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  1. So many things active right now. More daily, so please, you are doing a great job, the world is watching you, lead on.

  2. John...your updates are much appreciated by all.

    1. And so are the excess air miles from Slack Alice. :)

    2. Cal Girl I need to return the L. Thanks for the loan.

    3. AJ,
      You get the prize for the funniest comment all day! LOL!

    4. The camaraderie here is infectious and uplifting :)

  3. In terms of the recent attacks, the solution, the only bloodless solution, is that the Islamists need to go back. There is simply no way to bridge the gap to shari'ah. It's fundamentally incompatible with Western Civilization as we know it.

    1. Tino,

      It's way above my pay grade to sort through their culture/ideology/religion...whatever it is defined as...but it is definitely clear that it is NOT compatible with our way of life. Since one of the main tenets of their belief system is to kill anyone who does not submit, this should not even be up for discussion to allow them to remain. At some point, if this killing mindset is educated out across the spectrum, review the decision at that time.

  4. Replies
    1. TEX Good one! I also heard 2 different weapons + Vince Foster's file disappeared last fall. Ken Starr was apparently in bed with Clintons ... as I was told. The other prosecutor was also interesting. How about a Grand Jury or something like that since we cannot trust the friggin politicians!

    2. Bob,
      Perhaps if we can restore common law courts, a grand jury should work. We need common law restored immediately and not handle everything in admiralty law court.

      Ken Starr info is not a surprise. Karma came around for him at Baylor Univ.

  5. There are 1.4 Million Gang Members in the United States and more pour in daily as illegals. You have no concept of the disease, sleaze and corruption of children the Muslims will bring.

    They have gang preyed on young girls in the UK using many for prostitution after drug addicting them. Scum who need to be castrated and sent to under ground Criminal Slave Mines to work until dead with no parole or visits.

    America does not have the Jails for them, only hell coming. It needs 10,000 Judge Dreads on duty right now.

    Socialists brought us to this with their mad mouth ways, and unleashed neutered States with no ability for families to defend their own. Defend your rights, they jail you. Demorats and Liberals need their own Island to prey on each other. Gang members, if you cant house them, hose them! Lead works! No keep costs. No more victims.

    When does the wake up call come? Wastes of Space need to go chained to the Mines. The only way out in a box. 1.4 Million. How many crimes then? Time to crack down and lock down.

  6. p: Video included has Adult Content but isn't bad, good end.
    FBI rescues 82 children in sex trafficking sweep; 15 arrested in Philly area
    March 23, 2017

  7. “How many people need to die before it is understood that what we are trying to do in the Trump administration is to stop events like this happening on U.S. soil?”
    Posted on March 23, 2017

  8. Since 1967 Israel has denied Palestinians’ basic right to access clean water.
    Posted on March 23, 2017

  9. Replies
    1. Reference above...

      Bertrand Daily Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues

      Subject: Obama is Sweating the Latest "Wiretapping" Evidence

      By Dave Bertrand

      Was Devin Nunes (R-CA) chairman of the House Intelligence Committee acting properly by going directly to President Trump with his new found "Raw Intelligence" discovery instead of sharing the illegal revelation with his colleage's (Democrat Witch Hunt) investigation into "Russian Collusion" (alleged) by Dems against President Elect Trump and the transition team?

      First...let's look at what is the "Raw Intelligence" and you decide if President Trump was properly notified of illegal activity by the former administration, before a possible subpeona by Congress to defend himself and his Cabinet from further absurdities of those preparing to take-down his presidency.

      "Raw Intelligence" collected by the NSA, FBI, or CIA is data, voice, or video collected before an analyst catagorizes, identifies, and submits his/her analysis to (let's say) CIA Brennan or FBI Comey for further investigation and classification. Names and places are usualy redacted, depending on who is going to receive the intelligence collected (For Your Eyes Only) and is then used as part of an agenda and/or strategy for further investigation and/or specific targetting for an eventual action.

      Nunes (under law) was required to bring the illegal collection of data to President Trump, which has since created a major backlash by Dems, calling for Nunes to be prosecuted as a "Russian" surrogate.

      In the case of "Raw Intelligence" taken to President Trump on Thursday March 16th by Nunes, which had absolutely "nothing to do with Russia," we have learned that transcripts (in raw form) with 20 "unmasked" names, addresses and phone numbers of Trump, family and others, along with redacted names were originally presented to the Obama Administration by unknown intelligence operatives during the transition period. Those transcripts were later leaked to Nunes by CIA / NSA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery via a prominent lawyer.

      "Under grants of immunity, which I obtained through Assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis, Montgomery produced the hard drives and later was interviewed under oath in a secure room at the FBI Field Office in the District of Columbia. There he laid out how persons like then-businessman Donald Trump were illegally spied upon by Clapper, Brennan, and the spy agencies of the Obama administration."

      Transcripts are printed conversations between certain individuals via telephone or cellphone.

      The transcripts in question are NEVER legally "unmasked" with U.S. Citizen names (shown) unless there was a FISA warrant approved before hand, which was not the case. This type of intelligence gathering had to have been requested by someone under Obama, or Obama himself (illegally requested). There's no two ways about illegal act has occurred and an outgoing administration cannot legally access intelligence on an incoming administration.

      What is far more damaging to the former Obama Administration is the fact that "Raw Intelligence" was by-passed by FISA and 20 names were "unmasked."

      Now that brings us to the million dollar question?

      Why would Obama want to "wiretap" President Elect Trump and his people (possibly before the transition)? Evidence shows illegal gathering of data during the transition. The first thing that comes to mind is to damage Trump's image and if the timing had been right, to help Hillary Clinton win the presidency.


    2. Cont'd...

      Some speculate that Bill Clinton played a major role with "bugging" the Trump Tower when he made it a point to be at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport at the same time DoJ Loretta Lynch was on the tarmac. However, the wishy washy way that FBI Comey has presented himself has everyone scratching their heads. It has become obvious, Comey lied to Congress this week and knows more than what he wishes to tell. He has to go...PERIOD !

      The Russian "straw man" strategy by Dems to trap Trump and his people, but not get caught..... is the excuse that (if) any discovery concerning NSA, FBI, and CIA "wiretapping" was discovered illegally, as a result of an investigation of a foreign identity with "incidental" results, then maybe the perpetrators could escape prosecution, however....America is waking-up fast and Trump has them by the cahonies !

      Even though, not one of the 17 intelligence agencies have confirmed "Russian Collusion," the Dems and a few RINO's along with FakeStream Media continue to use the Russian angle any way they can to hide the real reason for TrumpGate, a crime that far exceeds "WaterGate," which caused Nixon to resign. Obama and his administration, while helping Hillary and the DNC can only be summed-up as "deplorable."

      What THEY have done and will be revealed soon in detail, is Treasonous and extremely illegal.

      That will be the time when President Trump dumps a good portion of the "swamp" in their laps. Heads are going to roll, and in the meanwhile, the Dems are scrambling like rats as the light is burning bright.

      Will they now attempt an "assassination," of which their "Snow Flakes" continue to push on social media, or will they go peacefully into the night with a number of their colleages going to jail?

      If Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Brennan, Clapper, Loretta Lynch and Comey go to jail, what can we expect on the streets of America?

      Martial Law.....

      From The Desk of Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.) Int'l Airline Freight Captain on the DC-8 stretch jet / B-727 series 200 jet & First Officer DC-6 prop & DC-10 wide-body jet), 72' to 76' U.S. Army Veteran (Military Police) 'Comms Sergeant' (Korea), Law Enforcement (State), DHS Trained Counter-Terrorism Instructor for HWW, Border Security Specialist, Political Analyst and Activist to help "Make America Great Again" while exposing the "Deep State" shadow government enemy.

    3. TEX This set of articles make it easy to follow for anyone with a brain and a little ethics and morality. I have been following a lot of this stuff but this batch really congealed the information. Thanks madam Super Sleuth! BTW ... I read about the video 60 and related stuff a few months ago and even viewed the actual 60 and a few others. I sent some of the info around and it got all of us into eureka mode .... IHRC pipelines etc. It almost looks like HRC and her gangsters are killing their way over the Bush-Kissinger thugs ... Holy moly they control nearly all the pipelines globally.

  10. Picked this up in the comment section of an article I read today. I thought it was so well said, and reasoned, that it should be shared here:

    Everyone needs to ask themselves, "Who were the only people arrested the day of 9-11?" The answer should be evident to all....9 Israelis. Unfortunately, they were shipped back to Israel before they could be thoroughly investigated and interoggated.

    Later they appeared on a Israeli talk show explaining that they were there to film the event. What!!!??? You mean to tell me that they knew this was going to occur, having enough time to pack their bags and fly to America.....Hmmmmmmm. Sounds like the guilty party was Israel itself.....We should ask also, "If they knew, why didn't they inform the US government?" And later, Netanyahu admitted that 9-11 would benefit Israel. Wake up!!!!! If it was any other country it would be an open and shut case.

    1. Very complicated operation with a lot of moving parts. But they use the same "business model" most of the time so it's pretty easy to spot. Hypothetically, if there's an "asset" with problems (age, toxic elements, etc) an operation can be planned to increase insurance substantially on asset, start a betting pool on how many people will die (or any other outcome), create fear/terror, and/or political have the basic aspects of a "false flag." After a while, it's pretty easy to recognize time after time. In some of these operations, real people actually die; in others, no.

    Published on Mar 23, 2017

  12. Major Retailers Collapsing - Massive Layoffs Ahead
    Published on Mar 23, 2017

  13. For Angry Tiger at WHA and all.

    We are making progress, real progress on public issues. Now you have real hope again.

