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  1. Good morning! Can the UFO links be carried over to this page so that they aren't missed? Fascinating "stuff".

    And I just want to add my two cents worth about projects - my soul would like nothing better than to be involved in game changers for the good of the planet. I'm told by others that I am here to lead in a big way. I've always been a leader, but the "big" is still rather an unknown.

    1. We will try to involve site parties here possible.
      So, back seat you want to lead? Lol

      Front? Not while driving!

      We will give you not only UFO'S but the works soon.

    2. A new hurdle.

      China wants control of key US Banks. Their price.
      Today they were told They can have shareholding and income, but NOT Executive control.

      Acton stations. Like they will ever take that?
      They blew the money, banks and economy, and think the Chinese will fund Blind Men in a Global ass kissing contest with Eurasia unfolding?

      Still DC does not get the battle is lost! But they need friends now, because that influence is needed to buy time and bury truth.

      Obfuscation will not feed the nation.

    3. Hmmmm. As I recall, I started out in the front. YOU sweet-talked me into the back, John Dear. I'm a good driver, but I am also onehelluva good navigator! To be honest, riding in the back has always made me queasy. :)

    4. Front passenger seat set for multi purpose?

    5. Thanks AJ! I almost dropped my ipad when I saw the last one. Good thing I wasn't seated in the hot tub, lol.

  2. John,

    These "bargaining chips" you speak of in the previous comment section, will that cause delay for the completion of the tiers you mentioned before? In addition, my friends PP's that they are in have a few thousand people in it. Does that sound right? Unfortunately for me I never felt comfortable giving up my currency and now rely on ones good will. Lastly is there any way to check to see if these private placements are legit?

    Thank you for your enlightenment. You're a gentleman and a scholar. Cheers!

    1. Wonderer

      There ARE certain key PPs in pole position where Funds ARE already in place, but simply being misused by the criminal Fed playing with OPM to enrich the crony set.

      Breaking those funds free is key to recovery steps. All is not just Chinese dependent. At the week end we will release a big exposure of vast Ts open to be sequestrated now and help America. All of you. 4 Gutter trash Presidencies has not helped. America has bled. And the Zios have bled you more. Still Trump does not get it and has hired two more! They are still playing him.

      Small steps. We will start him with 2. Then much more to follow.
      In the meantime we ARE working with good US Patriots, they by self effort are close to getting a Treasury directive to the Fed to now redeem them. These are good clients, streetwise and wish to help America. It's not all doom and gloom.

      There is hope, but each day, watch the Zios under every rock.

    2. John,
      Is the bottom line regarding currencies that the Chinese will not back the RV of the IQD unless they have executive control over certain US banks? Which means we will be in a holding pattern until that issue is resolved? Are they still selling bonds in Zurich and London?

    3. Still selling but clearly this issue of control needs resolving.Its like a Receiver trying to tell a Bankrupt you are now finished give me the keys.

    4. Thanks for the response. After rereading some of your prior comments, I realize that this is probably one of the last minute conditions you were talking about. I hope they come to an agreement somehow.


  3. Part 1

    This prose / post right here …….

    >>> I renew my call for a U.S.-based Nuremberg Trial to be held in Nuremberg, PA. The malfeasance of the last 16 years compounded by the Federal Reserve/CIA/NSA/TriLateral starting 104 years ago, triggering the falsehood of the New Deal, accelerating post-WW2 culminating in the Bush/Clinton/Obama years, not to mention the NWO, needs the disinfectant of full sunlight. The vampires need be burned into dust under powerful lights <<<

    …Is brilliantly and straightforwardly summarized. BRAVO to TINO.

    And ….. As someone else has posted above here about (something to the effect of) and/or words like this.... "I'm either going to build my own disruptive machine to help heat things up and SHINE A BIG ASS LIGHT on all the evil criminal cabal activity that has been self evident especially since 911… ie NO MORE BUSHES/CLINTONs/OBONGOs, and can I join your forming Patriot Army?" As this is EXACTLY where I am at as well. I am 60 days away from launching an online gathering and “waking up” portal and enterprise to BUILD, MERGE, ORGANIZE, INTRODUCE TO ONE ANOTHER, ALL THE LIKEMINDED Patriot Groups, Militia as United WE Prevail but Divided we continue to fail.

    I have not posted here in months but I know this to be one of the most prolific such gathering spots and informational sites online today. I am a 20yr DEEP researcher with 10s of 1000s (10 x 10 x 1000) of low hanging warm market contact/fruit of like minded “others” who of course all made up a part of the Sleeping Giant that put THE DONALD in The White House (I still haven't fully figured out or researched how WE THE PEOPLE's massive action, caught the Evil TPTB et al, sleeping at the switch in that they could not find how or where to push enough buttons or manipulate enough fake and rigged votes in the right states on election night to put the Wicked Billary Cabal Witch in power, but I have my own beliefs of exactly how this Perfect Storm of Pissed Off Americans did prevail. Now…

    What my Big Fat Dream is, is to create an initial Crowd Funding Campaign on the right platform in order to gather enough bread and wherewithal to launch a one of its kind NEW Patriot Gathering Site to do all the above and MUCH much more, as in have a commission system in place where as many patriots as interested could join our membership to be very well paid by recruitment compensation to do just that:
    1. Gather/introduce/approach the masses of the American or Overseas populaces to come together and invest a bite size monthly reoccurring fee and to be A. Awoken
    B. Informed 3. Educated, and 4 Trained how to do the same with the end result being to gather a 500,000 to 1,000,000 ++ membership relatively quickly, made up of everyman ie men, women and college age students, to build an Army of Likeminded Informed Non-Sleeping Non- Sheeple to support and be ready willing and able to be mobilized in a short amount of time for whatever activity was necessary to support the cause, while continuing to earn a decent full or part time living gathering THEIR warm or cold market, contacts, databases, family and friends to rinse and repeat same.

    This is a grand game plan now well down the road to, first Prelaunch and ultimately a Launch Announcement Date for all the right reasons as outlined herein.

    Where I am at this present moment is seeking the core leadership on one hand and secondly, a likeminded and mentally invested virtual techie/guru internet marketing team to bring their skills and talents (for richly rewarded compensation in USD, based on their activity and in building and creating “The Portal” to educate, manage and control all of our joint efforts and new developments and implantations for the Cause of Freedom. SEE PART2 BELOW.

    1. Watch the new disclosure main article coming out at the week end. Platinum bullets!

  4. Part 2

    The MISSION STATEMENT (which is not finalized or fully completed) would be to Awaken, Gather, Educate/inform a massive army to accomplish and influence the prosecution of the large number of cabal members inside and outside the government in order to free America from their control and return us all to a free and flourishing America as was intended by our founders.

    In hopes of being able to have an initial private conversation with TINO, John, Palladian, canauzzie, Aurataya and others who post here and share a similar vision, I am posting my email in hopes that these listed just above and ANY others with interest will reach out to me via email so we can have either or a one on one or even a conference call to share these ideas and/or decide to work together on this or other opportunities to support this cause which we might have interest it. Reach me in order to share phone and any other confidential contact information at I remain loyal to this cause that is so very well written about on this site. Kindest regards, PatriotEmpire

    1. Hi PatriotEmpire,

      Thank you so much for sharing such a rousing heartfelt expression. And welcome back by the way. I hope you spend some more time contributing to the site adding your special touch and excellent dose of enthusiasm.

      In answer to your question regarding the Trump election win. I believe there may be a key piece of information for you in the White Hats article posted by Paladin on the evening of the election if you wanted to look into that. Look under the sections titled "The Election" & "What If" toward the end of the article. I'll pop the link here for you over at Tony's WHA site, where I first read it.

      Fact Check #137

      The energy behind your plans is palpable. This is a good thing when stirring the hearts of the like minded among us, awakening and powering the hunger within for a better world. A calm, balanced approach, well considered intelligent coordination and top notch contacts will be key in seriously addressing those matters you raise.

      I note John has referred you to an article being released on this site this coming weekend. I have a feeling there may be some key points of consideration worth noting in that document based on snippets in his previous comments. From my personal perspective I feel issues of concern are beginning to head toward a climax of sorts. I personally do not think it will all be smooth sailing by any stretch of the imagination. The word CHAOTIC I feel is an understatement with reference to what we will be facing and enduring in the very near future and for some time too. We are all going to simply have to tough it out and at the same time be very observant and smart about all of the decisions we make as individuals and in groups.

      I have always admired the high level of patriotism in the US. This is one element I feel possesses immense key energy when used correctly by those who make use of that in an intelligent and wise fashion. Many in this world have a broad view of the US and that seems to be based on the actions of the so called previous governments and all the other corrupt agencies and their programs, which we all have to our own degree, but more obvious in the case of the US being such a prominent force worldwide. I personally have a different view as I can see through the smoke screen and all the brainwashing and I see strength, talent and high energy just waiting to explode. From my perspective as an Australian, I hold huge hope for and confidence in you all over there. I sense the strong possibility that you will all be blessed in the future the know on an inner level a new quality and brilliance to your feelings of patriotism. I will be very happy and proud to recognise that look in your eyes when I see that fresh and most beautiful glimmer you exude. I'm on this journey with you and do not see us as separated.

      Part 2 following.

