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  1. Please read also the In the News sections there are key articles there for you all.
    Watch the Muslim horror story at the fountain as a video. That is what is picking your fruit and veg or working in fast food. It probably prepares your sandwiches. Watch the video and see what comes your way.

    1. I did John and I am so angry I cannot sleep. What on earth is going on in this world? Who does this cretin think he is thinking it is acceptable to behave like that in a public street? And so totally casual about the whole affair as well. He should have been immediately arrested for that disgusting disgraceful behaviour. That is simply not acceptable in a civilized society. This sort of crap needs to stop. If they want to behave like utter dirty animals out in the desert in their own country, then go for it but I will not stand by and watch our communities turned into a cesspool for such scum. Immediate deportation.

    2. Not the Sink Holes? Eachy can take 100 of them. Cut costs. Save waste. Fill in the holes with enough of them before they get jobs in Congress.

  2. "Get ready for the creative destruction of public institutions, something every society periodically requires to clear out what is obsolete, ossified and dysfunctional — and to tilt the playing field of wealth and power away from the old and back to the young. Forests need periodic fires; rivers need periodic floods. Societies, too. That’s the price we must pay for a new golden age."
    This article on the generational cycles is a nice perspective. If true, we are in the midsts of The Fourth Turning. I love it when angst has a name :)

    1. Good news isn't it? In a year or two we'll reach the mid-point when we'll move from ripping down to building up. It all fits: John's posts, the Elders, political change, social hair tearing, BRICS and other new geopolitical alliances, and so on.

    2. It's just like a guest in the house who has farted too many times.

    3. AJ

      Frustrating as my stances appear to some, they are real world. We can't spend what we don't have, and no one is bailing the Wannabes. Nor are these ruination Welfare Budgets going to continue.

      If the Bleeding hearts want it, fund it. If not????

      We face 2 very dangerous economic risk years ahead. Once Britain leaves the EU, good luck with that stinking Crock. If Le Penn gets in France follows.
      The West, is going West. The Social Welfare game is ending. Musk is mouthing off about States funding all. Unreal. Not in this lifetime. Herd reduction is more likely.

      We need to sweep clear the deadwood. The EU needs to crash and clear the trash. The US too. Can't pay, go away. That will become the new Mantra.

      Until fools are stopped from spending other peoples money, chaos rules.

      Focus will switch towards depopulation. Reality. No money, no need. Forget esoteric niceties. Who pays? Who is surplus to need? Reality is coming. We keep propounding Social needs, but funded how? There is no cash cow. Just hard debt realities. We are socially aware, very, and it's killing us economically. Utopia is a century away. Until then tough choices to make.

      So much can help a re emergence if Trump tears down the DC Deep and Welfare States. We can afford neither. Nor need either. Tough love, save the rest.

      Way too much is wasted bailing basket cases. We've tried it and look at the debt mountain now. Socialism fails every time. It breeds a Welfare Ghetto. Time to feed real need. Focus on tomorrows world, educate the kids,cut the State and make real calls. Who deserves, who not? Time to re focus on Retiree savings. If you're not covered, your call. Your time is up.

      When Trump sees the books, Socialism is cooked. The Fed is a Crocked Crock and real calls will be needed to save America. The UK will NOT fund the EU, and without it's on skid row.
      Eurasia is coming and that will be hard love. Pragmatic calls. With the new weaponry, any more US inspired wars will be short lived. Total sonic destruction awaits those bases. Russia and China have a Defence pact. Trunp is right to talk to each. Time to reign back the Pentagon and spending.

      There is NO MONEY! Mass whining helps no one. No solutions are affordable short term. Esoteric governance just passes the Buck. The Treasury and Fed are bankrupt. Hello? What part of it's blown do they not understand?
      To recover and rebuild will mean tough calls. Real calls. Dont saddle tomorrows generation with this convoluted mess. Start clean, cut mean.

      There is no future carrying a debt crippled past. For 50 years the US has been a delusional bubble, a Fed conspired Deep State fantasy. While the Zios and Politicos robbed the store. Now Tump inherits an empty pot. The illusion created delusion. And still they argue, their rights?

      The only weaponry Trump needs to be funding is stun guns right now. Deal with the herd. He's picked up La La Land and its truth is ugly.

      If hes only short term what follows is more Deep State, with zero economic reality, then watch the lot disintegrate. Trump right now is Americas best chance. Tough calls, and give him support.He's making some good ones, so are the team. The MSM needs muzzling. Barking Dogs Agency scripted.

      Yes AJ, changes are coming,but reality driven. No money,no honey. All Empires- End! Always-badly.

    4. 1. Maine has just kicked 9,000 off food stamps for not looking for work, and 2. This debt mountain is because of the Jeckyll Island spawn.
      I reckon we can still have a balanced budget with the efficiency of automation (including givernment!) but you dont want scoundrels in the street. Do away with money. In the meantime Musk has put forward the only workable solution IMO.

  3. Vienna, Austria for Americans. Europe?
    8 Iraqi illegals just raped a poor 28 year old Teacher. Imagine her life now. Family, Husband, Terror and horror. Still the limp wrists keep whining about their rights.
    Land Mine the Borders! Why not go to Muslim states? These dogs need to be stopped hard. If Europe blows, they will get it head on. Hopefully Le Pen gets in and the EU ends. The wen can mass deport. Yes to Trump, full support, mass deport. Get real.

    1. Publicly string them up and pull the bloody lever. See if that deters the next lot of pigs pulling the same stunt.

    2. Instead europeans(the navy)are pulling them from the mediterranean sea...pure insanity!

  4. New GMO's are going to become the new Eugenics to reduce the human population. Specially designed new crops will be used to crop the non needed surplus numbers. Population reduction is becoming the new mantra. Mass GMO feed and reduce the herd need. Spoon fed solutions for target populations. It's coming.

    1. John, do the Elites prattling about such solutions understand that such actions will be considered acts of murder and Crime Against Humanity? Do they understand that no-one will stand on due process and those aware will execute them with cause? Do they really believe they will be insulated from blow-back when their precious force-on-populous systems fail them in front of the populist anger that is building?

    2. Tino

      Do you assume they care? Theirs is a mind set remote from reality. The US elites and Politicos see the non old families as non important Tourists just passing through. Clintons rapes, Epstein and the Pedos? Bushes run drugs protectd from all. Romney could not even be questioned for the Bush / Falcone fraud. They see you all as expendable.

    3. Thank you for the reality dose. It is just very hard for me, as Doctor, as a Moral Being, as non-sociopath, to look at these criminal ideas/behaviors/plans/actions and wrap my head around them.

    4. John, to your comment to Tino at 15:00 above. Do "they" realise that "they" are also expendable? There are more of us than them. "They" may overpower us in many ways but the full force of the masses cannot be underestimated.

    5. Aurataya,
      Good point! Perhaps "they" have forgotten the French Revolution?

    6. Hi Texian,
      I believe you are correct regarding that point.

      They may realise to a certain extent what level of chaos could be unleashed but I think they may be deceiving themselves in relation to that calculation. I think they only consider that a certain number of the population may react badly when push does eventually come to shove but have not taken into consideration the actual numbers and countries that will join forces when that call is felt and heard. This is not a fight for one individual country anymore. This is a fight for everyone in every country on this planet. They try to create hate and pit neighbour against neighbour but when we as decent feeling human beings feel that pull within our core there is no stopping us as far as I'm concerned.

      I am sensing that our situations will hit a line in the very near future and this is the point I believe will truly show what we are all made of. It will be ugly and cause great sorrow but sometimes the fight just has to be fought no matter what. POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

      Just look at how we have all merged so beautifully hear at this website. We are from different places with different upbringings but have the maturity to show respect and understanding. OK, we still see some issues raised which brings out some unpleasant energy where certain behaviour from particular races is concerned but a great deal of that can be overcome by getting rid of all this false religion, having a true justice system and providing proper education. It serves well to remember that there is a light and a dark side in every aspect of everything. Long process but we must stand our ground and fight for our rights as far as what we desire and expect for and from the communities we wish to be a part of. We all know this and the day is coming when we will decide enough is enough and we will unite as a force to be reckoned with.

    7. Oops, sorry about that spelling mistake. Should have said "here" not hear in the final paragraph. Hate that. We need a revision button. lol

    8. Tino Aurataya Texian

      They OWN the police and Justice.The FBI could not arrest Romney or Bush because Bush appointed the Director and so it goes.All are gatekeepers appointed and owned by the Elites.Even though Interpol had arrested Herzog.

