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  1. A whole new section again please check last comments for extensive issues covering a wide range. Its got a lot of current information to keep you up to date.

    1. thanks john

      for explaining a bit more: re PPs defined and their relation to the activity of the tiers

  2. This video by Liz Crokin says volumes. Thjere is a lot going on and we can easily conclude the reason for ziorats going batshit crazy is to take attention away from human trafficking and all those related crimes.

  3. I think the private groups are Day to day. . Our government needs to allow the release of money for the groups

  4. FYI. Gene editing still problematic no matter how it is done.

  5. With all the shooting going on, a must-have bookmark: What I Saw at the Coup

    1. Wow...that was quite a story.

    2. You should read his 3 novels... (Easily found on Amazon.)

    3. Would love to. Right now am reading The White Plague also quite fascinating.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks A44L91, I've read differing views on the legitimacy & agenda of Karen Hudes so not sure which side of the fence she sits on but interesting nonetheless .

    2. Every document Hudes ever produced was an obvious forgery. Physical evidence of her lack of credibility.

  7. John ,
    I've been doing some research on humanitarian projects & organisations for ideas and came across Global Infrastructure,Development & International Finance Agency , GIDIFA :
    This site has a great deal of info about who they are and what they do on a humanitarian basis and they say they are a Specialised Agency of the UN but i can't find them anywhere on the UN website (maybe a good thing ,lol)
    John are you able to shed any light on this organisation please before i get carried away with my belief in them. Many thanks .

  8. Bob, I was hoping you would share your method of Kundalini Meditation and path to enlightenment in here so those of us who would like to learn it could. If you get a moment, that is...or perhaps an email via Canauzzie. Thank you very much.

    1. BIFFIE Ask Canauzzie how to contact me and walah!

    June 15, 2017

    Jack Davis for Western Journalism reports, President Donald Trump acted Thursday to demolish a bureaucratic infrastructure that he said needed to be removed to allow America’s companies to create apprenticeships that will provide jobs for millions. Lee Stranahan is in Washington with what the media is not reporting on.

    1. P,
      Link doesn't work for me. Can you try to post a live link?

    2. Thank you Canauzzie for posting the live link. Need to learn how to do that.Will make it easier for everybody.

  10. It seems clear that the Deep State are out to get Trump out by whatever means. The latest Russian saga continues, but they can't investigate Clinton's mass corruption,or Bush crimes. Nor can they deal with a visible lying Usurper in Soetoro.

    Something is truly rotten in the Deep State of America.

    Heads need to go. Trumps own weakness underlies his failure to go after Clinton and Soetoro. His visibly limited, weak intellect. This mental Midget just can't bridge it!

    1. JOHN There is a lot going on that's not in MSM. The shooting likely had 1 or 2 additional shooters in ghilly suits with M4's with silencers. They tried to kill him in hospital but Trump may have foiled that. I am one of those who wants DJT to succeed for many reasons not visible in MSM. This should be unfolding such that is clearer what is happening.

    2. Bob

      We all want Trump to succeed. But retro fitting intellect may be too big an ask. Put simply, the obnoxious Moron is floundering. America has far better. He's an embarrassment to all. A prize Dufus posing to a declining audience. A case of can't do? He was only a Stopper for the Hilderbeast. His shortcomings were visible to all. A gruesome Klutz, lacking visible ability.

    3. If he goes we are left with Pence. Though Pence is popular with Republicans, we may be sorry there, too. Was suggested that he too may be compromised in embarrassing situation.

    4. JOHN Ziorat elite leaders print $$$$ - several $T$ per month. The BIS is central to all this and banks have most of their work "off balance sheet" and these are staggering huge amounts in Trillion$$. The facilitate pedophilia for their sick satanic cult uses; especially harvesting ADRENAL CHROME. Consider how gruesomely children are tortured by these sickos. UK perfected honey traps and US uses this info to keep all important human assets under tight controls. There are 4 leaders in Trump administration fighting pedophilia and one of them was shot this week. They tried to kill him with a botched operation but Trump disrupted it. I agree he has many imperfections but we are moving in the right direction .... >6000 pedo arrests since January 20, 2017 but no media coverage, WDC would lose hundreds if not thousands if all are rounded up. The BBC was/is an epicenter of this in UK with your elites (many of them). We all have to understand what is being exposed .... monstrous satanic cult crimes. Why would Clinton, Bush and Soetoro-oboma keep partial birth alive and funded by our corporate government POS outfit? They harvest body parts and dring the blood.
      HRC and her sicko rapist hubby funded Walmart and Tyson. HRC was on the W board. Every wonder how Walmart grew 2 5 n dime stores into one of the wealthiest companies in the world. Every time you see a Walmart truck ask yourself if it carrying blood for elite drinking and body parts ... also drugs. I am at a point these satanists should - when accused - be guilty as accused until or if they can prove innocence which they cannot in most cases. US people are looked down on by EU's but they have been dumbed down more then we have. We see a positive trend but more visible arrests of people like HRC + family, Barry and man-wife, Podesta, Donna Brazil (sp), McCain, Reid, Pelosi etc etc or turning states evidence and ratting. Fed has to go. Several hundred banksters locked up and more. Keep it up ... as in making people aware of our issues. The more Americans that wake the f up the better. We only need a 10% critical mass to reform.

  11. Here's one for all you Trump Lovers and Others care of Malcolm Turnbull the Prime Minister from "Down Under".

    Funny as a hat full of them ......

  12. Sure not to be in MSM... saw on YouTube yesterday..... Smithsonian admits in court, that they destroyed 1000's of skeletons of giants, starting in early 1900's. So, they swoop in to seize possession of remains found of giants. THEN...they destroy them, some as tall as 30 feet.
    They were ordered to turn over any remaining records they have on the findings. If destroying the bones were of such importance, then I can only assume they would have destroyed the records also.

    This is a travesty for mankind. Those bones obviously belonged to our ancestors.

    1. DL, believe me when I say am happy to see the Smithsonian being exposed. Ancient sites across this nation destroyed, findings that don't fit the official story line either stored away secretly or disposed of. Or even here when I see long stand ranching families with extraordinarily tall family members, the links to the past show clearly. Many do not realize that the shorter giants(7-8' or taller) Anglo population found here in the US at the time the Spanish came have left a genetic impact on both Native American populations and Spanglish (mixed Spanish and the Anglo tall people, then later more Anglo of normal size). Some of this early population didn't survive the disease that the Spanish brought(FL, NC, SC and GA) giants and some weren't exposed to much later like those found on the plains of West TX and Eastern NM.

      That those giants were what remained from an earlier time, don't think there is any doubt. It's just a matter of which era? It's also a matter of which also had the elongated skulls, as found in a number of mound builders mounds that were dug by various archeologists, amateur and professional.

    2. Godsend, can you provide a link to this story?

    3. It's things like this where I go f*** &^$%#$@!! &$%^&^%$ ()#*@&@^! bastards.

      Even to some of the brain-dead, it is obvious that a safe society and free society is a decentralized society where the rank-and-file can say "NO!". If you have water, food, energy and defense that is not provided by a centralized source and you prevent centralized sources from monopolizing these functions, society would be much, much different... But everything outside the narrative spoon-fed us thru college is a blatant lie or more accurately, a distortion of the Truth, just wrong enough that to look outside the bounds makes one feel ridiculous. Yet, there, they are... giant human skeletons. So does this really make us the third or fourth generation of Man on the planet?

    4. Cannauzie, thanks for posting links. I was late seeing request.

  13. Ex-employee of Smithsonian claims to have been eye witness to them dumping 100's of artifacts into the ocean, that had been found with the skeletal remains of giants.

    Apparently, someone walked into court room with two bones that were taken from Smithsonian, by a past curator, that proved of their existence. Curator, who had worked there in 1930 admitted he took them, on his deathbead, because they were destroying proof of existence of giants in North America.

  14. Trump, Pence, Sessions under investigation, But not Hillary, Bushes, Romney, Sleazy Bill, or any of the known Pedos, Treasury or Bank crooks?

    No question, unless the Mutt moves his Butt,they will get him one way or another.
    No question if the Bushes or Clinton's had the power of the Oval Office, they would have bragging rights and free use of every Whorehouse in Texas by now. Use it or Lose it!

