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  1. TRUMP, WE'RE NOT GOING INTO SYRIA. THE NEW YORK POST. Amid complaints that his aides are saying different things about Syria and his policy is confusing, President Trump emphatically cleared the air.

    “We’re not going into Syria,” he told me yesterday in an exclusive interview. “Our policy is the same — it hasn’t changed. We’re not going into Syria.”

    The president, speaking by phone Tuesday, called Syrian President Bashar al-Assad a “butcher” and a “barbarian” for using sarin gas on his own people, but said last week’s successful missile strike was not the start of a campaign to oust the dictator.

    “Our big mission is getting rid of ISIS,” Trump said. “That’s where it’s always been. But when you see kids choking to death, you watch their lungs burning out, we had to hit him and hit him hard.”

    1. check

  2. Texian, thank you so much for your sweet message and encouragement in the last comment section. I really appreciate your kindness and wisdom.

  3. Would someone please explain, without directly naming the entities, countries, individuals and or collectives involved, the make up of Tier 1 and Tier 2 groups?

    1. Too delicate politically. Need to know basis, sorry, but think Chinese Elders, their key nations etc. Then secondary supportive Funding nations who got sucked in. It's all there to research. The world has been systematically raped by these Mongrels. Settlements for some are moving now via Switzerland plus key Infrastructure Project discussions are now evolving.

    2. Thanks for the response. Will any of the initial funds be channelled toward humanitarian aid to resolve issues like the starving millions in the Horn of Africa, Yemen and Sudan? Or water and renewable power projects in third world countries?

    3. It comes mainly to the key London Think Tank Trustees.

      Look at the site daily. Warm, vibrant, challenging. So many among you deserve to be part of this. We will create a forum and help change our world. Real people, real issues, real humanity. We won't be funding a 6 pack and Ball game in Palookerville. Ours will be the game of life. Re shaping lives, as so many helped us do with Mike. Together ?

      We WILL make a difference. One giant road to Nirvannah and we will need a lot of willing Samaritans along the way There is so much good among you.

  4. Clean water graphene breakthrough could allow millions to drink filtered seawater

    Graphene is a super-thin sheet of carbon atoms that are organized in a hexagonal lattice, and was first identified at the University of Manchester in 2002. Since then, it has been heralded as a “wonder material,” and scientists have been doing their bests to develop affordable graphene-based barriers to desalinate water on a larger scale.

    And now, the team from Manchester has crafted a new device that can filter out salt using less energy. The new sieve is comprised of a graphene compound, known as graphene oxide, to create a rigid sieve that gets the job done. Dr. Rahul Nair led the University of Manchester researchers in their efforts to overcome some of the challenges posed by graphene as a water filtration system.

    In a statement, Dr. Nair described the discovery as “a significant step forward and will open new possibilities for improving the efficiency of desalination technology.” Given that the UN has predicted at least 14 percent of the world’s population will suffer from water scarcity by 2025, this finding could really be described as more than “significant” and could potentially save lives in the near future. Clean water is essential to life, after all. Learn more at

    1. Biffie, good article, and a key project for new Heritage funding.

    2. JOHN & BIF I have authored several patents on graphene technologies and built the first successful radial flow graphene filters. My mistake was not being a whore and member of the Zio satanic network. Manchester groupies were making micrograms per day when we were producing metric tons. They stole their technology and as typical Zios took credit for the work of others. I did not invent graphene production but my Team and I developed several water filters and other technologies that are soooo cool and for the good of Mankind. Zios in US corporate gov have assassinated members of my legal team and done several legal maneuvers to destroy me. My filters were produced internally and test verified bu gov approved labs. I Pray God's justice prevails. C'mon carma!

    3. Bob, glad you are on this site. Looking forward to making the deserts green again and able to feed the nations. With seawater going through a large plant using these types of technologies, there is such hope.
      Stay safe.

    4. BIF We have not worked on sea water or anything in the salty category but we believe we can. I get irritated with the manchester folks since I know from where they stole tech. On a positive side .... I am in discussions with Native American representatives about having them assemble and distribute. They had clean water until our Zios screwed it up. We expect funding to come alive now that Barry and Mike are out of the whitehouse so keep us in your Prayers. Also, I designed the production system as labor intensive so we will have to hire thousands. Robots cannot buy things to support our Economy but people can. We have several fantastic technologies but I don't want then Zios to steal and covet. We want clean water to be affordable to all and why not. I am too darn old to want extravagance ... not even interested.... a better more comfortable life but who wants to emulate satanist zios!

    5. Bob, that is amazing work. As Biffie said, stay safe. I have a feeling the angels walk with you daily, to do just that - keep you safe.

  5. Key issues developing.

    1. Ex British Ambassador to Syria explodes the myth Syria would use Gas on its own people and lets it be known, it's a false US flag again!
    2. Lavrov, you have to love him (Russian Foreign Minster) when asked how he would handle Tillerson , smiled, and said, " This is a man whose mother taught him to dance with Boys!". Russian's have humor, and a complete lack of respect for the US.
    3. China has warned the US if it bombs North Korea, it will enforce its own territorial protection lines. In a single , yet more Dumb move, the US has given China the opportunity to take the territory. Yet more typical dumb DC F ups.

    The big dogs are coming. Time to go for the Old Guard. The world is best rid of DC and its Zio Rat owning Cabal. Time to swill the sty.

  6. The game of chance goes on.

    As of today we are now looking at a phased handover for the PPs, Tier 1 s and Tier 2,and and the PP Currency's for the majors. All positive.

    Positive new progress, and those who joined the good groups have real hope now. We helped a few get in fast so they will be well set up. Home Runs for those guys. Looking good right now. Public, God knows. No one has time, or cares. Just noise on the system for the banks.

    Last time we did a quick dual site survey it only amounted to less than $200M for the lot. Mug money. Probably 50 squawking Turkeys all phoning every 3 seconds, Amm Aaaah Rich? Now?
    Joking folks, humor! If the sites will take the grief, we can try. Dig up Abby for Tony.

    Seriously, if all goes as hoped, we may try again to see if one of the major groups will give the Lil Fellers a hand to clear, but the general response I saw last time was negative. Guys picking up c X hundreds B's as a group, fat and happy thinking * them!They don't care! Why should they? It's a lot of work re arranging for more for dimes.

    If WHA and OWON chose to do another survey, first to see how much is held, we may try again for you all. It's way too messy for banks dealing with single small change public issues. We will discuss it.

    Let us be clear. If, and we say IF, we are able to help, it will only be on the basis of in and out. No more, cleared, paid out and gone. We don't take on London accounts for less than $5B,and that's only a favor. We right now are fully tasked. No room as multi majors are coming at us soon. Plus the Elders.

    To me the interest of the sites is to screen out suitable people for Projects as we use up the Heritage funds. There are good people there. Able contributors seeking a break and new chance in life, and who will go where needed. No free loaders. If we are to change anything for the better, people have to make it happen.

    Change is coming, for some. Good progress.

    1. Congrats to the platform groups, very positive.

    2. Thank you for the update John. I also offer my best wishes to those good people who look like progressing through this quagmire and achieving a successful outcome (not any of the badies though lol). My thanks in advance also for the possibility of site discussion noted above.

    3. John, wouldn't $200mil after the new conversion rate on these currencies be enough to take into trade to participate into humanitarian projects, I believe that is the goal for most here anyway, to first make themselves comfortable then give back into worldwide projects.

    4. Scott,

      We will try to advise but we only start at $5B nowadays. I can't say a lot but for the multi hundred B's, it goes to who? Time is money.

      We will look at possible specials for a few later.

    5. Aurataya,

      Your slot is booked with Dolly at the Magic Cafe. Just have to deal with Tony wanting freebies. For sure we can give him frothy coffee.

    6. You are so bad John lol. The wooden spoon is heading your way lol. At least you made me smile, thank you for that. I think coffee is the last thing on Tony's mind just now, froth or not lol. I think you kept him up all evening with your "Hot" news flashes.

      I'm off the bed now, had a bad fall today and not feeling too good. Hope I don't start dreaming about frothy coffee and cause myself more injuries LOL.

      Hope you all enjoy a wonderful day. Thanks again for everything John.

    7. If you hope to make any real change you will need to kill the oil cartels.

      FREE energy has to be a priority. Cars can run on water and we are polluting the air with dirty oil emissions.

      Atmospheric condensers for water extraction mounted in the clean burning hydrogen engines could mean NEVER refueling.

      Electricity from the air, like tesla created.

      Anti-gravity, magnetism.... the list goes on and on.

      Energy is most people's largest monthly expenditure. 40% of most's income goes to this.

      FREE the tech and FREE the planet.