    With the Quad T being " Exercised out", it allow inclusion for you.

    Prices may have to be adjusted again, the system has to cover for Dongs and Zims also.
    Please, no greed or crazy.
    Whatever it is,most will be helped. Be grateful for where its now going for you all.

    I had one whining it's not fair, He expected $50M He had put in a few K.

    My answer, it's not $50M you need, but a ferocious kick in the Arse.

    These are exactly the beyond greedy types who deserve nothing, and the very reason why Public participation was in question. Why should 10 whining, total Mongrels, derail the hopes of hundreds. Greed is a killer. Unappreciative Dogs are the kind who will blow the lot anyway. For many, it is good we get it to them. It's not for us to play God.

    But by God, so many times, I so wish I could play Conan the Barbarian with some of them!.

    We are here to feed need not Greed for Gods sake. Real lives need here.
    We have to keep enough for the Dinars and Zims also. Many need!
    Already we are seeing a Swines pig run for the trough and it's ugly.

    During April hopefully we can start moves and start economic recovery. So much we can't tell you, know only that what we do, we really do, and it is for all.

    The true Big Picture is 100 fold what you realize. There is a Duty of Care to stability also.

    Let us get through April and hope it clears, whatever.
    We also have major PPs to clear which will help many. Good partners.

    Currencies come behind the PPs. Each helps us restore needs. Each will help rebuild.

    Let us help keep and reward hope. Whatever it is WILL BE unearned,and for most, a once in a lifetime real break. Let it roll out. A Bums rush is all it will need to get it pulled. Our fears and pre warned. Act with care, this is NOT a Right! No one is Owed!

    Crazy Blogs will risk a withdrawal of support, it is not done until its done. Doors can close so fast. Watch and act with care and please, decorum. Too many want to play God. Please, walk first?
    Let's first GET the releases out. What's a few weeks after so long? Some emails are sickening. Prep roles for Planet of the Apes. Decorum?

    News when we can. So much is hyper active right now. Number crunching and Political. Nothing ever was, simple!

    1. John,
      When you said "Why should 10 whining, total Mongrels, derail the hopes of hundreds. Greed is a killer. Unappreciative Dogs are the kind who will blow the lot anyway."...sounds to me like you are talking about the greedy Cabal and their minions??? A perfect description :)

    2. The Cabal are not all over the market whining.A deal is going ahead to allow major help, it needs to be welcomed.If parties get millions who cares. The Cabal still have the power to stop the lot. A low profile matters right now.
      They will be sorted in time.
      Most Public just need a break. The blatant greed of a minority will offend at a delicate stage.
      Yes to the Cabal, but they are not likely to be publicizing dissent. This all needs real Diplomacy to get it done.

    3. MWP

      The Cabal will take a hit also on hopes. The Quad Ts just came off the table for them, and the rates will have to be adjusted to include the Public holdings. That has been a major running sore issue. Rates will still allow a good return, so let's not see the greed rising, it's still going to be a major return to many.

      Or, we see one or two power figures, which is all it will take, saying "See now , we give them an inch and we unleash a Dog pack, it's best to shut them out, why fund trouble?"

      It's complex out there. Sensitive negotiations to get an inclusive solution for all.

      Dissent on rates by a few can set back so much help for the majority.

      No one cares about the poor Iraqis, the real victims. In a fair world the lot should go to them. We caused all this.

      Getting a deal for all is key. Sensible positions.

      When a party with zero , whose contributed nothing, and has spent maybe $1K can get even hundreds of thousands for no input, but is whining it's unfair, they deserve millions for what? Does it matter with so large a return?

      I hold none. What I see is becoming ugly. Where is greed satisfied?
      The Cabal has a case. Why unleash the Public if this is the outcome? Sleeping Dogs? Do we let the big mouths of a few derail help for so many?

      This is doing what for nations ruthlessly destroyed by the West?

      I M dead in Iraq. Saddam held it together. We unleashed ISIS and displaced nations. While doing nothing about the Cabal. We killed far more than Sadaam ever did. Entire ancient civilizations are destroyed.Millions flee as displaced now. Now the EU is swamped and huge problems follow. All the result of a total Cluster F of so badly thought out US policies.

      As with NWO,only Russia and China are stopping this US grand plan to divide and rule by Washington. Now bun fights over who gets rich for nothing? None will have earned such millions by work. It's all- ugly. Vulture packs squabbling over the carcass of our fellow man. Justice, for any of it?
      Some are never satisfied. Millions for what contribution? What of those in real need? It will be what it will be. Either way, for most, a lot.

      For Iraqis, another burden to carry.They assume the debt for it. Why?
      Why not allow Iraq to launch its own new currency and walk away from all of it? Why not? Because the US Military Cabal is holding war loot and wants to feed again. Looking on?

    4. Personally, I think the descent from certain elite is them being afraid of the masses having some money, which as they know....IS POWER in our system.

      Yes, there are idiots, but many are the contrarian conspiracy set who know these elite exist and that creates real fear.

      What will they do with the money to set back our agenda.

      You have to be an open-minded conspiracist to have put money into these currencies.

      The brainwashed masses think you are an idiot.

      Trust me. It's fear of what the people will do with millions.

    5. I am "angry tiger" at WHA --


      I promise if I am able to get any return I will make EVERY DOLLAR MY PRISONER! -- I am 60, an aging hippie chick.. Back in the day I thought it was great to work for cash so my upcoming SS is going to be VERY low. The folly of youth. If I can cash anything out I plan on making my later years a bit more comfortable. I know many people that have even less than me, so I would assist others in my position. I didn't put in enough $$ to "get rich", but the hand UP would be so fantastic. I would be SOOOO grateful! My family will not let me starve, but I made my bed and have to lie in it. On April 1st I am moving into a 55+ apartment for low income folks. Even that costs $1000 per month. Ouch. Nice place but I will have to work through till I need assisted living to keep it. I work at home online so thankfully I am all set up for that.

    6. Cindy Tiger Hot Chick. If all goes as hoped,we, as a Collective, will try to help and enrich a lot of lives. Together we can. You all matter.

  14. Hello everyone. I wanted to share this with all of you and I hope you take heed to my advice. Hopefully in a few weeks, we all will be going out in the world making a difference with this blessing we are about to receive. Most of us will be buying our dream homes and such. I just wanted to say, if you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on cars and homes, please spend a few thousand to buy some firearms, machetes, chainsaws, katanas, shurikens, and nunchaku, etc. to keep you and your family safe. I am a full supporter of the 2nd Amendment and evil people will not disappear after this is over, and a lot of you will have distant unheard of relatives, conmen, and thugs and criminals all vying for a piece of you. These people cannot be helped, especially the hardened criminals who need to be blasted open, like the psycho in the UK who attempted that suicide mission at the parliament that John posted earlier. I myself had to rethink about the people I choose to help, I could help them more by turning them on to a business opportunity than to just throw money at them. I suggest you all make a list of people you are going to help and stick with it. And lastly, let us all come together and give John, The White Hats, and The Elders our energy to help this to finally go through.

    1. Excellent post. My advice is that you don't tell family and friends...or ANYONE that you don't HAVE to tell and caution those you do tell to keep their mouths shut or they won't be part of your good fortune.

      Do things anonymously for those you wish to help. Do you really NEED that "Thank you" or "Wow, you are great" or "I will never forget".??

      Sure, it feels good. This blessing is not about self serving feelings. It's about doing what is best for all, including yourself. If you start telling people about your windfall, I are opening yourself up to a world of upset and disappointment. Have you ever read some of the stories of lottery winners and how their lives AND relationships were ruined?

      Stealth mode is my choice. Please think about it.

    2. anonymously. It "feels" just as good and it's much safer. If word gets out, then you're a target for every scam around. It will also be much safer if you don't change your way of life too dramatically all of a sudden. People seem to notice those things. Think about what you want to do and plan it. Tread carefully.

  15. To John or anyone else that may know the answer, since I am new here and don't know the meaning of some of the things talked about, what is Quad T and the meaning of being exercised out? Thank you for your assistance. The information I have received here is very helpful.

    1. Quad T is a quadrillion...It would look like this in dollars:

    2. Exercised out means the Big Dogs sitting with Quad T's of overprint, "Wont be going to Lunch". Can't say more,but their removal from the trough will help us feed need.

  16. Chinese President Throws Weight Behind Israel/Palestine Peace, Two-State Solution

    While hosting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Beijing on Tuesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping called for peace between Israel and Palestine and said an independent Palestinian state should be established “as soon as possible."

    This buttresses Fulford's post yhis week:

    To force Israel to make peace US top general Joseph Dunford met last week with King Abdulla II of Jordan to cement an alliance against Israel, Pentagon sources say. As a result “Israel is now surrounded by a military coalition of Syria, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Iran and Turkey as the Big 3 [China, USA and Russia] force it to make peace,” the sources said.

    Faced with this situation, Israeli Prime Minister and Satan worshipper Benyamin Netanyahu flew to China on March 19th to seek protection from paramount leader Xi Jinping. Pentagon sources predict “Bibi will also get no love from Xi who may demand a stop to Israeli attacks on Syria, a return of the Golan Heights, a two-state solution for Palestine and ISIS defeated so China can rebuild the Middle East and promote Eurasian integration.”

    1. Yes, I posted this story yesterday. It was in the China Times.

      Progress :)

    2. It needs China to help resolve yet another British / US screw up over Israel. These Kazakh Dogs need to be reigned back.