      Via FBI and Agency assassination units,they routinely murder at will. Fact!
      Look at the Clinton Secret Service Body Count of Agents who knew too much. Obama's Homosexual ex Lovers murdered. As for the Bushes?****
      And so it goes.

      No non Jews get top Jobs at the Fed. Nor at the Treasury. They control the money by total corrupt practice.

      The system in entirety is rotten to the core.

      It has crossed borders and permeated throughout the EU. They are Vatican owned. Endemic rot rules all. And they want NWO!

    9. John, this is why we get fired up. What you state, I agree, certainly is the case in this moment but things are changing. Trump has made some good moves. Let's see what else he has up his sleeve. But he cannot do it all alone. And to a certain degree his hands are tied.

      I do understand what you express John, but what are we expected to do? Sit here at our computers sharing all the horrible real facts of our world? Agreeing/disagreeing with each topic and expressing our opinions of what should be done to correct it. Yes, it is a start and people must become educated re the true reality of our situation, so that is step No.1. Nothing is going to change unless we stand up and stand our ground. Sure, plenty of us will get our heads blown off and a great deal of blood will flow but what is the alternative? Let them continue with their hidden plans and forward momentum gaining more power over us and our lives? Be buggered it that is my answer.

      We cannot allow fear to suppress us anymore. If we want change then we demand change, create change and get change. We have all become so damn passive. We become riled up at all these revolting situations in our world today but then wait for someone else to do something about it. Have we ever been able to rely on them before to the extent we demand? NO, and a big fat NO that is. So, change is needed to get what we want. What's the price? I'm not precisely sure but it's going to be very high and I accept that.

      I am sick to death of the way this world is heading. It's disgusting and it goes against everything I know is right. What are we here having this life experience for? To sit and view the shit around us and then return to wherever the heck we came from and file our report? "Oh dear me, that is such a terrible planet, those savages are not very nice to share life with." NO, I do not believe that is the case. I believe we are hear to create something beautiful. Change the wrong surrounding us. Work hard at correcting all the bloody bs that has been piled upon us. Save what little magnificence and beauty we currently have left that makes our hearts sing and imbued OUR world with an endless abundance of that and make it a damn potent contribution with every ounce of strength each one of us can muster. That's how we should go out after having this experience. Not bloody wishy washy bs, "I should have done more", "Oh, how I regret that" type excuses. Too late then mate.

      "Endemic rot rules all." No John, it does not rule us gathering here. I can feel the good here. We are not completely powerless. We may think we are small but that is not true. We just need to believe in ourselves, merge our energy, unite as one and then face our challenge with courage and intelligent thinking and whip their bloody arses.

    10. Now you see why I care and do this? Why I try for a better world for all people. My dime, my time. It's relentless.

      The rot I see and feel is endemic. The top is truly rotten to the core. Also clueless of reality. It permeates through all we do.Corruption and incompetence rules.
      The State is a Whore, backed by Zios who loot the store.

      Each day this is our reality. How to try to make a difference. Our focus and drive is to wake up the masses, challenge the system, but to try to get the Elders on Board, to get a real bang for our Buck. To engender and rebuild a compassionate society with teeth. Caring and sharing, not despairing.

    11. And how very very much I and many others I'm sure, appreciate your incredible contribution John. I know you know and see more on a daily basis than any of us will probably ever be aware and probably even comprehend but we don't wish to keep leaving all the dirty work to everyone else. I know the areas you deal in are out of my personal league but do you have any comprehension how much so many of us want to be there by your side fighting this fight doing anything and everything we can to assist?

      I know you have a beautiful heart and are a good, decent and moral man, so please know how much we care about you and all that you do. THANK YOU JOHN.

  5. Good to see Trump decline the invitation to attend the MSM annual Dinner Speaker Jamboree. Put them in their places. Irrelevant. It was amusing to see the BBC reporters with a face like a smacked Arse refused WH Press access. You publicise unfair bile, you pay! Well done Bannon. Why feed a Dog which bites your hand?
    No inclusion, no jobs, watch the worms turn. 6 months no pass. See if attutitudes change.

    Amused and Justice.Right move! Presumptious parasites. Eat that. A nuckle sandwitch as the new free lunch. Bring those mongrels to heel.

  6. Major new works are in production exposing the Elites, Deep State and Agency/ Zio Treasury chicanery. Each are coming.Who stole what, who is the rot? Named and shamed. And back to the gnarled treasonous hand of Bush.
    We will help Trump and the team face down the Zio Ratpack. Freeing America. The Silver Bullets are coming. Hard evidence and dates. Names and accounts. That Fed OMG moment. Did the earth move, or was it bowels fast? We will help America.

  7. We watch with interest and amusement, the naive ramblings of the gullible and Socialist endowed Goyim basket cases.

    From March 15 major new $10T US debt block comes due. Paid how? No one apart from the Fed is buying T Bills, and that is Fed funny money posing as Foreign real buyers. A rigged cover up.

    Trump has inherited a Fiscal nightmare to run with.

    The Jews have looted the store for a century and sucked the life blood out of America. They colonised America to feed as Locusts. Each sucked it dry. How will Trump overcome the March 15 debt deadline? Then how many more before the lot grinds to a halt? They can only play crossfiring for so long until it catches up. Bernanke was desperate to leave.

    Trump is in a vicious debt trap. He wants more Defense spending. Obama and Boehner rigged the books last year for a year. March it's up. A $10T bullet is coming in and that's not including the $20T historical Debt already on the books with a Congressional block on more. So how does Trump clear an extra $10T when he's already $20T adrift in the hole?

    And now he wants $10T also for March. How will Congress respond? Pigs will fly?

    And worse, he wants to spend even more? All because the Military want to be wet nursed again.

    The Jews conned America with the Fed. It's a Jewish only Bank which has failed America, denied non Jews key roles, and syphoned the nation dry. Its handling has been both criminal and inept. They filtered off $300B a year for decades. Hello? As well as propping up and being skimmed off by Zionist banks, is no one awake in America?

    WTF do you think is going down? Apart from all of you.

    Quad T's of Off Balance sheet debts are hidden. A $20T Congressional block, yet $30T to be met, and he wants more? The Military Desk Jockeys are all over him like Locusts, and he wimped out in the CIA. ( Chickened!!).

    When the day of reckoning comes, who explains to 340M deluded Americans this is reality for you now? When children join the real world in Diapers? No more grandstanding ,no more hegemony, no more false Fiat paper lies? No more MONEY!
    The Zios bled you dry. Who tells the Pentagon Burger Butts to clear their desks?
    Or their Military Retirees your funds have run dry? How does Trump clear this $10T Bullet tracking in when hes already over the Fed $20T limited demanded by Congress and this is $10T more? When does this Disneyland crock blow? So, buy another year,hide the same lie?

    And all the time, the nation has these Guru Butt Bandits pumping paper leading the deluded to think they are getting hundreds of Ts from an impossible RV. The Boiler rooms keep pumping this garbage. Delusionals propound more. Saddos.

    Does Trump now become the Chief Executive overlord of the biggest bankruptcy of all time?
    The coming end of the United States Corporation. FAILED!
    Or soft shoe deny the lie for another year? But what when the lie is reality?

    Too big to fail? Americas moment of truth is coming. If not this year another. It will get ugly. As Russia failed, so will the US lie. See the tears then when the Banks close. All around is a lie. A fairy tale. I hope Trumps gets over this year. Eurasia knows. Realists know. Just the last to know are Americans. How do you tell a naive nation your concept of truth, is a lie? La La Land is not just California.

    1. Will the GS fix this with one stroke? Deval of the USD as well? A two-step shuffle.

  8. He should do the obvious. He should show the Fed for the traitors they are and that they have a choice -- Hanging or Restitution. After all, for literally 100 years the Fed has claimed it returns its money to the Treasury. Well, let them live up to the lie. And there is no statute of limitations on Treason -- so every Fed Reserve officer with signatory authority back to the dawn of time can be taken in.

    1. Agreed Tino and how we seek to help you by exposure of truth.

  9. john

    is this march 15th US debt deadline why the GCR efforts seems to be reignited right now?

    do the two have anything to do with one another?

    1. Unfortunately not yet, although the taxes from certain major PP debts will go a long way to paying his way out IF he agrees to rip the funds back from the Agency /Bush/Cheney camp. GCR is a long way off but the PPs are a fast fix. Will he tangle with the Agency and Bush to recover stolen funds from Traitors?

