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  1. Canauzzie,

    Thanks for the quick response. I figured there had to be a good reason. Thanks for the explanation.

    1. If you post often, when you refresh the page, it usually brings you to your last post. Makes it some easier.

  2. NEW law introduced last week. Expect Russia to bomb the shit out of us if this makes it through congress. Just passed senate 98-2.

    A new US law deceptively named Countering Iran's Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017 (in order to keep the American people from knowing its true nature) was introduced in the US Senate and passed by a vote of 98-2 and whose final version, posted on the US House of Representatives website last night, shows its true “aim/goal” as more 80% of it is devoted solely to taking all power away from President Trump, while at the same time openly declares war on Russia.

    Under the US Constitution that provides for a tripartite (3 part) form of government equally dividing state power among the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch and Judicial Branch. Currently President Trump is the federal official primarily responsible for the relations of the United States with foreign nations—but should this new law pass this week, it would remove all such powers from the Executive Branch giving them, instead, to the US Congress—who shockingly in the final version of this bill takes Executive Orders signed by President Barack Obama and makes them law.

    In 2014, President Obama signed Executive Orders 13660, 13661, 13662, 13685, 13694 and 13757 imposing sanctions on Russia, which the Executive Branch has the power to do—but for the first time in American history, the US Congress, as the Legislative Branch, takes these Executive Orders signed by Obama and orders President Trump not to ever remove them—thus effectively negating his ability to conduct foreign policy.

    Even worse, this new law also contains a section titled IMPOSITION OF SANCTIONS WITH RESPECT TO PERSONS ENGAGING IN TRANSACTIONS WITH THE INTELLIGENCE OR DEFENSE SECTORS OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION that forbids President Trump, the Pentagon, and all US intelligence agencies, from cooperating in any way with Russian intelligence agencies or military—to include battling Islamic terrorists.

    A section of this new law titled SANCTIONS WITH RESPECT TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF PIPELINES IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, orders President Trump to destroy all energy related activities in Russia—with another section titled MODIFICATION OF IMPLEMENTATION OF EXECUTIVE ORDER 13662 stating that President Trump is, also, to begin the complete destruction of Russia’s railways, mining and metal sectors that employ millions.

    1. Another section of this new law titled IMPOSITION OF SANCTIONS RELATING TO SPECIAL RUSSIAN CRUDE OIL PROJECTS, orders President Trump, likewise, to destroy any company in the world that cooperates with Russia’s state owned energy companies supplying natural gas to the European Union—with a section titled SANCTIONS WITH RESPECT TO INVESTMENT IN OR FACILITATION OF PRIVATIZATION OF STATE-OWNED ASSETS BY THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION going even further by ordering President Trump to keep Russia from even being able to privatize its government owned energy assets—that in the US is called capitalism.

      In the section of this new law titled IMPOSITION OF SANCTIONS WITH RESPECT TO ACTIVITIES OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION UNDERMINING CYBERSECURITY, the new law says, President Trump is further ordered to begin the wholesale destruction of Russia’s entire internet structure in retaliation for Russia’s supposed hacking of the US election—and that Foreign Minister Lavrov has stated the US has given absolutely no evidence for and his stating: “I cannot imagine that with the experience of the CIA, National Security Agency, FBI and many other intelligence and special services in the United States, there are no experts who can present to the public the facts the way which would not compromise the sources. If this is the case, then there is no single professional in all these 17 structures. I cannot just believe in it”.

      As Syria’s “grip of steel” against ISIS shows that the end is near for these global terrorists, another section of this new law titled SANCTIONS WITH RESPECT TO THE TRANSFER OF ARMS AND RELATED MATERIAL TO SYRIA orders President Trump to destroy anyone rearming Syria too—and whose only beneficiary, of course, will be the Islamic terrorists America keeps saying they want to defeat, but never do.

      With Russia controlling the only access to the International Space Station (ISS), the only seemingly favorable section of this new law is titled EXCEPTION RELATING TO ACTIVITIES OF THE NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION—but whose words are actually meaningless as President Putin has previously stated all US access to this space station will be denied upon sanctions being enacted, and has further ordered the shutting down of 11 bases controlling the American’s worldwide GPS system.

    2. Shutting down the world GPS system would be a disaster.These senators have lost their minds....Russia can be such a great ally to Americans but these crooked corrupt politicians think the public is irrelevant.



  3. When Putin said that there would be serious consequences if the US passed more sanctions... I would not doubt his resolve. He can crash the USD in 5 mins and so can China simply by cashing in their Trillions of US Treasuries without even firing a single bullet.

  4. Sessions is in a hard place right now. It can't last this way.
    What happened to YOUR Fired in the real mans world?

    It really is hard to approve Chump so far, and I really do want to. There is time and hope. They are not all lost cases. I know of 2 good ones coming but the Deep State have him faced down over Russia. Madness! I support Trump more Jaw not nuclear war.Time to reason and he is trying there. Russian Oligarchs were good funders for him. We don't have Elites shelters. The world is moving on.

  5. Anthony Scaramucci says he will contact feds about 'felony' leak of his financial disclosure

    While it's unclear why Scaramucci tagged Priebus, Priebus has been named as a potential leaker by some Trump supporters, like longtime confidant Roger Stone. Ryan Lizza, Washington correspondent for the New Yorker, tweeted that he can confirm Scaramucci wants the FBI to investigate Priebus for leaking.

  6. Kermit. The exchange stabilization fund buys those treasuries and nothing changes.

  7. The Trump Reality.

    First he IS the lawfully elected President of the US.
    Looking on, looking in, what is happening is truly macabre.

    He is under attack by the Deep State, the MSM and both House sides.How can he effect any agendas?
    The Clinton's and more, carry immeasurably more baggage, yet clear criminal conduct is not pursued. Trump is under siege.
    Far worse, parties not accountable to the President, are able to coerce wars bypassing the President. Elected by whom?

    America is a country with an abundance of talent, many well educated, and dynamic.
    How can the nation achieve its potential, when its core focus is corruption based?

    How can the team get a fair break? Who has the assumed powers to stop the Oval Office functioning? Who are the Deep State for Public approval or rejection?
    Who will bring justice the the Clinton's and more?
    Why is Weiner not on trial? Clinton?

    Trump is making real progress with Russia. Who is seeking to force Russia into conflict it does not seek? Do the people realize the cost of WW111? Global!
    Who will cleanup the Deep State? Correct Washington is far worse than he,or anyone expected. How can they achieve change against duplicitous corruption on every corner?

    For all Americans it's a horror story. Will no one give him a chance? What about the will of the people?

    1. What? WTF, did John just give Trump a break to get him a fair chance?

    2. I sure am hoping Trump can keep pushing and somehow break thru the BS thrown at him constantly!.... lets see some real investigations hit all of them!

    3. The only piece of intel I can contribute is that the middle-men that seem to have a clue as opposed to the run-of-the-mill government parasite/contractor, are clearly nervous and despondent. They are shell-shocked. Nervous because they realize the foundation they stand on is shaking. Despondent because we get in their face. The Alt-Right, Trumpers or any of the 57 flavors of Patriots, are not backing down -- we are getting in their faces and telling them WTF?! are you doing? Help Trump Now! Talk about TRIGGERING! Making this Virginia specific, those who can should be seriously discrediting McCauliffe and anyone in private among the rich Virginians that are backing the silly man and DNC.

      This is a Cold Civil War where we need to start wresting back the various control nexuses. The other side needs to be opposed at every single level.

    4. Well said John, and I do like your tone.

    5. Hi vibrato is not bad either.

    6. His vibrato..

    7. It knows how to pull a few strings.

  8. He will get the deep state in a choke hold. They are done!


    This passing so quickly is unnerving.
    Anonymous - Endgame Begins In America... (Takedown of President Trump) Anonymous also addresses the bill. This legislation takes Trumps ability to lead the military away from him.

