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  1. Now the countdown is just days before that narcissistic, usurping fool is out of the Oval Office. The bad dream for America is over. 2 terms shows in itself just how dumbed down the US has become and as for TinselTown? Those clothes horses with a script in their hands, after 30 takes to get one scene right, think, THEY can think? Most are too dumb to realise the real world is not the movies. Why are so many who threatened to leave if Trump was elected, still there? Some really lost all credibility after their naive protestations on the Donald. Windbags. Or,in some cases, just retread bags. Lol

    HRC was avoided like a toxic turd. Well done thinking Americans who moved to stop the C's. Always the bridesmaid but one even Bill didn't want to get friendly with.
    It was fun to watch her get wasted. Karma.

    Go Trump unleash.

  2. It is clear now there is a firm Deep State agenda attacking Trump before he is even in office. From false media, to Ukrainian allegations,the poor man is swarmed over by their minions. Correct, he calls them a Nazi State. Now, at last they are challenged and spitting blood. How dare a Democracy vet them?

    Now it starts.Every dirty trick will be used to destroy him. Remember how they set Gen Betrayus up? No dirt will be left out and Trump has a lot of baggage.

    As he will soon realise Americas real enemy is the Deep State. NeoCon Nazis and Zio trash who will destroy the earth before giving back. Where he's paranoid or not, he soon will realise they ARE out to get him. These are generations of dedicated Liars, cheats and Traitors who will stop at nothing to keep control.

    I watch his media verbiage and how he struggles with response, with such a visibly limited intellect. He's really going to need his team now. Trump is truly not smart. BUt hes facing very smart opponents. He will need to be saved from himself.

    He needs ALL our support and help now. He won't like the real world when he finds himself alone in it. We all need to help him with opinion support where merited. Unless that mouth goes off plan.

  3. For those interested in the vaccine issue, a new series of videos are available on a daily basis. Sign up at link below. First one is available now.

    Revealed: The Truth About Vaccines

  4. For those in the United States: Lying in court. Can we fire them ALL now? I mean every single damn government functionary. We are drowning in law...

  5. And Mexico seems to have its brewing problems. Trump will need to address the wall and the immigration issues in light of what's happening.

  6. Other people are now talking about the Global reset:

    1. Paul Preston has been writing about it for years along with Wanta funds. This article is a year old. FYI.

    2. Also the usual diatribe crap. Same headdbangers.

  7. McCain and the Agency dirty tricks liars are out to get Trump at any cost. The only rational and logical thing Trump needs to do is to start big Agency and Pentagon budget cuts backs, mass firings,jail those drug running Agency varmints, jail all those in racketeering, and call to account the Deep State heads.
    Time to dismantle the Deep State.

    Start by getting control of the money for once, which means taking back the Fed, and replacing the lot at the top. Exit the Zios and like kind. Put Patriots in fast.

    They will do all possible to make him a one termer, so he's got little to lose by torching their fuse.

    Unlike the last 4 garbage occupants, Trump truly IS the truly elected President,and needs to be respected and allowed to do the Will of the People as committed.

    He needs to take his run as a probable one termer and go for broke with the reorganisation right now. Get them before they get him. Scuttle the armada surrounding him. Cut the State,cut their waste and back mass innovation to save the nation.

    With the emergence of unstoppable Eurasia, this is now America's last chance to hold onto part of the Global rice bowl, and he needs to realise fast that between he and the Deep State, 2 big dogs can not live from a meal for one. It's him or them. They have no interest in, or loyalty to the American people, so it's him, or you! Lose him, YOU pay!

    1. Politely disagree. Trump is smart in leaving GS in control of the Fed for now. Cabinet members serve at the pleasure of the President, so he has a gun at their head.

      Trump needs both carrot and stick control; dangling rewards to the oligarchy while cleaning up. Vaccine scrutiny and competitive drug pricing have been announced as initial clean-up projects.

      Trump needs to solidify public support and get reindustrialization on track before collapsing the banking system or they won't happen. This is not chess, it is Jenga. Pull the wrong block at the wrong time and all is lost.

      Trump seems to be thinking things through and working smart. He is not Alexander the Great, and the U.S. isn't the Gordian Knot.

  8. The Final Takedown of Trump Begins in Earnest

    What follows is just one example of how much Donald J. Trump is upsetting the NWO apple cart. Robert Kennedy Jr. agrees to ‘chair a commission on vaccination safety and scientific integrity’ for Trump It ought to be obvious by this critical appointment that Trump is willing to take on a central pillar of the NWO social engineering agenda. In fact the super-vaccination agenda is as BIG as it gets in terms of controlling the entire human population. RFK Jr. is well known among health advocates to be a zealous truth seeker regarding the inherent dangers of vaccines, and especially of the overly aggressive vaccination regimens that young children are now exposed to. The bottom line concerning this extraordinary appointment by Trump is that he is showing a courageous willingness to go after one of their sacred cows. You don’t ever go after their sacred cows and expect to succeed given the current institutional arrangements which make up the Global Control Matrix.

    Read more:

    1. Scott F,
      This appointment and forming of such a committee is very good news to me. Trump knows. Dr Andrew Wakefield (one of my heroes in the vaccine damage fight) was relating in an interview recently that the incidence of vaccine damage to children is now at 1 in 25. It will affect everyone's family in near term. Stop the abomination now!

    2. I agree Texian, I`m just wondering how long it will be before another Kennedy is assassinated.

  9. RETRACTION: I had made a comment recently about the uniform depth of Moon craters. That is incorrect. A deep dive into the cratering process across the Solar system quickly brought me to this reference (pdf). As the diagram shows, the Moon cratering process has classic characteristics and depth that follows the pattern of the other major bodies.

  10. Trumps team are now going for CNN over Fake News. It's in freefall. About time. Well done Trump! Yes to fighting back, he took enough!

  11. Jared Kushner, Beware of Jamie Gorelick

    Abel Danger articles re: Jamie Gorelick

    Valdi: I wouldn't trust this woman (?) to be anywhere near President Trump's inner circle.

  12. Valdi, I'm sharing the Gorelick article everywhere. Hopefully the Trump team is on it. Kushner seems like a fairly smart dude and he's surrounded by a sea of yeshiva graduates, no lack of brain power there. I can't imagine they aren't aware of her, still, you never know.

    Interesting opposing opinions on the nature of Trump, deficient individual struggling to stay afloat and out of his element, or smart guy playing a role to perfection to keep everyone off balance. I'd like to think that Wharton would require some brains, but I know degrees can be bought. He was/is a party animal, doesn't look for brains in his women, is solidly dishonest as his business dealings show, and seems to intimidate most of his immediate family. His son usually looks petrified to me and I've never seen him show that child the slightest affection, no family hugs or anything. But he's just a shill, it's the power behind him that matters- Bannon-Breitbart and the Chabbad sect.

    I'm just hoping he makes it into office before the Obamenator kicks off WW3 with Russia. Thought that Mattis' appointment hearing went really well. He came on solid about Russia being a problem. I'm guessing that was half real/ half act. These guys need to appear to be independant to alleviate some concerns. "appear" is the key word.

    1. Hello Joan,

      Trump didn't become as successful as he is by kissing ass; unlike some others we know. Love him or hate him, at least he comes across as an authentic and rational human being. Many of the accusations against him are plain false. He's walking a political tightrope with no shortage of alligators snapping at his feet, ready to devour him. His balancing actions must be seen in that light.

      I am wondering if Barron, his son, has vaccine-induced autism; hence his appointment of RFK jnr to oversee the review of vaccine safety? Trump loves his family and loves his country. He needs the full support of all those Americans who also love their families and their country to save it from the predators. With Trump, there is a chance; with Clinton there would have been none.

    2. Valdi,
      Possible autism spectrum. I notice some of same traits I see in our 10 year old grandson with sensory processing disorder (autism spectrum). Our grandson is outgoing and has come back to being very verbal now. At 18 months after vaccines, he lost all of his words and didn't speak for a long time (after several years of intensive treatment), although he had been speaking in sentences. Even though he's outgoing, he does not like hugs. He reluctantly allows his mother to hug him, but no one else. I see Mr Trump hugging his other children so it may be a preference Barron has as well.

  13. Valid,
    No kidding! David Hawkins (Abel Danger) does a masterful job of connecting dots. David has assembled a tremendous amount of info on Ms Gorelick...none of it good. Very disturbing that she's associated with Trump son-in-law! Thanks for posting!

  14. Note the speed with which major deployment has been activated to get troops and tanks to Poland and fleets to sea. All to get them out of Trumps reach and to create conflict before Trump can cut them back, as wars offer profit and justification for needless armies. Only America, via the loathsome Cabal, sticks its nose in meddling and creating conflicts. Yes it IS more American invading, intruding troops causing this.

    Using Russia as the bad guy is BS, BS,BS, BS and nothing but a cheap Jerks reaction to try to deflect and halt the visible emergence of Eurasia.

    Eurasia IS coming, and only a vicious WW111 will stop it, but if that's triggered, count at least 100M American dead as the price. Maybe double that.

    If Russia is attacked China will co enjoin to defend them.Or know they WILL be next to be picked off.

    Putin and the Russian High Command need to make it clear to the US, that if the US launches any assault on Russian territories via Poland hiding behind the BS of NATO, then Russia will immediately take it as an act of war and will without further warning, mass launch against the US Homeland. Only the very, very real impact of personal annihilation will wake up the US, to reign back these mad dogs,and rip the Cabal apart.

    The US Military Industrial Cabal is the greatest enemy and threat to mankind on the planet. The media glorying this loathsome armada of vicious invaders, is just more Agency Psyche Ops. The US should not be in Poland. No thinking person wants this.

    Russia remembers the Stalin era and 20 M WW11 dead fighting Germany and their Nazis, so why fight the US Necon Nazis when you have nukes.

    They know if WW111 kicks off, they have to nuke the US mainland and its bases.

    They KNOW the US has them mass surrounded with bases and nukes.

    They know they have c10 minutes before US missiles smash in with no warning,so Russia has acted. They now have a growing deployment of missiles and ICBM,s, all mobile to avoid detection. Plus a growing Sub Fleet and awesome Space weapons, laser plus nuclear.

    We will not allow the US to start another EU war hiding behind us as territory front lines. This time, if it causes war, the front line MUST be the entire US as a giant Stalingrad. No holdback.

    Cut the Cabal apart and get America's military mad dogs under the control of the people, not the Cabal. Only mass dumbing down of Political reality has caused this mess.

    Do we want 200M American dead? Of course not. But do we want billions dead from the impact of WW111, No! The cause will ALL be because of US Cabal belligerent meddling.