  10. Unknown,
    I've brought your reply forward from last week's blog as I am insulted by your reply. Everyone who contributes to this blog has very busy lives and tries to share information with each other that they deem might be important or of interest. Would it have been so hard to simply cut/paste the section of the link you provided that SPECIFICALLY referred to what you stated in your post? I always try to make it easy for my fellow blog members to get the gist of what I am sharing to save them time in further pursuing (or not) what I have posted. To tell us to use our "brain cells" is insulting and I thought perhaps you might rethink your unnecessary comment and become a team player here instead of an antagonist.

    UnknownSunday, February 26, 2017 at 2:29:00 PM MST

    a little research and voila.... (you all can exercise your brains)

    six uses of the word "opium"

    1. MWP

      As always you are respected here. As are all, by choice.

  11. Canauzzie, thank you for making the 'Weiner computer' link live. Even though I don't "want" to know, I feel I must know. It's almost incomprehensible, the statements made. And we must expose it and stop it. My heart aches, but that which does not kill me makes me stronger. And we will all need to be strong to carry out whatever part of this ugly, ugly saga we are called upon to assist with - killing the beast, caring for the littles in the aftermath - whatever we are called upon to do. Godspeed to the men & women who are going to bust this open to the light of day. It's way past time.

    1. It's now up to Trump to set up a Task Force, Elliot Ness style, and go after them.None protected. None too mighty. Starting with the Clintons,Epstein again for new charges, and the Wiener list, it will all grow. Epstein and Wiener need to be banged up, no bail and daily waterborded for all links. Child terrorists to Gitmo. No mercy bring in the Clintons and Bushes. America rots from the head up. If Clinton has Aids expose it. Its time.

  12. The real Academy Awards

    1. LOL! That's right up there in entertainment value with the annual Darwin Awards...thanks for posting!

    2. Hi Paladin,

      Thanks for sharing that video. For what it represents it's brilliant. I could not even fully complete watching each of those moronic fools whilst performing their bs scenes. It was too sickening for me. Do they not realise how fake they come across? It is so obvious that the bs emotions they are trying to suck people in with are total crap. Utterly sickening bunch as far as I'm concerned. And they certainly cannot act.

      Knowing what these people do, they should be jailed for a damn lengthy stretch to teach them a good lesson for their revolting deceit. Then we would see some real emotion. Make them squirm and pay the price for being such putrid individuals.

  13. Day 127, Part 1 ~ Hillary's Henchmen, McCabe Ignoring Awan Brothers Leakers

    Day 127, Part 2 ~ Hillary's Henchmen, Petraeus Child Brides for Arab Sheiks

    Palantir Manages It All

    Navy Seal's Dad Has Right To Know Who Killed His Son

    Ratlines Leave Footprints, Especially Organ Harvesting

    McCabe's Trip To White House To Shop Russia Hoax Truth Backfires

    Trump Closes In On FBI Leaker Andrew McCabe

    Could Covert Group Really Exist In America? You Don't Know DynCorp

    Enter Peter Thiel's Palatir With DynCorp Space Contracts

    Russian Ambassador Churkin Probably Won't Press Kosovo Organ Harvesting Inquiry Now

    Assange Tweets About CIA $600M Contract With WaPo

    Enter the Wolf of Wall Street, Steve Feinberg, to Investigate Chicken Disappearances

    Donna Shalala and OKC Baptist, Nazih Zuhdi

    Enter Donna Shall and Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency

    Enter Paul Helliwell and the Havana Christmas Conference of 1946

    Ashton Kushner vs General Michael Flynn

    143 Pages of DynCorp Sheriffs in One Day

    DynCorp Sheriffs Working List­rhPq18NbXI-oSJdd20/edit#heading=h.9h2f12bg6iqe

  14. Thought I'd share the latest in fake news regarding Trump's tax plan from Business Insider. This just shows how widespread the infiltration of the cabal is in every media discipline out there.

  15. Mike Adams' Health Ranger and some other sites are now available through site below. Google is wiping out the truth tellers.

    1. GOOGLE REINSTATES NATURAL NEWS... details developing... your voice was heard!
      KEEP SIGNING THIS WHITE HOUSE PETITION (now 62K) to oppose censorship
      Health Ranger to issue statement at 11am Central...

      Biffie: good because I really like this site.

  16. Courtesy of WHA

    Obama diverted money from low-income housing to keep Obamacare alive

    “…Federal court litigation provides evidence the Obama administration illegally diverted taxpayer funds that had not been appropriated by Congress in an unconstitutional scheme to keep Obamacare from imploding…”

  17. So, why would the ultra-liberal Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) give such an inferior movie the highest award? Because it gratuitously promotes homosexuality, and does so within the black community by way of a highly confused black man. Apparently, America’s black communities need to be taught a quick lesson via sterotypical Hollyweird depravity that being gay is now cool … even for drug dealers in hardcore urban drug cultures.

    1. a44 they've been gratuitously promoting straight in almost every other movie ever since Hollywood began. Not to mention women and black people! I wouldnt confuse personal prejudice with what 'is'. As people know, it isn't a choice, and therefore isn't possible to promote as anything let alone trendy. It may surprise you how many gay people support conservatism, family values and everything else you hold dear :) we are no different.

  18. The ten timeless principles that drive the mission of Natural News and the Health Ranger… (and made us an enemy of the deranged status quo)

    In the midst of all the insanity, vulgarity, desperation and obedience worship, it’s a good time to remind ourselves what we really stand for. We need to remember the things that anchor us to reality, even as we attempt to navigate a whirlwind of insanity that’s only getting more deranged across the society that surrounds us.

    Biffie: The health ranger hit the nail on the head with these ten principles.

  19. Why the truth is VILIFIED in our twisted society – stunning video

    Biffie: This sixteen minute video touched my heart. Reminds us that we are on the right track.

    “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”- George Orwell

  20. To the right at the top board are key news items you all need to be up to speed on.
    Are you all reading them? They are selected to inform and help you all. Watch the video of the Muzzie at the fountain and tell me we don't have a problem. Plus the rest. Need to know, you have it.

    1. The last article was genius.

    2. We try to give you a good array AJ. Meaningful issues. And sometimes humour.

    3. Been reading them John, and appreciate the effort to bring these good articles forward.

  21. John, is this true?

    White House's reaction 'very positive' as invitation extended to join Commonwealth


    The Royal Commonwealth Society is planning to open a branch in New York with a view to bringing the US into the fold as an "associate member".

    The project, said to be backed by the Queen, has come about in part as a result of Donald Trump's fondness for Britain and the Royal Family.

    It follows efforts to develop the Commonwealth as a tool for building relationships on foreign policy and trade following Britain's exit from the EU.

  22. We are trying to give you a sound footing for when Eurasia takes over. We can do a lot together as I keep saying. Work with us but take your tanks back. Trade is where the focus needs to be. Create wealth for the Common Wealth.


  23. Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 14h14 hours ago
    I will be interviewed on @foxandfriends at 6:00 A.M. Enjoy!
    18,973 replies 8,634 retweets 53,105 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 19h19 hours ago
    GOP now viewed more favorably than Dems, in Trump era (per NBC/WSJ poll) via @HotlineJosh:
    19,910 replies 11,589 retweets 52,077 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 24h24 hours ago
    Great meeting with CEOs of leading U.S. health insurance companies who provide great healthcare to the American people.
    21,183 replies 12,995 retweets 72,542 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Feb 26
    Big dinner with Governors tonight at White House. Much to be discussed, including healthcare.21,387 replies 15,103 retweets 97,510 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Feb 26
    Russia talk is FAKE NEWS put out by the Dems, and played up by the media, in order to mask the big election defeat and the illegal leaks!
    51,660 replies 22,835 retweets 102,337 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Feb 26
    For first time the failing @nytimes will take an ad (a bad one) to help save its failing reputation. Try reporting accurately & fairly!
    35,793 replies 20,932 retweets 101,228 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Feb 26
    The race for DNC Chairman was, of course, totally "rigged." Bernie's guy, like Bernie himself, never had a chance. Clinton demanded Perez!
    25,366 replies 18,452 retweets 81,213 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Feb 25
    Congratulations to Thomas Perez, who has just been named Chairman of the DNC. I could not be happier for him, or for the Republican Party!
    23,259 replies 28,600 retweets 125,222 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Feb 25
    I will not be attending the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner this year. Please wish everyone well and have a great evening!
    64,483 replies 23,751 retweets 118,679 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Feb 25
    Weekly Address from @WhiteHouse:
    7,223 replies 9,774 retweets 42,452 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Feb 25
    Great optimism for future of U.S. business, AND JOBS, with the DOW having an 11th straight record close. Big tax & regulation cuts coming!
    16,863 replies 19,380 retweets 99,986 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Feb 25
    The media has not reported that the National Debt in my first month went down by $12 billion vs a $200 billion increase in Obama first mo.
    49,814 replies 59,835 retweets 193,800 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Feb 25
    Maybe the millions of people who voted to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN should have their own rally. It would be the biggest of them all!
    44,322 replies 34,072 retweets 153,836 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Feb 24
    FAKE NEWS media knowingly doesn't tell the truth. A great danger to our country. The failing @nytimes has become a joke. Likewise @CNN. Sad!

