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  1. From John,

    We are now at Trumps 100 days Judgment Call Time.

    Time to call it, and him.

    Achievements, very little. Truth, abysmally poor.

    Yes, it was essential to keep Clinton out. Yes, it was a Public backlash vote to all the corrupt Establishment. But Trump has failed to inspire or lead.

    What America has ended up with is a Vulgar, Narcissistic, Xenophobic, Paranoid and Egoistical person of visibly limited intellect.

    To date, he has failed America - Badly!

    Apart from his ego trip week ends to his equally tacky, poor taste gaudy Florida squat, there are serious issues of poor judgment not befitting the office of State. His first Period Report Card, is deservedly, bad!

    How can any Leader fail to understand that Kushner's criminally convicted family, with its use of Prostitutes to coerce and Blackmail for power and gain, its Tax Evasion and Electoral Fund rigging, as well as its funding and support for the vicious illegal Settlements in cahoots with Nutter Yahoo in Israel, is not fitting for a role in the White House?

    Kushner simply does not clear vetting, nor can.

    In fact, apart from being Daddies Boy, Convict Daddies Boy, he has achieved the personal Career Record of a mediocre Snot and is visibly inadequately equipped for the roles of so many offices he presumes to Solicit oversight of. Crime Family Kushner's political claims are unearned largesse, arrogant presumptions by a Yuppie simply not befitting office.

    Then placing a presumptive Fashionista daughter into a commanding White House West Wing Role, questions why a President needs to have Statutory limitations of control and influence.

    Kushner negotiating with the likes of Lavrov or Arab Leaders is too pitiful to envisage. Mad Bennie will see him only as an acquired asset and with the depth of Zionist / Jewish WH bunkered Suits, Netanyahu must relish each day as Pinochio's Puppeteer. A cross marriage of convenience to a Blond Shiksa, once rejected and repackaged as a walk into the Power and later the White House, has lifted the dubious Kushners Social standing to giddy heights. Between both, each are so tacky and losing America Global moral authority. But how can an arrogant Chump know the difference?

    Leadership. Why is Clinton still free? He promised?

    Pedo arrests?



    Military costs?

    Agency abuses? Trump's abysmal speech to the CIA was a saga of mediocrity. Truly Cringe worthy. A blustering Chump repeating - I am smart, twice, left any incumbent malpractising Agency misfit assured, they now only had the Chump to cross manipulate. What sort of Clown can not understand his speech that day went live worldwide. To an onlooking Global audience with a common consensus of OMG, is he really this Stupid?

    In 100 days no one has ever lost the scale of Moral credibility this Clown has achieved.

    Does Bannon even want to continue fighting Jewish self influence for common sense? Does he Cling On against Pappa Crook and Bennie's Klingons?

    Crime family Kushners and Tacky Trumps lead what Moral authority? Has there ever been such a truly mediocre 100 day failure before?

    Is it not time now, perhaps, for America to reassess its entire Political Dynamic?

    The Constitution has failed. A visible unelected Military Industrial Deep State Cabal rules all, overseen only by the moral oversight of a Tacky, Lying Mediocrity Oval Office incumbent, visibly lacking any personal moral authority or good judgment. A Permatan Lying King? How long can this farce go on? Truly, it's embarrassing to watch. An embarrassing lie for each moment. The Lying King with his sad, glued on mane. All illusion and self delusion. Bald Eagle is feeble.



    1. So 100 more days, then what? More vacuous Trump Gorilla Snot?

      Where are the promises?

      That apart, we all WANT Trump to succeed.

      But what if, like Gerald Ford, he's simply too STUPID to hold office?

      Is America now left to the ravaging Kushners?

      Who can thump Trump, someone needs to let daylight in.

      Feeble Bald Eagle needs a brain rather than hair transplant.

      I am Smart - so NOT!!!

      This is a very poor first 100 day report. No point blaming the media for a feeble Bald Eagle.

  2. Replies
    1. So, Bill Gates has taken on a new name. Now we shall refer to him as "Bill Bioterrorism" since he's part of the group that wishes to see the "useless eaters" die a painful death. Bioterrorism is caused by the elite...they have all the chemical toys, don't they?

  3. Please be assured, you are all read daily. No one misses your views and reports.
    You all matter, as do your views.

    You all, are your own unique Global voice. No other site encapsulates what you all bring. Keep up the great work, each of you. We hear you, all of it.

    Taking up issues is not attacking America, but its inept Leaders, and the roles of presumptive Jerks,elected by no one. Real voices of the people.
    Changes ARE coming.

    The battles right now, are with a Deep State and crooked US Banks,Treasury and Fed attempting to hold back the tides of Redemption demands for release of the Heritage Funds. Their attempts to deny because of purposeful spelling errors placed in key documents 30 years ago, does not wash when we show them Agency and Fed instruction manuals on how to deny and obfuscate when that due date comes up. A Liars Charter.

    Those who presumed the high ground are finding it's quicksand,and see now the rising fury of dispossessed nations wanting payback. Peons will no longer be Peed On!

    Charlie got Educated! Fronting with a Chump won't last. 7 Billion will not be put down.

    A certain US party was called in today, attended and still not done. The Ship of State is rattling. Reality is coming home now. Pressure is building. Dissent is here.

    1. Thank you John. It sounds like there's little hope for funds to come through for the tiers and PP's...let alone a public option to exchange some currency. Can you tell us who this party is that is not willing to work with everyone? Can Iraq still raise it's currency value to help it's people? The world has to change. Too many struggling just to survive and so many want to learn how to "fish". Thank you for your education and all you for those less fortunate.

      You are a gentleman and a scholar. Cheers.

    2. Hey wonderer, let's try to remain positive. We are still on watch the sites daily mode. So things can and will turn on a dime.

    3. JOHN, I am not throwing rocks at you since you don't deserve it. I want you to recognize that we are a forming critical mass of Good Loving People who are going to do whatever it takes to restore what should have been all along. Run for cover zios or repent. It is show time and we are exposing you turds. Trump has all sorts of Zios around him. He is the best choice for POTUS by far. HRC is a murdering sadistic murdering witch that is evil and one with Lucifer and stealing billions. It is a miracle she lost.

      We Truth seekers are networked and with God's Assistance are taking back our Country. We are returning to Zios-banksters-Rothschilds-13 + Vatican have raped and enslaved us for centuries. Game on is what we say to all those who have made fools of us. Yes, my first job was a US Marine body bag stuffer but the gun that fired on and hit me was at the outer edge of range ... this weapon started as a shotgun at close range - then a missile - then a rifle then a grenade and after my stooge for the Zios work I went to college and studied, built a network and several others did the same. We are plenty pissed off at all those elitists and royals and Zios who screwed us and laughed at us stupid goyim patriotic morons. eware Zio inbred morons we are AWAKE AND ON DUTY. We are many and we are armed in ways you satanic monsters cannot understand,

      Trump is doing better than the dimwitted can possibly understand. We are one of many Teams of a few to hundreds who are going to belong to this US Republic. Consider the economic engine we, along with our parents and grandparents built with Zios Royals and Banksters - globalists stealing and enslaving us. We were duped because we could not conceive the evil of those who enslaved us and kept us poor. The political leaders (not real leaders actually) are satanic whores (no offense to women of the night earning a living) who sold us out at every opportunity.

      POTUS has 5 Marines running the show. DJT is like a rougher on a construction site cleaning up the swamp and putting up rough structures and systems. Anyone expecting miracles in 100 days is stuck on stupid. The Zios have been raping and enslaving for centuries. As a patriotic American Teamed with many like beings serving Good and seeking Truth in His name we are winning. DJT is a placeholder who will do one term at most. We see Kucher and many Goldman people .... too many. However, there is a pattern of data coming out of actions that are leading to our Republic. These inbred Zios are so busy raping, stealing and controlling they are not watching us that love our Country, our Families and most importantly our God. More later ....

    4. Thank you. I concur that DJT is doing many good things. Some things not.

    5. Peons won't be peed on!!! One of your best, John. :)

      Wonderer, I may be mistaken, but I got the exact opposite out of John's comments from what you did. Looks promising to me. I'm a peon!

  4. Groundbreaking solar device pulls water from DRY air

    What if no matter where you lived, and under any circumstances, you would never be without life-sustaining water? That day has arrived, thanks to breakthrough technology.

    As reported by Science Daily, researchers envision a future where every home, no matter where it is located, has the ability to simply pull water in from the air, even those homes located in dry, desert-like climates. Even more interesting, the sun powers the device.

    Biffie: This device is a welcome tool for so many in need of water. As long as the device is made with safe materials.

  5. Replies
    1. Texian, Is it possble that this is the first big national story exposing CAFR's...the dirty little bookkeeping secret robbing billions every year? Good find! For any who don't know what CAFR's are, please do a bit of research and be astounded!

      SACRAMENTO — The University of California hid $175 million from the public in secret funds while its administrators demanded more money from the state, according to a report released Tuesday by state Auditor Elaine Howle.

    2. MWP,
      CAFRs is just one part of story. I posted another article along same lines below about $300 million was spent on "ghost" Afghan employees. Why would we be funding Afghan employees at all? There are many stories like this at every level of corporation "government." The fed budget starts with a baseline increase of about 8% each year for no reason other than more $$$$$$$ to slush around.

      An oldie, but goodie...

      Ray Stevens: Budget Plan

    Ontario to try giving poor a basic income 24 April 2017

    With Canada’s housing bubble popping amid the collapse of the country’s largest mortgage lender, it was no surprise that a bailout had been orchestrated, and now we know the source of the $1.5 billion ‘loan’ – 321,000 retired healthcare workers in Ontario.

    US president Donald Trump is not a truly independent political leader but merely a puppet of US corporations, military and intelligence, and who serves their interests, Syrian President Bashar Assad has told the Latin American TeleSUR TV network.
    Trump pursues “no own policies” but only executes the decisions made by the “intelligence agencies, the Pentagon, the big arms manufacturers, oil companies, and financial institutions,” the Syrian leader said in an exclusive interview with TeleSUR.Published time: 27 Apr, 2017 21:48

    This is how Washington does business, and it hasn’t changed since the Seventh Cavalry wiped out 150 men, women and children at Wounded Knee more than century ago. The Lakota Sioux at Pine Ridge got the same basic treatment as the North Koreans, or the Vietnamese, or the Nicaraguans, or the Iraqis and on and on and on and on. Anyone else who gets in Uncle Sam’s way, winds up in a world of hurt. End of story.

