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  1. John and Tino, I was not able to respond under your comments in the previous comment section so am placing that here.

    John, the answer to the question posed at 8:09 is yes imo.

    Tino, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful comment, I sincerely appreciate that very much.You have raised some brilliant points for me to consider in gaining further understanding re this subject. I particularly like that proposed Amendment you noted regarding those in Congress voting for war. That would certainly make them think twice.

    This subject fascinates me as I have never been too sure where all the associated boundaries were to be found. This brief discussion has opened up a whole new avenue of thinking for me, particularly as far as our own individual actions are concerned in living this life and being active in what we desire our world to be. I suppose then, all the government and religious overtones come into play and their reason for being so prominent in our lives.

    Thank you again John and Tino for being so kind as to offer me the opportunity to learn from you both, much appreciated.

    1. Too kind. I do what I can at my level. Glad it helped.

  2. I like to use fountain pens. And am partial to using Noodler's Ink. The listing for Bernanke Blue had me roaring with laughter. Everyone is starting to wake up. I reproduce it below for those that can appreciate:

    100% made in the USA from cap to glass to ink
    Archival quality
    Large 3oz. Bottle
    For vintage or new fountain pens
    The ink represents the Feds need to print money with ink that dries super fast

  3. NSA and CIA is the Enemy of the People

    Impeachment of the Federal Reserve

    Presidents are selected by Blood and Banksters
    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Are Distant Cousins.

    US Presidents Murdered By The Rothschild Banking Cartel

    Bankers and Presidents.

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  5. I have a dream..... sound familiar? Please don't pinch me and wake me up. We are all trying to figure out how to cripple/stop/shutdown these dipshits.

    Let's assume for just a minute that the good guys now control the new financial system software. Hey it's my dream, so play along... lol.

    What if they could seize all of their illegal gotten gains in the middle of the night and then followed it up with mass arrests for crimes against humanity?

    Imagine a world at peace controlled by 7.5 billion people working together as one family. Don't pinch me!!!

    1. Kermit F, I also have that dream. After dealing with much stupidity, I truly would like to see a world that works for everybody. Where lack is a thing of the past, there is no more sickness, plenty for all to eat,clean water is for everyone, all have a home if they wish. Peace, something all people around the world are grateful for. Power is free energy and shared with those who once were the least. But those least are no longer, the playing field of humanity has been opened up for all to help themselves, their families and friends, communities, into a paradigm that is beneficial and encourages growth of mind and spirit. No longer forced to work long days for pennies are any. Jobs are limited to a few hours a day for those who choose to work and any may follow a path of education or service to others. Community projects can be used as something credits can be given for those who make sure they are accomplished. Perhaps, even the craft and technology that currently belongs to the deep state becomes available, further freeing the people of this planet. It is a dream.

    2. P.... Great dream... we are dreaming it together. Feels good doesn't it?

    3. Yes, it does Kermit. And maybe one day, maybe even in our lifetime, we'll see it.

    4. Wouldn't it be nice to live together, in the kind of world where we belong?

      Kermit F, we can only dream. I would love to believe there is some
      Kind of saneness behind the madness
      Of the actions of DJT.

  6. Plastic Bottles to be Replaced by This Edible Water Bubble
    April 13, 2017

    This is an innovative and incredible edible water bubble, known as the Ooho. Skipping Rocks Lab's edible water bottle prototype first made a splash (pardon the pun) back in 2014, and now the team, made up of a bunch of engineering graduates from RCA and Imperial College London, England, are turning their invention into reality thanks to a crowd funding page they set up which has already raised over £600,000 ($750,000).

  7. North Korea Tries To Launch Missile, Attempt 'Presumed to Have Failed'
    Published on Apr 15, 2017

    North Korea has tried, but allegedly failed, to conduct a new missile launch, according to South Korea’s Joint Chief of Staff. The alleged botched launch comes amid heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula and a day after Pyongyang showcased its new sea based and intercontinental missiles.
    “The communist state attempted to launch an unidentified missile from the port city of Sinpo on its east coast in the morning and the launch is presumed to have failed,” the South Korean military said, according to Yonhap news. On the Verge of World War 3....

    1. No nuclear weapon is permitted to be deployed. There are higher councils than those on the ground.

  8. The new report gives you all a deeper cross understanding of all the issues cross linked, the money trails, who and how. It enables you to self research truth.Google into area 52 and happy viewing.

    Google into the Agency games, Presidential lies, corruption and the crime families.
    Truth kills lies.
    It frees the mind for humankind.

    1. I Googled Area 52 and all I could find is a fictional war game movie???????

    2. Google is worst search engine. Try Duck Duck Go, Startpage or even Bing. Google HIDES OR BLOCKS results on anything controversial.

  9. Replies
    1. Thank you Texian. We know some folks that will raise bloody murder over this. I will get the link to them.

  10. Anyone had any success with Area 52? I had no luck on DuckDuckGo and Google gave me a comic book store in Tasmania. Any suggestions?
    Any further directions?

    1. There are a bunch of further links listed at bottom of this page. When one keyword doesn't work, add with a + sign an additional one like Dugway + alien or Dugway + extraterrestrial. Sometimes it takes several combinations to hit the jackpot!

      Dugway Proving Ground


  11. Try Dugway testing grounds Utah then go to google images, try area 52 dugway utah and see how much comes up. Then go to you tube dugway utah

    1. I am as Typing I am watching Dugway. area 52 on AHTV. wOW

  12. I-Team: Area 52, The Secret Sister

  13. In a "We have big bombs too", Russia one-upped us dropping a bigger MOAB. Can't seem to find a link, but saw it on RT. Good for Russia! If we need MAD to assure the Peace, let it be so.

  14. John can you give any update on RV for this week if possible?

  15. Key issues.
    A lot of split camp activity. Some Tier 1 and 2 allegedly done. But very private.

    There is a G20 meeting late April. So, it's Easter, assume the position ( Oh God - What a way to spend Easter) and wait. Sorry, macabre humor.

    It's all a day thing now. Will they wait until after G20? Banks will roll with the funds for sure.

    1. John,

      I thought you were working with the Top Gun Tier 1 and 2 groups?

      What's allegedly paid out mean?

      Is that code or did they skip your guys?

    2. John
      Is this the G20 meeting you're referring to?
      April 20 – 21 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting

      Many thanks

    3. John F



      There are numerous Sovereign Tiers and each to their own. None are coordinated. Each have different cases. Some more special than others.

    4. Thanks John, especially so as I know what time it is in London

    5. We try, in respect to all of you.
      So please allow the odd typo, work pressures, and best intentions with time projections, based on info from others. We try to be as correct as we can be. And pray info is correct with time limits. This is not the day job.

    6. Ok. Well, either way, it is surely a good thing if some groups are starting into the process.

  16. Replies
    1. How about phone scams?.... tons of those from Nigeria

    2. LOL...sure! Maybe everyone doesn't know as yet that no Nigerian Prince has left them a bunch of money...or needs help managing it!

  17. There is not a chance that Trump’s polling numbers are up. To the contrary, if done honestly, the polls would be showing a sharp decrease in support. The reason is simple.
    Trump’s pivoting on issues of attacking other countries.
    The poll surge is, to coin a Trump phrase, “fake news.” The corporate media continues to ingest Trump’s fake news like a teenage Marco Rubio with a rolled-up hundred-dollar bill and a line of coke.-------------

    1 Syria’s Central Bank is state-owned and state-controlled 2 Syria has no international Monetary Fund debt. 3 Syria has banned genetically modified seeds 4 Syria’s population is well-informed about the NWO 5 Syria has massive oil and gas reserves 6 Syria clearly and unequivocally opposes Zionism and Israel. 7 Syria is one of the last secular Muslim States in the Middle East 8 Syria proudly maintains and protects its political and cultural national identity

    Hive, the latest batch of WikiLeaks documents exposing alleged CIA hacking techniques from ‘Vault 7’, details how the agency can monitor its targets through the use of malware and carry out specific tasks on targeted machines.

