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  1. We will be issuing 2 seperate key reports.

    1. Deep State or Pizzagate. Each are taking slices as they please.
    2. Area 52 and the new weapons implications for America and the world.

    1. john wrote: "...But how far is his Butt owned by the Jews? His Bankers, he is controlled by his cash needs"

      if i understand you correctly, you seem to be saying Trump is out on a pole in debt personally or may be sometime in the future and thus is dependent on the good will of bankers, possible FED bankers, for his business activities.


      is Trump able to stop the GCR like O was able to hamstring it?

    2. Answer

      We dont know. As Soros part funded one of his casino hotels and maybe more, and Adelson part funded his campaign, as Key Zio Bankers appear to fund his needs, plus his Jewish Son in Law is a "Good Friend of Nutter Yahoo" and the Mossad Thugs, any thinking person is smelling the roses here.

      When you have a mercurial Stink Pot like the Fed and Zio Banks,unless your mindlessly naive, it merits smelling possible contamination. This is no Nelson Mandella.

      I will support and credit him for each good action, but hold him at arms length also. Trump is very much a work in progress study.

  2. All Hell Breaks Loose In Sweden, Civil War Erupting In France As People Protest Corruption
    Published on Feb 21, 2017

  3. Given the state of our world at the moment, I think it is a good idea to remind my fellow warriors about HOW the Cabal enemies view the world.

    Following are quotes by David Rockefeller:

    Quotes by Rockefellers
    We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected the promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world-government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the National autodetermination practiced in past centuries.-- David Rockefeller in an address to a Trilateral Commission meeting in June of 1991

    Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao's leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.– David Rockefeller

    "You know, gentlemen, that I do not owe any personal income tax. But nevertheless, I send a small check, now and then, to the Internal Revenue Service out of the kindness of my heart."- David Rockefeller, before a Congressional committee

    "...conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure -- one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it." -----David Rockefeller

  4. We are getting to a point where some significant and useful data points will show. I look at what does happen as well as what does not happen. The friggin Fed has to friggin go and now will work for me. Why in the hell would anyone with a brain allow the Fed to operate and rape our Country.

    We all know our Congress; D-Rats, Repugnicants, RHINOs, Indespicibles ()like Bern) as well as NSA, FBI and especially CIA + InJustice Dept + 10% of all other 3 letter agencies can be convicted of treason. Laws are on the books to deal with them.

    Their power base is $$$$ and they control by buying people or getting them in the act of bad behaviors. We know the ziorats got their start or boost with the BAuer - Rothschild RICO gang who funded Rockyf's and then came the enforcers; the Bush Nazi starting with Sam's papa then Prescott --> GHWB - Georgie moron and his idiot brothers ... let's not forget daughter of Aliester Crowley ... Barbara. They operated the largest private bank n the world and were in bed with BB&H + Herbert Walker-GHWB. Their fortune grew to Trillions (>$7T) through funding Nazis, WWI, WWII, global grug ops, Global weapons ops, killed or destroyed all who got in their way such as JFK.

    We the people who can think critically can analyze the data and figure this crapola out so those who have the ability to act and sit on their thumbs are in with the evil satanic sickos ... time for use to get a whole lot smarter.... ramble ramble ... this is infuriating to say the least.

    I Pray DJT is weaving many webs to catch and convict. I Pray positively as though DJT and many good folks are taking back our Country + if he is really clever-brilliant ... he will turn many bad people against their handlers. God help us; for without Him we have no chance. God is helping us so we will win based on our foundation of FAITH!!!

  5. The Trump Deportation orders will start soon and it will send millions back. Europe is awash and crippled with them. Rape, child molestation, crime, crippling burdens on Health, Welfare and Schools. Housing them is a nightmare. We need to build minefields behind the borders. Forget Human Rights, it's NOT AFFORDABLE and always the loudest mouth Liberals pay nothing towards it. No countries can afford it. No communities can cope.
    Bring back the Troops and start mass deportations. It's simple, round up all Protesters, cuff them to the Illegals, and slam the lot back over the borders with passports cancelled and revoke their citizenship. Give it 6 months and watch demos go.

    Put each nation first. Boot troublemakers. Fill Gitmo with them. Or FEMA process them. Time to wake up America. Get real time is here. Freebies are ending. It mass bred trouble!

  6. HUGE SCANDAL! Trump Just Revealed Who is REALLY Behind the Anti-Trump Protesters – This Changes EVERYTHING!
    February 22, 2017

    There have been all these reports from the mainstream media of angry locals showing up in pro-Trump towns and demanding their politicians oppose the President’s policies.

    Seems pretty weird considering we all voted for him, right? Yeah, Donald Trump thought so too. That’s why he did some digging and found something SICK.

  7. Sheriff JOE CLARK lays down the HARD FACT about CHICAGO CRIMES
    Published on Feb 22, 2017


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  10. Tennessee Senate has voted to call a "convention of the states" in order to draft and pass an amendment to the Constitution that would require balanced budgets to be passed every year.
    IIRC a balanced budget wiuld be a necessary by-product of asset-backed currency. And the corollary, this change would require an asset-backed currency, would that also hold?

  11. Until Iran go to a single unit currency away from a dual in country currency on March 21st we will not see any changes from any country.FACT

    1. Welcome Suzan and Yes, it's heading this way again. We are making progress on the major PP redemptions, but not the currencies. Too many grasping claws,and reality bypasses are hindering the final agreements. The Agency is also now deeply embedded with Contracts inside Iran, but also so are the Chinese and Russians. Territorial wars are in play.

    2. John,
      It seems that you are saying that the currencies are off of the board right now, so we should no longer be watching Tuesday thru Thursday this week and next week?

    3. I am hearing from good sources that only way anyone will make anything decent with there currencies will be through projects where they will get a fair return,public will get 1-1 with the zeros off.That has come from someone who is involved already in this process so time will tell.

  12. AJ

    The US is the ONLY major nation without its own Central bank. All other coutnries have to fully declare true fiscal postions and relate budgets to GDP reality backing its currency.
    Only the US spends mega Trillions on Military protecting Cabal hegemony , and ridiculous Welfare for vast millions backed by nothing but hype and a worthless Fed currency. A giant lie and scam. When this bubble bursts, God help Americans.

    The Fed is a Jewish Bank, owned by Jews, run by Jews only, and ONLY for the purpose of filtering off the assets of Americans. It has taken them for Mugs, asset stripped the nation, and destroyed its Fiscal integrity.The Goyims sleep, unaware of the approaching Fiscal disaster facing them. Mugged! Dumbing down has gone to perfection.

    Congress and the Senate are now full of Jews. Israel reigns supreme. Trumps Son in Law is Mossads point man, Bennies best friend, manipulated with guile by this devious, vile Kazakh Zionist. America has been devoured alive from the insde by this tapeworm species.

    Who will unbundle this apalling mess without a collapse? Even then who will be the ones waiting to pick up America for 10 cents on the dollar if it comes, as is their wish as they wait like carrion?

    Eurasia is coming, and unstoppable. Two big Dogs can not live from a meal for one and one will die. False reality will become the new reality unless we can reconstruct a new Zio Free Fiscal system.
    Can Trumps team save America? Without, God help them.

  13. John i am in UK and have projects but need funding have you any idea how i can go about approaching the banks and what banks would you suggest to approach with them,or is this a pipedream like all of the guru nonsense that gets spouted.I have tried emailing several but usual response dont deal with dinar and dong is international but not at rate worth exchanging.Thanks in advance.

  14. Suzan

    Be clear, until we get the multi national concensus,Dinars,Dongs etc are just non supported currencies. Way too much nonsense is spouted by Dinar Gurus, and worse the idiot unwashed. Returns projected are happening, It's grunt fantasy land. Iraq can justify a capital issuance of c$10T but needs only c$6T. Fact! Vast overprinting to sell Dinars as a Ponzi scam has created another South Sea bubble. It will blow. Dongs do have an exchange market, but Dinars are only via the Scalpers Boiler Rooms.

    Until we can achieve a resolution for the conversion rates, it's toilet paper.

