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  1. It's not dying down:

    Brazil Deploys Troops To Protect Government Buildings As Protesters Set Ministries On Fire

    Update 2: Physical confrontation erupts in Brazil's Congress between Temer's supporters & opponents after he deploys the military against protesters.

    According to this report, the IRS and finance ministry have been set ablaze. There is no place to hide from an awakening population.

  2. Thanks Texian and Tino for your views BTW. I understand when you have immigration that disrupts. If you choose to 'come here' then drop the veil. Respect women and children. Respect secularism. No mosques with calls to prayer. I agree, because these things will change our country too much. But a muslim who integrates and adopts our way of life is very welcome here. And the majority are peaceful.

    I am seeing more and more African immigrants in my town lately and I can't wait for 20 years time to see the influence. Oz had it with the Vietnamese whom we took in as refugees after that war. Fantastic part of Aussie life. The greeks. Italians. Chinese, Malaysian etc. All Aussie and so important for us. All white is boring! But then again we have the world's largest moat so it's easy to choose who comes.

  3. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fired DNC Chair) Tries To Threaten US Capitol Police Chief
    Published on May 24, 2017

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz on May 18, 2017 during a House Appropriations Legislative Branch Subcommittee holds a hearing to review the budget for the U.S. Capitol Police... during which she attempts to harass and intimidate the Police Chief to return a laptop computer that was found on Capitol grounds. The laptop doesn't belong to Wasserman, but rather, Imran Awan, the target of an investigation.

    The Florida lawmaker used her position on the committee that sets the police force’s budget to press its chief to relinquish the piece of evidence Thursday, in what could be considered using her authority to attempt to interfere with a criminal investigation.

    The Capitol Police and outside agencies are pursuing Imran Awan, who has run technology for the Florida lawmaker since 2005 and was banned from the House network in February on suspicion of data breaches and theft.


  4. JW Files FOIA Request with Police, FBI over Seth Rich Murder

    “You can trust Judicial Watch to get to the bottom of this issue…and to get the documents directly so that you and the American people can figure out whether or not there needs to be a controversy about this tragic murder, or whether there’s something more than meets the eye.”


    BREAKING: FBI Source Drops Comey Bombshell, People Are Going To Prison
    The deep state has been working overtime to dismantle the Trump presidency. These unelected bureaucrats threaten the integrity of our democracy, and the mainstream media is protecting them.

    Thankfully, there are still some honest journalists willing to expose the deep state swamp creatures. Washington reporter Jack Posobiec announced that his FBI sources say that Comey dropped the Susan Rice investigation because it would have implicated himself. Look out, Comey! (via Investment Watch Blog)

  6. This story is ludicrous! If they want to talk about ethnic cleansing, they can look in the mirror because their love affair with Planned Parenthood is causing ethnic cleansing as it was designed to do by founder Margaret Sanger. Look it's right there in her bio with her quotes. PP is a private corporation that should NOT be receiving taxpayer funding. It does NOT provide women's 'healthcare' other than abortions. No mammograms or any of the other services that are provided for low income women at community health clinics. This is an abortion mill operation only and harvester of baby organs to highest bidder. Their funding..if they're to stay IN BUSINESS...should come from PRIVATE sources only.

    SHOCK: Dem rally speaker declares Trump budget designed for ‘ethnic cleansing’

  7. Twenty Congressmen Lost Their Thin Clients and Blackberries the Same Day?

    Day 213.13 ~ Hillary's Leakers, Hackers and Henchmen

  8. Netflix Series Exposes Govt-Connected Child Sex Ring In Baltimore, Police Forced To Respond

    Baltimore police have found themselves in an awkward position as of late after a horrifying documentary from Netflix exposed a dark underground child sex ring involving the church, politicians, and cops. The series, titled, The Keepers, has forced the Baltimore police to set up an online submission form as people began to come forward after watching it.

    1. Good find Biffie, Thank you for sharing. Sadly this problem is widespread and it's going to take much to dislodge this crud.It does need doing though.

    2. I watched all series in one sitting on Saturday, and was appalled. It deeply touched and devastated me me.
      Kudos to those women who came together to investigate in their senior years, what was NEVER investigated when it happened. God bless each of them.

    3. When I watched half the graduating class get up and walk out when VP Pence started addressing the graduation class at Notre Dame.... I said every student should have been forced to watch The Keepers, then perhaps they could have fun boycotting their Pope, and perhaps their own schools.

    4. When I watched half the graduating class get up and walk out when VP Pence started addressing the graduation class at Notre Dame.... I said every student should have been forced to watch The Keepers, then perhaps they could have fun boycotting their Pope, and perhaps their own schools.

    5. I watched all series in one sitting on Saturday, and was appalled. It deeply touched and devastated me me.
      Kudos to those women who came together to investigate in their senior years, what was NEVER investigated when it happened. God bless each of them.

  9. Core Header issues.

    1.China may soon be facing its own Bank Bail Outs as liquidity dries up fast. Being Big Dogs comes at a cost.

    2. The US has just needlessly sailed a warship within 12 miles of China's man made Island in the South China seas. It now needs the Russians to overfly it, as with the Donald Cook, fry its electronics to hell, leaving China free under maritime laws to collect the bloody thing for scrap. Damned arrogance of DC again. Always they push it. There really was no need for this.

    3. Ongoing negotiation re the key releases continue, but one US Bank in particular is hogging cash and not cooperating. Yes, it's now way past time we started arresting and jailing bankers for LIFE for the scale of their frauds. Watch moves then. These are multi T games. LIFE is well merited and it will stop it fast with all of them. Because Bankers had bought the system, it does not have to mean they control it. Banks have to both serve and be again subservient to the people's needs. The consequence for the Bank in question will now be the loss of the vast accruals on the London Platforms as we deny them a market share post releases. A truly typical and stupid bank move of short term self interest . ( W) ankers? Time to change the power games.

    4. Major funds, once released, will be rescheduled for Global beneficial use, taken outside of US Domain use, and converted out of US$. Major Gold holdings will be acquired, and currencies underpinned. In one move it will scuttle US Hegemony. Bank Platform Trading Profits will then be focused on funding Global harmony,and building trade relationships, on such a scale as to force the US economy to heel and out of the War games chicanery. With a collapsed economy, denied Global currency domination use,see how they fund Global meddling then. It needs a 35$ Military budget cut. It needs a 50% CIA and NSA cut. It needs a total Deep State clear out. The US needs to re join Human Kind and be kind. Deep Six the Deep State. Just take it all down! Trump needs to use his 4 years for this. Make a difference. Unleash and free so many good Americans to help with our so fragile word needs. Time for America to join the Commonwealth for common interests.

    1. "Bail Outs as liquidity dries up fast."

      I'm presuming this signals the death throes of the babylonian fiat system.

    2. JOHN ...... Once those I know (self included) get hydrated we are going to do our part to expose pedos, banksters, congress, DC admin, 3 letter scum (CIA, SEC, IRS, EPA, FCC, FDA, FAA, FBI et al) and actively help grand jurys etc start the prosecution. We also need to deal with Serco, UK crown drugs, CIA drugs, US military scum in drugs, organs, human trafficking etc, all ziorats in all forms extinguished, all satanists exorcised etc. We will have business locations in RU, CH and other places in Eurasia as we understand it better. We will get into Truth media ... our GOAL IS TO SEEK THE TRUTH AND LEGAL EXTERMINATION OF ALL ZIORATS-SATANISTS AND WE CAN AND WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. WE WILL INFILTRATE THE DEMO-RATS, REPUBLISCUMS AND INDEPENDENTS TO PROMULGATE OUR REPUBLIC, CONSTITUTION, COURT SYSTEM +++ WE know how to build a critical mass of >10% of real Americans who are sick and tired of being screwed by these demonic low lifes and their ziorat systems. We will also focus on selecting, hiring, nurturing and educating-training the willing. (we have curricula and will improve-adapt-update it... We know what we are doing and we are on fire. We believe God is helping and we ask Him for a lot more help ... we are all Job 42 ready to blossom. Eurasia will love us because we no name God fearing God loving Truth seekers are on the warpath!


    4. Bob

      Thee are no barriers here to exposing wrong doing and doers. Agreed, it is a global issue, so let's all start. Daily I am in faces.

