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IN THE NEWS | 11 December 2016

One World of Nations
11 December 2016

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OWON: These Islamic fundamentalists are a viral plague which will bring hell on earth if not eradicated.

Istanbul Besiktas Turkey: Stadium blasts kill 38 people

A twin bomb attack on police officers outside a football stadium in Turkey's largest city, Istanbul, has killed 38 people and injured many more.

A car bomb hit a police vehicle and a suicide bomber detonated a suicide vest in quick succession late on Saturday.

The blasts occurred near the stadium of top-division team Besiktas, two hours after a match. Ten arrests were made.

The government says initial findings point towards Kurdish militants, who have targeted police in the past...


OWON: Putin does America a major favour and now there's a Congressional inquiry? How about one into how Clinton ever cleared vetting???

Like Obama?

Chuck Schumer demands congressional investigation into Russia's election meddling: Incoming Senate Democratic leader calls for probe after CIA said the Kremlin did help Trump win

Chuck Schumer has demanded an investigation into Russia's election meddling, after the CIA said the Kremlin helped Trump win.

The incoming Senate Democratic leader called for a congressional probe into the matter.

'That any country could be meddling in our elections should shake both political parties to their core,' he said Saturday.

'It's imperative that our intelligence community turns over any relevant information so that Congress can conduct a full investigation.'

According to reports, the CIA found that Russia's interference with the presidential elections went beyond an attempt to undermine American democracy as a whole - and actively favored Donald Trump's chances...


OWON: How do we move vast billions when our time comes? One hell of a way to get an all round sun tan.

Earth’s fate REVEALED: Life burnt to a CRISP as sun expands by 100 TIMES current size

EARTH will be burnt to a crisp when the sun grows to 100 times its current size, scientists have terrifyingly warned.

Experts reached this conclusion by studying a distant star known as L2 Puppis, some 208 lightyears away, and its orbiting of planets.

Researchers noted five billion years ago, the star was very similar to our own but it has since evolved into a red giant star – the final stages in its evolution before it dies.

The team from Belgium said the same fate will fall upon the sun meaning that ultimately, everything in our galactic neighbourhood will be burnt in our star’s final stages.

Professor Leen Decin, from the KU Leuven Institute of Astronomy, said: "Five billion years from now, the sun will have grown into a red giant star, more than a hundred times larger than its current size....


OWON: It seems there is no end to these Islamic terrorist attacks.

Who funds them, who arms them, who trains them, who directs them?

Get to the source of the rot and stop the lot.

Islamic State fighters re-enter ancient Palmyra in Syria

Islamic State group fighters have re-entered Palmyra, nine months after losing the ancient Syrian desert city.

Monitoring groups say militants and pro-government forces fought fiercely in the centre of Palmyra.

An activist there told the BBC that the city was now "more or less" in IS hands.

Reports from Palmyra say about 50 Syrian troops were killed and there was an unconfirmed report that the rest were fleeing.

There are concerns for the safety of civilians still in the city...


OWON: A sickening new find.

Hundreds of police in England and Wales accused of sexual abuse

Watchdog says abuse of victims and suspects is most serious corruption issue facing police service

Hundreds of police officers are being accused of sexually abusing victims and suspects in what a senior police watchdog has called “the most serious corruption issue facing the service”.

Forces across England and Wales received 436 allegations of abuse of power for sexual gain against 306 police officers, 20 police community support officers and eight staff in the two years to March but inspectors believe the problem is even more prevalent than the numbers suggest...


OWON: What a disaster for the German people let alone Europe.

Allowing these Dogs in has opened the door to Rape, grooming of Minors and devastation of services. Madness!

The people would NEVER vote for this.

This is the consequence of US Global wars!

Germany outraged after Afghan refugee arrested in rape, murder of 19 year old female student

After several relatively uneventful months passed in Germany without a major incident involving migrants or refugees, the local migrant debate was again reignited after German Police arrested a 17-year-old Afghan teenage refugee in a high profile sexual assault and murder case that had kept the residents of Freiburg, Germany in suspense for months.

A medical student, officially identified only as Maria L., 19, was raped and allegedly drowned on the night of October 16, when she was returning to her residence hall from a student party by bicycle. Her body was found the next morning by locals on the bank of the Dreisam River in Freiburg, home of one of Germany’s elite universities RT reports...

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