    Do we part meet the greed of the big batalions and let a few public faster movers ride behind before dropping the shutters, or just cut the last 3 zeros off Dinars as conversions to the new notes,and do parity with the USD? Which means parties dreaming of $5M will get $5K? Do we help bail masses at cost, or feed the greed of a few Agency / Military boys and cut off the snouts of the rest? It's a dichotomy.

    These are the issues we deal with daily. It was hoped for a break soon and decisions, but thats now slipping again this week. Be assured a lot of Arab grasping claws are looking for a fantasy landing also.

    Can you use those currencies right now for Projects? No. It's just monopoly money.
    The dream for all is not happening. Unnafordable. But do a few heavyweights get through , and the Bums rush help a few for for 3 days? Those are the issues. Iraq can as easily just print new notes and trash the lot. As Iraqi Finance Minster, I would. Why allow Infidels who destroyed our nation get rich in theirs cheating us with our paper, may be the new Matra in Baghdad. Have they not suffered enough?

    Your best route for Projects is to try Venture Capitalists. Without a long term Track Record Banks wont help.

    1. Thanks John,for your reply.The point i do remember was from the CBI who said the old currency would co-exist up until 10 years,i may be wrong but i am sure i read also the IMF gave them a facto rate 0f1.134 in there studies for use when all the economics issues and political stability was achieved.My concern is yes asset backed will be introduced but how long will that take to achieve with so many factions out for themselves and not the people.

    2. Suzan.

      How we deal with the overprint is key. Also Iraqs stability. With the best will in the world, a c$1.5T GDP economy can not sustain more than $6T in circulatiion and $10T gross Printed to cover reserves.Real world!. So how do we deal with hundreds of Ts floating, or Quad T's printed?
      To start by cutting the zeros is step one. But wait for the screams then.

      Iraq can not, and must not be left with an unsustainable burden. Forget the speculators. Iraqi lives matter. The West and Israel have caused mass genocide across the Middle East and Asia. Cabal greed.

      We have to deal with sustainable realities, and logistical consequences post launches. Logic says cut the zeros and give the c1.3 conversion rate. This way the mass greenhorn gamblers don't lose the lot. Non have the right to expect to put in $5K and walk with $5M. Get real time is coming.

      Our greater concern is how many trusting gullibles could be walking with nothing if this fails to be settled properly. But what IF, a fast fix is done for a false launch to favour a few, and the window closes days later. Do we try to help you grab the crumbs or not?

      Way too many are in Disneyland. Be assured the top table is NOT for the people. Apart from us trying with the Elders,you have nothing. The rest are just oily Spivs lining their pockets.
      We care! But hard truth matters.

    3. Will be keeping on top of it John for the heads up when you guys give it.Hoping the UK banks will let us get in and out before the shit hits the fan then.Thanks again for your time.

    4. Hello John. I recall a week or so ago you saying that Iraq is going to have issues until March. I guess this coincides with what Ms. Bell says. If so, what's another 3 week wait if we can get in and get out? I really hope you and the rest of the guys can make something happen for us peons. I will pray to all of the known gods for this to go through.

    5. Iraq should release the lower denoms with the new anti-counterfeit features.

      Then give people in country a week to exchange any OLD bills without the NEW anti-counterfeit features dinar for dinar.

      Then just dump ALL of the old bills (like INDIA did) that were counterfeited and focus solely on the new bills (higher denom 2013-2015 series) that were printed over the last 2 years with the high security anti counterfeit features and the new lower denoms (2017-TBD series) with the new anti-counterfeit features.

      Counterfeit problem solved.

      You will still have some of the higher denoms (2013-2015 series) with the Anti-Counterfeit features, but not much as they have only been printed for less than 2 years.

      The print of the new bills over the last 2 years, plus the new lower denoms is probably right at about the amount they can absorb.

      Unless of course, Bush, the CIA, France, the Fed and whoever else had the new 2013-2105 series plates too.

  15. Terry

    We are in heavy waters right now. Give it a week to calm and see. Anything is possible and greed levels are high. But money to pay, is finite.

    1. John,

      Thanks for trying to give us a heads up about a possible window. Based on your experience in international finance, do you realistically believe this currency situation(Dinar/Dong) will reach a resolution anytime soon, whether it benefits a few or many? Also, does the Dong have a top table for the majors and a lower table for the rest?

    2. Terry

      These currencies could turn in a day. But because of time zone and Caledender differences, if launching its likely to be on a Tuesday. Arab week ends are Thursday and Friday. Chinese time zones cut out the Monday for you.

      Greed v desperation is driving this. I had not thought before April, but last week it started getting progressive.
      Something HAS to be done it's just when and what price.

      Do I see multi tier prices? Absolutely. So much is evolving,it could all go live any week they chose. These were pension pots for a lot of Generals. Looting bastards.

    3. I have a request. Can you arrange to release key updates along the lines of Mountain Standard Time so I can get some sleep? lol

      My pleasure to dispatch the invertebrate. At this stage WHA won't countenance aholes. My time, and that of everyone involved, is going to be respected. If they want to bring insults to WHA, then I will serve it right back, John Gotti style, and include their families, friends and pets.

    4. Tony

      By all means sleep "IN", but if so hot try not to wake her!

  16. Tony WHA

    Our thanks for dispatching the Mutt.

    Catch 22. So do we, as we prefer, only advise movement after it's done, it's far better for us, low profile and no Whingers.
    The problem is, if it's only a short window,do we leave the sites out to miss out?

    Settlement diplomacy is mercural right now. Way off that basement dwellers pay grade.

    Or, when there is a real push on do we care enough to try to cover you all just in case?

    It matters little to us. One way or another it hits London anyway so we are covered.
    But for so many in need, as both sites seek to help at our cost, it only needs a single whinging Tosser like that to close doors. We owe the mutant what? Visibly a bottom feeder. Get him a stand in role in the Simpsons with his father Homer.

    Cretins? At least he can read it seems. He's better suited to the Guru rags.
    Botton feeders? Keep his slot in the Wallmarts queue for the next pics.

    1. John , we most certainly appreciate all that you do.

  17. Project Veritas has just dropped the hammer on CNN. Blatant dishonesty. Proof.

    Money Quote from Comments: "All news anchors you see on main stream news broadcasts (FOX, MSNBC, CNN, etc..) are not reporters they are ACTORS. They are paid and instructed to create empathy and outrage as required."

  18. Actor James Woods tweet about Podesta and Pizzagate.

    James Woods
    ✔ ‎@RealJamesWoods

    Put more walnut sauce on your #pizza and shut up, #Skippy. You're lucky you're not in jail yet. I stress "yet..."

  19. J V

    did u read john's concern about the gullible getting at least close to parity for the money they forked out for the dinar?

    1. No dog in this fight, but if you want close to parity...sell.

      I sold mine years ago and with tax write downs on losses recouped 85 cents on the dollar.

      But parity so speculators break even won't help Iraq if there are 100 Trillion dinar.

      Seriously, 100 Trillion dollars. More than the published gdp of the planet?

  20. Conservative MP Nigel Evans tells those opposing Trump’s state visit to “get over it because he’s the President of the United States”.
    Feb 23, 2017

  21. p: Warning, pictures of dead children’s bodies allegedly having had their organs harvested. This needs to stop!

    Images Of Alleged “Organ Farm” In Malaysia-Thailand Border
    Feb 23, 2017

    1. Revenge... is like a rolling stone, which, when a man hath forced up a hill, will return upon him with a greater violence, and break those bones whose sinews gave it motion.- Jeremy Taylor.

      Thank you for bringing this gruesome matter to our attention P.

  22. P

    Heart breaking.Truly!

    They are all children of the Universe. The Soul Guardians will wait for the transgressors. No such horror goes unpunished. Children? Karma rules, there will be consequences.

  23. An Indian walks into a cafe with a shotgun in one hand pulling a male buffalo in the other. He says to the waiter: "Want coffee."

    The waiter says, "Sure, Chief. coming right up."