    5. WE supply info to alt media such as - adrenal chrome - a horrific child sacrifice process by elite - satanic ziorats whereby they torture a child under 6 until dead and then drink their blood etc. I PRAY that God has a special place for these monsters. Up to now they controlled all the currencies in this world and printed all money-currency and rigged all systems to keep us in controlled slavery. We are building a critical mass brick by brick and these demons that operate in darkness are to be gifted with constant light. It will be much work and many of us will pay the ultimate price but we all need to know how evil these ziorats are - as proven by their sicko deeds and practices serving lucifer. This infuriates me to a degree that I feel I could rip an oak tree out of the ground and beat them to death with it. Once we start exposing, arresting, convicting and putting them to death in the very system they once owned the tide will turn. millions in the USA alone will have to get off their arses and take all this seriously because evil is beyond comprehension. I PRAY for God''s Help and the Prayers and help of many good people that when properly informed will become an ARMY for Truth and Real Transparency! We are making headway but it soooo sloooow!

  10. John,

    Does this mean that those of us in the US should stand down?

    1. Hell No it means those failing to release face a bitter battle or else!
      Right is on our side, and Might will follow. The world needs this not just the US, everyone is hurting now.
      Just a $100 dollar a month home loan increase will tank 40% of Canadians.

    2. Thanks for your response. I truly appreciate the fact that you took the time to respond.

    3. Still TBTF and TBTJ..... love to see the real criminals be held accountable!!

    4. John,

      You're a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you for fighting for all of humanity. Cheers!

  11. Thanks for the update John, I believe this is the one year anniversary of the Mission Statement. I`m going to watch it again sometime today. :)

    Published on May 24, 2017

    Jack Davis for Western Journalism reports, A New Jersey congressman who has co-chaired the moderate Tuesday Group of GOP congressman resigned Tuesday, chiding some members of the group for being more willing to complain than compromise.

  13. Democrats' Alleged Upcoming Cover Story: Michael Cohen (Trump's attorney) hired Guccifer 2 to hack DNC (It's another hoax!)

    Day 212 Super Secret Supplement ~ Hillary's Leakers, Hackers and Henchmen

    1. SUPRACOR, PAKISAT, Nanoset, and Having the US Govt Paying Your Nanoset R&D and Your Remote Sensing Analyst. One If By Earthquake, Two If By Flood, Warren Flood That Is.

      Day 214.6

    2. Who is Eric Braverman? "knowing Braverman is MOSSAD really helps"

      Day 214.7

      Rep. Greg Meeks office

      Day 214.8


    3. Rep. Blake Farenthold's Office
      Day 214.9

      State Dept Liaison Office of Loopholes and "Diiplomatic" Visas
      Day 214.10

      ATT Store in Basement of Longworth Office Building - US House of Representatives
      Day 214.11

      Metadata is Better Than School Play
      Day 214.12

    4. Jason and I Ask For Chief Verderosa, Get PIO
      Day 214.13

    5. Rep. Farenthold Calls For Seth Rich Investigation

      Day 214.14

  14. Important Updates: China Downgrade, Housing, Stock Market, More! By Gregory Mannarino
    May 24, 2017

  15. If you are not paying attention to block chain technology and crypto currencies, from my extensive research, you should. Imho, block chain technology will change the world in a bigger way than even the internet has done. It's not easy "getting your head around it" but when you do, you will be WOWED! You may look back on this single post on OWON as being one of the most important you've ever read.

    Here is a very enlightening interview between Greg Hunter and Rob Kirby called "Rob Kirby-Rising Crypto Currencies Means Crash Near"

    Published on May 23, 2017

    Former White House Budget Director David Stockman thinks a big financial crash will happen this fall. What does macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby think? Kirby says, “Pay attention to the rapid ascent in the crypto currencies . . . they are likely nodding their head in agreement with Mr. Stockman’s prognostication that a crisis occurs sooner rather than later. If we see these crypto currencies continue to vector up, it would imply to me a market crash is very near at hand. For what is coming for the U.S. dollar, having it timed to the day, week or month, isn’t the big issue. The really big issue is what comes after. I do believe there will come a point with the physical precious metals, there is going to come a point, whether you have it or you don’t, and if you don’t, you won’t get any because it won’t be available. I have long said that there will come a day that you will not be able to buy precious metals with U.S. dollars. That day is approaching.”

    1. MW& P the block chain technology is a huge step forward. Have to thank Bix Weir for bringing this forward and you, MW & P for sharing on OWON. It really helps if you have a better cell phone though. Paper wallets or off computer devices for storing your "wallet and crypto currency" are important.

      Still have much to learn. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two currently leading and it makes sense as to why.

      Not something to jump into carelessly though.

    2. Couldn't agree more! "Paper wallets or off computer devices for storing your "wallet and crypto currency" are important." Only I would say CRUCIAL instead of important!

      It's not a good idea to "jump into" ANYTHING carelessly. However, "carelessly" increases when you don't "do the homework and research" and most people are too lazy to do either and then complain when something they did on a "tip" doesn't work out.

      I am REALLY URGING all on this blog to do the homework and research and you could be richly rewarded if, and when, you learn what you are doing and WHY.

      Actually, bitcoin is currently being "out technologied" by technology being used by other crypto currencies. It's the first big one to make a splash but I seriously wonder if it has real, long term "legs" up against others in the field that most have never heard of. AGAIN, do the research and the work. Don't rely on anything I, or anyone else says....rely only on yourself and your own research.

      Again, let me stress, crypto currency simply USES block chain technology. It's the block chain technology itself and it's endless uses that will rock our world! AND, from what I can tell, the newer stuff that is coming out and being developed is unhackable!.

    3. Yes when you have more than 1BTC, it's better stored offline in a paper wallet or on a stick. Online wallets are good for holding smaller amounts to trade with on a daily basis.

    4. MWP, I agree with you, there are others which may overtake Bitcoin, especially with the battle in the bitcoin community going on and the blockchain being overloaded constantly now.

    5. All interesting information in the Greg Hunter interview of Rob Kirby. IMO, Mr Kirby wasn't recommending this method of storing money (check out warnings at about 10 minute point) as much as explaining why the crypto currencies were rising---the fact that dollar is dropping, has no buyers and PHYSICAL metals are artificially kept well under value by the manipulators. He goes on to state physical metal, if you can get it is selling well above spot in many countries. After listening to many of these people for several years, it always seems to boil down to whether you trust tying up your assets in a currency you can't physically access. I'm not trusting of anything about the internet. It can be ordered to come down at drop of a hat just like a bank locks their doors. I tend to operate on theory that only thing I actually have is what I can put my hands on.....whether it be money, food, water or anything else. My rose-colored glasses were blasted off my eyes when my grandson was poisoned 9 years ago by vaccines.

      For those who want to trust in this online technology, I really wish you well and hope you prosper from it.

    6. Thank you Texian, for some of us, no matter how grateful we are, enough is enough. Working carefully and with much thought can bring good returns.

      Been hurt enough by agency games, what have seen done to clients, clients sickened that held assets and when weak enough or dead, the vultures swooped in and took what wasn't theirs. Harassment, sickness to inflict, and so on. Not mentioning the various government sweeps for those working as brokers in an arena that often shades to the dark. The setups to steal clients assets then pointing the finger at the broker(s) involved after the asset is stolen. Then when dealing with bigger fish with bigger assets the fake "Eagle 1" CIA operative. I am sorry if this brings up bad memories for some, but it's good reason for working with something much smaller that you can have control over to some degree.

      Then you think about the many programs, currency and, and... we're still in a place where it seems spinning wheels going no where.

      I could go on, but the point being one has to be careful, but if you have that dream, you have to go for it.

    7. Yes Texian, Mr Kirby spoke about the danger of the internet going down. In that case, whether crypto or fiat currency, there will be no access to any of those. So physically holding precious metals is an essential part of being prepared for an emergency.
      BUT in order to prevent the bankers from stealing all your money, having part of it in the form of crypto currencies in an offline wallet is advisable. It ain't heavy or bulky like precious metals to carry with you in case one has to flee and won't be stolen as easily as precious metals.

    8. Hanlo,
      Thanks for further explanation. I guess I'm too thick to understand it, but how would one use Bitcoin or any of the other cryptos 'offline'? I also know a person whose Bitcoin was stolen. Yes, I'm no fan of banks in their current configuration either. They're some of the original bandits and now claim whatever you deposit is theirs and you're just a creditor. That doesn't work for me either. We all know how that worked out for our families when the big 'crash' came and that was before 'derivatives' and while we were still on gold standard.

      It's all a crapshoot....with emphasis on CRAP.

    9. Texian, you're not too thick to understand. Crypto's can't be used offline, they can only be stored offline. It's internet money, so you have to have access to the internet in order to use them. No internet, no crypto's and no credit or debit cards, only cash or barter.