    1. Completely Un constitutional
      They say give them enough rope and they'll gang themselves

      I see they've all ready made thier own

  10. House Judiciary Committee Officially Approves Effort to Launch Investigation of Comey, Lynch

    1. At last- Good!
      Now Clinton and Weiner?
      Soros for Hungary or Russia?

    2. According to the debate in the committee , the Clintons are a priority for investigation however this is a bloody good start and not before time !

  11. Assange: ‘CIA Not Only Armed Syrian Terrorists -It Paid Their Salaries’

    By Chris Menahan

    July 23, 2017 “Information Clearing House” – Wikileaks’ Julian Assange is continuing his attempt to “take down America any way he can” by accurately reporting the truth.

    Saturday on Twitter, Assange highlighted an article from Thursday where the Financial Times noted how many Syrian rebels are getting salaries from the CIA.

    Assange said they “buried the lede”:

  12. Caloric restriction and raw diet as a potential cancer cure...

    Something we should probably all do... cut calories!

  13. Is there any word yet on how the currencies are progressing,still close? maybe?

  14. There clearly is still and issue with Iraq,I don't think the Oval Office can work out what 2 fingers means!

    Trump thought he was taking on Supreme Court High Achiever Prosecutor to drain the swamp. Instead he's found out he was sucked with the Petty Sessions.

    Zimbabwe seems to be getting Chinese backing, and no one touches Dongs until China says so. Well Hung is in charge.

    1. Well Hung is in charge, indeed! LOL

      Seems the US has been left with One Hung Low?

    2. Yes I`ve read his book (TRAILS IN THE SAND) by One Hung Low

    3. John,

      Since the US has been given the two fingers by Iraq, is anyone on standby with respect to the Dinars?

    4. I thought currencies(crumbs for peons) only come after all Tiers are complete?

    5. Good question Terry. I was wondering the same thing should we come off standby due to the new post from John? Or will they come to a solution over the weekend? Once again John we appreciate everything you and the Elders do for us little people.

    6. One thing that could be helpful to humanity is to stop referring to ourselves as little people. That is buying into the elite rhetoric as I see it.

      For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.

    7. Good point MWP. I will remember that next time.

    8. As T Man will assure you, I have just worked non stop for 72 hours, as he will attest. Some actions also supporting him on a major personal venture, so for the Whiners and whingers, and what about me, it's all going on, not just because you can't see. Be assured I was not raised on a Papal knee.

      Leaves the BSD's to do what we do.
      There should be enough meat on the bone to help most of you.
      We're out of sight, not out of mind.

    9. Leveraged platforms,new Global Project structures, and market modelling.

  15. Now that the SEC has sanctioned crypto currency, it is here to stay.

    I agree with the following excerpt...some cryptos are well worth a look and others are charlatan wannbes.


    “It’s a step in the right direction for the industry as before yesterday’s announcement, it was common knowledge that ICOs have been enveloped in a regulatory gray area,” said Ron Chernesky, who is in the process of issuing tokens to be used in his trading platform InvestFeed Inc. “One of the most telling pieces in the SEC announcement was an acknowledgment that some ICOs are completely fair investments, and some are not.”

    The article goes on to say:

    What Tokens May Be Considered Securities?

    It depends on the facts and circumstances of each transaction. What’s clear though, is that being a “virtual” organization, selling securities based on a distributed ledger, or the blockchain technology, in exchange for other digital currencies, doesn’t exempt it from securities laws. Steve Obie, a partner at the law firm Jones Day, said the legal standard called the Howey Test is the way to define whether tokens are securities.

    “The SEC was straightforward in saying that each ICO has to be evaluated,” said Obie, a former top enforcement lawyer at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. “Each part of the Howey Test has to be evaluated independently, there’s not one sign that defines whether a token is a security, rather all the factors have to be looked at globally.”

  16. John we are thankful for the info and you have shared and all those working with and along side you, including the elders. The summer is quickly coming to and end now. Enjoy these days. Thanks again

    1. What are days, what is a night,I discount time to win this fight.

    2. Outstanding reply.
      MOST-Profuse gratitude to you for such determination I am sure all here will agree.

  17. Slide Summary of How We Got To the Awan Brothers, Smashed Hard Drives, Gov't Laptops, and Hacked Blackberries

    Day 280.1 ~ Hillary's Leakers, Hackers and Henchmen

    1. I'm so glad some gave George a new computer

      Great summary
      Thank you Tex


  18. TEX This is a great review! Thanks

  19. Texian: the story is getting news reports from everyone. this one really funny: guess who pelosi and wasserman schultz are connected to

    DC Detective of Seth Rich : Follow the Awan Arrest Closely :Connect the Dots to “Other” Cases

    1. It became so loud, they could no longer ignore! Still a big coverup going on when he's only charged with ONE COUNT of bank fraud...and the smallest "loan" at that. We must DEMAND the DOJ pursue the ENTIRE FRAUD which leads into human trafficking, pedophilia, high value automobile theft ring and much more. "National security" is a joke! The only thing SECURE is hiding the truth from the American people.
      Why isn't Debbie Washerwoman in jail also....excuse me...on a monitoring bracelet (only peons go to jail)?

    2. Really! Steven Wasserman, US Attorney, is overseeing Imran Awan's Investigation.
      When is this going to stop?

    3. Steven is Debbie Wasserman brother.

  20. When this Fruit Fly, light in the loafers Traitor, vehemently defends Sessions, I start to wonder if the AG is one of the Guardians of the Deep State.

    1. J7

      The Zios or Vatican own the lot. Vatican handshakes and Zio Dong shakes. Watch the lot limbo under the Ethics bar.

    2. IMO, we can only judge by actions, not promises. So far, Sessions and DOJ appears to be where "investigations" go to die. And why wouldn't he have cleared out Obama/Clinton operatives from DOJ by now?

    3. Because a Plonker without a plan does not know where to start. He cant even remember which Yesterdays lies to field today.

  21. My sister sent me an e-mail today with a link to an article about how the crazy rich are concerned about negative earth changes and have bought tons of inland farm land and built million dollar underground bunkers. She was very concerned and wanted my take. She seemed to enjoy my reply so I thought I'd share it with you find people as well...

    My reply:

    When you are a psychopath AND rich, you are truly lost.  Because you are rich, you are deluded to believe that what you think and want are given truths.  Isn't it interesting that "they" are so fearful of their lovely host, Mother Earth, that they feel she is their enemy and are preparing to defend themselves against her.

    She is wise and just and knows who are parasites and who are appreciative visitors to her lovely body.

    The sick rich cannot escape their futures...the final outcome has been set for eons and the asleep elite are here for one last chance to wake up and join the real celebration or perish like a cockroach who, in pursuit of the last crumbs, stumbles into a roach motel and meets his demise.

  22. The age of Aquarius is no longer the "dawning of the Age of Aquarius" but the living in the Age of Aquarius.

    From Carl Boudreaux, astrologer, an excerpt regarding August:

    It appears that we can be certain of a disruptive shift in August. It would be caused, at least in part, by an effort to spiritualize our political and economic thinking spurred by Sirius. Until people actually encounter these energies and respond to them, however, we cannot be sure of how this shift will work out.

    But I have been casting charts, looking for further clues about the effects of these eclipses in the United States specifically. And it seems increasingly clear to me that a big shift is coming to the US in August.

    This shift will involve the spiritualization of our worldview. We will increasingly try to express the values of our Higher Self in our daily lives. This process will very likely bring turbulence and confusion as we try to define our deepest values and give them fuller expression in our daily lives.

  23. NC Church Busted for Trafficking In Children
    July 25, 2017

  24. Russia‘s TV networks are educating people about the Rothschildsand the threat of their excessive global power.

    Russian president Vladimir Putin is said to be “readying” his people to stand up to the New World Order as the country prepares to separate from the world banking system.

    TV shows aim to educate citizens on the history of the Rothschild-controlled IMF and why globalism is a threat to the nation.


    Just after the election, news emerged of a planned “Purple Revolution” in the United States, to be orchestrated by George Soros and the Clintons along the lines of Soros’ “color revolutions” in various countries of the former Soviet Union.

