woman & her 2-year-old
    June 16, 2017

    Officer Tommy Norman has once again used his social media following to help those in his community. This time the outpouring of support helped a pregnant homeless woman and her 2-year-old daughter.


    1. Well, now I must say this too: When my youngest grandson was battling against Ewings Carcinoma, the community in their part of South Africa also jumped in to help generously. It was amazing to see, even his casket was donated by a member of the community. So we do have good people everywhere in the world.

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