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  1. Comments are alive. Your Global contributions are valued, enormous, and growing in readership. The site needs replacing each 3 days now. So many new parties are also emerging and welcomed.

  2. Great timing or interesting timing? Bringing on the gold-backed yuan?

    Chinese Gold Miner Claims Discovery Of Largest Ever Gold Mine

    Chinese gold companies have been stepping up their search for domestic deposits and eyeing acquisitions as the nation seeks to increase reserves by 3,000 tons to as much as 14,000 tons by 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said last month. That amount of holdings would propel China into first place globally for official gold reserves.

    CG Comment: I think 14,000 tons is under estimated by design. I believe Russia is in first place at this time.

  3. The Mercers: reported investor in, grants for Citizens United Foundation...follow the flow chart in article.

    ...under the Trump administration, a new family is entering the generally cemented world of D.C. power-grabbing. The Mercer family is headed by Robert Mercer, who the New Yorker characterized as “a reclusive Long Island hedge-fund manager, who has become a major force behind the Trump Presidency.” And while Mercer is still a relatively new face on the scene, he’s been building his influence for several years. Like a brilliant chess player, he has been placing his pieces exactly where they can inflict the most damage.

    Meet The Mercers - The Most Powerful Family You've Never Heard Of

  4. John, thanks for the encouraging news you posted while (most of) the world was sleeping. I don't usually check the sites until noon but I'll be hear first thing for the next wee while, filled with that HOPE. So wonderful to know things are moving. We in the back seat think it's growing lighter day by day and wonder if the conductor can actually see light at the end of the tunnel. :)

    1. Just make dam sure its not a dam big train wreck coming the other way.
      This starts with trying to get the majors done first. ( You would be surprised who is holding!) Once that log jam breaks you follow.

      But it's not simple, it needs only a single altercation from an aggrieved Funder such as Chinese collective parties, and Who Flung Dung erupts!
      Until that moment of actual transfer is achieved,it's Molotov Cocktails at dawn.

      By preferential choice it's better to say nothing, just get the majors done and walk off radar. Nothing is worse than yet another link derailment due to politics and some frankly pissant with maybe $500 Bucks in the game squeals like a stuck pig, leaving you wanting to just haul the self centered bar steward out, stake them out, and use them for cannon practice to effect payback for all our collective stresses.

      It's no ball, a tough call, and a daily roller coaster.

      Do we say nothing, help no one, just get the majors done and withdraw loaded?
      Or try to help our sites get some through behind? They have no idea just how many factors are in play here. Nor ever will.

      They took a small punt, and squeal like a Grunt, dam it, where's my Howitzer??? Lol

  5. I too was excited by the Health Ranger being awarded the U.S. patent and also how much kindness he shows by giving his invention to those in need.

    I use Lugol's and take one drop per day. Brush my teeth with organic coconut oil, baking soda, and water. I use Dulse seaweed in smoothies, and my water comes from a 68 year old spring lined with clay bottom and rock. Have never really had it tested but am very healthy and water is amazing. Every once in a while when I check on the spring, which is covered, I find a water dog in there. Oh well. lol

    If I had to use chlorinated water, I too would have a filtration system. I avoid any and all fluoride. Nasty stuff. Am so glad we have this forum to bounce ideas and information off of each other. Thanks to everybody for their time and efforts in making all our lives better:)

    1. Hi Biffie, the Health Ranger info you shared in the last comment section is awesome, thank you so much for posting that. I also wanted to thank yourself, Texian, MWP and Nigel for contributing such fantastic information to that topic. Certainly some brilliant info there to follow up on.

      Just to confirm. I also take one drop of iodine per day but mainly for thyroid health, quite critical where hormonal balance is concerned from what I have read. MWP offered some fabulous info on that topic. Your toothpaste mix is great, I do the same. If you wish to whiten the teeth you can also just use the baking soda mixed with a little pure lemon juice every few days. I use reverse osmosis water which I believe does not take all the fluoride out but then refilter it. I also add 10mls of Colloidal Silver to each 5lt container of filtered water just for extra purity.

      Most mornings when I get up and turn the tap on after no use all evening, the absolute horrid stench that comes from the water coming out of the tap would turn your stomach. So much for fluoride making the water fit for human consumption. No way in this world would I drink from the water supplied here, it is beyond gross.

      Thanks again everyone, really appreciate all the sharing of such fabulous info here.

  6. Texian thanks for that extra :)
    At uni we are talking about how to deploy remote exams using the online systems. Lock-down browsers exist but the student still has access to other means.
    What you proposed makes it happen. A student may cheat with the answer but then if the next question is 'prove it' that would definitely sort the sheep from the goats in some questions. I'll fwd that extra link today and read on the train. Cheers!

  7. Trump's Jewish Elite MAFIA and The 5 Dancing Israelis (2017)

    1. Terrific. I reposted on FB. Pretty much closes the book on DJT, but others here seem to support him. I wanted to believe too, we're so desperately hopeful; we should've learned from Obama.



    Westinghouse, Toshiba’s US nuclear unit, has filed for US bankruptcy protection.

    Why hasn’t U.S. law enforcement followed up on Kendall’s case of child sexual abuse and torture?
    Pedophilia: Is It The Currency And Kinship Of Elites In Business And Governments?
    By Catherine J. Frompovich


    1. A,
      Lovely music! Haven't seen that many ukuleles in one place since we lived in Hawaii!

  10. “To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy.”
    ― Sun Tzu

  11. p: The 2 people that died were employees of the water company that was responsible for the poisoning.

    Published on Mar 29, 2017

  12. Hello Aurataya,
    I remember my mother using soda with lemon to whiten her teeth when I was very young.This ended up in her loosing all the enamel on her teeth and eventually loosing all her teeth.The years following were extremely painful for her as one by one she had to remove all her teeth.Maybe you should research this.

    I thanked you and P for your warm welcome under the "Replies",just saying in case you have not seen,I would not want you to think of me as rude.

    I have been enjoying all the useful comments.Also recently received Lugols from US along with
    SSKI which is used to show if one is efficient or not in iodine.I did not know that one to three
    drops could be taken every day,I read one to two twice a week.I had searched on the internet but could not find information on the dosage.

    I wish you a nice day or evening wherever you are.

    1. Hi Paintbrushingspring, you are a true sweetheart. I very much appreciate the advice you have offered regarding the teeth whitening. I do still have all of my own teeth at this stage and do have regular checkups with no issues yet. I have not been doing this form of whitening very long but I will most certainly look into what you have shared here on a deeper level. Thank you so much for that.

      Yes, I did see you previous message in the last comment section and I sincerely thank you for taking the time to offer such kindness. It's hard to keep up sometimes with the amount of comments being applied daily. Sometimes by the time you get to respond to someone a new comment section has been introduced and sometimes does not make sense if you reply at a later time. But all good. I know you have a heart of gold and I am one of the ones that catches every comment here lol but may not always gain a chance to respond.

      Yes, definitely look into all bodily deficiencies that you feel could be affecting you. Need to be very careful with supplementation though as you can do more harm than good in some instances. And every individual is different, so what works for someone else, may not be appropriate for you. I always have regular and extensive blood tests and specify what I require to be tested not what the GP thinks is important. Always stand your ground in such situations, it's your body and no one else should have any power over what you wish to do with it.

      On a side note PBS (sorry, have to shorten your name, it's a big one lol), I find the health information shared here by Biffie, Texian, MWP and others to be excellent. They have all obviously done extensive research in the area of health so keep an eye out for their contributions on these topics, they are priceless.

      Thank you for your kind wishes, I also wish the same for you. Keep smiling sweetheart. Be well always. XX

    2. Rinsing your mouth out with water should help with the lemon issue. I have always wished that our teeth would just grow back in when one went bad.

      By the way, does anyone know if Valdi is ok? I miss him in here. Thanks

    3. Hi Biffie, thank you so much for your additional advice re the lemon issue. Funny you mention the matter of growing our teeth back. Someone I knew many years ago told me that this was actually possible. I also recall seeing an article somewhere recently which suggested the same thing. I'll see if I can locate some of that info and share it here and seek opinions of such a possibility.

      That is so weird you have mentioned Valdi at this specific time. It was exactly about one hour ago thoughts of him came into my mind much much stronger than normal and I wondered if that was telling me something. I think about him a great deal and hope he is ok. I did pop a little message in a recent archived comment section just letting him know he was in my thoughts and attempted to offer some support but most unfortunately there was no response. He is such a beautiful soul and I also miss him dearly. He may just need a little time to himself just now to sort through a few things but I do hope, if he catches our comments that he may drop in just to say a quick hello and let us know he is ok. If not, we will just have to wait until he feels comfortable to return. But we can all still send him loads of good wishes and a ton of love upon the cosmic waves.

