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  1. Oklahoma state senator charged in child prostitution case

  2. Next week should be " Interesting" with funds now assembled for the key PP's. We are waiting to hear on the Big Battalions for RV's. Hopefully they too next week. No mention of Public and frankly, it's going to be a nightmare unleashing that lot when we need to get the big issues cleared first.

    Having waited so long, more time wont matter. At best most are only in a for a few hundreds Bucks. Real world. Political decisions are needed if to unleash a free for all. If fairness 50% of ALL profits should be sequestrated to help refund the poor nations destroyed by illegal wars and brutal Hegemony. Try living in Iraq or Syria. Entire civilizations callously destroyed for profit. It was shameful.

    If we can actually get the Big Battalions and real PP's moving,it will fund real projects real Infrastructure and real jobs. That needs to be first. If that succeeds all else is possible in planned and controlled stages. A step at a time.

    It all needs to start somewhere. Now the Political decision. We wait in hope. Good luck those in so far with the majors. Step one- we hope!

    1. John,

      What is the specific political decision you're referring to and who is making it? Is it one person?

      I hope to see the completion of this at some level for someone next week i.e. funds paid out and received. I'll feel less crazy then.


    2. It's between Treasury, the Fed,Pentagon,Agencies and The President plus his Advisers. Pressurized by China, Bankers and other parties.

    3. Thank you Sir for your knowledge, time, and patience.

  3. Maybe this is the beginning of the promised arrests


    [3/16/17] MATT AGORIST– Moments ago, the Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office announced three felony charges against State Sen. Ralph Shortey, including engaging in child prostitution. The charges come after Shortey was caught in a motel room last week with an underage boy.

    According to the DA’s office, Shortey has been charged with three felony counts, including,

    Engaging in child prostitution
    Engaging in prostitution within 1,000 feet of a church.
    Transporting minor for prostitution/lewdness.

    The investigation was launched when the teen boy’s parents called police after finding disturbing text messages between him and their son. When police began their investigation into the texts, they found Senator Ralph Shortey in a motel room with the boy.

    According to KOCO 5, on Thursday they obtained a search warrant that was served during the investigation. In the search warrant, police said they found the juvenile’s Kindle Fire tablet that contained conversation between him and Shortey pertaining to sexual activities in exchange for money. The tablet was seized as evidence.

    1. I'm confused by the difference in information regarding the same story?

      So, was the State senator from Oklahoma or Cleveland?

      Anyone else notice this inconsistency...same name for the Senator but different jurisdictions.???

    2. It's Cleveland County in Oklahoma, a suburb of Oklahoma City.

    3. Thanks for the clarification Craig :)

  4. WHA for HIW

    1984. Hmm, in part Yes.

    But, look also at the upside if so.

    All the Drugs dollars floating will be worthless because they will fail the History of Funds checks trying to convert now.

    The pallets of Bribes paid to Despots? Try converting those now.

    Proceeds of Crime? Not happy Bunnies soon!

    Now, the Biggies. Vast.Vast.Vast Trillions are hidden offshore by Tax Evasion. Money Laundering etc. Bribes, corruption, theft by Politicos. All those accounts will need to go Digital next to be usable currencies. The lot!

    Yes Sir, or Madam C, and how were those funds earned? Oh Shit!!!!

    Bush, Biden, Soetoro/ Obama, Cheney. Romney, Soros.Oh what a pot of Poo awaits. Try telling Auditors now not to worry about checks, because JAIL awaits them if failing to do new Statutory Checks. Jail, sequestration and ruination.

    Now Bushes, Clinton's, HOW were those funds earned? Show me! You EVADED Taxes? And from corruption?

    We are doing background traces on Funds going back 50 years and Elite Families are squealing like stuck Pigs. "So, your Grandfather, was the President, and took Bribes, or skimmed off the top from the nation, Yes?" So these funds were never Lawfully earned, so you are now being denied conversion and all these funds are now sequestrated.

    The Bush Clan, Clinton's and most Politicos, also Treasury Secretaries, Bank and Fed Seniors, face payback.

    Banks WILL now have to open up on their entire asset base, when taken in, and owned by who? What do you mean,you don't know? You just walked it in? Hello?

    Yes, it's going Digital, and the IT systems WILL Flag up so many dirty secrets.

    Banks can not quote " Non Cleared Assets," as Assets, and Clearing will mean exposure. Any shrinking discrepancy now will flag up.

    You can't even write it off because Banks will now have to explain the big discrepancies. Where did IT go? NO full transfer records, when, to whom, and who was the known Beneficiary of Record?

    Yes, 1984 has onerous issues, agreed, but think of the Hemorrhoid treatment awaiting so many now. Banks WILL have to submit the entire base and full records. Nowhere to hide it. Payback?

    The CIA face a nightmare. As do "Accommodating Bank Officers".

    So Friendly Five Fingers Fred Skimmermann was your Bank accommodating officer? You holidayed together it seems? Not to worry, we can arrange that in the Big House. You can have next door Cells. You will be partnered up with Big Bubba, and your Banker with The 2 heavily tattooed Gang Members who will soon break him in, face down! Assume the position.

    New times,it's a new world, Karma is a Bitch. Well they will be Bubbas!

    1. John,

      Going back years for ill-gotten gains that have since been inherited is truly needed.

      I wanted to share a little something...

      About 10 years ago my son was a junior in high school and had an American history exam that I was helping him cram for. I had the school issued history book in my lap. It said, and I swear I read it myself, about Charles Forbes...patriarch of the Forbes fortune.

      The history book said that Charles Forbes STOLE $20 Million dollars right out of the US Treasury and no one did anything about it so I sure hope the Forbes family is on the list for retrieval of stolen funds PLUS penalties and interest!!

    2. The Hamptons set becomes The Compton set.

  5. LOL

    I just love hearing our John sharing his first hand knowledge of what its like to be in prison.

    1. He does paint a very vivid picture, doesn't he? :-0)

    2. A little too vivid, I would think. But John's our Renaissance man for sure.


    3. He certainly has a way with words - like an artist with his brush. 8-)

    4. Too funny Pal...I wonder if John knows of BOHICA??

    5. From his words, it seems he's frighteningly familiar with it. LOL

  6. JOHN This one is your best yet! Why would I say that? I have been screwed over for million$ that I earned the hard way! I was born in one of these catholic processing centers and survived. I believe God smiled on me and the good folks were on duty for the 24 months I was engaged there. (Thank You Dear God!) That being said let's get on with your pearls of WISDOM Sir! ACCOUNTABILITY is one area F*ing RotZios, Policrooks, Banksters, Pedos and satanists hate. That is why the love the FED, high volume-velocity trading and the general lack of system integrity. What you so eloquently described is their nemesis ... they will have to account (love that word) for chain of title so to speak. I have funding sources tied into this and I can account for mine. Praise God! I have several colleagues that are joining together to rebuild portions of cities with infrastructure like water, power, communications, security, waste processing, education and more. All of my colleagues expect to pay ourselves, build sustainable organizations and invest most of what we receive on revitalization, helping people develop meritocratically with achievable goals of real jobs doing good stuff and even making real products + services. What a novel idea.

    We are Americans who read the Original 13th Amendment and understand the RKM and all that bull shit evil. We work hard and love our Country and what a joy it will be to see carma assist satanist demise. All the pieces of the puzzle we have pieced together over recent years are in your blurbs today. I love the logic and how it fits together. The PP's, Battalions, accountability, chain of title and evidence of proper ownership. Praise God. All is woven like fine English wool! I Pray you increase wisdom and discernment +++. Not blowing smoke ... I enjoy the written work oh so much when it guides the loom!

    1. Bob

      Truly, I stay humble to all, except Palladin. He's mine for fun,he's like a trout rising to a fly. Then he feels the hook Dam Lol.

      Across the sites are many good people,caring folks, and united can help us all achieve so much. We came into this to make a difference. To put back.

  7. Thank you John, given you had mentioned history of funds some time ago, I did go through everything and have all noted as to the how and where and when. Also am happy to help with 1/2 going to help the nations the currency comes from. Really, how much does one really need to live well? When you ditch the keeping up with the neighbors, live quietly and without pomp, a little can go a long way. That just leaves more than enough for sensible retirement funding and having a little clean fun once in a while. That's not including helping other projects that help communities or investing in technologies that can help the many with the least on this little blue planet. No worries about running into your glass ceiling either! )

  8. P

    I've reserved a free vacation in the Caribbean for Palladin. A good private big game fishing boat.

    Watch his little face in his wet suit when he sits on the boat edge asking wheres my water skis and what the hell are these big hooks hanging off me?
    A gently push, he will soon see he's rope connected as we pick up speed trolling him behind, asking whats this chum like stuff in the sea we keep passing through?
    I thought we were going big game fishing he shouts.
    We are my man.
    But wheres the bait and what fish?

    Great whites and your it!

    1. I hear there's a fishing boat that may be available in the Caribbean...called "Lady Michelle."...although from many reports she ain't no lady. :-0)

    2. I'm not surprised you want me to do all the heavy lifting while you sit back and take the accolades and enjoy the spoils. As to the BOHICA thing above, are you the pitcher or the catcher?

      I suggest you send your prison protocols to the Bush and Clinton crime families, I'm sure they'd appreciate it and maybe you could hook them up with some of your "boys" on the inside.


    3. John, know you really like busting Paladins b@$*s, but just can't see him as shark bait or fish food. Have ocean fished off Long Island sound and with the current radiation have little interest in fishing for rads. But green pasture, may sound boring to some, but seeing my ewes and bouncing lambs happy means something to me.

      Paladin, wish him the best, certainly not as bait of any kind, but happy doing what ever makes him happy. You all have fought a hard battle over many years, humor helping on some of the darkest days am sure. Just want to see the team that has worked so very hard able to see some normalcy, if it's at all possible even though there is so very much to do in helping so many globally.

      The so called satanist, human trafficking, drug running club that has run this little planet nearly into the ground with their greed, corruption and thirst for blood don't belong here anymore. It's time that those who can and will step up and start bringing the positive changes do so.

    4. Paladin has a close real relationship with me in normal life. I'm there for him in a heartbeat if needed.
      Like teaching him to tie his shoe laces each morning.
      OMG will he rise to this one?

    5. John, do understand. It's rare for me to have someone that can bust chops on. Have had only had one in my life and it was like having the big brother I never had. He would say something to me along the boasting lines and opportunity would come for me to call him on it, even better if it was something physical like handling a larger lamb. For me an easy task, but for a large man like him, a stretch. Kinda funny. And he would pick on me for my small size. LOL. Miss that, but that's ok.

  9. JOHN So often I hear how Americans are and all the bad things we did to the rest of the world. We Americans who love our Country - Republic serve God and work hard to do good things. I am not a saint but work at proper behavior. I did not destroy Iraq, Vietnam, japan, Germany, Afghanistan etc; I had little or no clue. We the REAL AMERICANS were raped and enslaved by the likes of Rotzio, Rocky, Barry, Hilly-Billy, Bush et al. I Pray we get resources to rebuild our Country as a paradigm of excellence. I want the RotRats to hang or worse for their crimes and we revitalize. Americans are generous by their nature. We will help others and hopefully, without the RKM et al we the world of Sovereign Nations use common sense and good will to get it right. I have seen enough bloodshed and we need to eliminate those who promote war. We should have a strong Military however so we are not taken over. That means we do not do what was done in our name in Libya, Iraq etc in recent years.

