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  1. From

    You probably won't hear it on the news as a shoot down, but there are eyewitnesses that it was a shoot down:

    "I was on my back porch and saw a flash. Then a jet falling. And then the BOOM! WTF?!?!?!"
    "Crash? I saw a streak of light headed to it right before it exploded."
    Anyway, according to early reports on the MSM, the pilots ejected safely, but the big question is, how on earth did an American jet get shot down over Maryland? Was it going to attack DC??? Is there a mutiny going on?
    The jet was shot down 10 miles from the white house, which that jet could travel in less than 30 seconds.
    No one is talking about a possible attack yet, but it was at least a shoot down (I will take people saying they saw it happen posting about it before I'd ever believe CNN). SO, the question is: Was the jet shot down with one of the missiles that got sent to "ISIS"?

    A woman Fox interviewed said there were two large booms before the plane fell and the pilot ejected. WHEN THE PILOT EJECTED, HE WAS ON FIRE. If the pilot was on fire, it can only mean the fuel tanks got ruptured and threw fuel through a totally disintigrated plane. Most intelligent missiles can identify aircraft and seek out the fuel tank. If the pilot was on fire when he ejected, it proves a fuel tank hit. It was not an engine failure or a bird strike!

    When you combine this with two other eyewitnesses, one who "saw a flash" and another saying he saw a streak of light go towards the plane, and a woman on Fox News saying the pilot who ejected was on fire, we definitely have a shoot down, they can't put that away!
    The pilot is obviously alive but from this picture there's no telling how badly his legs are burnt. He's not standing so he's probably hurt. Update: Reports now say that he got hurt, but he's going to be allright.

    A witness told Fox 5 DC/WTTG that he was sitting on his porch when he heard a loud explosion. He said the jet was on fire and he saw the pilot eject. It was the biggest fire ball I've ever seen in my life," Patrick Dotson said."

    IMPORTANT: The next thing he said proves the media is lying about an unarmed training flight: "Dotson said the pilot asked if the neighborhood was OK because he had live rounds on board" This came across FOX news live. So it was not a training flight no matter what anyone says, the pilot was a good guy worried about what happened to the neighborhood, AND THE MSM IS NOW LYING TO COVER UP THE FACT THE PLANE WAS LOADED. Gee! I wonder why?
    Additionally, "Huge fireball" means complete fuel tank breach. This again strongly indicates it was a missile strike.
    OK, now we have: 1. It was not a training flight. 2. It was a fully loaded aircraft with full ammunition. 3. It was a definite shoot down. 4. The pilot cared about damage caused by the crash, (so he's a good guy) and 5. The media suddenly shut up about it. Hush orders.
    IT IS OFFICIAL: The DOD has ordered all pictures posted to social media to be deleted. This is getting scrubbed.
    Reader comment: First the I-85 bridge and now this. Someone really wants war.
    My response: I really think that is what we are looking at. What if they blame NK for the shoot down? It would certainly be convenient. And yesterday even Pravda published that the CIA most likely did the St Petersburg terror attacks. Things are heating up, and bluffs are being called. So there might be dangerous desperation going on.
    A reader sent a Google report that said a witness heard gunfire after the plane exploded. Don't know what to make of that because the pilot is still alive, other than possibly along with a missile there was live fire and the sound of it arrived later.


    1. Cont'd....

      "Rabbit Hole" successfully sent this via and I don't know what mail box because in this case several of this web site's servers handled it and confused things:
      Hello Jim,
      I hope you get this.
      You gotta love it. The MSM is reporting the plane had an accident due to a training exercise. Wait a minute...they used the same excuse to buffalo the public in the first Iron Man film when Iron Man took out one of the Air Force's jets.
      Watch all the way to the end. The clip is short. These political types have no imagination or perhaps they are counting on their dumbed down and drugged up public to buy it.
      1:58 PM Here's the Iron Man movie clip.
      1:59 PM watch all the way to the end
      From the Rabbit Hole

      My response: It is already beyond proven the plane was fully armed. That means it was by no means a training incident because the plane was over civilian areas. The only time planes carry munitions during training is when they are doing a bombing run ON A MILITARY BASE and the plane never leaves the base at any point. Other than that, training flights are NEVER ARMED. It is not safe enough to send trainees out over civilian turf with full weapons where the smallest mistake could wipe out a neighborhood! It is simply NEVER DONE.
      That means there is something huge to this story that they buried.

  2. Day 165, Part 3 ~ Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

    Video has "interference," then cuts off before finished. Someone wasn't too happy with it?

    Giving Pakistan ISI Hacking Tools, Sarin Gas to MB, and MK Stuff Too?

    Enter Montreal, the CIA's Favorite Liaison Partner, Pakistan's ISI Didn't Start Out That Way - the CIA Drew Them That Way

  3. We just launched missiles on Syria. Let us hope we see tomorrow.

    1. Even more stupid a reaction considering:

      a) Really? Assad did this, when everything was going his way?

      b) There isn't a ghost of a chance in hell that our lying, treasonous, intelligence services could have figured who, what, when and where in time to give Trump useful info.

    2. Sadly, it seems we're playing the same damm war cards again in firing off missiles in a fight we have no business in. Was hoping we could move past that, but Zionists just don't change when given the go ahead by the so called leaders of countries. To say I've lost interest in supporting Trump at this point, yes. That Assad "must have" hit is own people with chemical weapons, whether a false flag or not, it's a strong tell as to the direction our country is insisting on going.

      Tino is right, Let us hope we see tomorrow.

    3. Russia supports Assad, so the US is being walked into a face off if not careful.

      If Putin decides to disable again the electronics of the US carrier and Syria with Russian and Chinese weapons sinks it?

      Do we KNOW Assad did this? Surrounded as he is by Russian Adviser's it's an unusual move by Assad if so. Last time it was proven false.

      Mossad and the Agencies may well be behind this. It needs time to verify what is truth. Again, just like the Bay of Pigs,Chump is being walked by the nose into this.
      This really is far too complex a Global Statesman scenario needing real diligence before a combed over Casino Hustler gets way out of his depth.
      He can't ever handle the day job yet, now this?

  4. If anyone ever watched, back in the day, Pastor Lindsey Graham, he used to talk about how the
    cabal would give clues as to their moves/false flags, thus feeling they had given fair warning to the plebs
    and all was good on their end. Their "code of ethics" so to speak.

    Have never seen this guy before, Ole Dammegard, he is pretty spot on at deciphering clues given
    in one false flag projecting forward to the next. The below video has been posted for about a week, he goes back a
    year or so bringing events forward to the London attack and shares his opinion of the potential next FF.
    Ole also mentions the cabal "code of ethics" and Gladio as A44L91 has above.

    Hoping our govt. did not head for the cheese and right into the Syrian mouse trap....goodness.

    1. EWO,did you mean Pastor Lindsey Williams?

    2. Sure did, thanks for correction....too many Lindsey's running around :)

  5. Apologies, I do not post links often, you will have to copy and paste the above. :)

  6. One more thought ~

    London Westminster attack
    Atlanta bridge explosion
    Russian subway bombings
    Syrian sarin gas attacks

    Am I the only one seeing an attack on the BRICS nations and those working to break away from cabal control as well as the luring of our country into a false war as a little fishy ? Whilst our President is draining the swamp which includes the Fed....swamp creatures & any vermin that live under rocks or dark places hate daylight and come out REAL mad....especially when their $ global control is being taken away.
    Seems the innocent Syrian people are being used as cabal pawns just like the Iraqis were.....draw attention elsewhere, stir the war pot....

  7. Key event on the horizon. Miscreants go all out to stop it.

    The New Paradigm is Within Reach—But Perfidious Albion Delenda Est:

    Note the contrast between the articles below.

    Breaking: US launches 50 cruise missiles at Syrian airbase in Homs:

    "We Can't Have Massive Trade Deficits": Trump Warns Of "Very Difficult" Meeting With China:

    1. It could very well be that we have arrived at an endgame of sorts where the Venetian British Empire tries to engulf the world in flames rather than accept a multipolar world.


      It is time for Russia and China to implement gold backed currency and destroy this New Venetian Empire. Destroy it with the stroke of a pen before it destroys the world.

      If the Venetian Empire dares to officially declare war on the world, then the world will vanquish this monster that should have been destroyed a long time ago. You have terrorized the world long enough. Get lost.

    2. This is the key part of the first article I posted above:

      "President Donald Trump will be meeting with Xi Jinping on Thursday and Friday in Florida, and it has now been announced that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will go to Moscow next week, on April 11-12. The potential for a historic shift in the order of civilization — ending imperial geopolitics, beginning a new paradigm of peace through development and the ennoblement of all mankind — has never been as great as it is at this moment in history.

      It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the British Empire has launched desperate measures aimed at dragging the United States into a new colonial war, as they did in the cases of Vietnam, Iraq, Libya — and now Syria. The intention is not merely to destroy yet another Southwest Asian nation, but to prevent their upstart former colony known as the United States from forming a partnership with Russia and China, ending the fundamental imperial division of the world between East and West, and thus ending the fundamental premise of Empire."

      And it is true as China has offered America to join the BRICS economical development model whereby it would become a real partner instead of an enemy vassal state.

    3. Saturnalia,
      Thanks for the articles. This situation is so frustrating...wish we could knock some heads together. . :-(

    4. This attack in Syria happens right in the middle of the Trump and Xi meeting. Obviously the miscreants do their very best to derail it. Some miscreants deserve to be made an example of....publicly. Starting out with a Game of Thrones style Walk of Shame would be a good start.

    5. Saturnalia, Thank you for sharing. Texian you said it well.

      Trade, economical partnerships, peace and forging together as a planet of people who have moved past their differences and learned the true value of working together for everyone's benefit. These are the ways forward.

    6. Enjoyed your posts Saturnalia. Thanks!

      Re: 50 cruise missiles on Syrian Airbases. Holy crap! Already? McCain and Graham are salivating and jumping for joy praising Trump. What the hell is wrong with Trump?