    2. Continued from above.

      John here at OWoN has taught me a great deal, sometimes with silence lol by giving me a chance to ponder my own expressions and thoughts. He has taught me to consider well my capacity, capability, reasoning and aim. I personally could not ask for a better group of teachers than those I have found here at OWoN in John and Canauzzie, Tony over at WHA, Paladin representing the White Hats and every single one of the contributors to each of these groups. Even the ones I have had some tiffs with, they also have taught me something which I find incredibly valuable in my personal journey of discovery.

      As usual I have once again babbled on way too long lol so I shall draw this extended comment to a close by saying that I sincerely appreciate you Patriotempire standing up and standing tall and being a representative of good in our world. I look forward to standing beside you, learning from you and sharing with you as we progress into the great unknown.

      Remember. One step at a time, observe, be wise, sharp and smart and then in the perfect moment take a deep breath, strike and destroy ;-)))))

  5. John a gentleman and a scholar??????

    Now THAT is funny....LOL

    1. Careful Paladin I will question your gender on site! Lol.

      Readers,don't take it seriously, I daily questions his very purpose of being for the sole reason of wrong footing him as humour. Well every other day, it takes him a day to read and get a 5 liner.

      Oi Tink Dere's Oirish in dere somwhere. Lol.

      Now you see what he has to put up with? And not dare look in mirrors in case.

    2. Nothing wrong with a touch of that Oirish in dere. Fire and fun. Hmmmm memories. LOL

  6. *Smirk*

    I didn't realize questioning someone's gender in the UK was legal.

    I need a British dictionary to translate the daily words....todger...tosser and various other British slang....

    1. Don't get too carried away, you still can't spell humour correctly. Only you need to take a 2,000 years old language and dumb it down for Bush 43 and like types. Of course our use of language is extensive,it gives us more words to take the P with.

    2. OMG, you two are so funny. Thanks for brightening my day. Love it.

  7. Judge Boasberg Delays Hearing on Huma's 650K Email Server

    Gulen's $35B Drug Trade and Spy Network Thanks CIA For Vault7 Hacking Tools

    Spectrum Health, Suboxone, and Gulen

    How the Alfa Bank Setup Was Done, Carl Bildt Again

    White House Visas, Top Secret Clearance House of Representatives Buglaries, Ties to Terrorism

    Tweet @HeatStreet, @BBC, @Guardian, @NyTimes, @BreitbartNews Confirmation?

    June FISA Warrant Denial May Have Been Overturned

    Enter Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

    Enter Natalia Sova, Wife of Abid Awan

    Two New Awan Family Members Emerge

    We're the Awan Brothers the Capital Hill Burglars This Month?

    Navy Seal's Dad Has Right To Know Who Killed His Son

    Ratlines Leave Footprints, Especially Organ Harvesting

    McCabe's Trip To White House To Shop Russia Hoax Truth Backfires

    Trump Closes In On FBI Leaker Andrew McCabe

    Could Covert Group Really Exist In America? You Don't Know DynCorp

    Enter Peter Thiel's Palatir With DynCorp Space Contracts

    Day 136, Part 1, How to Catch a Spy, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

  8. By the way..... Today honouring all the fabulous women who frequent this site. Why today in particular? Because it's International Women's Day.

    So, a toast to all of the women who have graced this planet before us; their struggles, their lessons, and their contributions to humanity have shaped us all; their wisdom and knowledge have informed us. To all of those who are here in this current time and space, thank you for standing tall, for continuing in the face of seeming insurmountable challenges, for sharing your love and support within your families and communities, for stepping into your power even when shaking in your boots, making the entire planet stronger. Gaia needs the feminine now perhaps more than ever. I pledge to continue the work. It is not a fight. It is acknowledgement and surrender to what is, the courage to face it, work to create change, and extend a hand up to those who lag behind. Salud!

    1. Well that was a lovely contribution Mygirl56. Thank you.

  9. Hi all,

    It's been awhile between posts, but there have been some amazing contributions from all of you.

    Here's some brand new info - 10 minutes old.

    Front runners for Federal Reserve Vice Chairman - just heard live on Fox Business Channel. Too early for link to publish as it just was announced by Charlie Gasparino (according to his sources) to Liz Clayman 10 minutes ago.

    Here are the names and Wikipedia link.

    John A. Allison IV

    Strict libertarian, former CEO of CATO Institute.

    Hal S. Scott

    Harvard Professor, Director of the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation

    1. Hello sweet Calgirl, so nice to see you here again. I have been thinking about you for some unknown reason this past week and here you are ;-), always a nice treat. Thank you for your contribution above. I have plenty of catching up to do each day and will check it out asap. Thanks again. Hope you have been well.

    2. Hi Aurataya,

      So sorry for the delayed response to your kind and sweet words.

      I've actually been fighting a year long battle with an extreme sinus infection. I'm finally getting better, but can't nail down the source. Maybe, it's chemtrails since I have no allergies. Thank you for asking.

      By the way, I too am interested in the ethereal and hope John will provide us with more info to ponder when time permits. We are living in the most interesting times, and I'm trying to take it all in without too much stress and anxiety.

      I'm so glad you and many others are posting articles and commenting so regularly. This site has really grown since its beginning, and I feel very fortunate to have this community to learn and share so much.

      Stay well and aware.

      PS: I was really interested in the Vice Chairman of the Fed candidates in the above post because I'm sure Janet Yellen (Chair) will be replaced by this selection before her term is up Feb 2018. Fingers crossed.

    3. Hi Calgirl,
      Thank you so much for your lovely response, it really is appreciated. I am so sorry to hear of your health issue, that must feel so uncomfortable for you. Just an idea, maybe make contact with Biffie. There's probably a good chance she could offer some hints/tips to help you heal a little faster and possibly assist to throw some different light on a possible cause. I believe she has placed many years into researching various health conditions and treatments. May be worth a shot.

      The Ethereal talk is driving me absolutely crazy lol. I feel like a big kid bursting at the seems to learn more on that front. I agree, so much happening. I often don't know which way to turn and direct my attention. I sometimes find myself in a permanent state of anxiety because I just don't want to miss anything lol.

      I too very much appreciate all the contributions. I never seem to be fast enough with all the good stuff everyone posts. But never count on me to be too quiet for too long, just love a good yap session as you can see lol. I probably drive everyone nuts with my constant chatter hehe. And I agree with you 100% on the community here, I love it. It just feels like you are among a fantastic group of friends gaining a magnificent education at the same time. I often forget it's a public website with worldwide attraction.

      I sure hope you are right about Yellen, she is definitely not one of my favourites either. Very weak and just another puppet I think. Fingers and eyes crossed here lol.

      Take good care of yourself Calgirl. I hope you feel stronger very soon. Thank you so much for sharing with us here, you have such delicate, gentle and beautiful energy. Be well always.

    4. Bugger. Sorry, P2 L2 should be seams not "seems"

    5. Hi Aurataya,

      You share a lot of my own thoughts about the future and state of mind. Thank you for the recommendation to reach out to Biffie. Something I will consider. Keep posting and sharing. You write very well. Maybe a book is in your future.

      Here's to an exciting year ahead and good health too!!!

      All the best,

      Cal Girl

    6. Heck Calgirl, I tried so hard (for about an hour lol) to stop yapping and continue hogging so much space in the comment section but I just had to return and sincerely thank you for your very kind and generous compliment, that was very sweet of you. Thank you beautiful.

  10. VAULT 7
    Deep State Coup Exposed: Wikileaks Shows How CIA Can Stage Russian Hacking

    "Wikileaks’ Vault 7 publication of a massive cache of CIA documents now reveals one of the most crucial bits of information yet — the government cannot possibly prove its crackpot Russian hackers theory about the U.S. election, because the CIA has all the tools to make it appear as if The Russians Did It, whether or not they did."


    The MSM was actually taking this seriously last night. No way they can carpet this over. Coup busted.

  11. More outing of the phoney Trump cabinet witch hunt...

    The Flynn case should be of particular concern to civil libertarians because it shows how NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s warning of a “turnkey tyranny” could work, with the Surveillance State monitoring phone calls and then finding flimsy legal excuses to justify an FBI probe – in Flynn’s case the never-tested-in-court 1799 Logan Act was used – and then manufacturing the crime of lying to the FBI if a person’s memory doesn’t match with the NSA transcript.

    For Flynn, who was on vacation in the Dominican Republic when Kislyak called and thus didn’t have his usual support network with him, the immediate penalty for lacking total recall of the conversation was to lose his job. But there is still pressure for him to be prosecuted.

  12. MORE:

    Obama's Direction of National Intelligence, James Clapper, was on Meet the Press and here is an excerpt of that interview:

    On “Meet the Press” on Sunday, President Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper also said he was unaware of evidence that the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russians.

    Moderator Chuck Todd asked, “Does intelligence exist that can definitively answer the following question, whether there were improper contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian officials?”

    Clapper: “We did not include any evidence in our report, and I say, ‘our,’ that’s N.S.A., F.B.I. and C.I.A., with my office, the Director of National Intelligence, that had anything, that had any reflection of collusion between members of the Trump campaign and the Russians. There was no evidence of that included in our report.”

    Todd: “I understand that. But does it exist?”

    Clapper: “Not to my knowledge. … at the time [of the report in early January], we had no evidence of such collusion.”