  24. New York: High Levels of Toxic Chemicals Found In Water Supply Near Newburgh
    Published on Feb 28, 2017


  25. It's happening! Fast food joints are automating and almost eliminating the "order taker" position. Those were the types of jobs never intended to be career or to support a family. They were merely entry level jobs for teenagers or others just entering the work force. Soon the burgers and other fast foods will be prepared by robots.

    Minimum Wage Massacre: Wendy's Unleashes 1,000 Robots To Counter Higher Labor Costs

    1. I like your point Texian about entry level for teenagers. What does that say about any responsibility a company might have to train them so they can move on and up? We rag on about people and politicos, the corporates need to be spoken to as well. Personally I'd hope that all businesses try to do social good as well as make profit.

    2. AJ,
      Actually they do in many cases. Let's face it there isn't much room for advancement in a fast food joint, however the better workers do advance to management level if they have applied themselves, have initiative and are dependable. If they really learn the restaurant business they can certainly move on to more complicated restaurants or open their own.

      Business generally does train their starting employees in many different fields in the U.S. and continue on with more training to upper levels both for those starting their careers just out of high school or college.

      The education system in the US needs a large overhaul. There is limited trades training. This is an area that needs expanding dramatically at high school level and 2 year community colleges...IMO.

    3. I agree Texian. Trade schools are so lacking. May young people that don't want the college scene, but just want to learn trades and get on out there and work, need those opportunities.

    4. Agreed. College/Uni is not the only path.

  26. How important is the gold standard?
    Feb 28 2017

    Thanks to David Douglas Hill for tagging me on Bruce Koerber’s post, “How important is the gold standard?” Bruce wrote – ‘Going back to the gold standard would be one of the two biggest deterrents to wars. Counterfeiting and its subsequent fraudulent debt fuels the flames of destruction. The other deterrent is discovery of the Manifestation of God and the tranquility that will bring to humanity.’

  27. Cheney Pushes for BLM 2.0 Rule Repeal

    This month freshman Wyoming Congressman Liz Cheney sponsored a resolution to repeal the Bureau of Land Managements (BLM) Planning 2.0 Rule. Cheney said the rule that was finalized in the last days of “the Obama Administration would have gone even further than they already had in the last eight years in centralizing control and authority over decisions about how to manage our public lands in Washington.” Essentially, taking away local authority and input with the new rule.

  28. Source of National Security Breach Identified – Leaker is David Laufman of DOJ Obama holdover David Laufman is the source of the national security leaks, Cernovich Media can exclusively report. David Laufman, Chief of Counterintelligence, has all classified information regarding espionage pass by his desk.

    The leaks have wrongly been blamed on the FBI, sources tell me, leading to a morale issue with the agency.

    It's on days like this I really hate having my hands tied by being a Constitutional Libertarian in the Jefferson way. Because the ancient Roman in my past wants his head on a pike outside the White House as a message to future generations on what not to do...

    1. Tino,
      Perhaps the FBI has earned the distrust over handling of investigations. It has not been a non-political organization as long as I can remember with recent handling of Clinton "investigation" as a prime example. Over the years there have been many other instances where their investigations went nowhere. There are, of course, many good hard-working agents who no doubt are disgusted.

    2. Oh, I agree. The italicized is Cernovich reporting. If I was at the FBI, I would be in such a quandary, because there's nowhere to go to with the corruption that is clearly rampant across the organization. The Comey idiocy at the Clinton investigation, is just, well, unbelievable. For me, that was the moment where what I knew was proved.

  29. p:Trump is getting ready to speak in a little while.

    LIVE Stream: President Donald Trump Speech to Joint Session Of Congress

  30. Wonderful speech by President Trump. He delivered positive, presidential, speech. Go Trump!!


    Published on Feb 19, 2017


  32. WHA and OWON . Key update please keep it to both sites. Transfer to Tony asap. Keep it to the 2 sites. It's because of loose lips and Shysters we are holding back the rates.

    The Arab week end is Thursday and Friday. Meaning their last day closes tonight, their time, and markets have now closed for 2 days.

    We are seeing them Bank Screen enabling Dinars for a Saturday launch if not Politically stopped.

    We have the intended rates which is way over what we expected, but it's best if we tell you on Friday. Watch your screens now daily. It's not done until it's done so don't go silly if it's scuppered. Our worry is that if we give you the rates today, alway some Lousebag Gobshite will run off to the Dinar rags and start a feeding frenzy of the worst kind of low life bottom feeders, who will create a Bums Rush. We do not yet know if the Zeros are staying on or not. Expect the last 3 to come off in a safe world, but greed and lunatics run this Zoo. You just may get very lucky. Either way, if the zeros go you still go out on a good profit, and if rigged to stay a while for the majors, you get an insane pay off fast. This is major league so far,but if warned it's on get the hell in on Monday. Don't just walk into major bank as a non customer carrying major notes by hand. They will seize the lot and give you hell. Fools have no idea. No, they will not let you walk out with cases of cash.

    Please, the lobotomised lost causes who take 3 days on a bus to go to major city, who don't even have a real bank, don't blog whining. Why for Gods sake would you get into this and be so unprepared in Banking. Unreal. We are NOT going to respond to Hillbilly questions of, " How do I do this though my Shitcreek Savings and Loan facility in the corner store run by Cousins Bubba and Elmer?" It's not that they don't know what Forex is, many don't even know which Cousin the Daddy was. Are they for real? Sadly - Yes. They walk among us. I won't mention Abby. I won't, I won't, Lol.

    Humour Folks, smile, but be ready now. First lights are up getting ready. We do have the intended rates. We will advise latest Saturday the rates if still going ahead, and if ready, procedures. Maybe earlier. Don't try buying now, they won't get delivered in time or at all.

    The moral of all this is, never underestimate the sheer bottomless scale of US greed and corruption, or how many DC, Military and Politico dogs are in on this. Their scale of endemic greed may get you in for a few days if the US Public are let in. There is no way those vast hangers can be converted if the last 3 zeros stay on, so if given the green light get in fast,because it won't last. No Saddo stories, can't go . Your loss. Expect it to take few days for the Bank to give you an SKR, then to check the notes and transfer funds to your account. For most these will be major funds if those 3 zeros stay on. And if not organised, trouble.

    Good luck and Fingers x. Don't bank on anything it can still be stopped. Be grateful some care to try to help you all. No one is owed!
    Hit the road and lighten your load.

    1. Sounds promising...dinar only or VND also?

    2. Thank you John, this gal is ready. No warehouse full or even lots, but enough to move on and maybe help as already suggested.

    3. OMG John, that fifth paragraph really started my day with a smile, just the way I like it lol.

      Thank you for caring and assisting John, much appreciated.

  33. Texian

    Dinar so far, but just pre advised the Zims are now being looked at. Also some PPs. Nothing on Dongs yet, but the Military are holding big. All profiling for a pig feast. We may know more each day.
    I see parties are already mouthing off Dinar rates on blogs but too high and inaccurate! A step at a time. More each day now.

  34. The suspense is killing me...I hope it will last.

    -Willy Wonka

  35. Gotta wipe that debt and pay for election promises somehow. After, I expect Au standard to return.

  36. Actually Trump's plan to bolster military is setting the stage for a possible swords to ploughshears remake. The militaries are well-suited to the massive rebuilding and cleanup ops needed and said to be planned. Ready to join the C'wealth, WDS and AIIB efforts? Whatever they say, its shaping up that way.

    1. AJ agree. So much happening globally, help is needed when it's needed, not days, weeks or even months later. Our military could be that big hand in helping our country and others at those times of need.

  37. Look at who is behind the Commonwealth.
    Look at which Elites are behind you all. Have faith and hope. You have friends who know we need you all to build a world fit for all. Minds enslaved are still Slaves.