    1. Bob

      All the above is true, and if we can encourage new, Patriotic, enlightened Americans to challenge for key roles, and to lead the people out of this Beltway rot,it is our Duty to try. We wish only to serve a higher purpose, and to unleash the so very many good Americans from the bondage of the Cabal and Zio Rats. All the good people need true freedom.

      Also to help and protect the many good, decent, honorable and humane Jews so blighted by the true evil the Banking Zio Rats do, leaving the true Jewish religion to unfairly carry the shame and blame. Good Jews are NOT Zionists, and Zionists are not Jews. Zionist feed Greed, good Jews feed need.

      Good Jews serve. Zionists take!
      Trump hopefully may help retrack America, but so many evil scavengers are lined up against him and will stop at nothing.Nothing too low or treacherous.

    2. Many souls only want the same, John.... I believe that and feel it with all my being.... just need a path....

  10. Food for thought.... When Donating on a grand scale goes horribly wrong.

  11. John,

    So if this is going to effect money outside of your groups (IE drug dealers)and everyday people by default are you saying they are getting ready to eliminate the Federal Reserve Note and replace officially with the TRN?

    What becomes of the money in safes and mattresses for people who paid taxes on the money, but don't trust banks?

    And are they going to devalue when this is released? Are we going to get 7 TRN for 10 FRN?

    1. JV

      Conversion will become compulsory or the old notes become worthless.
      Yes, they WILL devalue,and this will be the start of a process towards a cashless, card or chip society. It will control all money via a Global net, and all taxes will be taken at base. It will ensure full reporting and tracking. Total transparency. Major problems for corruption or crime.
      But, of course, the State can seize the lot! And with the US Cabal- Will!

    2. John,
      What you're describing is the NWO straight out of Orwell's 1984. I don't want any part of it. I doubt that it will work any better than current system. I see a big barter system on the horizon. It's just a new slave master much like the old slave master...maybe even worse.

  12. John,

    How will the ESF be handled in the near future?

    What I have been afraid to blog about: The ESF and Its History_Part 1

    What I have been afraid to blog about: The ESF and Its History_Part 2

    What I have been afraid to blog about: The ESF and Its History_Part 3

    What I have been afraid to blog about: The ESF and Its History_Part 4

    1. We need Trump to state his strategy now.

  13. p: For the many in our world struggling in refugee camps or wherever they can find that is safer for them and theirs, peace is the way forward. If we can help the African nations find peace, rather than what has typically been the case, where our nation and others have worked to create “issues; over throw legally elected officials; create financially appealing, but illicit work, etc.” China has the right idea and I hope we can see that expanded through the African continent.

    A 17-year-old stranded in a refugee camp shows us exactly what courage looks like.

    When war broke out in Libya, thousands of refugees from countries including Somalia, Sudan and Eritrea, were forced to flee for their lives. In Tunisia a 17-year-old Somali, named Omar, was patiently waiting for freedom.

  14. You guys are often rather cryptic but you seem positive about unfolding events, so how do you interpret Trump's nearly completely Goldman-Sachs cabinet? Someone give me an upbeat spin on it because so far I'm troubled.

    1. Douteux55...we've all heard "keep your friends close and your enemies closer". We'll know soon enough if this is the case or if it's just more of the same.

      Of course, if he's eliminated, there is no hope at this point. Some of the strategy might be to stay alive to make changes and build momentum.

      When the momentum is right, the American people will clamor and scream their worst fears...HANG THEM FROM LAMP POSTS!!! Bushy Sr. said so well. Maybe they've seen evidence from the looking glass project and already know their fate?

    2. MWP, Douteux 55

      The Zios have him Fiscally by the scrotum again. Worrying- Very!

    3. It is multi dimensional chess! Trump is playing several dozen opponents at a time. Some think it is a game and many bad guys are in the 2-frog cha cha and don't know it. Never kill an opponent while they are helping you...and providing intel. I am optimistic and our Prayers are very important. This is a battle between good and evil!

  15. Replies
    1. A Joint, loose shoes,, and a warm Lavatory seat. He's found his level. Somewhere to spend his Con Game assets.

    2. Is he not in trouble for the cocaine debacle on his boat? Where's Michelle?

  16. Trump Planning to Host April Summit With China's Xi
    March 14, 2017

    U.S. President Donald Trump is planning to host Chinese President Xi Jinping for a two-day summit next month at his palatial Florida mansion along the Atlantic Ocean, the first meeting between the two world leaders.

    Neither Washington nor Beijing has confirmed the summit at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate, but U.S. news outlets report the meeting between the heads of the world's two largest economies is planned for April 6 and 7.

    The reports said that U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is expected to complete plans for the Trump-Xi meeting when he visits Beijing later this week. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said Tuesday both countries were in "close communication" about exchanges between their leaders.

  17. The scale of both Goldmans, and Zio presences again over US Finances is worrying as hell. He is being corralled from the inside, and that is not good. Control the money the rest is academic. His Son is Law is way too close to Nutter Yahoo and the Zios. He has to STOP appointing Zios to the Treasury and Fed. But, he clearly needs the Bretheren's money supplies for his hotels etc. So much for independence? Not good!

    That apart, some moves are promising, and we ALL want what is good for the USA. But to stay vigilant,compliment what is good and go critical of what is not. It all needs to be watched with diligence. So do they!

    At least with Trump, we appear to have a new Leader, not pre compromised by the Beltway slime. Also one who does not advocate reckless conflict with Russia or China.

    Russia has just set up a vast Military exercise launching 500 Missiles over Siberia in a huge training war game. They are getting ready for devastating destruction. 500 Missiles!!!! Imagine that lot coming your way? And that is only Russia. Real war, it will be 10 fold and China too!

    The meetings with Xi Jinping will be good. He needs to meet with Putin too. Even better if he goes to Moscow. Make the effort.
    We need to talk down the Whores of War and to simply cut Nato. It will not last 2 days in conflict, so why? Spend the money on American jobs!

    China is just doing a $65 Billion trade deal with Saudi.Funds you just lost,and with it US jobs. Think Smart!

    It's looking like Trump IS going to have America join the British Global Commonwealth.A good move. Yes to that! We can put manners on the Buggers and teach them Geography. Lol.

    Next week may be very interesting Let's wait and see. We are now intensely planning and pre positioning. Can't say more yet. It's " Manic" in case. But- nothing is done until it's in the accounts and this is knee jerk territory with some " Jerks" in the chain of command. Nothing is ever easy.

    Remember,behind every supposedly great Leader is a VERY surprised wife!

    1. John, I understand that Trump's son-in-law is an orthodox jew. Isn't that different than being Zionist?

    2. Yes, and there ARE MANY GOOD JEWS, but once they start connecting to Mossad rats and Nutter yahoo, it's a huge worry. Mossad is a Kazakh monstrosity. A Zio Thugs Cosa Nostra murdering for a false State. It's a real worry he has such close links to that thug, and a huge US security risk.

      Israel IS Americas greatest spying pest nation and a UN Labelled Apartheid Pestilence. A VILE Despotic regime!

      No other nation would clear the Son in Law for such sensitive access as he becomes a huge security risk for Mad Bad Benny to use.

    3. I was hoping he was keeping an eye on the whole bunch. Your Baptism by Fire is one hell of a report this week.

    4. Ragarding the Jews, I would like to point out something mentioned in The Thiaoubba Prophecy.

      The Jews were from a planet of the 5th level. There are 9 levels of planets per the Thiaoubbans, each level being designed to accommodate a higher level of spirituality. Earth is a 1st level planet or "planet of sorrows". IE Kindergarten.

      Their planet was called HEBRA, thus the name Hebrew.

      Their ship crashed in the Area around what would now be the vicinity of Ukraine.

      The Jewish Bloodline as we know it today started from the last 3 survivors. 1 man, Lobanen and 2 women, Dina and I can't remember the other name.

      This is why to this day that still intermarry, to try to keep the bloodline pure.

    5. Reality is 10 times worse, we have just not let it rip yet. You at least are way better informed than the public here.

    6. The Jews were not from any planet. YHWH ( alien for sure ) appeared to a rag tag group of marginal desert dwellers known to be anti-Egyptian. They coalesced around him very loosely to start. The religion was truly codified after the fall of the Temple somewhere around 537 BC and the priests and elites were shipped off to Babylon. It was in Babylon that they began to draft the whole religion with many modifications and adaptations of Zoroastrianism and other religions of the period even including Egyptian. The destruction of the 2nd temple under the Roman general Titus pretty much put an end to the whole nation. Half a million of them were killed and the remainder were shepherds. The Jews today are descendants of the Khazarian empire, a group of tribes from southern Russia that adopted Judaism around 800 AD, and those who had been converted by first-2nd century Jews. Their thinking was elaborated by the rabbis who took issue with the various books of the Bible in the first century before and after Christ (Pharisees) and perverted the original interpretations with the Talmud and Gemara. There are some righteous Judaics but most will not admit the evil in the Talmud nor will they disavow Zionism which makes them problematic. I suspect many are afraid. Mossad finds and threatens all the ones who are of any use and forces them to spy on the goyim in their lives as well as each other. They are called sayanim. It's global. They used to just be compensated with money and stuff, now their lives, families and bank accounts are threatened.

  18. I think Trump has aligned himself with the zionists because he can trust them? Yes they are elitist and they control our money supply, and probably alot more, but the most dangerous threat to our constitution is the deep state Bush, Clinton, Obama (Chicago) crime families and the CIA and Military Complex war machine and drug runners?

    1. Cont...If he trys to fight everyone then he gets nothing done. Choosing your battles?

    2. Why not view as all rats in a sack together, why not bag the lot?

    3. No. We elected him to rip their f'ing lying throats out. We need them all gone. The stick should have been, "guilty of Treason" with anyone not ready to toe the line to go to the wall.

      He is the Executive. Treasury should have been ripped free de-facto. The Fed is harder, but even there, their contract is up-and-done and we should have been seeing a plan for dismantlement.

    4. Bagging the lot can follow with sanitisation! The lot!

  19. Russia Is Now Recruiting Cosmonauts For A Secret Moon Mission
    Published on Mar 17, 2017

    The space race is on again, but this time, the stakes could be much higher. In a previous article I told you about Roscosmos (Russia’s government-run space agency) and the ESA (European Space Agency) having set up a plan to build a permanent base on the dark side of the Moon. Now the Russians are looking to set up a team of cosmonauts for a future lunar mission.


  20. New public article just out by Jim Willie...all that glitters could be gold?


    Something big is afoot in the Shanghai Gold market. It seems that we are at the door of the RESET finally, with China being betrayed by the USGovt and USFed in concerted collusion. The attempt to reduce the USDollar while maintaining ultra-low bond yields seems the final straw. The inference is made that the jig is up finally, and a significant turning point is upon us.

    A contact at Evolution Consulting has reported that his best contact notified him that VIPs are being invited to take tours of the Shanghai Gold Exchange operation. This man was among one of the guests. These tours are not being arranged in some congenial welcoming event, not at all. Rather they are informational and official in granted preview. They are almost surely being staged to inform the opposition that it is all over for them now. With a cherry on top, the VIP guests were required to pay for the tour. The above juicy tidbit was provided by a client, passing the word along. Something big is afoot.