  13. Tino,
    The thread about this is in last archive, but here's a link to the subject matter. Of course if you happen to be on a flight with a targeted individual/s like the examples, it's your unlucky day.

    VAULT 7: CIA disables and remote controls Aircraft, Making any ‘Lost’ flight look like a legit crash. Remember 9-11? MH370? JFK JR?

    1. Nothing we weren't living with yesterday. Let's hope we survive this crazy period of history.

  14. Replies
    1. How about you've killed and terrorized and bullied the world for 75 years?

      The world just grew up, tooled up,and will nuke the US into a cinder bowl if the S*** does not stop now. Why do you think they are looking at Antarctica underground Elite survival locations if it kicks off? If Russia unleashes China will co enjoin and it HAS to be a pre emptive. Brass Hats are too up themselves to get it. They will lose the lot. WTF do these Clowns not get? Putin told O to just try it and see! Russian S500s will block the lot of incoming.

      Russia and China are now superior. You WILL lose. They don't care about losing 1 Billion. If you lose 100M the rest will be Slaves. Plus Organ Donors taken live. Ripped out. Believe it. The game is up.Really. The Russian Chess Masters called you out again. They ARE ready for war. The world is sick of it and DC.
      You WILL all die for a DC lie. It's a failed Empire with Vandal at the gates.

      Or worse with the WMD weapons they brought in via the border tunnels already.
      And Subs hidden just 5 attack minutes away. Empires always end- badly.

    2. Well, as I am fond of saying, the average American hasn't been responsible for what the U.S. does since the Kennedy Assassination. Not that helps when the bill comes due and they nuke us. Now, being the voice of reason, do we really need 1.1 billion dead when the stranglehold is coming home to roost across finance and military? Probably not.

      It's not a great use of a nuclear weapon to bury it in the sand unless you are creating a middle-option to give us a chance to surrender. Perhaps that's the intention. The expanding explosion for every doubling in size has to push 8x the mass in water. Believe me, that's a lot of water and a lot of energy transfer. Let's assume they really hate us and use 10MT bombs. I suppose we could put it 300M down and get a solid 100M wave of water at shore over some limited area, say 10 miles. That would be destructive over quite a swath with a probable 1-2 mile inland reach. (Florida is flat, very destructive, Virginia is nothing but hills, the effects will be radically different). Take the values above with a grain of salt. I scribbled on a sheet of a paper and made some guesses (how big the bubble is, a quick sum of displaced water, haven't accounted for sea slope, etc, etc, ) so, just think - nuke in sand in not-too-deep-water is really bad for anyone within miles of sea-shore. How many cities did I just describe???

    3. My retired DIA friend informs me that nukes require constant maintenance (Wikipedia agrees). A buried nuke will likely become inactive in 5 years or less. So, interesting as a time limited option, but the maintenance issue suggests this isn't particularly viable....

    4. If the Deep State and their Rogue Contractors are not muzzled, do you think you've got 5 years?

      Russia can renew every 5 years, no problem. China too. With fast emerging new weaponry they soon will have far worse to go. Putins people laughed telling them what they have done. Fear what they are not telling you of what they have and are keeping secret yet. The US has very little weaponry Russian and Chinese spies have not bought or stolen. They are smart. They let you pay to develop it, then they steals it and make it 10 times better. Plus they then know how to disarm yours.

    5. John, if the weapons coming are so potent, there's no reason to waste nukes on shorelines. As you say, you simply pre-empt. We hear you. It's the crazy Deep-State folks that are insane.

      What I think is unfortunately, not particularly relevant at this juncture. I consider the course of action that led here as insane a priori and have been a Jeffersonian Constitutionalist since voting age. The tragedy is this situation was fully predictable from modified game theory even with the UFO/ancient-power-groups distortion(s). Like in WarGames (the movie), the only real survival move is not to play the final cards. But I despair power-crazy people that think there is such a thing as a winnable nuclear exchange to see that. They don't understand that they are linked to the biosphere in a myriad of ways and no amount of radiation-limiting microbes or radiation-clean-up tech will change their ultimate fate if they blow up the globe.

      Again, as always, thank you for the reality-checks! May your war-room day be successful!

  15. On a different subject that has been discussed from time to time on this site.
    Re: The IQD bottom line question - Please reply.
    To: Those reading these words with some sourced reliable intel

    Now that the USG has done quite a bit to "Dry Up" easy to find certified IQD Currency Dealers and resellers; the speculation continues in small drips. (PTR is STILL doing conference calls 2times per week.) and many are in prison for real or make-me-up reasons, except Tony TNT.
    1. Is there ever really going to be this spike in value "they call" an RV?
    2. If so why has this taken so long?
    3. Who or what entity controls this release?
    4. How will it be announced?

    Straightforward simple answers are always appreciated.

    Thank you.

    1. Patriotempire, if you would like some truthful info re this subject I would definitely head back to the last general comment section here on OWoN. John explained the current situation regarding that in detail and also offered some answers to some member questions explaining things further. "Straight forward simple answers", that's all you'll get from John. No bs to wade through on that front, that's for sure. Hope that helps.

  16. CIA faces huge problem over malware claims
    Interesting Factoid: The Second American Revolution has begun 100 Years after the Russian Revolution of 2017
    WikiLeaks: The Vault 7 List That Will Take Down the C.I.A.

  17. Fully Sourced Executive Summary of Pizzagate Evidence
    Posted on March 8, 2017 by Cosmic Convergence
    6 Secret Cities That Prove We Don't Know What's Really Going On
    Second American Revolution

    Secret societies and occult brotherhoods have existed since ancient Egyptian and Greece mystery centers taught moral development and the knowledge of life after death.

    Death mysteries have evolved since the time of human sacrifice into secret Freemasonic ritual re-enactments of the death ritual of the master mason who is brought back to life. Modern secret groups focus on death and contact with demons rather than immortality and contact with angelic hosts. The most evil secret groups plan modern wars that bring about the death of millions of innocent “sacrifices.” Satanism, pedophilia, and death rituals are as old as history but have now been turned into the most insidious forms of evil that have ever been seen before.
    For more truth revealed, visit

  18. 5 hours ago Great news. We are only just beginning. Together, we are going to #MAGA!
    9,426 replies 12,144 retweets 49,252 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 5h5 hours ago

    Met with @RepCummings today at the @WhiteHouse. Great discussion!
    4,376 replies 4,769 retweets 30,242 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 17h17 hours ago

    LinkedIn Workforce Report: January and February were the strongest consecutive months for hiring since August and September 2015
    15,751 replies 13,498 retweets 68,956 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 18h18 hours ago

    On International Women's Day, join me in honoring the critical role of women here in America & around the world.
    22,246 replies 19,705 retweets 97,332 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 18h18 hours ago

    I have tremendous respect for women and the many roles they serve that are vital to the fabric of our society and our economy.
    39,142 replies 20,085 retweets 98,680 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Mar 7

    I feel sure that my friend @RandPaul will come along with the new and great health care program because he knows Obamacare is a disaster!
    25,515 replies 14,160 retweets 72,568 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Mar 7

    Don't let the FAKE NEWS tell you that there is big infighting in the Trump Admin. We are getting along great, and getting major things done!

  19. 28,513People who died of hunger today

  20. “There is a magnet in your heart that will attract true friends. That magnet is unselfishness, thinking of others first; when you learn to live for others, they will live for you.”
    ― Paramahansa Yogananda

  21. This concept of life and its relations was humanizing and gave to the Lakota an abiding love. It filled his being with the joy and mystery of living; it gave him reverence for all life; it made a place for all things in the scheme of existence with equal importance to all.

    1. Ethereal consciousness is the step we need to guide humanity towards. But with so many schools run by Church groups, that befuddled bunch are so mixed and messed up it will need a quantum leap of leadership which is not yet evident.
      Religions are part of the Global confusion and backwardness of a sad species.

    2. There you go again John, teasing me with your "Ethereal" talk. I'm not befuddled by any church bs. Does that mean there is a chance you may do some private tutoring on that subject? Yes, that subject alone John, not anything else swirling in your cheeky mind of yours lol. I already know the answer is no but I will not stop trying to get more out of you on this subject. LOL

    3. When the time is right. Right now time is precious.

    4. Absolutely John, I completely understand and appreciate that fact. But I am seriously looking forward to that more than any other topic. So I shall wait in the wings with bated breath. LOL. Make sure you take good care of yourself during this hectic schedule of yours too. Luv ya mate. LOL

    5. Aurataya, you can always come sit in the back seat with me whilst we wait. :)

    6. Awww, thank you Mygirl56, sweet gesture. I always was a bit of a back seat gal too. LOL. Geez, Johnny had better look out if the two of us are back there, he may end up needing an ambulance. LOL LOL

      Mygirl56, I think I noted in one of your comments that you are located in Canada. Heavens above, what a truly gorgeous country Canada is. And the people were so friendly and incredibly polite. Absolutely loved my time there and did not want to leave. Lucky you.

      Catch ya in the back seat Sis.

