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  1. Total unreality of the Federal Reserve Banker. Do they really think when the next populism upsurge happens they will somehow avoid the trials, the guillotines and the bullets? We are heading towards a right turn in politics that takes them to the woodshed...

  2. When you need to short-circuit the current protests among your friends that The Donald has acted unconstitutionally relative the Immigration Executive Order:

    Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 states: Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.

    Protesters need to start reading the laws

    1. Fact, illegals, not planned and organised immigration, illegals are creating mass economic and crimes waves where encountered. In Europe rape and crime is surging as are violent Ghettos. France has ugly Islamic and African no go areas.

      The UK has growing Pakistani and Afro problems.Little contribution, and given a choice, the natural born will vote the lot out. With extreme Right Wing groups on the march again, particularly in Germany and France, there is an inherent risk of a new form of Fascism emerging if the EU fails. Once the economic food chain fails retribution follows and Mans predatory inhumanity could resurface.

      Trump feels the need to restrict immigration,and is effecting control now. But taxing Mexican imports will further impoverish this already oppressed nation.
      We need to be rethinking Wealth and Global community development and a new version of NWO will be imposed before we know it. Policing powers grow ever more oppressive, and Intel collection now is unparalleled. Catch 22 may be coming.Simply where you are born may now determine your fate. Where is Global vision?


    glaciers melting from GEOTHERMAL SOURCES

  4. One of these mornings I hope I awake to find The Donald has tweeted something like "My Uncle John wrote a report on Nicoli Tesla that is around here somewhere. Might be interesting reading in the loo."

  5. John, may I ask your opinion of Baroness Jean Corston?

    1. Jean is a lifelong Socialist. These kinds always want to fund other non contributor people's lifestyles with other people's money. Never their own because they never make any. They just spend and build tax burdens for the generation. Rent a Gobs! No one earns to make it, they just mouth off to take it. Socialists, the curse of our nation's. Free spending other peoples money leaving only debt obligations behind them. Look at O! US Debt under him is at record level. If only any of them first earned it. The curse of the 20th and 21 st centuries. O and the Clintons. Free spending OPM! Who pays?

    2. Thank you so much for offering that information John, I sincerely appreciate it.

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you Fedup for sharing. Working on my small biz much of the time now. Between sorting and updating paperwork needed and all other matters involved in this small biz am very glad our President is actively working to help small business. Thank you again for sharing.

  7. Abu Abdel Rahman, the ISIS Sr Commander in Northern Iraq has been assassinated by a Sniper. He allegedly cut the throats of over 200 women who refused to submit as Sex Slaves to his extremist trash. Atonement Hell now has him for eternity. Filth! Women have revenge. May they cleave him. Women deserve better. Islam is a curse of Ignorance!

    1. In one way, it's a pity his life ended so quickly with that snipers bullet. I would rather have seen 200 female relatives of those woman he allegedly cut the throats of have him for a few hours prior to his death. That would have ensured he suffered a degree of pain and terror to what he saw fit to inflict upon others. Good riddance to such scum either way.

    2. aurataya

      Where he is going as a now indestructible spirit he will be subjected to level of pain which will destroy a normal human life form and wish for death to remove the torment, but that will be denied. Pain which would kill any human many times over, will be imposed on his Soul. What happened to the poor women is why Islam needs to be eradicated. The ramblings of a madman as a religion for Third World Despots. A recipe for Wookie Dumbs!

  8. Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 4h4 hours ago

    Our country needs strong borders and extreme vetting, NOW. Look what is happening all over Europe and, indeed, the world - a horrible mess!
    35,599 replies 23,097 retweets 90,827 likes
    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 4h4 hours ago

    Somebody with aptitude and conviction should buy the FAKE NEWS and failing @nytimes and either run it correctly or let it fold with dignity!

    1. License the MSM and withdraw licenses for false news. Game over. Jobs gone and Tel Aviv games over. Stop funding Congressmen by having to swear allegiance to Israel. Be American or Sod off!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Agreed John. After such licensing, not only should that license be withdrawn for spewing false news but combined with a MASSIVE fine that crushes the bastards to the point of no return in any arena. Hit them where it hurts. And just think of the good the funds from such fines could do for the US in the rebuilding process.

      As for swearing allegiance to Israel on US soil. I would suggest if anyone desires to do that then they should be immediately shipped out to that country and never be permitted to return.

    4. Uh, guys, this site would be treated as a news site and some of what is on here is not exactly accurate journalism. I have no problem with creating standards by which news can be judged, but some of what has been called "fake news" is not and some of the stuff being put out by Bannon and Kelly is--fake and wrong. Licensing would have to be very carefully crafted to avoid a "chilling" effect on the many independent outlets that now exist.

      Knee jerk reactions don't help.

  9. Special Note:
    If there is one very unsettling political development in Canada in 2017 which ought to give the Canadian people reason to be extremely alarmed, it is the recent firing of Stephane Dion and appointment of dyed-in-the-wool Neocon warmonger Chrystia Freeland as Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. Truly, it does not get any more serious than this calamitous and outright infiltration of Trudeau’s inner circle by the Neocon globalists.
    Globalists/Neocons Prepare to Battle Russia and United States (by Using Canada)
    Canada, You Must Get Rid Of PM Justin Trudeau! And Fast!

  10. This M***** F***** needs to be castrated then hung. Clinton Pal Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Is Accused Of ANOTHER Sex Trafficking Case Involving Girls As Young As 13
    By: Blacklistednews

    Disgraced Wall Street mogul Jeffrey Epstein is being accused by a woman of luring her into his elaborate sex trafficking enterprise under the ruse he would use his wealth and connections to get her into college. She has slapped him a federal lawsuit in US District Court in New York demanding damages for forcing her to perform sex acts on him, according to documents filed Thursday and obtained by Using the alias ‘Jane Doe 43,’ the woman filed a federal lawsuit against Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Sarah Kellen, Lesley Groff and Natalya Malyshev.

    Read more:

  11. Trump, Putin Discuss ‘Mutually Beneficial’ Trade, Security
    Jan 28, 2017

    WASHINGTON—Will President Donald Trump usher in a new era for U.S.-Russian relations, or are the two powers going to continue down the path as geopolitical foes?

    Now that Russian President Vladimir Putin has held his first conversation with America’s newly inaugurated leader, attention turns to the fate of U.S. sanctions against Moscow and whether the two will look to enhance military cooperation against the Islamic State group.

    1. Sensible dialogue will build rapport, then cooperation to help each nation.
      Why cant 2 intelligent nations get this? Closing some of those God damned bases surrounding and threatening Russia will be a good gesture. As if Nukes aren't enough? Use some Grey matter. More Fat Cats in the Pentagon will do what? Post them on the borders dam it!

  12. p: Much here of what has been, but also what can be for tomorrow, for all of us.

    Published on Jan 26, 2017


    Changing History Forever!

    In this earth-shattering episode full of historic revelations, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes Pyramid expert Dr. Carmen Boulter back to the show for some History Changing Revelations about the shocking discovery of a secret site unearthed in Turkey of an Ancient Egyptian chamber that bears a strong resemblance to King Tut’s tomb and that contains a wealth of Egyptian treasure and lifelike statues of the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten along with exotic antiquities of the Amarna period. Exclusive PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE provided in this Part 1 episode to substantiate the claim makes this the most important Dark Journalist episode to date and represents an earthquake for our understanding of the ancient past, Changing History Forever!

  13. The new In the News Section gives you key issues each week.Staying aware. It ends with the Bums rush. Read and Laugh.

    1. Oh so you made it to dc then John?

    2. Hahahaha....breathe.....hahahaha

    3. AJ,
      Just looked again...maybe not...didn't see the signature diamond Rolex.

    4. OMG Texian, you are so funny. LOL

    5. Aurataya,
      Couldn't help it...AJ started it! Sorry, John, to make you the butt of the joke :-0)

    6. The joke is fine but hands off my Butt.

    7. AJ

      Just believe diamonds are a great aphrodisiac. Use it or lose it.

    8. Well, I'm not sure who owns that butt in that image but I have to say that it's a rather nice one and definitely worth the pinch test. LOL.

      I do agree that diamonds most certainly seem to be an aphrodisiac for a portion of females but I would much rather have a good heart and kind nature any day of the week. External additions only tell part of the whole story. The mind and heart is where the real diamonds may be found in my opinion. But that's just me.

    9. Aurataya,
      That's me also! Guy I found 52 years ago fits that description perfectly...kind heart and very kind nature...definitely a keeper so I did. He's certainly the "better half."

    10. I am so pleased to hear you found such a good one Texian. And if you have the ability to recognize, appreciate and treasure those beautiful qualities then your half contribution to the union is of equal quality and just as magnificent as what you see in him. Remember that :-))

      PS. Does your catch have a Brother? LOL

  14. "GWEN transmitters have many different functions, including controlling the weather, mind, behavior and mood control of the populace.

    They are also used to send synthetic telepathy disguised as infrasound to those victims of US government mind-control implants.

    These towers work in conjunction with HAARP and the Russian Woodpecker transmitter, a system similar to HAARP. The Russians openly market a small version of their weather-engineering system called Elate, which can fine-tune weather patterns over a 200 mile area and have the same range as the GWEN unit. One such system operates at the Moscow airport.

    The GWEN Towers shoot enormous bursts of energy into the atmosphere in conjunction with HAARP."

    GWEN Towers ~ Total Control

    Texian: Total EVIL.

    1. I'm wondering if this company is the one installing these things?

      This subject is being talked about this week on our neighborhood blog...unfortunately, most see it as a good thing to "improve communication".