    The Last Country We “Liberated” from an “Evil” Dictator Is Now Openly Trading Slaves

    Donald Trump is obviously acting like a fool and a complete idiot who hasn’t realized that his previous statements have been recorded.

  18. New Front In White House Civil War as Kushner Asserts Authority at NSC

    Officials say Kushner taking unprecedented role to interfere in foreign policy matters

    April 12, 2017 1:58 pm

    White House Senior Adviser Jared Kushner is leading an unprecedented effort to meddle in the White House's National Security Council, causing mayhem for senior staff who say the president's son-in-law is interfering in key foreign policy debates, according to Trump administration officials who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon.

    Kushner has taken aggressive action to micro-manage the NSC, overshadowing even recently installed National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, according to sources both inside and outside the White House who described Kushner's behavior as highly unusual and damaging to the country's national security infrastructure.

  19. Is That Armageddon Over The Horizon? Paul Craig Roberts Consider the audacity of Secretary of State Tillerson. He has spent the week prior to his visit to Moscow supporting incredible lies and false allegations that Assad of Syria used chemical weapons with Russia’s permission, which justified Washington’s unambigious war crime of a military attack on a country with which the US has not declared war. Less than 100 days in office, and Trump is already a war criminal along with the rest of his warmonger government.

    More than half a dozen sources on Wall Street and in the White House said Cohn has gained the upper hand over Trump’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, the former head of the right-wing website Breitbart News and a champion of protectionist trade opposed by moderate Republicans and many big companies.

    1. That 100 days so far? Look at how ring fenced he is.Same crowd every time.
      As hell!

  20. Sharyl Attkisson puts together a very interesting 'surveillance' timeline...

    Obama-era Surveillance Timeline

  21. Replies
    1. Does any of his stuff really work? There are some interesting phenomena, but the devices in commercial practice don't seem to meet expectations. It seems a very mixed bag from Googling.

    2. Tino,
      The only thing we have is the pain pad and it does work. Use it on pain from spinal stenosis. Husband also uses it for hip and calf. So far (since Jan) it is working. We're trying to get the Alkalyizer; however they're moving factory so production is delayed. Too many of the crystal pitchers were breaking in shipment. If the plasma water will pull out latent viruses, etc, that would be wonderful! Hubby has a mild case of shingles right now. There have been reports that skin cancers have been cured by spraying the plasma water on the spots for a few days in a row. Husband gets those and has to have them frozen frequently so if that works, it'll be a good thing. I know there are many unfavorable reports and quite possibly these various things won't work for everyone. We also have to consider that new, controversial technologies that eliminate someone's business (think $$$$$) might promote some trolling. Dr Presser is not selling the free energy generators in US until the technology is perfected to use on our grids.

    3. Tino,
      Here is some of the controversy summarized. While I have considerable serious reservations about Duff, this review is interesting for all the various issues it covers. Is any of it true? Who knows?

      Gordon Duff VT 3-5-16… “VT Science: Free Energy, Scams, Cults, and the New World Order” (and a bit about Keshe)

    4. Texian, i started helping an elderly lady with the worst case of shingles I have ever seen. I have had good success using essential oils. I only use doterra oils as it us very important to use the most pure unadulterated oils when using them for health issues. I gave used several, that have worked
      And dried them up with 3-5 days. Favorites are Helicrysum, and a half and half mixture of Frankicense and Melaleuca oils. I put in a roller and apply over affected areas. I also have recipe I use and dilute them with Fractionatec coconut oil and put in a spray bottle. They get relief within 10 min. Let me know if you want more info. Good luck. Shingles are very painful.

    5. Godschild,
      Thank you for your kindness in sharing. We have been using essential oils for quite a while for various things with much success. His case is mild without a lot of pain thankfully, but it is on chin so had to hop on treatment immediately to prevent spreading on up to eye. Dermatologist did confirm shingles though. I made a roller of Helichrysm Italicum and Roman Chamomile in FCO that is working quite well. It spread a little, but not much and is now almost gone. We use a different brand that I order online, but also very pure (I always check GC/MS reports on a batch before I order). We have our diffusers going about 10/! golden years is a misnomer...more like rusty years.

    6. Great. Rusty is right. Glad you have it under control.

  22. Here we go again: FDA Commissioner in pocket of Big Pharma

    By Jon Rappoport

    The excellent medical reporter, Martha Rosenberg, has written a piece at Salon: "The FDA Now Officially Belongs to Big Pharma." Here are a few highlights:

    It is hard to believe only four senators opposed the confirmation of [the new FDA Commissioner]...[he] received money from 23 drug companies including the giants like Johnson & Johnson, Lilly, Merck, Schering Plough and GSK..."

    "[He] also lists financial links to Gambro, Regeneron, Gilead, AstraZeneca, Roche and other companies and equity positions in four medical companies. Gilead is the maker of the $1000-a-pill hepatitis C drug AlterNet recently wrote about. This is FDA commissioner material?"

    Oh, wait. I'm sorry.

    Gee whiz. How could I have made that mistake?

    I must have been asleep. Wow. I apologize. Martha Rosenberg published that Salon article in February of 2016, and she was talking about Robert Califf, who had just been confirmed as the new FDA Commissioner.

    Califf was nominated by Obama, not Trump. Oops.

    Trump's current nominee is Scott Gottlieb, who is apparently tasked with speeding up the FDA's drug-approval process---a disaster in the making, given the fact that FDA-approved medical drugs already kill 106,000 Americans a year (a conservative estimate). Source: see Journal of the American Medical Association, July 26, 2000, Dr. Barbara Starfield, "Is US Health Really the Best in the World?"

    Here are a few quotes about Trump FDA-nominee Gottlieb from The Hill:

    "But Gottlieb also faced criticism from groups that are concerned his ties to the drug industry could hurt the agency's commitment to safety and efficacy."

    "He has longtime ties to the drug and medical industry after leaving the FDA in 2007."

    "He is currently a member of the product investment board for drug giant GlaxoSmithKline, and a member of the board of directors for MedAvante, Gradalis, and Glytec, which does work in medical technology."

    "Public Citizen blasted Gottlieb for taking what they said was hundreds of thousands of dollars from multiple drug and device companies between 2013 and 2015, mostly for consulting and speaking fees."

    Gee, he sounds a lot like Obama's FDA Commissioner, Califf.

    The beat goes on.

    You would think these FDA Commissioners are hand-picked by pharmaceutical companies. But that's impossible. That would never happen.

    Certainly not.

    If it did, we would be living in a parallel universe where corporations and government are colluding and partnering and decimating people with their medicines...

    Instead of living in this universe, where the State and business are entirely separated.

    Where all is well.