    He gets the Indian a tall mug of coffee. The Indian drinks the coffee down in one gulp, turns and blasts the buffalo with the shotgun, causing parts of the animal to splatter everywhere and then just walks out.

    The next morning the Indian returns. He has his shotgun in one hand, pulling another male buffalo with the other. He walks up to the counter and says to the waiter "Want coffee."

    The waiter says "Whoa, Tonto!!! We're still cleaning up your mess from yesterday. What was that all about anyway?"

    The Indian smiles and proudly says,

    "Training for position in United States Congress...Come in, drink coffee, shoot the bull, leave mess for others to clean up, disappear for rest of day."

    1. Above courtesy of Anna VonReitz...

    2. LOL Texian, that's the best giggle all day! )

    3. P,
      Hahaha...turned my giggle box over also!

  24. John,

    Echoing the sentiments of Alwaysme at WHA, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer all of our questions. You are appreciated Bigly.

    1. We try because- Once we do get the GS elements released, and the major Elders REAL PPs we are working on, we will need like minds for good projects if we are ever to turn this poltical ship of fools around.

      There is good progress, what's months after a century of screw ups?
      We have an Agenda, it's not 21, and self help has to start somewhere.

      There are some damned good people contributing and trying to help daily.

      Alternative medias spread truth. They are also your only real voice. So many concerns expressed here are the voices and consciousness of the people.
      You all MATTER.

  25. Hi John i have projects ,two of them .One for exvets with PTSD and other for sick/terminally ill children which i want to provide a trust for and holiday retreat.So i am hoping this comes off not only for to provide security for my own kids but others,time these cabal greedy scum moved over and let good people help others.

    1. Suzan

      The sheer amount of funds which have been STOLEN by the Bush Cabal and Zio Rat Bankers is sufficient to rebuild all nations and take a quantum leap in the development of the human species towards emegence as Star Beings befitting a place within higher Galactic orders.

      We deal with it daily. Inept Political Leadership,corrupt Intelligence Agencies, and the gutt rotten, totaly despicable Zio Trash have perpetrated this. Political agendas are flawed,filled with the likes of Blair as was,or diletantes like Cameron as was. Preppy Boys and little boys. No intellect behind Westminster noise. Were so many blind and deluded ever so empowered?

      Leadership? Westminster is propogated by survival and sound bites. There is no plan. There is no planning.

      Banking is propogated by Bonus driven account scalping. Licensed robbery.
      We MUST do better if we are to do anything.

  26. john

    is anything currently tracking on the zim currency?

    if no, is the zim a big waste of time?

    1. Unknown, am also interested in this answer as had gotten some to help. A wool pellet project that could really be a boon to sheep farmers nationally, a friend's long term attempts to bring his project forward and Haiti and the need for so much.

      Have already accepted I may have been mistaken, and that's ok. Some how, some way.

    2. There are attempts to get a solution, but on record,so far the Zim is worthless waste paper. It is not even used any longer in Zimbabwe.
      But,- Using the vast assets of Zimbabwe, it is possible that a consortium backed by China can underpin a relaunch backed by the land and gold. Talk at least.
      Whether then they just issue new notes, or take up the old, is the question.
      That is in heavy negotitation right now.
      Accept it as lost, and hope for a long shot. The paper is worthless, but some solution may be possible. Many major holders are wriggling and conspiring. Lol. Who knows. You have nothing to lose now.
      Would I buy? Not at all. Nor have I bought any of them. None stood up.
      But who knows. Many are trying. It's still possible and its a case of weekly watching.

  27. john

    the issue with the human species is we have stone age brains in modern day settings.

    the human BRAIN has not evolved as fast as modern day institutional frameworks.

    until this FACT is understood in all its implications, the governing of the people will be flawed.

    the solution is to create a class of independently wealthy educated persons who have been taught how to navigate in such environments.

    the second solution is to create alternative but mainstream media so the little people get the truth.

    1. But what is being created and evolving fast, is an elite species who seek to get rid of the rest. Where are you then?

      So few, with money, care. I see it daily. When economies tank, what then? If outside the tent, life will be short. Once Transhumanism comes in,enhanced humans will be thinking 10,000 times faster than the sub species. 10,000 times more data and powers. Left, as Primates to them, how long will the non enhanded last? Technology will be at a cost most can not afford. Will the Elites share? Not at all. Be careful what we are creating. It is very far forwards now.

    2. Sorry. The people propounding this are blowing smoke. As a matter of science, it cannot happen as described because of verifiable by anyone physics and math. I was active in this field before the word 'transhumanism' was even coined in 1990. I was 'there' when the first identifications for commercial biologic immortality were brought out. (See Neo-Tech, 1986)

      Computational complexity puts hard limits on what a 5-order magnitude speedup will do. Which is mostly nothing, unless you want to watch a 2-hr movie in 0.7 seconds. Any problem (and all the interesting and useful ones are) with exponential complexity will still take forever to process. In other words, the speedup, by itself is just that, not an IQ change. More interesting would be perfect recall or 5-magnitude order of data access. Of course, that doesn't affect the garbage-in/garbage-out problem of hyper-speed thought.

      Also, it is a fallacy that the conscious aspect of the brain can be moved onto a hardware substrate for higher speed. It can't be [in any foreseeable short run] because consciousness is almost certainly sitting in the post-synaptic field and is a geometric phenomenon. That's why commercial biologic immortality is the only true [first] path forward. The second side effect of this is that the speedup will be outside consciousness, with results being presented back at regular thought speed. Go ahead, take your classified experts to the woodshed, ask them these particular questions, and after you force them to stop hand-waving, watch them confess the truth of everything I wrote. Like I said, I have been on this topic for a life-time. I can go eyeball-to-eyeball with anyone on this.

      As to the technology being at a cost that most cannot afford, that is bs as well. Combine with life extension, age reversal and near-perfect health, ANY cost can be amortized properly for the masses. Additionally, if the technology is not restricted, but propagated thru competitive value delivery wars, the tech cost will collapse exponentially over 20 years. See cellphones. See computers. You could transhumanize the whole populous in a generation. Probably faster, since with hyper-thought comes solutions not previously foreseen.

      More accurately, the Elite don't want to share and are rationalizing obstructions and rationalizing reasons not to do it for the People [cost, complexity]. It is the sickness of Power and total failure of Stewardship.

    3. Soon, with Robotics and genetic enhancements, all will change. The Chimera species is Lab evolving as we debate.

      On sickness of power we agree. Total! But who will be the parties with the economic might, to take on the 7th Floor for Stewardship?

      As Eurasia unfolds, we all need to be prepared for new multi dimensional consciousness.

      The Old Guard will need to be On Guard because Eurasia will sweep all aside.

      They are fully aware of all sciences, and what they can't pioneer first, they will steal. As now. Eurasia is far ahead of the West in Multi Dimensional re tasking. China even uses human scanners at the airports checking incoming risk passengers. China has far greater resources deployed in Remote Viewing. China fully understands the need for a quantum leap and is fully evolving. Look at the last 10 years. Think of the next.

    4. Tino,

      I really appreciate your learned input on this subject of transhumanism. You explained your position, and why, in an cogent easy way to understand...thank you.

      My son has been fascinated by this topic for years so I just sent him your reply. I truly learn so much on this blog.

      Thank you again Canauzzie for making this forum possible.

    5. The issue of transhumanism is fundamentally flawed and a false hope, because it doesn't recognise the true origins of consciousness and assumes it to be an emergent property of cells and processing.

      It also sounds like it may miss the point of DNA. I'd have to know more about which parts of the genome are being targeted, but I doubt that they have the insight or genetic knowhow to change the right parts and in the right ways.

      DNA is a biological quantum machine and the non-coding aspect of repeating sequences and apparent randomness is the connector between the extra-corporeal consciousness and the biology. You can fiddle around with methylation or sequences in the coding regions to affect protein or RNA production as much as you like but that doesn't change the software that is written into the DNA itself in the vast quantum non-coding regions, therfore will not change the level at which an organism operates.