    1. Real investigations are done without fanfare.

      The public investigation circus is to distract the opposition.

      Wild, outrageous rumors are floated to make the offenders seem not-so-bad when the truth finally comes out.

  15. Hopefully someone can help me here....I've sent the following information to our John twice and gotten no response so maybe someone here knows. I received this in an email and am trying to get confirmation....any responses would be appreciated:

    List of Mayors in UK that are Muslim w/ 3,000 Muslim Mosques, 130 Sharia Courts and they are on WELFARE

    How the British have passively succumbed to the Muslim invasion:

    Mayor of London ... MUSLIM
    Mayor of Birmingham ... MUSLIM
    Mayor of Leeds ... MUSLIM
    Mayor of Blackburn ... MUSLIM
    Mayor of Sheffield ... MUSLIM
    Mayor of Oxford ... MUSLIM
    Mayor of Luton ... MUSLIM
    Mayor of Oldham ... MUSLIM
    Mayor of Rochdale ... MUSLIM
    Over 3,000 Muslim Mosques
    Over 130 Muslim Sharia Courts
    Over 50 Muslim Sharia Councils
    Muslims-Only No-Go Areas Across The UK
    Muslim Women ... 78% don't work and are on FREE benefits/housing
    Muslim Men ... 63% don't work and are on FREE benefits/housing
    Muslim Families ... 6-8 children planning to go on FREE benefits/housing
    ... and now all UK schools are ONLY serving HALAL MEAT!

    All this achieved by just 4 million Muslims out of the 66 million population!

    1. Not true all Halal meat - BS!

      Not true NO go areas!! No way! Let them try and see response.

      Politically, no one wants the stench of Politics today. In the UK Mayors are small ceremonial offices - no power. Power is central. A few Dogs in coloured Clogs cuts nothing.
      Shariah laws here, Dream on. Koole aid?

      Welfare, Yep, probably,and how I rage about it. Muslims?????!!!!

    2. So with May making a total ass of herself on so many levels its clear the UK has more problems than is thought.

      Hillary isn't doing anything, maybe we should send her over to sort it out.


    3. She would never clear vetting here. Only in America. The site does no favours we call it as is.

  16. 1. Another mindless Mutt has just been jumped on and tasered in seconds by at least 8 gun wielding Police who descended on him in seconds for carrying a knife near Parliament. He's lucky we normally shoot to kill instantly. Without revealing how, anyone with a weapon, even hidden, in Westminster will be intercepted and Shot!
    Zero tolerance. We KNOW!

    2. HM the Queen today went to see the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire disaster. She stayed with them talking, listening and being all a good Monarch should be. She was well received. It meant a lot to them all.

    3.The BLOODY FOOL Theresa May PM, went briefly, yesterday,a limp wrist fast visit, saw almost no one, waggled her Arse and disappeared in a security blanked. She just lost half her next votes. Political Stupidity of the worst kind!

    Who the F does she think she is when the bleeding poor people need? Remember George W Bush and 9/11?

    Corbett is a Socialist Muppet and stayed to listen to all. He's now walking all over the tactless IDIOT in the opinion polls. Politicos? The Party need to demand an in house meeting and en Mass, give her a Closed Door response of the Biggest Bollocking of her life! So, the Queen can give the touch of human compassion but not May?
    You now see a Dead Woman walking. Can she be more out of touch for bad judgment? STUPID, STUPID,STUPID Leadership! She needs to be savaged by the party for this. If another Election is called she will now lose. We will be saddled with Socialists because the Silly PM lost touch with the people. Then the nation pays. But do out of touch Politicos ever get it right?

    Be clear, so far, over 30 are known dead with this fire, and it will reach c70. These are the poorest people,crammed and stacked high in low cost Social Housing, trapped in an 18 floor cheap slum block who burned alive. Children, whole families, all died a terrible death. Dreadful, an inferno in minutes.
    Poverty has dreadful consequences.

    Poor planning and now Politicos will Mugg it for gain. Apart from our PM whose advisers should have headlocked her Ass to a photo shoot. Too dumb to know that????
    She's not usually stupid, but WAS! She probably gave away the game now. Dead woman walking. Too remiss to be true. Her Forrest Gump moment. But the Queen was a full show!
    Leaders? We all have our issues. Ours too!

    1. Attention should be given to the council that ignored and denied calls for fire safety measures from concerned citizens.


    2. Oh what sad hateful speech!

      You guys are not going to let him talk about our Prime Minister this way are you?

    3. John,, " you are fired " ..... lol

    4. Yep Truth hurts shooting from the lip!
      We do a bad job I man up.She goofed up. Poor judgment from our PM. People hurting. Our PM's Arse needs to be.

    5. john

      are they going after trump to try and derail the tier 1 payouts?

      i was under the impression things wee too far along to be disrupted?


    6. We won't let anyone derail them. Its way too important for any Politicos to delay long or Shit happens! It IS live and moving!

    7. You are hired again!..... :))

    8. John, just for clarity with tier 1. Are you saying funds are live and moving to sovereigns?

  17. As predicted, our good Queen in her 90's can go out and show compassion to the people, which was well received. But May as PM, Security issues? Pomp! Time to say NO, it's the job! Which will now cost her, hers!

    The media will now go for May for this. Rightly so. Arrogant fool! Who the hell does she think she is? The Queens does the right thing. May needs a good smacking for this. A sore Arse for a week.

    1. Did the good Queen ever give permission to May to form a government? I never heard.....but what a draconian, ass backwards way to run things.

    2. Like rigging Bush 43, Yes we can, and Read My Lips 41, while the WH spent Clinton's 8 years fighting Bills sex issues,Monica doing Hillaries job, and still not teaching her to dry clean a dress, plus letting the Bushes rob the store? Add on a few illegal wars, running a bankrupt economy, and reneging on the planet. Hello? Pal???

      Do YOU want to publish the Hughes saga? WH49?

      Yep, we have our issues for sure, but yours? No swap!

    3. Just to interject a mere comment...John, are you saying it is a woman's "JOB" to have sex with her husband? I wasn't aware that marriage came with a job description. Is it a man's
      "JOB" to satisfy his wife as well? You didn't address the male's part so just wanted to note it for the record.

      Really? What century are you in sir?

    4. Sheesh...I just ask a simple question and the subject switches to the US and the cabal...of which the UK has willingly gone along all these years. Blair and Jr. being butt buddies in invading Iraq with not a peep out of the good Brits to stop this.

      But...I digress....back to the Queen mum. Did she grant permission to the pathetic one to form a government? And if so, why does an elected official need permission from a monarch to do this. I'm very confused LOL

      You'll have to understand, those of us who live in the US don't understand the concept that gives someone dominion over the flock for just being born, ala King and Queen. So this asking permission thing is very perplexing.

    5. MWP

      Both and cant resist a dig at the nasty C's. If not why have it? Just dump the Chump, either way. Way too many of either side carry the crap for too long. Off either! But forget the 50% lifetime scalping. Pay their own way. Alimony is a scam. Limit it. Equality now. Walk the walk. Guys take too many hits. They marry a 120 pounder and 5 years later it's a methane blimp? Guys need equal rights today. Ball breakers are not home makers. Just do not marry it's one sided madness. Be happy as is. Alimony lawyers? Pass!

    6. Pal

      It's because it allows us a check on the appalling crocks you put up as Presidents. None would pass vetting here. Her regal life of service or the Crocks of Shit you keep empowering? We win.

    7. Say what??? Gives you a check on our presidents??

      Now I'm really confused.

      My original question was in regards to the permission to form a government, asked by a person elected by the people (more or less) and granted (or not) by someone who isn't.

      Help me out here, buddy, I'm sure I'm not the only one who wonders about this but I suppose I'm the only one dumb enough to ask the question.


    8. Paladin,

      Last I checked America was an active participant in:

      1307 - UNUM SANCTUM


      1481 - AETERNI REGIS
      1531 - CONVOCATION
      And who could forget the INNS OF COURT (aka - B.A.R.)

      Considering this, with or without monarchy matters not. So the point of whether you have a king and queen or not is moot and irrelevant.

    9. The Queen rules by Public consent. As a protective Check also to bad Governments or poor appointments she has discretion on. She stops us getting those crocks of S you keep appointing to the WH,each of which belongs in the S house!