      This would be my main focus.

    8. John
      Not clear on your 200 mil number. I hold more than 200 mil dong myself.

    9. john

      thanks for the sunny updates on the deals

      as you know, a deal is not done until it is done

      while not meaning to be a killjoy, can you please share a bit about the remaining final steps and possible pitfalls

    10. John S

      $200M is not big enough to bank trade. That all it meant

  7. Trump has now stated he will not try to invade Syria. That would cost him the economy and the WH.

    Nutter Yahoo and his Mossad Kazakh Thugs are incensed about Iran's progression.

    Slowly America is waking up to who did 9/11. That will rip open the Zios control of America. When Eurasia expands, and Israel is gone, will that wake up America to Zionism? Zionists are far worse than Islam. Zionist stole America. Unfortunately, they fund and control Trump. Who comes next Zio free?

  8. To finish the thread on the clinic from the archive:


    No, it's not ECT. It is highly targeted and highly individualized transcranial magnetic stimulation. We stimulate to restore and improve the post-synaptic field strengthening the central synchrony. Specifically in autism, where the pre-frontal and frontal cortex oscillate at the wrong frequency, restoring central synchrony lets the mind act as an integrated whole. Basically it reconnects the front of the brain to the back of the brain. It's painless, non-invasive and slow. It takes anywhere from 1 to 4 months to rescue a child. And there have been examples worldwide of doing this for up to 18 months.


    Supplements have their roles. But I don't dare touch any variables in a situation, which to the lay person already sounds hokey ("Yeah, magic pixie magnetic fairy dust reverses autism") but is based in very hard-core science from neurology, information theory (Shannon) and thermodynamics.


    Could you let me know who the neuro-surgeon is? I desperately need more contacts among the "tired of patching" docs that really mean it. I have been disappointed before because not all docs are early adopters, but each one I find helps build us towards that day when this is accepted as first line therapy.

    1. Tino,
      It's Dr Kendal Stewart. He's also ENT specialty and has adapted some of the audiology tests as described at his website. Last few years he's lectured to many physicians about his system so I'm sure he will be pleased to share with you. He treats our son's whole family, his in laws who travel from Florida to see him, and us!

      NeuroSensory Center

    2. Thank you Texian. I will reach out to him in a few weeks as soon as the current projects at work are safely underway.

    3. Thanks Tino. I have a feeling magnetic therapy will balloon in the future. Cheers

    4. Tino,
      I am a never was patching doc. Glad to connect. I am in Texas. I am willing to have canauzzie shatlre my email with you.

    5. AJ

      So will Aurataya if we don't keep her out of the those Paddington Special Coffee shops.

    6. @ Tino - thanks for the response. Was also wondering where you're based as I have a good friend whose chemo brain is starting to freak her out. Anywhere in Canada or north-central states where your techniques are used?

      Please & thanks. :)

    7. Unfortunately not in Canada.

      But it's easier not to clutter the OWoN with this. If anyone needs to reach me, my throw-away email is

  9. See how fast progress can come out of the blue any day? It's just a case of case of choking rats in a sack, and avoid any slipping out posing as Zionists.

    1. Choking rats in a sack. Lol. Never heard it called that before, but if it fits w/bankers why not.

  10. John Is the public, even for a very short window, out of the question now?

    1. If a window opens we will let you know.

      I think it will be a stupid mistake to do it. Way too many totally undesirables hold them. Criminals, Drug Traffickers and Bible Belt Con Men plus Politicos.

      Sensibly we should only allow in Pubic parties able to show planned projects, and only allow them to draw down against phased stages checked and verified. But since when did sense apply, we have Politicos and Bankers?

    2. John,
      With all the vetting you've written that will be required, how about 'criminals, politicos and bankers need not apply.' It's pretty easy to do a criminal background check.

    3. Just blocking Politicos and Churches should rid us of 90%.



    When I was very young I lived on an old-fashioned farm with a barn and a hay loft and a chicken coop and a pig pen and cows and horses and all sorts of critters. Then as now I had to figure things out, so I was constantly bothering my poor parents with oddball questions--- for example, "What do angels do when their wings molt?"

    My Dad made a sound like he was stifling a sneeze. His eyes watered as he gazed up toward the ceiling of the hayloft. I thought it was the dust getting to him, but on later reflection, maybe not.

    "They walk," he finally answered, sober as a judge.

    Well, okay.... you can see what he was up against.

    Inevitably the day came when I encountered the idea of foxes in hen houses. In our case, it was real foxes in real hen houses, so I took it literally and vividly remember the bang of the shotgun in the middle of the night and the squawking and scrabbling of the chickens and the barking of the dogs and the flash of red and white fur streaking through the deep shadowy back pasture grass.

    My Dad didn't shoot to kill the varmint. After World War II, he had seen enough killing of any living thing to swear off it for a lifetime. He just stood looking after the fox and nodded and said, "You can't have foxes in a hen house."

    This seemed self-evident enough and I didn't comment. Even I knew that foxes eat chickens and eggs. They are real thieves and brigands when it comes to that, and I too-well remembered seeing the stray feathers and broken egg shells when one of our Biddies strayed and stayed out for a couple days on her own, making a secret nest in the open hay shed next to the barn.

    "Foxes got her," Grandma said, shaking her head on that occasion, and something steely in her voice and eyes told me she'd do as much for the fox, if she caught him.

    As it happened, the foxes had plenty of rodents in our woodlot and their taste for chicken abated after a few such incidents. I never had to think about it much after that, until much later when I heard the same thing said about politicians being "foxes in the hen house."

    I want you all to realize that we've had foxes in our hen house for 150 years, just raising no end of hell with the chickens.

    It is now time for the farmers and doctors and lawyers and bureaucrats and yes, the Catholic bishops responsible for this mess, to face the facts. It's time for the politicians to heave ho.

    The people of this country trusted you to take care of them and their property. You grossly betrayed that trust.

    You had cause to know better, and you all stood around like big, dumb stumps and let the predators in. It doesn't matter if you say "foxes in the hen house" or "wolves among the sheep" it all amounts to the same thing.

    You were hired to keep this country and its people safe and you have failed; instead, you have enslaved your employers, engaged in racketeering and fraud on an unimaginable scale, and promoted injustice against your own benefactors and underwriters.

    You've disguised your private bill collectors as officers of public courts and amassed private mercenary armies under color of law on our shores, disguising them as employees of federal agencies. You have confiscated our property and illegally conscripted our sons to serve as gun fodder in wars for profit. You did all this under conditions of non-disclosure and deceit.

    You are vermin without cause or honor, pirates and thieves and ingrates who deserve no mercy from any actual court and certainly deserve no mercy from those who have suffered as a result of your criminality. You are foxes in hen houses, wolves among the sheep, and though I may show you the same mercy my Father showed --- and for the same reasons--- we can't have foxes in our hen house any more.

    1. The above I concur.
      If we sacked 50% of all State or Federal Employees tomorrow, what losses? They are of No Valid Consequence. Get Well Rid!

    2. Well written Judge Anna. Thank you for sharing Texian. Those foxes have also added more to their buckets of theft with the inclusion of so much sordid,horrific treatment as well as the deaths of our children. Mercy... where was that shown our children you took and used for your own purposes?
      Mercy, life in prison.

  13. Interview starts at 33 minutes in. Discusses the intelligence agencies.

    Fade to Black: Robert Steele

  14. GS and RV new moves

    While "Specials" are being done over the next few days, there are now pre advice issues indicating Cash will be limited even for the majors. Cash limits for the majors are clear and finite, and while we have what is being indicated, it can not go Public, but what is does mean, if Public parties are thinking mutli hundred M's dream on!

    Balances will have to be used for structured Project Credit Lines, so at last reality is coming home.

    The big battalions are not walking with B's in cash now, way, way lower.

    No one has time yet for Public issues, but if allowed in cash will have to be very limited.
    Also it has to be thought out. No point guessing. Bad elements who expected to cash B's just took an major hit. Massive!

    Next they have to think through the Public. Right now the shattered dreams for the majors will be creating mental traumas. What, you mean we can't buy Texas?

    But Aaaah was Promised, Aaah want me them thayyr Billions.

    Bang! Next?

    Next week will be interesting.

    Most have no idea of Collateralized Project Financing, and schoolboy dreams will come to earth. Meet Mr Compliance Officer. So, you know what about Critical Planning, CPA charts,Linear Planning, Strategy Reports, Marketing Projections, Product Market Analysis comparisons. What, you don't know shit and you think we will let you loose with millions?

    OK,here's another get rich idea. Sam Elliot T Shirts.

    The - What kind of stupid are you ones?

    They are about to sell well to Banks who will order en masse.