      The etheric soul chooses a body and its design before birth depending on its intended and required experiences and lessons for growth. To intimate that it is a product of a brain, and can be changed by a chip, is amusing. Multi-dimensional awareness is a conscious property that our species is only now coming into. This transhumanism issue is a third-dimensional quality and doesn't touch on the natures of the fourth or fifth or other dimensions of consciousness which only come from soul exoerience and evolution, and which require maturity of consciousness to access.

      Look at clones. They have no soul. You can identify them just by looking in most cases. Transhumanism operates at that level only and won't touch soul attributes.

      So please recognise the red-herring of this effort. Ironically, those who do follow this path are saying 'I don't recognise my soul and consciousness as the real me' and will manifest their own self limiting life as a result; it is not the path of one who is truly empowered or enabled at the level where it counts. I will eschew it and choose the seat of consciousness and soul over biology and technology. I don't care if I am a peon, to me that puts me on the winning and track of true consciousness evolution.

    6. Below is an example of what transhumanism-through-consciousness can look like. Completely different to the mad rich caste who are looking at tweaking biological machinery at that level. This below is a restorative set of sound codes that interact with one's biology:

      "The sounds that comprise this meditation are codes. They pulsate with vitality from the higher realms of light. And if you listen to the sound meditation properly the vitality of these sound codes will be transferred into your physical body—into the very cellular matrix itself."

      The message here is that a higher form of transhumanism is achieved using the multi-dimensional consciousness, and the recognition that it is master over biology/matter.

    7. @MWP You are very welcome. The forum is also helpful to me on many,many fronts. John, Canauzzie, WH, WHA, are all inestimable in value. I'm just an entrepreneur in Virginia.

      Undoubtedly robotics are a game changer. However, as described in The First Immortals if humanity started doing integrated, fully causal statistical, holistic thinking, robotics would be a boon not a hindrance. (If you dig up a copy, make sure you get Mark Hamilton version, sometimes known as the Miss Annabelle Story OR The Story OR Conceiving the SuperPuzzle usually available for $20 or so in the after-market, even Amazon probably has it in used books.)

      Genetics worry me in that taking control of our evolution the Decision-Makers seem to lack all sense of morals and common sense. It is actually suicidal-cum-genocidal-cum-democidal to amp sociopath IQ. Only a sociopath sees their fellow man as an actuarial problem to be solved by extermination. And even there, there are issues with genetic mods. The brain is a bowl of salt mayo. The power and frequencies used to move matters in connection and in the post-synaptic field, can be pushed only so far. There are energy considerations associated with driving faster frequencies not to mention issues of noise. As I mentioned before there is no functional difference between IQ's at 200, 400, 600 or 1200. The same computation limits apply. Now, all bets are off if there is a threshold for accessing the Akashik records.


      As always I remain fascinated that some have achieved remote-viewing/scanning capability. There has been so much tantalizing evidence for telepathy over the years. I first got seriously interested in the topic when I witnessed control of the noise level from cicadas one summer. The insects responded to the telepathic command to lower their song or raise it. And as Alan Turing may have said, there is more evidence for telepathy than meets the eye.

      I hope Etherialism + EurAsia will be more successful in bringing Man together...

    8. Tino your cautions are welcome. On page 5 of the Jan 7, 2017 issue of New Scientist is an article "New moral codes needed", with a breakout "The ability to do something has been conflated with the right to do it, even if it leads to social upgeaval".

      The neopopulism now growing is a global shout from the population that we no longer tolerate a selfish elite. Superior technology can no longer be morally be sequestered for a favoured group but shared. Else, we will never be admitted to the galactic club, being seen as a child race.

    9. Hi AA,

      Speaking of the galactic club, assuming anyone wants us as a member, I find there is a paucity of [consistent] data relative to alien lifespans. Which is an interesting omission... or disinfo....

    10. Interesting segue Tino! Well, the greys are allegedly here sampling our DNA, which Eisenhower agreed to in exchange for military tech, because they had trans'humanised' themselves out of the ability to reproduce. Let me put it another way: they f$#cked up their genetics. And they need our pristine genetic stock to repair it!
      The Pleiadeans, Sirians and Arcturians on the other hand, achieved trans'humanism' by evolving the consciousness.
      We have two examples to choose one to follow.
      The transhumanists will lead us down the tried and true path of genetic degeneration.
      You're right re "if they accept us". They have already made the choice. Notice how they disable any nuclear weapon? Where does Putin get his superior intel and strategy? Clearly the KM is not fit for galactic consumption, and unethical transhumanism will find the same palm in the face. If it happens it will be in a form fit for an adult race.

  28. John, How important is Trump in the grand scheme of things relating to the PP`s, GS, RV.

    1. Scott

      His is not key to any of it. It is all way beyond his grey cells, and in play between nations and market forces with vested interests. He is a Casino / Hotellier slippy character who shot for the moon and won once. His value hopefully will be the new team. This is not a sophisticated man, or Leader. But his team do have good caliber thinkers.
      If he up to speed on any of it. No. He is still learning to walk in DC. As are most of them. But this is in live play daily. Hourly.

    2. John, Trump is a lot smarter than you, I, and everyone else give him credit for. He is being blocked and torpedoed at every step or action he takes by the deep state and everyday he presses on to bring this country out of the horrible condition its in. So I think that sitting back and waiting to see what he gets accomplished in his first 100 days is a huge mistake, maybe if you and the Elders got behind him to help eradicate these ZIO rats everyone would be the better for it. If he is to fulfill his promises to the American people and forge new lasting relationships with other countries leaders he is going to need all the support he can get and this is not just for America its Global.

    3. We do help Trump but disagree on smart. He is what he is. But hes now and needs his team solidly in play.
      The Deep State won't let go until they go! They are also more solidly in control that anyone realises. With anAg4enda- 21! and NWO. If let in situ, come Transhumanism, you won't need FEMA for anything but Red Zones.

      The Elders will not gt behind him, America has just transgressed too many times in Asia. Americans are seen there are Genghis Khan marauders. With cause. Elders are backing Eurasia. The US must self fix itself. But the Tri Laterals only want one fix and the 7th Floor is working towards it.

    4. Hmmm, Trump... quite a quandary! My feelings are it would be a mistake to under estimate his applicable intelligence, which is probably off the charts. Trump was raised and educated by Roy Cohn, arguably the highest genius mob attorney of all times, with extensive connections to the Black nobility families, most notably the Orsini family. As you all should well know, Pepe Orsini is acknowledged at the epicenter as The Grey Pope...quite possibly the most powerful behind the curtain player on the planet. Also, it is my understanding from my Scottish Rite friends, that Trump' mothers bloodline The McCloeds, is of Royal Templars heritage... guardians of the gold. Either of these support mechanisms are historical powers of the highest degree, together they may well be an unstoppable force? Granted Trump is not the sharpest knife in the drawer with an IQ around 156... But his quotient scores in applications and social endeavors is obviously exceptional... he solves problems quick and cuts deals. He has a deep file of life long friends whom remain steadfast and loyal, many very powerful and substantial. I think the question is to which fiddlers does the man dance a vastly more pertinent intellectual endeavor, as it is obvious he was invited to the ball. We all witnessed a dramatic shift to "plan B" by the Globalist oligarchs, most notably the UK Queen after Brexit, an obvious lean towards surrender. Trump is merely a loyal Freemason, one of their leaders, a builder with a very impressive track record I might add( building skyscrapers in NYC IS NO JOKE!). The Masons built this country as is apparent anywhere you look...they simply want to save what they built, as would any caring parent. To fail to acknowledge this is a grievous error in any functional analytical timeline. Best/satanist

    5. Lol... Damn phones is right! A Satanist is exactly what I'm not...Best/ss

    6. Also... someone has yet to prove to me that the "Chinese Elders" are in point of fact, NOT THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION!! The Rothschild Satanist invented communism and financed Mao... Their recent physical escape from the City of London, including massive office moves, to Singapore does little to assuage my concerns, as does the coincidental timing vof the launch of the Singapore gold exchange. Personally, I think it's most likely the same old shit, just shoveled differently. The alleged funds in the occult economy are unfathomable imho...what all this is truly about, is laundering these ill gotten gains so they can be used. In other words ANOTHER ACT OF A CONTINUING CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE! While historical funds have obviously existed..good luck prying a dime from the coffers of the Satanist.

