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Proferet Occulta Veritas | Report #4 | Your entire world is a false reality

Disclosure, Deep State and Pizza Gate, the Evil State afflicting AMERICA.

What is Truth, to a Nation and World denied? Yet again, the System Lied!

One World of Nations
Proferet Occulta Veritas Series
14 April 2017

The US has been allowed to lapse into a state of laconic indifference. One where the tentacles of an unelected Elite have become the Puppet Master of the unelected, out of control, undemocratic, Machiavellian Corporate Deep State. A self-enriching, criminal conspiring Corporate collective who, if left in situ, will take the world beyond the realms of Global catastrophe. What are values, what is truth? They hold none. All monetary control has been systematically sequestrated by a single perverse Zionist group, who also have bought, compromised and dominated the political system and removed Americans from the opportunity to control their own monetary system or Media. Enforcing the swearing of an Oath of Allegiance to that time limited Kazakh Pariah State must end. It’s time to review the American Electoral and Funding system to recover Democracy from them. They own the Zoo, ruthlessly media derailing any their way.

Where and what is Truth in a nation so visible deluded, and excluded?

One Truth so great, all have been systematically excluded. How does a Leadership 'Disclose' what it does not itself understand, nor has even disclosed to its Political Leaders to determine a Political direction? Area 51, Dugway (Area 52) and Kapustin Yar? As each juggle the Chess board of 'Alternative Realities' for Military Chess Board positioning gain, why exclude a wiser Public from any part of truth?

Is MUFON your only hope of exposure? Even they are denied access to so much known collative evidence. UFO sightings accelerate, and whilst most are explainable, some are a quandary for 3-Dimensional Earth thinkers. Particularly those experiencing sightings of large craft within surrounding fireballs, which emit light energy gyrating to a superior force control, carrying out complex flight tasks under remote intelligent direction, then returning as plasma energy balls to a support craft, and disappearing in just seconds as a burst of speed towards the cosmos, which no conventional earth craft can attain. Beings of light energy have a clear alternative Dimensional source existence we are not conventionally educated to comprehend. What is reality, ours or clear alternatives? Disclosure would help you all get rid of your Abrahamian nonsense and needless conflicts. For Mo Ham Heads to use the one they have, they must think with it for themselves.

The entire world you live in, is a false reality.

We need to understand and rethink everything. Time to take back control of humanity from the Cabals, and establish a new order serving real need, not greed. Time for Sheeple to become thinking people! What ending do we want, or deserve, on OUR path of life?

Pampered Preppies rule, and the likes of Bush or his Skull and Bones camp followers, are assigned as Gatekeepers in most State rolls. Most well beyond their visible intellectual or accomplishment skills. Appointed not by merit, but to serve and protect the Web of Cabal miscreants, each systematically looting and abusing the Motherland, depriving all fellow Mankind in their orgy of greed.

A great American nation was forged over 250 years of bloody conflict, evolving via brutal and systematic persecution of the human Soul, enriched by the savage gains of slavery. A rapidly escalating Organised Crime Syndicate presided over by the likes of Luciano, each buying up Political or Judicial patronage, cross infiltrating family members into the emerging new State or Agency institutions. Vast proceeds of crime, and the Judicial patronage it had bought, resulted in the wealth gateway access to manipulative parasite families and the Zio trash of the Jekyll Island agreement which systematically raped a trusting, emerging new nation, and stole the hopes and dreams of a trusting, idealised group of people, with false Statesmanship fantasies, to serve only a parasitical Corporation. One whose tentacles cross oceans to enforce its hegemony, while cynically, the Brethren and Cohort treasonous Americans like the Bushes, rampaged unchecked in World Wars, False wars, and Wars upon humanity itself. Hopes, dreams and Trust betrayed.

What is Truth? What is life- Yours? What is the point, or purpose, of anything?

Clearly this is now an emergent society where none have understand how it all hangs together, and what is done, not in your name, but at your costs, while you are excluded, and live 'deluded'. Are we alone?

Why are you not aware of Area 52, do you know the purpose and meaning of anything? This is the REAL UFO base servicing the Deep States hidden Space Program. Those UFOs are mainly – Ours!

Hidden away in Tooele County, Utah, among a vast complex of Top Secret Black Operations, all developing craft, weapons and experimental projects far beyond the comprehension of the nations, is the Dugway Proving Grounds Base. Home to the real UFOs and inter-dimensional Jump Craft. This is where most of the new UFO craft are really coming from. Also the vast hidden underground bases and laboratories are hiding there. Out of, but in, plain site.

What you don’t see, is the enormous scale of the deeply embedded and shielded underground interconnecting fortresses. The networks of tunnels running many miles. Sophisticated rail networks, and so many vast floors of secret laboratories hiding such a plethora of secrets.

Quite content now to let Area 51 take the Public attention away, sits the Dugway Proving Grounds complex. But proving what?

