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  1. Somewhere as America so badly left the tracks envisioned by the Founders, a truly twisted, malignant and rotten Empire set in. Rotten men, ruling plotting and scheming to self enrich by planetary rape. Nations cried, hope denied.

    Empires end always, and retribution follows. Usually with rage. America's legacy will be truly dreadful.

    Please watch one view below.

    There are so many good Americans, is this what you want done in your name?

    Time to wake up Bubba?

    We issue with care and respect. We know its not all, but far too many Americans in that dumbed down Fools paradise have no idea its happening. Or worse, care. Instead of the grubby little Me, Me, Me grasping Wannabes, use that intelligence to help make a difference. We did what on our watch? WE need to change America.

    America has a lot of people abundant with talent and caring. Many are aware and want change. But Leadership is poor everywhere. We need to rethink values and cease following Fools Rules!

    Rethink rights and the right to Be - Free!

    An Economic Hit Man Confesses and Calls to Action | John Perkins

    1. Thanks Canauzzie. Nice to see someone with that dreadful past turn it around and start helping others.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. The president has not made a secret of the fact that he blames Sessions for the scandal that now engulfs the Trump administration, claiming in contravention of all available evidence that somehow if Sessions had not recused himself from the investigation into Trump’s 2016 campaign that his White House will not be under siege.

    “How do you take a job and then recuse yourself?” Trump asked reporters rhetorically. “If he would have recused himself before the job, I would have said, ‘Thanks, Jeff, but I’m not going to take you.’ It’s extremely unfair – and that’s a mild word – to the president.”

  3. The Feds Just Expanded Civil Asset Forfeiture
    'Laws' Nationwide

    As Martin Armstrong detailed, between 1989 and 2010, U.S. attorneys seized an estimated $12.6 billion in asset forfeiture cases. The growth rate during that time averaged +19.4% annually. In 2010 alone, the value of assets seized grew by +52.8% from 2009 and was six times greater than the total for 1989. Then by 2014, that number had ballooned to roughly $4.5 billion for the year, making this 35% of the entire number of assets collected from 1989 to 2010 in a single year. Now, according to the FBI, the total amount of goods stolen by criminals in 2014 burglary offenses suffered an estimated $3.9 billion in property losses.

    This means that the police are now taking more assets than the criminals.

  4. Chinese Authorities Charge 210,000
    Officials With Corruption This Year

    Those brought to justice included 38 high-level officials from provincial administrations and ministries, as well as around a thousand of various managers employed by state institutions.

    Last year, China reportedly punished nearly 300,000 officials as part of its ongoing anti-corruption campaign launched by President Xi Jinping after he came to power five years ago. Beijing has also been in talks with foreign governments to extradite fugitive corruption suspects.

  5. New Solar Tech - 50% More Energy Than Silicon Cells

    Researchers have created a concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) system with embedded microtracking that is capable of producing 50 percent more energy per day than the standard silicon solar cells.

    “Solar cells used to be expensive, but now they’re getting really cheap,” says Chris Giebink, an assistant professor of electrical engineering at Penn State.

    “As a result, the solar cell is no longer the dominant cost of the energy it produces. The majority of the cost increasingly lies in everything else—the inverter, installation labor, permitting fees, etc.—all the stuff we used to neglect,” he says.

  6. The way things are going in the background you certainly may not want to miss.

    1. Probably wont have to worry about missing if you kept it in the background.

      (let's see if John can figure that one out lol).

    2. Tony
      After targeting I rarely miss. Its made round to go around.

  7. Now we have Trumps 6 months report.
    1. An AG who recuses himself from the Russian issue. WTH????
    2. I promise I will take down the Deep State and Drain the Swamp. ZERO CHUMP! Idiot!!!
    3. Clinton with more baggage than a Camel Train, and Zero from this Idiot! Get a Grip!
    4. He will smash down on corruption and sleaze. Really? Yet be is surrounded by ever more Lobbyists and Pharmaceutical / Banking creeps bribing legislation evasion for a buck and buying the WH. Shameful liar!
    5. He will cut the costs. By more Military spending??? Hello?
    6.Drugs, Crime he's done what?
    7. He will get Americans back to work.Really, How? 6 months and WHAT to show?
    8. Better relations with Russia and China? Results to date? Putin plays him off the board. China ignores him as an ignoramus.
    9. Weiner? Why is Weiner not on Trial? Epsteins Island Guests?
    10. Releasing the RVs and GS? Now THAT CHUMP- WILL get the economy moving.

    Anyone seen a President for the last 6 months? Hard to find one among that swarm of Zio Shit Flies cloaking and now running the White House. An obscene failing dream.
    Another 6 months- of what?
    What is the price of a Trump promise? The Pinoccio of the failed American dream.

    1. Get(me) banned if I speak my mind on this discourse. Yet, understand why John is so passionate on this topic(DJT).

    2. Our problem is that we see only a part of the picture as John has much more intel than us. Some things, like Clinton-In-Jail efforts we can see are going nowhere fast. But if we weren't sitting here how many of us would know GCR/RV/PP? Right now if I tell my neighbor that there will be a 30% deval of the dollar they laugh, call me conspiracy theorist and walk-away. How many know 98 million are out of work? True unemployment is 20%, etc. We are dis-serviced by the MSM and all the institutions are corrupt. MSM says Trump did great at G20. John says no, and played off the table besides. At this point I believe John.

    3. Tino

      John IS actually speaking up for and trying to SAVE America from itself. Who else faces down the Cabal and Zio filth? Who else wants Democracy back for Americans? Who else wants America to have its OWN central bank and Trillions WASTED protecting Cabal assets brought back home caring for the poor and sick,educating and creating real jobs.

      Who else wants ONLY to put those GS back for mankind?

      I have been visiting America for 50 years and seen the real decline.
      I find Customs and Immigration abhorrent and needlessly intrusive, and If I object I will be arrested, so I simply decline to travel there now.

      I have seen the best of America.

      I don't like the worst.

    4. I hear you John. Was just responding to Tim4123. Fully on your side on this. It is a miracle that my Austrian temper didn't get me arrested the last time thru Customs an Immigration. And of course, grateful for your operations.

    5. Austria produced Adolf and started WW1. LOl

    6. I decline to travel also since I will not endure the "almost rape" at the airport because of a titanium knee. Obummer eliminated the Muslims from scrutiny in Nov 2010 because of their "religious sensibilities." So while Muslims pass on by smirking, Americans are practically raped or other option to go through radiation machines with more radiation exposure than anyone should have. It's absurd.

      So Brits are put through 3rd degree and unvetted "refugees" slip in under cover of darkness into the cargo side of airport? That's about par for the course...everything is now backasswards here.

    7. So, how many "terrorists" have these monsters caught at airports feeling up old women in wheelchairs, children, etc....?


      NOT A ONE!!! It's purpose is to TERRORIZE ALL people inside USA CORP.


  8. No genetic engineering needed: Simple VINEGAR can help plants resist drought, scientists find

    Scientists continue to genetically engineer plants that are becoming less and less like anything that nature ever intended, and in the process, many of them are overlooking some very useful natural alternatives.

    One such solution was recently discovered by researchers at Japan’s RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science (CSRS). After studying a new biological pathway that is activated in plants during droughts, they found that they could give plants a higher tolerance for drought simply by growing them in vinegar.

    Should this turn out to be as promising as it appears, farmers could have a very valuable ally in vinegar when it comes to protecting crops from drought. It is an inexpensive and safe solution, and it is hoped that larger-scale studies with other plants will yield similar results.

    Biffie: This is great news now that there are so many regions in the world experiencing droughts.
    I love using vinegar for so many things. Got rid of my dryer sheets by using white vinegar in the rinse cycle. Use half water, half vinegar on mildew on rose bushes, and use vinegar to clean the kitchen and bathrooms.

    1. Genetic engineering could be a boon in this situation. CRISPR in some olive genetics and we could grow salads that create their own dressing.

    2. GREAT post!! Extension of doing daily personal consumption of Vinegar for whole health, actually.Nice, how this all ties in together.This Ph level stuff I have been researching for years and it IS the answer for SO many health problems worldwide.Something so very,VERY simple!! PLUG that into your National Health Plan shyte!!

      Thanks BIFFIE!!