  23. WikiLeaks: The Afghan Tunnels The US Just Bombed — “They Were Built By The CIA”

  24. Star Witness In Treason Trial Involving Trump’s Campaign Chair Was Just Shot Dead
    March 24, 2017

  25. Looks like handwriting's on wall re Trump admin...way too many Shrub minions and Zios...too bad

    Jared Kushner: A Suspected Gangster Within the Trump White House

    1. Sorry, but it seems that way. Saw article by Col. ALLEN WEST today, calling it right on.


    BOMBSHELL REPORT: Kushner Crime Family Nows Runs The White House
    Zionist Neocon Cabal Using Kushner Blackmail Operation To Control Trump

    “Pedogate criminality can be used to blackmail and/or bribe any politician on planet Earth if they have been compromised. Even if they haven’t, the pols can still be controlled by the perps with fabricated evidence…which the C.I.A and MOSSAD do all the time.”
    — Veteran Intelligence Analyst

    Russian State TV Says Trump Is More Dangerous Than Kim Jong-Un

    Whistleblower Reveals That A UN-Planned Invasion By Refugees Into The US Is Already Underway

  27. April 17 The Korea rocket explosion was either an accident which is a big part of rocket research. Or it was a cyber attack planted in the software… doubtful. It’s called rocket science for a reason. Do not make the mistake of underestimating the incredible achievements of the vile North Korean regime. There are only 9 countries that have orbital rocket launch capability: These are Russia, the United States, France, Japan, China, India, Israel, Iran and North Korea. And the list of countries that have atomic weapons are interesting Almost the same. The exceptions are Japan and Iran who do not have Nukes… YET. Iran and Pakistan have no rocket orbit capability… BUT they are lining up to buy North Korean rocket technology. 8 countries are Nuclear weapon states (capable of and making nuclear weapons) the list is about the same: China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea. Now if you can make nukes and you can make ICBM’s capable of orbit you can deliver your nukes the world over. I am convinced North Korea is racing to launch an EMP attack on the US grid. It takes two or three nukes and rockets. This attack could end the U.S. Please hear me. Look at the video link here I produced and then see the instructional set of DVD’s on how to survive an EMP attack.

  28. Heavily Armed Swamp Critters by Acting Man · Published April 13, 2017 · Updated April 12, 2017
    Heavily Armed Swamp Critters by Bill Bonner – Acting-Man
    GUALFIN, ARGENTINA – By our calculation, it took just 76 days for President Trump to get on board with the Clinton-Bush-Obama agenda. Now there can be no doubt where he’s headed. He’s gone Full Empire. Not that it was unexpected. But the speed with which the president abandoned his supporters and went over to the Deep State is breathtaking.

  29. Fact Check #140

    Time to move on to a fresh thread. The comment count was getting pretty large on FC 139, so I thought it best to clean house a bit.

    I also thought it best to have a wide open pallet to communicate from should we get the go signal during this quarter.

    As to how everything will play out for public speculators in Dinar, Dong and Zim, etc., we can only still speculate on at this time. For now, we understand that the public has a chance for some gain. We don’t know if that will once again be taken off the table. So far, as of this report, the last news from on high, is holding. I sincerely hope that the powers behind this will be able to maintain such a stance.

    NESARA, mass prosperity payments, universal debt forgiveness, etc., remain unsubstantiated ideas spread by people who are as far from being involved as I am from being mistaken for Clark Gable. Don’t let such things divert your attention from the real world. Trust me, if we had been told these things stood a chance, we would say so. We would have no reason to withhold it.

    We are heading into some pretty incredible changes, and those of you who intend to survive it all, must adhere to disciplined approaches and thorough, in-depth evaluation of whatever area of interest you wish to pursue. You all expect such dedication from your doctor, your airline pilot, your barber and your chef. Why would you not expect such of yourselves when it comes to your futures? Be smart, and don’t convince yourself that mysterious forces are coming to make the world perfect for you. You will be required to do that for yourself.

    Be ready for any and all outcomes.

    Thank you again for your continued readership and support.


    1. Thank you Tony. It would be nice to hear what the White Hats have to say on Trumps about turn on turning his back on the American people and the world at large and now serving the zios and banksters? Or is this a plot hatched by on inner secret circle and he will drain the fifthy swamp in D.C. Holding out an olive branch.

  30. Texian,

    I've been out of the country for a few weeks and just now read your posting about your husband having skin cancers zapped/burned off.

    My husband did the same and along with scarring, some came back after that procedure. He researched cures and found one! You can even buy it on Amazon. It might seem expensive at $144 for tube but the tube lasts us well over a year since you use such a small amount. That's about the same as what our dermatologist charged for just one zapping anyway.

    My husband has now been using it with perfect success for over 3 years now. This product is a cream that you put on the lesion or scaly spot and then put a piece of the skin colored medical tape over it that you can also buy on Amazon. Leave it alone, don't remove the tape and that one tiny dab will keep going down as deep as it needs to until all cancer cells are gone and fresh, healthy skin will be in it's place.

    It's made from eggplant and it works!!

    BTW...there is also a book on Amazon on the same page if you search "curaderm-skin cancer cream" and the book tells you all about it if you are interested.

    1. MWP,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to share that! Looks very promising. If hubby agrees, we'll order some and give it a try.

    2. My husband also used the curaderm cream with great success and no scarring. It's pretty ugly looking while it's going through the healing process. So look at the pictures in the book so you'll no what to expect

    3. Unknown, thank you for the follow up endorsement. Yes, the healing and curing process looks ugly...cancer is UGLY!!

      However, that is why I suggested you place the skin colored medical tape over the lesion and leave it in place for about 2-3 weeks (average time to clear one up unless it is older and quite deep). That way you don't have to see the healing process and the use of the tape keeps the cream in place so it doesn't rub off.

      Once again, this blog is sharing how this world can be so great when we all share our knowledge from EXPERIENCE and stop listening to the BS sources that harm us and are predatory in separating us from our assets.

      Too bad there is not a cream that will eradicate the Khazar elites as easily and in just a few weeks. They are a cancer plague and I pray we eradicate them before they kill their!

    4. Oh how I wish I had known of this before as well. My husband just went through significant Mohs surgery on both ears back in Jan. was awful and a very long healing process. Including skin grafting,
      whew. Still has some healing to do. Going to search this out for sure ! Thanks much :)

    5. MWP,
      So you just put cream on one time with the tape and leave it for how long? Wouldn't tape come off while bathing?

    6. Texian,

      The tape is of a grade that it sticks quite well, even with bathing. My husband says the tape sticks pretty well for 2-3 days. Then he removes it and re-applies new cream and puts a new piece of tape over it. He said that the healing process will look like a small crater on the site as it is working through the cancer if you look at it as you are adding new cream. So, don't be worried or alarmed if it looks a bit nasty as it is healing.

      However, after an average of about 2-3 weeks, you will see that the crater is gone and only fresh pink healthy skin appears in that spot. That is when you quit applying. Hubs said, on average, he applies it about 5-7 times before a spot is completely healed. Remember, the best way to apply is to put a small dab on the end of a toothpick and then apply to the spot...this way you are using very little each time and no waste this way. The tape will press the cream down as you tape it on.

      The tape is by 3M and is called "Micropore" tan/flesh colored surgical tape. It is hypoallergenic. You can buy it at Amazon. Product # 3M 1533-1. Flesh colored cost for 2 rolls is $5.00. A big box of 12 rolls of tape is just $15.00

      Hope this clarifies and helps all to understand better.

    7. Thanks for sharing this. So many suffering from these issues.

    8. This is excellent. Thanks for sharing. I'll be sure to tuck this info away.

  31. April 28th will be Trumps 100 days.

    April 28th will also be when Trumps MAJOR Debt Bomb comes due.

    We have right now a President who is so inadequately equipped for the Fiscal skills of Office.
    We have a President who lied his way into office, and who will have delivered less than any President in living memory. A false hair piece and false personality persona,what America has got in reality, is a vacuous Airhead.
    All,Flash and Brash, with no attendant qualities.