    China seems to have changed its position toward aggressive in the gold market introduction with gusto and emphasis. Conclude easily that where there is smoke, there is fire, and the heat will be on physical gold metal demand in Asia. In turn the pressure will be put on the USDollar, whose custodians are not honorable and for perhaps the last time, have betrayed the Chinese. Lower USDollar valuation combined with already chronic low bond yield could have turned the Chinese hostile in the wake of the USFed rate hike. The Jackass raises the conjecture (stronger and more classy than guess) that the USGovt and its bankster masters lied to China about a rate hike, and the Chinese are very angry. The sleazy central banker crew defaulted on the gold lease from 1999, evident in 2014. The same sleazy vile crew have used tricks like bank derivatives to create phony bond demand, tricks like Reverse REPO to undo the last rate hike by ramping up to dangerous levels the bond leverage, alongside massive bond default on legacy bonds from nearly a century ago. The fact that a bond is old does not invalidate the bond’s integrity and requirement for honoring it. The criminal central banker crew in all likelihood stole at least $3 trillion in Saudi USTBonds as well, which serve as ESFund core. China has probably seen enough, and will proceed with the Global Currency RESET. Their nation is under stress, and the imposition of the Gold Standard should right their course well enough, even if it derails the United States to the point of entry into the Third World.

  21. WOW! John did you read the above from Jim Willie, do you concur? Just wondering how we here in the states should brace for this?

    1. OK

      Let me think about what is safe to let loose. All is now evolving hourly!

      1. Early next week the vast Quad T overprints will be brought back off balance sheet and converted. But - NO REDEMPTION Paid!!! No further dialogue. They are being handled- Man! version!
      2. Approved holdings are due to be converted, "Soon", Yes we have the date but not for Public release! It's NOT Public business.
      3.Removing the Vandal hoards has left some possible flexibility if a Trickle Down is considered worthwhile. You are now in with a possible Free Feed. Possible- Not Done! Possible. No one "deserves" this free ride after what poor Iraq suffered, and they are not responsible for others screwed up lives. But the Ambulance Chasers may now get out. Certain West Coast parties will! At least they are organized.
      4. Other currencies will probably be decided over the week end. It's live-Very!
      5. Gold reality is coming. Holding coins or bars more so!

      Yes to all the reports on US Cabal criminality. It IS being dealt with worldwide now.
      Trump MUST see the Clinton's jailed.No less. The vitriol from the Bitch Witch will take them all down.

      Sessions must get Herzog extradited to face a Congressional Committee which will crack the Bushes wide open. America MUST now have its own Nuremberg, because it DESERVES IT!

      Watch next week, it's all unfolding. You now have hope!

  22. Here's a catchy tune in response to libs outrage over Trump election...

    Friends in Safe Spaces

  23. Replies
    1. Sorry Canadians but your government set the precedent. May your wives and daughters be safe from this onslaught.

  24. News.

    This is new FACT.
    GCHQ and the UK did NOT hack or Spy on Trump.Fact from the TOP! Investigated fully and fast. False News. GCHQ gets the all clear on this one. So it could only have been a US or Russian job. If true.

    1. Excellent! Now we can sharpen knives to slice and dice some U.S. turncoats, since I think the Russians will be found innocent on this one.

    2. Very happy to hear this about GCHQ. Hopefully no deterioration between May and Trump's relationship from this.

      Also very excited about your progress, John, and cautiously optimistic about all the "movement" occurring and may be occurring in the upcoming days.

      Time for an extra "L" to help your stamina over the weekend. Lol.

      Cal L. Girl

    3. A groveling apology from the WH now for falsely implicating us.

      Now, LLLL the stamina is still sound. And "Free Standing!"
      The next week or two may be all you need. Be cautious yet, but real progress each day. Any day can see it open up now. It's Political, but funds are now ready on call. Now the week ends are when, with less work, I would hope to get a weak end. No Justice.

  25. Please don't blast me for asking this, will people like myself be able to exchange ZIM and dinar at some point? I don't need trillions and trillions of dollars but would like to help feed the hungry, provide homes for those in need and much more. I am not in a group and have only been educating myself on this mess for a year. There is so much to try and understand. The different dimensions and so forth. Any insite will be greatly appreciated.

  26. First we need a week end policy on the Public issue. If and when. How much , what rate and how.
    Step one.

    Right now we are swamped dealing with the majors.
    I started at just after 04-30 this morning. Conferences with Elders at 5, and West Coast US at 6. China from 7 and non stop since. Manic.

    No one will blast at you. We do understand. Respectfully.
    We can only respond on Public issues once real decisions are made.
    Watch the sites and once approved, we will help all.

    1. Thank you for taking time to answer my question.

    2. You, the Readers, and contributors, all matter. To help is honor enough.
      To serve is Duty.

  27. Tony WHA

    Saw your note on coffee this morning. As you are clearly overloaded, can I help by giving a good tip to the waitress for you?

    1. No John, you have your hands full with the elder queen and Paladin just bought you a full springtime package at Paddington. Everything this side of the Thames is my territory. lol

    2. Paladin is not proud. He will settle for 3's up. Closest hes been this year.

      Or last!

  28. The White House Secret Service had to grab a heavy, hooded intruder trying to climb the WH protective fence. Protesting furiously, the apprehended party was told by the SS, I'm sorry Mr Trump, but you really do have to serve the 4 years you contracted to do here!

    The White House is now criticizing Rachel Maddow for the unauthorized release of Trumps Tax records. It should have been done by the usual protocols, allowing it to be hacked by the Russians and Leaked to Wiki leaks!

    Russia is now having real trouble with its Olympic athletes. They are now asking furiously,how come you can rig a US election but not a dam urine test????

    Melania is now relieved, she was told it came from someone close to Trump, so shes now off the hook!

  29. The White
    Today, the Office of Management and Budget released the President's FY 2018 budget blueprint to make America great again.
    President Donald J. Trump will welcome the Taoiseach of Ireland to the White House today. This visit will further strengthen the close economic and cultural ties between our two nations as we work together in areas of mutual interest.
    President Trump is committed to making sure all Americans have the opportunity to secure a good job.

    President Trump is focused today on several of his top priorities: making health insurance more affordable and accessible, taking care of our great veterans, training America's incredible workforce for the manufacturing jobs of the future, and strengthening the United States' relationship with our important ally, Germany.


    1. I can believe that as well as Trump throwing Paul Ryan and his Ryancare under the bus. What a show!

  31. As you probably expected Americans, you don't get the truth from lamestream media on refugees...or anything. Stunning exposé.

    Important news you won't get from MSM.
    This woman from Missouri was part of UN refuge resettlement program. Some of the things she discovered:
    There is little to no vetting.
    Refugees being admitted have communicable diseases such as TB, Leprosy, small pox.
    Vast majority are males age 15-44 NOT women and children.
    People assisting the refugees are encouraged to identify "clients" as long term disabled then sign them up for social security.
    When states refuse refugees the federal government implements the Wilson Fish Program which bypasses states and turns them over to third parties.

    Diseased Refugees Receiving SSN and Passport Upon Arrival

  32. Totally true under Obama. Is this still going on? Has Trump been able to halt any of it? We knew it was happening all along. Libnziotard destructive disruptive agenda.

  33. Douteux,

    From the video, the lady claimed they had received 1200 "refugees" so far this year in Missouri. Only thing Pres Trump has been able to do so far is cap the number for this year at 50,000 and there have already been 34,000 brought in this year. He has not been able to stop it. Both Executive Orders have been stopped by 9th Circuit Federal judges (so called). IMO they are anarchists, not judges.

  34. Beware of the Predators Among Us

    Coincidentally, The Honolulu Star Advisor reported that former President Obama and family had made a “surprise visit to Honolulu” just a day ago. It is also noted that “Derrick Kahala Watson was nominated by President Obama in November 2012 to serve as a United States District Judge for the District of Hawaii.” In addition, Watson and President Obama graduated from Harvard together in 1991.

    9/11 TRUTH: A Government Researcher Speaks Out On Building #7
    “Building #7 Was A Classic Controlled Demolition”

    PEDOGATE: 8 Signs that the Clintons will face a major Pizzagate prosecution


    Truth About Neocons: From Lenin to Leo Stauss to Murdoch and Gen. PetraeusTruth About Neocons: From Lenin to Leo Stauss to Murdoch and Gen. Petraeus

  36. “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”
    ― Sun Tzu, A Arte da Guerra

  37. Interesting, almost all Trumps new pics are CFR members. How can this achieve change?

    Clinton is ready to launch again, despite such abysmal criminality. Is there any Justice with the Cabal?

    Jarret is conspiring with Con Man Soetoro to unseat Trump and slip in Pence. With her visible criminal past, from Chicago Slum Lady to her Iranian Muslim extremists, why is she not in jail?

    Clearly Epstein avoided major charges. How about a retrial? New charges?

    Why is Clinton now now under arrest?

    Who will next expose Kissinger?

    Why is Soros not now arraigned?

    Who is investigating CIA Drug trafficking and crimes?

    Why is Obama not under arrest? How many crimes does it take?

    Trumps 100 days will come soon enough. He will have achieved, what? Bluster apart,where are the changes? Real ones?

  38. WHY? Because the American people don't take to the streets and demonstrate and cry for it to happen.

  39. With a poll showing 57% of Scots don't want to leave the UK Union,that whining , Socialist, Free loading, ever spending other peoples money Gobshite Sturgeon, is realizing if she gets her referendum and loses, then the English will demand she resigns and she, plus her Sheep S **! Party will be back to begging bowls and booze again, with no credibility left only cold reality.

    If she wins, there are no guarantees the EU will take them in as a pointless basket case nation of scroungers, leaving the cold wind of reality blowing up a lot of Kilts where it is long overdue.

    Hollywood fantasies like Braveheart, create a false picture of reality and the gullible believe it, because it was on the Telly??? So simple to direct stupid.

    Hard reality is that Wallace still ended up first in the tower where he saw real torture pain, and was then hung, drawn and quartered alive in the Parliament Westminster Hall, which meant his body was placed live in the cage to hold him. He then first was separated screaming from his manhood with knives, ( really bad reality dawning) his heart and organs removed while he was hanging live by the neck, then cross drawn and quartered. The realities of Empires. All are the same.

    Now THAT is Parliament and how Empires dealt with Losers. Very, very bad times,but the ethos of power still remains. Nichola really will end up Knickerless if she loses now.
    That Gobby Troll is talking herself into well deserved oblivion. Power is ruthless. To the Victor the spoils, but to the Loser, oblivion. Scotland stands poised for oblivion.

    Reality, humanity , is that the Scots and English need to learn to live together as a simple collective of human beings, living in peace, respect and dignity, on a small rock of land in the wind and rain swept Atlantic. Failing that the Scots will be left as just 8 million Alcoholics clinging to a rock as reality rules. Only the Scots have learned to separate their mouths from their brains. Gimme, Gimme,Gimme, - More!, No!

    Either way she is now on the brink of oblivion if she can not shut that whining mouth.
    Ever tried working and creating self wealth? The Oil money they P***** up the wall. Then it was lost.

    Now they malinger and whine with F all. Ever the Scots. History versus reality. Can you wonder why the Romans build Hadrian's Wall across the North separating the nations to keep the lot out. Even the Romans knew, this was where Civilization ended. Now its dawning on the Troll, she can lose all. Another Clinton?

  40. John

    Is there any way the U.S. can stop the forward movement right now on the financial front?

    Are the U.S. entities on board? If they are not on board does it matter?