    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 6h6 hours ago

    It was an honor to welcome so many truckers and trucking industry leaders to the @WhiteHouse today!
    7,553 replies 10,112 retweets 45,777 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 12h12 hours ago

    We are taking action to #RepealANDReplace #Obamacare! Contact your Rep & tell them you support #AHCA. #PassTheBill
    Tom Price, M.D., Paul Ryan, Rep. Steve Scalise and 7 others
    16,430 replies 7,132 retweets 29,971 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 13h13 hours ago

    A great American, Kurt Cochran, was killed in the London terror attack. My prayers and condolences are with his family and friends.
    7,652 replies 19,295 retweets 91,880 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 16h16 hours ago

    Just watched the totally biased and fake news reports of the so-called Russia story on NBC and ABC. Such dishonesty!
    36,778 replies 18,877 retweets 79,937 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Mar 22

    Spoke to U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May today to offer condolences on the terrorist attack in London. She is strong and doing very well.
    11,905 replies 18,751 retweets 107,525 likes
    Donald J. Trump Retweeted
    Bill Mitchell‏Verified account @mitchellvii Mar 22

    Trump always ends up being right. It's almost a little freaky.
    9,278 replies 17,023 retweets 63,399 likes
    Donald J. Trump Retweeted
    Bill Mitchell‏Verified account @mitchellvii Mar 22

    EXACTLY AS I SAID - House Intel Chair: We Cannot Rule Out Sr. Obama Officials Were Involved in Trump Surveillance

  18. In this Grand Life Soap Opera of US Politics, let's stand behind Independent non party aligned Trump and his team, and hope they can help fix the so badly broken America.

    Deep State has to go and so does the Agency non reporting. Congress MUST get control of the CIA and soon. Comey is a disgrace as a Leader and has to go. He has lost the trust and confidence of all. Trump must drop the axe now.
    When are the pack of mongrels being charged.Why not now?

    Where is Obamas Birth Certificate? Get that you bring him and his Commies down.
    If Martial Law is the cost to stop the rot, launch it! Give good, real Americans the chance to deal with them. Time to clean house. Time to rebuild America. Nations are built by kicking Ass! Unite the States and clear out the Reprobates. For each Thug, a Slug! Good riddance. Bring them on.

    Say hello to a 45 hollow head or 9mm for your free lunch. That will cut the welfare and jail bills. A Rat and Wookie Shoot as they try to loot. Free Body Bags for Useless Slags. No worry, no hurry, try to outrun this hollow head. 1.4 M Gang members rendered. A public clear out the trash week. Unleash the Patriot Bikers, Vets and Truckers to go get the F's. America says No More! 300M real Americans say enough!

    1. "Congress MUST get control of the CIA and soon."

      John, how can this possibly happen when we can't even get control of Congress and we all know they don't work for us? Suggestions?

    2. The Big Issue for Trump and Bannon. No control, you lose.

    3. JOHN Birth certificate stuff. As an orphan of sorts processed through a Catholic adoption center I am familiar with the paperwork relative to birth registration and birth certificates. Barry the clown IS NOT A NATURAL BORN AMERICAN. HE IS A TOTAL FRAUD ... PERIOD. From a colleague with a few of my edits ….. We know for a fact but it would be difficult for one/two person(s) to prove the following. It would take a well-funded and well-staffed effort moving fast so they could not build defenses like they do now. In 2007 several FSO/Security Officers performed mock background investigations on a Senator named Barack H. Obama, II. Every step of the initial investigation lead to a dead-end.

      The key issues that red flagged the investigation was his Hawaiian birth certificate. From the late 1940s through the early 1970s micro film was used in the State of HI to copy all original birth certificates. There was no micro film birth record available to copy Obama’s BC. There was no record of Obama’s claim for his first job in HI working at Baskins Robins Ice Cream Parlor. And naturally no SSN# to verify payroll for that summer.

      Later when more information was release from his Dream Book if was found there were no records for name changes from Barack to Barry back to Barack.
      Further investigation found, No passport records could be locate for travel as a child from HI to Indonesia and back to HI at the State department. Or as a student his travel from USA to Pakistan and back to USA.

      More importantly; nearly all his US blood relatives dead except alleged half-sister. DNA mapping would help significantly and all high-ranking Government Officials; appointed and elected need vetting, verification and Secret or above security clearances by an internal unit of Government with super tight security.

    4. JOHN response continued Note: Under normal employment investigations if the applicant cannot provide a State Certified BC and SSN the investigation cannot proceed until these two-document request have been satisfied. Applicant cannot be hired. Should the applicant submit false information by verbal communications or in writing and by documentation that is a cause for a lie detector appointment and/or the applicants presence in front of a Federal Judge to determine remedy.

      Later, Jerome Corsi, author of Where’s Obama’s Real Birth Certificate forwarded info to some of his FBI friendlies stating that Loretta Fuddy (HI. state employee) and Obama’s claimed mother belonged to a Cult group with ties to Indonesia. Corsi also said Obama may have had another name, a Cult Name.

      At an FBI forensic lab using Kodak machine viewing Obama’s released birth certificate noted several anomalies were captured as mismatched type characters/fonts. This clued them to the possibility two or more type sets were used of the doc. The descriptive word for these test results was Counterfeit.

      Shortly after this point in 2010 Corsi started receiving threats and all FBI personnel that were emailing each other internally were read the riot act and to cease and desist all communications about President Obama’s birth records. I and others that held security clearances received a warning from Richmond Virginia to cease and desist all internet conversation pertaining to the Birther issues.

      To this date all the facts haven’t changed and never will. It is my understanding after speaking with Det. Mike Zullo and Michael Volin that Sheriff Arpaio and the FBI were all aware of this.

      There are no legal or certified documents that can ID who Barack H. Obama, II is. The responsible parties for this cover-up are all government insiders (CIA & Dept. of State) and have everyone playing their game of trying to prove a negative.

      I believe that much of the proof for what happened and didn’t happen on 9/11 has been presented to the people. They just have to seek it because MSM is truly the enemy of the people..

      I also believe all the information can be present to the people for who a man that calls himself Barack H. Obama cannot be proven he has ownership of that name. Therefore, he is at min an impersonator in a fiction narrative.

      An investigation and Grand Jury needs to proceed … in secret – sanctioned by our President.

    5. Could not agree more. He deserves Life!

    6. More likely deserves death...imo. What about the trail of bodies? There should be some murder trials...

    7. Bob, is it true that BO's social security number that he is claiming and using can be traced to a dead person?

  19. Alcoholic EU Commissioner Junkers has indicated to the UK he wants a $70 Billion divorce bill. We have our EU Diplomats translating what sounds like Kiss my Stars. To a Drunk!

    It has just been announced that 30% of all UK Jobs will be taken over by Robots by 2030.
    Good luck to Banks and Office Developers then. How do we fund them on Welfare?
    Maybe another War is needed. It used to solve population problems.

    The US will face the same. You mean on top of the 23% you already have?
    There goes more neighborhoods. How will anyone pay for anything then?
    For sure, Politicians wont solve it. Major trouble is coming.

  20. A thought for the 1.4 Million US Gang members.

    Robo Cop? Effective Robotics.

  21. John, Maybe we can hire these robots to count our Dongs :)

  22. There's a lot of LA women who will want to hire their Dongs, also Washington women who will welcome AC delivery, instead of DC version! So, you want them holding yours?

    Mother nature is best. Purpose designed.

  23. p: Interesting if true

    TRUMP's Secret Presidential Memorandum issued to Declassify Anti-aging & Free Energy Technologies.
    Mar 24 2017

    Secret Presidential Memorandum issued to Declassify Anti-aging & Free Energy Technologies
    March 21, 2017

    According to secret space program whistleblower, Corey Goode, President Donald Trump issued a highly classified Memorandum soon after his January 20th inauguration ordering the release of group of classified patents concerning anti-aging and health, along with free energy technologies. The Top Secret Memorandum was sent to the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community, and due to its classification status it will not be accessible to major media for reporting.

  24. Following Up on Chicago Sun Times 2014 Fraud Article Against Gulen Concept Schools

    Day 152, Part 1, Preroll ~ Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

  25. john

    per the discussion on the public holdings, many months to years ago there were those who left "the public" and got organized into groups.

    for these organized people, at the very most, there is a suspicion among these non-public tiered organized group members, sometimes a strong concern, the public has been purposely seeded with placed subversives to wreck it for the little people. at the very least, the anxiety is the public can act in unpredictable and irresponsible ways regarding this activity, causing issues.

    is there any way the public can sabotage it for the organized tiered little people?


    1. We are watching it all and Diplomatically motivating fair play all round.

      Public P contests won't work. No confrontation.
      Our way, low profile, is working.

      Some of the majors have to come to a certain Trust Group to help them be allowed to Bank so much and for Projects.
      Those major accounts are background controlled via London.

      It goes up the the Head Trustee and Think Tank Chair. He then Directs!

      Sound familiar? Assume there may be a very big web spider helping you all. Real oversight and Global vision. This week public inclusion now is major.
      Real world, hard negotiations are in place daily. They all have to compromise.
      Those accounts are not for free use. Club Rules only! London Club!

      You don't need to seed Subversives the Buggers are there. Watched!
      Wait and see how it moves now. It's all in play.

  26. Alt-Right guilty of Treason. The pasting they are going to get if they push this narrative will remembered for generations. Bring it. We (as in Alt-Right) know the law, the history and the current social conditions better than they do. If they think they had a popular rising with Trump, watch us quadruple down. It will be organic, without a leader in sight to target.