    Bush 41,Read My Lips( A One Termer!)
    Clinton bogged down by scandals.
    Bush 43, what a hopeless Joke,
    Soetoro,a Foreign Minor Union Official disaster.

    Now THIS, Con Man in Chief Mediocrity in office?

    What's America's deal? To have all WH powers usurped by a Zio Extremist supporting Crime family of Kushner, his Felon Father and Moll. Is this what America bought into?
    Based on what we have NOT seen to date,nothing augurs well for America.

    Chump is threatening to take the US into Wars it can ill afford.

    The Debt Bomb will make it, and his silly failing Administration, unsustainable.
    Be assured, bad as Chimps profile is now, combing what is shaping to be his abysmal term so far, and his emerging visible inadequacy in office, the Commander in Chump will rapidly become an isolated figure of Global ridicule if the failures continue.

    How long will the Deep State tolerate the Kushner Zio Crook jumping to Nutter Yahoo and his Mossad Mobs orders? Will this so accursed Prince activate his own demise?

    Clearly, the presumptive arrogance of this Zio Brat, wants Bannon, the man of the people out!

    Trump appears to have albeit abdicated all Executive rolls as being beyond his skills.
    Clearly also intellect.

    Could we now have a bigger Chump than Bush 43 In Situ?
    America is BROKE, not just Broken!

    Kushner has cross proliferated powers to an array of Zio Rats as badly as did Bush 41,and this risks ever increasing confrontation with the visibly merging Eurasia. While the Zio Rats feast on the corpse. Who elected or voted for him? Hello?

  32. It is so disappointing and actually fear inspiring to see the Donald duck beneath that Zio pressure and forget those who voted for him to make a change.

  33. It seems , ever more blogs and assembled fantasists spring up by the week.
    Most supporting the vacuous claims of ever growing failures well past their sell by dates. Some with their ever fixated mantras, we are done,next week. As it was 5 years ago. Sad. Most with parties beyond down to their last dime.

    Then we see vexatious, petulant ageing permanent students,casts offs from a misfit line, regurgitating inaccurate innuendos,the bile of misfiring low achieving dwarfs.

    So much false disinformation propounded.

    OWON serves its Global support base free of charge. It simply tries to help a voice for all. Free for all.

    It respects the enormous contributions made, and support of all. You ALL make it work.

    OWON offer no access to Programs nor will do. Nor does it seek to gain from the funds of others.

    Too many sites are simply delusional. Money is finite,and capital needs to be protected to serve a balanced society. Each as they develop.

    We are in sensitive discussions to ascertain how we can help multi parties contemplate a whole new concept of an alternative Documentary or Digital Risk/Rewards contribution based system, removing a lifetime of fiscal servitude from nations and removing debt.

    OWON has no agendas, nor special interests. We are each,just contributors and no more.

    Money is essential to protect Society. Parties expecting to walk out with hundreds of Billions, and Trillions, with no visible infrastructure in place, or evident cleared Projects and teams,may be disappointed. Money is finite and will be ring fenced. Until we have a better system to jump to, we have to protect what it. Markets are all evolving. Eurasia is emerging and competing. We need harmony and cooperation. Diplomacy. Fiscal integrity is key. Way too many fantasists face a rude awakening. Some of the vexatious rhetoric on certain sites is unfounded and not helping. Calm reason is all we ask. Respect for all?

  34. Is The Deep State Creating Another "Crash Of 1929"? Apr 17, 2017 12:50 PM

    1. The Zios are because they want to bail out loans,infrastructure loans, and a tighter noose, so they pick up the US at 5 cents on the dollar as a fire sale.
      The Zios and the Vatican want the US to fail!

    2. john

      are the "zios" and the vatican coordinating efforts to achieve a fire sale?

      in your opinion, what should we be looking for (e.g.: more terror in USA, school shootings, distractions)? will they be successful?

    3. Look at centuries of their filth.
      You can't judge these sub humans by our standards. Read the Jesuit Oath. Look at Zios core mantra. Vile, both!

  35. If anyone has not seen at least one episode of "The Truth About Vaccines" with Ty Bollinger, you can still catch Episodes 6 & 7. This will be the last free showings of the series of 7.

    It is brilliant, really exposing the complicit and incestuous relationship between big Pharma and the CDC. Not to mention the devastating effects on everyone. Episode 6 reveals the direct relationship between the MMR and autism in African American baby boys, research evidence of such intentionally left out of reports, "tossed
    in the trash". Pretty much what they feel about mankind and any adverse effects of their poisons. All about the $ !

    1. Ty again has done us all a huge favor. Since I work 11 hours a day it us hard for me to catch all daily airings, so anyone that can, should just purchase them for later viewing.
      The Truth About Cancer, I shared with a friend with 3 different cancers, saved her life. She picked 2 treatments and traveled abroad. She is now cancer free. Still trying to get her strength and wait back, but cancer free.

    2. More 'thanks for sharing'. I didn't know a series on vaccines had been done. I have a friend who, two years on, still thanks me for telling her about The Truth About Cancer. She's not had it, but she feels so empowered by what she learned from that series that she no longer lives in fear of a cancer diagnosis at some point.

    3. Absolutely ~ below is taken from message from Ty and feedback on the series. Final episode is airing now for 24 hours.

      Message from Ty ~
      ""We promised to expose the ’TRUTH’ and we’ve lived up to that promise every single night for the past week.

      Last night was no different :-)

      I strongly encourage you to watch episode 7 here.

      Here are just a few of the comments about it thus far:

      “This has been great to watch, and something the entire population of the world should know about. I can only imagine how many of us know someone close to us that has had some kind of experience like these! I do!!!”

      “This was the most meaningful video of the series for me as it addresses what I tell my patients daily as a homeopath!!!”

      “That was my favorite episode by far! I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts. Your team has done a stellar job bringing light to this issue. This series has renewed my energy and strengthened my own beliefs about vaccines. I do not feel like such an outsider and will do more in this fight!! Education is key. God Bless ”

      We’re going to leave this one up until Midnight tonight as this is the last show in the series, it’s a bit longer than the others, and it’s well worth it.""

  36. The British PM is now looking to call a snap election for June this year. .

    With Labour ( Democrats) in total free fall, this could wipe them out. For them its terrible timing. They will be destroyed. The UK wants the peoples vote to walk on the EU.

    If Trump does not come good soon he may well have to resign. If Bannon is fired, it will not go well for Trump.

    1. How many votes does it take for BREXIT? I thought the people spoke when they voted last June. Another election seems to me to be forged by the STAY folks...which would include May. No?

    2. JOHN Trump has a few warts and looks like a buffoon or criminal to the untrained eye. Let's assume he won our Presidency with the help of Patriotic Military, intel people and several million Americans who have had it with these Zio scum and all their satanic BS. The swamp was deeper, wider, denser and full of quicksand and booby traps + traitors. I see more than one Cabinet or power behind the throne Team. The visible Cabinet has some good and some not so good. I know of forces and sources helping him .... if he loses his publicized war on the swamp we are screwed. There are several power people groups and the chess game is on with death as the consequence of losing for Trump and us Real Americans = high stakes for certain. Visualize President Trump as willing to do the right thing and trying hard. When he is looking "Chumpy" he often is appeasing the Zios as in being a kildaire. Many within the Government have changed sides some to bad and some to good. It looks like the bad are painting themselves as a target. We will know in a short while how it will play out. Rest assured, we need to see many arrests which includes HRC, WJC-42, Barry n Mike, 43, MSM perps, banksters-especially Fed and Goldman Sachsters, Genocidist 41, H Kis'r, Sosos et al and all of the Zio Rats that destroyed our Country including those from across the pond who helped like Sercoites as well as political Zios.

