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  1. Friday is coming. Trumps day in time and his moment to shine. So, hes's not got the approval of the Drunk, Drug ridden and narcissistic LA and Media community. What a huge loss. So many dysfunctional Tossers think they matter? Saddos. The lot of them.

    This is the man the people, the Real People chose. Be assured he can't be worse than Hillary.
    She was walking WW111. The American people and world won that.

    Donald has a path of thorns to walk ahead be assured. So, while we won't agree with all moves, there needs to be tolerance. He can't make right in a day, what this sordid bunch of Political miscreants have imbued the world with over the last 50 years. Give it and him time.

    Unlike the last half century, many of his new appointees ARE actual people of real and proven ability. Unlike Politicos they HAVE achieved before. Each knows what tasks await, and most will give it a real shot. Their best.

    This is a new dawn, and the Choice of the People. You put him in office.
    Good luck America, and all its people.

    It's time for all now to negotiate a better way. He deserves support and his chance.
    There are many good people in that team who may just surprise us all. Most really are in it to try to give back and to put right so much wrong.

    Have hope, this is YOUR time! A journey of discovery we will all be sharing with you.


  3. Here's How Google Tracks You (And What You Can Do About It)

    Some suggestions in the comments on how to detach.

    Published on Jan 18, 2017

    Ron Capshaw for Western Journalism reports, Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy is losing sleep and working his agents non-stop due to the unprecedented “threat level” for President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration this week. “Every night I wake up and I wonder do we have some issue covered,” Clancy said. “I think people today are willing to do things they may not have been willing to do in the past,” he added.

  5. Lots of talk in both conservative and liberal mainstream news media today about whether Hitlery Clinton should be pardoned or not? Gee, is this a tacit acknowledgement that she is GUILTY of something to be pardoned over? I thought you only pardoned GUILTY people...unless it really does say in the Constitution that-"Constitution permits a president to pardon someone who has not been charged with a crime." Anyone know?

    The New York Post put this out:

    Excerpt: Robert Begleiter, a partner at Constantine Cannon LLP and former assistant U.S. attorney in the Eastern District of New York, wrote in The Daily News that the Constitution permits a president to pardon someone who has not been charged with a crime.

    And then, Fox News put this out a short time thereafter:

  6. Must watch this CBS reporter piece breaking open the Pizzagate scandal

    In a news segment that ran on Atlanta’s CBS 46 last night, host Ben Swann recounted the Pizzagate conspiracy theory that led one man to charge into a pizzeria with an assault rifle last year, and defended it as not being ‘fake news’ but something that needs to be investigated more fully.

    During his occasional ‘Reality Check’ segment, Swann began by bringing up the thousands of hacked John Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks, noting that there were never any mentions of pedophilia. However, he also mentions how pizza is a code word for pedophiles.

    After highlighting Podesta’s friendship with the owner, James Alefantis, of the pizza shop — Comet Ping Pong Pizza — and questioning why Alefantis was once named by GQ as one of Washington D.C.’s 50 most powerful people, Swann then brought up the logo of a nearby pizzeria, Besta Pizza.

    He brings up the fact that Besta’s previous logo looked an awful lot like a symbol the FBI warned about in 2007 that is supposed to denote “boy lover.” He doesn’t really explain what the connection is between the two different pizza places, instead moving on to report that Comet has hosted a couple of bands, one who has joked about pedophilia and another one who did a video with that contained a similar-looking symbol to the one Swann brought up earlier.

    Elsewhere in the report, Swann brought up Alefantis’ past relationships, his Instagram account, John Podesta stating in his emails he was close with Dennis Hastert, and Podesta’s brother’s artwork in his home as other issues that raise real questions. The whole time, Swann continues to note that there is no proof of a child-sex ring at the pizza parlor.

    Yet, at the end of the segment, Swann then lets his viewers know that FBI or local police haven’t looked into the story and asks, “Why hasn’t any investigation taken place?”

    For reference, Swann has questioned both the Sandy Hook and Aurora shootings in the past, claiming that neither could have been pulled off by a single gunman. He also suggested that the Boston Marathon bombing may have been a false flag.

  7. Trump is not far off reality base when he realises that America, and the world's, greatest enemies are not Russia or China, but the US Agencies, Pentagon, NATO and utterly corrupt Politicos. Can we bring in a new era where no one dies for any more of their lies?

    990- plus meddling and threatening Foreign bases need to be reviewed and removed.

    750,000 plus varying Agency staff need to be cut massively.
    America's military need to be manning its own porous borders, not threatening others.

    Israel needs to STOP receiving American arms and aid. Time to make real peace with their neighbours,and get the hell out of occupied territories. The division of Palestine is a disgrace. Palestinian and other Arab Scientists working in Genetic Research Labs will, in time, develop the type of DNA cocktail which once unleashed in Kazakh territory will be payback for the mass genocide of these cruel invaders. Truth and reality will prevail. Many know a Roach Cocktail will defeat Arms.

    Jews never had trouble living in peace with Arabs, including among the nations, until these Kazakhs and Zionists arrived. Real Jews know Zionists have no place in the Middle East and protest. Good Jews enrich most nations. Zionists enrich themselves.

    Good Jews deserve respect and protection. Zionists deserve exposure and prosecution.

    Trump has a lot to face up to, and belligerent Beltway free riders to face down.
    None wanted him and he doesn't need them. Time for Trump to dump the surplus free loaders. Time to clean up America. Rebuild a new nation, not more US stagnation.

    Good luck America. You can do it. This is now YOUR time.

    1. John...had to comment on this part of your post:

      "Palestinian and other Arab Scientists working in Genetic Research Labs will, in time, develop the type of DNA cocktail which once unleashed in Kazakh territory will be payback for the mass genocide of these cruel invaders. Truth and reality will prevail. Many know a Roach Cocktail will defeat Arms."

      There was a mainstream TV show that ran only one season and it's premise was that there was a pill you can take that will increase your intelligence and cognitive function 20 fold.

      Anyway, in one episode they were trying to figure out how certain people were being killed. The answer was that a concoction had been created that specifically attacked those who have descended from Genghis Khan...perhaps the Khazars?

      Here is a fascinating article on the origins of the Khazars and facts I had not read before...enjoy!