    10. Palladin

      When I say check, I mean a UK probity systems check. We would simply never allow in the UK those tainted Crocks you appoint to the WH.

      Now, as for above which you and I have discussed before, reality check.
      Title to the US lands, assets and stocks of the US are forfeit to the UK Sovereign if the US Corp goes bankrupt. Hello? We don't call it as we don't want 340 M on welfare, nor the crap shoot coming down. Nor do we want to disturb the Natives. Leave them deluded. You own- Nothing. The Vatican even owns your Souls, the Cabal your assholes. We the rest. Sleep Pal, it's BSD territory. The US does not do reality. You don't even have your own money, it's Jew paper you are suckered with. You live in a House of Cards.

    11. Except I can't find (at least via Google) which treaty cedes the US to the UK. I'm assuming it is in either the Treaty of Ghent or Treaty of 1818... just for my own education, since I find this omission in my knowledge base disturbing...

    12. that hillarious. Good luck on trying to collect. Most American's are strapped to the teeth and I'm one of them

    13. Tino

      No wish for a Diplomatic conflict, it's there for those who know, or to rattle Pals cage.

    14. Canauzzie

      Spoken like a true subject of a monarch, in this case, the Queen who doesn't even reside in your country. LOL. These issues you cite have no relevance in the US no matter what you think or read. Additionally, they have no relevance to the question I asked John.


      By public consent, do you mean the absence of an uprising or revolution to remove her from....the Palace?

      I'm still not clear on this but no follow up question is, if the Queen doesn't grant permission to form a government, what happens then?

      I find it more than interesting that the rest of the world looks to the US to save their asses, yet they continue the OLD tried and true royal bloodline model that does nothing but suppress the people and keep them in constant slavery. The UK is the trend setter in the Police State. The City of London is the heart of the financial control of the world. Surveillance cameras everywhere yet the terrorist attacks come almost weekly because they aren't there for terrorists, its for control of their own citizens. Now add to that the open surveillance of communications and what the HELL is a D notice? Suppression of the press?

      Canada follows along because they're a vassal state of the UK.

      Since the US gained independence over 200 years ago, the rest of the world has attempted to manipulate, control and determine our destiny like they do the rest of the planet. The Roman empire model for rule? People enslaved so the bloodlines can keep power for generations.

      One thing I will say, it appears the rest of the world KNOWS they're slaves and have come to accept it willingly. The citizens of the US are slaves, too, some just haven't realized it yet.

      Trump is trying to change all of this and I think it would behoove everyone to support his efforts because the bottom line is, if he doesn't do it, who will? After 1000s of years, it doesn't appear any other country has the will nor the way to get it done. Technology, knowledge, history have all been kept from the people. And the people are the very ones who earn the money and pay the taxes which funds the black budgets and the secret wars and to maintain the gross lifestyles of the bloodlines and their willing minions.

      Its time for this to stop, this model has been used for too long and its clearly not working. Rather than encourage and support the evolution of mankind, its done just the opposite and that's by design. At some point the tide will turn and the pitchforks and ropes and lamp posts will prevail because if you're a King or Queen or Zio, why would you give up all that power and greed?

      I can only hope I live to see that day.

    15. Hahaha ok John, IF I ever need-to-know I'm sure I'll find out...

    16. John,

      If you own our asses, why do you complain and whine every day about the US and Trump and the 990 bases and all the rest? Seems if you own us you could stop all of this by shutting off the pump. But you don't, so it seems its the other way around to me.

      And answer my question about the Queen, dammit! LOL


    17. Paladin,

      What did I say that had anything to do with monarchy? So spoken by a true subject? Nothing in my statement was monarchy related, they were Papal.

      The only thing that could save you from the Vatican is the Magna Carta. Although this is primarily for the Barons it does provide some protection as King John pledged everything to the Vatican, the Barons rallied and hence the Magna Carta.

      You feel this has no relevance? Well Columbus was blessed by the Pope to conquer the Americas for the Vatican, you gave him a day for f*** sakes.

      Who backed you in your revolutionary war? France and Spain - vassal states of the Vatican.

      The Treaty of Paris, remember that? Key point:

      - Recognizing the lawful contracted debts to be paid to creditors on either side (failing to rescinds this treaty).

      Georgetown and West Point = Jesuit schools... hello?

      Why does every President kiss the ass, sorry meant ring, of the Pope?

      You did not free yourselves of the British as much as sold yourselves to the Vatican and European Black Nobility.

      Only the true Knights Templer (prior 1307 or descendants thereof)) can bring forth the truth and smash the Vatican which will free us all. And last I checked they are in no hurry to pick a fight or renew hostilities in open warfare.

      Monarchies are just for show. Window dressings. So you are arguing fashion...

      Remember there are two crowns, one monarchy and one Papal. They are often confused....

      3 City States.... Triple Crown of the Vatican...

      This is all irrelevant?

    18. CANAUZZIE Good stuff! There is more to it though but your words make sense to a great degree. The main thing in my history analysis is we are all slaves to the Banksters and their minions. Banksters print fiat $$$ and use honey pot traps to secure loyalty. Disobey and you get suicided, exposed or worse. I have some experience stepping their toes and watching repercussions .... I exposed stock market fraud and they suicided my attorney. There are a lot of THEYS but we believe they all report to Banksters and all wars are bankers wars. We see their reign of terror coming to an end. It will take a while to round up and prosecute all the bad guys.
      I Pray we can exchange info like this but face to face often and have the resources to take action (legally) to help justice find the rapists, murders, pedos, thieves .... Ziorats all! Thanks for all you do!

    19. John,
      You certainly answered my question as to which century you live in regarding your silly comments about a "woman's job" but I see you didn't answer mine about a man's "job" in a marriage ??

      I'm sure you don't believe women should have the right to vote either based on your obvious bias against women and your skewed view of what a real marriage should be. By the way, I'm assuming you weigh exactly what you did when you married and haven't gained a pound and those lovely pecs of yours still stand high and proud and your 32 inch waist makes you a fine specimen of a man. LOL

      There are a lot of intelligent women who are part of this OWON world and I guess I'm the only one who dares to call it as I see it and that troubles me. Alas...

    20. (Sorry, had to correct)

      Yes, its all irrelevant. You speak of treaties and agreements and contracts that were executed by the very bloodlines I'm talking about, thinking they can control the masses with a piece of paper, signed in secret, without the consent of the ones it affects and then carry it out with deception and murder and crimes against all humanity.

      And all for what? Their own greed and power.....

      Laws made by man supersede the laws of the creator? They may last for a little while.....but not forever. If that was the case we'd all still be wearing collars with our Master's name on it so if we run off and get caught, they knew who to return us to. Obviously that method didn't work as somewhere along the line, we must've broken free so they had to devise a new system, one that involves identification in the form of documents. Currently we're approaching being chipped. All this to keep us in control, to rule over us, to use our lives strictly for their benefit. The cashless society is another one.....sold to us as a good thing, good for everyone, etc etc....when in reality its just another trick to exert further control of our if they don't have enough control already.

      These documents you speak of, how many people are aware of them and what they mean? Are all Canadians taught this in school? Are you informed that you're nothing but a slave at the end of the day when you take into consideration all of the "stuff" mentioned in your response?

      You mention debts....debts for wars among kings and bloodlines for land and riches.....all paid for by the lives and labors of their subjects. History matters little given that most of it is not factual, written by the winners to continue their control over humankind. And the only thing we can control is the NOW....history, whatever it is, can't be changed so the point of it is to make the best of today and enact changes.

      A vast majority aren't aware of what you use as an argument about who owns who and what owns what. If they were, I'm pretty sure they would change it in a drastic way, otherwise the bloodlines and royalty and Ziorats wouldn't keep it such a big secret.

      Its an illusion and when we ALL figure out the trick, we can change it. If we continue to accept our slavery then we deserve what we get and get what we deserve.

    21. MWP if a person agrees to tie up their partner in marriage and also forbid playing around then yes it's their responsibility. No need to bring gender into it. Works for both. No force. But got no right to screw the hubby on divorce taking everything but the dog if you don't screw the hubby during marriage.