  27. Former real estate billionaire Tim Blixseth tells Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo that Dennis Montgomery claims that he "hacked into all of America" for John Brennan and James Clapper. The data harvesting was allegedly accomplished using 'THE HAMMER' - a computer system designed and built by Montgomery.

    Soundcloud audio: Part 1 rolls into Part 2 (They hacked into everyone's bank records, passwords, identity info....everything)

    Pt 1 Blixseth On Montgomery "I Hacked Into All Of America For Brennan & Clapper" Trump Zillion Times

    1. TEX Another very good one! Ask yourself ... and we already know the answer .... What will it take to follow the leads/evidence readily available? How hard is it to expose those who operated on orders from Bushs, Clintons, Barry and the other top operatives?

    2. Bob,
      At risk of sounding glib....interest? motivation?
      Just listened to all of the audio. Dennis Montgomery, as a subcontractor, was hired by alphabet government intelligence agencies to spy on most of us. He tried to get file for whistleblower status and find Congress, FBI and several others interested in pursuing this. Montgomery was ill with brain aneurysm and wanted to turn this data over for a case before he died. When he had no success through normal channels, apparently he contacted Carl Cameron at FOX who did interviews with him and has copies of the data. As far as I know, FOX may have buried the story. As you know, FOX claims to be "fair and balanced;" however their ownership donates heavily to Democrats.

      So they took it to Arpaio and Zullo. They suggested even they didn't know anyone who would pursue it. They had no luck with anyone in Congress on birth certificate issue even though they had packages delivered to a number of them with video confirmation. Congress is literally like the three monkeys....see, hear or speak no evil. Arpaio did approve sending an investigator to Seattle to get interviews of Montgomery and copies of data to build a case because they were fairly sure FOX wouldn't turn over the data. Arpaio agreed because the data involved 153,000 Maricopa County Arizona residents.

      So this is most likely the basis of the dog and pony show going on between Nunez and Shiff of House Intelligence Committee last few days. When Trump exploded on Twitter about wiretapping, I would surmise (sounds more professional than guess :-) that he had been advised by a whistleblower. Neither one want the American people to realize extent of surveillance of every move. We've certainly been in a fish bowl!

    3. TEX Fox's Murdoch is a RotZio and plays a game for looking one way and acting anti-American behind the scenes as I see it. This is a lot like the Sabow investigation wherein we gathered enough evidence to prove unequivocally that 41 called the hit and ran it through Al Grey the scumbag - disgrace to the USMC Commandant and several treasonous officers. They killed quite a few Marines and others to cover up. I do not recall telling you that 41 had to silence Colonel Sabow because he was going to have a 100 hour ground war - Gulf I - and make over $500,000,000,000. He; 41 planned to make 100 x that amount as a result of 9/11 and Gulf II. 41's criminal empire was worth $7T about 3 years ago and growing. I thing HRC could be the boss since 41's kids are not so bright.

  28. John

    Yes sounds familiar 😀


  29. Obama care stands...Trump's plan was defeated!

    Wow, same shit, different day!

  30. With RyanCare/TrumpCare bill gone, I want a simple bill before Congress. Complete, unequivocal repeal of all Obamacare penalties and taxes.

    1. You may just get it.

      The Republicans were dead set against the ACA from the beginning. They had a chance for partial repeal, and they didn't go for it. Now, they have to rally for FULL repeal, or else they will signal FULL approval of the ACA.

      Trump may have them by the nuts now. Vote for full repeal next time, or face full removal from office next election cycle.

    2. Tino,
      Hubby and I were just discussing that. Why did they make it too hard??? We don't need a "plan." We need a full repeal effective end of year to give insurance companies time to develop plans or co-ops to form for healthcare starting in 2018. We already have "plans" for poor called Medicaid, CHIP, etc. which should be sent back to states. We need a FREE MARKET to buy insurance that we want in same manner that we buy auto, home, life or other insurances now by comparing coverage and price. We need transparency of the pricing in the medical community. Price lists should be on each provider's website. Have you ever tried to price a medical procedure? It's impossible! So open up markets across state lines like any other insurance and transparency will help a lot. Some of my family members are in a co-op (not insurance) and love that. There's no reason it should be so hard! :-0)

    3. Do it in 3 steps.

      Step 1. Repeal all penalties, taxes and death panels.

      Step 2. Repeal ObamaCare such that ObamaCare ends 12/31/2017

      Step 3. Pass a well-thought out replacement bill 9/1/2017 that restores roughly the status-quo prior to 2008 but includes a catastrophic care component and allowance for pre-existing conditions. This gives time to evaluate the many alternatives by which affordability can be restored.

  31. Putting this out there for people to think about.

    Rent-to-buy housing.

    We can do it with fridges, why not houses? In Oz now we need ~$80-100k deposit for a first home. How can a family afford that? Ownership of one's own home is moving farther and farther away.

    The banks could do what I am about to lay out, but they don't. They prefer you to pay intetest on made up money. Here is how we can offer an alternative while still collecting rent:

    1. You own a house/apt. In a poorer suburb say, bought for this purpose.
    2. Put it up for rent.
    3. The renter pays rent to give you say a 4-5% gross return pa.
    4. You allow them to pay more.
    5. The excess is converted into equity in the property. In effect, you become co-owners.
    6. You earn interest on this and let it pool.
    7. Lets say after 5 years they own 10% of the property.
    8. They can sell their 10% to another renter, who then becomes the new co-owner with you.

    The specifics can be worked out by accountants.

    The effect:
    1. People in poorer suburbs can begin to own equity in property and start building real wealth.
    2. They go from the renter mindset to an owner mindset: the house will be looked after.
    3. The extra you receive can be used to buy more properties later, so you never lose anything. In effect you have ownership of parts of houses that changes over time. You earn your due income from that. Respectfully.
    4. You can tweak the numbers to take care of CPI etc.

    Guys, I will be looking into this idea. Imagine it taking off. EVERYONE will want to rent in these houses. At a stroke we will ruin the banks usury game as people pressure them to do the same.

    Imagine doing this in your town or community. How much good you can do without giving away your capital. If you're planning on buying any investment properties, please consider this.

    Cheers AJ

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. AJ, the main problem I see with your idea is that no owner will want to bring in a renter/partner because then their hands are tied to do anything with the home they own without the renter/owners agreement. Also, most people have a mortgage on their home and there is a clause that prohibits you from selling the home unless the mortgage is paid in full. Therefore title can't transfer to any renter...not even a small percentage of it.

      As someone who owns rental property, I would never agree to this plan.

      However, in the States there are times an owner will agree to a lease to own situation. Normally, the renter/tenant pays higher rent and that above market amount goes toward the purchase. It's good for people who have an issue with money burning a hole in their pocket and can never seem to save to own a home. If it's been put toward a house purchase, they can't get at it.

      Sometimes this rent to own is used if someone has bad credit and can't buy because of it. This plan gives them time to repair their credit and then when they can qualify for a loan, they already have part of the down payment tied up in the house. However, if they decide they want to move, they would lose the money they have paid. That's how it works where I live anyway.

      One last thing, even though this is an option, very few sellers have any interest in selling as a rent to own unless they can't sell any other way because of possible issues with the house.

    3. Thanks MWP. Yep, this is for those who own the place outright. I would put clauses in to manage things like repairs etc. Glad to see some already do it.

    4. AJ,
      Good concept' however I have to agree with MWP about the issues here. We own rental properties as well as my experience as a Broker/Owner of a real estate company for over 40 years. There are many issues and it would be difficult to impossible here to structure something with protections for both tenant and owner. The concept of a tenant "selling equity position" to next tenant would be very very difficult. The owner would not want a tenant selecting next tenant either. In my experience, a tiny % of lease with own option actually materialize.

      I would rather see young people have some education in basic budgeting at the high school level or at least by first year of college. If a semester course would include budgeting and just basic life skills of how to evaluate and purchase insurance, basic contract law, planning meals, pointers on purchasing a used car...just a myriad of "life skills" they would be in a better position to make wise choices.

      Lastly, there are various reasons people rent instead of buying. Some don't want the responsibility, some change jobs frequently, and others financial.

    5. Plus when you say ppl who have a hole in their pocket and can't save.. I can't believe people fall for the bank mortgage scam where to own 1 house you have to pay 2-3 houses worth of money to the banks! This is the main reason to do this, to bring down that shonky usury practice.

    6. Guys, you are looking at it wrong. Externalize into a REIT and let the renter excess buy proportional share. This obliterates any of the issues previously described. Remember, you aren't doing this to maximize profit but to maximize quality of life for all. You still make a profit, just not the maximal. But by letting the less fortunate get a hold on the bottom rung of the ladder, they climb, and reduce long-term issues and costs (taxes, welfare, healthcare, etc).

    7. Thankyou Tino, MWP and TEX.

    8. Tino,
      Have to admit I still have a bad taste in my mouth from past Real Estate Investment Trusts! Those things scammed more people than you can imagine. I know many people who lost significantly on REITs. Some of the real estate meltdown can certainly be blamed on much of that.

      With proper and honest supervision, it could work. Thinking back to 80s and early 90s...nightmare while awake. LOL!

    9. @Texian,

      All tools can be used or abused. I was just pointing out that the direct issues of where we are with rentals which preclude the partial ownership can be finessed thru a REIT. If we were to go after this as a true business we would get the right kind of lawyers to create a new REIT law that writes the "good supervision" into it, creates pass-thru and buyout provisions, etc.

    10. Tino,
      Yes, exactly. I wasn't trying to disparage your idea at all. It's an excellent one! Just keep the govmnt out of it :-0)

    11. :) No worries. Just clarifying!