    7. On behalf of all friendly & polite Canucks - thank you! Recently rated #2 best country in the world to live in overall. Although knowing what I know now about the Swiss banking industry, I think I'd put us at #1, LOL. Just a little toot on the horn for the land of the silver birch. :)

    8. You are most welcome. And you can most certainly toot until your heart is content Mygirl56, as I'm in full agreement with you.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. From Scott Bennett's recent Facebook page entry:

    SECRETS WITHIN SECRETS INSIDE THE WEB OF SPYING: Things are exploding with the Trump wire-tapping/unconstitutional surveillance operation/ spying scandal, and we need to stay ahead
    of the wave and ride it like expert surfers. As seen on the Press TV debate on Monday, all of the
    Libyan-ISIS terrorist financing intelligence involving the Clinton Foundation money-laundering for
    Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, is one of the key reasons why so many of the Trump people are
    being targeted--because it involves the key target that Trump is attacking...the terrorist-ISIS-refugee
    issue. Hopefully Trump will not follow the advice of his treasonous generals by foolishly creating
    “Safe Zones” in Syria (which will get American troops killed—which may be the plan of course in order
    to trigger another “Gulf of Tonkin”/Vietnam), but if he does, hopefully he’s smart enough to make it a
    joint venture with Russia and Syria.

    General Michael Flynn saw all of this intelligence (Libyan Tribes, McCain-Graham payoffs with stolen
    Libyan money and reconstruction contracts, Saudi-Qatar mercenaries committing genocide, and the
    murder of Ambassador Chris Stephens for “shoulder-carried missiles coming from the US).

    General Flynn confirmed all of this intelligence as solid, and was preparing to act on it (in his own way
    and timing), when he was suddenly and unexpectedly taken out. The other person recently targeted
    by the CIA-Obama vampire establishment was Michael Cohen, Trump's lawyer, who we communicated with
    personally—and recorded--"Shell Game" to at Trump Tower. This is one of the reasons Trump Tower had
    been targeted. Not surprisingly, Cohen (and Trump’s son with whom we spoke) was attacked and "scared"
    using the Russian hacking/connection issue. But the real reason for going after Cohen was his connection
    and awareness and communications to the campaign about "Shell Game" and the terrorist financing reports.
    This is major, and is the key smoking gun.

    The other target, of course, was Senator Jeff Sessions, who was communicated to about "Shell Game"
    and other intelligence issues, and now he is being attacked because he is the one man who can
    investigate, prosecute anybody and everybody (member of Congress, Executive Branch, Intelligence
    agency official, military person, foreign agent, civilian, etc.) for these acts of treason and government
    failure or corruption--and the Obama-Clinton-Soros cabal know this and fear it like death…which isn’t
    far off for them.

    Finally this recent Wikileaks release about the CIA hacking etc., is also another major breakthrough, since
    as the CIA was attacking Trump through coordinated leaks, Wikileaks has essentially come to the rescue
    of Trump and "flanked" them, like that scene in Lord of the Rings with Gandalf standing at the top of the
    hill and running into the enemy. Since only 1% of the Vault 7 has been released, we look forward to the
    remaining 99% and the inevitable confirmations and substantial cables and documents coming forth that
    not only continue to prove the infallibility and gravity of our previous reports about terrorist financing
    ( but expose and destroy the traitors, liars, and hypocrites from every
    nation and tribe of man.

    So our mission is to keep seeking, collecting and communicating to all people and nations as much
    information (that is factual and verifiable and not propaganda designed by CIA as a “limited hangout);
    and store it safely for future generations.

    1. Texian, I just wanted to thank you for all of the hard work and time you place into sharing all the information that you do here on the site. I personally cannot keep up with you lol but always sincerely appreciate your endless and brilliant contributions. THANKYOU so much.

    2. Aurataya,
      You're so incredibly kind hearted! If this world was filled with people like you, it would be spectacular! Thank you for always having something nice to say. My grandmother who lived to 102 was the same way. I don't think I ever heard her say anything unkind about anyone. She always told me "If you can't think of something nice to say, don't say anything." As you know, it wasn't a lesson I learned very

    3. Awww Texian, that was so sweet of you to express, thank you so much.

      Unfortunately, I probably do not measure up anywhere near to the incredible standard of your precious Grandmother, who sounds absolutely wonderful. I try to be kind because it does make the world a better place but I always believe that when someone does something you appreciate, or you see beauty and kindness in someone else or an act they perform or contribution they make then you need to let them know how much you sincerely appreciate that. And just on a side note, I am not always too sweet and kind. Some things and people really annoy me and I become way too emotional and lash out, which I usually regret later because I always seem to overreact in those moments. I have a temper when pushed too far and am very protective and defensive when rubbed the wrong way by idiots or troublemakers lol. But hey, I'm still learning and do hope not to stop that until I'm floating as ashes upon the waves in the sea.

      And by the way Texian. I have never found you to be one to speak out of place at all. I love how direct and well guided you are. The strength of spirit you possess is highly admired and appreciated by me. There is no way one could refer to you as wishy washy and I think that's a magnificent quality. And anyway, if we were all the same it would get a bit boring in my opinion. I learn so much from other who are very different to myself. I love recognising qualities in others that I do not possess, that's how I learn about the magnificence and uniqueness of every individual. You're beautiful in my eyes and you will never convince me otherwise. So you have yourself a tremendous evening gorgeous.

  24. Time for a little more humor?

    Two old Jewish men, Sid and Abe,
    Are sitting in a Mexican restaurant one day.
    Sid asks Abe, "Do you know if any people of our ancestry were ever born and raised in Mexico ?"
    Abe replies, “I don't know, let's ask our waiter."

    When the waiter arrives, Abe asks, "Are there any Mexican Jews?"
    The waiter says, "I don't know señor, I ask the cooks.

    " He returns from the kitchen after a few minutes and says, "No señor, the cook say no Mexican Jews."
    Abe isn't satisfied and asks, "Are you absolutely sure?"
    The waiter, realizing he is dealing with "Gringos" replies,

    "I check once again, señor," and goes back into the kitchen.
    While the waiter is away, Sid says, "I find it hard to believe that there are no Jews in Mexico . Our people are scattered everywhere."
    The waiter returns and says, "Señor, the head cook Manuel, he say there is no Mexican Jews."
    "Are you certain?" Abe asks again. "I just can't believe there are no Mexican Jews!"
    "Señor, I ask EVERYONE," replies the exasperated waiter.

    "All we have is Orange Jews, Grape Jews, Prune Jews, Tomato Jews and Apple Jews, but no Mexican Jews."

    1. Another star for brightening my day Texian. I enjoyed that very much. Thank you.

  25. John

    Anything you say about the economic financial initiatives taking place now? Any updates you can share?

  26. Not right now. War room conditions. It needs time and care. Just watch as a day thing.We are talking hourly. Many overlapping interests.

    1. John,
      Thanks for sharing what you can, when you can. I hope we are not overwhelming you with questions at this critical time.

  27. Now I could do with Dolly Parton overwhelming me any time. Lol.

    1. John,
      Our sentiment to you...enjoy!

      Dolly Parton

    2. Thank you that was kind. I watched it.It was the largest audience Dolly has ever had. It blew her away. But it showed her the Brits love her.She always sells out her shows here. Not bad for a Pensioner. Vintage Class. It took her breath away.

    3. Oh noooooooooo...don't encourage him.

    4. Calm down Paladin just because shes a better cross dresser than you? Stop wearing her cast offs!

  28. Bond Blooodbath - Treasuries Haven't Seen A Longer Losing-Streak Than This In 43 Years


    Is this caused by the bond selling in Zurich and London? In my very limited view ot seems both stocks and bonds are liquidating...

  29. Trump’s first full month in office brings massive employment boom: over 295,000 new jobs in February
    ZERO YEAR: It doesn’t get any bigger than Vault 7 Posted on March 7, 2017 by State of the Nation

    1. Excellent. Thank your for this link. I hope we are all sharing this Vault 7 release far and wide. There is little time left to wake up anyone who is still willing to do so.

    2. MWP,
      If anyone in US is still asleep, they're comatose...IMO.

    3. Even the comotose have been known to awaken from time to time. Forever in a state of hope :)

  30. p: Idaho is the next state working on a precious metal money system.

    Silver and Gold As Money! New Bill Could End Federal Reserve. March 2017
    Published on Mar 8, 2017

    new bill moves passed house committee moves for a vote that could end federal reserves monopoly on money. this is silver stackers dreams because it's about preservation of purchasing power and waking people up to sound money silver and gold. move to pull the bottom out from the federal reserve who controls the top. Silver standard and gold standard will drive silver price.

    Good and evil are choices. The Evil Emperor and Darth Vader were not born evil; they chose their own paths. Luke, the archetypal human, also must make his choices and live with the good or evil that results.

    Trump’s Server, Revisited.