    2. There was also a best seller by Frank Herbert The White Plague that explores the targeted DNA virus concept.

    3. There was also a best seller by Frank Herbert The White Plague that explores the targeted DNA virus concept.

  8. America has wasted $14 TRILLION over the last 30 years on Wars and the Military /Agencies. For what? Destroyed industries, collapsed infrastructures,depleted Education, and a nation destroyed by Debt. For what?

    That is only the On Balance Sheet waste. Off Balance Sheet is far greater.

    Turn off the Military Tap, Cut off the Agencies Crap,mass cut the Beltway and get America back to work. No more wars for Cabal whores. If the Politicos and Bankers want wars, Let's have them out to the Front Lines. Leading! That will soon end wars.

    Under Trump,America needs to get out of the War Games and close the Fed. America needs no Zio Shop charging it $300B a year to print it's worthless money.

    The next 4 years needs to be a fresh start. Get after the Cabal and rip out its heart.

    Follow the real wishes of the Founders. What has developed from Bush onwards has been a betrayal of everything,and the nation suffered. The One Termer really poisoned America. America was not founded to become a Roach Slave Farm.

    Published on Jan 19, 2017

    Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, Donald Trump hasn’t even stepped into office yet and already he is wiping the floor with Obama’s do-nothing butt! Today he managed to secure a massive deal with Boeing the likes of which Obama cannot even fathom!

  10. Post inauguration Trump will remove Democrat grants for Inner City Schools and reposition them to alternative Educators. That,new Infrastructure stimulus, and repeal of hundreds of Obama Executive Orders will smash the Democrats to pieces. If they lose just 25% of the Black Vote, it's game over. Be assured the Trump team will go for more.

    The Republicans are already a lost power. The old 2 party rigged system is now ending. This is the time of the Independents, and a whole new book is being written. Obama care is a lost cause. Obamas entire legacy will be trashed. Then time to look again at his birth certificate and finish it. Expose him and close him. The Demo Rats with him. They colluded and trashed JFK's party. Trump must show no mercy. No Clinton pardon nor Bush. Time to clean house. Drain the swamp. Time to do it.

  11. p: Basically an ad for selling advice, it gives a pretty good synopsis for what has been.

    Trump and a New Gold-Backed Dollar

    On August 15, 1971, President Nixon killed the last remnants of the gold standard.
    Since then, the dollar has been a pure fiat currency, allowing the Fed to print as many dollars as it pleases.

    Removing the US dollar’s last link to gold eliminated the main motivation for foreign countries to store large dollar reserves and to use the dollar for international trade.

  12. Get Ready: Trump Set to Sign Up to 200 Executive Orders on Monday
    Jan 19 2017

    Judge Andrew Napolitano told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum on Wednesday that first thing Monday, newly sworn in President Donald Trump may sign upwards of 200 executive orders.

  13. Mr. President: Please, PLEASE Shut Down The Chemtrails On January 20th!
    And Terminate Chemical Geoengineering!

    Such a GREAT way to begin a new POTUS term.
    Perhaps a critical mass of chemtrail-busters can forward
    this Open Letter to the TTT and his family.

    Many thanks!

  14. Almost Every Word Of John McCain’s Response To Chelsea Manning’s Sentence Commutation Is Flat Out Wrong says Mike Masnick.

  15. Kissinger’s Files and Invisible Ink Recipes: C.I.A. Trove Has It All
    Posted on January 19, 2017 by State of the Nation


  16. This touches on so many truths in this very clever prose. BRAVO!

    ‘TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE THE INAUGURATION:‘Twas the night before Inauguration, and up in the tower
    The Donald reflected on his newfound power.
    The Deplorable masses had come out in force
    Delivered a victory that would chart a new course

    The snowflakes were shell-shocked with tears in their eyes
    The media had lied to them . . . ‘What a great surprise
    They had been promised a blowout a criminal Hillary win
    But instead ole criminal Hillary took one right on the chin

    From all corners celebrities took their far left cue
    Telling the deplorables’ we’re far smarter than you
    In their high-horse bubble, with no working-class clue
    They tell us all we must follow their out of touch view

    The fake news and ignorance came at a cost
    They can’t understand all the reasons they lost
    Blaming it on Comey and Russian excuses are sad
    Failing to acknowledge she was the one who was bad

    Yes, Hillary Clinton, in so many ways was flawed
    She couldn’t help exposing she was a lying fraud
    The campaign revealed her corruptness and greed
    Her speeches insulted deplorables’ votes she’d need

    Out in the city streets there arose such a clatter
    It was Soros-paid protestors…Black Lives Matter
    With businesses to pillage and windows to shatter
    Looting was their game knowing issues did not matter

    Eight years of Obama had given them plenty of cause
    To yearn for a replacement with another Santa Claus
    Soon the bottom-feeder criminals will all feel the pain
    When the wheels fall right off of their gravy train

    And now all the snowflakes are riddled with fear
    Upset the PC police will soon be out on their ear
    The cocoa and crayons will help them for a while
    But soon reality will creep in and cramp their style

    I would’ve supported any Republican that rose
    In the end I would vote for whoever we choose
    He wasn’t my first choice, but soon I would concede
    The one they call Trump is the one that we need

    I saw him on TV in front of a very large crowd
    He spoke about veterans, it made me feel proud
    He spoke about energy safety prosperity and jobs
    Taking this country back from the Washington snobs

    He was dressed in Armani, all tailored and neat
    The Bruno’s he wore made his outfit complete
    For a man of his vintage, he seemed rather fit
    And he looked presidential, I will have to admit

    His eyes glowed like embers, his smile the best
    His hair was the color of my old hunting vest
    His love for this country was on full display
    His actions spoke louder than his words could say

    He thanked all his voters, and before he was off
    Saved thousands of jobs while Obama played golf
    Fate of this country he leaves nothing to chance
    Filled out his superior cabinet weeks in advance

    The men he had chosen were of the same mind
    Let’s set the bar high, and not lead from behind
    He picked up his phone as he rose from his seat
    With a flick of his finger, he sent out this tweet

    “Now Mattis ‘Now Kelly ‘Now Sessions’ And Pruitt’
    On Perry’ On Flynn’ You’re the ones who can do it
    Start lifting those restrictions and building that wall
    Dash away ‘Mattis ‘Kelly’ and ‘Flynn ‘Dash away all!