    Importantly, both Hillary and Bill Clinton wore purple for her concession speech, interpreted in the media as magnanimous statement about Republican and Democratic unity, but which was true only in the sense that the elites in both parties are united against President Trump. Purple is also the color long adopted by the “gay” movement, whose leaders and activists, including both Hillary and Obama, represent the central core of the hard left. It is not mere coincidence that rhetorical attacks against Mr. Trump always accuse him of “hate” against “gays” despite his many (unfortunate) concessions to the LGBT community.

  26. Hi everyone, thanks again so very much for your loving energy and prayers. Wayne made some incredible gains over a 12 hour period on Tuesday - miracles in action! The gains since then have been smaller and slower coming, but do continue, and that is the important thing. This has been the longest week of our lives. We are working on improving his strength so that he can start rehab. Not out of the woods yet, but where we are today truly is a miracle from where we were a week ago. Please continue to hold us in your prayers; gonna be a long road back.

    1. That's awesome Mygirl56! ) Blessing you both and praying for his continued path of healing.

    2. That's fantastic news Mygirl. Thanks so much for taking the time to keep us informed. So very pleased to know everything is going in the right direction.

    3. Back seat re commissioned again soon? A lot is down to Will MG if caught in time. Hope so. Intense focus and rest.

    4. That`s the best news MYGIRL, I hope & pray things continue to progress in a positive direction.

    5. MG56 You are still in my Prayers! Glad to hear you all are making progress.

  27. "Ancient Alien" Found Under Russia's Stonehenge?
    July 27, 2017

  28. Across both sites, we still have the "Are we there yet, never ending cries. ". Jeez I thought my kid rearing days were well over.

    1. Teams are working 7, yes 7 Day Weeks on this! Nights too!
    2. The Military and Contractors all hold.
    3. Politicos all hold.
    4. Big Battalions all hold.
    5. Sovereigns hold.

    And then there's you - Are we there yet?
    Where's the Twat stick?

    Bankers are fighting for life to delay this and not give back held deposits. Their greed has screwed the system, messed up market liquidity, creating fantasy profits from BS/ BS/ BS Derivatives gambles, all geared to unearned bonuses and a farcical Rothschild's Fed system of Goyim slavery.

    This is not a simple task,so unless simple, why ask?

    Dam right we are on standby, because for many of us it's do or die.

    So what if 95% of it is not seen. Rightly so. You truly have no idea what it takes and is taking. Health costs also. Many drop out.

    During such sensitive dialogues, a bunch of complete Arses among the crowd of misfits in the 2 Houses, decides to stop all the good progress Trumps team have been making with Russia, and start sanctions for God knows what!!! For which Putin rightly so cuts off your GPS access, boots you off the Space Station, and can at any time with China, pull up drawbridges.

    Russia for these clowns in DC may seem afar, but don't light up the fires of Kapustin Yar, for that will be your one one step too far.

    Get the F OUT of Global Hegemony, STOP YOUR funding, Arming and helping ISIS and all other Terrorists,to justify the worlds biggest real problem, feeding and funding the Boys with Toys in Washington. YOU caused the collapse of the Middle East. YOU funded,armed and guided ISIS! You allowed this Fed Monstrosity to enslave the American people and YOU, including Trump, are still beholden to a gut rotten system where only Zios and Jews hold all key Fed and Treasury roles,and you still don't stop it? The Rot is with the Zios and the sleeping Drones can't see it. Stop these Zios and Jews in the Fed and Treasury. How can you get integrity from Shylocks? A pestilence in Banking and Politics.

    So part of our battle also is breaking Zio claws free. Re integrate or a one way Gulag ticket to Siberia. Good railtrack business.

    There are many issue in play,we are fighting mass corruption and special interests.
    Look up their seats held now in the Senate and Congress. You think that is proportional and by chance? THEY are driving America to WW111 with Russia, and it it happens. you WILL lose the lot. China and Russia grow stronger each year. United, they are unstoppable. Russia is NOT causing all this. US Special interests are. Israe Hell will not last, be assured, it's time will come, and it will be terminal.
    Integration was always the better option. But always acquisition kills the humanity mission. Why die for a mad Abbrahamian lie?

    A complex pot of misfits hold back completion, but it's a focused fight daily.
    If sitting on arses waiting for Alice to spring free from Wonderland, is too much effort, sell and go. Just don't give up the day job.

    Real MEN line up on the walls of this Alamo every day, nights too.
    It IS for freedom and it is for you.
    How soon you forget Crocket, Bowie, and what it cost to forge this nation. They were your last Patriots. Great men who died for you all to give a General vital time to knock a bunch of whining assholes into shape.

    Now you only forge Fed balance sheets.

    This is akin to playing 20 chess matches concurrently. What's Chess' Jeez give me my Shambock. Lol. Guys, it's with humour! Spelled the English way with a U. Before you even dumbed that down.

    Cool it, Yes its in play, Yes its progressing and NO we won't explain.
    We know you are hurting but so are millions.
    Every day is that Alamo wall for us.
    Wait for it, this is America, What is the Alamo?

    Trump MUST drain the Swamp!

    YOUR voices really matter. Wake up Bubba.

    1. Horsey's move in L shapes

    2. Thank you John. Guess the many still don't get what the elite had planned for us. Sorry, if you heard this earlier and being repetitive.

      That 500,000 out of how many billion human beings is all they want to keep. World war 3, FEMA camps expanded with their Nazi like capabilities and more they will use to wipe the many off the planet.

      Think you're special, how many are better than you at that job you do so well? Count on there being 1,000, 10,000, a million, after all there is only a few slots available. Those holding those plush government positions, think you're exempt from the same fate as the masses, think again. Same holds true for you. And bankers, unless you are extremely talented, you're not exempt either. After all how many bankers are really needed for a population of 500,000 slaves? Perhaps they'll be kind and make sure that guillotine blade is especially sharp for you unneeded, but once useful bankers.

      What they'll want is techs, a few managers, housekeeping, etc and a breeding population of slaves to continue their feeding of various sorts. No child would be exempt within this population, after all the elite no longer have need for having children, they have made themselves nearly immortal.And of course to share with their various "friends" from elsewhere the excess humans; child and adult as only a manageable population of 500,000 is wanted.

      This and more is what is being fought against, sadly many of those who would soon be useless don't get what their masters intend. Politician, banker, Generals, Military Contractors, etc you think you're exempt, you're a threat to them, the elite can be sure have your number down for cancellation. When are these people who stand in the way going to realize just as soon as their usefulness is behind them, their number is up. The elite won't take a chance and let them be a possible future problem.

      The good people that have been fighting for us all so hard know the score. Sadly, as mentioned those who keep getting in the way just don't get their days are limited, regardless as the elite will just eliminate them when usefulness has gone, no taking a chance they might turn on them and help the white hats.

      The good will succeed though it will continue to be a challenge for a little while yet.

  29. Whoa....and Wow.
    Best I can make of this is that gypsies again are holding it all up.
    Thank you for the update JOHN. MOST appreciated!


  30. Deputy CA Attorney General Arrested-Child Porn
    Page - 1 714-964-4056
    CORONADO, Calif. – A California deputy attorney
    general who lives in Coronado faces federal child
    pornography charges, according to media reports.
    FBI agents arrested 53-year-old Raymond Joseph
    Liddy Tuesday at his home in Coronado for
    possession of child pornography, according to the
    San Diego Union-Tribune. He pleaded not guilty to
    charges in San Diego federal court and was
    released to home detention with GPS monitoring on
    $100,000 bond, the newspaper reported.

  31. Replies
    1. We cannot Texian. If this bloody world cannot deal with caveman animals like this and the justice system refuses to in an appropriate fashion then it is going to be up to the people to handle and bring this to an end.

      I have really had enough of this type of behaviour and it is getting worse by the day. I believe it is now time for the women of this world to take control of this and apply the applicable punishment to the perpetrators of such acts, which in my opinion is the loss of their own life.

      Enough is enough. This must end now. No more tolerance.