      Trump is the rough carpenter-contractor who will be around long enough to get the drainage system working, start the trials and executions, lower taxes, shitcah Barrycare, Environmental and fix CIA, NSA, FBI, FAA etc in rough form. He will likely be impeached so the dumbed down morons can jump for joy and believe they won. Those who riot, burn and kill should be shot on sight in the act and hand those who pay them. Get tough to protect Americans and ship out the mu... along with their bad habits and breeding schemes to overthrow by population expansion (>5:1 baby production rate).

      We will transition into a Republic over the next few months. Trump will get paid well for his services which are far greater than we will realize for a long time ... people who hate him will be so happy to see him gone they will go back to playing games while those who work and love their Country will rebuild and fortify. Many of us dillwit know who dunnit to us and will take care of business in due time.

      Have FAITH JOHN for GOD is with us. Expect Pence to take over for Trump within a year and we expect P Ryan to go away ... traitor. If we have FAITH and BELIEVE and work for TRUTH our PRAYERS will be answered! Thanks for your spirited work for good things ... now have faith in us.

    3. No another election will smash the last Mouthy Scots whining, and tear the heart out of Labour plus show the EU Scavengers, the Brits are out and will rip their heart out before giving them a big pay off. This will be a F YOU Divorce, I'm gone and you can keep your own sorry Ass.

      It gives the PM the cards to say NO, to the EU I can't pay more. And there will be no review. This is the F YOU vote to the lot of you.

    4. Bob

      You have my support and I like the finite solution for the real perps. Good luck, I mean it. Throw Tony Blair into the perp bag also.

    5. Tony is on my list. When and if we get the opportunity to participate we will seek your assistance naming some of those Zio scum! Thanks

    6. Bob, your comment above is spot on Trump keeps bringing people into his administration who are in fact NEOCONS from past administrations and he is blinded thinking they are devoted to him,which we all know they are not.

      He needs to open his eyes clean house and do the job that he was elected for by the people and helped put in place by those in the military and intelligence who want to take this country back from these ZIORATS

    7. SCOTT I Pray he is bringing in a mix of good and bad which keeps the bad happy. Some of the good turn bad and vs vs. There is a strong possibility - even though it looks wrong - he is gaining knowledge and evidence for prosecution. There as several very powerful REAL AMERICANS HELPING WITH HIM. This will reveal itself in a few months and we shall see. We all have to Pray for TRUTH and revelation of evil.

  37. please follow the guidelines and post only small part of article in one post

    if people are interested they can go there and read


  39. Good news, Russian Spetnatz Special Services force has just arrived in Syria and will now kill ISIS, IS, and any US Contractors or Agency scum found taking money to train, arm and support Terrorists. It's time the Agency was driven out of Global Hegemony,and the Russians will send those Wookie Body Bags soaring. Hopefully we see lots of good pics of then all getting fragged soon. Russian Drones can now secretly locate them and Russian forces can go out to dispatch them. Population reduction can work. Russia needs to use more of their own MOABS and one on all Terrorist bases is a good start.

    Start by cutting all ISIS supply lines, and when retreating, time for the Drones to expose their exit lines and send in the Boys to terminate the lot. Hit all ISIS fuel trucks and all ISIS Tanker Trucks carrying Oil to sell. Cut off their money. Entire convoys can be destroyed sent to Wookie Hell. Free Goats? Just focus on taking out their entire head count. Armed Drones can locate all Wookie positions and quietly unleash on every one. In the first month Russia can take out hundreds. Can't wait for the pics of their convoys being straffed from behind. Drones can open up all Wookie zones. Wookie Command, Wookie Command, we have a problem these Russians are Kill*******!!!! Signal lost.

  40. Tony WHA

    So that's why my supply is running out?

    See from the pics below what you have reduced us to?

    1. And we won't come baa-aa-aa-ack till it's over, over there! lol

  41. Astrologically, things are looking quite positive!


    Also, in my view, when examining the dispositor chart for the April Full Moon, looking at influences that are coming online and will remain in effect for an indefinite period - these influences will become constants in the Leo- heart-centric energetic that will go into effect in May.

    Because the Pisces/Neptune/retrograde Venus mix is such a powerful solvent, every hope that had been abandoned would suddenly be back in the picture. The heart can begin to push things back in a direction it prefers. Every settlement and commitment would be up for renegotiation. Things that had been hardened and cemented in place by social, economic and political forces would suddenly be in flux.

    We are not stuck with the outcomes produced by the transit of the Virgo/Pisces axis by the Moon’s Nodes. If we cannot realistically roll back certain events, we could maybe slow the momentum or change the trajectory of events.

    Alliances that seemed solid will loosen and shift uncomfortably for those relying on them.

  42. I don't think I am reading too much into this?

    "Kushner Companies purchased the office building at 666 Fifth Avenue in 2007, for a then-record price of $1.8 billion, most of it borrowed."

    666? Really? And, it was an important purchase for some reason because they paid a record amount for this address. Do we need anymore evidence to prove they are satanists??

  43. I haven't watched Fox in years, so can someone shed light on the sudden hit on O'Reilly? I realize it's not of world-shattering importance, but I do find Fox shooting itself in the foot time-and-again very strange....

    1. O'Reilly has had numerous complaints of female sexual harassment/intimidation towards subordinates, colleagues, and Fox News contributors over the last few years. Allegedly, Fox has already paid out over $13 million in sexual harassment lawsuits filed against him. More complaints came out this past week. I'll try to find the article.

    2. IMO the Murdoch sons realize sexual harassment...particularly at work...will not be tolerated any longer. Any of the "old guys" who have a history of this behavior probably won't change. And it works both ways. Female executives have to follow same behavior standards of course. No cougars in the workplace.

    3. Texian,

      Exactly! Couldn't have said it better. Stick to the work you were hired for. Is that so hard?

    4. P.S. I don't see it as FOX shooting itself in foot because advertisers have been fleeing the O'Reilly show (probably before they had a boycott on their hands). Murdochs only looking at bottom line. If they can't sell advertising for his show, he's gone. Doesn't matter what he did before the harassment revelations surfaced.

  44. Replies
    1. The FDA shouldn't exist at all. Just restore liability and let the lawyers settle it in Court if someone puts a killing drug on the market. Just as we should have separation of Church and State, we need the separation of Medicine and State.

    2. Also, the FDA methodology is fatally flawed. There is no such thing as 'safe'. There is only degree of harm. Safe is a negative. You can't measure it.

      Furthermore, what does "effective" mean in this context? While the FDA shifts the meaning all over the place. The legal meaning is that for the claim (a marketing claim!) that drug does what is claimed.

      In reality, I need less god-damn interference from those who are not in the trenches and more god-blessed cures -- for diabetes, for cancer, for rare disease, etc.

    3. Tino...exactly right! That's why government should not be in the medical or health business at all. Government doesn't manage anything well much less make critical decisions for human beings. Everyone needs to find the appropriate treatment for themselves, by themselves. All decisions should be between the doctor and patient and their family in case of a minor. We don't need a government "mandate" on any of it or deciding what treatment a person can have...or no treatment if that's their choice.

    4. You can look at the VA as a prime example to see how lousy the government provides medical care...and they have thrown $billions at it.