    "Total number of Personal Staff Members paid by Tax Payers

    Jackie Kennedy: One
    Lady Bird Johnson: One
    Pat Nixon: One
    Betty Ford: One
    Rosaline Carter: One
    Barbara Bush: One
    Hilary Clinton: Seven
    Laura Bush: One
    Michele Obama: Twenty-two

    Yep….your eyes don’t deceive you. You want to read WASTE? Continue reading at the link below.


    1. Emphasis on "Queen" bee...


    2. Ridiculous number of personal servants. Don't know if that number included the dog handler/walker that taxpayers funded...or the "body man," Reggie Love, for Barry that taxpayers also funded. However with that many personal servants, why is it that no one advised Michelle/Michael not to depart AF 1 in shorts and flip flops? Or wear some of the hoochie mama outfits she sported in public...remembering a particular silver number? Or protocol of not wrapping bare arms all over the Queen during a state visit? Yuk!

    3. There is an old saying "you can take the kid out of the country but you can't take the country out of the kid"

      In the Obummers case it should read "you can take the Obummers out of the hood but you can't take the hood out of the Obummers."

    4. Thanks for your comments Texian and MWP, much appreciated. You both gave me a few chuckles with your comments on this subject. I am just so pleased they are gone but was absolutely horrified at the numbers mentioned in the article. They showed no respect whatsoever to the US people and they should be accountable for what they did.
      Have a fabulous evening ladies.

  16. Ha, ha, Trump twitter "war" responding to McCain and Graham.

    Trump Slams McCain, Graham: "Stop Trying To Start World War III"

    Shortly after Senators McCain and Graham issued their "joint statement on President Trump's Executive Order on immigration"...

    President Trump decided to let them have it...

    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump

    The joint statement of former presidential candidates John McCain & Lindsey Graham is wrong - they are sadly weak on immigration. The two...

    Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump

    ...Senators should focus their energies on ISIS, illegal immigration and border security instead of always looking to start World War III.

    1:49 PM - 29 Jan 2017

  17. p: Draining the swamp continues

    Published on Jan 29, 2017

    Jack Davis for Western Journalism reports, Four officials who make up the State Department’s senior level of management are gone, with conflicting reports emerging from Washington over whether they resigned or were pressured to leave. On Thursday, The Washington Post reported that Patrick Kennedy, undersecretary for management, had unexpectedly resigned on Wednesday.
    3:14 after that ad

  18. Petition to ban Trump state visit gathers over 850k names, smashes debate quota

    AJ: I'm putting this here as a reminder of how easy it is for people to clammour and shout for the police state. This amounts to silencing of a dissenting voice.

    The same happened in Australia when the sheep bleeted loudly enough to block the visa of a us national who was to visit and give a talk on the dangers of forced vaccination.

    The proper retort to such useful idiots is: do you really want a police state and YOUR speech censored? Cuz keep going snowy you're about to get just what you bleet for. Doubleplus good!

    1. Hah We will just ignore these socialist Bums. Like we would ever listen to them?

      Usual busybodies and freeloaders. Ignore them just yapping dogs . Noise on the system.

  19. There are two things not be readily apparent for Americans that are important to know about the action taken by this judge. The first, legal; the second, political.

    First, note that the judge’s order blocks immigration authorities for sending people out of the United States “after they have landed at a U.S. airport with valid visas.”

    This is an entirely unlawful act by the judge, completely at odds with basic, well-known United States law and, as such, the ruling can be nothing more than naked partisanship, an act aimed at negating a policy disagreed with committed while acting under the color of law.

    U.S. visas, of any class, are different from those issued by other countries. They do not confer the right to enter the United States, but the right to present oneself at a Port of Entry (including airports) to ask for permission to enter the United States.

    How Can I Use a Visa to Enter the United States?

    Having a U.S. visa allows you to travel to a port of entry, airport or land border crossing, and request permission of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) inspector to enter the United States. While having a visa does not guarantee entry to the United States, it does indicate a consular officer at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad has determined you are eligible to seek entry for that specific purpose. DHS/CBP inspectors, guardians of the nation’s borders, are responsible for admission of travelers to the United States, for a specified status and period of time. DHS also has responsibility for immigration matters while you are present in the United States.

    — U.S. Dept. of State, website, webpage “What is a U.S. Visa”

    Thus, the entirety of the judge’s order is unlawful and proceeds from an assumption of legal facts about what a U.S. visa is that is wrong. This judge isn’t stupid. She knows this. She knows that the order she issued is unlawful.

    1. I have to wonder why Trump's crack team isn't quoting what you are posting about Visas??

      Thoughts as to why anyone??

    2. Don't worry. Most of the Executive Order stands. It's all hysteria. This just says that if someone, say at the ACLU escalates opposition, they will be utterly crushed.

    3. p: and maybe, there's more to the story we don't know. Not age restricted version.

      The Vicious Snake
      Published on Jan 18, 2016

      Do not allow the islamification currently happening in Europe to reach America. Act now before its too late.

      July 22, 2016:
      This video become relevant almost every other day now, like clockwork. Attacks happening in Brussels, Orlando, Nice, Munich, etc. When will our politicians cut off the snakes head?


  21. This presstitute needs a serious visit.

  22. This Wuzzie Wookie just got fired! Tie the bloody creature to a rocket and launch!

    1. LOL! Did something transpire with OZero? From what did he get fired?

    2. No this IDIOT Muzzie reporter made deeply offensive threats against your President and was fired today. Damned right. We WILL defend you where earned. It was uncalled for!

      O has not been fired but it's reported he has been blown a lot.

    3. Ahh, now I know what you refer to. Yes, thank you Britain for following up on that!

  23. BREAKING: Chuck Schumer Caught Leading “Pay-to-Play” Scheme…

    While Chuck Schumer is the top-dog of the Democrat party, fighting President Trump with every breath, his corruption must never go unnoticed.

    “Chuck Schumer is King of ‘Pay to Play’ in the corrupt, rigged system of Washington, D.C. Today’s example is how he exploits immigration law for wealthy real estate developers through the EB-5 visa program, which allows investors to pay $500,000 in exchange for a green card, in return for plenty of campaign cash given back to him,” New York attorney Wendy Long said.

    “The whole idea behind the EB-5 visa was to help create jobs in economically disadvantaged areas. But where big bucks are involved, corruption soon follows, and with Chuck Schumer and the EB-5 visa program, you need to follow the money.

    “As Senator Patrick Leahy has correctly observed, the gerrymandered Schumer use of EB-5s benefits wealthy Manhattan condo projects, many of which ‘would be pursued regardless of EB-5, calling into question whether the EB-5 capital is creating any jobs at all’,” Long concluded

    Schumer received $1.09 million in campaign donations since 2011 from real estate interests, and his third top donor source was Fragomen, a law firm that has a prominent EB-5 practice, which donated $82,200 to his campaign committee. Fragomen advertises itself as “support[ing] . . . [the] immigration needs’ of ‘the world’s largest companies . . . all over the world’.”

    Schumer also rakes in campaign dollars from real estate companies such as Related Companies and Silverstein Properties, which also raise EB-5 funds.

    This is just proof that the EB-5 system is open to corruption — and Schumer is taking full advantage of it.

    Texian: Above is entire article from this link:

    1. Wasn't it Silverstein who owned the World Trade Center on 911 and profited BIG from insurance payouts?

      Check this out!

      And another:


      NEW YORK (CNN) -- A jury handed some bad news Thursday to the man leasing the World Trade Center site with a verdict that denied him double insurance payments.

      Larry Silverstein signed the lease just six weeks before the WTC's twin towers were brought to the ground by terrorists in the September 11, 2001, attacks.

  24. When the right person gets elected for president, see how many miscreants come out of the cracks and show their true colors along with all their misdeeds. Sure is an eye opener. Fake tears for votes and more division.

  25. On a bitterly cold winter morning a husband and wife in Boulder were listening to the
    radio during breakfast.

    They heard the announcer say, "We are going to have 8 to 10 inches of snow today. You must park your car on the even-numbered side of the street, so the snow plows can get through."

    So the good wife went out and moved her car.

    A week later while they are eating breakfast again, the radio announcer said, "We are expecting 10 to 12 inches of snow today.
    You must park your car on the odd-numbered side of the street, so the snow plows can get through."

    The good wife went out and moved her car again.

    The next week they are again having breakfast, when the radio announcer says, "We are expecting 12 to 14 inches of snow today. You must park...." Then the electric power went out.

    The good wife was very upset, and with a worried look on her face she said, "I don't know what to do. Which side of the street do I need to park on so the snow plows can get through?"

    Then with the love and understanding in his voice that all men who are married to blondes exhibit, the husband replied, "Why don't you just leave the car in the garage this time."


    1. Such a wonderful way to lighten the mood Texian, thank you. You always find the good ones. Poor blondes. So pleased I am brunette. LOL.

  26. Interesting ZeroHedge Comment:

    Sanctuary City

    Mayor Ed Lee of San Francisco is an agent of China. He travels there all the time.

    He was investigated by the FBI and they dropped it after he stole the election.

    His campaign manager busted for kiddie porn.

    [Will] He will be arrested.[?]


  28. Trump shows he is THE President. About time that a President lays down the law and makes it stick....

    1. Good find Tino, that didn't happen that too long ago today.

    2. Heck, Trump is on fire. I'm sure loving every minute of all this positive action. Go Trump.

  29. p: Something on the fun side.

    George W. Bush Impersonator Delivers Trump-Inspired Parody Of 'Hallelujah'

    A man impersonating former United States President George W. Bush delivered a hysterical parody to the tune of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" inspired by the one and only President Donald Trump.

    "There is a man, his name is Trump, he kicked my baby brother's rump," he sang to kick off his performance. "But you don't really care for politics do ya?"

  30. Trump Transition Team Contacted personally by Lee Wanta

    Lee Wanta just informed me that he has personally contacted President Donald Trump’s transition team with his standing offer to build a high tech coast-to-coast high speed state-of-the-art maglev railroad that would provide an immediate 2 million good paying American job opportunities.