    4. p: Have seen this mentioned a few times and sharing. Haven't tried it yet, but will. Not growing teeth back, but healing cavities.

      How to heal cavities naturally

    5. Excellent, thank you for sharing that P, much appreciated. I have still not found the info I was looking for as yet but will share when I do.

  13. p: 12 legislative days left before April 28th, when the potential government shutdown is possible.

    Trump Facing a Looming Government Shutdown He May Not Be Able To Stop (Video)
    Right Wing News!
    Published on Mar 29, 2017

  14. Please bear with me while I rant. It’s really hard to believe that we are so dumbed down that we are so afraid to stand up to these 1% dinks who are probably more scared than we are. We need to get together as humanity whether here or in private to get this ball rolling once and for all. Does anybody know how we can get this going in private?

  15. Just so you know I don't trust that President Trump can get the job done (compromised) and neither should any of you. Which is why I'm sounding the alarm now rather than later. Let's get with the real program and get the show on the road internally now while we can. I understand a lot of us were hoping for him to make a difference but IMHO has been played like everyone else before him which is what John has been hinting at for the last few months without offending us and I'm not an American. This is our earth as a global family, so let's get together and kick the hell out of these mongrels....

    1. Overnight meeting has resulted in the partial GRC stand off now until after 14 April to give time for the Capital to be raised and Tax Breaks. Its only 2 weeks, so we re group again. Stand down, we know ahead,and hope they get it all together by then.

      If not soon, the gathering Western Liquidity crisis coming will cause real problems if not pre empted. At least this was swerved in time, not failing last minute. They can't do it by Friday. Suits?

    2. Thank you John. Hope you can catch up on some sleep now and gain some private time to relax.

    3. Thanks John, certainly curve balls all the way . Does that mean delays for all including PPs & BBs alike ? They ,like you , must be exhausted by all the twists & turns .

    4. John

      Is the Zim still tracking well toward a close as advised a few days ago, or is it also affected by this temporary halt? It appears it was being handled separately to the other 2.

    5. JK

      BB is freaking they held his funds for the last 7 weeks again with non stop BS. Other majors similar.

      As we read it now, it's a stand down until 14 April, but be careful. If the slithering Dogs get away with much more, your heading straight into October.
      China will support the Bonds for the Zim exchange. That is different.

      Parties need to be holding enough to even merit a Bond, so be careful. Don't go speculating.

      There are certain "Parties" who need a Dinar exit. Politicos and Military.
      Their problem is dealing with the Zios who have looted the store.

      On a further point, how can Trump even think ( If he ever does) that Kushner is capable to taking on multi tasking tiers of State, all well beyond his Pay Grade, when he cant even accomplish a property deal with the Chinese without derailing it? Not looking smart now is he?

      Someone needs to pin The Donald's ears back and tell him, No more Nepotism for you or you will be forced to read a whole book, which on your track record will keep you out of harms way for 6 months.

      I saw the Trump hurrah at the CIA road show.
      What a Truly pathetic opening scenario. His curling lips repeating , "I'm smart" left me grimacing in concern for the Jack Shit In The Box you just opened. So, so Not Smart! All too often I see the IQ of a Klutz repeating itself. No one at the Agency that day was unclear about what is upon them.
      Bear baiting a Teddy Bear. Cruel! Remember this was only ever a choice between 2 very unacceptable choices, the lesser of the 2 got it.

      So now, it's all down to the team, and hope. There ARE good people on the team, and there IS hope! But that 100 days is coming fast, and that Comb over Mutt in the Box needs to get some real hits on the board because if failing to, there will be a huge Incompetent Label slammed on him. Real world rules will judge misfiring Mules.

      When they miss a target yet again, we must ask, how can we trust the next?

      We are multi nations active on this today. How can we move the lot out of US control and re set it in Europe? So many are now trying facing DC which is lying.

      The world is in need and marching on.

      Behind the scenes, both Russia and China are actively talking to EU nations and Asian nations promoting Eurasia, to be part of a whole new better Global structure, new money, new controls, all removed from the US straight jacket of fraud and deception. This latest slip proves again, they can not trust them an inch.

      Now it's no longer, just about control to stay in the game, it's guaranteeing when the change does come, and it will, the US WILL be out of the Global front role for ever. Labelled a Pariah nation and untouchable by Eurasia as Billy No Mates.

      The Zios will steal, lie and obfuscate to make. As ever.

      The Deep State guarantees only Deep Doo Doo!

      The game is moving on so fast.
      The new Leaders are gathering, and the Carrion are circling. Many want a US collapse. Not just to pick it up post collapse at 5 cents om the dollar, but what sort of rules will be imposed on these left inside? Fit for what, organ donors?

      Failing to redeem now escalates the wrath building. A perfect storm?

      No bad deed goes unpunished. Can we trust them again? Not an inch.
      Now the pressure cooker builds.

    6. Thanks John, OMG just doesn't express the appropriate sentiment as much as WT* can these criminals get away with this stuff ....only in America.

    7. K

      Through it all the Mutts are impervious'

      Eurasia IS coming. Russia just tested new Hypersonic Missiles, stealth radar invisible, travelling as such speeds as US systems can not track or intercept. China also now has them in a pact.

      If confrontation comes, the Entire Beltway, Maryland, Langley, NY, Boston, all bases and ports, all missile silos, etc, will be erased. As will the entire US fleets.

      All US coasts are mined. Nukes on the bed waiting. Nothing will get in or out. They can't even track what will come in over the Arctic flattening Canadian cities on the way. All US Global bases will go without warning.

      China and Russia are smart, armed and waiting. Be assured, if War comes, all US Zios rounded up will be dealt with. Israe hell will be atomized. The lot. Payback will be brutal. They robbed the world and payback will follow.

      We need restraint in dangerous times. But does an unelected, arrogant Deep State care? Washington does not do reality.

      Trump when told his image ratings were now at 36%, he replied great, see, I attract 36% % for a job I don't ever try to do.

      When advisers advised they needed to get them up, Trump directed them to go out and kill Bin Laden and he himself has now offered to sleep with an intern and make it public to get the ratings up as it worked for Clinton. . ( Humor only!!!) His wife has offered to teach her how to use a washing machine. After someone first shows her.

  16. Nomination for idiot of the year?

    California bill to ban fake news pulled amid free speech concerns

    A California state lawmaker pulled his proposed legislation that would have made it illegal to publish “false or deceptive statements” on elections after critics said it would be “disastrous for free speech.”
    The first hearing for Assembly Bill 1104, “The California Political Cyberfraud Abatement Act,” was planned for Tuesday, but was canceled at the 11th hour at the request of the author, California Assemblyman Ed Chau (D-Monterey Park).

    Under the proposed legislation, it would be unlawful to knowingly and willingly publish or circulate on the Internet a “false or deceptive statement designed to influence the vote” on either a ballot measure or political candidate.

    Doesn't this idiot realise that HE is included in making deceptive statements designed to influence the vote? That's what politicians do. It's their job. What a fool believing his own shit. He must be as dumb as he assumes the electorate to be.

  17. Major new moves now in play.

    As the Fed is now being absorbed into the US Treasury, all Capital positions will be reviewed, and the compromised parties are being routed out. Cleaning out the Zoo.
    When the new dollar is issued, expect real problems for many trying to convert.
    Nothing can move yet until the system is de loused. That is why it cant make Friday now. De lousing!

    1. Hello John. It's good to hear that the de-lousing has begun. I had 2 questions.

      1. You said that when the New Dollar is issued, expect real problems for many trying to convert. Are you talking about the US people will have difficulty adjusting to the New Dollar, or were you talking about us that hold Dongs, Dinars, etc.? If it is us currency holders, what problems will we have?

      2. You said that nothing can move until the system is deloused, how long will it be for that process, and is the April 14th date still in play at all in light of this new info?

      Once again thank you for all the work that you continue to do for us.

    2. Thank you John, that is very good news. Can you share why it will be more difficult to exchange currencies after delousing is done?

      I expect this move is beyond Trump's pay grade in understanding and scope.

    3. Few days ago I saw some pics of what was reported to be new Treasury dollars for use "in country." If so, perhaps this is the "Scheiss" dollars that Jim Willie has referred to many times that will take an initial 30% devalue and then several more devalue rounds? From the pics I saw, any Banana Republic would be proud (very garish). Wonder who was responsible for design...could it have been Barry and Mike?

  18. John,
    Does this have to be done before the meeting between Trump & Xi Jinping next week, is this why the FED is being absorbed into the TRES and the system is being deloused. This must be what this meeting is for, its to significant

    1. You know, Scott that sounds very plausible what you said. It sounds like this is all connected to this meeting. Now let's see what John has to say. Also I hope all is well with you and your family, Scott.