    22. Paladin,

      I agree to a certain extent, but you cannot say it is irrelevant. Try to break free and see just how relevant it is. Eurasia may free us of this, but at what cost? Until the 100th monkey we are all trapped. Saying these things are irrelevant is telling our readership to ignore them, when knowledge is power. First you have to know you are a slave before you can fight to be free.

      Being a cashless society is irrelevant. We are using the Black Nobility's medium of exchange with cash or cashless.


      I didn't even bring up the Treaty of Verona. Every third word could be a novel on its own. For a comment section ya gotta be brief.

      Read the The History of Banking and you will find that the Templers and Vatican were to oversee the world financial system. Well the Vatican killed a lot of Templers and sent the rest into hiding so that just left the Vatican as overseers. So the Banksters pay homage to who? Why do corrupt politicos have Vatican Bank accounts?

    23. AJNA, you are obviously a man, yes?

      Why is it you guys think you own everything in a marital estate and when divorcing you are "giving" the woman that which she already owns as a member of the marriage. I guess you too believe that unless a woman brings in the almighty fiat dollar to a marriage, she has no value whatsoever. Yes, men who think this way should never marry as they are "living in a different century".

      You know what hasn't been brought up? The women of means who have to pay their exes alimony and give up what they came into the marriage with unless they are smart enough to have a pre-nup.

      So, why don't all you guys just get a pre-nup spelling out exactly what each party in the marriage agrees to do or not do and should the marriage end, provisions are made for that as well.

      Seems you guys get hot, get married, think nothing will change over the course of the marriage, except you...but of course, you are entitled to change but your chattle wife is not.

      I had no idea we had such backward thinking men on this blog but it has, indeed, been VERY eye opening today.

    24. MWP why did you assume I was talking about women? I have a husband. That's what I was referring to. But if you're saying women are different I'm very glad I don't have to marry one!

    25. MW & P, AJ is ok and John, from a place where women are often just part of the picture, albeit with pre-nup in place. Just different perspectives, varied backgrounds and life experience.

      That good partner and friend guy are kinda hard to find. Am sure you have one and I only know of a few couples that have those kind of relationships that are married. They help set good examples for the rest of us, and help us see what works and how.

    26. AJNA,

      This is the statement that made me think you are a man "But got no right to screw the hubby on divorce taking everything but the dog if you don't screw the hubby during marriage."

      Really. Having sex with your husband...are you implying that is a woman's worth in a marriage? If so, nice women get paid for that service and we call them prostitutes. Just sayin'.

      So, I guess you are a woman who believes a woman has a "job" in a marriage? It's fine by me. Everyone is entitled to believe whatever they wish. I am often appalled how rightous people get when you don't agree with their views. I thought sharing views and information was the purpose of this blog but perhaps I am mistaken.

    27. In fact, it is mind-numbing to me that no-one reacts with more virulence-cum-accusation_of_treason, at the existence of the Vatican accounts. Now I know there was a 'partial cleanup' a couple years back make it Vatican-illegal to give non-Vatican personnel Vatican Bank accounts. So I don't know if the current batch of traitors on the Hill have Vatican accounts???

    28. Thank you point stands, yes?

    29. AJ

      All marriages should have pre nups. Laid out in black and white , the appalling costs and risks of contract,after strong legal advice of consequential risks, you wouldn't.

      God forbid any man should find himself married to a Ball breaker. Or an Alkie, Head case, Slob or Player.Consequential costs in legals to off the thing can be unreal.The law is a compete ass, and the female. unless fought with vehemence, will have yours. Far worse is when the female is guilty, the Man still pays. For decades I have watched the farce that is marriage,and the mass unelected laws protecting ball breakers or head cases. On marriage the law is a complete ass. Vengeful shrews will work it unless fought head on.

      For most guys buying a boat is a perception of the best days of your life.
      Selling the dam thing is even better ex owners claim.
      For many,discarding ex wives is a parallel.

      Good marriages are fine, but so few. Hold onto the good.
      But the bad, as a man, all is stacked against you.

      Ballbreakers, imagine waking up to that each day? Where the other room is a safe haven.

      Taming of the Shew? Even Shakespeare had it figured out. We need a Ballbreakers law. An off them exit.
      A good relationship is all. Why marry?

      The markets are awash with options. Exes find it's far better for most to stay single.Catch a Minger then and its gone once it starts its games. Move on. No Fiscal blackmail. If marriages were 5 year renewals, how many would? Exactly! For either side. Escape routes are needed.

      Marriages were a product of the Churches. As unholy an alliance as can be.

      At best 5% work. 50% end in divorce and for the remaining 45% wanting an exit it's living hell. Good relationships fine,but for the all too often bad, who pays? Secure the children, but not the freeloaders.

      I see the horror stories daily.
      Imagine AJ, married to a Ballbreaker,, Alkie, Head case, Balloon or Player.
      When you walk, they run to get it all. Unless you dig in and really go to war.
      I've no time for abusive husbands, but laws can deal with them. Abusive wives if allowed? Ballbreakers, Alkies, Players or Head cases, it's a one way street. Single, they are sorted.

      MWPs case, no sex. Why bother. There is no relationship so move on. A Ballbreaker or Head case 5 year exit clause will sort them. No legal farce,just vote No, and go.

      Look at the odds. Does that profile like a stable institution not needing a serious rethink?

      Peter Stringfellow is a Club owner who has slept with over 3,000 women.
      Is he, the Scrubber, or them?

      In politics or with wealth, they are forever encircling seeking to hook a Sucker. Step with care. When the kids are gone, time to review. Keepers survive, the rest? Either side. Nothing is forever.

      Profile them?

    30. "Ballbreakers law"

      Unbelievable. If this attitude wasn't so sad, it would be laughable. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL...okay, now I'll catch my breath from that laughing spree. Thanks for adding time to my life. Laughter IS the best medicine.

    31. Cannauzie, in regards to your question in above discussion, "Why does every President kiss the ring of the Pope?"
      I don't remember seeing Trump kiss the ring.
      ...Did i just miss that or am I correct?

  18. Canauzzie, you are a naughty fellow. Thanks for the chuckle. :)

  19. Canauzzie

    that is interesting

    i have also noticed, since being a nerd i take a lot of courses on line as a hobby, Coursera and edX on line has multiple certification specialties

    offering courses from the MAJOR and minor global universities.

    this mode of educating people seems to be a major wave

    major trend seems to get certified


    1. Not sure why you are addressing me specifically on this....

    2. Unknown,

      It's simply a status thing at the moment. MOOCS have a lot of problems and poor completion rates. For a major sandstone uni if you don't have moocs then you're seen as behind.

      They only have value if the courses get you a job. Who recognises a mooc? Not many. Until they are accredited and certified into a higher ed qualification eg bachelors, masters then they're just a personal pursuit.

    3. But there is progress Unknown. My uni is investigating using a combo of moocs and a few local courses and accrediting with the UK Council of Higher Education. So whoever does this program will come out as a Fellow. Aimed to equip academics with actual teaching skills. We're also looking at bundling some moocs into a mini masters. So there is progress on the recognition side.

  20. p: Scalise is in critical condition having undergone multiple surgeries. His bullet wound was a high velocity injury that shattered bone and was a pass through injury. Internal injuries as well as the bullet fragmentation that caused so much hemorrhaging. His leg was broken as a result of the gun shot. Internal bleeding is under satisfactory control and additional surgery is expected to further reduce bleeding. This will be a staged recovery.

    Risk of death is substantially lower than when he came into the hospital after the gun shot.

    LIVE: Hospital Update on Rep. Steve Scalise's Condition Following Alexandria, VA Shooting
    June 16, 2017

  21. paladin wrote:

    "...After 1000s of years, it doesn't appear any other country has the will nor the way to get it done...."

    what is the second "it" to which you refer?

  22. Mueller must do this to retain credibility (and do it properly):

    Republicans Go On Offensive Against Mueller; Call For 'Special Counsel' To Investigate AG Lynch

    "Now, according to a note this morning from The Hill, Republicans seem to be doing just that with several members of the GOP calling on the Special Counsel to look into whether former Attorney General Loretta Lynch illegally meddled in the Hillary investigation when she met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix and/or instructed Comey to refer to his case as a "matter" rather than an "investigation."

    Rather than wasting resources on investigating Trump, the GOP says the special counsel must look into whether former attorney general Loretta Lynch meddled with the FBI’s criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server. Comey testified that Lynch told him to downplay the seriousness of the FBI’s email server investigation."