These are the labs where newly recovered UFO crashes and/or bodies are taken, bypassing Wright Patterson, with a Public front of Public exclusion, justified as a Test Centre for Biological and Chemical Weapons. Dugway is where they bend Time, Space, and - Truth.

Who is funding all this in a nation so deeply cross compounded in debt? How?

The only State now ruling America is the Deep State in confusion. Unelected, unaccountable, and - Unworthy!

The Great Lie of America's Banking Racketeers!

Money makes the world go around and the AshkeNazi Zio trash have stolen most, as they swear in compromised Representatives into Congress, each forced to sign an Oath of Allegiance to the Pariah State of Israel or be denounced and destroyed by the Jewish Media. This is American Freedom? In whose name and by what right? How dare they!

The Jekyll Island perpetrators and the Fed scavengers have stolen the Nation’s Money and hopes.

This vast Debt Black Hole has been incurred on their watch for their ruthless gain. Total blame is theirs!

Mugged into parting with real wealth by a 'created' interest, annually for a century. President Woodrow Wilson sold out the very Soul of America. They sucked him in and ripped your hearts out with their bottomless Greed Snouts.

The Republic had been created to escape the iniquity of Feudal Monarchies. Wilson sold the nation out and within just 15 years of supplying the US their worthless paper, compounding interest alone accommodated the total transfer of title of America’s entire GDP. Funding nothing but hype, they then owned the lot! They have put in nothing. They have taken out everything.

Take it back as Putin has done with them in Russia! He has jailed the Oligarchs and sequestrated their plundered wealth. Doing so he has recovered and refunded Russia free of Zio manipulators.

Real assets owned for worthless, unbacked Fiat money. The nation was re-enslaved worse than ever. The entire US Financial chain is now a singular Zionist / Jewish Oligopoly. The entire Senior US Treasury and Federal Reserve Bank of New York, is Zionist owned, controlled and dominated. Hooks (Claws) were sunk in deep. Wall Street has followed. Banking control, theft and Rackets all perpetrated by one group. How does a free nation modernise and restructure its economy, to serve the real collective needs of its nation, with such rabid mongrel packs of these degenerates feeding like Tapeworms off the entire Fiscal needs of the nation? From the money changers of the Temple Mount, always it has been so. Pariahs and Parasites. But working now in conjunction with the Agencies, and owning the MSM Propaganda machine, Truth cannot speak its name. Justice is denied. These are predatory Kazakhs, be in no doubt how it will end left unchallenged.

America MUST end the Jewish Fed and REMOVE the Zios out of the US Treasury. But who is big enough a Patriot with the power? America can have no financial integrity with this malignant Cult manipulating all it achieves, only to then as always, deceive. The Fed must be nationalised by America with NO Compensation, Jews removed as they chose to exclude all others, and America's heritage recovered. Over 100 years of their voracious financial control and cynical dishonesty, they have impoverished and indebted a great nation, and no one dare call it. It’s a worldwide epidemic.

Zionism is the combined malignant extremism of a truly vile life force, combined with the guttural ramblings of that Paranoid, Delusional Schizophrenic Abraham. Madness is the mantra of this warped apology of a religion. No less than radical Islam. Nutters breed Nutter Yahoos. Extremist, deranged antisocial Predators. Bottom Feeders devoid of conscience or Souls. Would you, by choice, cross breed with a Tapeworm? These are not enlightened minds. Nor Souls of value.

Eurasia is bearing down on all fast. Reality, the next Real Big Dog on the block. The coming T Rex of power. Zios will just be 'removed'. Educated out or processed out. Eurasia will abolish Israel as the ugly Pariah Apartheid State it is, and give back the land to Arab nationals, as the UK did with Hong Kong. Jews can then choose, to either live respected in Peace and Dignity as before with Arab nations, or be given the treatment they choose to dish out to poor Palestinians daily.

This will just be a repeat of South Africa. The same Dumb, bigoted, hateful arrogance of the Apartheid Afrikaners, who could not comprehend their only choice was to share it with fellow Africans, or lose it. The same bigoted, arrogant, "We keep it" ideology prevailed. The rest you know. Israe-Hell WILL go! It must!

Congress must be freed from these scurrilous rogues and Jewish Electoral funding must be declared and limited. The Israeli loyalty oath must be dispensed with and all their misogynistic shackles removed. True Democracy for America. End Kazakh manipulation and dismantle their Oligopolies.

America is in a classic Catch 22 Clutch right now.

To progress forwards, it needs refunding and re-tasking. It has the ability and capacity. Just no visible funding. Why not? America cannot keep on cross firing bogus Checks while the Fed is systematically robbed each year, and the Deep State plunders the working State.

A US associate of ours has a client OWED Trillions from funds he brought in from the Elders decades ago, AND further cross invested his own significant earnings to further support his countries needs over an agreed period lending plan. Their redemption was blatantly reneged on many years ago, and parties are very aggrieved. Nation's Trust has been defiled with so many trusting countries or Sovereign parties cynically abused.