  45. We are certainly living in strange times. My dad sent me the following. I hope it gives a few a much needed chuckle...if it offends anyone, I apologize in advance. I, along with many others, are living in a time that we are unsure as to what is funny anymore so I'm taking a chance.

    Who pays the Checker?

    There are important questions to be answered about recent LGBT bathroom legislation and whether transgender people will be permitted to use a restroom of the gender that they "identify" with or be required to use the restroom of their biological gender.

    If the latter, will public restrooms be required to have a Genital Inspection Station posted at the entrance to all public restrooms?

    Who will have to pay these Pecker Checkers, the people using the restroom, or the entity that owns the restroom?

    And how much money will a Pecker Checker be paid to check peckers?

    Or, do we pay a Pecker Checker by the number of peckers checked?

    How many peckers can a Pecker Checker check if a Pecker Checker could check peckers?

    What has this country come to when the U.S. Department of Labor has to create a new job
    description of Politically Correct Restroom Service Inspectors?

    Want to guess their motto ...........???

    "If You gotta pee - We gotta see!"

    1. There'd be heaps who'd do it for free! I can imagine it now "I'm telling you it's a penis Im just very cold".


  47. Hello Everyone!

    I wanted to post a link to this video I found from Dr. A. Dunning: Interesting mix of items about nutrition, US agricultural problems, etc.

  48. Tony WHA

    The Jews are worse when their new Kid is born they give it a Baaaarh Mitzvaaaaah

    1. I waa aa aant mah lick. And a shiksa. lol

  49. In the first half, Stephen F. Cohen, a Professor of Russian Studies and History Emeritus at NYU, offered analysis of the currently volatile state of US-Russia relations, the accusations that President Trump and/or associates colluded with the Russians on the election, and the implications of the recent US attack on Syria. Charges that Trump is somehow a puppet of the Kremlin, or he's complicit with Putin in ways that are detrimental to America's security, may be related to the Clinton wing of the Democratic party that is committed to this narrative, as it enhances their candidates going forward into the 2018 elections, he opined, noting that there's actually no solid evidence for these contentions about Trump.

    Regarding Trump's tomahawk missile attack on a Syrian airfield, it's possible it was done for political rather than strategic reasons to deflect away from the Russian accusations, and to show that he was willing to go up against the Russians who are backing Syria, Cohen postulated. No forensic evidence has been presented yet that Assad actually used chemical weapons on his people, so it's possible this whole situation has been misrepresented, he added. Cohen also commented on the unstable situation in North Korea. If people want to have an alternative source of news analysis, he recommended

    Why the New Cold War Is More Dangerous Than the Preceding One
    Questionable but orthodox Cold War narratives make actual war with Russia more likely than during its 40-year predecessor.
    By Stephen F. Cohen Yesterday 1:27 pm

    The Red Line and the Rat Line
    Seymour M. Hersh on Obama, ErdoฤŸan and the Syrian rebels

    On MSNBC’s Sirius XM promos, Rachel Maddow tells the listener that the network—and by extension, herself as well—presents the news without “fear or favor.”But a review of the month of March by Paste suggests that fear sells.

  50. John I was wondering how things are going if it's possible to say?

  51. Hi John, is there an update you could give on where we stand right now? Thank you very much.

  52. AJ and Notthistime.
    Easter knocked us back so its a day by day push now.
    I can't comment on the big Tiers bar to say, positive so far.
    You are not without hope. Hang in and hope.

    1. The Pagan Birth Festival knocked me back as well. A fire by the Murray River and god knows how many bottles of red later my head gave birth the next day.

    2. Hey John,,, have dumb question maybe... are these tiers swapping or transacting in the new TRN?.... just wandering if the start if the tiers means new TRN,or whatever it is, is active?.... hope your day is going well.... ty

    3. Not sure which they got yet. Waiting by the day.

  53. That's quite a picture you paint, AJ!!

    1. Then it must be one of my favourite paintings Mygirl :)

  54. Hhmmm...Certainly makes one wonder how many other times this type of weapon has been used around the world already.

  55. Replies
    1. This is the way to go from now on. For example, for dental care, you can pay a certain company a yearly fee of just over one hundred dollars and they pay almost half of the dental charges. The only down side is you have to go to a dentist who accepts this type of dental savings plan considered a discount instead of insurance. I found plenty of them. It works really well and the saving is almost as good as the dental insurance my work place offers.

      I love the idea of taking out the middleman with their hands out. Who needs them.

    2. Co-ops are the other way. Pay in a much smaller monthly fee and it covers each event after a $500 deductible per event. It's a negotiated cash pay also. Doctors, labs, etc like it and offer a cash insurance co or government mandates to interfere.

  56. Monsanto Tribunal: Report from The Hague

    The upshot of the judges’ opinion? Monsanto has engaged in practices that have violated the basic human right to a healthy environment, the right to food, the right to health, and the right of scientists to freely conduct indispensable research.

    The judges also called on international lawmakers to hold corporations like Monsanto accountable, to place human rights above the rights of corporations, and to “clearly assert the protection of the environment and establish the crime of ecocide.”


  57. Perhaps, in a Global State of Frustration, much of what is wrong with basically everything, is stated so well in this video and is well worth its few minutes watch.

    It questions the presumptive arrogance of States and Religions, and the need to lead by removing all they stand for.

    What they offer us is a on a par with a Turkey voting for Xmas.

    What a confused, wasteful and intrusive mess they have created.

    This video was brought to our attention by Country Girl (thank you).

    Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion

    1. Wow, very powerful video. Thank you Country Girl and Canauzzie for sharing it.

    2. Larken Rose is on...thanks for posting. Discovered his videos a few years ago. This one is still among my favorites. It says a lot in 6 min 48 sec.

      The Tiny Dot

  58. April 19 US military considers shooting down North Korea missile tests, sources say The US military is considering shooting down North Korean missile tests as a show of strength to Pyongyang, two sources briefed on the planning have told the Guardian. Amid heightened tensions over North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, the Pentagon is looking for ways short of war to pressure the country into denuclearization, particularly if Pyongyang goes forward with a sixth nuclear test. Defense secretary James Mattis has briefed Congress on the option, but the military has not yet decided to intercept a test missile. One US official said the prospective shoot-down strategy would be aimed at occurring after a nuclear test, with the objective being to signal Pyongyang that the US can impose military consequences for a step Donald Trump has described as “unacceptable”. Nick Note: Don’t be fooled. This is more blow and go and a bluff. Even if we could shoot down one test rocket it would be for nothing. North Korea has literally thousands of rockets aimed at the south… Far, far too many under any scenario to shoot down. Let’s face facts, the US has let North Korea get too far out of hand. Now, what was a little problem to solve has become a great big AHHHH shit.

  59. April 19 US military considers shooting down North Korea missile tests, sources say The US military is considering shooting down North Korean missile tests as a show of strength to Pyongyang, two sources briefed on the planning have told the Guardian. Amid heightened tensions over North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, the Pentagon is looking for ways short of war to pressure the country into denuclearization, particularly if Pyongyang goes forward with a sixth nuclear test. Defense secretary James Mattis has briefed Congress on the option, but the military has not yet decided to intercept a test missile. One US official said the prospective shoot-down strategy would be aimed at occurring after a nuclear test, with the objective being to signal Pyongyang that the US can impose military consequences for a step Donald Trump has described as “unacceptable”. Nick Note: Don’t be fooled. This is more blow and go and a bluff. Even if we could shoot down one test rocket it would be for nothing. North Korea has literally thousands of rockets aimed at the south… Far, far too many under any scenario to shoot down. Let’s face facts, the US has let North Korea get too far out of hand. Now, what was a little problem to solve has become a great big AHHHH shite.