    3. Have you tried washing fresh fruits and veges from the store in c10% vinegar to water? Just put them in large bowl or the sink, soak 10 min, rinse and lay out to dry. You will be amazed at the sediment at bottom. They last longer too. Don't worry...they don't taste like vinegar.

    4. White vinegar is what I use for cleaning, etc. I only consume Braggs apple cider vinegar because it has the 'mother' in it and is so good for you. I put it in smoothies and make my salad dressing with it. Sometimes for a quick pick me up, I just mix some in water. I like that Texian. Right now I am eating out of my own garden, but come winter, I will use your suggestion. Thanks.

    5. Unknown, I don't want my salad to create its own dressing, I want to make my own, lol.

  9. As per John's comment let us start in on the health debate. First, we need to get out from under the spectre and ideas of the past with a new Doctor's Oath. Because much of what I will say flows from this, I reproduce it here for context.

    The Aurora Oath
    At the dawn of the third age of Man, recognizing the miracle of
    Consciousnes and the supreme Obligation to preserve it,
    I hearby swear to practice the art of medicine as
    To protect, preserve and enhance the life of every patient,
    To practice with the utmost confidentiality,
    To practice with a open record available to all,
    To provide, with total transparency and consent, any treatment when requested,
    such that the benefits exceed the risks,
    To practice with fully-integrated honesty, and
    To stand against any effort to interdict my actions under this oath

  10. HI All. Please send all the love and hope you can muster to my love. He had a stroke yesterday and we are in need of a miracle.

    If that window we've been watching for ever so long opens in the next few days, I hope someone will email me. I'd so love to be able to tell Wayne it's happening for real. And I'd so love for it to be happening for real! Meantime, please hold us in the light. I'll be back when I can.

    Tony, if you would please copy this to WHA I would be appreciative. Missing all my friends there too.

    1. MyGirl,

      Positive thoughts of healing are being sent to Wayne. I hope the medical care you are seeking has Wayne's health as the number one priority and not their own bottom line profits.

    2. My Girl

      Tell Wayne to call himself John Wayne and fight it. Life is for living. Grit down.

    3. mygirl, positive thought, and prayers to you and your loved one

    4. MG56 You and Yours are in my most powerful Prayers! Time to get moving on Meditative-Ethereal Prayers!

    5. Mygirl, white light sent to you and your partner. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

    6. Mygirl 56, sending many good health vibes and love in your and Waynes direction. May the outcome be positive.

    7. Mygirl, keeping yourself and hubby in my thoughts. Wishing Wayne a full recovery and more beautiful times ahead for you both. Stay strong.

    8. Positive thoughts coming your way for a full recovery for Wayne and strength for you and your family.

  11. How can it not be treason for a Congressional "representative" to put the interests of another country ahead of the one he was elected to represent?

    Senator Chuck "Shomer Yisrael" must be Replaced by a Senator who will "Shomer" the U.S.

    “My name as you know comes from a Hebrew word. It comes from the word shomer, which means guardian ... and I believe Hashem, actually, gave me the name as one of my roles that is very important in the United States Senate, to be a shomer for Israel, and I will continue to be that with every bone in my body.” (US Senator Charles Schumer interviewed by Nachum Segal, Apr 22, 2010)

    1. Disgusting. He should be booted out immediately and should not have been elected to this position in the first place imo.

    2. See YT interviews of ex-House rep from Ga. Dr. Cynthia McKenney. Primary source material. ALL US Congress are required to sign a statement promising to support Israel or election funds are cut off. 100% of Congress is for Israel!

  12. John,

    Are the 800 #'s referred to account #'s for specific funds?

    1. Yes the RVs to be exchanged if approved.

      1. Print more bogus currencies.
      2. Fund the majors and Sovereigns first.
      3. Mad Hatters Tea Party for the rest if tricking down.

    2. Wow.
      More puzzles to solve.
      This code-speak is crazy.
      No idea what John means here actually....for plain "folk".

  13. Since it appears no one wants to push back on John, I guess I'm only too happy to do it. Yes, we're all disappointed he hasn't arrested the Clinton and Bush crime families and we're also disappointed he hasn't arrested all the pedophiles but he has, in 6 months, made some significant progress that I will list here.

    1. NAFTA - out
    2. TPP - out
    3. Paris Climate Accords - out
    I could stop here and be pretty pleased with the above items because these three are mechanisms for the New World Order and this alone has set the whole timetable back. But, lets continue.
    4. The wall - Illegal border crossings are down (70%) yet no progress on the building of the wall. I've got news for you...Trump IS the wall.
    5. Voter Fraud - This is a long standing issue in the US and has been for generations and progress is being made here and hopefully will result in voter ID for everyone by 2018 or at the least, 2020.
    6. Ridiculous, unconstitutional and anti-business executive order regulations that strangle businesses have been reversed.
    7. All sectors of business have been on the upswing since January, including the stock market.
    8. Is taking on the CIA controlled MSM head on, exposing them for what they are, the propaganda machine for the NWO, the Deep State and the cabal.
    9. Taking steps to make the US energy independent which lowers the costs for everything.
    10. Exposing the cabal shills and AIPAC slaves on both sides of the aisle in Congress.
    11. Has set up tasks forces and executive orders to combat the drug cartels, the human trafficking problem and opioid addiction.
    12. Has gotten the federal government OUT of education and given that power back to the states.
    13. Fired the cabal shill, cover up artist and gatekeeper for the deep state, J Edgar Comey.
    14. Seems to be kicking ISIS' ass all over the middle east.
    15. Has gutted the disaster called Obamacare to the point where it will have to be repealed completely or allowed to die.

    I realize this may not seem like much to the rest of the world who is standing by waiting for the US to save them from themselves but its going to take some time to reverse 100+ years of bloodline control. It would be nice to get some assistance but incompetence and irrelevance have afflicted the rest of the world "leaders" because they're all owned and controlled by the cabal.

    Every day that we wake up in America and Clinton is NOT president is a good day. Trump is a street fighter and we don't give a shit if he's not "presidential" in the eyes of the rest of the world because we've tried the slick attorney turned owned/blackmailed politician before and it doesn't work.

    Maybe the rest of the world should think about that and clean up their own backyard before criticizing Trump.

    1. Paladin,
      Good points!
      Guess I'm invisible here? I push back regularly, but dear John has a few blind

    2. Texian,

      Yes, I know, he whines and complains like a crotchety old fart who hasn't been laid in decades. LOL

    3. The only problem is that using signing statements and executive orders won't effect real long term change.

      The next cabal shill that gets in will just create a new executive order overriding those.

      Yes, he bought time, agreed. But, I want these things in legislation that make it difficult to overturn.

      Which I know is almost impossible with the controlled, bought and paid for fools we have in the congress now.

    4. JV,
      Absolutely! EO's are just a stop gap. Somehow we must get beyond the party crap. Trump has done what he's done so far with Democrats and GOP nipping at his heels every moment of every day. They are fools but they are not giving up as long as their gravy train continues. That'll probably end way or another. Term limits. No pension.

    5. Oh wait, I take that back, John has Slack Alice on speed dial! LOL

      (braces for the response from the crotchety old fart)

    6. Paladin,

      Do you believe the pedophile stuff is really proceeding and we will see massive busts via DJT initiative(implied by his 2012 Tweet)? That will go a long way to start draining the swamp(also a meme he ran on).

      Thanks for voicing my opinions in your latest post about our elected president.

    7. Well said Paladin and much needed. I am totally happy in the direction we are going versus the direction we could have been going. Work for him will never stop and nor should it. There are a lot of political ass clowns out there that he has to deal with and I for one am very happy to have TRUMP busting thing loose.

    8. Tim,

      Yes, its proceeding with Congressional committees and task forces so we'll see where it goes. I judge Trump's success by the old axiom..."You know you're over the target when you're taking flak."

      The all out media onslaught tells us one thing, the deep state/cabal/shadow government is scared of Trump.

    9. JV,

      Some of the EOs were simply a rollback of the economy killing EOs the Kenyan born sissy boy put into effect to destroy the US. Soetoro's under the radar sabotaging of the US is being exposed every time Trump signs an EO reversing the Kenyan's damage.

      And Sean Spicer is gone finally. Good riddance!

    10. Yeah, he sure is TAKING FLACK ad nauseum since elected!! HOPE that is a good metric to judge by, etc...Thank you for your reply.Much appreciated, for sure buddy!! (LOVE your work over the years.)