      Russia issues a warning prior and that means nothing?:

      Russia warns of 'negative consequences' if U.S. targets Syria

      Ron Paul says: Ron Paul: "Zero Chance" Assad Behind Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria; Likely A False Flag

      Oh, but....according to former Deputy Director of the CIA Michael Morell...

      “I think the key complexity here is: We would not want to attack a Syrian target at which there were Russian forces. We would not want to kill Russian forces in such an attack, because that obviously could lead us into a war with Russia,” “So I’m pretty confident that the Pentagon was confident that there were not Russian forces at this particular air field.”

      Trump Orders Military Airstrike Against Syria After Deadly Chemical Attack

      Oh yeah? We were so sure about the targets not having embedded Russian military? Who is Trump listening to and why?

      So mad and upset about this!

  8. Just have to say to the OWoN peeps, it is great to have a place to come share insights where people do not look at you like "deer in the headlights".....or maybe you are since we can't see each other, lol ~ Cheers !

    1. EWO,
      Thanks for your comments. Yes, I feel the same. My eyes are closing...the world is too ugly to look at right now.

      We have a couple paintings by an Israeli impressionist artist Tarkay. He painted women mostly in social scenes and many of his wife. The women all have eyes closed. When asked why, he reportedly said he doesn't want them to see the world as it's too ugly.

      Once I "awakened," I could certainly understand what he meant.

  9. Syria Chemical Attack: Push For Ousting Bashar al-Assad

    After reports of a chemical attack in Syria, the mainstream media and the political establishment are pushing for the ousting of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. What do we actually know about this chemical attack and why has there been such a quick push for further United States intervention in the Middle East?

  10. Like John keeps on drilling into our heads.... who is pulling Trump's strings... is it obvious enough yet for all to see ??????????????

    1. Now I read a somewhat bigoted and unfairly biased attack inferring the UK is behind this from a party whose own country once sailed its warships up the River Thames, cannon blasted London and ran. The same nation who had Sovereign control of England via William of Orange, made a complete Balls of their reign, and disappeared without trace to grow Tulips and lead Europe as Dope Peddlers, Prostitution and Hashish cafes.

      Reading some of the inaccurate vitriol I think some of the product has got loose as freebies. Loose shoes, a warm lavatory seat and a joint seems to define the day job?

      The same nation who mass capitulated to Hitler and who the UK lost valuable lives rescuing to the thanks of a then very grateful nation, and with whom the British people have a cordial relationship with and are a valued trading partner.

      I don't know the reason for the Vitriol of such opinions.
      The Venetian Empire so described is a product of an over fertile, and misdirected imagination. From an outsider it reads as a Closet attack by a party sadly not well versed in the complex dynamics of Global politics or policies. It also infers a level of capacity and resources which neither exists in reality, nor is within the operating remit of UK policies.
      Way too much artistic license.

      The UK neither has such numbers in fact, or budgets to recklessly meddle in such ways. Nor would it politically get it through Parliament. Brexit, the smashing of the Socialists and the bloody noses the Electorate delivered at the last election brought any such notions crashing to earth.

      The UK is certainly not co engaged on the Intel scale indicated, nor has it the Agency size or resources to do so. Worse some of the statements show a completely naive and unworldly view of sophisticated political realities.
      Powerful weed it seems.

      British policy is firmly geared towards me trade and harmony not fantasy Global Hegemony.
      It was the UK who refused to cooperate in attacks on Libya and saved yet another escalation of war mongering.

      London practices clear detente and harmony between nations. It is a melting pot City for debate and consensus. Diplomacy reigns supreme and contrary to yesterdays somewhat biased and bigoted unfounded attacks on Chinese UK relationships, the hard FACT is that it IS the UK China has chosen to adopt as its GLOBAL partner nation to be its RMB Capital base,and EU Gateway. Trump favors who?

      Chinese cities and new housing favor and replicate English designs, and Chinese secondary home accommodations are escalating in the UK, as is growing Chinese investment. Britain has a warm and cordial relationship with China, one growing in respect and trust.

      For such a small nation, placed on a hostile rain swept rock in the Atlantic,we must be doing something right. Intelligent nations chose to come here. They educate their children here, Bank here, and invest here.

      The only thing I see missing is this delusional Venetian Empire here. Must be hiding in Closets somewhere. It's fiction. If only heh? No such power groups reside here. Try it and for sure you will get focused Agency attention. We won't be allowing Dutch Dope cafe's here or Window Shopped Prostitution. The UK sets higher standards. It seems we have upset one of the natives. Behind such escalating bias is what? He would receive nothing but a cordial welcome here. Reads like too much product use. If only.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    4. To everyone else: Hold fast. Things can become gloomy as we near the end. The BRICS alliance is on the winning side, even though it may not appear so at times.


    5. Enough of that BS Saturnalia. You go to far and are slinging half truths around. Obviously we know your source of those unfounded accusations. You claim to be a researcher yet you take the word of that source?

    6. This is the danger of just "Researchers" whose only experience of half life, is via Blog or dubious info sites. As regards historical references, and fabrication taken as truth,how about the Bibles? Koran, Torah? Books are half lives. Each can be, as above, Propaganda rags. No way to build a life.

      Fairy stories.

      As regards a Multi Polar world, London if anything is a shining example of it. OWON has never protected or shielded the UK from constructive criticism or truth. In fact,where needed, OWON has been damning to effect redress.

      The UK by FACT has so far a good relationship with Trump. A good one, supported also by being the chosen Global Banking RMB Consolidator by China, not a nation to effect policies lightly.

      The UK has a very cautious and cold relationship with Russia, and certainly needs to improve it.

      I suspect some of this animosity may be because of our nations CHOICE to Brexit from the EU. Leaving us alone to determine our nations future. But a brave decision to leave a compromised Crock, and the corruption of Brussels.

      Instead, far sighted Brits are positioning for Eurasia,which will sweep aside the EU, clean up the Dope cafes of Holland, and deal with terminal force with their all too numerous Drugs traffickers.

      The UK has no policy against BRICS. In fact, as Eurasia develops, all
      nations, including BRICS affiliations, many become one collective cooperative of common interests, and the synergy with it.

      If America joins the Commonwealth, it will help all have Global positions,and effect both cooperation and a cooperative of minds.
      Strange how London seems to lead with such Open Forums isn't it? Free, collective opinions.

      The only Venetian influence in the UK may be the choice of Venetian Blinds, and that certainly appears to be restricting the en- LIGHT- enment in some directions.

      We are all engaged in a new world unraveling, and voices need to be heard to keep it on track. OWON is a Global collective of opinions seeking Truth and Enlightenment. Its Global contributors do a tremendous job contributing key issues, and keep it all real.

      Now, a sensitive issue.
      As certain US parties are also in Iraq right now, Political, Diplomatic and Military, watch possible release curve balls over Easter!
      In case, watch your sites. Just in case. We can't say more. It's NOT done but it's possible.

    7. As with most things....the truth is most likely somewhere in the middle.

      What we should not be doing is quelling speech. I, for one, like the dichotomy of rhetoric.

  11. IT’S OVER! Trump In SHOCK At What This Syrian Ambassador Just Told To Him Seconds Ago…

    Trump Just Started WW3

    Syria war: US launches missile strikes following chemical ‘attack’

    US fires dozens of Tomahawks at Syria military base near Homs, Trump cites ’Assad’s chem attack’
    Pentagon, White House in detailed discussions on military options in Syria – US official

    ‘No role for Assad’: Tillerson’s U-turn on Syria regime change

    Russia calls for UN Security Council talks on Idlib ‘chemical attack’ resolution

    Philippines’ Duterte orders occupation of South China Sea islands

  12. Hello John and the OWON Family,
    I just want to thank you for all the amazing, intelligent and balanced views that are shared here every day. Thank you all.
    John, please let us all know what your feelings are regarding were this puts the GCR given the US attack on Syria.

    1. Moscow suspended its memorandum of understanding on flight safety in Syria with the US following the missile strike, calling the attack “a demonstration of force.” The Russian military has supported the Syrian government’s version of the events in Idlib, saying that Damascus attacked an arms depot where chemical weapons had been stockpiled by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and Al-Nusra Front militants.

  13. p: Maybe things aren't what they seem. Verification, real verification as to who did what is imperative.
    Then, why are we spending a billion dollars to bomb an empty airfield? That's what those expensive US missiles hit.

    Trump: Enough - No More Middle East Conflict
    published April 6, 2017

    1. P

      The question, real question now is, has the Deep State got his collar and he is just responding to order as the previous Clown did.

      His Business Funding was via one main set. Alarm bells!

      I was sadly disappointed to see how he puked up at the CIA and saw just a sad, ego driven inadequate little man with a comb over whose only justification is that he was the lesser of 2 truly awful choices.

    2. john

      some of us are wondering how the recent US missling bombing of Syria will affect the financial deals in the pipeline.

      can you please share your feelings and thoughts on this


    3. We all wait . A few parties are in Iraq right now. We wait on US part GS right now. An extensive report will come out next week on much more.

  14. Now that I have heard him speak on the video about Syria, I must agree with you John. I'm totally disgusted with that Trump.

  15. WIII is here. The Neocons have won.

    1. FROM DAVE HODGES: Additionally, I have a source, a military source, that told me the following two days ago:

      The Chinese are prepared to come across our Southern border once hostilities break out in Syria.

      North Korea will simultaneously attack South Korean and Nuke Japan.

      The Chinese will invade Taiwan.

      At first these reports seemed to be unrelated. In lieu of yesterday’s attack on Syria, these events are fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle.

      We are more than likely going to war.

      AND a reminder from Billy Meier written over 30 YEARS AGO.....

      The USA will set out against the Eastern countries ahead of all other financial states and simultaneously she will have to defend herself against the Eastern intruders. In all, America will play the most decisive role, when in the guise to strive for peace and to fight against terrorism she invades many countries of the Earth, bombs and destroys everything and brings thousandfold deaths to the populations. The military politics of the USA will likewise know no limits, as neither will their economic and other political institutions which will be focused on building and operating a world police force, as it is the case already for a long time [sic]. But that will not be enough, and, in the guise of a so-called peaceful globalisation, American politics will aspire to gain absolute control of the world concerning supremacy in economy.
      And this will point towards the possibility that a Third World War could develop from it, if human beings as a whole will not finally reflect upon reason, become reasonable and undertake the necessary steps against the insane machinations of their governments and military powers as well as their secret services, and call a halt to the power of the irresponsible who have forsaken their responsibility in all areas.