    New spin of North Korea-Syria ‘axis of evil’ points to US war
    US media reports this week blamed North Korea for having a dastardly role in an alleged chemical weapons massacre in Syria. As if the two countries could not be demonized enough. The latest spin of the “axis of evil” suggests Washington is hell-bent on war.
    42 ADMITTED False Flag Attacks Posted on February 9, 2015 by WashingtonsBlog

  7. April 24 Donald Trump Announces 20 Percent Import Tax on Canadian Softwood Lumber

    April 25 Saudi Aramco’s valuation reportedly off by $500 billion, or roughly Amazon and Netflix combined

  8. A few minutes to respond,but I have, and do, read all.

    1.Think positive, I do commend any good act of Trumps, but there have been too few of substance.
    2.With the collective power of the Oval Office and command of key agencies, he has abysmally failed to focus Justice on scooping up both Clinton's for their Oh so many crimes. That is Injustice, inept and a betrayal of their trust. Potus promised! The people want them on Trial! The ONLY way Justice can come, is with them paying for their heinous crimes. Until then we will continue to criticize, challenge,offer constructive suggestions, and mass inform as best we can.
    3. With the failure of the MSM, YOUR Site has become its own living, breathing, progressive organism, a thinking emerging voice of so many. The daily comments are the most important morning prerogative for many. The diversity, depth of reports, and collective criticism, is a unique collective, a growing, mass thinking life form challenging all, and debating needs. All YOUR good work,and you are valued.
    4. These are rocky days, but rebellious times as the old world is under Global challenge, but equally coercing ever more electronic surveillance and abuse of powers. Truly, as things stand right now, thinking Souls are engaged in a permanent battle as one legged men in an Ass kicking contest. So we go in low and hard,and try to place well timed Cojones blows to bring the beasts down. Now you hear us?
    5.Getting settlements won't be easy. Between the unelected Military and Agencies who have wasted Trillions, fat Arsed Desk Jockeys in DC and the truly abysmal Zio Mafia who are a plague on humanity, we have to empower the masses to frag their Asses. Ours is a war of attrition.
    6. The pending collapse of the MSM is a start. The alternative media is growing. The best challenge, the rest don't matter.
    7. Society is now paying the cost of Millennia's of corruption and abuse of powers. Millennia's of false religions, and miss tracked people. It needs time to wake up the Sleepers.
    Be assured, with the economic chaos,collapse of the United States Corporation, and the rebellion of the masses to steer in the alternative voice of the people, what came to pass, was a systems bypass, served right up the Khyber Pass of the Politicos. Joe Public said No, we won't go, down this path.
    8. But the Mutant Comb Over in the WH is simply too brain dead to focus on and finish off the Hilder Beast. History will judge him as a Jerk who got lucky, but who couldn't step up when faced with the day job. So the alternative media will howl- Foul! His LIE a Day won't keep Truth away.
    9.WTF is Kushner doing in the WH????????
    10. When will the assembled real team tell the Chump Kushner is all Fancy Dress and Dirty Knickers?

    Clinton, Wiener, Pedo's the Wall? Where are the actions?

    The battle for the releases is ongoing and deep. Key parties are in London for the next few weeks,and this is not going away. Revelation will change each nation. Have faith, we have focus, and absolute determination. We have the real Elders and we have Humor. We have vision, a true Global cause, deep understanding of the depth of rot, and a clear agenda to re educate, not just procrastinate. The UK has a depth of Global Culture second to none and that helps. Focus, history, humor and a just cause.
    The US has Dolly, and all of you. How can we fail?

    1. I'd love to be there cooking some hearty home cooked meals for you all while you're all holed up. My shiraz ragoût pie is a knockout.

  9. AJ

    The work you all do on the site helps. They all read you now daily. Nothing is missed.

  10. Good news out of Oz tonight, Westpac, one of our 4 major banks, has come out saying they will not be funding any coal mining projects in Australia. The gov is furious. We have ample renewable resources and it's good to see a major bank finally helping us move to a pollution-free future.

  11. Replies
    1. This is what I read on the Daily Caller.

    2. With a top down power structure in place, the only way to get at them is from a "basement up" approach...taking out one little cog at a time until the machine fails!

    3. Up the kilt of a Scot? That'd certainly do it to get em by the cojones.

  12. I've yet to see any attention by gov on this issue:

    The New America: Rich Get Richer, Poor Get Replaced By Robots

    "The problem, of course, is that low-skilled labor (e.g. making a Big Mac or taking an order at McDonald's) is much more susceptible to automation than higher-skilled positions which results in expanding income disparity."

    Robot labour should be deployed to help ALL, not just the corporations who want to reduce their costs. Who will afford their robot-produced products if the only jobs available are higher level? It isn't an ethical issue: allowing corporations to take us down this path to the extent they wish will produce masses of un- and under employed people who need welfare to survive. If none is offered then we will be societies of street dwellers and crime ridden.

    If automation is to be used in any mass sense, basic income needs to be supplied to simply keep our societies sane and manageable. OR the products so produced beed to be free or extremely low cost.

    We cannot abide corporations automating everything of they do not make their products very cheap to compensate. This will also go a long way to combat inflation.

    Notice I didn't even civer the ethical angle. It is purely economics and common sense.

    1. Sorry for the typos. Fat fingers :)

    2. LinkedIn posted a big article on this very subject as well this morning.

  13. AJ

    The current real problem with Robotics, is that unless we value humanity, you risk the long walk to depopulation of the masses.

    Those in power, fully funded, want the Global human pollution reduced. With automation, IT integration,scientific food production, and oncoming Transhumanism, there are ethical boundaries being crossed. Be in no doubt,Agenda 21 and its UN charter backers, is very real. That 500 M Global number is a real aspiration.

    Technology removes the need for lower orders. Technology denies right of appeal to those not encompassed within the Elite boundaries.

    Be in no doubt how fast the Global State is encroaching, how much the lying, spying minority hold on all, and the indifferent contempt they hold for the masses. This is a Roulette Wheel ride for humanity now, with pretty messy odds in the Houses favor. To them, the have not's, are dispensable.

    All Leaders are in on it. Corruption is endemic. Trump is now " In the Club". All he ever asked, is " Let me In?".
    Look how fast the tub of lard backtracked on Clinton's. Look at how fast he has backtracked on everything. He's a truly sad sight to behold.

    America voted for change, it got the Chump.
    100 Days in and he's taken none down!!!!!! Not possible for a real Patriot.

    We've got Pinocchio, permatanned, a glued on mane, and a Liars daily handbook.
    He's failed badly, so we give the dumb Chump the year, then what?
    Puppets do not make good Leaders. Who controls the Kushner's and Zio trash all around him? He's just their Goyim Bwoy! It's ugly to behold. He's loaded for a Slug feast.

    1. So humanity has been reduced to being a commodity for the benefit of those who presume to make that decision.

      Let that sink in.

      Is that what our ENTIRE SPECIES has been reduced to?

      Is the authority to make that decision valid? There is no authority to make that decision. It is illusion to think there is.

      It has precedent however. Some of the Zeta Reticulans have been co-opted as species slaves for the benefit of more powerful species of draco/reptilian origin. Our own history has evidence of the same happening to us. DNA manipulation etc.

      So, a premise follows. Souls will always incarnate to break that system and so it is unsustainable and ever doomed to fail because the overarching universal consciousness is more powerful than any gobshite temporary aberration of the universal design.

      Now is the time for us as a species to resume the natural order. The physics of consciousness is about frequency and so it is a certainty that the natural order wins in the end. This is a break point. It will be done, it's just a matter of how long it takes.

      My message: time to cut to it. Why waste time forming a society where everyone wins?

  14. John, are we still on a daily watch for RV or have things been pushed back several weeks now? Thank you!

    1. Hell YES you are on Daily watch! Believe it!

      Can't you tell by my even half civil language? Lol.

      Don't confuse ever our multi tasking dog fights on so many issues with slow downs on the RV's. It just can't be Blog issued. The key info will come when it's done. Everything is in play right now. Once cleared even Trump will be looking through his Eastern Block Mail Order Bride catalog again.
      No Wimps on this watch.

    2. My apologies for even the slightest doubt. I obviously have misinterpreted your posts John. Thank you for clarification and the gentle reminder that smarter people than myself are in charge of this world changing transaction. Thank you. Cheers to you all.

    3. I could tell by the fact that we won't be peed on! :)

    4. Not in the back seat anyway.

    5. LOL!! I am not going to tell you where my brain went with that statement! I shall leave that to your very own vivid imagination. :)

  15. When people come together and stand up against unfair practices and abuse in a "United" way, we can be effective in winning against the "corporate machine". If humanity will simply start "flying united" (and I don't mean the airline), we are an unstoppable force against evil control that plaques our every move at this time. I would love to see billboards across the US that say,in 20 foot letters "Humanity-fly united and save our world".

    Below is an e-mail I received this morning from the CEO of United Airlines:

    Each flight you take with us represents an important promise we make to you, our customer. It's not simply that we make sure you reach your destination safely and on time, but also that you will be treated with the highest level of service and the deepest sense of dignity and respect.

    Earlier this month, we broke that trust when a passenger was forcibly removed from one of our planes. We can never say we are sorry enough for what occurred, but we also know meaningful actions will speak louder than words.

    For the past several weeks, we have been urgently working to answer two questions: How did this happen, and how can we do our best to ensure this never happens again?

    It happened because our corporate policies were placed ahead of our shared values. Our procedures got in the way of our employees doing what they know is right.

    Fixing that problem starts now with changing how we fly, serve and respect our customers. This is a turning point for all of us here at United – and as CEO, it's my responsibility to make sure that we learn from this experience and redouble our efforts to put our customers at the center of everything we do.

    That’s why we announced that we will no longer ask law enforcement to remove customers from a flight and customers will not be required to give up their seat once on board – except in matters of safety or security.

    We also know that despite our best efforts, when things don’t go the way they should, we need to be there for you to make things right. There are several new ways we’re going to do just that.

    We will increase incentives for voluntary rebooking up to $10,000 and will be eliminating the red tape on permanently lost bags with a new "no-questions-asked" $1,500 reimbursement policy. We will also be rolling out a new app for our employees that will enable them to provide on-the-spot goodwill gestures in the form of miles, travel credit and other amenities when your experience with us misses the mark. You can learn more about these commitments and many other changes at

    While these actions are important, I have found myself reflecting more broadly on the role we play and the responsibilities we have to you and the communities we serve.

    I believe we must go further in redefining what United's corporate citizenship looks like in our society. You can and ought to expect more from us, and we intend to live up to those higher expectations in the way we embody social responsibility and civic leadership everywhere we operate. I hope you will see that pledge express itself in our actions going forward, of which these initial, though important, changes are merely a first step.

    Our goal should be nothing less than to make you truly proud to say, "I fly United."

    Ultimately, the measure of our success is your satisfaction and the past several weeks have moved us to go further than ever before in elevating your experience with us. I know our 87,000 employees have taken this message to heart, and they are as energized as ever to fulfill our promise to serve you better with each flight and earn the trust you’ve given us.

    We are working harder than ever for the privilege to serve you and I know we will be stronger, better and the customer-focused airline you expect and deserve.