  19. John,

    How much would be needed to issue a bond for ZIM? $100,000,000 after dropping the zeros and conversion? less, more? Just curious.

    1. JV

      Zims will be for big Dogs only. Be careful. These will be for sophisticated Bond trades. Zims will not be swapped for cash. We have to take care, this is in play right now and not US funded. Can't say more.

    2. Understood.

      I've got about 150 of these 50T and 100T notes so if there is no way out for small fish, maybe they could be used on a small scale to start a OWON foundation and be used to provide blankets, food, clothing, shelter, etc.

      Much better than sitting in a drawer and would make the life review more fulfilling.

    3. JV,
      Before I sold dinar in favor of dong, in case dinar became worthless I thought a wall mural using the notes would be nice to remind me of my folly. :-0) Your thought is much more worthwhile....

    4. Have to agree with JV. Have less than twenty 50T notes and wanted half to benefit Africa. Another 1/4 to go to Infrastructure Bonds and the rest to fund various projects with a small portion to pay off bills, set up a pension for myself and a small farm to call home. Did want to help Haiti also, but it becomes a mute point if only the big dogs can play.

  20. JV

    i believe a better Q to john is:

    "what is the lowest denomination they will issue on the z bonds? is it $100,000,000 face value at maturation?"

    bonds are typically discounted on purchase (e.g.: fresh cut for example 17% of face value, slightly seasoned, seasoned, etc blah blah); further, sometimes they are issued w coupons redeemable at contracted intervals.

    1. Sorry at this time it is not appropriate for us to comment om Zims. We are deep in right now towards an exit for a very large deal. It must stay private. This could be a very messy Public market. Ours is " different".

      Let's wait and see the delousing program right now under way.

      Today I just had to tell a high status client sitting on multi T of USD on cash pallets, he either follows the rules, lawfully, or he watches the lot get demonetized. He, and the Govt are just waking up to being told that Dollars are not US Govt papers but Rothschild's Fiat paper and worth zero!

      I've set up new banking and tax cleared facilities 3 times for them before. They pulled out and left us hanging out. I just closed all doors. Now they pay up front or watch it burn.

      I will have my associates deliver him my answer tomorrow. A box of matches!

    2. John,

      Thanks for keeping us informed. I am sure you will let us know if a possible window opens up for Zim speculators. Good Luck with your deal.

    3. Your comment of "waking up to being told that Dollars are not US Govt papers but Rothschild's Fiat paper and worth zero" is most interesting.

      The ubiquitous Federal Reserve Note carries THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE and this status is backed by the so-called Legal Tender Cases of the Supreme Court. Also, they carry the signature of the Treasurer of the United States at the time of printing.

      All the above does, in fact, make them paper of the U.S. But since it is also true, without of doubt, that they were created out of thin air, have no backing, can only be traded for another note, and are as you say - worth ZERO, the fraud is laid bare for all to see.

      And since every U.S. citizen has been deceived by this, we can realistically now be party to any lawsuit for recovery. Just saying.

  21. FYI...Part 1 was just an 11 second miscue

    Epstein Kosovo to Iraq Story Breaking, On to Cleveland Clinic. Javed Connection Coming

    Day 158, Part 2 ~ Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

    1. Got behind watching yesterday a d today releases. Thanks Texian.

    2. Biffie and Godschild,
      Great that you're following. This guy is going down a myriad of rabbit holes and connecting the bread crumbs...

  22. JOHN Thoughts and questions about the Zim ... innocent questions!

    Consider ZioRots - Banksters trying to dominate Zim trading. I heard long ago that Zims were converted to Notes so they could be redeemed for cash. Later we heard that Zims would pay out over 100 years … like an annuity. Consider each 100T “Note” remove 6 000s = 100,000,000 units x .12 = $12,000,000 or ….. 100,000,000 units x 2.36 = $236,000,000 or a range estimate between $10,000,000 and $236,000,000.

    A reliable source said Zims were converted to Notes as denominated above so they could be converted under the GCR System.

    Therefore, the biggie ZioRots would do everything to be in the front of the line for exchange to get most or all the Zim exchange benefits. If the good guys manage the ZioRats then it is possible if not highly probable that persons on a verified list of Group Membership have a shot at wholesome Zim exchange if they present a good case for using funds for benevolent Projects!

    1. Assume we have good intent, but I can not give client info.

  23. p: Thank God for ranchers.

    Federal Tax Case Shows Evidence the U.S. Legal System is a Fraud
    Posted on March 30, 2017

    1. p,
      This is the case that Judge Anna said would 'put the pedal to the metal' on disclosure of fraud courts!

  24. BREAKING: Trump Demands Investigation of Clintons’ Russia Ties.
    Published on Mar 30, 2017


  25. Last week, Judge Gorsuch completed his four day hearing with the Senate Judiciary Committee. Dozens of hours and hundreds of questions later, one fact became crystal clear: Judge Gorsuch is exceedingly qualified to become the next Justice of the Supreme Court.

    President Donald J. Trump nominated Judge Gorsuch because of his unwavering dedication to equal justice under the law, strict constitutional principles, and his history of fighting for all Americans.

    For a special message about Judge Gorsuch and more, don’t miss President Trump’s Weekly Address to the Nation, tomorrow at 10AM ET. Tuning in is simple:


    Putin seeks Trump meeting in Helsinki in May BBC

    The CIA is the undisputed all-time world champion of orchestrating coups. And right now, Trump is squarely on its radar…
    Here’s how it worked: Soros’ NGOs would help fund and organize “professional protestors.” Then they’d use color-specific branding to help rally others to their cause.Soros has turned colored revolutions into a science. The pattern is predictable.

    1. Simple Trump Chess move. Have the US Agencies detain and put Soros on a plane to Moscow right away. Then arrest his Attorneys as Traitors. A plane to Moscow also. Let the Russians deal with them. No Americans care.
      Next move? Public rapture!

      License the MSM and review all holders. Remove Zios out of control. Patriots only. Deport all Zionist Dual passport holders.Out!


  28. Brexit: EU's Tusk to issue negotiation guidelines

    Toddlers in child porn allegedly found on Winnipeg man's computer

    1. Here 500% want illegals deported and the rest want all citizens who don't deported!! Shark Island will do.

    2. Most of the illegal aliens are coming over the US border courtesy of DJT scaring the shite out of Africans living in the USA, legally or otherwise. MANY are legal US residents. Many were refused safe refuge in the USA and come here because of the "safe third country" agreement. Women pushing children in strollers through fields of snow. Families. If in the USA legally, they would be deported back to the USA. Young men who would be murdered in their home country for being homosexual.

      Sometimes the heartlessness on this blog breaks mine. In one breath it's "save the children". Does saving them depend on what colour they are? Where they were born? Their sexual orientation? It appears so. Please say it ain't so.

    3. OWON is Cool, but takes realistic views towards OTT invasions. We all need a balanced view towards illegals, but swamping the EU with 20M more Africans and God knows now many more raping Muslims is no easy issue. It takes 500 years to build a nation and 5 days for 20 M illegals to crap all over it.
      Why don't Muslims go to Muslim countries?

      Balanced views what can be done, safely? I see the vast numbers of Pakkie Predators on poor young White Girls in the UK,drug addicted at 13 to go whore for Pakkie Pimps, and I want to sort the lot.

      I have good friends, all colors and religions. I even had to take the U out of Colour to appease a North American English blog.

      The problem is the abuse of goodwill. Mass abuse by the Muzzies.
      All human life started via Africa,we are all one. Lighten up MG, it's all good really.

  29. *Breaking* | Atlanta Interstate Bridge Collapses in FLAMES! | Gov. Declares State of Emergency
    Published on Mar 30, 2017

    Strange situation taking place in Atlanta, Georgia.


    1. p: Two other incidents in Atlanta reported the same time the of the fire and bridge collapse. Why the multiple diversions?

      Atlanta I-85 Bridge Collapses After Red Mercury Reported Downtown
      Posted on March 31, 2017

    2. Very interesting. The photos look like an explosion of some type...imo. Don't have expertise to assess. Hubby thinks it's timing makes it look like retaliation for building new baseball stadium out north much to anger of people who wanted it downtown area. Opening day for new ballpark is supposed to be today. Most fans would have to use that freeway to get there.

    3. Texian, don't think it has anything to do with new ballpark.There is however a Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta though. Someone may have been trying to slow down the process John has mentioned.

  30. Right now, the debt problem is so serious that unless releases at least for the PP's start soon, there will not be an economy left to save.

    There will have to be a massive USD $ devaluation at the launch of the new dollars, and the Deep State will have to be be given the Deep 6. It is un affordable, evil and crippling America.