  29. john

    thru history, it has been the survival of the fittest.

    it is in small groups numbering 50 to 100 in which the human brain evolved; this has not changed despite the increasingly complex societies in which western societies have become

    many bog bodies archeologists have found in Bogs are suspected of being rulers and elites the others dispatched ... "hand-on justice" if you will.

    the little people need a wealthy uncorruptable class to champion truth and steer humanity toward pro-social long term responsible goals.

    the history of the wealthy going back to the bronze age demonstrate wealth has not served prosocial needs, but rather in consolidating one's own base (e.g.: the elites acts like mafias per The Prince)

    1. Correct, but look at morality today? Even within families. We truly need to re track thinking. Re- education of each nation. Abraham created a false Ponzi system of baseless relations, run by Shicksters and Vatiosas.
      A total rethink, outside the box, is needed. It is ALL wrong!
      Leaders are clueless and unfit. Politics are for vermin seed today.
      NWO is closer than you realise. Very! Then, God help you all,because the Elites care nothing. Worse, they will share nothing.

      Man is in a bad place. Mankind will not be kind. Wealth corrupts, and I see the speed with which have nots change once entering the inner circle. All is false. As are they all.

      We truly need to get the Elders fully on side, but it's hard with families and greed. Education is challenged. We live it.

  30. In case those around you are regurgitating some popular fake news stories, here is a article that gives the facts.

    Here is just one example:

    January 31: The Big Travel Ban Lie
    On January 31, a Fox affiliate station out of Detroit reported that “A local business owner who flew to Iraq to bring his mother back home to the US for medical treatment said she was blocked from returning home under President Trump’s ban on immigration and travel from seven predominately Muslim nations. He said that while she was waiting for approval to fly home, she died from an illness.”

    Like most other sensational news incidents, this one took off, big-time: it was shared countless times on Facebook, not just from the original article itself (123,000 shares) but via secondary reporting outlets such as the Huffington Post (nearly 9,000 shares). Credulous reporters and media personalities shared the story on Twitter to the tune of thousands and thousands of retweets, including: Christopher Hooks, Gideon Resnick, Daniel Dale, Sarah Silverman, Blake Hounshell, Brian Beutler, Garance Franke-Ruta, Keith Olbermann (he got 3,600 retweets on that one!), Matthew Yglesias, and Farhad Manjoo.

    The story spread so far because it gratified all the biases of the liberal media elite: it proved that Trump’s “Muslim ban” was an evil, racist Hitler-esque mother-killer of an executive order.

    There was just one problem: it was a lie. The man had lied about when his mother died. The Fox affiliate hadn’t bothered to do the necessary research to confirm or disprove the man’s account. The news station quietly corrected the story after giving rise to such wild, industrial-scale hysteria.

    1. Instructive that the publications/outlets pushing fake news are left or far left.

    2. Heh Texian, Humour. You just landed comment 69. Happy week end. Lol.

    3. Brilliant bit of detective work there MWP. Fabulous exposure of the real truth. Thank you.

  31. To truly understand the world today, it is necessary to understand Mithraism and the real events that took place between 68 CE and 325 CE. If done correctly you will truly understand what the Jesuit Order, Judaism, Christianity, Freemasonry, alchemy, Lucifer, the Statue of Liberty and the Statue of Freedom is. As an added bonus you will be able to understand the symbolism of the occult churches such as the Notre Dame and Chartres and smile with understanding when you observe a Phrygian Cap at the Notre Dame for example. Smile when you realise you know more than many senior Jesuits about their own origins. Smile at the foolishness of groups such as the Freemasons who are bamboozled into believing they are the holders of secret knowledge. Every elite group is manipulated in its own way to give them the perception of having a prominent place in the world. This system would not work if elite groups knew the truth.

    1. Saturnalia,
      You've been missed...and your "pearls of wisdom"...not near enough for a full strand yet! Looking forward to more. :-0)

    2. Hi Texian, 'back' is probably a big word as I expect to be very busy for the next weeks/months, so I do not expect to read/post anything here. When that busy period is over, I do intend to clarify what I have written above, but those interested in this matter can of course research this on their own.

    3. Hi Saturnalia,
      So very pleased to see you here again. The information you share is always so fascinating and I sincerely thank you for that.

      You offered me a chuckle with your statement above concerning Freemasons. Whilst reading the book "Turning the Hiram Key", recommended by John some time ago, I discovered that my English Grandfather was a Freemason. I can see he would most certainly be the type to have been taken in by the mystery surrounding the Freemason scene. With all his faults and need to make life a little different, was still a kind man in my eyes.

      Thanks for all the research tips shared in your comment Saturnalia. Hopefully we will see you here a little more in the days ahead.

    4. If it was not for Josephus, the priest of Baal-Hammon (yes, that one and only Josephus most know), who devised a major 'damage control plan' for the 'trouble' that befell the Roman Empire's hierarchy in 69 CE, then Freemasonry would not exist. Freemasons serve (unwittingly for the most) those who represent the letter 'G' which is exactly the same as the hidden 11th Degree of the Orphic/Pythagorean Mysteries which comes after the 10th Degree of the Phoenix. If the name of that degree is known, then things start to make more sense and yet everyone has heard that certain word that is written differently, but pronounced exactly the same as this four letter degree that starts with letter 'G'. It has nothing to do with 'God' or 'Geometry' as is often stated.

      Low and mid level Freemasonry is (relatively) innocent. Freemasonry, even at the highest levels remains auxiliary to this ruling power structure. The Sovereign Knights of Malta can be seen to represent the Executive Committee of the ruling elite with its three degrees. The first and highest degree has only Jesuits in its ranks. Its leader is the secret Prelate of the Knights of Malta and can be said to be the 'leader of the Illuminati'. Nevertheless the Holy See was funded entirely by Venetian Nobility, so it would be well to make a distinction between 'management' and the 'shareholders' so to speak.

      Elements of groups such as Freemasonry, Rosicrucians, Knights Templar and other Kabbalah inspired groups (Nazi Germany's Vril society was connected to this too) nevertheless can be traced to the creation of Salafism (Freemasonic in nature) and below that the creation of the Muslim Brotherhood. It operates as one network. Freemasonry was also used to undermine the Ottoman Empire.

    5. WOW Saturnalia! Thank you so much for expanding on that topic. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to do that. Your personal knowledge astounds me. I will most definitely follow up on the information you have shared here today and educate myself some more. Thank you once again.

  32. JOHN..I posted 2 days ago. Next day it was here. Is there a reason?
    I am wondering how 2 websites have been taken down, that were very popular sites, by Google.

  33. FBI Raids Ohio International Adoption Agency for Sale, Abduction, Trafficking of Children.
    Published on Feb 24, 2017

    BREAKING: FBI Raids Ohio International Adoption Agency for
    CRIMINAL ACTIONS Against the Children! Sale, Abduction, Trafficking, exploitation...


  34. THEY seem to be afraid. Is it Pizzagate or vaccine issue that they are trying to cover up?

    1. A cold Civil War is in progress. The mid-rank and high-rank on both sides got a big wake-up call. Patriots and 7th floor have just locked horns. In the end, it is about willpower. Trump has to have the courage to exert the power of his Office. In the end, anyone not serving the pleasure of the President consistent with the Constitution is engaged in sedition at best, revolt/treason at worst. In either case, Trump has the absolute authority to arrest their sorry butts and put them on trial. In some cases, if there is exigent circumstance in terms of danger to the Nation, Trump may even have the right to execute them. The 60 million U.S. citizens who are awake will back him to the hilt on arrests and trials.

      If Trump went fully public with the Federal Reserve as the treasonous banking cartel it is, and that $40T have been stolen by the rapacious system, we would back him and the public broadcast of the hanging for Treason of all high ranking Fed members of the last 30 years would be the most watched show of all time.