    Brains are frying tonight. Reality is going to be a bitch. Sense is coming home.

    Watch next week let it play. A lot of DC boys are going to be hanging out to dry, whining, Oh God, what a way to spend Easter.

    1. You mean I bought all this funny money and I'm not even going to get a T-shirt? lol

    2. People, I am joking. Whatever happens, happens.

    3. Texian, that's a favorite shirt in these parts! ) LOL

      Agree, what ever happens, happens. But if there is enough, will be sure to have at least one extra, extra large Sam Elliot T-shirt. Will make a great gift for a friend that likes T-shirts that make sense. My way of busting chops also! )

  15. Well....what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

  16. Iodine protection from nuclear fallout? Not always, warns the Health Ranger in science article debunking iodine myths

    Biffie: A while back there was some discussion about iodine. This article can help clarify and answer some questions for those interested.

    1. Yes. That's exactly what my doctor advised! Thanks for posting Biffie.

  17. Well! That was quite a rollercoaster last 24 hours I think I'm getting whiplash!

    1. Twos up?

      At least now the Public may get in for a level. Now sense can apply.

      Cash always was finite. They have only just woken up in DC.

      Now its a case of how to apply it to collateralized project funding for the Majors, and printing more Sam Elliot Shirts.

      If the Public are allowed to cash out say up to $100K each, it's enough and the rest can be used to fund projects earning the F millions! At least it gives them a chance now hopefully.

      But the Rednecks just took a hit. Anal velocity. So did the big battalions. Now it comes with hooks. To take out you put in. Good!

    2. Well..... ya know...... I do believe limiting how much people could exchange was posted in this forum not so very long ago. From my fingertips, to your lips, to God's ear???? :)

    3. It was an Educated Guess as it made no sense to let so much cash hit the streets unearned. Reality is good. As Project Collateral, it will work and they can own the Project income source.
      H'mmm. I wonder if Slack Alice Retread Parlors will clear?

    4. John,
      As for Slack Alice Retread Parlors, I would say NO...but then imagine it depends on who's deciding.

  18. John,

    Example: Joe Public has $10 Million Dong and exchanges for 50 cents per Dong which turns into $5 Million. Are you saying Joe Public will have personal access to $100K and the balance to be used for approved projects? Just asking for clarification. Thank you.

    1. On what we are seeing with the majors, if it goes pro rata you would only be getting at best tens of thousands and the rest will have to be Collateral.
      It's a mess whatever. No money in the system or the Banks will tank!

      Not looking good for Guru rags right now if this unfolds on them.

  19. Hi John, yes I am understanding.... no matter what amount you hold you only get 100k in cash deposited, anything over is for approved account projects and controlled. Is this correct?

    1. We can't say how much yet, but majors are facing a reality shock. There is no figure yet for the Public, if any. Banks won't want to coordinate this.
      Its only 04-08 and I've been strategising for hours. They have to sort a Public policy now, or swerve it.

      More will unfold as DC hits the fan. They will Dogfight this.
      More swerves ahead.

    2. John,

      I don't really understand how they can keep revalued rates a secret or not honor them on forex, etc. If these currency revalues are going to hope to help the countries themselves, eventually they would have to be publicly showing at new exchange rates.

      Also, the people (elders, China, whoever) that are paying out the privates would surely want it public too or else they just paid for toilet paper. Why would they pay $1, $2 whatever if you can still buy it on the internet or bank for the cheaper price. They would surely want a value for the currency they just paid out a bunch of money for.

      This is the only part of this whole thing that really doesn't make sense. Now, I could see banks saying we are not going to exchange certain currencies. Many do that now. But, then again, banks are pigs so the idea of passing up 2-8% spreads may be just enough greed to keep them at the trough.

  20. please comport yourselves with dignity,

    john said this:

    ".....Cash limits for the majors are clear and finite, and while we have what is being indicated, it can not go Public..... "

    he cannot tell what the formula(s) is/are, it needs to stay private.

    let's give the man some breathing room please


    White House claims on Syria chemical attack ‘obviously false’ – MIT professor
    https: //

    Trump Bombed Syria For Israel

    1. The world is dying for and because of Israe hell. Freedom and Democracy dies in America when every Senate or Congress Shill takes their money and signs up to a fiefdom of scum who did 09/11.

      I do have good, decent and moral Jewish friends. The real trash are the Zios who fail to honor Judaism,and use it only as a Kazakh front. Good Jews, if not true Judaic,don't need Israe hell. Good Jews have moral values. Israe hell has none.


    Hassan Mahmoudi: A human rights advocate and Social Media journalist seeking democracy for Iran and peace for the region.
    The Tale of the Small White Fish in Iran

    The trial of Cliven Bundy: A travesty of justice
    This week, a group of men who stood face to face with government agents and refused to back down will find out how many more years of their lives that decision will cost them, as a verdict is expected in their federal trial in Las Vegas. It is the case of United States v. Cliven Bundy, et al.

    Lindsey Graham: The crazy man of the Senate
    It's not for nothing that a MorningConsult poll released Tuesday pegged him at the third most unpopular senator, trailed by only John McCain and Mitch McConnell.

    Trump needs to define his core principles

    American Thinker
    More Down Arrow
    « The trial of Cliven Bundy: A travesty of justice | 'La marcha' that wasn't mega »
    Share Share | Twitter | Facebook | 191 Comments | Print | Email
    April 12, 2017
    Trump needs to define his core principles
    By Robert Arvay

    Throughout the presidential campaign, Donald Trump focused on winning. He covered all bases and stamped out all brush fires. He never quit; he never even slowed down. He won!

    But now that he is in power, Trump has met his first failures.

    Reality bites. His attempt to repeal Obamacare was stopped dead in its tracks. His policy on immigration was stymied at the border. If he fails to lower taxes and build the wall, his supporters are going to have their first serious doubts about his competence. While Trump's supporters are loyal, they demand results.

    Amid all the complications, Trump needs a new paradigm. Unless he can define his core principles and stick to them, the distractions and treacheries of D.C. politics will send him down endless side roads and dead ends, until finally the economy (stupid) will collapse and bring his term to an ignominious end. President Ronald Reagan understood America. He knew that above all, Americans cherish freedom. The vocal minority that demands an all-powerful government is just that: a minority, however loudly its members scream. Ronald Reagan had it right when he said that, too often, "government is not the solution; government is the problem." He knew that above all, Americans cherish freedom. He knew that every government action either increases or decreases individual freedom. Using that as his guidepost, Reagan did his best to ensure that every decision he made increased our freedom.


    Hassan Mahmoudi: A human rights advocate and Social Media journalist seeking democracy for Iran and peace for the region.
    The Tale of the Small White Fish in Iran

    The trial of Cliven Bundy: A travesty of justice
    This week, a group of men who stood face to face with government agents and refused to back down will find out how many more years of their lives that decision will cost them, as a verdict is expected in their federal trial in Las Vegas. It is the case of United States v. Cliven Bundy, et al.

    Lindsey Graham: The crazy man of the Senate
    It's not for nothing that a MorningConsult poll released Tuesday pegged him at the third most unpopular senator, trailed by only John McCain and Mitch McConnell.

    Trump needs to define his core principles By Robert Arvay
    Amid all the complications, Trump needs a new paradigm. Unless he can define his core principles and stick to them, the distractions and treacheries of D.C. politics will send him down endless side roads and dead ends, until finally the economy (stupid) will collapse and bring his term to an ignominious end. President Ronald Reagan understood America. He knew that above all, Americans cherish freedom. The vocal minority that demands an all-powerful government is just that: a minority, however loudly its members scream. Ronald Reagan had it right when he said that, too often, "government is not the solution; government is the problem." He knew that above all, Americans cherish freedom. He knew that every government action either increases or decreases individual freedom. Using that as his guidepost, Reagan did his best to ensure that every decision he made increased our freedom.