    10. Hanlo,
      Thanks again...I rest my case. 😉

    11. To comment on "if the internet goes down", what happens to my crypto currency?

      There are 4 parts. One...the giant string of letters and numbers that is your wallet can be written down on a physical piece of paper that you hold in your hands. Two...Even if the internet goes down, as long as every single copy of the ledger is not destroyed, (and there are potentially millions of copies of the shared public ledger) then any one of those copies can restart and everyone can access the crypto currency. Three...If you are really paranoid, anyone can download a current copy of the public ledger and restart the block chain from that snap shot point. As an example, the Bitcoin chain is currently about one terabyte.
      Four...there are projects like Nexus that are building a cube satellite infrastructure of sub $10,000 satellites the size of a toaster. Each launch should be less than $20K, meaning there will be thousands of cube satellites in orbit so even if governments shut down ground based routers, you can still use your currency.

    12. Great discussion, its a mystery to me, except that money is stored work. Remaining useful is the only thing that will guarantee prosperity.

    13. Has anyone considered cryptos could be a plot by the bastards to get all the fiats off the street in exchange for another nothing that can quickly be demolished?

    14. Thank you MW &P, that cube satellite technology will help much.

  16. Revolution planned by Vatican in China unveiled

    This is the title of a six-minute youtube video clip of an interview with M. T. Keshe on May 23. The link is

  17. Monday is a UK Bank Holiday. Expect a screwed up week.

    There are malignant forces at work whose primary agenda is the collapse of the US Nation State and acquisition of these vast assets at 5 cents of the dollar for the nation you all built, and they stole!

    Truly evil forces stalk America.

    The nation sleeps sublime. Ball games, pipe dreams, marching bands and a 6 pack keeps the Muppet's in check. Promise the earth, and bury you in it is their agenda.
    With at least 40% of Americans heading soon for a complete obsolescence status, who keeps who in left over Zoo? The Wallmart Wannabes for sure, will leave nothing for you.

    When the books can no longer be cooked, the dollar has gone, and Eurasia takes over as the new Big Dog on the block, what happens when the real world intercedes,and Truth is a shock? Ignorance comes at a price, But such mass ignorance,will fill places in a Wailing Wall stretching from New York to Tell Aviv.

    Trump was told he would at least get to Tel Aviv when he arrived in Israel?
    Who is Aviv he asked?

    The Israelis gave him a copy of an 1860 Bible. He autographed it and handed it back.

    Hillary Clinton's Adviser is divorcing her disgraced Husband Wiener. That's right all those Washington and NY Jewesses, he's single. so you can leave now.

    1. Monday is a US Bank holiday also. Next week will be screwed up x

  18. John

    If next week is expected to be screwed up

    Should we stand down or stay in "day by day" mode?


    1. Staying power dam you. Fair Maidens are not won by Limp Wrist Wimps!

    2. You guys get the award for patience and staying power. I would have ripped some heads off by now, literally.

    3. And Fair Maidens, whether they allow themselves to be won or not, have more staying than most men can dream of!

    4. There are some, whose wand powers do not wander.

  19. I think next week we will see a huge slip in markets and a rise in gold and silver. I think Tuesday will be a huge week. What u think John??

  20. Market correct is coming, with a bang. Ask Slack Alice. Lol

  21. Next week will be Yugggggge. Maybe starting tomorrow if I'm reading the charts correct.

  22. opinion

    May 23 Trump asked intelligence chiefs to push back against FBI collusion probe after Comey revealed its existence President Trump asked two of the nation’s top intelligence officials in March to help him push back against an FBI investigation into possible coordination between his campaign and the Russian government, according to current and former officials. Trump made separate appeals to the director of national intelligence, Daniel Coats, and to Adm. Michael S. Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency, urging them to publicly deny the existence of any evidence of collusion during the 2016 election. Coats and Rogers refused to comply with the requests, which they both deemed to be inappropriate, according to two current and two former officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private communications with the president. Officials said such memos could be made available to both the special counsel now overseeing the Russia investigation and congressional investigators, who might explore whether Trump sought to impede the FBI’s work. Nick Note: The infamous smoking gun. This in and of itself is enough to get his punk ass impeached. But there is a hell of a lot more. As is well documented, I have been warning you since before the elections, he and his staff made a deal with the Russian devil. And now the truth is starting to come out. You will soon learn TRUMP the forest GUMP of world leaders engaged in the biggest cover up of any president ever. If he is not forced to resign and/or impeached they will have to dig up Tricky Dick Nixon and put him back in the presidency. You on the other hand, love him or hate him, must prepare yourself. Get rich or get poor, you decide!

    May 24 Ex-CIA chief Brennan says Trump-Russia inquiry ‘well-founded’ Former CIA Director John Brennan has said an investigation into possible collusion between Trump campaign officials and the Kremlin is "well-founded". He told the House Intelligence Committee he was aware of intelligence showing contact between Russian officials and "US persons involved in the Trump campaign". Mr Brennan said the Russians "brazenly interfered" in last November’s US elections and were "very aggressive". Mr Brennan, who stepped down as CIA director in January, testified on Tuesday: "I encountered and am aware of information and intelligence that revealed contacts and interactions between Russian officials and US persons involved in the Trump campaign that I was concerned about because of known Russian efforts to suborn such individuals. "It raised questions in my mind whether or not Russia was able to gain the co-operation of those individuals. Nick Note: Read the part highlighted in yellow again. Do you really believe this is fake news? Or a deep state conspiracy. Whatever it is, what you need to understand is this is enough to end the Trump presidency prematurely. And all hell will break loose. For more information, see Radio show titled: Trump the Forrest Gump divided by Mohamed Obama equals.

    1. Just curious...who is this Nick Guarino and why should we believe anything he says? I see no back up to his statements at all. Are these just his mind musings?

    2. I posted some info about him in last closed posts. Think you have it figured out....twisted mind musings....oh, and he's a felon with jail time who sells a newsletter for $5K/yr to as many fools as he can find. Research him...there's plenty out there.

    3. Thanks Texian,

      Makes me wonder if old Nick Guarino is actually A44L91?

      So, A44L91, are you really Nick Guarino pushing your own musings here? If not, what is the purpose of these postings that are unsubstantiated in any way? Please, do share.

  23. Let us start with a coup attempt on the US, a US presidential assassination and a successful US coup, all committed by the same family

    When he became president, GHW Bush stole trillions from the US.

    “Wanta, with the help of Reagan, amassed a fortune of $27 trillion, funds earmarked by Reagan to pay America’s national debt, restore the nation’s infrastructure and fund a world free of debt based currencies.

    “However, after Reagan left office and George H.W. Bush assumed the Presidency, Wanta was kidnapped and imprisoned in Switzerland, transferred to an American prison where he was held without due process for years and the money disappeared, taken by the Bush family.”

    GHW Bush then helped his son George become an unelected president, with the assistance of his son Jeb who rigged the Florida vote,

    George became president.Once in office, buildings almost immediately began to fall – buildings that were structurally designed not to fall, buildings for which the Bush’s provided security, buildings that had been ensured for billions for terrorism shortly beforehand, buildings that contained criminal SEC and FBI cases. And as they fell, “put orders” placed on the airlines involved, were paying out $40 billion for some.

    “What may be the most corrupt plan ever created by the U.S. government” was more than exceeded by George Bush, his cronies, and his handlers, for the plan executed on 9/11 involved killing four plane-loads of civilian passengers and more than 3000 civilians in NYC, before even more people died overseas.

    “PNAC’s policy document, “Rebuilding America’s Defences,” openly advocated for total global military domination.

    Some people are impressed by a building falling that weren’t even hit by a plane, others by how all the buildings fell into their own foot print and how rapidly, for all the world just like a planned demotion. Others are affected by seeing that no plane hit the Pentagon at all.
    9/11 FACT: The Pentagon Was Hit By A Cruise Missile From The US Military Arsenal

    1. 9/11 was only the first part of an immense plan for a full scale attack on the US and anthrax was critical to getting the second part of the plan into place.The anthrax attack came shortly after 9/11. The country was attacked twice. And that anthrax, too, came from the US government – to be exact, from the Fort Detrick and the US bioweapons lab run by USAMRIID, the United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Disease.

      As with 9/11, others were blamed for the anthrax attack – a single scientist with 25 experience at USAMRIID and with no history of political involvement or mental instability. He is alleged to have committed “suicide” and the FBI closed the case. But Sen. Leahy says: ‘It’s not closed’

      two Senators who had been opposing Bush’s plan for war. They took it as a message and stopped objecting.

      In preparation for the second part of 9/11 and starting before it, under Clinton and continuing under Bush and Obama, the US government has spent a fortune building concentration camps and gas chambers, both with rail tracks into them, and boxcars with shackles welded into them.

