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IN THE NEWS | 2 April 2017

One World of Nations
2 April 2017

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OWON: China knows it MUST deal with the Muzzies - or else!

Read this as how Eurasia will sort them out.

The Zios also. No tolerance. Muzzies WILL be educated out.

Why China is banning beards and veils in Xinjiang

No long beards. No veils in public places. No home-schooling.

China is intensifying its crackdown against what it deems religious extremism in the far-west province of Xinjiang, which is home to 10 million Muslims.

The latest measures -- outlined in a sweeping new anti-extremism legislation -- take effect Saturday and come on the heels of a series of steps to increase surveillance in the region that include the surrender of passports and mandatory GPS trackers in cars.

"They're doubling down on security in Xinjiang," said James Leibold, an associate professor at Australia's Le Trobe University, whose research focuses on China's Uyghur minority.


OWON: This is the convoluted mess of Chumps Nepotism. No lights switched on upstairs.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner retain scores of property assets while in White House

Donald Trump's son-in-law and daughter are holding on to scores of real estate investments - part of a portfolio of at least $240 million in assets - while they serve in White House jobs, according to new financial disclosures.

The revelations about Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump were part of a massive White House release of financial disclosure forms on Friday night for dozens of its top administration officials.

Mr Kushner, the president's senior adviser, resigned from some 260 entities and sold off 58 businesses or investments that lawyers identified as posing potential conflicts of interest, the documents show.

But lawyers for Mr Kushner and in the Office of the White House Counsel, in consultation with the Office of Government Ethics, determined that his real estate assets, many of them in New York City, are unlikely to pose the kinds of conflicts that would trigger a need to divest.

"The remaining conflicts, from a practical perspective, are pretty narrow and very manageable," said Jamie Gorelick, an attorney who has been working on the ethics agreements for Kushner and Ivanka Trump...


OWON: The IDIOT EU Mandarins are poking their grubby noses into UK Global assets. Spain needs to remember what happens to their Colonial Spanish cousins over the Falklands.

Gibraltar is British, it is STAYING British. Handing it back has as much chance as the US being handed back to Native Americans. If Spain makes a silly move Kiss Goodbye to UK Tourism and as for Property Prices then?

Time for the UK to fine the EU for meddling. Gibraltar gives the UK Military control over access to the Med. End of!

Theresa May goes to war on Gibraltar: Ancient feud erupts as EU gives Spain the right to block the Rock from any Brexit deal

The centuries-old dispute over Gibraltar is threatening to halt Brexit negotiations after the EU yesterday backed Spain’s claim to the British territory.

Brussels chiefs sparked a diplomatic feud yesterday after including a veto for Madrid over the Rock’s future in their list of Brexit negotiating demands.

UK politicians accused the EU of orchestrating a ‘shameful’ attempt to inflame the historic territorial wrangle.

Despite Theresa May’s insistence that Gibraltar would not be used as a political pawn, the EU said Spain should be given a say over any future decisions relating to the territory.

The move threatened an early breakdown in negotiations after EU officials said they would not remove the clause. It also infuriated MPs, who said Britain ‘must not be bullied’ into compromises by Spain...



OWON: Who would ever expect a simple skate board would SAVE so many lives?

Akbar The Skateboarder

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