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. Phi Beta Iota: We do not make this shit up. We can understand naive young adults falling for false flag photographs that the neoconservatives and their mainstream media sock puppets broadcast, but we cannot understand — the one time CIA gets it right and Mike Pompeo tells the President this is a false flag — Donald Trump being swayed in this fashion (he is smarter than that). The situation is complicated by the evident treason of National Security Advisor Herbert McMaster, who appears to be lying to the President. Despite deep reservations about all this by Pompeo, Secretary of Defense Mattis, and Steve Bannon, the influence of Ivanka Trump, Jared “shiksas don’t count” Kushner, and McMaster as well as Petraeus behind the scenes — and of course all the neo-cons including Condi Rice and Bob Gates — appear to have “justified” an act of war not authorized by Congress. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the Russians and Syrians both turned off their very sophisticated anti-missile defense systems and the target was an abandoned unoccupied airbase. Roger Stone’s perspective is that this was intended to show that Trump was not “in bed” with the Russians and to shut the neocons and media up. The possibility that this was also a move of attempted genius by the president intended to lead to a Wednesday night massacre (12 April 2017) cannot be rejected. Steve Pieczenik puts the best face on it: a strong message to China and North Korea (with no actual damage to Russians or Syrians) — I find the “message” shallow and lacking in credibility. There is a great deal we do not know. What we do know is that in this instance, Steve Bannon and Mike Pompeo shone brightly with integrity; Secretary of Defense Mattis was adequate but not stellar; Herbert McMaster may be an indictable traitor; Jared Kushner appears compromised; and Ivanka Trump — whose potential we consider substantive — was in way over her head. We pray she learns from this.

  26. April 11 EIA forecasts record U.S. crude-oil output in 2018

    April 12 Gary Cohn supports splitting lending and investment banks: Bloomberg

  27. RV's

    More high pressure moves with Global power needs.

    Be cause of "Sensitive" Public issues, and Whose holding!!, the Public cap just got lifted to an amount which will more than suffice for 95% of you, so good luck.
    Sometimes, the perverse nature of Man carries over.

    Now, keep your heads out there.
    Remember, Easy Come - Easy Go! Keep it safe!

    1. Thanks for all of the updates John, your time and trouble is appreciated. To even be considered in this is amazing.

    2. Aurataya

      There was a comment for you logged at 10-14 Wednesday re AJs comment. Read his above first then it makes sense.

    3. LOL, you cheeky little bugger. My response would be that I very carefully monitor my daily protein intake. One must never overindulge, particularly in a undesirable cafe setting nor to the point of ballooning. LOL. Now behave yourself Mr Flynt.

  28. Interesting news about to break.

    Chump switched policies again on now supporting NATO, and Tillerson got his ass served up in Moscow.

    From the Tillerson talk, he would re arrange Russia's thinking - Hah!
    He made them an offer, join America or else.
    Facing a real Chess Master like Lavrov, who made him one with two fingers.
    Does Chump attract like types?

    Russia has a major investment now in Syria. It brings bases,protection of their Gas empire, and Naval docking. But also respect in the Middle East, and strong links with Iran.The Chump just swerved again on Policy talking up a befuddled NATO and looking more like Bush 43 by the day. Carter, Bush 41, Bush 43, Obama, now this glued on Fuzzy Top. What is it that attracts Chumps to the Oval Office?

    Chump needs to have a Dummy- Soother rammed in that orifice. When you have the lowly educated mind of a child, why advertise it.
    Condi was the Minder for Chump 43.

    Chump really needs to step back from Klumsy Kushner,and let Bannon run the show as Cheney did for Chump 43. Kushners Benny Yahoos Poodle and the world knows it.

    The Red Lights should have gone on when Lavrov joked before that Tillersons mother has taught him to dance with boys. Watch the news shows of him being handled like a Muppet by Lavrov. Chump and his crew are Kindergarten. It's as ridiculous as with Soetoro. Such a huge gap of class.

    China is looking with glee at North Korea as Chump lines up to attack.
    They will walk in and take it. What a gift. What a Wassock!
    Is Chump for real?

    100 days coming up and really NOT looking good so far.

    The Wall- What?
    Clinton- Shes back and loading to come again.
    Obama Care, Failed- what a balls up!
    Wiener- Well?????

    Pizza Gate- What?

    If he loses North Korea he does what?

    It becomes ever more clear Kushner is Benny's mole.
    Bannon can pick him off soon. All he has to do is give that Shickster show more rope.

  29. Watch Trump when he purses that mouth, it shapes up like a females genitalia. When he then starts talking like one, I know we have trouble in Office.

    We all hope for Trump, and America,but when Ali tagged them to Rope a Dope, he left an epitaph for this egiostical fool.

    They really do need to seriously IQ test what enters the WH contest, so Chumps don't get in under the bar. Carter, Bush 41, Bush 43 and this Chump would never have made it. If this Fool does not wise up fast, 3 and a half years will be a long time for more classic fiasco's until he then leaves with a Mop and Bucket in his hand. Russia and China must be euphoric this is all they have to deal with.

    Putins Politburo asked him what he would like for Xmas. He told them a Cowboy Outfit.
    They just gave him America.

    1. OMG John, that opening line totally cracked me up lol. God help us all if that statement was true. LOL

  30. Taking John's comment above: "
    Sensibly we should only allow in Pubic parties able to show planned projects"

    A project can be planned only when the resources are known. You need to know sums to hire professionals to assist and formulate a decent business plan. ATM I have sketches, the details of which will be filled in once I know what I'm dealing with.

    This is what's going through my head.

    1. That's more, I suspect, than is going through Trumps. We are seeing shades of Nero there.

      The overnight lashback from the Big Privates has impacted on the public caps, so you look to have now more than enough in cash, with the rest to go the Project route. What is now emerging IS more than enough, and parties backing that need a head on Cattle Stun Gun,and if that fails the Cattle Bolt!

      Now we just need to see it start breaking. It IS very active at the top, so it's now just waiting time. The Non Brain Dead really do need to be thinking Projects now for sustainable income. It needs to last and only good earnings will do that. The Brain Dead will lose it whatever, so ignore the Lumps, just let's all make a difference. Giving it away is not putting back. Creating jobs and dignity is. And you get to achieve.

      Remember 30% will be bust within 3 years. Another 40% will be potless within 10. Try to think, plan and be smart. No point in either side living with a Chump when you have money. Go start again. Dump the Chump. Get a new life. God it's so nice to be comfortable in misery. Live- a lot! But not at the cost of the Pot. Two can't live as cheaply as one. So dump the costing Chump and why live cheap? Lol.

    2. By Projects I'm presuming 'a business with a positive societal benefit'. Funny, that's what i was planning all along. I don't trust markets, better to get ur act together and earn it once the starting capital had been placed.

      I call it the easy come hard go approach.

    3. Yet another filthy, disgusting perverse Catholic Priest, 74 years old Michael Higginbottom was jailed in the UK for 17 years today. This filthy swine systematically beat and raped a poor young boy for years, until he just wanted to die.
      Yet we still allow them to run our Schools, Are we mad or just pathetic?

      This man should be publicly flogged weekly,using the full Cat o 9 tails, lead tipped, and salt wiped after. Public exhibitions,and seizure of All Catholic lands and assets. Take it all back. How many corporations would ever be allowed to abuse in such thousands before being closed down?

      This is a VILE, Lying Institution and Eurasia will see them gone!

    4. Judging by your 6:22 comment John you must be single LOL.

      6:46 Come on Eurasia if it means and end to this sickening perversion.

    5. Yes, AJ, I agree. I have several projects in mind, and the one(s) that will happen depend entirely on the amount I have available to invest. Two are large enough that I don't think they'd be do-able without other backing for start-up, hopefully to become self-sustaining; some others are straight expenditure with no ROI in dollars, only in satisfaction. :)

    6. Mygirl, personally I'd like to see a list of everyone's potential projects and decide which ones to contribute to both in funds and hands-on. I'd be willing to share.

    7. AJ

      I hope if all goes as we seek, many will co enjoin so we can work in united ways to mass deliver what is needed as a Global force of good for all .

    8. John, I believe you are spot on with that reality 99.99%. I suppose there are the exceptions though, as is the case with a couple of members on the two sites. But it has never worked out well for me.

    9. Hmmmm..... seems to me we did share our project ideas here once - 2 or 3 years ago? Canauzzie - do you remember? Or perhaps it was on WHA - Tony, do you remember? Just wondering if we could resurrect that thread, and people could add to it. I thought we did it around the same time we submitted our 'holdings' in hopes of being added to a big battalion or starting our own.

    10. Or - perhaps it's time to start fresh - just start a whole new thread with projects!

    11. Mygirl56, we did a survey of people at WHA about what they would consider as projects. Various ideas were suggested.

      John has brought up an interesting conundrum about this. So many who are standing a chance to possibly gain in ways never before experienced, and with little to no business acumen, cannot realistically be called on to suddenly have what it takes to navigate such waters without serious assistance.

      Some areas are more technically demanding of others, of course. But with those who have not run so much as a lawn care company, how can we expect them to submit complex business plans and propose hiring x number of people? And what about those who are already retired and elderly? Do they get a trip up the Himmelstrasse instead?

      Who would put funds to work in such ways? This would bring stability?

      Inquiring Bigfoots want to know. It's going to be very interesting to see what the final arrangements will be and how this will be organized.