    2. Breathe everyone... North Korea can't presently hit the side of a barn. And Taiwan is going back to China anyway, eventually. No need to begin WW3 when just sitting by the river gets you what you want.

    3. The idiot in the North is only allowed to continue because it keeps lucrative South Korean and Japanese arms contracts funded for the US.
      Eurasia will roll over all of it.

    4. Please know DAVE HODGES is a psychologist

      psychologists have decades and decades of accumulated knowledge about the human mind and propaganda

      if self important ivory tower types are allowed to use these data you know the cabal uses the data too. indeed the DoD department of defense and all branches of the US war machinery employ psychologists.

      they employ psychologists to F w peoples' minds.

      further, understand why DAVE HODGES named his blog "COMMON SENSE". Common Sense is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 advocating independence from Great Britain to people in the Thirteen Colonies. in other words, propaganda.

      get sophisticated there is an intellectual war for your minds, understand how they can F w your minds. read know understand

    5. Undoubtedly, doesn't change the fact that technically NK isn't there yet. And the Taiwan issue will be resolved in time. As an M.D., scientist and guy who once built a WMD-finding app for the NRO at a Beltway Bandit (many moons ago), trust me, the seriousness of the present situation is not lost on me.

  16. Admittedly, it is refreshing to have a President that stands for justice & in defense of the innocent. He is showing the world he not limp-wristed in his response to injustice as the previous occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    1. Yeah, but he could have waited for better evidence than say-so from our treasonous, seditious intelligence services.

    2. Yes. What happened to the rhetoric of not sticking our noses where they don't belong? Have no doubt the Deep State is still in full control and whoever is pulling those strings...Vatican, City of London, Israel, Saudi?

    3. Received info a while ago that some on ground in Amman state that this base in Syria was vacated about a year ago...who knows if if so, looks like a big blundering Kabuki theater. What else is new?

    4. Texian, that's spot on. Which means almost everything associated with this is likely Kabuki theater, something good.

      Sometime back there was made mention of the movers and shakers at the top. John has previously made mention of this for those who have been here for some time. These are people we never see or even hear of.

      From past experience the prior(movers and shakers) gave little care for the population and was merciless in ordering genocide, wars and famine and pestilence.

      We're looking at the planet's directors of the story now, a new group, but with vast experience of many centuries. Ones who are far more benevolent than their predecessors. The many twists and turns of this growing story show much. Missiles dropped on an empty airfield. Those said to be injured by Sarin gas, there's enough coverage showing that this is a Hollywood production.

      Maybe, just maybe, much good finally comes as we're all freed from an elite who would see 90% of the population gone. These events show keen planning and lack of injury in truth. It may not seem like it, but then we're not supposed to know either.

    5. Holding my nose, I've been watching some TV accounts today to check on the spin. Some very strange bedfellows have developed. The ZIONISTS, including Dem senator minority leader Schumer and his ilk are praising Trump's action. So that tells me we can certainly suspect Israel is a big push behind this action...Mossad and CIA?

      NavyJack – Has President Trump Been Blackmailed by the NEOCONs?

    6. Thank you Texian, Steve Bannon may have needed a vacation with what "seemed" to be happening. He's a pretty sharp cookie and a good man to have on board. Kushner is a babe in the woods simply put.

      With that said, watch this get crazier, but keep the clothespin on the nose and popcorn ready.

    7. Popcorn is always ready :-0)

  17. I wonder if this was a deliberate smoke-out op by DJT. It exposes all the players.

    1. Scrub that. I'd say Cobra is more on the mark:

      "Realizing that they will not be allowed to go nuclear, the Chimera have resorted to trying to trigger a global war with conventional weapons.

      Through the Archon and Jesuit network, they have pressured Trump to attack Syria.

      Trump did this without approval from the Congress, which is a clear violation of the Constitution.

      The plan of the dark forces is to involve Turkey and Israel in the conflict, and expand it throughout the Middle East:

      They are hoping of provoking Putin, but he is in contact with brilliant Pleiadian military strategists and most likely he will play it wisely, using diplomacy, international public opinion and military support to Syrian army rather that direct confrontation with the United States.

      The international public is becoming more and more aware that the chemical gas attack in Idlib, which Trump used as a pretext to attack Syria, was a false flag.

      The Light forces will do whatever they can to limit the escalation of this military conflict as much as possible. Dragon sources have reconfirmed that this will be a short, intense but limited escalation. The Resistance is expecting the situation reaching its peak next Tuesday."

      AJ: as a triangulator I always consider sources such as this to see the 'fit'.

  18. Replies
    1. A little pertinent history, borrowed from SlashDot:

      The GNU Project told us about Microsoft malware [] long ago, including what is accurately listed "Microsoft Windows has a universal back door through which any change whatsoever can be imposed on the users []" pointing to a mainstream media news reference from 2007 and another link indicating when this was used, and a pointer to a Condé Nast article talking about the (apparently ongoing) forced Windows Updates. Microsoft is also the first PRISM partner [] with the NSA joining on September 11, 2007, according to an internal NSA document [] so they have quite a long history of being untrustworthy but the underlying power they're leveraging comes from proprietary software.

  19. Replies
    1. a44 this from the article:
      "Google is to start displaying fact-checking labels in its search results to highlight news and information that has been vetted and show whether it is considered to be true or false, as part of its efforts to help combat the spread of misinformation and fake news."

      And guess what? Most people will blindly accept Google's say so. I can hear it now "Google says so".

      Double plus good.

  20. Chemical Weapons Explosion In Syria Another False Flag Attack By The Usual Perps

    Biffie - This article raises some interesting points including this:

    Unfortunately for the indigenous peoples of the Northern Levant, this is the season for warmongering. (They happen to live on highly coveted land that the oil companies want for petroleum exploration, oil field development, oil refineries, and/or oil and gas pipeline transits.) From the first day of Spring during March to the first day of May is the preferred window of time for the ZAAA armies to initiate hostilities, especially by proxies. They are like clockwork when it comes to scheduling their armed conflicts particularly during April. This time period has always served as a window of opportunity for the NWO globalists to greatly advance their plans toward a One World Government. (See partial list below.)
    (Sorry, the list is like a picture and will not let me paste it in here. But it is worth checking out. So many conflicts started in April. Just scroll down in the article to see the list.)

    1. Biffie,
      Great article! Exposes the players and why. Seems U.K. has quite a hand in planning atrocities too. MI6 is always mentioned when you see CIA and MOSSAD. And then this little gem:

      "Then there is the equally ridiculous Syrian Observatory For Human Rights which was founded and staffed by one man Rami Abdurrahman (originally Ossama Suleiman). Suleiman is also the sole ‘interpreter’ of what is supposedly observed on the many Syrian battlefields. Suleiman himself, however, works out of the comfort of his home office … … … in Coventry, England. How his network of observers in Syria miraculously produces better real-time intel on the big bombings and/or war crimes than both the Russian and U.S. militaries put together, as well as the various intelligence agencies whose spooks dot the countryside, remains a HUGE mystery.

      Propaganda spin cycle: ‘Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ is funded by US and UK governments

      One thing can be said with certainty about the patently false findings of Suleiman: the Syrian government forces and Russian military are virtually always at fault; while the so-called Syrian rebels and the ISIS terrorists are innocent of the various atrocities, both real and fabricated. Hence, it appears that Suleiman has been contracted to oversee an MI6 intelligence operation deep inside Syria. In this capacity, he must also closely coordinate with both the C.I.A. and MOSSAD, as well as the U.S. military. After all, it is these entities which have underwritten the entire manufactured civil war along with Saudi Arabia’s GID."

  21. Read above as part of the NWO Zio strategy where they end up owning the pot because governments saw nothing coming and lost the plot. Agencies are all compromised for Bucks.Big Money owns the board.


    Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with
    us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:
    - Knowing when to come in out of the rain;
    - Why the early bird gets the worm;
    - Life isn't always fair;
    - And maybe it was my fault.

    Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge).

    His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

    Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children.

    It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

    Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims.

    Common Sense took a beating when you couldn't defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault.

    Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.

    Common Sense was preceded in death,
    -by his parents, Truth and Trust,
    -by his wife, Discretion,
    -by his daughter, Responsibility,
    -and by his son, Reason.

    He is survived by his 5 stepbrothers;
    - I Know My Rights
    - I Want It Now
    - Someone Else Is To Blame
    - I'm A Victim
    - Pay me for Doing Nothing

    Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone.

    (Originally published in London Times)

    1. Pay me for Doing Nothing?????? GET A LIFE!!!!!

    2. Thanks Texian for this post. Every word so true.

  23. Replies
    1. How do you wake up a Chump? Never forget, he ONLY got the role as one of 2 very poor choices. How the mighty have fallen when Crud rules?

  24. Neither the Trump administration nor its predecessor has laid out a policy aimed at ending the Syrian conflict.

  25. Ben Swann Delivers A Reality Check On Syria

  26. On March 5, a new investigation undertaken by Italian authorities links NGO's tied to and funded by globalist George Soros as being involved in both human trafficking, and helping pay for ISIS terrorists to infiltrate the European continent.

    Using the guise of 'aiding' Syrian refugees to get into European countries, these Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) are actually shipping non-refugees from North Africa who are part of an ISIS run smuggling operation.

  27. john

    any summary statement yet on the Trump-Xi meeting?

    did it propel any immediate direct solutions to the financial logjam?


    1. Hmm, we are all over this by the millisecond.

      1, Problem you have "Who fronting for Trump" with zero experience and who fronting for the Deep State?

      2. China and Russia now have issues post that STUPID attack.

      3. Be assured, there are Zionist agendas and one is collapsing the US economy to take their usual step of collapse and scalp the assets at bargain prices.

      The Muppets are sleepwalking to the Abyss. America is under siege, where the real enemies are within. The US is in play with Zios pulling the strings.
      Is Chump capable of reading and reasoning anything?