    AJ: I hope this is connected to other discussions.

    1. AJ

      Leo goes to BB as Paymaster for him.
      BB has his London Trustee and Global Trustee. Everything from the US, to Elders, is in that pot. All one vast group. All roads lead to ?
      Then to the Paddington Cafe to relieve Tony at WHA and part time employment for Aurataya to fund her move.

      AJ, nothing is missed. Leo also made the same offer to the Clintons 9 years ago. BB and London talk daily. London does not miss a beat.

    2. Oh you're flying high tonight Johnny. LOL. And btw, I have no requirement for additional funding for my relocation and therefore shall not be submitting an application for that part time position. I must say though John, you do seem a little obsessed with that cafe idea. HAHAHAHAHA. Sweet dreams. LOL.

    3. No point obsessing it's sold out for the next 5 years booked by Judges. Politicians, Police Chiefs, Bankers and Priests.
      Poor straight guys can't get a look in.

    4. LOL. John, business is so good in Paddington that I have convinced the owners to open in Westminster. Your Uber bill will be less during tea now. Your code to start the machine will be the same - "Elephant man". lol

      Great to hear of Leo/BB moves. Good men with good plans. It is ever more infuriating to know that the source of delays are the same creatures that the masses line up to vote for. Then there is that wretched Schumer with his crocodile tears, as if he really gave a damn about any refugee. You are right. These people are truly two faced scum. I was thrilled that President Trump called him out on his fake water works. I am really heartened to see a pro-GS president who is not going to go along with shyster politicians and their fake fronts.

    5. A whole new meaning for a Trunk Call?

  31. In an interesting turn of events the EU Sr Negotiator is now telling the UK he wants 500 Billion pounds for the UK to leave as the cost of supporting their lunatic Socialist Pension Fat Cats Free Riders.

    He will be asked what part of Go and F Yourselves do they not understand. Not a chance will this happen. The UK has subsidised this bunch of failed free loaders for 50 years. No more. The UK is over 30 Billion a year better off on subsidies alone leaving. Cutting EU BS red tape saves a further c50B. The UK immediately recovers all its vast Fishing grounds Stocks and Seas. No more Spanish Trawlers taking it all free. A big recovery of UK Fishing jobs.

    Any Shite from this EU lot and all we need do is suspend flights to Spain, good bye Tourist income, collapse of all hotels, stop French Wine and Champagne imports. Close the Channel Tunnel, Stop buying German cars, and all EU goods until sorted. The entire EU will be gone in 6 months. The lot. Banks also. It's time we take the gloves off and smack them hard. Closing the ferries and tunnel will sort them head on. Hundreds of thousands of trucks bringing imports will all be job losses and company collapses.

    Sending 7 million back will be a start. Take that on welfare. If frees up housing stocks, schools, hospitals, Welfare, crime rates down. We employ our own unemployed. Huge savings. Them gone, job done. 12 months on they will be begging to settle.

    Politics need to get real. Smack them hard! That English Channel sanitises the UK from the lot of them. 500B, in their dreams. If we even bung in 20B it's too much. We lost from the day we entered this lunatic Zoo of Losers. Best out, They need a smack.

    1. Good god! They have to be kidding don't they?

      "What part of Go and F Yourselves do they not understand" Love that comment.

      Heavens John, you have noted some brilliant ideas in this comment. Hope you give them that good smack they need so badly.

    2. Counter claim for all the wasted £ over the years caused by EU membership. Sounds like that's a larger number than what they're trying to extort. Were they wearing a mask and holding guns when they made that proposal?

  32. Satan appears in a US Church congregation. The Vicar promptly faints, and the churchgoers mass flee screaming in panic to escape.

    Only one man sits there alone, indifferent.
    Satan, eyes flashing fire, moves towards him and asks do you know who I am?
    Yes, I do he replies.

    Do you know the pain and suffering I can cause you asks Satan?
    Yes, I do he replies.

    You know I can turn you to stone or burn you alive as is my wish?

    Yes, I do he replied.

    Are you not afraid asks Satan?

    Not really replies Bill Clinton, I have been married to your Sister for 40 years.

  33. The MSM, Soros, and Left Wing lunatics continue to try to cause trouble for the new elected US President demanding the Uk cancels his invitation and visit.Also demanding no meeting with the Queen.

    1. We will NOT cancel the visit. He IS welcome!
    2. He WILL meet the Queen. With grace and dignity.
    3. We will NOT be dictated to by the Jews News, nor Socialist rabble or timewasting busybodies. Get lost! All such approaches fall on deaf ears, and if need be, we WILL close all access to Whitehall and enforce our laws with Batons and whatever it takes to protect UK Law. Time waste elsewhere.

    It seems the Socialists and Demo Rats will stop at nothing in conjunction and conspiracies with the MSM liars.
    Trump IS coming. Trump IS Welcome and it WILL be a great success for both. If your not happy, Butt your Snout Out! Or our Right WILL be Might! We will protect the Partnership and future of both.

    1. Who the hell do these jerks think they are? They are a pack of lunatics and should be locked up. Keep on kicking arse John.

  34. Actually two nights ago, a friend of my wife:

    Last night I attended a private reception at the midtown pub, Eammon's honoring James O'keefe and his work to make PROJECT VERITAS an astoundingly effective exposer of democrat party/radical lawbreaking. O'keefe spoke for a few minutes about his current and upcoming infiltration of the Main Stream Media and its biases.

    In the middle the Q&A time a deranged, uninvited interloper crashed in through the service entrance, stole the microphone and began a disjointed, rambling monolog of obscenity about our new president. Within seconds several ex military types in the audience of about 100 people surrouded him and started nonviolently moving him out of the room. He eventually went limp and whimpered as if he'd been injured, which forced us to uncermoniously drag him out of the hall by his arms and legs. In the process he dropped his wallet, cell phone and video camera which broke in the process (thus obviating his threats to use the illegally obtained recording to "expose" us on the internet). All said items were returned to him as he sat in an ambulance outside trying convince EMS workers to take him to the hospital for treatment (a necessary ruse that is always the first step in a liability suit shakedown attempt!) New Yorks finest arrived and were greeted by a spirited chorus of "BLUE LIVES MATTER!" for which they thanked us and then, later informed me that the miscreant identified himself as one Ryan Clayton (see attached photo), who, when googled appears to be an unsuccessful actor.

    As the dozen or more police stood around grumbling at the waste of their time outside, the management decided to pull the plug on our festivities, whereupon O'keefe quipped "You'd think they'd never seen a disturbance in an Irish bar!"

    1. Here is the official narrative that hit the news today regarding the above-mentioned incident with James O'Keefe.

  35. Stronger border, denying welfare, deporting criminal illegals. Bill Clinton's 1995 State of the Union Address.
    Video, 1m 24s

  36. John while you're sitting there making your trunk call keep an eye out for Aurataya's bots that will pick low hanging fruit. Such a blow for all hard working men.

    Online Grocer Debuts "Fruit-Picking Robot" In Latest Blow To Minimum Wage Proponents

    1. NO WAY AJ. LOL. The human touch possessing an awareness of sensitivity cannot be beaten in certain instances. Robots just won't cut it mate. That's picking fruit and veg I'm referring to just so you know. LOL.

      Heavens Above! A very pinch worthy butt. A diamond studded Rolex. And nicknamed the Elephant Man. Good God, look out ladies we have a live one here. Heck, I may have to bring my flight to the UK forward a tad, just to check out the scenery over there of course. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

      OK, I'll try to be good and behave from now on. Just having some fun.

  37. Automation will save each nation. Low education will determine each future. Selection of the species is coming, sorry, but?
    If you can't compete, be prepared for defeat. Nature selects the best and drops the rest. Nature has no welfare fallback, just roadkill on the track- of life!


    The world which is coming will screen and stream.
    No place to be tossed aside. Or to reflect back, when all hope just died. By looking into the future and the realising you have none?

    Oh what a tangled Web life will weave.

    1. But this is being short-sighted. Let's say the first round of transhumanism gives a 10x boost. Because of algorithmic complexity there can't be any functional difference between an IQ of 600 and 1800 except possibly in processing speed for simple things, and again algorithmic complexity flatlines the differences in any problem with more than a polynomial basis. So, in point of fact, there is no god-damn reason not to bring every-one in for the ride to the future. Which would also be the moral thing to do. We're supposed to never leave anyone behind warring with each other, but in the war on Nature's failing we intend to 'sort them'. No. We simply are not going to do that are we? The idea that the cost-basis is too expensive is also rendered moot because on the heels of any hyper-IQ (not to mention AI servants) the productive lifespan is extended thru life-extension and the investment paid off.

  38. I received the following "pablum" from a local loan officer as a "weekly update". If you are curious what is being fed to the American people regarding the economy, read on. If not interested, just skip it. My take away is more of the push to "get more's good for you and your country".

    The Fed and the State of Interest Rates
    The start of a new year is a good time to reflect as we previously have on the state of jobs and real estate. Another important factor we are monitoring is the movement of interest rates. There is no doubt about the fact that one benefit of our very slow and steady recovery from the Great Recession has been incredibly low interest rates. These rates have made homeownership and other large purchases such as cars more affordable for tens of millions of Americans. In addition, these rates have spurred millions of Americans to refinance their home loans, which has provided another boost for the economy.

    Even as the recovery has moved forward and the unemployment rate has moved down near pre-recession lows, rates have stayed low. As a matter of fact, Freddie Mac has reported that last year, rates on home loans were the lowest in the history of their survey. The previous low of 3.66% was also post-recession in 2012. Just to give a perspective, rates on 30-year fixed loans averaged approximately 6.0% in the years before the recession and during the first part of the recession. And before the real estate boom at the turn of the century, rates averaged in the 7.0% range.