    12. Thanks, Tony, for refreshing 'our' memory on this. :)

      Back in the day, before Zap exposed himself as being batshit crazy, they also (supposedly) had a group plan for projects - the idea could be submitted and if found a viable idea, would be eligible for project funding, the expertise needed for a business plan, etc.

      Inquiring Bigfoots indeed want to know, lol.

  31. Replies
    1. Even if you cut off the heads of the vipers, more vipers will just move into their place. David Rockefeller down, so many more to go.

    2. Thanks for sharing. After reading that article, I feel all is hopeless.

    3. Thanks for sharing. After reading that article, I feel all is hopeless.

  32. Please forgive me if this has been covered in the past. I am fairly new here and I have a question regarding where to exchange, IF the public does get to exchange. I have been following info on another site and they are saying you have to go to Wells Fargo or HSBC. I don't have either of those close to me, but that would not be a problem. I live in Kentucky, a couple of hours north of Nashville, TN. I do not have a business plan but work closely with people that have the capability to get things done, whether it be within the city, county, state or outside of the United States. I have a few ZIM and Dinar. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  33. Fed Up With the Fed.

    Nice title. Well said.
    At this stage, there is no definitive listings as to which banks will transact exchanges.
    The only point is this: As and when we are able to advise, YOU need to get to the key Banks and swap. It's money! Yours. Whats its day of travelling it's a huge gain if cleared. I spent years dropping into New York Atlanta , Washington and Cincinnati on my way to Lexington Kentucky to spend Millions buying Bloodstock for my estate. Jesus are you not rich enough yet? There are lot of good banks from Atlanta out. It's a quick flight or drive. It will probably be WF, as they have less BS to clear. Unless it's over many tens of M, without exposing the cut off point, you should be OK.

    Just watch the site. Our price, its free, but a couple of days with Dolly, and Nights too for sure. Good luck.

  34. Hi John,

    After this is all said and done will Sovereign debts be settled? And what about fiat global bank derivatives?

    Thanks so much for your updates.

  35. Kermit

    Sovereign Debts are a hairy issue because the US LIES about the catastrophic scale of it's own. Only the US allows a feckless bunch of Offshore and dual passport holding Jews to run its economy out of any Congressional control, where encouraging lunatics in office to squander creates vast interest fortunes for them. The UK threw the Rotten Childs out decades ago. France banished them as did many countries.

    Fiat Global Banking Derivatives are walking Debt Nuclear Bombs which all need to be invalidated. All Derivatives need to be lawfully denied Civil litigation process. They encourage mindless and reckless gambling. Always the same Sharks behind it all. Scam the profits and squeal like Stuck Pigs for a bail out when losing. Sickening!

    Goldman's need to be chased out of banking. Rothschild's are facing a Eurasian ending which will be final.

    We need to clear out the Zios to clean up their mess. We need Zios routing out or the rot rolls on. Derivatives have to end. No fork tongued Lawyers or Bankers. We need a Clear Policy which says no. Derivatives encourage poor research or planning. An excuse for risk failure using Insurers of no last resort! Crazy paper. Tsunami risks.

    The problem we have is Clueless Leaders each of which are Muppets on a greasy pole.

    But real Leaders would never have allowed the Fed, and post Bush 41, it's been a disaster. He cost the world so much.

    I fear what Trump may cost. The fool told Xi they had just bombed Iraq when he meant Syria. This is a truly STUPID Man! It has been noted. You do NOT make these mistakes. He now looks ignorant, because he IS!

  36. Replies
    1. The treatment of Dr Dao the other day on that flight was disgusting. I am so sick and tired of heavy handed treatment of innocent people like was the case here. The Dr paid for his flight and had the right to complete that flight. The stupid airline should not have overbooked said flight. This incident would not have occurred if they were not so greedy trying to squeeze every single dollar out of every flight by overbooking as they always do. Why should a customer suffer from the greed and incompetence of the airline? They should not imo. I felt so sorry for Dr Dao. What a horrible experience to endure. I would avoid flying with this airline at every opportunity to teach them a good lesson and hit them as hard as I could right where it hurts. The pocket of course. Thanks Texian.

    2. Aurataya,
      This horrible example is resonating with so many people for those reasons. The passenger bought his ticket and was seated ready to depart. Under what tortured logic should he even be asked to leave the plane? There are other options for the airline...all of which don't involve inconveniencing a non-volunteer...and certainly don't involve assaulting him.

      If they kept going until they reached the price for 4 people to give up their seats, they would have their volunteers. Now there are charter services everywhere and companies sign up for the service. It's like a time share. So the airline could use a service like that. They could have easily gotten 4 volunteers to go on a private charter and stretch their legs out. Or send their crew by charter. The crew could have also rented a car and driven in this case since it wasn't even very far. Shoot, they could have been sent by limo a whole lot cheaper than this fiasco!

      It's time to rethink this overbooking thing. Most tickets are not refundable any more anyway and even the change fees are almost as much as the ticket. IMO they should not be allowed to overbook. If people don't show, then standby can get on. Every flight is packed like sardines these days. It has to be a miserable experience....even without the beatings.

    3. Spot on as usual Texian with all the very good points you have highlighted. Thank you.

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. President Donald Trump is a “chained bear” who has had his “teeth and claws” ripped out by the deep state and neo-conservatives, according to Vladimir Putin.

    Describing Trump as a man who talked a good game but was unable to walk the walk, Putin warned his American counterpart that the deep state won’t rest until they have turned him into a “stuffed bear.“

    Putin expressed sorrow that the American president was “duped” into launching a campaign in Syria, warning that “the New World Order will get what they want, another world war.“

    The Russian president also addressed claims by mainstream media that the Syrian government is responsible for gassing its own people. According to Putin, anybody with “common sense” can see that these claims are “a crock of shit.“

    “What is my analysis? I’d like to think that common sense speaks for itself. The Syrian army was on the offensive, in some places they had surrounded the rebels entirely. For them to suddenly give away the trump card to those who continually call for regime change is, frankly, a crock of shit.“

    “It is completely illogical, especially as it took place during the visit of a UN observer.”

    According to Putin, the chemical weapon attack was a false flag on behalf of the Syrian rebels – Al-Qaeda and ISIS – as a ploy to gain further support from the U.S. military in their campaign to overthrow Assad.

    “I am more than assured that this was simply provocation on behalf of those who would like to pull others into this war, that would like to garner support from other militaries, the U.S. primarily.”

    “I have no doubts about this.”

    Putin also challenged the U.S. to provide evidence that the Assad government was behind the chemical attack.

    “When it comes to our American friends, they keep saying that Syrian government forces were the ones that used chemical weapons, and that they have evidence. Well then show us said evidence, show the UN observers and show us at the Security Council.”

    “Saying that you have evidence but that it is secret and not available for scrutiny, it’s simply disrespectful to your partners in the international community.”

    The Russian president also pointed out that the Syrian government has long claimed the rebels have chemical weapons, and have requested the International community to come and view the proof.

    “When it comes to Syria, you will be aware that the Syrian government has in the past appealed to the international community to come and inspect the sites in which it was found that rebels had used chemical weapons.

    “This call was not answered.”

    1. Entirely correct and it brings home our deep worries on Trump.
      100 days will be his Epitaph is he does not get real fast.
      This is a Snake Oil Salesman who lied his way to a job he now can not do.
      Recipe for what?

  39. Public Notice to the United States/UNITED STATES

    By Anna Von Reitz

    We, the American states and people, are not dead, not slaves, and not donating our estates, our names, our copyrights, our land, or anything else to you and your corporations. We are not standing as sureties for the debts of the United States (Territorial United States) nor the UNITED STATES (Municipal United States) and we are giving full, fair, and public Notice of the facts.

    We are disgusted by and estranged from the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States and the members of Congress representing these foreign entities which have encroached and usurped upon us by means of fraud, hypothecation of debt, and unlawful conversion of assets.

    With respect to us and as commercial corporations the Territorial United States and Municipal United States have no sovereignty, no immunity, no delegated authorization to seize upon the American states nor the American people nor any asset rightfully belonging to us.

    The Territorial United States and the Municipal United States must cease and desist all presumptions against the American states and people and must observe and obey the limitations stated in the contracts and treaties allowing your existence on our shores.

    Failure to respect our paramount claim to our lives, souls, bodies, land, names, copyrights, trademarks, all other intellectual property and material rights, free will and all else that rightfully and naturally belongs to us, will result in the international liquidation of your corporations, the removal of your officials from our shores, and the international prosecution of the offenders.

    The United States of America and all member land jurisdiction states are alive and well. The people of this country have reclaimed the land jurisdiction and returned to their native domicile on the land. This is your Notice that we have done so and that we first made this announcement and these claims in 1998.