  60. As Sessions has just declared arresting Julian Assange is a top priority, it's a sickening blow of hope for freedom for him. Exposing the Cabal has a price.

    1. Well, good luck with that. He hasn't actually committed a crime at all by U.S. Code. The Pentagon Papers precedent has not been reversed as far as I know. Of course, the Law is now a racket, so it might not matter at all.

    2. Assange will get prosecuted...or worse...for telling the TRUTH while all the LIARS, THIEVES and MURDERERS go free to continue their crimes.

  61. The EU now want the UK to be kept under EU law after Brexit and to keep paying to EU budgets for ever. Complete Cloud Cuckoo land.

    Divorce laws of any kind have become crazy. Cut off points for the free riders have to become reality. Time limits, for Divorce, pay for the kids but time limit the wives or husbands. Get a job time and self help as it will be for the EU.

    The UK will have to get nasty. 2 years banning German, French, Italian and other cars by reverse tariffs will soon have them on their knees. Blocking French wines and blocking the Channel Tunnel will bring them to their knees.

    Ending EU flights for troublesome countries, will crash their hotel and property industries. English tourism will boom. They want to play, the UK wont pay.
    Stormy times ahead.

  62. Does anybody have balls anymore or is i all theater? UK must brush these EU whores aside and move on with life like yesterday or be sucked into their BS forever.

  63. My blood pressure is rising just thinking of all this BS and nobody is being convicted yet of any importance... ^&(*)(_)_(*&&%$#$&^*((

  64. How to shut down the Cabal in one easy lesson.... control the global financial software and freeze their accounts until hell freezes over... lol

  65. Trumps first 100 days come up in 10 days.

    All we can see in reality, is a flatulent posing lump! He certainly loses no time pigging out.

    So many promises, but the IQ of a Moron,and what is visible emerging is a Hustler way out of his depth. The Kushner family package is a horror story, of Prostitutes, Bribery and Blackmail. A horrible family. Way too much corruption for the White House,but Trump is hardly clean goods.

    So far hes looking another US disaster. From Read my Lips 41, to Sleaze Bag Clinton, onto Idiot 43, then the Kenyan Con Man Soetoro, now Trump. Not one fit for office.

    The great men are long gone. Is it not time to review if Presidents are a solution befitting America any longer? All it brings is corruption and incompetence. Non, visibly fit for office. Time to call it a day?

    Trump is a joke and a disaster.

  66. John,

    Are there any good guys behind the scenes able to straighten the leaking ship?

  67. Kermit,

    Truth, we need to stop looking towards Politicos to create a better society. They are all to often the Pits. Deep State is now a Global reality. What is emerging,is truly horrible if left to them. The price paid by indifferent Couch Slobs.

    As Eurasia emerges, we will deal with the Zios. Head on! It will remove the Vatican and their school holds. It will deal with Drugs and Crime, and it will bring in far better education. It starts there.

    Eurasia will be founded upon Trade,and real power will evolve with such a vast land mass collective. A common law for all will be imposed,with simply no room for false religions or separatism. Islam, Jesuits, and Judaism will all be gone. Educated out or !

    Religious schools will all go. The rot starts there.

    Eurasia will rethink money, media, education and the need for work sharing. It will rethink communities, and values. A whole new concept of Community Development will evolve. Ability will rule. Freed from US and Zionist hegemony, Eurasia will operate as a Collective for all. But no fools. Not communism. Crime will pay, heavily. Law will be simplified. You cross the line, you will be sorry. Drugs, Child Molestation, Rape, Burglary, be sure, consequences are coming. Thugs will simply be broken down. Zero tolerance.

    As a vast community incoming,one law for all will be upheld and enforced. Education will teach the children Values, Community respect, and ethereal reality. Children will be made custodians of their own Souls, and cross protectors of all. Transgression will be dealt with at base. A common language,custodial care of all, and if we need a Eurasian Judge Dread system, so be it. The sheer scale of oversight now is almost total overview,and transgression can be resolved quickly.To protect all, for common good,swift enforcement will be needed. Tough love! Simple truth will judge most.

    The US I fear is in terminal decline. Trump is a compete chump, and Zionism rots all with its fabricated lies. Just look in depth at Kushner and his rotten family. Soros, the Rothschilds, Nutter Yahoo, almost all the major US Financial crooks, all one sub species of humanity. Crooked Judges, again the same sub species. We need to sift out the Weevils.
    A new Society is needed, fair and firm. A Constitution with teeth!
    People need to be developed. The morons are lost causes, so we need to start with the kids. Develop the full potential of each child, deal with bad parenting, and deal with anti social trash.No point in 20 year sentences is there? Cut the cost and no repeat offenders.

    Eurasia will lead the way. Fair but resolute.

  68. John,

    I'm in Canada... sign me up ..... let's get the ball rolling... our child King Trudeau is really driving my patience and many others to the point of revolution. This little D**k is so far out of his league that it is laughable...

  69. The CHUMP south of you is no better. All our worst fears are coming to happen.
    We only pushed for the Chump to stop Clinton. 2 utterly lousy choices though.
    He's just following Yes We Can!

    They ALL, know the value of NOTHING!
    So few are fit for office.

    The Big Question, has he already Sold Out for his lick at the trough? That would follow for the Pig he is. The Zios clearly have him totaled.

    1. I hate to say this but I always said that Trump was the lesser of two evils. I am starting to believe that this is the case. At least I gave him the benefit of doubt.

  70. John, I believe that all this saber rattling going on world wide,(WWW III, Syria, Brexit,Trump flip flopping on issues etc) is putting the deep state in checkmate and also a cover for the Global Currency Reset. Everyone is looking the other way with their attention on these issues while they work quietly behind the scenes to accomplish these enormous tasks. JMO

    1. Praying...from your mouth to God's ears!

    2. Scott, I am of the same mind set, made the same comment about 10 days ago ....a diversion of sorts.
      Also, looking at dates of various "meetings", J mentioned after the G20 meeting/summit later this month....there is one coming up in Berlin 24-26 April and the spring meeting of WBG & IMF 21-23 April in D.C.....we wait, shoot for all we know those could be diversions as well :) Bring it on, time to get to work with greater purpose & impact !

      John, thank you for your focus for us....

      As always....EWO !

      Cheers !!

    3. The below may be more of what was being spoken to...we wait :)

      G20 ~

      April 2017
      20 – 21 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting

    4. April 20-21, 2017 — Washington D.C., USA
      G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting

      April 21-23, 2017 — Washington D.C., USA
      Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group

  71. Scott, and ALL.

    What I can't say is anything, but watch your 2 sites EVERY day now, ignore hype sites until its clear, but that tells you EVERYTHING! Clear?

    Everything is playing out right now. OK. Now please, just wait, and good luck to all of you. Keep your heads and for all your Gods sake, keep it safe.
    Just watch and get rid of those dam 6 packs! Lol Do not forget or join the Moron queues. All we can do is try to help all of you.

    Please, once clear, NO MORE GAMBLING or Dreaming.
    Keep it simple, find the best partner you can and live a whole new value life.

    But just don't tell the wife or other half.

    1. Hello John, I am happy to hear the good news. Here's to everything finally going through. I hope you can still give us a pre notice so we can be ready. We thank you and the elders for all that you do.

  72. A queue were waiting behind Bill O Reilly to meet the Pope in the Confessional booth. When the next 6 behind him saw who it was they each said, Jesus Christ, OK I will have to come back tomorrow.