  41. Unknown

    1. The entire Political,Agency and Pentagon free loaders are up to the neck holding paper. For many Generals, its their Retirement funds.
    2. The Banks NEED it.
    3.The Treasury needs the tax clawback. But, its helps London parties to hold back until late April to avoid this year tax grab, so expect possible games, at least on the PPs. The RVs are different. That's a US take.
    4.The US entities are on board, but you still risk some fleabag grabbing temporary use again. As ever. You cant even arrest Clinton right now, bad as she is, so where is power?

    The moves are positive, so worst case looks to be timing, and keeping crooks hands off. In a nation of Crooks?
    Right now its hot for the the big battalions, but no Public feature yet. It IS possible the Public may just be ignored once the Pigs have fed. Then the jobs are done for the nations. Do they need a Public free for all? Grief?

    Out big battle now is defining the big PP dates. Big battalions appear close. That feeds the big Swine.

  42. Jeez, no bias in that article at all. Only half the story, and slanted to sound as awful as possible. WAY more to the story.

  43. Bertrand Daily Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues

    Subject: Evil doesn't sleep and the battle will be forever

    March 18th, 2017

    By Dave Bertrand

    I find this latest "false flag" (laptop theft) as a sign of something big to come....the set-up scenario for either destruction of Trump Tower or assassination.

    The rogue elements of the last administration and worshippers of the New World Order could be setting the stage for "plausible deniability" if and when something happens. They can't blame it on Russia and they certainly do not want to show any connections to the Dems/Communists, but to make an event (false flag) more relevant to the "Trump crisis" intervention squad of dopes, the patsy could easily be another Hinckley type psychopath.

    The CIA have been over-exposed along with Hillary and Bill's trail of death/suicides, and because (WE) are on-to-them like no other time in our history, the Communist Globalists might be preparing to pull a rabbit out of their hat soon.

    The reckless act of leaving a laptop available to anyone is NOT what I see in this latest B.S. story, but a half-ass planned "false flag" theft of a laptop with details and plans for the Trump Tower to create fear among the staff and Trump's family, and to send a warning to President Trump to "play ball with them...or else !"

    The Secret Service are well trained in all aspects of security, but yet we have heard nothing about the agent or details of how and why he left a laptop in his car...or why that laptop was left unattended, or if the vehicle was unlocked.

    Next we have a fence jumper that spent 15 minutes inside the White House grounds before being detected???

    But yet....if you or I attempted such a stunt, we'd be shot within minutes. If the Secret Service are that reckless, then most every person they provide security for could be in danger and NSA's monitoring of every single call, text and email of every American is a joke !

    But yet...if you or I attempted to text, email, talk on any cellphone about "killing president Obama" when he was in office....we'd be in jail within hours ! Whomever the patsy or agent was that stole the laptop would be tracked and caught, if NSA was "true to form."

    The difference is like night and day in America now, a "shadow government" of rogue elements that turn a blind-eye and wish harm for OUR president.

    When Obama was elected, the Liberty Movement of Patriots did not burn down businesses, smash windows, assault Obama supporters, nor did we make blatant statements on social media about "blowing-up the White House" or make videos depicting the "assassination of Obama" as we are seeing now against this president.


    1. Cont'd..

      Morons, like Madonna, Snoop Dog, Michael Moore, Rosie O'Donnell, David Letterman et al, is a despicable display of danger against WE THE PEOPLE and this government.

      However, we cannot dismiss Pelosi, Schumer, McCain and Graham from the moron level of hatred being exposed and many more that feel their Hillary / New World Order Communist agenda to enslave humanity is deteriorating before their very eyes.

      If President Trump survives and he doesn't submit to the outrageous attacks by his own government and dangerous media, we will see America transform into a well oiled machine of productivity and commonsense policies....recognizing the U.S. Constitution (again) as the mainstay of our Republic.

      If the rogue elements continue to undermine Trump's efforts to "Make America Great Again" for everyone, including the "snowflakes" and the radical Left socialists, the push-back will increase to the point of an all out war, where each of us will have to react...especially if the bastards kill our president.

      Because...if we don't react, our country will be lost for a very long time until the next revolution. The Constitution and all laws that protects our freedoms and liberties will be extinguished over night. The door to door gun confiscations will begin and property rights will be stolen. Media will continue to brainwash all Americans into submission and the Liberty Movement will be THEIR enemy (as we are now).

      During the Obama Administration, we knew what we could expect, and we all continued to push-back and expose the tyranny that was creeping slowly towards an outright Communist dictatorship....but THEY needed the golden seal of the next president, Hillary Clinton with all her and Bill's ties to rogue world leaders, (which Obama did not have) in-order to fulfill the globalist plans for the take-down of America.

      America (was) the last hold-out for world government control, because we are a well armed society of Patriots, protected by the 2nd Amendment as a means to "change the government by force" if need stated in the Constitution. While at the same time...certain United Nation plans and agendas crept through our backdoor and now those same U.N. agendas are becoming irrelevant under the Trump Administration.

      America was to be dis-armed completely, and the economy destroyed by further rules and regulations to push manufacturers and businesses out of the country. Destruction of the Middle Class and forcing the population into concentrated areas with perceived benefits that benefit all, mandatory health care that looks great for the very poor, but could put others in prison if their fines/taxes were not paid to support that health care a.k.a. ObamaCare....a major scam for the top .0001% to actively buy-up land for pennies on the dollar while living their wonderful lives as "Global Citizens" while you and I can barely board a flight to leave the country as the "No Fly List" continues to expand.

      Enslavement of a population is necessary for complete control and obedience.

      NSA "Data Mining" 24/7 monitoring of texts, emails, phone calls and social media is the control method for a population to eventually become obedient. Ironic is Left and the culture deviates demanding Equal Rights are the ones used by the Globalists to attack (our) comments, tweets and emails with a simple click on the Yahoo or AOL "Abuse" "SPAM" button?

      Only problem....when (WE) cry foul, nothing happens and the Left is allowed to threaten us, the president, and our own Rights under the Constitution.

      This battle isn't over yet and will not be for years to come, but if we give-up now, we will have submitted ourselves to all that can and will come our way eventually.

      Evil doesn't sleep and the battle will be forever.....

    2. Referenced article:

      Secret Service Laptop Stolen With Trump Tower Floor Plans & Info On Clinton Scandal

      by Staff Writer 9 · March 17, 2017

      On Friday, law enforcement sources told multiple news agencies that a laptop containing floor plans for Trump Tower, information about the Hillary Clinton investigation and other national security information was stolen from a Secret Service Agent’s car. ABC News, CBS News, the NY Daily News and more stated that police sources confirmed that the incident happened on Thursday morning.

      Among other items stolen with the laptop were coins and a black bag that had the Secret Service insignia on it. Those were later recovered, but the laptop with “sensitive” material on it has not yet turned up.

      The Secret Service agent’s car was in the driveway of her home in New York when a thief reportedly stole the items. The NY Daily News reported that the thief “stepped out of a car, possibly an Uber, on a street in Bath Beach and stole the laptop from the agent’s vehicle. Video footage shows the suspect leaving the scene with a backpack.

      “The agent also told investigators that while nothing about the White House or foreign leaders is stored on the laptop, the information on there could compromise national security,” the NY Daily News reported. The suspect also took “sensitive” documents and the agent’s access keycard.

      CBS News reported that sources told them that the laptop also contained some important documents pertaining to Pope Francis.
      “The Secret Service is very heavily involved and, citing national security, there’s very little we have on our side,” a police source told the NY Daily News. “It’s a very big deal.”

      “There’s data on there that’s highly sensitive,” they added. “They’re scrambling like mad.”

      ABC News reported that the computer “is encrypted and authorities are able to wipe the hard drive remotely if needed.”

      From The Desk of Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.) Int'l Airline Freight Captain on the DC-8 stretch jet / B-727 series 200 jet & First Officer DC-6 prop & DC-10 wide-body jet), 72' to 76' U.S. Army Veteran (Military Police) 'Comms Sergeant' (Korea), Law Enforcement (State), DHS Trained Counter-Terrorism Instructor for HWW, Border Security Specialist, Political Analyst and Activist to help "Make America Great Again" while exposing the "Deep State" shadow government enemy.

      My mission is to slice through the propaganda, encourage everyone to write and share important news among our network of patriots, military, law enforcement and selected news media sources (we trust). We are the pulse of America and we will prevail.

    3. Texian, I have to agree on your assessment of Snoop Dogg. He recently made a video called "Super Crip" glorifying his gang affiliation at his age. I read about the history of the gangs in LA, and the Crips were the reason the Bloods were formed. The Crips were going around killing everyone so the Piru Street Crips turned and started wearing Red and called themselves Bloods. I wonder how many innocent people have been murdered for just wearing the wrong color in the wrong neighborhood. We will never know.

  44. President Donald Trump Weekly Address to the Nation 3-18-17
    March 18 2017

  45. Trump and his team ARE right to be angry about the unfair criticism of his meeting with Merkel. Germany owes a huge amount of money for NATO and US Defense cover, also to Britain and it's time they PAY for our costs and help protecting them. America is losing jobs by free riding Germans.

    Yes Americans, demand fair pay, and for them to Pay what is owed and fair!

    See, we DO defend America when right!

    The US corrupt media must STOP attacking Trump on every issue with lies. If the lying media keep up attacking, switch off their programs, switch over, and stop buying their newspapers. Each day just Google into Google news, and all the news in the world is there FREE, all selected and itemized, all FREE!!! Why pay to be lied to? Hit back!

  46. p: Here and nearby in central NM, Albuquerque area. I can confirm use of the stealth bomber shown in the image. Have a long habit of looking up and have seen these as of late. Like yesterday.

    Don't think these are coming out of the base in Albq., but more likely Clovis or White Sands. They start from east an/or south typically here.

    Heads Up! Stealth Bombers Dropping Chemtrails In New Mexico, Blue Fibers and Morgellons
    March 14 2017

    1. People are simply outliving usefulness to the State.

      The State may simply be depleting the stocks. Populations are way too large. America clearly has concerns, so be assured these are going down wind over South America. Unseen but deadly over time. Retirees who can't self fund, just can't expect to be carried. We can't impose Social Policies through other peoples pockets.

      Nations have no fallback plan, nor money,so they use knee jerk policies to shake off free riders. Life is tough. It's just the US DC way of dealing with them. Herd reduction.

      Once the CHIPS come in, its a simple switch to activate terminations. Dreams are free. Keeping them is not. CHIPS ARE coming as is Cashless!

      General State Concepts are simple. If they have no savings, they are not worth saving. Let God take care of them. Nations can't.

      We can't feed what we can't keep or need. Populations still keep expanding so the Species has to look at consequences. China has a ruthless birth policy.
      Others may be looking at a death policy. Each to their own. Americas illegals will breed again. Asians like Rabbits. What gives?

      Thank the Tri Laterals. They want 7 Billion dead. Muslims just want to cut off your head. Its whats cooking in the Labs you need to fear. Once they get the DNA targeting right, watch that when unleashed. Until others hit back. Fear the CHIPS more. Officially for tracking Bank credits, ID for travelling. Heath info, Security tracking, and Criminal records. But when no longer needed, ??????????? States don't play Santa Klaus. Non essentials will be ever more programmed. What is the purpose or point of Bush 43?

    2. Hi just watched the Mission Statement you tube video twice, back to back. I watched it when you first released it last year but this time - I feel I got it even more. Very profound words of wisdom. I even sent it to a friend. And the end quote "We are not just matter, we all matter", I was so full of hope, but now after reading what you just wrote John, it all feels so hopeless.