      “The power of the Executive to cast a man into prison without formulating any charge known to the law, and particularly to deny him the judgment of his peers, is in the highest degree odious and is the foundation of all totalitarian government whether Nazi or Communist.”

      – Winston Churchill, Nov. 21, 1943

    2. The list leaves off cannibalism which may, however, be included under the last two items and is relevant given recent indictments of the Pope and the Head of the Church of England for participation in the 9th Circle Cult which participates in exactly that.

      “These archives clearly indicate a premeditated plan for centuries by the Jesuits to ritually murder kidnapped newborn babies and then consume their blood, born of a twisted notion of deriving spiritual power from the lifeblood of the innocent and thereby assuring the political stability of the Papacy in Rome. Every Pope was expected to and did in fact participate in these monstrous rituals … These acts are not only genocidal but systemic and institutionalized in nature, and indict the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuits as a whole, and every Pope since at least in the year 1773.”

      “I was there, I saw the whole thing. I was told they were kids from the juvenile detention centres in Brussels. They were let loose naked in the forest and hunted down and shot. The killers included Prince Friso of Holland and his wife’s friend, the billionaire George Soros, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and Prince Albert of Belgium. After they shot down the young ones they cut off the boys’ penises and held them up like trophies, cheering and applauding.”
      The Kennedy assassination is also linked to the Vatican and the Jesuits. How many high-ranking political figures involved in the second phase of the plan for an all out attack on the US are also connected to the Vatican and Jesuits and are involved in the 9th Circle?

    3. So, it’s relevant to note the bodies of 800 children found stuffed into a septic tank at a Catholic home for unwed mothers and children were ritually decapitated and dismembered and are a reminder of an unfathomable disconnect between shows of piety or concern put on for the public and the deeds done out of view. (Did the nun in the background participate in murdering children in the photo?)

      During Bush’s two terms he did two interlocking things, without Congress, that arrange for a coup and for the invasion of the US by foreign troops and he got the states to agree to laws governing that coup and giving power to the invaders.1. He wrote two presidential orders – 51 and 20 which lay out justifications for a president suspending the Constitution and Congress (but not restoring either) and the president then ruling alone with DHS, which 9/11 had established. Those two orders describe a coup.

      So, the united States of American as a Constitutional and sovereign country and the lives of millions of Americans hang by a man-made bioweapon named ebola. The words of Phillip the literal Nazi husband of Elizabeth Windsor, who herself has been indicted for the genocide of First Nation children in Canada, come to mind.
      Philip with his wife, both murderous pedophiles:
      “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”

      “If we check back in history to that 1918 flu period, we will see that it suddenly struck just after the end of World War I when our soldiers were returning home from overseas. That was the first war in which all the known vaccines were forced on all the servicemen. This mish-mash of poison drugs and putrid protein of which the vaccines were composed, caused such widespread disease and death among the soldiers that it was the common talk of the day, that more of our men were being killed by medical shots than by enemy shots from guns. Thousands were invalided home or to military hospitals, as hopeless wrecks, before they ever saw a day of battle. The death and disease rate among the vaccinated soldiers was four times higher than among the unvaccinated civilians. But this did not stop the vaccine promoters. Vaccine has always been big business, and so it was continued doggedly.
      Go back to 1918 for the truth.

      What is astounding is that up til today, the pharmaceutical industry that put Hitler into office (with the Rockefellers funding them) and those who direct that industry today, have gotten away scot free with 20-50 millions deaths. The truth of millions of vaccines deaths in 1918 has been suppressed for almost 100 years. And now, the forces behind those earlier deaths hope for 100 times more deaths worldwide.

      It is an immense problem for them that a cure exists for any and ALL diseases they generate.

    4. So one might assume that the visible perpetrators such as the Bushes, Cheney, Rockefellers, Kissinger etc. are not the main hands in what is occurring but are hiding themselves.
      The one linking element behind all the groups involved (the UN, the WHO, the CIA, etc.), and that is the Jesuits. And their own vow speaks of killing by stealth and sickness.
      The Council of Trent and the Jesuit Oath continue to be fulfilled as we remember a portion of the Fourth Vow of the Professed Jesuit:

      Jesuits run the Council on Foreign Relations (Rockefeller, Kissinger, ….), the Knights of Malta, Shriner Freemasonry, the Opus Dei, the Club of Rome, the Illuminati, the Knights of Columbus and the Mafia.

      The United Nations is under Jesuit control,

      But what may not be so obvious even to those who see all that has been put in place, is that the Jesuits and Vatican which arranged the assassination of John Kennedy, control so many secret societies and political groups, and US leaders, are the ones who planned the first Holocaust and down to the finest detail. They even laid out the death camps in a Pentagram with spokes radiating out to the Vatican.

      Kissinger, a war criminal, has been fascinated by and urged the use of vaccines as a means of covert genocide in the early 1970s.

      So one might assume that the visible perpetrators such as the Bushes, Cheney, Rockefellers, Kissinger etc. are not the main hands in what is occurring but are hiding themselves.
      The one linking element behind all the groups involved (the UN, the WHO, the CIA, etc.), and that is the Jesuits. And their own vow speaks of killing by stealth and sickness.
      The Council of Trent and the Jesuit Oath continue to be fulfilled as we remember a portion of the Fourth Vow of the Professed Jesuit:

      Jesuits run the Council on Foreign Relations (Rockefeller, Kissinger, ….), the Knights of Malta, Shriner Freemasonry, the Opus Dei, the Club of Rome, the Illuminati, the Knights of Columbus and the Mafia.

      The United Nations is under Jesuit control,

      But what may not be so obvious even to those who see all that has been put in place, is that the Jesuits and Vatican which arranged the assassination of John Kennedy, control so many secret societies and political groups, and US leaders, are the ones who planned the first Holocaust and down to the finest detail. They even laid out the death camps in a Pentagram with spokes radiating out to the Vatican.

      Kissinger, a war criminal, has been fascinated by and urged the use of vaccines as a means of covert genocide in the early 1970s.
      In 1970, George H W Bush authored the Family Planning Act which funded the sterilization of Native American women.

      “The last post indicated that the Vatican was responsible for the murder of Sephardic Jews on Rhodes, in Salonika and elsewhere at the very end of WWII, in a last-minute sweep. Only 5 years later, 100,000 Sephardic Jewish children whose families had escaped the Nazi sweep of Sephardim from the Balkans and Greek Islands, were massively irradiated upon entering Israel. The x-rays – 3,500 times stronger than “normal” – sterilized the children and of those who did not die soon after, most have died early over time, from cancers.”
      What the global “health agencies” and the UN are doing has nothing to do with health. They are manufacturing disease and attempting to make them as virulent and deadly as possible.


      The traitors and war criminals behind this plan – the Black Pope, the Pope, the Bushes, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Obama, the head of the UN, the head of the WHO, the head of the CDC, the head of DHS, the head of the CIA, Bill Gates, George Soros, etc. must be arrested. But in the meantime the plan itself must be exposed, along with the cure for ebola, which makes nonsense of the whole pandemic military plan.

      “When the time is right the Black Pope will give the order and the post Protestant Reformation American culture as we know it today will be no more! His Masonic Shriners, Knights of Malta and Knights of Columbus on Wall Street will cause an economic collapse resulting in the anarchy of an inner city race war led by his Black Supremacist Nation of Islam. The Constitution will be suspended and martial law will be declared by a final presidential executive order. America’s Commander-in-Chief will truly be a fascist dictator backed by the economic might of the Knights of Malta.

      Alaska will be the American Siberia run by Jesuit Inquisitors. Located in the southwest corner, there is a one-million acre “restricted area” complex to be used for brainwashing as well as bizarre and torturous experiments as part of the Jesuits’ “relentless war” on all “heretics and liberals” — the Empire’s Protestant, Baptists, Jews and anti-fascist, anti-socialist-communist, pro-Constitution, truly “liberal” conservatives.

      Their key to the end of the US is a weaponized virus and its “cure,” a weaponized vaccine. Our key to stopping it has three prongs – getting the truth out, people all holding together in love of this country and against this demonic force, and faith that the best in all of us is more than enough to win our country back..
      First 9/11 Then Guillotines

  24. Ebola vaccines from Tulane University that bioweaponized the polio vaccine with the CIA and is linked to the JFK assassination?

  25. BBC Anchor Admits “Europe Has To Get Used To Bombings”

    Clearly, Russia hasn’t interfered in the US presidential election or invaded Ukraine, and does not intend to invade Poland or the Baltics. Russia let go the Soviet empire and is glad to see it gone, as the empire was expensive and of little benefit. The Soviet Eastern European empire comprised Stalin’s buffer against another Western invasion. The Warsaw Pact had no offensive meaning. It was not the beginning, as misrepresented in Washington, of Soviet world domination.
    Even writers critical of Washington, such as Paul Street’s recent article on CounterPunch and the English language Russian website, Strategic Culture Foundation, cannot bring themselves to state the truth that the US military/security complex needs a major enemy, has elected Russia for that role, and intends to defend this orchestration to the end of humanity on earth.