    11. Paladin, I rarely post here any more but dayum! *sniff* *sniff* well said brother! #MAGA!

    12. Thanks Paladin for supporting the positives of our President. I could have been way, way worse if Hillary was in the WH.

  14. Paladin,
    At least I don't have to pay for it, and be assured, unlike you I'm firing and very active. Sorry your still on the Widow. RV will help you rent it. Unless we pull your hand out.

    Quit dreaming and start scheming, how to make a difference. Right now, even with your fathers Credit Card you still can't even make Slack Alice.

    But yes, jokes apart, PLEASE DO argue the good sides. Fully supported.
    I will hammer the bad. No issues.

    1. What exactly specifically is this "Slack Alice" reference?

      I know Paladin is a true patriot from what I have read, and I just do NOT comprehend why John and he "joust" like this in public here, and it seems counter-productive...Just saying.Didn't Jon say "Hands across the waters" or some such?This convo seems not like that.Maybe I am missing somethig.No offense intended, just seeking understanding.

    2. Its just daily jousting by Paladin and myself. Humour. Slack Alice is Paladins hooker fantasy.

    3. Tim,

      Let me be clear about the back and forth between John and I. We go way back....John and I and TMan birthed the White Hats Reports 7 years ago. John has been an integral part of the White Hats and there isn't one of the reports we've issued that doesn't have John's insights, input or analysis in addition to valuable intel coming from across the pond. John's worldview was very important to keeping the reports on an even keel with and a mindful eye toward the overall objective. John's participation, preparation and diligent work behind Lord James' exposure of Pureheart, the Federal Reserve, trading programs and banker chicanery on February 16, 2012 cannot EVER be overstated. If not for John, NONE of this would've been exposed. In my mind, these were and still are the most important reports and work that we have produced to date. Lord James displayed both guts and heroism for taking 10 minutes in the House of Lords to attack the cabal.

      John and I hold more information that we'll perhaps be releasing in the coming weeks and months regarding the cabal and shadow government.

      John is clearly a UK patriot as I am a US patriot. The UK/US love/hate relationship is a historical fact and goes back hundreds of years and perhaps our back and forth here reflect that long standing relationship. But make no mistake, at the end of the day, we're on the same team, ready to go back to back against the cabal if necessary. In general, our objectives are the same, its just sometimes we have a different approach to getting there based on our own perspectives.

      Tony at WHA has observed this back and forth for years and probably has the best perspective on it that either John or I.

      And..if you think this is bad, you should see our private emails. LOL

      As for Slack Alice, as I said earlier, that inquiry should be directed as John as she's on his speed dial.

    4. Thank you for that. It's like I just saw 200+ years of connections or something....very weird, yet enlightening reading this.YES, Britain and USA adversarial, yet "common cause" relationship is quite weird.France also helped us in the past, and there is positives regarding that with DJT meeting with Macron, right? This man IS establishing relationships worldwide like no other president has for decades imho...TPP was HUGE WIN!! NO DOUBT!!

    5. ....sorry, but "Slack Alice" reference is NOT understood. Maybe I am just dense as a log, I suppose.Still do not get wtf you guys are talking about! lol. God to see, though, you two are BOTH on the same page. LOVE. It Conquers ALL.

    6. Slack Alice is a Fantasy Hooker I taunt Paladin with for a joke. Slack in indicating everyone's been through it, and he cant. BSD talk. London pit bull talk as we rip their faces of but I just nip his Butt.

  15. JOHN & PALADIN Divergent views in this case are nothing less than Fantastic! We have a hard charging high level view that gets those who understand many of the complex interactions that a 50,000' view have a different perspective. Many of us Real Americans will continue to work tirelessly to restore the Republic with the Real Constitution. We know most of what needs to be done. MI is the only State I am know has the Republic template in place. That is no small feat BTW! We understand how every important part of our Country has been taken over by RKM et al. We can Apply the remedies that we understand and many of these are under way thanks to 45.
    we are continuously Analyzing and improving all aspects of resistance, changes and achievements - screw who dunits and put solutions in place. We will continue to take bits and pieces and synthesize solutions order(s) of magnitude above what we currently believe possible. Most importantly we will measure and evaluate certain key characteristics for continuous improvement. These things are all proven in battle.
    We will do this with or without any funding. Will any current billionaires of entities help .... not many and not much. That is what they have always done and that is what they will do since nearly all were enabled by satanic RKM et al. I Pray we who have projects are enabled and deliver 1000x expectations. i Pray the Wrath of God rains down on the satanic evil that has put and held us in slavery. A warning to those who knowingly impede our progress; you will be judged and your sentences will be harsh!
    I am one of many who are NOT begging for crumbs at the trough. I came into this world with nothing and will go out having nothing .... but I will leave sustainable PARADIGMS OF EXCELLENCE behind and these POEs will keep on keepin on !!! Yes, I am passionate about this. I have had it RKM. Prepare to go away.
    On another note ... a lot could be learned about people by what they write. These comments tell us so much and another BTW; there are some bright and honest people here and you know how you are. God Bless you all!

    1. BOB,

      please explain how Michigan is any different than any other state in the context you stated here above.Links would be nice of course and appreciated.

      I am looking for some place that has more protection which YOU have implied by your comment. Thank you.

    2. Certain Patriots processed the paperwork making MI ready to go. MI not yet a Republic but will launch at the appropriate time. This is a process and over 36 states have to come on board. I am not sure of the exact numbers.

    3. Get the exact numbers then report back here,bro. ;-)

    4. T4123 Not funny. After several 900 series classes in stat and > 10 yrs w Dr D ... I could find the #s if I so choose ... sorry no cigar. FEw questions irritate me but this one did. No more responses from me 2U

  16. Oldie but goodie for today's humor: Rope. Journalist. Tree. Some Assembly Required.

  17. The new Angel particle experiment indicates we could soon have a whole new generation of computers 10 Million times faster than now. Imagine this with A1?
    Intelligence aided even Paladin may get a date.

  18. UBER computing is no secret. Cray went into ISS and developed something new years ago, then he gets suicided after he returns. CRAY5 I believe it was termed...Something that could ONLY be developed in ZeroGravity, then tech results returned here to earth, than BOOM, the guy dies....

  19. Anybody else here just SICK of the Black Nobility games?

    Awake/Aware yet?

    SEE for yourself.

  20. Unless I am an Idiot(!) these bastards is who is running the Proverbial SHOW we watch daily!!

    Now we know our common ENEMY. Right? With me here? THEY are our enemy right, and NO friend to Humanity because of their millenia of genocide and so much more, right? What ever happened to them public contracts to eradicate these beasts?

    I am really pissed.Aren't you?

  21. So, nobody wants to debate the HCI issue? Nationalized health care is a Scam. My opinion. 10% of children now get sick from so-called c\vaccines, which are actually poison peddled by doctors for a buck/quota.FREE to choose is the BEST way! NOT mandatory imposed healthcare baloney!! Waiting list for help? Really? Insanity in my view....

    1. The focus of this site is listening to John & Paladin share their intel on global economics. It is not like the general discussion/debate sites. These guys are players, not reporters.

    2. Hi Tim,

      "Before It's News" is an alternative news site, full of links, conspiracies and forthright comments from participants on world issues.

      I'm sure you'd enjoy a greater response to the robust, confrontational discussions you are attempting to provoke here, over there or anywhere else.

      Additionally, we've read all the old White Hats report and know where to find them for review. Many of us use mobiles to access OWON and the extra posts make the site more difficult to access.

      And finally, most times it's good to have an UNEXPRESSED thought.

    3. I left my thoughts on healthcare in the last comment section that was closed.


    4. Ok, let's take it down a notch. Getting too heated. Take a breath an reevaluate.


      I am not sure how you see Nationalized Healthcare as having "no" choice. I choose my doctors and choose whether to be treated or not. That choice includes vaccines.

      Waiting lists are highly exaggerated in most cases. As for Canada, the reason why we have waiting lists is because our trained specialists go south for a quick buck.

      I have no idea what this "Mandatory imposed healthcare" is that you speak of.

      Private insurers only give you choice to a point. They decide your treatment or not. Here my doctor and I decide with zero government interference for any accredited treatment. And if an accredited treatment is not offered here, the government will pay for it and expenses where it is located.

    5. Sounds like things have changed for the better in Canada, and they are doing a much better job administering health care.