  38. John,
    You state in the 2nd to last para above "Expect it to take few days for the Bank to give you an SKR, then to check the notes and transfer funds to your account." There has been advice in the past to not hand over our investment to anyone without having an SKR in hand etc. If I am reading correctly procedure may suggest that we leave our investment in the bank and leave without an SKR, as it will take several days for them to give us one. Some on the site may be fortunate to have trusted relationships but not all.

    Believing all will roll out as you have suggested on Saturday, trust this concern can be addressed in the procedures you mention that will be forthcoming.

    Your diligence and heartfelt commitment to help out the OWON and WHA community, for the sake of those in need and those that want to implement projects is greatly appreciated. Thank you will never be enough, maybe evidence of the work we all do and share would bless you even so. It would be awesome to give testimony of the goodness birthed as a result of so much hard work, by so many unseen.

    Heartfelt gratitude,

    1. I will cross, fingers, toes, eyes, legs...... whatever I have that's crossable, if it will help this ride come to a full and complete stop and stay on the rails in the process.

      EWO - nice to see you! And well said. Yes - the work we undertake to restore this world to its rightful beauty and place in the multiverse will be a fine testament.

    2. EWO

      You must not leave the bank without the SKR. It is your custodial safekeeping record for the transaction. Yes, open an account with the transaction banks.

      Then do the following.

      1,Secure your property or get one
      2. Pay off your cards!
      3.Set up your Pension fund. Key!!!
      4.Set up a serious investment income portfolio.
      5. Pay off debts. Get clear, stay clear.

      Do NOT go on crazy spending blitzes. Fools and money are soon parted. 30% will be broke again within 3 to 5 years. Sucker taken. Do NOT buy new cars. A trade bought 2 year old, low mileage car cuts 40% off for you. Use your head. Let the first buyer take the big depreciation hit. Keep you money safe and working. Keep families at bay. They can be the worst vultures of all.

      Typical it starts getting interesting and MyGirl 56 is crossing everything already. Dam! Lol.

    3. John,
      Thank you for clarification. Duly noted, and all other points already covered on our end, true freedom
      for sure !!! You are SO right about purchasing cars. Driving a new car off the lot is like flushing hard cold cash down the loo. We have never ever bought new, have a broker we use for auction house, brilliant or sort it out via another route.

      Well, John, you are well into another focused busy day, take time to breathe !! :)

      Cheers !

      MyGirl ~ likewise, pray all is well up your way !

    4. I trust a list of transaction banks will be with the other information. We no longer "bank" but have connections at a couple of them. Fingers crossed, if this really does happen, that RBC will be THE go to bank in Canada as it sometimes helps to have friends in "higher" places.

      EWO - we are well, and busy. Hopefully soon to be weller and busier, lol.

      John, I'm out of the back seat and into the front row. I promise to share my popcorn and to cheer loudly - BRAVO!

    5. I can do that too. After all, Canadians always go out of their way to help. You know that. :)

  39. Borrowed from a ZeroHedge commenter:

    Le Pen opens by directly thanking 'you, Chancellor Merkel and your Vice-Chancellor' meaning Hollande, who is sitting next to Merkel. !! That's not subtitled. Truly shocking.

    She is actually addressing Hollande -- le Président de la République -- NOT by his title but as the German Vice Chancellor.

    She is calling Hollande a traitor to his face, and she explains why. An 11 minute must-see:

    YouTube Video of Speech

    This is WAY beyond anything Trump said during the campaign. It is beyond any of Nigel Farage's addresses that I've heard.

  40. from a skype room.
    An important idea and a way to show the evil lying media isn't running the country. Mark your calendar and pass on to your contacts!

    "On March 16th, each of us will mail Donald Trump a postcard that publicly expresses our SUPPORT to him. And we, in vast numbers, from all corners of the world, will overwhelm the man with his popularity and hope for success. We will show the media and the politicians what standing against him — and with us — means. And most importantly, we will bury the White House with our support as US citizens for the office of the Presidency.

    Each of us — every American from every working class, each congress calling citizen, every boycotter, volunteer, donor, and petition signer — if each of us writes even a single postcard and we put them all in the mail on the same day, March 16th, well: you do the math.

    No media deception or disingenuous leftist politician will explain away our record-breaking, officially-verifiable, warehouse-filling flood of faith. Hank Aaron currently holds the record for fan mail, having received 900,000 pieces in a year. We’re setting a new record: over a 1.5 million pieces in a day, ringing with nice things to say.

    So sharpen your wit, unsheathe your writing implements, and see if your sincerest well-wishes can pierce the media’s famously thin skin.

    Prepare for March 16th, 2017, a day hereafter to be known as #thecallofpatriots. Then, on March 16th, mail your messages to:

    President Donald J. Trump
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    It might just be enough to make to drown out the awful display we see in these protests.

    Copy, paste, and share widely!

    1. They say Trumps mail is filtered so these should all just hit the trash file.

    After the destruction of Khazaria, the Ashkenazim scattered East and West throughout Europe and reinvented themselves as Errant Jews or Wandering Jews – meaning Roaming (Khazarian / Sakadean or Scythian) Jews. That label had nothing to do with a longing for Palestine but a longing for Khazaria or perhaps a longing for a new land, any new land.

    1. A44L91
      These issues will reach a lot of minds. Keep up the good work, you are read. This is an ever growing Global platform now. Read at the highest levels. Use it with care, truth resonates.

    2. The Khazarian Jewry in Russia were responsible for the vile, inhumane and vicious mass slaughter of tens of millions of poor Souls in their Gulags and regional mass genocide programs. Kazakhs! Wherever they go, trouble, corruption and despotic acts follow. Their low, Lewd and scurrilous conduct in Hollywood, their mass Banking frauds, their political corruption, their abysmal corruptions in Law, Justice and State. Allowing them control of the Fed and US Treasury is heinous. Trump appointing yet another to the Treasury is a WRONG move!

      Be assured, in our Eurasian discussions we are firm in our resolve to deny them any inclusion, and plan to remove them out of any and all key roles or free movement for this sub human pestilence to spread and re spawn. Stalin was Zio trash and their mass Slaughters of Peasants were inhuman as his Zio rats tore Russia apart. They were merciless in persecution, yet scream like trapped rats when challenged. Stalin, Lenin,Trotsky and the long line of sadistic Communist brutes in power were their sick breed.Ruthless. Putin knows and so do his key team. Russia has a long memory.

      It is abhorrent to see them so deeply ensconced across America as tapeworms devouring their host. Where mass corruption appears, so do they.

      Israel has become an extension of their Satanic culture domain. As time evolves, society and science will remove the lot from Eurasia. As they have done in Palestine, so it will re haunt them. America is sadly riddled with them. It shows.

      With Arab funded DNA Labs no doubt already virus targeting this sub human species, there will be no shortage of Global parties willing to deliver it. Once hopefully at least refined to stop innocent species spread, expect societies revenge to begin.

      Zios are Agents of their own destruction.

      The Middle East has a focused common agenda. It's only time. It's the many good Jews we must protect and shelter from it. Including those living in peace in Israel and so many now in America. What happened under the Nazis is simmering again in Europe and wrong. The ignorant can not tell the difference.

      The Asian Eurasians and Russians will be merciless with them once Pogroms start. Pogroms will spread again across Europe if not discouraged. If the EU collapses it will get ugly. Merkel is attacking Hollande the French President. The French are behind Le Penn who wants out of the EU. As do the Dutch, Italians, Austrians, and Greeks. The EU faces collapse, and with it the Euro. If that goes, the cross entanglements in reckless Derivatives gambling will cause a Tsunami of defaults which will bring down the US banks and Fed.

      It gets worse. All our intel is showing at least 10M more African illegals seeking to flood out into the EU. The nations can not cope. Impossible. The entire fabrication of Europe is at breaking point already. Right Wing extremism is growing. Graves in Synagogues are being knocked over and desecrated. Innocent Jews are reporting ever more attacks,and it's growing.
      This is how WW11 was evoked. Nazi nations on Russia's borders will blow.
      If even 2 or 3 M more arrive it will be the last straw. 10m appears reality now and with the Mussies on top, not good for Europe.
      The future may not be enlightenment without enlightened Leadership to lead.
      The wheels are coming off.

    3. You are correct about the rising tide of antisemitism in Europe. In fact, if you go through any Youtube video of WW11 German war marches/videos, you will find a huge preponderance of pro Nazi comments from Europeans, almost trying to evoke the spirits of dead Wermacht and SS units to finish what they started.

    4. Tony,
      Many radical and Elder Europeans often comment in hindsight Hitler should have been allowed 2 more years for that effect.