    12. AJ,

      You said "I can't believe people fall for the bank mortgage scam where to own 1 house you have to pay 2-3 houses worth of money to the banks!"

      Actually, you don't have to pay the banks anything and home mortgages are not a scam. How? Pay cash for the property you want to buy and the banks get nothing. However, it may take you a lifetime or even generations to save enough money to pay cash for a home. Don't want to wait generations of saving to own a home? That's why mortgages are offered or most could never hope for home ownership while they are still young enough to enjoy it.

      When you are paying a mortgage, you are paying part of your unpaid loan balance each month and part of your monthly payment is paying interest to the bank for the "Time" use of that money. The good news is that it is SIMPLE interest on home loans and NOT the kind of COMPOUND interest you pay on a credit card or pay day loans. Banks would much prefer making loans through credit cards than houses and cars...MUCH greater profit margin. So, interest paid on house mortgages, is actually quite a small amount to pay in comparison.

      This is the kind of stuff our schools don't teach and few parents even understand the differences between simple and compound interest. (google compound interest if you want to be shocked at how credit card interest charges are computed)

      So, the next time you charge a meal on your credit card, and don't pay your full balance due each and every month, stop and think how much you are actually paying for that meal. It makes the cost of simple interest mortgage loans seem like a gift.

      Most countries require about 50% or more down payment to even get a home mortgage. We are SO SPOILED in this country as one can pay as little as zero down payment or up to 5% of the purchase price and get to move into and use the home. Way too many Americans feel "entitled" to these rare privleges and don't realize the rules and ways most members of the world have to operate to gain home ownership.

      I hope this brief explanation helps others understand more about home mortgages and how they work. I'm not defending banks who do predatory lending but simple interest mortgage loans are a unique gift in this country.

    13. Thanks MWP. Simple interest is better, I think in Oz its compound :(

  32. Just catching up on 2 days worth of comments - wow, lot's of good stuff.

    For Andy re: AjnaAndyThursday, March 23, 2017 at 2:42:00 PM MDT

    Cal Girl I need to return the L. Thanks for the loan.

    From Cal L. Girl:

    Andy, it's my pleasure to provide an "L" whenever needed. John has quite a collection. Feel free to hold onto it in case of emergency. Lol.

    1. Thankyou Calgirl! This is like an ounce of gold. I'll keep it in case I ever get to Paddington. :)


  33. TEX AJ MWP all these ideas have potential for working on our vision. If our funding materializes we would love to get your input .... formally. TEX knows how to find me. Our Vision excompasses a revitalization of Families for assessment, selection into a meritocratic system that takes the principal form induction through development to a career + prosperity with Family development included. I have interviewed several thousand people developing this model. I Pray God provides the required resources to get this rolling!

    1. Bob
      That is exciting and aligns with my aims to uplift and irrigate good people needing a leg-up. A family approach is very solid. Career coaching, budgeting and on-hand big sister help. Yes very good. Id love to chat when this all blows in.

    2. PS Bob if the idea is developed by you in say the States then there are others in other countries who can duplicate the model. I can help in Oz and Brazil for example.

    3. This is the hidden Gold of your site. Global cross communication and the ability to create such synergy and good.
      People - can make it happen. Empowered what are you capable of?

    4. Bob,
      Handled through an organization is what I was thinking overnight! Saw AJ's message late and then had trouble sleeping thinking about how to structure so it could work. Much easier to accomplish without an individual rental property owner involved. A system where the family can earn credits by doing the right thing has a lot of merit. Habitat for Humanity already exists. Something along that line with perhaps rennovating older housing instead of just building all new. The inner city neighborhoods are in need of renovation in many cities. Some houses may be too far gone. In that case, bulldoze and build new. If Detroit, for example, had an arrangement with an organization to accomplish this it might be the impetus to revitalize the city once the manufacturing comes back.

    5. Bob, always happy to share my knowledge. From what I can tell from your posts, we live very near each other so, should you want to meet and talk, maybe Canauzzie could help facilitate that...let me know.


  34. Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 9h9 hours ago

    Today, I was thrilled to announce a commitment of $25 BILLION & 20K AMERICAN JOBS over the next 4 years. THANK YOU Charter Communications!
    15,057 replies 13,652 retweets 57,777 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 10h10 hours ago

    Today, I was pleased to announce the official approval of the presidential permit for the #KeystonePipeline. A great day for American jobs!
    13,980 replies 9,406 retweets 46,490 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 15h15 hours ago

    The irony is that the Freedom Caucus, which is very pro-life and against Planned Parenthood, allows P.P. to continue if they stop this plan!
    25,815 replies 11,186 retweets 48,298 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 15h15 hours ago

    After seven horrible years of ObamaCare (skyrocketing premiums & deductibles, bad healthcare), this is finally your chance for a great plan!


    The failure to repeal and replace Obamacare would be a stinging defeat for Trump. But it would be an even bigger defeat for Paul Ryan, who has all but staked his Speakership on passing this bill. And in the hall of mirrors that is Washington, the big winner to emerge out of the health-care debacle could be Steve Bannon. That’s because Bannon has been waging war against Ryan for years. For Bannon, Ryan is the embodiment of the “globalist-corporatist” Republican elite. A failed bill would be Bannon’s best chance yet to topple Ryan and advance his nationalist-populist economic agenda.

  36. A44 Right on! What if President Trump did all he could to help the Repubs get the bill through knowing it was not the right solution. What if they will have a eureka and put through a bill that will even get a few Ds to support it... What if DS Ryan hung himself by supporting deep state bull hockey! I Pray God guides us through this process and drop Barry cary in the sewer where it belongs along with nancy and Harry. Dear God, please guide us through the maize to a wholesome solution for a meritocratic healthcare bill with a floor for all citizens and non citizens pay more ... Amen!

  37. So, as threatened the Demo Rats and certain GOP parties sunk the Bumma Care Bill.
    Exposure now, Trump can carry it to the people, re assemble and go for the lot next elections.
    Demo Rats, the true enemy of Americans.
    One way or another, the people will decide.

  38. For OWON and WHA

    Global Banking Protocols.

    When transferring or receiving funds in Millions, Banks need pre advice or it flags up as suspicious movement, with anti laundering alarms and funds blocked.
    There are intense procedures out there so be careful and be ready for what is needed.
    There appear to be many relatives of Gerald Ford out there. The same Homer type.

    Receiving Banks will want a written history of the funds, how you earned them, purchase records,etc. Even just to work out taxes owed.

    Banks will want to know funds use intent.What money they will have for short, medium and long term use so they can plan.

    All notes will have to be electronically checked for counterfeit.

    Our main groups have already cleared that process, and pallets are stored on safekeeping.
    You can not walk onto a bank with for example $ 5M in Dinars and walk out with $5M in cash dollars. Problem 1.

    If you have an account with the transacting Bank, after diligence clearance your account will be safely credited for use.
    If not, with the transacting Banks we will indicate later, you will need to make an appointment with them, take full ID , passports, proof of address, Driving License, utilities bills, voting registration if known, etc.

    You will need to prove your ID. Also show they are yours!

    Banks may need to take your notes in,send then for central checking at regional HQs and clearance,and then credit you when converted to your own nations funds.

    If so, they will give you an SKR, a Safekeeping Receipt, confirming they are holding your funds pre conversion. No,- Credit Unions can NOT do this.

    Then they will need an account you want to be paid to with the money, to be credited and bank wired to your account.

    Or some may give you a Cashiers Cheque to present to your own banks to deposit.
    If so that can take a week to clear,or more. Check, is your Bank or Union able or willing to accept such funds? For many it will be too big.

    If you are with large, sophisticated Banks it will be easier. Grunt Banks and Credit Unions will be a nightmare. They will be clueless.
    If any parties are so moronic as to ask a Grunt Bank to handle it, the notes stand a high risk of loss or seizure in transit. Bigfoot has a handful of them it seems.

    Big money has big security and sophisticated procedures. Each country has its own.
    You are NOT going to walk into a bank and walk out with a case full of money.
    Those with Accounts with the majors will find it easier. Those without may face a roller coaster ride. You run a real risk of funds getting lost or sequestrated within the system passing from Grunt Banks to the majors.

    Keep it simple and safe. Make an appointment to see a bank officer with a major bank,explain your needs, take full ID and explain your plans. You will then enter a process of KYC checks, and diligence. You will all have to clear anti laundering processes. There will be phasing delays. Some may have to travel to other countries to clear them. You bought into this! Nothing is easy.

    Start preparing now. We will NOT enter into correspondence or become Agony Aunts.
    Do NOT get caught handing your notes to risk groups. Free lunch varmints are out there. Do it yourself now. Real groups are now closed. Start getting records ready, ID etc.
    We have appeals from parties whining, but I have to get on a bus or train for 6 hours to get to a major city. Yes. Welcome to reality. Even then you will have to enter a process. It may take days for checking etc. You need a Bank with the right electronic scanners. No Bank will exchange without full scanning. Way too much risk. Bogus notes will be seized.

    More info later.
    And for Tony at WHA, we may , as goodwill loan you an electronic steer prod, Abby is coming.
    OMG what a thought.

    1. Thank you so much John for going to the trouble to explain this information to us all, it's greatly appreciated.

    2. Thanks, John. I will try to get it on the plane some way. :)

    3. Just don't notify the Federal Reserve or you may become your own PP waiting for them to return your funds.

    4. FYI,

      There is an HSBC with a currency desk in Beverly Hills.