  35. February 22 CIA analyst quits saying he cannot serve Trump administration ‘in good ’
    February 23 EU tax chief admits Le Pen winning would be the end of the European project

  36. 29,123People who died of hunger today
    748,661,480Undernourished people in the world
    1,621,505,125,946Oil left (barrels)
    16,910Days to the end of oil (~46 years)

  37. The White House has now blocked Press Passes for many offending Media reporters to Press meetings. Now the Dogs are howling.
    Was he right?

    Yes! It's about time, and this also includes our own BBC. A correct move.

    If we can not respect the host nation of America, the right of the elected President of the People, to carry out the Mandate he was elected for,and stop Left Wing Socialist Crap sniping, our Reporters deserve no place at the WH tables.

    If the good acts are commended, as we do, then it's balanced. One sided Gutter Press is not!

    So Yes, the Trump Team, DO deny the right to attend as a priviledge, such Mongrels as snipe and do nothing to aid the difficult job ahead, recovering America. Including ours! Put manners on them! About time. No place inside the tent will soon make them irrelevant and as seen, who even reads them or watches them now?

    Good move WH team.Get control of these Vandals and Varmints inside the tent.
    We WILL credit you for the good moves. But question the bad!
    Overall,promising so far.

    But lets see the following:

    1.Deal with the Cabal and 7th floor. Sequestrate the Deep State! No more unelected control.
    2. Deal with Immigration.
    3.Deal with the filthy Pedos. No free passes and no mercy. Go after Epstein and Clinton. Also the Huma family filth.
    4. Go after the Zio Banking criminals.
    5. Be of good moral standing and direct that the PPS owed so long are to be paid, Now!
    6. Get control of the CIA. Demand answers and truth.
    7. Expose the Bush /Clinton crime families.
    8. Go after Soros.
    9. Build the wall. Now!
    10 Start on Infrastructure Now!
    11.Stop fighting wars all over the planet. Start the Agencies from starting them! Defend America! Protect the Borders and protect Americans from crime! Kick Ass!
    12. Re Build America now.

    This is a start,and so much more.

    1. Not a fan of "THE WALL"

      Walls keep people in too!

      And since the goal is to turn America into the world's largest open air prison....

    2. JV,
      Yes, walls can keep people in also. However, if push comes to shove, I would rather head north than south anyway or east or west via boat. So as I see it, a wall on just 1 of 4 exits wouldn't keep us in.

    3. JV

      Hmm, parties such as the Military and Wallmarts lot certainly need down locking inside. But agreed, it leaves you at FEMA risk with no escape.
      But that Southern Wall is needed to stop the flow right now. Border Minefields for a whole will ram it home. The US has to make tough calls or the Barbarians will take the lot. Being Presidential may need to put the boot in hard. That or they will steal the lot. Seal the border, restore order.

    4. Respectfully, spending billions, that you don't have, on a project that won't work is ludicrous.

      England is surrounded entirely by a moat of freezing cold water. How is that wall working out for you and your illegal immigration?

      Common sense needs to come back into this conversation.

      Spend that money on infrastructure that generates jobs and puts money back in to the system.

      Better enforcement and penalties for illegal immigration will keep just as many people out. Fear is a good motivator.

      As someone who crosses the border into Mexico alot, I can tell you that the border patrol spends more time hassling US Citizens than dealing with illegals.

      I have 3 checkpoints already just to get home when I visit Puerto Penasco. 2 of the checkpoints are 25 to 50 miles off the border?

      Are you a US citizen? Duh, you are holding my US passport.

      Are you bringing in any contraband? Does the bale of weed count as contraband?

      Blah, Blah, Blah

      Not one time but several times.

      Seriously, I'm sick of the harassment.

      We already have a police state. Trump will only be there a short time, then a new "deep state" minion will be back in control.

      We need to dismantle the police state, not let fear direct us into further imprisonment.

    5. Oh, and I forgot my kid's chocolate kinder eggs.

      That's contraband.

      Because the government has decided I'm too stupid to make sure my kid doesn't choke on the toy inside of the plastic egg inside of the chocolate.

      Yep, our border patrol confiscates chocolate.

      I feel so much more safe now.

    6. The piranah are swarming over the carcass of The United States of America,Inc ' Bankrupt carcass.... that is why Trump was brought in- to oversee the the liquidation proceedings of this bankruptcy. It's all there in plain view if you look. These issues will in finality be resolved via various treaties, most likely of the surrender ilk. This is a religious war and the Satanist came Damn close to winning... WAY to close for comfort. The pizza gate disclosures should do them in though, but pay attention as they have dodged this bullet many times before. They may well release a fiscal jubilee as a condition of surrender imho.. the RV was constructed to rehydrate their central banking systems in accordance with the Basel Accords..most of the overprinted dong,dinar,etc sit in central bank vaults never to see the light of day. An ugly reality, but if their system fails there is no backup... it's VLadimir Max time, which is ok with them too.

    7. Cyborg

      Careful what you wish for. If this goes you are Zi0 fuel.

  38. Above should read stop the Agencies from starting wars. Typo, worlk loads. Multi Quad Level multi tasking.

  39. Replies
    1. So much for their "tax the air they breathe" plan... They are assuredly mourning underestimating the internet, lol

  40. Hello All, long time no see. Trusting that all is well with everyone, aside from the obvious. :)

    RE: dinar and dong. As I was reading to catch up yesterday I couldn't help but wonder about something - has anyone on the inside track of the currency discussions ever considered limiting how much of the currency could be exchanged by any one person? Simply put a lid on how many dinar or dong can be exchanged, at a rate the country/economy can handle. If it's a million, great. If it's half of that, great. If it's 100, great. Done with a limited time window the battalions that have millions or billions or trillions would not have time to hire more than a few, if any, to exchange more of their currency for them. No one gets to be a pig. More people get the chance to exchange, and the country returns to a viable currency it can support.

    I'm sure there are holes in this, after all I've been thinking about it for all of ten minutes. But I wonder if anyone looking at how something like this could work.

    1. People don't get this entire RV's a money laundering operation, period. It's occurred time and again throughout economic history, especially in regards to war booty. Will the banking families get away with it yet again? Probably.. they are pretty much the only game in town. But make no mistake, there is nothing honorable about any this unless you worship bloodmoney and being an unindicted co-conspirator in a continuing criminal enterprise... just the facts. Ma'am.

    2. My Girl

      The Military,Agencies and Politicos are overloaded with them. Asking them for self restraint? Really? Have you seen tbe Reno hangers loaded waiting?

      Cyborg, correct it's blood money!

    3. Mygirl,
      Your suggestion is great IF our world were run by caring, fair minded, and non greedy leaders. So, I guess reality gives your fabulous idea very little chance of happening...alas.

    4. MWP - thanks for that.

      John & Cyborg, No, I haven't seen the hangars, but I know someone who knows someone who has. Sorry for being so optimistic as to think that the people who might say "Off with the zeroes!" would also be strong enough to say "This amount or nothing (bye-bye zeroes). Take your pick." :). And yes, bottom line is it is blood money. :(

    5. My Girl
      The zeroes have to come off because there is not the money in the world to cover such a ridiculous scam,and the world cannot bleed to death funding lost causes with hooks free riding on these poor nations. .

  41. "President Trump has announced a federal investigation into the Pizzagate elite pedophile scandal involving human trafficking on Tuesday and promised to help put an end to the "horrific, really horrific crimes taking place."

    The president held a short, dramatic press conference after meeting with human trafficking experts to announce that he will direct "the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies" to devote more resources and personnel to the investigation.

    Appearing at the press conference for less than two minutes, President Trump said that the issue has been on the radar of federal government "for some time" but since taking office in January the investigation has become "much more focused."

    "It has been much more focused over the last four weeks, I can tell you that."

    President Trump Announces Elite Pedophile Ring Investigation

    1. Along those same lines...

    2. THIS IS HUGE and rips the shroud off of the head of the snake! For a President to acknowledge that this is REAL, is a game changer imho.

    3. J7, can you possible post a live link? I've tried three times to copy this link and can't make it happen - get an error message.