      Just tough if you were innocent parties on the other side. All European nations conspired to hand them over. The Nazis are growing again.

    5. Yes, again I agree. How sad for many innocents.

      While I am not a German history scholar, I am starting to understand (but not condone) why Hitler took the course that he did, despite the fact that Germany was doing so well, and had recovered from a disastrous post WW1 treaty that had its citizens horribly mistreated by occupation forces.

      In his last testament he clearly took pride in having devastated what he described as "International Jewry". He even mentioned the fact that Jews were treating people like "stock shares". He could have simply deported them all, and had Germany continue on as a significant powerful economic center. They had automobile, jet and rocket technology far advanced and could have been the world's focal point for investment and Zionist free capital banks. Hitler actually admired the English people. He told Adolph Galland that he personally hated waring with them. I enjoy history, and this particular time is something I want to find out more about. The challenge is finding material that is not slanted one way or the other, but as close to first hand observation as possible.

      By the way, thanks for the recent information on progress. Let's hope it all holds up and progresses to do the most good.


  43. THX TONY from wha


  45. Russia has now rolled out all its S500s shielding Russia's borders from attack. Now nothing is getting in. So what's the point and mad cost of NATO? More to the point, as the US does not have the same protection shield as Russia now, any war will end badly. Very! So why keep funding NATO as the EU is falling part because of corruption and incompetence. The EU and Euro face collapse. Stick with Britain,Dump the Chumps. Join the Commonwealth and let's re plan.

    It's time to stop the madness of wars and start trading. The US is NOT shielded. Russia has the technology to fry US naval and air weapons. So do the Chinese now.
    Each, because of US aggression and threats, have moved on.

    Why are US parties criticised for sensible dialogue with Russia? It needs to be encouraged. More jaw, less war! The Agency are playing this for the Deep State and that F Kenyan Con Mans games. Where's his bloody Birth Certificate? Unseal his records. Time this phoney crook was brought to justice and Michael too!

    The idea of that small time Bar Disbarred phony Union Organiser and his equally disbarred Shemale picking up $60M for book sales is withering. Crime DOES pay in America!

    There can ONLY be one Leader, he elected by the people,and the Shadow lot MUST go!

    In the UK the Agencies report directly to the Ministers and PM. Only the US allows their rats nests to evade control. It has to STOP! These Dogs MUST be reigned in and reduced. Cut their budgets and jail the criminal elements. Get Tough Trump, GET CONTROL!

    1. John,
      Been looking for a report on who's contracted to write these books. As we witnessed many times, Obozo can't put two sentences together without a TelePrompTer. Are his speech writers moving on into the rented D.C. digs also? Wonder if rental contract has a limit on how many unrelated families they can move into that place?

  46. John

    Is the IQD required to change value for the PPs to go?

    Framed another way, is it correct to assume the PPs will NOT go unless iraq changes the value of its currency?

  47. John

    Is the IQD required to change value for the PPs to go?

    Framed another way, is it correct to assume the PPs will NOT go unless iraq changes the value of its currency?

    1. Unknown.

      No, the IQD will feed the US Military greed, which is why it's now fast tracking. Irrespective of Fiscal consequences,the Dogs or War are barking to be fed.

      The PPs are different equations, but the PPs will generate the taxes Trump will need. But here is the quandary.

      How does he refund the PP's unless he takes it back from the Cabal and Zio Rats? You can't repay what you don't have, and only they do. Did ever the FEMA camps have a greater purpose than collecting this sub species for sequestration to save the nation? America can make a fortune selling 2 weeks job spots as Camp Guards to deal with them, and extract offshore account details. The ethos is fine for the PPs but paid how? Who?????

      The Bushes have a lot to answer for also. Huge. So does their entourage.
      Baker fronts the lot! Bagman to the Cabal Commissars.

    2. In other words, the US is now so broke it needs IQ currency to pay for tanks.

    3. And more the Military, Agencies and Politicos for their own mass corruption.

  48. Isn't it about time ICE picked up Obozo (or whatever his name is) as criminal illegal immigrant?

    Barack Obama is ‘ready to roll’ and set for return to politics, says Eric Holder

    1. Texian we keep asking why not?

      Jarret helped the illegal get the job by criminal deception. It's life for her. As for the new home, Drone proof?

  49. Replies
    1. IMO...the Democrats are creating a flap today about Sessions supposedly talking with a Russian ambassador at a meeting with others. Isn't that part of his job? Dems trying to say he lied to Congress when he was asked if he had met with any Russians regarding the CAMPAIGN!

      All of this to divert attention from the TREASON of hiring 5 Pakistanis to work IT who had access to the MOST SENSITIVE INFORMATION in at least 3 committees. (Current info in these George Webb videos above.)

      Could this Sessions farce also have something to do with the Obozo DOJ funneling $billions of asset forfeiture funds to communist groups like LaRaza, national urban league and national community reinvestment coalition that has just been revealed???

    2. Texian,
      While we are at it, let's go ahead and add Pizzagate exposure to the list.
      The President did sign an EO last week cracking down on human trafficking
      which will show as part of Pizzagate as well. MSM has not even touched the
      over 1500 pedophile arrests in the last couple of weeks.

      And, ummm, what about yesterday's alleged "suicide" of NY hedge fund trader Kevin Bell....
      appears there are possible ties to Clinton and O....and Mr. Bell MAY have been about to turn
      evidence over to Sessions....what a web they are weaving. Mortality rate of being a banker these days is not promising at all, just sayin...

    3. EWO,
      Absolutely PIZZAGATE is added! There's so much being uncovered they're in a desperate tailspin...all part of draining the swamp. FBI must arrest the #AwanFive before they skeddadle back to Pakistan. Can you imagine that Debbie Wasserman Schultz (who should also be arrested for TREASON) got them Top Secret security clearances and they were being paid at least 2.5x average salary for IT job? The American people are only ones who don't know what's going on...everyone else has either hacked in or been GIVEN access! Makes me nauseous.

  50. john

    are the TRNs supposed to be released simultaneously along with the supposed change in value of the IQD?

    1. Unknown

      I'm waiting to hear. Washington is so utterly F "ouled" up it may take the US 2 weeks to play catch on up Iraq. I have the rate but not the time. We also need the procedures. Humour, play on a word!

      We have " Patriot" clients tearing the doors off for their PP paybacks. That is now also tracking.

      Please all read and watch Trumps speech we just gave you on the new article. The team are focused for you.

      If all goes ahead as hoped, I will get our CDFI partners to help you all with the best US Pension and Income plans to keep you all safe. The idiot sector no one can help, they will be broke in 3 years.
      My guess is you will get TRNs. They want the taxes.

    2. Hello John, I have one favor to ask. As soon as you find out, can you let us know if they will launch the Dong the same day as the Dinar?

  51. Griffonred

    There is an army of hungry speculators holding their Dongs asking every hour.

    I don't see it tracking yet,so we just have to wait.

    1. Ok, John. And we appreciate all the work you, the White Hats, and the Elders are doing.

  52. Traitors!:

    "AG Sessions should clarify his testimony and recuse himself," House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) tweeted early on Thursday.

    "I think, the trust of the American people, you recuse yourself in these situations," House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Thursday morning. McCarthy, in a later appearance on Fox News' "Fox & Friends" backtracked and said he wasn't calling on Sessions to recuse himself. "I'm not calling on [Sessions] to recuse himself," McCarthy said. "It's amazing how people spin things so quickly."

    Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) joined in during an appearance on NPR on Thursday morning. "It is potentially the case that there is going to be Justice Department recommendations or referrals based on anything regarding the campaign, he said. "Depending on what more we learn about these meetings, it could very well be that the attorney general, in the interest of fairness and in his best interest, should potentially ask someone else to step in and play that role."

    During a CNN town hall on Wednesday night, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Sessions couldn't be trusted to investigate the Trump administration.

    1. Tino,
      The GOP "Establishment"...aka Bush cronies...are working against Pres Trump at every opportunity as expected. Most Dems & Repubs are traitors to America and the American people. It's just becoming obvious now.

    2. Obvious as the day is long. All this self-exposure is so helpful in getting the score-cards ready for who is a Patriot and who is a sell-out.

    3. Tino,
      IMO they should all be flushed down the drain. Most are corrupt ands the few who aren't have been silent about what they know is going on. Replacements for all. Some standards should be developed. No BAR members need apply for example, be able to read and UNDERSTAND a financial report, reading comprehension a must. It's quite obvious some current reps are minimally literate.