    There will have to be sweeping real and deep budget cuts.

    Those 990 plus bases will have to be reviewed and many closed.
    The Agencies need to be cut 50% and some closed. Wake up time!

    Many nations are in real danger of going under soon.

    The FIAT Banking system has failed, failed everyone, and the Ponzi trading scams of the Derivatives Gamblers, and Zio Rat malpractices, have brought economies to their knees. Banking itself will have to be reviewed.

    China, Russia and others will soon dump the SWIFT system for their own alternative.
    Within just a few more weeks Russia will be clear of all debts and can stand alone.
    Russia and China are planning to be US free as soon as possible.

    America is crushed under debts, and still spends as a Government like a drunken sailor let loose on leave. Then it presents its poor oppressed citizens with the bills.
    Think, if the dollar tanks,say 40%, you will live how? For once as a nation think!
    Do you have any idea what these Clowns in DC and Wall Street are doing to you?

    These vast US armies are paid for how? Printing dam money.Debt, on debt ,on debt for Boys with toys! The US spends more on Military than the rest of the world put together. How? With a leaking failing economy, how is that affordable? While its people are crushed. Lunatics run the madhouse.

    If releases do not start soon, everything will grind to a halt.

    If half the Military have to be brought home soon,GOOD!
    If Warships can not leave because of no money,good!

    How soon can America run its own Fed with No Zios at the helm?

    How soon can the arrest start of the Pedo vermin?
    Why is the Clinton band-wagon still rolling?
    What the hell is wrong with Justice with the Wiener evidence? Who cares how many big names, take the lot down.

    Who will question and arrest all the Epstein Island visitors. Expose every Clinton visit.
    Cleaning up America. When? Who will sanitize and close the Deep State? Name, blame and shame! Out with the lot! Out!

    1. The devaluing of the usd is a bit of a yawn job for me. For decades, every friend who has gone to the states cannot believe how cheap prices are there. Massive servings of food for a few bucks. Jeans a few tens of dollars. Designer too. In the rest of the world, jeans are $70-120. Tshirts $20-40. Mains $25. Rent, housing.. all above the states. In Brazil, shopping for 2 for a few days was around R$400 or AUD $180. It wasnt much food. An iphone was the equivalent of $2000 aussie dollars or R$4,000.

      I am sorry to see my buddies in this looming position, but it only equalizes the US to the rest of the world. The rest of the world has absorbed the inflation of the US that its citizens should have experienced but never did. In Australia, id say half are living week to week. We look good, smell good (most of us) but savings? Lol.

    2. In the UK gas is about $10 to $12 a gallon. And most of Europe. The US is a few dollars and they whine. So 80% of Gas prices are taxes that pays for the state. Also education, and many more things.

      We see the meal sizes in the US and gut sizes to go with it, My kids were amazed at how much they trough up. Only in America does an Arse eat a 2 lb steak for breakfast or 6 large blueberry muffins with sauces and God knows what else. US hotels are unreal. We once saw a guy go through about 4 major layers of food for breakfast,unreal. Everything is bigger and cheaper in the US. Even those Welfare Mommas weigh in at 300 lbs on the State. Plus phone,s cars, and all extras. Reality is coming home. Long overdue.
      I'm sorry for the real oppressed and hard pushed real Americans really desperate for jobs. It's good if Trump helps get jobs going again and we me must support him.

      But when the dollar goes,reality is coming to Disneyland.

    3. Agreed on the excess.

      But we have to be smarter about taxation. Energy in all its forms, transportation in all its forms, food in all its forms and shelter in all its forms, should not be taxed. Period. This would make cost-of-living as low as possible, which would then allow a MAXIMUM 15% income tax above some intelligent floor (2 x median wage?) to pay for the other stuff. This would also prevent government shenanigans by keeping revenue constrained to corral spending. Oh, and obviously the government would be prevented from borrowing and doing the insanity of chronic deficit spending via a fiat currency.


    4. All countries who have excess, consume excess. That is the main reason that the idea of a world population over 8 billion seems unsustainable. The UK mined their colonies into oblivion to pay China for tea. When that wasn't enough, getting China hooked on opium was the solution. When opium started to fail, you went to war. For tea? Who is over consuming there?

      The UK according to Mail Online is 3.50 pounds a gallon. So $10? You paying that is about 77.28p a litre is $1.29 CAD a litre which is only 0.20 cents CAD more than I pay.

      The top 3 exports of the UK is Tech, which is admirable, financial services and pharmaceuticals. Tech is definitely something to be proud of, the other two? Until banks are cleaned up for their nefarious maleficence there is no true value in them. Pharmaceuticals are same and in some cases worse. The profit margins on those two are simply not justified and need to be reigned in. How does the UK justify the international value of the pound? It is worth more then USD.

      My point here is not to be argumentative. It is just to show that EVERY country has a dirty glove in this situation we are in. It will take all of us to get out of it. The US is just simply the "bad guy" of this century - flavour of the day. Considering how many came before them it is hardly fair to single them out. The BAR, Admiralty Law and paupers being placed under Vatican rule are just a few of histories transgressions against humanity. Who is to blame for those transgressions that are still enslaving humanity today?

      Also, all western countries took, willingly, dictates from the Fed, so the US can spread some of the blame around. Canada even acted against its own laws, just like the US to do so. Our collective governments deserve just as much of the blame as the US. When the US does these illegal wars there are always western countries willing to assist.

      We are all, collectively, to blame for the situation we are in. It's our watch and we turned the cheek and let this get to where we are now. Many of us are trying to do what we can to change this and that includes US citizens. So next time you see a American go up to a buffet for their third plate of chicken wings for breakfast, remember your country raped and pillaged its colonies, tried addicting a sovereign nation to drugs and went to war with said nation over tea.

      Just sayin... but I digress....

    5. Lowest unleaded prices currently 1.16 p a litre.
      Lowest diesel 1.20 a lite

      4.5 liters to a gallon. So much for 3.50 a gallon. In whose dreams. And this is while barrel prices are low. When oil goes up, petrol prices shoot up in a day. When down it takes a month to get a reduction. The pound is down right now. False readings.

      As for 3 sittings a Pig is still a Pig. Greed. No one needs to Pig out.

      Some times Socialists? Why argue, it's oil and water. We produce the wealth, they blow it. Then hightail out leaving a bankrupt State. Same old, the world over. Our "Rights". How many make anything real? Hard work no doubt but wealth created?

      As for the pound over the USD. Too right we have vast assets. Not over borrowed into eternity, and beyond. We should be looking for at least $2 worthless dollars to a pound. The $ is way too high. Post $ crash see then.

      We still control 67% of all Forex trading. Real power. Why are we still the largest Financial Market in the world? Must be doing something right. Where do all the Wealthy Chinese and Russians chose to live? To educate their children where? Smart money?

      Just sayin.


    6. Cad is 0.6 of a pound, are you insinuating Canada does not have "vast" assets? Is Canada over borrowed to eternity?

      Mastering the manipulation of digits on a screen IMO is not wealth creating. Huge fees and bonuses for digits on a screen is not true wealth creation. Being the center of usury maybe profitable and 'powerful', but I don't think you have the moral high ground here.

    7. Gents that is the reason behind the GCR, to equalize currencies according to their true resource and asset wealth of the country that issues it.
      The aussies have ridden on the back of coal for a while, and part of the 5 eyes. I lower my head. We STILL have the indigenous living way below the standard of everyone else.
      Canauzzie I like your point, we're in it together.

      Tino, your point about having to balance the budget is also true of a country uses a gold backed currency. And to also balance imports and exports.

      Now one last image - if we ever get together in a bar I reckon we'd look like a Far Side cartoon.

    8. Went to a Congresscritter get-together, no-one looked twice AA. Well, maybe the guys at my wife...

      I think if we survive this we most definitely should all meet in a bar. It will be fun.

      I wonder if anyone ever plays back to them what they [Congresscritters] say. It's so inane and irrational sometimes I want to scream. Given the nature of the gathering I didn't have a chance to ask him to close 440 bases and if he ever heard of Tropos. But soon he will visit my neck of the woods and I will squeeze in a 1-on-1 and hit him with it.

    9. Isn't oil a world market price as is refined gas? The big variation comes from TAXES added! There's a big difference in US because the Feds tax and so does each state.

      From the look of these charts, it appears gas is much higher in Canada and U.K. because of the taxes. Guess you have to pay for all that socialism somehow. :-0)

      Fuel taxes in the United States

      Motor fuel taxes in Canada

      Price of Petrol in the UK

      AJ...LOL! I think so...miss Far Side cartoons!

    10. Also, if you notice the state taxes on gas in US, you will note the much higher gas tax in the liberal states down to least gas tax in conservative states.