  39. Thank you John for this information.

  40. Anyone know if the neighborhood branches of Wells can do these exchanges or does it have to be only certain Wells locations?

    1. Where I am not all Wells locations have currency desks, but there are several that do in town. Website shows which ones. If you're in a small town without a currency desk, you will most likely need to make a little trip.

    2. Thanks, I'm in a VERY big town but was wondering if the neighborhood branches have currency desks...I'll go by and check on Monday.


    3. If you're referring to IQD, think there was news here at some point that HSBC only would be handling those.

    4. Even with currency desks, which is a start, those notes still have to be electronically checked, and may have to go to dealing centers to be authenticated. These are all large transactions and Banks will not get mugged for false papers. Expect delays of a week.

      We deal with Elders who are stressed off the planet to find up to 30% of their cash pallets are bogus notes. Dodgy US supply, internal staff swapping for counterfeit plus whatever other mongrels games. Where there is money there is Muck.


    5. John ~
      Are you totally comfortable with us holding and/or transacting funds with WF, considering their recent history, are ALL the rats off the ship ? Want to be wise and protect as much as possible.

      Thanks much !

    6. Are we really, truly, to the final stages of seeing this play out? I'm finding I can't wrap my head around it really happening.

      Thanks, John, for the instructions. Question on the counterfeit notes you refer to - not meaning notes that were printed on stolen authentic currency plates but rather on counterfeit plates? Might sound like a stupid question but it's just a piece of wrapping the brain around the realities.

      I believe you've also mentioned (in the past) to be sure to obtain a receipt before leaving any FI if the transaction isn't complete - i.e. the deposit isn't yet in your account because the bills are being authenticated or for whatever reason. Presume this still holds true and thought there may be new folks here who hadn't seen that info in old posts.

      We have a plan. I am ready to a) get the *BLEEP* outta that back seat, b) do a happy dance (yes, HAPPY, not lap. LOL) c) look after kith and kin and d) pay it forward. Exciting times to be sure. I know there has been an atrocious cost paid by millions of Iraqis, the least we can do in their honour is dedicate our good fortune to their sacrifices and make the world a better place to live for those who follow.

    7. We will advise suggested banks when ready. If you elect to go to Jungle Bunny Banks and get creamed, think of Forest Gump, Stupid is as Stupid does? Do NOT leave a Bank without an SKR in your safe possession and for this deal, stick ONLY to key banks. Do NOT use risky Intermediaries now, the good groups are all closed. Go direct it's a Day for Gods sake. Lose the lot now and please, have Moron branded on the forehead and Butt. Sorry but, how else can I best get it through? It's your Ass, do not get it busted.

      Please, respect to all, be safe. Be prepared to travel if needed. For those whining how can I travel 40 miles, it takes up my day? Boo Hoo. I still have 2 solid Rhino Whip Shamboks from my African days. I can show you how? No arse fails to move for those. Lol.

      Yes, some truly do need 4 or 5 real cuts. 2 or 3 we long since ejected spring to mind. Even Tony ejected one from WHA and I have a feeling the Sun Ain't Shining out of there for a while.

      My Girl 56 raised a key point.
      Once clear, not God bothering, but you really could make a huge moral difference if all recipients put a few percent back into a central pool we can all administer, and use them to change, even save lives. You rose on call once and saved Mikes. It touched me. I felt your goodness. Anything we all do helps so many more.

      It's a simple point of what is the power of a human Soul to make a real difference together? Look what you did for Mike? With funds?

      We give our time free. We care. We know. Just think about a little meaning so much more to so many. One family of YOU _ MAN for all?
      We are all one, We will all one day unite, bar the Cabal and Zio Rats who will be visiting a new hard earned Pit Stop called Atonement. That equalizes Karma. But with no way out. No plea Bargains, no Attorneys,they are with you. But no one can hear their Plaintiff screams. Who cares?

      Take care, out there. We are trying to get this all done. Putting back.

    8. Figured as much, thought it was worth the ask. No doubt your instructions will be thorough as
      per your post earlier today. The most gratifying part of this will be the "give back". My heart
      leaps with joy at the impending prospect of really being able to make a difference.

      God's speed !

    9. Some things in life are a "no brainer", being part of a OWoN benevolent project(s) would be an honor !

    10. Absolutely! Together we can do so much more than on an individual basis - plus the synergy of everyone's ideas..... creating more. Doing more. Loving more. Being more. Love it.

      Can I have some 'more', please, sir?????

    11. Such cheek! Some of which I will kiss, and some of which I won't, no matter what seat. LOL

  41. Replies
    1. BREAKING! Webb reports in this video that Dennis Montgomery whistleblower story is breaking on Judge Jeanine's FOX show tonight...think it's 9 pm EDT.

      Day 153, Part 2 ~ Hillary's Hackers, Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

    2. Hmmmm....could we have scooped Carl Cameron on his scoop that FOX has been sitting on? :-0)

  42. THIS.

    "I think the key thing here is that the God-Emperor [Trump] learns who his allies are. He should have been working with the conservative element in the House that voted against the act, not the Ryan-led mainstream element that was the core Republican opposition to him in the primaries.

    This is going to be a little counterintuitive for a centrist negotiator like Trump, but he's just experienced the same thing that George W. Bush did whenever immigration reform was proposed. The core Republican power in the House is the conservatives, not the moderates. To get anything done, Trump has to work with them first.

    Ultimately, this should be a good thing, because Trump always learns from his failures. That's why I don't put any stock in the "fatal blow to Trump's political capital" narrative that the opposition media will inevitably be pushing."
    - Vox Day

  43. Hello everyone!!! I wanted to contribute to the current conversation. I have an account at Chase Bank, and have built up a good bond with my banker. I was told by him that it will be relatively simple to exchange there as I currently hold Dong. So if you are in the US, go to Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, etc. that has a currency desk and you should be ok. Also I stumbled across this new home security system called Simplisafe.

    Check out the website here.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. Top 4 - 5 Tier banks should have De La Rue machines for verification on site or close by. WF, BoA, Chase Citi etc. Expect high $$$$$$$ exchanges at banks' special location for that purpose.

    1. Bob

      Please advise if asked that Banks are NOT going to pay out large amounts in USD$. It will have to be by Bank wire or Bank Draft for tracing. Criminal elements will be controlled.

      This is now the world of Big Brother.

    2. JOHN I heard very little cash to be disbursed. Other items:
      * DLR for verification ... supposed to be several per state or region
      * You have to belong to a group in most cases
      * Exchanges get digital resource backed currency
      * The details change daily
      * For large exchanges project plans need to be approved
      * Filters in place - verification - proof of how you bought your currency
      * We will know if our iqd, vnd or zim have value when the time comes
      * This is a crap shoot
      * Guaranteed that RotZios and shadow govts will cheat everyone they can cheat

      Bottom Line ... I Pray this GCR works for the benefit of the right people whereby satanists get meet their boss and the rest of us get freed from slavery. We shall see!

  46. john wrote: "...Once clear, not God bothering, but you really could make a huge moral difference if all recipients put a few percent back into a central pool we can all administer, and use them to change, even save lives. You rose on call once and saved Mikes. It touched me. I felt your goodness. Anything we all do helps so many more..."

    count me in

  47. Count me in too - it would be an honor. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Are we still in a get in quick and out? It will take a day for me to travel.

  48. And if there are anymore "Mikes" out there, perhaps we could, we will...There is peace in helping each other. Your tireless tutoring has been much appreciated.

    1. There are a lot of Mikes our there. All need. It's a privilege and an honor to serve and help any. No one needs know, just us. No publicity, quiet dignity it's enough we know. Touch lives, be part of what you call God.

      The world hurts.
      We have to see what rolls out.How it's allocated. We warned before of Project controls. No one is putting thousands of Ditsy Wannabes on the streets with vast billions to waste. It will have to be coordinated. Show a sound plan or fail to pass go. There will be a Duty of Care with these funds, and checks in place. Let's wait and see.
      Handled right, it can work.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. If final clearances will need practical plans to clear, be prepared. We will see. Majors will be first. This is all yet to play out. Money IS finite. No one is Owed! Let us see how it re profiles. So much is still in play yet.

  49. President Donald Trump Weekly Address 3/25/2017 – “The Future Belongs to Us”

    Published on Mar 25, 2017

    Full Transcript:

    This week, in the company of astronauts, I was honored to sign the NASA Transition Authorization Act right into law. With this legislation, we renew our national commitment to NASA’s mission of exploration and discovery. And we continue a tradition that is as old as mankind. We look to the heavens with wonder and curiosity.

    More than two decades ago, one scientist followed his curiosity and dramatically changed our understanding of the universe. The year was 1995. Taxpayers were spending billions and billions of dollars on NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. The astronomer in charge had a novel idea. He wanted to use the expensive telescope in a totally unconventional way.

    Instead of pointing Hubble’s eye at nearby stars or distant formations, Robert Williams wanted to peer into the void. He aimed the massive telescope at one of the emptiest regions of the night sky. For ten days during Christmas of 1995, Hubble stared into the abyss seeking whatever light it could glean from the darkness. And it was total darkness.

    Fellow astronomers didn’t know if he’d see much of anything. But Williams was rewarded and the entire world was struck by the awesome images our satellite returned. In that tiny patch of sky, the Hubble Deep Field showed thousands of lights. Each brilliant spot represented not a single star but an entire galaxy.

    The discovery was absolutely incredible. But the unforgettable image did not satisfy our deep hunger for knowledge. It increased evermore and even more and reminded us how much we do not know about space; frankly, how much we do not know about life.