      Last I read about Omanacare is that it will implode because they had been stealing money from somewhere else to help fund that and that supplemental funding source is illegal and DJT can de-fund it theoretically. But, the insurance lobby is a bunch of ziorats, so will he or won't he is the question.


    6. Tim,

      Canada has not changed, it has been that way for as long as I can remember. Our hospitals and clinics are privately owned. Hospitals typically by nonprofits, clinics by doctors. Government sets wages for support staff and billable amounts.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Heck what's up with this

    @zerohedge: US Drops Criminal Charges Against JPM "London Whale" Traders As It Is "Unable To Extradite Them"

  24. Police have reportedly launched a murder investigation into Chester Bennington’s death with insiders believing it is “extremely likely” the Linkin Park frontman was killed in eerily similar circumstances to his close friend Chris Cornell.

    The where ready to expose pedo in entertainment industry

    This can't be cleaned up quick enough

    1. QUOTE:

      Police believe that the murders of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington may be linked.


      Close friends of Cornell say that he was shown a “black book” that included the name of one of his professional associates. After setting up his foundation and investigating further, Cornell was close to exposing a network of pedophiles working within the entertainment industry – a dangerous job that he considered his “duty.”

      But his friends believe he was taken out before he finished the job.

  25. Court Update: Weiner Laptop Documents Uncovered

    Judicial Watch’s team of attorneys was in federal court yesterday morning for a hearing in a major lawsuit seeking Hillary Clinton emails.

    Specifically, The hearing comes in a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit seeking former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails that were sent or received during her tenure from February 2009 to January 31, 2013 (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:15-cv-00687)). The case is before Judge James E. Boasberg.

    The hearing focused on the State Department’s progress on processing the emails that Hillary Clinton deleted or otherwise failed disclose when she served as Secretary of State, some of which were emails sent by Clinton aide Huma Abedin that were found on the laptop of her estranged husband Anthony Weiner. Clinton attempted to delete 33,000 emails from her non-government server.

    The State Department was ordered to produce documents to Judicial Watch, and has been processing only 500 pages per month of emails uncovered by the FBI in its investigation into Clinton’s non-government email system. The State Department has produced 17 batches of documents so far. At the current pace, the Clinton emails and other records won’t be fully available for possible release until at least 2020.

    On June 15, the FBI provided a new disc of records to the State Department. It turns out this disc contains 7,000 records recovered from Weiner’s laptop which now must be reviewed for potential public release.

  26. "President Trump’s legal team is looking for possible conflicts of interest among members of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team of Russia investigators, according to multiple reports Friday.

    Trump’s lawyers “will consistently evaluate the issue of conflicts and raise them in the appropriate venue,” Jay Sekulow, one of Trump’s outside attorneys, told the Associated Press.

    Special Prosecutor Mueller Is a Political Hack ~ ZeroHedge

    Part of the investigation into the investigators will look at the political affiliations and work history of each member."

    More at link:

    White House Gives Deep State Mueller All The Rope He Needs: Abuse Of Venue

  27. A common question that people ask Delia Moon Meier about The World’s Largest Truck Stop is, is it really the world’s largest truck stop?

    Meier, who owns the business with her brother Will, admits she doesn’t know. It started when Standard Oil named it the World’s Largest Amoco in the 1980s, and over time that kind of morphed into The World’s Largest Truck Stop. The claim hasn’t been tested, she says, though it isn’t for lack of trying.

    “I’m trying to get Guinness to verify it, but they’re not receptive,” says Meier. “I keep arguing with them, but they say they wouldn’t know how to measure it. But nobody’s told us we aren’t.”

    Formally known as the Iowa 80 Truck Stop, The World’s Largest is one of the state’s eastern gateways on Interstate 80, dominating the truck stop-heavy exit 284 at Walcott. It draws 64 million customers a year, which is 20 times more than Iowa’s entire population. About 20 percent of them are long-haul commercial semi-truck drivers looking for a place to eat, shower, wash some laundry and rent a video while laying up for the night in their sleeper cabs in the parking lot.

  28. John,

    Is the Exchange Stabilization Fund's non cooperation one of the major factors causing delays?

    And who do they take their orders from?

    What happens to all of their Trillions/Quadrillions of USD once we go asset backed?

    The Entity Controlling The Economic System Is Much Larger Than The Fed: Rob Kirby

    1. This is the Plunge Protection Team in the White House. Technically the President, but for complex issues, being as Thick as he visibly is,he will have on of his inner team of Advisers monitor and tell him what to direct them rig or fix solutions.

  29. The folks in the hallowed halls are listening to the thunder clouds of a pissed off nation and world, clearly approaching the steps of the Capital. So, to all of our “friends” in the Washington D.C. beltway, listen carefully, soon the people will be on your door step, taking you away. It’s not just Obama they will be after … it’s you.

    You would be best served researching how the unelected elite bloodlines have stolen money from the United States through Pureheart, a Homeland Security owned and operated company, a Government Sponsored Entity (GSE), specifically attached to you.

    Why else would you need to fraudulently develop a high level scam to steal $15 trillion dollars and trade it at a rate of 2000% a month?

    That’s hundreds of trillions of dollars a month and the world is wondering why the Federal Reserve is failing and broke. No cash and no cash flow.

    You all ended up getting your Iraqi Dinars exchanged for vouchers at Wells Fargo Bank.

    Hell, we found you just after the flight plan was lodged … remember Air Force One always travels to a location with a TFR in place.

    The White Hats register on approximately 350 blogs throughout the world. To date, we are translated into 9 languages we know of, including all of the majors.

    However nobody hates the G8 because nobody knows what they do, including their clandestine ultra secret operations with the United States Secret Government.

    The Powers That Be decided a long time ago to keep the extraterrestrial situation quiet. We need to identify who the Powers That Be are. They are the bloodline families. They control everything that goes on in the banking world, the political world, and attempt to shape our individual reality on a daily basis. The control they are exerting has to do with control of the masses. I don’t think we need to create the long line of items that are currently before us … oh what the hell why not? Just a few … Obamacare, the United Nations Agenda 21, the Libor scandal (the newest scandal of world wide proportion to rock the banking sectors of the world), the money laundering scandals, the aliens and their technologies, UFO’s, Homeland Security, and last but not least, our leadership.

    1. WHO?
      I posted, actually re-posted by a member here a blog that has every "family" identified that are the big players "behind the scene" as it were...ABOVE Rothskum is black nobility from what I see and many others see.Roths are NOT the end all of evil on this planet many agree.They are like poster children of where we are supposed to focus attention, but the TRUE (dark)puppet-masters are elsewhere, HA-HA!!

    2. tim4123Friday, July 21, 2017 at 12:49:00 PM MDT

      Anybody else here just SICK of the Black Nobility games?

      Awake/Aware yet?
      SEE for yourself.
      OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    3. tim4123, I originally posted that site that reveals more history about the Black Nobility and other European wealthy families, most that read & post here are already quite familiar with
      this info from articles posted by John & Canauzzie

  30. Today, Judicial Watch remembers the First Battle of Bull Run -- the first major conflict of the Civil War -- which occurred on this day exactly 156 years ago (July 21st, 1861). In this battle near Manassas Junction next to the Bull Run River in Virginia – just 25 miles or so from Washington D.C. – roughly 35,000 Union troops led by Brigadier General Irvin McDowell marched out from the nation’s capital to meet the 20,000 Confederate troops led by General P.G.T. Beauregard.

    Both sides severely underestimated how deadly the conflict would be – it was a pitched battle full of artillery fire, premature victory celebrations, changing battle lines, deadly charges, & endless gunfire – and by the end of it the Union Army would have to beat a hasty retreat back toward D.C. (along with the onlookers & spectators that had come to see the battle) with the Confederate Army failing to give much chase. At the conclusion of the battle there would be 5,000 casualties between the two sides (a number that shocked both sides then but would be dwarfed as the war dragged on), and the battle would portend how difficult it would be for either side to achieve swift victory.

    Ultimately, the Civil War would see well over 650,000 soldiers lose their lives – by far the deadliest war in American history. So, today Judicial Watch remembers all those who lost their lives in the first truly deadly battle of that war: the First Battle of Bull Run

    1. Will the U.S. need to have another full all out Civil War?

    2. It wont happen, the Deep State is well armed,dug in, superior weapons, bottomless supplies, leadership indifferent to human suffering and supported by a Global Wealth Enriched series of Super Trusts, further enhanced by the Pentagon Fed Programs to churn out Ts unchecked.

