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IN THE NEWS | 5 February 2017

One World of Nations
5 February 2017

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OWON: Russia for sure is testing and probing all Western Cyber defences.

Russian hacking aims to destabilise West, Michael Fallon says

Russia is carrying out a sustained campaign of cyber attacks targeting democracy and critical infrastructure in the West, UK Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has warned.

Moscow hoped to destabilise governments, expand its influence and weaken Nato by "weaponising misinformation" he said.

Sir Michael said Russian President Vladimir Putin had chosen to become a "strategic competitor" of the West.

Moscow said the claims were unfounded.

It came as UK Prime Minister Theresa May was preparing to press fellow Nato members to spend more on defence at an informal EU summit in Malta...


OWON: The Senior Board of HBOS Bank just got up to 14 years jail time. How about we clean up America next?

Financiers jailed over £245m loans scam

A group of corrupt financiers who carried out a £245 million loans scam and squandered the profits on high-end prostitutes and luxury holidays have been jailed

A group of corrupt financiers who carried out a £245 million loans scam and squandered the profits on high-end prostitutes and luxury holidays have been jailed.

Consultant David Mills, 60, bribed HBOS manager Lynden Scourfield, 54, with designer goods, sex parties and "boys' jollies" to exotic locations.

The perks were a reward in exchange for loans which allowed Mills and his associates to profit from high consultancy fees.

Judge Martin Beddoe described Mills as "the devil to whom you (Scourfield) sold your soul. For sex, for luxury trips with or without your wife, for bling and for swag"...


OWON: The US is using Space Technology 100 years ahead of what we know now. But so is Russia!


OWON: Now Trump has to tell the Aussies No More illegals are coming to the US. Damned right!

Australia struggles to save refugee agreement after Trump's fury at 'dumb deal'

Malcolm Turnbull adamant that resettlement of up to 1,250 refugees detained by Australia will take place, but some officials say privately deal now ‘can’t survive’

Australia is scrambling to save its agreement to resettle refugees in the US after Donald Trump raged publicly at “a dumb deal” and told the country’s prime minister Malcolm Turnbull in private it was the “worst deal ever”.

The US president took to Twitter late on Wednesday night in Washington to condemn the refugee swap and brand the asylum seekers held in camps on Nauru and Manus Island “illegal immigrants”.

His intervention came after the Washington Post reported that Trump had despaired of the deal when talking to Turnbull on Saturday afternoon (Sunday morning in Australia), told him that the conversation was the worst of his round of phone calls with world leaders that day, and then brought the 25-minute call to a close.

Trump’s pledge to “study” the agreement forced a public response from the Australian prime minister...


OWON: As forewarned, Kushner's appointment by Trump favours hardline Jewish settlers, and will cause a real schism with the Muslims. A Nepotism step too far. Not a smart move. When it fails, which it will, this will get personal.

For hardline West Bank settlers, Jared Kushner's their man

For many in the Israeli settlement of Bet El, deep in the occupied West Bank, Donald Trump's choice of Jared Kushner as his senior adviser on the Middle East is a sign of politics shifting in their favor.

They regard Kushner, whose family's charitable foundation has donated tens of thousands of dollars to their settlement, as part of a diplomatic rebalancing after what they view as eight years of anti-Israel bias under the U.S. administration of Barack Obama.

"He will stand up for our interests. I suppose he will lean in our favor," said Avi Lavi, 46, who has lived in Bet El for more than 40 years. "He'll be fair, as opposed to Obama, whose policy leaned always towards the Arabs."

New U.S. President Trump says his son-in-law Kushner, 36, is capable of brokering the "ultimate deal" to deliver peace between Israelis and Palestinians...


OWON: This was predictable and it will grow. Once Eurasia encompasses Europe, Judaism will experience a real head on head crash. Neither China nor Russia will tolerate it. At some stage in our evolution, State controls will simply create a new exodus, where then?

Do we condone it, NO! Not at all. But a simple reality is that society is evolving, and the actions perpetrated against society, carry. From Banking to Israel, payback is coming. So many innocent Jews will pay for the ignorance of the masses.