    Since the election, rates have moved up from their record lows to just over 4.0% on 30-year loans. Where they will go from here is a complete mystery. Most analysts predict they will move upward from here, but analysts have been known to be wrong. Here is a point to consider. If rates stay where they are today, they will be the lowest in history, save for a few months in the previous few years. This means that getting a loan is still a bargain. And even though the Federal Reserve Board is meeting this week, their actions are not expected to change things at the present time. Thus, we can continue to enjoy the good times -- for now.

    continued below...

  39. Continued:

    One of the nation’s leading credit scoring companies has released a study that shows the use of trended credit data along with a traditional credit report could expand consumer access to credit to 1.5 million consumers per year. The Equifax Consumer Credit Impact Analysis determined that the inclusion of trended credit data could result in an approximate increase of four percent more mortgages—or 267,000 home loans—being issued to borrowers that would have previously been rejected as ineligible. Equifax also stated that 4.1 percent home equity lines of credit—or 65,000 accounts—could be issued with this realignment to credit scoring. “Giving weight to how borrowers pay off credit debt puts more power in their hands to manage their credit evaluation.” said Peter Maynard, senior vice president global analytics at Equifax. “New ways of assessing consumer credit behavior through unique insights is something we are continuing to develop at Equifax, and opportunities to expand credit to consumers and mitigate for risk for lenders make these type of approaches solid ones for the entire marketplace.” Source: National Mortgage Professional
    Construction of single-family homes is expected to gradually rise this year, as a growing economy, solid employment gains, and rising household formation buoys builders' forecasts. Last year, the National Association of Home Builders projected 1.16 million total housing starts in 2016, which was up nearly 5 percent from the previous year. Now NAHB is forecasting a 10 percent increase in single-family production for 2017 and a 12 percent rise for 2018. Still, there will be pressing challenges as builders look to increase their supplies this year. "While positive developments on the demand side will support solid growth in the single-family housing sector in 2017, builders in many markets continue to face supply-side constraints led by the three Ls — lots, labor and lending," says NAHB chief economist Robert Dietz. Sixty-four percent of builders reported "low" or "very low" lot supplies. "The industry needs to recruit more workers and get more land in the pipeline, but it will take time." Builders are particularly facing challenges building $200,000-range entry-level homes. Regulatory requirements comprise nearly 25 percent of the cost of a new home, which has made construction on lower-cost homes more difficult, Dietz says. Nevertheless, townhome construction, which tends to appeal to younger buyers, is already showing significant growth, comprising 12 percent of all single-family starts, Dietz says. "As millennials age, that is a big potential base to expand the home buyer market," adds Frank Nothaft, CoreLogic's chief economist. Source: NAMB

    Ninety-nine percent of Americans say they’re a good neighbor, finds a new survey by the Community Associations Institute, a community association governance and education group. What is a good neighbor? Being quiet, friendly, respecting your neighbor’s privacy, and cleaning up after your pet, CAI’s 2016 National Good Neighbor Day Survey finds. Eighty-three percent of respondents say face-to-face interactions are the most common way they communicate with their neighbors. Also, having a dog helps to meet your neighbors, the survey found. Eighty-three percent of respondents said they get to know their neighbors while walking their dog. Many people say they’re proud of the neighborhood they live in. Eighty-six percent say they are proud to live in their neighborhood and actively recommend it to their friends and colleagues. Source: Community Associations Institute

  40. Tony and WHA

    In respect to Leo and the past, please allow key info to be clarified.
    1. It's past. Long past.
    2. Many people use his name, and abuse his trust. Leos only current access to a lap top is via the friendly local facility, but we will say no more. Blogs - I talked to L. Really? Those who know, smile. Leo is not to blame or involved. He means no harm.
    3. Leo has "issues" and most of these blog reports are the jabberings of unsophisticated fools. No access, no idea.
    4. Do any parties think the system is just going to unload these vast blocks for personal ego trips and Cling On hoards? It just was never real. Or the system will humbly let Leo loose with this? These people need a spell in BelleView or similar wired up and taking the Meds given to them in between dribbling sessions.
    5. Legends are formed from this delusional nonsense. Look at the level of grunt camp followers. Losers don't get En Riched!

    Leos reality will not EVER be publicised. Only closed door solutions will be effected. No one will be street unleashed to play Monarchs. A few select parties will be allowed part controlled parts of what is coming. Grunt parties? Really? Have you EVER seen that? Blogs are hyping up chin dribbling stupidity. But send them a donation? Call their Premium Rate lines, listen to 40 minute phone ins, for the sad, mad and deluded.
    It seems to work and hooks a new Jerk.

    Life is selective and the ever so entangled webs are not woven for the needing uncloven. The Bible Belt thrives while the Congregations live in Dives. They really will swallow anything. Those Blogs do real harm, toilet papers for the funny farm.

    Moses is not coming to feed the masses. Just Moses Bummervinsky to steal their asses.

    1. Thank you John. Will post at WHA.

  41. Tony

    Reality is a hard sell. They were promised?????

    The Vatican worked it for 1,700 years, John Smith used dissapearing Gold plates,( But threw in 4 wives) and still they slop it up. The Jews and Muslims carve pieces off defenceless children, ( but they are special). Really? Did it work for the 6M in Germany WW11? Hello? They follow a paranoid delusional Abraham, and think in the 21 st Century it's not mad?

    Now the Blogmeisters are playing catch up to scoop what is left.

    Funny things Folk. At least Ali knew how to Rope a Dope to sucker punch them. The new lot just offer a phone in to win. Blog Meister,s or deluded Shysters?

    1. Oh let me tell you, John. I listen in to some really oddball conference calls from time to time, and the claims made are something else. From space ships preparing to land and distribute medical cures for all diseases, to NESARA preparing to pay every man woman and child $10,000,000 once it's "announced". And they believe it.

      Of course, included in these sad sermons are pleas for donations. Trillions are pending, always around the corner, close, any day, but we cannot pay the rent so we need someone else to pay. And they pay.

      I know we have done some damage to their grifter road shows. Their audiences are starting to wake up and smell the excremental oratorio, and inbound cash flows are starting to dry up, which explains the increasingly desperate pleas for donations from key talk show figureheads. The actuarial realities of gradual corpus delicti will also impact.

      Yet, among it all, the key underlying commonality is that the ringleaders are all destitute, broke, bedridden, hopeless cases who often live in hovels or trailer parks. Yet, these people are somehow selected to receive billions and manage it all to project hopefuls, many who have never run a hot dog stand.

      It makes me wonder how this civilization has actually held together as long as it has.

      Lastly, I agree that "reality is a hard sell". The fantasy blogs have 100X the traffic WHA does. Since we don't deal in guesswork or inflated claims, the intoxicating affects are far less induced, I guess. Oh well. When reality sets forth and the limited nature of releases are made evident, the sites will be busy consoling the jilted masses who were not given their $10M and a NESARA T-shirt.

      From there, I guess it will be left to the relatively small numbers of those who listened to the reality of it all to make the best of what they were able to get when the limited time windows were opened. That's just my speculation of course. But, at least we know it wont be an endless buffet of pecuniary largess, as often promised by RV blogging hustlers.

      Thanks again.

    2. WHA

      Good response Tony and thanks. See below also.

  42. John,

    I don't believe you have addressed this previously. My apologies if you did. Do you know if Trump has been brought up to speed with the GCR and the funds for sovereigns being held up? Or will this be addressed when he goes on his visit to the UK? The infrastructure in so many places is to the point of beyond repair and unless there's a huge influx of cash it is just going to continue. Is there any sense of urgency to see this through before the point of no return? Thank you for your reply and everyone's contribution to this site...A REAL view of the world.

  43. Wonderer,

    He has known attention span difficulties. Huge. This, being a vast and complex series of issues, would be on a par with asking a Pygmy to collate a Ph D Dissertation. So, getting it addressed real world has to be done with care with his team. Each already encumbered with their own multi critical workloads.

    This becomes a whole new level of understanding for them.

    In addition to coming to terms with the sheer scale, and again complexity, of the cynical Fraud which passes for Inter Governing Structures holding America together.

    Then they see the books. OMG x 10,000!!!!! Can this be real? We are in this deep? Then, each day, they find more. Where does it end?

    The Zios looted the pot. The Military Industrial supply companies via rigged contracts took the rest. The entire fabrication passing as infrastructure is a license to steal.

    Even Health Care, lives and all, you Pay, and Pay, and Pay. National Health Care for the UK costs 8% of GDP as a Not for Profit service. In the US, because it's for Profit, it's over 15%, Hello? Almost half your costs are fees for profits to support the lie, or you die. You Profit from human life? No ethical barrier?

    Getting a policy agreement to undertake a sectional release will take time. As for understanding, did you see his pitiful and embarrassing opening address to the CIA staffers? Pure, psychophantic ego tripping. Embarrassing.He needs a Minder on each corner. He has a role and a job, but be assured, he is not multi talented. It was him or Hilderbeast. That's US reality.

    The product we work with. On issues as complex as the GS or RV's, it needs multi tasking. But via who? Who effects the judgments, is the question? Then he can sign off. The TV cameras and razzamataz seems to be his modus operandi. You do the work, give me the story and give me the Glory.

    A day at a time. There are some good moves, albeit consternation also. No doubt the Media and Demo Rats are out to get him every day. His Vanity needs to go. Reality will reduce that. As will the media. How much time can he address to anything? GS and RV's are truly MBA plus issues. So we juggle.

    It's not about what we can do with the releases. It's where we take it from to pay, as all money is propping up something, borrowed and leveraged to hell and beyond, which is the gigantic lie that is the American economy. If we remove a block, does the wall fall down? Each decision carries consequences. Big! The Zio Rats and Cabal are dug in deep. On every corner, another Vatican KM or Zio creep. What passes for a Government is a Roach infestation.

