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IN THE NEWS | 12 February 2017

One World of Nations
12 February 2017

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OWON: Vault 7 will now come under ever greater Global scrutiny as the alternative REAL Media to go after truth.

WikiLeaks' 'Vault 7' mystery has conspiracy theorists working overtime to identify 'traitors'

Just a few months ago, WikiLeaks stood at the epicenter of the 24/7 news cycle as it dribbled out hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

Since the U.S. presidential election, however, Julian Assange's anti-secrets outfit has fallen back into relative obscurity.

Which, for Assange, is not acceptable. WikiLeaks' 45-year-old Australian founder, holed up for the past six years in Ecuador's London embassy to avoid extradition to Sweden on a rape charge, loves the spotlight. And he knows that, with the internet reaching a chaotic maturity and President Donald Trump embracing various far-out scenarios, conspiracy theories have never been more popular.

And so WikiLeaks in the past week has been putting out cryptic tweets about a mysterious "Vault 7," which has piqued the interest of both conspiracy theorists and straightforward lovers of mind games. Here are some of the tweets, the most recent of which was posted this morning...


OWON: This is standard to what is happening all over the world. What sort of Moronic Leaders does not understand that if you invite Rapist trash into your Homelands, they will Rape. What if it's your daughter or wife Clown? Smarten up. Wake up and stop this trash at the borders.

Storm of reaction to news Syrian refugee charged with sex assaults

Reports that a man accused of sexual assaults on six Edmonton teenage girls was a Syrian refugee have ignited a firestorm of reaction, from anti-immigration diatribes to criticism about how the media dealt with the story.

Groups that work with refugees in the city have been inundated with calls and texts over the past 24 hours, some from people calling for an end to the refugee program and others from refugees themselves apologizing on behalf of their community.

Erick Ambtman, executive director of the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers, said his organization received a message on Twitter from a white supremacist group that included a picture of a Syrian refugee, asking the centre to confirm whether the photo was the same man accused of the crimes...


OWON: At last we have a Man's Man defending America.

This one thing Secretary Mattis does separates him from the rest of Washington's powerful

In his new position as secretary of defense, General James Mattis has assumed control of the world's largest and most powerful military. Mattis is now in command of a military made up of nearly one-and-a-half-million people spread across the entire globe. The General is inarguably one of the most powerful men in the world.

Yet, the renown “Warrior Monk” seemingly remains as humble and modest as he's always been.

When Secretary of Defense James Mattis was boarding his flight to South Korea early Wednesday morning, he did something unprecedented for someone in his position. Mattis carried his own bags onto the plane. Embarking on his first overseas trip as Secretary of Defense, Mattis sent a clear message about his leadership style...

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