  32. Courtesy of SlashDot:

    When American spies capture our communications with foreigners, the identities of Americans on the other side of the conversation are generally protected -- if not by bona-fide laws, then certainly by rules and regulations. A transcript of the conversation should have their name replaced with labels like "U.S. person 1". The citizen involved can only be "unmasked" with a good reason. In 2011, Obama relaxed these rules, making it much simpler even for officials without any intelligence role to obtain the identities. Predictably, certain top officials of the Obama Administration abused their access to get this information: "The [House Intelligence] committee has learned that one official, whose position had no apparent intelligence related function, made hundreds of unmasking requests during the final year of the Obama administration," [Intelligence Chairman Devin] Nunes wrote. "Of those requests, only one offered a justification that was not boilerplate."

  33. The Russia, Iran, North Korea santions bill passed the house overwhelmingly with only 3 nos.

    Trump can veto, but congress can override. Welcome to the shitstorm.

    Russia already hitting back....and so it begins.

    1. JV, this is terrible. These animals do not know when to quit. They are non human.

    2. He must at least veto.If not even that, then he sends a the signal he is conceding. Kinda lose/lose situation.
      Veto will get over ridden, or he does nothing and it sails right on through as a defeat move against his policy to be PRO-Russian (during the election before he was elected).

      This seems to be a move to COUNTER his new-found ties for pro-Russian policy.DJT needs to do 5D Chess move, anytime now would be fine! LOL. I think John believes that he is a chump(Implying always the man is not smart).
      So, we wait and hope for some brilliance!
      If not?
      Grim indeed I feel.

  34. A Hultgreen-Curie near-miss. I realize this one is a little off-topic, but can we please STOP advancing people because of diversity or sex or any of the myriad BS factors NOT pertaining to performance? I see this happening all the time and it is as damn frightening as the damnable crazies that want us perpetually enslaved.

    Air India:
    Two pilots have been suspended from duty after their aircraft, carrying 99 passengers, nearly ran out of fuel because they forgot to retract the landing gear after take-off.

    Air India Flight AI676 was en route to Mumbai from Kolkata on July 22 but was forced to divert to Nagpur when the crew became alarmed by the speed at which the aircraft was losing fuel thanks to the additional drag created by the extended wheels.

    An unidentified source told the Times of India that the “brand new Airbus A320”, one of the most fuel efficient aircraft in existence, had struggled to climb after take-off, prompting the pilots to settle on an altitude of 24,000 feet as opposed to a usual cruising height of 35,000 feet. The source, who made a point of saying that both pilots were women, said it flew like this at 230 knots - as opposed to around 500 knots - for about an hour-and-a-half, while the extended landing gear dragged heavily on the aircraft.

    At this point, 90 minutes into a two-and-a-half-hour flight, the crew requested permission to divert to Nagpur as their fuel would have run out before reaching Mumbai.

  35. Replies
    1. In my understanding, the question is if the DNC evaded laws against spying on congress by hiring foreign ISI agents Awan family to supply congress with blackberries programmed to automatically access and download their computer hard drives.

    2. To hell with "spying on Congress" laws, it's a full all-out Espionage charge the moment they transferred any info to Pakistan or acted on a single order from Pakistan while being in the employ of the U.S.

      Not to mention perjury on Federal applications, which carries anywhere from 5 to 10 automatic.

    For this reason, we call on you to appoint a second special counsel to investigate a plethora of matters connected to the 2016 election and its aftermath, including actions taken by previously public figures like Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    here is the full list of things the "Second Special Counsel" would be instructed to investigate:

  37. "Well this is interesting…

    CIRCA – FBI General Counsel James A. Baker is purportedly under a Department of Justice criminal investigation for allegedly leaking classified national security information to the media, according to multiple government officials close to the probe who spoke with Circa on the condition of anonymity.

    FBI spokeswoman Carol Cratty said the bureau would not comment on Baker and would not confirm or deny any investigation. Baker did not return comment when Circa attempted to reach him through the FBI.

    This comes as Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he would soon be making an announcement regarding the progress of leak investigations. A DOJ official declined to comment on Circa’s inquiry into Baker but did say, the planned announcement by Sessions is part of the overall “stepped up efforts on leak investigations.”

    Three sources, with knowledge of the apparent investigation, told Circa that Baker is the top suspect in an ongoing leak investigation, but Circa has not been able to confirm the details of what national security information or material was allegedly leaked.

    A federal law enforcement official with knowledge of ongoing internal investigations in the bureau told Circa, “the bureau is scouring for leakers and there’s been a lot of investigations.”

    The revelation comes as the Trump administration has ramped up efforts to contain leaks both within the White House and within its own national security apparatus.

    Baker is a close confidant of former FBI Director James Comey, and recent media reports suggested he was reportedly advising the then-FBI director on legal matters following private meetings the former director had in February with President Trump in the Oval Office.

    The announcement from Sessions, whenever it comes, sounds like it’s going to be a big one, especially if it’s ensnaring top FBI lawyers.

    Buckle up."

    REPORT: Top FBI lawyer under investigation for leaking classified information

  38. Eric DL on WHA

    Allow clarification of your amusing comment.

    An Arse in English, which you clearly only half understand, is the doorway to where your brains are accessed.

    An Ass, is a hybrid cross between a donkey and horse. Which one was your father?


  39. Please do not assume all Jews and Israelis are the same:

    Just a couple weeks ago, the skies over Southern Israel were an incredible sight: dozens of Zazim members lit up the sky with 150 paper lanterns in solidarity with millions of Gazans living in darkness. Now, the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are plastered with more than a 1,000 posters calling the responsible ministers to renew the electricity supply to Gaza - all crowd-funded by Zazim members!

    Since Israel’s government decided to cut Gaza’s electricity supply, two million women, children and men are on the brink of an unprecedented humanitarian disaster.

    Gazans today have less than two-hours of electricity a day, and their hospitals, clean water supplies, and wastewater treatment facilities are all crashing.

    We could not stay silent. In the past several weeks, thousands of Israeli Zazim members raised their voice and joined our campaign calling the government to prevent an unprecedented disaster and to renew the electricity supply to Gaza. Last month, dozens of Israelis - including many from Southern communities on the Gaza border - participated in a well-publicized action to show solidarity and force the government to act, that was 100% funded by small donations from Zazim members. And now, over 200 Zazim members crowd-funded hundreds of posters all over Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and next to PM Netanyau’s house, with a powerful message calling on the responsible ministers and government officials to act immediately!

    Thousands of Israelis are fighting to make sure Gaza will not be forgotten and ignored. Our actions have received media attention, are raising public awareness to the disaster Gaza is facing, and calling on decision makers to take responsibility.

    Zazim is an independent people-powered movement. Our members campaign together for progressive change in Israel.

    1. Whisper, that is truly awesome! ) Thank you for sharing!

    2. THANK YOU so much Whisper. Your actions are to be highly commended.

    3. Sorry to give te wrong impression. I live in Canada and was sent an email with the above information.

    4. Thanks for the clarification there Whisper, no worries. It's still excellent news and I thank you for sharing it with us all.

  40. North Carolina Governor Signs Bill Eliminating Tax On Gold & Silver Money
    July 28, 2017

    North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper has signed a bill into law exempting the sale and purchase of gold and silver from state sales taxes. This removes one barrier from buying gold, silver and platinum. It will also help encourage their use and take the first step toward breaking the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money.

  41. Whisper

    Thank you for the comment. We have no issue with Good Jews anywhere. Many are.

    The problems emanate from horrific Zio trash,and the Kazakh breed controlling banking today. Also the Jewish propensity to create exclusive Oligopolies, as with the Fed and Treasury. Goyims are human too.

    Undeserving of the child brain indoctrinated Cult Paranoid Delusional Schizophrenic Abraham created, A Mutt who tried to murder his own child then mutilated his own genitals. Look at Nutter Yahoo. What neighbors.

    Before this Kazakh Genghis Khan trash invaded Palestine, Jews all lived as one in peace throughout the Middle East. No conflict, all co existed. Good families.

    Give them land and then they want more. So they steal more, and more, and more.
    Then there is war.The Arabs or Iranians only have to win once.

    Good Jews need to save Israelis from themselves. Their arrogance and bigotry towards Arabs will serve only purpose. Gaza is a disgrace. As is the attitude towards women by the Hacidics in Israel. Since Egypt, the Exodus keeps repeating. Why?