    With Great Gratitude,
    Oscar Munoz
    Oscar Munoz
    United Airlines

    1. MWP it's heartening that United now recognize it wouldn't exist without people. Westpac bank from Australia recognised the same today. John and the Elders are also. The 'upper layers' are starting to realise the importance of the whole. May it spread further :)

  16. Munoz is not terribly worried about the bad press for United. If you were paying attention, American Airlines had a passenger kerfuffle only a week or so later, some silly incident about a crazed flight attendant and a woman with a stroller. It was so illogical that it was clearly faked, which had me wondering exactly what happened on the United flight. Can't believe much of anything anymore as most of what I trusted has been debunked. There's nothing good about Trump, all of his decisions benefit the morbidly wealthy and a level or 2 underneath but not the $120,00 & under crowd for whom it will be worse. Our jobs will all disappear and we will eventually be merged with AI and effectively cease to exist as humanity, just pleasure toys who take orders which is what they want. It's suprising to me that it has taken this long. Trump was a trojan horse and his true colors are coming out. Not sure that it would have been much different under Clinton so little choice really. WW3 seems inevitable. Love the people you can, enjoy your food while you still can cause we're on borrowed time. It's the Hunger Games for real.

    1. Douteux55

      The Human Soul can be mass empowered.
      We need you all for what is coming.

    2. John,

      I'm ready and have been preparing my entire life...bring it on!

  17. Imagine what a legitimate audit of "government" at every level would turn up....

    Obama Administration Spent $300 Million On Afghanistan ‘Ghost Soldiers’

  18. Tony WHA

    Re SB.

    It gives the impression Tony that we have Boo Hoo, why has Santa not delivered my Gimme Gimme Gimme bags. Suggest they spend big, and try the front line. What precisely are they putting up and in? Why free ride and then whine if the day saga is a rough ride? Reality is. Have they any concept what plays out daily, the cost and stress?

    If only life were so simple. Thank God ours are street wise even though worn.

    We don't get to wimp out,throw Wobblers in a corner, each time the Cabal or Zio Rats pull yet another stroke to create more delays and keep on playing the overnight markets with OPM s. Suggest they go read the Guru rags, some can't handle truth. This is the curse of the Wannabes. Boo Hoo you failed my free ride, bad YOU. I'm special, I am owed.

    Load the circus cannon and point to Alaska?

    Is it the water Tony? Have them try the front line. Guys have sat in Reno for 5 years spending to get so far.
    We have "Special Parties" over for another 4 weeks, costs vast! We PUT in! We pay! We miss out life to win.

    Are our hands out for free rides? Contributions? We bleed so they feed? Why are they not self closing? In their heads it's so simple. My Spouse and I?????
    Bad us giving them reality reports. Why- Bother?

    1. I certainly agree.

      It was a ridiculous comment on their part, devoid of any thought process. Probably a NESARA wing nut acting on instructions via Ashtar at space command.

      While here I will say thank you again for your assistance and all the time you put in to do same. In my spare time I have been taking up the study of Zionism and its main players through many years. I am starting to really appreciate what you and your people are having to deal with. More and more I see the entanglements - the ritualisms of superiority and control. I had no idea. I am still reading up on it. I will comment more when the time comes.

      Keep up the good fight, and tell Mr B we said hello. (Now there is one fellow I would never want as an enemy!).

    2. Well Me and Mr B - ar Steward have our entanglements from time to time. Stress cooks reason. Lol. But we keep it together. Remember that film Paint Your Wagon - Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood?

  19. North Korea Test Fires Ballistic Missile.

    1. JV so it failed again. I wonder, as our gasla tic neighbours have deactivated nukes in the past, are they skiing their best to assist here to keep the temperature down I wonder?

    2. *galactic

      New phone/small keys

    3. AJ,

      While other races may lend a helping hand, No one is coming to save us. I certainly believe that there are other races and species all over the universe with more advanced technology, some benevolent, some malevolent. Earth is but a sand pebble in an entire beach of planets with some type of civilization.

      But all these sites that talk of Blue Avians, Spheres Beings, Pleadians, Andromedas, and other beings coming to help are savior sites. MK Ultra is a very real fact when it comes to these programs. Don't understimate how much the CIA trys to control you.

      Natural law is very specific. Advanced races may lend a hand, but they WILL NOT solve a problem.

      Search for the solution in yourself. Start there.

    4. Well we agree JV. The law of free will prohibits us being saved. But a helping hand if asked, yes entirely permitted. Andrew that is what is occurring.

      You mentioned the blue avians. They have explicitly said they are not here to save us. All of them that you mention are explicit on the free will aspect and pretty much tell us 'you need to clean your own mess up'. Humanity needs to own this victory. Any site thgat offers a message from these civilizations that says they are here to save us, or beam us away when the axis tilts etc are pure disinformation baloney, as you say.

      But I hope people don't take the intel agency bait to then dismiss these civilizations and the aid being provided and which has been requested by various means.

    5. No, and who here wants to be saved? I think we're here, on this site and WHA, because we want to be in on the saving - to be a part of the solution. I will gladly accept help from whomever, or whatever, offers to assist, but I'd be pushing the stalled car off the tracks with that help rather than sitting on my hands in the back seat wailing "Woe is me. Save me, save me!" I'm sure everyone here would. :)

  20. Replies
    1. Laid back indifference is the killer. Joe Public hands control on a plate. Sheeple.

  21. Carbon dioxide “pollutant” myth totally DEBUNKED in must-see science video

    Excerpt: Even more shockingly, most climate change cultists still have no idea that their own bodies are made of carbon, and even the THC found in all the weed they’re smoking contains 21 carbon elements per molecule (C21H30O2). Vegetarians and vegans apparently don’t realize that all the fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds they eat are also made of carbon, as is their own blood, skin, hormones and tissues. At the same time these people are denouncing carbon as an “evil pollutant,” they are eating carbon, drinking carbon, smoking carbon and even making babies made of carbon.

    Biffie: There is a ten minute video and some great comments.

    1. Wow, powerful video. Another huge lie to get a carbon tax.

    2. Biffie respectfully, some of the phrases in that excerpt are themselves misleading and written by someone with no knowledge of chemistry.

      Carbon isnt the problem (as that excerpt tries to pretend people are worried about). What is at issue is the physical properties of the CO2 molecule, which does trap heat (energy) in the same way that glass windows heat a car inside. That is fact.

      The issue is whether or not our ecosystem is experiencing a net increase of energy at this time. If it is, manmade CO2 is one contributing factor. I personally believe the sun is contributing more. Together, our ecosystem is experiencing an increase of energy.

      But, does that mean everything gets hotter? Not necessarily. If ice melts, oceans become less salty. This changes currents. Changed currents alter base weather patterns. Paradoxically it can bring on a mini ice age, then it might swing back and forward a few times as the systems find a new equilibrium.

      So these people who say 'carbon is everywhere how can co2 be thhe problem?' are so ignorant they sound like the flat earthers. I wonder about the state of science education in America sometimes. Or is beyoncé's latest attracting more attention?

    3. Biffie we both agree though that a carbon tax is a ruse :)

      I mean no disrespect of someone's take on things and so it's my word against theirs isn't it? All things being equal that'd be correct. So let me say why I have confidence in the science; anyone can put a few bits of 'knowledge' together to come up with some rhetoric to suit their own bias. So I'll lay mine bare for others to judge.

      When I studied organic chemistry as the major for my first degree it was theory and experimentation. The molecules I made in 6hour lab stints were subject to rigorous testing using such things as infrared and mass spectrometry and magnetic resonance spectroscopy. In short, we'd either shoot infrared light or radio waves through what we made which told us what molecule we had in fact made. The results agreed with what theory said would happen. These can't be fudged because it's physics and mathematics that determines these things. It's beyond here to go into the epistemological foundations of scientific knowledge so all I wanted to point out is that I applied the scientific method of objective experimentation to confirm or refute the theory. I only offer this to back up my claims which is only fair when debating something as objective as physics and chemistry.

      We don't need a tax. We need the release of free energy devices. So yes those 'inconvenient truth'ers are pulling the wool over the world's eyes but not for the reasons people think. To be fair not everyone studies chemistry so I don't want to disrespect them. But I can back up my claims which is more than can be said of the yellow rose of texas types :)

    4. As an organic chemist you should do the base calculation. Anthropgenic global warming is bunk. The world may be warming (though the short-term 20-50 year data says relative blip at best), but we aren't the cause.

      1) CO2 is out-gunned by water vapor 100-fold by concentration and 100-fold by heat effect. So you know it's 10^4th effect obliterates any hope, even thru so-called non-linear effects, that CO2 is controlling.

      2) You can't get around the buffer aspect of the ocean. Work out the heat content aspect of the top 10 meters of ocean.

      3) And if anybody bothered to actually read their own literature base one would find the following killer paragraph:

      Celestial Mechanics is the crowning glory of Newtonian mechanics. It has revolutionized man’s concept of the Cosmos and his place within it. Its spectacular successes in the 18th and 19th centuries established the unique power of mathematical theory for precise explanation and prediction. In the 20th century it has been overshadowed by exciting developments in other branches of physics. But the last three decades have seen a resurgence of interest in celestial mechanics, because it is a basic conceptual tool for the emerging Space Age.

      The main concern of celestial mechanics (CM) is to account for the motion of celestial bodies (stars, planets, satellites, etc.). The same theory applies to the motion of artificial satellites and spacecraft, so the emerging science of space flight, astromechanics, can be regarded as an offspring of celestial mechanics. Space Age capabilities for precise measurements and management of vast amounts of data has made CM more relevant than ever. Celestial mechanics is used by observational astronomers for the prediction and explanation of occultation and eclipse phenomena, by astrophysicists to model the evolution of binary star systems, by cosmogonists to reconstruct the history of the Solar System, and by geophysicists to refine models of the Earth and explain geological data about the past. To cite one specific example, it has recently been established that major Ice Ages on Earth during the last million years have occurred regularly with a period of 100,000 years, and this can be explained with celestial mechanics as forced by oscillations in the Earth’s eccentricity due to perturbations by other planets. Moreover, periodicities of minor Ice Ages can be explained as forced by precession and nutation of the Earth’s axis due to perturbation by the Sun and Moon. -- New Foundations for Classical Mechanics

    5. Agreed Tino. I'd also put methane in there which is much more potent than co2 and how many cows fart each day. I did say I believe the sun etc accounts for most of this (was that unclear?). I thought I said I did not support the co2 theory as presented.

      I like your first point. '10^4 even in a non-linear system..' and so I'm convinced even further towards the celestial argument. My whole point is to use scientific knowledge correctly.

    6. Roger that AA, roger that!

      Currently the non-sequitur rules the day. Not to mention fraud. Right now in science we have a replication failure of massive proportions. The only place we find good science today is engineering.