    The roar of his audience rose from the stands
    He kissed all their babies and shook all their hands
    He answered their questions and calmed all their fears
    They knew it was going to be a productive four years

    He then jumped into his limo, and off to his jet
    A fellow that snowflake liberals won’t soon forget

    He sent one more tweet as the evening expired
    “Happy Inauguration to all, “OBAMA > YOU’RE FIRED!”



  17. Fox News superstar to be on Trump’s Supreme Court?




  21. p: The large magnetic field they have found in Antarctica likely has something to do with the time anomaly that was discovered.

    Antarctic Time Warp Discovery
    Published on Jan 19, 2017

    Time has been a somewhat intractable problem in science. There is no agreement even on the nature of time itself, although experiments have been made to "travel" to different time periods. The discovery of a time anomaly in the Antarctic - reported in Pravda yesterday - dates back eight years.

    Nevertheless, I find it highly interesting that such a discovery was made and that we have heard little or nothing about it in the Western press. The Pravda article - archived copy below - details not only the Antarctic discovery but also prededents of time related research done in Russia.

  22. Righteo..Trump's budget sketch due within 45 days. This should indicate which way the wind is blowing in terms of settlements, massive infrastructure spending, currency matters. Yes?

    While details are scarce now, a 200 page "skinny budget" document is expected to be released within the first 45 days of Trump's administration with a "full budget" to be released toward the end of his first 100 days in office.

    1. AJ

      Both Settlements and Currencies are by the day issues. Much further forward than that. We just, for all key parties sake, keep a lid on it until done. Even then, for key parties security, names will be kept strictly off radar.
      Be assured, it may be closer than you think. Unlike Obama, Trump will not be blocking it to Cabal orders.

      It will be interesting if a Congressional Inquiry into Political Corruption,asks Obama to explain how he's gone from a low paid Union Organizer, into a vastly wealthy property owner plus on Government income? Also why he covered up the Biden bribe. His links with the Bushes, and Chicago funding from known Felons. Freedom of speech starts by exposing this lot.
      And where's his F Birth Certificate? The real one Tony Blair got for Bush 41 to Blackmail the Mutt with!

      Under Trump, as his team are dedicated to recovering America, all is possible.
      The next Mantra will be the Congressional and Supremes whining of not to allow public inquiries for fear of losing public trust. Like the Clintons and Bushes that is long gone. Let Truth and Justice break free. Like exposing the Vatican where no child is safe on a Papal Priests knee.

      Today is America's time and chance to re arise like a Phoenix and become the nation the Founders intended.First it had to break free of Feudal Monarchs. Now it has to be breaking the shackles of Political and Zionist corruption.
      Then, anything is possible.

      The first Eurasian Cargo Trains have now arrived in London from China. A huge step in trade and movement of goods. As it opens up all frontiers, trade will flow and ever more new cities will be built along the way. Trade, income, jobs, security. Now it's time to get rid of the 990 plus US bases threatening nations and to reign in NATO posers and Dogs of War. NATO was visibly impotent and gutless over Kossova. The last thing we need is them triggering needless conflict with Russia. Europe cannot withstand Russian fury and missiles.

      It's time to stop the US Military talking Russia down. If they want evidence of ruthless Hegemony and invasive risks, look no further than home.

      Good luck Trump and all free Americans. We all hope this is a new, but Good page in American history. Either way it's a chance of a clean sheet. Hopefully true good will emerge. Mad Dog needs to calm the rhetoric on Russia. The Bogeys under the bed are home forces starting more needless Wars of Attrition. Time to drain the Military and Agency swamp also. Look where it's got the world and so many wars. Goon squads with nothing to do but start trouble, and an Agency to create wars to keep the whole dirty business in the Arms game.

      American Military spending is greater than all other nations put together. All funded on Debt. Start there.

    2. I can feel in my waters John, that after all that has transpired over the past 18 months (as our friends the WHs have indicated at WHA), that Trumps first budget will NOT be based on that toilet paper issued by the Jeckyll Island club. It would simply not be logical. Trump's infrastructure plans would require more debt than Obama if fiat. His and your plans also align with what the new financial system is for - global redevelopment.

      The feeling I have is of about to pull into the station.

  23. John

    So hypothetically let's say trump signs off on the WGSs and or GCR

    Are we to believe there will be no other level(s) of blocking further down the chain? Such as perhaps bankers who refuse to cooperate?

    While things may be all cued up for payouts, are we to believe there are no further monkey wrenches which can sabotage and delay things yet again?

  24. Local news affiliate is using the Bush's hospitalizations this morning to hawk the necessity of pneumonia and flu vaccinations. As they say, never let an event go to waste when brain wsshing the plebs.

    I'm hoping the cells in HELL are set up and waiting for both of the Bushes. They have left their evil spawn among us but given the low IQ's of their children, these two leaving the planet is like cutting both heads off of the DNA enhanced snake.

  25. Unknown

    I was working on these very questions with our US clients at 3 o clock this morning.
    We are in daily touch with Treasury, Fed, and Bank links. The Bush and Obama links severed is a good help. That Chicago Skip Rat was a constant hindrance every time the Bankers or Bushes jerked his scrawny chain. At least Carter's happy he's now not the most useless lump ever to occupy the Oval office.

    It's what we do about the monkey wrenches with Trump in office which matters now.
    Bush in ITU is music to our ears. The Kenyan Shemale won't be a problem any more.
    Trump has payback waiting for Soros so it's now down to sorting Greenspan and his Zio Rats.

    Correct, the Bankers have lived of these funds and skimmed off Gzillions. But the Fed now has a compound debt of enormous proportions, because these animals were out of control. Now we and the new team need goodwill together to put it right.

    Many good and Patriotic parties on both sides of the pond are on this 24 x 7. Just watch each day. I really can not pre release this. Watch the site. With luck, it may start sooner than you think. Working at 3 o clock in the morning is not without good reason.

    Remember a lot of the Military and Politicos are in on the currencies also. Greed? It motivates and pressures. Have faith and hope. A lot of good people are on board trying. It's not only wannabe wailing skip rats. Lol.
    But watch because when it breaks, it WILL be that quick. Much as I pre warn all parties to keep it off radar, I know some damn wannabe is going to blab and blow the safety screens when it breaks. Egos?????