There are aggrieved Creditors owed truly vast Trillions by this rapacious Bait and Switch Zio Rat Scam operating between the US Treasury and Fed.

Innocent, trusting parties think when offered deals with the US Treasury name, and the Fed, it’s a sound, credible and regulated transaction. Only to realise later, the Fed then switched their funds to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, a Foreign owned, non-audited, non-tax paying operation run by successions of Zionist / Jewish only Bankers, who clearly were trained as Sheep Herders, because everyone through that door gets fleeced. The end results are always the same. 100% totally conned Investors never get redeemed.

Where has the money all gone? Operation Golden Lilly? Marcos funds? Chinese Elders funds cross underpinning over 4,000 companies and Trusts? Tropos Funds? The vast now compounded Indonesian funds? Wanta’s funds? Co-associate US Patriot's Taiwanese Elder's funds?

What has now happened to the vast Matrix of companies and assets exposed behind Pureheart, which was rapidly moved out of view once exposed and challenged?

Herzog has threatened to turn in the Bushes and Clintons, plus the Agencies if brought to Justice and made to pay back what he, the Bushes, Clintons and Agencies have taken. What would we all pay to be a fly on the wall with this lot facing a full Congressional Inquiry. So many naked Emperors to be exposed.

But are there enough honest in Congress left to mount one? Extradite Michael Herzog, Josef Ackermann (exDeutsch Bank), and Paul Guennete. All Bagmen to Bush, the Clintons and the Agencies.

Be assured, behind such a probing Inquiry, such vast Trillions will be exposed, as will once then recovered, both redeem America's entire Budget deficit, pay long owed key redemptions and flood Tax Coffers to both kick start America and repay its good Allies in so much need. They entrusted America. Doing nothing is betrayal! But who of integrity dare launch it?

The future is on our hands but their pockets! Take it back!

We face a fast progressing future where technology can either aid or enslave humanity.

Usury Banking has enabled a small, vicious and predatory Zionist Sect to take over the lives of nations by their Fiat monetary systems. Humankind lives eternally enslaved, indebted to them, unless we change it.

Transhumanism is incoming rapidly. Denying reality of enhanced technological capacity is not an option. Controlling it is. Transhumanism will effect the largest capability gap of empowerment our species has ever encountered. As wide a species gap as a Star Species encountering Intellectual Pygmies in comparison.

When contemplating just how badly these AshkeNazi Zionists have dealt with their fellow man so far, and their Oligopolies censuring out all in Banking bar themselves, when assessing then the significant investments the Rockefeller Foundation has made in Transhumanism R & D, for self-empowerment, who protects humanity from the new All-Conquering Pharaohs who may then emerge as a Super Species to re-enslave all of Humanity? What are we unleashing here? Never have our Human species been so potentially divided. Vast fortunes all sequestrated from the people by guile, cunning, deceit and Racketeering influence, will then potentially be utilised and restricted, not by fair pending assessed ability of the young, but coerced towards propagating a more highly empowered subspecies of the Elites, denying again all, to expand mediocrities. The Bush progeny alone are living examples, and Chelsea Clinton, as well as the Queen of England’s own direct children, are not exactly the sharpest knives to come out of the drawer. So why disadvantage more deserving human cases for them? Specifically, with the known propensity for Zionist perversions and ethical malpractice, who sets the bar?

Trump is so surrounded by, and indebted to, Jewish financing interests he has no collective authority to implement any key policies which Tel Aviv does not influence or control. Trump IS, sadly, another compromised Gofer for Jewish / Zionist controllers, so forget ideas of radical policy re alignments. He is another bought victim of the AshkeNazi’s, every one of which are rabid self-interest appointees. None work for the US State, and each will seek, as ever, only to sequestrate.

Where now America? Where is hope, when one group owns Justice? Where is Patriotic Independence or Representation, when the perceived Leader is so indebted to Special Interests, that the resurgent electoral hope is stillborn? What freedom to operate does Trump have independent of the AshkeNazi’s or Zionists? His backing control says it all Ashke - Nazis!


  1. OK, John, good summary, thank you. But again I will say till you and your cronies can tap some of these vast mystery funds and get editorial control of a respected MSM outlet(Guardian?)ain't no way a friggin' thing is going to change. Wikileaks is proclaimed a criminal element and Dr.Greer's new movie Unacknowledged will be unacknowledged itself. Two sources of unimpeachable data the dissemination or possession of which the PTD would prefer to be a crime.

    BTW, the characters associated with Tropos have a little hair on them.

    1. Agreed on the media and its under review. A battle at a time.
      The Tropos issue is far more convoluted and you need to discuss it with them fully to understand. It's not a simple issue.

    2. as it stands, only elderly retired, the poor and the unemployed have time to really follow the news cycles

      imho, money from the financial deals into working professionals hands will create more (qualified) people able to make a difference, since they will be able to have more control over their time


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