    A Cardinal watching O Reilly shaking hands with Pope Francis said, typical that O Reilly Git will hit any anything is a dress.

    After firing O Reilly, the head of Fox news stated, there's only one job for a dirty old man who demeans women, and that will be the White House.

  73. Thanks John and all others in the battle.

  74. Replies
    1. The Democrats/Communists are masters at accusing their opposition of doing exactly what they're doing themselves...the greatest defense is a better offense. So when they accuse of anything, start looking into their actions in that area. It's pretty clear U.K. Operatives were accommodating if not instrumental in this fiasco despite their righteous indignation at the suggestion. :-0)

    2. Texian

      If you have proof you have access here to expose it and them.

    3. John,
      Without access to the surveillance apparatus, I can't provide proof. It's not a big leap to think they would be complicit since much of U.K. was happy with thought of banning Trump from U.K. This article names a person and other articles have names also. From this one:

      "The Guardian says that British spy head Robert Hannigan “passed material in summer 2016 to the CIA chief, John Brennan.” To ensure that these flaky tips leaked out, Brennan disseminated them on Capitol Hill. In August and September of 2016, he gave briefings to the “Gang of Eight” about them, which then turned up on the front page of the New York Times."

      The Guardian must be confident or they would be on hook for slander, no?

    4. If we are playing games expose it. Well spotted. It will be passed over.

    5. we need to all use precise language, as is taught in many educational programs

      void the appearance of saying statements that are mere SUSPICIONS are facts

      stop conflating suspicions with fact or one is NO BETTER than a propagandist.

      use terms like the following to qualify one's statements:

      * "i suspect.....",

      * "i hypothesize....",

      * "i think/feel/intuit the burden of proof is clear in the following facts")

      rather than a claim as statement of fact

      reliable reporting matters, and one's reputation suffers if the facts or lack of them (mere suspicion) are not validly stated

    6. After only 2 years in the job, Robert resigned suddenly stating personal reasons ???????????????????
      Like he got caught?

    7. Unknown,
      If your little lesson is pointed at me, I don't appreciate it. That's a FACT.


    8. Unknown,

      I consider your comment here condescending in nature. We run an informal comment section. Every comment is actually opinion because even if quoting a well respected news site is not evidence of fact. Fact is only firsthand accounts, even then subject to bias.

      You do not have the right to dictate in what form someone is to share information here. If you do not agree with what is said you are welcome to bring countering information. Therefore debating.

      You can remind others about our TOS, but please refrain from expecting others to conform to a formal standard that is not OWON policy or stated in OWON's TOS. OWON is all inclusive based on respecting each other, not their level of educational programming.

  75. John quote: Keep it simple, find the best partner you can and live a whole new value life. But just don't tell the wife or other half.


  76. Replies
    1. This again is why Obama needs to be brought to account. He is a walking travesty of injustice who needs to be tried.

    2. It's opinion of those who are close to this Navy Seal team that Soetero ordered them killed because after Biden outed Seal Team 6 (classified info that he disclosed) they knew they had not killed "BinLaden" and were asking around of others if they were involved in the "raid." One of the seals while on FOX for an interview said something to the effect that "Bin Laden" looked a lot younger than they expected. It's a rampant rumor that Bin Laden died of kidney failure in late 2001. So if a young "BinLaden" was killed, it was most likely a son or a double. If OWoN has any different info, please post it.

    3. Texian, "i suspect.....", * or "i hypothesize....", that someone on this blog got your message. :)

    4. TEX The point I intend to make is ..... my hackle is up if anyone is throwing dirt on your work is a person WO adequate info, cognitive skills or experience in research. From my humble point of view - and having mentored under Dr Deming 10 of the last 12 years of his life and performed extensive research I am on record stating you are one of the best i have seen period. You have a level of honor, integrity and expertise beyond reproach. How would I know anything about research ... several sources like signing off on several PhD and DSc Diplomas and having worked with excellent researchers in Asia, Aus, UK, DE, RU, Osterreich and US and I would work for you anytime and for free! Keep up your excellent work because your contribution is appreciated. We have those who do not know they do not know and I hope we all learn even though it can e painful. Semper Fi

    5. Bob...oh my goodness *blushing*....thank you for your vote of confidence. While always trying to do a competent job, I make mistakes like all humans so I can't live up to your description although the flattery is lovely. ๐Ÿ˜Š I've enjoyed working with you on past research projects and look forward to more in the future!


    6. Scott F,

      Although my comment was directed at Unknown above it relates to everyone here. Please respect others and let us move on.

    7. Canauzzie, I do have respect for others more so to the bloggers on this site as I don't believe I have made a derogatory comment to anyone in my time here. I was having a little fun with Texian


    8. Scott F,

      Having fun at who's expense... you drew a direct correlation to the exchange above. No extra attention to the exchange above needs to be pointed out. Let's move on.

    9. TEX I speak the truth. i was Blessed to launch the largest design of experiments (DOE) in American industry. DOE is bodacious tool that ... for instance .... normal methods would require the destruction of a million engines but with DOE you would only have to destroy <20 to get accurate causal factors. Your research style and that of your colleagues mimics that found in DOE. This stuff today for me is not to admonish but to learn from each other. Keep up your excellent work. I think I understand to a certain degree how you work and I consider it an honor to work with you ... no kidding! Let's keep exposing the bad guys. We know we have the Extortion 17 onion peeled .... Barry O-Soetoro and a few moron flag officers executed 35 people and a dog named Bart ... inside job - Smacsonic insulation inside CH-47 which should have been an MH-47. The last minute substitution with 8 Afghan suicide bombers and electronic ignition (remote) of Smacsonic = >7000F turning our Warfighters to goo by murder. The Barry S turds said an RPG took it down .... REALLY! We know who murdered our Troops to cover up the murder of an Osama body double. Semper Fi ... We will keep exposing!

  77. NYPD Boss Jailed For 28 Years By Elite Pedophile Ring Investigators
    April 20, 2017

    A top NYPD boss has been cut down by the elite pedophile ring task force and jailed for 28 years for his heinous crimes against children.

    Alberto Randazzo, a former New York City Police Department boss, was sentenced to 28 years in prison for sexual exploitation of children and receipt of child pornography, as the Trump administration’s investigation into the elite pedophile ring that has infiltrated politics and law enforcement nationwide continues taking down high-profile perpetrators.

    Randazzo was caught targeting mothers, persuading them to sexually abuse their children and send him pictures and videos of the acts.

    The federal investigation into the elite pedophile ring is moving full steam ahead and heavy hitters have been employed to lead prosecutions. Randazzo’s sentence was announced by Bridget M. Rohde, Acting United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Angel M. Melendez, Special Agent-in-Charge, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), New York, and James P. O’Neill, Commissioner, New York City Police Department (NYPD).

  78. Whistleblower exposes UN program to invade America with Muslims predominately through Catholic, Jewish and Lutheran charities who are paid to facilitate the relocations. They arrive in middle of night, sick with very contagious diseases, are encouraged to claim lower back pain to obtain long term Social Security Disability, as well as cash, food stamps, free housing and much more. She says it's not women and children, predominately young men between 15-45. The Walmarts that were mysteriously closed for "plumbing problems" are temporarily housing refugees. The agency volunteers are finding some jobs and permanent housing. The refugees take their cash and EBT cards to Sam's to buy cases of candy bars, cokes, snack items to stock the convenience stores they own! Incredible! #$*^%!

    Jill Noble Mind Blowing Interview ~ Refugee Takeover, Redistribution of Wealth and More


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