    1. John,

      Does Trump know about this huge financial transaction?

      I have to believe that being surrounded by military leaders and his constant talk about needing a weaker dollar, infrastructure projects that will need huge capital, etc that he does.

      Just curious if your crew is in direct touch with him and prepped him to sign off.

    2. He's not yet on board but it may not be needed. Obama and Bush stopped it before. Trump won't.

      I was personally VERY appreciative of the pride, hopes and warmth of the American people at the ceremony. We saw the best of Americans, the fine people side.

      We saw the worst of the rioters in the suburbs of Washington. The lot need to be dragged by the hair to Gitmo, heads shaved bare, hosed down and broken with 10 years hard labour. Smash that trash.

      Your new First Lady was lovely, great demeanour and a pride for America. Well done! Against her stood the Clintons and O's shemale.

      Your new First lady could become the new Jackie instead of the foul snarling Mutt we have seen for 8 years. Have great pride in her!

      The speech told O almost everything he and the Demo rats have done for 8 wasted years will be erased out. I have faith and hope for all of you.

      I can't yet say where we are, but my close Clients are very Patriotic Americans and well behind Trump and his teams ideals.

      30 sad and sordid years from Bush 41 onwards. Now you have a real chance.

      And the Special Relationship with the UK is very much back on. Pond Brothers!

      Again just trust each hour we are VERY focused. Both the PP loans and the Currencies. The majors come through us. We are well meaning and ethical Professionals with a Global recovery mission. But so are our Clients. Good people. I have real hopes for Trumps team. Also now for America. Lets all give him support and focus. Demo Rats and Zio trash need to go. Changes will reduce their roles. We need to move funds out of Bank Zio Rats reach.

  26. p: I truly hope we are past potential harm for our new president and leadership. We do need clean up of the swamp.

    Why Are Dark Triangle UFOs Are Appearing All Over the World Right Now?
    Published on Jan 20, 2017
    Unidentified flying objects come in all shapes and sizes, from cartoonish flying saucers to slick, cigar-shaped crafts. Triangle ships are another common breed of UFO, with the more famous sightings occurring in the 1980s and 90s (Rendlesham UFO Incident, Phoenix Lights, Belgium UFO Wave).

    It turns out, however, that the biggest triangle UFO cases of all might be happening right now. During the summer of 2016, photos, videos, and testimonies featuring large, dark triangle aircraft flying low and quiet, and even hovering over neighborhoods, began to surface. The trend did not stop and has persisted to this day!

    Read here:

    Inauguration: “Who Would be In Charge If an Attack Hit the Incoming President, Vice President and Congressional Leaders”, Commentary on CNN Report
    Jan 19, 2017

    CNN has put together a report entitled Who is Survivor at Inauguration.

    The CNN report focusses on who would be in charge if the incoming president, vice president and Congressional leaders were the object of a terrorist attack.

    1. Many of these craft are US and Russian Space Program weaponised experimental craft. Not ET's - Earths! Just not declared.

    2. OK, confusion relative to previous assertions. I can agree up to a point, certainly for the modern era. However, triangles have been sighted going back to the 1952. If we believe the report that the first shot at reverse engineering UFOs began under the Nazis, at least some of these are not, well, human. Now, granted it seems there is at least a second intelligent species hidden on the planet, so, we are still not reaching ET....

    3. Dimensional. It is more than you may think. No craft can cover space by conventional means means. Energy,time, radiation etc are all restrictions.
      The Greys when examined have been found to be devoid of conventional heart lung organs and in fact semi organic bionic androids. Robotic life forms Controlled by whom? Disposables acting to order.

    4. A deal has been reached with the SSPs for disclosure, and so the lower level (triangles, starbases in orbit, mars colonies) are now being revealed.

      One faction wants 100 years of gradual rollout to maintain control. They will assert that no ETs are here and all craft are ours. Bullshit! There is another group pushing for complete disclosure including of the galactic networks even higher SSPs are part of. That's the narrative.

      My info concurs with John's. Anything solid is earth ssp. Higher dimensional galactic craft are lightships, orbs etc appearing as light. Corey Goode and David Wilcock offer this narrative.

    5. Well as an non-postgrad physicist I can see some ways to do impressive stuff if Mach's Principle is true (inertia originating as a sum total of the Universe acting on matter) and we can shield from it. You wouldn't even need warp drive for sublight shenanigans. And if you can modestly warp space-time, even the issue of slamming into protons at multiples of the speed of light goes away because the proton slides around the ship.

      The rest of the stuff, well, once you are into dimensional issues and moving as [insert your definition of ethereal], that is humbling beyond measure beyond me.

  27. Now that was an Historic Speech

  28. Great speech!

    For your entertainment value...take a look at Hillary and Bill about an hour ago:

  29. Trump tweets in the last 5 minutes...already talking to the people!

  30. Fact Check #139
    by whitehatsauxiliaries

    January 20, 2017 – White Hats Report #59

  31. It is alleged that Trump has Obama screaming in rage yesterday when he informed the Mutt that he would be denied access to any post governmental role for a 5 years period. When Obama threatened to go hyperactive in response it is alleged Trump told him the first move would see him taken straight to jail for unlawful interference in the Washington system, and the same for Jarret. Game on.

    Trump should give him a week to attend the State Dept with his Birth Certificate, Passport application history and Social Security no application to show no evidence of Fraud.Also his Electoral applications in his hand to show he has even been a Legal State Employee for 8 years. Unlock his Educational records. What passport did he use to go to Pakistan when American were prohibited? ? Why was he a Foreign Student? Hello? Come down on the Tyke hard and now. Payback time.

    Trump will be visiting the CIA Saturday with his Nominee, where it is expected he will ream them a new Ass!

    Now, if as alleged, THAT is progress.

  32. The world is chanting "Move those funds!Move those funds! Move those funds!"

  33. There's a great feeling of exuberance in our little enclave of 60+ homes. Flags are flying, neighbor sent out email invite to neighborhood this morning for wine, cheese and hi-5s this evening. I've never seen anything like it.

  34. Just watched the speech. For the first time ever, I think I'd like to visit the US. what is happening?!? There is lightness there all of a sudden.