    11. So who is fixing Canadian values lower? Why? Good neighbors? Plunge protection team.


    12. Texian,

      You are not helping my point to John, you are proving his....

      If anyone here thinks that the US is not a socialist country, they are kidding themselves. Who pays for healthcare does not determine whether a country is socialist or not. So how is that socialism being paid for?

    13. Canauzzie,
      Wasn't trying to side with anyone. :-0) Just making a point that oil is a world market, but price varies by locality because of taxes added.

      Here in US, socialism is paid for by just adding digits out of thin air to a computer screen! The FEDs have mastered that process. :/(

    14. Canauzzie, thank you so much for contributing to this specific discussion. You stated the other day that you prefer to not do so and rather stick to the moderating duties. Do you realise how needed your personal input is? Your perspective is always educational and much appreciated.

      Just to note. I regularly pay between $1.20 and $1.45 per litre for fuel in my neck of the woods. The news reports always announce that it is much lower at certain times of each week but try finding fuel at the prices they quote. Impossible.

    15. Canauzzie,
      I wholeheartedly agree with your point about western countries. We all have the same overlords who made corporations out of every entity in every level of every former de jeur government office to become the de facto. They are not legitimate governments but rather mostly foreign-owned corporations. We have all been enslaved by same parties for at least a century. John likes to put on his rose-colored glasses when looking at U.K. :-0)


    16. Aurtaya,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      The focus right now is WGS, PPs and GRC. Now that is all fine and good in the short term and I cannot over emphasize just how important these are to the world as a whole. Same goes for the work with the Elders, but that is more of a long game as well as short.

      My point of commenting on this is simple. We can trash all conspirators for short term gains but we must also focus on the long game. For humanity to truly be free many things would need to change. Oppression by governments by way of taxation, fees, licenses and fines has to stop and a more prudent form must be found. Humanity has been hoodwinked into servitude for so long, to the point they fear their own government in western civilized society. Why?

      We use the generic term 'Cabal' all the time. The Cabal is not new, the players names just change. The Cabal has been around since the first bloodthirsty bastard decided they wanted to rule the known world. Humanity has always fell victim to those with 'wealth' as pawns for land and asset grabs through war or other forms of treachery. So if the US had a Nuremberg style clean out tomorrow, do you honestly think we would be rid of the Cabal? Not likely. It would be a good start, but old money and specifically the Black Nobility would still be there. Even the total eradication of the Vatican would not solve this problem, merely hamper some old families. So the players would play on.

      Until humanity unites as one, in one common goal, to the betterment of humanity as a whole, the players will divide us. Pitting us against each other with ridiculous ideological beliefs, be it religion, race or class status. This is all learned behavior and let me tell you, they are the best teachers.

      John is on the front line trying for redemptions from a deeply duplicitous bunch of greed chasing reprobates. They all happen to be on US soil, so that is why a great deal is said daily directed toward the US. It IS warranted. I just wanted to draw attention to the fact that it is only step one in hopefully a long succession of steps needed.


    17. Texian,

      A lot longer than a simple century. The players just decided that their human slaves would be more productive if they were given the appearance of freedom. Hence the obfuscation and subterfuge of the last couple of centuries or so.

    18. Canauzzie, thank you so much for responding and offering us such wise words to ponder. I appreciate all that you have stated and agree. Your input regarding the big picture is incredibly important and always offers me much reflection.

      I just really love it when you share with us when you have that opportunity. Your level of intelligence, knowledge and wise grip of reality educates on many levels. I always learn something from you when you share and that is greatly appreciated. Personally, I think you are totally awesome and feel quite privileged to gain the opportunities I do in the sharing of your thoughts and beliefs. Thank you so much.


    19. Aurataya,

      I showed your last comment to my wife... she disagrees....

    20. Canauzzie,
      Of course you're most correct about the centuries of slavery. When I wrote century, I was thinking in terms of when the Federal Reserve was created.

      Do you have thoughts on how to change society for the better? Even if cabal is defeated, none of us want a new boss proving to be as bad as or worse than old boss.

    21. Canauzzie LOL. I recall where your lovely wife comes from and appreciate the cheeky nature she may possess in such an instance lol. I still think you are absolutely tremendous in so many ways and am sure such a wonderful person as yourself must enjoy a magnificent relationship with an equally magnificent partner. I'm sure her cheekiness keeps you on your toes LOL.

    22. Heh, I'm with his wife, Lol.

  31. JOHN We have a real mess and we will escape the bonds of slavery and fix this. If I can figure out to fix this WTF is stopping us .... We need outside help .... outside of government. Since Barry n Mike came in to WH tings are over 1000x worse. Much work to be done. I Pray several of us experienced business people get hydrated so we can get this running in synergistic collaborations with other well intended Nations! Keep up the good work!

    1. Bob

      Regular Americans are fine. It's the Bush lot and Zio trash who really caused most of this. The Agency games, and Zio Bankers. Madness, the lot. They have displaced nations. Whole civilizations bombed because of them and parts of the world at war. Syria torn apart because Assad would not allow the Mossad US pipeline which would have destroyed the Gazprom networks and lead Russia to war. Regime change to DC order and hell for the world.

      This ugly Cabal monstrosity IS the cause of most wars, and part owners of most of the drugs trade.
      Who will fix broken America?

      It can not happen unless the Clean Up starts. Who starts the arrests? When?

      At 100 days Trump WILL be held to account if nothing is done. If he has failed to round up the Trash by 100 days he will get it head on. Do the F job or get out Chump! Weiner, Epstein, Pedo rings, 9/11, Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, and every other stinking scumbag. Plus Soetoro's Birth Certificate. Is it so hard? Stop this Lummock ego tripping off to Florida at week ends. Boot his family out of the WH and do the day job as elected. The Oval office is not a 5 day week and chaos at week ends for the SS tracking the Chump. 100 days and then what? Show results.

    2. JOHN Many if not most of the politicians and administration-bureaucracy were members of D-Rat party when it was for freebies-entitlements. Entitlement on steroids got going with LBJ and his GREAT SOCIETY. Now the D-Rats have RINOs with them +Zios, MSM, muzzies , globalists who are a party only in name but in reality are marxist, satanist monsters aimed at controlling USA corp government. We will derail them and imprison them. They got momentum from Bush NAZIs ... the real history of Bush CF starting w Sam - Prescott - GHWB and GWB annexing the Abwer and much more then taking over CIA - State department - presidency in 1970s .... We had better wake up .... about 40% of Real Americans get it partially but few have a clue about human trafficking, satanic practices and stealing $$$$ in Trillion$$$ ... unconscionable! I am with you ARRESTS NEED TO START AND LOCK THESE SCUM UP FOR EVER ... AND WHILE WERE AT HANG THEM LIKE NUREMBERG!

    3. Bob
      Hang most of them first and cut down the trial time and costs.
      You know they are NOT worth it.

    4. JOHN I am a surgeon with my Samurai sword LOL ..... I could help to speed up the process. I would also volunteer for hangman duty .... I could also serve as judge and jury ... let me see .... they are all guilty if the grand jury or similar sends them to us we could do over 100 per day as in trial and execution.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Yes, as Nancy said, "hang them first, then they'll have a trial."

  32. p: Long, but it's made clear that the WH is holding tightly it's evidence and witnesses backing up the evidence for the Trump organization wiretapping. Only the two congressional investigative chairs and their deputies with the appropriate classified clearances can look at the info and /or speak with witnesses through the WH.

    Paris agreement is mentioned, but no update and the same on NAFTA.

    China's Xi is mentioned and the state department's part in meeting place for the 2 days President Xi comes to visit. What is expected to be discussed is also outlined.

    White House Press Briefing with Sean Spicer March 30 2017 | 03/30/17
    Published on Mar 30, 2017

  33. New Evidence Arises In Justice Scalia’s Death!
    Published on Mar 30, 2017

    Link:New Evidence Arises In Justice Scalia’s Death!

  34. China: Triumph and Turmoil (2012)

    video series on china

    very enlightening, talks about lot of things, but especially how china MUST continue growing (7% GDP) or face rebellion and chaos

    on youtube

    1. 7% which we know is unsustainable. When it blows?

  35. President Donald Trump Weekly Address 3/31/2017 Weekly Address Trump
    March 31 2017

  36. A group of Navy Seals have had enough of the Pedophilia coverup by both the MSM and politicos and have decided to take matters into their own hands and have created a task force to bring these bastards down. They are currently working with worldwide intelligence agencies, military, police to root the devils out and expose these rings throughout the world. I just watched an interview on INFO WARS with Navy Seal veteran Craig Sawyer who is heading this up. We should all support these heroes whether monetarily or by spreading the word to family and friends.

    1. That is where we need Military funding, to take them out.

  37. john

    can you share anything on the de-lousing process taking place?