    People who live in a secret reality that they cannot explain to us, but by themselves they go about seeing things and saying things to others who we cannot see.
    And we go about saying "poor so and so, he’s really out of it".
    Nothing much can be done.
    And we are saying they are mentally disturbed because they see the things that we are desperately trying to see ourselves?
    And the interesting point is that the window to that other world opens when there is a physical change to the brain in one way or another.
    We call them mentally disturbed.
    They see things we don't, they hear things we don’t, and to them it is very real.
    In different times of history these situations were described in different ways.
    Angels and light beings and spirits and ghosts, Carl Jung used the term archetypes,
    Those with personal experience of the deep forces and motivations underlying human behavior.
    Then we come into this age and we’re talking about beings in parallel universes which are twins of ourselves.
    What Carl Jung referred to as archetypes, or deep forces underlying human behavior the Bible refers to angels and spirits.
    People see things and talk with others whom we do not see unless we have the same brain transformation that they have.
    Either induced by trauma, disease of some sort, or drugs.
    When something changes in the brain it can open a window to a different reality. A parallel universe.
    We see and hear what we have never been able to see and hear.
    They pray, "Oh God make yourself real to me. Fill me with your Holy Spirit".
    And when that presence comes to them, and they see and hear celestial things, we put them away

    And when they are closeted away from us and our normalcy.
    We go to church and pray for a special touch so we can see
    what they see.
    We pray in church for the Holy Spirit to come to us and if it really came we would run out the door like the place was on fire.
    We really want no part of those invisible things we claim to love.

  33. Hi John,

    You stated a couple days ago..... China wants control of key US Banks. Their price. Today they were told They can have shareholding and income, but NOT Executive control.

    ***** Any update on this issue? By Chinese you don't mean the Chinese Government... correct? While we're on the subject of major USA banks, how does the Federal Reserve fit into this mix? What future do they have?

  34. Hmmm...

    Malik Obama shares photo of brother Barack’s Kenya ‘certificate of birth’

    An Obama has joined the birther movement.

    Malik Obama, Barack Obama’s half-brother, tweeted image of what appears to be Barack’s birth certificate.

    Except it’s not from Hawaii, but rather Kenya.

    1. WOW! As much as I would like to forget this fool ever existed I still would like to know all of the facts surrounding him. So I wonder why his own Brother is coming out with this info? Must be some bad blood between them. I also wonder where the name Barry Soetoro, or whatever it is, has come from if this document is real? Thanks Calgirl for sharing another good one, much appreciated.

    2. The Soetoro name came from his step father, the second alcoholic Indonesian his alcoholic screwed up mother married. She put it out globally. He was raised by a gay home help so you can see why hes such a mess. In Indonesia he was the butt of jokes at school because of his chicken legs, strange parentage and big ears. Patronizing Chicago Male Steam Bath Clubs, he became a known performer, until a Radical fuzzy Minster arranged a marriage for him to a dysfunctional Mutt no one wanted, to pass him off as normal in Politics.

      Nothing about this Clown is real.Only in America could such a screw up clear vetting because the system is rotten to the core.

    3. From what I recall of Jerome Corsi's book, "Where's the Birth Certificate?" and other articles, it's unlikely Obama Sr was the biological father. He doesn't look at all like him or other family members either. The mother (Stanley Ann) at 17 was posing nude for a magazine that Frank Davis (communist from Chicago living in Hawaii) was publishing. He looks much more like Frank Davis, but Davis was already married. Obama was a likely patsy. The arrangement also helped Obama stay in US longer than he would have been able to do otherwise. At that time, there were almost no black men in Hawaii so she or her parents made a deal. Obama Sr and Stanley Ann never lived together even after the "marriage" according to the book.

    4. Reality is, Obozo is the son of a whore, plain and simple.

      As to the birth certificate, we've had it for years in addition to the Certified Copy of Registration of Birth

      He's been a fraud from Day 1.

    5. Thanks, Paladin, for the confirmation. Do you also have the mysterious college records? It's always been odd that no one in same major at Columbia remembers him...even if he was enrolled as Barry Soetero it still seems strange.

    6. Paladin,

      You found the birth certificate. Any chance you guys found Jimmy Hoffa?

    7. Texian,

      No, we don't. Supposedly he got aid for foreign students at Occidental and you're right, Columbia attendance is a big mystery. There are rumors he was in Afghanistan (as a CIA asset) during his Columbia time frame assisting bin Laden fight the Russians.

    8. JV,

      No, rumor has it he's in a cement cornerstone of a building in Detroit. If so, he'll never be found until the building is demolished in 100 years.

    9. I just looked at both links - the one to Malik O's tweet and then Paladin's. Can someone please tell me why the version of the live birth certificate on Scribd (the Paladin link) points out that there are no signatures on the form and the document number is redacted, but when you look at the same??? document on the other link there most certainly are signatures on the form - it appears the registrar's last name is Lee - and the document number is clearly visible.

      Explanations, anyone??? :)

    10. Thank you everyone who contributed more information regarding this subject, it's greatly appreciated.

      Whilst reading the comments above I remembered something else. Hope my memory serves me correctly here. I believe I recall reading an article that stated that one woman who worked at the Hawaiian hospital where they tried to make believe Obama was born and who also was said to be involved in assisting with the fraudulent BC produced, mysteriously died in a light air-craft crash when this was a hot topic not too long ago.

      I think I even recall reading that she actually did not die immediately from said crash but others (scuba divers) were available in the immediate vicinity where the craft went down who actually finished her off whilst she was still alive in the water.

      Honestly not sure I have that 100% right but it rings some bells for me regarding this subject.

    11. My girl,

      I'm not understanding your question, perhaps you need to dumb it down for me. LOL

    12. I can do that! Not necessarily dumb it down, but hopefully make it clearer.

      If you click on the link with the Malik O. tweet, there are photos of the Kenyan BC as well as the Hawaiian one. On this link the Hawaiian BC shows the document number and the registrar's signature.

      When you open the link on your post, which takes you to Sribd, the Hawaiian BC there is different. It looks completely different to be honest, and in the comments along the side it says to 'notice' how there are no signatures, how the document number has been redacted.... I forget what else. If you compare them you'll see what I mean. So what does that mean? That there are multiple fakes of the faked BC? And if so, why would that be?

    13. My Girl,

      Apologies, I didn't scroll down far enough on Malik Obama's post to see the fake Hawaiian birth certificate.

      At the time we posted the Kenyan birth certificate and the associated Certified Copy of Registration of Birth, Obozo had not released the fraudulent Hawaii birth certificate that Sheriff Arpaio's Cold Posse completely destroyed. The fake Certification of Live Birth was the only document, at the time, that had been released. As my notes indicate in the right margin, that too was a fraudulent document.

      Think of the Master Control File I reference in debunking it as your check register and the actual certificate as a single check. The control file would simply list the certificates by number, date, etc. That's the reason the certificate number is redacted because you could easily compare it to the control file to authenticate it.

      Its interesting to note that we seem to be the only ones who have the Certified Copy of Registration of Birth (Kenya) in addition to the birth certificate itself.

    14. Thank you, Paladin, for taking the time to 'splain that. :)

  35. Kermit

    The Chinese Govt via its Finance Ministry determine its Global lending or major investment strategies. Be assured, a major move such as this, comes from the top. China wants control of the US Fiscal base.How does that differ from the Foreign controlled, Zionist owned Fed Bank of NY? Foreign owned is Foreign owned,whereas with China at least they put something back. The Rotts only contribution to America has been to rape and pillage it.

  36. A major new article coming out over the week end will open a major can of worms and show you and the Trump team how the RVs and GS can be funded. How America can fund its infrastructure needs, and cut its debts. How we can put back and re track America to help all its people get the nation back.

  37. So apparently CNN is now covering this story...somewhat. There were 20 burglaries of Capitol offices, but nothing captured on camera. The FBI has the Capitol police "investigating" the Muslim Brotherhood international spy ring who were being paid as IT consultants for 30 Democrat Congressmen/women....Pakistani nationals. These 30 are the primary ones on camera everyday talking about "Russia hacking." What???

    Day 138, Part 1 ~ Awan Brotherhood, the Saga Deepens

    House staffers in security probe allegedly kept stepmom in ‘captivity’ to access offshore cash

  38. ohn

    so as we stand here at the precipice of another great American financial change equal to if not surpassing the Fed Res Act of 1913

    i still feel there is not the type of transparency one would like in terms of understanding the players, the issues and the implications of the outcomes.

    who or what are the players?

    what do the sides want (issues)?

    what are the implications?

    is there a time after which acting will be too late?

  39. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  40. Just up on WHA ~

    Watch this tribute with a thankful heart for what the White Hats have done for the entire world, there are no words.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you...will never be enough to express our heartfelt gratitude for the sacrifice of these brave men and women. God Bless You all and may he return 1,000 x 1,000 x 1,000 fold for what you have sown on
    our behalf.

    1. I appreciate the comments. It's actually been up on WHA for many months now. Glad you liked it.

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Trying Again, or go to WHA site...posted on right side

  43. You are welcome Tony, maybe I was just not meant to see until now.....especially considering all the goings on...besides the WH need to know how appreciated they are more often than not...Cheers!


  45. AwakenTheWorldFilm

    Published on Mar 10, 2017 Samadhi Part 1 (Maya the Illusion of the Self) is the first installment of a series of films exploring Samadhi.
    Samadhi Part 2 "It's Not What You Think" will be coming soon. Check out the trailer here:
    Many other parts are in various stages of completion and will follow. It is quite possible that the film is actually endless.
    Please subscribe to the Youtube channel to receive notification when each next part is ready, or subscribe to the mailing list on There are aspects in this film that rely on your understanding of concepts such as the primordial spiral, the logos, akasha, kundalini which can be found in the film "Inner Worlds Outer Worlds". The film can be watched for free at Please support future films (which will always be released for free to the world) by donating at
    Every small donation helps to keep production flowing.
    While we greatly encourage you to freely share the links to the film, embed them and spread them freely, please do not steal the film and monetize it on your own Youtube channel. Thank you.