    Deleted Daily Mail Online Article: “US Backed Plan for Chemical Weapon Attack in Syria to Be Blamed on Assad”

  29. Russia is now switching on the S400s in Syria and all over Russia. The S500s will come behind.

    Moscow is now switching off the US hot line from the Pentagon.

    Yet the Muppets whine about Freebie Paper. Hello?

    Having lived through years of the Blitz we know the horrors and consequences.

    Having bombed the world with impunity, the US has no concept of payback. Bullies cry like Woosies once the underdogs bite back. It's not melt down yet, but one stupid move by these arrogant clowns in DC is all it needs for the Kremlin to hit the button. Who made the US God to kill others? Who gave the US the right to play overlord of all?

    Russia will not let the US destroy Syria.

    9/11 a nation cried like Sissies with a single attack. Nations have been bombed into oblivion. A million Iraqi dead. Why? The entire Middle East is in turmoil because of abysmal US policies. ISIS is because of US / Israeli Zionist games.

    Yet the daily worry is, when can I cash my Dinars?

    How about your Chips if Chump pushes Putin to pre empt. One more attack on Syria and it won't need Putin,the Politburo will hit the button directly.

    Wait for it as 98% of this nation asks, Whats a Politburo? They walk among us but hold Dinars.

    With a Leader who does not read, or do joined up writing. Cogent policies?
    The value of paper if this kicks off? Do the Clueless read?

    WTF is America doing in Syria now? Do 98% of Americans have a clue what a Pre ~Emptive will do?

    There's a war for your mind by the Zio kind.
    S400s switched on. Pentagon hot line switched off. Hello?
    One wrong move by the Chump and THUMP!

    Ever tried Diplomacy?

  30. John, here is what I believe is really happening on the missile attacks in Syria. McCain, Shumer and the Dems set up this false flag chemical attack to force Trumps hand, Trump and his advisors contact Russia to let them know what their counter strategy is to bomb this isolated air base. This gets the Dems off Trumps back on the whole Russia hacking the election crap as it looks like he is poking the Bear when he is actually working with them and China to bring these pricks to their knees. JMO

  31. SCOTT From what I hear you are close. What if Russia and certain Syrians want Assad gone? We shall see!

  32. Hopefully this attack buys Trump some time. He was getting killed daily in the press over here. I'm not in favor of the attack, but it seems like he picked a low value target. We informed the Russians in advance, and I'm sure they told us what their response would be. Tillerson is still headed to Russia next week, maybe they can have real Private discussions and work out a face to face meeting between Trump and Putin. Trump had to learn that real negotiations have to take place face to face. The Clintons already know, face to face meetings on a tarmac leaves no leaks.

  33. John
    Based on your above comments, and just for clarity, are you saying any possible Easter moves for IQD and Zims, are now off the table and we should stand down?

    1. No

      It's a curved ball for sure, but the parties went to Baghdad for an agenda and we have no stand down yet. This is the dilemma we all face. We wait.

  34. Interesting Take, does have some merit with comments above as well ~

    ALERT: Trump's Reverse False Flag! (Bix Weir)

  35. All of this Syria stuff could also be a "curve ball", (reread John's comments above), (my thoughts) distraction .... purposed to take focus off the impending GCR and RV as it slips into place. Even if only partially.

    1. Great observation EWO. You may be right. I hope this is the case. Tell me what brought you to that conclusion.

  36. First if and when WILL be the specials only. Only after that, IF they allow selective extra participation, will they decide who, if and when. Then how! There is no guarantee of public free rides here. It may spill, over it's not sure yet. It's just a case of how much they have to redeem anything, and deciding who feeds, who bleeds. Don't confuse over prints with rights.

    We will try to help if and when the majors clear first, if it can be safely done. If certain majors are done, there will be no public advice. It will all be off radar. For good reason.

    In a few days we will release a special new report on so much more. A step at a time.

    For sure you are the best informed site out there.

    1. Understood all along on this end. Any public piggy back ride will be just that and gratefully so for those that intend to give back into beneficial projects and for those in real need.

  37. "The IMF (International Monetary Fund) or as I like to call them – International Mafia Federation – is showing its true colors and proving beyond question this organization is nothing more than street-corner thugs in high-priced suits.

    With the release of this latest working paper on how to enslave nations, steal the remaining sovereignty of the people and nations they have drawn up plans to force a cashless society upon all the people within IMF member nations."

    IMF De-Cashing: Soft-Selling Financial Enslavement

    1. Not just cashless but all income taxed at source,all assets in full public view, and all assets open to seizure any time you do not cooperate with their NWO protocols. The sheer scale of spying now on the public is way way beyond any nightmares we once had. All serviced by a faceless State Sub Species with no concept of Public morality, just scum who will free ride on the backs of an oppressed society, as the largest and most intrusive Police State we have ever seen. Where we are is horrific.

      In 10 more years it will all be beyond control. Truly 1984 has happened and we are now far beyond it. Thank the Tri Laterals, CFR and Zionist Jesuit NWO strategies for this. The end game is for total population subjugation,with 99% being enslaved to serve the new Pharoah's. That poor baby Todger cutting blood curdling demon seed species, sacrificing body parts to their imaginary God, as a trade off for superiority against their fellow man. A world divided by mass ignorance and mindless despotic inhumanity, where Souls will be owned and enslaved from birth, if left to this truly ugly parasitic Cult.

      Be assured, those co engaged planning forward the coming real Eurasia, know fully what they are, and how to deal with them. As Putin has purged the Zio's from Russia,we will remove their entire despotic Cult across Eurasia over a century. What they sought to create for their own singular control, will be used against them as parasite eradication.

      Beware the Zios, but beyond comes the Purge. Next time with the Technology and means. Entrapped within Eurasia, Israel then gone,where do they go? America?
      Bubba will have had enough. As the US population demographics will change, vitriol will be charged up.

      Karma, for Zios, their earned consequences. So, you think you are special? FEMA. Commeth the time, commeth payback. Armageddon. Eurasia will be clinical and concise. They will either be educated out,if lucky, or phased out. History will decide, but their future is pre written and their cards are marked.
      Madness breeds retribution and history will play it out.As always they never learn. What they breed, will not succeed. Karma is building. They sought to sequestrate, Eurasia will eradicate. Good Jews will be re absorbed as before to live in peace with their fellow man across the Middle East. Eurasia will just educate out. Abrahamian faiths will have no future in what is coming. Nor role. Minds will rule. Human mind power. Collective values, human Soul values. The time will come to rethink Humanity. A true star species.

  38. Gorsuch confirmed to Supreme Court

    Assad DID NOT gas his own people. Assad is a great leader who cares about his country and his people. The truth is that the recent chemical weapons attack against Syrian civilians was another JEWISH FALSEFLAG designed to manipulate American public opinion against Assad and to emotionally blackmail and pressure Trump into attacking Syria for the benefit of Israel. Assad is a secular leader who has protected Christian minorities against Islamists. Going to war against him does not benefit any political actor in the region with the exception of Israel.That’s what this is all about. The Jews want war in order to take over Syria.Seriously, what kind of ‘evil dictator’ visits a christian church on Christmas Eve ?
    Employers want Ottawa's help to deal with marijuana-smoking workers
    Marijuana legalization could leave provinces responsible for pot rules
    Cannabis industry opposes call for plain packaging and bans on advertising
    (we will become a nation of drugged zombies)

  39. Replies
    1. Your Judgement call? When has one of them not been if needed?

    2. Even now the situation is rectifiable.

      Remove Kushner, Ivanka. Send them home. Do a deep probe going back to beyond 5 years before Ivanka met Kushner. If he is confirmed as a Mossad agent, burn his sorry ass for Treason. (And if Ivanka shoots him, pardon her. The Alt-Right will probably build statues to her for executing a Traitor husband.)

      Remove Goldman Sachs from everywhere in Treasury.

      Remove all neocons from foreign policy. Place a few good white Protestants in charge.

      Eat crow. State unequivocally the intelligence services isolated him causing the wrong decision on Syria, eviscerate the CIA, make heads roll everywhere on anyone who actually thinks Assad would have been so stupid to gas anyone at this moment. The Alt-Right and everyone will stand up and back Trump.


      Beyond that -- Clintons to jail. We can go after the rest of the knuckleheads in their wake.

      And for the sake of all that may be holy, get the Russians back on board, get the hell out of Syria and Ukraine, and start a the long haul dialogue with China on the South China Sea issues.

    3. UPDATE: It seems Pompeo was NOT in the room on the Syria. Apparently Pompeo reported that this Syria situation was not as it seemed. If this is true, then a clear chain of whodunit can be established and the CIA evisceration could be done selectively.

      Restore Bannon fully. He had it right.

  40. Golan Cipal?

    .... blast from the past, supposedly jim McGreevy's gay lover...

    things that make one say hum

  41. Rogue Report: Breaking Kushner (04/06/2017)
    "V" delivers an in-depth review of the Kushner family and their business dealings. A must listen.

  42. article discussed in V's youtube

    Kushner’s Felon Father Back at Helm of New York Empire With Two Fellow Inmates

    “It can’t hurt to be doing business with Jared Kushner’s family. It’s a road to the administration.”

    1. Pretty appalling isn't it? Go to jail for serious Criminal Electoral felonies. Get out go straight to the Oval Office via your son. But this time take with you co Directors you met inside as Criminals. Sound like the Clinton's to you?
      Only in America.
      How the F did Kushner EVER clear vetting?
      We warned this would follow.

    2. New Zealand is sounding pretty good right now.

  43. Russian military brass says only 40% of US missiles hit targeted Syrian base
    The reported discovery coincides with the civil war raging in Syria. Israel has been accused of taking advantage of the conflict. The Israeli-occupied Golan Heights also border Syrian territory controlled by anti-government rebels. Israel has reportedly provided medical aid to the rebels and has responded to rocket fire from rebel-controlled territory by striking Syrian Army positions. Israel's explanation has been that it "holds the Syrian military responsible for all events stemming from its territory."

    The Spoils of War: Trump Lavished With Media and Bipartisan Praise For Bombing Syria
    Glenn Greenwald April 7 2017, 8:43 a.m.