    These Cabal and Agency Whores will be the cause of more world wars. Only understanding the reality of missiles erasing US cities will wake up the sleeping masses to realise it has to be stopped. Trump stopped the 2 party corrupt system. Now it's time to face down the uncontrolled Military apparatus threatening the world.

    Mad Dogs threatening Russia, for what? WTF made America Global tyrant? Has the world not suffered enough of Global wars? Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam.Cambodia.

    We are all sick of it. No more wars! No more glorifying this ugly and tyrannical Cabal. that IS mankind's real enemy. What happened to the NO, NO, We won't go over Vietnam? But they go for this? As Kissinger said, the US Military are just Mindless Body Bags to be used for US Foreign Policies. Hello????

    Thinking people need to deflect this build up. They are simply trying to stop a Free Eurasia and the end of all Washington Global control. We need the Washington Snout - Out!

    Trump needs to recall the lot. Cut the US budgets and slash the Agency to size. Let's fight nature, not each other. Sea defences not nuclear.
    Armies together, building tidal defences, not killing each other. Cooperation negates Confrontation. Uniting humanity is the Lead we Need

    1. John,

      Friday the 13th: let's hope there's no false flag attack....though all those carriers lined up in port make a tempting target, to be blamed on Russia. All the US troop deployments to Europe may be to get them out of the way in the event of mass civil disturbances leading to civil war. They won't be there to protect their families from Homeland Security hollow-point bullets and FEMA concentration camps.

    2. Russia maybe. More directly, I suspect the motivation for the tanks in Poland is to threaten the rising antiglobalist faction in Poland itself.

      The Russian threat is lagniappe. There are better and easier ways to do that.

  15. Tony WHA

    Re Paddington.
    That is dodgy territory. The body hair layers alone on females out there is 3 inches thick. Not my scene. Nor rentals. Power and money in Westminster is its own aphrodisiac. They come as S fly swarms.

    But Karma, dip into that turgid pool and always consequences.

    Real Males, need to focus on wholesome family values, cultured women with real values not materialistic, or attention seeking Groupies. Their real quality of Soul and compassion is all the affinity we need. The plastic set and false boobs. over made up etc, are a miss. Women are over suppressed with false ideologies, and a guy who needs plastic Boobs has frankly never left his Mammies. Who needs such a waste of space.

    If a girl can't be loved for her mind and good being, move on. Lose- Losers. Just be natural, as is. Stay natural. Waking up to a low grade skank, either side, is no place to be.

    ( Albeit I could tell you about a Marine associate who woke up pretty damned fast between the sheets in Hong Kong when he realised he was groping with a Lady Boy who'd been all over him at the bar that night!) Imagine 2 seconds to be up, dressed and flying out of there. There's always a price Tony. Karma.

    Remember Latin Man what Roman Orgies brought. From an Empire of vanities, to let's not get close - you risk a dose.

    Real women, real values, real compassion and beauty of Soul, is all any man needs.
    Find one your blessed.

    Now while YOU'RE at Paddington, can you buy me 10? Lol.

    Real beauty is the closeness and trust affinity of 2 loving minds in togetherness. Hard to find, and always with someone else whose usually totally unsuitable. Mind games of the Gods.
    Or pay at Paddington and take your choice. Just watch out for Cannibals.

    1. Well, okay then. I will cross Paddington off my list of must visit places on a UK vacation. Will switch to Westminster, and will be on the lookout for the diamond encrusted Rolex at the end of a long queue of admiring ladies:)

      Yes, Roman orgies were risky, but I do understand that they learned to fashion prophylactics out of pig intestines. So perhaps not everyone came home with a post coital itch?

      Hey now, I thought Marines never retreated. Haha!

    2. At Warp Speed I was informed.

      The trouble with the Romans is they used the pig intestines with the Pig still wrapped around them! Like a lot of Rednecks I am informed.

  16. "It is likely that one of two scenarios is playing out, in a broad and general sense. That is, the elite are having a public display of in-fighting taking place between different factions of their larger group. Essentially, “bad guys” are turning on each other.

    The other general scenario that could be playing out is that the scapegoats are “good guys” hacking and spying on the banking and political elite, but got caught.

    Of course, there are an infinite number of possibilities as to what the real story is, but these two scenarios above describe, in a broad sense, what could be taking place. It could also be a combination of the two scenarios."

    A High-Ranking Freemason Just Got Caught Hacking The Vatican & ECB

  17. Copper wiring enable the Russians to disrupt the wiring systems with certain frequencies, which is how the were able to render the Donald Cooke inoperative, and why Putin invited Obama to go for it in a Naval confrontation.
    All US naval or aircraft used against Russia or China is useless as it's now all compromised.

    Which means fibre optics but similar to technologies recovered from the Roswell crash.
    It also means now all Airlines will have to adapt. What other nasty surprises has Russia got in store?

    Kapustin Yar has its own Saucer and Space Division,with its own recovered craft using then for reverse engineering. Many nasty surprises yet awaiting the US in conflict.

    Now the Bumma is setting up his own new Shadow Team to watch Trump. Watch and learn you Chump.

  18. Massive Violence planned for the border on January 18th. Is this the beginning of the red dawn invasion of the USA.

  19. Russia is now moving more anti missile S400s into place around Crimea. Other missile Battalions and ground forces are now very active it looks like they are preparing for War. Madness, all of it! All US Cabal created. The world does not need any of this.
    Where does the greed end? Will they try and kick it off before Trump takes over and stick him with his own Vietnam?

    He is right not to believe any of the Agency cannon fodder presented.
    It needs calm nerve now and good judgment.The poor man is surrounded by real enemies all out to harm anyone to get their way.

    He seriously needs to cut their budgets or it's all going out of control. It's time to shut up these Gung HO heads because WW111 is madness. Let Russia and China be seen to have let loose 20 subs now to really bring them to their senses. It needs to be made clear if Russia is attacked it goes Nuclear right away. Let's hope Trump is able to calm it down and cage the mad dogs.


  20. Retired CIA Agent: “We Run the Afghan Opium Trade”
    CIA drug

    Cheyenne, WY | A retired CIA agent recently convicted of possession of child pornography accuses the US government of trying to frame him as he is about to release a book that will “blow the lid off the CIA’s drug smuggling operations in Afghanistan” reveals the Cheyenne Herald this morning.

    John F. Abbotsford, a 38-year old Afghan war veteran, that has also served his country as a CIA analyst, has recently been convicted of possession of child pornography, accusations he claims “have been made up” by the US government to stop the publication of his upcoming book, the CIA in Afghanistan: 30 years of drug smuggling.

    “This is a desperate attempt by the US government to shut me up” he said in court. “If I’m going to face jail time, I want the truth to be known before they try to get rid of me in prison” he told the judge. “I’m not scared of their threats, whatever happens, I will never shut up” he cried out in the courtroom reports:

  21. The Trump saga is better than a Soap opera. The new Dallas has just begun.
    Trump now publicly declares again that Clinton is guilty as hell as the FBI investigation now needs major investigation. Good!

    But look at the hiatus he is causing trampling on the sacred ground of pampered Agencies,politicos,and Banksters. Now, before he is even in office, they are whipping up a crescendo to impeach him.

    Who would want to run for Public Office watching this unfold?
    Every day, more allegations, more dirt and more sleaze. Trump is a whole bandwagon of Reality TV shows waiting to unfold each day. No need to plan new issues, Trumps own mouth will do that every time he opens it.

    Certainly he was the best of 2 very poor candidates, but will his baggage surface to end the marriage? If he didn't come into office paranoid, well before he leaves he will be a fanatical believer everyone is out to get him.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  22. Positive news,

    Trump has just stated that he is willing to lift the Russian sanctions and will work with both Russia and China on both Global issues and ending Terrorism.

    That IS being Presidential and the lead we need.

    However, how will he handle the revelations he will face once he finds that the many hundred percent increase in CIA Afghan Drugs trading has funded the weapons the Taliban use to kill US Soldiers,as well as lifted the crime rates up with US addicts, and that the US Cabal is funding, arming and training the very terrorists all nations are fighting?

    Or that it's US policies which have displaced millions, and led to the Muslim swamping of Refugees everywhere? Add to that the destruction of nations, mass genocide, and collapse of cultures.

    Why is such a seriously F up nation leading anything?

    But, at least Trump can hopefully tackle some of the issues before they get him.
    Hopefully some US lunatic does not seek immortality with a JFK repeat, or worse, the Agencies creating one.

    Right now, Trump can do a lot of good if left to try.

    All this, and he's not even in office yet.
    Be assured this coming Friday the whole world will be watching this inauguration.

    Can someone please explain to him he must not ask for a Crown and Showgirls, this is not a Coronation.
    Trumps ego Lol.

    The world waits to see what tumbles out of his mouth on Friday.

    It's amusing to think such a seriously F up guy may well be the antidote needed for failed US Imperialism. His term will be interesting.They will launch everything to stop him getting a second. Let's hope his team do the right things and they do.
    Then the voice of the people has a chance.

    Truly, good luck all Americans you were so right to block Clinton. All your raised voices helped. This is also YOUR victory for Democracy. You all helped earn the right for Trump to fight. Let's all try to keep him safe.

    1. John, one reason among many, is that the delusionals have been in charge for such a long time that reality-orientation is lost. Superior insider knowledge carried these knuckleheads for so long they have lost the capacity to reason with reality. Enter Trump, "F up" as he may be, but at least he is reality-oriented. If he can maintain a modicum of honesty and force in the right direction, I am still hopeful he can bring at least some of the nefarious forces to heel.

  23. U.S. Government Officially Calls For Research Into Geoengineering The Earth

    There is also a risk that stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) would have a small impact on climate change but could lead to negative impacts on biodiversity.

    Who Is Spraying Us? Raytheon, MITRE Corporation, MIT Are Prime Suspects: Peter Kirby

    As two residents of Northern California, we discuss our experiences observing the distinct odor of chemtrails recently, and subsequent symptoms. We discuss the observed escalation of spraying activity in 2016, and how a new type of aerosol mix seems to be in use now compared to before mid-2016, that smells plastic, sharp, metallic, and similar to static electricity, rather than the powdery, starchy metallic odor observed previously.

    New Documentary “Overcast” – A Breakthrough In The Research Of Geoengineering And Chemtrails

    OVERCAST is a movie that every activist should watch in order to get the best arguments. Show it to your skeptical and unaware friends to wake them up. It is a film that gives the whole issue and movement the credibility needed in order to stop this crime. OVERCAST has already been shown in over 12 film festivals worldwide.

  24. John

    unless a new class of elites are allowed to ascend to purposely be made for example by way of the GCR

    you will have nothing to offset the old elites and their corruption.