  46. p: A good step towards draining the swamp.

    MIDDAY MASSACRE: What Jeff Sessions Just Did Has Every Politician Shivering In Fear!
    Published on Mar 10, 2017

    1. True, but I read on ZH that this is a routine move by all incoming potus'. Was done by bushes and clingons. Let's see who is put in, that's the clinker.

    2. p and AJ,
      All political appointees serve "at the pleasure of the president." When a new president is sworn in, all appointees of previous administration are supposed to submit their resignations. Most or all are usually accepted. In this case, it is taking so long to get cabinet appointments confirmed that the replacements are lagging behind usual schedule. The lamestream media is making a mountain out of every molehill. Perhaps the US Attorneys were instructed by shadow government NOT to submit resignations. I don't know. AG Sessions has not been in place very long and it's his prerogative to have his own team in place.

    3. Agree AJ, had read the same thing, but this could be the beginning of what is needed. This country could surely use it.

  47. “Millions of people never analyze themselves. Mentally they are mechanical products of the factory of their environment, preoccupied with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, working and sleeping, and going here and there to be entertained. They don’t know what or why they are seeking, nor why they never realize complete happiness and lasting satisfaction. By evading self-analysis, people go on being robots, conditioned by their environment. True self-analysis is the greatest art of progress.”

    “Man's conscious state is an awareness of body and breath. His subconscious state, active in sleep, is associated with his mental, and temporary, separation from body and breath. His superconscious state is a freedom from the delusion that "existence" depends on body and breath. God lives without breath; the soul made in his image becomes conscious of itself, for the first time, only during the breathless state.”
    ― Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi

    1. A44L91, you have been sharing some truly beautiful material recently and I have not stopped by to thank you for so many wonderful contributions. I therefore offer you my most sincere thanks for you tireless effort.

  48. Everything was possessed of personality, only differing from us in form. Knowledge was inherent in all things. The world was a library and its books were the stones, leaves, grass, brooks, and the birds and animals that shared, alike with us, the storms and blessings of earth. We learned to do what only the student of nature learns, and that was to feel beauty. We never railed at the storms, the furious winds, and the biting frosts and snows. To do so intensified human futility, so whatever came we adjusted ourselves, by more effort and energy if necessary, but without complaint.


  49. Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 14h14 hours ago

    Weekly Address - 11:00 A.M. at the @WhiteHouse! #MAGA🇺🇸
    6,788 replies 5,810 retweets 26,963 likes
    Donald J. Trump Retweeted
    DRUDGE REPORT‏ @DRUDGE_REPORT 16h16 hours ago

    GREAT AGAIN: +235,000
    4,854 replies 5,566 retweets 19,960 likes
    Donald J. Trump Retweeted
    FOX & friends‏Verified account @foxandfriends 16h16 hours ago

    "Never give up....that's the worst thing you could do. There's always a chance." -Kyle Coddington's message to those also fighting cancer
    2,369 replies 6,936 retweets 25,615 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Mar 9

    Honored to meet this years @SenateYouth delegates w/ @VP Pence in the East Room of the @WhiteHouse. Congratulations!
    5,696 replies 8,960 retweets 47,000 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Mar 9

    'U.S. Consumer Comfort Just Reached Its Highest Level in a Decade' ➡️ …
    14,505 replies 13,935 retweets 57,341 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Mar 9

    Despite what you hear in the press, healthcare is coming along great. We are talking to many groups and it will end in a beautiful picture!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. The President is dreaming. Healthcare is a nightmare at all levels. It should have taken 5 minutes to repeal the ACA. They have so royally screwed it up that we probably need a Constitutional Amendment separating Health/Medicine and State. Any normal industry increases price/performance. I can get the treatment price for wiping out PTSD down to $5K per patient using off-the-shelf-approved tech. But to do a commodity device ($750 sold to patient,perpetual use, probable 95% effective rate) to do the same I would have to run some absurd trial with 2000 patients at an approximate cost of $100 million, just to start, over 3 years. On something that is non-invasive, safer than travelling by aircraft and within the engineering capacity of the average electronics hobbyist. All while we lose 22 patients per day from PTSD-originated suicide. All because there is a functionally non-contributing regulatory agency called the FDA. And don't get me started on the new FDA guy. Absolute f'ing idiocy. Also, insurance, of any kind, works only if you spread the cost of a rare event over a large population. It doesn't work for something everyone will need on a regular basis. Nor, can you do socialized medicine, which instantly makes the minimums the maximums and nothing changes decade over decade. Real systems make cures. The UK NHS won't even provide dialysis in many cases because it doesn't change outcomes. Quality of life be damned. Why anyone would put their health choices in the hands of bureaucrats?

  50. Trump will have to decide a policy on Assange and do it now.
    What price is truth and free speech?

    1. John,

      I would like to start discussion on this and see what the opinions are. Perhaps when we have a new string it would be a good topic to start. Not sure how many comment posts we have before a new section is started.

    2. IMO these whistleblowers are heroes.

    3. Paladin, I believe a new comment section is started when we near the 200 mark. But if I could shut up a bit and stop yapping so much they would change over a little slower lol.

      Great idea by the way.

    4. Aurataya,

      Thanks, seems we've got about 50 comments to go then.

    5. Paladin,
      Sure, I'll elaborate. IMO the whistleblowers saw a situation that was well beyond surveillance that is allowed by law and have exposed it. The 4th Amendment is supposed to protect us from unreasonable searches and seizures. What a joke! Even our televisions and phones are spying on our every move and are recording even when we have turned them off. While I don't have anything to hide, it's just plain CREEPY!

      Several years ago stopped traveling by air. A choice between an excess radiation naked viewing machine or a pat down that feels more like a rape was not a choice at all...particularly as Muslim women passed by both methods smirking. They were exempted in about 2010 because of their "sensibilities and religious reasons."

      So I'm delighted that truth is finally coming out. We don't need 17 intelligence agencies. What we need is for our REPUBLIC to be restored. Kick the foreign-owned corporation back into the sea that setup shop here disguised as our "government" a long time ago. We need our common law courts back and our original Constitution FOR the united States. Restore the 13th Amendment prohibiting BAR members from running for office or anyone else who has taken an oath to a foreign government.

    6. I say, get the truth out there period!! I despise deception and the American people and the world are being deceived on so many levels. So I say, hero. If it causes some issues between countries, well, we should not be fighting anyway. I know, that is not our reality, but I can still want it.

    7. I agree. Every single ounce of truth must come out in every area. Sure, a good portion of it will be extremely hard to stomach but we cannot hide from such reality. The more one knows, the better prepared one is to work toward change. The whole revolting mess surrounding us has to be stopped and never repeated. So without it all coming out the slate cannot be completely cleaned and protected from the same in the future.

      Those sharing the real truth need a safe avenue to do that and not be placed in a position where their lives are threatened or feel any fear whatsoever for the good they are doing. My god, doing what they are is incredibly brave under current circumstances.

      We also need some form of checking to occur at the same time so the creeps who desire to see their name in lights don't come out with half truths or a total pile of bs to ensure they gain their five minutes of fame. I personally have been taken in a few times with incorrect information and that really annoys me. Sometimes we come across information that we have no way of checking. So in those instances we can only rely on our own level of judgment of that and possibly the support of those we actually do trust within our circles that have the position and capacity to guide us well. Therefore, look at opportunity we have here where we all gather, share and learn.

      I am sick and tired of all this deception and corruption. I am fed up with all the filth and sleaze in our world. We have not come here to learn how to become a pack of ignorant low life dirty dumb animals going backward. We are here to grow, learn, prosper, share and advance creatively on every level. The full truth offers us a path toward correction, education and wisdom. Our path must change swiftly and radically. So that boils down to, anyone who wishes to share the truth in any area then I personally thank you for contributing to the world that I wish to work toward being a part of.

      So mush time has been wasted and so much damage done to date. But, I believe it can be turned around. Big job, lots of hard work, plenty of mental and emotional trauma, loads of pain, stacks of moments when we feel completely crushed in every manner but in those moments pop your big girl panties on, take plenty of deep breathes and fight hard for the life you want to live and the world you desire to be a part of. Some will make it, some won't but life was never meant to follow the same exact script in every case. So be it.

  51. For Zim speculators,

    Current opinions seem to favor cutting the last 6 zeros off the notes pre conversion,which could be achievable using the vast resource backing of Zimbabwean land assets. Policy makers and decision takers need to agree and decide. Too many opinion shapers and poodle fakirs!
    The new article we are about to launch may well put a much needed torch under key backsides. Time to drain the swamp! Name, shame and sequestrate back the stolen funds!
    How will Trump chose to leave his mark now on history. Time to end now the Michael Fitzpatick and Patrick Fitzmichael games in play Political and banking spheres.

    The new article about to be issued leads to the money pots, naming and shaming. Take America back!
    Unleash the nations, and smash the Cabal. Deep Six the Deep State.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to provide the update John. Really looking forward to the new article. I just realized something which I'm curious about and which could possibly be an issue for those holding Zim. Didn't the Zimbabwe government introduce a new currency to replace the old one back in 2016?