    1. Not yet I am quiet on most right now. Let the process evolve.Moves are starting. We can't derail the process.

  38. March 30 The US economy grew only 1.6 percent for all of 2016, its worst performance since 2011, after expanding 2.6 percent in 2015

    March 30 The US economy grew only 1.6 percent for all of 2016, its worst performance since 2011, after expanding 2.6 percent in 2015

  39. March 31 EU could BREAK UP the US: Juncker in jaw-dropping threat to Trump over support for Brexit


    Deep State Out to Destroy Pizzagate Truth Movement
    MSM Determined to Sabotage Alt Media Pizzagate Reporting

  41. p: This maybe just an early April Fool's Day prank, but wishful thinking for many for sure! )

    Breaking Intel Update From Benjamin Fulford – “Barack Obama In Military Custody”
    Posted on March 31, 2017

    Former US President Barack Obama, in custody of the US military police, has informed on his drug dealing bosses, according to sources in Japanese military intelligence. As a result of this, an airplane filled with Afghan Heroin and North Korean amphetamines was impounded at Argyle International Airport on St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean, the sources say. The money raised from this drug flight was intended to be used to finance the operations of Daesh (formerly known as ISIS), the sources say. This impoundment follows the capture of an Obama linked ship containing 4.2 tons of cocaine, the sources note.

    Source Link:

  42. Even in Europe there is a daily TV Media Clock checking off each of the Chumps first 100 days, and to date,impressions of actual progress are really not good.
    We do try to give him credit for any positive action. But what?

    The Mr I'm Smart looks to be coming apart.

    Unless with all the power of the Oval Office, he is seen to have orchestrated real action, a serious and orchestrated Dump this Chump Campaign will be actioned worldwide,and he could find he's out in a massive backlash.

    Tripping off to Florida for week ends looks like ego trips,and does not profile well.
    He has failed abysmally with Clinton so far. FAILED!!!!
    Pizza Gate? Failed!!!
    HIS wall? Failed !!!!!
    Obama's Birth Certificate? Failed !!!!
    Immigration? Failed!!!!!
    State cuts? Real ones!
    The Deep State?????

    When for any more hits because he won't cut it much longer.

    So far, very, very mediocre.

    As a New Employees with a 6 months trial period, his future looks bleak so far.
    And with him, his team.

    Deliver Clinton Chump!!!

    Deliver Pizza Gate!!!

    Deliver the Deep State on a Spike! Or the head will be his.

    Wiener. What will it take for this person to wake up and act?

    The Media will really got for him at 100 days if his card is still poor.
    Apart from moving his inexperienced family into the WH, he's done what?
    He's becoming embarrassing. Where are the big hits?

    1. John, I appreciate that you may publicly not be able to answer this question so no worries if not. A short while ago, around the time on the last big article release here at OWoN, you stated that there was plenty more material that could and may be released if needed. I was wondering if any of that information relates to Trump at all? Thanks John.

    2. Some of it Yes. We are being"Constructive" holding back because we do not want the NWO Deep State Lackey who it will help will sweep in if we help unseat the Chump. All we want, is for Chump to use the dam power and get some wins.

    3. I hear you on that John. Thank you so much for taking the time to offer that response. Such a delicate dance really.

    4. There is always the hope that moving his inexperienced family into WH is being done for their safety BEFORE he makes big play to drain the swamp? I can only hope that he has a plan.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. NGA: The Massive Spy Agency You Haven’t Heard Of
    Like the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Agency (NSA), the NGA is an intelligence agency, but it also serves as a combat support institution that functions under the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).

    Serco’s stranglehold on the US military

  44. Justice Department Files Formal Charges Against The Clinton Foundation!
    Published on Mar 31, 2017


  45. We need Chump to make a big Public Office issue of Justice moving against the Clinton's. SHOW he's got a grip and gain Brownie points. Time to learn fast.
    7 days is a long time in Politics. Chump needs to be seen to be pro active as much for his own sake and credibility. We don't want him to fail,so snapping at his Butt can only help him move it.

  46. Enter the Javed Brothers, Largest Medicare Fraud in History, Methodone Overdoses

    Stepmother Now Says Imran Threatened to Kidnap Relatives in Pakistan If She Didn't Change Inheritance to Awan Brothers

    Grassley Asks If McCabe Has Conflict, Diplomatic Suitcases and Diplomatic Food

    Moving Toward Food Giants Distribution of Drugs - Walmart, ConAgra, Abbot Labs. KKR Stores, and Sec of Agriculture VIlsack

    Now Murder For Hire With Manassas Mahmood, Business Partner For Nanoset Technology

    Enter Awan Brothers Pharma, Logistics, Visas, and Pakistan's Elite Triple-One, 111th Army Division

    How imran Awan Cloned Top Secret Access For ISI Awan Bothers.

    History Solves Mystery, Starting With Fuller and Mena Airport.

    Imran Awan Intimidates House IT Central Staffer

    NanoSET Lahore Technology Bazaar?, New Dawn Drug Route Through Bangladesh?

    Enter Paul Ryan, LCC, Myson, and US Military Hacks

    Enter Operation New Dawn and New Dawn 2001 Corporation

    Siddique Mateen Is Back, Af-Pak-Iran-Turkey Rat..

    Day 160, Part 1 ~ Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

    Day 160, Part 2 ~ Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

  47. what is the true nature of Homo Sapiens/ humans/ man?

    according to anthro/archeology/political/evolutionary psych scientists, man thru the years has two competing drives or motivations:

    1 -- MOTIVE 1 IN MAN'S BRAIN: anti hierarchy (egalitarianism -- everyone treated the same)

    during hunter gatherer forager epics (before 10,0000 years ago) egalitarianism was preferred, everyone was treated more of less the same, save for important sex or age differences.

    bad leaders or bullies were killed, usually by their own family members involved in offing the brute. rudimentary weapons at this stage of development democratized group life and were able to keep the "would be despots" in check

    2 -- MOTIVE 2 IN MAN'S BRAIN: avoidance of chaos in meeting goals thru social organization (need for organization or institutions w/ a non-coercive but inspiring leader in groups more than 50 people)

    with the advent of farming 10,000 years ago, leaders were required to cope with organizing larger task that farming and warfare/defense required

    the group willingly gave up personal autonomy to charismatic leaders who worked for the good of the group.

    farming created SURPLUS and INCREASED THE POPULATION, class differences became entrenched as the next phase in man's evolution was the creation of cities and states.


    the issue is DESPOTISM. the issue is leaders who do NOT work for the good of all, but take the SURPLUS and want to continue to do so to enrich themselves and their supporters. this is the issue. the class structure becomes codified (written into law) and institutionalized.

    but importantly, even in other places such as Soviet Russia, Maoist China and other more contemporary historical epics, those class distinctions always seem to rear their head. this is what DESPOTISM does.

  48. p: Interesting timing and proof a Boeing 747 did not hit the Pentagon

    FBI Exposes 911 As Inside Job! Pentagon Photos Re-Released
    Published on Mar 31, 2017

  49. WikiLeaks released the third batch of the CIA Vault7 archive that shed light the anti-forensics tools used by the intelligence Agency,
    The first tranche of CIA documents from Vault7 was related to hacking tools and techniques, while the second batch included detailed info about hacking tools specifically designed to hack SmartTV, Android handhelds, Apple iPhones, Macs and Windows systems. This third lot of documents, dubbed Mable, includes the source code files for the anti-forensic Marble Framework. It contains 676 source code files of a secret anti-forensic Marble Framework.

    Nothing can change in America until the Pizzagate perpetrators are arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law … and the global and ongoing Pedogate child sex crime scandal is sufficiently exposed so that the CIA’s primary control mechanism is forever destroyed

    As Treasonous Bush-Clinton-Obama Pedo Cabal Dynasty Gets Exposed, Desperate Elite Steps Up War Against Humanity

    Standing with Israel, Our Most Cherished Ally
    Read More
    President Trump Restores Confidence in the American Economy
    Read More
    President Trump meets with Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen
    Read More
    President Trump and the First Lady Host the Women’s Empowerment Panel
    Read More

    April 3rd: President Trump welcomes President Al Sisi of Egypt to the White House
    Read More
    April 5th: President Trump welcomes King Abdullah II of Jordan to the White House
    Read More
    April 6th: President Trump hosts President Xi Jinping of China at Mar-a-Lago
    Read More
    April 17th: President Trump and the First Lady host the 139th Annual White House Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn
    President Donald J. Trump's Weekly Address to the Nation

  51. SPICER: Trump's Tax Returns Will Be Published On White House Website
    Published on Apr 1, 2017

  52. ‘Swexit is COMING’ Swedish MEP says his country is ready to follow Britain and quit the EU
    April 1, 2017

    SWEDEN is ready to follow Britain’s example and quit the European Union by the end of this decade amid widespread dissatisfaction about the direction the project is heading in, a leading eurosceptic MEP has told

    1. Eurasia will swallow the whole stupid quagmire anyway, then this drunken power orgy of mindless Socialist Jesuit crap can be sequestrated right out. Power castrated? The EU is a non performing Junk Bond with mindless Trolls like the Scots Gobshite looking for free lunches. Like they matter? All trivia and inconsequential nonentities.