    With this week’s NASA reauthorization, we continue [to make] progress on Hubble’s successor, the James Webb Space Telescope. It is amazing. The Webb Telescope is set to launch next year. It will gaze back through time and space to the very first stars and the earliest galaxies in the universe. We can only imagine what incredible visions it will bring.

    At a time when Washington is consumed with the daily debates of our Nation, I was proud that Congress came together overwhelmingly to reaffirm our Nation’s commitment to expanding the frontiers of knowledge.
    NASA’s greatest discoveries teach us many, many things. One lesson is the need to view old questions with fresh eyes. To have the courage to look for answers in places we have never looked before. To think in new ways because we have new information. Most of all, new discoveries remind us that, in America, anything is possible if we have the courage and wisdom to learn.

    In the span of one lifetime, our Nation went from black and white pictures of the first airplanes to beautiful images of the oldest galaxies, captured by a camera in outer space.

    I am confident that if Americans can achieve these things, there is no problem we cannot solve. There is no challenge we cannot meet. There is no aim that is too high.

    Whatever it takes and however long it will be, we are a Nation of problem solvers and the future belongs to us.

    We are truly a great place to be. I love America.

  50. That was beautiful. Thanks P for posting his address today. Reminds me that there is so much more to learn. Been working so much, it is tough to keep up with some things right now.

    1. Biffie you're welcome. This song has been haunting me the last couple days. It started when things started like what Texian posted below. But I took that deep breath and a step back and heard this song.

      Faith of the Heart- Star Trek Enterprise
      Uploaded on May 18, 2010

      Diane Warren ft. Russel Watson in Faith of the Heart

      Lyrics: It's been a long road, getting from there to here, it's been a long time, but my time is finally near. And I can feel the change in the wind right now, nothing's in my way. And they're not gonna hold me down no more, no they're not gonna hold me down. Cause I've got Faith of the Heart.

      I'm going where my heart will take me. I've got faith to believe. I can do anything. I've got strength of the soul. And no one's gonna bend or break me. I can reach any star. I've got faith,

      I've got faith, faith of the heart.

      It's been a long night. Trying to find myway. Through the darkness. Now I finally have my day. And I will see my dream come alive at last. I will touch the sky. And they're not gonna hold me down no more, no they're not gonna change my mind. Cause I've got faith of the heart. I'm going where my heart will take me. I've got faith to believe. I can do anything. I've got strength of the soul.

      And no one's gonna bend or break me. I can reach any star. I've got faith, faith of the heart.
      I've known the wind so cold, I've seen the darkest days. But now the winds I feel, are only winds of change. I've been through the fire and I've been through the rain. But I'll be fine... Cause

      I've got faith of the heart. I'm going where my heart will take me. I've got faith to believe. I can do anything. I've got strength of the soul, and no one's gonna bend or break me. I can reach any star! I've got faith. Cause I've got faith of the heart, I'm going where my heart will take me!

      I got strength of the soul. And no one's gonnabend or break me! I can reach any star! I've got faith. I've got faith. Faith of the Heart.... It's been a long road.

    2. Star Trek Tribute: Faith of the Heart
      Published on Jun 1, 2013

      A small tribute video I made to every incantation of Star Trek set to the full theme from Star Trek Enterprise titled "Faith of The Heart".

  51. paintbrushinspring
    I think that words are not enough to express my deep gratitude to John,the White Hats and
    Canauzzie for all their hard work and devotion to create a better and safer place for humanity.

    Also to all you wonderful bloggers for keeping me company during my early morning coffee every day.
    The immense knowledge gained and the possibility of passing it on to others.

    It seems that the spring blossoms may flower into the opportunities making long awaited dreams come true.

    Thank you

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. Living in a country hit by an economical bomb,seeing destruction and misery everywhere,my family being a victim along with everyone else,I cannot remain inconciderable and not think of lives lost in Iraq and the blood money being held in my hands.Having my faith in Source I only hope that we will be blessed to be able to stand on our feet again and help others in need.That we will be able to first help ourselves through our minimal needs,to be able to detox from this misery.Then one of our main priorities would be to help as many homeless and starving people as possible,children who have gone days without food.We have plans on how to give a substantial amount of our income to these cases since our main interest is our relationship in helping people live a better life,being able to provide them with cheaper food-not in quality and cheaper ways of keeping healthy.

    On second thoughts I laugh as I think what would one say to the bankers?I plan on helping the homeless and starving people?Im sure this would not at all catch their interest.
    We have plans but not projects.
    Making plans into projects is much more sophisticated if we are to make our dreams come true.

  54. I am sorry for the double comment,my first post and am unfamiliar how to,as I never post on blogs.

    1. Hi there Paintbrushngspring, welcome to our community. Thank you for sharing with us all as you have, it's great to hear from you. You seem to be on a good path and I wish you well with all of your desires and plans. I hope to see you here sharing with all of us some more when you have time. You have lovely energy, very peaceful and kind.

      Don't worry about the double comments either, that seems to happen to all of us at some time, not sure why that is. You should be able to delete ONE of the double comments with the purple highlighted "delete" icon in the lower left area of each comment.

      Catch up again with you soon hopefully. Enjoy a magnificent day.

    2. Hello Aurataya and P,

      Thank you both for your warm welcome.Aurataya I also feel your kind energy through your posts.
      posts.I feel very grateful for being here.

      I had prayed Friday evening asking for help about the banks and saw on Saturday
      the responce in John's post.

      I made a copy of it and taped it on my door so I can read it as I go by.Glancing at it,his words inspire me and I try to concentrate on taking the right steps.
      I know it may sound funny,but I am of those that will need to travel as in my third world country banks accepting dinars is not possible.

  55. Welcome Paintbrushingspring

  56. 357 Years-The Sentence Now Facing Democrat After Her Decision To Steal From America’s Children
    Published on Mar 25, 2017

    Rep. Corrine Brown indicted in fraud case over charity 'slush fund'

  57. WHA etc Check Clearances.

    Tony, for help.

    No Travel Agencies or small Banks will be able to handle these note if Public released. Major banks only. Why do people go into the majors then expect to join the game with only their Weanie in their hands?

    Big Banks only if cleared. Or why join the game ?

    Big Banks and ONLY branches with the scanning equipment to pre check first. Then the process for transfers. So many kindergarten views out there. Life IS complex.

    If this starts Vaseline sales will soar.

    1. So getting a few millions at the airport is it. LOL.

    2. Some seem to think so. Lol. Be sure it will happen. Unreal.

    3. John, many thanks for your herculean efforts? We'll be happy and proud to join a group project!

      The process should be easier for Dongs, correct? No need to scan at the bank because with circulated bills, no counterfeiting or overprinting. However, a major bank should still be a must.

      How about Union Bank, wholly owned by Mitsubishi, one of the largest, if not the largest bank in the world? We've had an account there since 1970 and it touts Foreign Currency Exchange on the website of several branches.

      All of your other very wise advice for IQD should apply.

      Thanks, again!

    4. Nigel

      I'm NOT joining a Dong group. Lol.
      Yes Union Bank are capable but only IF they chose to handle these currencies.

      But large amounts will still need a Bank appointment. No one is walking off the street with cases of Dollars. A case only takes $4M of dollars. A problem! Book the appointment, enable them to be ready. Intelligent processing.
      For many a culture shock is coming.

    5. Thanks, John. Yes, I will have a face-to-face meeting in advance of the reval to confirm the bank's requirements and to lay out my plans.

    6. Thanks John. I myself plan to notify my banker when you give the pre-notice of the reval. Question, won't the major banks get a pre-notice as well when this goes down?

  58. Watched the movie "Night Will Fall" last night. Hard a hard time sleeping after this one.

    At the end of WW2, the allied forces of Russia, Britain and the US rapidly trained young soldiers to be cameramen so they could capture what was happening in the camps as they went in to them and liberated the prisoners.

    The scenes are HORRIFIC. Bodies dehydrated laying like dummies everywhere among live, lifeless or trance like people. I can't even describe the number of dead bodies, piles of bones, buildings full of suitcases, shoes, glass, etc. Anything that was taken from them. Train cars full of dead bodies. 1000's.

    Anyone who claims these were just work camps after watching ACTUAL footage as the camps were liberated is a complete idiot.

    This film was going to be made into a movie right after the war, but got shelved because of how horrible it was and some felt Germany had been through enough. Apparently some historians found the footage again at the national war museum and put it back together.

    What is even crazier is that once liberated, many of these people really had no where to go. No countries would take them so many went back to Palestine and once there were taken and put into other camps.

    I can't imagine how anyone could work in these places and go along with these atrocities.

    This is on Netflix right now and I would encourage you to watch this documentary.

    1. I saw all this in my early 20's. Real footage. Very sickening. It included also Gypsies, mentally retarded, and activists of many nations. Dreadful inhumanity. But no less than NWO will bring under DC control. Same evil,but now they have the technology and mass snooping.


    1. Judge Jeanine did not really cover this story last night after all...very "watered down" version. So FOX still up to its tricks.

      BOMBSHELL: CIA Whistleblower Leaked Proof Trump Under "Systematic Illegal" Surveillance Over Two Years Ago: FBI Sat On It

    2. It is the continuous lie that is beyond the pale. Lie by omission. Lie by water-down. Lie by misdirection. Blatant lie. Lie by silence (a real tactic). Big lie. Small lie. Lie by snowing in complexity. The truth would obliterate all of these lies. Secrets have all but killed humanity. We may very well need a law against all government secrets. Anybody who lies to We, The People, goes straight to the gallows.