    Yes, respect towards good Jews,but who will sort the so many bad? The end game will not be pleasant. Please continue the good Zazim work in Israel. That IS Gods work! Thank you.

    1. Palestine:
      Key figures
      4.0 million
      Population density:
      645 per square kilometre.
      Median age:
      19 years


      First, the Gaza Strip’s population of roughly 1.8 million has an unusually large proportion of children. Figures for 2013 from Index Mundi, the internet source of country data, show that that 43.5 per cent of the population is aged 14 or under, compared with 32 per cent in Egypt and 27 per cent in Israel.

  42. john

    * i am again hearing that, on some currency deals, paymaster(s) have the end sellers money

    and importantly that the US gov has already taken out their taxes.

    can you confirm or deny?

    * also, can you share if the UST can control payments so that the money meant for the end sellers of currency is refused payout? in other words, does the UST have the ability to stall and sit on money meant for the individual (small) sellers in this manner? does the UST have final authority?


    1. Where did you hear that from? Dave Schmuck?
      Nobody's been paid yet buddy.

    2. I don't believe he said anyone has been paid. His question is about paymasters and taxes. It seems like a good question. Let's see if John responds.

    3. Unknown

      I, So many times we have told you that you will hear real news first here. It's NOT true! More Broker BS.
      2. Having worked so hard to get paid back,key Beneficiaries are determined to move their funds to the safety of London and get clear of the UST. All are heading for one very private Trust. As Chairman, who do you think knows first, and best? I'm working 24 x 7 for what?

      Here you get facts and truth. Sometimes, with humor. We do both understand and care. Knowing is caring when I try to wake up Bubba. A true friend is one who tells you reality when you so much need it. Who answers that Military call with you?

      Yes, the UST will try every dirty trick in the book to keep the funds, why do you think I lobby so hard to get the Kikes on their bikes and their dirty claws off the US money pot. I want to see free American back and this Zio trash impaled. Loathsome Roaches, the lot. The enemy is within!

  43. Replies
    1. That's hilariously funny, Tex. Thanks for the laugh.

      How do you make the link " clickable"?

    2. Canauzzie has placed a tutorial on that!

      Canauzzie's Tutorial on Live Links

      I use my iPad most so I keep the link in my notebook so I can copy/paste it quickly and replace "URL" with a copy/paste of the link, then replace "TITLE" with the headline or whatever you want to have show as the title.

    3. OMG Texian. That would have to be one of the funniest videos I have ever seen. My stomach honestly hurts from laughing so hard. That is most definitely my sort of humour. Thank you so much for sharing this one, it was absolutely brilliant.

    4. Thanks for Canauzzies link, Tex.

    July 28, 2017

  45. Hmm, bad link P. Got another one?

  46. Sheriff McDonnell Announces Joint Efforts in Largest West Coast Case of Human Trafficking
    July 27, 2017

  47. Popcorn time ,lol.........Gauntlet Thrown: House Judiciary Demands Special Counsel To Investigate Comey, Lynch, And Clinton

  48. The Truth About The Awan Family Democrat IT Scandal | Debbie Wasserman Schultz Exposed

  49. "This Is A Full-Blown Scandal: It’s Unbelievable, Outrageous" - Comptroller Demands Heads Roll At Wells
    Wells Fargo is in boiling hot water. Again.
    July 28, 2017

    One day after the NYT reported the latest major scandal involving Warren Buffett's favorite bank, in which the bank was busted less than a year after its miss-selling fraud cost the former CEO his job, revealing that the bank charged some 800,000 customers for auto insurance they did not need (with some still paying for it), the demands for resignation have arrived.

    In a statement from NYC Comtroller Scott Stringer, he demands that Wells Fargo must immediately "jump-start" necessary board change by replacing Chairman Stephen Sanger with a new independent chairperson following the latest "mismanagement" revelations.

    In surprisingly harsh words, Stringer does not hold anything back against the worst performing bank stock today (WFC -2.8%):

  50. Elongated Skull Unearthed In Crimea
    Published on Jul 28, 2017

    The burial place of a 1.5-year-old boy with a deformed elongated skull was unearthed by archaeologists in Crimea. The scientists immediately dubbed the finding an ‘alien’ due to the unusual structure of the skull.

  51. As Trump fails yet again on Health Care, the DC Plotters feel ever more hopeful this may be part of the end game for him.

    He is disorganized, a true Clown, the wild bull loose in a China Shop. How long can this egoistic Buffoon go on? All mouth, empty trousers. Cruize is now confident Trumps time is coming to an end. All ARE out to get him- Out!

    With the Diplomatic skills of a Klutz,a world who sees a Moron,how long before this farce, disappears up his own ****?

    1. Let it play out John, on the ground here it is clear that there was betrayal afoot on this one. Let the Congressional self-exposure of violation of the Will of the People continue. This will strengthen his hand when the inevitable happens and he is forced to go in front of the Country and call Congress to heel.

    2. Trump did not fail. The Rinos and McCain failed. Trump promised repeal and is ready to sign. The horse's arses in the Senate failed.

    3. John,
      Have you been reading the New York Times again?

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. John, it the following just "fake news"?

      - The DOW daily closing stock market average rose more than 15% since the election on November 8th. (On November 9th the DOW closed at 18,332 – on March 1st the DOW closed at 21,115).
      * Since the Inauguration on January 20th the DOW rose 6.5%. (It was at 19,827 at January 20th and reached 21,115 on March 1st.)
      * The DOW took just 66 days to climb from 19,000 to above 21,000, the fastest 2,000 point run ever. The DOW closed above 19,000 for the first time on November 22nd and closed above 21,000 on March 1st.
      * The DOW closed above 20,000 on January 25th and the March 1st rally matched the fastest-ever 1,000 point increase in the DOW at 24 days.
      * The US Stock Market gained $2 trillion in wealth since Trump was elected!
      * The S&P 500 broke $20 Trillion for the first time in its history.
      * In the history of the DOW, going back to January 1901, the DOW record for most continuous closing high trading days was set in January of 1987 when Ronald Reagan was President. The DOW set closing highs an amazing 12 times in a row that month. On February 28th President Trump matched President Reagan when the DOW reached a new high for its 12th day in a row!

      President Trump decreased the US Debt in his first 100 days by $100 Billion. (President Obama increased the US debt in his first 100 days by more than $560 Billion.)

      The US Manufacturing Index soared to a 33 year high in this period which were the best numbers since 1983 under President Reagan.

      President Trump added 298,000 jobs in his first month alone (after President Obama said jobs were not coming back!).

      Housing sales are red-hot. In 2011, houses for sale were on the market an average 84 days. This year, it’s just 45 days.

      Illegal immigration is down 67% since President Trump’s Inauguration.

      NATO announced Allied spending is up $10 Billion because of President Trump.

      After being nominated by President Trump, Constitutionalist Judge Neil Gorsuch was confirmed and sworn in as Supreme Court Justice in early April.

      The President has signed 66 executive orders, memoranda and proclamations as of April 19th, including:

      * Notifying Congress of a strike on Syria after it was reported that the country used gas on its citizens.
      * Dismantling Obama’s climate change initiatives.
      * Travel bans for individuals from a select number of countries embroiled in terrorist atrocities.
      * Enforcing regulatory reform.
      * Protecting Law enforcement.
      * Mandating for every new regulation to eliminate two.
      * Defeating ISIS.
      * Rebuilding the military.
      * Building a border wall.
      * Cutting funding for sanctuary cities.
      * Approving pipelines.
      * Reducing regulations on manufacturers.
      * Placing a hiring freeze on federal employees.
      * Exiting the US from the TPP.

      In addition to all this, the President has met with many foreign leaders from across the globe including Xi from China, Abe from Japan, etc.

      The President also pointed out numerous times that the MSM (Main Stream Media) reports only on a made up Russia conspiracy story and ignores these accomplishments. These actions are making the majority of Americans aware of the tremendous bias in the media in the US and abroad. This too is another major Trump accomplishment.