    That peace with Russia and China would undermine the justification of the $1,000 billion military/security budget, and that the military/security complex is the American government, is too much truth for most writers to state.

    Truth is the most rare element in the Western world, and we will not be permitted to have much of it much longer. Increasingly, truth is difficult to find. Soak it up while it is still available.


  26. Nigel Farage speech to mainstream media leaves them in stunned silence

  27. p: This showed up on youtube dated today, but research showed an earlier date which is is shown and an article explaining the charges.

    State Dept. employee accused of misleading FBI
    March 29, 2017

    Washington — A veteran State Department employee has been charged with making false statements to the FBI about gifts she had received from Chinese intelligence agents, the Justice Department said Wednesday.

    A criminal complaint accuses Candace Marie Claiborne, who appeared before a judge Wednesday, of concealing her contacts with the intelligence agents and failing to report gifts she had received from them, including an iPhone, a laptop and international travel.

    Claiborne, 60, was arrested Tuesday. Family members who were in court declined to comment on her behalf.

  28. "UPDATE: The strangest thing happened today, it was like an Angel or a White Hat got into my computer and literally popped up the interview I did with the Hacker source I thought had been lost forever! What had not been there the night of the interview now popped up on my screen today! I still don't what happened but I quickly saved it and backed it up!
    The day after this interview, my source reports the bad guys took down Internet and cell phones for 100 miles around his location for most of the day to flush him out into using one of their systems that could track him! My hacker source I call "Lou" (I don't know or want to know his real name) goes over how his friends hacked Seth's accounts to get the proof of his communication with WikiLeaks! Some of my source's friends accessed his Gmail account and found the communications between Seth and WikiLeaks! The truth must get out! Send this information to Sean Hannity, Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions and everybody you know so Google can be forced to turn over the evidence that Kim DotCom also knows shows Seth Rich being the source of the DNC leak! This entire Russia story must be proven a total fraud to cover up Seth's murder by a DNC who is now proven to be telling people to back off the investigation as broken by!
    DNC demon and huge liar Donna Brazille has now been fingered as trying to cover up the murder investigation!"

    More at link:
    Hacker Blows Seth Rich Murder Case Wide Open!

  29. AA4L91,

    Gee, you are quite prolific with a LOT of posts of late? Please be kind to those using their mobile devices to view these posting and limit your sharing of other people's opinions/work/links to maybe just a short excerpt and a link. Then, if we are interested we can check it out. Thank you for your consideration.

  30. Just for the majors to start, it is " Possible" that next Tuesday to Wednesday certain moves may be activated. Not Public but its a start, if proceeding. We have to start burning those claws open somewhere. However of course, every day their disgusting Brethren are left uncontrolled, and " Unsanitized", they and their kind are still capable of any Machiavellian, lying delay chicanery. This truly is the worlds most perverse and dishonest, species whose Oligopolist Cadres deserve nothing less than a Final Solution. Us or them are the realities. And a Wake Up call. Humanity can not thrive as food for a Sub Human parasite species. Let's see if they again Block stage one. By choice I would like to see each interfering group daily lined up and !!!! The day each fear that knock on the door and see the Black 4 x 4's and support cars lined up outside, then truth breaks free. Humanity needs a Wailing Wall they are first lined up and chained to. The worst of human trash. So few owe so much to so many.

    1. thanks john for update

      at some point, one needs to realize negotiating with partners holding bad faith is a waste of time.

      maybe time to put on your Nikes .... JUST DO IT!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Hello John and thanks for the update. I had one question, on May 19th, Didn't you say that Tiers 1 to 3 were auditing clear?

      John Friday, May 19, 2017 at 12:17:00 PM MDT "Tiers 1 to 3 are auditing now. No more comment. This is not public. But it will help liquidity. Tier 4 is tracking via HK to London by Monday and out to qualified Beneficiaries next week. Again, it will trickle down to projects etc.

      Commiserations to poor Tony at WHA having to cope with a smacked arse empathizing with a Defcon 4 status. Based on what? Some parties need to first engage their brain before launching their mouth into gear. Guru site traffic? Our offer of a loan to Tony of the above. Lol"

      Is this a different group altogether than what is going on now? Or did they renege again on this?

      Also this is a separate issue from the RV's right?

      And that is why you are still telling us to watch by the day. Again thank you and the Elders for all that you do.

    4. Cant go into detail, just watch.

    5. John it will be good to see if some funds actually move and are allowed to move through the rigged banking system.

    6. OMG, Next week will be one of the most interesting. Let's hope we finally cross to the other side. Thanks John for all the updates and all the information.

    7. John are we still able to hope for the Dong and Dinar moves soon also? This is confusing, sorry if this question is a repeat.

  31. John,

    Isn't there a way to freeze their funds/bank accounts yet? Just a thought.

  32. "Investigations into admitted violations seem lackluster to date.
    Nobody has been publicly held responsible for breaches acknowledged last October.
    Is the intel community withholding information on “unmaskings”?
    The following is a news analysis and commentary

    Many politicians, pundits and members of the press are consumed by Russia’s alleged attempts to interfere in our election. Recent testimony by former CIA Director John Brennan addressed whether he saw evidence of “collusion” between President Trump (or anyone on his campaign) and the Russians. Brennan simply argued “I don’t do evidence.” He also stated that his suspicions were raised simply because, “I know what the Russians try to do.”

    More at link:

    Does Possible Political Misuse of Intel Tools Deserve Greater Scrutiny?

  33. p: Something different. Possible Templar Knight ties to Northern NM

    New Mexico's Stone Pillar Mystery
    Published on May 25, 2017

    A tenacious researcher in New Mexico is attempting to get to the bottom of a truly vexing mystery surrounding a pair of puzzling stone pillars found in one of the state's forests.
    Author and historian Louis Serna has spent the last four years chasing down the origin of the ornate objects since he spotted the first one in a hotel lobby back in 2013.

    Serna was amazed by the ornate design of the pillar and the intriguing symbols it contained, specifically a Templar cross.


  34. Guccifer/McCabe Hacks Amy Pascal of Sony, Podesta-Nides Can't Get "Donation", Obama Jokes Go Public
    Day 215.1 ~ Hillary's Leakers and Hackers

    Anthony Weiner's Startup Provide H1Bs for Awans?
    Day 215.2

    1. Hina Alvi SUPRACOR Indicted 2010
      Day 215.3

    2. Drudge Releases FBI Report That Says FBI Illegally Shared Electronic Communications With Third Parties and Govt Contractors
      Day 215.4

      Breaking Down the #HRCratline for Crowdsource the Truth

    3. Day 215.6

      Liz Krokin Steps Away from Investigation, We are Not
      Day 215.7

    4. FEDEX Now Flying Ratline as of September 1, 2011?
      Day 215.8

      Was Seth Rich About to Testify in the Sean Lucas DNC Case? Pagliano?
      Day 215.9

    5. Was the chair throw in Vegas the beginning of the DNC lawsuit?
      Day 215.10

      Did Las Vegas chair throw drive the DNC lawsuit?
      Day 215.11

      Honest Capitol Police Jurisdiction Ends at Avenue at Avenue H. Seth Rich Killed at Avenue W
      Day 215.12

    6. I Had Jared Beck all Wrong - He Did File After Goose 2 on June 15th
      Day 215.13

      DNC Lawsuit and Witness List
      Day 215.14

    7. Jason Emails Jared Beck Beckon Star Witnesses
      Day 215.15

      DNC Lawsuit Lawyer Jared Beck Chats With Us, Part 1
      Day 215.16


    8. Jared Beck (Attorney who filed suit against DNC and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz) Chats With Us Part 2
      Day 215.17

    9. John Solomon of Circa News tells us about FBI surveillance, we tell him about the Awan brothers
      Day 215.18

    10. McCabe Pee Pee Dossier Maybe Partially True
      Day 215.19

  35. "Whisenant worked for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Miami in its major crimes unit. He had joined the office in January. Court records show he had been handling several visa and passport fraud cases."

    Federal prosecutor Beranton J. Whisenant Jr. found dead on Hollywood, Florida beach

  36. It was entertainment night at the Senior Citizens Center.

    After the community sing along led by Alice at the piano, it was time
    for the star of the show, Claude the Hypnotist!

    Claude explained that he was going to put the whole audience into a trance.