    There needs to be new blood to carry the torch it is imperative

    Or you will be socially engineering and manufacturing the same old cr@p

    1. Read our reports re Objectives, I can't say more, but watch.

  25. "Just as Pizzagate is catching up with the
    U.S. Establishment, Pedogate will catch
    up with the World Shadow Government

    The Millennium Report

    It ought to be clear to every resident of Planet Earth that the New World Order ruling cabal has been thrown into complete disarray.

    That the Illuminati plot to install an overt One World Government is in absolute chaos.

    That their multi-century agenda to foist a state-sponsored One World Religion on humankind has been thwarted.

    And that their many conspiratorial plots to depopulate the world have failed dismally."

    Deep State Has Been Defeated, The New World Order Has Been Halted

    1. Your continuing to spotlight the Pedos all helps.

      But NWO is far further entrenched than you all realise. The scale of spying on us all is a horror story. Totally unacceptable and dame well illegal! We, I am sad to say, are the Worst culprits for this. Guilty as hell for using intel handed back to the US. Deep State is V£RY much still in power.We have no Rule of Law. The Intel liars and Police are out of control.

    2. John,
      Your confirmation of deep infiltration/control is what I expected. At least these discussions may wake some to what's on the table. Let's hope for the best.


  27. When I see the crumbling roads and bridges, or the dilapidated airports, or the factories moving overseas to Mexico, or to other countries, I know these problems can all be fixed, but not by Hillary Clinton - only by me.
    Read more at:
    Experience taught me a few things. One is to listen to your gut, no matter how good something sounds on paper. The second is that you're generally better off sticking with what you know. And the third is that sometimes your best investments are the ones you don't make.
    Read more at:
    My father was very energetic; my mother was very energetic. He lived to a very old age, and so did my mother. I believe that I just have it from my father, from my parents. They had wonderful energy.
    Read more at:
    Obama has no solutions. Obama has failed the country and its great citizens, and they don't like it when somebody such as myself speaks the truth about this - it hurts too much.
    Read more at:

  28. Trump to CNN Reporter: You Are Fake News
    January 11, 2017

  29. Received the following e-mail today from a Texas Senator:

    Delivering On Our Promise

    This week, Senate Republicans took the first step towards delivering on our promise to repeal Obamacare. Both House and Senate Republicans have been fighting for years to reach this point, and now real change is possible with a President in office who understands that Texans and the American people deserve health care coverage at a price they can actually afford.

    Now that we have passed the necessary tools to repeal this disastrous law, we will move forward with a step-by-step replacement plan, ensuring no one slips through the cracks during the transition period. What we won’t do is pass one massive bill, written in secret and jammed through before anyone has the chance to read it.

    President Obama promised that if you like your coverage, you can keep your coverage, and that if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. And he claimed the average family of four would see their premiums go down by thousands of dollars. None of that happened. What has held true is the promise we made to repeal this harmful legislation, and we are on our way to doing just that.

  30. As wild immigrant gangs of Illegals terrorise Shopping Malls in Sweden, nationals are realising that attempting to integrate this Parasitic Trash is madness. A bullet at the border will soon bring back order.

    Soros is now whining that Trump is a danger to his NWO dreams. Really?

    The Republicans are slowly waking up to the fact that their ageing population is being over faced now by a growing Hispanic and Third World Immigration quota who will vote Democrat leaving Trump little hope of a second term. So he needs to go for broke before it's too late. Republicans need not fear Trump, their own very survival is at risk as Jebb was rejected by the party who else is credible? Perry gobbled like a Turkey when facing major media attention, and Romney has more baggage than a Mule Train. The Bush Dynasty is over,and NWO faces whats seeping in from over the border.

    Trump has 4 years to trash the trash, then it will get elected back into power. To defeat the Demo Trash Tump needs to simply bring in new legislation that Votes are for workers,or minimum 10 year residents only. Welfare groupies need to lose their votes. No Pay No Say! Time to get real! Non contributors can have no say. Trump has 4 years to stop them. No scavenger votes.

    70% of ALL Agency and Military budgets now are paid to Contractors. America is being bled white to fund Global insurrection with out of control Contractors who will stoop to anything for a Buck. Madness.

    More news on our updated news columns for you,

  31. At last the British Chancellor ( Treasury Secretary) is waking up to the realisation if Britain becomes its own Tax Haven, funds will flood in, Corporates will move to the the UK, Exports and the economy will boom, all the Brexitees were right and the EU mindless Socialist laws can be repealed.

    That will be the final EU Coffin nail.

    Fact, the UK needs non of them, and Asian funds will flood to a booming UK export economy. As Hong Kong became the gateway to China, the UK will become the Fiscal gateway to the world.

    Think smart, be smart,and get the barriers up for more illegals. No problem, dump the lot to fend for themselves on a Scottish Island through a winter and they will all volunteer to leave in 2 weeks. Any incoming go straight to the Islands. One way tickets home, no accommodation and no one to worry about insurrection. Snow, rain and freezing weather will fast track them out. The UK is not a dumping ground for Cabal displacements. If the EU play up, packing off 4M of theirs will soon get them focused on economic reality. Taking Britain back is next.

    Nations are waking up slowly. It Trump starts mass deportations, America can breath again. Can Soros be the first? All it needs is a Presidential order and to request Putin to ask America to extradite him to Russia. Fast track that in 24 hours, pack him off as an economic terrorist and his Attorney with him. A Russian Gulag is what Soros deserves. Putin would have no qualms. Week end flights to Siberia to watch him doing life would fill Global tourist planes. Putting him in a hut with Muslim terrorists would be entertaining to film. Siberia has ways of dealing his his kind.

    Time Leaders show initiative. Dealing with Soros would get a lot of votes. As will jailing Clinton.

    All these attacks on the Donald re his sex life. Has the media forgotten Dirty Bill, and as for JFK and slimy Ted? Get real! Give the guy a break now.

    A week to go then America has 4 years to clear out the trash and repeal 8 years of Obama madness. It IS what the real people wanted, especially those who do work and keep America going. Trump needs to look at unemployed Democrat votes and illegals. Also reversing Obama Muslims out. Who puts a Fox in the Hen House? Put Americans first. Globally tax all US companies hiding behind Tax Havens, and demand returns of all US Citizens assets from all Tax Havens. Go in , freeze the lot and deal with all caught. Trillions will flood back.

    Demand Israel delivers a list of all US Dual Israeli passport holders, stop all funding and all Arms deliveries,and deport the lot.

    Now that would be a good 4 years for Trump.

    1. John, whatever happens in his tenure as President you have to know as I'm sure you do that there are good people inside the government and intelligence community that are helping him along and keeping him safe. It wasn't just the American people that did this, he was guided and protected by those who I'm sure have lots of skeletons in their closet and have an agenda that they seek that is not what we envision, but 8 years of that she beast would have been catastrophic to this country as well as the world. JMO

  32. Well modest good news over at ZeroHedge:

    [[In a "mass layoff" event reported late last week by the Department of Labor, the Clinton Foundation announced it would lay off some 22 employees at the Clinton Global Initiative, which attained notoriety during the John Podesta leaks, when the various details of the fallout between between CGI head Doug Band and Chelsea Clinton were revealed; it also emerged that long-time Bill Clinton friend Band was soliciting donations for Clinton through his PR firm, Teneo in an sordid example of "pay for play" which most of the mainstream media refused to cover, especially after Band emailed Podesta "If this story gets out, we are screwed."

    Filed as mandated by the Department of Labor's Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification, or WARN notice, on January 12, the Clinton Foundation's Veronika Shiroka advised the DOL that as part of a "Plant Layoff" it would layoff 22 workers on April 15, with reason for the dislocation stated as "Discontinuation of the Clinton Global Initiative." The layoffs are part of the Clinton plan put in motion ahead of the presidential election, to offset a storm of criticism regarding pay-to-play allegations during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.]]

  33. DiscloseTV has a very interesting piece of UFO footage from 26 April 2013 over Puerto Rico with the small (1-2 meter) UFO flying and then submerging off the coast near the airport. Sorry for no direct link, but if any of you cord-cutters have KODI you can see it via the Disclose.TV app.

    1. Tine

      We will give you a lot more later. Craft bigger than a mile wide and one 3 miles wide. Vast fleets leaving the sea and re submerging.

    2. Looking forward to all the Disclosure(s)... Just knowing this restores some of the lost magic due to the NWO -cum-Jesuit manipulations of our knowledge base.

  34. Replies
    1. Thanks for the post Texian, I am still watching these too. This guy does a brilliant job of reporting and bringing it all together.

  35. A point being still hidden from you all is that for the last 40 years c $300B a year has been charged by the Fed to the US Treasury for issuing their worthless cash backed by nothing but their empty promises,and no assets to back anything.

    Compound that over the period and it is way over $40T which is more than double the value of the US GDP and nation. Not only has this monstrosity bankrupted the US twice over, but 40% of all your hard work paid out as taxes is swallowed up by them giving you something the nation could have for nothing. The Fed has nothing to back it with, so why are you paying $300B a year to these Zio Crooks? Take the LOT back! Jail the Lot!

    They have STOLEN 40% of your taxes and LIFE! Compound that for 40 years, you would be Debt Free, Full Pension Pots in place and wealthy! Not penury as their Debt Slaves!

    The Zio Jew has made a mug of all of you. Every nation which allows them to money lend ends up cleaned out. England banned them from entering for 200 years. Any caught money lending were sentenced to death. English Kings knew what they were. Only the Napoleonic wars let them back in. It also made the Rothschilds mega rich.

    Trump was mugged taking another into the Treasury. He's blown the future again by this STUPID move!

    Think Independence Day, There can be No Peace! Not until you get their rabid claws out of the Treasury and Fed. Clearly Trump either owed his Soul for backing, or is seriously dumb. So naive! Why give the nations Hen House to the Foxes again? Will you ever learn? Will live as their Fiscal Slaves. Wake up!

    There needs to be a US outcry to stop Congress ratifying these Zios. Time to detox the Pox from Zio Fox. Clean out their styes.

    You got free of the putrid twosome parties,now its time to face down the Zios and rip their Ivory castles down. Deport the lot to Israel and let America breath again. No wealth transfer seize the lot from them. Detox America. The Icelanders did.

    1. I'd argue that there are two ways to look at a possible get together in Iceland, symbolicaly, as you say from recent history and back with the transition from central economic control. The ‘Reykjavik Summit’ was a high-level meeting between then US President Ronald and General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev. It was held on 11-12 October 1986.

      John what knowledge can you impart if any on the ITC. This fellow David Crayford, formerly known as Whistleblower, appears to have the best information on the actual mechanics of agreements with the UN, the BIS, Central Banks and systems. He does not post often but most writings can be found here. A character American Lawyer has stepped in to engage/discuss.