      Lined up against Bubba, illegals, Whooping Wookies,and a blase cross bred Mutt population no longer needed,aided by a small educated class out with the fairies. Confrontation, a No Brainer.Too many Armchair Jocks who will be first under the table.

      FEMA and virus plagues await if they decide to just reduce.

      They don't care and YOU don't matter. There are no United States, you are collective enslaved redundant colonies, it's just what to do with you as mainly surplus to numbers needs? Revolution to them would be a welcome solution. The same ruthless, macabre grunt Contractors turned against innocent Civilians will be unleashed upon you, weapons ready and firing.

      Civilian resistance training for all Commissioned Officers is a simple system and ruthless.

      Line up your units in 3 levels.

      First line down on one knee focusing rifles, plus machine guns on the outer lines to sweep across and in when ordered. Two line spotters to identify and call out the ring leaders. Each front line soldier will be given a target to focus on as called by the Spotters and Officer in Command.
      It takes at best 2 minutes to organize.

      When the order to fire is given at least 2 parties will have been ordered to fire on each target to reduce a miss. An NCO stands behind the troop lines. Any trooper showing cowardice or failing to fire gets a bullet in the head.
      It focuses heads. Troops are told if you missfire, or fire wide, we will know and the next bullet will be in your heads. Don't miss or we won't! No mercy and no time for Wimps. Reality. Orders are orders. Military resistance, dream on?

      The second line fires at will to take down any advance and the machine guns on outer flanks sweeping in scythe down the lot in vast numbers. The last line picks out any breaking free and still coming forwards. A wall of death. Bullet proof shields up also.

      Your only hope is sneak attacks and ambushes. Organised by who? They are!
      Will your only talk be in Renditions centers? Organize- with what?

    3. John,

      I think you're describing an us vs. them scenario, meaning the slaves vs. their masters and I think Tino means something different although I could be mistaken. Another civil war would probably be fought along political ideology rather than geographic boundaries.

      In that scenario, the conservatives would win it easily and quickly as they've been accumulating weapons and ammunition for the last 8 years.

    4. Interesting to see where your mind went John on an open question. I wasn't strictly speaking Us v Them, but it's worth talking about.

      John, with respect, there aren't enough of them and it's End of Empire like you say. You have too much faith in the utilization of force. In India, Britain won every engagement, yet your Empire couldn't even hold India, and for the same reason. When Truman thought he could enforce continued government control of the economy by force, and at the time had the largest army in the World at his disposal, he had to back down from rank-and-file fury of the common citizen -- and the fact that he was flatly told enforcers would be shot. I agree on the viral reduction danger but as to the rest, no. This isn't the world of a century ago or even 20 years ago. Lateral Internet communication is destroying all credibility of the central government. What was a mere third of the Nation at Election is probably trending toward 40% moving to half in the next 2 years. Also, I work with Veterans every day. The vast majority of troops will not fire on U.S. citizens. While we certainly have mercenaries, everyone knows that such an order is illegal and unconstitutional. There are also 500 million weapons in private hands with plenty of ammo. And no, nobody is surrendering their weapons. You might notice Connecticut tried it and roughly only 4.5% of the eligible weapons were turned in. We have obeyed our last gun law. What will happen is snipering of all the folks trying to execute the orders of bunkered-in folks. The only way folks get to control the masses is thru executive leverage. Shoot the middle men who have to go out to execute orders and they are helpless. Even I, a man sworn to do no harm, can put a bullet on a dime at 21 feet. Imagine the thousands that actually do own thousand-foot range rifles. It's simply not going to play out along classical lines. But I'm not a military man, I merely observe the huge disconnect between the central controllers and what is happening at the common man level.

    5. Tino

      I show you only what will happen if unplanned masses seek to engage with a naive understanding of raw Deep State power.
      We lost India and the Commonwealth simply because, like you are now finding, we simply could no longer afford the costs of subsidizing wars with no gain.

      Contractors, be assured, WILL unleash to order. Those NCO guns out behind their heads will ensure that, and frankly Bubba will fire to order.Been there!

      Me, I WANT you organized and ready, not a ramshackle Mutt army. IEDs, mines, booby traps, ambushes the lot. Rocket launchers and SAMs to take down the Choppers incoming. RPGs and anti tank missiles and grenades to take down the APC's incoming. It this goes up you need a lot of Vets and to hit Military stores fast. Level the odds. Then round up their families. Show them what will happen. War, if it comes is attrition. Might and fright. You have to win the fight.

      The Bundy stand off gave me hope for you. I want none of it, but If?????

    6. "They" better not be thinking of pulling that crap in Texas. On our street alone, I feel sure there's enough fire power to fill a medium size arsenal. There was one Hitlary sign during last election so maybe nothing there. The rest will probably attempt to protect them too.

      @John...the scenario you outline is what would happen in UK for sure and a few blue states where the people are stupid enough not to avail themselves of their right to protect themselves from tyranny.

    7. @John, I hear you loud and clear. I'm sure the message is received in the appropriate quarter. In the end, I'm just a traveled doctor. I can only patch them up. Unless I saw a real target of opportunity... then all bets are off!

      @Texian, Texas is really the embryo from which we can re-grow the Republic.

  31. Goodness, I haven't been around here much lately and, I just now realized this has become the Tim4123 blog?

  32. Are The Ten Commandments Based On The Forty-Two Principles Of Ma’at That Appeared 2,000 Years Earlier?
    July 15, 2017

    According to Biblical scholars, the Ten Commandments were written by God upon two tablets of stone and then given to Moses on mount Sinai. This event is supposed to have happened around the 13th or 14th century BC.

    What is interesting is that the Ten Commandments are very similar to the 42 Principles of Ma’at that appeared at least 2,000 earlier. There is reason to seriously consider at least 8 of the Christian Ten Commandments were based on Ma’at (or Maat), an ancient ethical and moral principle that every Egyptian citizen was expected to follow throughout their daily lives.

    1. Correct P, the Jews bogus plagiarism news. They even lie and cheat each other, what a Mongrel pack heh? Gypsies Dog tribes brainwashed and crap fed from birth.

    July 21, 2017

  34. It seems a few folks want to go about seeding the Black Plague in major European cities.

    This is stupid as a bio-attack. Don't get me wrong, bio-weapons are bad, dangerous and not particularly controllable. However, the vector of the Black Plague is a really poor choice.

    Everyone living today in Western Civilization is relatively immune to the plague, and the few that might have a susceptibility, it can easily be controlled with antibiotics. We are the survivors. We have the genes to weather this.

    In fact, if there is any population at risk, it is the Arabs. If they do this, watch it boomerang like hasn't been seen the Battle of Marathon.

    Also surveillance mechanisms exist today, so unless you can infect a city all at once, you can't get there from here. And even that won't turn out as expected because of winds and dilution mechanisms.

    1. Tino,

      Thank you for sharing this information. Is the same thing true about being immune to former plagues when it comes to the various flu epidemics? I know the supposed flu epidemic of 1918 wiped out a lot of people. My husband's grandparents lost 2 children to that one.

      I say "supposed flu epidemic" since I believe THEY have had the ability to foist diseases on humanity for a very long time.

    2. That control was achieved only post-1950 if reports are to be believed. Worldwide travel and inter-mixing of populations has resulted in so many virii moving in the population, that we have had no serious pandemic since the 1968 influenza pandemic.

    3. Tino

      What is transported through those Mexican drug and people tunnels may become payback for what has been visited upon others. As with 9/11 you neither saw it coming, nor as a society, could cope with the reality of what America imposes with abandon on others. Imaging that 10 fold each week. A wailing wall from Boston to Florida. LA, SF and Washington aflame? Atlanta aflame and NY under siege? If payback comes be assured, it will be ugly.
      The Muzzies have the fanatics in head count, money and will.

      Worse the Usurper let them in by the million.
      So many to become Martyred? Their glorious death. Be cautious and hopefully not, but- If????

      How much is already in with Sleepers waiting?

  35. I think it's a good idea to keep up with what the Cabal elitists consider our future...

    Bill Gates's 7 predictions for our future

    1. This is the main reason I call BS on Bill Gates vaccination program...

      First, here is the excerpt I am referring to:

      "In February, Bill Gates remarked at a conference in Munich, Germany that one of the biggest threats to global health is an airborne pathogen deployed by bioterrorists. It could be a synthetic smallpox virus or a super-flu that is far deadlier than normal strains.