    "Yes, each and every one of you and all at the same time." said Claude.

    The excited chatter dropped to silence as Claude carefully withdrew from his waistcoat
    pocket; a beautiful antique gold pocket watch and chain.

    "I want you to keep your eyes on this watch" said Claude, holding the watch high for all to see.

    "It is a very special and valuable watch that has been in my family for six generations" said Claude.

    He began to swing the watch gently back and forth while quietly chanting

    "Watch the watch --- Watch the watch ----Watch the watch"

    The audience became mesmerized as the watch swayed back and forth.
    The lights were twinkling as they were reflected from its gleaming surfaces.
    A hundred and fifty pairs of eyes followed the movements of the gently swaying watch.
    They were hypnotized. And then, suddenly, the chain broke!!!

    The beautiful watch fell to the stage and burst apart on impact"

    "SHIT" said Claude.

    It took them three days to clean up the Senior Citizens' Center.

    Claude was never invited back again.

    1. Thanks Texian, love this one. lol

    2. Had to find some "crap" that is funny....wading waist deep in it every day...need some taller waders. 😉

    3. Good thing the hypnotist didn't use the "F" word .... or not!


  38. Commentary The Republic Has Fallen: The Deep State’s Plot to Take Over America Has Succeeded By John W. Whitehead May 23, 2017

    “You have such a fervent, passionate, evangelical faith in this country…why in the name of God don’t you have any faith in the system of government you’re so hell-bent to protect? You want to defend the United States of America, then defend it with the tools it supplies you with—its Constitution. You ask for a mandate, General, from a ballot box. You don’t steal it after midnight, when the country has its back turned.”—Seven Days in may" No doubt about it. The coup d’etat has been successful.
    The Deep State—a.k.a. the police state a.k.a. the military industrial complex—has taken over.
    The American system of representative government has been overthrown by a profit-driven, militaristic corporate state bent on total control and global domination through the imposition of martial law here at home and by fomenting wars abroad.
    When in doubt, follow the money trail. It always points the way.

    Don’t delay.
    Start now—in your own communities, in your schools, at your city council meetings, in newspaper editorials, at protests—by pushing back against laws that are unjust, police departments that overreach, politicians that don’t listen to their constituents, and a system of government that grows more tyrannical by the day.
    If you wait until 2020 to rescue our republic from the clutches of the Deep State, it will be too late

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  41. This needs to be stopped now;read=76263

    Bayer Monsanto Buyout, GMO Marijuana, Corporate Takeover of the Marijuana Industry VIDEOS

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.


    1. Law of Mechanical Repair
    After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch and you'll have to pee.

    2. Law of Gravity
    Any tool, nut, bolt, screw, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible place in the universe.

    3. Law of Probability
    The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act.

    4. Law of Random Numbers
    If you dial a wrong number, you never get a busy signal; someone always answers.

    5. Variation Law
    If you change lines (or traffic lanes), the one you were in will always move faster than the one you are in now.
    6. Law of the Bath
    When the body is fully immersed in water, the telephone will ring.

    7. Law of Close Encounters
    The probability of meeting someone you know INCREASES dramatically when you are with someone you don't want to be seen with.

    8. Law of the Result
    When you try to prove to someone that a machine won't work, IT WILL!!!

    9. Law of Biomechanics
    The severity of the itch is inversely proportional to the reach.

    10. Law of the Theaters & Sports Arenas - At any event, the people whose seats are furthest from the aisle, always arrive last. They are the ones who will leave their seats several times to go for food, beer, or the toilet and who leave early before the end of the performance or the game is over. The folks in the aisle seats come early, never move once, have long gangly legs or big bellies and stay to the bitter end of the performance. The aisle people also are very surly folk.

    11. The Coffee Law
    As soon as you sit down to a cup of hot coffee, your boss will ask you to do something which will last until the coffee is cold

    12. Murphy's Law of Lockers
    If there are only 2 people in a locker room, they will have adjacent lockers.
    13. Law of Physical Surfaces
    The chances of an open-faced jelly sandwich landing face down on a floor are directly correlated to the newness and cost of the carpet or rug.

    14. Law of Logical Argument
    Anything is possible IF you don't know what you are talking about.

    15. Law of Physical Appearance
    If the clothes fit, they're ugly.

    16. Law of Public Speaking

    17. Law of Commercial Marketing Strategy-
    As soon as you find a product that you really like, they will stop making it OR the store will stop selling it!

    18. Doctors' Law
    If you don't feel well, make an appointment to go to the doctor, by the time you get there, you'll feel better. But don't make an appointment and you'll stay sick.

  44. Way to go

    Poland’s conservative prime minister Beata Szydło hit back with strong words on Wednesday in response to European Union threats to force her country to accept migrants or face massive fines.

    1. Kimber,

      Thank you for sharing this story. This topic needs press or our way of life will be over as these immigrants do not assimilate into the existing culture in a country but INSIST that the country assimilate to their beliefs, wants, and demands.

    2. Yes, Thank you Kimber. It's good to see some stand up against the NWO lot.



    President Putin has urged British Prime Minister Theresa May to listen to her people and reject the New World Order, and warned Russians not to travel to the United Kingdom until they get their house in order.

    Britain is the New World Order’s testing ground, and according to Putin a follow-up terror attack, hot on the heels of the Manchester atrocity, is now “inevitable” as the globalists continue to ramp up tension in Western countries.


    'Hard to imagine any agricultural sector being able to stay in business with such losses


    1. Wonderful Memorial Day Weekend OWoN community !

      Saw this report on bees as well, funny how there is no mention of what the chemtrials are doing to kill off bees and other important critters around us, not to mention mankind. ( Watched a video last week of a farmer noticing NO flies or ants around his duck & pig feeding areas, which use to always be covered with both. If my memory serves me he was somewhere outside of Detroit. )

      So is the intention to kill off natural food supply chain, thus, relying on the global seed bank in Norway to feed the world ? of those chosen worthy to remain....

      Control the food, control the population. Also lends to all of the "seedless" fruits and vegetables we see
      stocking the produce section at your local super market.

      We now have bees, after having a friend help me collect three wild swarms, the two from last year moved on and now am down to one. Doing what we can to keep the bees healthy and thriving. There are about 12 back yard hives in our neighborhood alone. We can all contribute to, we certainly are not experts, but
      have friends willing to mentor.

      Cheers !


    BREAKING: Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security advisor and political scientist, dead at 89

    Posted By: NaturalWisdom

    1. Well,I am sure an Ethereal Tribunal is in session....

    2. Now he meets his own ascended souls, True power and with his life exposed to all.

    3. This reminds me...does anyone GHWB still hiding out in a hospital?

    4. Texian,

      I believe he was released from the hospital on April 28th

    5. MWP,
      Thank you! Missed seeing that....hard to keep up with so many perps! 😉

  49. For those who saw Zeitgeist, Zeitgeist Addendum is on Netflix (and likely elsewhere too).

    1. OK so if everyone (incl the govs) paid off every debt there would be no currency.

      Does this imply that all debt will be paid off in the gcr by asset currencies? Either that or a general jubilee is required. That seems the only way to unshackle humanity.

    2. I highly recommend this documentary.

  50. For those who follow Jim Willie, new interview just out.

    Topics included
    - Saudi arms deals with potential hidden angles
    - Eurasian Trade Zone developments with recent global conference implications
    - Hong Kong Gold Exchange to be used with Shanghai in gold price arbitrage
    - BitCoin movements including blockchain technology with potential usage

  51. p: Remembering the 4 and so many more this Memorial Day Weekend. May Peace be the Blessing for which we all Give Thanks.

    The Butcher Of Benghazi Hillary Clinton Is Headed To Prison?
    Published on May 13, 2014

    Hillary Clinton, known as the "Butcher of Benghazi" after the release of the scathing report "Breach of Duty: Hillary Clinton and Catastrophic Failure in Benghazi," refused dozens of requests for additional security at the Benghazi consulate.

    The report also reveals that Clinton held back a special forces State Department Foreign Emergency Support Team on the night of September 11, 2012—essentially giving a stand down order—leaving Islamic radicals to butcher Chris Stevens, Shawn Smith, Ty Woods, and Glen Doherty.