      Appears the UN needs to step up to the plate and do some crazy Like Me campaign on multiple channels. Most all this supposed wealth in question can best hit the ground through the UN and NGOs. If proceeds for Historic Bonds are primarily for Humanitarian purposes(as are proceeds from earlier trades), there is funding galore. Furthermore, the funds claimed blocked by you Crayford and others can be proven by you both and your associates. The UN is the forum for these matters where your Foundations have the opportunity to lay your claims as benefactors to the community. In the end, change is only going to come when this story breaks further with legitimate insiders at a forum like the UN. Till then it will get no further than Steve Greer.

  36. Biden down to australia with his granddaughters to hawk Gardasil it seems. There's a new research facility dedicated to the human papillovirus there and he's promoting it. Australian PM Trumbull is a G-sax graduate. Makes you wonder- real research, viral contamination, child trafficking or just getting every so much closer to Antarctica? Take your pick. Pity those poor girls. Wonder if they're really his granddaughters.

  37. John, that tidbit is not forgotten and did discuss that multiple times with friends recently. We do need to throw out the Zios. On another note, changes like reported in this video need to be paid attention to.

    Last Minute Change in Security at Inauguration Reminiscent of JFK in Dealey Plaza
    Published on Jan 15, 2017

    Without explanation and just a week before inauguration, President Obama has suddenly announced he is removing the Major General in charge of the DC National Guard who helped plan and was set to oversee event security that day, effective right in the middle of the ceremony the very minute after Donald Trump is sworn in as president.

    The termination is unprecedented and out of decorum with such a high state function taking place, raising serious concerns about the vulnerabilities and gaps in security on such an important day. Not saying that anything is going to happen, but it's hard not to notice and raise questions when the scenario is being made plausible.

  38. America's Second
    Civil War Has Begun!----------------The greatest investing
    opportunity of their lifetimes!-----------------------Donald Trump Is Going to Return
    Law and Order to a Lawless Government------------------But All This is About to Change – Big Time!
    They are Going to Fight the Battle of their Lives.---------------Corporate Welfare is Coming to an End------------------------And Trump is Going to Put an
    End to Illegal Immigration----------------And Trump is Going to Wage
    War on Global Islamic Jidhadists----------------And All This is Going to Cause
    HUGE Disruptions in the Stock Market----------------Trump Civil War Opportunity #1:
    Cash in on the Coming Oil Crash-----------------

  39. p: Details the expected protestors and who they are and types of actions: peaceful law abiding, minor law infringements and no holds barred. Anticipated infiltration of civil groups by militants of last category mentioned. Defines already permitted groups holding key positions along the travel route for the inauguration.

    NavyJack – The Presidential Inauguration (or not) of Donald J. Trump (Updated 01/15/2017)

    “Just because a group says that their goal is to keep Trump out of office, doesn’t mean their plan is plausible. Without the support of both the current President and the Senate, my personal opinion is that they are wasting their time.” – NavyJack

    1. Talk about a waste of time, folks are knitting hats with kitty ears to wear in support of women at the Inauguration. These hats would be better put to use given to the homeless, vets, and those that loose their hair from cancer treatments like my Mom did.

    2. Biffie agree, we need to pull together our country for the right reasons. We are entitled to our opinions, but it's our differences that can make us stronger when we learn to work together. And as long as Soros and friends continue funding dissent, it's something we will have to do our best to continue educating.That is until those many jobs Trump is creating starts having a real affect. Expect that will happen as infrastructure replacement or upgrades open up the job market on a large scale with good paying employment.

    3. Just to clarify, Mom had cancer but did not lose her hair. However, she made many, many hats to give to those listed above. A much better use for hats then protesting.

    4. Biffie, my mom had cancer too and she did feel she needed to wear wigs. Mom being mom would have worn those knitted hats as it would have been gentle on her sensitive scalp, if they had been available then.

      On another note an interesting change...

      Jan 15, 2017
      SHOCKING: Donna Brazile Admits "It was not Russians, We Screwed Up!"

  40. Trump Announces Plan To Drain The Pharma Swamp
    January 11, 2017

    Donald Trump announces plan to hammer Big Pharma’s monopoly profits by requiring competitive bidding for government drug purchase contracts

  41. 70 nations gather in Paris to discuss two-state solution, Israel & Palestinian Authority skip

    AJ: was it ben or one of those lot (sorry can't recall) reported, this is another deliberate KM takedown, forcing the 2 state solution and tramping on zio plans.

  42. This may be about what Project Veritas recently revealed. In process of one of their investigations in DC area, they encountered a situation they had to turn over to police authorities.

    Hundreds of Bikers Heading to DC for Trump Inauguration & a Weapons Cache Discovered [videos]

  43. CIA Director Brennan's comments skirt dangerously close to threatening the President. At a bare minimum, he, of all people should not be voicing those comments publicly.

    For those unaware:

    Threatening the President of the United States is a class E felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871. It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making "any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States".

    Of course, the following comment lifted from ZeroHedge, given the present status of the CIA is laughable. They are, as near as I can tell at this point, part of the Fourth Reich overlay that is a cancer in the United States. Brennan's comment - ""What I do find outrageous is equating intelligence community with Nazi Germany," Brennan said. "I do take great umbrage at that."

    God forbid we actually call a spade a spade....

    1. Also allegedly both a rampant homo and practising Muslim. Quite a security risk dilemma of cross exposures to have secreted in the Agency, but with Obama,like kinds.

  44. What I have read, these bikers are going to be the shield of armor for TRUMP!! Along with the police force and the military, not to mention all of us deplorables. (Lol) I am praying that will be enough to hold off the slime!!! Tell Trump not to drink the water or anything else served with a smile!! May God be with him and the USofA
    Watching 👀

    I know we have discussed the temple before, but I felt that
    we should get a little deeper into what it is, and how it
    symbolically was described in scripture.WHAT'S AT THE SIDE OF YOUR HEAD?
    First to understand what we are talking about, take your finger
    to the side of your head, just by the eye.
    You will find a small indentation there which as you know is
    called, the Temple. To discuss these things we have the Bible so let's make sure that the Bible states that the temple is not a building.1 Corinthians 3:16 Don't you know that you are the temple of God, and that the
    Spirit of God dwells in you? BUILDING THE TEMPLE BUILDING IN SILENCE
    Look how the Bible describes the construction which goes beautifully with your meditation. 1 KING 6:7 And the house, when it was built,
    was built of stone made ready before it was brought there: so that there was neither hammer nor axe nor any tool of iron heard in the house, while it was being built.Your temple is built in silence.Can you see how clear this is, even though its meaning is hidden? The silence of your meditation begins to build the temple.Don't concern yourself if you use music etc. Silence means separation from the constant drone of thoughts coming from the carnal mind.Construction on your temple has begun, in silence.
    THE DOOR ON THE RIGHT SIDE Now we get to that special part of your temple.
    1 Kings 6:8 The door for the middle chamber was in the right side of the house: The right side of the house references the right hemisphere of the brain.Don't concern yourself with trying to reach the right side as opposed to the left side.The right side is used simply as a separation
    from the left side which is the carnal mind.When you shut down thought, you have shut down the carnal mind, left side,and opened the door to the right side of the house.Remember the Jesus fishing story?. What did he say?
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    temple via meditation the serpentine motion of energy is shown in the Bible as winding stairs.1 Kings 6:8 and they went up with winding stairs
    into the middle chamber,Winding stairs is the serpentine motion up the spine. The middle chamber is the holy place. We rise in the serpentine motion of the electrical energy to the door on the right side and enter the middle chamber.The holy place.But wait there is more.INTO THE THIRD 1 Kings 6:8 and out of the middle into the third.When we leave the holy place we enter the third where we wait and rest.This is tremendously interesting.
    All of this activity happens in the 3rd ventricle of the brain.
    We enter the 3rd to wait.Let us go to Stedmans Medical Dictionary
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    bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he enters.

  46. 12 And he shall show you a large upper room furnished:
    there make ready.You know where your upper room is You know that you enter via the door on the right side after you rise via the winding stairs.
    THE UPPER ROOM (THIRD VENTRICLE IS A ROOM)Now in silence, begin to build your temple,that you may ascend the winding stairs and Passover to
    your new existence in light. Bill

    1. A44L91 - thank you for sharing this - totally thought provoking and uplifting!

  47. EXPOSED: CIA – The Swamp Monsters
    Three Factions of the CIA that Control the World By the Anonymous Patriots
    The Millennium Report Exclusive

  48. Who is James Clapper?

    There are 1,271 government organizations and 1,931 private companies working for the federal government on issues of domestic and international intelligence in 10,000 locations with over 854,000 people holding top-secret clearances. Private “vendors” constitute 29% of the U.S. intelligence workforce and account for 49% of the overall intelligence community budget. The current DNI is James Clapper who lied under oath to Congress when he gave false testimony that the NSA does not collect any type of data on Americans. Clapper was the former chief operating officer for the British military intelligence company Detica, and also worked at the same time for two other private intelligence agencies, SRA and Booz Allen Hamilton.

    Clapper currently controls an annual budget of around $75 billion and was a former British private spy but could not figure out that the recent fake news propaganda against Trump was complete garbage. Yes, fellow patriots, you read this correctly. A man who is in charge of a $75 billion a year intelligence budget with a professional spy background couldn’t see through the CIA’s attempt to smear Trump’s integrity. But We the People armed with our independent truth media saw through it in a New York minute.

    Key Point: In a country governed by the rule of law, which ours is not apparently, this type of smearing is called defamation of character and is illegal.

  49. Yes, bikers will be for Trump. The other info about caches of weapons being uncovered near parade route is something else. Oathkeeper organization has intel on the various groups who will be there in opposition...for most part communist groups. They anticipate protestors will outnumber others 8 to 1. Perhaps good military have plans?

  50. Trump has become enemy number one for all three factions of the CIA because he stands against globalism and promotes the rule of law.

  51. Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 4h4 hours ago
    @NBCNews is bad but Saturday Night Live is the worst of NBC. Not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. Really bad television!

  52. As I write this, oil is trading in the low $50s. I believe oil will soon go back down to its real price, before manipulations. That is under $10 a barrel.

  53. Trump will meet with Britain's May

    In his first United Kingdom interview as president-elect, Donald Trump said the U.S. will offer Britain a quick and “fair” trade deal within weeks of taking office, in an effort to aid Brexit efforts, the Times of London reported.

    Trump also confirmed he’ll appoint son-in-law Jared Kushner to broker a Middle East peace deal.

    1. Yes to the Trade deal, but bad move on Kushner, he will get nowhere with the Palestinians.

      Why would they deal seriously with a man whose kind has stolen their lands, murdered, tortured and defiled their families, and subjected them to the vile despotic Pariah type treatment of the very camps they condemned in Europe?