  22. Lifted from Slashdot:

    As the latest installment of it's "Vault 7" series, WikiLeaks has just dropped a user manual describing a CIA project known as "Scribbles" (a.k.a. the "Snowden Stopper"), a piece of software purportedly designed to allow the embedding of "web beacon" tags into documents "likely to be stolen." The web beacon tags are apparently able to collect information about an end user of a document and relay that information back to the beacon's creator without being detected. Per WikiLeaks' press release. But, the "Scribbles" user guide notes there is just one small problem with the program: it only works with Microsoft Office products. So, if end users use other programs such as OpenOffice of LibreOffice then the CIA's watermarks become visible to the end user and their cover is blown.

  23. John,

    If you can provide any insight it will be greatly appreciated, If not, I understand.
    Under the category of "Things that make you go Hmmm...". Today, congress passed a one week funding extension. ONE WEEK! Are there any clues here?


    1. Terry 601

      They are scrambling under real duress while a real bridge is negotiated. We have vast assets due for redemption where the Treasury or Fed, placed purposeful spelling errors in latter pages so they could deny redemption when the time came. Unfortunately for this scum, we hold the manuals showing the Agencies and Banks how to do it, and are ramming it right in their lying faces,and pressurizing nations to drop the Dollar and close their bases.

      By building the RMB, we are now turning the tide. Closing bases and Embassies is a must. Eurasia is a must and only by DC seeing they will all be gone, can compromise be achieved. But it won't be by weakness.

      We have successfully gained the support of the Elders to refuse them any more Gold use, and to refuse any more USD Bond renewals. The Bond holding Elders are now starting to understand what Crash the Zio Trash means. Russia needs to keep their Gulags ready, as does the US with the FEMA camps.

      Losing Israe hell is a must! Ripping the heart out of the Roaches fantasy lair. Mentally we then scuttle their chains of control. Eurasia will sort them, and memories are long. Removing the Roach networks is key. Only when they realize we have the processing technology and fury to sanitize them will they release those claws. This is not just getting redemption's its about getting control back then getting even.

      Eurasia will " Remodel". Elders are taking on board all that needs to be done. We are discussing new major banks, acquiring existing majors, and roach removal.

      Until the roaches are removed, their contamination remains. Remodeling is a far greater issue. Not just feeding a few Gimmes. Never mind go Hmmm. Believe me, I want to make the lot go Boom!

      Roaches have no table manners. They take!
      We must take back- Then Whack! Empires fail when Zios take! All!
      Don't integrate, disintegrate!

      This is a Roach fight, then to the end! As the US loses the plot, then the pot, we have to be ready to deal with the lot. Leave then standing, they start grandstanding. This is a far bigger patchwork quilt of issues. It's ALL about control!

      No one cares about Freebies. It's ALL about new direction,and who runs who in the coming Zoo. We want the DC snout OUT! Zio Banks out! Bases closed and Neo Cons hosed!

      We want a new direction, with meaning, not for non Zios a life of servitude demeaning. We are working the long plan, to remodel all. RV's are just a Wasters disease. Our dialog is the True Big Picture! That is the time being spent now, and need for real consensus. How do we ALL become one?

      Each day I explain there are NO Nations, it's just a Con Game for control of the species. Until we learn to think as a Beneficial Collective for all Humanity, and to educate real Principles from birth, real Democracy will always be Stillborn. False Religions have to go. None are "Special".

      You ALL ARE!

      Until we get that we are Cosmic Microbes, stardust blowing in the winds of time. This is why they are staying so long to get it. So they understand now their Buddah Brits do get it! The need for all to be as one. To value life, to have collective reason, and to build the new Star Species.

      Britain gave you the Industrial Revolution, Democratic Laws, and via John Wilberforce we ended Slavery. Now it's time to free your minds. The revolution we are fighting is for Consciousness.

      Where is hope? Look at the sites, you all are!

    2. "We have successfully gained the support of the Elders to refuse them any more Gold use, and to refuse any more USD Bond renewals."

      Game changer!

    3. John,

      Thanks for your response. I hope you and your team are successful

    4. "No one cares about Freebies. It's ALL about new direction,and who runs who in the coming Zoo. We want the DC snout OUT! Zio Banks out! Bases closed and Neo Cons hosed!

      We want a new direction, with meaning, not for non Zios a life of servitude demeaning."

      John, from your lips to God's ear!

    5. john

      what does the scenario look like if the US does not comply with the requests from your side?

      shifts in power usually do NOT change in a week... [e.g.: the Corn Laws, a few decades while millions of UKers starved; the slavery trade act of 1807, again a few decades; the opium wars there were two(2) of those]

      realistically, what does the scenario of non-compliance by US look like?

    6. I wonder which poet you were in a previous life, John. :)

  24. Protocols of the Elders of Zion – A One Page Summary

    Biffie: Check out the 23 key points and all the quotes in this one page summary. Sickening!!

    1. Now you see why we need the lot and their Lawyers, delivered direct to the Fema Red Zones and Gulags.

      All Treasury ,Fed and Bankers taken in. Past and Present. The Israe Hell Roaches Lair has to go. Simple as. Roach feasting must end. Mankind can not co exist as Roach feed. Roaches are a Pestilence and in time must be removed.
      This lot, GONE, will reshape Humanity. Think of it like sanitizing HPV out of the species. These running puss sores gone, or with us forever,choose.

    2. The links says "page not found" when I tried to access this link?

    3. go here mwp

    4. MWP, not sure why it did that. When I click the link, it says I can search for the link and I just put in the title, "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", and it comes up. Anyway, certainly worth taking a look at. Thanks A44L91 for adding the link above.

    5. Biffie

      With their media controls the Roaches keep on removing anything which exposes them for what they are,but you can find it by cross googling for similar.

  25. Many of the planetary controllers are blood feasting pedophiles, parasitic monsters literally and predatorily feeding off the 8 million children gone missing each year around the world.
    “Even in the Bible you find references to these practices with Israelites. The reason the first 10 tribes were banished to Babylonia was because of these rituals with children”
    Blackmailed pedophile politicians, many of whom are well known elected representatives occupying critically important positions in virtually every national government, particularly in the West, have remained insularly protected and immune from investigation and prosecution.
    n species. Before the psychopathic criminals who only have contempt for humanity go down, they’re determined to destroy us first, drastically reducing the world population by their divide and conquer, fast kill methods of war and violence.
    This presentation analyzes and exposes one very dark, sinister aspect of the elite’s most egregious atrocities against humanity – the despicably sick, voracious appetite for children’s flesh and blood. Like the demonic vampires they are, the blood of the innocent literally becomes the lifeblood that rejuvenates their own vitality, strength and bloodlust to demonically and compulsively feast on yet more of their targeted defenseless prey. The elite has long known the veracity of the latest scientific breakthroughs and discoveries confirming the incredible dividends gained from consuming young people’s healthier blood that restores vitality, aiding them with their age old quest to live forever.
    Even Hillary’s television appearances during her debates seemed to belie her failing health observed just days earlier, repeatedly losing her balance, her strange facially spastic, seizure-like spells, accompanied by strong suspicion she was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Yet her debate appearances showed her looking miraculously vibrant and healthy, sparking heavy conjecture she may have been artificially propped up by massive young blood transfusions. Her confirmed Wiccan past only fueled these rumored claims.
    In recent years Hollywood’s romanticized obsession over vampirism and zombies is no accident, methodically promoting a glorified image of consuming human blood as the lifeblood sustenance that leads to eternal life.


    Everyone nowadays knows what Bipolar disorder is. This nation has the worse case of it at the collective level, especially where it concerns it involvement with politics. The U.S. citizenry has been acculturated and inculcated accordingly over many decades of mind-control and neuro-linguistic programming via the mainstream media (MSM). To be an American is to be infected with what is now Political bipolar syndrome … to widely varying degrees, of course.

    1. Another example of innapropriate (incorrect) use of knowledge. SOTN has no idea what Bipolar Disorder is if they equate it with oscillations between left and right:

      "In this way the electorate is forever being swung from left to right, and from right to left. The last few election cycles have seen that pendulum swing further and further in each direction … by extremely purposeful design, of course."

      Bipolar Affective Disorder (BPAD) is a medical condition where a person experiences alternating mania and depression. Emotional and affective states.

      SOTN disingenuously then says that 'the nation has a worse case of it'. No it doesn't! If it did you would see the US going through periods of utter quiet and non interaction with anyone. Then all of a sudden it'd blow off all its bombs and guns and spend its money like a nympho in paddington. Then recluse behaviour again where it refuses all interaction and communication.

      Vascilating on the horizontal political spectrum is nothing like BPAD, an affect disease.

      a44 I'm not refuting your message but calling out the SOTN and the general loose use of knowledge that is being sprayed around incorrectly hoping people don't notice to simply make a point and make people believe their point is backed by something real.

      Onviously the standard of education in the west is abysmal. People, where have our reasoning skills gone?


    Donald Trump Is The First Jewish President
    The Donald Trump video every Jew MUST watch!

  28. Watching Trumps 100 days summary,it's beyond disconcerting that a mental Runt as visibly STUPID!!! as this Mutt is allowed to hold Office.Surely even the Yanks understand there has to be a line set with a Minimum IQ level to hold such office.

    That alone would avoid mental midgets like this Flatulent Lump ever being given office so clearly way beyond his capability. This man is simply THICK!

    It's embarrassing for all Americans being represented by such a stumblebum.

    At 200 days will that be a tactful time to start a Dump This Chump Campaign?

    A Trump LIE a Day won't keep reality away. Every time he opens that THICK mouth, more garbage rolls out. The CIA Meet and Speak show brought home we had a problem. Bannon needs to glue his mouth shut. He must be such an embarrassment to the team. Kushner must think, what a Moron, he's ours! Pull his strings, and play the fool for all in the store. 4 years of this Clown is deeply worrying.

    God knows what the Queen will have to put up with for a week of this uncultured Klutz Moron in play. Bush 43 was bad enough, but now we have the biggest idiot of all time. Hopefully succession planning is under way now. Putin, the Chinese and Brits all know we have the Village Idiot in play.

  29. The birdie told me the currencies rolled Wednesday and the bonds start Tuesday, so I imagine the pressure you bear John will make for a busy weekend through your Bank/May Day Holiday. There is a thought, get the Banks, the Workers and the Wiccans together with your Elders on Monday?

    1. Hello CB, I hope you are right about that. It would be wonderful. So here's to hoping the birdie sings the right note.

    2. DB

      Hell your close and not from me! They did not roll Wednesday, it failed. No comment on the Bank Holiday week end, but NO Holiday for us!

      Without saying Anything, we are firmly pushing by the hour, and our commitment is clear. Since the slaughter of the Native Americans, and the dropping of the A Bonds, the EU Federal Govt has assumed all powerful control. To have failed so badly, and to now be facing visible contempt and stubborn refusal to accept lesser redemption's, is a quandary for Zio crooks and Deep State. Even worse, one visibly active both promoting Eurasia and advocating their complete demise. In their face!