      As to the video clip on Trump announcing a Pizzagate/pedophile ring investigation, from where I sit that statement from Abel Danger is grossly misleading. There is no mention of either. He speaks of investigating human trafficking. Period. That doesn't, by extension, mean what Abel Danger wants it to mean. There isn't a government in the western world that isn't aware that human trafficking goes on within its own borders. It's wonderful that a more active investigation is coming and THAT should lead to uncovering this other crap. But this announcement in no way, shape or form addresses or acknowledges pizzagate. Abel Danger alleging that it does is dealing in Fantasyland at this point. IMHO

    4. JV,
      The link works for those who know they have to remove the extra link that OWoN adds.

      The AbelDanger article is a reprint of some of the source article from YourNewsWire with a link to the source article. PizzaGate, PedoGate, human trafficking all equates to the same thing. PizzaGate is just one aspect of human trafficking which is INTERNATIONAL.

    5. Thanks, Tino. Finally, an article that actually delivers.

      Texian, I am aware that trafficking is international. My point was the lead in was misleading, saying that Trump is going after pizzagate and pedophiles when clearly neither is stated in the video. They are making leaps, not stating facts. They could just as easily state Trump is going after human traffickers and follow that with a question - does this mean pizzagate and the pedophile swamp has been served notice? That would be truthful. The way it's presented here is, I say again, misleading. I see it a lot on the links that get posted here, to the point I don't even bother to open most of them. That's my experience.

  42. lol ss

    as one who has followed john for a long time, fyi:

    he has previously stated the queen is just a figurehead

    but imho when you converse with john you are getting close to shouting in the UK house. (not too bad for us former colonists)

    go back and read, educate yourself; it is all in the archives.

    1. Thanks, but I haven't time to fiddle faddle about... A close family relationship of mine ran for POTUS. and Unfortunately I've forgotten more than most will ever know about the inter machinations of geopolitical riff raff... I am at odds with many of John's unsubstantiated opinions, but stop by occasionally. He entirely misses several, entirely verifiable,core value analytical valuations ... Though I do like his style!

    2. Cyborg

      Smiling. Allow limited time but my respect to answer all. But also, what I see, real world. Also the time I give free, to help. As well as focused debate on core real issues, we unleash you and stand back.

  43. Donald J. TrumpVerified account‏@realDonaldTrump · 4 hours ago

    The media has not reported that the National Debt in my first month went down by $12 billion vs a $200 billion increase in Obama first mo.

    1. MWP, this was also mentioned on Fox news yesterday. Nice it is getting some coverage. Proves the point once again that Trump using twitter to get the facts out is a good thing.

    2. Biffie is right, have seen this on TV and various web sites. It's far better than the previous administration. Thank you for sharing MW&P! )

  44. In addition to vaccines and fluoride, our "name brand" foods are killing us also...

    Glyphosate Contaminants In Processed Brand Name Foods

  45. Former Director of IMF Gets Prison Time for Fraud
    Feb 25, 2017

    Rodrigo Rato, former Director of the International Monetary Fund, was sentenced to four years and six months in prison last Thursday by a Spanish Court.

    While the current director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, avoided prison time despite being found guilty of negligence in a high-profile fraud case, one of her predecessors has not been so lucky. Rodrigo Rato, director of the IMF from 2004 to 2007, was just recently sentenced this past Thursday to 4.5 years of prison by a Spanish court for his misappropriation of bank funds, i.e. fraud. Rato’s conviction followed a lengthy trial where he and 64 other executives and former board members of the failed Spanish bank Bankia and its founder bank Caja Madrid.

  46. Traces of Organic Molecules Have Been Located on Ceres
    While we wait for the slowest and most mentally recalcitrant to admit a basic truth, soft disclosure continues..

  47. BREAKING - 2011 CNN Article Reveals That CPS Is Sending Children To Sexual Predators
    Published on Feb 25, 2017

    Los Angeles (CNN) -- The California state auditor has found that more than 1,000 state-licensed facilities -- including more than 600 for kids -- matched addresses in the sex-offender registry, saying oversight mechanisms lag behind state requirements.

    The state Department of Social Services "cites the lack of resources as the primary reason why it has not implemented an automated sex offender address match and why its oversight mechanisms are falling short of requirements," said the state auditor's report, released Thursday.

    1. Child Protective Services (CPS) is part of the human trafficking "rat lines." And our tax $ are used to pay the predators.

      When you see something like 'protective' or 'affordable' in an agency or name of a law, it's best to assume the opposite is the case. CPS and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) are two cases in point.

      A couple years ago when there was a huge influx of unaccompanied children crossing the southern border, the government was asking for 'sponsors' and paying $800/month for each child sponsored. Then reports started surfacing of sex slave farms cropping up around the country. Now that we know more about the human trafficking operations, it's most likely those children were snatched in Central American countries. George Webb's video series that I've been posting has much detail on these operations. It's also all connected to organ harvesting.

    2. Texian, Thank you for adding more information. I had heard some of the same things. The organ farming and the sex slave operations am sure run hand in hand.

  48. Cyborg

    Be assured the Elders cash pallets and AU are NOT Rotts linked. 100% sure!
    It's safe and will not go via the Rotts.

  49. Sex trafficking arrests top 1500. Massive crackdown. When will it cross-link to the Clintons, Podesta, Pizzagate etc?

  50. p: Included with article is the video of the press conference. Video is just 3:17 minutes long.

    President Trump Announces Elite Pedophile Ring Investigation
    February 26, 2017

    President Trump has announced a federal investigation into the Pizzagate elite pedophile scandal involving human trafficking on Tuesday and promised to help put an end to the “horrific, really horrific crimes taking place.”

    The president held a short, dramatic press conference after meeting with human trafficking experts to announce that he will direct “the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies” to devote more resources and personnel to the investigation.

  51. Feb 25, 2017

    President Trump: Replace The Dollar With Gold As The Global Currency To Make America Great Again

    Inside President Trump’s otherwise “standard Trump stump speech” at CPAC was nestled what might be a most intriguing observation:

    Global cooperation, dealing with other countries, getting along with other countries is good, it’s very important. But there is no such thing as a global anthem, a global currency or a global flag. This is the United States of America that I’m representing.

    There's a keen insight in there that could, just maybe, transform our lives, America, and the world. No "global currency?" Was this, with the poetic observation that “there is no such thing as a global anthem…or a global flag,” just a trope? Or could it contain a political portent with potential high impact on world financial markets? Let’s drill down.

    As it happens, there is a global currency.

    It’s called the "U.S. dollar.”

    Most international trade is priced in dollars. The Bretton Woods international monetary system invested the dollar, which then was defined as and (internationally) was legally convertible to gold at $35/oz, with global currency status. France’s then-finance minister, later its president, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, called the “reserve currency” status of the dollar -- its status, along with gold, as global currency -- an “exorbitant privilege.”

    By this d'Estaing was alluding to the fact, as summarized at Wikipedia, that "As American economist Barry Eichengreen summarized: 'It costs only a few cents for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to produce a $100 bill, but other countries had to pony up $100 of actual goods in order to obtain one.'" That privilege, which made great sense during the period immediately after World War II, became a curse.

    In 1971 President Nixon, under the influence of his Svengali-like Treasury Secretary John Connally, "suspend[ed] temporarily the convertibility of the dollar into gold." That closure proved durable instead of temporary. The dollar became, and remains, the world's global currency.

    What had been an “exorbitant privilege” devolved into an exorbitant liability. As my former professional colleague John D. Mueller, of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, formerly Rep. Jack Kemp's chief economist, writing in the Wall Street Journal in Trump's Real Trade Problem Is Money recently and astutely observed:

    a monetary system based on a reserve currency is unsustainable, since foreign official dollar reserves (for example) are acquired and must be repaid in goods. In other words, the increase in official dollar reserves equals the net exports of the rest of the world, which means it must also equal U.S. international payments deficits—an unsustainable situation.

    would not be very hard to do.

  52. In other words, if President Trump wishes to address America’s merchandise trade deficit (balanced to perfection, of course, by a capital accounts surplus) he will find that allowing the dollar to be used as the global currency is the real snake in the economic woodpile. The dollar’s burden as the international reserve currency, not currency manipulation by our trading partners or bad treaties, is the true villain in the ongoing melodrama of crummy job creation.