      Arabs always got on well with Jews across the Middle East. Many were honoured residents and no problem, until along came Israe hell, and the separations, partitions, and land theft started. The Arabs all know Israe hell will stop at nothing to sequester a great Israe hell, as building on illegally occupied land demonstrates.

      Poor Palestinians were battered, grenades thrown into their homes to force occupation vacancies,by these vicious, tyrannical Kazakh interlopers, land and water poisoned, and enforced Refugee Ghetto camps imposed.

      Unless Kushner will assist enforce their withdrawal, which these arrogant, mindless bigots will never agree,there will be no peace until Iran and the Arabs combine and remove this pestilence for once and all. They occupied illegally by force, and those who live by the sword, will die by it. No Peace.

      The Israelis need to get the hell out, be absorbed across Europe and the Middle East, or there will be a final solution as radical as they impose ruthlessly on the Palestinians. The hatred in the blighted surrounding nations will not be resolved by a family appointee on an arrogant , presumptive ego trip. He understands nothing of the Arab psyche, nor suffering of the Palestinians, Lebanese, Egyptians and Syrians,all with issues to settle, or the mind set of the Iranians who see Israe hell as a Neo Nazi imperialist power usurping powers and corrupting nations for gain.

      Muslims see Israe hell as a boil on the Muslim nations backside needing removal, by lancing or whatever, but to go!
      The Balfour agreement was a badly cobbled and shameful political fix by the British, Europeans and US,who just wanted a dumping ground for the Jews, as no nations wanted more back from the camps post WW11.

      No question, what was done by the Nazis was appalling and no such genocide can ever be condoned, but such very brutality is practised daily in occupied Palestine and Lebanon. British Imperialism at its worst, conspired with other nations to cosmetically fix an inconvenient problem, where to put the Jews. But these were not Jews, simply Kazakh plain marauders, the spawn of Genghis Khan,assimilated to pass off as Jews, and to assume any identities to evade detection and usurp the nations of residency. A pernicious and virulent plague.

      Russia has the diplomatic sophistication to effect progress. Neither Trump nor Kushner will achieve anything,and a 4 year term will be seen to have been as effective as Phony Tony Blair acting as Middle East Peace Coordinator. Yuppie, presumptive Kids on the block. Failed! Kushner will be a pawn on the board, they will hand him an anal rebore. A half wit move.

    2. John, a question, mostly out of a general curiosity.

      With respect to the UK trade deals proposed by PE Trump, will you be helping to negotiate such? I ask because of your responsibilities along those lines with respect to Asia.

      Also, if so, will the UK insist on other than US Treasuries in payment should the continuing dumping of same by China/Russia continue to accelerate?

      Just curious. If you cannot discuss this openly, I understand. Cheers.

    3. Those will be daily routine Admin duties the Ministers will handle. We are working on real Global agendas such as the Elders, Global project needs,Oceanic, and "Scientific issues" and others. We are looking forwards for the centuries economic needs and positioning.


  54. GeneralJanuary 14, 2017
    By John M. Curtis

  55. Gesu Cristo! Gang rape at asylum center in Germany. When will it stop? Do we really want to see it all go down an extreme-left or extreme-right purge solution?

    1. Third world animals. What do you expect? I pity the women it's a nightmare. An extreme Right Solution will come. Nothing less will stop virulent dogs. Even with the canine species we segregate pedigree from mongrel and we need the same with the illegals. This is not an issue the lefties can handle, it's reality.


  56. I think the best title for this newsletter is
    Getting Real.

    I have observed some beyond realistic behavior on a grand scale unfolding on every level and if we are going to survive the days to come we are going to have to get back to basics. We are also going to have to do our own research and develop our own inner sensitivity or what some bluntly refer to as BS meter. Our last administration did bring transparency. What was transparent is the corruption and double talk; which has been epidemic. The BS meter was and still is in the red. Humanity is waking up and what the controllers did not count on is the soul awakening and the Internet both of which are instrumental in their demise. The Fake news or lame stream media owned by the corporations; just several men gave rise to alternative media because of its failure to tell the truth. The double speak is to accuse the alternative media of being the fake news. Almost everything coming out of the past administration was double talk. All the accusations of others defined exactly what they have been and are now doing.

    The sad thing is a large portion of the masses is gullible and be lie ve in the propaganda delivered daily by the lame stream media. They are being led like lemmings to participate in their own enslavement and eventual demise. They are rioting and marching to a tune played by the very people whose behavior they detest but cannot accept. Its like a bad marriage where one mate refuses to accept the obvious. It is getting so ugly denial is not an option.

    The ascension waves are bringing all of this up for everyone to see. We are still in the middle of one of these waves it ends on the 11th. The good news if you are on the path to enlightenment another wave begins on the 11th and lasts for 7 days. The peak of this wave is right around the 14th; which many are screaming it is the end of the world. The world did not end with the last waves nor will it end with this one. There is a planetary alignment where all the planets are participating. If you understand the electric universe this will explain the incoming energies yet what many are not aware of is the higher dimensional beings take advantage of these planetary alignments.

    This new wave is coming in from the 6th dimension. Light and energy is conscious. This wave will carry with it Universal law, Healing energy and a golden opportunity to take a quantum leap in consciousness. Love heals and the most powerful energy in the Universe is Love. It is a formidable force and to try to stand against it will traumatize those who wish to continue with the tyranny and enslavement. As if they are not already going insane as demonstrated by their actions.

    This is what is being acted out in your political arena and social consciousness. Their consciousness and energy grid is collapsing. Their unseen overlords are being removed and they are like gangsters without a boss. They are also fighting among themselves for power and wealth completely unaware that the rug is being pulled out from underneath them. They cannot and will not function with the increase of consciousness and energy. They are not frequency specific to the Earth and her ascension process. As the prophecies foretold the beast is consuming itself. You will see the beast come forward in the elite families, the banksters, the politicians, the movie industry, religious institutions almost every disempowering organization designed to enslave the masses.

    Fasten your seatbelt because this ride is going to get crazy. Your bodies are going to go through all kinds of challenges. Your past is going to come forward, with some it is feelings of sadness others anger. Many will be processing at night with vivid dreams of past events. Some may get a peak into the future. It might be a rollercoaster of illness followed by feeling great, sadness followed by bliss. The prophecy I can give you with 100% accuracy is there is going to be a lot of change.

    Be well,

    James Gilliland

    1. Ever more reporters are coming out, and publicly admitting the scale of fake news. Newspaper sales are falling, so is advertising space sales. The media is getting hammered.


  58. the old Lakota was wise. He knew that a man’s heart, away from nature, becomes hard; he knew that lack of respect for growing, living things soon led to lack of respect for humans, too. So he kept his children close to nature’s softening influence.

  59. Facebook's aim to combat fake news with fact checkers & ‘untrustworthy’ shame label trial

    The changes include tabs that allow users to report suspected fake news, as well as labels that name-and-shame organizations believed to be peddling fraudulent information.

    Well well. Welcome to the new Stasi. Your network to report you for fake news? Will it block CNN?? So nice of FB to declare themselves the face of totalitarianism isnt it.

  60. A very positive media release by Trump.

    1. He is meeting with the British PM soon after his inauguration.The Special Relationship will soon be right back on. A whole new relationship fast tracked.
    2. He called out Merkel for her mistake on mass immigration policies. Huge mistake.
    3. He correctly called out NATO as obsolete. They will create wars to justify their pointless existence.
    4. He will now openly seek new mutually beneficial trade deals with Russia and a cross party agreement on arms reduction.


  61. The In the News Column on the top right side has a lot of new Key articles for you. Essential reading to stay aware. Please stay updated.

  62. 370 Elite Troops From Russia To Protect Trump and Family
    Jan 16 2017

    Trump Begins To Move 370 Elite Troops From Russia To Protect His Life And Family

    An intriguing Federal Security Service (FSB) information bulletin circulating in the Kremlin today reports that the Security Council (SC) has authorized the Monarch Air Group to use 7 private charter flights to move “special resources” to New York City and Washington D.C. beginning on 20 January 2017 in order to fulfill a contract with the Moscow based private security company RSB-Group—and who, in turn, were contracted with, this past week by President-elect Donald Trump to “protect his person, family and properties” from the “demonic globalist elites” seeking his destruction.

    1. Good for him. Right move.

    2. this is socha faal.

  63. Im redoing here in case John didn't see as I repled to a much earier post CbMonday, January 16, 2017 at 7:52:00 AM MST I'd argue that there are two ways to look at a possible get together in Iceland, symbolicaly, as you say from recent history and back with the transition from central economic control. The ‘Reykjavik Summit’ was a high-level meeting between then US President Ronald and General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev. It was held on 11-12 October 1986. John what knowledge can you impart if any on the ITC. This fellow David Crayford, formerly known as Whistleblower, appears to have the best information on the actual mechanics of agreements with the UN, the BIS, Central Banks and systems. He does not post often but most writings can be found here. A character American Lawyer has stepped in to engage/discuss. /index.shtml Appears the UN needs to step up to the plate and do some crazy Like Me campaign on multiple channels. Most all this supposed wealth in question can best hit the ground through the UN and NGOs. If proceeds for Historic Bonds are primarily for Humanitarian purposes(as are proceeds from earlier trades), there is funding galore. Furthermore, the funds claimed blocked by you Crayford and others can be proven by you both and your associates. The UN is the forum for these matters where your Foundations have the opportunity to lay your claims as benefactors to the community. In the end, change is only going to come when this story breaks further with legitimate insiders at a forum like the UN. Till then it will get no further than Steve Greer.

    Read more at:
    OWoN © All Rights Reserved

    1. The UN is crooked, inept and incompetent. The Wealth Bonds have been long abused and will be manipulated by the Fed and Cabal. Those have to be cashed via Switzerland and good luck with that process. A full US Fed bait and switch scam has been operating for decades and they will steal your face off.
      There can be no progress while the US controls the gates. Look at the last 70 years of ruthless chicanery. Theft, fraud, greed and duplicity from the beginning. It's like asking Pancho Villa to guard a Convent Bank.

  64. Robert Kennedy, Jr. “All the things that I do are bent on forcing this [vaccine] debate out into the open—because once the science is in the open, the CDC’s position is so fragile, it’s an edifice of fraud, fraud stacked upon fraud, so high and so wobbly, that even a slight breeze of public scrutiny will topple it.”

    Robert F Kennedy Jr: CDC an “edifice of fraud” Jan 16

    1. I am hoping RFK, Jr. will get around to reminding millions of Bill Gates vaccination death march in Africa.

      In my opinion, if Bill Gates REALLY wanted to save lives in Africa, he would spend those same millions building facilities to provide clean water. Dirty water is the actual cause of dysentery and most deaths in Africa. Bill Gates is a liar and a fraud regarding vaccinations.