  44. Dirty money of the federal reserve: These letters indicate that the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) is really nothing more than a trade organization with no regulatory power. This means that organizations such as the Federal Reserve are free to act as they see fit, with no over site or accountability.

  45. Donald Trump Is An International Law Breaker By Colonel W. Patrick Lang April 08, 2017 Colonel W. Patrick Lang is a retired senior officer of U.S. Military Intelligence and U.S. Army Special Forces (The Green Berets). He served in the Department of Defense both as a serving officer and then as a member of the Defense Senior Executive Service for many years. He is a highly decorated veteran of several of America’s overseas conflicts including the war in Vietnam. He was trained and educated as a specialist in the Middle East by the U.S. Army and served in that region for many year.

  46. John,

    I have a simple question. I will be traveling part of this week and most of next. Is there Any possibility of Anything happening with other currencies this week? I am aware of your comments about Easter. If you can't comment, I understand. No details are needed. I'm just trying to determine how to pack.

    1. Right now anything is possible. So in case you miss out take 3 extra pairs of pants when packing in case you miss the boat.
      A major PP is very close right now so anything is possible,it's a by the day thing. SNAFU is the only planning they know.Idiots get promoted upwards.

    2. Thanks John. I will take extra underwear also.

  47. The Men Who Knew Too Much About PizzaGate
    Published on Feb 20, 2017

    Many who have tried to bring the truth to light about PizzaGate have either lost their jobs, their reputations, gone dark, disappeared or died. David Zublick breaks down the horrible truth in this special report!

    Associated Link:

  48. CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Were Given Cancer Virus Via The Polio Shot
    Published on Mar 27, 2017

    Another important consideration conveniently omitted on the CDC fact sheet about SV40 is that the virus is somehow being passed down from generation to generation.
    The CDC has admitted that between 1955–1963 over 98 million Americans received one or more doses of a polio shot which was contaminated with a cancer-causing virus called Simian vacuolating virus 40 (SV40).


  49. High level sources tell Infowars Trump administration set for full-scale Syria invasion

    1. Hope not because that is leaving Russia and China with a face off. Syria and Iran need to tell Israel head on if Syria gets it so the they. Time for Russia to ship the S 400's to Iran and S 500's also. Put the markers down.
      Time to move the Nukes into South America following US rules of Hegemony!
      Time to face off the big dog. Or maybe time to unleash a first nuke so the US gets a feel of reality, a second 3 days later, and a warning to the US back off or you get 2,000 next! First targets? There is one deserving for sure.

  50. UNITED States of America - It can now be reported It can now be reported the patriotic U.S. Military Flag Officers have fingered U.S. Vice President Michael Pence, current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, former U.S. CIA Director John Brennan, former U.S. Vice pResident Richard Cheney and former year 2000 illegal White House occupant Nazi junior George W. BushFRAUD, along with elements of Turkish Intelligence, in scripting the FALSE FLAG chemical attack in Syria as a precursor to the beginning of global WORLD WAR III.

    We can also divulge that illusionary President Donald Trump is currently being blackmailed reference the rape and death of an underage girl.

    Trump, of course, along with current U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has tit-for-tat blackmail when it comes to the pedophilia activities of both Bill and Hillary Clinton, junior Nazi George W. BushFRAUD, Richard Cheney, foreign born alleged pResident Barack Hussein Obama, Lindsey Graham (R-SC), John McCain (R-AZ), Adam Schiff (D-CA), and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

    Note: And, there are a whole lot more in the U.S. Congress and the extortion-friendly Nazi Paperclip CIA-Israeli Mossad controlled U.S. propaganda media.

    P.S. At this hour, U.S. Senate investigators have evidence linking Trump’s son-in-law and Israeli Mossad agent Jared Kushner to operating a massive money laundry through Russian and Danish banks tied to the Clinton Foundation and financial terrorist Nazi George Soros.

    Senate investigators have traced a lot of these proceeds from this money laundry to the Central Bank of Iraq.

    Question: Does Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin now have an account at the Central Bank of Iraq?

    In closing, the question that has to be answered is the following:

    Is the U.S. Banana Republic now on the verge of total collapse?

  51. Reports of US tanks & troops entering #Syria from northern #Jordan.
    This comes after a meeting between #Trump & Jordan’s King Abdullah

    TRUMPAGEDDON: The Real Back Story Behind U.S. Missile Attack On Syria April 9, 2017
    Author’s Note Many are scratching their heads — as never before — trying to figure out how Trump neoconned the Alt Right with his snake oil salesman rhetoric. Here’s how it worked. His very shrewd handlers quite intentionally let “Trump be Trump” throughout the whole campaign season. In this way his gutsy sincerity was sure to get him elected in the midst of so many candidates who were transparent frauds and outright fools. They especially lacked the courage to “drain the swamp”. Then, as soon as Trump jumped into the D.C. swamp head first, TPTB sent every gator they could summon to the Oval Office. The West Wing became a veritable waiting room for every sort of Neocon gators and globalist crocodile. As they say in the Deep South, when you’re up to your eyes in alligators, you’re in deep trouble. In The Donald‘s case, he’s now in the kind of deep doo doo that is only found in Deep State. Got it?!

    Editor’s Note There is soon to be released volumes of ultra-classified information and Deep State data which will expose this whole Neocon charade, particularly the Washington, D.C.-centered Pizzagate child sex crime spree and Pedogate international crime syndicate. Stay tuned!

    1. They keep mouthing off about this and months later nothing has happened.
      Wiener? Clinton? Epstein? That whole disgusting chain? It's all a charade. If the Kushner allegations are true, what then? What skeletons link to Trump? Casinos?
      America IS the worlds Soap Opera. Dallas in DC,but Trump is no JR.

      So far, it needs a real injection of talent and funds.

  52. Trump Doesn’t Intend to Keep Any of His Campaign Promises The Top 3 Reasons Why the System Keeps Perpetuating Itself

    1. OK.

      Now please note as follows:

      The full head on EU media is tracking Trump on a 100 days clock.
      No question, no other President has ever been so focus treated and disrespected. They fail to show any positive news on him, but so far, what is?

      His problem- soon he hits that 100 days. When that happens he will face a Global media firestorm like no US President has ever had before.

      Bringing in Kushner was arrogant and naive petulance. Trump!

      Dissing Bannon was mindless poor thinking Trump!

      Associating with so many Zio Funders as he has, took him ever deeper into that turgid infested swamp. Trump!

      All his known history of Sleaze, dirty chicanery and skunk standards was simply unrolled ready.
      Trump, in UK English, is a word for an Anal Gas "Ripper!" and the media will be there to light him up!

      100 days, and it's that light coming down the track ahead. Coming fast and speeding up. Media Dogs are visible now collecting in packs, all dreaming forward, 100 days and he's lunch!

      Two appalling candidates. The people got one, the Global media will do over the other. UNLESS this flatulent CHUMP gets a big hit right,and meets any major promises.
      Even Clinton feels he's toast now.

      The Bushes hate him. So does the Deep State.

      To most Europeans he's a standing Joke, typifying all the very worst of US low standard Hustlers, and ever ridiculed as such.
      He needs Bannon and to get result fast. If only for America. We all hope so.

      The media will get Kushner for sure. Like his father, the apples do not drop far from the tree. They are all media targets now. Deservedly. Hopefully bis father gets a jail recall for criminal associations again.

      Kushner now faces growing money laundering issues, and it only needs one to put him away. From day one we warned on Kushner. He just smelled wrong.So wrong!
      Trumps whole life has been sleaze, lies and chicanery. His lack of reading is his undoing. The fine print of life will bring him down.

      We hope for America. We hope for Trump. But it's time to get that big hit now, or!

      That sadly is Trump. The lack of sophisticated intelligence to see that train wreck coming in. The Mutt thinks that light is Disneyland.

      What augurs now for America? If Tillerson thinks he is going to mouth off and face off the Russians in Moscow, good luck with that. Lavrof will see him off. Putin has massive home backing. Russia is ready for war. It has underground shelters for 40 M. The US will save only the Elites. Them the Invasions would start. In millions! China and Russia will be ruthless. Russians mass raped Germans. Male and females alike. German women were gang raped. Up to 20 men a time in lines. If it comes expect no mercy. The Chinese will organ harvest and enslave. The Elites will be dug out of those Bunkers or gassed out. They will get their Nuremberg.

      If this goes WW 111 the US will lose. What follows then will not be Hollywood. Resistance groups like hell. Hunted like Rabbits, found and dispatched.
      Be careful what you give reign to. Russia will sweep across Europe in 3 days. Unstoppable. We all need the CHUMP to wake up fast and get one done.

      The GS trade imbalance is taking time because the US if broke, and these F Muppets have no idea how to re schedule all this. Right now they are scavenging for any untouched assets to leverage up. But the debts are simply so enormous. Once they clear one mountain, another piece of shit surfaces squealing help, we need money to cover us. It's never ending. A giant crap shoot. Lies, on lies, on lies. How did such a bogus Crock ever get so far?
      What was that, you entrusted it to the Zios? Sure.
      If WW 111 happens be assured, what follows will sort it. Hope it trades clear.
      Right now, every time they clear another crock, 10 more surface squealing.
      The US really needs those FEMA camps active now. Working Red Zones!

    2. john

      hypothetically, if the funds the U.S. put up were successfully blocked for the transactions you are monitoring or waiting for

      aren't they a week behind the already mentioned Easter possibility?

    3. They are only part of a vast range of platforms the US needs to leverage up, but clearly is so far beyond bankrupt they cant make it. Other nations are moving forwards, but will not carry the US.

      The Zios simply want to see the US go bankrupt. As do the world. That way this stinking Cabal goes down and the US culls the Zios at last from the Fed. Israel did 9/11. Who is your real enemy? Who is awake? Why are the FEMA camps not processing yet? Learn from the French Revolution.

    4. john

      i get it .... 9/11 etc is obvious

      If the rest of the world has decided to move on, does this mean American little people who already turned in assets (not public) will be left out of deals?

      if no, then how are their assets safe if there is a massive game of musical chairs during a U.S. default?