      Winning, Winning, Winning!

  52. John

    Earlier in the week you mentioned that “part cash, part new issue term notes are being discussed for large currency blocks” and by end of the week to early next week you may be in a position to clarify, if ratified. While I’m not seeking any further details of the specific events going on behind the scenes in relation to this, what I’d like to ask is whether that window generally still holds or whether recent political events may have shifted that out. Can you give an update if you are able to say?

    1. Jon F

      It's a by the day thing and getting a choke hold on these F kikes!

      Here we would have them swimming down the River Thames with a concrete block tied on their ankles. You let this parasitic scum get away with it,F Roaches! The US has an infestation in Finance. Here we have a glass ceiling and we are very wary of these Buggers. Kikes are 90% of the US problem. They stole the pot with THEIR Fed and Treasury plotting and scheming. Only you give these Buggers so much rope, and they play you for fools. Use that rope!

      We are still trying by the day to get a release consensus. It does not help when WF is so strapped, no thanks to Kike Meisters mismanagement. They are trashing a good country and its people.

      Here we would have their heads under our boots. You let them run loose. Look how they repay you. They have Fiscally enslaved you and stolen the pot. Still Trump appoints 2 more ???????? When will you wake up and break the cycle. Self help- GET AMERICA BACK FOR AMERICANS! Are we alone on the Alamo Walls helping you fight Heimies barmy army?
      Why are the US disposable body bags for Israe hell? Unless you break the Kike strangle hold on Americas money, you will be children allowed only pocket money, and they will mug you for that. They play you as fools because you volunteer to play their games. We Kike fight daily. No one is steering America, you are all in Zio chains. Zoo fed. Chump is owned by them and Benny Nutter Yahoo has the Kushner Crime family sat right in the WH. Influence?

      This is a War of Attrition and a Global mission! Breaking Roach hooks.

    2. On the Kushner Crime Family angle, is Trump suffering 'willful blindness' or does he really know and sanction? His behavior would suggest that he doesn't believe, and I'm simply trying to take the measure of the man. Not being on the inside of the WHouse, it is hard to judge. I realize it doesn't matter empirically, one has to view him as held in check by foreign interests at worst. It's also possible the truth is being withheld from him... or am I being way too kind and naive?

  53. All for hiring all applicants to "Kike Infestation Disposal Team"!
    Russians, Chinese and Yahuza are especially great candidates for these positions.
    Navy Seal & Delta Teams will do, too.

    1. Alamo inspires the idea of Patriotism calling able bodied worriors to process & execute justice.I could be wrong.Some teams are On this.

    2. Maybe #realDonaldTrump should read this for a playbook.

    3. Trump- Read? 3 lines at best.

  54. Please excuse the gibberish but my R and Y have failed on this keboad.

    Seems the WH Annon, FBI Annon, VOTL chaachtes have been pinpointing legal actions b Justice and The Donalds Sessions jazzing is cove as chages and actions stat to move. Pess ignoes, but seems to be balancing..... blogs see swamp pumps spinning up. Asset seize laws enhanced.

    Politicos being supeseded b white hat Milita tpes patiots who might have access to vaious compatmentalized info on illegal activities.

    Meanwhile, appeas the place to be is a majo pow wow in hk though next week.

    1. CB,

      Whats going down in Hong Kong? Can you provide a link please?TH.

  55. Breaking- Special Prosecutor Mueller and Hillary Sold Uranium to the Russians
    July 29, 2017

  56. Putin to Save Venezuela-CIA Scrambling to Stop Deal
    July 28, 2017

  57. Venezuela has high grade oil and Russia is a great partner. DC hegemony screwed again - Go Russia ago. That is Democracy.

    1. Read that news this morning and called a friend in the oil business, mostly for schadenfreude, since he thought his oil company had a pole position. He was on the verge of tears from lost potential bonuses. I couldn't resist hitting him with "I told you so".

      Set to the music of Johnny Be Good, "Go, Russia Go..." LOL.

    2. I was WONDERING when somebody would throw them a LIFELINE because of all the OIL they have in reserves.WIN/WIN situation for any country that helps. CIA = 70% GANGSTERS.

  58. "Debbie Wasserman Schultz has lawyered up and is going into hiding after reports are surfacing, linking her to a brutal murder. She went ballistic and threatened a Capitol Police Chief a few weeks ago after he refused to turn over her computer, which was seized from her IT tech, who is currently under arrest. Now, a veteran homicide detective has linked her to the horrendous murder of one of her staffers. This is no joke, and you don’t want to miss it."

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz Has Meltdown As Homicide Detective Links Her To Brutal Murder

  59. On the upside, interesting moves may start later next week. May! Just watch in case. No more yet. Yes, it's currencies. Possible!

    1. Great news John!!!! Here's to this ride hopefully finally being over.

    2. thanks john

      much appreciated

    3. TY sir. Very encouraging update for all involved hoping for a better future.

  60. Judicial Watch on the move:

    “There are numerous questions about the ethics and judgment of the FBI’s top leadership, particularly acting FBI director Andrew McCabe,” said Tom Fitton, the Judicial Watch chief.

    “These new lawsuits will help Americans ‘watch the watchers’ at the powerful FBI.”

    The actions, under the federal Freedom of Information Act, address McCabe’s “political activities, travel vouchers, and employment status.”

    The first two address his wife’s failed campaign for political office, and interactions with Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Judicial Watch explained.

    McAuliffe is the weak link, and his backers will run for cover if properly threatened with exposure. They are only rich useful idiots in this End-of-Empire scenario.

    Read more at WND

  61. Regular chemo and radiation for McCain's tumor. I'm very sorry for him. It's the wrong choice. He's a dead man walking, and it will make him dangerous. As soon as the brain fog from radiation and chemotherapy appears he needs to be removed from office as non-compis-mentis.

  62. "How is it that parts of the DOJ cannot be controlled by the attorney general, whom Trump appointed to run the DOJ? And with a mountain of evidence of Clinton's espionage — her failure to safeguard state secrets, crimes far more treacherous than those alleged against Trump's campaign — why has she not been prosecuted?" - Judge Andrew Napolitano

    1. Good points Tino, because the entire gut rotten system is full of Slags from the Top down, bought, compromised and Gutless. The lot. A disgrace for any nation.

    2. #realDonaldTrump should have appointed to the SUPREME COURT the very HONORABLE:

      Judge Andrew Napolitano

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Powerful Sunspot Report! 3 Days Away
    July 29, 2017

  65. Pretty telling Cover of Hong Kong Economic Journal torching the US Dollar.

    I presume the translation is correct, but if it isn't it should be. Lol.

    Will #Bitcoin and #Ethereum protect your wealth against central banks

  66. LOL, yes, John, that seat may be back in sync one day soon. Thanks everyone for the good wishes and continued prayers. Wayne makes more progress every day and will probably be able to start therapy next week. He has made such tremendous progress since Tuesday it is mind-boggling for those who don't realize the power of prayer, friendship, and asking for what you want - in this case, a miracle. We've had several! The dr. who asked me ten days ago tomorrow whether or not we had an 'end of life' care agreement in place, today was practically high-fiving us on the progress he's made. He's a tough little Scot (don't hold that against him, John, the other half of his ancestry is Brit!) Bloody impatient, but tough!

    Thanks again. If something pops here next week on top of starting therapy, you'll be able to hear me singing fron here to London.

    1. MyGirl,

      So happy to hear about Wayne's tremendous progress. Prayers with you and Wayne for continued miracles in his recovery.

      All the best!

    2. My Girl

      If something Pops Up you know hes recovering.

    3. Healing energies going to Wayne from all of us... MyGirl

    4. That is absolutely brilliant news Mygirl. You both remain in my thoughts.

    5. That's great news mygirl. Amazing power in prayer. Continuing to lift Wayne up.

    6. My Girl

      The English don't have an issue with the Scots. If our cars break down overnight in that kip of a country, we need something to wipe our backsides with.
      Now that will get his pulse going for you and help his recovery Lol. Just joking MG. Tell him to become a Scots John Wayne some True Grit. It sounds like he will be ok. Good luck to both of you, sounds like its going to be ok.