    4. I agree. Having lawyers make laws is a clear conflict of interest. Additionally we need some severe Enforcement and Penalties associated with the Bill of Rights. I think a lawmaker sponsoring legislation that is found to violate the Bill of Rights by a jury should instantly lose his seat. I think a lawmaker voting for such legislation gets 3 strikes and you are OUT. Also some obvious consequences for lawmakers voting for War should be that they immediately surrender their seat, and after suitable bootcamp, placed on front-line deployment in a full-fire zone. Just my first few ideas on such topics... oh... and anyone found guilty of Treason, needs their head on a pike outside the White House as a permanent message to future generations on what not to do.

  53. LIVE STREAM: President Donald Trump Speaks at the NAVY USS Gerald R. Ford (PCU)

  54. Seems there is a nifty 2.5 mile in diameter circular object moving along the floor of the Pacific Ocean off the California some 3,000 ft. below sea level. Very exciting. Any takers governments of Earth? Anyone wanting to lay claim? Anyone? Bueller? ...

    1. In that area off Malibu area CA coast that obviously has an undersea base?

      The Truth Behind The Malibu Underwater ‘Alien Base’

    2. It's Rosie O'Donnell out for a swim.

    3. @Tony,

      Sigh. I laughed so hard, unfortunately, while sipping tea. Down another keyboard....

  55. Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 13h13 hours ago

    Since November 8th, Election Day, the Stock Market has posted $3.2 trillion in GAINS and consumer confidence is at a 15 year high. Jobs!
    28,358 replies 27,226 retweets 124,948 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Mar 1


    It has emerged that Ivanka Trump was responsible for the sudden Trump administration attention to pedophilia epidemic, with the president’s daughter urging her father to hold a listening session last week on domestic and international human trafficking and pedophilia.

    Jennifer Garner Switches Allegiance To Trump, Hollywood Outraged
    First Lady Melania Trump has credited the healing and nurturing properties of nature for her good health, and urged Americans to stop leaning so heavily on Big Pharma to provide “magic potions” to cure their ills.
    First Lady Melania Trump has credited the healing and nurturing properties of nature for her good health, and urged Americans to stop leaning so heavily on Big Pharma to provide “magic potions” to cure their ills.


  58. Jeff Sessions Tells Pelosi He ‘Will Not Back Down’ From DC Pedo Investigations

    Posted on March 2, 2017 by Baxter Dmitry in News, US // 0 Comments
    A former CIA agent has warned that the deep state is working overtime to oust Attorney General Jeff Sessions from the White House because he is refusing to back down in his campaign to break up the sex trafficking and pedophile networks that control Washington D.C.

    A former CIA agent has warned that the deep state is working overtime to oust Attorney General Jeff Sessions from the White House because he is refusing to back down in his campaign to break up the sex trafficking and pedophile networks that control Washington D.C.

    According to Robert David Steele, Jeff Sessions is being set up as another “Russian fall guy“, just like General Flynn, to taint the Trump administration and push the president closer to impeachment.

    But most importantly, Steele warns, the deep state is determined to remove the most determined anti-pedophile and -corruption enforcer the office of Attorney General has seen in decades.

    The former CIA agent says that the Democrats push to remove Sessions from office, led by House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi, has “every chance of succeeding” because AG Sessions has made it clear he “will not back down” under any circumstances.

    Federal authorities have locked up more than 1,500 people on child trafficking and pedophilia charges since President Trump and AG Sessions assumed office, however the huge increase in numbers on recent years is being completely ignored by mainstream media.

    According to the FBI there were less than 400 sex trafficking-related arrests made in the entirety of 2014, proving that Trump are Sessions are serious about using “the “full force and weight” of the U.S. government to break up child sex trafficking rings and lock up sexual predators.

    In a hard-hitting video released late Feburary, Robert David Steele claimed that President Trump is our best chance to take down the deep state since President Kennedy.

    He also claimed that:

    * “White hat” intelligence community was able to stop Hillary from rigging the vote electronically like she did to Bernie (more)

  59. Remember, all it takes is one strategically placed, decision-making PSYCHOPATH at the top of any pyramid organization to corrupt the whole bloody institution. Just look at those who were chosen by the C.I.A. to lead the many IT corporations (e.g. Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Google) and social network giants (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit).
    Ponerization (from ancient Greek poneros – evil), is a ponerological term coined by Dr. Andrzej M. Łobaczewski. Ponerization is the influence of pathological people on individuals and groups whereby they develop acceptance of pathological reasoning and values.[1]
    The most glaring example of ponerization is the complete takeover of the Left by the infamous and incorrigible psychopath George Soros. It’s not just the Soros machine that is at work here. There is in actuality a vast network of criminally insane psychopaths who are affiliated with the many Soros organizations, all of which are connected directly or indirectly to Deep State.
    The political status quo that President Trump now faces is one that seemed unimaginable before he entered the presidential race in July of 2015. This ever-worsening predicament has been methodically manufactured by the agents of Deep State through a deliberate process of ponerization. As a matter of fact, it is the various ponerological strategies and tactics employed by various “political cliques of criminally insane psychopaths” who are responsible for this rapidly devolving state of affairs.(more)


  60. Kellie Leitch on Screening for Canadian Values
    Kellie Leitch for Leader of the Conservative Party

  61. Has anyone had any undisclosed meetings with Epstein?

  62. Dear Mr. President,

    Please repeal FATCA.


    All U.S. Citizen Foreign Taxpayers

    Canadian Practice Citizenship Test

  64. Thank you, John! All help pointing us in right direction is more than appreciated.

  65. The Rochester School district removed 71 students from class after they failed to show that they had received their vaccinations, as part of a plan to enforce a controversial state law that requires all school children to be immunized.

  66. The idiot EU Lawmakers are looking to ban US free access travel to Europe and impose visas. Mad, STUPID and so NOT the right move.
    You wonder why the Brits are booting them arse first out?
    Eurasia will run the lot over. Sorry Americans, this is the EU STUPIDITY we all have to put up with. Socialistic Morons. Your free access to the UK is fine. We will ignore such a ban. United we stand.

    1. Another money making scheme.

      The US makes people from Europe get Visa's now, I believe. My wife's family always has to get a visa and pay $35 when they come from Germany.

      Just the next step in Agenda 21/42 and creating no travel zones.

    2. At $35, that's a REAL BARGAIN. When we traveled to China last year, we were charged $140 per VISA!

  67. John

    Who or what owns the TRNs?

    1. US Treasury- At last!
      But still with Zios at the helm! The Rats cling on.

    2. They are deciding when to launch.

    3. The TRN's or the IQD or both ? You are burning the way past midnight oil sir :)
      Are you peddling your energy supplements, lol ...Pressing in for the breakthrough for all !

  68. From

    "Here is how the vaccines destroy children, stated in the simplest possible terms

    Vaccines are now based around cell cultures from human sources, and/or genetically engineered sources that have a human biological root.
    The purpose is to cause the immune system to react against key biological systems inside the child who receives it. Since vaccines work by triggering immune responses to pathogens, if any human material is associated with the pathogenic material in the vaccine, it will trigger the immune system to react against the human materials in the vaccine also.

    Usual target: The brain. All children get damaged by this to at least a small degree, but those who exhibit gene traits the vaccine specifically targets the most develop full blown autism.

    This is exactly why autism rates are by far the highest among the children of intelligent whites (computer programmers and other high positions), which the vaccines are specifically designed to wipe out to eliminate competition against the segment of the white intellectual class that is attempting to gain total superiority. Obviously they are not targeting only whites, they are targeting all people who have genetic traits that will allow them to compete, but predominantly children from above average white parents are hit by far the hardest.

    Bottom line: Today's vaccines amount to a eugenics program that is intended to split humanity into two groups - those who have been administered a well calculated down grade and those who have not, and are therefore superior.

    Since the source of this information is 1. My own research, and 2. people within my circle of association (which is a very high circle) there are no references, however, anyone with even a paper thin background in medicine ought to know that: YOU CANNOT INJECT HUMAN MATERIAL FROM ONE PERSON INTO ANOTHER PERSON IN THE PRESENCE OF AJUVANTS AND PATHOGENS AND EXPECT A GOOD RESULT. My GOD it takes an army of stupidity and evil to keep the scam of modern vaccines alive."

    1. Truly a sad mess these vaccines contents toxic for us all. I feel so sorry for the poisoning of our children for life with this crap.

    2. Biffie,
      So true! We must STOP it. ;-(

  69. Also from is 2nd site I've read about this plan for May 1, 2017

    "CIA Planning Coup?

