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IN THE NEWS | 22 January 2017

One World of Nations
22 January 2017

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OWON: So much is breaking up. Like societies really. Not looking good so far.

Larson C fracturing: Only 12 miles connect massive ice shelf to Antarctic

The giant rift in the Larsen C ice shelf has advanced more than 6 miles since January 1st, the MIDAS project announced on Friday.

What might become one of the largest icebergs ever hangs by a thread from Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf.

The vast rift has grown more than 6 miles longer since January 1, leaving an area reportedly the size of Delaware connected to the main shelf by a mere 10 percent of the total length, the British MIDAS project announced Thursday. Its loss threatens to destabilize the fourth-largest Antarctic ice shelf.

When exactly that will be is unknowable, according to project leader and Swansea University glaciologist Adrian Luckman: "Although you might expect any extension to hasten the point of calving, it actually remains impossible to predict when it will break because the fracture process is so complex," he told BBC News. "My feeling is that this new development suggests something will happen within weeks to months, but there is an outside chance that further growth will be slow for longer than that.”

This break has been a long time coming, as The Christian Science Monitor reported earlier this week: what began as a tiny crack in the 1960s is now 90 miles wide, and almost one-third of a mile deep. Most of that change has taken place in just the past few years...


OWON: Divided he rules.

Opinion | America's shining moment — a stump speech, tear gas and unsold Trump T-shirts: Neil Macdonald

Trump invoked rotting inner cities, 'mothers and children trapped in poverty … rusted out factories'

Americans are peerless creators of national myths. It's a gestalt psychology, a self-organizing collective mind, indifferent to actual events or circumstances.

Friday, hours before Donald Trump laid his hand on the Lincoln Bible, and a second Bible given to him by his mother, an inauguration myth was taking form on the television airwaves.

It went something like this:

Americans of all persuasions had streamed from across their exceptional country, beloved by God and unique in the world, to their capital city, where they'd filled the streets, eager to witness the peaceful transition of power to a freely elected leader, divisions set aside for a shining moment, standing as one before the very foundation of history's truest democracy, setting an example to all other nations.



OWON: Clearly most don't have a Day Job. Losers helped cause this mess. Their way it would have been Clinton and WW III.

Women's March events take place in Washington and around the world – as it happened

One million people marched in the historic Women’s March on Washington on Saturday, according to initial estimates, in a stunning show of protest on the first full day of the Trump administration.

A sea of peaceful protesters wore pink pussyhats as crowds poured into the streets of downtown DC, easily outnumbering those attending the inauguration on Friday.

Celebrity performers and speakers included singers Alicia Keys, Madonna and Janelle Monáe, activists Gloria Steinem and Angela Davis and actors America Ferrera and Ashley Judd...


OWON: The Special Relationship is right back on.

Donald Trump returns Winston Churchill's bust to the Oval Office

Within hours of moving into the White House, Donald Trump has honoured his pledge to return the bust of Winston Churchill to the Oval Office.

The Jacob Epstein sculpture was given to President George W Bush by Tony Blair.

It was displayed in the Oval Office but was removed by President Barack Obama and replaced by a bust of Martin Luther King in 2009.

The former president's decision to send the bust back to the British embassy in Washington was greeted with outrage on both sides of the Atlantic...

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