    3. A Johnson

      What I gave you is a States perception. What they think. What they plan
      What you should be asking is, how can WE change it?
      Don't lose hope, find solutions. By challenging you can create positive thought and energy. People,make it happen,so how do we make People- Better?

    4. John,

      I'm pretty sure this statement is no longer true: "China has a ruthless birth policy."

      The one child policy is no longer in effect in China as they found there are not enough young, viable workers to support the aging population.

      Actually China is encouraging multiple children but most young couples are still only having one because it is so expensive to have and raise children. I was in China a few months ago and while there read an article on this very subject. I'm pretty sure about the truth of what I am sharing.

    5. John, then let's change what is so wrong. You know many of us here readers and contributors are on board to bring good and positive change. It's a start. Know you and the others who have fought for all of us are busy, but once things cut loose for the better, please let us help, even if we are humble in means and knowledge. The desire is there.The alternative, is not acceptable, all have something to contribute.

    6. Agreed, and ALL your voices carry and matter. Use them. Sometimes, tongue in cheek, I play Devils Advocate to encourage debate. You all contribute so much. All of you are heard and read.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. WHA for David

    Please read how often we do stick up for Americans against the Cabal but read it in context.

    1. Political, it's crooked beyond belief. Most are owned. No nation is so bad. Clinton's, Bushes? Soetoro?
    2. Agencies, drug running and genocidal. Regime changes for hegemony?
    3. Fed.Treasury and Bankers, rotten to the core. Take off the tinted glasses.
    4. Unions? Clean really?
    5. Wall Street, Pensions Self feeders,Hedge Funds,???? Madeoff, Milken? Goldman's?
    6. Organised crime rules.
    7. Crooked Judges. Governors?
    8 How many crooked self serving Lawyers? It's a Litigious nation.
    9. Drugs? The Drug Capital of the world.
    10 Hollywood? Sleaze Capital.
    11. Pentagon contractors? Licensed to murder. Who funds and arms ISIS?
    12. The Tri Laterals? Study their depopulation ethos. Kissinger's views on the US Military? He said what about Dumb, useless body bags there only to enforce US policies? He said it. On record.
    13. Energy Moguls? Regime changes for profit.
    14, Prisons full to bursting. Why so?
    15. Epstein? Plea bargained by a crooked system. Truly, disgusting.
    16, Why are the Clinton's not in Jail?
    17, Pizza gate?
    How many more do you need? 100?

    Do you go out often and look around?

    The US truly rots from the head up. With Trump we do hope for you all. But have you seen how many Tri Laterals he is now appointing? Why?

    Why again only Zios to the Treasury, when they have robbed the store? Why not non Zio Americans? Only the Zios and co create Oligopolies denying non Jews Key roles. Look at them. Hello?

    Yes to so many good Americans,Respect.
    But what about the trash above?

    Yes we do care, and try, but not challenging it is why it is so rank now.

    What we see is 100 fold this. Blinkered indifference is why it's got so bad.
    A Million Iraqis died. Why?
    Palestinians suffer dreadful brutality. Why? Who funds and arms what the UN calls an Apartheid regime?
    How many Syrians must die to stop US Hegemony? Iran refused, and won. Russia will die before submitting.990 plus US bases .Why?

    When Eurasia comes, what then? It will.

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. A Roadmap to Inner Freedom by Paramhansa Yogananda
    1. Fearlessness and non-attachment
    2. Absence of self-conceit
    3. Purity of heart: no malice towards others
    4. Perseverance (in the acquisition of wisdom and the practice of meditation)
    5. Sattwic charity (including helping others materially)
    6. Self-restraint leads to effortless control of the senses.
    7. Freedom from anger and faultfinding
    8. Straightforwardness harnesses your power.
    9. In kindness there is no pride
    10. Forgiveness: giving a person a chance to reform
    11. Renunciation is primarily of the heart.
    12. Remain ever tranquil in the Self.

    The person of strong ego-consciousness sees only God’s wrath when he is punished—a fate he has, however unwittingly, willed upon himself. God does not will our suffering. His will, which manifests personally in all of us, is for our eternal freedom in Him.

    1. Him?
      The religious singular permeates through and restrains our collective consciousness's ability to perceive all realities as a collective, all inclusive intelligence.
      The Religious concept of God is a non existent entity.
      What does exist is infinitely more, but gender less, pure energy. All knowing, all being.

    2. "What does exist is infinitely more, but gender less, pure energy. All knowing, all being."

      Now that is an exact and utterly perfect description of the God energy as far as I'm concerned. Thank you John.

    3. I totally agree John. Since on the subject - thought I would share one of my favorite documentaries. There is several parts but this is just one and two.

      Ancient Knowledge Pt 1 Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, Illusion of Reality Rare Footage

      Ancient Knowledge Pt.2 Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio, Phi in Nature, DNA, Fingerprint of God

    4. We can't educate our children, or societies about the reality of creation or Ethereal beings and life forces,Cosmic dimensions etc. Why not?

      Because we are so conditioned by the garbage permeated out by false religions, man has been conditioned and stupefied, not to self think.

      So many sectors, Sects and Cults, all thinking they are special. So much cross sector hatred. Muslims kill Muslims. Catholics killed Protestants,
      this Cult in Israe hell kill Palestinians,and the Zio, well they just rob, rape, mind condition and kill anything not theirs. Conditioning.

      We are "Special" We have a Bond with God. Naive bloody fools. Can you wonder why humankind is so backward.

      Religions have control and ownership of most of our Schools. Kiddy Fiddlers and pervs loose. Misogynists and mixed up misfits meddling with the minds of our impressionable children. What a mess they make.

      Most kids don't keep track of religions, it's so bloody boring. Can you wonder why they don't try to reason out anything? All they see emerging as conscious life forces, is a mixed up, messed up bunch of dysfunctional adults lost in a vortex of mumbo jumbo fairy tales. Get Real!

      Education can save each nation. Wake up, and teach children conscious revelation. Values, and Cosmic states of being. Open their little minds to challenge and then they start seeing. Then THEY will think and reason out a better society. Values will have not just meaning, but reason.

      Leaders are Clueless, most know less than you. Church schools fail us all, but keep educational control and coffers well fed. Each Diocese funded by deluded lies. Praying to a fantasy kingdom they alone Gatekeep for in the skies.

      Time to EDUCATE, thinking out Societies true values, Statesmanship,Citizenship,giving our emerging life forces reasons to be. The point and purpose of our journey here.

      If Leaders themselves don't understand,how can they saddle our creation of children to be tutored by collective idiots mind betraying projections of their false, conditioned, fantasy land?

      Life and being means being here for a reason, and so much more.

      Life NEEDS to have meaning and values. Yet we teach our children nothing. Society questions nothing. Societies gather like sheep to collective masses each week, month, or year, get their ridiculous penance forgiveness then go off again to Whore.

      How can we leave Ethereal consciousness and educate our Star species children with such pathetic leaders?

      Educate by Professionals and take Churches OUT of Schools and control.
      Kids are too damned important to leave to these fools!
      So - are YOU!

    5. OMG John, that was absolutely awesome. My sentiments exactly. Thank you for taking the time to express that.

      From a very very young age I have felt there was so much more to this life than what I was being told, seeing and feeling 99% of the time and have had a couple of experiences that confirm there is so much more to be discovered. Every single person I have ever had a conversation with about this has replied with words to the effect of "you just have to fit in, be normal like everyone else, go with the general flow of society, don't make waves and live your life by abiding by the law." I say BS. I flatly refuse to live like that. If something does not feel right to me I will absolutely rebel until I have discovered a satisfactory answer. I cannot live this life and pretend what I see day to day is all I am going to experience. I know there's more and I will not settle and be satisfied until I have gained that knowledge. I will not accept a humdrum, boring and shallow life and will never stop searching for knowledge and awareness that expands my mind and being.

    6. I agree with John on the point "him?". Giving a sex gender identification to the prime creator of all that is seems to me to be one of the things the control freak elite did to keep women in bondage and feeling like they have no self power but must alway acquiesce to a man's whims (male energy). When will so many finally understand that the energy to control another being is so tiring and the energy to love another being and their individuality is so uplifting. "Him" barbaric imho.

    7. Absolutely brilliant statement there MWP. Thank you.

    8. Unfortunately, teachers are vulnerable to their own spiritual and psychological wounds. Just like the rest of us. Most people are operating from a level of fear, lack of love, and ignorance of universal spiritual "law" . When dealing with the challenges that children can bring, a teacher can very easily fall into default mode and say or do things to children that are not coming from the most loving place.
      Things that can leave a damaging impression on a young person. If self awareness, emotional clearing techniques, spiritual development courses were a requirement for teaching, both teachers and children would benefit.

  50. Trump Delivers Documented Evidence of Obama Wiretaps To House Panel???
    Published on Mar 18, 2017


  51. Three Little Birds - Don't worry about a thing!
    Bob Marley Three little birds HD (Original)_xvid.flv

    Dolphin and Dog Song of the Seas by Vangelis wmv

  52. A Muslim woman in Indonesia is caned 23 times for standing too close to her boyfriend. The crowd of onlookers cheers.
    Indonesian woman flogged for standing too close to boyfriend

    30 year old Afghan woman is beheaded for going to her local market alone without her husband.
    Afghan woman beheaded for going to market without husband

    Geez, this Muslim religion is so progressive and civilised isn't it. NOT. Just more acts to enable brainwashed religious madmen to suppress women and control society.

    1. What's worse is these girls never have the choice growing up. They see women around them covered and controlled and think its the way. Otherwise the women wpuld stand up to the men en masse. But sadly, they do nothing to help themselves.

    2. AJ see my response above.

    3. AJ, I hear what you are saying but I would imagine many of these women and young girls do question this situation they find themselves in and would like it to be different but are too fearful of what will happen to them if they take one step the wrong way. Fear greatly deters action in some situations I believe.

      Here is some reading for you regarding what happens to female activists fighting for change.
      "On March 19, a mob of men beat a 27-year-old woman named Farkhunda to death, threw her body off a roof, ran over it with a car, set it on fire and at the end, threw it into the Kabul River. The attack was captured by mobile phone cameras and was widely shared on social media. The woman had been falsely accused of burning the Koran."
      Afghanistan turns blind eye to rising violence against women activists – Amnesty

    4. Remember all to well what saw as a corrections officer dealing with a Muslim prisoner population. Homosexuality is a fact of prison life and for that a brutal blanket party that could end in death.

      Don't even want to think what would happen to any woman under such religion(There is already enough evidence as shown above). Not all Muslim men treat their woman badly, but there is enough that do horrid things to their women- an end is needed to stop more such events. Education along with women willing to bring change and knowing it could end in their death.

    5. Islam is totally oppressive to women and children. That's why the world powers are promoting it IMO. They're trying to bring back oppressive slavery to two classes of people like feudal times: elite vs slaves All of you promoting moving Muslims in large numbers into the West should think through the scenario of the end game. Why are they doing this? It's definitely not to help ordinary people in any way although that's the cover to the scam. They're bringing people who have no moral objection to horrendous killing and intend to let them loose at some point to reduce population in huge numbers. It's all out there in the plans. You can find it if you look under Agenda 21 which is expanded now to Agenda 2030 and New World Order.

    6. Spot on Texian, very well said.

  53. p: Falls under the really dumb, but they are still trying to get Trump out.

    JUST IN – Supreme Court Moves to INVALIDATE Trump’s Election
    Published on Mar 18, 2017

  54. Replies
    1. WOW Texian, that document will sure get some knickers in a twist. Fingers crossed with this one. Thank you.