    Mueller’s Wall Street Journal column enumerates the three options open to President Trump:

    First, muddle along under the current “dollar standard,” a position supported by resigned foreigners and some nostalgic Americans—among them Bryan Riley and William Wilson at the Heritage Foundation, and James Pethokoukis at the American Enterprise Institute.

    Second, turn the International Monetary Fund into a world central bank issuing paper (e.g., special drawing rights) reserves—as proposed in 1943 by Keynes, since the 1960s by Robert A. Mundell, and in 2009 by Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the People’s Bank of China. Drawbacks: This kind of standard is highly political and the allocation of special drawing rights essentially arbitrary, since the IMF produces no goods.

    Third, adopt a modernized international gold standard, as proposed in the 1960s by Rueff and in 1984 by his protégé Lewis E. Lehrman …and then-Rep. Jack Kemp.

    To “muddle along” would, of course, be entirely antithetical to Trump’s promise to Make America Great Again. It would destroy his crucial commitment to get the economy growing at 3%+ -- vastly faster than it has for the past 17 years -- which also happens to be the recipe for robust job creation and upward income mobility for workers. It also is the essential ingredient for balancing the federal budget while rebuilding our infrastructure and military.

    To turn the IMF into a world central bank would, of course, be anathema to Trump’s economic nationalism. To subordinate the dollar to the IMF’s SDR would be equivalent to lowering Old Glory and replacing the American flag with the flag of the United Nations on every flagpole in America. Unthinkable under a Trump administration.

    That leaves the third option, to “adopt a modernized international gold standard, as proposed in the 1960s by Rueff and in 1984 by his protégé Lewis E. Lehrman … and then-Rep. Jack Kemp” (whose eponymous foundation I advise). To this one should add, as contributor Nathan Lewis has shrewdly observed, the removal of tax and regulatory barriers to the use of gold as currency.

    As I have repeatedly observed Donald Trump shows a strong affinity for gold. He has also shown a keen intuitive grasp of how the gold standard was crucial to having made America great:

    Donald Trump: “We used to have a very, very solid country because it was based on a gold standard,” he told WMUR television in New Hampshire in March last year. But he said it would be tough to bring it back because “we don’t have the gold. Other places have the gold.”

    Trump’s comment to GQ: "Bringing back the gold standard would be very hard to do, but boy, would it be wonderful. We’d have a standard on which to base our money."

    Trump has been misled to believe that “we don’t have the gold. Other places have the gold.” In fact, the United States, Germany, and the IMF together have about as much gold as the rest of the world combined and America has well more than Germany and the IMF combined. [Note: This column has been updated to clarify that the United States has well more gold than Germany and the IMF combined but not, as originally stated, more than twice as much.]

    We have the gold. Bringing back the gold standard

  53. hardly new news,

    but john FORBES kerry's family money was accumulated by opium sales to the Asians


  54. Wiener's PC contents - WOW! Dead-to-rights!

    You REALLY need to listen to this! Under 10 minutes

    1. MWP

      Ive forwarded that for big exposure tomorrow already. Its already in play. Headed we need to get Huma and Clinton by the Wiener.
      Sickening and time they all go down. So many Politicos are in on this sick perversion. We all need to build up a media storm. We started ours remember 2 years ago. Hundreds are jailed now and more are coming. It needs a huge crack down. No mercy.

    2. I don't know who this youtube poster is but its irrelevant because the information is true. This has been known by the FBI and NYPD back before the election but the DOJ blocked it. The list of peds is long but distinguished.

      Just observe who is fighting Trump the hardest..on both sides of the aisle and especially in the media. CNN is in a major meltdown as concerns over O'Keefe's recent release of 109 hours of audio....and their exposure when Pizzagate...or Pedogate....finally sees the light of day.

      This will be the major unraveling of the dark cabal.

    3. When I was 12 and growing up in Iowa, Johnny Gosch, a Des Moines Register paperboy went missing. This really affected me as I was the same age and also delivered papers.

      He was the 1st missing child to ever be put on a milk carton.

      His mother Noreen has fought for 30 years to bring forth information about the Pedophilia and Human Trafficking in this country.

      The foundation she created has been at the forefront of bringing these atrocities to light.

      Paul Bonacci testified that her son was kidnapped and brought into the same ring that was responsible for the Franklin Cover Up Scandal which went all the way to the white house.

      The pictures she received of her son through the years just make you want to cry imagining what she must have went through. I can't even imagine receiving photos of my child tied up like the ones she had sent to her.

      She has all of it documented at

  55. Unknown,

    That's a REALLY long Wiki article you referenced regarding John Kerry's family and the opium trade. I don't see where that accusation is made.

    Please cut/paste the part from the Wiki article you referenced that says this point specifically.

    Thank you


      a little research and voila.... (you all can exercise your brains)

      six uses of the word "opium"

  56. An oldie but a good one -- we can take the ending differently today than when it was first shot -- This is the Voice of World Control - Ending of Colossus: The Forbin Project [about 5 minutes long]

  57. Shifa Gardi Exposes Muslim Brotherhood Organ Harvesting In Mosul

    Brian Podesta's Top Secret Clearance at NCMEC

    McCabe's Spying Goes Back To Bill Impeachment

    Trump Closes In On FBI Leaker Andrew McCabe

    Could Covert Group Really Exist In America? You Don't Know DynCorp

    Enter Peter Thiel's Palatir With DynCorp Space Contracts

    Russian Ambassador Churkin Probably Won't Press Kosovo Organ Harvesting Inquiry Now

    Assange Tweets About CIA $600M Contract With WaPo

    Enter the Wolf of Wall Street, Steve Feinberg, to Investigate Chicken Disappearances

    Donna Shalala and OKC Baptist, Nazih Zuhdi

    Enter Donna Shall and Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency

    Enter Paul Helliwell and the Havana Christmas Conference of 1946

    Ashton Kushner vs General Michael Flynn

    143 Pages of DynCorp Sheriffs in One Day

    DynCorp Sheriffs Working List­rhPq18NbXI-oSJdd20/edit#heading=h.9h2f12bg6iqe

    Taking Advantage of Marital Troubles.

    Day 126, Part 3 ~ Hillary's Henchmen, Morrell Murder Another Journo

  58. Live link possible for the Weiner piece?

    New computer that does not like copying the links here - it will pick them up in highlight but when I right click for copying the response is a box that says the page is unresponsive, options are reload page or close it. :(

  59. Vox Day:

    The Narrative depends upon silence. This is why those who know the truth are threatened with retribution, and those who dare to tell the truth about it are attacked with such vehemence.

    The Circle of Lies is when the Narrative is established by the media, who then quote those who support the Narrative in order to attack those who question the Narrative. We saw it when they attacked Trump for questioning the Narrative about Sweden, and quoted Swedish politicians who had no idea what possible problem with immigration was being referred to. Now they're lying about this Swedish policeman, whose observations offer support for [Trump's] comments.

    And it's lies all the way down. Because what they sell isn't just fake news, it is a false Narrative.

  60. It's no accident that a movie called "Lala Land" is the number one movie. It seems a huge majority of people are actually living in "lalaland"...their crazy.


    It’s just over a month into Hillary Clinton’s historic presidency, and Milo Yiannopoulos works as a Starbucks barista, the Koch brothers have fled the country and the first woman to occupy the Oval Office is the sober, exacting policy wonk that millions of Americans expected.

    Her approval ratings are skyrocketing, her news conferences “oppressively intelligent,” “boring” and “too sane.”

    And her vanquished political opponent, Donald Trump, is on the verge of being charged with treason by the Department of Justice.

    This liberal fantasy on steroids arrives courtesy of, a satirical news site designed to dive deeply under the skin of President Trump and anyone who supports him.

  61. I had high hopes for Peter Thiel, but it seems all the high-profile business names are co=opted somehow. This Palantir-DynCorp link may be worse than the CIA-Bezos linkage.


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