      Slowly it's dawning, if they lose to Eurasia, there will be no mercy.
      WE WILL transform this century or lose to NWO. Be clear, one must lose.
      Be clear- We refuse!

    3. CB,

      Was it a "reliable" birdie or a wanna be seer?

    4. MWP, i think so....i just bounced Johns comment off and he suggests the Wiccas dance

  30. Just a synthesis that may be helpful to some and its a good idea. We need to get here (there?) anyway to be a Star Species. I had the great privilege of knowing and working for Frank R. Wallace and his wife RM in the ten years prior to his death.

    The Constitution of the Universe


    The purpose of human life is to live happily.

    The function of government is to guarantee those conditions that allow individuals to fulfill their purpose. Those conditions can be guaranteed through a constitution that forbids the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person or group against any individual:

    * * *

    Article 1
    No person, group of persons, or government may initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual's self or property.

    Article 2
    Force may be morally and legally used only in self-defense against those who violate Article 1.

    Article 3
    No exceptions shall exist for Articles 1 and 2.

    * * *

    The Neo-Tech Constitution rests on six axioms:

    1. Values exist only relative to life.

    2. Whatever benefits a living organism is a value to that organism. Whatever harms a living organism is a disvalue to that organism.

    3. The basic value against which all values are measured is the conscious individual.

    4. Morals relate only to conscious individuals.

    5. Immoral actions arise from individuals choosing to harm others through force, fraud, deception, coercion -- or from individuals choosing to usurp, attack, or destroy values earned by others.

    6. Moral actions arise from individuals choosing to benefit others by competitively producing values for them.

    * * *

    NOTE: The Constitution Of The Universe is copyrighted by Neo-Tech Publishing Co. and Frank R. Wallace

    --- Separate comments - not part of CofU - included only because slightly prescient ---

    If we reduce all choices down to only having the potential to manifest one of two possible result... Choice making becomes simple. i.e.... Choices either empower liberty or slavery (a/k/a tyranny)... Choices either manifest wealth in various forms, or poverty in various forms... Thus if every choice is determined by being consciously aligned with manifesting liberty, wealth, value-productivity; then slavery, poverty, value-destructivity can't manifest. It's just that simple... DOES THIS CHOICE move me and others toward liberty? ... DOES THIS CHOICE protect liberty? .... DOES THIS CHOICE promote liberty? ...

    The challenge is to ascend out of carefully planned and executed ignorance, Neo-Slavery and color of law tyranny… ("blocks" to liberty and all other forms of wealth.)

    The BLOCK to True Liberty is the COMFORT RUT Syndrome.. where individuals feel they have enough to get by with... where there is some sense of security... So don't attempt to make improvements for fear of loosing what is now available... Just go along to get along!

    The BEST weapon for repairing damage, and defeating the terrocrats responsible for these destructive plots, is: Economic power not subject to terrocrat control!

    1. I like this: 'The challenge is to ascend out of carefully planned and executed ignorance...'

      I wonder what kind of education systems are used by the star natuins?

    2. read some of their published works. he left dupont and studied poker and won in vegas.

    3. At one point FRW had one of the best-selling poker manuals.

      It is still available in the aftermarket.

      He and his sons actually were attacked by the Bush41 Administration. He went to prison and was then released. Do not believe for a second the official story. The government was in the wrong the whole way.

      FRW was also among the first to identify biological immortality as an unequivocally proper and moral goal to pursue, and that the way to this was to make everyone as rich and as happy as possible, so that the masses would demand what we call here on OWoN, Transhumanism.

    4. Tino,
      "A Guaranteed Income for Life"....that's quite a claim. :-0)

      We know the guy who won the first World Series of Poker when it was in Reno and played in that competition many times through the years. He was in oil business, now a bio technology firm. Don't think he planned on a guaranteed income from poker.

    5. Texian,

      Marketing claim but relatively true. At my worst moment, when the damn economic implosion and the switch to short-term thinking killed my career, it was poker in Vegas that helped pay a couple bills.

      I estimate if all I did was play poker professionally, I could probably clear $100K playing some 20,000 hands a year.

    6. Tino,
      That's not my game at all, always seem to be on losing side of dealer....but I'll take you on in a bridge game. :-0)

    7. Hahaha! Maybe one day if we survive the Present.

    8. I have never heard of Frank R. Wallace. Thanks for sharing, Tino.

    9. so that the masses would demand what we call here on OWoN, Transhumanism.

      that`s when I stopped reading about neo-tech.

    10. a44I91,

      neo-tech is/was another entelechy to achieve the purpose of living happily on Earth. It was non-ethereal in nature purely because it looked at world religion's and viewed them properly as control frauds.

      However, FRW also identified neocheating and neocheaters, the highest evolution of which is now embodied in the Trilateralists, the CFRs, the Kazak Zionists and the Jesuits.

      Having said all that, neo-tech CofU above is a great stab at a universal principle most might be willing to sign up to. But moving on.

      So I'm curious, do you object to Transhumanism? Because the nefarious previously mentioned took much of their ideas on the topic from FRW and of course, want to do it in sequestered way as opposed elevating all of humanity, no matter the number.

  31. Light at the end of the tunnel...

    1. I look forward to taking this train ride!

    Published on Apr 29, 2017

    Fred Maxwell for western journalism reports, Hospitalized on April 14, Former President George H.W. Bush remains at the Houston Methodist Hospital, where he is being treated for chronic bronchitis.

    1. I hope to sing this song soon...

      Ding, dong the warlock is dead!

    2. This piece of complete human shit will get a Heroes funeral. But not where his Souls is going!

    3. For the moment, death comes to us all.

      To borrow a movie turn of phrase, "He chose... poorly."

      And of course, he [Bush] offered us nothing of permanence. Shelley comes to mind:

      I met a traveller from an antique land
      Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
      Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
      Half sunk, a shatter'd visage lies, whose frown
      And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
      Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
      Which yet survive, stamp'd on these lifeless things,
      The hand that mock'd them and the heart that fed.
      And on the pedestal these words appear:
      "My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
      Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

      Nothing beside remains: round the decay
      Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
      The lone and level sands stretch far away.

  33. Replies
    1. That first part was pretty cool Texian. We are also seeing more references to "cone heads" or as I call them "dome" heads. Brian Forester has done a great job in sharing the two types of elongated skulls (Paracas, Bolivia in particular) that can in no way be mistaken for "normal" human skulls. The connections globally where these are found is also getting better known.

    2. Secret Filming Of Odd Elongated Human Skulls In Bolivia
      Published on Dec 30, 2013

      p: A good explanation of what is normal and what is not and partially used above in Texian's posted video. Although, the title suggests a large Cone head, that seems to be missing.

      Enormous Cone Head Of Paracas Peru: Lost Human History Revealed
      Published on Mar 29, 2012

    3. This is big evidence that elongated head beings ruled Egypt at one time. Maybe the remaining "cone heads" reside at the Vatican and the mitre hats hide their "bulge"? Tehee

    4. That's exactly what Karen Hudes said...cone heads at Vatican and also in Portugal banks....

    5. It get's better, DNA tests have been done on a few of the Paracas skulls. Will see if can find that again.

      Not surprised about where they have been seen. This race isn't like us. Analytical, Ferengi like and emotionless. They are generally found in the sciences, so wouldn't be surprised to see them involved in the dark state technology. They consider humans primitive and of no real count.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. p:The limited DNA came back as of European/Middle eastern descent. Focus on the Black sea/Caucasus regions as origin point.

      DNA Of Paracas Elongated Skulls Of Peru: August 2016
      Published on Aug 12, 2016

      DNA Results of Ancient Peruvian Elongated Skulls Proves European Descent with Brien Foerster
      Published on Dec 25, 2016

      (Technical Issues with Skype - Our Apologizes) World Renowned World Renowned Brien Foerster talks about his result DNA testing of elongated skulls with red hair

    8. p: Something interesting. It seems that all those with lighter skin color and blue or green eyes stem from one ancestor about 10,000 years ago from near the same location as Brian Foerster's elongated skulls tested showed.

      Did People With Lighter Skin Color And Blue Eyes Originate From India Or Middle East?

      There are naturally exceptions, but most people who today live in India or Middle East have darker skin and brown eyes. While researching genetics of skin color, scientists have discovered that about 6,000-10,000 years ago, an interesting mutation took place that resulted in the emergence of blue eyes.

      Scientific studies have also revealed that Europeans’ light skin stems from a gene mutation from a single person who lived 10,000 years ago!

      Interestingly, both these gene mutations can be traced to India and Middle East. So, it’s fair to ask if people with light skin and blue eyes did originate from India or Middle East some thousands of years ago?

      Read more:

    9. Brien Foerster - Non-Human Skulls in Peru
      Published on Sep 22, 2015

    Trump wants S. Korea to foot $1bn THAAD bill, Seoul says no

    “The more aggressive the Americans are, the sooner they will see the final collapse of the dollar and by getting rid of the dollar this would be the only way for victims of American aggression to stop this onslaught. As soon as we and China dump the dollar, it will be the end of the US’ military might.”


  36. Tino and AJ, thank you for your discussion on global warming above. That is exactly what I wanted. The scientists among us to give their views:)

    1. Biffie we still have a huge hole in our knowledge that even Al Gore wouldn't touch:

      "A typical fart is composed of about 59 percent nitrogen, 21 percent hydrogen, 9 percent carbon dioxide, 7 percent methane and 4 percent oxygen. Only about one percent of a fart contains hydrogen sulfide gas and mercaptans, which contain sulfur, and the sulfur is what makes farts stink."

      "Global human population growth amounts to around 75 million annually, or 1.1% per year. The global population has grown from 1 billion in 1800 to 7 billion in 2012. It is expected to keep growing, and estimates have put the total population at 8.4 billion by mid-2030, and 9.6 billion by 2050"

      "On average, a person produces about half a liter of fart gas per day, distributed over an average of about fourteen daily farts. Whereas it may be difficult for you to determine your daily flatus volume, you can certainly keep track of your daily numerical fart count."

      So half a L a day with 6Billion people added since 1800. That's 3Billion L /day fart gas, or 270 Million L/ day of c02 and 210 Million L/day of methane.

      Methane breaks down into co2 and water vapour in the stratosphere so no wonder the world is getting wetter.

      The clincher is a map of the greatest concentration of methane: the northern hemisphere, particularly Israel. For some reason Buenos Aires is the other hot spot, but then again they eat a lot of steak.

  37. Thanks AJ, very interesting stats.

  38. Le Pen sounds like Jim Willie:

    "We will have a national currency like all other countries, and we will have a common currency together,” Le Pen said in in an interview with Le Parisien.

    In her interview Sunday, she explained that euro should become the currency that will be used by “only large companies that trade internationally.”