  23. Bonea Dea! I am glad all of you are not in the same room.

    It's hotter than Vulcan's dong today, and even hotter here in this thread. A rare internecine dust-up, which had me running for cover in my own house. lol

    Note to self: Post RV party seating arrangements need careful consideration.

    1. Having an open civilized discussion is what this comment section is about.

  24. Whew. Reading OWON today wore me out. Now I need a nap. Lol

  25. UK's May rushed from area of London fire after protests
    June 16, 2017

    British Prime Minister Theresa May was rushed away under heavy police guard on Friday as protesters shouted "Shame on you" after she met residents who live near a tower block in London where at least 30 people died in a fire.

    May, already under pressure after a botched snap election, is facing widespread criticism for her response to the blaze. She has promised to set up a public inquiry and pledged 5 million pounds ($6.40 million) to help the victims.

    Separately, hundreds of protesters stormed the local town hall chanting: "We want justice."

    May has outlined a series of measures to help those left homeless by the devastating fire which engulfed the 24-storey apartment block on Wednesday.

    But fury has grown in the local community at what people say is the slow response from authorities to the fire and a failure to inform families and friends about the fate of loved ones.

    Media reports have said about 70 people are expected to have been killed, although police have not confirmed this.

  26. "In other words, if the Senate proposed sanctions pass, the US will have to fine virtually every energy giant in Europe."

    Germany and Austria threatening retaliatory action against an arrogant Congress. Who are they to impose what other nations can do? This power is well past its use-by date.

  27. Yahoo the tiers are finally moving!!!

    1. Good. I thought they were lousy neighbors anyway.

    2., THAT is funny! Too many tiers in a neighborhood bring down the ethnic mix :)

  28. CANAUZZIE Thanks for the link to History of Banking. I read it quickly and especially liked the first 90+ pages. The graphics were great! There is another good source book that is a much slower read .... "Holy Blood Holy Grail" that covers lots of Templars and Priory of Sion. The world of banksters is complex and interesting.

    1. I read Holy Blood, Holy Grail years and years ago. Thanks for mentioning it, Bob. I have learned SO much since I read it I think I need to read it again - Knowing what I know now I'll bet there'd be no comparison to my level of understanding.

    June 16, 2017

    Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, Allegedly Sean Spicer may be on the way out. A restructuring is apparently about to happen at the White House briefing room. According to the Gateway Pundit, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is set to become the new White House Press Secretary over Sean Spicer. This video is a good indicate that she is more that capable of shutting down the FAKE NEWS media and put them right in their place.




  30. Everything Points to Congressman Steve Scalise Being “Seth Riched” (Shot and then murdered in the hospital)

  31. Can you imagine Presidents Bush, Clinton or Obama ever walking around like this?
    The President of Syria — Bashar al-Assad — is considered a great hero among his people.

  32. whitehatsauxiliaries says:June 16, 2017 at 6:42 pm
    What a week.
    We are told it’s still “all in play”.
    And despite my inquiries into suggesting we relax our state of alertness, no such thing was suggested or recommended.
    So, despite “silly season” lapping at our heals, stay alert, organized, and ready to move if we are dispatched to go amongst the great unwashed throngs of skanky bigfoots, and dong holding masses, yearning to cash in on the greatest currency movement since King Henry The VIII settled his last bachelor party bill.
    To close the week I will end off with a TV theme from “The Virginian”. This is in honor of the recent gunfight at the O-WON Corral. LOL
    Have a good weekend everyone, and stay sharp!

    1. Tony the Battle trenches are as close as in WW1 in the Somme. 100 years away you can smell them. Its a full on war of attrition now. There has to be a Loser. Theirs is a rear guard action. We are coming.
      Just not if married to some.

  33. John,

    Have no mercy otherwise we will be very disappointed... lol Please ram it hard and far

  34. Paladin

    The Queen has the right to refuse to sign a Bill into Law. We then have to dissolve Parliament, but in turn, then the Monarchy would face the wrath of Parliament head on. A face off and the Monarchy would be voted out.

    But what we do have in reality, is a Queen who has conducted herself with dignity, been a great moral example, and devoted herself to the nation. A true inspiration. Dignified, refined, sensitive and a real wife. Compare that to some all too typical loose cannon grouchy US Ballbreakers. Clearly there is a US Male issue that ignites them to emerge. Way too many US women now are more masculine than the men. It shows. The feminine gender is in retreat. Ball breakers and flakes. The US is gender assigning. Guys look at some of these women and decide, who even wants to?

    The Queen is a beacon of light. A high class act.

    Compare that to the Mingers, Mongrels,Sleazbags, Oh No Barry O, and Bushwhackers you have slotted in, and we win. Her or the Presidents.A No Brainer.

    The US system just does not work. You are run by the Deep State. Owned by Jewish Bankers,fed Shit by Jewish MSM and dumbed down by design. Now, bankrupt, surplus to needs ????????

    Yes the Queen gave May the green light to try again. But May is under real attack now. She stupidly goofed up over the tower block. Now she's lost all respect. Little girl lost. She bottled and ran. Dead woman walking. How long? They all smell blood. At least we can have a vote of No Confidence and re vote. You are stuck for 4 years with Crocks. Here none would even screen clear to run. You elect crap.

    When US males prefer a Guy to US women it says what? What a mess.

    It's been a week. Debate sure. OWON did its Forum job. Well.
    Thank God we still live in a country where low hanging fruit is free with few Ballbreakers tolerated. Even O does not know if hes Arthur or Martha. See what he married - OMG! Keep them there. God you have issues. Keep them there.
    The site at least ignites emotion.

  35. It would be a shock to all Canadians that we never repatriated our supposed constitution back in 1967 by our self proclaimed King Pierre Elliot Trudeau.... what a F*&^%$ cover up if there ever was such a thing. We ended up with a bill of rights which could be circumvented any day of the week by the British North America Act (BNA). Canada is not a free country of British rule and never was. I really don't want to piss Americans off, but if they look at REAL records of history, neither are they. I'll stop there before somebody puts out a contract on me.

  36. John, you said "It IS live and moving!" Just for clarification with tier 1, are you saying funds are live and moving to sovereigns finally?

  37. Wonderer

    Tiers are in SOLID negotiations.

    Then there are Tears of some poor husbands married to the Gender Benders we have seen unmuzzled this week. Psychos on steroids profiling. Thank God we still have women who are feminine and not putting men off the species. Maybe some of the US men just can't man up and or say nothing to avoid war zones. I have to button it often on US visits.
    Most women are good, but there are cases visible. Some !!!!!

    How many times in London have I had to ask an embarrassed American man, visibly under duress from a barking Dog in Trousers, why don't you muzzle that thing or take it back to the pound to zip it or swap it. They don't do that here! I've even said to some either zip it or I will slap it shut if he won't. Shock horror as the squawking brat is confronted head on. It's OUR town. Our way! A good slap cures their crap. Pampered Brats start young.
    No wonder so many Americans need Shrinks. All mad?

    They are embarrassing abroad. Loud, demanding, needing a leash guys! Genteel ladies great. Cross benders no way. God help the Gene pool.

    Somewhere these Dogs have slipped the pound in the US gender bending.
    Hearing some of them,- who would even want to? Guys, wake up? Good ones keep, macho mouths out. Men are treated like children. Are they?

    So many guys running to their Mammies? Jesus? Need to re asses the US Gene pool? Look how many US men are under duress. No - is an option. PM May was given a mans job at the London towers site. She bottled it under threats and ran.Pathetic!!!! A coward! Shes cooked now. Gender when it suits them?

    Ladies great. Challenges fine,equality yep. But where is the line? We have many good and great Ladies on this site. Many. All respected and valued. Love them all. We don't have issues, never have bar Mad Abbey. Most are welcome, Challenging, joking, debating. No issues.

    But when I hear sex use as a weapon in the armory? Minger zone. Is it just attention seeking or Dingbat freaking? It's not profiling like a keeper for sure.

    When poor AJ is lambasted, my eyebrows go up. The site is a privilege for all of us. This is not the first time issues have been raised by others. Respect all, or doors open with a fast ejector seat - butt first. Scream Geronimo on the way.