  67. Cool graphic attached to article. I just love Darn, scanned the whole thing and my relatives somehow are missing from this.

    Wow, William the Conqueror made the list - $228 billion. Who knew?

    The Richest People in Human History (Up until the Industrial Revolution)

    Visualizing The Richest People In Human History (Part 1)

  68. 36 Bitcoin exchanges are no longer with us. 11 Start ups have gone bust. Not without nightmares is it?

    1. The information that Bitcoin was hatched by DARPA is compelling and actually make sense. Nobody has been able to locate the alleged original creator/inventor of Bitcoin. Makes even more sense. The inventor is a ghost, a creation of the original creators Darpa, which leads me to believe Vatican source.just throwing it out there.My pick for best in class is Etherium.Bitcoin has weaknesses Etherium has solved fwiw.

      ALL of this cryptocurrency stuff, though is the DIRECT PATH to creating a cashless society, which WE THE PEOPLE want nothing to do with!!

    2. We wanted to provide an update on proposed changes to the Bitcoin network and what that means for bitcoin stored on Coinbase. You can read more about what a digital currency fork is

      Our first priority is the safety of customer funds. In the event of a fork, customer fiat currency (USD, EUR and GBP) and digital currencies (bitcoin, ether and litecoin) are safe.

      On August 1st, 2017 there is a proposal to make changes to the bitcoin software. This proposal, known as Bitcoin Cash, is likely to create a fork in the Bitcoin network. This means that after August 1st, 2017 there are likely to be two versions of the Bitcoin blockchain and two separate digital currencies.

      In the event of two separate blockchains after August 1, 2017 we will only support one version. We have no plans to support the Bitcoin Cash fork. We have made this decision because it is hard to predict how long the alternative version of bitcoin will survive and if Bitcoin Cash will have future market value.

      This means if there are two separate digital currencies – bitcoin (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCC) – customers with Bitcoin stored on Coinbase will only have access to the current version of bitcoin we support (BTC). Customers will not have access to, or be able to withdraw, bitcoin cash (BCC).

      Customers who wish to access both bitcoin (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCC) need to withdraw bitcoin stored on Coinbase before 11.59 pm PT July 31, 2017. If you do not wish to access bitcoin cash (BCC) then no action is required.

      We plan to temporarily suspend bitcoin buy / sells, deposits and withdrawals on August 1, 2017 as the fork is likely to cause disruption to the bitcoin network. This means your funds will be safe but you will be unable to access your bitcoin (BTC) for a short period of time.

      We will keep you updated on this event through our blog, status page and Twitter.

      Thank you,

      Coinbase Team

    3. Keep in mind that IBM had made an alliance with BTC developers and that has ALL gone dark(unless you know where to look). So, one more clue for anybody reading interested.IBM-IlluminatiBusinessMachine

  69. Replies
    1. Thank you Tino. It's a Merkaba Star. Sacred geometry.

      Merkaba Meaning:

      The meaning of the word, “Merkaba” is ancient;
      and it carries great energy of Spiritual transformation.

      A Merkaba Star, or Mer-ka-bah Healing Crystal, carries the meaning and energy of a vehicle of Divine Light which is used by Seekers, Healers and Realm Walkers - the Masters - to travel into the Astral realms and thereby connect with the higher realm beings of Light.
      It is a tool for Ascension.

      Mer means connecting thread- Light
      Ka means The Spirit or Astral Self
      Ba means The Body or Physical Self

      Therefore, we see that a Merkaba configuration creates for us the opportunity to thread our thoughts through time. Always with honor and always remembering that there are safe guards. We cannot wilfully commit causal affects.

      Merkabahs are perfect tools for self-healing and advanced Reiki techniques.

      In Sacred Geometry it is based on the primal pattern, Love, which created all things and all universes, both visible and invisible.

      Constructed as a three dimensional Star of David, Merkaba means that we have 3D interlocking triangles - which mean that the Realms are intersecting, merging the Divine and the Human together... Shamanic Healing and Realm Walking.

      For the healer this means that the healing gifts and powers are amplified and one's personal Divine spark is Awakened.

      Wikipedia's meaning

  70. 7,000 Pedogate Arrests - Media Silent
    July 29, 2017


  71. Courtesy of SlashDot:

    Hackers at a competition in Las Vegas were able to successfully breach the software of U.S. voting machines in just 90 minutes on Friday, illuminating glaring security deficiencies in America's election infrastructure. Tech minds at the annual "DEF CON" in Las Vegas were given physical voting machines and remote access, with the instructions of gaining access to the software. According to a Register report, within minutes, hackers exposed glaring physical and software vulnerabilities across multiple U.S. voting machine companies' products. Some devices were found to have physical ports that could be used to attach devices containing malicious software. Others had insecure Wi-Fi connections, or were running outdated software with security vulnerabilities like Windows XP.

    Though some of the machines were out of date, they were all from "major U.S. voting machine companies" like Diebold Nixorf, Sequoia Voting Systems, and WinVote -- and were purchased on eBay or at government auctions. One of the machines apparently still had voter registration data stored in plain text in an SQLite database from a 2008 election, according to event's official Twitter feed.

    By Saturday night they were tweeting video of a WinVote machine playing Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up."


    Listen to that he related to John?.... awesome speech from the first guy talking!

  73. For our British Host:

    Complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica, 45 volumes.
    Excellent condition, £200 or best offer. No longer needed, got married, wife knows everything.

    1. Funny Tino.... but in John's house the encyclopedia set was the wifes!.... lol

    2. Lol,

      This is pretty Good!
      Won't be surprised if Big John already sold his!

  74. Some of this is verifiable, other aspects are not, but interestingly, on the ground long-time DCers basically tell me it is substantially correct. Take with large grain of salt even though it has that ring of truth to it...


    "For all those who believe John McCain is a hero, or even a patriot: “Songbird” McCain is no hero! Trump was right!

    John McCain is a career parasite. He is not a hero. He was shot down in Vietnam because he violated orders and was hotdogging at low altitude over Hanoi and the North Vietnamese shot him down.

    His mangled shoulders that he claims came from torture by his North Vietnamese captors? Not so much. According to those who spent time at the Hanoi Hilton will attest, McCain was never tortured during his time in North Vietnam. In fact he was given special privileges and special treatment because he freely gave the North Vietnamese all the information they asked for whenever they asked for it, which is why the commander and staff at the Hanoi Hilton called him “Songbird.” He also made 30 propaganda broadcasts for the North Vietnamese. Hero, I don't think so!

    In reality, Songbird McCain injured both of his shoulders because he violated Navy SOP when he ejected from his dying aircraft, breaking both shoulders in the process.

    From a Powdered Wig article a year ago, citing Veterans Today, there was a list of “33 POWs (who) faced execution for treason after Vietnam until Nixon pardoned all POWs. McCain was on the list of the 33, in fact at the head of it.”

    That’s the kind of hero Songbird McCain was then and that’s the kind of hero Songbird McCain is today."

    Prior to being a "songbird"...
    "John McCain, fighter pilot aboard the USS Forrestal carrier, was inadvertently but recklessly responsible for the devastating fire aboard that ship in 1967. According to witnesses, McCain was waiting to taxi into the launch and was in front of another fighter jet. During this time, he pulled a sophomoric trick called a "wet start" which is to blow flame through the exhaust. This trick set off a missile on the plane behind him, igniting an explosion and fire. McCain then abandoned his plane in panic, and in the process dropped two of his own un-exploded bombs on the deck. These bombs were caught in the ensuing blaze and exploded, igniting an inferno that eventually killed 134 crewmen. McCain, was immediately sequestered and kept from an enraged and vigilante crew who knew what he'd done. Calls were made to his father, a Navy admiral. Shortly after the fire was extinguished McCain was secretly hustled to an arriving helicopter and removed from the plane. No charges were brought against him, and the official story of the fire did not identify him or his actions as the cause of the catastrophe.