    I thought the alignment with what Willie predicts for the US currency was *interesting*. I guess this signals that a reintroduced Franc would devalue 'out of the gate' that is sure to piss Germany off.

  39. Trumps first 100 days


    Clinton, crimes for eternity in jail????????????????????


    The Pedos???????????????????????????

    The Wall ????????????????????

    Illegals ?????????????????????????

    ISIS ??????????????????????????

    Obama's Birth Certificate ????????????????????

    Obama's girls DNA ?????????????????????????

    Drugs and Crime ?????????????????????????

    CIA Drug Running in Afghanistan ????????????????????????

    Israeli Spying ??????????????????????????

    Banking crimes ??????????????????????

    Settlements ???????????????????????

    Infrastructure regeneration ?????????????????????

    Education ???????????????????????

    Health Care ?????????????????????

    Remove the Deep State ????????????????????

    Kushner's achievements ?????????????????

    Kushner's Value ????????????????????

    Trumps next 100 days ???????????????????

    Who calls time if he fails those again ??????????????????

    Why is Hillary not awaiting trial? Why is Wiener not charged ????????????

    Where are the Justice corruption charges ???????????????????

    WHEN is the Fed being taken over by Non Jews ??????????

    WHY has this Clown appointed more Jews to the Treasury and Fed ??????????

    When are Non Jews going to handle hard working Americans own money?????????

    Why are Jews running the WH ???????????

    With so many Kushner family crimes and corruption, why is he even in the WH ????????

  40. As no nations have the Financial resources to fund a long protracted conventional war, escalation to full on nuclear would be rapid. As at least 100 US Cities and bases would be erased, orchestrated over hours, and hundreds of US Global bases nuked over 48 hours. Does the average American have any concept of the inevitable occupying forces which would then come, and the full on sanitisation program which would commence?

    China is now mass producing Nuclear Subs and Russia has many. They are preparing.

    Israel will be gone, erased forever. Be assured, if this goes. Israel will be atomized! Zero left! Tough on Arabs inside but?

    As the invading forces come in, the Zios would be rounded up and ???? Assume a one way ticket for sure and none will live! Then the Agencies and Deep State. Whatever is left will be for the Slave Camps and Organ Donors. Need we spell out how?

    America would be so pounded it could never again arise. The nukes would destroy most and the occupying forces would round up the rest. Forget Hollywood. A ruthless extermination program would follow. There would be a firm agenda. End it!

    Russian forces would sweep through Europe over 2 days. The lot would fall. All Zios would go straight to the Gulags. If no WW 111, Eurasia will sort them. Look at Trump, surrounded in the WH. Where could this end? Zios always push it. Russia and China would push - the Button! This would escalate to a war the US can not win.
    Russia and China both know losses would be horrendous. But as Subs continue in mass production, why?

    As the Sheeple sleep, the Wolf Packs are gathering. Continuous US belligerency in Settling, will escalate discord. We see first had China's concept of retribution. Still meddling continues. Still the muddled thinking protecting US interests in Asia.
    It's - Over! All Empires end. Only the US does not see that coming. Too much dumbed down thinking. If WW 111 does get invoked, retribution will be awful. But the Zios world wide would go. A total sweep up. Their greed and avarice will be their own demise. As will be the case for Washington's own Hegemony. The world is now dividing. Alliances formed. Where now? A Comb over knee JERK offers no solutions.

    1. Tons of thought provoking info in your last 2 posts, John...
      I hope that Trump is deeper than we have seen in his first 100...
      The one good thing about his first 100 is,, it is not Hilary's first 100...
      As for the dumbed-down American sheeple... it may take a war to wake them up...
      Probably one reason the RV's and such wont get released is awareness...
      All the people involved in those all have awareness and it would be spread post release...
      Anyway,, thanks for the site, your time, great efforts and all the thought provoking info...

    2. The only thing I see deep about Trump so far is Doodoo! Him!
      Yes, it was right to go for him to stop Clinton, but now it's time to look fully at him.
      Fact, the Zio's have him, hes a Puppet. Sad, useless and way out of his depth.
      So we give him 100 more days. One last chance. But we need actions. He needs Wins! Clinton!! Wiener!!, the Pedos. If he dumps Bannon, he's toast.
      He needs to take Soetoro down. Clinton too!

  41. Now that Trump has Neil Gorsuch, his plagiarising Judge appointee in place as a Supreme, he is now in direct conflict with the unelected Deep State who will block him at all turns. Already the Deep State are conspiring with all to derail him on all key moves.
    This is war, and its a fight to the death. Trump needs to land mortal blows, and where better than indicting Clinton, Soetoro, Wiener and so many more. Can this Mutt man up?
    This is Americas battle now to arise again. Then we are all with him. Arise Sir Comb Over Mutt?


    The Philippines have become the first Asian country to grow wise to the ruse. They have worked hard to gain financial independence and are now in the process of kicking the Rothschild controlled banks out of their country.

    The Philippines transformation under Duterte proves that any nation, no matter how impoverished and troubled, can throw off the shackles imposed by international bankers and trade in death and destruction and return the power to the people.


  44. "Operation Silver Slam" (Bix Weir)
    Published on Apr 30, 2017

    On May 1, 2005 an artificial price slam began the 6 year Silver bear market...Bix breaks down WHO did it!

  45. From Judge Anna:

    Regarding the "Republic" and its "return to a gold standard" and other rumors ----this is all "internal domestic" reshuffling of the "United States" and its corporations. Strictly speaking has nothing to do with us or with our states of the Union.

    Think of it this way--- you hire a lawn care company to take care of your grass and hedges and tree trimming, etc., They incorporate (1868) ---- no big deal so far as you are concerned. They spud off some subsidiaries (municipal governments, 1878)---- and again, no big deal in your view. Who cares how the lawn care company decides to organize itself, so long as the work gets done at a price you can afford? Right?

    The problem has been that we let them run wild and do whatever they wanted for so long, they began to think that they were the beneficial owners of the whole shebang. Some cretins (Clintons, Bushes) made deals and deceived other countries about their status and their ownership interests---- made agreements to sell off assets that actually belong to us, etc.--- in our names while pretending to represent us.

    So now under Trump's guidance, they are reshuffling again and dusting off their laurels and the old names and their red-white-blue bunting and they are making some really needful changes in the way their corporations have been operating and that is all to the good. Long overdue. A big relief.

    Unfortunately, some other countries who have also been bamboozled and swindled by earlier administrations going all the way back to the Civil War are angry, cheated, and upset. And I don't blame them. Amends have to be made, and who is going to make them? Not us--- we have been the victims and been bamboozled ourselves. Not the other countries--- they shouldn't have to take losses because of criminals misrepresenting themselves as our agents and representatives.

    And that is where it stands.

    We have worked out a means of gradually erasing all world debt. It may take ten years, but we can do it without hurting anyone. At the same time, we can introduce a new "mixed" global economy based on actual asset-backed currencies and asset-backed credit securities. And people all over the world can enjoy a higher standard of living while we are doing it.

    So there is a Win-Win Option on the table for everyone concerned. Nobody goes home hungry. Nobody is cheated--- including us. Nobody has to die to raise money. (See "How Insurance Fraud Funds "Your" Government(s)")

    It is in that arena that I am active--- letting other governments know what has happened and where the actual American states and people stand, and that is, no, we aren't letting Secondary Creditors come in here and claim our assets as "abandoned property" and no, we aren't assuming the odious debts that these animals have racked up and tried to foist off on us, either--- but we do have sympathy with other victims and we have ways and means to end the fraud and balance the books in a way that benefits everyone.

    So let's make nice and do what has to be done in justice for all.

    1. Sounds reasonable to me. However, the courts etc., just ignore common law. You refuse to go into their civil courts, and they take everything you own.
      Until the people as a whole, wake-up and are willing to fight to take our country back, it appears that we continue to be robbed of our God given rights.
      We basically have no rights according to "them".

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Pivoting off John's comment of nations being the con to control the species, read this paragraph in another context, but is the tightest evaluation of the present con, and why One World of Nations is the right strategy:

    Omni-nationalism is not a zero-sum game. Your nation does not have to lose in order for my nation to survive and thrive.

    Imperialism is a zero-sum game. Civic nationalism is a zero-sum game. In both cases, a nation has to lose in order for another nation to benefit.

    And both multiculturalism and [present] globalism are negative sum games where almost every nation loses.

  47. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Exposes Super-vaccination Agenda

  48. Are DOJ and FBI Colluding To Steal Ranchers' Lands?
    Published on Apr 30, 2017

    The ongoing "investigation" and threat of prosecution over the Bundy Ranch episode might in fact be an effort by the BLM/DOJ/FBI to force ranchers off their land. I tie in the findings of investigative journalist George Webb (subscribe to his youtube channel and follow him on Twitter, involving the cover-up of the pedophile networks and Islamic infiltration of the US Government) with the extreme attacks on Bundy demonstrators. Considering the actions of Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid, this might just be the case. I have alluded to this possibility in the past, but now it looks much more likely.


    April 30, 2017 Special Report: An existential question facing humankind is whom can be trusted to describe the world and its conflicts, especially since mainstream experts have surrendered to careerism, writes Robert Parry.

    I have my doubts that any of these individuals—all of whom swore to uphold and defend the Constitution—have ever read any of the nation’s founding documents. Had they actually read and understood the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights, there would be no militarized police, no mass surveillance, no police shootings of unarmed individuals, no SWAT team raids, no tasering of children, no asset forfeiture schemes or any of the other government-sanctioned abuses that get passed off as law and order these days. We’ve got serious problems in this country, and they won’t be solved on the golf course, by wining and dining corporate CEOs, giving local police forces more military equipment, locking down the nation, or pretending that the only threats to our freedoms are posed by forces beyond our borders or by “anti-government” extremists hiding among us.
    So far, Trump’s first 100 days in office have been no different from Obama’s last 100 days, at least when it comes to the government’s ongoing war on our freedoms

    1. A44L91


      Can you wonder why we are so vitriolic towards what is going on, has gone on, and will continue within the US, until someone smashes the rotten core Cabal system.

      The Greed of the Zios is bottomless. As it has ever been. We are "Special????!

      The duplicity and chicanery of the Cabal and its Political hangers on,makes Democracy impossible. The Rot is from the top down, Trump, visibly is now the same morphed out Sell Out as always, he's now in The Club he sought to access,with his snout in the Trough, and owned by the Zios.

      No less than with the Bushes, the family are now in looting the store. Rotten to the core.

      It's all a mirage and smoking mirrors. Endemic corruption rules fools.

      Correct, until someone replaces what is with the good intent of the Constitution, the nation is enslaved and US hegemony rules the world until a face off comes. Billy No Mates flagellates all,until, does it have to be WW 111? Reason will not persuade the Zios to leave the trough.

      So WW 111 and from what is left, totally scourge the lot?