    Accessing and sanitizing that is a huge task. Again, how and who? Realities. Unbundling the Monsters lair. Is their enough lacquer in stock to secure his hair?

    For anyone it's a huge issue. He is taking on 70 years of consolidated abuse. Allow time. At least bankruptcy is an issue he is well practised with.
    Our focus on the GS is to try to address new core infrastructure, and let cross benefits permeate out. But first, who pays and from where? Everything has been mass looted and is held together with masking tape. A fabricated lie. Confusion rules fools. Truth will be denied.

    1. John,

      Thank you for your valued insight. You've provided a clear answer that this funding process is far from being a reality. As others have stated the misinformation and hopium being produced is absolutely criminal. Unfortunately John, I have fallen for the foreign currency investment and purchased a few million VND and IQD over the last 10 years. Is there any realism to these going up of any significant value in the near future or should I sell them back to the clown I purchased them from?

      You are a gentleman and a scholar.

    2. Dongs dont have the warts and hairs of Dinars. Dinars have been a ruthless Con Job harming trusting innocents. What was done was wrong, Very!
      Many parties are now c20% up on Dongs. If you can afford, sit it out. They do have a real exit value.

      Dinars may not pay for many Dinners, it depends what you paid. Most of you are victims.
      If you can risk it,see what the next few weeks brings. We will help once it's clear.
      But if we do get the Screen info as expected, get the hell out to those exit banks fast. If her indoors gets in the way then, just run her over and buy another with less mileage.

      Joking but use it for benefits if needed. Lol.

      Read up on the South Sea bubble. That is Dinars!

      Im heavily involved right now getting clarity. If we get the green light get the hell out to WF within a day! Dont get run over in the Bums rush 3 days later. Windows may well close. Who knows what the overprint size is?

      Good luck and watch the 2 sites. Stay safe!
      Your money, or your wife? Go with money. For most, that is real and you know what it can get you. Unless your one of the 0.099% who got lucky. Then whats money? But it goes both ways. Either side with a Bum this may be your exit ticket to dump the Chump and get a life.

  44. Where is beautiful Valdi? I miss seeing him around here.

    1. Beautiful Aurataya,

      Thank you for being so kind. I slipped into a parallel universe to regain my sanity; only it couldn't have worked because I'm back here! lol.

    2. Yippeeeeeee! So very very pleased to feel your magnificent presence here again Valdi.

      Thank you so much for your kind expression. I must admit, after I posted the above comment I felt a little rude that I may have been intruding on your private time away from the site. I can be a little selfish sometimes and don't realise it in that specific moment. My sincere apologies if that was the case.

      Btw, I do completely understand one's need to slip into that parallel universe from time to time, even though you've been dragged back (lol) here by a far too needy friend wishing to continue to bask in your wonderful expressions and the magnificent life stories you share. There's no escaping me now ;-)))))) HAHAHAHAHA

      Sanity? What's that? LOL

    3. Wow, what a wonderful welcome! Perhaps you're the reason I came back. John will say "Get a room, you two". Ha, I should be so lucky. Actually, my excuse isn't far off the mark. I somehow managed to activate my pineal twenty years ago and the blessed thing refuses to shut down....and no, it wasn't with illicit substances.

    4. Valdi don't under rate my market trader talents I will rent it to you! Robot Cafe vouchers to go.
      My pineal switches on 20 times a day, or hour, in Whitehall,Westminster, Canary Wharf and Mayfair.

    5. Heavens Valdi, you are so very sweet. I think I should be the one saying "I should be so lucky." LOL. "Get a room you two" Haha. Hmmmm ;-)))))))))

      Valdi, now you really have got me excited and fascinated expressing what you have above regarding your pineal gland activation. Right at this very moment I could think of a million questions to ask you about that. Would there be any chance you would consider writing a little about that and sharing it here? And maybe accepting some questions as well? (WARNING! I can be extremely intense lol) Heavens, I am already waiting with bated breath for your response hoping you say yes. But if it is of too personal a nature or you just don't feel like writing about that or sharing, then I completely understand and accept that.

      John, you need a sturdy paddle to the backside Mr. LOL. Nah, I love your cheekiness and humour but some of your jokes are seriously weird or go completely over my head maybe. hahaha. But, being serious now for a moment, I am actually going to take you to therapy one day with this cafe obsession of yours. Actually, Tony started this. and AJ seems to like the idea way too much as well. Heck, I had better make that a group booking to see if we can get you guys back on track. LOL

    6. No, not into group action but Tony may be.

    7. OMG John. You should see the smile on my face right now. LOL You are so bad. LOL I did not even contemplate that you could possibly find a way to corrupt that statement about the group therapy session. But I should have known better.

    8. 2 milleniums of practice. Old families.

    9. Aurataya,

      Isn't it strange how people are said to ascend into heaven but fall in love? Long, long story best heard face to face over a bottle of wine, which I'd be happy to share with you. God has a sense of humour: I must be about the least likely candidate for enlightenment on the planet. When will you be coming over? Perhaps we could meet up. I have a spare tent and all the gear if festivals are your thing. Take your pick:

      Camp Bestival, Lulworth Castle, Dorset

      Isle of Wight Festival

      WOMAD Charlton Park, Wiltshire

      Reading and Leeds Festival

      V Festival

      Download Festival, Donnington Park

      It's impossible to get tickets for Glastonbury this year. Perhaps John could have the sky spraying stopped long enough for us to enjoy some sunshine and not need our wellies?

    10. Valdi,

      Yes, that is strange as you suggest. I have never thought about it before this moment. I'm sitting here trying to make sense of the use of the word "falling" when we speak of love and it makes no sense to me at all. And, unfortunately, I have never been what people refer to as "in love" so I am lacking even more understanding than the average person I would suggest.

      Oh dear, looks like I'm about to burst a few bubbles. LOL.

      Unfortunately, my relocation has been delayed. I'll try to explain. I have a commitment here to a family member. A short time ago this situation looked like it was moving into a new phase which was the point I was going to get my life back to live as I pleased. Unfortunately, the new situation this family member was planning to move into created a little too much stress and anxiety for them and the new phase of their life had to be delayed until a more suitable time is reached. This relative has no other support other than myself and I simply cannot abandon them as such a time in their life. I need to take things gently in this circumstance to ensure the best outcome possible even if it is at the cost of my own freedom for a little longer.

      So you're a festival man hey? Reminds me of my hippie days many moons ago. LOL. I checked all of those festivals out and it seriously made me feel old. You know you are definitely getting old when you don't know the names in the current music scene. Although I did recognise some of the names at the V Festival. Love Dave Grey. But guess what? I can't handle crowds or loud noise or any type of sensory overload. I cannot even cope in a busy shopping centre and have to move rather swiftly to escape if it gets too much for me. I have been known to faint when too many people are around me. Have no idea what causes it but have been like this since I was quite young. But I would love to share a bottle of wine with you one day down the track a little in a nice peaceful and quiet environment and listen to that long story. And I sincerely thank you for offering me that very kind invitation Valdi, you are incredibly sweet.

      I find it interesting that you suggest you are the least likely candidate for enlightenment. Your mind is incredible. You are obviously extremely intelligent and wise. And I gain a very strong sense that you possess a beautiful heart. So why not you? A conversation for another day hopefully.

      Well, once again I have hogged way too much space in this comment section, my apologies everyone.

      Valdi, thank you for sharing with me and being so kind, I appreciate you enormously.

    11. To both of you...clearly, kinship is developing. Let's speak of love for a moment, shall we? I loved someone in the sense that people speak of as "falling." It was exquisite. We could speak of anything and I always knew that he would understand. We put each other first in most things. When I was with him, I felt that I was home. Loving him was both joyous and effortless. I would wish such love for every one as it comes rarely.

      May you both find it, perhaps at one of those festivals?

    12. Hi Writeously,
      Thank you so much for sharing with us. WOW! That was beautiful. I was hesitant to raise the "love" topic and seek others opinions in case everyone else found it annoying and too off topic but I am so very very pleased you contributed as you have.

      Your use of the word "exquisite" gives me tingles. My mind swirls with the possibilities of what the state of being in love actually feels like. "When I was with him, I felt like I was home" That statement is so incredibly beautiful and does offer me a greater understanding. I am so pleased you experienced the love that you speak of Writeously and most sincerely thank you for sharing the magnificence of that energy.

      Thank you for your kind wishes. If I do end up at one of those festivals it will most definitely have to be on the uncrowded outer edges of the crowd. And I'll have to remove the roof of the tent as I'm claustrophobic as well. Yes, I am definitely a handful to cope with. LOL.

  45. By Greg Hunter’s

    According to precious metals and financial expert Bix Weir, what’s going on in Washington now is simply a struggle for control between good and evil. Weir explains, “The left is going nuts. They say they are not violent, but they are causing all these riots and protests everywhere. I am convinced that this takedown of the bad guys is going to get a lot uglier. It will get uglier because the left leaning Obama people have been given so many rights that are not in the Constitution and are not anywhere in a capitalistic society. It’s more towards socialism, and when you try to take away the rights given to socialists, they get armed. They go into the streets.”

    Weir says Trump is attacking illegal immigration and voter fraud that are the basis of Democrat power. Weir contends, “Basically, the immigration issue and voting issue is all an attack on free will, and it’s a move towards socialism. They know if they open the borders, they know they are going to get a lot of people coming in who will vote Democrat and vote for the free things they get from society. Ron Paul has some great ideas about how to stop this, and it’s stop giving away the free stuff.”