  52. Did Anthony Weiner import his trusted staff through USAID cutout Democracy Alternatives, Inc?
    Day 216.1 ~ Hillary's Leakers and Hackers

    Imran Awan's Twitter Account? (Audio says Day 205.3...but it's not!)
    Day 216.2

    Imran Awan's Twitter seems to be focused on BASE (Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Lahore, Pakistan), UAE soccer and cars, cars, cars
    Day 216.3

    Collecting Metadata For the Four Leaks - DCC, DNC, CF, and Podesta
    Day 216.4


    1. Development Alternatives Inc is a CIA Cutout According To Venezuela America Lawyer
      Day 216.5

    2. DAI, USAID, Alan Gross Conviction, Phillip Agee, ex-CIA, Says DAI Is Obvious CIA Front. DAI Ratlines in Pakistan

      Day 216.6


    3. According to WebMD, Sonia Palmieri is a specialist in cardiovascular disease working at Med Star. Is she related to close John Podesta aid Jennifer Palmieri or is this merely coincidence?
      Day 216.7

      We're not saying Assistant US Attorney for the District of Columbia Steven Wasserman is Debbie Wasserman Shultz's brother, but if he is, would it be a conflict of interest with regard to the Seth Rich murder investigation or the Awan brothers?
      Day 216.8

      A trusted source points us in the direction of the possible identity of Guccifer 2.0
      Day 216.9

    4. Donor Hospital at Bottom of Hill, Recipient Hospital on the Top With a Big Fence, Doctors Coming From VA, Add a Children's Hospital to Double the Harvest
      Day 216.10

    5. George layers independent Pakistani special forces onto yesterday's East West Lahore to Mons rat line breakdown. Pakistani 111?
      Day 216.11

    6. Origin of Pakistan 111th of the Awan Brothers - MUSA 1981
      Day 216.12

    7. Stranahan speaks about crowdstrike and the Coming Star Witnesses of guccifer and guccifer 2

      Day 216.13

  53. Replies
    1. Texian together with the wannacry attacks it reminded me of this from Montague Keen from May 14:

      Alex Jones Channel

      We have been preparing you for this. We warned you to be prepared for the final attempt to take control of the Earth and wipe out humanity."

      If so, are the PTW lashing out to try and say 'we can still control you and have your systems by the balls'??

    2. AJ,
      Youbetcha...exactly what I think. That's why I'm not buying into cryptocurrency. It would take a leap of faith to assume that the Internet will remain. They've already proven they can take it down at will....wherever, whenever. And when people buy crypto, it's removing fiat and we know they want currencies out of people's hands. If your money is in anything you can't actually use or barter with, you have NOTHING...imo. To go back to feudal times which is goal of NWO, it will happen when people are left with nothing. Some states have even outlawed "food gardens." Why would that be a good idea?

      With your skill at logic, you can connect all the dots. I know you don't need a picture. 😉

  54. NYPD Arrest Young Democrat President On Pedophile Charges

  55. From

    Censorship of Seth Rich via HTTPS

    It is now confirmed that web browsers have been told via their updates to block people from viewing Seth Rich content on web sites. This is being done by interfering with HTTPS. Web sites that worked fine a couple days ago jam on pages that contain Seth Rich information. I am seeing this myself, with Firefox. Chrome is not doing this nearly as much. The tactic is to call the web site "unsafe, poorly configured, or an attack site" and then "for your safety, you will not be permitted to proceed". This is precisely why I never made this web site HTTPS, becase there is no reason to do it, and it can be used to destroy web sites
    In this era of sabotage, I pity any web site that uses HTTPS, Google Analytics, or any fonts, Bitly, or anything else that calls out to another web site to have it get provided with what it needs to function. Doing so nowadays is suicide, all any web site another web site depends on needs to do is deny loading of resources to a target web site and POOF, it is locked up or gone.

    I have seen Google Analyitics destroy web sites by hanging the analytics script. Blanks them out totally.

    I have seen Bitly link shortener used to screw up web sites and censor content. Who on earth would ever care about the length of a link that no one sees anyway? Bitly is downright retarded, and a sabotage front. This is probably true of all linkbuilders, which pray on the misperceptions of inexperienced web admins. If you use a third party to resolve your links for you, and that third party hates you, you're DEAD.

    I have seen Zedo ads used to load viruses onto any computer that hits a site. That happened to this site a few years ago. Some web sites can successfully use zedo. Not this site!

    I have seen a huge number of web sites get whacked by the refusal of a thrid party to issue HTTPS certificates, when the web site itself did nothing wrong. HTTPS is HTTP SUICIDE. If you don't need it, DONT USE IT. I have it available here, free of cost, and don't use it. If people are not handing you their credit card numbers or something similar, don't be a fool by adding something to your site you don't need!

    There is a new trend of web sites calling out to a third party for the fonts that show on their pages. I have not yet seen this used to censor content, but it makes copying and pasting get scrambled. If you want your word to spread, there are enough web compatible fonts out there for you to use that look good enough, the truth is not a fashion statement!

    The bottom line? If you are in the truth movement, your web site has to be totally self contained. You can't offer others the chance to sabotage you. If you are not selling products off your front page, FORGET HTTPS. If you can't get ads anyway, why use Google Analyitcs, which is used only to verify the value of ads on your site? If you do get ads, make sure they are not sabotaging you. And who cares if the code for a link that no one sees is three lines long, when the actual text in the link is 15 characters? That won't mess up your page, and even a TRS80 would handle the link itself at the speed of light. As far as I see it, there is no place in this world for Bitly or anything similar.

    In this day and age, SURVIVAL IS SIMPLICITY.

  56. “Everything has two purposes. One is the ostensible purpose which will make it acceptable to people; and second, is the real purpose which would further the goals of establishing the new system and having it.”

    NWO 101: “… Everything Is in Place and Nobody Can Stop Us Now.”

  57. "I want to show two quotes from commentators in related areas of financial analysis because they illustrate the difference between truthful commentary and unmitigated idiocy.

    Yesterday, James “Mc” wrote in Bill Murphy’s nightly “Midas” report:

    “The sexiness of Bitcoin, Tesla, Netflix, and hundreds of other techie things will become FAR less sexy in a good old fashion economic crash. Reality will quickly set in, and real stuff, made by real people will prevail. As history has shown everything else becomes superfluous. Millennials, or even Gen-Xer’s for that matter have never experienced truly hard times. Many will be shocked to learn when TSHTF a plumber is far more marketable than an IT guy. Bartering with Bitcoin might prove problematic.”

    I doubt there’s anything with that statement with which anyone could dispute. Murphy prior to that made the valid points that Central Banks and sovereign nations will never incorporate Bitcoin into their currency reserves like they do with gold. The point being that, while Bitcoin is accepted as a form of currency by its users, it is not considered a wealth storage asset.

    It would be tough to classify James’ comment as propaganda or fake news. Gold is the world’s second oldest form of money (silver is the oldest). Bitcoin may or may not become a passing fad but it certainly has not stood the test of time. Its use can be eliminated by shutting down the global power grid."

    More at link:

    Bitcoin, Propaganda, Fake News And Unmitigated Idiocy

    1. Quote of the week!

      "when TSHTF a plumber is far more marketable"

      Yup. I'd say so.

  58. How many Berkeley professors are anarchists/thugs???

    "4chan– They have been called Internet “Trolls” after their antics in hunting down the anti-Trump activist Shia Labeouf using methods that would rival the best intelligence communities in the world. They have been accused of doxing an “innocent” college professor, although today we find out the Berkeley professor they were accused of unfairly targeting, has indeed been arrested and held on a $200,000 bond."

    Berkeley Antifa Professor Arrested After 4chan ‘Trolls’ Unmask Radical Thug ~ Next Project: Seth Rich Murder

  59. They said it. The G7 has become a G6, then G7 again as the EU replaces the US:
    As a result while the US will remain excluded from the final affirmation, the other six, call it the G-6, will recommit to the Paris Agreement on climate change, which Trump tweeted Saturday he’d come to a decision on next week.

    Here we have the situation that six members, or even seven if you want to add the EU, stand against one.

    Trying to fool everyone that the EU is a state, and saying anyone who does not fall-in is not part of the grouping. Dispicable.

    1. Typical Socialists....their way or the highway. Socialists are looking for someone to pay the big bill for their crazy plans. American taxpayers are FED up. No more 'faux science' dreamed up to tax us out the wazoo even more. Trump knows he wasn't elected to be a yes man to the globalist-Socialists.

      Noticed Prince Harry was entertaining Barry Soetero as all this was going on. UK, you do have your problems, don't you?

    2. Harry is the family Fool. Such a meeting is of no importance. Minor Gofers.

    3. Looks to me that the whole bunch starting with the old, now retired, prince are quite a few cards short of a whole deck.

    4. He left behind 4 well short of grey matter, only Diana saved the lot with William. That cost her???????


    Financially, self-protection means moving away from fiat dollars and euros and stockpiling real money—gold. China is reducing its vast pile of US treasury securities, and Russia its much smaller pile. We will continue to advocate for replacement of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, preferably with the International Monetary Fund’s Special Drawing Rights. The Chinese yuan recently became part of that currency basket. We have also taken steps to develop an alternative to the SWIFT system, the US’s monopoly on international bank clearing.