      Be assured, all know that whilst losses will be catastrophic,it can only end when Eurasia and what's left of the US, are sanitized by the conquering forces, with not a single Zio or Cabal creature left to pollute again.

      WW 111, if it comes, will see of this entire sub species. Nations will queue to hand them over, as with WW 11 only most of those were innocent victims of the inhumanity of man. But when the sanitisation starts, they will neither know the difference, or care. The Exodus will begin again,but this time technology aided, will be the end game for many.

      It does not have to be this way,but who will try to lead and segregate?
      As species have perished before, this will become a Global holocaust. The Jesuits will be swept up along the way, the Vatican too.

      Those with any degree of literacy, will know how the Chinese have scourged Tibet,the history of Stalin and the Gulags,also the horrors of the Nazis. All will pail before WW 111 if unleashed. End of times will be beyond macabre,and what will emerge will be a truly savage species. Our world? Who rules fools?

  50. Most appalling is how most judges won't even allow the Constitution to be brought up in their kangaroo court rooms.
    It's all penal codes now.

  51. Tino and the All Cosmic Inclusive All Being- ONE!

    Think of the current software Cloud, to lift all and contain all as an IT accomplishment. Within IT, a conclusive all encompassing knowledge base. One we know how to code access.

    Transcend beyond.This of an all inclusive Cosmic binding intelligence and unitary knowledge of all interconnecting by ethereal and kinetic energy unlocking to Soul empower mankind to access more, understand more,and be part of more. All we lack as a species,for the majority, is the access key.

    But many have been born, sensitive to the source, with inner knowledge and commitment to be - more. To know- is all. Empowerment, whilst sensitive, is finite. Belief is irrelevant. Such knowledge of being is all. Total. To transcend, experience what is beyond, is experience of what is real, infinite and total of all. Everything IS as one. To KNOW is all. Debate matters little, for what IS becomes inclusive. Each in their time.

    The jigsaw sum of all parts, connecting, shaping new cosmic life.

    Life is just a journey. Earth a Carbon Life Form pit stop. Human life form death empowers more. A Soul is eternal. Each, in time, will see on return.

    To be, so see, to return, how do you explain to social Wannabe Pygmies whose aspirations reach to a 6 pack, balls games and Reality TV plus such plastic beings?

    Or Zio trash so far deluded they are lost causes. Pointless beings. Truth will be such a Zinger for that lot. We were promised, Boo Hoo. By who? Delusion merits exclusion.

    1. Heavens John, there is so much truth and beauty in some of your statements in this comment. Thank you so much for sharing them.

    2. Oh goodness, I am assuming this was prompted by the biologic immortality comment.

      The jury is still quite out whether physical biologic immortality is possible. The level of technology required and the Enemy of accident-in-time when time is measured in tens of millennia probably means no, in which case, it IS just a lengthy pit-stop. Then we but argue over length of the putative life-extension in Transhumanism.

      Be that as it may, it would be nice to have some truly testable evidence of the Ethereal Nature of Reality. Color me the skeptic. I'm assuming that anything like evidence is secured-away in the same manner as the UFO connection. I'm assuming the Vatican will have gone to great lengths to ridicule and suppress this One-True-Path.

      An Ethereal-based Universe would thrill me to no end... :)

    3. You can't explain it to those whose aspirations include the beer, the game and the Kardashians, et al. You need to take them gently by the hand and SHOW them. Many are as they are because they have zero awareness of the possibilities. As I write this what comes to mind is Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Present. Part of our job is to open their eyes. What they allow themselves to see is up to them. Fear is not only a powerful motivator, it is a powerful deterrent and some will stay stuck due to fear of the unknown. However, in order to wake up you have to know you are asleep - so many don't know!

    4. MYGIRL56, very well said, thanks. Certainly a challenge to get some in my family to wake up. One says, "I don't want to know". Sheesh.

  52. Here is a very well done article that has a lot of teeth and has me rethinking my whole position on Trump.

    The concealed back story that the conservative Right will refuse to believe,
    and the Alt Right will begrudgingly acknowledge

    State of the Nation

    There has never been, and there will never be, another campaign season like the 2016 presidential election cycle.
    That factoid alone ought to give many people good reason to pause and ask: Why, really, did the American people recently experience the wildest and wackiest election in U.S. history?
    The following statement made by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, which was uttered in a moment of extraordinary candor, is quite instructive:

    “In politics, nothing ever happens by accident.

    If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”
    Given this political reality, there is every reason to believe that the very same MO is still operative today… and much more so than ever.
    World Shadow Government decided in favor of a Trump presidency

    But why?

    Why did The Powers That Be (TPTB) decide to derisively dump the Clinton crime family, after ignominiously dethroning the Bush political dynasty, during the 2016 campaign season? Even the Obama legacy has been irreparably tainted by WiretapGate, Emailgate and Syriagate, all of which were blown wide open by The Donald.

    Additionally, Candidate Trump was permitted to forever wreck and ruin the credibility of the Mainstream Media (MSM) with the searingly accurate label of “fake news”. He also took his wrecking ball to both the Republican Party establishment and the Soros-hijacked Democratic Party. By exposing them both as thoroughly fraudulent institutions that do not work for the American people, he completely wrecked both political brands.

    Simply put, this kind of profound and pervasive political destruction doesn’t take place except by purposeful design. How could any candidate ever acquire such a high and sustained media platform unless it is deliberately provided by the “hidden hand” of global governance (i.e. World Shadow Government). After all, TPTB own and operate the entire MSM. Nothing makes it onto the evening news or front pages of the newspapers unless it was “planned that way”.
    Who sponsored the Trump vs. Clinton “political heavyweight match of the millennium”?

    There is only one answer to this question. That answer clarifies the real purpose behind the Trump presidency. The recent and very radical shift in Trump’s foreign policy is, incidentally, a dead giveaway. That shift blatantly favors Israel, and especially the advancement of the Great Israel project. As follows:

    Israel’s House of Kushner Now Runs the Trump Administration for the NWO Globalists

    Every move that Trump is now making on the worldwide Monopoly board is being directed by the Zionist Neocon cabal who significantly staff every level of his administration. As the preceding article makes quite clear, son-in-law Jared Kushner (frontman for the NWO globalists) is really running the whole show for Zionist Israel with Trump merely acting as presidential pitchman.

    1. Scott I disagree with SOTN.

      "Simply put, this kind of profound and pervasive political destruction doesn’t take place except by purposeful design. "

      It is a wet dream for them to make everyone think TPTW are in control. I call BS with a big 2 finger salute to this idea. Fact is you cannot be in control of chaos.

      The most that is happening in my opinion is that TPTW are clutching at straws and simply (trying to) take advantage of the situation they do not entirely control. The clue is this assertion:

      "How could any candidate ever acquire such a high and sustained media platform unless it is deliberately provided by the “hidden hand” of global governance (i.e. World Shadow Government). After all, TPTB own and operate the entire MSM."

      If they control the msm (which was vehemently against trump until he turned just before the Syria strikes) then they want you to believe they control all information. All they have done is fed some info that was intended to make its way to some alt-right media rag and voila people believe it because it's not from the WSJ. Really? Talk about being played. This is the second time for me SOTN has been found wanting this week. It is they who are playing the game, or being played I think.

      Everything is not under cabal control. If it were then John and the Elders are too. Trump was simply leaned on and now he is ensnared in the same cage as Obama. It took them a few weeks to recover from the knockout blow of the election to maneuver some people swiftly into place. Kushner is one.

      The outcome is not determined, TBTW don't hold many cards. If they did their wars would be successful. But they never get off the ground. Funny that ;)

    2. AJ, good points that is why I said it has some teeth. He got elected by patriotic heads of military, intelligence, some politicos, and of course the people who knew Hitlary would be a disaster and thru his first 70 days I thought he was on target with most of his campaign promises but all the flip flopping on these issues plus Syria, NK, Assange, etc has me believing that the story above has some teeth along with being compromised by the Deep State, a bit of both.

  53. Hackers ran through holes in Swift’s network
    May 1, 2017

    The hackers used malicious software to remotely monitor routine activity at the central bank for weeks before they struck. The Bangladesh central bank has said it is trying to determine if any of Swift’s work played a role in the attack. Ms. de Teran, the Swift spokeswoman, said Swift doesn’t comment on individual customers.

    At first, Swift called the attack on Bangladesh Bank “an internal operational issue” at the central bank. When Swift learned that hackers were using software that disabled customers’ ability to print out logs of their messages, it issued a software patch but left it up to customers to implement the upgrade.

    Last May, the Journal reported that Banco del Austro SA in Ecuador had suffered a similar attack. Thieves got the Ecuadorean bank’s Swift codes and used them to steal about $9 million with fake transfer orders.

  54. Human cartilage has been successfully 3D printed
    May 1, 2017

    3D printers have been causing revolutions in many different fields, with materials as different as food, mud, plastic, and plants. The game-changer is that you can create very precise, complex shapes that weren’t able to be created before. Another use of 3D printing is a potentially life-saving one. 3D bioprinters are being developed that can print out tissues and organs. Some that are being tested now are skin cells, bone, heart tissue, and now cartilage. A team of researchers at Sahlgrenska Academy has created cartilage tissue by printing stem cells with a 3D-bioprinter. It appears to be just like human cartilage and could be used to replace damaged cartilage.

    1. They're pretty cool p. We have one in our learning innovations studio and still wondering what to do with it. The other day we printed a bearing with 2 rings and ball bearings between them, fully functional as if factory made. Of anyone can come up with how these can contribute to education I'm certainly all ears.

    2. AJ,
      Applications for education are limitless. The great inventors tinkered around before inventing something world changing in most cases. All you need are some vivid imaginations with a laboratory equipped with a 3D out world!

    3. Given many believe that humans have already been cloned, a little cartilage doesn't seem like such wowing info, eh?

    4. AJ, that's awesome. We need more applications and education is a good way to find and explore more.

      Agree Texian, it could be really awesome with what is created.

      MW& P They have the cloning technology, but for the average Joe? Until the Deep State technology is shared with everyone and it's applications made widely available, contributions from Bio-3D printers are something to be encouraged. We don't know where the 3D printers could take us and it may ultimately provide better technology advancements than the Deep State tech does. That may not seem to be the case, but creation has a way of getting interesting when done for positive reasons. Look at how many synchronicities have occurred globally on various technologies when not interfered with...

    5. I was chatting with my boss and essentially we came up with an iterative model where the stydent had to design st, print it and check it. Feedback or testing occurs then the student tweaks the design and has another go until the thing works. This is based on a formative assessment model but i like to extend my formative assessments to include as many rounds it takes for the student to reach the goal.

  55. Most appalling is how most judges won't even allow the Constitution to be brought up in their kangaroo court rooms.
    It's all penal codes now.

    1. The court rooms are corporate admiralty law. Check out for details. We no longer have common law courts, but must reestablish them. All of our common law courts were usurped by US Corporation owners.