    5. The USA" Little People" cared nothing about the world as long as the Wallmarts took Welfare Checks. Ponzi money rippled out, and they got defense jobs, even if in supply chains. Big bellies, ball games, cheap booze, cheap gas. Cheap thrills. Regime changes to order,as the Big Bully on the block.

      Now it's changing, the Little Guys are hitting back, Afghanistan will probably fall again to the Taliban this year, who have mass expanded, arms funded from the vast drugs profits the CIA cross share with them.

      The world is stepping away from the USD and the US. The world wants out.
      The world knows it can not go on with this perverse failed Leadership and is re grouping. BRICs, Eurasia, South America,Asia. All are walking. No one wants US links any more. Nations are spurning the petro dollar and US wars.
      Does this mean you could be " Toast"?? Yes.

      Who cared when it was others? 1 M Iraqis died for that inhuman illegal war.
      Who cared. Now how any want to get rich from dead peoples Dinars.
      If WW 111 does kick off, with odds of c3 B coming in to deal with what's then left of your now 330M, have you any idea how they will deal with you?
      The Russians alone a mass raped millions of males and females when they smashed into Germany. Children all the same.Anything with a pulse. Or not!

      If the US kicks off WW 111, you WILL lose,and what will come will enslave what it needs, and organ harvest the rest. If the US defaults the Nukes will come fast.
      Are your assets safe. No. If the US fails the Zio bankers will take the lot.

  53. Amused reading the Kardashian divorce rumor saga. He will never leave her Behind!

  54. Former British Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, refused to go along with the BBC propaganda on Syria and dropped a truth bomb live on air yesterday. “Trump has just given the jihadis a thousand reasons to stage fake flag operations, seeing how successful and easy it is, with a gullible media, to provoke and lead the West into intemperate reactions.

    Russia, Iran Warn U.S. They Will “Respond With Force” If Syria “Red Lines” Crossed Again

    The Birth of Legal Counterfeiting by George F. Smith

    The Evil Federal Reserve Scam!

    Eustace Mullins - Secrets of The Federal Reserve (FULL)
    Fantastic presentation by the late great Eustace Mullins about the Secrets of the Federal Reserve. Eustace Mullins is arguable the best researcher of esoteric topics.

    Jackals of Jekyll Island - Federal Reserve Audit

    The United States Government Accountability Office report on the Federal Reserve Audit on page 203-204 reveals proof positive of the magnitude of the transfer of trillions in bailout credit to the money center international banks.
    What GAO Found

    $9,000,000,000,000 MISSING From The Federal Reserve SHOCKING FOOTAGE

    Has the Fed Been a Failure?

    Who Owns The Federal Reserve?
    The Fed is privately owned. Its shareholders are private banks

    Move Over IMF for the BRICS Development Bank
    Federal Reserve 100 Years of Failure

  55. Social Credit Monetary Theory
    Few people are familiar with the concept of Social Credit by Clifford Hugh Douglas. In his book, by the same name, his theory is presented.

    “Douglas explains (particularly in Part 2, Chapter 2) that, if the money supply is not increased, dollars/pounds become more valuable, such that prices drop. But, if the money supply is increased just enough, the value of each dollar/pound - hence prices - can be left unchanged. Finding it desirable to keep prices unchanged in this way, Douglas then explains that, essentially, a decision has to be made about who gets the additional dollars/pounds. Under our current fractional reserve system, the banks do, by creating and lending out extra credit. Under a "social credit" system, the extra dollars would be divided up and given to all citizens in equal portions as a "dividend". His rationale: that increases in productivity - resulting as they do from innovation and technological advancement over time - are a "cultural heritage" that belongs not to banks but to all members of society. His message is clear: the citizenry are prevented from benefitting from their own cultural heritage, and this leaves them increasingly indebted to banks, and unable to reduce, over time, the portion of their lives that they spend working and simply trying to survive. Under social credit, Douglas foresees a decrease in work and an increase in leisure or, at least, the opportunity to work less if one so chooses.”

    1. Another way of saying the same thing: Inflation is theft, a transfer from those holding assets to government and banks.

  56. Jewish Banksters Identity Politics

    Rep. Gabbard under fire after refusing to accept ‘Assad did chemical attack’ without proof
    Democratic congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has provoked a backlash from senior Democrats after refusing to take Syrian President Bashar Assad’s complicity in the Idlib chemical attack at face value and demanding proof.

  57. Trump is Pushing US Into Scripted and Pre-Planned World War III
    Every four years in the US, two puppets are offered up to the public and the people, dumbed down in 12 years of government indoctrination camps, then think they have a choice about who is going to tell them what to do for the next four years!
    They don’t. The two options are always rigged. Trump is no different than any. And, even if the public chooses the less preferred one, like in 2000, they’ll just mesmerize the public with some “hanging chads” for a few months and then install their preferred choice… which in 2000 was George W. Bush and the real President, Dick Cheney, who were better suited to manage the 9/11 false flag event that had been planned by the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) for years prior.

  58. Brian Williams criticized for calling missile-launch photos 'beautiful'

  59. The founder of the Social Credit movement, Major Clifford Hugh Douglas (1879-1952), correctly discerned the cause of our perennial economic difficulties and also developed a series of proposals to effectively deal with the underlying problem.


  60. Social Credit USA 2017 - A Monetary System for all Americans Isn’t it about time that we had a financial system that worked for all Americans? The Social Credit proposals of the engineer, Clifford Hugh Douglas, explain the kind of monetary reform that needs to be implemented in order to fix our current dysfunctional debt system.

  61. Looks like United Airlines didn't learn a thing since they broke Dave Carroll's guitar several years ago and Carroll made a cottage industry out of it because UA wouldn't accept liability....

    United Airlines drags physician kicking and screaming off a flight he PAID FOR because they overbooked and wanted the seat back

    Texian: Nothing like piling on, but United deserves it. Is management INSANE there?
    There may not be anyone who hasn't heard Dave Carroll's clever songs....enjoy!

    United Breaks Guitars, Part 1

    United Breaks Guitars, Part 2

    United Breaks Guitars, Part 3

    1. Looks like I called at United Airlines is certifiably insane...."sorry to have to reaccomodate" Doubt they'll have any overbooking problems after this.

      Jimmy Kimmel destroys United Airlines in HILARIOUS fake commercial

    Troops massing as deep state plots regime change
    Paul Joseph Watson | - APRIL 10, 2017 1464 Comments
    White House Source: Trump Pushes Back Against Neo-Con Plan to Invade Syria
    The Trump administration is currently locked in a heated debate over whether to launch a full ground invasion of Syria, with hundreds of thousands of soldiers now massing.
    According to White House sources who spoke to Infowars, Trump is reticent to see U.S. troops embroiled in yet another Middle East quagmire, but is under pressure from top neo-cons in his administration to prevent Russia from dominating the region as the fall of ISIS nears.
    Trump has refused to agree to a no fly zone over Syria and does not want to directly attack Assad’s forces in Damascus. However, Assad is apparently backing away from a deal he made with the Pentagon four years ago to step down from power in order to prevent a U.S. military bombardment that Obama pushed for back in 2013.

    The air strike ordered by Trump was apparently a reminder to Assad of the deal he struck to step down once jihadists had been defeated.
    Troop numbers are now being massively escalated in western Iraq to reinforce this message, including the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit, to back up and cover the flank for U.S. Army ground forces in case of possible attack by Assad.
    Trump’s response to the alleged chemical weapons attack allowed him to look decisive and was a show of strength towards China and North Korea. It also served to temporarily silence the repeated accusations that he is in collusion with Russia.
    Trump’s aim with the air strike was to destroy Syria’s remaining chemical weapons to make Assad follow through on the deal. If he didn’t act, Trump would have been eviscerated by his critics as being equally as weak as Obama.
    However, increasingly prominent neo-cons within the administration, led by National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster, are exploiting the circumstances to maneuver Trump into a position where he is pressured into green lighting a full scale ground war, an attack on Damascus and a confrontation with Russia.
    If Trump allows himself to be manipulated in this way, it will undoubtedly destroy his presidency and leave him with a legacy on a par with George W. Bush.
    As Mike Cernovich’s sources confirm, “McMaster is manipulating intelligence reports given to President Donald Trump” and is “plotting how to sell a massive ground war in Syria to President Trump with the help of disgraced former CIA director and convicted criminal David Petraeus.”
    Trump sees resolving the Syrian civil war as imperative because Syria is a gateway into Turkey, whose Islamist government is exploiting the chaos to exacerbate the refugee crisis and force Europe into capitulation to Muslim colonization.
    However, if neo-cons are able to assert their power and silence nationalist voices within the Trump administration like Steve Bannon, who opposes regime change in Syria, the consequences of toppling Assad will be completely disastrous for both Trump and the entire region.

    1. This is another Bay of Pigs fiasco in waiting. Russia will unleash such weaponry as will eviscerate US attack dogs en masse and leave the US no option but to face off or F off!

      As regards the US losing control of the Middle East, it's gone already. The world is truly sick of US hegemony. This is now the real Evil Empire. Sad, but Russia and China may have to go for it,as Cuba did over the Boy of Pigs.

      This is what happens when you have an out of control Military Agency Cabal, unleashing Boys with Toys and Agency Spooks.

      If WW 111 comes, be assured, Israel will be gone, totaled for ever, and if China /Russia combined invade the US, they will for sure round up one particular species with a total, no mercy, sanitisation plan. As Russia will then invade the EU, it will replicate its clean up. Russia will leave none alive.

      WW 111 would be a very ugly war, where forces unleashed would impose the very worst of mans inhumanity. Be careful what you wish for, the US has a long record of complete F Up policies.

      Be assured if that day comes, those missiles will come as a new Pearl Harbor, and in such numbers as will render the US into a giant tinder bowl, taking the world with it.

      We must hope Trump for once once is life reads some history, or the Zios realize,they will all be gone in total,and get to him fast to stop this mad war.