      Epidemiologists "say there is a reasonable probability the world will experience such an outbreak in the next 10-15 years," Gates noted. In just a year, the right bug could wipe out 33 million people.

      For this reason, Gates and his foundation have made widespread vaccination one of their top priorities around the world."

      He says his foundation is involved in vaccinations because "one of the biggest threats to global health is an airborne pathogen deployed by bioterrorists".

      Then he goes on to say "In just a year, the right bug could wipe out 33 million people."

      My argument is this...IF a random bio terror group had the money and ability to create such a "bug", which is extremely unlikely, there would be no vaccination available because it wouldn't have been created as yet to fight this "new scary bug", correct? How to you give a pre-emptive treatment to a bug that hasn't yet appeared? HMMM

      I would love Tino's reply or anyone else who has a comment on this subject.

    2. The world is full of black-guards that will sow a problem first, to release a solution later. And there's no question that viral and bacterial warfare has quietly reached a new high. I agree that idiot terrorists have zero chance of developing it themselves. Like with the eventual [weak] nuclear bomb, it will be given to them to target some lesser group or place, just to see, and then it will escalate from there.

      It is very hard for me to believe the evil I see these days. I see it cognitively, but I am emotionally removed from it. My mind recoils at the horror.

    3. Tino,
      I greatly appreciate both of your replies.

  36. Indulge me please with just one more comment about the Bill Gates article I posted above...

    "Currently, the continent imports roughly $50 billion worth of food each year, despite the fact that 70% of residents in sub-Saharan Africa are farmers.

    "In the next 15 years, however, innovations in farming will erase these brutal ironies," Gates wrote. "The world has already developed better fertilizer and crops that are more productive, nutritious, and drought- and disease-resistant; with access to these and other existing technologies, African farmers could theoretically double their yields."

    My comment: Gates certainly isn't talking about improved farming methods (like the vinegar suggestion made earlier), he is clearly talking about supporting Monsanto and Cargill and other purveyors of deadly GMO, Roundup treated food...or as I call it, poison!

  37. While not of Earth-shattering importance, Barnes & Noble is deliberately not carrying DANGEROUS by Milo Yiannopoulos, and there is a viral video Barnes & Noble Worker Unable To Request DANGEROUS In Stores - UK making the rounds which is entertaining. U.S.-based Barnes and Noble video...

    This is of course, rebounding to MILO's favor, almost certainly driving sales. Even though not of the Alt-Right, the Alt-Right benefits from this as it is more proof that only "liberal" books will be tolerated. First Amendment for me, but not for thee. Simon&Schuster executive that made the decision might have curried favor with the PTB, but at 100K copies moving (and 24K sold!) and climbing, DANGEROUS is moving into the smashing success territory.

  38. Replies
    1. Any Fifth before Congress needs to be ordered as a Plea of Guilty! Refusal to answer immediate arrest for contempt and instant jail until complying. Dissent Military rules for Treason.

    2. Prolly does not want to be added to the dead list!.....

  39. Interesting to see Trump Tweeting he has full power to pardon. Himself also?

  40. Question from Auratayor to Tony WHA.

    Does he play any instruments?

    His flute regularly.

    1. Of course, especially when I am hard at work practicing the minuet in 34 D.

    2. And your maracas facing a 36 DD swinging in full harmony?

    3. Of course, vocals, invocations to a higher power ending in a nice B flat.

    4. Nothing like a full organ practice.

    5. OMG! You two are a scream. LOL

      Must admit John, I did try to sneak that question in over at WHA without you picking up on it as I knew it would send you a tad wild lol.

    6. Tony is the final drum roll followed by a Tootsie?

    7. Yes and I hear she can maintain tone on the didgeridoo while holding maracas.

  41. Bank of America flees Brexit Britain to relocate European HQ in Dublin

    Bank of America has stated they will make Dublin their EU headquarters after Brexit, boosting their workforce initially to 700 people with potential for far more.

  42. The Vision Alignment Project

    A Vision for Being Available

    We see a world where people have come out of their homes, cubicles and cubby holes and are now available to help their friends and neighbors with whatever need arises. In the same way, we see a world where people everywhere have risen up and out of their fears, their shynesses, their timid ways and are now getting to know their fellow travelers better.

    Now that we are ready and willing to be of service to those around us, the Spirit of community is blossoming everywhere. Where there was once isolation and loneliness, there is now camaraderie and expansion. Smiles show on the faces and joy fills the hearts of everyone we look upon. A sense of togetherness pervades the peoples of the Earth, as we have taken the first step toward bringing true Oneness - the Atonement - back into the lives of all humanity.

    And all of this has happened because we have ventured forth and begun to make ourselves more available to one another.

    1. P

      This will be a great day for mankind.

    2. John, It's already begun. For a short time yesterday, I was able to help a ranch manager's wife see that as hard as things had been, and might still get harder, it would be ok. They weren't alone and even with so much to accomplish, help would be there.

      How many times did like scenarios happen yesterday and in recent months? There's no way of telling, but those most dear and working so hard to make things better need that shoulder to lean on, that helping hand, the voice encouraging, the arms that hug, letting each know it will get better and they themselves stronger for the experience.

      Humanity is finding Community again.

    3. My heart explodes.

      THANK you for this post....

  43. In case you didn't believe that immigrants have never, ever, understood literally the first goddamn thing about the Rights of Englishmen or the U.S. Constitution. Note that limiting the 1st Amendment rights of Americans is AIPAC's top legislative priority for 2017. Everything below is straight from - Vox Day

    S.720 - Israel Anti-Boycott Act
    115th Congress (2017-2018)

    Sponsor: Sen. Cardin, Benjamin L. [D-MD] (Introduced 03/23/2017)
    Committees: Senate - Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
    Latest Action: 03/23/2017 Read twice and referred to the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs.

    This bill declares that Congress: (1) opposes the United Nations Human Rights Council resolution of March 24, 2016, which urges countries to pressure companies to divest from, or break contracts with, Israel; and (2) encourages full implementation of the United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2014 through enhanced, governmentwide, coordinated U.S.-Israel scientific and technological cooperation in civilian areas.

    The bill amends the Export Administration Act of 1979 to declare that it shall be U.S. policy to oppose:
    requests by foreign countries to impose restrictive practices or boycotts against other countries friendly to the United States or against U.S. persons; and
    restrictive trade practices or boycotts fostered or imposed by an international governmental organization, or requests to impose such practices or boycotts, against Israel.
    The bill prohibits U.S. persons engaged in interstate or foreign commerce from:
    requesting the imposition of any boycott by a foreign country against a country which is friendly to the United States; or
    supporting any boycott fostered or imposed by an international organization, or requesting imposition of any such boycott, against Israel.
    The bill amends the Export-Import Bank Act of 1945 to include as a reason for the Export-Import Bank to deny credit applications for the export of goods and services between the United States and foreign countries, opposition to policies and actions that are politically motivated and are intended to penalize or otherwise limit commercial relations specifically with citizens or residents of Israel, entities organized under the laws of Israel, or the Government of Israel.