    1. John, it looks like you're judging people by their clothes "barking dogs in Trousers". If that's not the case, why mention it?

    2. If we switch the genders in John's post above would it make a difference? Yes. Because its expected to reign in a dickhead overbearing male but try it on a woman and the cries of foul begin. Unequal much?

    3. Not all women. Some of us are doing what has to be done. Not ashamed of that. Choice in partners is upto the two, nobody else's business. The only time you hear me 'barking" is when something needs to be addressed, not stupid stuff like the garbage needing taken out. Will do that myself and save the breath.

      Right now, laundry waits and am looking at filling that 30 yard roll off with more "stuff" because someone, yes a guy, didn't think to take care of business when it was needed. Will do what's needed and am grateful this near 55 gal can do the things I can. But also am grateful am no longer hauling water as had done for 4 months, the same guy who didn't get the other taken care did get the well taken care of. It's why I don't mind doing the heavy and dirty work at hand now.

      So please, this sex thing, no matter what gender, it takes all of us to make the world go around. Roles, those are for actors in theater. People do what they have to do. No more labels, and no more things that continually divide us and have us fighting amongst ourselves.

    4. Dear P, well said. And as far as I'm concerned, n'uff said.

    5. I agree P. Of course some guys just think their views are very important so I'm sure more will have to be endured. Pontification abounds :)

    6. John, thank you for the reply on funds haven't moved yet. Cheers.

  38. Canauzzie,

    The cashless society (with government or banks in charge) will be our worst nightmare. If it ever comes to fruition, you'll see. They'll run our lives through blackmail, we'll be under constant threat of getting our accounts shut down if we don't comply. The NWO model on steroids.

    As for being slaves, I think our readers already know that or they wouldn't be here. But there is nothing we can do about agreements and treaties made hundreds of years ago before our countries were even created. We can, however, do something about right now. Again, man made laws are just that, made by men for the benefit of a few and not the benefit of all.


    Not sure you answered my question and you could've saved us all your praise of the Queen mum as we've already seen it and read it a hundred times before. LOL.

    I'm just unclear on what happens if the Queen had denied May permission to form a government. Again, it appears the final decision is the Queen's, an unelected person who holds the fate of a country in their hands. You praise notwithstanding, history is filled with tyrants masquerading as royals for the purpose of suppressing their subjects. Perhaps things aren't much different here in reality, its just not out in the open like in the UK and the rest of the world.

    You can bash the US all you want but the UK is our partner in all of the nefariousness perpetrated on the world. And Pureheart....LJ brought that to light and what has the UK done? Nothing it appears.

    And you never addressed the D notice. Explain that to our readers so they understand how your government suppresses free speech. Or all the surveillance cameras on every street corner that seem to fail in preventing terrorist attacks. What's the point? Spending $$$ for what? To keep control of your own citizens?

    It seems the only difference between us and the rest of the world is we are under the illusion we're free and everywhere else has accepted their fate as slaves. Funny though how the rest of the world looks to us to free them from their situation when they do nothing to help themselves.

    As for Tony's comment about the post RV seating arrangements, I'll be right beside John so everyone can watch me drink him under the table.


    1. Paldin

      Skank- Lol. You wish!

      First a story. A legendary Irish Horse Breeder Agent and I both wanted the same foal (Weanling) at the Kentucky Lexington Horse sales the following day. 30 years ago.We were both macho for about $250K, about $4M in today's money,so rather than run each other up in a P contest, it was agreed we would have a drink off and the winner only outbids the Yanks. So I suggested a bottle of Jack Daniels each, until one passes out. Needless to say, our T flaked out at c 2 in the morning in a downtown bar.
      We both had to get back to our hotel about a mile away.
      2 complete drunks loaded into their hire cars and let loose after mass coffees. 2-30 in the morning Lost and pissed!

      We both hit the freeway bridge. Each weaving. After half a mile a police car zoomed up. Oh S!!!. 2-30 in the morning. Pitch black.

      Decisions fast under fire.
      An exit loomed, so I took it praying hard. The Cops had a decision.
      Which to take down town. As I peeled away to God knows where, our T was swinging all over the freeway worse. Me or him. Thanking my Gods, the lights went on, and the Vultures went for T weaving worse. I kept my head.
      I crawled back to the hotel, max alert.
      Poor T spent the night in the drunk tank,a major fine, and missed the Sales. Sore head for a week.
      I got lucky,but never again. Major no no. My days are done.
      Got the T shirts.

      Cashless is coming! Total oversight and records. End of Tax Havens. Full world records. Full exposure. Full grabs!
      Western NWO is here.

      If the Queen had denied May she then has to invite the Opposition Leader to then form a Government. If not, back to the Polls again. Clear enough? For a Paladin on Crack?

      Yes , we ARE your Partners in too many escapades and need to stop. Libya was one. We said No. We ARE up to the neck in it with the Agency in Trade Programs and need this reviewed. Guilty- as hell!

      D Notices are our way of muzzling the Press not to feed the Muppets. The most cameras in the world. And more. That Public Can you just went to. Paladin,good job we have magnification. OMG.

      As for the seating arrangements,yours will be on the floor,cap in hand, Buddy Can you spare me a Dime?




    2. Paladin,

      My point was that you talk about monarchy like it is relevant and yet everything thing that gives her power and the powers who are higher you are calling irrelevant. You can't have it both ways.

      Cash or cashless is simply a medium of exchange. There are many ways to exchange for goods or services.

      They can already shut you down. We constantly live under the constant threat of accounts being shut down. It is called CRA here and in the US I believe it is the IRS. A gestapo organization if I ever saw one. All relevant.

      Surveillance, D notices and May's most recent talk of "controlling" the internet is a worry for sure. Shame, shame.

      As far as Canada being a vassal state of the UK, maybe at best 50% of the time. The other 50% we are a vassal state of the US. So I would just call Canada a vassal state, period. When John Diefenbaker destroyed the Avro Arrow, we became a US vassal state.

    3. Soon, if we don't sort the PPs you will be a Vasseline State.

    4. Also the Monarchy is NOT that relevant. Just window dressing.

    5. john

      can you please explain a bit more about the PPs?

      for instance, why are the PPs important when tier 1 appears to be moving?

      what will partial, and total, resolution of the PPs offer?

      if total resolution of the PPs is not resolved, is that dangerous or merely not as good as if total resolution of the PPs occurred?

    6. Canauzzie,

      Don't kid yourself....the Queen's "subjects" give her power by their implied consent. Should a few hundred thousand Brits storm Buckingham Palace and relieve the Queen of her duties....who then will be left to "enforce" an agreement or treaty signed hundreds of years ago that assures that Kings and Queens continue to rule all of humankind? The relevancy of the monarchy is that you bow to it….you allow it to rule you. The irrelevancy of the paper that gives her this power stems from its origin of being between two entities exercising power they can never have. It’s only by consent that they have it. Blame it on a piece of paper if you want but you have the power to change it because it’s your life we’re talking about. They don’t own you….despite what you or they…..might think.

      Cashless society model is just an excuse to gain control of us, the final piece. You’re okay with letting the bankers control your life? The same people who take in the truck loads of drug money and look the other way while taking a high percentage of the deposit? Or looking the other way when terrorist groups transfer money to their minions to do us harm? You don’t think they know about all of this?

      Yes, the IRS is just the arm breaking collection agency for the Federal Reserve but as it stands now, if I have cash……gold and silver coins…..they can’t get that because they don’t know I have it. A cashless society means ALL of this will need to be put in your bank account, subject, at any time, to THEIR ability to take it whenever they want. You go to the grocery to buy food and find out your bank account has been locked down because you commented to a friend about how oppressive your government is and he reported you. Then what? Trade your clothes for food? Where? Not to mention unable to make a mortgage payment or a car payment or pay your utilities to keep your house warm. Then they come and confiscate your house and car, too. Then what? Get on your knees, beg forgiveness and then pledge your undying loyalty to get your bank account unfrozen?

      No thanks.

      This is just a mindf*** using the excuses of collecting taxes and combating the drug trade as justification to do it when they run both of those businesses now. Like everything else in the police state environment, this is just another psy-op in the problem/reaction/solution MO except this time, they’re creating the perceived “problem” out of thin air and are now trying to sell us on it when their corruption allows the “problem” to exist because they’re part of it. They control it all now and you want to give them control of your personal wealth as well?