      Maybe this is now too far gone,and this truly terrible war has to come to smash US tyranny. This is a war America can not win, but one which will lose the world for all. Israel gone may wake a few up. As a single move it may be all that is needed to back off the US. A real ultimatum saying back off or the lot goes. Who knows what will be unleashed. China and Russia have to decide how much more crap take. Who gave the US the right to be world bully?
      9/11 had the nation in mass hysteria. Israel would be a real wake up call. Gone! The US then knows, touch that button and you will not last 10 minutes before those missiles hit. If this kicks off Iran will mass attack Israel, and Russia, China or Pakistan will supply them nukes to finish the job.

      That would all be caused because the world stood by while so many Hitlers took over US policies and War Games. Mad men usurping power. Is this how it has to end? The world to die for a Cabal lie?

      90% of good Americans want no part of this nor deserve to die for it. Deaths would be in vast billions. A world at war for a Zio Cabal whore?

  63. April 10 Trump team isn’t afraid to use force on Syria, North Korea "Clearly, what the Syrian situation does is illustrate that the Trump administration is willing to use force," Adrian Mowat, managing director and chief Asian/EM equity strategist at J.P. Morgan, told CNBC on Monday. The American airstrikes on the war-torn nation took many by surprise. Now marked down as one of the president’s numerous policy flip-flops, strategists haven’t ruled out the possibility of further U.S. action in Syria, noting Washington’s continued presence in the region. "Since the missile strike, the U.S. has continued to fly sorties over Syrian airspace. They have been flying F22s, the most advanced fighters you can put in that airspace, to make sure the Syrians don’t respond by turning on their air defense systems or the Russians don’t retaliate," said Richard Fontaine, president of policy think-tank The Center for a New American Security. The same heavy-handed attitude applies to Pyongyang, who has been ramping up its nuclear threats in recent months. Nick Note: Another major change by Trump. I seem to remember America first. And America will not be the policeman of the world. In one hour he spent more money bombing Syria then he spent on new jobs or health care. Trump has been bought off and sold out. He is owned by the billionaires (Eisenhower’s military industrial complex)and he is not going to do squat for the little guy. Fact is, we’ve been conned… Bottom line is if he was serious he would declare Bashar al Assad a war criminal and take him out. He has the authority under international law. That would be fast and cheap. This way he gets to spend another trillion dollars on a war going nowhere.
    April 9 US Reroutes Warships Toward Korean Peninsula in Show Of Force The commander of American forces in the Pacific has ordered an aircraft carrier and several other warships toward the Korean Peninsula in a show of force by the Trump administration just days after North Korea tested another intermediate-range missile. the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and its wing of fighter jets from a planned series of exercises and port calls in Australia, the command said in a statement. The Vinson and three guided-missile destroyer. At a meeting last week at Mr. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, he joined with President Xi Jinping of China in warning of the increasing menace posed by North Korea’s advancing nuclear weapons program. Asked on Sunday why the Navy ships were being redirected toward the Korean Peninsula, the president’s national security adviser, Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, said it was a “prudent” step to take. “North Korea has been engaged in a pattern of provocative behavior,” General McMaster said on “Fox News Sunday.” “This is a rogue regime that is now a nuclear-capable regime. Nick Note: Sooner or later we are going to take out the dictator crazy man of North Korea. The only question is when. And I am afraid that will come only after several million South Koreans get nuked.


  64. April 8 Russian naval activity in Europe exceeds Cold War levels: U.S. Admiral Recent Russian naval activity in Europe exceeds levels seen during the Cold War, a top U.S. and NATO military officer said, voicing concern that the distributed nature of the deployments could end up "splitting and distracting" the transatlantic alliance. Navy Admiral Michelle Howard, who heads NATO’s Allied Joint Force Command in Naples and commands U.S. naval forces in Europe and Africa, said Russia had clearly stepped up its naval actions in recent years although the size of its navy was smaller now than during the Cold War era. "We’re seeing activity that we didn’t even see when it was the Soviet Union. It’s precedential activity," Howard cited a wide range of activities, including Russia’s deployment of its Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean, increased patrols in the north Atlantic and Arctic region, significant out-of-area submarine deployments, and submarine movement in the Black Sea. Nick Note: Russia will take back most of northern Europe. They are just waiting for the crack up of the European Union and the dismembering of NATO. Their patience will soon be rewarded… That is why you see Putin preparing.
    April 7 Russia and Iran pledge to hit back against further Syria strikes as they blast US RUSSIA and Iran have said they will respond to further American military actions following the air strike in Syria last week. In a joint statement, the command centre for the two countries and allied groups said “we will respond to any aggression”. The statement read: “What America waged in an aggression on Syria is a crossing of red lines. From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is and America knows our ability to respond well.” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani condemned “flagrant US aggression on Syria” following the missile strike on a Syrian air base in response to a suspected chemical attack by the Syrian government on innocent civilians. The Iranian leader, a key ally of Syria’s dictator Bashar al-Assad, called yesterday for an impartial investigation into the chemical attack that killed at least 70 people. He warned that the American strikes in response risked escalating extremism in the region, reported Iranian state television. In a phone call with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, Rouhani told him: “Allegations that Syria launched the chemical attack were just a pretext to disrupt the Syrian peace process”. Nick Note: Russia and Iran can’t and won’t do squat. But they know American leadership is easy to bluff. Trump accomplished nothing… You will see it was just more blow and go. If he were serious, Basar would be meeting Mohammad as we speak. If he were serous he would follow up with the next wave. This stop and go attack shit will not cut it.

    This timeline shows in chronological order the ascendency into power of a group of key advisors connected to Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, and how it relates to various policy positions, including the recent missile strike into Syria.

    Tillerson: “Steps are under way” to organize an international coalition to remove Assad

    The US military has ordered a navy strike group to move towards the Korean peninsula, amid growing concerns about North Korea’s missile programme.

    Russia has criticised Boris Johnson’s decision to scrap a planned trip to Moscow after discussions with the US.

    While the catalyst is unclear, it appears the market dropped as headlines of further sanctions against Russia appeared and reports of China deploying 150,000 troops to its North Korea border.

    According to Korean news agency Chosun, the “Chinese army has deployed about 150,000 troops to the North Korean border in two groups to prepare for unforeseen circumstances.” The reason: the prospect of “military options”, such as preemptive attacks on North Korea, like the one the United States launched on Syria.

    “Trump has just given jihadis a thousand reasons to stage fake flag operations” — Former British Ambassador to Syria

    How Israeli Zionism Controls The World

    Trump’s decision to hit Syrian airfield was outside UN framework – Belgian foreign minister

  66. “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”
    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  67. Re the RV's and GS.

    What is becoming ever clearer following the Chinese meetings, is the embarrassing lack of US liquidity to meet anything.

    It needs 100 days of full on program trading to generate what will be needed. Elapsed time 14 weeks plus Silly Season.

    There may be some small issues cleared, but any big picture now is a long haul.
    If Trump get sucked into regime change in Syria,as Afghanistan is about to fall again, chaos is about to arise. Why does the US continue to be used as a Zionist tool to supply the body bags, meddling in other nations when it can't even fix its own?

    Again the Wild Card mess goes on. Aces from the bottom of the Deck next?

    1. Thank you for taking the time to share this update with us John, much appreciated.

    2. John,
      Every article I read reports that U.K. troops are there right along U.S....and always MI6 is mentioned along with CIA, MOSSAD and Saudi GAD. Why don't your guys or gal as it is now just say NO like they did when Obozo, the marionette, was beating war drums? Think I can speak for many of us who are sick of the charades!

    3. @John,

      So, did they both lie about what they had and fall short, or did they simply fail to raise the required capital? I'm curious because it seemed that significant sums had been raised 2-4 weeks ago for at least some of the transactions to go thru.

    4. john

      further, are these payouts an ALL or nothing affair

      in other words, even if they did have partial amounts, does the plan even allow for partial payouts?

    5. Texian,

      The UK is just slotting ISIS, no more.

      Zio Trash in the way again! Hooks!

      Please give me the Red Areas at the key FEMA sites for a year,and a dog feed packaging contract plus free reign on Zio scooping. Demon Spawn!

      We are trying to prioritize right now who deserves, who does not.

      I start as early as 03-00 hrs.
      With Mike we saw the best of humanity. Now I sadly deal with the worst.

      I see the genocide in Palestine, in Asia and Africa.

      Then I have to deal with Aaaahh Aaam owed! 50 inch Guts and Wannabes.

      Some days I ask, why- Bother? So few care.
      It's chaos because we let these Dogs out. Mongrel packs.

    6. Then let me brighten your day John, for we do care, each at our level.

      The clinic I operate resets brain rhythms to fix a half-dozen common disorders.

      A young 17-yr old girl presented with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, chronic insomnia and one suicide attempt. She was also on 5 useless medications.

      Well, it is impossible for a 17-yr old to be bipolar, her insomnia had a biologic origin and her suicide was the rational act of wanting 5 years of not-sleeping to end. (You can imagine the eventual malpractice lawsuit).

      Needless to say we got her sleeping, have gotten her off of 4 of 5 meds, and she is bright, happy and going to graduate high school.

      We didn't charge the $xx,000 it would have cost her family out of pocket for the therapy.

      I can't improve world-relations. I can only do one person at a time.

    7. God bless you Tino! Any success with vaccine damaged children?

    8. Good jobs Tino, well done, now can you retrack a wife in real need?

    9. @Texian

      We can reverse autism in children up to puberty 50% of the time, and give a good boost 25% of the time and for 25% nothing happens. Takes 8 weeks and 40 sessions of EEG-guided therapy.

      We are exceptional with PTSD (98%) and very good with brain fog from chemotherapy (85%).

    10. Tino - WOW! WOW! WOW! Amazing. Your post reminds me of the little boy and the starfish, one of my favourite ways of reminding myself to keep things in perspective.

      Where are you located? Also, if your clinic is interested in a 100% natural supplement that is kicking inflammation's butt, we should talk.

    11. Texian - perhaps we should too should talk - my understanding is that the vaccine damage is inflammation related - that it causes chronic inflammation - is this accurate? If so, perhaps I can help.

      Please feel free to ask for my contact info, anyone who is interested.

    12. John - **SIGH**. I'll be snoozing in the back seat until further notice. Wish I had the skills to assist in fixing??? maybe replacing! - the engine on this thing.