    1. Wonderful isn't it?? Just one of many miracles to come for us all!! Praise God!

    2. We would welcome you!!!!!!!!!

    3. AJ,
      Come on over! It's a great place to visit...and may even become a great place to live again.

    4. Wow you guys I already feel welcome! Thankyou :)

  35. I am in awe and filled with hope and relief today. Glad to be a part of such an important time in our history. Keeping up the positive thoughts will help make America Great Again!!!

  36. “What we do now echoes in eternity.”
    ― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

    Let's make the Founders proud.

  37. Oh what a day! Overjoyed with hope starting today. Commander in Chief Trump can also pop a great salute to the service men and women evidenced numerous times today.

    And John, Winston is back in the Oval Office!

    Trump puts Churchill bust back in the Oval Office

    Cal L. Girl

    1. And Trump didn't require a Marine to hold an umbrella over him when there was a little shower during his speech...

    2. Cal L Girl

      JFK and Clinton both liked a good Bust in the Oval office. Lol

  38. Great day for all Americans,and the end of that Bummas wasted 8 years.

    Now you all have real hope. For the first time since Jackkie O, you have a First Lady with gracious style in the White house. It matters! The last lump always looked like it had dressed blind in a Thrift Shop. That ridiculed America. It matters. Now you have great pride.

    Yes, we saw Trump declined the Umbrella in the shower, unlike the last Chicken Legs.

    Trump stood up, talked up and Put Up for America!

    He gave notice that he will stop using Americans as body bags to fund Foreign Despots in power.
    Trump gave notice there will be a cost to US companies exporting American jobs, and as for Tax Havens, it's coming! The Bushes,Romney and Clinton s have reason now to worry.

    Trump gave you all an undertaking that he and the team will focus on job creation and American Trade.

    He can save you $300 B a year by getting the Fed under US Ownership! End the Bankers rackets! Thats a lot of jobs. Bad news for Goldmans and the Zio Rats!

    Trump gave you an undertaking he will replace failing infrastructure,and slam on Tariffs for nations dumping Exports into America. That will rattle China's game.

    Trump will wipe out the Bummas 8 wasted years.

    Trump will reverse almost all the Bummas Executive orders.

    The Trump Team care and his could now be the most revolutionary Government since JFK!

    Trump just re established the Real Special Relationship America had with Britain based on respect and Culture. It's been America's closest Allie and abused by incompetents in office. Both nations lost so much divided by indifference. Now all is back on. A smart move. The most powerful Financial and Cultural City on earth is now back in the game together with America to operate in joint strength for a common good. It can and WILL do so much good. Each will gain.

    Britain now stands alone, like America, the Brits going it alone post Brexit and America going it alone post Trexit. Both great Empires in their time. Both with vast reach. United again what is possible now? What is NOT! We stand, united together.

    Now this is a new dawn, a new era of real hope for America and the new world,the Founders will be encouraged by what you just did. So let's all help Trump Found a better America and get out of Global hegemony. He WILL put you first. It starts there.

    We see Real Hope for you all now. We see vision and a True Patriotic commitment. Be proud, hope and be part of what is coming. Great Patriotism to all who took part. WELL DONE ALL OF YOU! America Shone! America just got back hope again. The Chain of useless Dopes just ended. Saturday Trump will be at the CIA with the new Designated CIA head, leaving now doubts as to his goals, agenda and Standards he will standards he will set for them now. He will STOP their Drug Running and crimes. He WILL reign in these Mongrels. Trump will get these bastards under control. Who runs America? Americans! No more 7th Floor Shadows, and no more Beltway Fraud. Payback just started. Monday just watch how many Obumma orders get reversed out.

    That ridiculous Puppet threatened to rebel. Good, with a 5 years Exclusion Order prohibiting Ex State Employees lobbying, a Jail Cell awaits that crooked Usurper if he tries it. Trump will do it in a heartbeat with total Team and the nations support. So good to see the Helicopter taking that failed Lout into ignominy where be belongs as a waste disposal run.

    Trump WILL renew Space exploration and Sciences. Trump DOES bring you REAL HOPE. Just watch the next 100 days. They will go for it. A new Frontier for all of you. No more needless foreign conflicts and they now WILL decimate this ISIS SCUM. US Borders will be boosted. Illegals booted. Law will be restored.Drugs and Crime will get you time. Hard Time!

    This is the new post JFK era of hope. Be enthralled, the Cabal just got called!

  39. For such a good, vibrant and promising day for Americans, so well received the world over by thinking people, the small division exhibited was sad.

    There's a difference between humble and struggling but Proud,and Welfare scavenging, un appreciative Bottom Feeding Bums and loud! The usual mobs appeared but were cleared. Hopefully many will feel the batons and rough justice. This WAS the peoples choice, and if you don't like it, leave you Bums.

    Who cares what a bunch of bad Plastic Surgery trophy Zomby airheads waffle on about in LA or New York? Plastic Dogs well past their Sell By dates. Springstein needs to get off the Grog and Dope again. Give his brain cells a chance. He's as good as his last big hit???????????????? Smoking too much S?

    A Big YES to America,now with Hope lets see Glory.


    Trump's first day in office


    Trump put his signature on three presidential documents, including a proclamation calling for a new National Day of Patriotism and formal nominations for his Cabinet and administration picks, just after he was officially inaugurated, his spokesman Sean Spicer said. He also signed into law a measure that allows retired Marine Gen. James Mattis to come closer to becoming the new Defense Secretary and suspended a housing order that would have benefitted people buying new homes, NBC Washington reports.

  41. Merkel having fits over Trump speech. Excellent. We MUST be on the right track.

    1. Merkel can't understand why President Trump wants to put his country first. The voice of treason versus the voice of reason. If she is so ashamed of being German, she shouldn't be Chancellor.

  42. John,

    When this new financial system is implemented will it mean that there is no reserve currency and everyone will conduct trade in their own currencies (Asset backed, I assume)

    Or will the SDR become the reserve?

    Several years ago I know you mentioned refunding the SDR and using this as a sharing mechanism to restructure sovereign debts and act as a medium of exchange. I also remember you saying it was not really what anyone wanted.

    The IMF is just so corrupt, I would hate to see them maintain a stranglehold over the new system.