      I don’t think anyone has an issue about going cashless…’s the absolute control part that is the problem. I don’t think it will work here in the US, even the cabal’s minions recognize all the implications of it, no matter how hard they sell it. And you’re conflating the system with the medium of exchange, two entirely different subjects.

      Two things will set off a revolution here, taking our guns or going cashless (with government/bank control).

      As far as Canada goes, if that is the case, you should break free of both the US and the UK and claim your sovereignty. It would be a good example for the rest of the world.


    7. Paladin,

      You are totally missing my point. It is all relevant and I don't like any of it. You want to pick and choose when it is all connected. You are thinking I am passive on monarchy? I want to collapse what is even above the monarchy. Talking about monarchy is just peeling a layer off the onion. How about we just smash the onion?

      You and John doing the tit for tat with both showing obvious signs of bias is a simple argument of open vs covert. Surveillance, ruling class and so on...

      As far as Canada, I would like nothing more, but it takes educating the masses to how we got here in the first place with all that 'irrelevant' information because it is going to take more than just our readership to reach the tipping point of the 100th monkey.

      As far as cashless, how about we take it all back. US doesn't even have its own money.

      So basically my point is, it is fine to have a few focused battles as long as you actually want to win the war. Having cash in our pocket, no queen and no visible cameras is not going to get us there.

    8. Canauzzie,

      Agreed on the onion needing to be smashed but when do you draw a line in the sand and stop adding layers? Surveillance state, microchips, cashless society....aren't these all layers added to the onion? Seems it would be best to stop it now before there are no more layers to add.

      Yes, John bashes the US and I have to hit back at some point to even the score, its pointless really as both are part of the problem and likewise, both are part of the solution. And yes again, covert vs. overt....the slavery of the rest of the world is overt where in the US its covert. That is starting to crumble and if it does, a sea change will occur in the US but the rest of the world will still be operating under the old system. Sad...

      I don't see how allowing them to take away what few sovereign rights we have left will help...on the contrary, it will cripple us to the point that all we can do is try to survive. I think we need to do something before it gets to that point and obviously you don't.

      At what point do you say, "enough is enough" and start fighting back? Once they take everything? That doesn't seem like an intelligent approach to the problem....or perhaps you're waiting for someone else to do what.

      I got news...we're all we've got.

    9. Pal,
      So glad you came on board to give John some smack relative to his stance on the US.

      You're one of the few that will not allow John to get away with it and still walk away intact. And he needs a comeuppance every now and again. ;)

      Moreover, the U.K. has it's own issues... Queen or no Queen - however, I do agree with John when it comes to William, Kate and those beautiful kids - they represent the U.K. well.

      I don't agree with his stance on transhumanism.

      But John and canauzzie will always have a special place in my heart. Along with so many others over here.

      As you stated above ~> the most important thing you stated above <~ "we are all in this together. "


  39. John,

    Re: Hughes...I'm waiting for the second half of the information. If I get it, we'll do it. Otherwise, we need to discuss 48 soon.

    1. We will do both, but first we have to teach you how to read.

    2. Funny boy.....then we'll have to first teach you to write.

  40. Be advised there is a growing VORTEX of positive energy as we destroy the ziorats. I see Aussies, Brits, NZzzzs, Canucks and Americans merging our common goals with Russians, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, ASEAs + others interested in righting the Ship of Earth according to God's Will.
    Ziorats and their minions, helpers and supporters will face stern judgement and Prosecution. Tomato worms as in those who eat, defecate, fornicate and destroy as well as leach of the system and others without contribution will get productive or self destruct over time. The world is changing and we are going to help it.
    Tray tables up and locked, seat belts fastened because we are ready to roll and get airborne. That's my PRAYER in total FAITH God is helping us win over evil!

  41. John,

    The monarchy is obviously relevant because you all bow to the Queen or King or Emperor or whatever name you attach to it and they're STILL unelected, unchosen and unaccountable. How much in taxes do they cost to keep them in their opulent lifestyle? Off the backs of hard working Brits for what? Window dressing? Really? Seems a waste to me.

    Your should thank your lucky stars you're didn't buy the horse...that game is played by pros, not by a couple of drunks trying to evade the cops while driving drunk. LOL.

    See my response to Canauzzie on cashless. I know its been brought up before and all I can say is, the people responsible for bringing it about better have good security and an escape plan because once you confiscate people's assets....and that's exactly what this leave them with nothing to lose and when that's the case, retribution will follow.

    As for the rest....its good you see the issues in your own backyard that should be addressed before you pile on Trump and the US. There's a saying about people who live in glass houses.

    Your comment about seating arrangements is noted and won't be forgotten when the time comes. And you should seriously consider laying off the psychedelics, they'll get you in trouble. LOL

    1. Pal

      I DID buy the horse as I Sangster, MVB and others did a lot of foal reselling as yearlings to the Arabs and Japs. We could make profits of 500% in those days buying foals days, and flipping them a year later hyped to hell at the race stock sales. It was a money spinner for years until the Arabs crashed into our base Breeding stocks to cut us out. It was a good sideline hobby. Where else could serious Offshore Traders like us operating as a hobby from Tax Havens make more off radar? You forget, we are major league.

      I bought the first Yearling to win the Cartier million. It cost me $90K and made me a million plus I hit the bookies for 150K as a bet on the Cartier 2 year old race, and resold the horse for 250K as a 3 year old. Offshore money Pal. Work it!.

      Some of us Pal are not wannabes.

      Be careful Pal we ARE hitters, not Critters. Walk the walk.

    2. John, with deals like that, I think you must have a little Jew blood in you.

    3. Believe me, in Jerusalem we left some in them! Lol

    4. John,

      Hearing all this I get the impression you'll be exempt from the cashless society since its "noble" aim is to stop the tax avoidance you just admitted to?


    5. Oh Pal,

      Your reply to John on the cashless society was priceless...with proper taxation of course :)

    6. Paladian

      You and I both know, once the selective releases start, YOU for sure will be all over me like a slavering dog for offshore access. Keep it real?

      Tax is a game. Mugging Muppets or knowing how to play the game. Only the masses take the crashes. As ever.
      But what we are doing, as you well know, is trying to give the masses a break, while I tweak your Todger weekly so by next year it will reach 2 inches. Lol.

      It's a game folks, weekly camaraderie,where I try to find which new insult rattles his cage. Just light humour, even if not for the receiving him.
      On that tone I had a thought, but won't print- Ouch!

    7. John,


      Blah blah blah....lets get it done and then we'll sort it all out later. There are people hurting all over the world and our service to humanity is the only legacy that matters.

      And...leave my todger out of it. Your continued butchering of the Queen's English is noted.

    8. I will as you have a permanent handle on it as befits your station in life.

  42. Paladin, how much are cryptos part of the cashless push? And your point "Or looking the other way when terrorist groups transfer money" absolutely. Just stop the swift transfers if govs were serious about t financing.

    1. AJNAANDY,

      Good question, I wish I knew the answer, maybe John has some insight. Bitcoin seems to be the ideal cashless government control and secure. No doubt it's making the banksters nervous.

    2. Paladin, can you please give us an update on the White Hats & the progress being made? Is there light at the end of the tunnel for us baby boomers? Do you see a future free of the cabal and their evil web?

    3. Eurasia cross linking Russia.China and BRICS are working on Gold backed currencies, SWIFT alternatives, and a whole new monetary model. All US free in total. Plus trade bartering.
      But the Western Cabal are working on a total lock in for US and EU nations.
      The Trade wars and pending US collapse will sort it all. America can't even afford the ships to maintain its Hegemony any more. Its own 990 Terrorist funding and missile threatening bases have to go. Wars will go when we remove this Ho!

    4. Lydialasv,

      The White Hats are hard at work trying to turn the tide against the cabal/deep state/shadow government. Given that its taken over 100 years to get to this point so it won't be easy to get the ship turned around and get it headed in the right direction. Its so big and cumbersome, we have to slow it down before we can turn it and Trump is doing that. We've got to support him and take action while the window is open. 4 years or 8 years will make a big difference provided the DOJ can clean out the cabalists and arrests can be made.