    13. MG,
      There are a MYRIAD of issues from vaccine damage and each area requires different therapies. When a toddler is injected with the crap....metals like aluminum and mercury, viruses, fetal tissue parts, insect parts, animal parts...overwhelm an immune system and DNA. The NWO crowd want dumb downed slaves. This is happening by design. Anyway, one of issues is leaky gut syndrome. You can search that for gory details. That issue was addressed in a study done at Dr Andy Wakefield's Thoughtful House in Austin, TX several years ago. That was the big inflammation component. The metals go to the brain causing the autism symptoms which vary greatly so are generally just diagnosed as "autism spectrum." The children affected cannot shed the metals. Eating parsley and/or cilantro helps with the chelation, but is not a real CURE to problem.

      At 10, our grandson has progressed well but we hope for neuro-typical and we're not there yet. He's extremely bright...."GT" it's called, but is socially awkward, still can't tolerate crowds and becomes overwhelmed in new situations and loud or boisterous behavior around him. He speaks very well and has an eidetic memory. He saw a Lego commercial in Japanese language online and was able to repeat it exactly even months later. He can also cite every Lego set, it's name, how many pieces and date it was released. Also tell you what day of the week Aug 10 2015 was (or any other date) what he did that day, what he wore and ate.

      At this point, he can't attend a normal school setting so is in a school with other children on autism spectrum with very small highly- trained therapist teacher to student ratio. They progress to larger classroom as ability to self direct warrants. He's also under care of a fine physician board certified ENT and Neurosurgeon who several years ago decided he was just patching and wanted to cure patients rather than just patch...imagine that! The doctor has also helped develop some supplements and produced in a form that can be absorbed to help with these issues. The doctor is curing some babies with vaccine damage seizures that a large Houston-based hospital (everyone would recognize name) refers to him for cannabis oil protocol.

      So there is a lot being done...hopefully leading to cure for those already affected. Now just stop the damn vaccines, fluoride, chemtrails and GMOs and we solve the problem in its tracks. First thing the doctor did was take he and his little brother off gluten and dairy in favor of organic only, no GMO.

      And it's not just children. Same thing is causing epidemic of dementia!

    14. My Girl

      Need assistance testing the springs?

    15. Agree Tino...even here one person at a time but we CAN help. Bless you.

    16. Tino, your one person at a time effort is amazing and enormously appreciated by me. Thank you so much for all that you do.

  68. Willie Nelson is writing a book about memory impairment through the use of Weed and Drugs.
    Trouble is, he started it in 1946!

  69. Pieczenik Explodes: Issues Warning To Trump, Mattis AND McMaster About Going To War In Syria
    Apr 10, 2017 11:34 PM
    America's foremost expert in international affairs, having served under 5 Presidents, instrumental in the Camp David accords, in addition to playing a key role in regime changes around the globe for decades, Dr. Steve Pieczenik exploded with rage on the Alex Jones show yesterday -- warning Trump and his team that war crimes would follow if they pursued a neocon agenda of war in Syria, which the American people do not want.

    "This is a warning to our generals, Mcmaster, and others, who think they can do a regime change in Syria. Number one, that will not be possible, not with the military, not with all the forces you have and not with the quality of the soldiers you have, the generals. Any notion of a regime change through force is both absurd or criminal. The issue of Syria and Assad have no national security interests to us at all. This will be an incredible dereliction of duty if we go to war in Syria."

    He then warned Mcmaster and Mattis directly, saying that he will "come forth, and be tried for criminal activity, as will Mathis."

    "There is no reason to put our men and women in harm's way for oil pipelines, or whatever nonsense that is military industrial complex thinks we need to do to get in the middle east. We have no interest in the middle east."

    "There is no cause for war."

    "Again, we're going through the nonsense of the neocons."

    Dr. Pieczenik made his first public appearance in more than 30 years during the Presidential elections, saying in no uncertain terms that he represented a faction of the American intelligence community that would not allow Hillary Clinton to become the next President. Moreover, he claimed to be part of an organization that released the Podesta emails to Wikileaks. Interestingly, the mainstream media continues to ignore the good Doctor -- in spite of the fact that is resume is anything but conspiratorial. He is the real deal.

    At one point in the interview, he got so heated that Jones had to cut him off when he threatened legal action against the President.

  70. Solar eclipse across U.S. called 'a sign from God' (?????)
    A total solar eclipse will cross the continental United States this summer, an event that hasn’t happened in roughly a century. Everyone will experience on *Aug. 21 at least 60 percent of the sun being covered, and the resulting semidarkness. Those within about a 60-mile wide diagonal line from the Pacific Northwest through South Carolina will see the sky go dark and the accompanying temperature drop.*

  71. Texas Bill to Establish Gold & Silver as Legal Tender, Dealing Massive Blow to Federal Reserve

    Commercial Bankruptcies Surge As The Fed Warns Of A Stock Correction
    The Neocons just turned Sean Spicer into another lying press secretary

    Luring Trump into Mideast Wars

    This is exactly what Trump just did to his country.

    Take a close look at this photo to see who really runs the White House.

    "Russia Is Preparing For Hot War" (Video)
    "I think this is the most dangerous moment in American, Russian relations since the Cuban Crisis" - Stephen Cohen, Professor emeritus of Russian studies at Princeton University and New York University

    If Trump Loses Bannon, Trump Loses the Presidency By Robert Barnes
    Bannon – uniquely among the Trump team – threads together the policy weaves of the Trump electoral majority, a majority dependent upon newfound GOP support from the working class, especially in the northern half of the country, but also the southern upcountry and Appalachia.

    Bannon politically is to Trump what Carville was to Clinton, Atwater was to Poppy Bush, and Kevin Phillips was to Nixon, but he also enjoys a consigliere-type skill set for actual policy that gives strategic substance to Trump's gut-driven, emotive decision-making. Trump's instinctive ingenuity and persuasive mastery cannot substitute for Bannon's integration of policies and constituencies in actually governing.

    Kushner's apparent deference to the war-mongering elements of the national-security establishment and the bank-adoring financiers of Wall Street reveals that he suffers from the same delusional understanding of politics and policy that got the GOP so hated by its own base over the last half-decade. Kushner looks to the approval of Goldman Sachs; Bannon looks to the approval of those who hate Goldman Sachs.

    Lose Bannon, lose the country. Lose Bannon, lose the presidency. Trump needs to bet on Bannon, or it will be time to no longer bet on Trump.

    1. Good points on Bannon and correct.

      These are ugly times.


  73. G7 has declined to give Tillerson more backing. Putin has suggested the US investigate who was really behind the Syrian attacks and says they have evidence the US are setting up more false fronts and will release it to others.

    It's looking messy for the Agency again

    1. I hope he does release all the information he has on false flags planned by ANYONE! Sunlight is the only true disinfectant.

      If this old grandma has to go to D.C. to knock heads together, it won't be pretty because I'll for sure be bringing the Robot Slayer with me.

    2. TEX .... I'm betting on you! Semper Fi

    3. I agree with you Texian. I would love to see everything come out about all the dirty goings on in this world. And you are definitely no "old grandma" in my book. I have never met anyone with the fighting spirit, wisdom, class and staying power that you possess. I admire you enormously. Unfortunately, I have lost a bit of my sting in recent days. This Syria bombing situation has really knocked the wind out of me. Feeling quite down as far as my hope for great change in this world is concerned.

    4. Aurataya,
      Don't let it get you down! We know they don't care anything about us and there's a lot of fear porn going around, but the Robot Slayer has to stay strong and not admit defeat...that's what they're planning on...for most to give up. We can't let that happen. Keep the pressure on, but take time to smell the roses also to rejuvenate. From what you've shared about your past, you're an inspiration for strength in spite of everything. Take the rest you need to fight another day. <3

  74. john

    how is it possible the money from the bonds traded not too long ago was stolen? please clarify

    also, what steps are being taken to ensure they cannot steal it again?

  75. Some major PPs will pay for Tiers 1 and 2 over the next 2 weeks.

    The rest, ask WF? We have clients who were signed off 8 weeks ago still waiting.
    Who will stop them, You?
    So who?

    1. Thanks John,
      Where exactly do Big Battalions fit in to this scenario....are they in one of those Tiers ?

  76. Tino, very heartening and waiving the fees too. I have experienced at least 2 of what you describe, to give her a chance at a normal life is gold. Just curious, is it ECT? As a med student I watched it happen, disturbing and confounding that it works but it does in most. Cheers.

    April 11, 2017

    For forty years we have kept the land jurisdiction states of America alive, and for the past eight years, we have played a desperate international role in preventing the Obama Administration from ---quite literally--- killing off the fifty republican states of the Union and liquidating our assets to pay foreign corporate debts.

    We've had quite enough of our servants secretively waging illegal commercial mercenary "wars" against us while taking their paychecks from our pockets. You are now in charge of the same nest of Territorial and Municipal corporations that are responsible for these gross international commercial crimes against the American states and people, so let's have a truce and discuss this ugly circumstance.

    We hope that you agree that this travesty and long history of commercial crime and personage being practiced against the American states and people ----your actual underwriters and employers---needs to end. 150 years of this interloping and usurpation on behalf of foreign powers is more than enough.

    We can show you the actual history and prove beyond any doubt that the American Bar Association has violated its treaty allowing it to be here and to operate on our soil. We can show you where the money is hidden and how all financial concerns, including worldwide debt, can be permanently eliminated. We can show you exactly why there is no "National Debt" and we can show you the truth about the sovereign power under which all American ships sail. We can rip the top off the mismanagement and misdirection of both the Internal Revenue Service and the IRS, and much, much more.

    It's time to respect the actual political status of Americans and stop the pretense of universal "US CITIZENSHIP". Toward that end we have asked that you establish a standardized (and mutually approved) process for the American states and people to reclaim their good names and estates and to live peacefully on the land of their forefathers.

    We have labored under false presumptions and illegal taxation for a long time. Tempers are high. It is in the best interests of all concerned to move onward and upward in a cooperative way.


    Biffie: As usual, Jim Stone makes some good points here. Certainly makes one wonder.


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