    1. There will be fractional splits between the RMB, USD, a leaking Euro and eventually an attempt at asset backed currencies. Chaos for a decade. Too many differing ideologies in play

    2. John,

      Will the system still be owned and controlled by a few bloodline banking families? They who issue currencies declared to be legal tender and backed by violence or the threat of violence by government can rig the price of everything: a man's labour; a woman's chastity; a politician's integrity; a soldier's conscience; a child's life.

      Will we be forced to use unbacked digital currencies if cash, precious metals and barter are outlawed? How is that not the ultimate form of enslavement?

      Putting central banks and governmental services corporations into public ownership won't solve the problem since the banking elite have made use of their fake ponzi money scheme to buy up all assets of any real value and consider themselves above the law; apparently devoid of morals or any measure of human decency. Justice is now only blind to the transgressions of the rich and powerful.

      The Occult Technology of Power

    3. Valdi

      Your surmisal is correct. NWO and the Elites are very far forward. Lets see if Trump is able to achieve anything. Be assured,Stateside alone he faces enormous resistance blocks. The Bushes,Clintons and Agencies are ruthless. So are the Rotts and Zios. These are huge issues.

    4. JV it reminds me of how one of the gold bugs described it a year ago if currencies go metal-backed. The gist was:
      1. A currency is valued based on a country's assets and real production.
      2. Trade needs to balance to keep the currency stable - finite money now!
      3. If a nation imports too much, thereby sending its gold to other nations, it will have no choice but to devalue its currency to reduce imports and increase exports.
      4. If a nation is a net exporter its currency would increase in value.
      This would force governments to become true managers, efficient and encourage local industry.
      Note that this is EXACTLY what Trump wants. As a business man returning to a gold standard makes sense for him.

  43. A Russian activist group sent Obama a "farewell message".

    Just 2 minutes...they are holding a sign that says "Obama burn in Hell" in front of the US Embassy

  44. Peter Finch in Network. I'm guessing there is now almost two generations who might not have had the privilege of watching this piece. Yes, they knew way back then AND THEY TOLD US!

    Given we have a new President who is FOR THE PEOPLE and NOT the MACHINE, this will be a good few minutes to remember and never forget.

  45. Things are warming up in Europe!

    Europe’s Nationalist Leaders kick off year of Election Hopes

    KOBLENZ, Germany — Declaring that 2017 will be the “year of the awakening of the people of continental Europe,” French nationalist presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen joined fellow nationalists Saturday at a conference in Germany to a show of populist confidence as Europe faces a series of high-stakes national elections.

    A unique currency is an instrument capable of destroying the EU economy, and countries should be able to leave the euro if they want, leader of the French National Front (FN) Marine Le Pen said at a gathering of Europe’s right-wing parties in Germany.

  46. This one is even better and MORE truthful. I didn't remember this scene from Network but it gave me chill bumps...1976 was over 40 years ago and most people STILL believe the BS we are "programmed" to believe.

  47. Hillary BUSTS Bill Clinton STARING At Melania TRUMP! (And Ivanka?) 2017 Inauguration

    1. It is refreshing to have a beautiful, elegant, cultured and intelligent First Lady for a change instead of an aggressive, Wookie First Lady Boy.

    2. You were too kind Valdi. Lol

  48. Jim Stone writes:

    "There is a report here about an assassination attempt on Trump that was reported by the BBC, just like the BBC did with building 7. It was obviously supposed to happen but someone stopped it.

    MY GUESS: There was a credible threat about Trump getting assassinated with an umbrella gun. It was raining, probably due to weather modification to get the umbrella gun in. But they were confiscating umbrellas to thwart the umbrella shooter threat.

    There is a report on this page about the BBC reporting Trump had been shot. So my guess is it was planned and stopped via rigorous umbrella confiscation and very zealous security that was attempting to stop a known about assassin that stifled Trump's attendance crowd but kept him safe. They were successful."

    Valdi: BBC - Baal Broadcasting Corporation? Perhaps MI6 ought to be renamed MI666 - Moloch Intelligence 666? We live in interesting times.

    1. You could see Trumps bullet proof vest under his shirt. That Teflon hair sprayed onto his clearly bald head would stop a tank.
      Correct, he has a very real threat facing him. The Cabal, the Zio Rats,the Rotts and the Vatican. Behind every Bush?

  49. The mainstream media has entered a period of self-destruction

  50. You had better because the Republic now hangs from but a thread, ready to break at any moment. If the new president is to succeed, he must bring about an end to the MSM monopoly on information. However, he must first dissolve the Central Intelligence Agency, since it is the C.I.A. which exerts total control over the Mainstream Media.
    The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Must Be Shut Down

    1. He copped out on that on Saturday rear end kissing the lot.





  55. John,
    Just heard a Theresa May clip indicating she plans to come here and instruct Trump on what she finds unacceptable. Don't think her tone is going to be accepted well by Americans. Trump has stated on many occasions even before election that he supported the BREXIT movement and beneficial trade arrangements for U.S. and U.K.

    1. Texian

      Such rumours are BS sources. Theresa is ever the accomplished Diplomat. She won't take such a tone. His ego will be massaged but no more. We need each other. Brits survive by Global diplomacy.

    2. John,
      This was a clip of Theresa May speaking herself, not just a report. Just aired on FOX. Whatever she was trying to convey, that's the way it came across to me. The clip is not on their website as yet or I would post it for you.

    3. What she will be doing is tactfully explaining that as in independent old nation of good values,the UK seeks only a mutually respectful standard from each country and for the US to accept Britain's views on Defence and Civil issues as being our nations choices. not US policy issues. In other words equal standing. Not an issue we encountered with O or Clinton. O was beyond vociferous, and was ignored.

  56. 3. Silence was meaningful with the Lakota, and his granting a space of silence before talking was done in the practice of true politeness and regardful of the rule that ‘thought comes before speech.’…and in the midst of sorrow, sickness, death or misfortune of any kind, and in the presence of the notable and great, silence was the mark of respect… strict observance of this tenet of good behavior was the reason, no doubt, for his being given the false characterization by the white man of being a stoic. He has been judged to be dumb, stupid, indifferent, and unfeeling.