    Weir says all the political and civil unrest are symptoms of an economic system on the edge of a giant reset. Weir says when the economic reset comes, it will come from trillions of dollars in unbacked derivatives. Weir contends, “It will destroy all the banks . . . all the banks go when the derivative implosion happens. That has always been sort of the home built nuclear bomb in the financial system—the derivative market. Hundreds of trillions of derivatives that are so dependent on third parties staying in business. . . . Once one large derivative holder goes, they all go.”

    Weir thinks Trump knows a crash is coming and is getting ready. Weir says, “Trump has the keys to ending this market rigging game. Once you end the market rigging game, then you can’t support the stock market, and everything has to go to its true fair market value with real trades and no more derivatives. Trump can do it, but it’s not just Trump. It’s also the people behind Trump. I call them the good guys. It’s people in the Pentagon, people in the military and patriots. All this goes back to what does Trump want to do. Do they want to fix things with the bubbles still there and with the Fed still printing money? Or, does he really want to fix it? Which means you crash the system first, and then you rebuild. I think it’s the latter. I think he’s trying to get people in place, and he will crash the system and then rebuild.”

    So, what would Weir sell, and what would he be buying? Weir says, “On the sell side, I’d sell anything that has a third party between you and your asset. That could be stocks and bonds. On the buy side, I’d buy Bitcoin with both feet . . . buy a lot of silver, as much silver as you can . . . and buy gold, as well.

    1. President Trump and company should make the decision to bring it all down- then blame the previous administrations for the last 40 years + of corruption and lies (which it the complete truth, so many lies have been told to the American sheeple- who are now starting to wake up!).

  46. In the world of strange...could this be proof of an ancient highly advanced society?

    Electrical Component Found In A 100,00 Year Old "Enigmalith" Stone.

  47. Fire them all. Permanently end their careers as well. No diplomatic representation ever again.

    About 900 U.S. State Department officials signed an internal dissent memo protesting a travel ban by U.S. President Donald Trump on refugees and travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries, a source familiar with the document said on Tuesday, in a rebellion against the new president's policies.

    A senior State Department official confirmed the memorandum had been submitted to acting Secretary of State Tom Shannon through the department's "dissent channel," a process in which officials can express unhappiness over policy.

    White House spokesman Sean Spicer said on Monday he was aware of the memo but warned career diplomats that they should either "get with the program or they can go."

    A draft of the dissent memo seen by Reuters argued that the executive order would sour relations with affected countries, inflame anti-American sentiment and hurt those who sought to visit the United Spates for humanitarian reasons. It said the policy "runs counter to core American values of non-discrimination, fair play and extending a warm welcome to foreign visitors and immigrants.

    1. "It said the policy "runs counter to core American values of non-discrimination, fair play and extending a warm welcome to foreign visitors and immigrants."

      Our "policy" must be changed when we can no longer take care of ACTUAL UNITED STATES citizens. There is more need and not enough money thanks to the current pols and bureaucrats taking most of it!

    2. Ban them from Federal Service FOR LIFE.

    3. Tino,
      Maybe they don't remember Reagan vs the air traffic controllers. Reagan fired the lot!

    4. I agree with all of you. And maybe sack the 900 that signed the document and show them who really is the boss. You either work with Trump in matters of this nature or get the hell out. Do these people honestly not care about their own country? Why do they wish to continue to destroy it? Crazy stuff. GO TRUMP.

    5. Except Reagan was wrong even though he had the right to do what he did. He was wrong because the grievances of the Air Traffic Controllers were being ignored and they striked as a last resort. 5 minutes of Presidential diplomacy would have avoided the strike and accelerated everything pertaining to safety and work conditions. They were using f'ing vacuum tubes to run their systems!!! It wouldn't be until 10 years later that we began using transistors in the Air Traffic Control system.

  48. UK Parliament Overwhelmingly Authorizes Theresa May To Trigger Article 50 And Withdraw From EU

    "MP's in Parliament have voted 498 to 114 to authorize Prime Minster Theresa May to Trigger Article 50 and begin the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union. The vote officiates the result of the June 23rd, 2016 "Brexit" Referendum where a majority of UK citizens indicated a desire to leave the EU. An amendment introduced by the Scottish National Party (SNP) which called on the Government to consult the devolved powers on Brexit and calls on her to set out her objectives for the negotiation was rejected. The vote authorizes Theresa May to begin the withdrawal process, which she has indicated she will do by the end of March, 2017."

    1. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. Rip em a new one Theresa and trigger that baby.

  49. Of course its going forward. It's time to reduce the Scotts MP numbers down and shut up the whinging Troll, she's way too Gobby. 2,000 years and still they are on Welfare, time they try building a nation and pay their own way.

  50. Tino,
    You mentioned you are a doctor. I have a question I would love your opinion on...

    ALS known as Lou Gehrig disease has usual life expectancy, after diagnosis of 3-5 years.

    Stephen Hawking was diagnosed when he was 21 years old. He is now 75 years old. That's FIFTY FOUR years, not 3-5 years. So, why is he still alive or has he passed and an imposter or clone is filling in? What else makes sense?

    1. Pure willpower. He has willed himself to live. Even as the disease cripples him further and further, he doesn't relent. The disease will kill him but not defeat him. Of course, modern medical care plays a role, as without it, pneumonia typically, would taken him long ago. But in the end, he is the outlier that proves the case.

    2. Thank you Tino but I am still not convinced that "will power" will keep you alive TEN TIMES longer than most anyone else has ever lived with a disease. If willpower worked that well, why aren't all diseases conquered this way? Again, his being alive is very suspect. I was hoping there was a scientific or medical explanation for his unheard of longevity. Thank you.

    3. Valdi, that Hawking document was absolutely spellbinding. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. This may sound like a big fib but whilst reading your document I gained some type of inner confirmation of something I was feeling about Hawking and which I have felt for a very long time. I cannot explain this feeling in words but every single time I saw Hawking something felt really wrong/off to me. It was not related to his appearance or expressions that I can actually pinpoint but just an uncomfortable feeling I felt every single time. So so weird.

    4. Valdi,
      Welcome back and thanks for the Miles Mathis investigation. His reports are fascinating and logical!

    5. MWP,

      Ah, the mechanistic side raises it's ugly head. Some interesting facts for your perusal. Did you know that surviving spouses tend to die on or near the anniversary of the lost mate? Were you aware that in a fascinating approach to treating cancers, volunteers were offered to change their lifestyle and train in strict natural surroundings in the martial arts. Those who managed the change survived. Did I mention the volunteers were all considered terminal? The common denominator is mind-body which is rooted in willpower. There was a patient who told the surgeon, don't give up no matter what happens. Patient died 6 times on the table. The sixth time he was gone 10 minutes. We had given up all hope and the damn heart started beating. Nothing we did, I assure you. There is more in heaven and earth than we dream.

    6. Tino

      Correct but it is also far more majestic than untravelled humanity can contemplate. But Atonement far worse.

    7. "but it is far more majestic than untravelled humanity can contemplate"

      John, a very long time ago you kept sharing statements like the one above. At that time I asked you if it would be at all possible for you to expand on such words. Your answer was "when the time is right." I'm guessing the time is still not right but I seriously would absolutely love to hear more from you in relation to these statements you make from time to time.

      I know you are busy, that you have very little spare time and have many serious matters to deal with in life but if there is ever a time when you do feel you can share more about this I would very much appreciate it. I seriously wish to learn about subjects beyond the ordinary bs of hum drum life. You possess knowledge that I do not have in these areas and I don't know anyone else with such knowledge that I can trust. It drives me crazy that you have this knowledge and I cannot get it out of you. lol.

      Anyway, I'll leave that with you. Thanks John.

  51. Jason Chaffetz is the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, and has just announced that President Donald Trump instructed him and the Committee to pursue every available avenue they deem appropriate. Trump has made it clear that putting the safety of the American people at risk like Hillary did is well deserving of punishment.


  53. This slipped under the radar last week:

    Human-Pig Hybrids Created

    Valdi: When I was 7 or 8, I persuaded my mother to buy me a second-hand, pre-war Remington typewriter so I could learn to type. The keys would stick. In an effort to fix it and satisfy my curiosity about how it worked, I took it apart. That was the easy bit. Putting it back together proved impossible. That is the state earth is in at the moment: our scientists are clever enough to take things apart but not smart enough to put them back together. There is too much meddling with nature; too much adulteration and debasement. It didn't work out well for Adam and Eve; it didn't work out well for Atlantis and it's not going to work out well for us.

    Do not commit adultery should be the first commandment. Do not defile or debase what God (or nature, for the atheists among us) has created. Just stop it. Stop it now or I shall get very cross and have to write a letter to The Times!

    1. Look at what the Zios breed. Have you seen some Israelis?

    2. Valdi, I have to agree. With so many cryptpoids being sighted and reported, dog men,wolf men, and all sorts of things, these latest are just distractions they are willing to admit. Our history is replete with genetic tampering, and it's this fact being revealed somewhere down the line when truth becomes a more common reality to be looked forward to. Maybe then such experimentation can be put to bed. With new technology wiping out disease and genetic issues, such experiments can cease. At least one would hope so.

    3. If i recall correctly, human pig hybrid soldiers were part of the prophecies that JV has posted from time to time?

    4. The overproduction are used as Tax Collectors, Traffic Wardens and Politicians.

    5. Yes, Billy Meier spoke of this year's ago.

      As well as clone warriors with no soul, completely devoid of feelings. The illuminati clone programs are very advanced and use artificial souls.

    6. JV

      The Soul IS Imperius and does return to its Universal dimensional base. Unless re assigned to atone. The Councils of elevated Souls determine if serious redress is merited. There is great love, tolerance and understanding,but there are limits. Cross that line and pay the price of Ethereal retribution.