  55. Thinking of you Valdi. I hope your days have brightened. Miss you.

    "Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have - life itself." Walter Anderson

    "Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky." Rabindranath Tagore

    "What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you." Ralph Waldo Emerson

    “Any fool can be happy. It takes a man with real heart to make beauty out of the stuff that makes us weep.” - Clive Barker

    Great Britain’s Never-Ending Conquest Of Asia
    Strategic Geography and the Changing Middle East: Concepts, Definitions, and Parameters

  57. Zim Bonds are now trading in Zimbabwe. It's a start. Notes next.

    IF, the Dinars do trade first via the Big Battalions at least it opens doors for the Public to follow behind. Public holders may have to get creative if Banks don't open Trade Desks for them Stateside. Expect possible curved balls. ( Experienced wives just iron them back!)

    1. John,

      Several years ago you mentioned that the 2008 AA series 50T and 100T were in play.

      Then about 1 1/2 years ago these were demonetized.

      Are they going to bring them back now? I could see how a back room agreement could take place on these notes, but how would the public get a shot unless the remonetized that series officially?

      Is there something happening behind the scenes to effect this change?

    2. That's good news John. As soon as you know of the status of the Dong let us know. I recall you always saying that the Dongs should be ok, being that they are already traded. Is that statement still valid now?

  58. JV

    There are 2 issues as always.

    1.Sovereigns! Big Battalions
    2. Public.

    Clearing the main tiers if agreement is reached is simple, clean and fast. Also discrete with traceable funds mainly going to projects as needed.

    2. Public. It's a mess. High risk, no control of bad elements profiteering and the laundering risk. A lot of criminal or dubious parties are hooked on.

    Basically, no one cares about Speculators. They were sold to for a fast buck,now a large source of small holders want to get out. But, it's not a market banks want to facilitate. Messy and low demand once banks take them in. Nickle and dime margins for Banks.

    With Big Battalions, such holdings are re monetized and platform traded. Or used to underpin balance sheets. We know where the funds came from and are going to. More to the point, what for.

    With Public issues it's messy. No control and the risk of criminal sources cashing in.
    A lot of Bible Belt Church Hustlers and Drug Dealers also bought in for fast bucks. Checking the people and sources is time consuming and takes time. Criminals have to be weeded out. It brought in a feeding frenzy of fast buck greed. Letting Church scoundrels use the Parishioners contributions to hustle and scalp the margins is a contravention worrying us all. Who becomes complicit for lack of fiduciary care? Banks are right to be cautious.

    Even then Tier One rates will not be Public rates. Tier one is to serve nations.

    Public is to feed greed. We need to feed need.

    One large Corporate block takes hours. A thousand small fragmented deal takes days or weeks. Banks have no appetite for small public special cash grabs. There are so many Regulatory hurdles to cross check and report. Grief from walk in wannabes just looking to land, scavenge and go is unwanted by Banks. There is no long term relationship or Bank synergy with them.

    It is perfectly possible large deals will be done to clear liquidity and no US Public action launched. Why bother? The big action will be done.


    Dongs always had a base need. They are easier for Banks to handle. Dongs we wait until decisions. As we do with Zims. Who, how much and when.

    Tier Ones and BB issues we will not report on. Simply if safe just to indicate it was done.

    We can only give a Public indication when Pubic decisions are made. 95% of all majors needed will be done fast, off radar. Simple with a few groups. Do we need a vast frantic public mad scramble for less than 5% of holdings?

    Nothing is easy. Don't confuse Top Tier Dinars with Public holdings. Contrary to Barking Dogs it IS possible no US Bank public windows will open. It's messy for US Banks.

    What IF you have to fly to Iraq to cash out and come back in?

    You have to pass Customs leaving with Notes. Confiscation risk! Clear Iraqi Customs arriving notes. Declarations? You murdered a million of them. Many will be seized at point of entry. Once inside, you have to exchange at banks, unknown, off the street? Most staff have relatives you killed, so problems? They hate you.

    Then you have to leave with cash, or Drafts, assuming they don't confiscate it at the airport. Then arrive to face hard faced US Customs officers with unshaven hairy Jaws and food messed mustaches barking at you. That is only the female ones! Have you tried carrying cash now? Nasty shocks in store. So many gauntlets to run.

    For a lot of Public wannabes curved balls may be waiting.

    Dongs will be much easier. With Dinars,a lot may still lose their Dongs!
    Let's see how each pays out. It won't be Disneyland for sure. Real world conditions will roll in. Unwary man traps may be waiting.

    1. Well, there may be a portion of "greedy criminal scavengers" among those referred to as the public 5% but it seems to me to be quite obvious where the majority of the greedy criminal scavenging element are located who funded and organised those wars that impacted/raped the countries in question in this graph are situated. The currency all came from the same place so this 95% being taken care of in this "currency speculation" should carry that same guilt and even more so as they are being assisted by high level sources to complete their "greedy speculative" transaction.

      Sorry, if what I have expressed here seems rude or disrespectful John, that is not my intention. But I am sick of the small percentage of the public holding these currencies being referred to as these low life greedy pig dogs that just wish to make their lives a little better by grabbing a chance to do so.

      What will be will be. End of story.

    2. YES! Thank you for expressing my thoughts as well Aurataya.

      The majority of the "criminal greedy pigs" have won a seat at the main RV trough because we mere mortals put them in their positions of perceived power, including high up military members who have also apparently earned a prime seat at the revaluation trough as well.

      So, they get a payoff for creating fake wars, killing our children, and decimating our economies while we are expected to be happy with a few "possible" crumbs...but...probably not? ALL of these pigs with their snout in the RV trough been paid from the coffers of our tax dollars their whole careers. Of course, these salaries are a pittance compared to the real money they receive from criminal activties which came from the EARNINGS of we mere mortals.

      I too am very tired of hearing we mere mortals spoken of with such disdain. Maybe give it a rest and let's all play nice and respect others who have actually EARNED respect.

      However, if some wish to speak disparagingly about any members of the non-elite, please be sure to add equal time to put down the evil filth (aka elite) that practices satanism, rape of children, and thievery of most of the resources of the planet and please keep the tiny greedy acts of the disenfranchised in proper perspectve. Thank you.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. WOW MWP, you expressed your sentiments in a much better manner than I. Thanks you so much for sharing such a clear and precise perspective, which I share. Brilliant.

    5. Thanks John. Oh, BTW I wanted to run this by you. I recall in the post you made on the 17th that due to removal of some Vandal Hoards that there may be a possible trickle down on the Dinar. If the Dong is easier for the banks why don't they use that trickle down for us on the Dong? I thought I would throw that idea out there for you to run it by them. Once again thank you for all the work you do.

    6. Currency Issues.

      Each time, it's why don't they do this or that to help us?

      1. Because basically, they don't give a dam. Currency speculation carries high risks.
      2.Yes, correct above in all points, People YOU allowed to be entrusted with Powers, such as the Military, Agencies, and Political shapeshifters,working in conjunction with the Banksters, are cross engaged in gratuitous self enrichment with personal potential gains of vast Millions or Billions each, with no concern or regard whatsoever for Public wants or needs. They don't care.You don't factor in.

      You all stepped into this for what at the time was a get rich scam. You had no Forex knowledge or training, made no concerted effort to educate yourselves of Investment Risks and Standards, you did no Diligence, and the fast Buck never happened.

      Some Boys with Toys,most never having earned a Dollar in their lives,fat Butts on 4 square a day, monthly pay and clueless on anything may now get rich also. But they are in position as trickle down to get rich. You are not. Fair, No! Life is not.
      Politicos even less. But all those Free Loaders are self rewarding, and you are all outside the tents asking, What about me? No one there, is listening.

      Fair? No. Just life.
      But how fair has life been for Iraqis whose nation was bombed into the stone age by loathsome parasites who committed mass genocide against a million poor, innocent Souls, destroyed a nation and entire civilization,and unleashed ISIS. Great job. Who cares,Gimme,Gimme, Gimme. Reality.

      Or Vietnam whose Children were massacred,Prostituted and deserted by cowards who failed them and ran away.No one cares. The massacres, weapons of vile MSD and so many lost children.
      Vietnam Gimme,Gimme,Gimme. From a land of no shame.
      Zimbabwe where millions are mass killed in genocide by Mugabwes thugs. No one cares. Gimme, gimme.

      What is our moral high ground to defend any left out? What grounds?

      My response is only to the realities, as Devils advocate, to why you are all on shaky grounds for inclusion. Did they care about the poor Iraqis as brain dead Rednecks turned armor piercing shells onto so many Iraqi towns with bullets ripping through house walls, their F Homes!!! slicing though their children and all poor Souls trapped inside. Defenseless against Barbarians.
      Who cares?

      Well no one, least of all the Military. It's now also their "rights?".

      What is wrong, about the whole stinking Crock,is that still no one is thinking about the base lack of a thought out system of evolution needed by a balanced society, to nurture your own young, educate,create a sustainable system of real needs enriching all. Society is still in Wild West stages.

      Gimme,Gimme Put what back?
      Yes its a Hog feast. The it will be gone. Go slaughter some more Hogs. Oh, that was Iraq, Vietnam and now Afghanistan where we have quadruppled Heroin production, enriching the CIA,and done squat for society.Great Job, Not!

      So far, no one has done squat for trickle down. Sound familiar? Once the Big Battalions are cleared, as that takes 90% plus out, is the rest worth the time and trouble for the Bankers? By then fat and happy again.

      All I'm doing is giving is giving a reality response.
      When are we going to fix the root cause of your real problems?
      A Malfunctioning West , failed planning, IDIOTIC Religions which divide and cause needless conflicts, and a system of greed which is abhorrent in any advanced and thinking society.

      Eurasia is coming. It WILL remove the need for the US Dollar,and will outpace the US in Weaponry as now,in manufacturing as now,and in asset enrichment, as now. The West, if not in Eurasia,faces going backwards, to what? Chaos,anarchy? What IF, all fails? Who has even thought about inclusive needs?

      Your own Souls ARE part of an Inclusive Ethereal Spiritual Cosmos. You leave, you achieved and contributed what? .

    7. Thank you for taking the time to share your perspective regarding the recent points raised John. I and am sure many others appreciate that very much.

      I personally do not believe it is a case of "why don't they do this or that to help us." I am pretty sure most gathering here do not seriously expect any of this entire situation regarding currency speculation to turn out achieving anything for them. Sure, it's nice to think about and it certainly would be a lucky break but hey, life does not end if it goes sour. I think the real issue here is, we, the public, are so easily cast aside by some standing higher on the ladder. Now I do not mean you when saying that as I appreciate all of the advice, education and updates you have been kind enough to offer us and I always will. I also enormously appreciate you sharing with us the wider perspective and reality of the view taken of us.

      Re point 1. Well, I am sure we all get that by now and have always known that.

      Re point 2. As for those "we entrusted with powers." Let's break that down. People in their individual country vote. We have voted for what we believe will be the best party/representative to make our country good and progress. Now some of us are aware what corrupt voting systems we each have but still participate for varying reasons, some don't. Ok, you may suggest here that it is our individual duty to educate ourselves and be 100% aware of what is happening in our country and I agree with that. But one probably needs to pay serious consideration toward all of the brainwashing that has been inflicted here as well as the forced and manipulated systems endured by the average person.
      Part 2 following.