    Katyn: The Genocide Hollywood Won't Touch May 27, 2017

  61. Obumas close Allie Corrine Brown has been convicted on numerous Fraud charges, including stealing from Children's funds. Sentencing will take 3 months, but the net is now closing for many of these Political Grifter scum. Good hunting!Way past time to take out the trash.

    When does the Bumma get brought to justice?

    1. John,
      Well, wasn't Soetero just a stone's throw from Scotland Yard recently while being entertained at Kensington Palace? Surely the U.K. has some score to settle with him also? He had a British passport, right? So I'd say he's yours. Friends help friends. 😉😘

    2. He does not have a British passport. Nor will he get one.

    3. John,
      Long time back perhaps I misunderstood a comment about U.K. having his birth certificate,etc. and how he had means to enter Pakistan in early 80s. Thanks for correction. How did he enter Pakistan at that time?

  62. The Gold Backed Zim Bonds being processed right now are NOT currencies, these are special Bonds from the old Rhodesian nation before it became Bongo Bloody Land caused by interfering assholes from across the pond.

    This is an under radar game to grab the AU backing it.
    Not cash and not for the Public, so don't get carried away with false hopes those are NOT Zim currencies.

    1. john

      thanks for all you do

      now i am confused with regard to the zim bonds per your post above,

      are you saying the old Rhodesian Bonds have nothing to do with the GCR? or the tiers etc? or the zim currency already collected?

    2. Forget all this GCR talk for a while. Selective deals only, there is NO Money for a Global free ride. Too much loose broker talk.We have to work out what is possible who and when. Too many lunatic dreamers.

      Real talks are working towards what is real and possible. Do NOT assume nothing! Let calm hands handle this.

      Resetting anything with nothing is complex. It's all a Diplomatic nightmare.

      Until we show clear steps ignore all market rumors. Idiots are assuming those Gold Zim backed Bonds are Zim notes. Not so! Way too much loose broker talk.

      Just wait until it's agreed then you will be correctly advised. Too many loose lips assuming those Bonds are for them. As IF!

      Please, just wait until it's cleared. There are No Agreements yet, and even a hint of anything gets every Skidrow Bum with totally lost toilet paper out listening to lunatic alley with one sort of Guru or another.
      Crap is crap and no one buys crap. We don't debate it, waste of time.

      You DO have hope, just wait and see how it finishes.Zero pre info.

      Ignore the GCR talk shite! Paid by who?
      Real world. Let it move as is.

    3. Unknown

      That deal is to take the~Gold. Not GCR, a Gold grab.

    4. I Love this guy!
      Real old school with common sense.
      Tells it like it is.

      Thanks John!

    5. John

      Is that the gold that will be used to gold back the RMB?

    6. Hell No you have to get past me to take that, and a Tank won't be enough.
      We are putting tough terms on that. Our ideals. A key Elder is staying now 2 more weeks. As WHA Tony would say, must be a magic Wand at work.

      Be assured dedicated minds and more are at work. Empires are not built by limp wrists. Or similar.

    7. And I pray for the success of the team!

    8. John are Dong and Dinar moves possible soon also? This is confusing and apologies if this question is repeated.

    9. Understood, don't worry.

      Dinars can go any time decided. Dongs, we can not make Vietnam uncompetitive by a knee jerk move. Nor can we destroy Chinese investments in Vietnam. It's taking time to think through. Dongs are more straightforward, but the Quad Ts of the Dinar overprints, and the animal greed of the Military and Contractors needs handling. Real nations have real "Issues". with America here and want Zero for the US.

      Theses are a species who have never made or earned a dollar, been kept and fed 4 squares all their useless lives, have been told they are Heroes, so these S for Brains Body Bags think they are owed.It's hard to reason with Mutts. Now many of these retired General Mutts, Ahhh want Maaahh Rights. A good Kick in the Arse is what's merited for many. Now retired, no clout, they still can't work it out. None were taught to think. Just follow orders. Trust the Cabal?

      They bombed ancient cultures into the stone age, prostituted their poor children to disgusting GI Brothels, for which I truly hope every single scum bag user,spends millennia's in Atonement in a Cosmic furnace to feel real heat, the sort they napalmed villages with.

      There were NO Vietnamese heroes. BS !!!! Drug using pampered cowards who ran away and betrayed a poor race to the Viet Cong. America lost its Soul in Vietnam. Disgusting animals. As with Post WW11 so many EU rapes and looting by the US covered up.

      History is portrayed by such Hollywood lies. Don't give the US reality.

      China has issues with the US cashing out on Vietnam. Rightly so.

      As for Iraq, a nation wiped out. For what? The US crated ISIS and the full round of Jihad nutters. Funded, trained and triggered by the usual scumbags.

      If we ever do get WW111, and I truly hope not, what follows will be utterly ruthless and merciless. Organs will be taken alive, strapped down.

      So now we deal with real history, real people. Real history. And Diplomacy.
      Behind Closed Doors, it is not a Kindergarten. Plus the world is changing and phasing out America. Tenuous times. So, we talk and see.

    10. John,

      I'm curious as to who is the final say on releasing the dinars. Is it the IMF,WB, GOI, Central bank of Iraq, Chinese?

      What are they waiting for?

    11. China, Russia, London and the Fed. IMF and WB are just poodles for US Policy.

      The Fed problem is the US debt to Iraq for bogus overprint. Who funds what to clean up this US snot? Currency does not drop off trees, and the US is on its knees. China has none,so only the Elders can help, and they are here!

      But, we have to see which side of the fence Forrest Gump in DC is sitting on, and what, if any valid policies he can give comfort with. We have real concerns with this vanity lump,and his Mossad Boy handler!

    12. John,
      Every time questions about why asset confiscation from cabal rats is brought up as a partial solution, it is ignored. Why?

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Was Bob Creamer in the White House July 7th, 2016? SEIU 722? What Did the VAN Voter System Move To CF and Boston on July 7th?
    Day 217.1 ~ Hillary's Leakers and Hackers

    Seth Rich's Metadata For NGPVAN Are Going To Be Important Eighteen Days Before the Democratic Convention
    Day 217.2

    DNC CEO, Amy Dacey, Explains NGPVAN Glitch, Lockout of Bernie Supporters, and "Patch"
    Day 217.3

    Why FBI Seth Rich Memo is a Fake, MWW Op Signature
    Day 217.4

    1. Josh Uretsky May Be Key To Seth Rich Murder
      Day 217.5

    2. Mike Kempner, myth maker extraordinare, created the PR bubble for the DNC with Hillary, Wasserman and Weiner
      Day 217.6

      Nate Pearlman, NGPVAN CEO, CTO For Hillary 2008 - Bernie Never Had a Chance
      Day 217.7

    3. Podestas moving money now as conspiracy dissolves---gold, diamonds and art
      Day 217.8

      Day 217.9

  65. Space Storm rocks Earth | "Ionosphere Shock Pulse" | Derecho forming over Midwest!
    Published on May 27, 2017

    May 27, 2017: A very complicated storm cloud finally reached Earth after a 96 hour flight from the Sun. When it did arrive, it laid quite a "lick" on Earth's shields. Even some sort of a weird "Flash Pulse" showed up in the Ionosphere which was interesting. (visible in video).

  66. p: Angels come in many forms...

    A soldier on the verge of death rescues a kitten with no hope. Then, the kitten rescues him.
    Published on May 28, 2017

    Grab some tissues at 4:31...

    U.S. Army veteran Josh Marino was in a battlefield in Iraq when he sustained traumatic injuries in a mortar attack.

    Josh returned home for treatment, and during recovery, he began to develop post traumatic stress disorder. One day, he'd had enough and decided to end his life.

    He wrote a letter and took out his knife and stepped outside for one last cigarette.

    There, in a thunderstorm, a kitten suddenly started to call out to Josh. He walked over and pet and comforted him. Then, every day, Josh would walk out and feed the kitten, establishing a friendship that saved his life.

    Then, one day, the kitten disappeared, only to reappear at another pivotal moment in both their lives.

    Even before he was my cat, before he even knew me that well, "Scout saved my life. He put me on a different path," Josh added. "He gave me the confidence to try to come back from all the adversity that I was feeling."

    Used with permission from Mutual Rescue and PetSmart Charities. Learn more at and

    Mutual Rescue™ is a national initiative created by Humane Society Silicon Valley to change the conversation around animal welfare. You're not only saving animal lives when you donate to a local animal shelter, you are helping to transform the lives of people in your community for the better through life-changing human-animal relationships.

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