      Eurasia will swallow the lot. The Rail Track Silk Road will become the economic highway. He who controls the road controls the load.

      Within a century, we have all the Abrahamian mind crap gone. Cults, the lot!

      Good Values, and far more important good Ethereal and Soul values will replace cutting children,and arranged marriages. Consent will be informed rights. Mature decisions, and value based.

      We are looking to the Stars, and will help your children get there.

      We won't give them gibbering Shite from silly little men in frocks. We will give them mind access to the Universe. Education and imagination.

      Eurasian Children will see the Stars. Those in the way will see their A - rse!

      The Vatican will be in the Can,and Wookies and Muzzies will be educated out from birth. Unfit parents, won't be! There will be no more Zios because EVERY child will be Special! Nurtured, guided and loved in a Society where life IS value. The Kazakhs web will be cut!

      It's a huge privilege to have and mold a child. Harm a child, you harm the Collective total. New Laws, real powers. Every Child is a Child of the Universe. That's a big weight to mess with.

      Politicos will be changed. Screening will sort the future bunch. No more Elites second grade spawn, who will no longer be orchestrated in because they were born. Each child will be encouraged, and from the new generations, we will Star Seed. We will free each mind, and teach their Souls to be Human Kind. And you were there, along the way. All to help achieve a better way.

    2. John,
      With all due respect, how does (Eur)Asia lead with such spiritual enlightenment after decades of communist rule and one child policy? The result has been a spiritualy rudderless society comprising corrupt and narcissistic individuals.
      I am of chinese heritage with family ties to the west since the beginning of last century. Our family like most I know both in and out of china (worse in) value money and "saving face" above all else.
      Dis-owning your children because they marry outside your race? Yep.
      Doing business? Corruption and bribery? You bet.
      What is it then, John that makes Asian values so much superior to that of the west that they can do any better? How do you change values and attitudes of a current generation who know nothing else?
      Billions, not the enlightened few - reality not idealism.

    3. Eurasia is also Emerging", the one child rules are easing and ending. China itself is evolving, and to achieve Eurasia, will have to accept new , enlightened and more Spiritual doctrines.

      Putin is a staunch Orthodox follower just not Vatican, and his inner Cabinet will lock out Muslims and Kazakhs. They have purged many of the corrupt Zionist Oligarchs, seizing their assets and removing them from controls of trade.

      India, for example, as a major emerging power,is an old home of Spiritual awareness. Yes with its Cast systems which will change. Religions have been the cause of so much strife, because truth and enlightenment were never followed.

      In China, the power of the Middle Kingdom carried all.But then the real power of the Elders and West, left.
      The Elders varied from Buddhists to Christians. As such in compete conflict with the Communist State.

      Even Russia has re emerged dropping mindless Communism, for a new, more balanced State.One evolving. All withing few decades.

      The hidden vast wealth of the Elders are the Cash Pallets, and the vast metals holdings which will be used as negotiated facilities,to underpin new Eurasian currencies. Vast Gold holdings assigned for " Beneficial Use Only"but with controls. That underpins a new currency. But fail to follow the coming agreements, the Beneficial Use will be withdrawn, and the economic base with it. Assigning from a higher value Elders Council muzzles and controls Political dogs and helps maintain the development of a news order. But not New World Order.

      Allowing Politicos to chose direction was never a good idea. Religions even less. A clean up of both is needed.

      As stated, we cant change the current generation, but we can plan the emergence of the next 3. An evolution of conscious thought and beings, is a whole new order.

      China is ever more aware of the value of Scanners towards Border Policies,as is Russia towards Military Intelligence. Mind power, and directional use. The evolution of higher powers.
      We plan the powers, we control the emergence of new nations. As regards disowning children, have you looked at Judaism and Islam for mind control?
      The West has its deep failings also.

      Idealism alone can not help emergence from this turgid slop of humanity, but one combined with reality to change the pointless direction of our failing nations.

      Start by looking at children;s schools.
      The vast majority are Church controlled. We fund, they control minds, hide Kiddie Fiddlers and own direction. They must go! The State must help educate not sequestrate truth bypassing reality to Churches. Without consciousness, there will be no meaningful direction. We need to transcend as one. Not divided by Dogma. United in thought and values of Being. Or spend how many more more millennium lying on our backs in the gutters of failed societies looking at the Stars.

      We emerged as Apes learning to walk.

      It's long overdue time we ourselves learned to think and not abdicating it to befuddled Religions and corrupt, often inept Politicos. Thinking Power.
      OWON Truly does reality! But with applies vision.
      Changing the future means changing direction. For Eurasia, we must. Eurasia will be unstoppable. From Beijing to London. How we apply those minds for consensus is key. The power of metals will shape policies.Think Tanks are evolving. We educate out the Communist and Abbrahamian Snouts. We learn to think as Cosmic Beings. Starting now.

    Published on Apr 1, 2017

    The conservative tribune reports, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has a message for his Democrat colleagues in the upper house: Filibuster if you want, but Neil Gorsuch is going to be a Supreme Court justice. According to The Daily Caller, the Kentucky Republican told reporters on Tuesday that Gorsuch would be confirmed on April 7, come hell, high water, or Democrat hijinks.


    1. Interesting timing, on the hot heels of Xi's visit and in time for....frum roll...the restorarion of the true Republic perhaps? This would be natural along with announcement of the TRN. Am I on the right track?

    2. Watch the site and read above.

  54. Mexican state attorney general arrested at U.S. border on drug charges
    March 29, 2017

    SAN DIEGO — The attorney general for the western Mexican state of Nayarit has been arrested in Southern California on charges of drug smuggling.

    An indictment unsealed in New York charges Edgar Veytia, 46, with conspiracy to smuggle cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine to the United States from January 2013 to last month. It provides no additional details on the allegations.

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.


  57. The Venetian Empire has three agendas in play simultaneously:

    1) Globalism.
    2) Separation via Brexit. The intention is to make the US join the UK and become part of a new Commonwealth system.
    3) The City of London as Yuan hub which would ensure a superior position above all others in Europe. The idea would be to infiltrate the BRICS system from within.

    If you set enough 'bear traps', it is bound to bear results. That has always been the mentality of the Venetian Empire. Too often it is assumed that a list of answers contains a correct answer, even though most of the time all one is given is a list of options which are all wrong. None of the three above mentioned game plans must happen. The US needs to join the BRICS alliance instead.

    Britain has become Venice. Second to Venice was Candia (stolen from the Byzantine Empire). Crete = Candia = Canadia = Canada. All for purposes of control of course. Accidents do not happen.

    1. Another agenda being pushed is the cashless society. It has nothing to do with security, but everything with unlimited fractional reserve banking.

      People do not need to be watched. Bankers need to be watched. Two different systems. One for the people, one for miscreants. They might look alike, but that is the only way deception ever works. Figure out who your friends are.

    2. Saturnalia, I thought you said Candida. Anyway, I've noticed that TPTB/TPTW try to hijack natural events to their own ends. The end result is never guaranteed. They may try, but the new frequencies in the global consciousness are not fertile to their intended ends. Expect twists, wild cards, as recently evident.

  58. Welcome back Saturnalia, YES to us Brits resurrecting the Commonwealth, YES to our Power move, absolutely, and why not? If not us, who then? The US has failed and their game is lost. They pass into history. But still valued allies, just not in authoritarian control.

    Reality, we ARE the No One World Financial City, and we are keeping it.
    You know what that takes and who better at it than us?

    But read above re the Eurasian impact to come and policy shaping.

    Read the Think Tank direction which will be hard negotiated.

    Think then the added value of Humanitarian and Educational values, and who, as Think Tank Focal Head, is better placed with 100% Elders backing, to get the directions needed?

    We are thinking 3 generations forward. Planning the phasing out of the entire Vatican and Zionist Snout. The lot - Gone! With the power of Eurasia, and applied plan, we can! We collectively need to take control of Human values and Ethereal development, or what is life?

    As long as the masses have hope, a Divine vision, understanding of our Cosmic Beings place and enlightened values, we can. It all becomes predicated upon re educating the children and parental values. But also good Human values for all. Becoming Guardians and Stewards of our so fragile planet. Reaching to the Cosmos and educating our children of good ethereal values. Re educating Man Kind to be Kind.
    But arming to hell for what is out here. Cosmic Zio's in different forms. But same malignant dangers.