  57. Holy Crap!! UFOs fly by Trump’s Jet on 1-19-17 NY to DC flight… from KP

    What does this mean? My ideas:

    These are indeed off planet alien vehicles.
    These are Secret Space Program vehicles, sent to protect the Trump.
    These are aliens sent to do a “Trump Hair Probe”.
    These are cabal craft sent to give a message to Trump, “Don’t you dare mess with our city-state (DC)!!!”
    These are secret “Trump hair stylist” craft.
    They are Obama drones that missed the plane.

    1. I should have made it clearer those are all KP's ideas, i could never be that funny. :)

    2. AJ, give your self credit for a good sense of humor. An android(Data(?) behind our new president during the concerts, another clip showing a hybrid specifically bred for security and the Iranians firing on "foo fighters" (plasma entities of a highly technological civilization). Could things get a bit stranger? Sense of humor is needed as "what is" comes right out of what we always thought was science fiction. If you would like links can provide them a bit later.

    3. Yes would love the links p! Data is here? Cool. And if that hybrid looks like the one at the obama speech that would also be cool in a creepy kind of way.

    4. AJ will get the links, have a little while before back to it. No one called them what I did, for me it's recognition of things I have seen before, another time and place.

    5. AJ, Here is a link that covers the androids and the Iran firing on plasma entities.There's more info after that on triangle craft and a finding in the Arctic. Need to find the hybrid picture again.

      Iranian Military OPENS FIRE On UFO! 1/21/17
      Published on Jan 20, 2017

      North Pole Coords: 74°35'39.74"S 164°54'44.56"E
      Secureteam10 is your source for reporting the best in new UFO sighting news, info on the government coverup, and the strange activity happening on and off of our planet. Email us YOUR footage and help us continue the good fight for disclosure!

  58. Trump & Melania dance at Armed Services Ball to "I will always love you" by Josh Weathers (what pipes)

  59. ★ Ray Charles ★ America the Beautiful ★ 2001 World Series ★

  60. Rachelle Ferrell at The Trumpet Awards - America The Beautiful

  61. LOUIS ARMSTRONG what wonderful world

  62. Replies
    1. We also had a nuclear sub running aground on a sandbank. Trillions wasted, can you hold the war we just ran aground, is there a Tug to get our sorry Sub free? Don't fire please we are on our knees.

      Why do we waste so much on our Militaries?

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. A friend of mine in the mortgage business sent me the following today:

    REMITTANCE - The Fed had profits of $92.0 billion in 2016 (to be returned to the Treasury Department), largely from interest income on the $3.7 trillion of Treasury notes and bonds purchased during the 6 years of “quantitative easing” (QE) that ended on 10/31/14. Over the last 8 calendar years (2009-2016), the Fed has returned $657 billion to the Treasury Department, equal to $82 billion a year. Over the 18 years prior to QE (i.e., 1991-2008), the Fed returned an average of just $19 billion a year to the Treasury (source: Federal Reserve).

    My Comment:
    Unfortunately, I can't find a calculator that will tell me how much 5 Trillion X 6% is. 6% is the MINIMUM the Fed can charge our Treasury for the fake digital dollars they create out of thin air. We all know the "National Debt" which is money owed to the Fed is much more than $5 Trillion but, for example purposes, I chose that number.

    My point is that they are wanting us to focus on the measly amount they "claim" to send to our Treasury while they keep the lions share with no mention of this fact. These lies by ommission really piss me off!

    Of course the Fed and Goldman Sachs control our Treasury anyone so it's still all one big pot of money they can play with while we plebs toil away for their enjoyment.

    1. Yes MWP and behind them sits Rottenchilds.The next article coming out raises real issues. Why do we need, or ALLOW, any of them?

    2. MWP When doing math with trillions and billions I use either scientific notation for the my math geek colleagues. A simpler way is to say 5 trillion = 5,000 billion; therefore $5,000 x 0.06 = $300 Billion - ouch! Yes the Fed is an illegal criminal insult to our Constitutional REpublic that needs the courage to say FO Fed and eliminate the Khazarian scam rape of our people.

    3. And of course, this passes for truth thus obfuscating with partial truth all the issues mentioned above. They are simply a nest of vipers that need to be removed. (Hopefully, the shade of Andrew Jackson won't mind the paraphrase.)

    4. The new article coming out shows you how beyond bad it really is.

  65. January 21 Impact of job-stealing robots a growing concern at Davos
    January 20 Trump’s populism won’t work, says former Treasury chief Lawrence Summers
    January 19 Half of all paid jobs in the modern workforce are automatable, analyst says
    January 18 Larry Fink calls Trump’s cash-repatriation plan unlikely to spur growth

  66. Well, from the un-official channels, it seems Trump wasted no time getting the FBI out to raid the CDC in the early morning hours on some major issue of medical malfeasance. Vaccines? Drug issues? Falsification of public reporting data? Who knows? Can only hope that some chickens come home to roost...

    1. Never mind, a cross-check shows the usual nutjobs over at Sorcha Faal, apologies.

    2. These things pop up like fart bubbles in a spa. Helps to hold your breath sometimes.

  67. Take that globalist corporations who think they own everything!!

    Trump Abandons the TPP AND it's in the New York Times


    WASHINGTON — President Trump formally abandoned the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Monday, pulling away from Asia and scrapping his predecessor’s most significant trade deal on his first full weekday in office, administration officials said.

    Mr. Trump sharply criticized the partnership agreement during last year’s campaign, calling it a bad deal for American workers. Although the deal had not been approved by Congress, the decision to withdraw the American signature at the start of Mr. Trump’s administration is a signal that he plans to follow through on promises to take a more aggressive stance against foreign competitors.

    In other action on a busy opening day, Mr. Trump ordered a hiring freeze in the federal work force, exempting the military. And he reinstituted limits on nongovernmental organizations that operate overseas and receive American taxpayer money from performing abortions. Republican presidents typically impose those restrictions soon after taking office, and Democratic presidents typically lift them when they take over.

  68. In the same NYT article, Trump goes after Bill Clinton's crown jewel of disgust as well!

    Aides signaled that Mr. Trump may also move quickly on renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement. He is scheduling meetings with the leaders of Canada and Mexico, the two main partners in that pact, first negotiated by the elder President George Bush and pushed through Congress by President Bill Clinton. Nafta has been a major driver of American trade for nearly two decades, but it has long been divisive, with critics blaming it for lost jobs and lower wages.