    7. Heavens Valdi, so many thoughts in my head now after reading what you have shared above. I'll try to be brief. Ha ha, like that will happen. LOL

      I wish human beings would leave animals alone and stop using them for all this wild experimentation. My God, we are supposed to be protecting and loving these beautiful creatures and enjoying sharing this planet with them. Yes, that includes pigs. Has anyone even bothered to think about what the animals involved in this type of experimentation are experiencing? I do and it haunts me to the point I cannot sleep and my mind is filled with their agony. This world is evil where the treatment of animals is concerned and I hate it and wish it would stop.

      When you noted that you pulled your typewriter apart the first thought that came into my mind was, I wonder why men do that, they always pull things apart. Then I realized that women do a version of that as well but not in a physical sense. We do it with thoughts and emotions. I suppose in both cases it just boils down to gaining greater understanding of something. Sorry for babbling there, thinking aloud. But I do agree with you 100% about leaving things as creation intended. Spot on there.

      If I had to choose the first commandment it would be. DO NO HARM. That to me encompasses all wrong doing, including adultery.

    8. John,

      Agreed. I simply meant to state that there is a technology available to make the clones run autonomous of a human soul.

      Although, the technology also exists to transfer a human soul into the clones.

      Actually, what we should say is an infinitesimal part of the oversoul as the entire soul doesn't inhabit a physical body all at once. Only a small portion inhabits the physical body and relays experience back to the oversoul, always connected to source.)

    9. JV

      I think you're referring to a Politician, Pimp, Tax Collector or Lawyer aren't you?

  54. Finally:

    An international team, led by a scientist from the University of Sussex, have today unveiled the first practical blueprint for how to build a quantum computer, the most powerful computer on Earth. The work features a new invention permitting actual quantum bits to be transmitted between individual quantum computing modules in order to obtain a fully modular large-scale machine capable of reaching nearly arbitrary large computational processing powers. Prof Hensinger said: "The availability of a universal quantum computer may have a fundamental impact on society as a whole. Without doubt it is still challenging to build a large-scale machine, but now is the time to translate academic excellence into actual application building on the UK's strengths in this ground-breaking technology. I am very excited to work with industry and government to make this happen." The computer's possibilities for solving, explaining or developing could be endless. However, its size will be anything but small. The machine is expected to fill a large building, consisting of sophisticated vacuum apparatus featuring integrated quantum computing silicon microchips that hold individual charged atoms (ions) using electric fields.

  55. My name is unimportant.

    My reason for writing is that there seems to be an abundance of stories being told in the Alternative Community which push a long standing and intense "Illuminati" agenda.

    I will be calling the Cabal and it's cults the "Illuminati" during these writings. That is not an accurate name, but it is the one most commonly used.

    The reason I am aware of their plans is I was raised within their systems. I was a member both by blood and by initiation. I was educated and trained by their members at the highest level and for several years assisted them in their goals. While I was a member, a large portion of my "job" was to understand their plans, how they will be presented to the world, and what this would cause. The "Illuminati" itself used to call me "The Keeper of Secrets" which anyone reading this with experience will understand.

    A group who exists in secret has many secrets, even from members.

    What are They?
    The "Illuminati" is an order led by '13 Parents'. Each 'Parent' represents the '13 Main Bloodlines' that most know as the Illuminati. What I call the Illuminati is the 13 Parents and their 'direct followers' or "pupils".

    Each Parent can barely be considered human. Each one, holds and protects knowledge of a specific method for prolonging the like span of an organic life form. As well as many other secrets. They know much more than the Cults and Programs below them are aware of.

    Each Parent could share this ability with what I am calling their 'direct followers'. This is what forms the various "cults" associated with the Illuminati by most researchers and seekers.

    The Parents are the Illuminati when I write moving forward. Please understand this and that I will generalize all of the branches of their "cults" and "projects" and "programs" under this name. These parents control the "cabal". These Parents control the Secret and Public economy, military, political systems, space programs, intelligence agencies, ect. in every country on the entire planet.

    This Power to Control is not their own however. It belongs to an ET race. You've all heard of them. The Draco.

    Perhaps a little more than 13,000yrs ago The Draco implemented a plan and the chess pieces in this game would be the "Illuminati". (This is the name I am using because it is the public name they gave themselves. This name, and the Cabal name, and important characters in their End Game. )

    The Draco require a focused post to break down their structure as it impacts earth, which I may or may not choose to do, but not now.

    For now focus: The Draco control the Illuminati Parents. The Illuminati Parents control the Illuminati. The Illuminati controls overtly or covertly every program, project, cult, order, brother or sisterhood, country/government you have ever read about or heard about.

    When The Draco leave this planet, and they will, the Illuminati will take control for themselves. This happenstance had been spun into disinfo in the form of an "overthrow" of the Draconian, Cabal and Illuminati regime. The Draco will leave, almost completely, by choice. The only Draco who will remain will be agents of the Illuminati. The Illuminati will have full control in essence absorbing the remaining Draco as Illuminati.

    At this point, their plan which started 13,000yrs ago and has seen minor revisions to compensate for errors, will be unraveled.

    It will appear fair, and be fowl. It will sound like what you want enough that you will overlook that it is also what they want.

    Most people of earth have been formed and shaped into wanting what they want. So their Plan will sound Great to most when presented.

    1. Start here and move to the future

      So interesting.

      New Rome will fall as will old Rome. Amaraka will fall.

      Start from the 1st blog post and read all comments to get complete overview of the MATRIX we live in.

  56. p: What they would have us believe is the latest in robotic development

    12 Strangest and Coolest New Robots
    Published on Feb 1, 2017

    From the craziest military robot ever, to the robot that wants to love humans, these are the 12 STRANGEST and Coolest New Robots !

    1. P,

      Nicholson1968 covers robotics, AI and transhumanism in depth

      What's the goal - to make robots more like humans or humans more like robots? Will female sexbots now be programmed to nag, spend all your money and run off with another model; or male sexbots to lounge on the couch scratching their power-packs watching football or take off for a round of golf with their imates? lol.

      Give me a real woman any day.

    2. Thank you Valdi, something for me to look at later today.

    3. OMG Valdi, what you stated above regarding the bots has me in fits of laughter. So funny.

  57. Is Omarosa Working With The Clintons?
    Published on Feb 1, 2017

    Roger Stone talks with Dr. Zili about the Clintons and how they were a key part in the destruction of Haiti.

  58. JV, care to share "source" of what you are sharing?

    It's very interesting but without something that would give it "legs", it's just a nice story. I'm not necessarily disagreeing with anything that is said as EVERYTHING is possible. However, with all that is beng thrown at us, I think it is important to focus on the most likely truths, don't you.

    Appreciate you input and will await your reply.

    1. The illuminati information has been culminated from 15 years of reading bout them. However, the best information I have found was from a man named Shane who wrote this blog a few years ago. Start from the first post and read to the future. Don't skip the comments as it give alot of detail. He was connected to the very TOP of the Illuminati structure so he was mentored by an elder and a parent.

      I would also encourage you to read Svali, who was an illuminati trainer.

      Brice Taylor's story of being raised in a illuminati family is quite detailed and really explains great detail. She was a "Presidential" Beta slave

      Cathy O'Brien wrote Trance Formation of America

    2. I would also read Thiaoouba Prophecy. Great book about why we exist, the reincarnational cycle and the history of our planet and previous civilizations.


      Another thing I used to do alot was hypnosis with past life regression. It would be taped and it's amazing what you say and don't really remember. I saw my spirit lift out of my body several times in past lives. I felt the emotions of those other people that I existed in during those live. I would be under for hours and it felt like minutes. Really cool experience.

    3. If you want to read more about the clone programs you can also read the Donald Marshall material. He has been part of the REM clone program since he was very young. His accounts were confirmed by The Keeper of Secrets

  59. JOHN, Keep us on the right track!

    Aliens? I am an unimportant nobody from the midwest who is not hiding behind anonymity. I can be contacted. Food for thought: We hear about aliens, illuminati and many similar terms. I have not EVER met either but I server as consigliere to several of the Grand Master Martial Artists around the world ... in ru's or systems like Kung Fu, Karate, Ninjutsu and other Jitsu's ... what a Blessing it was .... they shared so much with me.
    Assumptions: Occam's Razor is more easily understood and observable patterns coupled with solid science helps to focus our minds. further assume (following Scripture) that evil persons gave their souls to satan. That is easy to understand. look at the behaviors of Soros, Clinton, Bush 41 and the globalists with the evil politicians. (not all politicians are evil but there is evidence that more than 90% of Congress and DC Administration is evil and corrupt. I look inside what I know and see we have a huge problem. My mission is to reverse dumbed down America's critical mass of cognitive analytical types. there most likely are aliens but we can see the criminals and observe corrupt power and theft of our wealth. Thank you Frian Occam for your useful hypothesis. Let's hold elected officials and bureaucrats accountable. Those who are funding riots and fomenting evil are culpable need to pay for their crimes. Jetsons time will come some day but for now let's get the criminal worldwide financial system transparent. We can overcome evil with Faith in God (and Christ for me) Semper Fi

  60. Sorry about spelling errors. How I press the r key and get an n I may never know. I pointed out relationships with Grand Masters and forgot to mention they taught me about esoterica and things that are going on that are not widely shared. The Blessing is enhanced by the insight gained into forensic analysis.

    1. Bob,

      Illuminati members are trained in this and BELIEVE it. The trauma based mind control and programming keeps them in line.

      Use the links above to read the information provided by these survivors and make your own decision.

      It's a huge UNIVERSE. Is it really such a stretch to think that there are other planets with other species like us?