    2. Look at CFR and Tri Laterals ethos. All hiding in plain sight.

  65. Part I: Undercover investigation exposes groups plotting criminal activity and violence at Trump inauguration

    "In this video, Project Veritas investigators uncover a group known as the DC Anti-fascist Coalition plotting to disrupt President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration by deploying butyric acid at the National Press Club during the Deploraball event scheduled for January 19th.

    The meeting, captured on hidden camera, was held at Comet Ping Pong, a DC pizza restaurant that is better known as the location of the Pizzagate controversy. The coalition members discuss the steps they would need to take to halt the Deploraball event. Project Veritas notified the FBI, Secret Service and DC Metro Police of the content of this video prior to its release."

    Part I: Undercover investigation exposes groups plotting criminal activity and violence at Trump inauguration

  66. Interesting new move.Trumps team are debating whether or not to kick the Press out of the White House and second them to alternative premises.

    At this stage of the new game what - does it matter?

    They have proved to be duplicitous and useless. Who cares? Yes Donald, dont Duck it exile these Varmints out. You need none of them.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Exactly! Why take up real estate in White House since they've already shown their colors! Work directly with the people without the "interpreter." Wherever they conduct press briefings, have them draw a random number as they arrive and that's their seat assignment that day. No more press primadonnas!

    3. And allow bliggers and alt to join the beltway!

  67. Finally, something that I can actually back. From Slashdot

    An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica:
    President-elect Donald Trump is just a week away from taking office. From the start of his campaign, he has promised big changes to the US immigration system. For both Trump's advisers and members of Congress, the H-1B visa program, which allows many foreign workers to fill technology jobs, is a particular focus. One major change to that system is already under discussion: making it harder for companies to use H-1B workers to replace Americans by simply giving the foreign workers a raise. The "Protect and Grow American Jobs Act," introduced last week by Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif. and Scott Peters, D-Calif., would significantly raise the wages of workers who get H-1B visas. If the bill becomes law, the minimum wage paid to H-1B workers would rise to at least $100,000 annually, and be adjusted it for inflation. Right now, the minimum is $60,000. The sponsors say that would go a long way toward fixing some of the abuses of the H-1B program, which critics say is currently used to simply replace American workers with cheaper, foreign workers. In 2013, the top nine companies acquiring H-1B visas were technology outsourcing firms, according to an analysis by a critic of the H-1B program. (The 10th is Microsoft.) The thinking goes that if minimum H-1B salaries are brought closer to what high-skilled tech employment really pays, the economic incentive to use it as a worker-replacement program will drop off. "We need to ensure we can retain the world's best and brightest talent," said Issa in a statement about the bill. "At the same time, we also need to make sure programs are not abused to allow companies to outsource and hire cheap foreign labor from abroad to replace American workers." The H-1B program offers 65,000 visas each fiscal year, with an additional 20,000 reserved for foreign workers who have advanced degrees from US colleges and universities. The visas are awarded by lottery each year. Last year, the government received more than 236,000 applications for those visas.

    1. WS correct. In Australia it is law that a foreign worker be paid tge same as an Australian in the same job. Wages must be reported to the immigration dept.

  68. Writeously said.

    American workers can not be the fatted calves any longer. Foreign workers will compete for those jobs in skill and ability. Or Employers will outsource them. The real issue now is not the rate, but how many will be replaced by Robotics anyway. Educate up, why waste time on low grade employees a Robot can replace cheaper? Job protection for excessive rates in a Global market won't fly. Sorry. Competition is reality.

    Toyota manage to employ car workers in the US and not ship jobs. Time to think smart maybe?

    Is it too big a redundant population? Time to rethink WHAT jobs and what will compete worldwide or cut accordingly.
    We see studies and projections showing a c30% plus cut in average US net wealth.
    America can't compete with false job protectionism. Economic reality will win out.

    Germany went up market with high quality to justify high wages. Do the same then you don't need to import German cars. You chose to pay 100% more for German cars, so why not up the US quality buy American and it's part sorted. Find the angles. No one can subsidise bodies it has to make sense, get the model right.

    1. Hmmm...if no one is left working but robots who will buy all the stuff the robots make?

      Chicken or the egg?

    2. 4 people + me = Led the GM quality movement starting in Powertrain late 1984. We had a lineup of junk engines ets that looked like they were designed to put GM out of business. The world laughed at us with CSI of 68 - 72. by 1986 we were at 98 - 99 (CSI = customer satisfaction index) We hired Dr Deming (Statistician) and i developed curriculum, infrastructure, networks, accountability methods and we educated and trained many thousands. Many managers could not become leaders and mony more were political whores. However, we built a critical mass with systems, processes, procedures, methods with measurement of the right data and followed what our data told us. Then came the Quad IV, 2.3 liter in line 4 cyl, revised v6's and 4.6 liter v8 Northstar. Quality enabled better vehicles and satisfied customers. The Soetoro government nearly wiped out GM but Ford (which also hired Dr Deming) was controlled by Ford Family stayed the course. Ford and GM are still very strong in spite of the turds in DC and globalists nefarious attacks. HELL YES AMERICAN MANUFACTURING CAN DO IT. UK has a standard of quality = RR in autos and more. Americans are no better than many other countries but we have to stop globalist planned dilution and clean house. Any senior government official elected or appointed that does not live by this needs to be removed and investigated for "what the hell are you thinking". An example of this in vehicle terms is: GLS 550 4Matic is an excellent vehicle - 449 HP and GL63 is close to 600hp - luxury; $100,000 - $135,000 respectively. Yukon Denali XL is 403 hp+ and 650+ if you add a good supercharger. the Denali is safer with a body on frame configuration and save over $30,000 at $100.000 with a Hennessy supercharger for example. Yes, continue continuous improvement and build an exceptional vehicle+++ Where there is a will there is a way. Let's take advantage of our new pro business President and bye bye Barry POS. Accountability leads to getting cockroaches in the light. I could talk for hours and hours on this. There are thousands of examples of what we so called dumb ass Americans can do. Get the hell out of our way EPA, IRS, FDA, NSA, CIA, FBI, DOJ and all you obstructionist lying SOB's. REward people for work and do not forget to deep six the Fed.

    3. I wrote an entire article on Deming when I was at Texas Instruments. America used to lead the way in engineering and quality along with the Germans. Then we started trying to make everything cheaper, fired all the decent engineers who were a bit older and hired many from India etc. who were cheaper. Well, you get what you pay for... As for not protecting American jobs from the predations of outsourcers who bring in people with the same title from INDIA. It has been my observation that they may have the same title, but they don't always have the same skill set.

      JUDGING EVERYTHING ON COST WITHOUT WEIGHING THE ACTUAL ABILITIES HAS CRIPPLED THIS COUNTRY. Ironically, trying to replace older people with very good skills and superb education with employees who are younger, cheaper or imported has resulted in an overall decline of quality in many places. I know. I read resumes all day long. Currently, many young people reflect poor education in writing, reasoning and mathematical skills. Not all, but a large number have never had to write, rely on calculators to estimate and have a completely different work ethic.


    4. JV, the answer is, nobody will buy it. And that's when greater humanity will see, under such circumstances, that money is a nothing thing.

    5. John and WS ... a few more thoughts ... The education issue is huge. Our education system is flawed as intended by the actions beginning with Hall and Dewey in the 1930s. Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt has books and utubes out there the deliberate dumbing down of America". Deming and I worked together for an average of 2 days/month for several years. I often drove him in my car. I cherished every opportunity. we spent many hours one on one is private conference. He emphasized TOTAL COST AND TOTAL REVENUE (TC & TR) TC is easier to grasp. That said, we include QUALITATIVE in TC discussions. His main program in the 1980s was "Productivity Through Quality". That is a deep pool of thought water. Leaders help people do their jobs. That is their job. I will never forget that since Dr D asked my job in a Staff Meeting and I was tongue tied. Last time i was tongue ties = got a 45 minute DrD chew out. Common sense plays into it of course and let the data tell you what it needs to and Understand your data ala Deming. He was brilliant and I was Blessed to work with him for years. I knew I was no match for him statistically so I complemented his work synergistically by implementing and building measurement and systems to ensure accountability as well as showing success factors. At the beginning a multibillion $$$$ intervention like we did was all chaos and looked impossible. I knew we could and would do it. My boss (the GenMgr) committed he would support and he did. Many managers tried to sink the quality and productivity movement and we had to remove many of them. Bottom line = it worked then, it is still working and we can do it here and in UK period! We seek the Truth and believe in our Country.

    6. Now your all thinking and THAT IS what will make America great again. YOU can do it!

    7. @Bob, Long before it was fashionable I had discovered Walter Shewart and the Edward Deming and used their statistical process control methods. I envy your relationship with Dr. Deming. In the recent 15 years I watched everyone tell me that the quality methods were too expensive and my background made me almost unemployable. I am glad the tide may be turning. At the high point of the insanity, I literally sat in a meeting-cum-interview where I was told that my comments and background were not suitable for the task at hand, which was revamping a major Children's Hospital electronic patient record. Given my intimate knowledge of processes and that one of the first commercially successful multi-entity integrated healthcare system EPR was by my design, you might understand why I sat there in stunned disbelief! Restoration of the Republic cannot come soon enough.

    8. TINO i faced that situation constantly until the GM Reorg in 1983.I joined Powertrain because they overtly supported with $$$$$$$$ Deming and the systems required to fully implement. We were punished by the rest of the corp for a few years but we had results along with the data to back it up. DrD was an absolute joy to work with .... after my indoctrination-baptism arse chewing for not reciting the answer to ?what's your job? Most managers are not leaders and get their jobs through political maneuvers, acting and being whores (men and women) I had all the files so I knew how they got to where and why. many cheated through college or were protected just like Barry in the presidency. Marine Veterans were disliked in college ... i attended 32 years @14 crs/year on average so I absorbed a lot. Iserbyt "Deliberate dumbing down of American education" is correct. We are of like mind and will be kicked around because the evil minds do not want to change and why should they jeopardize their careers. Our turnaround took about 5 years to get inculcated. Soon thereafter those who led were forced to resign and the managers above us took the credit. My point = God knows. Quality in everything we do is a life requirement. I see no other path. Amen!

    9. @BOB,

      What truly shocked me, at least with the Beltway bandits, was coming to the realization that they weren't stupid or ignorant, but were deliberately ignoring the right answers. As long as the contract paid the profit-overhead, they frankly, didn't give a damn about the outcome. Others were plain ignorant, in that they spouted Deming and CQI out one end, and then acted, in choices and decisions, as if they never heard a single principle.

      And so now I am in year 1 of a 3-yr plan to full financial independence as my own entrepreneurial self with backers, etc. Was the only way to pull out of the 2008 Great Depression.