    My comment: Another admission that the Bush's and Clintons are tied at the hip and NOT on opposing teams as they Republican/Democrat lie would have you believe...

    "first negotiated by the elder President George Bush and pushed through Congress by President Bill Clinton."

  69. The Rockefeller scheme to attack ExxonMobile

  70. Watch at 1:37 to 2:50
    Trump Inauguration Speech (FULL) | ABC News
    How many got it? Listen and Watch

    1. Amara,

      Were the military officers covering President Trump's back; metaphorically or literally? That didn't happen during President Obama's inauguration speeches.

    “FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA PRODUCED by the Department of Defense
    Yellow Journalism: Globalist Weapon of Mass Deception
    The Deep Back Story to the Worldwide Pedophilia Ring

  72. Congressman Introduces Bill To Withdraw The U.S. From The United Nations

    "The bill repeals the United Nations Participation Act of 1945 and other specified related laws.

    The bill requires: (1) the President to terminate U.S. membership in the United Nations (U.N.), including any organ, specialized agency, commission, or other formally affiliated body; and (2) closure of the U.S. Mission to the United Nations.

    The bill prohibits: (1) the authorization of funds for the U.S. assessed or voluntary contribution to the U.N., (2) the authorization of funds for any U.S. contribution to any U.N. military or peacekeeping operation, (3) the expenditure of funds to support the participation of U.S. Armed Forces as part of any U.N. military or peacekeeping operation, (4) U.S. Armed Forces from serving under U.N. command, and (5) diplomatic immunity for U.N. officers or employees."

    Valdi: American Sovereignty Act of 2017, Stop Arming Terrorists Act 2016, Audit the Federal Reserve Bill of 2017. Not a bad start.

    1. Valdi,
      It feels good to see action....liberals' heads are absolutely spinning! I took a little tour of liberal media today and they are apoplectic.

  73. DuneCreature's comment on ZH:

    "Here is a little sample of what the UN has become. I think we would do ourselves a big favor pulling the plug on The Pirate Ship - The Mighty United Nations

    ~~~ On The Ground In Libya ~~~

    Benghazi Whistleblowers – The story behind the cover-up

    Team the video above with George Webb's investigation of The Clinton Satan Foundation of which the UN is an integral part and you have yourself a HUGE den of murdering vipers to deal with.

    Day 92 - Braverman, Haiti, and Me Part 2, Who Killed Monica Petersen?

    The UN has plans to do that same operation on US soil. .. We just barely dodged the bullet keeping Killary out of office. ... Now it's time to scuttle the UN ship of control freaks.

    Peace Keepers, my ass.

    The whole video list for George (It will take days to watch them all)

    Live Hard, The US Needs Out Of The UN Immediately, Die Free

    ~ DC v4.0 "

    1. I don't apologise for reblogging someone else's comments when they have worded them far better than any paraphrase.

      Now, what I think would be funny would be for Obama to be appointed Secretary-General of the United Nations - a post I heard he is keen on getting - when the United States is no longer a member. He can go down with the rat-infested Pirate Ship.

    2. Valdi,
      That might be funny, but scary. Barry Soetero should be shipped to Timbucktu where he can "community organize."

  74. I've been reading The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the Atlantean

    "When Thoth, the Atlantean and Master raised the people of Khem (Egypt) to a great civilization, and when the time came for him to leave Egypt, he erected The Great Pyramid over the entrance of the Great Halls of Amenti. In the Pyramid, he posited his records and appointed Guards for his secrets from among the highest of his people.

    In later times, the descendants of these guards became the Pyramid Priests, while Thoth was deified as the God of Wisdom, the Recorder, by those in the age of darkness which followed his passing. In legend, the Halls of Amenti became the underworld, the Halls of the Gods, where the soul passed after death for judgment.

    During later ages, the ego [Valdi: should that not be "soul"?] of Thoth passed into the bodies of men in the manner described in The Emerald Tablets, a Book of Record and Occult Wisdom which he wrote and left in the Pyramid for those of a future Age of Light."

    Valdi: Francis Bacon's unfinished work "The New Atlantis" depicts "a mythical island, Bensalem, which is discovered by the crew of a European ship after they are lost in the Pacific Ocean somewhere west of Peru. The minimal plot serves the gradual unfolding of the island, its customs, but most importantly, its state-sponsored scientific institution, Salomon's House, "which house or college ... is the very eye of this kingdom." from Wikipedia. (Salomon/Solomon/Soul of Man...eye of this kingdom/eye of Horus/eye above the unfinished pyramid in Illuminati symbolism?)

    I mention these because of recent speculations about Antarctica being the site of Atlantis, with the United States being the New Atlantis envisaged by Francis Bacon. Will it meet the same fate? Did the recent VIP visitors to Antarctica meet the Dweller of the Temple of UNAL? Has Thoth returned? Did they have a come-to-Ma'at moment? Were their hearts heavier than the feather? lol.

  75. Robotics & artificial intelligence part of post-Brexit Britain's industrial strategy

    Aurataya they need you!!

    Robotics & artificial intelligence part of post-Brexit Britain's industrial strategy
    Published time: 23 Jan, 2017 14:58
    Robotics & artificial intelligence part of post-Brexit Britain's industrial strategy
    © Luke MacGregor / Reuters
    The British government is planning to focus its new industrial strategy on the most innovative technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, 5G wireless internet and smart energy.
    Read more
    © Kim Kyung-HoonRobots will take jobs from humans, but later than thought
    Theresa May is due to announce details of the “Modern Industrial Strategy” at a regional meeting of the cabinet in the North West.

    The new plan will center on ten key strategic pillars, according to the release unveiled by the Prime Minister on Sunday.

    “We must become a more innovative economy and do more to commercialize our world-leading science base to drive growth across the UK,” reads the first point, called “Investing in science, research, and innovation.”

    The government is going to spend £4.7 billion ($5.85 billion) on the new strategy with the money steered to such areas as AI, "smart" energy technology, robotics, and 5G wireless.

    AJ: How refreshing to hear a western government speak of innovation like this! It's so rare it stands out.

    1. Think smart and lead, or end up bypassed as Dog Feed.

    2. Great share there AJ, thank you so much. Can't say we were not warned. Pretty exciting stuff. Hmm, I had better brush up on those programing skills. LOL.

    3. Especially if you're working in the London robot cafe.


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