    3. Tino,
      Yes! Profound words. I have never approved of secret societies like Masons, Skull & Bones, on & on. IMO any group that has to be secret is up to no good. Many people look at lies as minor trespasses. I consider the opposite. If someone will lie to you, they will also be capable of cheating, stealing and perhaps even murder...imo. So if you catch someone in a lie, they should not be considered worthy of trust.

      We raised our children that way. Lying was the one thing that would get them in more trouble than anything else. As long as they told only truth we could work through other issues with punishment by withdrawing privileges. It's very difficult to teach children because they see lying in everything around them and it appears to be accepted.

    4. Become proficient,they can become a Lawyer, Politician or even Church Minister. All same sort.
      The "Insider Dealing" with Masons etc, has to be seem to be believed. Skull and Bones rigged key Agency and Govt roles.Gatekeepers on every post.
      It's all a Spiders web.

    5. Used car salesman too? :-0)

  60. Replies
    1. If this is true that Ryan went to Obama home, would he have met with Valerie Jarrett instead? Obama is REPORTEDLY in Tahiti for a month (writing his memoirs:-0)
      Source of this story seems to be godlikeproductions

  61. Does this finally prove to the naysayers what Judge Anna has been revealing all along? The FBI is a CORPORATION protecting the elite criminals. The only people they go after are the little people to keep a lie going that they are a law enforcement agency.

    NYPD Releases Incriminating Clinton Evidence To Force FBI To Act

    1. They protected Romney, Biden and Bush. They shield Chicago Airport Drug arrivals. Rahm only became Mayor fast for his cut.

    2. They also have protected the criminal fraud of Federal Reserve parties. They have murdered in cold blood LaVoy Finicum who was traveling to a meeting with a Sheriff in Oregon while other FBI cohorts were pummeling his car with bullets trying to kill 2 women and a couple more men also in the car.

      There isn't enough space here to even begin to list their CRIMINAL actions or lack of action over the last few years.

    3. All the way back to Ruby Ridge and the killing of a mother holding her child. Lon Horiuchi never saw a day in jail for what was certainly murder.



    by Trey Preston.

    Snakes also known as Garter Snakes (Thamnophissirtalis) can be dangerous Yes, grass snakes, not rattlesnakes. Here’s why.

    A couple in Sweetwater, Texas, had a lot of potted plants. During a recent cold spell, the wife was bringing a lot of them indoors to protect them from a possible freeze.

    It turned out that a little green garden grass snake was hidden in one of the plants. When it had warmed up, it slithered out and the wife saw it go under the sofa.

    She let out a very loud scream.

    The husband (who was taking a shower) ran out into the living room naked to see what the problem was. She told him there was a snake under the sofa.

    He got down on the floor on his hands and knees to look for it. About that time the family dog came and cold-nosed him on the behind. He thought the snake had bitten him, so he screamed and fell over on the floor.

    His wife thought he had had a heart attack, so she covered him up, told him to lie still and called an ambulance.

    The attendants rushed in, would not listen to his protests, loaded him on the stretcher, and started carrying him out.

    About that time, the snake came out from under the sofa and the Emergency Medical Technician saw it and dropped his end of the stretcher. That’s when the man broke his leg and why he is still in the hospital.

    The wife still had the problem of the snake in the house, so she called on a neighbor who volunteered to capture the snake. He armed himself with a rolled-up newspaper and began poking under the couch.. Soon he decided it was gone and told the woman, who sat down on the sofa in relief.

    But while relaxing, her hand dangled in between the cushions, where she felt the snake wriggling around. She screamed and fainted, the snake rushed back under the sofa.

    The neighbor man, seeing her lying there passed out, tried to use CPR to revive her.

    The neighbor’s wife, who had just returned from shopping at the grocery store, saw her husband’s mouth on the woman’s mouth and slammed her husband in the back of the head with a bag of canned goods, knocking him out and cutting his scalp to a point where it needed stitches.

    The noise woke the woman from her dead faint and she saw her neighbor lying on the floor with his wife bending over him, so she assumed that the snake had bitten him. She went to the kitchen and got a small bottle of whiskey, and began pouring it down the man’s throat.

    By now, the police had arrived.
    Breathe here…

    They saw the unconscious man, smelled the whiskey, and assumed that a drunken fight had occurred. They were about to arrest them all, when the women tried to explain how it all happened over a little garden snake!

    The police called an ambulance, which took away the neighbor and his sobbing wife.

    Now, the little snake again crawled out from under the sofa and one of the policemen drew his gun and fired at it. He missed the snake and hit the leg of the end table. The table fell over, the lamp on it shattered and, as the bulb broke, it started a fire in the drapes.

    The other policeman tried to beat out the flames, and fell through the window into the yard on top of the family dog who, startled, jumped out and raced into the street, where an oncoming car swerved to avoid it and smashed into the parked police car.

    Meanwhile, neighbors saw the burning drapes and called in the fire department. The firemen had started raising the fire ladder when they were halfway down the street. The rising ladder tore out the overhead wires, put out the power, and disconnected the telephones in a ten-square city block area (but they did get the house fire out).

    Time passed! Both men were discharged from the hospital, the house was repaired, the dog came home, the police acquired a new car and all was right with their world.

    A while later they were watching TV and the weatherman announced a cold snap for that night. The wife asked her husband if he thought they should bring in their plants for the night.And that’s when he shot her.

    1. Thank you Texian, it's funny how we fail to realize how one little over reaction can cause so much stress. A deep breath, a step back can save much grief. And "I'm sorry", really meant, can really make a big difference if you find you can't calm yourself.

  63. Theranos. Shares being used to bribe investors not to sue. This is fascinating at several levels. At the schadenfreude level, Blondie gets a haircut. At the its-a-failure level, the move is irrational by investors. Which means that at a base level someone somewhere is promising to use the tech, and given the board, this tech remains NWO important. Keep your eyes on Theranos.

  64. Kudos to Mr. Jennings! Here's your story going around the world....

    "I know FB posts can travel around the world and I have been trying to contact someone to get Mr. Jennings story on the nightly world news and so far no luck. He has a wonderful story to tell and it will make you cry when you hear him tell it. I would like to ask all my friends to share this as you all have friends all over the world so please ask them to share it. I would like NBC, ABC or CBS to do a story about Mr. Jennings and how many children he has helped over the years. In case you haven't heard the story about Mr. Jennings, let me tell you about him....

    Mr. Johnny Jennings age 86 has been collecting recycling since 1985 and donating all the money that he receives from recycling to the Georgia Baptist Home for Children. Mr. Jennings has worn out 3 trucks and countless sets of tires. In 2016, Mr Jennings donated just enough money to make his grand total donated $400,000.00!!! Yes you read that right!!! Mr. Jennings age 86 has donated $400,000.00 to the Georgia Baptist Home for Children over a time frame of 32 years! That is a lot of paper and aluminum cans for sure...

    This is his Recycling Report for 2016....

    Paper Sold 401,280 lbs (201 tons)
    Aluminum Cans 51,565 (cans)
    Pennies collected 32,040

    Total for 32 years
    Total Paper Sold 9,810,063 lbs
    Total Pennies $20,275.20 = 24 miles
    Trees Saved 79,000

    Monday - Friday you will likely see Mr. Jennings driving around town picking up paper from local businesses and churches and taking it to the Chattanooga Recycle Center on Central Avenue. From there he will head home and load the truck up again with recyclables that people have dropped off at his house. Mr. Jennings normally loads his truck by himself and that is a job in it's self and did I mention he is 86 years old and had 2 mini strokes two weeks ago and when he got home from the hospital he didn't let that stop him from getting back to his paper route? That is just how he is and he will not stop until the undertaker turns his toes up! That is what he tells everyone!

    I hope you see why I think Mr. Johnny Jennings story needs to be told as it is a good one. He is the last of a dying breed. Our generation and the ones to follow could learn a lot from Mr. Jennings.

    “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Pablo Picasso... This is Mr. Jennings favorite quote and he sure does live by it.......

    Please share this story and hopefully someone will share it with the right person who can let the world know about Mr. Johnny Jennings...

    Please post where you are from when you read this and share it...Mr. Johnny Jennings lives in Ringgold, GA."

  65. Another Elite Goes Down - In Jail For Fraud
    Published on Mar 26, 2017
    3:10 after that various news

    Link is different than shown in the video:

  66. Part 5: FBI Comey Caught Lying and Witness/Evidence Tampering
    Published on Mar 23, 2017

    Illegal and corrupt actions by the FBI and DOJ across the nation. From Nevada, to Oregon, to Washington D.C. we are witnessing criminals in our institutions framing citizens, tampering with witnesses and evidence, illegal surveillance, and a coup against President Trump and the American People! Be sure to watch the links below to get all the information I cannot cover in my video!

    Defendant Burleson An FBI Informant Exposed


    All three of the following are CRITICAL! Credibility of CIA/NSA leaker Dennis Montgomery strengthened! Verify surveillance of Trump! (p-only 2 links, the 3rd not there.)

    FBI Director Lied to House Intell Committee About Surveillance of Trump

  67. John,

    Will major banks in Australia & Internationally be involved in this currency exchange as well ? Or will peeps outside USA need to get passports/visas ready for travel to the USA ?

  68. John,
    Thank you for everything you are doing.

    I am one of those that will have to travel.Milan is the closest place for me.

    Would you concider Standard Charter Bank a Jungle Bunny Bank?It is a branch with 15 employees
    only,or would you prefer Chase Bank(2 banks in Milan which I read deal with Iraqi dinars)

    1. Painbtbrush

      Chase would be best for this.


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