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Video | Sinkholes the groundbreaking truth

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OWON: This is how to start you day with a sinking feeling. Watch the reality of how fast this is expanding.


  1. Have seen some smaller sinkholes in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, NM. There are also places in the valley I live in that have a history of sinkholes. Here it's been contributed to declining water tables and pumping out of of oil and gas.

    1. Look at the huge explosion now of incidents. The key heads up is to forewarn these Car bound muppets to get the hell out and run if the ground goes ahead.
      They sat like morons and went down with their cars. If you can run, do! Or thats one less to feed. Clear we are in a Solar period of expansion. Anywhere, any time, it can happen to us all now. Ditch those cars if it starts around you. Let the Mule Butts go alone. Open those doors, grab the kids and run like hell.

    2. John, much also mention, here it's near fault lines. Both Albuquerque and Rio Rancho sit next to the Rio Grande which was formed on a fault line. On this side of the mountains that area where they are known to occur along the eastern side of the Manzano mountains extends at least 80 miles southward from McIntosh.

      Many people just freeze when action is needed. The human version of eye in headlight syndrome. For some reason that self awareness of imminent danger just doesn't kick in. Hopefully, with OWON sharing this video more people will get it.

    3. The key is telling them to know to run fast. Get out of that F car and move away fast is the message. The car weight alone is a trigger. Look how many dummies sat in the cars and went with them.

  2. Well I reckon I have heard the call well and good. If the ground starts cracking anywhere near my car this bootie will be moving like lightening. LOL

    I do have a questions regarding this though if any one can possibly assist me please. It seems odd to me that so many of these sinkholes have such a perfect or near perfect circular shape. If the earths crust is rupturing as stated in the video then I would expect to see jagged irregular type depressions. So why are so many of them so perfectly round in shape?


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