    So Yes, stepping out, as we must, but shielded. Humanity growing up and stepping up.

    Thinking forward, but thinking Values, it does not have to be Venetian. Yesterdays world has gone and new ideologies are forming now. New powers evolving, Street wise, but with vision for a better world. How about a system, non Banker driven for all?
    What does OWON stand for? Watch again the Mission statement. Evolution of humanity to stand for something better, as one. One world for ALL nations. Values for all. But taking back the schools from the Churches, and taking back the land and wealth. Ending Feudal Religions. Evolving Souls. Evolving humanity and our species to be.

    No Political or Abbrahamian Snout. No "We are Special", every child must be!

    1. John,
      " But taking back the schools from the Churches, and taking back the land and wealth."

      Please clarify. 'Taking back land and wealth' from whom?

      All of our grandchildren are in various private church supported schools and these schools are the only source, other than home school option, for some semblance of an education at the present time. Public 'state' schools require vaccinations which is a non-starter, but beyond that the Common Core curriculum is indoctrinating children into Islam. No other 'religion' is being taught in public school other than Liberalism which is a religion unto itself for its followers.

      In many of your writings you are proposing that the state be in control of everything. With all respect, this doesn't sound like an 'enlightened' point of view to me. It's a one size fits all theory. Where is the freedom of choices to the individual? The only individuals who should be under control of the state are those who have harmed or are harming others...we call it prison....imo.

    2. john

      i look forward to reading your think tank's position papers on designs for your new socialization paradigms.

      * need operational definitions.

      * concrete written step by step plans

      * need to include little people as stakeholders.

    3. Should have read this and posted it before I posed my questions to John just above. Along comes Jon Rappoport who can always frame my argument much better than I...

      The free individual vs. the Deep State

    4. Texian

      Communities in control with Stat oversight to ensure standards are met and not the Pedo filth cover ups as per the Churches.

      Taking back vast land holding and per the enormous land holdings of the Churches and all returned to the nations. The fact, and it is a sad FACT, that Pedo Churches control the minds and lives of our young, is appalling.
      We want the lot OUT. People have to get off their arses and start shaping up.
      Or we do it for them. It's about what's right. Educating truth.
      A child has rights and needs and the right to achieve, not to be held back by 2 dumb ass parents. Or often one, the mother and not sure which of 5 guys. OK she bent over by mistake 5 times in Wallmart, that note at first looked to be real. Lol.

      Education will build each nation. Churches are predicated to enslave minds. We want them out. Gone! Who needs the offspring ramblings of a deranged pair of Muppets like Abraham and Mo Ham Head?
      Time man learns to THINK for himself! Or stay forever expendable Pawns on the board.

  59. The Clock is ticking fast to 100 days. An avaricious media awaits. He will decide his own fate. Champion, or Chump.
    So far NO attributes of merit. With all the power of the Oval Office, what real vale can be seen?

    Wasting $3M SS extra costs at week ends funding ego trips to Florida is not going down well overseas. Huge inconsiderate and arrogant waste!

    EU media has always portrayed him as a Hustling Snake Oil Salesman,and not fitting, but the lesser choice of 2 very bad options. How can we turn that around, give him a chance and get some real hits clocked up?

    The Mr I'm Smart is starting to look like a Clueless Combover Tart. Forgetting to sign his own Presidential Orders leaving in a Huff under questioning, does not read well.

    He needs a Minder, as well as a muzzle. Results soon, or I'm Smart will get taken apart by a Media baying for his head. Posers need more to hang on. Retro fitting a brain is too late, but his team need some hits, or he will meet his fate. Was there ever a case needed more for Trans humanism? Enhanced IQ, double shots for him if only to fill the vacuum! Note how he repeats everything twice, in case his poor ego missed the first trip? Of such, Politicos rule. Even a fool can make it, as Bush 43 proved.

    How will Trumps history read? Champion, or Chump? Will it be possible to be even worse than Obama, Bush 43, Ford and Carter? Be in no doubt,the media dogs are waiting.
    Yes, we DO give him a chance, so where are the results, and why does the WH work a 7 day week? Yes, we know he takes his work with him, to the Golf Course!!!! Only in America. We know he fails to read, so it's time someone read the Job Spec to him and explained the big words. So far, Forrest Gump looks brighter.

  60. Sean Spicer and President Trump just Tag Teamed Hillary, and Mainstream Media helped them do it!
    Published on Apr 1, 2017

  61. Replies
    1. Bill Still (in above video) named JEH JOHNSON, former Department of Homeland Insecurity head under Obozo, as culprit. Zero Hedge does not name anyone as yet in below article.

      Zero Hedge: "If True, Does Not Get Much Bigger" Trump Tweets About "Very Well Known" Intel Official Behind Trump "Unmasking"

    March 31, 2017

    Has John Podesta requested immunity from the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigations? If this is to be believed he has or is going to for his alleged Russian connections during the 2016 Presidential Elections, in return for his testimony against Hillary Clinton regarding “the content of his leaked emails”, this is according to a leaked document.

    Issues: This is from 4Chan – a hive of digital scum and villainy, yet it produces some of the best or worst of leaks.

    1. NO $#%&^+ IMMUNITY FOR PODESTA!!!

    2. If it gets us the top of the food chain, yes to immunity. Perhaps a conditional one, where he does some jail time...

    3. Immunity for a 'spirit cooking' satanist, child killing pedophile? How about a deal for life in prison instead of death penalty?

    4. Like that idea Texian.Maybe a Russian gulag? When I found this morning was thinking that very thing. We can't let someone like him completely off the hook for evidence which is already in hand. Think about how many agencies, US and abroad have the goods on Hillary and co. Not forgetting Sr and his clan and buddies either.

    5. p,
      The whole rotten lot of them! If any remain loose, they'll continue to prey on children. Creatures into those crimes cannot be rehabilitated according to the professionals. There may be some lower level people who became entrapped...a trial will show if that's true on a case by case basis.

      Why give them immunity? As you say, the written evidence and probably video evidence also is already there. They will never tell the truth anyway. They all lie about everything!

    6. Agree Texian. No immunity for that lot of rotten apples. And you are right, people into those kinds of crimes are lifetime doer's of more. But you are also right as some may have become trapped with drunkness or drugging as in the CIA's "forget drug".

      And lie, they never seem to stop. With Hillary as a continual example for all to see and the rewards given and never arrested and charged, why should they stop? They have no moral compass and for many, lying is simply part of life for them. If you're not part of their club, expect to be lied to. Certainly no exceptions for we deplorables.

    7. Podesta the Pedophile is a vile, weak, creepy, strange subhuman. His crimes should lead him to an immediate Double Lock Down with Big Bubba the cannibal. Then perp walked in front of a mass audience on Public television for the big neck stretch rope drop.

    8. Agree pedesto should get no favors. You can get information from another of his kind. Pedesto should just meet his maker.

    9. Personally, this whole Paedophilia issue has sickened me beyond belief. They do not deserve a trial. Find their victims, and let them serve justice to THEM, any manner of their choice.
      Americans should not have to foot the bill for all of these disgusting evil souls.
      I would love to be a juror on all trials held for these sick souls.

    10. Godschild,
      Most of their victims are killed. :-(

    11. Yes, but some survived to tell their horror stories, naming the names of the Bushes, Kissinger, and others.ive listened to them being interviewed years ago. They sounded sincere, and I tended to believe them.

  63. In an amusing development, the LA Times has a panic attack about Trump while lying and mis-directing in almost every sentence. The truth is no-one cares what the LA Times has to say. Suck it up snowflakes.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I couldnt9 even read the entire article. The lying made it impossible to read.

  64. John,

    Do you and the Elders have a plan to stop Monsanto?

    This 11 minute video sheds some light on the problem.

    Anonymous: What They Don't Want You To Know About Food Industry

    1. We want production fit for our planet. Russia has blocked Monsanto.

    2. The world needs to block monsanto. Those that poison this earth ruthlessly and for profit should be locked up, drink only fracking water, eat only GMO foods.

  65. p: Think there is a good chance of this being true, Snopes said it wasn't! Also have to wonder why would this young woman's body be buried under Vince Foster's casket? Was she the "other" woman?

    Trey Gowdy's Investigators Make A Gruesome Discovery!
    Published on Apr 2, 2017


    1. Snopes is worthless disinfo

    2. That didn't stay online long....


    3. USA Politics Today is a satire news site. Nothing there is real.

      Could almost say the same for Snopes though too......

    4. Thank you Canauzzie for letting us know.The Readconserative website that they have been pulling info off is down for "maintenance".


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