    1. The bill cosponsors e.g. the Treasonous Congress

      Cosponsor and Date Cosponsored
      Sen. Portman, Rob [R-OH]* 03/23/2017
      Sen. Nelson, Bill [D-FL] 03/27/2017
      Sen. Rubio, Marco [R-FL] 03/27/2017
      Sen. Menendez, Robert [D-NJ] 03/27/2017
      Sen. Collins, Susan M. [R-ME] 03/27/2017
      Sen. Blumenthal, Richard [D-CT] 03/27/2017
      Sen. Graham, Lindsey [R-SC] 03/28/2017
      Sen. Young, Todd C. [R-IN] 03/28/2017
      Sen. Boozman, John [R-AR] 03/28/2017
      Sen. Isakson, Johnny [R-GA] 03/28/2017
      Sen. Peters, Gary C. [D-MI] 03/28/2017
      Sen. Hatch, Orrin G. [R-UT] 03/30/2017
      Sen. Perdue, David [R-GA] 03/30/2017
      Sen. Roberts, Pat [R-KS] 03/30/2017
      Sen. Wicker, Roger F. [R-MS] 03/30/2017
      Sen. Hoeven, John [R-ND] 04/04/2017
      Sen. Cornyn, John [R-TX] 04/04/2017
      Sen. Fischer, Deb [R-NE] 04/04/2017
      Sen. Heller, Dean [R-NV] 04/24/2017
      Sen. Moran, Jerry [R-KS] 04/24/2017
      Sen. Crapo, Mike [R-ID] 04/24/2017
      Sen. Cantwell, Maria [D-WA] 04/24/2017
      Sen. Grassley, Chuck [R-IA] 04/25/2017
      Sen. Capito, Shelley Moore [R-WV] 04/26/2017
      Sen. Schumer, Charles E. [D-NY] 05/01/2017
      Sen. Ernst, Joni [R-IA] 05/01/2017
      Sen. Hassan, Margaret Wood [D-NH] 05/08/2017
      Sen. Gillibrand, Kirsten E. [D-NY] 05/09/2017
      Sen. Lankford, James [R-OK] 05/16/2017
      Sen. Burr, Richard [R-NC] 05/17/2017
      Sen. Donnelly, Joe [D-IN] 05/23/2017
      Sen. Scott, Tim [R-SC] 05/25/2017
      Sen. Cruz, Ted [R-TX] 06/05/2017
      Sen. Manchin, Joe, III [D-WV] 06/05/2017
      Sen. Strange, Luther [R-AL] 06/05/2017
      Sen. McCaskill, Claire [D-MO] 06/06/2017
      Sen. Thune, John [R-SD] 06/12/2017
      Sen. Wyden, Ron [D-OR] 06/12/2017
      Sen. Sasse, Ben [R-NE] 06/15/2017
      Sen. Coons, Christopher A. [D-DE] 06/26/2017
      Sen. Bennet, Michael F. [D-CO] 07/12/2017
      Sen. Sullivan, Dan [R-AK] 07/12/2017
      Sen. Cassidy, Bill [R-LA] 07/18/2017
      Sen. Tillis, Thom [R-NC] 07/19/2017
      Sen. Cotton, Tom [R-AR] 07/19/2017

    2. Sen. Luther Strange [R] can be immediately punished in the upcoming Alabama senate primary election.

    3. Legal Eagles, is it Treason to propose such a Bill or do they actually have to Pass the Bill, for it to be Treason? My ancestral Roman roots really want to take this bunch, and after arrest and Due Process, upon sentencing by Hanging, add a rider to have their heads on pikes around the White House as a message to future generations on what not to do.

    4. Why the Hell are these scumbags committing America to Kazakh protection games and US body bags again? What the hell has Congress got to do with that Pariah nation? Bought people! Cheap Goffers for Mossad.

    5. Above all else, we now know which bunch of Congress-critters are truly Constitutionally clueless to the point of Treason.

    6. I fully support "Heads On Pikes" philosophy 1,000% for sure!

      Vlad The Impaler HAD IT RIGHT!

  44. Hackers access millions of Social Security numbers, 10 states affected
    July 22, 2017

    A security breach in the Kansas Department of Commerce has exposed millions of Social Security numbers from people across 10 states to hackers. Many other accounts were also attacked.

    Identifying information of millions of people in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, Oklahoma and Vermont are in the hands of hackers, according to an open records request by a collaboration of sources through the Kansas News Company.

    The open records request was made by the Kansas News Service on May 24, and Wednesday, the commerce department fulfilled the request.

    Specifically, the hacked data was from websites that help people find jobs, such as At the time of the breach, Kansas had been holding data from 16 states, but not every state had their information exposed.

  45. Wells Fargo Accidentally Releases Trove of Data on Wealthy Clients

    When a lawyer for Gary Sinderbrand, a former employee, subpoenaed the bank as part of a defamation lawsuit against a bank employee, he and Mr. Sinderbrand expected to receive a selection of emails and documents related to the case.

    But what landed in Mr. Sinderbrand’s hands on July 8 went far beyond what his lawyer had asked for: Wells Fargo had turned over — by accident, according to the bank’s lawyer — a vast trove of confidential information about tens of thousands of the bank’s wealthiest clients.

  46. P: It's about time they thought about their constituents and fixed the mess they created to begin with. Dropping the penalty aspect would be a great start and from there bringing the best plans and their managers already working very well from around the world and learning from them might be a good 2nd move. There just may be something our Congress can find that will work for everybody, instead of this continual inability to get things done.

    McConnell's last-ditch Obamacare strategy

    The Senate leader is forcing doomed Obamacare vote — and backlash could revive it.
    July 22, 2017

    Talking is no longer working. It's time to vote.

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is taking the rare step of forcing his members to take a tough vote on an Obamacare repeal bill, H.R. 1628 (115), that is on track to fail, making them own their votes.

    Senior Senate Republicans believe the high-profile vote expected Tuesday — followed by conservative backlash over the GOP's failure to fulfill its seven-year campaign pledge — might provoke enough heat from the base to bring senators back to the negotiating table.

  47. When our elected leaders and appointees are forcibly ousted for their wrong doings, they hold out till someone in the political machine negotiates their “golden parachute”. This includes immunity and some minimal consequence with a blessing of a fortune on the other side to thank the culprit for “taking one for the team”. Regardless of the maneuvers to get the vermin out, it all is presented as a “for the sake of the country” maneuver. After all, it would be better for the Country and the World if we just sweep this under the rug, right? Well, no! The White Hats believe it would be better for the Country and the world to examine the vermin and what they have been up to for all to see. Hold them accountable. Let the American people and the people of the World see that we are accountable for our own. Let the Country and the World see that we prosecute our treasonous perpetrators.

  48. Antarctica Revealed For The First Time ?
    June 30, 2017


  50. A HUGE thank you to everyone who is sending love and light our way. I can't tell you how much it means to both of us. No further deterioration the past 48 hrs. which is the first step. And a line on a neurosurgeon who reportedly has successfully operated on blocked carotids others have said were inoperable. We have hope, we have faith, and we have love. Thank you all.

    1. That is such great news mygirl. Hoping things continue to go your way.

    2. Stay strong Mygirl. Thank you for the update. Thinking of you both.

    3. Mygirl, so glad things are looking better for you and Wayne. Sending positive and healing thoughts your way.

    4. Mygirl56, that is wonderful news. Blessings and wishing speedy recovery for your loved one and you.

    5. Herewith my prayers for a speedy recovery, Mygirl. Stay strong.

  51. Sending healing energies from all of us just to be sure MYGIRL

  52. Tino

    How did such a ridiculous Bill ever get to Congress? Truly these Pariahs have no shame,is the US totally gullible to allow such trash to vote? WTF has that got to do with America bar protecting the Kazakh thugs?

    1. Word on the street here is that staffers rubber-stamp AIPAC info routinely in the Offices of the Congress-critters listed.... Hope that helps.

    2. Even the National Review is weighing in:

      Sometimes in the course of our political life, someone proposes something so mind-bogglingly stupid that it’s hard to know exactly what to say about it. Senate Bill 720 is one of those things. Over the past few years, a small but prominent movement has cropped up, using the age-old tactic of boycott to protest what it sees as Israel’s unjust occupation of territories that are assumed to belong rightfully to the Palestinians. Called “BDS” (boycott, divest, sanction) after the strategy it employs against the state of Israel and goods produced therein, it has acquired a certain notoriety on college campuses, not least for its uncomfortable associations with veritable anti-Semites.

      Israel’s supporters in the Senate, justifiably seeing this as a problem, have come up with an innovative solution: Make participation in BDS or other boycotts of Israel a felony, punishable by enormous fines and up to two decades in prison. The Israel Anti-Boycott Act enjoys remarkable bipartisan support: It’s not often you can get Ted Cruz and Ben Sasse to sign onto a measure alongside Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand. Its proponents number 43 in the Senate and 234 in the House....

  53. EU is out of control

    European Union leaders have threatened to strip Poland of its sovereignty amid fears that an anti-Soros movement is spreading throughout Europe, spearheaded by the Polish people. The EU has threatened to invoke Article 7 – a move […]

    1. Let them try. No-one is going to war over Poland and invocation of Article 7 will bring a direct end to the EU. It will also lay bare the true motives for having formed the EU. Poland will simply walk if they try this BS. They don't have a ghost of a chance at asset stripping them without boots on the ground.

      Instead it is far far easier to shoot Soros at this point. Personally I want him on trial for Crimes Against the Peace, seen as such on WorldVision, but the writing is on the wall.


      Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban launched another attack on billionaire investor George Soros Saturday, saying he works with European Union leaders to establish a “new, mixed, Muslimized Europe.”



    British Prime Minister Theresa May has blocked 9/11 victims and their families from finding out the extent of Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the attacks.

  55. This is typical of what goes on here over many years and MUST STOP!

    Bodies found in tractor-trailer in San Antonio Walmart


    Despite Dick Cheney poisoning and killing thousands of U.S. soldiers in Iraq, a court has cleared the former Vice President of any wrongdoing.

    A federal judge in Maryland just dismissed a number of important lawsuits against one of Cheney’s corporations, Kellog, Brown, and Root (KBR).


    Investigators in Oregon have discovered a massive child sex ring in which children were sold as sex slaves to high ranking pedophiles for as much as $5,000 a night.

    1. This turns my stomach with horror. I dread for the children. Disemboweling is too good for the Pedos. But it should be compulsory!

    2. I know but there is progress in shutting them down. Not fast Enogh for me

    3. We started it hard in the UK 2 years ago, no we are mass jailing them. Ours are mainly Pakkies, Muslims, Care Homes, Priests and the Media.


  58. OPEC meets Monday - amid nerves in the oil market
    OPEC members meet to monitor the production cut and bring producers back in line

  59. Eight found dead in truck in Texas Wal-Mart, human trafficking suspected

  60. The Ancient Underwater Pyramids in Wisconsin
    Aug 12, 2016

    Rock Lake in southern Wisconsin, dubbed “North America’s Most Controversial Underwater Archaeological Discovery of the 20th Century.” The first settlers of Lake Mills, Wisconsin in the 1830s heard stories from the Winnebago Indians about “stone teepees” submerged in nearby Rock Lake.

    1. Very interesting P.

      There is also a reported underground facility/pyramid somewhere in Northern Alaska. Little detail is known except for a short MUFON report.

  61. Seen in several different spots of the UK. Portal? Something Ethereal poking its head in for a quick look around? Probe? Not a bee swarm. I've seen those.

    You be the judge.

    1. It was a media hologram for PR at the nature history center.

  62. DR SHAABAN: Russia Supports the Axis of Resistance against Empire and Zionism
    Dr Bouthaina Shaaban, Political and Media Advisor to Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad.
    While flags fly and hearts beat in joy for the liberation of Mosul, one stands in awe to the magnitude of destruction inflicted by the American warplanes on one of the oldest and richest cities in history and its unique cultural and architectural heritage.


  64. Found a little French chef who'll prepare a meal for all of us...

    Le Petit Chef

  65. Orenthal James Simpson was born in 1947. What else was born in 1947? That’s right, our old friend the CIA. This early in the investigation, you will no doubt dismiss that as a coincidence. Later, you won’t. After his famous career as a football running back, Simpson went to Hollywood to become an actor. Who runs Hollywood? That’s right, our old friend the CIA.

    Private investigator Bill Dear has spent several years pursuing his theory that Jason Simpson was the real murderer, going as far as sifting through his trash in search of evidence. In his book 'O.J. is Innocent and I Can Prove it', Dear cites Jason's history of violent outbursts as proof for his theory. Dear says he found evidence Jason was diagnosed with IED - 'Intermittent Explosive Disorder’, a syndrome characterized by extreme outbursts of anger and rage over often trivial matters.

    1. I was right in the middle of the OJ thing in 1994 and am composing a "trip down memory lane" blog post that will go up on the white hats site tomorrow for anyone interested in some trivia.

  66. It is being said sometimes called rumored that tier 4 has been funded

  67. Interesting, not very common knowledge but it turns out there was at least one violent schism within Jewry to rival the Sunni-Shia divide. The Talmudic Jews nearly exterminated the Karaite Jews.

    1. Dam pity it would have cut some of the numbers now look at them?

  68. G Man

    G Man

    It's BS!

    All calm down the site will say when of the mass of S flies start buzzing. It's a No!
    Why listen to crap we ARE the front line?

  69. Judge Anna: Forty Acres and a Mule ~ SWISSINDO and Bondage in America

    First, I want a "Red Alert" to everyone that Cindy Kay Currier has a bunko record as long as my arm and many different aliases. One of my readers (a retired private investigator) got interested enough to delve into her background and boy, what an eye-opener that was! She's an honest-to-goodness professional crook.

    Buyer beware!

    Very unscrupulous parties are at work in America, trying to do to us what they did to the freed plantations slaves after the Civil War.

    They are trying to re-enslave us almost at the moment that we break free.

    Look carefully at the UN-SWISSINDO paperwork. What do you see? Do the words "Human Obligation Bonds" jump out at you? They should.

    A bond is a promise. There are many, many kinds of bonds. A "human obligation bond" means that you are agreeing that you are a "human" --- legally meaning: "monster, animal, color of a man" --- basically, that you are not a man or woman, but "something like"--- and that you are being obligated.

    In this case, if you sign up for the Swissindo "giveaway", you are in fact being obligated to donate your estate -- name, copyrights, labor, land, estate in sum total--- for the benefit of UN--SWISSINDO in exchange for the pittance $1200 a month they agree to provide.

    Not really "free money" is it? Especially since they never inform you about what you are giving up "in exchange". No, they don't come out and tell you that your estate is worth millions, if not billions, and that you are giving it to them for a bowl of porridge.

    The Dutch East India slave traders were the ancestors of the Swissindo bankers today. They made their money on slavery then and they are still making their money off of slavery now, even though it has been outlawed since 1926. How do they do that? By getting your to sign paperwork you don't understand.

    After the Civil War there was a similar program. Freed plantation slaves were offered "forty acres of good land and a mule" which sounded pretty good to most of them. So they signed up and they started farming their little plots and building small homes and barns and little communities. All was well until the "obligation" part of the unseen bond kicked in. The new landowners couldn't pay all the taxes they were obligated to pay. The government came back in and took everything, but the bond didn't change.

    Most of the former slaves were re-enslaved within three years, only this time the new owner was The United States of America, Inc.

    If you sign up tor the UN-SWISSINDO bonds, you and everything that is rightfully yours will be owned by two foreign corporations, and you will be stuck with a "lifetime residual lease income" of $1200 a month on an estate that is worth anywhere from a few million to a few billion.

    Wake up, America.

    Start demanding your due--- your real due.

    Start complaining about these foreign corporations operating on your shores to bilk the unsuspecting public. This is an international law enforcement issue. The UN-SWISSINDO operation needs to be recognized for what it is, and it and all similar scams promoting slavery and undisclosed "donation" of assets need to be shut down as organized crime syndicates.

  70. Tony WHA

    What a Lada, Lada, Lada crapola is in play again.

    M1 is not even Chinese,nor does the wealth exist under Chinese control of the Collateral Accounts. Key Elders families are spread across Asia. Vast T's are locked inside Blocked Trusts which the US and Zio trash have looted for decades. Elders also have warehouse full of Dollars, T's of it,non On Balance Sheet spendable.

    One family warehouse and up to 10 families can own the notes and bonds within. The Warehouse owners charge fees for storage,which the pallet owners can't cash out and pay with. So a confused system of pilferage exists as a Mexican stand off.

    We have offered to negotiate conversions in T's and get them full lawful use. But the Warehouse families won't allow access until bills are paid, which can't be paid without access. Our Berlin wall of stupidity. Peon obstinacy. Every so often they check the warehouses, find pallets of good dollars have been switched for counterfeits, and warehouse staff get shot, strangled or knifed. Welcome to Wookieland. Madness rules fools. Somewhere in the middle we try to "reason".

    Americans are banned from entry. Guards will shoot on site, or be shot. It's all way beyond M1 now. Try negotiating in the Asylum,with The Penguin and Munster family? Finding reason?

    1. So big John,
      Does any of this jeopardize any of the Big groups redemptions? Again?


    2. Not really just the Lada crap fantasies. Iraq can afford c7T as reality. I don't waste my breath debating with the quad T numbskulls. Wastes of space who won't see a Dime. Dongs do have a base. Zims we see if Kite's fly.
      What will be will be soon.

  71. It's pretty crazy that buried underground in some bunker are pallets of multi T's of currency and then you have people around the world that have nothing. Can barely eat. Probably not the way it should be.

    1. Agreed JV and we are trying. It's political as hell.

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