    8. Part 2.
      Let's look at a married couple with two children. They do everything they can to keep their heads above water with a mortgage, making sure the children are well cared for, educated to the best standard available, putting good healthy food on the table to ensure good health is maintained and god forbid any of them become sick from all the poisoning they are subjected to in their daily lives by the air they breathe and foods consumed because that will really create some serious strain financially trying to cope with medical bills that accumulate at the speed of lightening when one, let alone more than one family member needs medical attention. And when they do seek medical assistance it's shoved right up them once again. Yeah, let's give them a couple of jabs and stuff their bodies up a bit more then when they show some more signs of serious illness we can use them as our tests subjects to try out some new chemical compounds which we can sell to them at astronomical prices, that way we make money for our big pharma bro's and we can keep them hooked on this shit by telling them it's their only choice if they wish to live or save the life of their child/children. Now how much time has this couple got left over each day to get on the internet researching every damned avenue of crap they are embroiled in? If they do come across something at 3am, well they will just have to forget it for another day because they have to get up in another 2 hours to prepare for the next day getting the kids to school, the mortgage paid and just basically bloody surviving.

      I know all families do not operate in the fashion I have used as my example above and I know it's dramatic. I do agree that there is a very large percentage that do wish to sit on their arses and take handouts and express the gimme gimme gimme attitude. But as frustrated as we all are at such people, let's look at why that has occurred and change it, not denigrate.

      Please do not get me wrong here John. We all have different life experiences, opportunities, levels of intelligence along with drive to achieve and succeed. I hold nothing against anyone who has honestly achieved great things in their life and attained a comfortable set up for themselves but not everyone has had the same opportunities in their lives. You can say that we each make our own path and that is true but please let us be kind enough to allow for those that have monumental stumbling blocks placed upon their path every single time they try to take a step toward achieving a better life.
      Part 3 following.

    9. Part 3.
      You say "we all stepped into this" and raised points regarding what each of us did or did not do. Well, I can only speak for myself and in doing so can assure you I did everything I could to understand the entire situation, implications and ramifications of such action, that's how I ended up here at OWoN and WHA. Personally and honestly, it was viewed as a quick buck from my perspective. My life and standard of living will not change a great deal either way no matter what happens. I have worked bloody hard in my life and am comfortable and no one did that for me. I now have the opportunity to educate myself when I did not have time to when working 16 hour days seven days a week making a living and getting my life in order so I never had to face the shit ugly side of life again.

      You mention the suffering of countries like Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe. I hear you loud and clear there as I'm sure everyone else does here. I believe we have all gained an education in reality on that front and in some cases may never have pondered that situation had we not been here sharing and learning. I'm sure I'm not alone in thanking you for giving us a shake up with regard to that. But here again John is where I see the beautiful hearts of the "public gimme gimme gimme currency speculators." Having been here, gained awareness or further education of such, do you not realise the implications of that where we are concerned? Do you not see and feel the kindness and beauty of the people here? Do you not realise that any of us that did achieve a little success with this currency speculation would do magnificent things with such an opportunity? Sure there would be those that only desire to play flash and only consider themselves. Each to their own there, live with that outcome. But the beauty, kindness and love within the hearts of the ordinary person here known as the "general public" are just waiting for an opportunity to do something wonderful for others and be able to contribute in changing our world for the better by having the backup financially to achieve those desires, small or grand. I would suggest that most are not in a position financially at this moment to achieve that, hence the dream. Now I know you will say that if any of us gained anything from this currency speculation, then don't go round trying to play fairy god mother and to take care of the basics and security for yourselves. I get that and appreciate that advice but we as individuals are not greedy and selfish. We don't need a great deal to make life happy and comfortable and knowing that that will possibly leave some of us with the opportunity to satisfy the hunger we hold within to offer a helping hand and care for others, give others a chance at smiling again, easing some pain and suffering and during those moments having our hearts experience the unmeasurable gift of knowing true giving and feeling that energy in all of its glory.
      Part 4 following.

    10. Part 4.
      When it comes to taking responsibility for the horrors that have occurred and are still occurring in our world, it is my opinion that we are all responsible to a certain degree for that no matter what position any of us hold within society. But all this blame does not fall on the public which is the manner in which it seems to be being interpreted here. Let's line up a few bullets up for the bastards that organised these bloody wars. How about a few bullets for the arms dealers. A few are certainly warranted for the chemical agent manufacturers. How about some for the governments that agreed to the war and devastation on behalf of the people they were supposed to be representing in good faith. Sure the public man force was present and following instructions as well but how about some god damned truth being revealed to the public prior to their attendance, agreement or permission instead of all this corruption, manipulation and brainwashing. I think there may have been plenty of objections to such participation if the arseholes making these decisions for us had the balls to speak the truth regarding what this evil shit was all about. But we all know that would be impossible because then these same arseholes at the top of the ladder would not then get an opportunity to make money, gain power and control and shove it right up everyone else whilst doing that. That's our bloody world John. Maybe we each should have headed to our government representatives prior to each of these wars/acts and told them they were a pack of lying rotten pigs who manipulate, steal and kill, we do not support them and that we intend to blow their heads off right there on the spot. Guess what? We would then be the ones in prison for life on trumped up charges or with a big dandy gushing hole in our head within minutes of facing them and standing our ground.
      Part 5 following.

    11. Part 5 Final.
      Far out, I have really gone on way too much in this response and I apologise to all for that. Basically John, I am just trying to stop a lot of this verbal bashing of those of us here that seem to be copping it because we took a chance in buying some currency. Personally, I don't give much of a crap about it anymore but I do know the difference it will make to others and as far as I'm concerned they bloody well deserve that opportunity just as much as any of those evil greedy pigs up the ladder with their heads already in the trough. But I know you are wanting us to understand the reality of this situation and I do and I appreciate your advice and concern very much but we also have the right to express how we feel even if it does no good in the minds of others. We are not a pack of greedy shit kickers here, we are decent people that care. And when you really think about it, we are the big part of this mighty machine that can change a world. Personally, I am so proud of the people that gather here and if I had to stand beside others in any situation, then I could not ask for a better group to stand for and be supported by. If any of my words seem like a pack of uneducated bs from a person that has no grip on reality or the big wide world then so be it, that's me and I feel ok about who I am.

      John, I do hope you are not offended with regard to anything I have said here or the manner in which I have expressed myself. It would just be nice to know that we are also understood and recognised for the decent good people I know we are. I have enormous respect for you John and am so very grateful for the opportunity of knowing you and learning from you. I know you have a beautiful heart and that truly shines through. But please know that we do care and are here to learn, grow and make change and together we form an energy that can change our world even though we may currently be standing upon different rungs of a ladder.

    12. Aurataya, wonderful post couldn't have said it any better or expressed how and what we here all feel. Bravo

    13. That is so kind of you Scott F in taking the time to offer me your support and appreciation. Thank you so much.

      Just hope John speaks to me again ;-)) I may have to go and hide in the corner for a few weeks. LOL.

    14. Aurataya and all. The site IS to Encourage debate and it works. Giving you the State view is impersonal reality.
      Too many are over focused with all on the line for a Dinar Bail out. What if not?
      What is wrong is 2 fold.

      1.Believing anyone has the"Right" to such a gross reward for spending a few hundred bucks based on destroying nations. If it fails life? Then what?

      2. The core reality, is for the life of hard work on poor returns leaving so many indebted. Now that is what we need to really address.

      Or, if the currencies fail for the Public, what then? What is the fallback plan? How do we change what is now?

      What IF the Big Batallions are paid, and Banks do zero for the Public? It's not a right.

      Yes it's wrong so one sided, but then what? All we do is question. If cold reality hits, what then?

      The entire US and Western economies are really cash stressed right now. Implosion risk is high. Consequences?

      Let's see how it all plays out yet. What is fair? 2 wrongs?

    15. Aurataya,

      THANK YOU for taking the time to express how so many on this site feel. Reading your words inspired me to continue the good fight because I know other warriors are stepping up and sharing their truth. The world of the spiritual warrior can be very lonely at times.

      When one is aspiring to be better and help others, having to read over and over again the opinion that humanity is a bunch of gimme buggers is very demoralizing to spirit...especially to we warriors who are working hard everyday to change "reality" into something in which ALL can flourish.

      These rantings don't uplift and, I assure you, are not being read by any "gimme buggers" anyway. Those reading this blog, as you said so eloquently, KNOW much of the reality of the actions and beliefs of the sick perverts running this planet. We HAVE sought truth and for some of us that seeking has lasted over 40 years now.

      I too appreciate all who take their time to share with others here. Yes, John, that certanly includes you too :) Let's all remember who visits this blog and work to inform, support, and cherish them and their efforts because if we don't all come to some concensus on how we want our futures to be, the evil ones will decide it for us.

    16. John, I again thank you for the time you have taken in offering your response, it's greatly appreciated.

      I'll try to be brief. Should debate be encouraged by singling out people incorrectly /unfairly?

      I greatly appreciate the impersonal state view being offered, it definitely is a reality check and appreciated.

      Zero from the banks re the public? As stated earlier, to me there will not be any great change in lifestyle either way. But for those good and decent people that are hanging on by their finger tips, I do hope that if the deal goes south for them that they have a support network to assist them in that situation because all they really did was take a chance at trying to be a little more comfortable in this life and I do not blame them for that one bit. A lot of good comes from the hearts of those considered down and out.

      This entire currency matter now feels so toxic to me. I too have learned to consider a wider perspective in relation to this and do admit to feeling guilt. My whole argument with this is the complete unfairness of it all. But as you say, this is the reality of this situation and it is not fair.

      It is said two wrongs don't make a right but when endless wrongs are carried out by those that are wrong then they have no rights to any rights. And when one perceived wrong is carried out that results in a magnitude of rights then maybe that wrong can eventually be viewed as a right.

    17. MWP, your comment above was one of the most beautiful expressions I have ever read. You actually brought me to tears. Thank you so very much for being such an incredible role model for all. Your beautiful heart energy shines through so clearly and it is my absolute pleasure to know you and share with you here. And you write so beautifully, very uplifting indeed. You truly are a precious soul and I thank you for standing up and sharing your wisdom and truth.

  59. On to hopefully a more positive future.

    If you scoff at astrology, please don't waste your time with this link. If however, you'd like to read what Carl Boudreau has to say, read on. I have found Carl to be at the top of the heap in his analysis based on a "science" that is thousands of years old and had been followed and revered by many, many leaders and people of knowledge.

    Carl says...and I'll certainly be paying attention to the possibilities of positive change that we might be witness on...

    Coming Soon - More Drama, Less Trauma

    Carl Boudreau·Saturday, March 11, 2017

    Guys!! Please take note. This post is looking forward to things that will begin, in earnest, in May. I think it also goes to the transition we are currently experiencing, as the Moon’s Nodes transition from the Virgo/Pisces axis to the Leo/Aquarius axis.

    This transition will take place in mid-May. The positive stuff mentioned in this post will become more true and more immediately relevant to our lives as mid-May comes and goes.

    But the bottom line, for me, is that I like so many of us, could really do with some encouraging news. I had all these positive expectations about mid-May and I just could not resist the temptation to share them. I just felt this overwhelming need to shed a little light.

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Well that is bloody good to hear John, thank you.

      OMG, that last paragraph was brilliant. Too funny. LOL.

    2. John, I can't believe a legitimate source would use the sword "eleventy" and refer to Weiner's penis as "junk", or even refer to it at all. Can you elaborate any on where you heard that Weiner was taken into protective custody?

      I looked it up on the Internet and, there is no reputable source. I really want it to be true, but it doesn't look like a genuine article.