    2. So 100T becomes 100M. 50T becomes 50M. Then what?

      5c, 10c, Face Value?

      Actually these notes have been a good investment. I bought about a hundred of these 100T notes 2 years ago for $23 each. Figured I give them as novelty gifts if nothing happened.

      Now they sell for about $75. 300% in 2 years.

      Should have started a business selling these.

    3. Well dang it all anyway! I wish I'd bought more than one! I'm keeping it, but it would have been fun to make $50 on any extras. I paid $20 for the one I have - nice return on "investment" that would have been.

    4. John, Aur & JV I hear .... a 100T turns into 100M after removing 6 000000's. each Z unit should be worth between $0.05 and $2.00. Under normal circumstances that sounds like a fairy tale ... no offense to the good fairies. Let's look at this from Heavenly View .... Disable RotRats-Zios and demonic D-Rats etc. and move that $$$ to holders of Z, I and V. It is said RotRats-Banksters have >$500T, Queen E II $>$35T, Rocky $xT (much less that RotRatZ), Bush-Clinton Crime family $3T - $7T. Let's assume that about 25,000 individuals exchange for $200T and 4+ Sovereigns exchange for $400T and all are vetted and contracted to abstain from war and power mongering-reject satan and all his evil. Let's assume all are vetted for working in truth and serve our Lord and God. This may be the rationale God is putting at our disposal. If I were designing a paradigm shift that is What I would do. Each of us ... speaking for myself and one individual would Minister to good works ... My Projects would consist of revitalization of several manufacturing companies. build a university aimed at applied technologies to benefit mankind - i have several patents and processes + trade secrets - Start production on our h-nc- ? fuel cell, nano carbon water filtration, anti-stokes, ultralight-ultra strong composites to name a few ... and provide assessment, education, training, mentoring, remediation and employment for thousands. Since I have already developed most of this all I need to do is the fine tuning and launch. I know of several people a lot smarter than I.....10,000 billionaires and millionaires networked here in the US and collaborating with our friends in UK, RU CH and DE would eliminate satanic forces, and provide healthy living for all who wanted to work in a meritocracy. Evil would be prosecuted and filtered out over time. We can do this by the Grace of God .... WE ABSOLUTELY CAN AND WE WILL ELIMINATE SATANISTS AND ZIOS!

    5. The contributions to this subject are fab but I still have a question is anyone can assist me to understand this please. I am thinking of an issue that may arise for those that have purchased some of these notes and who may be getting a little too excited by recent revelations.

      If a new currency was introduced by the Zimbabwe Government in 2016, which I am of the belief is the case. I recall reading that they gave the population of that country an opportunity to changeover their old notes to the new ones. So if any outside investors purchased the notes printed prior to the new ones introduced in 2016 and did not changeover during 2016 for the current acceptable version then are the notes they hold even going to be accepted if there ever is some type of exchange opportunity put in place?

      This may be a matter for those holding this currency to consider and clarify rather than getting too carried away with what could be when it may not be. Just a thought to ponder anyway.

  52. Paladin,
    I wonder if I could ask a favour of you please. Do you recall a short time ago you shared a link regarding the Holocaust and other related subjects? I have been searching through my computer for a couple of hours and cannot find it anywhere. If it's not too much trouble and you find at some point you have a moment to locate it, would you possibly be kind enough to share that with me again please when convenient for you. I would sincerely appreciate it very much.

    I recall you were seeking responses to that information too. I would also love to seek your opinion of that information as well if you find at any point you have the time to share that and desire to do so. I really wanted to check the production/presentation dates on that material again as when I started reading it after your sharing of it, it instantly rang a bell for me as I had read some of that info in nearly the exact form a couple of years ago, which shocked me to my core upon initial revelation.

    As for a brief opinion of what the documents contained. I would have to say, not only is it even more horrifying than what has already been presented to the public but it made so much sense as far as the links in the entire evil plan of it overall, ultimate outcome sought by complicit parties and the various agendas involved. "Sense" as far as the evil demented ones behind it were concerned, not to any normal feeling human being with a heart. As grotesque as what was suggested had truly occurred was, I am beginning to feel a level of numbness by that degree of depravity taking place, even as shocking as it is. This is probably just one of the many monstrous mountains of truthful evil history to be unveiled that we will just have to deal with somehow and never permit to repeat. The geographical links/connections with regard to the camp placements seemed to be meticulously planned with the purpose specified extremely hard to ignore or deny.

    On a related note, I wanted to share this bit of information as I'm still to this day not too sure how to make sense of it considering the information you shared Paladin, as well as that which has actually been forced down the throats of the public as historical fact regarding this subject. My German Uncle, at a very young age fought in WWII under Hitler. After some time fighting on the front line he ended up being captured and held prisoner by US forces for a short period. When the war ended he was released and he immediately headed to his home in Munich where he lived with his family before he left. My point to sharing this is that he told me that he was shocked to learn that the public was being told that the majority, if not all of the Jewish community had been removed/relocated from their homes in Germany and placed in the camps and/or died in those camps or were shipped out to other areas in the world. His reason for feeling this way was because there were still so many Jewish people in his home town that he was not even able to walk on the footpaths in his own country and was forced to walk on the road every single day when he needed to go somewhere. His exact words, "there were still swarms of them everywhere, we were still swamped by them." So considering all sides of this story, I remain confused.

    My apologies are offered in advance if anything I have shared here has caused distress for anyone.

  53. Aurataya, Is this what you are referring to?
    read this vatican, vaccines, cloning…letter from paladin posted on owon jan 18, 2017 over 200 pages

    1. Biffie, I love you lol. That's it. Heavens, I had forgotten about all the other brilliant information contained in that document regarding the 13th Amendment and Vaccines etc. I do unfortunately have some serious memory issues btw. Thank you so much Biffie for going to the trouble you have here for me, I really appreciate it. Paladin probably will as well, now he will not have to go searching through hundreds of files lol. You are an absolute angel Biffie, thank you so much. Keep smiling beautiful.

    2. Aurataya,

      My thanks to Biffie for bailing me out on this. Unfortunately, I have not worked my way through this extensive document as issue arose right after I posted it and the responses were few so I moved on.

      Perhaps its time to revisit it and see what we can determine.

    3. Thank you Paladin, I appreciate your response. I am incredibly thrilled you shared it and Biffie kept track of it as this is a truly compelling document. I could not put it down once I started but I had forgotten there was so much more in it than I initially remembered. The Holocaust information was what really stuck in my head as it was just so horrific. The entire document is filled from start to finish with must read material. And of course, now that I have my hot little hands on it again I cannot put it down and started reading again for another round. Heading to 3am here, so no beauty sleep for me as yet. Just cannot shut my mind off when I get hold of this type of information. Thanks again Paladin, I really appreciate you sharing it.

    4. You are both welcome. I am still reading it also. It is so long and so fascinating. I feel like I am getting some real truth. The Vatican/WWll part is an eye opener.

    5. I'm happy this surfaced again. When it posted, I was distracted with other things and didn't get through it. Have spent time today reading. Since Anna's work is quite familiar, I skipped over to other sections. Health issues in the vaccine section are quite valid IMO compared with other information I've studied.

      Vatican/WWII portion chilled me to the bone. I don't have a frame of reference for the information and have not studied that rabbit hole. I would be interested to hear other comments from some history experts. Saturnalia, where are you? :-0)

      I love everyone here so much for sharing your studies....even those I don't always agree with. You're here because you CARE about what's going on and that's the most important bottom line! <3

    6. I missed it the first time so am thankful you found it, Biff. I hope I can get it read in the near future.

  54. Ran across an interesting surprise here...that CIA directs the lamestream media...especially CNN. Orwell would be so proud. He did tell us.

    Insider Confirms CIA Controls CNN

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. p: Seems Anthony Weiner's computer is still yielding very useful information.

    FBI: New Evidence From Anthony Weiner Will See 'HILLARY Locked Up FOR LIFE'
    Published on Mar 11, 2017

    1. P

      I so hope it does and we will stick it to her every week. The whole rotten family belongs in jail.

  57. After posting this series for some time now with no comments from anyone, I'm wondering if anyone is following these monster disclosures or am I wasting my time?

    Day 139, Part 1 ~ Awan Brotherhood, the Trump Server Hack

    1. Be assured your effort is NOT in vain! Do not grow weary in well doing!! Endure to the end... the reward will be far beyond anticipation!

    2. Hardly. The problem is where to even begin to comment. Keep such links coming.

    3. I definitely watch these. I especially like them for the truth exposure and how they bring all things together as the wagons get circled around the criminals. Thanks Texian for the effort.

    4. Thanks, Biffie. I wasn't looking for praise or a gold star by my some confirmation that some were opening these short videos. George Webb does an excellent job of presenting and connecting the data.

      Day 139, Part 2 ~ Hackers in the House, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

    5. My Dear Dear Texian,

      I do apologise for not having viewed more of these links and commenting. I would very much like you to realise how incredibly important every single one of your contributions are. As John noted, many may be viewing that do not comment.

      The amount of excellent material you have shared is utterly magnificent as far as I'm concerned. I honestly do not know how you keep doing it. I cannot keep up even with even 30% of what you share but let me assure you, every time I do check one of your links, the information shared there is absolutely invaluable.