    2. JV I read through it. I cannot put everything in boxes designed for misunderstanding and chaos. What I do understand is evil and satan. I can only trust God and certain people who I know to be righteous. As we increase accountability we remove their cover. Evil is clear and present danger. The evil design is to induce chaos though a cloud of near 0 accountability as in the stock market. I know there is > that 1% leakage. multiply 1% x 2 quadrillion $$$ in annual trades in US = $20 trillion USD missing. Wonder where it went? I know where in went. Why is high volume trading protected WO accountability ..... because those with power steal. evil begets evil and we will eliminate them. Now is the time and we are doing it legally. Many of these bottom feeders - satanists will receive death sentences. they sold their souls to the devil so to speak.

  61. Any thoughts here about Antartica?

    1. Yeah, the big yellow ball has an up ripple in output, the Solar System is warming, Antarctica WILL melt to some degree, probably to the tune of rising seal levels of 1 to 5 meters over the next couple decades.

      As to aliens, bases, etc, yeah, something is going there, sufficient to give my acquaintance Buzz Aldrin a bona-fide heart attack. Beyond that nobody is talking. So unless John or others similarly placed drop a dime, we will have to wait for Disclosure.

    2. Have been following as much as my schedule allows. Probably watch too many videos on Antarctica, But when I see Hyundai and a US science program symbols via google earth you know there is excavation going on and research. It seems there are more pyramids than what has been typically related and possibly a few more "openings". Many, many bases over the continent also. Am taking a wild guess, but get the impression they want any and all technology that is there.

      Could it be a boon to world economy? Possibly, "if" they share and technologies are useful could be big for the manufacturing industries.

    3. P

      That fits exactly Micheal Salla's surmise of the situation:


      According to Secret Space Program whistleblower, Corey Goode, preparations have been underway since 2002 to publicly announce the discovery of a flash frozen civilization in Antarctica. Goode’s startling claim has received support from internet data mining expert, Cliff High, who, in a January 2017 report, refers to an economic boom caused by an Antarctica announcement in the next year or so.

      (But I'll be pissed off if this part is true):
      Goode said that bodies and artifacts that are extraterrestrial in origin were being removed and replaced by terrestrial objects from warehouses secretly located elsewhere around the planet. The goal appears to be one of both sanitizing the area of any extraterrestrial evidence, while seeding artifacts that steer scientific analysis towards a desired agenda.

      To me this fits with the crowd who are pushing for disclosure over 100 years so they can remain as controllers.

  62. Some thoughts about the banksters:

    They have parched the well with their insatiable greed and getting rid of the regulations is the dumbest thing that Donald could do.

  63. So much is happening.

    Iran has just booted the Us Dollar. It's now dollar free so no snooping on its trade. The US is freaking more will follow. Now they can buy Gold and report nothing. Same all trade. Two fingers to the US.

    The US is now threatening Iran because it just ran a missile test and scared the shit out of Israe hell. About time. It's coming.

    The UK will now call out the EU and leave. The Scotts are howling for better EU handouts, will 7 M Scots please just F off for good. We are happy to send 5 M back!

    The US are about to plant more missiles in South Korea and attack the North as a threat to China and Russia. Also positioning for a war in the China seas.

    The US is confident it has Space technology 100 years ahead of its time.
    What they don't yet get, is that Russia has the same but 500 years ahead and is waiting to go. This can end very badly. For all!

    The US media and Demo Rats are really cranking up and Trump. Bannon is smart. With nothing to lose time to take them apart.

    Trump has now given the full go get the Bitch approval to get Hillary. Jail for life is merited.

    Has dirty Bill, as is alleged, got Aids? Truth?

    So much is happening now re GS and RV's. When? Who? How much? Who pays?

    But a big YES to the Trump UK Visit and to hell with the lefties. So they have 1.5M signatures protesting. From a population of 70M we don't care. Get lost!

    When the US investigations really start, who takes down Obuma and Biden? When?
    Who rethinks the lying Jew News and cancels them out? Bannon, Banish the lot?

    How can the world be rid of the Fed when another Zio is now appointed dam it? How can anyone clean it up when every time another is appointed to hide their crime. When do Americans get to control their own money? When Trump gave away the pot he's lost the plot. He claims to all, I'm smart. Hello???????? Einstein and the definition of stupid is keeping on repeating the same old mistakes. Get the Roaches OFF the money Honey!

    Ignore the loud mouthed lefties you ARE doing the right thing protecting your borders, and protecting your nation from crime and more bottom feeders. Soros Rent a Mobs need hosing down. GPMGs are effective. They horizontalise a crowd fast. ( General Purpose Machine Guns) Work great on Wookies.Demo Rats Ghetto Rats and Zio Rat Banking Roaches.
    Empires are not won by limp wrists. Nor by kissing Butts. Time to clean up the mess? 50 years of this crap. Take back America! Clean the streets.

  64. p: International Women's day is March 8th,2017

    Honor Diaries- exclusive extended clip
    Published on Jan 16, 2014

    Honor Diaries is the first film to break the silence on 'honor violence' against women and girls. Honor Diaries is more than a movie, it is a movement to save women and girls from gender inequality, forced marriages and human rights abuses.

    CWFF(censored women film festival) Berlin, 2016
    Published on Jan 12, 2017

  65. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has announced 474 pedophiles have been arrested and 55 victims have been rescued in a MASSIVE Southern California Child Trafficking sting dubbed “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild”:

    Pizza-gate California: 474 Arrested in Massive Child Pedophilia Sting

    1. Texian, that is truly fantastic news. Thank you so much for sharing this. This is a sickening crime and I am so pleased some of these creeps have finally been caught. I just hope they are locked up long enough to pay for what they have done. Disgusting business. Just consider for a moment the trauma and suffering they have created in those beautiful precious lives. What a world.

    2. Aurataya,
      It is good news, although still too little. If you've been watching any of the George Webb videos I've been posting that start with Day xxx, it's connected with international human trafficking (including children), organ harvesting, drugs, and more. Every time this pedophile issue comes up, it just barely scratches the surface and politicians, law enforcement and others in high places shut it down.

      If we can't at least protect children, what are we doing?

    3. Texian, I agree with you. Heavens, it is just so overwhelming the enormity of it but it has to be tackled and conquered somehow. Those in politics, law enforcement and the justice system that do overlook/hide this, need to be strung up and replaced immediately in my opinion. If it was one of their own family members I would imagine they would deal with it swiftly. Utter creeps.

      Children must be protected. God, will there ever be a day when human beings have respect for each other? I suppose it boils down to money and feeding the desires of a diabolically sick market. How did we ever get to this point?

  66. YOUR President fly out quietly in a helicopter to meet the family of a dead seal as his body was returned home. A real hero who gave his life. Not a Draft Dodger like Bush. Did O Bummer ever do this ? Or Bush? Clinton Bitch let them Die!

    Trump is trying , be proud! No public media just quiet thanks. How much has that helped his family?

    1. Yes, O Bummer and Hitlary met the families of the Benghazi victims as their bodies were returned telling them all and the world that it was all because of a video. I can still see it. There was Obozo at his little "have podium and TelePrompTer will travel" spectacle. Hitlary was there pretending to be upset...couldn't manage a tear though. :-0)

    2. John, it was reported on our news over here last night. I respect him for taking the time to take that action and offer respectful consideration.

  67. A series of main board HBOS Bankers just get sentenced to up to 14 years jail in the UK.
    Thats a lot of divorces coming and Bunny Boilers back on the street. Well done the UK. Can we clean up the US ?

  68. John, how true is this

    Britain and the ‘Yemeni Threat’

    Britain is backing a Saudi invasion of Yemen that has cost thousands of innocent lives. It is providing advanced weaponry to the Saudis, training their military, and has soldiers embedded with the Saudis helping with targeting; and there is suspicion that British soldiers may even be involved in flying sorties themselves.

    This is true of today. But it also describes exactly what was happening in the 1960s, in a shameful episode which Britain has, like so much of its colonial past, effectively whitewashed out of history.

    In 1962, following the death of Yemeni King Ahmad, Arab nationalist army officers led by Colonel Abdullah Al-Sallal seized power and declared a Republic. The Royalists launched an insurgency to reclaim power, backed by Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel and Britain, whilst Nasser’s Egypt sent troops to support the fledgling republican government.

    In his book ‘Unpeople’, historian Mark Curtis pieces together Britain’s ‘dirty war’ in Yemen between 1962 and 1969 using declassified files which – despite their public availability and the incendiary nature of their revelations – have only ever been examined by one other British historian. British involvement spanned both Conservative and Labour governments, and implicated leading members of the British government in war crimes.

    Just as today, the side under attack from Britain clearly had popular support – as British officials were well aware.

    1. Sadly, imperial money talks. Saudi arms contracts,and oil money. Petro dollar hegemony. Warts for sure.

  69. Paralyzed People can speak through mind-reading technology...

  70. Jim Willie says Saudis are draining their reserves and are moving to take over Yemen. He predicted this a year or more ago. I hope the Brits are not stupid enough to help the Saudis. My intel friends - boots on the ground war fighters hate the Saudis and we believe for good reason.

    1. I follow Jim Willie as well. Very bright guy and I like his contrarian slant and lack of blowing smoke up our hineys :)

    2. MWP, He has an excellent batting average. He is not often wrong! I hope he is right on Au and Ag since I have options on mines for both! Cash is so so or worse but gold and silver are oh so good!

  71. Trump vs Australian PM Turnbull.

    Disagreement between the two over the refugee settlement deal the Australian Government had set up with Obuttbrain. Trump referred to the deal as "dumb" and stated the call with Turnbull was the worst one of the day. Good on you Trump. Rip him a new one. LOL

    How dare the Australian Government plan to hand 1,200 refugees to another country to deal with because they are too weak, stupid and lazy to deal with this issue themselves.

    GO TRUMP. Heck, I am loving this guy more and more every day.

    White House acknowledges Trump disagreement with Australian PM

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