    McCain, who finished 394th out of a class of 399 at the Naval Academy, but who was the wealthy son of an active admiral, had been ushered into flight school despite his poor and disqualifying academic credentials. Much like his academic record, he was a poor student pilot and was not considered a "top gun" by his peers, though he learned to fly. In his brief career as a lackluster pilot before being downed and captured, he had destroyed airplanes on 4 previous events and was considered by his peers to be incompetent."

    1. TINO McCain's story is actually worse, significantly worse. His Grandfather and Father were also duds and traitors ... genetic defects perhaps or they worked for the cabal for over 100 years. Grandfather M was responsible for the greatest defeat in US Naval history nd daddy facilitated the coverup of the USS Liberty. Nixon did have to pardon several to protect Jonny boy POS. Jonny was continuously wetstarting his A4 .... everyone knew the old model bombs (500# or 1000#) were delicate. But Jonny boy always defiant POS was horsing around and bragging about it. He jumped out and ran for cover and they had him helo'd to save his sorry ass life. They would have given him a well deserved blanket party - beat the shit our of him while in a blanket to an inch of death and thrown him overboard. I have been involved in such parties for a lot less but all who got this treatment spent time in the hospital. He was shot down because he disobeyed orders. He was and still is above the law.
      He crashed 5 aircraft .... he should have been grounded permanently .... but the Admirals kept an ongoing cover up. They kept him in solitary (if my sources are correct) so he could be out of the prison camp WO being noticed as missing.

      His career in politics has been and still is crime, control and cover up. His days are numbered ... So many know about him and his exposure in on fast forward! Bye bye Jonny boy POS. Your evil deeds are getting more and more exposure!

    2. Tino and Bob,
      We were stationed in Hawaii at Hickam from 1967-70, bought a house just below Camp Smith (PACCOM HQ) overlooking Pearl Harbor during the years Adm McCain was commander. Several of our neighbors were at PACCOM with many stories. What you relate above is tip of iceberg...

  75. Be forewarned serious focused planning is evolving to interject Mike Pence into the full Presidential role, as the real PTBs are fast tiring of this egoistical Buffoon whose job of stopping Clinton was finally condoned, but clearly is ill suited to the intellectual standards or even base awareness of the demands of such a role. Limpbrain Bush 41 had a Minder team of Condi and Cheney, and Soetoro was minded by multi Muslim Czars, all with their own agendas.

    This Clown has brought caustic infighting to the Oval Office, family incursions and the unwelcome imposition of a Mossad stringed baby Kushner, his Shickster Daddies girl, and a Zio Rat pack agenda for his wealthy play parties.

    Points are not lost. Basically his lack of social graces, arrogant presumptions of power, and the ridicule he earns from Allies, are lowering Americas standing in the world,ever complicating the challenges of an emerging Eurasia.

    His children are an embarrassment to the higher echelon, with only his wife gracing America. From the CFR and Tri Laterals down, it is generally now considered that removing this clear Bum will give 3 years of stability,cohesion, and an occupant who knows the system and fiscal dependencies of power chains. The Klutz is in the spot lights.

    Pence knows fully whats in play, and is readying himself for ascendancy when impeachment comes. Yes to stopping Clinton, but is it worth 4 years of this truly narcissistic lightweight Moron? The PTB think not. Don't be surprised if proceedings start next year, there are more than enough Regulators and Enforcers wanting his scalp. At least it wont be a brain haemorrhage, that requires one.

    America in play. Sweeping this crass klutz way.

    1. No, thank you. Pence is a cabal stooge, as is Ryan, McConnell, and most of the rest. America needs a crass fighter at this time...IMO. As he maneuvers through the knives, he'll figure it out. And why are you picking on his kids? They seem pretty well-behaved to me. Since there was only one pragmatic choice for Americans this time, why are you trying to run the cabal back into office?

      I thought people in glass houses aren't supposed to throw stones? As the home of Blair, Cameron, May, what must be a very embarrassing Mayor Khan, and a dysfunctional "royal" family.....

    2. Regulators and Enforcers can't trigger impeachment. Only the House can initiate such.

      And they have neither of the two necessary items to do so:

      1) They need to charge him with something. There's nothing presently.

      2) They need popular support to give the Republicans cover. Let's be clear, the polls are as wrong now as they were at Election time. He's at least at 50% if not 60%.

      So PTB or not, this is dead in the water. The PTB are smoking crack and delusional to think impeachment is a possibility anytime soon.

    3. JOHN Trump is playing hockey and Not ballet. He is scoring goals as opposed to dancing around. The bureaucracy-administration employees and politicians therein are the Septic Tank and congress is the Sewer. Both are connected to the Swamp. Trump needs to improve his stick handling and passing and deal with crooked refs. The WH has 3 primary factions running it and they are in a pitched battle for right. The Military White Hats have strong influence and could help by demanding prosecution of 41 + 42-HRC + 43 + 44-Mike and all their minions-collaborators. The Goldman-NY Khazarians have strong numbers inside WH but could be part of the financial reform solution and that is playing out right now. WF was a big player in GCR but their bureaucracy - just like USG follows cabal orders. Barry placed thousands of cabal and muslim operatives inside USG and they are fighting POTUS with significant force and undermining all they can. Most of us with some understanding see a clumsy show on the surface ..... but progress is significant on the plus side. However, they need to start prosecuting the 41 - 44 TRAITORS et al and get off their arses and do it now. It looks like momentum has diminished as in no healthcare but lit the fuse for WWIII with sanctions. congress showed unequivocally that they cannot do a simple repeal after 7 years but can get all but 2 votes to start WWIII by lighting the fuse in a week. Observed behaviors are the best data in these areas and most of USG is working against our Country. This should unfold in days if they are truly interested in clean up. I have been around longer than most and the illegal actions of 41 - 44 et al is unprecedented. 41 had 40 shot and put him out of commission in march 1981 and ran USG for 12 years and is still in control to some degree through his team of thugs + genocide. 42 - 44 added to it and 42 powered up his witch + legal changes like up tick, Glass-Steagall +. 43 helped Poppy orchestrate 911 and they allowed Barry in and OMG what a disaster. Trump inherited a mess and is making headway - not pretty but making headway.

      However again, 45 has to start prosecuting period or else implosion here. Pence is likely a shrew cabal stooge playing both sides - politician.

  76. CFR, Tri-Laterals...Pretty sure this IS the NWO.

    Not sure whose side I'm on anymore. Should we be rooting for 8.5 billion in population reduction?

    Does anyone?

    1. I'm on the side of American people...not CFR, Tri-laterals, Bilderbergs, Vatican, Zionists or any other NWO outfit. Just like I've said before, it sounds like the new boss may be worse than the old boss.


    US and Georgia hold military drills, as Russia shows off naval strength BBC

    The North American Water and Power Alliance & the Biosphere

  78. !. Kelly will help now as the new COS. Major link and planner.
    2. The UK has just removed the passport rights of 150 Jihadists overseas. The bastards are now stateless. It's a start to getting 5M Muslims to follow. Brits would vote for the lot out. America too.
    3. Big pressures this week. WF can't block it much longer, nor the Fed.
    4. If Trump does not get the arrests started, he's gone. He needs big hits and soon. 41 to 44 all need to go down.

    1. JOHN I agree 100% on 1, 3 & 4 and believe you are driving an agenda that is getting stronger by the minute! The people I work with figure a lot of this stuff out but cannot do as much about it as we would like. When it comes to rebuilding and reorganizing after the ziorats are neutered we will be a huge resource.

    2. Yes, 41 to 44 all need arresting, prosecution and potentially hanging for Treason. Life imprisonment if the rabbit holes are so deep that we need them to keep singing. Nuremberg 2 -- held in the perfect location to echo the first, Nuremberg, PA - pop. 434. And it all needs to come out, warts and all. The 1/3rd of delusional leftists need their wake-up call as do the Religious Right that has co-opted much of the Conservative Party. And Political Correctness needs to go in the bonfire... but I digress...

    3. TINO It is time to start prosecuting and make the most of these cowards ratting out and ratting out and more ratting out until the ziorats are all out of commission. Those who do not get death sentences should go to Gitmo or gulags or ~! I'm with you.

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