    We are posting this Public Notice via email on Bulletin Boards, Blogs, Chat Rooms, News Services, and Cyber Publications worldwide.

    See this article and over 500 others on Anna's website

  40. The truth is that the US has been invited to join the economical development model of the BRICS alliance (by Xi) and parties with their headquarters in the UK who have ruled the world for centuries do everything in their power to undermine it. I present you four forms of evidence. If you cannot figure it out, you are not meant to figure it out:

    Plans are now devised to take control of North Korea by Western powers to put further pressure on the BRICS alliance and in particular China and secondly to seize the tungsten deposits were are critical for space programs. Further destabilisation in Syria can also be expected when Spicer even states so. There is no negotiating with these Western terrorist states. Russia and China should simply implement gold backed currency in a little more than three weeks time in my opinion. The West threatens with world war regardless of what happens and the time has come to put an end to that. Once the transition is complete, empires will be unmade and new powers will rise up. The world will remember who was on which side of the global conflict. Goodbye.

    1. Also saw a similar article in The Guardian in last couple days. This was going on at time Brits were saying they wouldn't be allowing Trump to enter the U.K. Much intrigue going on behind the scenes...everyone trying to figure out who's abandoning ship first?

      CNN Confirms Fox's Napolitano - British Intelligence Passed On Trump Surveillance To US Spy Agency


  42. Of course, the rite of passage for every new U.S. President is the commission of a flagrant and unmistakable war crime on behalf of the rogue nation of Israel. Hence, it appears that — with the criminal bombing of Syria — the new POTUS has just had his political bar mitzvah.


    Jared Kushner: Boy with a mission

    Hence, it was only a matter of time before Donald Trump’s oft-repeated campaign agenda was completely shredded. The ominous threat of a Purple Revolution was purposefully staged as an incentive for Trump to relinquish and/or trash his most important campaign promises. And so he has … one after another they have been torpedoed or overturned.
    Welcome to the Kushner presidency!



    1. Nothing personal to you a44l91, but that Redefining God character is a nut-ball. A basement dweller of very low academic achievement. I just hate to see yourself or others waste their time on the mostly garbage that come from that site.


    "In what’s likely to be a first for the US court system, an emergency room physician is alleged to have transported girls and performed female genital mutilation on them. If convicted of all charges, the doctor faces a life sentence in federal prison."

    “According to the complaint, despite her oath to care for her patients, Dr. Nagarwala is alleged to have performed horrifying acts of brutality on the most vulnerable victims,” Acting Assistant Attorney General Blanco said in the announcement. “The Department of Justice is committed to stopping female genital mutilation in this country, and will use the full power of the law to ensure that no girls suffer such physical and emotional abuse.”

    How dare this religiously brainwashed fool torture and mutilate these innocent children. I would chop her genitals off without sedation or pain relief and then give her a life sentence of very hard labour and I mean hard labour. And that goes for anyone else involved in this, including the stupid unfit parents. Anything she owns should also be taken from her, sold and given to the victims of her brutal crimes as well. This practice needs a swift and very harsh punishment.

    Detroit doctor charged with female genital mutilation of 7yo girls

    1. Totally agree but the same with the Jews and Muslims for boy children. It's a barbaric and wrong practice. No "God" would want its perfect children children mutilated in such a way. Nor such a vile Luciferian sacrifice.

      I say IT's Because God is NOT singularly a Male ethereal presence. That bunch from Venus are part linked. Lol

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. It seems like Trumps first 100 days score card will come with a lot of Skid Marks.

    Kushners influence , is that akin to Rasputin and Putin will be well aware. As with Rasputin, he can't help himself, it's programmed into them from birth, Or before!
    It so much needs Bannon as the counterweight to stop the peoples choice sliding into insignificance.

    Look at how Rasputin ended up. And he was a lot smarter than Kushner!

    Trumps team need to re arrange his mouth to stop the policy reverse swerves as the knee jerk actions of this Jerk, and to get some planned cohesion in. The peoples team can still do it. It just may need a Jerk re assignment along the way

    America has the talent, but such a propensity to elect crap into the White House. The humor of the Gods for Cosmic entertainment. From Bush 41 onward's it's been a game of chance who could elect the bigger Jerk.


    "Former two-term Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has filed paperwork to run for the office for a third time in the May 19 election. The move comes in defiance of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who advised him against it.

    Ahmadinejad, who is mostly known by the Western public for his anti-Semitic statements and actions, made a surprise comeback into politics last year."

    Defying the supreme leader? Ahmadinejad set to run for Iran presidency

  48. Iran needs a strong anti Zionist Leader, as does humanity.



  51. The MOAB bomb just dropped on Afghanistan is the test run for hat will follow for North Korea.

    Right on the brink of Thermo Nuclear war, and Easter Monday, expect a week of lost time now, waiting to see US action if the mad Korean launches. 150, 000 assembled Chinese Troops will invade, and then South Korea and Taiwan fear China.
    It will all cause chaos. Who knows what inept madness that Baby Rasputin will whisper in Trumps ear. If only we taught the Chump to read.
    It's messy.

    1. Sorry to hear the bad news. These guys cannot be human. You would think that people would be sick of all this war by now. Once again, we thank you and the Elders for what you are trying to do. I kind of figured the slime balls would try to pull something like this, being so close to a breakthrough.

    2. john

      should we interpret the north korean situation as a desperate attempt by the cabal to disrupt the financial changes which are apparently in the works right now?

      if yes, who is controlling NK?

      who stands to gain from disrupting the financial reform or changes? and why?


    3. Yes, but too complex to put up on site.

    4. We may lose a week, but this NBC news article does not agree with the 150,00 Chinese troops on the North Korean border.

      Are Chinese Troops Massing at the North Korean Border?
      The story spread in bond markets in New York and Asia on Monday. China, according to a rumor that circulated largely via social media, was "massing" 150,000 troops on its border with North Korea. The timing of the alleged troop movements, coupled with reports of possible U.S.-China discussions of what to do about Pyongyang’s nuclear arsenal, was cited by analysts as one reason interest rates on bonds were creeping up.
      Was there any substance to the rumor? Not according to senior U.S. military and intelligence officials. There was no "massing." As many as 250,000 Chinese troops are always operating in northeastern China, and the U.S. did not see any sign Beijing had moved them closer to the Yalu River, which separates North Korea from China. 
      Financial analysts were not surprised. Fake financial news has a longer history that any other kind of false reporting. Some people repeat rumors because they believe them to be fact. Others, however, may be tempted by the knowledge that "news" of impending doom can move markets. There is money to be made before the news is proven true or false. The advent of social media and high-speed trading just adds to the possibilities.
      One Pentagon official told NBC News, in language too profane to publish, that that's exactly what he thought happened with the China troop tale. 

    5. john

      it has been a while since your chaos-MOAB-baby Rasputin-150,000 chinese troops - lost week post.

      is there any clarity yet on probable outcomes? can you explain yet what is going on?


    6. See new article first please.


  52. November 2, 1922 - Arctic Ocean Warms, Seals Vanish, Icebergs Melt!

    Moral -- Let's take all the current doom-and-gloom with a grain of salt...

  53. The new article will be up soon.

  54. p: From a couple years ago, but egregious. Why was this never investigated or charges filed against Bayer?

    Bayer knowingly kills thousands with HIV tainted drugs
    Published on Feb 25, 2015

    This is an important lesson in corporate accountability by exposing the calous disregard that the drug industry has for the safety of the products it pushes on a largely trusting public

    1. And Bayer is buying Monsanto...evil twins

    2. Thank you for sharing Texian, we can only hope that the two of them see a change of ownership and a mass cleaning out of the toxic problems.

  55. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for sharing this link Texian. I came across a version of this information last night over at rt and was going to share it today but I am so glad you shared your version first as yours is a much superior article. Thank you.

      This topic brings out many emotions in me, revenge being the first unfortunately. I am horrified and seriously angered, but aware that a body that pretends to be there for vulnerable people in our world actually commits some of the worst crimes imaginable. Just for a moment stop and consider all of the pain and suffering these so called peace keepers have inflicted upon the innocent and vulnerable of our world.

      All the fake words that spew from the UN mouths stating that will not tolerate sexual abuse from their peace keeping forces is absolute bullshit. How many years has this be going on? How many of these filthy criminals have faced justice? Very bloody few and it seems that it was just a slap on the wrist anyway. The UN are the ones who should face justice here as well as all the raping pigs working for them. I would sure volunteer to be a judge presiding over each of their cases.