    Preface to this message: Susan Lindaur is a former CIA agent who went rogue on the agency and blew the whistle. If she really is saying the following, it should really receive attention:
    Anonymous sent:

    A heads up, Jim, this could be IMPORTANT!

    Via The Covert Report With Susan Lindauer for 02-26-2017: Guest says a CIA coup against President Trump scheduled for May 1, 2017. George Soros plans/intends to bus in 1-3 million people to demonstrate then to force Trump to resign or be impeached. Please look into this and see if this is on the up and up. If it is legit and the plot is properly exposed, hopefully it won't happen. Exact details are at the 1:08:15 mark in (secure) Covert Report with Susan Lindauer 2017.02.26.mp3"

    My response: If this actually got released by Susan Lindaur, then that's the best source and it probably would be best to simply post the link. True, it is a guest saying it but if she released it that speaks volumes. I usually don't make predictions here so I will leave it at that.

    Oh, I guess I will add this: George Soros would do best by staying deep underground to avoid being shot, and to shorten the trip to HELL when he dies."

  70. The Cabal and Deep state will throw everything at Trump and Sessions to stop them uncovering mass corruption and their filthy Pedos.

  71. No pre advice yet to open the London and NY Bank Dinar screens, and still waiting on a clear definition of rates.

    At a rate of say 4.25 is that 4.25 Dollars to the Dinar or 4.25 Dinars to each dollar.

    It means with a million dinars you would either get $235,000 dollars if keeping the zeros,or $4.25 M dollars if its dollars for Dinars. If those rates hold!

    A huge difference and still to be taxed!

    We still do not yet know which, or when. Logic says plan for the worst.
    It's not about what YOU want it's about what's affordable.
    Because nothing is also a very real option.

    The Beijing team in DC have now gone back, we now wait to hear.
    If either, be grateful. A nation died for this illegal war.

  72. john

    it seems to me that everyone who is anyone (e.g.: of at least 2 years duration and with half a brain) in this dinar thing would have already turned their currency into those bursting hangers you sometimes have referred to.

    so, why would "they" allow rates without any zeros dropped (that is the higher amounts) be given on bank screens? why would Iraq give away anything above parity of 1-to-1 to the U$D?

    1. This is what we all wait to see now.

      My choice, if as an Iraqi, I would slash the zeros just to hit back at the US.
      But it's not about Justice.

      A vast number of Military. Agency and Politicos are looking for a big crooked dip. Many US Contractors were part paid with these. Worse, they want exits and now. We just have to track it a step at a time. So much is in play right now with the PPs tracking also. The US needs the taxes.

    2. John,

      Who is the final decision on these things? IMF? US? China?

    3. China versus the Cabal. First they have to redeem Chinese Debt, so China has liquidity,and China by agreement, then has to repurchase US debt so America can wipe its own Butt.Each will then leverage up the capital, taxing to pay today's needs, and creating Ponzi funds to pay for tomorrow's. Or, as we now see, misappropriated currencies and overdue reneged on redemptions. It's all a giant Cluster F of chicanery to create a public perception of order in chaos. China is just as compound. Despite the visible differences, both accommodate each other to avoid Fiscal melt down. Pass the parcel.

      The real issue is- How do we deal with the Quad RT's of US Off Balance Sheet Debt? As it can never be redeemed, how do we carry it as a Ledger item or show a redemption plan? "Cook the Books!". If we cry insolvency we take down China. Only Russia is soon Debt Free and US free.

      EU Banks are totally beholden to Fed borrowings to contain the vast crock of Fiat Banking today. Nothing is real. How many zeros can you add to a lie?

      Who is funding the Deep State Shadow Government and how?

      The US can't afford NASA,but a vast array of Defence Industry and Black Budget Operations are in live play with budgets 50 times that of NASA.Doing what? Owned and directed by who? Funded how? Who controls them? The Shadow Govt. Elected by no one. The Deep State. Now being dragged into the light. Bankrolled by who?

      What Black Budget operations? Their craft are where? They are way beyond Presidential authority. Why?
      Are you aware of what goes on at Bohemian Grove? Who? Why?

    4. Here's the 'sanitized' version of what goes on in case anyone can't conclude from the name....

      Bohemian Grove

    5. John, when I bought my dinar I thought we'd be lucky if it came in at 10 cents, and super deluxe blessed if it should happen to be $1. Then for several years the "expected rate" was $3.41/dinar. That was mind-boggling. Still is. As you said t'other day, it's blood money. If it actually does come in, and comes in at more than a buck, there will be a good chunk from this household paid forward, or paid back to Iraq, or split to go both ways. Child welfare, women's rights and community are high on our list. Always have been. And it will feel SO good to be able to give good sized donations - the kind that makes the recipient's jaw drop :) - again; it's been a long 4 years.

      I'm not going to get excited, but I do have hope this time is a go.

    6. We can only try our hearts out for all. Or say nothing. I hold no Dinars so all I do is for others. The delays are because of US chicanery and subterfuge. Cabal and Zio Rats. We have to let it evolve now. It's very far advanced.
      Now, as for exited, back seat? Lol
      Just wicked but harmless humour.

    7. John,
      There's an old (1981) movie called ROLLOVER that quite aptly describes the scenario we're in now. It starred Kris Kristofferson, Jane Fonda (yuk) and Hume Cronyn. It did earn a Razzie for Kristofferson for worst actor. lol At the time, I thought this scenario was just too far fetched and thankful it was just a movie! Little did I know.

      Sound a little familiar from the summary?

      "Smith discovers that the bank isn't just in trouble, it's essentially so insolvent that it can't even pay its next dividend. It needs to find a customer who needs to borrow a lot of money and either loan the money or act as broker in the deal in order to raise some quick cash and stave off intervention by the Federal Reserve.

      The globe is gripped by panic and rioting as people discover all of their money is now worthless. Emery is shown in his office - dead, an apparent suicide. The economic crisis paralyzes the world, but by spilling over boundaries between east and west blocs, and between developing and industrialized nations, it also unites the world in common cause. In the penultimate scene, workers at Borough National stand idle while listening to a report of the growing economic crisis. As the camera pans across the trading floor of the bank, the viewer sees that it's now empty of workers, the lights off, the desks and machines covered - completely inactive."

  73. Are you not entertained? - Maximus, in Gladiator

    $4 million for IT work at Congress. Am I to believe that there were no U.S. Citizens capable? Who vetted these knuckleheads? Who allowed these salary levels? It seems 100 folks earn similarly. Why? How is that even possible? This isn't rocket science. It is banal I.T. work with a little sprinkle of security and security process...

    To put this in perspective, $4MM would have easily treated 1,000 severe PTSD vets. $4MM would easily bankroll any number of small businesses. $4MM in taxes, meant that somewhere on the order of 200 taxpaying Citizens had their taxes squandered...

    1. Tino,
      This is one of subjects of the short George Webb videos I've been posting "Day xxx" They not only were paid 3x average salary for the positions (3 brothers + 2 wives), but were also apparently not on site. They ran a used car lot. What??? They (Pakistani nationals, not Americans) were given Top Secret clearances and paid by 31 Democrat reps. What??? None of this passes the sniff test! This is one of reasons these monkeys are throwing feces at Sessions...IMO.

  74. ---------------------
    ‘Shortsighted & nonviable’: UK’s lack of dialogue with Russia slammed in new parliamentary report

  75. Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 12h12 hours ago

    It is so pathetic that the Dems have still not approved my full Cabinet.
    40,013 replies 22,075 retweets 102,844 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 13h13 hours ago

    Nick Adams new book, Green Card Warrior, is a must read. The merit-based system is the way to go. Canada, Australia! @foxandfriends
    8,974 replies 11,034 retweets 50,058 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 22h22 hours ago all of the illegal leaks of classified and other information. It is a total "witch hunt!"
    31,448 replies 16,046 retweets 79,062 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 22h22 hours ago win. The Democrats are overplaying their hand. They lost the election, and now they have lost their grip on reality. The real story...
    16,894 replies 20,269 retweets 91,485 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 22h22 hours ago

    ...intentional. This whole narrative is a way of saving face for Democrats losing an election that everyone thought they were supposed.....
    14,523 replies 15,654 retweets 76,730 likes
    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 22h22 hours ago

    Jeff Sessions is an honest man. He did not say anything wrong. He could have stated his response more accurately, but it was clearly not....

  76. We ended Friday with a lot of Zurich/ London US Bond cashing so funds are building towards selective US liquidity needs. The trouble is, it's a hydra so insolvent, which?


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