  69. This commentary from the firm hired to do PR on Davos is telling of the agenda (which we all know anyway):

    As such, one major problem facing Davos, is one of loss of credibility, as the majority of people now believe the economic and political system is failing them, according to the annual Edelman Trust Barometer, released on Monday ahead of the Jan. 17-20 World Economic Forum.

    A simpler way of putting it: "There's a sense that the system is broken," Richard Edelman, head of the communications marketing firm that commissioned the research, told Reuters.

    And it's not just the poor who have lost faith: "The most shocking statistic of this whole study is that half the people who are high-income, college-educated and well-informed also believe the system doesn't work."

    I'll repeat this bit:
    "The most shocking statistic of this whole study is that half the people who are high-income, college-educated and well-informed also believe the system doesn't work."

    In other words the high income well-educated (sic) are SUPPOSED to be the most brainwashed sycophants. The uneducated are kept down by low wages and inopportunity (and unions who keep them in the box probably).

    Well. I give them a big two finger salute! People are breaking out into awareness everywhere.

    At uni my (part time) research is centering on developing automatic algorithms for students to engage in discovery-type learning. Universal curriculum be damned! Yes, I see your ploy and I raise you a circuit breaker. Bring on the new learning!

  70. Well, well, it would seem that things are getting more and more interesting. Right wing guy caught bribing people to cause trouble

  71. So, Illuminati presence still is affecting what goes on in your world; however, their global network has been uprooted, their influence keeps weakening, and their diabolical activities have come to light albeit termed “fake news.” Individuals in top positions in numerous countries are being arrested, losing elections or resigning; more will follow and many in the lower ranks are scattering. Their control of Wall Street and European and Asian stock markets is unraveling and so is their banking empire. They won’t much longer be able to hold onto their vast fortunes amassed illegally and immorally—the forces for good will obtain those and use the monies to end impoverishment.

  72. Time to ‘splinter’ the CIA—DJT needs to finish the job started by JFK
    Posted on January 16, 2017 by State of the Nation
    “A Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy”

    — John F. Kennedy
    “Yes!” JFK was talking about the C.I.A.

  73. CIA & Company: The Real Plotters Behind JFK’s Assassination

  74. JFK Assassination: Classic CIA EXECUTION Plan …

  75. Oswald Worked Directly For Robert F. Kennedy
    Who Authorized His Return From The USSR
    To Conduct Domestic ‘Counterintelligence’

  76. Did the CIA kill Bobby Kennedy?

  77. JFK Jr. Told The World Who Murdered His Father – But Nobody Was Paying Attention

  78. Warren Commission Report: The Most Absurd Investigation In US History

  79. 1. Praise, flattery, exaggerated manners and fine, high-sounding words were no part of Lakota politeness. Excessive manners were put down as insincere, and the constant talker was considered rude and thoughtless. Conversation was never begun at once, or in a hurried manner.

  80. ANONYMOUS - Donald Trump Will REMOVE George Soros From AMERICA
    Published on Jan 13, 2017

  81. Only days to go before what may be the most worldwide watched inauguration in history.
    A man of the people's choice got elected, now let's see actions to repay the people's voice.

    Good luck Americans, you made the RIGHT choice to block the Clinton / Bush Crime Family. The Demo Rats are of no consequence and if Trump rethinks who pays for the right to vote as working contributors, and who not, they may be re assigned to the Turd Bowl most crawl out of. Now THAT would change the voting dynamics. Non Contributors don't vote in more freebies. Synergy there?

    Time for America to think outside the box.

    Great job done by border patrols stopping illegals. So how about Trump bringing in new Executive Orders to Conscript long term unemployed, give them 3 weeks stints on border duties,with one week off. Or no food and money!If they don't like it, GET A JOB!

    No one is owed! That crap thinking is what has landed America in this mess. Self help will sort it.

    You all helped Mike get a job, and that was right thinking. He moved to where the work was. No whining or whinging, he GOT REAL! Respect to Mike. The community backed him. Self help.

    Trump has got to go after these Welfarians. America is NOT the Land of Free Phone, Free Cars, Milking Welfare and Free Money! Real people have to Pay! To cut taxes and borrowings ,cut the non contributors. Let's focus on real job creation, Buy American and become self sufficient.

    Stop funding meddling Armies, 700,000 Agency staff and the strangling bureaucrats. Cut this crap and get employment back. Cut the State and Cut the Military. Cut waste and get new Infrastructure started. Assign unemployed to work on infrastructure. Cut the military and police the streets! Protect Americans.

    Lets all hope Trump succeeds. And protect him!

  82. Extra points re Trump strategies.

    Just think, Trump and China talking re economic strategies to find real synergy. No more Chinese product dumping or tariffs go on. But joint economic trade and project sharing benefits negotiated. That will ease tensions, and negate the need to escalating wasteful Military costs.

    Trump talking with Russia re detente. What, common sense from a Politico? Closing threatening bases all over Russia's borders will encourage cooperation and more mutually beneficial trade. Get the troops back to police the borders and streets. Switch to HS roles. Pay their way not subsiding Cabal Global racketeering. Protect Americans not Middle East and Global Fiefdoms supporting Agency rackets.

    Mutually operate with Russia, go in and smash ISIS,and stop the Cabal with its criminal Agencies funding and arming terrorists. Get real and get mean.

    Get access to the America nations books asap.

    Get control of the Fed and stop it milking c$300B a year from the nations taxpayers, and wipe out their historical debt roles. Stop funding the Cabal! Stop allowing a Shadow Govt. They can't even get it right with one, who needs an unelected out of control Shadow scam accountable to no one? Claw back and remove their independence.

    They must be accountable to Congress and the President. No more Bush and Agency Cabal fiefdoms.

    Stop this Fed and Treasury Fiefdom game with the Jewish Oligopoly. That scam has to end and now. Congress and the Senate must stop approving more. Open it up and clean it up. Break their claws off the peoples money.

    Yes to Trump declaring NATO is passe'. Damned right. Let this stink sink!

    Apply American minds to forward thinking scientific and ecological issues and needs. Let's determine real needs and ecological sustainability. Think out the world we need. Re task America.

    Go after the Clintons and Bushes. Re task prosecution of their criminal past. An American Nuremberg is long overdue. That will scrape the Cabal barrel. Watch the Plea bargaining then. Let them all do time to pay for each crime. Justice for America.

    How far will he man up?

    1. There are many who need to be put in prison or hung/firing squad. Start with Bush 41, Henry K, Billy C, Hillybitch, Podestas, Soros, All Fed officers, Goldman chiefs, Globalist corp leaders, all who fund election fraud and disruption like BLM & planned parenthood. Organ harvesting, child-human trafficking and blood extraction can be traced. We know who did 9/11 and they employed thermite/thermate + BHUAP + Onion Router + 3 747 doomsday aircraft, John Ramsey's Access Graphics (would have prevented 9/11). You cannot melt steel with 1200F jet fuel but you can if you trigger thermite - 4000F. Some are stupid but many of us are technically competent and can connect the friggin dots. I soo over 1000 who earned the death penalty ... no discussion required. >90% of US central government is aiding and abetting these heinous crimes. There are many of us "We the People" whom are networked and we get it. Semper Fi

  83. Replies
    1. Tino,
      That is good news. While debating differing views can be helpful, Trump doesn't need sabotage agents from his own party. This election is a prime example of why we need to get away from "the party" structure.

    2. Note from the signatories about 80% seems to be Jewish or Zionist. Hello?????? Control, the money control the Party? Wake up America! But good for Trump allow non of them voices now.
      Just use Presidential Executive Orders. Obumma did. At least Trump is a legal occupant.

  84. Hey gang,

    Hope everyone had a nice Christmas and save New Year celebration. Approaching the eve of Trump's inauguration, I found this and wondered if anyone else has seen it. It's rather lengthy but beyond interesting.

    I'd like to get comments and feedback from anyone/everyone.

    1. Ouch. 249 pages. Time to get another fifth, maybe of Vodka this time. Will work my way thru it.

      Restoration of organic Common Law is a necessary but not sufficient approach to the problem. Then we can take advantage of the simple legal premise that "Fraud vitiates everything" and sue them for everything back to the beginning of time (or at least the Founding).


    2. My opinion Paladin... ya sure? OK here goes....

      You are short and chubby with a nose way too big for your face, but I guess that helps hide the severe scarring from the three decade fight you had with acne. You should have invested in braces as a teen, but now that they are falling out I guess that is a moot point. At least you still have some hair on your head, but that shows some real degradation in spots so expect not to have it long. Look on the bright side though, mullets may come back into style, if so you could do a reverse Trump and use your massive amounts of back hair as a comb over. You do have a great personality though, so hang in there little fella...

      Oh, I just realized you may be wanting my opinion of the article. Just in case I will read the article and report that back too....

    3. Hi Paladin,
      Thanks so much for sharing this document. I have only read the first few pages so far but from what I can see already, this document should be provided to Trump prior to his inauguration. I will respond further and offer my opinion as requested when I have finished reading the entire document. Thank you.

  85. Absolute proof that world leaders are being given the same scripts to read just like they are given to lamestream media.

    Start at 7:45 and listen for just 2 minutes. This is the ABSOLUTE PROOF!

  86. Note the squalid threats to Trump by the pampered Demo Rats . Now they threaten an alternative Government. Is this not the party who knowingly, illegally put an undocumented foreigner with a false Birth Cert, and false SS nos into the White House?

    Trump needs to take that preening Peacock into custody for Fraud, ascertain how many were complicit in this sordid conspiracy and jail the the lot. Will Treason do? It should put the lot in the Dock. See how Gobby they are then. Hard ball the Demo Rats. Gloves off and heads to follow.

    The nation and world want to see the Bushes and Clinton's follow.

  87. Replies
    1. Thank you AJ, this is great news! )

    2. It's certainly interestimg p, after assange said he'd extradite himself to the US if she was pardoned.
      Unfortunately at the original article there are many commentets focusing on her identity. We have a long way to go :/

    3. AJ agree, it will be good thing when people grow up and let be other's choices in sexuality, identity, etc. It's nobodies business but the personage who made/makes the choice. But, until humanity stops being busybodies we'll just have to muddle by.

      Assange am sure would have kept his promise if he could. He is an honorable man.

    4. Julian Assange Responds Amid Growing Extradition Speculation

      (Pretty much sticking a finger up the butt of the DoJ system!)

  88. More proof of the Cabal's paid actors...

    Katy Perry (who did the Satanic half time show on the "black and white" checker board stage) is proving once again who her masters are...

    Take a look at the birthday cake she surprised her boyfriend Orlando Bloom with. Sure...doesn't everyone put an OWL (Moloch) on top of a birthday cake? It seems this group is no longer hiding their affiliations.