Anti-Semitic attacks up by a third to a record high: More than 1,300 hate crimes were recorded against Jews last year

Attacks against Jewish people have surged to record levels amid concerns that Jeremy Corbyn is too tolerant of anti-Semitism, a report reveals today.

New figures show that there were 1,309 hate crimes recorded last year – a shocking 36 per cent increase on 2015. It was the highest number of anti-Semitic incidents since statistics were first kept 33 years ago.

A charity which monitors anti-Semitic abuse said there had been an ‘unprecedented’ run between May and December of more than 100 cases a month.

The Community Security Trust (CST) said that there had been an average 105 anti-Semitic incidents in the two-and-a-half years to December 2016 – more than double in the same time span to June 2014...


OWON: So finally science has come up with a way to get a word in with the wife?

UK scientists come up with blueprint for Deep Thought supercomputer

A quantum computer has the potential to solve deep cosmological mysteries and create life-saving medicines

British scientists want to build a real-life version of Deep Thought, the supercomputer seen in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

A team at the University of Sussex has come up with the first practical blueprint for constructing a giant quantum computer, a thinking device that can rapidly give answers to problems that would take an ordinary computer billions of years to solve.

A proof-of-concept early prototype is planned within two years.

The ground-breaking design could theoretically pave the way for a machine as large as a football field with unimagined levels of computing power.

The Sussex scientists will hope their creation will prove more useful than the supercomputer in Douglas Adams' comic space opera, which said the solution to the meaning of life was "42"...


OWON: The reality of this is huge changing not just the economies of Eurasia but the world.

Compare this with western antiquated rail capacity for cargo let alone people.

The western world needs to wake up quickly and needs scarce capital to transform delivery systems to remain competitive.

Russia and China are making true high speed cargo trains for 2 day transport instead of 2 weeks between Asia and Europe around 2030

China's One Belt One Road has proved to be a boon for trans-Eurasian rail transport, as these new rail lines would become its vanguard, establishing physical links between many of the key countries and a platform of cooperation from which to drive closer diplomatic and economic ties. What started out as two regular routes emerging from booming high-tech zones in Chongqing and Chengdu rapidly grew into a 39 route network linking together dozens of cities in China and Europe.

However, the divided nature of the trans-Eurasian rail routes were reducing the potential of the network as a whole. Cities were setting themselves up as competitors as they vied for cargo and “Silk Road” status, and it was becoming clear that a better organizational structure was needed .It was formally announced in October, 2016 by the NDRC that this melee of trans-Eurasian trains will be streamlined down to just three routes as part of a new five-year plan to improve the European service of China Railway Express and the China-Europe rail network as a whole.

Transport of high-value goods have driven the proliferation of the growing network of China-Europe cargo trains.

For most types of products, slow and cheap sea transport is more than adequate, but for expensive types of merchandise that need to be delivered fast, trans-Eurasian rail is becoming a real alternative to expensive air freight...


OWON: Exactly why we need to get out and now. At the same time telling them to go to Hell.

No way will Britain accept this. Not a chance. Zero!

This sort of Free Riding Socialist Bums nightmare is why we need to be well rid of the lot of them.

REVEALED: Now shameless EU threatens UK with astronomical £500BILLION Brexit DIVORCE BILL

THE EUROPEAN Parliament's top Brexit negotiator has said Britain could face a £500billion (€600bn) Brexit divorce bill – ten times the figure initially expected

Late last year it was widely reported Eurocrats were planning on slapping the UK with a £50billion (€60billion) exit bill as punishment for voting to abandon Brussels in the June referendum.

The EU defended the demand as it argued Britain had unpaid budget commitments, pension liabilities and loan guarantees to honour.

At the time, Michel Barnier, the European Commission's chief Brexit negotiator, vowed to make the UK pay the sum in full as Theresa May prepares to trigger Article 50.

However, Guy Verhofstadt has now said he expects Britain to cough up over £500bn to the European Union as it extricates itself from Brussels...


  1. Thanks for the 'In The News' section. Interesting, current, and innovative articles.

  2. Imagine that 500B applied within Britain.


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