      Just consider the priceless education you have offered here at OWoN. I have not seen your falter/slow down for a single moment with your time consuming superhuman efforts here. I admire your ability to do what you do so much and very sincerely appreciate every single ounce of it.

      You are an incredible woman doing incredible things and I personally could not ask to stand beside a better person of such substance and strength whilst wading through this quagmire. You are sharp, clear headed, intelligent, considerate and a damn good team player and I am learning so much from you and what you share. Your position and contributions here are key in achieving what I believe we all desire. And I am giving you a gold star whether you like it or not because in my eyes you are out of this world AWESOME. THANK YOU SO MUCH TEXIAN.

  58. Texian

    They are being read, but many people do not comment. The comments section is a hidden treasure trove of intel. Keep up the good work. Hopefully Sessions and Bannon plus the new appointees will focus on them as more is built up against the Clintons and the Kenyan Usurper. Trump will reach a point where he will be faced with the decision. His place in history or Club membership. Now he carries the hopes of a nation and ethics will either weigh on him, or he will fail. Justice has to be foremost now and the "Don't jail my Mommie," from the liver lips squirt living well from the Crooked Foundation the crooked Foundation, must be ignored. Yes, they MUST jail your Mommie, your sleazebag Father, and YOU too squirt for receiving. Trump has to bite the bullet, or go down in history as yet another Oval Office Douchbag who failed America.
    The integral team around him know their time is one term if they fail, and just 100 days in , they WILL be judged.

    1. John,
      Thank you for taking the time to respond. I was hoping it was reaching an audience who could do something about it. Perhaps the Trump/Sessions step yesterday of ditching Obozo appointed US Attorneys will help to step up the prosecutions when they appoint some new ones.

      Looking forward to your weekend article of more disclosures!

    2. Nor should we fire PreetBharara after he stepped in front of the Clinton train. Use him well. The rest can go to hell.

    3. Looks like Shrubs want to place one of their flunkie's son in that position.... Why is Trump allowing Shrubs to dictate anything?

    4. Tino,
      According to Day 139, Part 2, above, the firing may have been a good thing. This guy was a Schumer aide and George says he was slow footing all these investigations of Democrats. It was actually NYPD who are the heroes for capturing the material on Weiner's computer helping the Hitlary train off the rails. Guess Bharara just tossed it like a hot potato over to Comey who shut it down...of course after looking at it for 10 minutes and deciding there was "no there there."

    5. @Texian,

      Sigh. Is there anyone left standing that is worthwhile? And why in nether hell is Comey still in place? Even an 8-yr old can see that any integrity he may have had went bye-bye that day where he outlined the perfect indictment for Hillary and then folded.

    6. Tino,
      It's all connected! Almost everyone is corrupted in "government" or they wouldn't be there. That's the problem with the system. It takes so much $$$$$$ to run for office, the ones 'selected' are corruptible. FBI Director has a 10 year term! Six years left in Comey's case. However, it appears the president can fire. Clinton fired William Sessions. Expect to see at least a couple FEMA camps opened when arrests start. (Notice my positive outlook of 'when' instead of 'if.')

      How independent is the FBI’s director?

    7. Well, the thing being in DC, you hear the damndest things. It seems if he had simply played ball, Trump would have refused the resignation and let him continue on the investigations. Instead he grandstanded. Like a political operative. On the outside, there is now a Mossad rumor. Anyone know if this guy is another double-passport job?

    8. Tino,
      I have no way to verify that, but would guess yes. :-(

  59. Replies
    1. What a treat...beautiful! Gordon McRae version was right after Hugh Jackman's. Think it was sometime around 1966 that we saw Gordon McRae in Oklahoma at Casa Manaña in Ft Worth...magical evening of beautiful music.

    2. TALENT. In capital letters. Watched in succession today Hello Dolly,Oklahoma and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Now those were MUSICALS. La La Land was... just a disaster... the fact that it won Oscars is just one more example of collapsed standards and the mediocre raised up.

    3. Don't forget "South Pacific." Saw that with Ruta Lee and (can't remember name of male lead) in about 1965. Before children, we could hop around on a weekend to a theater production, big concert or some fun thing. :-0)

    4. Heh. South Pacific, Guys and Dolls, Camelot, etc, etc. And that's just our Golden Age... If Travolta had stayed the course after Grease he could have single-handily resurrected the genre...

  60. Forget the Guys and Dolls, Travolta was too busy pigging out and chasing the Guys.

  61. "Our CNN insider has been giving us some great information regarding the #VeryFakeNews of CNN and it’s agenda for President Trump and for the population of the United States and even the world. We have learned some concerning things from our source, but this latest contact we had with that insider was so compelling and of such concern, I wanted to show you verbatim what was said to us. I hope you can feel the fear our insider was feeling as this was being sent to us.

    This is the correspondence verbatim:

    “Hello. I have some new details, that I have overheard in meetings. They are adamantly pushing for a full-scale assault on Trump, Putin, and Assange. I hope you remember reading about the first two Red Scares, because this is to be the third. It is currently in the finalizing process. This is an agenda hell-bent on destroying Trump, Putin, and Assange, and on pushing the CIA as a protective force of the people, from these men. They are also planning on using psychological conditioning to validate severe forms of pedophilia and liberal extremism and to make anyone, who dares question it, labeled as a conservative, alt-right, or neo-nazi. This is so extreme, that I do not care if I lose my job. This is so sick, I can’t look away. Please, Victurus, stay vigilant. Even with knowledge of it upfront, their psychological conditioning can make you side with them. This might be my last word with you. If it is, keep reporting the truth, that is all I ask for.”

    Our Latest Terrifying Contact With CNN Insider

    1. Well, they will get pasted on the Alt-Right if they try anything. The Alt-Right is consistent, historically-aware, historically accurate, is freedom-oriented, nationalist and populist. We enjoyed Milo, but he didn't talk for us anymore than that poor YouTube animator whose Disney career they blew up.

    2. Thanks so much for this one Texian. The pot is certainly reaching boiling point. To be honest, I am starting to become a little anxious for what may be a head.

      And as far as this pedophilia matter is concerned. They can use whatever the hell they like to try and excuse it and gain acceptance for it but I will NEVER accept one single bs excuse for it. This is not an excusable act under any circumstance. You touch a child or do any wrong by a child or any other innocent victim, then you cop what comes and it will not be pretty. Every single human being has the ability to know right from wrong where this is concerned and if you don't or you choose not to then goodbye a/hole, because you are not fit or acceptable to live in a civilized society and need to be taken out immediately.

  62. Bob,

    who is supposed to pay for your program? making 10,000 new billionaires and multimillionaires?

    once these persons are enriched, what is to prevent them from defecting from the poorer classes and joining the pampered elite?

    1. Which always happens. Then they lose it never having earned it.

  63. Replies
    1. TEX I have written this 4 times and it keeps going away .. please keep it up .... Awan is good stuff which will get legs! I have been busy with medical issues related to my Service in US Marines. I just figured out da problem. I will make an effort to comment more for feedback to you from this point forward.

  64. UNK Assume RotRats et al are relieved of their wealth by united actions of US Republic (not USA Corp), UK, RU, CH and the rest of the participants in GCR. The US could be managed as planned ... if what we know is reality. The US Citizens have many participants in GCR and have exchangeable cash. (I'm not speaking for other countries) old balance sheet for world economy = Fiat backed by nothing and owned entirely bi ZioRats. Eliminate ZRs and put $1.5 Q on one side and digital cash on the other side owned 1/3 by big 4 - 6 (USA Republic being an important one) Sovereigns, 1/3 owned by Individuals and last 1/3 owned by small sovereigns and various righteous whales (not Gates, Rocky, Bush, Dimon etc ... they go to prison or gallows). I will be happy to build vetting system. Break the rules and your $$$ goes back to pool. More later!


    Biffie: this article is a great summation of pizzagate and more. I sure hope the planned march on the twenty fifth is a loud success.

    1. Absolutely! What's it going to take to see top level arrests of pedophile king and queen pins? Pizzagate was exposed in mid Nov, it's now mid Mar...time marches on and still nothing (as far as we know).

    2. We need one solid arrest of a pedo in a high place ... like Hillary or McCain .... start with subordinates who will sing and provide proof for a lighter sentence. Suppose a person like Weiner or one of his buddies - who is a pedo - flips. They could let that person off in exchange for a light sentence or no sentence. Consider recidivism of pedos so all they have to do is keep the flipper under tight observation and he/she will be doing pedo stuff within a year as a guess. How hard is this. Therefore ... start with flippers and build a cadre of them and they provide evidence on the Podestas, JA's and so on and so forth. There are so many WDC perverts that there will be a housing surplus caused by all the pedos getting locked up! A small crack in the dam and the damned evil people will flow to JUSTICE.

    3. You don't need a light sentence for Weiner, you have water boarding and more.

    4. OMG Biffie, that link has heaps of info. I just watched the 18 minute video with the title "#PIZZAGATE - BREAKING: Alefantis threatens to murder researcher" and I'm in shock for several reasons. Not 100% certain what to make of it in this moment. Definitely worth watching though. Thank you Biffie.

    Published on Mar 11, 2017

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