    1. Glad someone else caught that. First thing I thought of when I saw that.

  89. Replies
    1. Tino,

      Interesting you bring up this Roman of days gone by. My husband is reading the history of the Roman Empire by Livy and he is sharing his reading with me as he goes. About 2 weeks ago we discussed the Cincinnatus family and the virtue they practiced.

      We visited China recently and went to a museum dedicated to Bao Zheng. Oh, to have leaders come forward that are truthful and honorable...that would be Utopia! This is the man I'd like to see reincarnated and elected president in the US.

      During his twenty five years in civil service, Bao consistently demonstrated extreme honesty and uprightness, with actions such as sentencing his own uncle, impeaching an uncle of Emperor Renzong's favourite concubine and punishing powerful families. His appointment from 1057 to 1058 as the prefect of Song's capital Kaifeng, where he initiated a number of changes to better hear the grievances of the people, made him a legendary figure. During his years in office, he gained the honorific title Justice Bao (包青天) due to his ability to help peasants overcome corruption.

    2. Excellent. I will read up on the man. Who says there can't be virtue in Politics? It's as much willpower as it is circumstance, and one should triumph over the other.

  90. Stories are circulating of the $900K major TV screen, funded by the Saudis,and delivered for Clinton to celebrate her victory being smashed in her drunken, tyrannical rage, glasses flying everywhere,staff abused, and pure vitriol in her out of control meltdown. Imagine had the Mutt been in the WH? She's a mental case.

    If you voted Clinton you should be ashamed. That Dog needs to go to the Pound and be dealt with.

    1. John,
      If you believe some reports, that dog was put down Sept 11. She has a history of that behavior since at least "First B***h of Arkansas" days. Legendary meltdowns in WH followed which has been documented by various sources. Plus they stole a bunch of antiques, art, china and other items from White House when they left. Supposedly some of it they were forced to return. Who knows?

    2. There is no doubt we kicked the WW3 can down the road. I think we went from certainty to manageable risk on the topic with electing the Donald. Dodged that one for the moment....

  91. World's Largest Education Company Crashes After Dire Warning, Warns Of "Unprecedented" Business Decline

    British education group, and the world's largest education company, Pearson PLC lost a quarter of its market cap in an instant this morning after it issued a dire warning about the state of the textbook business, cut profit forecast, and warned of an "unprecedented" decline in its North American business. It also put its stake in the iconic Penguin Random House book business for sale in a bid to raise cash, not long after selling the Financial Times to the Nikkei.

    AJ: I'm glad I'm one of the many learning designers helping to put these old dinosaurs out of business. Whi buys textbooks anymore??? I work with academics, the real knowledge holders, and teach them how to build their courses online without these middlemen.

    Also the US market is declining. Is this because (a) the US is embracing online or (b) the result of the free market pricing people out of education? Probably both.

  92. Communists/anarchists J20 plan destruction and violent mobs for Friday Inauguration. Looks like homegrown terrorists. I'm posting this in the hope these idiots will be arrested before Friday. These are not 1st Amendment or protected free speech actions being planned.

    PROJECT VERITAS- Part II: NEW Investigation Uncovers Plots to Chain the Trains and Shut Down DC During Trump Inauguration

    1. Texian, more on that, agree, homegrown and taught terrorism. Many still don't realize they are being used by the failing NWO.

      All HELL Breaking Loose In 4 Days—Here’s What #DISRUPTJ20 Has Up Their Sleeve For Trump & His People
      Published on Jan 16, 2017

    2. For America's peoples sake, if those reactionary Dogs threaten the process, well trained Military with GPMG's can mow them down by the thousand. Just have enough rubbish removal trucks around for garbage disposal to the incinerators.

  93. Mercury is one of the most toxic elements on the planet - much more toxic than lead.

    Mercury at 200 parts per billion is the level in liquid that EPA classifies as hazardous waste.

    50,000 - FIFTY THOUSAND parts per billion is the concentration of mercury in most thimerosal containing vaccines.

    Society has put in place several institutions to take care of children:

    FIRST is the FDA. It is their job to license vaccines and to affirmatively prove they are safe.

    ...They have failed.

    SECOND - the CDC is supposed to mandate vaccines based on safety and need.

    ...They have failed.

    The THIRD group to protect kids is the doctors; The American Academy of Pediatrics.

    ...They have failed.

    The FOURTH group - industry; they’re normally responsible for ensuring safety because they can be sued if they make an unsafe product.

    ...They have failed. And, they’re off the hook.

    Some people have said they absolutely don’t believe this is going on in our world.

    See for yourself in Episode 8 - in the Worldwide Online Free Premiere of


    It’s only online for a 24 hours, and will be pulled down tonight @ 9 pm EST / 6 pm PST to make room for Episode 9.

    Vaccines Revealed ~ Episode 8

    1. It's worse than you know. I am, against better judgment, tangentially in the field.

      Aluminum is synergistic exponentially with mercury. So the two together pack an absolute wallop. The current insane cluster-f of problems in hospitals, especially with nephrology patients, is due purely to vaccinating patients with kidney failure and pushing them over the edge with a toxic heavy metal dose. Here we are trying to curb inflammation and the bureaucratic dufus and dindu and fuzzy whuzzy come along with their precious vaccine mandates and f-up more patients than you can count.

    2. Thank you Tino for sharing. It makes sense somethings that have seen sadly. Hadn't recognized that the coupling of those two things could have such affect. It's important.

  94. p: I know this is of little interest, but it is that it’s in DC that makes this something to pay attention to, that and they are renting, not doing the typical plunk down of big bucks.

    See Even More Photos of the Obamas' New House
    Jan 17, 2017

    Last May, T&C revealed that the Obama family is moving to an 8,200-square-foot house they'll be renting in the exclusive Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, D.C. after they leave the White House. (Their neighbors will include Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.)

    1. Not that anyone will ask how he can afford the house????

    2. Tino, that is exactly what I was getting at. Current investigative journalism certainly isn't likely to expose the truth here. That Obama like his many predecessors profited greatly is something we may not hear about.

    3. Most unemployed people can't live like that. Really strange.

    4. What was all that hoo-haa about him buying a place in Saudi? Was that BS?

    5. There was hoo-haa about a Hawaii mansion too... don't know whatever happened to that...

  95. When is this old rotten bastard gonna take his place in hell, if he`s on his way out I hope he takes his wife AKA (the Quaker Oats Man) with him.

    George H.W. Bush and Wife Barbara Hospitalized as ‘Precaution’ for Separate Health Issues
    by Erik Ortiz, Jason Cumming and Erin Dean
    [Former President George H.W. Bush hospitalized in Houston]

    While George H.W. Bush remains in the intensive care unit of a Houston hospital after experiencing "shortness of breath," the former president's wife, Barbara, has also been admitted for a separate health issue, the couple's spokesman said Wednesday.

    The former first lady was taken to Houston Methodist Hospital on Wednesday morning "as a precaution after experiencing fatigue and coughing," spokesman Jim McGrath said in a new statement following an update on her husband's condition.

    1. Doctors performed a procedure to protect and clear his airway that required sedation," the statement reads. His office said Bush is stable and "resting comfortably." (Zerohedge)

      So he's either been intubated or had a tracheostomy.

      I don't think he'll recover. A 92yo tubed in icu from pneumonia?

    2. Hi AA,

      You'd be surprised. While forward-looking life expectancy can't be all that great, I wouldn't place any bets on this one episode.

  96. EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Clinton Foundation CEO to head Eric Schmidt's philanthropies

    "Eric Braverman, the former CEO of the Clinton Foundation, has been hired to oversee the non-investment side of the family office of Alphabet Inc. Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and his wife, Wendy.

    Braverman will be in charge of the philanthropic arm of the Menlo Park-based Eric and Wendy Schmidt Group, an official with the organization told the Silicon Valley Business Journal. The group has given away hundreds of millions of dollars for environmental and other causes."

    Valdi: Someone should tell George Webb.

    1. Does this mean his is hearty and hale? And why isn't he in FBI custody given the storm of **** that has to be coming down? And really? -- Eric Schmidt -- wth are you thinking oh wait -- same cabal of crazies -- of course you offered the guy a job... payola anyone?

  97. Russia: Obama was the most evil President

    Maria Zakharova, Russia's Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, has stated on a national TV show that Obama will go down in history as one of the most evil Presidents and Administrations.

    "But Obama is a person - and I mean the whole administration under him - whose team, as it worked out on the international arena, was bad for everyone. I think under his 8 year term - under the pretext of their exclusivity - they became the object of disgust of the entire world. That is my impression. They did not deliver on any responsibilities they had to other nations, nor did they deliver on what the American people entrusted to them on the international arena. This is an obvious thing. And the main thing - of course I am not a lawyer or a human rights activist - but from a moral point of view, they have committed crimes. They showed us that the strongest [military] has unlimited rights to create evil [in the world]. That is what is going to go down in history for this administration"

  98. Paladin, Smoking guns for sure! That would be wonderful if Trump read the real oath of office when he gets sworn in on Friday, instead of the current fake oath. Sure would slap a bunch of folks awake. I have been keeping up with the man-made drought in California and knew that was controlled. The vaccine information really, REALLY, pisses me off. Most of the diseases were under control and then they decided to put out vaccines against them and now see where we are. Just another way to depopulate, and make money. So sad. I had already read Judge Anna Riezinger's book, "You Know Something is Wrong When...An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" so I understand the fraud we are all living. Thanks for the post, I will continue to read it.

    1. Also, love the part of draining the swamp...if only!!

  99. I am so ashamed to be a US Citizen these days.

    really? REALLY? State Dept holds workshops to soothe stress from the Trump Presidency. Every. Single. Attendee. Should. Be. Fired. As. Mentally. Unfit. For. Their. Position.

  100. p: Nothing new, but it could get pretty interesting soon...

    Antarctica Ready To Give Up Secrets The Elite Can’t Hide
    Published on Jan 18, 2017

    There are a lot of wild, fantastical claims about what really goes on under the ice in Antarctica. But there is also a lot of documented strangeness concerning Nazi UFOs, U.S. admirals and a post-war fight for dominance of the South Pole.

  101. The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency Must Be Shut Down
    The C.I.A. Makes US All Look Bad–Real Bad!

    The 17 U.S. Intelligence Agencies are now the laughingstock of the world
    What isn’t so funny is the CIA’s true history,
    which provides an abject lesson in:
    War Crimes,
    Extrajudicial Assassinations,
    Crimes Against Humanity,
    War Profiteering,
    Drug Trafficking,
    Human Trafficking,
    Droning, etc.
    (CIA History of Criminality)

  102. Trump's First Week



  105. Is Trump’s Strategy To Trap The Central Bank?
    Posted on January 18, 2017 by State of the Nation

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