    3. US Politics today. Article out. Marshals office reports etc.

    4. Cyndy

      As them to qualify? They are quoting the Marshals office as a confirming source. Not good for them if not. It looks credible,verbiage apart. It all put more pressure on for Justice. Why issue if not?

    5. Cyndy we will await new qualification. It's very active on the net. The Marshals office will have to qualify soon. Interesting and logical if true. Many will now check and pressurize for action.

    6. THANK YOU JOHN! -- This would be SUCH good news! I am looking for confirmation too..

  61. Reality Planning.

    We are already in forward thinking evolutionary talks with key Leading parties who do possess the Wealth assets to underpin Eurasia. Elders, do not OWN, but are Trustees of hereditary standing, to a Trust held in perpetuity to serve the needs of the Dynasty populations.

    Funds which have been entrusted for use by a gross, malevolent West,which has reneged on all due redemption periods, and used the base endowed assets to create a Global Empire of over 990 military bases. One which has allowed the cross instigation of NWO,a Jesuit inspired creation which Zionist forces have seen as opportune pickings and advanced. Left to the west, enslavement of all would evolve.

    Collective future conceptual modelling of Eurasia is underway, with applied minds and radical views of Western failures in meaningful and constructive discussions of how to design a newly evolved order fit for purpose.

    If we are to learn anything from failed Empires, it is to assess objectively their mistakes made, opportunities lost, the gruesome abuse of human rights, and such failures of these collective governing assemblies to understand and enrich the base needs of anything.

    The arrogance and naivety of nationalism, and the frankly ridiculous misconception of reality sold to poor young minds, failing to educate any Ethereal realities or Cosmic duties by the base ignorance of such miss tracked religions as have perpetuated thinking by Abrahamian followers. Some 6,000 years of turgid ignorant mind waste. This is the price paid by societies which regarded insanity as "Touched by God!" Gibbering fools just- Are!

    Fortunately we are helped in our own Eurasian overtures by including devout Buddhists, who have understood the need and affinity to consider all life forces as part of a singular vast inter Galactic Cosmos of creation, and the interconnecting energy chains and information highways binding all to a true singularity and inclusive force of everything.

    Our Western Religions have evolved around the concepts of materialistic hierarchies.

    There have been no spiritual applications, or inclusive involvement of societies to become inclusive of all. No respect for wildlife or nature. No attempt to develop evolved societies, bar the impossibility of failed Socialism which takes all and puts nothing back. Or materialism which takes all and then kills the Golden Goose.

    We want Religious carnivores out of all Schools. Out. A phase out date when the lot are gone. With Eurasia we can do it.

    We need a society in touch with Cosmic realities and values. Eurasia will face down the "Wrong Elements" and protect the good citizenry from such.

    Eurasia needs to be modeled on values which matter. Societies planned, and the emergent young really nurtured and valued. No more separatism, we are all one! Life has value, life of all. Apply science. Contemplate the value and beauty of all around us in nature, protecting life for all.

    When a child is treated with love and compassion,and educated in Ethereal values, those condition life and society values. We then also need to nurture nature. To put back and sustain life.
    This planet is a gift of life. Yours.

    We see so much inherent goodness on both the sites. WHA also. Thinking, caring people wanting to be part of more. Wanting reason and inclusion in something better.

    Once the major funds do release, we will try to help inclusion for many to help serve a greater need. Putting back in ways which can work. New communities,emergent societies. Communal Teaching and Health Care. Communal Policing. Communal and sustainable agri crops,energy storing and community construction. Feeding need. Educating real values. Cosmic and Soul values. Enriching families in real needs. Teaching core values and responsible conduct.

    Reaching for an "Inclusive God" where everyone is Special! Faith in you?

    1. Recognising we are parts of a One is pre-requisite to our sustainability. When I say 'our' I do mean including our ecosystems as well. If individuals do not recognise this then governments do need to step in to overcome our recklessness. If government is anathema to one, then it behooves one to act with a global consciousness in the first place. This eschews the militant individualism of the radical west, and finds a middle way. Service-to-self must find its place in a guise of service-to-whole, and one's role within that.

      John is right. It is time to reconsider the egoic need for radical individual animus, and to find one's place in harmony with others.

      A world that works beats a world righteous with ideology.

    2. John,
      That was a very inspiring post, uplifting and well meaning. I know the community here believes in all these things you`ve mentioned above, we all want to help restore hope and balance and faith in global communities with what little we have invested in these currencies. I have not once heard anyone here post whats in it for me or where my happy ending, its always about doing good for others and investing in humanitarian projects. I`m proud to be a part of OWON because of the values and truth we all stand for.

    3. Scott

      There are many good people on the site. Hope for all.

    4. Andy,

      You said "John is right. It is time to reconsider the egoic need for radical individual animus, and to find one's place in harmony with others."

      The synchronicity of your statement is awesome. It is EXACTLY what Carl Boudreau is talking about regarding what is coming, astrologicially, this summer and fall. I posted a link to his article above.

      Universal energy is supporting our efforts and that is awesome!

    5. John, that would have to be one of the most beautiful comments you have ever written. Absolutely glorious to read and feel. Yep, I ended up in tears again reading this one. Heavens, I am so emotional this morning lol.

      See this is what I love, expressions that touch my heart deeply. The love, care and beauty within your words makes my spirit soar. This is what life is about, those magnificent precious moments when you feel beauty, care and love so deeply it offers you contentment and peace within.
      Thank you John.

    6. Many thanks John, lovely sentiment of hope and encouragement. I look forward to participating in whatever way my abilities will be of help.

  62. NSA's "Project Dragnet" Has Been Spying on Trump Since Obama Took Office
    Published on Mar 20, 2017

    Published on Mar 20, 2017

    The Conservative Tribune reports, A former acting CIA director under the Obama administration who endorsed Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton — and was in line to become her CIA chief if she won — excoriated those attempting to prove collusion between President Donald Trump and Russia, saying there wasn’t a “spark” of evidence to that effect.


  64. David Rockefeller dead at 101. Everywhere I look philanthropist is tagged to his name. You can fool this world...what about the next journey?

    1. Ding Dong, the Warlock is dead!!! He was part of the "lock on war" that permeates this planet.

      Now maybe someone more deserving can receive needed organs that he paid for to keep his evil existence going longer than any of us wished.

      If philanthropist means lining one's own pockets at the cost of millions of lives and lost hopes, then the name fits.

    2. Thank God for that. Good luck when facing your actions of this life you evil cretin. Yeah baby! Thanks so much for that fantastic news JW, that really has put a spark in my step this morning.

    3. In memoriam, let's remember some of the quotes he is know for...and then go spit on his grave!

      Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure - one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.

      David Rockefeller

      We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis...

      David Rockefeller

      Bilderberger Meeting: The world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government...

      David Rockefeller

  65. Megalomaniac...a symptom of mental illness marked by delusions of greatness, wealth, etc.

    Bush seniors time is coming up next. Release the money, and stop the wars. Let the world heal for awhile.

  66. YES! Bushy Senior next!

    Rid the world of Twiddle Dee and Tweedl Dum forever...never to be replaced by any of their spawn!

  67. Re: who's next to go? So many on my list, hard to prioritize. Lol. One down, 299 to go?

    1. Here is the "next" list I am hoping for...I don't care who goes first or last as long as they go SOON!!

      next: Bush (Sr. and Jr.), Kissinger, Soros, Clinton (both of them), and Brzezinski

      That's a good start only...the rest in time.

    2. Mom,

      I'm good with those you list. Lol.

  68. Rex Tillerson was given only 9 minutes with President Xi. China is no easy pushover now.
    China is showing its power and resolve. 9 mins and out. Status now? If China is messed with more over redemption's it won't be pleasant. The pressure is on and DC now know China's stance.

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.


    First Democrat Official Tied To Elite Pedophile Ring Pleads Guilty (Video)
    Posted on March 20, 2017 by Voice of Reason

    While the mainstream media has been trying to keep the public distracted with yet more stories about Russian conspiracies, the crackdown against high level pedophiles has begun. We have previously reported that many pedophiles are far from the image of a stereotypical loser; in fact they are often placed in the highest rungs of society, and are extremely well connected….

  71. JOHN AUR13 MWP I wish to start by saying thanks to all and no criticism herein is intended or aimed at those on this site. My observations and interpretations only!

    I belong to a Network of Veterans, Entrepreneurs, Intel Analysts and People who love God and Our Beloved Republic and the following reflects why we work so hard to restore and revitalize our stolen lives. Americans were enslaved before we got here on US soil. The 1st ZioRotRat rep was Alex Hamilton and many have followed in his control freak shoes. Our leaders and representatives betray us as a way of life. We know who they were and who they are and good riddance to D-RockyRatZio you POS scum bag murdering double POS. I am not bitter; just stating the truth. We do not have to punish D-RockyRatZio because he has no soul and is with his malevolent friend Lucifer where he belongs.

    How did we get in such bad shape .... As a Marine I was (many of us were) stovepiped, brainwashed, ML-Ultrad, poisoned with Government approved toxins like agent orange, TCE, PCB's and more. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS ..... WE MIDDLE CLASS OR WORKING CLASS ARE THE ONES GETTING SCREWED OVER AND OVER. I have not ever broken laws deliberately but I have had multiple 3 Letter Agencies on my ass for over 50 years without let up. So don't dare infer we are morons looking for freebies. Bill Gates, Jobs, Zuckerberg and most wealthy got $$$ from CIA-Globalist-Zionist sources stolen from people just like us who bust their rear ends day after year after year and decade after decade. MY NICE GUY GENE IS ASLEEP TEMPORARILY.

    Now to Exchange-PP etc. .... The GCR will happen soooon. Funding for many technologies like mine have been tangled up in BCO crime crap for years. They steal our patents and sick 3 letter agencies on us to keep us busy. WE will have resource backed currency out of the GCR and hydration will be necessary. Many of us will receive Millions or billions through this process and we most likely will have to present our plans over and over ... hopefully to people who want for the good of mankind. Who is more likely to help our Countries' succeed; Bushs, Clintons, Soetoro and RotRatZios or people like us. I vote for us. Kill the fiat dollar and all the RotRat currencies and go resource backed. I intend to (as do all my colleagues) invest in Human and technology development on a massive scale. I know about my technologies and several others as well as those stolen by RotRats. We are going to do this. We will build and revitalize into growing and sustainable entities with people who receive assessment, education and jobs that pay well. MERITOCRACY IS THE OPERATIVE WORD. We get hydrated and the money will go into investments in good stuff. There people pre judge us by how they think and behave. Trump is several steps ahead of bad guys but faces formidable challenges daily. He is getting more good guy = gal help that we can imagine. Thank you. Now I will be nice again!

  72. John, this was explained to me by an interpretor a few years back. It is the reason I stepped away(what our gov. had done). I found that the person that was working with was not who he said he was. I was very fortunate and will leave it at that.

    Don't think many can begin to realize just how badly China and the elders had been treated by our government and its various agencies. Too many times. A few have died as a result. Senior and others have much to account for.

    Trump and team will have to prove they are honest and will keep their word, no games, no attempts at theft of assets, only straight up intention in alignment with what is good for all concerned.

    That nine minutes was a gift and needs to be appreciated. Trust, maybe something to be built and that takes time and willingness to communicate true intent.

  73. p: Apologize if this has been posted before. Found many organizations familiar with on this list.


  74. Wang Yi meets U.S. Secretary of State in Beijing

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