      I just cannot accept this reality that is so common in our society these days. This is clearly wrong but so many in positions that could actually do something about, turn their backs instead and they should be utterly ashamed of such action. The lack of care and concern for their fellow man is completely unforgivable as far as I'm concerned. How did so many people ever become like this?

      Here I'll share a later portion of this article.

      "Have you ever made a mistake that forced you to really question your humanity? In reality, our mistakes don’t dehumanize us; rather, they’re part of what makes us human in the first place. So whether you like it or not, people who engage in violent sexual acts are just as “human” as you are. Yet so many people respond to these acts with that same hatred and anger that likely caused the perpetrator to be so violent in the first place.

      We shouldn’t be encouraging victims to hate their perpetrators, nor should we be judging or expressing hatred toward those who engage in sex rings, rape, etc. By choosing hate, we end up bottling up anger and resentment, which ultimately hurts no one but ourselves. If we choose to feel all of our emotions, let them pass through us, and then choose forgiveness instead, we can learn to better cope with the more difficult events in our lives. Even if you feel the perpetrator doesn’t deserve forgiveness, I’m sure you can agree that the victim deserves freedom.

      Choosing forgiveness doesn’t have to mean compliance, either. We can still change this reality without attaching ourselves to our emotions. By shifting our consciousness and educating others, we can hopefully put an end to these violent acts."

      I have tried to understand this type of perspective in such instances but it is beyond my grasp. This type of crime, in my world, is not a simple mistake. It's a cruel, thoughtless, self serving act of the lowest level and I will NEVER forgive such abuse. My "hatred and resentment" for those engaging in such crimes will only be released upon true justice being served upon the perpetrators. These criminals are so obviously not fit to live among us so why should they have that right?

      To answer a question posed in this article about any of us having made a mistake that has lead to us questioning our own humanity. Well, no, I have not made such a mistake as I possess a solid moral compass as well as care and concern for others. These are basic attributes for most human being and those that have veered from this path are not ordinary humans in my book, they are seriously defective and should not be granted any form of special consideration.

      I don't know what the answer is here Texian. This has to be stopped but how do we, the people that do care about ending this, achieve that? Sure, we can expose it by sharing information but how do we actually gain any power to stop it?

    2. Aurataya,
      My concerns run along the same line as yours. How to gain the power indeed? This behavior is much more rampant than I would have ever imagined. The problem is that it goes to highest levels and police and others protect the perps. I've always thought there were many more good people than bad, but is that really true? Are we who abhor this behavior the minority? Are there more Satanists and Luciferians than others? Just what exactly are we dealing with? I continue to think that exposure, shame, and arrests are the means to get this under control. I don't see any way to incarcerate all of the perps if it's as large % of population as appears and I don't think that people like that can be rehabilitated to ever live among the public. It will require a lot more thought.

    3. Thank you Texian for your excellent response, as well as the questions you pose for consideration.

      I actually understand now why many of the underground vigilante type groups form in some communities. It's out of sheer frustration of not seeing any action in areas where decent people expect and demand action from governing bodies but never get it. Some may consider that this style of action can be applied at a community level in various areas but a different approach is definitely needed with this subject matter considering the expanse of it.

      There has to be an answer that achieves what is needed rather swiftly here. As every minute passes more suffer at the hands of these repugnant beasts. This is occurring on our watch, we therefore cannot remain in this weakened helpless state.

      Texian, a very special thank you to you once again for all of the time and hard work you place into highlighting so many areas requiring change in our world. You endless effort is sincerely appreciated by me. Thank you so much. Enjoy a wonderful weekend.

  56. Texian

    This is the False front vehicle they will use to front NWO Global power.

    Like the Fed!

  57. Treasury Releases FX Manipulation Report: Says China Must Allow Yuan To "Rise With Market Forces"

    AJ: calling out the hypocrits, if they want the yuan to rise they should also expect the dong to do the same. The middle class and industry of vietnam alone supports it. I don't want to have to take wads of cash to Paddington, it'll take up needed room in my pockets.

  58. If getting rid of your FB account feels like chopping off an arm here's a way out:
    Facebook Scrambles to Shut Down Pro Le Pen Accounts Before Election

    The first round of French elections will be held on April 23rd, prompting Facebook to shut down pro Le Pen accounts, which they deem to be 'fake.'

    In an effort to fight 'fake news' or misinformation, Facebook has targeted 30,000 'fake accounts' in order to control the information that its users consume.

    In a statement to AFP, the company said they were trying to "reduce the spread of material generated through inauthentic activity, including spam, misinformation, or other deceptive content that is often shared by creators of fake accounts."

    I am so looking forward to a two-leg salute from Le Pen to Brussels on Apr 23rd.

  59. John, I wonder if/when you may have a couple of minutes, I could gain a response from you please, if you would be so kind. I ask you as you seem to possess knowledge of matters that occur beyond this physical existence. I am not intending to take the action I describe, just wishing to understand the situation and repercussions of such action.

    In this life here and now, if I was to intentionally kill another human being that was absolutely proven to be one of the most gross defective human beings to ever walk this earth and who was responsible for inflicting torture, pain and suffering upon an innocent and vulnerable victim, such as these sickening human trafficking, pedophile rapists in our world. How would such a situation be viewed by those you speak of that review our lives when we pass from this physical state and transition into the next phase?

    My sincere thanks is offered in advance for any assistance/understanding you may be able to offer John. Thank you.

    1. With humor. Got the bastard!

    2. You are a little bugger sometimes Johnny lol. Even though I do like that answer. I have noticed a behavioural pattern with you as well lol. You generally always become very mischievous near the weekends. Hmmm, wonder what brings that on? LOL

    3. OMG John, I thought you were just mucking around with me with your initial answer to my question. I kept checking back in during the evening thinking I would find another, more serious answer from you, but not so.

      So if your answer is true then that gives me plenty to ponder. There would certainly be grey areas with such situations because one would be basing that type of action or similar upon their own ideas of right and wrong which most certainly could enter murky waters where individual decisions occur. A very interesting subject. Thank you John.

    4. If good heart uses force to control cosmic integrity, is natural justice just?

    5. If it helps (and am not claiming any ethereal knowledge, just hard, cold, logic), the identification and elimination of a mortal danger to self and/or others is always justifiable. You can find the right of self-defense (which is what you articulated in a roundabout way) going back to the earliest writings of the human race. As a doctor it took me a long, long, time to accept that some humans are in fact so dangerous that their elimination is mandatory. Libertarians tend to draw the line at the initiation of force, and for obvious reasons we don't want to be active killers as opposed to counter-punchers. Unfortunately, it's not the killing of certified SOB's that is the issue. It's those who game the systems and cause carnage indirectly. How much grief would the world have been saved if Ignatius of Loyola had been properly executed as opposed to being given a Papal Bull from Pope Paul III? Or more recently three properly placed bullets would have avoided the destabilization of the Middle East, for a while, until the 7th Floor got a new bunch of players in place. Since we are downstream of John Locke we want due process to avoid executing in error (fallible humans!). And most humans have a natural revulsion to harming others. Until we changed military training most men would shoot to scare, not to kill. All this works against simply taking out the Trash.

      A plain reading of the Constitution, if it hadn't been ignored by all concerned, would be enough to lock up and hang all the sociopaths for either sedition or treason or both. (Trump! Nuremberg 2. NOW!) We are also confronted not only with Lord Acton's dicta but also with what Frank Herbert identified: “Absolute power does not corrupt absolutely, absolute power attracts the corruptible.” Which brings us to the Grey Area. At what point does someone in decision-making authority, with power by whatever definition, need to be taken out because they are a danger? The political class let alone the ruling elite, makes a big deal of not being threatened (oh no violence! oh the laws! oh the ignominy! oh the right to rule! oh it's murder! Really?), but frankly, why should they be given a pass? Honor among thieves and murderers? One the best proposed Constitutional Amendments I ever read was "Anyone voting in Congress for war, and if the vote passed, will immediately resign their position and be moved to a battlefront combat position for a tour of no less than the length of the war."

      As a famous Roman said, a bad peace is better than a just war. However, we are again dancing up to thermo-nuclear war with estimates of up to 4 billion dead. The total number of sociopath knuckleheads responsible for this state of affairs is probably no more than 50,000, with maybe a couple thousand in loose confederated control with maybe a couple hundred leaders (assuming an 11-to-1 per level ratio). Why exactly can't we round them up? (Under due process, etc, etc, with all the trimmings we owe the Common Law and Locke.)

      But I digress.

  60. John,

    Are there really mass arrests of this low lifes going on?

    1. Unfortunately No, not yet. We in the UK have arrested hundreds for Child offences, and many are jailed with more to follow.