  56. Replies
    1. Oh! That's a good one! As good as the ship that went to the Arctic to study the melting Polar Cap and got frozen in the ice several hundred miles short of destination....

  57. Replies
    1. thank you Texian!

      Such a deal for drug companies...first you cause brain injury to a child with vaccinations. Then you create a drug that costs between $486,000-$700,000 per year to treat said "disease"...I said treat, not cure. Is this what our medical community has become?

      In case you don't want to read this article, please read this excerpt:

      Shocker: I found this explosive statement in FDA press release: “The initial symptoms [of the childhood disease CLN2] usually include language delay, recurrent seizures (epilepsy) and difficulty coordinating movements (ataxia). Affected children also develop muscle twitches (myoclonus) and vision loss. CLN2 disease affects essential motor skills, such as sitting and walking. Individuals with this condition often require the use of a wheelchair by late childhood and typically do not survive past their teens.”

      Does that sound like anything you’ve ever heard of?

      It’s the result, in some children, of administered vaccines.

      Vaccine damage.

      Imagine this. A doctor says to a mother: “You have to stop talking about the horrible things that happened to your child right after he received a vaccine. You’re wrong. You’re not making sense. It wasn’t the vaccine. Your child has a rare genetic brain disorder called CLN2. We now have a drug that may slow down one of the progressing symptoms. It’ll cost $486,000 a year. To give the drug, we’ll need your child for five hours every other week. We’ll insert a catheter in his head…”

    2. While my profession has much to answer for on the vaccine-front, CLN2 really is a genetic disorder. It's symptoms are similar because the brain is injured by the metabolic disorder. And yes, I agree pharma is going (gone) off the rails.

    3. Tino,
      Do you see that Big Pharma is trying to coverup vaccine damage by throwing these kids into the CLN2 basket? And then create an astronomically expensive "treatment" for symptoms?

      Do we really know for sure CLN2 is genetic? Or is it same DNA as not being able to shed or secrete toxins by not being able to produce enough glutathione?

    4. While blackguards having a solution may seed the problem, here, I think, CLN2 is just a genetic disease and someone is gouging the State with an expensive, somewhat useless treatment, because they can.

  58. Will we become a "heart centered" world sooner than you think?

    "Hence, global society should change dramatically during this 18 month transit. I think the world will look very different when this 18 month transit is over." Hallelujah! Wouldn't this be grand?

    Many defective societal patterns, responsible for social injustice and inequity are acknowledged to be very much in need of healing.
    My theory is that these objectionable patterns, so much in need of healing, are held in place and preserved by the heart’s deep, hidden attachments. This is true despite the non-stop turbulence caused by the Moon’s Nodes on the Virgo/Pisces axis.
    The heart’s invisible attachments - loyalties, traumas and other assorted heart-based emotional ties - its sentimentalities - are probably holding many of these defective patterns in place. They are being held in place unbeknownst to our conscious minds and for reasons that have little to do with anything but obscure feelings and emotionally charged memories.

    Cumulatively, these invisible but strong sentiments might be preventing the fundamental societal change that so many seek. They might be preserving many defective societal patterns out of empty sentiment or seemingly shallow and pointless nostalgia, perhaps for an ideal past that never existed. Rational, compassionate concerns, or concerns for justice cannot overcome these attachments.
    Many patterns responsible for injustice and inequity are also responsible for maintaining relationship that the heart cherishes. Defective or not, in need of healing or not, in need of rectification or not, these patterns cannot and will not be released until the heart is ready to let them go. The fate of many animals and plants is negatively affective because they are caught up in the working out of patterns born of sentimentality, nostalgia and custom.

    The heart’s attachments might not make much sense. It might be attached to patterns that do great harm. The point is that the heart’s attachments are persistent and seemingly immune to many of the forces that produce change in the mind and the world. With so much energy, including the all important energy of the North Node, focused on the heart axis, we are likely to see progress in eliminating or changing patterns that the heart has been holding in place.

    Let us also be mindful that according to widely accepted teachings, the heart is widely believed to be a conduit to the soul or our Higher Selves. So, as we speak of the heart’s preferences, we are, in effect, talking about the preferences of the soul, or our Higher Selves.

    Taking this a step further, the soul or Higher Self connects us with the Divine. Let's not mince words. Let us appreciate the full meaning of what we are saying.

    1. Mwp i think we're in a release phase that's why so much shite is coming up. For me so much anger frustration from time to time, yet others peaceful. We'll get there:)

  59. Important continuation of excerpt:

    In essence, when we say that the North Node’s ingress chart will help reshape the world in accordance with Venusian impulses, we are saying that it will help us reshape the world in accordance with the heart’s preferences. When we say that, we are, in effect, saying that this chart will help us reshape the world in accordance with impulses and desires that originate at the level of the Higher Self, or the Divine.

    In recent posts, I have tried to argue, as I just said, that the energetic focus on the Leo/Aquarius axis, the heart axis, will enable long-delayed change.

    It will do so by motivating and enabling the heart to finally release attachments buried deep within itself. This concentration of energies will finally motivate and enable the heart to release old preferences and attachments and embrace new ones.
    In the process, we are likely to see some long overdue changes. Old and defective patterns will be released and healed or completely replaced, at long last.

    The Moon’s Nodes will be on the heart axis for 18 months. That’s enough time for a great deal of long-overdue, much needed and probably unexpected change to take place. It might allow us to overcome the heart’s attachment to unjust and irrational attachments.

    I believe we can expect a deep and continuing wave of changes in personal and community relationships. In every area. On every level. Between all kinds of people. In all manner or relationships. This suggests extensive socio-economic change as personal loyalties realign. I think the Venus persona chart for the North Node’s Leo ingress supports that conclusion.

  60. It can now be reported that CIA-Chinese sub-accounts tied to the noted Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols have been hacked from a CIA established counterfeit Japanese yen trading platform headquartered in North Korea. The order to hack came from former CIA Director rogue neo-Nazi John Brennan.

    The Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds represent 27.5 trillion dollars of STOLEN U.S. Treasury funds illegally embezzled by the Bush-Clinton-Obama-CIA crooked banking cartel.

    P.S. At this hour the CIA Wells Fargo, Bank of America and HSBC Asian based secret trading accounts have been frozen by U.S. Treasury officials with a warrant issued for daddy Bush’s arrest (George Herbert Walker Bush).

    We can also divulge that Wikileaks will soon release spread sheets that will expose the CIA corporate-controlled media filth as enabling a 30-year scripted Bush-Clinton ponzi scheme designed to wreck the U.S. Republic, destroy the U.S. Constitution and LOOT the U.S. Treasury.

    FOX News left-right box ponzi scheme will be totally exposed involving CIA asset aka “Mocking Bird” Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes, their attorney Israeli Mossad agent and lesbian loser Hillary “CIA” Clinton stooge Susan Estrich, arch-feminist and John Kerry Cohen CIA stooge Mary Anne Marsh, the late Tony Snow and Bush Crime Family cousin former Fox News employee John Prescott Ellis.

    Wikileaks will finger Ellis for helping making operational the “VISAT” Larry Mizel-NSA-CIA-CNN year 2000 election hack that occurred from the Texas Governor’s mansion at 7:58 p.m. CST election night 2000, reference the hacking of Volusia County, Florida, Hamilton County, Tennessee and Jefferson County, Missouri.

    Former CBS anchor Dan Rather is now singing like a canary and has turned over records of the CBS News Military Games Division, which were compiled on election night 2000, to the U.S. Military Michigan and Tennessee Flag Officers detailing the entire year 2000 coup d'état against the American People. Dan Rather has also fingered current CBS radio division journalist, Israeli Mossad agent Mark Knoller as a year 2000 coup d'état co-conspirator.

    Neo-Nazi Jack Welch as CEO of NBC-General Electric benefited financially in billions of dollars in defense contract profits when Junior George W. BushFRAUD's illegal war in Iraq based on a lie.

    Wikileaks will also finger John Prescott Ellis and former NBC CEO Jack Welch as a lynchpin in the year 2000 election coup d'état with Welch enabling bribes with the assistance of Fox News Bush cousin John Prescott Ellis to be paid to NBC media stooges like Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell and CIA asset Mike Barnicle to actually endorse Nazi Junior George W. BushFRAUD over then Democratic Party nominee U.S. Vice President, now year 2000 DULY ELECTED President of the United States Albert Gore Jr. of Carthage, Tennessee. Note: John Prescott Ellis actually worked directly for NBC-General Electric and neo-Nazi Jack Welch before going to work for Fox News.

    It is important to remember that election stealing, nation wrecking, constitution shredding, U.S. Treasury embezzling, war criminal, homosexual in-the-closet, Nazi Junior George W. BushFRAUD totally destroyed the U.S. Republic.

    Nazi Junior George W. BushFRAUD, along with his sociopath daddy (George Herbert Walker Bush) and his 7th degree witch mother, Barbara, will be held accountable by the U.S. Military Michigan and Tennessee Flag Officers for their 54-year HIGH TREASON crime spree that began on November 22, 1963 with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy

    Read More @

    1. Interesting but...of course...

      I've NEVER read anything that Heneghan has put in print that is actually been shown to be true so I wouldn't be celebrating or holding your breath on this one either...imho.

  61. Big Pharma's YouTube police have already taken the video down today...was still up this morning when I viewed.

    Harvard Immunologist Demolishes Mandatory Vaccination Logic




  63. p; Government over reach, this well beyond... Cannot blame this farmer one bit!

    When a Farmer Punches Back at the Feds
    May 1, 2017

    With the crank of a Case IH Quadtrac, John Duarte unwittingly poked leviathan and unleashed the highest levels of government regulation on his farmland. The annals of bureaucratic overreach are packed with stories of draconian intervention on U.S. farms … and then there is the Duarte account. The case should have been a standard off-the-radar, bull-rush government victory, but for one inconvenient snag: Duarte punched back.

    1. This case is typical of the absolute "nut cases" in EPA, DOJ and other CORPORATE agencies. The agency owners want everyone off the land and facilitate that by bankrupting farmers and ranchers where they can just claim the land under "asset forfeiture" or have their cronies buy at pennies on the $. That's what the HAARP created drought in CA was all about. The bastards even drained the reservoirs ON PURPOSE to make sure there wasn't adequate water for farming/ranching....and to bring the acquisition cost of these lands to almost nothing.


  64. Is Trump's chaotic POTUS show staged and strategic, or is he really a 2-bit, reality TV personality? It's so hard to tell, but not much has been achieved in the first 100 days. Clinton is free, in fact she is "good people". There is not, and will never be a wall. Both the health insurance plan and the new tax deal favor the morbidly wealthy. Clean air and clean water standards have been smashed. The economy? Your guess is as good as mine. I drank the kool aid during the election, but I'm coming out of it now and the aftertaste is bitter.

  65. Bitter is saying it mildly Douteux.


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