      The cabal is exposing itself on a historic scale every day and at some point the tide will turn. We have them outnumbered and that is our greatest strength and their biggest fear. Exposure will go a long way to changing things but at the end of the day, arrests need to be made or our last resort, pitchforks and rope, will be the only option.

  43. The US Government Clamps Down on Ability of Americans To Purchase Bitcoin
    June 17, 2017

    You have to feel sorry for Americans. They are some of the most financially enslaved people in the world.

    The bankrupt US government has been instituting capital controls for years now and have ensured that Americans can’t open a bank account nor even a bitcoin exchange account outside of the US through things like the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and just outright threatening to attack any bank or bitcoin exchange in the world who accepts Americans as clients.

    This leaves Americans in the “land of the free” with very few options for bitcoin exchanges.

    1. Oh well, so Namibians aren't the only ones having difficulties to obtain bitcoins.

  44. p: The new route is 402.6km long.Engineers are doing final testing on the key portion for China's high speed train route.

    New high-speed railway along ancient Silk Road to open in July
    June 17, 2017

    A high-speed railway linking Baoji and Lanzhou in northwest China is about to open in July. It's a key part of China's high-speed rail network and connects 2 other routes along the ancient Silk Road.

  45. Virginia Shooting Preempted House Vote on HR436 on Human Trafficking [video]
    June 17, 2017

    Jesse at BPEarthwatch briefly brings us this added detail involving the shooting of Steve Scalise at the ball park in Virginia.

    They will do ANYTHING to stop the appalling truth about pedophilia from coming out and being addressed.

    I thought another detail very interesting which Thomas Paine and John Barnwell discussed in the video they made called Sleight of Hand; How Magician Mueller Will Protect the Clintons.

    They pointed out that when Scalise went into the hospital due to the gunshot to the hip he was cheerful and optimistic, and he was then taken to the SAME HOSPITAL as Seth Rich, and was soon reported in grave condition. They suggested he may have been about to be “Seth Riched”.

  46. Judicial Watch released 2,078 pages of documents revealing more instances of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sending and receiving classified information via an unsecured email server. They also show Clinton’s daughter Chelsea and others involved with the Clinton Foundation receiving special favors from Huma Abedin, the former secretary’s deputy chief of staff. “These shocking new Clinton emails show why the Justice Department should reevaluate, reopen, or reinvigorate Clinton, Inc. investigations,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The casual violation of laws concerning classified material and noxious influence peddling show the Clinton State Department was ‘corruption central’ in the Obama administration. No wonder Clinton’s allies in the State and Justice Departments had been slow-walking and hiding these emails.”

    1. Disgusting- Trump???????? Act! Thick Lump Trump act!

  47. Lynching Free Speech: The Intolerant State of America By John W. Whitehead
    June 13, 2017

  48. BREAKING: DNC Lawsuit Attorney's Want Protect For Witnesses, Cite Seth Rich
    June 17, 2017

    In a major development, again ignored by the mainstream news, the lawsuit against the DNC took another interesting turn as the attorney requested the judge provide witness protection, citing Seth Rich.

  49. Interesting week ahead for certain key PPs. At least Projects can start once that gets resolved. Taxes, jobs, infrastructure and new Trading. As it was always meant to be until Skip Rats from Texas and DC hijacked it for 35 years. It's just a waiting process, until the last lie dies! It's a by the day and week war of attrition. Excuses are running out, as we hammer these scumbags by the snout. Redemptions long overdue. When the lying ends. Life begins then for many. Good Patriots who brought these funds in want to do what is right. Bush must burn in hell. Eternity is too short.

    1. John,

      What are the Wanta funds up to now? Are they still planning on building a high speed rail system?

    2. Leo is "Waiting". We stand by weekly. Terms are still in negotiation. As is the release to be agreed, but it's a Day thing. Daily, this and others are progressing which is why we DO have you on standby. We just can not go Public on a lot.

    3. What part does the Wanta funds play in all of this?

    4. Until and IF released, nothing yet.

    5. thanks john for the good news!

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. New Majestic Document Reveals US Diplomatic Relations with Extraterrestrials

    "A new leaked Majestic-12 document was released on June 14 which describes a variety of extraterrestrial related encounters with humanity. This document includes claims that Nikola Tesla’s pioneering radio broadcasts into outer space in the late 1800’s alerted distant extraterrestrials to humanity’s existence, which led to them traveling to our planet, and later President Eisenhower established full diplomatic relations with these visiting extraterrestrials in 1954.
    There are four basic types of EBEs so-far confirmed. And they are listed here in descending order of their influences on our planet.

    A. Earth-like humanoids. There are several variations more-or-less like ourselves. The majority of these are friendly and are the bulk of our EBE contacts. Most have a high degree of psychic ability and all use science and engineering of an advanced nature.

    B. Small humanoids or “Grays”. The Grays, so–called for the hue of their skin possessed by most of this type, are a sort of drone. They are not unlike the worker ants or bees…. They are mostly under the psychic control of the Earth-like humanoids who raise them like pets (or a kind of slave). Assuming the Greys are under benign control, they are harmless.

    C. Non-humaoid EBEs. These are in several classes and come from worlds where dominatnt morphology took a different evolutionary course. Many of these are dangerous not for organized hostile intentions, but because such creatures do not hold human life as sacred…. Thus far, contact has been minimal with only a handful of unfortunate encounters.

    D. Transmorphic Entities. Of all the forms of EBE studied so far by Operation Majestic, these are the most difficult to understand or even to give a description of. Essentially, such entities are not “beings” or “creatures” … exist in some either dimension or plane which is to say not in our space or time. They do not use devices or travel in space…. In essence these entities are composed of pure mind energies. … They are said (by other EBEs) to be capable of taking on any physical form that they “channel” their energy … as matter."

    Read the rest, plus viewing the documents, at <a href="></a>

    1. AJ

      Some of the parties are "Suspect " and have known form for misinformation. We did not publish it.
      But the Light Energy ethereal's you need to research. A quantum leap for mankind.

    2. Ok. The lighted ethereals I know about, and resonate with. The Pleiadeans especially. They feel like kin to me. Galactic society free of political bs. I think many are even incarnate here as a 'wakey wakey' call.

    3. AJ

      It's to selected with to experience Carbon energy life form, we make this pit stop by choice. Many seem to be Post Pleiadean experiences as we evolve. Those with previous Pleiadean form seem to be the ones getting the Dimensional transfer experiences and evolving faster.
      The truly advanced are the Light Ethereals as that is to be as one with all. The ultimate Cosmic intelligence and Dimensional gatekeepers.

    4. John, where do the Asian appearing blue skins fall in then? They're not often covered.

    5. What can you tell us about Arcturians, please and thanks. That's my tribe, and I know very little.

    6. Arcturians are the highly advanced major Galactic superpower commanding Lyra, the Pleiades, and a cluster of planetary entities, but are 4th and 5th Dimensions dwellers maintaining order, developing and awakening new civilizations.

      Heh Mr Girl that's a big jump from the back seat to the majors, and not passing go in the middle? Note- Dimensional. Are you ready for this yet? Said with respect, and must check what we charged for your access ticket. A turbo charged ride? Make sure Joe Public's teeth are glued in prior to take off? Now that's a whole new Climaxing jump. Lol

  51. Make that...Happy Fathers Day!

  52. 14,709People who died of hunger today
    5,160,532People who died of hunger this year


  54. Wow, the site showed real progress this week. Massive.

    Respect and accolades to all. More work from Paladin than I've seen in a year,so I wont douse his torch and unearned Patriotic adulation for the Chump, if we can get multi facet focus on core issues this coming week.

    Certain PP questions I am simply delaying response on because it's- Hot! Diplomacy?

    Paladin still does not get we are NOT anti American, but anti the Deep State, Cabal, Zio Rats, and that malignant Abbrahamian nonsense which has divided nations for 5,800 years, created a Pedophile Cult of Billions, and denied you all the education and Leadership to progress your true purpose and voyage of discovery as the Star Children you are,immortal. Soul Guardians of all as we enhance ever more your knowledge, experience and problem solving capabilities as future Ethereal Ambassadors of Light throughout the Cosmos and Dimensions.

    Well, once we can get Paladins nose out of that Playboy mag weekly. Pal that truly is NOT the Bible! They were playing with you! Change books! And hands?


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