      But for Cabal criminality, the Pureheart Chairman is hidden and a CIA Safe House, scumbag Herzog was arrested and is CIA sheltered in Germany, Bush stopped the FBI interviewing Romney, despite massive evidence of CIA, Bush, Clinton and Biden criminality, none have been questioned. That shithouse rat Soetoro, when given the files on Biden's bribe covered it up.

      Look at what Trump is surrounded by, Zios up the Yangtze.
      The lot- Stinks.

  61. Borrowed from Slashdot. Please note the SWIFT hack!

    The Shadow Brokers -- the mysterious person or group that over the past eight months has leaked a gigabyte worth of the National Security Agency's weaponized software exploits -- just published its most significant release yet. Friday's dump contains potent exploits and hacking tools that target most versions of Microsoft Windows and evidence of sophisticated hacks on the SWIFT banking system of several banks across the world. Friday's release -- which came as much of the computing world was planning a long weekend to observe the Easter holiday -- contains close to 300 megabytes of materials the leakers said were stolen from the NSA. The contents (a convenient overview is here) included compiled binaries for exploits that targeted vulnerabilities in a long line of Windows operating systems, including Windows 8 and Windows 2012. It also included a framework dubbed Fuzzbunch, a tool that resembles the Metasploit hacking framework that loads the binaries into targeted networks. Independent security experts who reviewed the contents said it was without question the most damaging Shadow Brokers release to date. One of the Windows zero-days flagged by Hickey is dubbed Eternalblue. It exploits a remote code-execution bug in the latest version of Windows 2008 R2 using the server message block and NetBT protocols. Another hacking tool known as Eternalromance contains an easy-to-use interface and "slick" code. Hickey said it exploits Windows systems over TCP ports 445 and 139. The exact cause of the bug is still being identified. Friday's release contains several tools with the word "eternal" in their name that exploit previously unknown flaws in Windows desktops and servers.

  62. A poignant observation by one of the great masters of Science Fiction

    “Governments, if they endure, always tend increasingly toward aristocratic forms. No government in history has been known to evade this pattern. And as the aristocracy develops, government tends more and more to act exclusively in the interests of the ruling class -- whether that class be hereditary royalty, oligarchs of financial empires, or entrenched bureaucracy.”
    Frank Herbert, Children of Dune

  63. by Julian Assange

    "The truths we publish are inconvenient for those who seek to avoid one of the magnificent hallmarks of American life — public debate. Governments assert that WikiLeaks'[s] reporting harms security. Some claim that publishing facts about military and national security malfeasance is a greater problem than the malfeasance itself. Yet, as Eisenhower emphasized, 'Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.' Quite simply, our motive is identical to that claimed by the New York Times and The Post — to publish newsworthy content." (04/11/17)

  64. In case you're curious....organizations funded directly and indirectly by sorry Soros

    Organizations Funded Directly by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations

  65. Travel plans for 2017...

    I have been in many places, but I've never been in Cahoots. Apparently, you can't go alone. You have to be in Cahoots with someone else.

    I've also never been in Cognito. I hear no one recognizes you there.

    I have, however, been in Sane. (Some say I still am) They don't have an airport; you have to be driven there. I have made several trips there, thanks to my children, friends, family and work.

    I would like to go to Conclusions, but you have to jump, and I'm not too much on physical activity anymore.

    I have also been in Doubt. That is a sad place to go, and I try not to visit there too often. I've been in Flexible, but only when it was very important to stand firm.

    Sometimes I'm in Capable, and I go there more often as I'm getting older.

    One of my favorite places to be is in Suspense! It really gets the adrenaline flowing and pumps up the old heart! At my age, I need all the stimuli I can get!

    I may have been in Continent, but I don't remember what country that was in. It's an age thing. They tell me it is very wet and damp there.

    Please do your part! You can do your bit by remembering to send this to at least one unstable person. My job is done! Life is too short for negative drama and petty things. So laugh insanely, love truly.

  66. Mike Cernovich Threatens to Drop The Motherlode Of Washington Dirt That Will Destroy Marriages If Steven Bannon Is Fired! April 15, 2017

    Mike Cernovich is the best Alternative Right Media has to offer! He is brilliant, bold, and lighthearted…while being totally fearless. He is like a bull forging ahead while digging in the dirt for a story on the Washington elite. He will never disappoint you, and he is always right on target.
    It was a week after President Trump began to coldly pull away from Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, alt-right brainstormer Mike Cernovich knew if we lost Bannon in the White House, WE THE PEOPLE would be sunk. There would be no one around President Trump we could truly trust to reign him in and away from the neocons. He said this: “If they get rid of Bannon, you know what’s going to happen? The motherlode. If Bannon is removed, there are gonna be divorces, because I know about the mistresses, the sugar babies, the drugs, the pill popping, the orgies. I know everything.” Said Cernovich.
    Wow, I hope he lives long enough to share, but I also hope Steve Bannon stays safe and sound in the White House. President Trump has given his neocons and military too much authority for my comfort. I am worried he trusts when he should not.

    Cernovich goes on to say, “If they go after Bannon, the mother of all stories is gonna drop, and we are just gonna destroy marriages, relationships – it ‘s gonna get personal.” Wow, oh, wow….bring it on!

    The DAILY BEAST asked Cernovich if he had documentation for the claims. He was on INFOWARS radio show and livestream most of Friday afternoon and did not respond at press time.

    Alt-right leaders spent a week pushing a #KeepBannon hashtag on Twitter, right after a #FireKushner hashtag amplified by Cernovich became a No.1 trend in the US on Twitter. Wow, I did not know about that!
    I do feel that Steve Bannon is not going to be at the White House much longer, so I guess Cernovich is getting ready to roll ahead.
    Lets look at the latest on Steve Bannon.
    Donald Trump refused to confirm whether he still had confidence in the White House’s chief strategist Steve Bannon, increasing speculation that his former campaign manager could be sidelined. This is not looking good for Bannon, and it worries me.
    “I like Steve, but you have to remember he was not involved in my campaign until very late,” the US President told New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin when asked about the issue. “I had already beaten all the senators and all the governors, and I didn’t know Steve. I’m my own strategist and it wasn’t like I was going to change strategies because I was facing crooked Hillary.” Jeez, Trump lets be fair here. President Trump is not being very humble or grateful at this point! He added: “Steve is a good guy, but I told them to straighten it out or I will.” Mr Trump’s comments came shortly after Mr Bannon was stripped from his position on the National Security Council as part of a shake-up ordered by the US leader.
    It followed reports that Mr Bannon had clashed with President Trump’s son-in-law and fellow adviser Jared Kushner over a number of policy issues.


    This is absolutely bad news with a dash of “God help America” in it! President Trump seems to be losing his perspective into the American people as people who do not like big government. Steve Bannon helped President Trump win, and now that he is President, he just wants to get rid of him for no good reason. Bad news! I am very concerned here that all those we would have voted against are now in their strategic positions circling the President.

  67. America will be wrecked and could cease to exist by 2020...Billy Meier


    Edward Snowden‏ @Snowden
    The bomb dropped today in the middle of nowhere, Afghanistan, cost $314,000,000. (link:… (credit @thenib)
    Edward Snowden‏ @Snowden
    Replying to @Snowden and @thenib
    Those mujahedeen tunnel networks we're bombing in Afghanistan? We paid for them. #Blowback (link:… (via @GabiElenaDohm)


    Lavrov Shuts Tillerson Down After He Tries to Bullshit His Way Out of Serious Question

    The New White House Chain of Command

  69. April 13 US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan
    Nick Note: Well meet the REAL Donald Trump. Call this week his coming out party. There is no wall. No declaring China a currency manipulator. No repeal of Obama care. No tax reform, no Trillion dollars in infrastructure projects and no individual/corporate tax cut. And worst of all, no making America great for the little guy.

  70. BREAKING: North Korea Backs Down In Nuclear Showdown With Trump
    Published on Apr 15, 2017
    14:10 gets interesting after that for sharing links etc...

  71. A convenient 'accident':

    Le Pen Faces Disaster In Election After "Monumental" Computer Error

    Despite leading in the polls for Round One, The Express reports that a monumental computer blunder could cost Marine Le Pen the French general election as 500,000 citizens living outside of France have the chance to vote twice.

    half a million people received duplicate polling cards in the post, which would allow them to cast two votes at the first round of the election, held on April 23.

    French authorities confirmed they would not be investigating the potential electoral fraud until AFTER the election, when retrospective prosecution may take place.

    We are sure this is a simple 'accident', but coincidentally (for the establishment), this could crush Ms Le Pen’s dreams of surging to power, as most French nationals living outside of their country are not right wing - demonstrated by the fact many feel they depend on the European Union (EU) to guarantee their stay in foreign countries.


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